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“Fear and Bloomberg in Las Vegas.”


Democrats weigh how to confront Trump’s post-impeachment lawlessness, Mike Bloomberg buys himself and his record a lot of attention, and Bernie Sanders looks for another win in Nevada. Then Jon Ralston of the Nevada Independent talks to Jon F. about the caucus ground game and how he’s preparing to moderate the next Democratic debate.

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today to try to procure for free. We get credit for sending you and your Bloomberg reducing super grid at each other by the election. I was just gonna make a Bloomberg joke on this, but I can think of something very funny original more than instead, set up a third pillar that all your theory we're gonna to instead go to zipper grew to die, comes last cricket Robin Applied. Save America, I'm John Fabric ambient driver on today's I will talk about what is at stake in the Nevada Cockers, with the help of the best political reporter in the state and a moderator of this week's democratic debate. John Ralston then
Independent, but first Dan and I are going to get through a lot of news from the choices facing Democrats in Congress about whether Turkey investigating Donald Trump all the ways might Bloomberg is already shaping this primary too quick housekeeping notes new episode of love or leave it dropped on Saturday featuring Brown, Larry Wilmore, some guy named in Pharaoh, who also joined to talk about, is podcast catch and kill check that out great episode. Also, a big thing. To all of you who have helped us raise a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for our leave it all in the field fund. This is our fund to help build the ground game for the demo. Economically and to start we're looking to raise five hundred thousand dollars to support organizing core twenty twenty, which is recruiting training in pain, a thousand organizers on the ground in key battleground states ahead of the general election to help make this happen. Please donated vote. Save America dot com, slash field. Finally, do
happy birthday is? Finally here it's here, it is here it is here. The book is out too. Hey, Untrussing America, a plan to make american democracy again his. Thank you. Everyone a priority that I will not torture you with long override pitch. But I hope you, if you have already bought it, I hope you enjoy. We have about it. I hope you do the project that I feel just more important every day, as we had into this next topic on our broadcast, that's it those are short, perfectly wrought pitch. It took several months, but I got I finally got the right rottenness for its event as a book. Everyone please go by it. It is incredibly useful, if in the environment that we find ourselves right now. Ok, let's go the new, there's a lot of it. I want to start with Trump who hasn't learned a single lesson from being impeach. Despite what Susan Collins may tell us he's using,
turning general in the Justice Department to protect his criminal friends and investigate political enemies. More. One thousand former four, officials, along with nine democratic senators of now called on Bill barter resign in a National association, a federal judges is just an emergency meeting over the crisis. I keep getting worse just before we start recording. He commuted sentence of former democratic governor rod, Blah Goya, which he pardon Bernie cleric. He then said, reporters on the tarmac. While he was doing this, I and the chief law enforcement officer in the country, which is not true This is: is air actual it's it's? It is not true and others that it wasn't true. It wasn't true, though he wasn't too, that is the job of the attorney general up until now so all this is, you know very serious, very scary, completely unprecedented.
Russian is what to do about it, and the question is: what are the Democrats in the house doing well, according to the New York Times this weekend, quote top Democrat say that oversight of the president will continue, but Speaker Nancy Policy made clear that the emphasis must shift in a closed or meeting she described the parties messages Healthcare, healthcare, health care and Keen Jeffreys was one of the impeachment managers said quote trumps erratic corrupt unconstitutional behaviour speaks for itself at this point Dan. Is this the right thing to do, and is it the right political strategy for the Democrats at this point before I answer You should know that Brian just boiler, just through the wall like the Kool aid Man Breath brain has struck hungry offence about this. We are. We all had a friendly debate about in our office slack over the weekend. When the story broke, we start answering the question and I will try to faithfully offer Brien's position on this yellow look. I think this is the exact right thing to do and
like I wanna do like narrator voice mean, but we have to. This is not an either or Democrats are going to do oversight by what they they recognise, as every piece of data tells us is that would voters care about his health care in the economy and so critically, imports. That our candidates, whether they are running for the state Legislature Congress, the governor of the White House, talks about those things anything it's important. We don't lose track of that very important fact that what voters care about should drive what we say yeah. I also think I mean let's work backwards here from the question. What do we do to stop this lawless, reckless behaviour relic? What the best. How can we stop at? What's the best outcome like let's say the house uses all the investigative power and has Subpoenas John Bolton, which now they say they, don't they don't think they're going to do subpoenas all the other D J officials who laughed store. The ones who might have complaints in peace
his attorney general bar investigates more criminality and corruption right, look. What is the best possible outcome here, because it is there anything at this point. That's gonna get anywhere I began to change their minds, or else it's too mother, impeach military impeach him forget this time now you know Brian say and brain has said that during impeachment you note the fact that Trump was being in peace. Aged, and there were hearings gone on in the house, like you know, stopped him from from committing even worse crimes, but, like I, dont, really think that it Stage, a second impeachment hearing or even a whole bunch. Moorhouse hearings is gonna, prevent the sky from doing whatever he can to try to win the seller. Gin punishes enemies help his friends like he's just gonna, keep doing this because he knows that republican in a moment where he was clearly guilty of that which it which he was accused of big date,
texted him every single one of them, even the so called vulnerable. Moderate publicans like Susan Collins and Laser Mccluskey, they protected him, they will protect him at all costs. The only way to stop this is to win the election and the only way to stop. This is when the election, Then you have to ask yourself what is the best way to win the election and is exactly what you just said in the best way when the election is to talk about issues that move voters and the like this? These are not what what Bill BAR is doing These are not issues that move voters as much as issues like health care and kitchen table economic issues. That's just the way it is, and no one has presented me or any of us any data that says otherwise right mean you'd entire package.
Is the torture voters who answered this question. It's easy to get worked up over this cause. It's like it's been framed as talk about health care and wet trump, commit all the crimes or try to set from from committing crimes, and you can ready why, when frame that way, it seems problematic to people, because we generally should be at least democratic voters anti presidential crimes. But there are tire stands of people who were for health committees were gonna, keep investigating if they uncover things other crimes corruption. They will expose that to the public, cannot get out they'll tell reporters, they will do things up, they may even have hearings, but we have to recognise two things: one, you pull out the most important Republicans I have said announced to the world. They are appropriate
So there's nothing, we're gonna, discover do say no hearing, no subpoena, no witness that is going to change that fact that only be changed at the island at the ballot box. The second thing is: Tromp has thumbed his nose at checks and balances, and so I am sympathetic to the position opposing others, which is if we say we're going to do a bunch of oversight and then end with no witnesses and no documents. How is that helpful in any way, shape or form? You know it's as our frontiers so. I know what you say: you never want to roll out the big cannon and then, when you write the fuse a little fragrances power comes that sort of how this would be, which is like gonna subpoena button, then ruhrgas peanut, Wolden and in Britain, in spring growing as a bottom can testify till we change the fundamental structural problems that begin with winning Election, we're gonna end up right back in this place
yeah, and I want to really emphasise the point on voters as well, like that. The people that I spoke to in the wilderness focus groups. They do not like them from, and that includes the people who voted for Donald Trump, the Trump voters, the Obama from voters. I spoke to him or her, don't like him, Oh he's a bad person, they know he's a liar one, one guy in Wisconsin even called him and asked clown. But what they know all that, what they don't know still is that he's coming for their health care? What they dont know if he's coming for their retirement, what are they dont know? Is that he's coming for their kids education that he's taking money from? factories in Wisconsin to build his fucking wall, which we just heard about this weekend in a report. They don't know any that stuff and they don't like any that stuff, and we can definitely do both. We can continue investigating and we can have a message that focus on health care and the economy, but is, as we all know, a good campaign message requires discipline and it requires prioritization
can't be talking about multiple things every day, because then nothing breaks through when you do that, you have to choose what is most important to communicate, and then you have to have every one say that, and this is what Fucking Fox NEWS and Republicans do every single day- and you know this is true about this issue and like everything else that we talk about like we have to prioritize, and we have to have some discipline in what we talk about every day, because in this media environment it is very hard to have any single message. Breakthrough to voters and paid media can help the ads that vision, adds can can help. They certainly didn't twenty eighty, but we also need our candidate and all of the allies on the left. Everyone, basically everyone who doesn't want Donald Trump, to become president to be singing from the same hymnal, and we will be saying this five million times between now and of ember. I feel I because
We understand that repetition is important. We will be singing from the same hymnal repeatedly until November. Yes, that's right. Let's talk about my Bloomberg, whose already spent a few hundred million dollars to get a lot of attention, and he has. And he doesn't even seem to mind that a lot of it has been negative. So we last week we talked about the stop and frisk stories. We have talked about his red line in comments. But now over the weekend- and in the days before that, there has been quite a few more stories. Here's just a few examples definitely leaving some out, because we only this is only an hour or so this podcast he compared. With the ACL you and teachers unions to the end said they were all extremists. Said, said: he's never been in favour of raising the minimum wage. He talked about cutting social Security and Medicare. He called Obamacare disgrace in
Washington posted a story about how dozens of sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits have been filed against his company, mostly in the nineties building a women who allege that Bloomberg told her to quote, kill it when he learned she was pregnant and complain that he yelled the following an employee who is having a hard time finding a nanny quote: it's a fucking baby. All it does is eat and shit. No, the difference between you and anyone else. All you need some black who doesn't even speak English to rescue it from a burning building Dan are, the credit Savior has arrived and as of this morning, he will be on the debate stage Wednesday night, so Bloomberg responds to these stories are his campaigns response. He really hasn't spoken much himself over the last couple days. It's involved some apologies
some denials. Some claims that he has grown and evolved on certain issues, and you know if you look at all the policies he's rolled out so far. They now look like the policies of a mainstream Democrat, not a progressive Democrat, but a mainstream Democrat, even though he was a moderate, Publican Mare, who was more liberal on issues like climate change, gun control, choice, immigration, but really that was it. That was it. So how does he run for the democratic nomination, with all this baggage and and how problematic do you believe these stories are? Well, we know how he runs for, which is to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on television that, like there was reported today that between when a man race January the December What is it? What did what years I dont want? I don't open is a twenty. Why does this thing over? Yet, if we,
sitting here in the studio talking about this for the last ten years. Fifty I don't know Groundhog day even raise three or four months, and he has spent more money on television, as in the three four months in the Obama campaign spent and all the two thousand to election. It is undoubtedly a sum of money and it has worked for him in the sense that he is now up business in second in the polls. Tied for first in some of the super Tuesday states according to pose the question of how problematic it will be. Is there to parts of that question? The first is: is it gonna stop him from being the nominee? Maybe Is it a problem in a general election? Probably, but get it it's a heap right now we are living in a world of Might Bloomberg the brand right. If you have a television anyone! America, all you know, is that there is this mayor who fought for who took. Takes on Donald Trump vital progress of issues in his loves by Brok, Obama, which we will get to and on when.
Night, you will see Bloomberg the person with the record and the personality in the per annum in the skills And we will see whether that candidate matches up to the hundreds of millions of dollars and adds, but it's in it is. I say one more thing about this, which is All this information is theoretically very problematic for him. Only if people know right, we were there. We were talking to one of our one of our good friends who is very interested involved in politics and that person asked me How come known as when the story about boom? complicated relationship with Obama in and I was like they did, it was in the New York Times and Walter journalists have other places by nothing breakthrough in that way should perform so of innocent, voters don't know about it either going to know is the guy in the ads, and this is sort of a test for how much
goodwill? Can you buy? You have unlimited resources, so I want to talk about why this these stories could be a problem for him on the elect front but biting before that. I mean. Obviously he has spent an ungodly record amount of money to get his message out in to get his brand out there in front of voters. I think it's worth asking: why is it appealing to voters so far? Why has it been appealing? Because I, like you, said he is in third place? a lot of the polls some second place. He is doing very well with black floaters. What what do you think? What do you think it is about Bloomberg that has been appealing to people so far? Well, I think Democrats are desperate for someone who can win and all the other candidates have been going through a year. Long
super hard spotlight of all of their flaws, and so every voters very well acquainted with whenever elect clinical flexibility. Problems was with warrant or p booted Ezra Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders have there has been no, that conversation rumble amber. He just sitting out here remove from the process with no scrutiny no conversation, he just he in some ways at a he is becoming a placeholder for people who have very real concerns about whether any of the top five candidates who are still in this race can win you and I, and I do think he is either the differences in Bergen, Tom's dire and be the biggest about his majesty billion dollars were refresh S going to be the number one. Difference is the money, but you know style, exaggerated. The airwaves and early states too, to not much success and I do think you know, there's a couple things about Bloomberg that they that I think are appealing to some of these voters and in your hearing this from me
already number one is they liked? The factory has as much money. Think it somehow inoculate him against. You know whatever Donald Trump going to do in the general election, and I think that cases suspect, but that's one of the reasons. I also think Bloomberg tactics in this re so far right, he's basically saying like You know I'm a I'm a rich ass all from York to, but but I can take on Trump. I'm gonna be tough and in most of his message has been antitrust. Bright, like the the message has been in his slogan, is MIKE we'll get it done and it is a slogan about elect ability also a slogan about effectiveness- and we know from a lot of the research, we see that one of the big things that moves people moves, undecided, voters or swing voters against Trump is that that their complaints about Trump is that he has not been effective. He has not been ineffective. President and Bloomberg gets up there and say: look at you know you might not like everything that I've done, but I was a very effect.
Mere free term mare of New York City, I'm a business sky. I was successful at that and you know it He is basically a placeholder for a lot of and he's being particularly college educated voters who think to themselves. What I really hit about Trump is his personality is a lot of his more odious policies. Water, more is more offensive, bullshit, that kind of stuff and what we need is a bigger bully than Donald Trump, whose richer than Donald Trump and that'll, and then that's that's, how he ll win and that's how will, when in november- and I just think is really worth talking about why talking about Limburg appeal, because I don't necessarily think It is rooted in a lot of substance, and I think that if, if Democrats are going to beat Bloomberg, or prevent him from coming becoming the nominee. I think you have to speak to his main appeal to voters, which is this.
Sort of Mirage of Elect ability that he's got going right. Now, it's a real question of how durable, but just take that nineteen percent in the merest pulled day, as fact or indicative of where the race currently stands. So the question. How durables? That is that real? Is that just something he paid for and then once either he faces, grew near other candidate start competing in those states. That number will drop. That's a real question. Historic Clearly, we have seen self not at the presidential, but it's the state level self funding candidates by a bunch of really a furious support that had that collapses once there's an actual once a year, comparing them against another person, not just. Being around you. Describe it just like right now, it's unimpeded there's, no one else in the air, the ones we know once they to actually come down from earth and engage in the race in being Bates and go to town halls and do pressing
split burg is doing. None of those things is exposing themselves to any scrutiny. So once you, actually has to be noted here to the laws of political gravity. Well, would pull him down in? That is an open question. Argument against. It is as if people are so scared of Trump and now so convinced of the cortical fatal flaws of the current set of non Bloomberg democratic candidates that he may be able to, but he's basically bought himself a bye into the into the final round of the playoffs here. For me, pure tactical and strategic perspective, what do you think of how long has been running that campaign? he's been spending all that money. I mean it's it's brilliant. I mean he is getting everything you would do with unlimited resources and it is we ve never been in it. Duration were a campaign is not had to make a decision. They can't you both thrive. It's like sometimes you every two or three different types of ads or different strategies, and you have to pick one of those, because that's what you're budgets as blubber just rights, a bigger check
You can experiment all kinds of things like sort of infamously or controversially, he paid a bunch of mean craters Decree Bloomberg means now, if you will under a limited budget. You may say that's a high risk strategy that could is a waste of money They could end up being a waste of money, blob Interface for Bloomberg, be does it if it works great if it doesn't run another check, and so I think it is very smart how they ve done this there. His campaign against campaign team is very sad It is a strategy only available to them. No one else could do this, and I am, margin that if the centres are british ensure by nor warrant college, our campaigns also had fifty five billion dollars spent. We would also think they were geniuses yeah. No, I think The other thing that he's done- and this is sort of right out of a Trump playbook is he has just made himself, be the centre of the conversation right, not just with the paid adds, but now in waited though the media's covering him right and even the controversies. Even these. These bad stories about him have kept him in the middle
conversation, and he is basically blocked out. All of the other democratic candidates, aside from really Bernie Sanders from getting any kind of real cover. It. Try like you p Buddha judged it really well in Iowa, came in second in New Hampshire haven't heard much about PETE haven't heard much about Elizabeth Warrant haven't heard much voting closure, even Joe Biden right. Like all of these cases, I think, would be getting more com. Bridge in any other environment bloom. Spending and Bloomberg controversy. Bloomberg is being out there all the time. A sort of taken away from them there has a very specific meaning here, because it's not like the people, it is a for being out. There is do a thousand interviews which is against Reggie The number one it has by lots of ads do lots of things which generate attention. The one thing I think they are doing that is clever, I think, is like they want to fight with burning. They want this to be a Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomer conversation with annex two weeks, because that
Starves that makes people think that's where this is going, so I'm gonna start supporting Bloomberg as opposed to bind Buddha judge. Clover. Jar and yet, as you point out at drowned out the oxygen from all of the without telling maternal mixed metaphor budget, I was going to say something about blotting out the sun. I don't know what it was about. The sun there's an appropriate metaphorically now for a very long time. Today I look day and I ve been talking nonstop since exam, but like his best chance, and it is a longshot which we should talk is to get to a one on one competition with Bernie Sanders very quickly in starving. Put a judge club which are binding warrant from attention is the fastest way to do that. So What do you think of the Bloomberg ads and there's another one out today that highlights what he seems to believe was a close working relationship. He had with his good pal Barack Obama, did that's I come through. The microphone gets me as we should
violated. Basically, several candidates have run. The sad Biden, has run a version of this add worn is run a version. This add people to judge has called himself Obama or his campaign has got him a romantic love people just where they have made very explicit comparisons between Brok, Hussein Obama and put a judge to people who seem like peace apart ask me, but the boomer again, as I think, the most tenuous of all of them, which is one it's ubiquitous. It is everywhere like I had the tv on here in New York City last night, add just bombarded with Limburg Obama heads like even I have a first hand, knowledge, and I almost convinced. As I hear they were a wait, a minute, that's not right and they had a very complicated relationship. They deftly worked together on some key issues. You talked about like
the change gun control. Other issues like that work together after Sandy, but Bloomberg did not endorse abominate. He sort of interest the woman twelve, but it came five eight for the election in was it was the most tepid. I remember at the time being annoyed by it. I have a I have the sentence that is most annoying from this tepid endorsement in twenty twelve. That was basically it yeah. It was right after Hurricane Sandy was like a week before action and at one point in the in the endorsement he says this is from Bloomberg, about Obama quote and rather than uniting the country around a message of shared sacrifice. He engaged and partisan attacks and his embraced a divisive populist agenda focused more and redistributing income, then creating which basically could have been a fucking Romney. Add it basically, was- and I will be- I remember thinking at the time. I would rather not have this endorsement than have that, and I would note that when he Bloomberg says, Obama did not unite than a country around it. Agenda share sacrifice, he is referring.
Cuts in medical or security. That's your fits that as well That is arguments about what, I love the guy, he's pretty good I'm a change, but man he didn't want to cut Medicare Security and so unhappy about it yeah. So I'm so that's that's not really great and look I mean you don't have to over exaggerated here. Right like like, you said he has been not just because now is one of the present he's been for a long time, Bloomberg very good on on gun control. He's been very, you know he did spend a lot of money, helping like Democrats and twenty eighteen and other times he he's very, very good on crime he's probably done more than most politicians in the country on on climate all around the world for sure you know and and on immigration as well to but like that's, that's fine, but you no, that on on just about every other issues, he's just a moderate Republican and
and not even moderate in some ways. Right and and he's had all these very supportive odious comments that keep come out throughout his career and you know, look the other thing that stuff here is there's a lot of folks on on the left, who spent a lot of this campaign telling us that PETE Buddha Judge is, is some centrist chill and not a good Enough Democrat and Joe Biden is not good enough. Democrat and Amy Closure is not a good Enough Democrat and it's like now We have some one in my blue bird, who really is in a good Enough Democrat, who really is a moderate Republican and because a lot of them they spent this entire campaign, telling us that good mainstream Democrats, like people to judge and Amy Club which are in jail Biden, are good enough for us. It's gonna be harder for a lot of people to believe that that's true about Might Bloomberg when it is true about my former. This is the fable we will tell her children, a boy who
centrist yeah, exactly exactly so. You know a lot of these stories that we seen over the last couple days seem like they ve been pitched by some of the other democratic him pains. We ve heard just about all of the democratic and its go after Bloomberg this weekend, Why do you think they're so focused on him when burning the front runner in the next two states in Bloomberg, not even on the ballot? I the reason they are most focused on Bloomberg is panic. Right. The strategy today has been whatever your path as when Nevada went, South Carolina, outperform expectations there and get in to the one on one battle with centres and now You have Bloomberg out there who is not on the ballot in either. Those dates is sort of evading scrutiny and basely prove blocking you from that position, and so you have to do something about it and I think that's what's driving an end. I think there's a belief with that link somewhere that is support, is pretty softened and a little bit of rare.
Information would like the stuff you mentioned. The top of the segment could move voters, and so they are headed in that Russia. The girls are probably pretty annoyed, now the here lay again, you know the idea, he had had their each other out here, taken the bolt boss back and forth in the headquarters. In bloomberg- is fine people on a private jet places yeah. So you know this morning there is another pull out, it was a qualifying pull for this week's debate, Bloomberg qualified So now he- and he has announced he's going to the debate in Nevada on Wednesday night, even though we might actually competing in Nevada. Now that Bloomberg is in this debate. What do you think is a good debate strategy for the other candidates, It seems to me looking at the news of last couple days that they are gonna come guns blazing on Bloomberg, and you know part methinks
I understand why they're doing that. For all the reasons you just said- and I do think it be weird if they didn't hit Bloomberg like, of course they should take the opportunity to do so, but I could see a debate where most of the debate is focused on all these candidates hitting Limburg and basically, what happens as a result of that is status. Quo. Bernie remains, front runner. No one has challenged Bernie and, for if you're Bernie Sanders. That's great, you know, but if you or any of the candidates not named Bloomberg who's trying to win the democratic nomination. I dont know if it's the best strategy, but I know what you think I mean once again challenging, but your exactly right about what the likely dynamic here is, which is everyone's anyway after Bloomberg, and Bernie Sanders is going to continue to be. The person in the position of the democratic nomination were girls. What happens to my former, because the. If fine Buddha Judge WAR enclosure want to stop Bernie Sanders from being denominate, they have to.
Stop or any centres from winning the vat. Our softer line in attacking Might Bloomberg does not accomplish that goal in any way, shape or form yeah. I guess I want to know you think a sort of the most effective way to run against Bloomberg. You know I saw some candidates. Bernie did this war ended this finally take on this notion that Bloomberg is the most delectable Democrat, which I believe, over the weekend or someone said you know, is it? Is it worth it to make this deal with the devil? Where you accept out, you know a nominee who can spend unlimited money what the devil, where you accept out, you know, a nominee who can spend on them, did money. Do you know to get the nomination and potentially beat Donald Trump in Warren, rejects the premise of the question she goes well, I don't think it's a deal with the devil, because I don't think he's the most electable democrat and here's. Why and I
You think they're going after his liked ability is the most effective way I mean I think you could get up there, Unstayed and say people and get my Bloomberg is going to be the best person to face Donald Trump. This could be Donald trumps in many ways. Dream candidate he's gonna lose Boomer will lose the democratic advantage against Trump on the issues that voters care about the most like health care and retirement is called for security and Medicare cuts, are not raising the minimum wage in all these things that we know actually move voters, and you know that Trump is going to absolutely hit him as an out of touch global elite, Who runs? That literally runs the fake news. It is wrong in trumps message we'll house to take on Bloomberg. This I don't know what do you think? Why think I think a strategy is right, which is you have to take on the elephant in the room, the elf, in the room at this time? Maybe they like to believe them out a republican but
Is it that I think that has been true always throughout this campaign? Is that we have danced around the elect ability, question in so many ways, and one cannot have actually taken not either arguing for themselves arguing against another candidate. They actually had success in moving number. Yes, because what people care about right, this I was with worn, was on a rocket ship to the nomination until Buddha. Judging Biden made a case against her. Like the body. I dont think that case was accurate and I think she suffered from it through a lot of Macedonia in the media and in the electorate, but they took it. Right and no one is made that case against centres, and if we don't you don't make it against Bloomberg. He is going to continue to skate by here. So that's exactly what I think You notice, if you weren't like take a step back and why get yourself out of the twitter cable news bubble that we currently live in here to say to yourself: ok,. This is elections, we decided primarily in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin
we're going to have to persuade democratic base voters, mostly african Americans? to turn out at a higher level and for sixteen redraft, persuade some White Non College, educated voters, who is the best person to it Is it the Wall Street adjacent billionaire mayor, of New York, most famous for taking on big soda. Does that the best person to do it like on paper that doesn't make a ton of sense. There is, I think, Bloomberg flexibility case is very limited and it is not has not been goodnight and made. Maybe he is most likely, will we don't know, but I think you can make a counter argument to it and I'll be curious to see of people. Do that night. As you pointed out,. That may be very much to bring centres advantage. Look, I think the they liked case to be fair. The liability case for Bloomberg is, I think, that you know back to the building.
Those does Rami Clinton voters. I spoke to in Arizona outside of Phoenix there, the former Republicans. These are the kind of people who want us, the house and twenty eighteen. They are not definitely Democrats. They are still swing. Voters And there you know primarily in the suburbs, their college educated voters, some of them before public and some of them are independent. Some of them are just democratic, go back and forth, and you know Bloomberg probably has a better chance of capturing these voters Van. Some of the other candidates and let you know I think bernie- is going to struggle with these voters, but the question for all these candy you talk about flexibility. Is you might go in those voters. But what are you lose and I do think if you seen sort of burmese appeal among younger voters and not just an appeal, I mean he's crushing among younger motors. There is a real risk that a lot of young people don't turn out for my plan B.
There is a real risk that a lot of people go. Third party re there. They vote the Green Party candidate, if might Bloomberg the nominee. And so I dont think when we think about flexibility. We can't even I've been to I've been talking about this a lot we can't just think about. You know the college educated, suburban nights. You have to think about a bare coalition in that, and I do think that is one that is. That is a big concern. I have about Limburg, Sir Robert Select ability case the its mass right. There are three legs elected body still right and they have to add up to the wind number in enough to ask it to seventeen that when number is somewhere between forty eight fifty point one depending on third party candidates- and it has to be- if you one leg- is increased turn out among democratic base. Voters at young people, voter some committees Color. Did you tell Rodney Flint voters and clinical Obama Trump voters, and you got to get every candidate is going to have that we talked about, is going to have more of one and less of it of another one in that group, and you got to have enough to get to.
You need to be in. There are quite like in their questions, but everyone we talked about, but there are also questions about whether Bloomberg is good. He may get the wrong Nicklin voters, but he may suffer with the other two groups and not get you to a number that you win back pods America is, by policy genius. The year two thousand and ten, shows up in a lot of science fiction. A lot of people predicted that by now we'd be teleport. To work or living on Mars, and a lot of those predictions were wrong. The truth is, will always get the future on, which is why we need to get life insurance right. That's where policy genius can help. It was a really good game called summer about telephoning because in the game, basically, you teleport, but they destroy the one version of you you leave behind and what happens if that takes a moment and other senior like hey, wait not
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been too many poles, but the five thirty eight average Bernie in the lead at around twenty six percent Biden at fifteen percent, worn in PETE at eleven percent style at ten percent clover chart eight percent thirty six pledge delegates are at stake then what makes the Nevada Caracas different than I'll do not, of course, a different than Ireland in several respects, one there are not using an app but we'll get to other. That's a good idea. But right now, using I'm glad I guess, organizing an either through using Sunday. That looks and smells like an app on an Ipad, but is not an app nuclear tool. He has a tool. I think the biggest difference is that there is a culture of Coca saying in Iowa that dates back decades, and this is the third in about a democratic presidential Caracas and it is, we know very little about it. We have very little way of knowing how it's gonna go and have a then they have early vote in early voted. Very interesting because it, I think
as expand the number, the type of voters who can come. You know and absolutely LAS Vegas, where the which is the biggest pocket of voters and democratic voters in Nevada is a place said where shift work, makes it very hard for people to show up at a cock a site for hours on end, and so this early voting process, I think diversified the group of people, who may be about participate in this very time intensive process. Yes, we have the early voting that that's gonna be very different yo and, in the end the electorate is is is different here as well. Obviously, Iowa was ninety percent white in Nevada. Thirty percent of the population is latino. Ten percent black nineteen tat are immigrants for union heavy and so It is a much more diverse population in almost every way also at the end of the viability threshold is different in each precinct, depending on the number of delegates which is interesting to so its fifteen percent in some places as high as twenty five percent. I believe when there's fewer delegate's at stake, which is interesting,
so it seems like Bernie, maybe a favorite here or at the very least politico reports that at least three rival campaigns say that the best they can now hope for a second or third, because they believe that burn he's gonna win, Of course, the polling shows them in the lead. What would a win in Nevada Mean for the centres campaign? I think you would mean that he is headed towards being the nominee that guarantee that be denominated, but he's not he's very transition. Now he would strengthen their position even further and put it. A real spot to win softer line at which I think would be rocket fuel heading into Super Tuesday, where he has a lot of structural advantages. Given the states that are included on that day- and you know- and you say, the campaigns think he's gonna win
in one way of looking at that, as this is just expressly just an invitation setting, but what I do think is important, knowing that, in a state with early vote, the candidates have data on who is only voting. And so they know People really voted are ones two or three or four or five on their less. That's a sliding scale of support. Level, and so I imagine many of them are lucky distancing. A large number of saint or supporters in the centres is building up a lead according to their data, going into Cox's. That may be insurmountable for the other campaigns. So if you're and the bombing campaign for on the worn campaign, the Buddha Judge paint leverage our campaign or like what are you? What are you need to do now? What if you're sit in those headquarters like? What is the strategy here between? and you see Bloomberg on the horizon and Super Tuesday Bernie sort of stuff, Bing ahead in Nevada. You thinking about debate on wednesday- you thinking about what to do in the vat in South Carolina like what's the strategy here to sort of stop this before
as you say, you know Bernie heads into Super Tuesday with momentum and then potentially more at this point very likely, masses of pledged elegantly Don Super Tuesday. That will be almost impossible for another candidate to overcome. I think you have to do something on Wednesday night to stop centres is momentum, and I think that involves taking on they like to build a question and I've seen many debates on this about you, no word yourself and others have raised on twitter. The question of: why are these candidates going after bloom. Or someone else as opposed to sanders- and I hear people respond, saying that really make any sense. Inner supporters are hung two percent committed to him. Do you like this Biden, actually have a chance of getting them or closure? Whoever else or warrant in the answer is, of course, they do like. I think, Andrews has the highest the largest number of committed support, who are locked in hand a matter. What else happens?
but if we remember in the last two months or so, sinners has gone from thirteen fourteen fifteen percent, the poles to twenty five or thirty percent. So where did those people come from? There certainly not die hard centres, people either from the airline warrant or the undecided column, and so they are available to people there, so you can like it. So I think this people think that
seems that twenty five new only way I can beat Sanders is to get the twenty six or higher, and I don't think that's true, I think soon as may be locked in at one thousand five hundred and sixteen you keys not going to go below that, but some of the people support standard now used to support you and you should have to believe you can get them back if you can make a compelling case them out. Why you're the person best suited to be Trump, and I do think this is it. You know this debate and then the debate before South Carolina. This is like final chance here for some of these candidates to really shake up the race, and I would you know, look hard at my debate, playbook and hopefully change it up from the last couple. Debates for some of these folks
personally, I would say a Joe Joe Biden probably needs you know the next two debates. Protein needs to be the debates of his life, and I think you know you type before about how PETE probably have shaken up cobra charge, always excellent. These debates, and so was Warren. But at this point being super on message being message, disciplined you know is probably not enough to really shake things up and I think you have theirs. Way to be explicit about why you are the better choice for president compared to the other candidates without being nasty towards the other candidates. You know there is a. There is a way to contrast herself into challenge other candidates without just resorting who all kinds of negative attacks- and I dont know that anyone has really been sort of explicit enough. Like you're gonna. We talked about this after New Hampshire I was surprised that in in warrens pose New Hampshire speech. You know she was pretty shrewd more exley, about why her not Bernie than I had heard her in quite some time, and I think
You know you seen over the weekend. Both Biden and Peat has sorted been Willing Sanders too? They ve been sort of. You know going around there so look if these Canada, I would definitely You know how we take on Bloomberg like their plenty to do, but I would try to probably position myself between a Bloomberg and a Bernie if that's possible what you think getting too. I think that's right, you, if you're, if the strategy you're not gonna, beat centres of your strategy- is to go into the debate and take on board right. Bernie is gonna, continue the treacheries automatic right now, whether an awesome as we say these things that people get mad or think we're picking can or rather or another, but this is how the math is working. This is how the gown Tessellae themselves out, which is right now Bernie Sanders, as winning and everyone else's living, and so you have to do something to change, if you want to win the you, have you some change that dynamic, and yet we basically have been about a carcass to debate this after I want a primary, and that is it. Unless you have a billion dollars spent on tv like member,
So one challenge the burning has had to deal with in Nevada is the fight that erupted between his campaign in a very powerful Connery Workers Union over Medicare, for all which the union does not support, because they say it would replace the healthcare plans have been negotiated for with their employers These. Sixty thousand plus Member Union has declined to endorse any candidate, but they have distributed flyers. That's a Bernie would quote and Culinary healthcare, naturally somebody. Supporters have responded by harassing and threatening to of the women led. The union, among others, according to the Nevada, independent quote, the union and its leadership have been referred to as bitches whore, fucking, scab and evil entitled assholes. One email said quote: this is chance to fix your mistake before the millions and millions of Bernie Sanders supporters will find you in your ability to earn a living. We will find you corrupt, mother, fuckers. That you can be sure and we will make sure you wallow in poverty and suffering, lovely lovely,
altogether. The union says it's receive dozens of phone calls more than three hundred emails, and thousands of tweets student just about every other democratic campaign has criticized this garbage. Over the last week, I've seen it from Warren from PETE especially from Biden and Bloomberg. Bloomberg Little digital out with some angry tweets from Bernie supporters. That's a whole separate thing: Bernie response to the culinary unit incident. With the statement that said harassment, All forms is unacceptable to me and we urge supporters of all campaigns not to engage in bullying or ugly personal attacks. He also said quote anybody making personal acts against anybody else in my name is not part of our movement. We don't want them. Question is that enough? Is this a political problem for Bernie, and should it be
Well, it is a political problem in the sense that it has caused a real real issues with the most powerful labour union in one of the four posts, important areas they contact. So yes, that that is a political problem it feel like this is such a complicated in fraught topic. Because it is, it is a conversation about what happens on Twitter. That is much more. Flexing nuance. Then Twitter would allow. I noticed a place for complexity. Nuance where, like, let's put aside the politics for once, do the people who are being referred to here? Are they indicative of Bernie Centre. Supporters. No right now are Bernie Centre supporters refunds over all of the online harassment of democratic candidates. No, does it seem like more. The harassment of of democratic candidates and other people on Twitter is by supporters of Bernie Sanders than other people. Bs.
Did Bernie Sanders say the right thing there. Yes, I think you did Could he say more yes I do sort of want a separate two things. I think her get Watson's carnation because you have the. Anonymous. People who were sending these weena were attacking people on Twitter, who are sending these death threats to the corner union. In saying this horrible things like got his wonder people I do think the british Enters has limited control over what those people do yet bright lay think we. He shows what is to set a tone and say the right thing, and he has done a lot of. That is that if you could do more he is not responsible for all those people. Then there is a group of people who are more, who are sort of prominent blue check, Mark supporters of centres who are very aggressive in a lot of people on Twitter who, have spread some, I think, false information. In some cases you have trafficking conspiracy theories, but have not reached the level
The sorts of, certainly not going anywhere near the sorts of things that are direct, have been directed a lots of people in and for no particular people of color in women are the targets of this. Those bull or a different group. Those people probably more responsive if the sailors campaign were to ask them to stop right like we have the are we not dig into the Smiths Sock public controversy? Bows gonna, just Gaza? We? U you try to explain that to someone in real life and you sound like a fucking, crazy person. So I go! Look it up everyone! If you wanna see what was going on this weekend, we really had a banner presents. They were again between the site pop another dumb stuff we did they and I do think the sinners campaign could ask those people to do better right. Because they are hurting the Santos campaign, because you have Bernie out here as has anyone it, maybe more than any other candidates calling for unity right and saying that he was for the democratic nominee?
marijuana and people who are very closely campaign coming out therein, calling people who support Medicare, you're murderers or attacking with worn away Bernie sanders- certainly I do not believe would find acceptable people who were spreading conspiracy theories. I could you have more influence on those people. I think maybe because people are doing a disservice to their campaign last point here I'm sure I was cancelled nine points ago. Is this a real political problem? It is a problem I think it is a giant political problem. I do feel sometimes when I hear these other campaigns talk about it like in many cases their answer, questions reporter, so in fairness to them and their defending their supporters in their staff from some of these attacks. But this is a process argument and if they go on the debate stage to make this a centrepiece of the argument against Bernie, I think it is going you they will be playing small ball at a time when they should trying to raise the stakes of election. Yet so you know, I agree that I mean it. I saw
People on twitter asking us why we haven't talked about this kind of harassment on the pod before and honestly is not because I don't find it disgraceful, because I do it's because most of the assholes who do it are very sad, small people who were you noticed desperate for attention and relevance and, as you said, the they dont represent the bulk of birth, supporters who we ve all met anyway. We know that we said this before we went to vent in Iowa. We ve talked him other places. We know some people on the Bernie campaign and they are just not like that in any way at all. But you know it's out there and it's fucking toxic, and it's it's not just spots. It's not just accounts with a few dozen people. It's like you said it's it's twitter analyses and media personalities on the left and the right. They have not gone as far as some of the people who have threatened the colony workers union at all, but they are still incredibly aggressive and you know there
spreading all kinds of theory that our true and a lot of us have been on the receiving end of it us included and its? I think he hears why it's a problem and I don't think it's a short term political problem, but I think it's a long term political problem. It it's not our vote, that they have to worry about like give. If Bernie is the nominee like the fucking left wing crazies and our twitter feeds congestion continue attacking us all they want. You know. Bernie still got my and he's I'm still gonna do everything I possibly can to make sure he's elected. If you can, many z everywhere, where robot ass. He can keep attacking us all. You want, but let's not kid ourselves how difficult it is going to be to run a democratic socialist against Donald Trump. It is not going to be easy, and, let's not kid ourselves about how difficult it's gonna be to convince moderate, suburban swing. Voters who won the Democrats, the house and twenty eighteen, and who we absolutely need
Twenty twenty, that Bernie is not some scary socialist, but that he has a very acceptable mainstream nominee and that job of peace, waiting those voters is harder when you have this, this minority group of supporters out their spewing. This garbage- and you know, when some I see some people on his campaign. You know respond to this and respond to complaints about this by either dismissing the plants or acting all aggrieved, and in you know exactly who I'm talking about that. That's not really helpful. Intellect I interviewed two weeks ago, when it was last week. Maybe a fascist was briefly containing days ago, yeah right, fascist ear was: his campaign manager, and I respect the hell at a fast and he is such a great campaign manager and he totally gets this and he tweeted after the comb area. Quote to those already in our movement, stay focused, dont get distracted were so close. We ve got a job to do to fight for the working class
and when to those not already in our movement, come on in the water, want warm, we welcome you to me. That is the exact right message. That is the message that the candidate is. Is spreading and an inch in Bernie, stump speech so Bernie on that page and the people in the Sanders campaign who are not in that message needs to grow the fuck up and act like people who could be the countries only hope of beating Donald Trump. You very likely could be leading this party very soon. And you need to understand that this is a very large coalition that you need a very large coalition to beat Donald Trump, and you can't have that coalition by scaring a bunch of people off by acting like a lot of these people That's why I think it's a long term programme, you're right, I dont like he's, going to do really well in Nevada. Even with this country workers fight like I, don't know that it has much of a short term effect, but I
think is we're trying to win in November in everything has to go right to win that these people should spend their time promoting Bernie Sanders message, trying to persuade people that it's the right message that he's the right: Canada, and not spend their time either fucking. You know diving deepened to dumb conspiracy theories or just attacking you know the democratic establishment like the road to two. Seventy is not mean tweets about near at hand it, that is brands and, like two words too long to be absurd title. It also really alarm a lot of people we're unless specifically yes, it's true is just like it's like. I said it's, it's a question of effectiveness. You know. Not even necessarily like where This is morally right around which we can talk about till the cows come home but like it like, we only have so much time
we now in November, and it is an enormous task and everyone has to keep fucking focused and it's exactly what fast said: Bernice campaign manager. That is exactly what Bernie says himself and all of these people on the left who are who have large twitter followings. Look. I know you don't like us and aiming to keep up and tweet at us, find whatever the fuck you want. But if you want your candidate to win, you gotta shape up I think that one in like roving sample discuss all you could. I can already see the tweets in response to this from some folks, which is good, Pharaoh just said that our mean tweets are gonna. Keep century have all right. They all it's the rude tweeds its rude fuckin tweets, its threatening colony workers, it's in its not just. How do we appeal to independent motto? Republicans right, I think them right, interesting and alarming example of where the is going. Is the fact that our friend who are we are
one hundred percent biased for who we work with. We support Stacy Abrams. It has currently being attacked nonstop by people on Twitter, because her group, fair fight, which is I don't know, protecting voting rights took five million dollars and Michael Number, which, like she very retreating about my book today and I was very grateful for that. The replies that are so fucking darkened depressing because you have these people. Many of them were yelling at Stacy Abraham, saying that she is a supporter of stopping frisk. If you tonight a step back and thought about that for a second because she took Michael Bloomberg, money to protect voting rights, What is it you ve saved Abrams took the five million dollars in pocketed it. You think she's she's use and to win electoral office, no she's using it to protect voting rights,
for it would elder Bernie Sanders rightly is denominate perfect it it's just it's unbelievable. I don't know man, I don't know, but look said. I am saying this as someone who want like as whereas we have made pretty clear and those podcast. It is very likely at this stage unless something changes dramatically, which you know it's politics in politics in the temporary. So certainly can I wasn't changed radically like Bernie Sanders is not just as on Roman or he's like on his way to becoming the democratic nominee, and that means that he, we all need him to succeed, and I will want him to succeed as the Democratic Germany, Abso fucking lately, and I think that the he has plenty of strength- and I am not as nervous some folks anti democratic establishment about him, though I you know
we have some concerns but like it is in all of our interests to have him succeed into all be united in doing this, and that includes his own supporters, and that includes everyone on his campaign. And, like I said, I think, there's some people on his campaign that we all know who have who have figured that out and get that in those others who have not. So hopefully we can hopefully there's plenty of time to fix us between now member right, kindnesses end this segment and honour hopefulness, jerk yeah. We just I've been wandering around New York, getting pretty early stopping to get coffee and very early this morning someone stopped me and they were a very nice listener of pod save America and they asked me if we were all of us. The four of us were doing. Okay, seem sort of dark recently and it gonna thought about, and I said you know I I do feel like. Maybe this has been a brutal part of the process in oh, I think Iowa
however, everything played out there was kind of depressing Gazette have sort of inspired. We were by everything we saw up until the moment they started feeling to count them, rennie- and you do see this and poles right were people are starting like well, now, overwhelmingly think trumpets, gonna win specially Democrats, you we know people are getting frustrated because the candidate they love may not be winning or the candidate they love the least may be winning and its conflict. This these next few weeks are going to be tough for a lot of people right leg. Maybe you dont like Michael Bloomberg, maybe not like Bernie. Maybe you love Bernie, maybe loved your Viner Peter was with Warren or chemicals wherever else, but I do think it for his occupying was basically is trump, is on a presidential crime. Spree like this is, I think, we're gonna win this election, but we can win it.
Absolutely winnable, it is so winnable is like right there for the taking and we know exactly how to do it, but also for the nominee as we have the road map from two thousand eighteen and every person listening more speaking today like events has agency and what's gonna happen, right leg if you're like we sharpens before, but if you're If you're filled with acts or anger, we can like just go. Do things right like Sonaput ringlets, This is where we can win and we we have to win, but we can. We know how to do it and it s got to get through this always very dark depressing period where the Canada, we have all he has a lot of Venice, but we can overcome them, and so it is worth remembering that, like this is this is right. We can win and we we have to win, but we can. We know how to do it and we just got to get through this always very dark depend. In period where the candidates we love, may not be doing as well as we want them to be yeah. I
not agree that more and look this was always gonna be heart. This was always going to be pretty brutal and I think part of this Bloomberg too haitian that's out. There is a lot of democrats looking for an easy way out of this, like maybe this maybe this guy's our saviour, maybe someone else's our saviour, always looking for someone to save us, no one's coming to save us. It's us we, it is. It is entirely up to us what happens in this election and it when we are going to select the nominee that a bunch of people do not like and was not their first choice, and perhaps when we saw it so many that person will even fall behind tromp or be to closer Trump and the states we need, and then it will be up to us to go to those states and to persuade the people who are on the fence or persuade the people who are not with us to be with us and that's gonna happen on the ground with all of us, and it's not necessarily just gonna, be the job of the nominee and no one is magic.
Better how much money anyone has or how many, what kind of credentials they have. It's not gonna, be easy to be Donald Trump and that's why all of us need to be in it together, and you know you. It was really smart that you said this a couple weeks ago, that, like a you know, a week, nominee with a party you, I did behind that. Germany is stronger than a strong nominee with a divided party and so the most important thing is wins it we come together. Iran and and work our asses offer that person in some all of these people would be one gazillion times better than trump easily easily. Just it's just true just look at and you don't have to look at what their promising just look at their records. You know Ok, when we come back, I will be talking to the editor of the Nevada, Independent John Ralston Pods, America's brought by square space
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I made a get yourself a bunker. I made a joke on twitter about rename the state greater Vegas or Western. You tie and people are who fits furious western utilise savvy. Someone yelled at me saying that I was disrespecting Elcho. Yet will we should look at goes out. There is one of the reasons that Brok Album ended up, winning the delegates out of Nevada Langley, although we love L Cohen there, anyway, If you live in I'll, go or anywhere get simply safer home, simply safe dot com, slash cricket joining us today, the editor of the Nevada Independent in one of the moderators of this week's democratic debate. John Ralston John welcome to the pot either so so you're, not only the most plugged in the rapporteur and the state. You also know the voting and demographic data better than anyone. What what have you learned so far from the first few days of early voting
there has been a lot of data that has been released or or that the campaigns have been able to extract from the party has been very, very slow, but it does look like there's a ton of new Carcass Gore saw more than half of those who have gone to early voting so far have been new voters, which may be a sign of enthusiasm for the Democrats here in. It also appears that getting very good turn out in northern Nevada, which is not not normally no, it's not nearly as democratic as southern nevadas. So I still think it's too early to point any trend, since I have one more day of early warning and we have caucus day and, as you mentioned, that things could be affected by what what goes on in the debate right. So what's your level of costs, but in that Nevada can avoid in Iowa Style Caucus debacle. Well, I say many more per I usually do every day and that whatever prayers, I'm saying the democratic,
you're, saying more us can assign yeah listen, they are from the best operators in the country that run the Democratic party. Here there are very, very good, bye number one the eye with tobacco smoke, screwed them in the sense that they then have to discard the rap and essentially start from scratch, and they didn't have much time to do it and their messaging hasn't been great to the campaigns or to the public. So people are really unsettled, and so you get the national stories coming out, which I expected that the kind of long distance chaos expected it could be worse than I awoke all this stuff. But no one really knows they ride to reduce the
the wild card out there, but it's a carcass, there's gonna stuffs gonna go wrong. It's run by volunteers further during early voting, which they ve never done before. No one knows what the how big the turnips going beyond salary and don't forget, gave to transfer all the results from early voting into the prefix by that the parcel by precincts. So they can do the viability calculate since because, as I said, it's a carcass ye, I think a lot of people to realise that carcasses by nature are chaotic and that, when you add an early voting and and some new technology that, sir, it's a tough mix, the tough myths What's. No one really knows the answer. I am that's the truth as you know very well, in two thousand, eight Hilary beat Obama fifty one, forty five percent Nevada, but we took more delegates. Can you talk a little about the
elegant math and whether you ve seen any the campaigns organised in a smart way to take advantage of that math yet interesting. I because I think you guys set the guide path for everyone else. The follow up our sense, because as you remember, those about a really intense time here and Hilary dead end up winning and there were cheering them may I be one realises that, because you guys understood how the delegates were apportion by congressional district in you are out and in the world out he's doing things, nobody else was stolen. You won the delicate back. It is, I think it agree at this point much more about momentum and continuing or blunting momentum that it is about amassing delegates. However, you do see much more campaigning in the rural counties by democratic who generally don't go out and world the better at all of which were for fear of being hung in effigy. So the date they ve got a lot more of that and there and their very conscious of the congressional district, the portion than I just think that the delegates
battle. Early out of these early states is over. I it's really not nearly as important as momentum right, because the delegates still a relative, small compared to what the rely states have to offer right. Why do you think Bernie such a big pulling led do. Do you buy that he's really that that far ahead and and what other campaigns do you think you're in the hunt here you know it seems like every question requires all kinds of cabbie its right to preserve the out here of the Caucasus, because it's always heart to Poland. That up listen, I think most of the cap. Panes, think that Bernie is ahead in the region may think Bernie is ahead. Is twofold? First visit the momentum that he's gathered from the first two states. Secondly, he had had a really good show. Here in twenty six, then you may recall almost be billowy a here, and there was basically just a bunch of ragtag folks that not being professionally run, who managed to carry that off. Now they have some rope.
I was running the operation here. They know how to organise in their harnessing that energy, so I still think he's the favourite with all the cabinets about carcasses and about with how we don't know what the turn out is going to be and most of it Holding such use, it is shows burning in the lady, thereby a relatively small amount, or or almost twenty point, and then everyone off clustered. Oh him in the in the MID mid to low load him a teen. So I think it's really a people think here the campaign think it's a battle for second Place Biden. I think really sees this as
his fire, while he's gotta do well here or his South Carolina firewall collapsed. Italy's a big big trouble, but also, I think, Elizabeth warns almost disappeared from the conversation. Right has a very good organisation here and soak she's really pushing that too, and Mayor PETE shut up his entire campaign here with what he's got the second most staffer Stub Bernie Campaign, and they would be that they never showed up well enough here, but they wanted to harness any momentum. They were able to gather from Ireland. New Hampshire in that looks like that, might be work, and so I could, I would be it would be just close my eyes and thrown and darted a cardboard to say who is likely to finish a second down to push me. I would say if I said I would say, Biden appears to be building some momentum here, but he doesn't have merely the infrastructure on the ground, which is, as you know, better than anybody very critical per indeed? Indeed, so you had an expected the canary workers to endorse, and they didn't have you seen or heard of
additional followed from their fight with the Sanders campaign. Do you think it's having an effect on the rank and file or limited effect? Here's what I think- and you saw this you- you will call this June two thousand and eight one right it hopefully one New Hampshire, the coroner endorse Obama and were not able to pull him to victory in the popular vote very difficult to suddenly turn a fifty to sixty thousand member group. In the short and the short amount of time and by now a lot of these culinary workers have been working on campaigns and by the way, including burning, and so it is. The commentary had done a really hard endorsement of Biden and then said you gotta, stop burn
I think we could have moved a lot of their members to do that, and I still think that their relatively and fight Bernie, and certainly the people at the top of that union are very upset about what some of his supporters did an. They believed that Bernie has not been enough to condemn the condemned them till there. Some really hard feelings there, but it doesn't appear that they're doing any messaging to their post, the boat for one candidate or another, which I think courts by. So you got this debate Wednesday night. How do you are? How do you go about prepared
daring to moderate a debate like this in the end, what it? What are you most interested in China in people? Taking away from this debate? You don't really interesting, because I've been through a couple of meetings. I just finished one trying to prepare for this debate on one of five moderators of this, and I think that that that my attitude of these debates, the format way too restrictive. So you really become a debate unless the moderators, let it become a debate, and so I hope that that that occurs. But listen. This is the first debate. Much Michael Bloomberg will be up there with the other candidates that that creates a dynamic. Unlike anything, we ve seen- and you add that to all the tension that built up here in the battle with these candidates, as I shut there's this cluster below Bernie jockeying for position and attacking each other. I think there should be a tremendous amount of attention with bloom work there, and I know it's a cliche cliches that the elections or about choices, but
people get to see the contrast between some of these candidates and that's what a debate should be right? I'm I'm hopeful, but its very, very difficult with with that many candidates, and I guess that minimise the I don't know if it's gonna be the most congenial affair. But you know we were just we just said the same thing like. I think there is a way to talk but why you're the best person be president, in contrast yourself with your opponents without resorting to being nasty, you know, and I dont know that any of them have quite hit that yet in these debates that enough, they ve been quite sharp enough. Yeah, listen other than the nastiest quotient goes up as as as early as the closeness of the campaign continues right and so that she's that that's just help how this always goals. I don't think that's moderators of that debate. We should give in to that. We should try to try to create that
faster discussion among the candidates debate among the candidate and why they are the best person to go up against Donald Trump. But it's you. You know the swells anybody you train someone. Unless you can try to get a candidate up there talking point oh yeah right, and so it is very, very difficult, and so without that many follow ups and without a format that that that is more unstrung, but these are very difficult to do. Well, best of luck to you will out will be watching and thank you for taking the time to do this. I know you're you're quite busy this week, so I appreciate you joining fragment thanks to John Ralston for joining us today, we will be back on Thursday, with a post debate, pod, after the ones in a debate. So we will. I will talk to them by everyone can live with the book to end by saying
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