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The MAGA vs. Mitch McConnell battle heats up with Trump’s return to public life, Joe Biden and progressives debate how much student debt to cancel, and Texas suffers from freezing storms and rolling blackouts while Ted Cruz jets off to Cancun. Then Dr. Anthony Fauci talks to Jon about variants, vaccination timelines, and what he’s learned from this pandemic.

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invite and wants to do about student loan debt and what this week's brutal winter storm can tell us about. The failure of republican leadership in the great state of Texas, too quick housekeeping notes, representative Gwen, more Wisconsin, joined the hysteria crew this week to talk about republican legislators, attempts to suppress votes in air donor in Georgia, so check that out in over the Crooked Youtube Channel, journalism, Master Monaco on her series. Let's break it down to talk about how the state of the union address was written, The Obama Whitehouse find me he's Dan Fine Memories. Have you contemplated the fact that there may not be quota so the union this year, because people can't sit together on the capital? I did not contemplate that
Well, I figured because they were all there for the certification of the election, slash insurrection, that they would be able to be there and sit together, dance and it is an open question- is really is up to binding. If you want to do it with all those people there. I can't imagine anything worse than writing a state of the union address, except for writing us intervening address that would be delivered a resume look. It was always a great time I was I was a joy to deal with during the process is just a lot of fun. go to Youtube Dotcom Sized cricket media to hear all of our stories about the state of the union, check it out. Let's get to the new on Tuesdays pod. We talked about Mitch Mcconnell trying to have it both ways on impeachment. By voting to acquit Donald Trump and then tearing avenue asshole in a speech on the Senate floor studying turn of events that literally everyone could have expected. The former present
objected to the minority leaders remarks in a six hundred words statement that red in part quote Mitch is a dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack, who will never do what's right for our country, arguments there, literally the most truthful thing he's ever said, every cell, in total agreement with Donald Trump, the political today, and that was the toned down version of the letter. The origin, apparently mocks Mcconnell for having multiple djinns, because self awareness is Trump strong suit. He ended by threatened to quote back primary rivals who are mega loyalists in mid term elections, so Mitch verses Mega, who you ruin for no one, Everyone who lose is probably correct. What do you think that were who should written? Why? Why someone to release the Xerox night. At version of the draft statement put it out there
wake up. I don't know it's ay. Miss Mcconnell. I hate tromp in there current position right now, Mitch Mcconnell is much more dangerous than Trump, in the sense that he can do things other than calling the fox No, I am the eye. I have found the coverage of Miss Connell speech to be infuriating, there's actually operating in your answer today, which points out how much Mcconnell has got us off in a bit of a pickle here by trying to have it both ways and ending up with neither wave, but the other thing that bother me about the coverage. which is why I find it strange if my reaction to something happening, The same is troms like that causes some amount of self, if I shouldn't by it and all the coverage of Miss Connell Speech and materials which have never Brussels with the fact that he himself promoted that big lie for what
for a month, and so the question I guess comes down to it. They are going to have a fight of sorts mother. It's a battle for the solar centre of the Republican Party or something else who should we route for, and I don't really know the answer to that. Then I. What do you think I mean I will say just narrowly considering primaries in twenty twenty two. I certainly dont want to promote. Nor will I more trompe candidates, but I do think that in many cases, if a trump backed candidate whose fuckin cuckoo for cocoa boss wins a primary and we will have a better chance of.
feeding that candidate. Then we will emit Mcconnell backed more establishment republican. What, if it's the opposite? I think it's the. I think it's only the upper I mean it depends on a state right, like I dont think I dont think you know. A completely trompe candidate in Pennsylvania necessarily has a better chance in a primary, then another pat to me, whose really Serbia, but not as trumpet depends on the candidate right like if it's a candidate labeling a candidate trumpery, is also tough too, because there's a million different ways to be trompe right, like you could see someone with trumps foe, populist appeal doing well, you could also see, like I don't think Marjorie Taylor, Green Windsor, statewide, race and Pennsylvania out only humans as deregulation, Jordan, Niagara that you know or issues, Could we just eight were wide race in Georgia if there was a really we democratic candidate? But if you
hold me on the democratic side would rather face in Georgia, Marjorie Taylor, Green or David Purdue. Again, I would say, Marjorie Taylor agreed yeah? I think I think that's right, and I think there is probably a special exception for cuban conspiracy, believing people who work after committees, but there is an interesting question of if, if hobby is like right wing. He'll to Fox NEWS Hannity, Mcconnell is Paul. Ryan in policies. Establishment back Chamber of Commerce Republican in a election. determined by turn out, it's not to be a given that the Mcconnell candidate will be better than the truncated, it's possible than do the opposite. Like you. I it's going to depend on to that person is. Is it burden. A green or his ad. Don't call ends, or is it something else by the eight? I think the the.
Beg the question here is. Is Mitch, Mcconnell being in that job of work and I won't. We also know that, according to that for this giant battle for whatever the public aborted Mokanna people basically said, he's not engage anymore. He said He gave once reach and he's like. I got this governing moved on, so I don't know what kind of battle this is gonna be. It will save. You show us, because if we actually does the work right but all this time, we're here like we need people. Why John Bay Paul Ryan to be in there fish or mission economy to be in their positions of power to serve as some sort of bulwark against Trump Isn t. Eddie Mack and all that turns out to be complete and utter bullshit missed Gotta was in his job and problems. I did a violent insurrection that almost murdered, all of which can Mcdonald's colleagues Ets not sure that him that we are there
much better offer. It makes any bit of difference whether its Mcconnell or Linsey Grand who is in charge of the said. I think it's the same thing in the end of the day because aware that the local power is in the party, Well, in that goes to my point about who do you want to win a primary right because normally you'd say, while It's dangerous to elevate the trumpet candidate is look. We all did that to trumpet twenty sixteen than Trump one right, but I dont think that the country necessarily is better off when establish Republicans when primaries or even when general actions at this point, because they don't do much of defending the fuckin country from Trump ISM, you know it's also like some of these areas: you no distinctions without a difference. I think about the medicine Catherine rays from a burn. Madison Catherine won his primary. He was not backed by Donald Trump down the trompe candidate lost and then Madison, Catherine, invited on Fuckin morning Joe and everyone is like all young star. The Republican Party beat the trumpet candidate in the primary turns out that Medicine Catherine, is justice. Fuckin trumpet
the rest of them and like showed up at the start, the steel rallied Dan Crenshaw same situate same think. So it's like Miss Mcconnell candidates are necessarily like they're, not like Ben Sassin, Mitt Romney. I know I'm not trying to Not if I can react strongly be careful mittens or deal with their not like that. Necessarily they could still be pretty trumpet candidates. So I'm still looking for the candidate that we have the best chance defeating, which is usually the less extreme, get undressed What about all the political science research shows is either to this day, even with Trump winning? Yes in sixteen, it still says that Mcconnell Magda problems go beyond Trump himself, Lindsey. Graham said that if Mitch doesn't understand that Republicans need Donald from to take back the majority he's just not looking RON Johnson said that he doesn't think Mitch speaks for the Caucasus and that he quote needs to be a little careful shun Hannity calls from a call to be replaced as leader, as did a county republican chairman in Kentucky
Do you think my Connell's job is majority leader is in any serious jeopardy here now I dont actually, you need someone to the Senate Carcass Writ large. Is not the house caucus there on the republican site it is. There is not. This block I've seen a freedom, cock s, people who can who were actually control this way. It's a lot of now Jason's Institutionalists Republicans, you ve been there for a while, and the people most likely to sort of sea This movin in challenges are Josh Holly. Take crews to people hate it. Every other senator, but there is not an It is very rare for a Senate leader to be depose within their own caucus like I'd, be curious. They people of quitting because of scandals like Trent Lot, but I don't know that in was it has been proposed in modern history. At least
and it seems very hard to imagine that happening in this case, given who the likely challenges our unit you, what you need to be paid Mueller and well liked among your colleagues to take down somewhat like Miss Mcconnell and judge holier takers spent. There lives, being neither well like normal. Or with any one year, and then you have to ask yourself like why would all of these republican centres were really pissed at Mitch? Mcconnell rally ransom. like John Corn, downright whose still not quite trompe enough to be beloved by the Maghreb base, but is also like, doesn't really satisfy. The concerns of the rest of the carcass decide doesn't seem like gets. It doesn't seem like it's gonna happen, nor does it really like it. If Mcconnell was replaced by John Cournand, I think, like, or someone like that, I dont think we'd all be better off with me. It's the Paul Ryan, Kevin Mccarthy example exactly right, exactly
in fact we are, and we said when our favorite, our favorite, her republican leader, Paul Ryan, left that Kevin Mccarthy would be worse, Asia say exactly this. There has been no actually at least on one fort matter, he has been much raver, then Paul Ryan, because Paul Ryan made Steve King avowed whites. as chair of the constitution subcommittee and can Mccarthy kick them, are all those committees in a basically ejected from Congress so is a small point and Kevin Harvey's favour. Ok, you know, I I. I appreciate your feeling for power and fitting that the grudge is gonna be held, no matter how long we do this, I on sale, mad about putting a white supremacist on nice constitution subcommittee yet, it was bad. It was very, very bad. Mcwatters people told CNN than his plan is too ever utter the name, Donald Trump again, which is really funny.
Most certainly not Donald Trump plan? He broke his longest stretch of silence in four years yesterday, with the series The friendly interviews where he was clearly distraught about the death of his good friend Rush Linda, To whom he delivered a moving tribute during the call into Fox NEWS is outnumbered: let's listen to this compilation that Jordan yoga together, and he was one of the aims that we were going to win we're gonna win or Russia. We won. As though do I, by the way, a static we won by a substantially and Russia we won. I was disappointed by boat or tabulation, and lots of other people feel that way too, but rushed felt that way strongly and death many people do many professionals. Do I think it disgraceful? What happened? We were like a third world country. Election night with the closing down of the centres and all the things that happened lately and don't think that could have happened to a democrat
what it had the you would add riots going all over the place? If that happened to Democrats, we don't have the same support in a day. At certain levels of the republican system, and he was furious at it, and many people have you. Don't know how angry this country is. It was somebody that really felt that was a very important victory for us too. We should have. We should have had it that we did have it, but he was somebody that felt that was a very important election. I did too I mean I did to use you what's happening now we play golf together. Little Betty was a very strong dive, physically very strong hit. The ball a long way its repeated its revenue to remind me remedy. Have Donald Trump eulogise me up up up, so I thought I don't understand do much more time on trumped last question on this
Is there any way for Democrats to exploit this sort of Mitch verses, mega saga to push more republicans out of power absolutely menu? That is, The core of politics is uniting your coalition, dividing the others, collection and so finding ways in which to make Mitch Mcconnell the embodiment of why Trump and Mega hates about the Republican Party makes it harder for Mitch Mcconnell to elect people to the Senate, because Trot It's not going to be on the ballot twenties way. So I large coterie of his children, maybe on the ballot, but he will not be on about, and so this idea that Mitch Mcconnell this hated Republic in who betrayed the Maghreb MID, who espouses always policy positions that are universally applied. Thereby Donald trumps Kind, a sort of granite guess who doesn't? Sixteen is too Democrats advantage? The way we are going to win is, if Trump, that
voters who turned out of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin North Carolina Florida, Georgia, Arizona, do not turn out in this election and trumpet Miss Mcconnell. Being a big fight certainly makes that more likely impossible. We should find ways to keep that fight going as far as possible in communicating indirectly to voters you're back to the original question we asked route for K, ass in the Republican Party that that's that's already to root for less like about the current president, Joe Biden took his first official trip away from the White House until day, flitted Milwaukee foreseen in town hall that was totally I'm a pretty informative, generally assuring even a little boring at times at one point, the president simply referred to his predecessor, as quote the former guy. Would you think where do they do tat? your mind at exactly the way you described it. It was. so comfortably normal, just a normal
Didn't talking to voters about issues. The air Donald Trump was not really a part of it and be navigators. He looms large of everything by it. Just is about helping people deal with a pandemic and get help in student. Low damage will talk about all these other things. It was just normal. I also think Biden has We found just this great and he's had been his way since the general election we started. This is real comfort and knowing what his strategical This is why he's gotta be presidential he's out can be always our can be overly partisan. He is not going to talk about Trump and he's just going to focus on uniting people with sort of the macro definition of that not the appease Lindsey, Graham definition of it and he has been very, very good and is it has found its way to be
the hearing to the strategic guidance that I'm sure his team has given him while still being completely and totally authentic, inhuman, and it's not a very isn't it easy thing to do on national television for sure or chinese, or an easy thing to do. For Joe Biden like here. Let's be honest, he has spent a lot of his career, delivering very sort of undisciplined loquacious answers to questions and he now he's still does that sometimes he still rambles on a little bit, but he's always catching himself. You can We see these editing himself now that he's trying to be more discipline and is trying to be more strategic and his answers. He was like that during the campaign. I think it's why ultimately came out ahead and in the primary when he was losing badly and then, of course, did really well in the general election like he has gotten better and- and I think I we saw that in the town hall, as you mentioned, I think one of the most notable moments came when a listener asked Biden the following question about student debt forgiveness: let's take a lesson we need still non forgiveness beyond
tenfold, ten thousand dollars your administration has proposed. We need at least fifty thousand dollar minimum. What will you do to make that happen or will not work It depends on whether or not you go to a private, universally republic universe. It depends on the idea that I say to a community I'm going to forgive the debt. The building. Dollars dead, for people who have gone too Harvard Yale and ten schools. My children, I went to a great. I went to a state school, but is that can be free even rather than use that money to provide for early education for young children who are come from disadvantaged circumstances, but. here's. What I think, I think everyone and I've been proposing this for four years everywhere- should be able to go to community college for free for free that cost nine billion dollars and we should pay for the taxpayer
since we have now, we should be able to pay, for you, spend almost that more money as a break for people resources and, I think anything, We make another hundred twenty five thousand dollars whose kids go to a state university, vague in India. That should be free as well. So this wasn't We knew by campaigned on cancelling ten thousand dollars worth of student debt, but after the town Hall, Chuck Schuman, Elizabeth Foreign who'd, been part of the progressive push forbidden to cancel fifty thousand dollars.
Of debt relief to statement that read the Bible administration has said it is reviewing options for cancelling up to fifty thousand dollars in student debt by executive action, and we are confident that they will agree with the standards Obama in Trump used. The White House responded by saying that Biden doesn't favor for giving up to fifty thousand dollars and student debt quote without limitation and that they ve asked the Justice Department to review. Whether Biden has the executive authority to cancel that much debt in the first place. So what to unpack aired in dealing by MS against the fifty thousand dollar cancellation because he doesn't want to do it or because he doesn't think he has the power to do it. We have to disentangle two questions I think have become a little sort of it aggregated together since the election during the election. Much of the discussion around student debt cancellation was about legislation to do that. Since the election there was before and Senator Shoe
and others have pushed forward at this idea that he has the executive authority to do that, but that is something within his power. During the campaign, Biden was for cancelling up to ten thousand dollars in student debt, but he did not go as far as others who wanted a much larger number, including complete, eliminating altered in debt or cancer. Have two fifty thousand so that that is one aspect of it he's cluett set himself and he reiterated Jen Saki reiterated he rears town hall that he is cause you ten thousand and fifty thousand in terms of what he feels comfortable from either a pop policy into a political perspective. To do then there is another question whether he has the power to do at whether its ten thousand fifty thousand five dollars, whether that is something that the present that it exists within the present. commonly accepted executive authority is Warren, and humor believe he does. There is president suggests that they are correct, but is also worth remembering,
Add a president only has as much executive power as a Supreme Court says he or she has, and a five forest bring forth that existed when Brok Albanos President with Kennedy. With better Ginsberg may have a very different view of how much power democratic president has six record with Bright Cavanaugh, he may twenty Barrett Jen said, and I thought this was a pretty compelling point, which is they want an opinion from the problem, just as they do not, Haven't attorney general or a team of deejay yet and once they have that this will be the office of the council, I believe which provides legal opinions to the governor. What they can again and so I imagine that they will put that forward when someone in place to render that opinion lasting, as is the opinion, on the books. Right now says the president does not have that now. That opinion was written by the attorneys at the Department of Education who are Betsy Devices
attorneys of that. That is not a binding opinion or one that we should take quickly seriously, but that is what is currently on the box in does make it harder to go forward until you have a superseding opinion. It says you Do it the one other wrinkle here is that if you was that statement from from humor and Warren, they said we're confidence, they will agree with the standards, Obama and Trump used. So that was referring. I believe, to the fact that both Obama and Trump have used authority to sort of delay. Student loan payments cancel some student loans payments. This basically comes down to the higher education active nineteen sixty five and whether you believe it gives the president the authority to cancel debt. There is agreement that that law gives the president some authority to cancel or postpone some
Loan payments. There is not agreement whether it gives the president the authority to do a mass cancellation of debt that were you took from. Yes, that is minors and there's a broader question about whether in this is in the front door and education of indian weather. They actually even had the original authority, because its spending issue and spending issue is delegated to Congress. Now I think there s a bullshit opinion
by this. Ultimately, this what this is going to end up being before the Supreme Court, if you were to proceed for just as nearly every executive action of any mariner controversy ends up. So we should make a point about the politics of these two proposals which we pulled with change research last month, fifty five percent of voters supported cancelling ten thousand dollars worth of student debt and fifty two percent supported fifty thousand dollars worth of student at so both proposals fairly popular and there's not too much of indifference and support for either proposal. So what are the risks of going with fifty thousand dollars in that over ten thousand dollars and sort of what are the risks of the reverse, going with the ten thousand dollar position over the fifty thousand dollar position for Joe? But why didn't we? We should just stimuli- and I thank you- and I agree here
put the politics aside for a second. This is the right thing to do. We need to deal with the ballooning student debt crisis in this country. Forty percent of us you to get hundreds did not even gradually from college, so they have the worst of all worlds, which, as they have this huge debt and did not get the bit the theoretically higher earning potential. That would come with that college degree as more and inhuman or another statement. This is a huge opportunity to deal with so the with the racial wealth gap in this country- and so I think is the right thing to do- would be for as much as is possible, but it is. We should not pretend its risk free, either direction the there is a you know. I was thinking about this in the if you could go back to the Rick Sand. Tele CNBC rant that launched the tea party, and all of that that was about the core of that ran was a speech to people who paid their mortgage? You bought and clinical bought homes. They could afford this there's a lot of bullshit inherent enough
Why, and now you are being asked as a responsible homeowner who pays your taxes to pay for the mortgages are the people who could not afford their hopes, who bottoms they could not afford. This is the at the absolute core of conservative messaging, going back to Ronald Reagan: welfare, queens! It is about ports, eaters, about sort of trying to appeal to white voters by suggesting your taxpayer incorrectly and unfairly indivisible, suggesting your taxpayers are going to others and so, and you just like with the welfare queens examples in as happened during a bomber and housing. crisis, its findings, pursuit like outlier examples of people who has no policy is perfect. Two went to Harvard and measured in poetry and a bunch of other bullshit that will get the right wing fired up. You have this debt are being paid off as a post of what they were
the average normal story about those issues which are someone trying to improve otherwise for themselves and their families, who are forced to pay this outrageous cost of college and trying to keep up with in and gradually from college in the middle of a recession, either in two thousand and eight or just now, and the pandemic want in so thank you. No question this will be weapon Ized against Biden for doing it. I think there is there is the the other challenge is not doing it by one in part, because, through its climate plan and through people understand in the you need of of trumpets in entrapping reelected
young version, young activists were very sceptical. Bite in the primary engaged in did everything they possibly can to get him elected and to walk away from this. It did not take an opportunity to actually how people. That is that, if you do believe you have that has made the risk of demobilizing the young voters who helped get by neglected in the work we do need to hold onto the house in the Senate on Twitter yeah, I mean it. The right wing be bad faith, rightwing attacks on either action is going to be our going to be the same. Whether binding goes with ten thousand and fifty. That is so, then. My question is: if you either have the full authority to do it, the executive action or you can get it through Congress. I guess visa budget reconciliation cause it's not getting through. Otherwise, unless you get rid of the filibuster- and I imagine this is something's
it has to do with spending that could be done. The reconciliation, though we can double check on, and if you get it done, you're gonna get the same kind of attacks. Where'd you go with fifty or ten. So why not help more people now binds trying to make the point that I'd rather spend the money on early childhood education and also it's important to make sure that any one can go to free community college or Free State College public College. If your family's making under a hundred twenty five thousand dollars a year free community College for everyone right so sensibly he's making the point. There's a set pool of money and if we're gonna say done something I'd rather Spiderman. Ten thousand versus fifty thousand and use the rest of the money for early childhood education and for making college affordable for other people who are trying to go, but then the question is. Is there really some limited pool of money for this You know in a world where, thankfully, by minute Markets are much less afraid of the deficit. Then we all were back in the Obama administration, so
I'm not sure that I understand binds reluctance to cancel fifty thousand dollars worth of debt as opposed to ten thousand dollars worth of that, both from a political standpoint or a substantive standpoint I hit the counter case would be, and I would be for cancel as much as possible because it is a stimulant effect on the comics to put more money people's pockets and puts more money in the pocket. admit in most cases here of the people, who are the biggest consumers right you're. Putting in the course of that sort of such are the core demo. If you will but the one thing I will say is that I am more guilty of. The most recent while they're going to attack you for ten thousand attacking for fifty thousand, what difference does it make. There is actually, when you dig into a lot of pulling and message stressing yesterday the initial tack, but the power of your response is some white mitigated by the numbers right like it very well may be than at the back and forth a that is only ten thousand
than fifty thousand either at some point. The number there is a case of diminishing returns by it. Maybe it may be in the by folks may know this that ten thousand and those are. There is some sort of tipping point for people the EU on this. In its end, it cause returned ass if he doesn't. I dont know the answer to that, but I don't think it's a guarantee that the politics are essentially the same between the two. Yeah. I don't know it seems clear to me the ability- but it's like I'm doing this through with it when you get it numbers people understood that are too big for anyone to comprehend rights. One point five billion are nine hundred million like that, I think, is just sort of all the same, but tenants and doesn't fifty thousand are real numbers that people confront in their lives and their page acts there bells their mortgage payments, etc. I will say you know as a final point, this. This is the way that politics should work right like it's good, bitch
more and worn and progressives, are continuing to push by non us to go to fifty thousand right. Like he say now, he sang ten. Everyone else is pushing fifty. They should keep pushing him and if he has, you know a good defence for it, he can push back but like I think he should you. Fifty thousand should give. If you do too should keep pushing allotted It's it's important, it's actually comforting how it's happening right there, the that Russia is firm but respectful. It's not calling him career. or anything it is making the case and their aggressively doing it. It is the more moderate Senate leader and then a progressive like war in pushing? I think it's? It is added the boy way to get it done is to really push on. I think they can. I think it's great it happens, visible positive work as broadly by force agnostic, functional food company that is well known for its incredibly delicious mushroom coffee in their having
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a free or supply of vitamin d, an five free travel pact with the first purchased by visiting athletic greens, doc complex crooked. Again, that's athletic greens, dotcom, slash! Crooked So, let's hope of the winter storm and freezing temperatures that have left millions without power and killed at least twenty the situations, particularly scary and Texas, which is facing the biggest blackouts at a time when temperatures hit four degrees Fahrenheit, it was colder in Dallas than Anchorage Alaska, in Texas, no power. So the outages which could last all week happen for two main reasons: one the demand for electricity search to a level of its head for the Texas Power grid couldn't handle and to the supply of energy dropped because the frigid, whether disrupted the state sources of natural gas, coal, wind, nuclear and solar power, people are freezing son, don't have access to food or water
have died in the poorest. Communities have been hit hardest with one scene, Antonia resident telling the Texas Tribune quote. I understand we live in a less cared for neighbourhood, but where human, like everyone else, what am I paying my taxes for good question? So first will be great if everyone listening could help out people in Texas. Right now, the Texas tribunals put together a list of local organisations. You can donate to weave all tweeted it out, but our work has been tweeting about it. You can also just go to Texas Tribune DOT, where to find it out. We will treat the link again will put her in the show notes. Second, Dan. I want to get your reaction to how the Republicans who run Texas have responded to this crisis Governor Gregg, Abbot Attack, the green new deal. Rick Paris at the time, I would rather have more blackouts then have the federal manage its outdated power grid, the mayor Colorado City resigned after telling his
Situated quote, no one owes you or your family anything I'm sick and tired of people looking for a damn handout and TED Crews, TED crews, who tweeted this week, that he has quote no defence for marking. A foreign use blackouts over the summer hopped on a flight to King Coon too, Presumably Feldman episode of insurrection. It's gone wild fish TED. I was left I just want you know I've laughing about flying TED, which day Waigel tweeted last night, all night long woke up in the middle of the night laughing about plant had where would you like? start then, on on all of this. it's hard, not to starboard, tell crews big ideas. We can. We can start increasing them back into all the policy debates. I do think There are a number of our younger listeners. Are going to be interesting.
in your insurrectionists gone wild joke, Doolittle Google and be fucking. Horrified that there is a long time that there was a moment in time when there is a large industry of selling in We, the Socialists, the video video, take us mail order, video table obeyed, it fits with? All of the coverage of the media culture of the nineties from the Britney's fears, I commend shrieks at our house in an area as anyhow tankers. What were you thinking so for those who were in paying attention to how the story unfolded? It started on twitter last night with some people like taking pictures of TED crews in the airport we weren't even short. First, if it was TED Crews- and it's all look I can. Then it was the mask, but you know that he has used on the second floor than it looked like Heidi. His wife than it really look like
crews cause people talk some more pictures of him on the plane and then people did a little sleuthing and then they fuck is no one. The reason that it was hard to believe is because no one could believe that he could be that fucking stooped Everyone knows even ass all, but he's he's ease known as, got a clever or are smart guy who's. An asshole right, nobody could be so stupid is to leave his constituents literally freezing so that he can hop on a fucking flight to king, whom but TED crews was that stupid increase was as any was, that big of an asshole and just as we were adjusted Recording now he put out a statement. Blaming is kid Sakhalin. His kids wanted to go on vacation, so we flew down there, those kids and then he reboot the flight home today after the controversy erupted, and what an asshole TED crews just as big ass as you thought, but even dumber?
for many politicians, this would be career. Ending yeah I would say that nanotech. Greece is not, of course, until twenty twenty four, so it's good for you is an area that we have a lot of people like on everyone's gonna forget by them in its twenty four, in whatever he'll get away with anything. Look I get it like. It takes a couple hours for just about everything in politics to be memory hold, but I don't think it's gonna. Be that hard to remember the time that TED crews went to King Coon, while State was literally freezing to death. I just don't think it's gonna. Be that our dream ember. It is, as you sort of us watches, plan of less of labourers. It is the difference between now. This would be variants by democratic beastliness Republican The rising media is actually weeping decreases. Defence adds Dinesh. This is just a horrendous persons, said the takers was doing taxes a favour by going to back so to get off the power grid and stopping a drain right which which they then then even that defence, which
down by someone tweeting that TED crews had asked for a police escort He gets to the Airport wednesdays Liefer Canker, so he did take law enforcement resources away from the crisis so that he could fly to conclude for fucking vacation which he blamed on his kids during a blackout where people are freezing to that. I just cannot kicker, I am. I was convinced that was not crews, or that was him flying back to Texas from DC or fly back to do. I did the aim of Cyprus impossible to imagine that anyone could be this stuff that anyone with but kudos EU tankers. So the most in this information being spread on the right about the energy crisis. Right now is that right, global energy is to blame for the power outages, especially wind energy. Here's one of the more absurd takes from Tucker
listen so unbeknownst to most people, a green new deal came to Texas. The power grid. Mistake came totally reliant on windmills. Then it got cold and the windmills broke. Because that's what happens green new deal here without power. Millions are still without power. Tonight several has have died Now the same energy policies that have wrecked Texas this week are going nationwide, commandeer state financed so well What's wrong with tuckers takedown will first I dont. How is it possible that a yo see Admiralty and Joe Biden enacted the green new deal? We had no idea, they do, just it's a it's. It's a trial, green new deal intact. It suggests that they passed a law, they force it on taxes. No one else has no idea. I didn't realize that you that that Gregg Abbot and the republican legislature in Texas and and TED Crews and John Cornwall Big Green new deal fans at another. They had tried to implement it. In their state, who knew
there's some by there's bi partisanship right there. I think it's probably worth getting just like a little but a detail about why this is so right. because this is one of those things that you're gonna have to talk to your mega, loving uncle about anything it now, no more my eyes, I'm off over the weekend, she's, like just gotta, ass, it from your aunt, saying up, hope, you're, a hooker, happy with all your wind energy. Look. What I did And I don't even know the whole story has like why she's talking about wind energy and then I started removes like ok. There we go. This is another conspiracy, that's ok, Let's do. Let's explain why this era, one green new deal not in la not a thing that I have so. It is definitely not because the green new deal number two. taxes only gets a fraction of its energy from went as at least a few days ago, according ass american statesmen. Yes, it sure that half of taxes is winter. are down because the weather, the other half
are up and running, and the ones on the coast where it is warmer are actually generating above average amounts of energy, the prime. reason that there are having the power outages is As of natural gas party natural, ass energy during unexpected winter weather, like this number three Wind turbines work in the colt through the it is with some of the highest per capita wind turbines in the country, South Dakota North Dakota. forbids the cutters John, but it is cold issue. But you can whether eyes wind turbines, they didn't someone's access in part and in fairness, because this is a once in a century cold of it, but it can be and you can have your wind turbines. They chose not to do that in Texas. That is what is happening here. It has nothing to do with and energy. It has nothing to do with the green new deal. It has to do with the fact that text is facing a once in a century cold spell that is preventing the access of fossil fuels to fuel.
the energy needs of the state at this year. If you look at a chart of which energy sources have been disrupted by the storm and how much number one by far, as you said, is natural gas number two is coal, so to fossil fuels are number one and number two. And then its and then it's when the larger issue here is the grid has failed, rightly, the electric grid and taxes, and the reason it fail is because it was not ready for this kind of once in a lifetime, severe storm, and so of course, the demand for electricity surge people's tried to heat their homes, which the grid wasn't ready for, because people don't try to hide their homes like this to this level at that in February, in Texas, and then all of these energy sources were frozen out because they were not whether Ized, like you mentioned. So what is the solution
this, because while this is a we keep saying once in a century whether event in Texas Climate change, we know making extreme weather events, not just in taxes but all over the country much more frequent and we do not have an energy infrastructure to deal with the effects of climate change which are already upon us as we are seeing every day, and so, like all this discussion in about a new electric grid and building, and you, a smart electrical does, did it did it bring you back to our days in the White House. Detail smart growth, the many I mean how many time arrived. I wrote a sort of grid Morocco by
Emma was obsessed with an infrastructure plan that would allow us to build a new, smarter energy grid. They could transmit all of the renewable energy that our country is now creating and that would sort of withstand whether disruptions like this. That would withstand outages. Smarter that is more efficient and all of us, smart political communications people would all roller eyes. When he talked about, the smart grids were like no one knows what Fuck electric grit is or a smart grid. It's gonna be hard to explain to people and no vomit. It was really important and he was correct, and now so, let's talk about President Biden can do he's already declared a state of emergency in Texas century may, provide generators and emergency supplies, but and beyond the immediate crisis. He's also has pretty ambitious climate and infrastructure plans. What, in those plans, could sort of help mitigate something like this from happening again? Who will certainly updating
power grid and arrived and why the rising it and updating or infrastructure writ large is going to have you, for this is a big part of his bill back that are planned. There's a lot of reporting this week that the next item in his legislative agenda is the infrastructure managers. He met with union leaders earlier this week on that there is a climate meeting. Russian peace, which involves preparing for these wants into century events that we now know happen once every couple years. In some cases and then there is also the continuing to update our energy infrastructure, which has lagged for decades. We have in some way we been incapable of doing. Everyone's gonna make a joke about infrastructure weakened with Trump Administration, but it remains true that we have done nothing significant I'd
a bride scale, non stimulus, related infrastructure plan and incredibly want yeah, and in so much of over the last several years we ve talked about climate change, its about policies that will prevent climate change, climate changes here and a lot of the policies round. Climate change now, including let it binds policies as around climate mitigation, climate resilience, its fighting the climate change its already here. One big way that you do, that is through building the right infrastructure. I mean. The other thing that we mention is Texas is power grid is, is it on its own power grid? It's not connected to other states, like most other states are connected to each other. A national power grid that is smarter that is built to carry renewable energy could connect in a way that if one state had an outage because of a severe storm or severe weather event, there could be power stored in another state that could be transmitted to the state that
dealing with blackouts so like that is the future that we could have if we invested sufficiently in our infrastructure and specifically green renewable energy friendly infrastructure, which is what binds pinewood do it seems kid you imagine. If we shift energy from state that have extra energy to the states who did it in a very simple way. Without of setting the idea of Texas sovereignty. I mean it's wild. Its wild will ensure that through the green new deal, Finns, Gregg, Abbot and TED Group will be will be an important test. That's that's good. When we come back, I will talk to the chief medical iser to President Joe Biden, Doktor Anthony vouches Party America, is broadly by stamp. Stockholm Face it. Taken trips to the post office is probably not how you want to spend your time. Even and even in the old world that wasn't fun. That's why
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excited when you set on Tuesday, it's more like we're, gonna be endive end of may early June, and I, the less excited when President Biden said end of July during the CNN town Hall, the other night, can you talk about why this answer is a moving target and maybe walk through the timeline of how you see the supply ramping up over the next couple months is a John. I the idea that thanks for asking the question, because there is a bit of confusion about that- I think I could I get the sort of straight now. First of all, there are three goal posts here that you want to reach. One is when Wendy you get past, though, the prioritization that the advisory committee and immunization practices said that when you have a limited supply, the group one ay is health care, What is in nursing home group one b is ITALY and those who are essential members of the community see all those years
underlying conditions and on and on until you get to the end, which means any body and everybody. That's the verse goal. Post. That's the one that I said. I was hoping be the end of April. But given the pretty big gap b We supply and demand. We won't have enough vaccine to get to that. First go posed, until I believe may early June. That's what I meant by that. So I pushed it up my bad. I wasn't. I didn't. I didn't sort of estimated as as correctly rosetting factor in the fact that we didn't have as much vaccine as we would like to have. Then you get to the July goal posts which in Biden said when We have enough vaccine available to everybody
There's a difference between available and what are you gonna, get it into the arms of every body, so the July time was that's when we will likely have all six hundred million doses that we contracted for Tibet in a three hundred million people, then the third post is how long is it going to take you to logistically get? six hundred doses into three hundred million arms that likely won't be till the end of the summer, so. Those are the three venture. What's that tend to get confused when you don't distinguish one from the other. Do you think that we can vaccinated of people in the next few months to avoid another big surge, because of the variants. I believe so I believe so, because you see the kinetic of the outbreak going way down right now, even without the info
once the vaccine, because we have been vaccinated enough people to have an impact on the kinetic of the outbreak. Yet its continuing like yes, a there were fifty eight thousand new cases. A month ago there was three hundred to four hundred thousand new cases. It really is going way down, There's just why? Why do you think it's gone down, so I just now he had a big surge with the cold weather the fall in the winter thanks? giving holiday Christmas new years it was going up. Much accelerated rate than you reach. A critical point, just turn around and starts coming down, people You know it here more too to a public health medications. when they see the cases going off the ceiling, so that would probably happened so it's gonna be a race is gonna, be array between getting enough people vaccinated and
vaccine is quite good against the variant the variant debts begun becoming prominent in the United, states. the one one seven which, The one that was dominant in the U K C to transmit more efficiently from person to person which is the reason why it becomes dominate because it out runs the viruses and gets ahead of them? So I believe that if we continue to implement the public health measures, universe, the wearing of masked physical sensing, avoiding carbonated settings thickly indoors at this in time as we just more and more vaccines. I believe me stay ahead of an inevitable additional fourth surge three of them already, we don't want a fourth one. It's conceivable that will get one. I think we can avoid it. If we do things correctly,.
and you don't think that supply issues on the vaccine side will prevent us from avoiding that search. If we, if we keep in place sort of the middle the measures that we have a year. You know actually, John, you bring up a good point. We are, We are somewhat having one hand tied behind our back by the supply demand discrepancy because the demand far exceeds supply, if we had all the vaccine that we It is now like the way the president said will happen in July. If we now, at the middle of February, had all of that they be no problem. We, open up stadiums and gymnasiums it just now, exited everybody and we'd have no trouble being ahead of it, but is the supply demand gap. That's really the problem so
I've had people that I know even a friend who's, a health care worker tell me they're reluctant to get to the vaccine either because they are not fully effective were, you might still transmit the virus or you still have to wear a man, can social distance not not like anti vaccine things, but just some various concerns about the vaccine. Can you paint a picture for people about how their lives could change if they get vaccinated when it's their turn. Well, there are a couple of that. That's a good question. Job there were a couple of aspects to one the immediate impact on you and then the Fourteen role you play to contain the fanatics of the Alps so the immediate benefit to you is that you will protect yourself a from getting clinically apparent disease. and certainly from winding up in the hospital and maybe dying so I mean if you're young, healthy person, I'm sure you fall into that category. The chances of your getting into
trouble a slight but not zero. There are a number of young people who are otherwise robust and healthy, you really gotten into serious trouble, but there's a lot of people out there who have underlined conditions that make the very susceptible to a severe outcome, so We are own personal health. It benefits you but So by getting vaccinated your preventing the propagation of the outbreak, so, namely your preventing the outbreak from continuing your one dead end in the outbreak, which is important, so there like I said, to really good reasons, one for your own private, personal health and safety and one to be a contributor to the containment of the outbreak. If variants like the one from South Africa ultimately require booster. Will that mean that everyone who has been vaccinated has to go back to square one with social distance
in staying homer. What does that look like if a boosters ultimately require? No? I don't think it would change anything in what we do. I think we always have to adhere to the public health matters. It right. Now we know that the vaccine- that we have available to us. The modern and the Pfizer are very good against the year the UK variant, the one one seven We know that there are not necessarily is good against the south African isolate the three five one, but it's quite good to prevail, and you from getting seriously ill with hospitalization and debts from the south African isolate So it's still is value added, even though You might have the complication of a variant if it turns out that another variant or even this variants takes over You need to get an extra bit of protection. That's when a booster debts directed against
specifically, the varying could actually be important. so I'm in LOS Angeles, our state local officials responded to the recent drop in cases by reopening your dining lifting stay home orders open, hair salon the limited capacity. Do you think that was the recall. You know, I don't want to try it out, guess the local health authorities. You know I've been dealing with several of my colleagues in California. If you relax some of the constraints, you gotta be careful, you not overdo it and just do not turn to switch on attorney switch off as used to see cases comes down, you can gradually and carefully pull back on some the constraints like, maybe have limited capacity. The dining or opening certain areas with the requirement for a mask and things like that, Why? Don't necessarily think it was a mistake at all on the part of the California Authority,
as long as they don't just Things are in turn things off, but do it in a gradual way that makes sense a huge challenge over the last year has been very clear, communication and messaging, as it always is, from a public health. Of course it was a challenge, not just tromp, you know here in a way the desert, scorn round, we ve been told to stay home but enjoy outdoor dining, but dont gather with anyone, but the miles or open like waves, We learned about how to improve public health communication and a fractured media environment like the one where n, N, n twenty two it is not easy. I can tell you that Is there a lot of land mines there? But what you could do is true I envy as consistent as you possibly can, and when you do, I know the answer to just say. You dont know because people come on. What would you think it is and then
give an answer not based on data and then data command. They say. Ah, you see, you said some and it was wrong so if you don't know the answer, you should just I don't know the answer, or you might have the correct yourselves. Sometimes the way I just recently did with one I thought. We would get to the end of the priority groups, which was based on the assumption. Debbie more vaccine around. Then there was around and that's the easy way around that new communication is to say I miscalculated period. You spend a lot of your career on the HIV Aids Epidemic, where you know we ultimately learn that serve a harm reduction. Risk mitigation strategy was more effective. Then preaching abstinence. Only Do you think the same principle or a similar principle applies to sort of covert and social this sitting? Sometimes I wonder if messages that are about
like stone, don't see anyone be locked down are actually could be. Counterproductive is opposed to telling people, while you can do things, but you just gotta, be careful in trying to limit your risk. I think the latter, I think, you're onto something that is really true. I mean, obviously, if you an absolute issue, just say: go home and don't ever come out again, but the fact that doesn't work in our society needs to continue, particularly. We know the devastating impact, its hat on the economy, so you really gotta use some common sense about things. You know one of the most cogent example of common sense. Is there We want universal wearing of masks, that's very important, but if you're out on a chair, now in which there is no one within two miles of you. If you put your master, there's nothing wrong with that Nobody there, easy. I mean that's the kind of thing you have to use some common sense,
If you are in a room and your indoors, and there are people you have no idea who they are then put the mask but if you all alone in Rome, the way I assume you and I are now- you don't need to put a mask on yeah Oh a Jesuit principle that was drilled into us unholy Cross was that we should be men and when for others? How do you think about the channel of solving big public health crises through collective action and shared sacrifice in a big diverge worse extremely polarized country like ours after after everything you ve been through this last year. Like do you think it still possible its past but with a very difficult one of the most difficult. challenges that I think has hindered. What we needed to do is the fact that we have all living through and have less.
Through, particularly over the last year. A historic public health challenge, to put it mildly crisis, would be a better word In the midst of divisiveness in society, that's the one some of which I have never seen in order the decades that I've been doing this? It's almost antithetical to an adequate response to a public health crisis because when you're dealing with a common enemy the virus to be divisive. almost like fighting The war will you have the army fighting with the Navy instead of fighting the common enemy it really is item to be melodramatic about it, but it's almost feels that way where you have a political connotations. Everything you do I mean wearing a mask, becomes a political statement. You know
We too will bar in congregate, setting or not becomes a political statement. It just doesn't work when you have a common enemy and your supposedly all in this together, which we have to be all in it together when you're dealing with a pandemic. So I ask people for questions the two most common questions, and then we can. Let you go the first was Is there any reason that state shouldn't be allowing teeth to get vaccinated right now, if, if opening schools are so important, well I nothing I mean I. I think that we should prioritize teachers to get vaccinated because they in my mind, paw of essential personnel the community- and that would put them in the one d group. and I think we should get as many teaches vaccinated as possible. One thing that I dont think would work is to say that you can't openness.
Cool unless every single teacher is vaccinated. I think that would be unworkable. I think you can have a compromise and say a give them a high priority. Get them vaccinated. quickly and as efficiently as you possibly can, but you don't have make it a scene ache, one on that, unless hundred percent of the teachers of vaccinated. you dont want to open up a school. Because otherwise, you would not be opening schools for quite a while and in this I was related to that would ease. The timeline is on vaccines, for children Yeah, that's gonna, be probably several months before you get two children of a certain low wage. What we're doing now with some of the vaccines, particularly the Pfizer, is to do it's called an age the escalation? Will you do a phase? one and then a phase to trial for safety answers. if it induces the key
I've immune response that you would predict would be protected. You don't have to do a full efficacy trial at every age group. you just need to show its safe and it induces a good immune response and what you are we will go, for example, from sixteen to twelve and then go from twelve to nine and then from nine to six in that's called an age escalation, because children a vote Would you want to make sure that you have said? the inner all the group before you go to the next younger group makes sense. Dutch effectually. Thank you so much of your time and thank you for all the work. You are doing repression, To be with you, John thanks for having me, are I thanks doctor,
she for joining us TED crews. Hope you have a great time in Cancun. Sorry that this scandal cut your trip short. I see there's picture than looking to pictures of him him arriving. I think he's he's peace. boarding his plane back to the: U S right now we'll see you when you get home tat will see when you get home TED crews. Congratulations on finding a way to make people hate you even more than they already do. Didn't it was possible. Didn't big was puzzled, but you know he's using ambitious guy, so he did it. Everyone have a good weakened by everyone, Pod save America is a crooked media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez. our associate producer is Jordan Waller its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick, Well said what is our sounded to mere
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