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Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan break down the results of the Nevada caucuses and the ensuing freakout that Bernie Sanders is now the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination.

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welcome, replied, save America, John Fabric, I'm John Love, it and Tommy thither. Andean viper did for joining us remotely general. There cursed illegal office. Every success trust the processed. In on today's part, we ve got resulted in Nevada carcasses which we managed to cover in person without rigging anything we'll talk about Bernie Sanders. Is momentum heading into South Carolina Super Tuesday in what to expect from Tuesdays democratic debate, which you can watch along with us at crooked dot com. Slash group threat before that
love it. I was the show this week. We are amazing, a plus love it or leave it. Thus with Emily Heller, Sean Romas, Varn from Box and Darcy Cardan came by to play a person who gave a toast at Stephen Miller's wedding, which you don't want to miss. While it was delightful, I was a great up so check it out also quick note for me, if you haven't listen to season two of the wilderness. Yet now is the perfect time to check it out. Right is everyone's trying to figure out what voters and swing states actually think about politics. Trump and the democratic candidates sell some really good advice and their from lefty progressive candidates, who one big in some very tough states in twenty eighteen, so check it out at the wilderness. Podcast outcome aright as we are back from LAS Vegas, where we covered the carcass, like the good journalists that we are
with ninety six percent of precincts reporting? It was a blow out for Bernie Sanders, one with forty seven percent of the vote and will get an estimated twenty four of the state's thirty six delegates, Joe Biden, who receive twenty percent of the voting. Peabody judge horsey. Fourteen percent of the vote are the only two other key It will get any delegates at all. From Nevada Biden probably gets nine p propagates three again. These are estimates after them came Elizabeth, worn at ten percent times dire at five percent and Amy closure at four percent. So before we into the results. Tommy Johnson's, you guys were there, do you guys want about what we saw in Vegas over the last few days when to warn event, went to a Sanders rally, and then we saw one of the contrary: workers caucus sites at the win yeah you use go chronologically. I guess you mean warns. Event was three hundred people for our people you know it was. It was not that big. It was a crowd. That kind of you now look I'm clearly stereotyping. Your black have looks like what you think I warn crowd would look like. According to exit polls,
and went to burmese event after it was four five times. Bigger is alot more diverse July younger. It was, you know, there's a avant work that went into making it look big in cool and exciting, and it was very impressive and then How that we went to was weird you now we went to the Margaux room in the yard, the wind hotels, Yegg ballroom. What would you think with ninety five people I think they said about right. There was ninety five Tawiscara took couple out where is everybody lined up in their Corners Tom style viable Bernie Sanders Viable Joe Biden was viable. Nobody else. And you know which met there was for five minutes of jockeying to get six. War and supporters into uncommitted too, to to come to each corner and love it I'll. Let you break the Big NEWS on how they went forward to Bernie three went abiden woman are, they that's right and die ya mean. I think that was one of the Big NEWS,
well say, Pirnie one are looking at Bernie one location handily, you know, look something I felt when her at the satellite caucus for Bernie, and I would add that I felt at the Bernie events that I felt at tea at the stirrup cock as we went to, which was by the way, not Sir Mr Kok, as has been disappointing, compared to what you would expect in being is, but an advertising. So there's no nothing happening down under, I think they got their ivory. I would get a bit of a joke and but but there that that the Bernie crowd wasn't just bigger. It was pumps, I mean it was enthusiastic and just the observers we were with There were incredibly excited Bernie organizers there as well and just feel at the bringing about. You feel a group of people who feel like there on the precipice of Bee behind the nominee and their extremely excited extremely hungry, and you see that every where you go along so say
just shut out to my Bloomberg. The only person who can help me out of the hole I got into in Vegas and that's all I have to say about that. Also just add that, like the cock, a site that we went to an iota, there was so much more democratic but say unity. And goodwill than you would expect from the news and online. The woman who gave the speech, on behalf of Joe Biden supporters to try to get people to come to the buyer side said. I love all the candidates and I just think that Joe Biden would be better to be Donald Trump, no offence to the Sandra supporter like, and you know, the cinders people were cheering on the Biden. People in the warm people try to get them to come over It's just it's just much different than you and despite the public fight between Bernie Sanders campaign in the colony workers leadership, it was clear
there are a lot of rank and file union members in the room, the carcass for centres, which is something we saw repeated threats state yet and really split between Sanderson Biden to at least in our capacity. I would have thought it was some of the other candidates as well, and then the woman who spoke for Bernie Sanders we actually spoke to, and now we have a clip of that now. My name says that really is in fact buoyant ratio LAS Vegas. I just feel like he has the potential to be Donald Trump. In this way, liability for Bernie Sanders he's gonna change, and hopefully, if he does, when he'll make, our generation is very children way better than when it is now. You know our cell s. What Bernie Sanders this strong candidate for me, I think first Alice
first job by it in I switched to what was it Tom and then Bernie Sanders. Finally, you just got my heart pressure. Are you a member of the corner you? Yes, I M is stuck to me when Bernie Sanders, where he had his will use talk in that little debates. He was talking about how issues should be for everybody, not just first so in people so insurance for all. That's why Bernie Sanders to miss sticks out Medicare for all and something that you're in June, something if you like everybody deserves to have good health care, so I just feel like Bernie Sanders speaks to all ages and the younger generations sees that he has that new green deal, that their boy for and that's definitely gonna, help global warming and everything I want my baby to have good, fresh, clean air and Bernie Sanders is the way to go. He goes further new green, the new green deal, so he indoors baseline towards him as well as the most important issue for
me what beaches for everybody to be together as one and for all of us to come together. That's what's important to me were divided right now and we onto a united, so democratic turnout has already beaten twenty sixteen, but probably won't be two thousand and eight so Danube answered a concerned about turn out issues which were how you feeling on this now. I think it is in turn. I was pretty good. I think you'd probably would have expected a little bit more given that there was an early voting, in this time. That did not exist in two thousand and eight, and I think it's even more notable because there are a lot more registered Democrats in Nevada now than there were two thousand nights alike on our percentage basis it still down, but the fact that it beat sixteen may I think we should feel pretty get about. And I would say I think we are suffering from the same problem in a cock, a state that we have that. I think we saw an IRA witches, there are a lot of undecided Democrats when you're undecided you much less likely to go stand for two hours and I can
no ballroom or in a church or highschool than you would be too must be to show, but a polling location and the party also register ten thousand voter yeah utterly grew early voting, which is great for general election prospects. Infant s right. So let's go up big victory. He one every demographic accept of voters over sixty five and black voters, where he finished a pretty close second to Joe Bernie, one men and women College and Non College, educated voters, union and Non union households. All voters under sixty five, very liberal vote somewhat liberal voters, tied Biden in booted edge among self described, moderate and conservative voters? You want independence, he one first time caucus growers who made up deeper scent of the turn out and he dominated among the Tito's with fifty one percent of the vote. Here is a clip of burmese election night speech, which he actually delivered in Texas now shrub and his friend
They don't know winder selection, they think they're gonna win the selection by dividing our people based on the color of their skin or where they were born. Or there religion lead You a warrior. We are going to win because we are doing exactly the opposite. We're bringing a our people together? How significant you guys think the coalition the Bernie put together and about is it I think, Bernie strength with latin exploiters could be the most important thing: learn in this primary, its truly impressive. They ve been organizing early.
In in within the communities they were doing in California, while they already spent a million dollars in spanish language ads in California alone, so that something they put time and effort into. I think that here trying to build a coalition that is diverse in and broad immediately place. He's not doing well, so far is voters over sixty five, which still seems to be binds we'll Hausa implore, you yeah, it is, Oh look, I mean it its impressive doesn't add to that. You know it is true that Biden or into the entry and exit polls, one among African Americans but Bernie also did really well among black voters and Amy Closure and may repeat, did abysmally, and the time has now run out for the two of them to make the claim that those voters are gonna, give them a chance. Give them a look. We're here you know took our line. Is this Saturday to produce day is the to say, after that you can
you're, not exciting, and turning out african american voters and as of right now it was really been those two candidates, Bernie in Biden who have so far been able to do that. Then what did you think about a burning college, and what did you think about our burning coalition? Obviously you can't it's early sits fraught to draw parallels between coalitions the term the primary and the general election. But does it tell us anything about sort of the coalition that Bernie can put together? Will it also fraud to draw huge conclusions from entrance poles and a cock us with us, ample size, this small amending its or downright stunning. Is Bernie. Is gonna win with nearly half the delegates by getting, I think when the votes are kind of us and forty thousand abandons to choose Now this is now on the situations if you saw in two thousand and sixteen where Bernie crushing caucus and then, if there was a non, we'll get a warning primary later. Hitler would win by like fifteen months having Bernie would have won under that primary as well. Maybe by police them
and he had in the first preference vote, which was like living thirty eighteen or something ever button or thirty. Forty honourable I think the most significant thing that we saw here is that one among voters who price elect ability most, and that is what I think, that capitalism to is the journey that Bernie has gone through when he was at Sixteen percent in the national pulling in December to twenty nine percent national pulling average, whereas today is key convinced a lot of Democrats that he can win and the other members that's a good job of convincing voters that he can't win or that they would do our job of beating trumped than he would, and so he is he's been able to bring all these groups together in terms of a general election coalition. The real question, the real sign of hope, is his among latina voters and forget replicate that in Arizona he has a potential of put that state and apply yeah I want to echo that point about latina voters to an end. The one piece of em researcher
and seen, and I dont know if anyone has it yet is, did Bernie Sanders in his campaign sort of registered new letting of voters who had voted before they expanding the electorate among the Tina voters or they just dominating within letting of others who usually show up and vote in Denmark, primaries and Caucasus. I think that remains to be seen, but you know the New York Times said many Latinos who showed up at the Caucasus wearing Sanders Buttons and stickers said his campaign was the only one. They had ever heard from some of our friends in equity. Research who do a lot of good pulling in the light he no community have a lot of research from last week. That shows that Bernie now has the highest favour billowy among latina voters of any of the democratic candidates, not just as they did some pulling in Nevada, but also in Colorado in some other states with them heavy latino population. So I do think that something worth watching, not just for his strength. In the press,
Mary. But looking for signs of potential strength, the general election and and to me that hinders moron, you know hours. Are they actually bringing in new? He knows into the electorate who tend to be sporadic voters and tend to be difficult to organise, because Democrats haven't spent enough time trying to organise them. They do that something took sort of watch as we go along. I must talk about the other candidates, Joe Biden, who finnish second said in his car,
I'd speech. I feel really good. You put me in a position where coming back and we're going to win. He also try to contrast himself Bernie and Bloomberg. Saying I ain't a socialist, I ain't a plutocrat, I'm a Democrat. How good should the Biden folks feel about his performance in Nevada and and and what do you think about his message? There I'll just say that I felt it was on very unfortunate, but I think a memorable bit of timing that I watched and b C and as Biden said, I'm alive on back and we have momentum, it cut tube them, giving Bernie Sanders the victory and it was his are of a brutal contrast. I mean look at. We'll talk about all of them, but what we saw is a bunch of candidates going to the Podium Tom STAR tried to do a bit of peat. Did it do at explaining why this puts them in a great position heading into South Carolina? But of course the truth is if their own agree,
position going into South Carolina and all saying that they're gonna stand through Super Tuesday, there all putting themselves collectively in a position to lose debris centres, yeah, I mean look at heart of a great when you get doubled up by the person who won in outlining just been took Bill Clinton famously pulled off the combat kid narrative in New Hampshire and ninety two because different time, a different era, there's a lot more space between them, Mary, it allowed you to build momentum, and so you know look South Carolina has been his firewall for a long time and its. We hear that Bernie Sanders is now putting a whole bunch of chips on the table in South Carolina going in with ads all the structural challenges, like the game theory problems that this so called me tat in every other states still exist in South Carolina. Nobody has dropped out, there's a chance that they split a bunch of the vote, so I would be pretty nervous
look in a bind, could win South Carolina we'll find out soon. But you know it's hard to tell how much about he'll get out of winning the first date out of four that you are expected to win the whole time Dan. What you think look Biden needed to come and second here and he did. It would be better if the gap between Bernie invite in was closer, but he should feel very good about the gap between himself and british edge and so he's he still in the game. I think if he had come in third or fourth here they might have been over for him. You know he loves, you would have been on the balance oculina, but would have had a one other week of stories about the faltering failing by campaign, and so he makes it to the next round and he has a chance to have an upside surprise and get a moment. Let him going into Tuesday so going to producers or think they should feel good about that. Given what the alternative was yeah,
turn. It should a game out all the scenarios for the non Bernie candidates here who are trying to now. I fight to be the alternative to Bernie. You know you can see from the Biden campaign perspective why they might be feeling better than some of the other central of candidates who are still out there, because he gets second endeavour. He goes to South Carolina where he's still the leader and pulls right now, even though that lead has narrowed dramatically with Bernie Sanders and he's got Tom Cyrus or nipping at his heels as well. But you could imagine a scenario where, if Biden has a good debate this week, he eat. How to win in South Carolina now he was second Nevada when South Carolina now he's heading to Super Tuesday. At that point he might benefit from the fact that well, when's, the last time Amy Clover germ PETE Buddha, judge of one thing, and now Joe Biden has been able to do relatively well in some diverse states and maybe he's the best alternative to Bernie
Can we not at least on paper? That's where you could look over the problem is right: it's each of the candidates vying to be that other option. Each has a each has a weak case and no Pino Biden per coming in a distant second, yes outperforming PETE by a bunch, but still a distant second doesn't exactly make him the strong vs person for everyone. Looking for anyone. Looking for a burning alternative to rally behind in a pizza, PETE Pete Speech made the case that he's that Alternative Biden trying to make himself the alternative, worn, is now suggesting she's gonna be on either the one or one of two people to be the alternative after Super Tuesday. So they are all out there with a case, none of which is strong enough to cause anybody else to behave differently. I spent a lot of time this morning going through way too much time. Actually, Phoenicia been another thanks, but trying to figure out what the path is for anyone other than Bernie, and I think bided and Warren have the best chance and it is it give camera. They are distant to history,
Behind Bernie, in terms of probability of being the of how could play its author. Maybe even Biden does because he has the best chance of gaining some momentum South Carolina if he were to do that. Bloomberg falter in this next debate There are a bunch of southern states that Biden could win on Super Tuesday, and so, if he could winsome states net serious delegates there and then have either himself or Warren come close to Bernie in California and Texas, he would still, I think, be significantly behind in the delegates, but would have a claim to being the person continue on after this I mean I think a lot of things have to You only have to get lucky newly Muckle Bloomberg to false. On his face again, which may not require luck, but it is there warranted gravity Warren, similar situation, foreign, she needs an upside surprise in cell Caroline We have not seen data yet that set suggested. That is likely, although
maybe her numbers will rise in South Carolina liner, like the rose nationally after the last debate, yeah and in terms of by message that night, you know, I am a socialist sign of plutocrat. I'm a Democrat. I think you know it's it's a decent start, but again I haven't heard by some sort of make a real, coherent, bigger case about why he should be the nominee and not Sanders or not blue you're, not anyone else, but rely. Solely on Elect ability which, at this point is a hard argument to make, since he has lost a bunch of states and since in the general election match up holes, which he and his campaign relied on early in the game, do not now show a significant advantage or any advantage for Biden Visa v. The other candidates running particular. Bernie, which I think is a tough thing for him, and so you know I don't actually have a good answer for that, but if you're on the Biden campaign, I wonder how you solve that problem. What you make your message in this next week, as you had into South Carolina. I think that the same question and answer
No, I ate seems like that's what the warrant the Warren message coming. Out of Nevada, seems to match what you're looking at in terms of the delegates, I think that that when they say they believe they'll be one of two. I think they mean Biden AWE and no. We have now might Bloomberg today going really hard a burning you at peat in his speech, going pretty hard at Bernie, and I just I don't even attack your way to being the alternative, and I just I dont know what these Canada should be doing, but I do wonder if it's time for them to be extremely exe, bliss it not about some grand narrative of the race, but about where the math is and the fact that one person has to emerge or Bernie Sanders will be the norm Can I think it's just so hard. There was like. What's a Joe Biden gets fifty percent of vote in South Carolina. He then, is like two or three days to
in late that momentum into something in Say: California, where millions of people of probably early voted people been on the air like Europe, time to fund, raise in place and advise us all so squish together this cycle that its structurally very difficult. I guess the question Dan. Do you think I guess I can work both ways and one on one hand, you're right, there's no time text build an opposition run a bunch of add between South Carolina Super Tuesday. On the other hand, I wonder if the earned media coverage in a couple days between South Carolina Super Tuesday can be even more powerful momentum. Wise then some of the organization and paid stuff, just because of the nature of what it looks like almost a national primary, but I do know damn well. You think I think that's right needs over made. This the other day that on Twitter, that three days is almost the most amount of time. You could possibly want between contests. If you hoping to ride away from momentum and Super Tuesday, is all about momentum. Bernie has run out, places he is organised places in that is to that
his advantage over one else boom. I was he run as a rare, but for every candidate night who's not might Bloomberg the ads or a drop in the bucket of what it costs run. A national campaign- rightly you know like none. I'm could, even if they had Bernice thou money, they can run enough ads in a two week period to read remove the needle in California has it so big, and so it's all momentum, I think Biden would need a huge went right. He need a win like Obama's in South Carolina in two thousand and eight naturally think might have one California against illegal entry thousand eight. If California had been the Tuesday after of South Carolina primary but instead it was ten days later and over that period of time the race were. To the Mean and Hillary Clinton appointing by seven or so points, because it was a state that more demographically favoured her business. A lot harder when you have a bunch of two states, like California Massachusetts text, that had been early voting for weeks now. Oh, yes, a hundred percent look out of their only any one of them Bernice when in California it is a question.
Whether some candidate, who has some vote in early vote right and I think Warren We does, while a mare think there's a lot of talk. The Buddha judge has bank some early vote here. I don't know about by Can you build on your early vote with late decided to get yourself into position and second close enough to minimize the amount of delegates, the Bernie nets on that day and the state that people really are tongue about as much is Texas to which is the next biggest prize after California? I believe, where Bernie went right and so yeah we're Bernie one, and so the question I think Dan, as if someone can bank early vote, keep a closer burning California and then, when Texas, then does the race become competitive but all that is predicated on something coming out of South Carolina defies what we're seeing. I mean right by challenges among many? It is the fact that there are two billionaires dropping tens of millions of dollars in this race. That amounts to adjust well tax on Biden, Tom Sire is what we have seen poles with seventeen percent of the vote. We that is excessive,
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It's very hard. He really has to show that he can do better with african american voters and after a liner or some of the super Tuesday states to have any chance of winning the nomination yeah. That's it I mean you know again like he can launch a broadside against Bernie Sanders tried a pit himself as the alternative, but that does not work thus far and there are multiple alternatives that he would also need to be making a case against at the same time, which has chosen so far too, to not really do damage effect. I grave revving the only truly like realist. Each path forward for privileges requires a upside surprise in South Carolina where he does much better with the average American Then he has done in any part of aid or in any yesterday, and so, if he were to say he came in a close third, but he got twenty percent the african market, but I need to know that math is possible
You know like where he could demonstrate to build capacity brought his coalition. Super Tuesday is actually a little bit better for PETE demographically than it is for some other candidates. If he can replicate some of the strip some of the strength he showed with fourteen of voters in Nevada thinking at night, percent right yeah. So he could do that interest and strengthen. Then in some of the states like Colorado, are ones that peat with momentum could do well in, Virginia must stay with momentum peak it well. If he could do that, then he but keep these still would have to do better. They ask american vote for that. You get into a run of southern states later on in the calendar by if he could get it momentum, peas, didn't bet more demographically. He's in a better position demographically with his voter base in some of the other candidates are taken. It had put on that. You know, look we're back
to this thing, where momentum is determined by the timing of primaries rather than actual changes in the race, if PETE Buddha Judge- performs abysmally with African American South Carolina, even if there are some positive states, even if there are some better states coming for him. Does that mean here he had if he really doesn't have a path denomination, regardless of the order of the look, I think if he cannot demonstrate in South Carolina a real capacity to grow his every american voter base, like fifteen, old then for what it has been in previous decades. The you just simply and not win the nomination without winning that we really. No one has ever won the nomination of winning the aftermarket primaries. So simply doing fine is not good enough, let alone doing mediocre right. He would need to do in credit much more than we ve ever seen and possibly the aliens, and I want to say this is a caveat all of the
these scenarios that, for talking about here, are incredibly low, likely had put it with all. These cannot stone the race, but the other challenge the peat has be. His lack of support among african american voters would be a problem regardless, but it's not as if he is dominating among college, educated, white voters or noncolor dedicated white voters is doing well with both those groups, but at but he's not dominating, because the field is very crowded. Another can do well to which makes his challenge even tougher, and the other thing that pits facing is sometimes you see PETE on stage of the debate, and I think you could argue that he in many ways has been a better candidate. Then Joe Biden, he has a sharper message he's very nimble. His campaign is very small
You know he, like I said, He'S- probably made the strongest case most directly against Bernie Sanders in that last debate and then again in his speech, but Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both have near universal name. I d people know them right after them comes Elizabeth, worn right, she doesn't have universal. I D, like the other two, but she she's up. There is well PETE, still largely unknown to a lot of voters in the country, even primary voters, when you, when you look at the polls, so he's got that challenge. He's got a couple billionaires putting a lot of money in the race when he is now we're running out of money and he doesn't have the grassroots fundraising base that either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warrant does so. He sort of facing multiple challenges all at once, just to get himself known in. Get his message out there to as many voters as possible. I think it is also worth noting that pits campaign is contesting the results than that of carcasses. They said they ve seen irregularities, and you know it doesn't
me in the: U S: seventy five thousand people vote early, which is crazy because then it you shouldn't be a cock, as it should be a primary, but that's beside the point, but those votes. You had your rank, your top three priorities and then those early votes, You know sent off to the precinct where you lived and then layered in with the first choice, second or third, choice by ability, so it's incredibly complicated process. I think there are probably right to make sure it was done precisely, but that doesn't help you when you don't get a bounce out of let's finish that you thought you might get which which again, by the way that this brings me back to Iowa and all that you know the conspiracies about sort of Peter PETE, regulatory or whatever, like the fact that the ILO Congress was a debacle, hurt PETE so badly. Now it is clear because that week, between IONA Hampshire, he did not get the bounty pray to God of the story out via was just people to judge, wins, Iowa or one the delegates, and therefore he came in a close second and of any New Hampshire win. Who knows,
sadly, camp in first, if he had more of a media boost your eyes out point. So it is a strange events. Also, you know you look at the people to judge made it. This far me he's, like he's the gay mayor of South been any Anna is extraordinary politician, Yanks Shore Nerli intelligent person who is built an incredible campaign that took a lot of luck. A lot of hard work, and he hit some really bad luck between Ireland and Hampshire, not to mention the fact that Amy closure having the debate of her life meant that deprived him, possibly of winning. Let's start with the fourth place, finisher Elsbeth Warren. Were there any signs that war and got a boost from her as we all called it. Stellar debate performance And what is her path from here? Well, she raised twenty one million dollars so far this month lasted at a hell of a fundraising total
I think. If the Nevada debate performance was a couple weeks earlier, you might have seen her do better, because it seems clear that she did better with Nevada participants. You showed up in Caracas on Caucus Day and did poorly in the early vote. Counting the delta was that big, in the two, but by two been something, but she did get a bump in the latest National CBS you gotta pull that has rapid nineteen percent. So I mean that's a that the helm abounds added a debate, yet it seems like you know, she speaks in favour. Billowy, since the debate national pulls the pull. You just meant and the other is that you mentioned so in Nevada of the late breaking voters, people who decided then nineteen percent chose Warren, while twelve percent of earlier voters did and that seven point jump is the largest of any of the five front runners.
Although its worth noting that warrant did not come in first or second, with either group late to siders or early voters, which is tough, dapper Dan. What do you think her path from here is laying Tommy's hit the most important of which is Turkey payment of out of money? Had she not have that debate right so that that change everything it be interesting to see whether this national pull the release on Sunday is a leading indicator of a surge around the country. We know just want to say something fortune? She has had a run, I think, of bad luck in terms of when her good mom, candy has now we're running into another state. This challenging for her, like actually of Super Tuesday, was next. I think she'd been a better bein a better place because those are there are member states. You can win on superfluous day if she comes in with some strength like oversee Massachusetts, air Oklahoma, where she's from originally Virginias place were born. Also potential it s an strength Tennessee I would back Bernie be favoured in Colorado. That's another place were worn, could ask him strike so if she can come
I shouldn't have another great debate and then come out of South Carolina with some amount and which I think is very challenging given where she has been in the polls to date. She's got a shot like. I think we should. We cannot regard it about how to reduce prices up out of some point, but this can be this battle between Who wins delegates in who, when states and if you win some states, does that that can be a russian out a container? and she is at least a chance to win some states. Let's talk about Tom Siren Amy, well Bashar, who barely registered at four point. Seven percent. In three point: nine percent closure send a speech that she had quote acceded expectations and bragged. The incidentally, from mentioned her in one of his rally, speeches for the first time. So that's cool. It would at this point, does Kennedy like times dire or can it like Amy Closure have any path to the nomination at all. I do we published got a raw deal at the most recent debate. I don't know she did particular well, but I also think that just she got some. She got
of relentless questioning from the moderators in from her fellow candidates, and I dont think, ongoing romance with people to judge has, helped her in the on that stage, so you know look her her. Her rise in New Hampshire was born of an extraordinary debate performance, and I think that that has now settled out in a four percent is not good. It's not moment. It's not on the rise. It's very low and meeting expectations as young charitably, daddy and I dont know what I mean. You know soft bigotry blow expectations are aiming closer for herself, but yeah. You know I have actually just I think, there's a lot
but of a swan song element as we go through these various candidates. A super two approaches, but I would say I have been surprised by how effective a candidate Amy closure has been not as not not in terms of her as a person but her as a avatar for pragmatism. I think that she can, I think, fairly, claim to make the best arguments for pragmatic consensus building centre left governing of any candid. I think I've ever seen. That's why I think she still on this stage after a lot of bigger names and people that had higher expectations dropped out earlier people I queried Booker come on has been our work and others and am, but she has been a victim of what we ve talked about a million times, whether its bite, his name, I d or the crowded field, in what her money and money- and Now I think it's looking pretty rough clever. Look when I was doing this exercises warmly the way the super states. I really could not even consider I can construct a path. I just could not figure out how she could.
Headed to Super Tuesday with and then pick up a bunch delegates to find herself as the alternative adjust. But maybe When smarter than we can figure out, but I I was able to lead like stretched the realms of reality, to do it for the other candidates, and I could not vote for and the answer is this I have a path after South Carolina. The answer is no. This dire thing is a real had scratch, because he, you know someone as the amount of money he's been Nevada, it was a shitload, that's my scientific calculation and getting what he did without much money. Four percent or whatever and sat in Nevada is not very promising. He you know in fairness, has been doing a lot better in South Carolina. I think he was like third and pull the came out there in the week. And you know he spent a lot of time, not just on the air, but on the ground. There really meeting voters
organizing the african american community, but I just don't think when you look ahead to the super Tuesday states. You know there's any that there is any real path there, even if he, because I guess what he can. Hopefully I guess he's hoping to place third itself collateral. Maybe second, like does. He may be think he could go Bernie Sanders Tom style of like Biden, collapses, Otto, nobody, even then, it has been to style, become the alternative. I just don't think he has quite the hegemony of the money, but I don't know, and they look it's us. Strange reality, but we have been given pretty good political science experiment as to what people are looking for a billinger what you get for that money and the fact that Tom Sire has not just been outperformed by other candidates with far fewer resources. The fact that a lot of poles he is now under performing the other billionaire tells you that there is zero.
Path for him given who is still in this race. Ya, mean is only, I guess, he's back in the next debate, so yeah well beyond the stage tomorrow, and that that something you spend a lot of money in South Carolina its clearly helped and get some support. There is actually some reporting questioning that spending and weather No, it's not illegal, not even unethical, but you knock tasteful essentially near times had a piece on it today. You look anyone who thinks that there's some monolithic, democratic establishment that pull the strings back in DC just look at this cloud. A car candidates who are all losing their fuckin minds about Bernie Sanders, winning and not one. Of them can get it together to say, hey you, you and you drop out, so that these other people can become an alternative and actually taken
These centres on they are setting it up perfectly to ensure that Bernie Sanders gets the nomination. So maybe we stop pulling back the curtain and, looking for the wizard of OZ instead realise that just a bunch of people goober such people different ideas. We are an end, some pretty big. So after the first three primary contest, it seems pretty clear that Bernie Centres is not just the from honor, but the prohibited favorite for the democratic nomination. Didn't? Can you talk a little bit about why that is? I know we ve done this before, but you know I see, I see a lot of people over the weekend say. Look the calendar. Only three states have voted. Only a tiny percentage of delegates have been awarded. This thing is just getting started, which is technically true by can you tell us about why? You know
in reality. That Bernie has such a commanding led her. He had a lot of people have been tweeting out this historical fact that Bill Clinton lost every single contest up until the Georgia primary on. I think March third, or something like that, and that is all true. But the couple porn points, the counters much more compressed than it was before the that was this unique election, where I would didn't count because Tom Hearken was running built, it was the winner of the two New Hampshire. Primarily, there came a second because passengers from neighbouring sent from the neighbouring state of Massachusetts was running, so is presumed he would win. The next contest was the South Dakota primary that when did not count because bought carry was running from neighbour,
Nebraska and so when the, but they were also with Tommy whenever they were spread out far enough, that there was time for Canada to build momentum between them, and so the Oakland did when later. But now the campaign is pulled completely forward. Forty percent, the delegates will be off the table after she produced. I ve been to the biggest states, which also happen be states this is demonstrated true, strengthen California and Texas, or on the counter on that day, and so it is very possible that same there's will emerge enough delegates, particular by winning California by me. Now, eight nine ten points that it will be virtually impossible for any candidate to catch up to him after that, and so everything is, is this is much more move forward in Sanders? Has momentum and he's heading into a very favourable supersede? The wooden
another big difference this year from previous opportunities, which is because Texas has moved forward and California, which wasn't to produce in two thousand and eight moved at the US in sixteen, is moved back to Super Tuesday. It is now incredibly white. Next heavy grew states in very much diminishing the role of african american voters and Super Tuesday, and so on, also benefit centres whose winning Thacker but people so it. This is a huge opportunity for his campaign that is looming there to potentially put the right away. I mean look
Nineteen any to their faxing press releases, everybody so he'd, I'm off her like learning history. But let's not delude ourselves here with the order of events and again you know we just talked about how challenging this for any these other candidates to surpass Bernie. But you know it is at least possible unless the field looks like it does right now I mean I think the split field is one of the biggest advantages that Bernie has gone form and Super Tuesday Indiana. You said this on our meat, the press over the weekend, but like it, the field looks like it does now on Super Tuesday. I dont see anyway that someone could overtake Bernie. I mean anyway, like I think in a word for there to be some chance, and you know we're about to talk about sort of the the freak out over Bernie is a potential nominee, but I see a lot of people freaking out about a lot of things, but not a lot of people talking about the thief. Probably the first best way to stop Bernie would be to figure out
who's. The one candidate or two candidates are going to stay in the race to challenge them on Super Tuesday, because you know, like is EAST Amy closer set up it's crazy for me to drop out, I'm not doing it Tom STAR, so spending money he's in there too, so, You know. I don't it's free its annex, I have to say it was very first, it's been pillar losing fucking minds on Twitter will get to it, but but man it seems like there are a lot of people who think it's free to talk about how dangerous Bernie Sanders. The nominee while not saying why they believe one of the alternatives must be the alternatives in a lot of people who want to be very critical of Bernie Sanders without telling Amy PETE Biden style Bloomberg any of them to draw? yeah orders or anything when they were able to day which, when they are saying, we are saying that when they say you think you think, if you will receive a burning, then today we see a lot of,
I love Joe Biden or I will put a dry level, is with warrant, but it's a lot more just ass. They had it all. They don't know who they don't. They don't know, but also, I think, on, there's no one alternative that obviously more electable than Bernie Sanders. They all have liability. So it's easier to attack Bernie Sanders and explain why we they are about how worried they are about Bernie Sanders. Then it is to explain why their personal choice of candidate is a better bet. I think this is much harder to do. I think there's one person who should drop out who's. Bloomberg coming days here inside about my work, I mean he hears the biggest problem in this. You know he is getting thirteen fifteen Eighteen percent in some of these balls, if even half of that support allocated to one other candidate who drew ethically narrow the gap he didn't compete in the first four and as the republican Mayor former Republican, they the Europe of the lowest approval rating of anyone running and so he's just
using a giant mess in not being a solution to it. Yeah, and I mean I think it's pretty clear- that he's gonna head into this debate and we'll talk about that noble but too in South Carolina. Just you know, guns blazing against Bernie Sanders too which I don't know, let me know, maybe the house one of the other number any candidates. I don't know if it helps him too much because, like you said, he's approved favorability among Democrats and among the like a really is maybe now the lowest of any the candidates in samples at least iced. I've seen over the for the first time in head to head match up against Trump now bloom, I can't really say he's doing better than the other candidates. In fact, I think that the he's he's doing a little poorly compared to Bernie and Biden, and so that's tougher, so he sort of losing whatever advantages he had besides money when he jumped
the race in the first place: pay everyone pod, save America in love it or leave it, or going on tour for two thousand and twenty between the news, this primary and the general election. That's right! We can have a lot to talk about so comfy as live or in your town, get those tickets to cricket, dot, com events and come here that's crooked dot, com, slash events, so you know quite agree. A number of establishment Democrats, centrist Democrats, never trump Republicans, Miss NBC media personalities and in other blue checkmark pundits are to put it highly freaking, the fuck out over the prospect of a Bernie Sanders nomination, mainly for two reasons: one he's a self described democratic socialist, who they believe is too ideologically extreme too
an election in to their worried, who also cause Democrats, the House, the Senate and other down ballot races, Matt Bennet of the Centrist democratic group. The third way told politico quote in thirty plus years of politics. I've never seen this level of doom and just Give you an example of how some folks are reacting to this. We have to MSNBC clips from Saturday night with them, one from democratic sledges, James Carville, and one from a hardball host Chris Matthews the happiest person right now, it's about one fifteen Moscow time. This thing is going very well full blown. We are promised they probably stand up watching us right now. Are you don't like it? Thirdly, Ryan Change, there's reporting than that's exactly what the intelligence agency think is going on in the centres campaign military. If that Putin is helping him plans to help and run a primary immediately in. Thanks Anders want pollutants it help.
The only reason think why would flatter Putin be helping Bernie Sanders, of course, because she wanted now tropical went I mean it's a straight line and I don't think that that those standards campaign in any way is collusion collaboration. They didn't whiteness story, but the story. Back in the region. At the story is a fact. If put this doing everything, They can't help Trop, including trying to get Barney, and as the democratic nomination, If you remember, one Barney ran in two thousand and sixteen his chief strategists wash Paul Fort side kick in the Ukraine. I mean. Is this this thing just didn't start right now and in it something that We need to know about the need to be made aware of it: the candidates on the debates day in South Carolina on Monday night need to quit attacking each other installed about where, where this country is and how do you play
it forward under some some real choices that democratic half the night. Let's with your Christmas, Bernie another he did his job, he got more than the majority more than a majority of that. Sixty seven percent fat is the name of the game, and it's pretty much over unless that changes. I was reading last night, but I know your history guide to night about the fall of France. In the summer of nineteen, forty and the general Renault calls up church. Someone says it's over and show. How can it be? You got the greatest army in Europe. How can it be over? He said it's over, so I d print suppressed. I can't be as as card. Nobody is damn smart. Well, honestly, That is just the tip of the iceberg, because this this morning it's really everyone's got into full forgot, about which you know confused me for tourism. You talk about whether the concern is warranted or not, and if it is a good debate about that, I'm more surprised that it like it took We won this law like with our people we
in saying here, at least for the last month, Bernice Hippos through the front runner for the donation. It doesn't seem like a lot of people actually believe that was through until now, like I've heard of its Chris Matthews, comparing jewish American to Hitler, is a lagging indicator. So, let's start with, I mean forget about the sort of the craziest freak out. I mean. What do you think about the worry that Bernie is a democratic social issues too ideological extreme to win like it? Is there something to those concerns? I'm worried about it. I remain worry about I've been worried about it and I think it's a challenge that he's gonna have to face it worth noting that last week we canopy, I gotta pull that showed Bernie beating Tromp in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and I think that simple correct did. I was
Hunton result that freaked out a lot of people and showed that actually Wisconsin is tracking a lot closer to those other states. Now Bernie is not faced. A deluge of aren't see in Trump campaign attack adds that will be as broad ambitious as possible, but every campaign will face at so I think we need be honest that this is. Challenging dereliction match up. But you know, look I'd, love to address the Putin thing it three times. I think that's crazy as a Think Christmas. History is insane. We could talk about that too, but I do think like The Pandit class melt down is so absurd in part because they never, like you said, love at present, an alternative, unlike seemingly the light.
The morning Joe sat alternative favorite is MIKE Bloomberg, who, if you look at the polling, actually shows like him. He might be the weakest election candidates. There is also something else going on to which has been is prolong proceeds Bernie and, in part, as a result of the the, though the shift of of Republicans to this more radical extreme direction, which is cable news generally, is much more comfortable and accustomed to the sound of vicious right wing revisionist extremist, radical policies and people than it is to even moderate democratic leftists who, outside of the United States in places like Europe, are part of the mainstream. The the narrow band of what is mainstreaming to exclude a lot of people who have Bernie Sanders Views has made it. I think, more comfortable for people on television to freak the fuck out over Bernie Sanders, because it
seems so crazy to them, and that is a small part of it. That was a bug me. Dan were what what are your concerns? What's your level of concern? Let's do it. I mean it's high, but I think if some other one of our other candidates was, right now in this, like pole position where they were about to be potential about beyond the nominee. I probably have it equally large that have concerns. I think it is very clear that Bernie Sanders can win this election in any one who says he can't both slept through thousand sixteen in his look at none of the limited data is available around. We absolutely cannot, but anyway, Who tells you that Bernie Sanders label himself a democratic socialist with the positions it has it does not. It does not make him a particular aim: a vulnerable democratic Domini is also, I think, be naive about this, so he can win. He is going to have to run an incredible campaign which the primers indicated. He is most
only capable of to navigate this fundamental question about socialism, which we get because you have this? It's very important understand how it's gonna play itself out in the election what did you see a lot from some of the Democrats? The dna people on Twitter or on the other, lefties or behind Bernie sang will look at Bernice policies. His policies are popular. You know we test Medicare for all. We can get it if we know generically very hard There were some details. We can get it to even we can survive. That's it free colleges, popular Bernice positions are proper, but socialist is not about ideology, its but identity, and what they're going to try to do it? make Bernie Sanders seem scary, Non American, it's the exact played it. To run against Obama in O, eight and twelve. It is what my address as his bow it's about. What reverend right was about bill airs bill. Air is now putting your hand on your heart. No flagged enough that's what I'm gonna do debris and I think
could learn some lessons from how O Barack Obama was able to blunt that, and you know, and then I think we can bring the sixty minutes, interview last night where he was better. He did very well and in what ways, despite this, you ve pointed out a complete forgot about some things. He said. He had a hesitancy to tell his own story, and I think The Obama lesson is the best way to combat republican attack ads you try to make you scary is too. Go to tell your story in a way that firmly rooted in the american tradition, which I think Bernie Sanders. A story is if he is going to tell that story. Both on the stuff- and it has. Yeah. No, I agree that I mean look. I think there is plenty of political science research data that shows ideologically Kenny's tariff
There are further to the ideological right and left have a hard time winning elections, peoples that, while we have Donald Trump his president, you know you look at poles. You look at data after twenty sixteen and a lot of voters did not see him as ideologically extreme on a number of issues, partly because he lied to us about Medicare Social Security. He lied to us about how he is going to raise taxes on hedge fund managers. Those concepts, so he lied to make himself appear more ideologically inconsistent than maybe your typical Republican, and I think, if you look back at twenty eight in the candidates who were further to the left, a lot of the Justice Democrats backed candidates did not succeed in the mid term elections in red purple states. That is just a fact, but then, but the reason that I- and so I have others- concerns as well. If Bernie Sanders way
that I agree with them that he can win, it will be because he has somehow have separated it. So he doesn't seem like your typical leftist candidate and then so then you look at some candidates who are more progressive. They did when in twenty eighteen right, like Tammy, Baldwin Medicare for all supporter, first lesbian, member of the Senate, runs in Wisconsin winds by eleven points in a really tough state, the Donald Trump One. Where Tony avers, the democratic governor, only one by a point so learn lessons from Tammy Baldwin. How did she do that? Shared brown? Ohio was slipping away from the Democrats and shared brand still crushed. That state learn from share brown. Katy porter in Orange County should Medicare for all supporter Elizabeth, worn protegee. She winds in a very red county and she's gossip, and when you talk to these candidates and again I did on the wilderness and you can listen one
Reason that they won despite their policy positions, is they presented themselves as tough economic, populous? Who didn't talk a lot about some of the more social and cultural position that they have taken on the left? Even They still held those positions, and you know they organise they introduced themselves to voters. Like you said, then they told their personal story like there are a lot of things you can do to present yourself as an acceptable choice like, but my whole monitor, for this whole thing is like Bernie. Sanders should become shared brown if he runs in the general election and he should run as an economic populist and also take care to make sure that the election is about, economic populism and end, you know, being an outsider and being independent and that the election is not about democratic socialism, which is what the Republicans wanted to about. One more thing about Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders can win, but he will not win if the Democratic Party does not an inner fucking monologue like Hamlet, there's, no shit, there is itself perpetual
nature of having this public panic right now and look we have a debate. Aubrey centres like devoted he has not been amity right like that, is thus a fair question for the other campaigns to raise about Bernie Sanders, because it is the old, the room, but if he becomes are nominated, we're either going to hang together we're all gonna Hank separately, like potentially literally answer like we
like we're only going to win this united until people I think have to. Even if he's not your betrothed in Canada, we got to get on board the really other smart, conventional wisdom thing. They were saying no is all Democrats are going to lose the house if Bernie Sanders of the nominee and like yes it. If someone does poorly the top of the ticket, it can be a drag, but Chris Matthews decided to go back to France for his history. Lesson like I'd like to point tonight in seventy two, which was the worst electoral defeat in history of the country, Richard Nixon one hundred and forty nine states with sixty one percent of the popular vote. The Republicans lost two seats in the Senate and they gained doesn't seats in the house of the dead majority was like two hundred and forty three to one hundred and ninety two. So my point is just different time. Different era but like this is complicated, it's hard to predict
Voters can split tickets, so just everyone's stop predicting that the biggest doom and gloom you can possibly think of. Yet again, we don't. You know we don't have a ton of data, but we have some limited data that I think we can learn from. There is already some evidence that people don't necessarily see Bernie as your typical left wing candidate right. So you go to pause and you ask people. Would you vote for us socialists that a problem and the vast majority of Americans. They know they don't want to vote for socialists. That would that would really worry them, and yet Bernie Sanders has the highest favour ability. Ratings. Of anyone in the democratic field right now, and he has some of the highest favorability to among the general electorate than any of the other demo that's right now. I think he's close to Joe Biden in many places
better than Joe Biden unfavourable it in the general electorate and or again nearly a hundred percent of voters know who Bernie Sanders is he ran for president before so he is not some left. When Kennedy who just came you know out of the blue and start running for president in you can define them like he has to find himself to an extent and again, if you look at the real, clear politics averages of all the candidates against Trump right now, Bernie is four point. Four points I had of Trump Biden is four point. Three Bloomberg is three point: three peace. One point eight warns one point: a cobra chose one point, seven again, general election match. Poles aren't super predictive when you have a candidate who's, not as well known like up heat, a war and a closer to our people that but Bernie in Biden both have near a hundred percent name. I D and Bernie is still you know closer and in some of the swing states as well. I think part of this freak out is we don't get to run. An experiment.
See what happens after a billion dollars is dumped on the heads of or no me we're not get to see it right. We have to pick and go in with the person we think, as is best able to win, and I think there are people rioting undergoing a lot of what were hearing and whether its James carbon saying basically take wouldn't. I agree with Putin right that you don't say that part of it, but that's what he means- hearings Putin's right about Bernie, it's not that he cares. That Putin has. This opinion is eight thinks he's right is the assumption that the attacks of that that that billion dollars spent is gonna, hurt Bernie more than it would Joe Biden or some of the other candidates, and I just do no that to be true and nobody does the point. Like all the poor data points you offer about Bernie Sanders, his popularity or very valid and and Democrats should feel good about that Us speak to the very important enlarged ass before the centres campaign. If he's a nominee, is it lol Swaths of voters don't know the brakes enters the socialist according to some point, forty percent of democratic progress on that
and so, when you get to, the voters are undecided selection, the general nobody centres as that is defined as a democratic socialist, but like him anyway, there who, like I'm, but don't know that fact, and so you have to get ahead of that with aggressive messaging yeah. And that's that's. That's the big challenge, but you re like it. Look big big deal. Public campaign against the democratic nominee for completely different, depending on who it is. But you can go through all of these candidates- talk about the scary scenario of what the ads will target and right for for Joe Biden or P Buddha judge is probably not or or my Bloomberg. It's not gonna be idea. It's not gonna, be you're too far left remotely. That's not gonna work as well, because voters don't see them as super left wing like they do Bernie. You know a campaign against war and would probably be similar to Bernie, though she doesn't colors of a democratic socialist, which is a big difference, but she has taken. The lot of the same positions is Bernie Sanders as well so, you know independent again it but, like you know Joe binds the nominee we're gonna hear.
More about Hunter and more about all this stuff and more about the Ukraine, fuckin bullshit and none of us, can it be fair. None of us. Can it be true, but, like that's gonna, be binds thing, they'll be a whole bunch of things for PETE. So, like you said, love it, you just don't know, what's gonna work better, what will on a different candidates. Will heed what we do know we do know which candidates have run great campaigns in which cat and which, which candidates have shown themselves, live and able to adjust basin, what's happening in the race writer and you, and I do think, I think we under count just how good a politician, Bernie Sanders is sometimes into some effectiveness and by the way, to somewhat stronger Canada has become in the your since he ran twenty. Sixteen other you can look at may repeat and look at somebody who love love. Em radium. Has she
an ability to adjust and and pivot to try to stay in this race, which is incredibly impressive than you have Elizabeth warrants campaign that has proven to be an incredible machine, so not just in terms of policy but in terms of organisation, and so you know, I guess I just no one knows what the future holds, but it is amazing how many people have taken the last forty eight hours to confirm every biased they had long before Bernie Sanders even announced she was running for president so yeah. I do think the one fair criticism of Bernie is: he hasn't taken as much incoming as some of the other democratic candidates in this campaign and that's now changing as a result of his freak out. Others been quite a few attempts to finally go after Bernie Sanders start on Friday, with a leaked to the Washington Post, probably from the White House. The Bernie received declassified briefing last month that Russia may be trying to help us campaign
then in a sixty minutes interview he talked about Fidel Castro's literacy programme is an example of why more Cubans didn't help the? U S overthrow the dictator decades ago. Might Bloomberg is out with an ad this morning, up or in his gun record he's being challenged on the cost of his plans. His proposed ban on fracturing, which could hurt in Pennsylvania, so all of these attacks feel it feels very kitchen sink right now. But what do you guys think which of these attacks should sort of worry the Sanders campaign? The most I want to start by document the stupid, prudent. Then everyone needs to stop invoking Vladimir Putin and crediting him with everything. For so you just sounds stupid and concern toil in its like. Don't don't give him more credibility than he deserves, so we don't know what this intelligent says. The reports are short of all over the place like I think we know that the Russians like having trap in office busy undercuts NATO in their global alive
mrs? But the idea that, like prudent, wants burning office is laughable. I think I don't think they want someone who has pledged to fight authoritarianism and click talk receive as the next pressing I'd say. It's probably an agenda that Putin would find threatening. Maybe people think that Bruton thinks Trump can beat Bernie. Therefore he would intervene in positive Bernie, as seen a three dimensional chest to get a weaker opponent up there. But that means that Putin is just another dumb pundit right and that's the thing everybody to chill the fuck out about they dont have some special vault of secret genius information. He can't predict the future. He doesn't understand you s politics better than like, Thirty eight does right so, like sure maybe lad can guess that burn. You would be weakened, adjourn election match up against Trump, and therefore will you notes? chaos and intervene again, but that doesn't mean you on Bernie side, it doesn't mean its effective, just shut up with the pollutants non.
Like bring me the latest Quinnapin Paul. What will only one one caveat? We we never know when the next scandal break out that door, junior email them all of all of trumps internal numbers yeah. But even though I'd like to look there's like tons of pulling out there just so stupid, he has no special information. Can I clarify the meet the press thing as I had a good time online there you have it with the fund's announce. What our. But so there are clear when around a shortened version of an answer I gave them maybe probably was Eames articulate as I wanted to be from when I was in the press yesterday that with that interpreted by many suggests that I was saying that Bernice hinders an agent of the Kremlin. When I was trying to say, and I think the longer answer would indicate this was our responding to a comment from Mark short, who is my pants, achieve a staff who had
me the press immediately prior to the segment who said that Putin wanted Bernie to be present at which Putin supported Bernie, because Bernie Honeymoon Soviet Union. I was trying to make the point that Tommy just made is prudent, as that would only be president being. We know that from the statement that Bernie put, so it is one that is clear that, I am sure everyone wall acknowledge it and we will have on so what about some of the other tax to the Castro thing the? What? What? What did the attacks that you think Dan that, but that should concern this Anders campaign the most or do you think they should be concerned about everything, elect ability? That's the conversation other candidates what primary general, where users can generate I'm thinking as they think it also if they go to the general they're to build a larger coalition, that you men in terms of the attacks on debates night. You owe me, I guess I guess both because eligibility is obviously what democratic concern about now to win the primary. But then electroplating becomes a real.
Thing when you actually trying to persuade voters in the middle or on the sidelines, for the general action mean they're leg in terms of What these candidates could potentially say either on the debates night, or at some point in the primary before Bernice enters arising. Mentioned stages, the nominee that could potentially change a directive. The raise the only thing that I can think of course, Bernie Sanders as policies are popular than the Democratic Party, as they should be is to serve the panic that has come. Happening in Washington DC, because we, like you here all the time like I've We have recently on the show Sid pointed out that it's odd these candidates never truck dress with a person whose winning the election they always fight with the person there Boeing first, second or third, with some people say while burmese people are locked in and that is not true leg, The evidence is very clear. He has doubled his support in two months
that those fifteen percent of people are so that he has added since December, are people who either were undecided. Two months ago. Reports on instruments go so the right can move. If you can make a compelling case on them, valuable in most important question before us in Kenya, he dropped now. The challenge for all of them is it's hard to say, better winning elections when Bernie heaps beating you in elections yeah. So on the debate stage. What's your strategy, fewer Biden, P Warner or Bloomberg, which are basically the people who possibly could have a path. I think we'll I mean that the mere peaches tweeted out some criticism in a clip of Bernie Sanders talking about Cuba, so does seem like he views this as a potential path to attack Bernie going forward
maybe at the debate it worth pointing out that, like the Trump administration, has made a concerted effort to reach the Cubans in Venezuelans in Florida, having is probably one of the severe political things they have done over the past three years and its created challenges for Democrats there. That said you can be critical of Fidel Castro in in the cuban regime in their human rights violations and everything else, and then also point out that they have been able to educate young people and develop a great medical care community and lots of doctors without becoming a communist re like do there's just like unhinged absurdity, where the american exceptionalism dictates that we can only viciously attack any other country. The disagree, Thus, when the reality is brocklebridge I said very similar things when he visited Cuba.
During the rapprochement at the end of the second term. So, first of all, we have a politics in which you can't note that one of the dangers of authoritarianism is that it offers things to people it sometimes entrenches its power. You need to be able to have an honest conversation about how these regimes take hold, and I would also point out that a lot of the people being very critical of Bernie have said wonderful things about Saudi Arabia or said wonderful things about China or Bloomberg, has denied that China is addict. Your shipping- and there is a long list of hypocritical remarks by a ton of people currently criticising Bernie for this this is a danger area for Bernie Sanders aired any time he's going to be asked about socialist or especially communist regimes
that have been in misery, rating and cruel to their people. He is going to be very careful and how he answered that question. That said, we do not need to play the game of what Republicans will surely do people Marco Ruby, already film, a little fuckin tik Tok in his car to criticise Bernie Sanders? Does uneasy punch room to throw so that's? What's Amelia, I look. It's definitely challenge ruminants, especially challenge for him in Florida, but the focus group I did there in Miami. I was surprised how many voters who said that socialism with such a big problem with chickens for them. Latino voters said this to me at they set about Bernie Sanders. You know, and so he's got a lot of work to do there to fix that, but I think on this specific comment, you can definitely overtook them right and a lot of people, and then people have. You can say that light, because we pointed out people point out. The Brok Obama said something similar in that
like all that you said that in the last year it and say that, when he's trying to run for office, but also like he did run drivers in two thousand and eight talking about an opening with Cuba, which was not super popular with some of these same people are also. Can you guys just clarify your jingoism? Is it because it's bad policy to be nice to communist or as an elected, billowy question, whether all over them coming from era? Hey when you do a bad faith attack on Bernie Sanders, you do me a favor. Keep. It consists clarify right, just sit, keep that bad faith message, limited and focus threat to dance point like having a couple members of Congress in Florida. Immediately John on the story, retweet what Bernie said
along with stupid cat gifts, Andorra criticism of Bernie, it's like you dont have to lead you to your chin, your guys you can. You can not tweet yeah that might work day when you think yeah laggard thing. I said. I think that the reaction to this was totally overthwart and it ended the like this is the environment in which people are gonna have to make the argument against burning, and the argument I think really boils down to is that I'm not saying that this argument is correct, it might be, it may not be. No one knows, but is that Bernie if the riskiest choice and are you willing to go at the riskiest choice in the most important election in the history of the planet? Right and that's right, that's the case that Biden and Buddha, judging born and closure and blue murder we're gonna have to have to make if they dont have any success in. What do you think is? Is Bernice Smart, a strategy in this debate, because you know there's also history of people who are the front runner sort of resting on their laurels and then getting caught in like what? If you do
What are you? What are you trying to do if your Bernie Sanders this debate survive? I think that I think what he hoped to do is in straight to voters who, like Bernie, Sanders cause, he has the most popular Democrat. On that stage, and many in multiple much of the point demonstrate that he can t he can handle the incoming, which he has had to do in any sustain way in any debate yet which is sort of and by going because he's been winning from like the last six debates, but by heat you like if he looked like you, can handle those attacks in brush them. Often and gives voters the opportunity to imagine him doing that with tromp. He will. He will come
the debate in the same position in which is a prohibitive for one of the Doha combination. I'll say, though, that let you know, I think, that's right. I think that he has probably faced a disproportionate lack of of attacks in these debates, but that doesn't mean hasn't faced hits peat is taken shots at him. A warrant is taken shots at him Bloomberg. Certainly, the last debate tried- and I do think it is on Bernie strengths as a candidate how easily he moves from those attacks into a broader, bigger message about what he's for, and he does that really successfully, and I think that that is like of all the key. Turn it to have a job to you at the bait. I do think his is the easiest he needs to make a big appeal in case. He needs to seem like the front runner what he did at that at the during the the Bloomberg debate. I thought was incredibly effective. The debate before that he took a question about his liabilities and turned into a big case for a for his movement in a multi generational, multi, ethnic movement of Americans, of working people until every time he does that. I think he make
Kay stronger. So you know, I think he's gonna say ah Amy. I disagree with what PETE was saying about you earlier in this kind of drifting away. I would also like it Bloomberg comes at this debate, loaded forbear, to take on burning Anders I mean man could Bernie Sanders have picked a better enemy. I mean that's what we had. This would happen with one last time. I don't think it's a bad thing. If Bloomberg has a bunch of fuckin can lines in his in his rucksack that he pulls out and throws a Bernie Sanders, I just don't think that hurts brazen I think it does only if the other Canada unsafe decide to piggy back on Bloomberg. They let Bloomberg, take the lead and then they say will agree with me on this one. You know that which you could you could see if you could see happening, but I think that Bernie, I think the best thing for him to do this debate is start pivoting to look like and present himself as a general election candidate. I think you know in one of these stories about sort of democratic freak out in Washington Post. They talk to Roxana congressmen from California was unpleasant the world before and em
you know he's one of journeys earliest congressional endorses and he was talking about sort of the down ballot challenge. Everyone's worry that burning going to sort of dragged down the rest- the ticket, if he's in Germany and in kind of said, he's going to build a coalition through persuasion and grassroots movement and he's going to give people the ability to depart on issues if they are representing their districts, he's a person who recognises the value of intellectual descent, which Bernie Sanders coming. Like that is great. That's one of the ways to sort of give some people who are on the edges of this coalition, some comfort and then economies also saying about some of his his platform as well. He goes you know you can talk about these issues in a way that is pro economic growth. You can talk about these policies in a way that is pro business. Now, there's
nobody's her supporters online. Who would not like hearing something like that, but I think Bernie gets everything is campaign gets that I think a lot of people who are supporting him understand and in Britain I think he should take work on his advice on both of those things. I don't know just you know. Look I think there can be a lot of fearmongering about Bernie Sanders. You know there weren't executions at the town where Burlington vermont- you not. I mean like, like he's a practical person, Isabella BAR their love is not now I'm saying that that was a liability, profoundly Harriman. You know the other thing he's done in these debates, which I think has also made. You know we honestly its ingratiate. I've appreciated personally I'd you think it's. The right thing to do is he's always talked about the importance of coming together at a party and how we will unite Bulgaria, Romania, a matter that is it, makes him seem bigger. It makes them seem like the leader of the party and which, as of right now, he is I'm being anti establishment is a powerful force in any election. It worked for us in two thousand. I worked for Howard Dean for a while in two thousand for it, and working for Bernie enters when we're at his rally in Vegas,
when he said, I've got news for the democratic establishment. They can't stop us that was his biggest applause line and then, when he tweeted at their word, a knelt down in upper income parts of Washington DC, like nothing I've ever seen before and like look, I do think in the next days weeks maybe Bernie should transition away from that kind of rhetoric and try to be more inclusive, because ultimately, this is about big building a bigger coalition. I, tweeted a mild critique of Bernie Speech after about a cock as night and just got him by now, the essay based blue check marks for tone, policing and molecular at some point. I do think we have to reach out to some of these disaffected voters who went trump. We cannot win without them into thinking through all the best ways to each them is important, and I love this answer now. You know, I think he made a good start at that in his in his speech. In about look, we have seen that when you ask people what they want a presidential candidate,
and the democratic electorate like number one in a lot of these polls is bringing the country together and people want the cut once a president who can sort of bringing the country together. A lot of them are Bernie Sanders supporters. You heard the woman who was the precinct captain for Bernie Athens Atticus. We played the clip earlier and she said I just we're so divided right now and sure enough. You know Bernie in that speech, and we played the clip earlier said. You know Donald Trump Publican Party and try to divide us credit motorbikes, race, class, gender. They put us against each other. Our movement is about bringing people together. That is a very powerful message. It is not some kind of centrist mushy message. It is about working class solidarity, which is what Bernie Movement is about, and I think if he starts, if you start speaking that message and really getting it out there, I do think it will start helping to bring people together and give some people some comfort, and I do think it's about defining solidarity, not just against Trump and assuming that Bernie does really well it's actually. If you want to see the most, I think moving and you know.
Eating message very centres offers. I think it's both a part of his speech that he often gives, but also in his adds. Yet these incredibly moving multi racial adds about about about coming together and the power of the moment and when Bernie says you know, look at the person next, you think of the strange. Rarely are you going to fight for them as willingness as hard as you're, going to fight for your salary powerfully its it? I think. Sometimes you know we get into the we get into the politics. We get into the Elect ability argument and then you look at all these millions of young people who have come behind Bernie Sanders, unbelieving Bernie Sanders, and I think it's not, I think support to see that positive vision of what is offering and how exciting it is to people and how motivating is for millions of people who see hope in Bernie Sanders, and I think if you can show other people who aren't yet on why so many young people feel that hope. I think that will be present
but again it is on the Bernie Sanders campaign to do that. It is on his supporters to that it running a campaign like He has a lot of vulnerabilities and in takes incredible discipline to turn a campaign in the environment, let alone this environment and there is very little room for error, and so that, as you Know- and that is partially the source of some of the freak out here but- and I think we have all said that the free got his way too much. But on the other side of this, let's not minimize the challenge here. I do the person who gets that better than anyone is Bernie said: yes, he's a smart savvy politician that one repeatedly in a state that leans culturally conservative in a lot of ways he's talk to these people before he figured out Ok, that's all we governs vague as to give a guess there right now. Here is my Bloomberg up there. I think members here there's a but arose petals leading a path. I think that that must be that he's coming
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