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“Give me GDP, or give me death.”


The Senate passes the largest economic relief bill in history, Trump spreads the deadly lie that letting the virus run wild will boost the economy, and the daily White House briefings get record cable ratings. Then Governor Gretchen Whitmer talks to Dan about Michigan’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The present sponsor of pod. Save America is zip recruiter, for working from home, which is a lot of people here, a few tip from our own experience, a crooked h, Q. What are some things that have been helpful for working from home, guys, video chat, it's good to see people when you talk to them yet agreed routine, routine route. I put I'm wearing pants today real pants knots weapons. I did it just for the entire shaved. I share For this do? As I say I say again, so I dont know why I needed to do any of this. I'll probably take the pants off right after this, but you know four for two hours today, I'm gonna look like a real person. Do I love it finally takes his pants off and we're all stuck in their own homes. What. Some things that aren't is helpful for working from home access to the fridge, Yeah, it's a sign,
marking dogs, but thank God for dogs is a general matter, but please stop arguing and recording. I also find I'm doing Tommy. You were mentioning this over the weekend like more work. Oh spread over a longer period of time, because you're like home forever, and so you dip into work devout suddenly at ten o clock, your bed, you still reading news yeah, that's it you're working from home, but also sometimes homing from work. You don't mean what are you staying busy with this part cat? That's what I'm saying busier yeah this company trying to keep it going in the midst of a global pandemic. I'm also try force myself to not just watch shitty shares and actually read and then to actually play my guitar, which is something I claim to enjoy doing. But if I can't get better at that in the midst of a pandemic prison, then I should give up and sell them never going to happen, never going to happen
We have also set up a fund. You should all know for people who are hit hardest by the current of irish crisis, as well as the organisations providing critical support, resources, supplies and care at this time, we're headed getting close to five hundred thousand dollars. So thank you. Everyone, if you want to donate or spread the word, just go to crooked dot com, Slash corona virus. We really appreciate it Welcomed applied, save America, John Pharaoh andean driver onto
Pardon talks to Governor Gretchen Whittemore about how Michigan is responding to this pandemic, but first We talk about the two trillion dollar corona virus relief, build it just pass the Senate. Why done from seems ready and willing to let the virus kill more Americans and why approval rating is inching up anyway, what a hellish summary of what we are to be talking about today, Dan, as nice, you to say inching up instead of skyrocketing ya know I would give us give us a win their few quick housekeeping. On this week's pod: save the world former Obama, National Security adviser Susan Rice unloads, on what she calls trumps criminally now, the urgent corona virus response on this week's keep it. You can catch something different. Interview with the one and only Jane Fonda, about her activism in the fight to combat climate change and If you're not listening to America dissected, you are really missing out epidemiologists doc
your Abdul Alcide answers. All your questions about the corona virus. You can find on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listened to your podcast. Finally, if you are looking for a way to help those in need crooked, corona virus relief funds, spreads you're donation equally to groups providing critical support to food banks, healthcare workers, restaurant workers, seniors kids, who depend on school lunches and others. So if you can, please don't at crooked dot, com, slash, corona virus idea and here's where we are today, we learned that last week a record three point: three million Americans filed for unemployment benefits breaking the previous weekly rest of six hundred ninety five thousand set in nineteen. Eighty two! and last night by of of ninety six. Sixty zero, the Senate pass a tutorial
dollar, corona virus relief, build the largest emergency economic package in United States history, so what's in it here's a few highlights. The Democrats fought for over the last week in got included in the package thirteen weeks of unemployment insurance. That equates to one hundred percent of wages for the average American, including part time self employed, freelance gig workers, direct cash payments of five hundred dollars per individual in five hundred dollars per child if your household makes under a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a hundred fifty billion dollars for hospitals and healthcare workers, a hundred and fifty billion dollars, for state local governments, three hundred fifty billion dollars in loans for small businesses that don't have to be paid back if the small businesses keep all their employees throughout the crisis and, moreover, over a five hundred billion dollar loan programme for bigger businesses that restricts Theo pay
start by backs in assistance to companies controlled by Trump or his family, because that something that we have to do with this administration his blood relatives, that is his birthright, is butter. Elitism, no Christian are still could be. Making some money here. So dear These are some of the highlights. Did I miss any others and what were some of the low lights? In your opinion? What I think We'll talk about the slow but later or one of the other highlights, is money to help states switch to male ballots in other electoral changes will have to make to deal with connecting election when potentially, when much of the country is quarantined. The low. Why is this is the biggest piece of stimulus in american history and it is probably- and this is not the fault of the Democrats woefully insufficient to the problem- is that we have like ie? in Governor Cuomo said that this was not enough money for New York and we should expect
text that other states and other municipalities are going to be in a situation that, while maybe not as intense as New York, we hope but much worse than the currently- and it said this is only one the process, Steve Man you can set at the wonderful why dost briefing? Yes, I did this was enough for three months and it's probably not enough for three months and is not going well enough for a lot of people who have lost their jobs, but it is something and it's a start, the question we want it anything comes next year. I think that the big question is like: if, if Congress can do this, on a regular basis which were going to talk about this, but this is certainly no guarantee that they will be able to do this. You could see a package like this every couple months, maybe helping us through this by waking up to those unemployment numbers. There's unemployment claims I mean you know you, and I were there at the beginning of the Obama administration when we see these claims jump every single week and be second by it and
three million in one week I just it's like so far beyond anything, anyone ever experienced in this country were talkin greater. Measuring we're talkin. You know that the economic crisis does a nine it's just it's insane. It's insane mean it is it we should expect that the actual number is much bigger than three than three million beaches. Anecdotally, your hearing that the? U I the unemployment, parents claimed systems which are state based are not set up to handle this level of surge in you see a lot of anecdotal reporting about people who are been sending, and if I online trying to make halls you can't get through, and so there is at least some number of people were laid off in this period who have not yet had the ability to access. You're not filed or not yet, who have tried and failed to file an
other businesses who can hold on for a few weeks and are trying to do the best thing they possibly can for their employees. But if something doesn't she quickly or they don't get additional help. The organ eventually have to lay off more, please you're, seeing months of the great recession. If two thousand I compressed into a period of just a few days- and it means it is studying- and we should be very eyes wide open about the level of economic pain that not just the country but endeavours All families are going to face so last Saturday, I believe after one round of bipartisan negotiations, Mitch Mcconnell basically kicked out all the Democrats and and wrote a bill on his own with a bunch of lobbyists and misses basically what Chuck, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats were pushing back on and trying to change all week and, of course, I read sort of all of the things they got into the final version of the bill. That being said,
you think this was the best that checks, humor Nancy Policy and the Democrats in Congress could have done. I mean, there's a of argument going around from a lot of folks on twitter, and on the last that democratic photos, safe by the House passing a bill first, so that the we would be operating off of a democratic bill as opposed to operating off of the building. Dead, primarily by Mcconnell Book, which, with the inclusion of democratic parties like checks to people like that, was in the original bill I think that there can be a good faith discussion about that, but I'm just not sure how that was possible. Given the house was out that tropical spoken to policy in months? Well since impeachment Mcconnell was always gonna write his bill in rightly or wrongly, members in both parties do generally dont want to vote for a trillion dollar bill. That's not gonna become law, let alone to train dollar
and so of course, this bill could be better, but I think we should give credit where credit is due and tumor and the Senate Democrats hung together and they forced major changes in the bill to make it much more favourable to working He people in and put real restrictions on a literally a half a trillion dollar corporate slush fund controlled by Donald Trumps, financed chaff the producer of suicides, glad that seem like a getting the change. So they made it much better Nancy Policy helped them make it much better by putting forward her own bill, which gave shimmer additional leverage in the negotiation. So they did it like this.
The bill we would right. This is not a bill that what happened with a democratic house, Democratic Senate and a democratic president, but it is better than it could have been in for all the shit that people give our congressional leaders. They should get credit for making this bill much better yeah. I think there's been a lot of focus on the direct cash payments, partly because no unexpected Republicans to embrace direct cash payments. But to me- and I have heard some
Democrats like brine, shot, say this, but the real win in the bill is what they did for unemployment insurance, so by first of all, extending it to thirteen weeks, which is good, but also by making the unemployment insurance and the benefits you get from unemployment insurance cover for at least the average American all of your salary. It means that people who get laid off, at least for the next thirteen weeks and again, this all depends on whether we can extend this, that a good amount of people will be making the same amount they made on their job because they both extended unemployment, insurance added to it and added basically, six hundred dollars per week on top of everyone's unemployed
insurance that they get now. We know that this is a win, because the bill almost didn't passed last night, because Lindsey Gram, Rick Scott Ben SAS, there's a fourth. I can't remember Republican. Senators said that the bill was too generous to people who were unemployed and that, because some people, would be making what they made on their jobs or even a little bit more because they just added six hundred dollars on top of everyone's unemployment benefits, I also saw a few- you know people in the lower end of the spectrum. Lower income. People are actually gonna make even a little bit more a tiny bit more than they made at work that somehow this is going to sent devise employers to lay people off and that its too generous. That's.
The Republicans were upset about last night. What that even what that wasn't even their actual argument, because they would never care about incentives to companies that way people off because they pass a taxpayer that helped encouraged them to two does not lady lordship those jobs overseas, but they were worried about, is ways. He worked lazy nurses. This was the diagram example. Laziness quit their jobs in order to get Says to slightly more generous unemployment insurance. Now we didn't this example to prove that Linsey Grand was an absolute moron, but you can't get unemployment unsure If you quit your job or in most cases, you're fired for cause, you get unemployment insurance. If you are laid off, and so the other, and I think one other thing I would say the democrats- it was very important here- is it they included they. Expanded you I to include
freelancers, gig workers, the self employed to help help people like that who make up a larger and larger part of our economy than they did back in two thousand to two thousand and nine yeah. That was very important so now that we ve passed this one. What, is missing from this bill and we'll talk about vote by male sort of at the end here, but aside vote by male. What else was missing in this bill that you could see in the next bill and do you think there will be an ex bell? Would get the chance to better what I mean we're going to need more money. We need more money for people. We're going to need more money for small businesses are indeed more money for hospitals are indeed more money, help, homeowners and renters and people student loans, because you know like in California of a nuisance, and all the banks, as of yesterday at least Accept Bank of America to agree to it, today, moratorium on mortgage payments- and that is very helpful in the moment, but those debts.
Who, over time, we need to have some measures in this bill likes subsequently forgiveness or some other loan forgiveness. That will help people get out of the hole cause when the economy turns back on. To use trumps phrase, you need people to be able to have money to spend in the economy and not just like. You need them to be able to buy goods and services as opposed to just paying off debts they accrued during the crisis, and so we need. We need that in there, and so the question is: will there be another bill? And I mean God? I hope so, because people are going to need it and the expectations are like. I dont think this was enough. I think this was the most. The Democrats possibly could have gotten in a situation where Tromp, as is president in which were kind of as leader of the Senate, but we need much much more and we know from two thousand and nine that that the political will and enthusiasm for
bills. It spend a lot of money that add to the deficit, diminishes with every passing bill and we barely got just went through, so we will have to see what it looks like, but I remained very nervous about what comes next in a lot just like in two thousand and nine, a lot of people can be left holding the bag, because Congress says one thing and then can't come together on future things, and we don't even know whether Congress is going to win the Congress, be able to come back safely them and legislate Mitch. Mcconnell said they wouldn't be back until April 20th, at least I do wonder if there's more hope for another bill beak for the very annoying political reason that Donald Trump as president and not Brok, Obama and so Mitch, Mcconnell and Republicans in Congress have more and an incentive to try to help the economy. Think that it will help Donald Trump when election and so they'll come back and do another bell, I think,
they're right and from a pure. Raul Politics, point of view Trump and Mcconnell he's trying to hold the said. I need the economy to improve much more than any one else in so that gives them some incentive to act. I mean the fact that Republicans who have been screaming the deficit who hate stimulus. You screamed about stimulus when Obama was president who refused refused Every single member of the house voted against helping Americans gather financial crisis once Brok, while became president. The fact they passed a trillion dollars. Stimulus is unbelievable and they would have never ever passed. A similar bill of Democrats are present and as the fundamental difference we Democrats and Republicans Republicans are saving themselves and Democrats or save in the economy. So the other
I think that many Democrats, including us tried to get into the bill, was funding in provisions that would give every american access to a melon ballot for November's election so that people don't have to choose between voting and living. So, unfortunately, the bill only has four hundred million dollars for voter protections, which has more than two hundred and forty million dollars. Republicans wanted. But less than the couple a billion dollars that we actually need to make this happen, and there are no provisions in the that mandate, states offer mail in ballots to everyone, so that kind of suck what do we do about this? Now? How do we get the stuff Well, I think there are a couple things that can happen. The the mean the big issue here is Republicans opposition to people voting right, even though it runs hence their political interests, because that, if we are in the middle of a situation where the corona virus is still present in the fall which Anthony Faulty predicted on tv last night was a very likely
we are the people who will most likely stay home or even the vulnerable groups are disproportionately republican voters, but to have some perspective her. What that Democrats in this house wanted was for billion dollars plus mandating the idea that every state would put vote by mail in place as a as a standard practice for public and subjected to that because of reflexive hatred of democracy. So I think what we have to do is push for the house, to pass that bills Standalone Bell, send it to the Senate? Have the centre democrats at least make the case for it and push for it in a? We should look for additional funding in a phase for bill if one were to come and then at the state level, voter should be pushing for their state legislatures in their governors to do this because they do not need the federal government to do it. Only through legislation. It helps to have money from the federal from the federal government and the language in this bill about how you use that money was David, very favourable to vote by mail, but we have to get
on this right now, because it's a credibly, complicated endeavour for states who don't normally do it now, for example, California, sends out its ballot in, like dozens of languages. Right That is something you don't need a bill. It's not just stuffing envelopes right! There's this there's a lot of logistics and complications to do it and obviously we're not operating under ideal scenarios where people can go to work, but we need to get going now and there are some key states in there. We can make some real progress, including Pennsylvania, where we have a democratic So if you are in a state that does not have, but by male reaching out to your governors that legislators to push for them to do their adult vote by mail or switch from excuse absentee balloting, where you new, specific reason why you can't go the poles to no excuse, but by male, like a lot of states have that would be a huge step in the right direction. So there's a federal approach in a state approach. Yeah and I saw some people asking. Why do we have to do this right now? You know this bill is all about immediate relief and that's important. Let's get that done. We can worry about this later,
and I don't think a lot of people realize. Is it what you just pointed out is it has to start now, because there are so many different obstacles in the way of states doing this, that, if we hit September or October and colonel. This is still here like factually predicted- it probably will be too late for a lot of states to switch to vote by mail. At that point, it has to actually start happening right now, and so I think if there is a phase for what they're calling it a phase for bill, another site it was bill. We have to push really not just push really hard. I think Democrats have to demand that vote by mail is in the next Emulous bill and make that a condition of supporting the bill. I just don't see any other way around it. Yeah I mean you think. They're Democrats have a lot of effort here for the Brooklyn set us up. Mcconnell drop we talked about, and this is something that we should use it for After all the like, you know every once in a while. We get the scary question from people like what happens. If
from loses the election, but doesn't leave office, and that is all these crazy scenarios, like the Morlocks, These scenario is in a pandemic we get to November and a whole bunch of people can't go out and vote and we just how it happened in the last primary with you know might do I. Ohio, pushing the election and the courts telling not too, and there is all this mean it can get really really ugly on an international election and the only way ensure that doesn't happen in the only way to protect our election November is is vote by mail. I do think like, along with you, no fighting the virus itself and helping fix the economy it is likely top priority should be the top priority for the government. Ensure the sanctity of voting in November part America is brought. You buy athletic greens. Today's programme has brought you by us.
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about this a little on Mondays episode after Trump tweeted. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. He is doubled and triple down on the argument that in just a few weeks we should end the orders to shelter and play a stay at home and socially distance, because he believes that ending those orders. At the economy moving again and to him that's more important than slowing the spread of a pandemic that has already killed nearly a thousand Americans of all ages, some with no underlying medical conditions at all. Here's public health expert, Donald Trump explaining his timeline. I'd love to open by Easter okay. I would love to have it open by you, sir. I will. I will tell you that right now, I would love to have that in such a fourteen day, for other reasons, but I'll make. It are important, for this do I would love to have the country opened up and Just rare indigo by Easter, that's April twelfth
so we will watch and see what happens. I'm in Lhasa back to my cohort bill. Thank you. That would be a great american resurrection. Two and a half, weeks from now Sudan. This seems like one of those situations where the president is able to show that he's both. A malevolent sociopath and a complete fucking more pudding what do you think about his latest? His latest turn here, I am thing now because he made a joke. But For the last few days, I have not been this angry about anything since, frankly, Paul Ryan, last opened his mouth. This is such an that, and that seems quaint compared to the eye now. Imagine Paul Ryan was something to be worth being angry about. He's on the border. Fox news of his primarily responsible for its being in there,
situation in every way shape or form for years. I guess I've got that later, but you are not off the hook, Paul Ryan meat. It is will be the most dangerous thing that our president has proposed doing in a century you ever the because it's not like we should be clear. Donald Trump did not turn the economy off any can't be the one who turns its back on right. People are not working in New York in California, ask all across the country, because governors, mayors and employers have shut work down to follow the advice of public health experts, but Donald Trump framing this as a choice between the economy and health is going to get people killed, because this is creating is giving people permission to start. The social decision to go out to facilitate the spread of the disease is not just that he's talking about is the indue
so he is minimizing the dangerous by comparing it to the flu and about how much we have to do this. But this is not the flu. It is more contagious and the flu it is much more deadly than the flu. It lives on surfaces for day Yes, it is so much more dangerous and people will die, and it's not just the people, you may say, I'm a young, healthy person and yes, some young, how we were getting at some young, healthy people who get. It are dying by the odds of that baby small. But it's every person who goes to the Hostile means it's someone else who needs medical care, may not get it right, eight win What is happening in ITALY is because of the virus, but also because they have. The medical system is basically collapse. In people can't get the care they need and when you hear it, it's like Donald Trump is living on another fucking planet from what is going on and it it's
I mean I like out, I'm so angry about it that I can't even get up the I can't even make mice it's like silent rage. I can even make myself yell about Because it's just so she may guess it shouldn't be but a so shockingly dangerous and irresponsible did the presidencies can will say this and that many people will enable that argument either by supporting it or by aiming at as an actual thing. It's like your choices, look both ways you for you cross the street or run out an oncoming traffic. There are not two sides of the same coin: one keeps you safe and one gets you killed. I had to say when he tweeted that Sunday night, I felt both enraged and terrified and also- and I think I said to you guys I knew it was coming. I knew this is where he was going to go, because he
He has no patience. He has no intelligence and the reason I said it is not just about him being. It's not just about Donald Trump, and you know his republican goon friends in right wing media. You know lieutenant governor of Texas Dan Patrick suggested on Fox that there are a lot of grandpa. Out there like him, who would be willing to sacrifice their lives in exchange, for quote keeping the America that all America loves alive for their kids and grandkids and Glenn backs and I'd rather have my children stay home and have all of us were over. Fifty go in key. This economy working and working, even if we all get sick, I'd rather die than kill the country and its not the right wing media goons. It see egos the Chamber of commerce and people like that and trumps ear thing and in all of these people's minds? They it it's it's so ridiculously fucking.
You bid to think that somehow, if you could unquote turned the economy on, if you had the power to do that and just let the virus, one run wild. What would happen is the economy would come back and then just some old people would die just like the flu, and like none of that is true. None of it is true as well. As you pointed out, like young, but with no underlying conditions, are getting very sick and going to the hospital and meeting ventilators to live? That's happening all over the place. Look at the statistics in New York City All of the epidemiologists from forty to everyone else think that you know if we let the virus run wild over half the population would be infected. Half of Americans be infected. And so, with the death rate of about one percent, which were like If it's one percent its prior could be more, we don't know yet what
point: seven million Americans could die and the flew by the way kills thirty seven thousand people per year and car crashes, which Donald Trump also compared this to kill thirty seven thousand people a year. Compare that difficult one point: seven million Americans, if you think you're gonna, have a pouring economy with one point seven million Americans dead, the healthcare system completely overwhelmed so that if you dont have grown a virus and you need to go to the hospital, I need to go to the doktor. You can this is also nothing to say of, like all the people who, despite were Donald Trump, says. We'll still socially distance and socially isolate and won't go to work like when you doesn't fucking get is we can only get through this thing together right like if there are a bunch of people in hospitals, because their sick with corona virus? affects us all. Is there a bunch of our fellow Americans too sick to go to work that affects us all that affects the economy? There is no choice between fixed,
the economy and fixing the virus, it is the same fucking thing: you cannot fix the economy by letting the virus run wild and opening up all of these governments. You cannot do it. The choice here is not healthy to eat The choice is saving lives and a very painful and hopefully, short, economic disruption. Or exponentially, more Americans die in a longer much more painful. Craig? Yes, those are the Jew S, and every rapporteur Hundred cable hosts Cairo that puts it held for the first. The economy is facilitating an argument that we'll get people killed, because that is not the choice. No one believes that this choice, no one is calling for this other than trot in a bunch of fuckin yahoos on the far right of the republican Party. Its Glenn back is so well to sacrifice his life to help the country get out. His mother's fucking basement ago, volunteer and a hospital put
like if you wanna, put yourself at risk, do something seriously. Something real like this is all bullshit and it is dangerous poles. We should also be clear: traumas like people want to go back to work. Of course they want to go back to our people want to go back to normal life in Amerika. I would like to leave my house. We would all like to be able to go to the store without treaty, like being in a scene from the movie contagion like you what we want to go back to him like that is not what we are in right now, and this is not about what traumas arguing for not to let workers go back to work which promise doing for is to allow employers to force employed ease to work at the risk of their own health and the health of their loved ones. In the middle of a recession, we're in the middle of one of the worst recessions protect this hence would be one of the worst recession in history and what you gonna do if your work and you have, and you haven't you're lucky enough to still have a job in your employers Returning that return for opening the office back up come on in
I have a my parents, living in my house, have a child with asthma like what is your voice lose them you may not be able to get another one in this economy or go to work and put your life at risk. This is about helping employers, it's not about helping workers, and it is so dangerous. It is just the whole thing is so dangerously irresponsible that it is like trumps shouldn't shock us at this point, but this actually shocks me because it is so fucking bananas in is so dangerous and, like I don't know, what's going to happen, It seems pretty hard. The trump could rescind the CDC guidelines, as deaths are going up, financially. Like you said, we were near a thousand deaths today by the time this out? We will certainly be over that the we're going to see a giant skyrocketing. The number of cases in California, because you have nearly fifty thousand pending tests- and
like how you do that, and we see this spreading across the country. Lucy That does not California in New York lose Louisiana in big. It is having a programme of this when I obviously Michigan I'm antarctic government about this we're having a they promised. It is spreading across the country, and so there may be some places where it is not bad yet, but work and very easily become bat in part, because people travel right. That is the problem with like you keep comparing like,
Keep comparing our model to what's happening in New York and we're New York is on the cover. California is on the curves aware. China and South Korea are, but those are countries reaching control your borders to keep people out. If California does everything right and we turn it on and the rest of the country, people from the states who have now been exposed because of governors like the governments, a city or being dangerously response or gonna, come to California and in fact people right end like it just I'm. So is it so it is so stupid that, as it may is angry. That makes me angry at the talk about it well and in it in its, in the reason it so Dangerous too, is because, of course, there are millions and millions of people in this country, especially in areas where the virus has an hate. Yet who are thinking? Of course, I want to go back to work. I'm dared, I dont know where my next paychecks gonna come from, and now we all have to stay home because
this virus that I haven't seen effect my family, my life, my community, and you know of Donald Trump I want us to go back to work and thinks we should go back to work. I want to put the people want to believe that that's the case. I want to believe that that's the case you know but like he is he's just like the fact that he is doing this and sort of feeding those desires like I'm not gonna, be surprised Holes come out and a bunch of people going to say yeah. I know we believe Donald Trump. We want to go back to work because that we want to fix the economy like it's just he's. The present United States and people look to the federal government for guidance and for to set an example. And if what he's going to do now is like you were sort of alluding to this so like let's say he Donald Trump look, I want open everything back up now, so then you get a bunch of governors like our governor gave a new some Governor Cuomo
other good democratic governors and by the way, a bunch of republican governors. My all there are high and good ass. Yet right, there on border, so now you the governor's were going to say, no we're going to keep things, we're going to keep things close, we're going to keep everyone sheltered and in place, and then you're going to have trump start to say democratic governors and republican governors does. He doesn't care who we attacks are out to get me they're out to get you. They don't care about you and your job and your future. And all these weird, listen all these scientists and these liberals and the lame you know he tweeted yesterday the lame stream media is the dominant force and trying to get me to keep our country closed as long as possible, in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work, a sap. We will be stronger than ever before, so this is now going to be the coming battle.
Pardon me wonders if, like Trump knows, that he can't open everything back up again, but he just needs to sort of set the terms of the political fight right now, so that he's seen as fighting on behalf of most, Americans against the liberal elites and the scientists who are all week about everyone's health. I think there is a lot to that. Like I don't, I think, It is either. He thinks he probably can ensure open the economy by We are having this discussion both in tax and on twitter. This morning about me, How you think about Trump Strategy- and you have to separate the effective but he does from why he does thinks right either he does because an innocent and has reporting on this that mainly he is so sick of being in the fucking White House. He can Connemara logo, he can't golf. He can't do the rallies. He can't get the sustenance a whore guy. I don't look like we.
Not diminish the victimhood Donald Trump. In this he had that very paint, tests that one time we keep hearing about someone section. His nose answer Let's not, let's not arrays Donald Trump pain from this. But like a huge he's, just reacting viscerally, because that's what he does, but the effect of it is He is the one pushing to get the economy back to work, and he just he doesn't like Donald Trump, doesn't need to win arguments. He just needs arguments the argument he wants to have when the economy, if the economy is in a really bad place in November, is that it's not his fault, but these other people's fall? Now will we know we can debate later whether that is an effective argument, but I think that that is potentially the the result of this. But the problem is that
this response. Social distancing, responding in preventing the spread of this debate, the pans on social pressure right, you want, you need people to feel like, even if they maybe you don't are not as worried about themselves or or feel like it's less serious than they won't could do things like. We now go play basketball than a speech, or kind or go to spring break her heart rate, because their social pressure to do so and when you have the person with the largest megaphone in the country, undermining that collective effort, it's very damaging It. Maybe we dont end, like governance, are not going to lift the shelter in place. Orders in employers because they don't wanna be legally liable. A lot of them may not open for business, but the people who do the things like gather in public will are more likely to do that. If the president
eggs implies it. It is ok, it's also not a fucking political winner to do this. As of all people, Lindsey Gram pointed out the other day he said em there's an Atlantic piece. It said Graham disagrees with Trump about this, and he told the Atlantic quote: should trump repudiate public health experts advice and take steps. It causes actions to speak. He would quote own. The fallout Graham said quote: any increase in the mortality rate would be a huge problem for him, the biggest political risk. Any president takes his deviating from sound advice. The economy can recover once a person is dead, that's it. So it's interesting. That Graham, is trying to sort of appeal to even trumps base political instincts here to try to tell him why this is so fucking stupid, Linsey Gram is aim one of the worst p. American politics, but he does have an ability to speak Thompson
language on the things he wants trunk to do like the morning after trot tweeted turn the economy back on thing you talked about, He said one of the most brilliant do something, but I'm paraphrasing care about. You can imagine this embassy grams voice, which is frank under what on helium by the heat
He treated their trumps decision to stop travel from China was one of the most brilliant decisions ever and if he were to turn the economy back on too soon, he would undermine his great decision, which is a pretty clever ready to get drunk to do what you want to do. So let's talk about like what the way out of this is or could be, because, obviously you know you can have a rational debate about like how fast do we sort of open up various sectors of the economy, lift these social distancing guidelines, lift the mass in the shelter in place orders. When do you do it like how much risk you take? How do you help putty protect people at the same time as allowing the economy to continue, knowing that a recession and potentially a depression, really does exact and credit
one out of pain on the population just like the virus does, and so I would ask what is the way out of this. I mean like we had we're having a false choice about this, because right, option is not everyone suffers economic devastation or we kill a lot of people from the virus right, the other option, is we keep these measures in place? We flat the curve we slow the spread and the federal government of one of the richest countries in the world at a time of day we zero interest rates, spends on eight, you keep companies, families and individuals afloat right where you kid like. That We don't have to choose here, but we have theirs poverty of imagination and how we think about this, that it creates this choice. Now the government could do, exponentially more than it is do than it did in this bill,
Do it for an unlimited amount of time like will have to pay some form of the bill waiter, but what you, but if you keep people afloat, it'll, make it easier to bounce back, both economically and fiscally. When this comes act because if you leave a people in such a gigantic, if we get come out of this everyone in a gigantic economic hole like in two thousand eight, because people central asset their house was the value of it- was devastated if they come out of this, like with like it'll hurt for sure, but you can make it hurt less fur. They, both on a macro and micro Can I make level, I think the original sin of the Trump Administration and the government's response to this pandemic was the failure of testing the failure to have test the failure at the test to work, and I think, on the flip side, the ultimate solution to this could be ramping up testing
on a nation wide scale that is very quick and very reliable, and so that this was in the guardian yesterday they said this is what's happening in the. U K. Mass home testing for corona virus antibodies will be available in the UK within days which will quickly let people find out if they ve already had the virus. Most importantly, healthcare workers will be able to learn if it had the virus and are therefore immune, allowing them to go back to work. Also, millions of fifteen minute grown of irish tests are set to be available for Amazon delivery in the UK very soon. So, if you combine the social distancing measures that we are currently using right now with widely
saleable mass testing that can happen very quickly. What you can start doing again is finding out where, in the country, the outbreaks are locking those places down, opening up other parts of the economy, so people can go back to work and you can start sort of working backwards and then once again start tracing where the viruses and knowing, of course, whose had it, whose immune who can help contribute to the economy who can't whose vulnerable who needs to be protected and its basically like. I think someone in the Atlantic made this metaphor like Wakeham all right where for a while, it still takes a long time, and it has a lot of people are going to be sick and we're gonna have a very bad recession, but at the very least, if you start monitoring, who has the virus and where- and you have a reliable testing system that you can figure out how to start opening up parts of the economy again over the next. You know four five, six seven months and I think, run clean, also had a really smart piece in the Washington Post last night. That the question is not
when to open up everything again, but how? And so you could see a scenario where, like people go back to work, but maybe you know in an office, you have desks that are very far apart, or maybe we start having sporting events again in a month's time, but there's no audiences at first right, and so there are things you can do. That is heard in between sort of letting the virus run wild and a complete shut down that we can start to engage in at least once the worst of this has passed. I think one of the things it's worth. I think that's all true, and one of the things that is its birth, remind people that also part of the danger of troops, approach is the the reason you hit you have such a mass either such massive socialistic and shelter in place is too flattened the curve and slow the rate and affection. The reason you do that is so that the hospitals do not become overwhelmed because once they become overwhelmed than people who could be safe, we'll die right because they cannot, I can't get, which is where we're headed now.
And we are in a number of places and what you have to do in that time is urge hospital capacity surge and distribute the person protective equipment like masks that healthcare professionals need, and you have to surge ventilators hospital. AIDS, etc, and the problem we have is we ve been doing this, for, I think we're ethical around they like twelve or something of the national guidance, and tromp in his administration, have absolutely shit the bed on what they are supposed to do to help people prepare theyve refusing the defence production act to get ventilators in restaurants where people they some states in cities are already at capacity. They have not done enough to help cities
in states prepared where did is not hit yet prepare for it to come right like worth worth in New York in California, where it is currently the hottest we are fighting from behind in Cuomo and knew something have done as much as they possibly can. It have been true leaders in trying to get people ready, but we know it's gonna be elsewhere so, why aren't we turning sports arenas or conventions enters into hospitals right to research capacity. Add that is ultimately people to realise is that every person who get sick makes it more likely that someone else will die because they may have to go to the hospital and use a hospital bed at someone else, won't get all right. We talked about Trump's poll numbers of it on Monday, but I do want to get your thoughts on this. The five hundred and thirty eight average shows trump at his highest approval rating since his first few months in office, though it's still relatively low at forty four point, six percent the uptake has been driven entirely by approval of his response to the coronavirus,
this, and it's been driven specifically by independence and Democrats What in the ever living fuck is going on, whether it is when you are people in our situation programme situation a lot of, listen, who may be live in areas where the current a virus that are Hudson's where life is for. Mentally changed in ways you ve, never, possibly imagine where you know, people who have the virus. You know people who are medical professionals are being forced to use. One time use, masks five and six times at their own risk. Like an you watch every one of those fucking briefings. You read every story like you. You cited like nine Atlantic story since we ve been here like we are fucking deep in this round and we know like we can recite to anyone who asks all of trumps list of monumental fuck ups that made this situation so much worse.
You see, these numbers are like what the fuck is having in America like what planet or people on. But then it then I it's worth stepping back, as I do think. One thing that political pundits a weeds dean of Democratic think, maybe to a greater extent don't do enough, has put themselves in the shoes of people who don't follow the news as closely as we and so you are just a person now who's, probably working from home, with children who are home from school, with no child care, trying to figure out how to keep your family safe. How to go to the store without catching generally deadly virus in your following the news, but you're watching a few minutes. Only news. Europe swelling through Facebook, in your just seeing video of tromp say
We sent this many masks. We sent this many ventilators we're we're. Gonna have this many tasks by next week. He surrounded by credible seeming public officials, leg doktor fell chief, I mean who is absent, credible but he's up they're doing things that should reopen the normal president's do in normal times, and even some of the words sound like the thinks normal President's would say in crisis, and you think, while they seem to be doing the best they can, and so people giving him the benefit of the doubt. And then the question is what does that mean for November? And I think that's a very fair question now I think it is you, don't I don't wanna make predictions, but I think it is unlikely that the Democrats, who approve of trump you right in this moment in this moment of national crisis, or approve of his approach to this national crisis are people who are going to vote for chopping up right, like that. These are not available voters day. So
we shouldn't be. We should worry about this greatly, but we should not panic about the independence. I think are very much worth watching, because these are the that the game among independence were previously, who have disapproved of him almost every day of its presidency and it's worth knowing whether this is a theory or something real, so we're gonna have to track that and so on. Like whichever conversation about what we can and should do others more. We can should worry about it. Yeah there's a few other things too. I mean just for simple comparisons like this is a moment of national crisis. There tend to be a moment. National crises, sort of rally around the flag rally around the leader effects that happen, certainly with Bush after nine eleven, of course, after nine eleven bushes approval hit like eighty percent higher higher. I don't you get it. I think I am right Roy so and if you
now around the world that the priorities of foreign leaders everywhere have jumped and they have jumped far more than Donald Trump separating the upriver reading of governors in the United States have jumped have John, far more than trumps approval rating, and so you know some of this is natural. Just people wanting to you know rally round a leader who, like you said, is on tv everyday, telling us everything's gonna be ok and again. I think the misinformation is having an effect as well. I'm sure, like you, said, there's a lot of people who are in communities. They haven't been affected
by the Virus- and I say yet because no community, no matter how rural or ex urban or whatever is going to be able to hide from this. Those people are thinking of the virus, partly because it Donald Trump, partly because their own experience is something that happens to older people and something it is just like the flow, and I think that has stuck with a lot of people and if you think that than when you see Trump on TVS, and yet we are sending the ventilators for sending this we're doing this, you think, ok! Well, Actually I dont like them. I don't think he's a great president. I haven't thought he's president, but is actually handling this better than I thought. That's probably what happens if you're one of those people who do not pay much attention to the news, but I do think some of this has to do with, as you point out trumps communication strategy, which clearly seems to be working so far. There is in your time, store yesterday that said, trumps daily briefings have attracted an average audience of eight point: five, Lillian on cable news, which is roughly the viewer ship of the bachelor season finale, and it was a pretty
season finale, Where'd, you get shoehorn that take it it's about pandemic inserts a whiteness there. We should very clearly note that, while trumps public health response has been an epic disaster, has public relations response has been thus far quite successful. Now, a couple of things that are worth noting which is. There is no communication strategy that solves the problem of a pandemic and a global recession. I remember in two thousand and ten Obama's approval ratings had come back to him, fallen. Now they had fallen to a level that Donald Trump would sell two of his children for, but they had fallen and a lot of hand wringing in Washington about you know about above, as you know, what had happened right and so the New York Times the thing was: writing a story about Obama's economic message like
Why, like, what? What does he not saying are like likewise any selling the economy. Butter add our friend David Axelrod, saying you can't spin double digit unemployment. Right, that's like rid the reality, communications and messaging is incredibly important to political success, but it happens on the margins compared to the driving force of reality and what people feel on their daily lives and. So we got. A question is gonna. If this continues on the trajectory that its on no amount of prosperity, no amount of tweets or can be able to convince people that it is going well- and we are not yet- I point will see where we are in a few weeks and I think the question Democrats is how do we think about successfully communicating in this environment. Yeah, and then there is some evidence that you know. Views of this are changing. A bet
navigator research is doing a daily tracking Paul and they found set in today's Paul. More Americans now believe the Trump is not doing enough in his response to the crisis than getting it right and there's a nine point swing from earlier this week, and his approval in handling the crisis is down for, from there Our policy may be starting to see some movement to your question about what Democrats should do their work a very effective add release this week from unite the country, which is a super pack supporting Joe Biden, So, let's take a look that crisis comes to every presidency. We don't blame them for that. What matters is how they handle Donald Trump didn't create the corona virus, but he is the one who called hoax, who eliminated the pandemic response team and who let the virus spread. Unchecked across Amerika crisis comes to every president. This one failed
unite the countries responsible for the content of this advertising So yes what it. What do you think of that add? And what do you think you're the best messages from Democrats in general? While I think that is an excellent, add ed. There is a tendency whenever Trump or thereabouts, hence do well to Yalta Democrats for why they are doing better in which stipulate that we can as ready. We can always have a tighter message. We can deliver it better. That can be more adds, etc, but I think it we have to have a say: fair minded conversation about this, which is, it is impossible to compete with a president with a with a bully pulpit in the middle of the night crisis, like always been true, that's true. Before tromp its especially true in its and trot media environment is fuelled by Facebook and cable. Do but it was always been true. Add yes, Democrats could do somewhat better, but look Biden Like has been out there. He even
like, he brought out the biggest got in the arsenal, which is a bet on Cricket Tucker Property. That even do he's been what you know he's been blackening the airwaves right and ultimately would would have brought the problem. We don't have it. What beers are seeing is Trump and then democratic governors like Bickley Cuomo in Newsome, who are in a style. Listing and substantive contrast to tromp are devastating to him. But they're not make an argument against them because they know he's a lunatic. The will subsidy ventilators to their state if they criticise them So what are often praising Trump, so they see Trump raising himself ass. He democrats praising Trump and I do not think Cuomo newsome- should change their approach like that, like we have to get through it in the way think, and you know, and as we are not there as we always about adds, but the buying pack has adds Biden. Kids. His campaign has some digital videos packing it has, as priorities has adds american bridge there are adds out there. The democratic super pact community is stepping up which is very,
oppressive action, a timer front raising has frozen. So if people who yell but this time we should give credit, and if there are, People were staying, who have money and one in tribute to the effort. Those groups, our groups who die just mentioned to you know, are the ones who led the charge here, and we should end if you can support that. That's great, the! I think the way to think This is we are not going to persuade voters to definitely vote against Trump right now, but what we can do is inform them of information. Serve as viable data points and create a context for that decision later, and so we are to persuade voters to decide who deftly not vote for Trump. Now, among our persuadable, voters first, but we can use this moment of hyper engaged media consumption to inform them about, information that will create a contacts for them to decide to vote against Trump and the fall in it.
It sounds like one of the arguments about job is the cause of his chaotic leadership, and here we are seeing that cost in wives and deaths in jobs, That was a much harder argument to make when the economy was roaring and things seem to be stable in this country, so I think the way to measure success. For Democrats is not what is trumped up right now. What is the approval of his hand on the krona virus? That's ultimately not gonna matter. We should be looking at in pulling what Do people know the key pieces of evidence that he fuck this up, that he further go. What kind response unit that he caught funding for CDC that he opposed expanding at expediting testing that he. Is ignoring downplay the severity of the downplay that downplay the severity of the crisis and what the consequences of that, and so like people learning that information are Democrats successfully informing voters of those things, and that will make it easier to make the case in the future.
And so this is not a moment to win the election. This is a moment to inform people a very valuable information on a life or death situation. Remember before this crisis happened, you are talking about how there's plenty of research out there from a lot of groups that new on the democratic side that basically came to the conclusion that the most effective argument against Trump is that he's been an ineffective president that he had just hasn't gotten the job done. He hasn't fixed healthcare costs. He hasn't fix the wage problem. He just hasn't done any of the things that he came to office saying he would do any isn't fixed any the big problems in the country, and that's it
actually effective among former Trump odors independence swing. Voters, and now, with this crisis, we have the most immediate urgent example of him being ineffective. President, I think that's one of the reasons why that unite the country. Add that we just play it was so powerful because it starts by saying Trump didn't cause the current vice trump didn't create. The corona virus says like we're, not rob blaming him for the entire thing. What we're blaming him for is the response which has been like criminally negligent, woefully inadequate, causing a lot of pain. A lot of suffering death jobless like in
So I think by almost giving him that at the beginning of that, I'd, like you know, trot trumped in turn, didn't cause the virus. But trumps response to it has been looking abysmal that to me, as it fits with what we already knew. People think about Trump, which is I just dont know, if he's getting the job done has like you said. His leadership is to chaotic he's tweeting all the time he's. Not pcs only cares about himself and his own political future and he's always get and fights with people who makes everything political and he's just not fixing the problems at hand. We know people already thought that of our trump and now we have to make sure people understand that his response to this crisis is the perfect example of that. That's right that there is a cost to the cakes brightened. What the cost is add you'll get. It is incredibly Portes it. One other add that I think is worth citing is packard
has this very effective. I think Digital add that uses Tucker Karlsson, criticising trumps response and because it's easy in our very partisan, polarize environs, to dismiss even non partisan media figures as people who are inherently antitrust Boone. You have Tucker Karlsson transparent white nationalist criticize Again like that, can be very compelling. You know we get at every back when we were allowed to conquering with people. We divide shows every time we get a question is like I'm going to giving. What do I say to my tromp? Was it you know my trunk loving uncle and the thing I like an that's a very hard thing, but if, like this packard, inadequate soccer Karlsson, seen showing Tucker Crossing criticise, Tromp is the sort of thing they can be. Persuasive too. People who are sceptical of Biden are Democrats but open to tromp right, even Tucker, Klaus and says he did a shitty job
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Oh god, I wanted to start by getting an update of what is happening on the ground in Michigan as you're dealing with the current a virus. So in Michigan we are, I think he don't just behind in New York in terms of sea This exponential rise in cases. We went from zero cases just over two weeks ago. So now we have twenty eight hundred over twenty eight hundred sixty death. We ve got, but all that are already at capacity and we know were Dylan upward trajectory. We have too few mass too few glove gowns all of the ppp that that everyone's looking for we're really at a critical stage very quickly, and I know where a hotchpotch. How is how of your interactions with the Trump Administration been about getting the year? resources and supplies, you need money
early on. We had a meeting with the all of the governors and at the president and the vice president, and the message was, you know the national flag. Pile is not equipped to handle what we, we have coming any, should start working on your own, and I think that was the moment for me. That really became how clear and health tourism Wasn't how we had to mobilise outside of the federal government to try to start getting what we need. We ve been contrary, thing, I'm, and even in some of those contracts they ve been up ended because they ve been redirected to the federal government. So to say, it's frustrating is putting it lightly. It's it's scary, because people are fighting for their lives right now and we have not given as a nation. The furious
ass in the planning that should have gone into the situation. And now all the states are behind the eight ball and you see governors across the country stepping up. Lead and to be the aggressive policymakers makers. That really should be a national strategy. Community Washington do you think it's possible for Michigan and the rest of the country to get the ventilators in equipment it needs without the president more forcefully invoking the defence production act? I dont and it pains me to say that, because there are be a lot of people in states in every state, nation organ require a ventilator and later won't get one and that's just simply a part of them that we have right now is a country if the present decides to use the the defence production ACT and instead,
really ramping up on ventilators. It's still going to be too late for many, but we can meet the needs of of a lot of people, but it has to get started and that's why I think that's such a so desperate, we're looking for old ventilators that have been retired and trying to clean them up and to fix cars that we can get them back and production I mean, even even with that we are going to be far far under. You know, on well to meet the needs of the people that are gonna need. Em. Are there other specific things out of the defence production act? That you'd call your calling on the commission to do to help the people in Michigan around the country, but we need a national strategy. This patchwork of state having policies that ending up with the governors is creates a very poorest situation which will prolong that time.
Let the pandemic is ravaging our country middle mean more people die o me no longer hard time on economy and that's why. I really think that a national strategy at using all the powers of the federal government to meet the needs of a people in every state is is absolutely essential to get through this. And so I I you know, I take it that you would the on board, but the president relaxing the standards and reopening the economy, clinical reopening the economy and that these parts of the country by Easter I think part of the reason that we have the spread that we do as it as its fate, but also the countries, because there have been inconsistent messages coming out of the federal, were meant for months. I questioning whether or not this was a real, serious issue that were confronting
making light of as hyperbole and half truths, and so now people don't take this with the seriousness that they must. The thought that we could be all back to normal. What the switch and everything will be. As we know, it is not supported by the science and that's why, as people are asking me, is that real? I think I'm gonna take my advice from the epidemiologists and the scientists better informed every decision I've made, because we don't want to emulate other countries that just went right back to life as normal, another spike. It just endangers too many people and prolongs the pain on our economy. So I'm gonna take my base and I'm gonna make my decision based on the best scientists out there, not not on the political remarks of any one else. Do the sense of the time line that Europe looking at in Michigan, in terms of your stay at home order. So it is effective through April thirteenth, mind. You now know that there is a possibility. I'd make.
Have to lengthen it, I'm gonna make those decisions and we get closer as we have more data one of the fundamental problems I think we're gonna have a country, and in determining when we hit the APEC someone word levelling often when we can start to think about ramping. Some things back up in the economy is is passing. We have to be able to do robust testing, for that. We know who has had at who has it needs to be a slight, and so we have data to make informed decisions. We do not have enough test right now. We do not have enough swab conduct those tests right now. We do not have enough of the reagents to preserve the swabs so that we can do those tasks, and so each of these pieces is really critical to our ability to determine how long a stay home order should laugh when we can safely
I'm starting to wrap up our economy again when it's ok to centre a kidney back to school, so we need data and it's all driven by those tests and that's what we really need more than anything right now from the federal government, and are you getting any message on when you might see more tests and more swabs and were region while there lot more. There aren't. There are companies that have come on line with tasks our bein have been validated and can be used. That's good news, but if we don't have the swabs doom doesn't do me a whole lot of good, and so I've asked for two hundred thousand swathes from the national stockpile. I was until yesterday when I finally get on the phone with the vice president, that I got acknowledgement that the request has been received. I still don't know if it'll be granted and how much of that will be coming in when, but that's a continual, I'm sources
obstructing. The system mean obvious, as we sit here, stopping the spread of the virus in dealing with those affected its most important. But this entire spirit is having a dramatic impact on the accounts, to me- and I wanted to get your reaction to the stimulus bill or the economic rescue package that pass the Senate lesson is passing the house today. Is it to be enough to help the people missing in the coming months him and what would you like to see an end in a future piece of legislation? While I think that we have to be very mindful, there are a lot of people that are out of work there, a lot of small businesses. Better than a struggle. There are a lot of children who aren't in school getting their education that they need we're. Gonna have incredible needs in a state. We can't run deficit, we have to have balanced budgets, and so the financial needs of our states to just provide the bay six and to help people in their recovery are going to be astronomical, and that's where I think the nations
nurse republican undemocratic alike are, are working together to make sure that any understand how immense which is going to be and how important this is, as we even think about next steps- beyond the current crisis. Working funding, but other looming issue, which has stressed somewhat in the bill but born and worse in Sweden, is how you plan for and administer elections in the middle of a pandemic strictly. If this is still going on in November, Do you think about that? It is Michigan prepared to move to vote by mail in time for the election, while in two thousand a teen, we swept olive, be executive officers, so we ve got up and ass the Secretary of State, who is incredible at the camp for vote at home. This is something that I think now more than ever is incredibly important, and so we are working to together to fashion threat.
You do ensure that our election can be kinda did that everyone will have an opportunity to vote that is secured, and that is on time, because I think that country can go through a civil war and have an election. We can get through this and have one on it and know that it is valid and that we don't deviate from these core principles of our democracy. Before I let you go as soon as one final question cuz, I know you're, you have a lot on your plate today. What would your message be to the people of Michigan and around the around the country? Is? are dealing with competing messages about the severity and Danes, of this virus inner and are afraid for their health and in their financial and economic wellbeing lights a hard time, we ve been true tough times than what we know is that tough times don't last, but have people do we're up to this challenge, for every single one of us has to do
part. Even in the darkest days there are sources of inspiration. If everyone does their part, if you stay and form a stay home we are going to get through this and will minimize how many people get sick. Because of that and how long this impacts our economy. We got that we have got one another, we gotta all do our part governor Whittemore. Thank you. So much good luck with everything. You're doing and please stay set out there can you do thanks to governor women for joining us today, and then it was great talking you for an hour here and here and social isolation and have a good weakened, at home and we'll talk to you guys on Monday, everyone stay safe, other biogas.
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