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Trump accepts Kim Jong Un’s invite to a Madman vs Madman summit, Mueller has a new witness, and Democrats look to turn Texas blue. Former Houston Texan Arian Foster joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Brittany Packnett on stage live in Houston, Texas.

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We have a great show for you tonight, former running back for the Houston, Texans Arian Foster's. I was about to say I'm done Fabra. I am pretty packed now
I'm John Lovett, I'm sorry resort, I'm in favor. Emotionally John, I was not feel comfortable, beginning yeah, I know My name is, I know I know talk without the applause guys we have some breaking news. What is it up north? is Kim Jong Hoon. Invite Did our very own Donald Trump to meet for negotiations over its nuclear program. Trump has reportedly accepted the invitation and agreed to meet Mister Kim by May. Tommy should also get the peace prize ready. Well, it might be more deserve than the one we got it
being on a at this point, it's hard to know what this means immediately. I I emailed a bunch of smart folks. I used to work with the initial response. Is they don't think it's Rate because clearly this was driven by the desire to get a photo op and and break some news rather than a concerted strategy. It seems like On some of our allies were not consulted, if not brief does look like. There was a big considered process for the the deputies Committee of the National Security Council to for what we want or what our agenda is, what we hope to get out of it, given that, literally today, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said we're a long ways away from negotiations, so his own team was surprised the North Koreans like look, I I think the thing I think should be open to talks. I don't think, there's anything week about having conversations with people. We don't agree with that Brock, a bomb, a said this. He firmly believed it. Then I believe it now But the challenge is if the North Koreans use this to Ella,
Kim Jong on on the national stage, if they use it to buy time too divide. R us from our allies or continue to create more nuclear weapons and proliferate. So you know the devils details here in Donald Trump is not a detail guy that's the one thing we know say the least yet love it yeah. I just wanted to ask you about this. Just because, like obviously, we believe in talking people would disagree with There's a reason in the past. You save this meeting for later in the process. Right like usually it's to get you with the President states are very big deal and that's something you offer when you're close to the end, when there's one thing to get not when no one knows what the fuck is happening. There's been no progress, yeah. It would make a lot of sense to send out a bunch of technical experts 'cause it's a very technical issue of nuclear proliferation and talk about exactly what both sides want.
The North Koreans have said they will not. They will not test more. Clear weapons. They will not continue to launch icbms or or long range missiles during this process. So that's a good thing. They didn't say we won't continue to produce more nuclear weapons. You know so there's a whole lot of in the all, all of this is coming through a read out from the South Koreans of a meeting that we weren't a part of, and so it feels like the there's, a lot of room for error here. Yeah did the North Koreans instead not called Donald Trump Old and dump. What got us in this mess to begin with an animated. The at the White House did say: Trump has a a strong, reputed reputation as a deal maker. Does that make you feel better britney about this negotiation? I'm make a deal. That's that's is reviewed what deals? Does he make correctly question for me? He also, I know, through the statement from the White House fainted
for his kind words. His nice words, I think, was the phrase I don't know exactly what kind of deal he's planning on making usually the deals he makes aren't very good for me. Or you know most of us, so I'm a little worried about it to say the least little skeptical about the deals. I don't know I ever wanted very excited to say at the Trump Pyongyang. I think it's going to be a lovely property, they're golf course in a pool whites, only that's yeah, I mean it does raise an issue, though, that he is particularly susceptible to flattery, yeah right, I feel like that may influence the negotiation somewhat. If Kim Jong, UN is smart about it, like when when foreign leaders will come to the White House, the they would send around a classified psychological profiles are who they are. Where the background is Donald,
who is the shortest in the history of the world? It's like stroke. His ego trump wants to be the guy that delivered a deal in peace with N Korea and Kim Jong. Une knows it. All he has to do is dangle the prospect of a nice New York Times editorial and hill from there. So God knows what we're going to give up in this process. I think it could go two ways here, because I think it's very possible this meeting going to happen Trump would come out and in the press with Did he agree to get rid of weapons such types like? No, he actually made it a good case for keeping them. It is a very bad rap, really nice, guy things, building a beautiful golf course area. Now
He said he's going to join Mara Lago, he told Jared. He put some money into Fifth Ave Mean Trump, is literally easier to manipulate the sock puppet right. This is not that hard, ok, well, we'll stay tuned for these niggaz the next episode. Yet some sometime in the spring we'll see what happens there. So Aside from the north korean NEWS, there have been quite a Do you news headlines since ' with the pod on Monday, I'm starting to think that Donald Trump is not the upstanding businessmen. We once thought he was here's a quick summary of what we learned in the last forty eight hours, Robert Mueller has a brand new, cooperating witness who's testified before the grand jury. His name is George Nader, yeah, no classroom cooperating witness lovelier injury, so this will come out on their an evening to apply
other minutiae of an ongoing grand jury in Washington DC so he's an advisor to the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates. He has ties to Donald Trump, He's helping Miller find out whether money was funneled from the UAE to the Trump campaign, which of course, would be extremely legal, later, is also testifying about a secret meeting that took place two weeks before Trump's inauguration on a tropical island known as the Seychelles. There was a by Nader WAR, mercenary Trump donor, Eric Prince and a russian oligarch with ties to Vladimir Putin, the washing most reported it or has testified to the grand jury that the meeting was an effort to establish a back channel of communication between the income Trump Administration and the Kremlin PS. The president is also now engaged in a legal battle with the porn star. He had an affair with his lawyer paid one hundred and thirty thousand dollars to silence before election day, but we set. That aside, for later
Tommy and an I wasn't really involved in the details of the Obama transition or our national security policy, like you guys were, Do you remember us setting up a back channel communication with foreign adversaries through meetings on top of tropical islands with mercenaries and all of our is that standard operating procedure? Before you get to the White House, I took my meetings in two places: PEET's coffee and archipelagos three hundred miles into standard operating procedure. It is very weird date: the the Trump administration took us years of meetings with Ambassador Casely actor rushes former ambassador to the U S, and then the series, like banks and financiers and the crown prince the UAE, where they according to news reports, talked about the need to set up a secret back channel and then LO and behold, Erik Prince the head of Blackwater, horrific, mercenary war for higher group ends up with the Seychelles meeting,
all very fishy. Well, so I'm the location, no two people have to me. It's like Where are you I'm on the east side, where you at I'm on the west side? You would you mind coming here. I have a busy day will actually I do mines. I'm busy too. I thought your meeting it's our meeting, I'm not coming to your office. Let's see one thousand miles off the southern tip of Africa. I think The context here is important because Trump was not president, yet he and you are not. Supposed to start sing farm policy when you're not present, there's actually a law against it. But what is it This is not just like they spend the calendar? Like we just can't wait, we're so excited to just be dip That's the way it is going to jump the gun. It's two things one This is a country that had just attacked the United states by meddling in our election and if the
exact moment Trump was sending Betsy Devos is brother in law to meet with uh all? The like, Trump's guy in Guy meeting together was the exact moment that the Obama administration was working on, tional sanctions for Russia for intervening in election and possibly tipping in Trump's favor, so This is one of the situations where there was a lot of smoke here. It could really could not be Get your person really that Eric France and so the whole thing is even though I don't know, I think it is hard to keep track, but there are lots of them the cluding, maybe the guy sitting in the White House, go ahead and start yeah. That's true, they're, getting the jump on diplomacy. Piece of this raises a question of their motive. It was certainly not the interests of the country No one goes and takes a meeting. It was two weeks before inauguration. That's all they have to do is wait two weeks if they really wanted to talk to the Russians, so
and also there's been no issue or policy or international question on which this administration has shown any true sense. Urgency or passion for the good. It will do for the America people it's just not. I don't think it comes up in their meanings. Both that bullet keeps falling off the bottom of the agenda right. There stated what they told various investigators, what they were trying to get them. The Russians to do was to act more responsibly in Syria and sort of help reduce iranian influence. Those are Obama, administration, priorities and policy. There's no reason you have to hide that yeah, and why are these these aren't the people to have that conversation, hey black Water guy and other creepy Oleg Ark you're, the two perfect people, you guys in a room free, pretty sure these are the two guys to figure out Syria total about there's. No, we can't I'm sorry, it's just that
dance around it, but the only explanation is the most nefarious. We are going to have this meeting in a in a place. It is a setting for multiple James Bond movies. I think. While they were meeting, someone went off a jet ski into a cabana. There's like a lot of reporters who joke around and they're. Like you know these trump people they're too stupid to collude with Russia, it's like no. No. This was pretty stupid. This meeting was pretty stupid, like I don't think that was most important. Political crimes in american history have been committed by the stupid, crowning break into the Watergate geniuses, got a couple extra couple of Mensa guys to put on front hats and gloves and break in just not the case. I'm done so
yeah. So pretty, oh, that most voters don't care that much about the Russia investigation. They care about healthcare jobs. Communities, but it does seem now like this has moved on being about Russia, and that this is about the president involved in a whole series of potential. Times and about him feeling like through possible obstruction of justice that he is above do you think I mean is it? Is it more important in this way now to people? Do think. I think it's critically important before I answer that those two things one greetings from what condom too Happy
National women's day- and I I'd especially like to say happy international women's day to all of the lady sitting up here with I knew that I do have a feminine vibe. You do you do it's true. I enjoy it. Actually it with. This is the point right and we shouldn't be surprised by the fact that he believes he's above line doesn't feel like he has to follow any rules, because, in truth, live the life where the rules have not often applied to him like he was grabbed. Kitty cats and got a prime time television show for it. Still hasn't released his taxes, and we know he's been lying about the fact that he gave Cheryl charitable contributions that he never did so this exactly what happens when privilege
it's on steroids. This is the result, so we shouldn't be surprised, but it is the thing that we have to keep talking about yeah. It is about more than just um this one Russia thing it is about this, like you know, entrenched corruption in the entire administration it's in corruption in the entire administration. So not just a single person, but practically everyone that he hires, which means There is no moral authority or moral code in this place right. So it feels like we're having a conversation with people who swears swear, sky is green and you cannot convince them otherwise yeah speaking of more, codes and Moral Authority Dan on the Daniel issue? You know here's the interesting about that is like I I was like. We don't need Talking about this, this seems like a sideshow, but it now seems like the present states may have broken the law here to or could potentially broken that
That's right like we This has been good. This has been bubbling on the news for lunch and we really haven't talked about it that much because there is so much other horrible things happening right now and either one side note on this: is it should be alarming for those of us for those in the media and the public Party who hoped that expect trump to create a global peace deal with North Korea when he fumbled he'll, paying hush money to Stormy Daniels like what he does get up from the table it fitted. You even forgets the signed the deal he recited Dennis. Dennison, well, I think I don't like where this becomes problematic. Is they I mean they've lied about it, Michael Cohen is lied about it and they are potential potential financial crimes here in terms of money laundering, because Michael Koman told everyone first, he said it wasn't true, then, when he finally had to admit to it, because it was part of a campaign finance investigation that he said he did out of the goodness of his own heart and now
contemporaneously. This is saying he was mad. He had got reimbursed. So the question is reverse from Donald Trump yeah. He didn't get yeah. He get reimbursed for the hush money. Another another. Honorable subcontractor killed the concert, so financial crimes here for money laundering, their potential questions, our campaign finance. Is this any legal contribution to the campaign down Trump that exceeds the limits? If it was not from David was Michael Collins Money then it exceeds the limits with Michael Koman could spend as an individual to help Elect Donald Trump, and if it was Donald Trump's money, it should have been repaired. On the campaign finance arm and so and why should have been reported because it's the the argument is that Donald Trump paid this money to help his campaign, because her talking about This would have hurt his campaign right now. They don't worry it's he.
Spending money to what you, if you spend money to help elect someone. It has to be a within the limits that set by law in be disclosed in this was neither- and so we think this is gonna. Get look at. The unfortunate part is to be able to look at is the F t c, which is a toothless entity, but this could become a part of a new year state investigation because it happened in New York state, and so this is something to watch just as we do the long line. Investigators, that's why I'm here to story, Taylor, Swift! You wait your turn out this racials over here then the kidnapping in pencil then Manafort's black ledger and then, if there's time to get to bring a book? it is basically where we are. I can make one point about this, though yeah, please fundamentally, it is actually quite call to to legally pay hush money during the Pacific campaign, because it just it's
it's not something one should do, and it's certainly not when something one should do it in the middle of a national presidential race. Because, So there's if you paid it out of his own pocket, it's concealing from the campaign if he pays it from the campaign sort of a misuse of funds if you launders it there's all kinds of other implications. So in a lot of ways he was damned if he did damned. If Diffie, didn't so keep in mind. Irony here, though, is if like, if a porn star, come out and say: I had a fair with Donald Trump. Would anyone have been surprised with that? Have moved a lot of votes? I'm a little bit skeptical. He would've said fake news. We would have moved on. I mean it might have like change the meta media narative, but it's such a funny thing to catch him, given all the horrific things he did in were disclosed
of them on audio tape. Yeah TIM Miller made a good like I that's gonna discovering the phone, that's of the arsenal of people saying like who would care people already. This is already like baked into the basement offer, but TIM Miller made the point that the exact moment this was happening was when Hillary is having the worst tragedy campaign right. With after the Komi letter and everything else, and if the story had switched to Stormy Daniels on television telling the story, it might have, let some So you never these things yeah, there's no way to run the counter, but this could be you just don't know I don't even just in terms of political implications, but like the to create this much legal risk seems crazy to me. Given the states just think this is about how we discuss women yeah, I'm willing to pay far more attention when there's a woman involved in a scandal, then when it's actually a conversation about women's dignity, and that is happened time and time again, that's
well, I was going to bring up to Miller's point that the so. This is a consensual relationship with Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. Reportedly, but the location where this happens was apparently the same exact location that one of the women who came forward and said the Donald Trump sexually assaulted her where she said the assault took place as well. Bring up the fact that there are how many women that came forward in the campaign that said he sexually assaulted, her and yeah. Maybe just one was consensual, but there still a whole bunch of other women who came forward and we're just don't talk about that. All you know like Canada, Mexico and Australia just sort of pick them out by the
I made this decision after rigorous policy process. It involve talking to two people, is billionaire Commerce, Secretary Wilbur Ross, and guy named Peter Navarro that he hired after Jared Kushner googled China is actually a true story. He said I need a China expert. On Amazon, find a book that this guy wrote and said fire him that's also a lesson You never know where your next opportunity, it is an amazing place Monday or just some guy wrote a book that nobody read that you're sitting across the president's only in America opening global trade policy.
There's a lot of talk about the process. How we got here. What are the potential consequences for people in America, businesses in America? From this decision. Puncture won. The price of steel could go up in the variety of goods that we use, so cans aluminum things beer cans right, but then more more, to give me least, probably the cost of constructing large buildings, and that could throw a trickle down into you know. Reducing jobs. Are people hired to work on these jobs, but the real challenge is not necessarily narrow action, what it means to slap a steel tariff on, and so many things cost more for Americans it did the Europeans retaliate and then Trump retaliates, again, go back and forth in a trade war that ends up really hurting consumers, not just in United States but globally, because our president fundamentally doesn't really understand how the economy or trade works. He thinks that they owe us money if there's a trade imbalance, but that's just
not the case, so this guy Peter Navarro, that John was talking about Mister Amazon, opportunity, youth, who are the book he has views that are like so far out of stream that you found a hundred economist. You would be the only one that really high nativists views in the way Trump does and but he's the guy who matches the thing trump is believed for like thirty years, so Trump was excited to hear from him and decided to follow his path. We, the
the process matters. It matters that nobody wade in no matter the consequences. Weren't thought out. It matters that it's not break tactical or strategic, because we do need a conversation about whether or trade relationships are working well for United States. Millions and millions of Americans do not feel as though these kinds of deals are worth it. They open the door for Donald Trump. Donald Trump's position on trade and immigration were ways of bucking. Both parties consent in both parties that didn't feel bear to millions and millions of Americans are particular places like Ohio, where Sherrod Brown, not a fan of Donald Trump, has been so
What sucks about this is Donald Trump is going after something we're smart Democrats could have a real agenda about how to make trade, something that doesn't always feel like a losing issue, but instead we get this ham, fisted version and everyone's left her with defending the establish order, because it's the only the only alternative is this kind of chaotic nonsense, don't go in there. My mother would always look at me and she would say when we go in there, don't touch anything, and I just kind of wish this somebody's black mother would have talked to Donald Trump before inauguration helpful before we got
Well, that is evident and how everyone in the White House and all the Republic Republicans in Congress are trying to like put this all back in the box, till I get started off. You note marathon, everyone across the world and then, after a couple days of like pleading with him, they got a new exempt Mexico. Oh and Canada and Australia, and then they got to say. Okay, everyone can apply for an exemption now and now some people are like. Will this actually go into effect or not because they're all trying to rein him in? But what are the people who didn't like this? Was chief economic Advisor former Goldman Sachs President, Gary Cohn, This was the last straw for Gary Cohn Limit right here, one of those people who stopped Trump from doing crazy shit. Those people are a farce right, not a real thing The twenty eighteen mid term election officially began on Tuesday.
With the primary right here in the state of Texas. Here's the Good NEWS, democratic turnout, nearly doubled from the last midterm primary in twenty fourteen republican congressional districts to Clinton won in twenty sixteen Democrats, Republicans in one and merely match republican turnout in the other. Two putting the seventh district right here in Houston, news can still cast half a million more votes than Democrats, so you guys have Kind of free here so first Christian Dan. Does better O'Rourke, who won his primary um? Where does so find those half a million votes between now and November. Well, Texas!
it's important to think about. Sex is generally, which is Texas, was the state with the greatest improvement for two thousand and twelve two thousand, and sixteen in the democratic, any state in the country, so it is moving blue- is getting blue now I would say to you people in Texas, hurry up. We need you but there are huge swaths of Democrats who do not turn out here in Democrats who are unregistered and so a lot of the work that's been done since the day of the twenty sixteen election here in Texas registering people. We have to do so much more of that and then turn those people out, because if Democrats can can read it, people for the them out they can. Statewide. The numbers are here for that the city are getting larger the the state is getting more diverse. It's getting younger in a lot of ways and if those voters, Now those are voters who could make better a senator who could make this a blue state in a presidential election sooner rather,
and if that would have, if you have California New York in Texas, that can be game set match for a long time. There people, you have been like Lucy with the football. We're turning blue returning glue. Just watch, let's see time enough put up or shut up, but I want to talk for just a second about our friends at the D triple c yeah. So that's a great sign, this liberal Houston showed up to boo the great job bunch of straight shooters. I think love it. So in the congressional race here in Houston, published they publicized a bunch of misleading opposition research against Laura Moser, which is being extremely unusual. It did not work,
in and so now Laura is in the run off with Lizzie the Fletcher. What do we We think they were thinking. What was the d triple c doing here? They weren't, I mean It's so let me first, the general like the D triple c, dscc. They play an important role in training can recruiting candidates in places where there are. Winnable races were no Democrat, has stepped up on their own. But the key thing here is and this should be the lesson of twenty. Sixteen is let the people decide Do not put your thumb like, even if you believe that another candidate is better right, even if that is your an internal analysis based on your expertise, one you're probably wrong, but two If you're coming out and saying it is having the exact opposite effect of what you want, and it's just it'll it
arms me for because taking the house is like what is standing between us and serious disaster of the people in charge of it are so out of touch with. Where are the the base The people who who were at the women's March should be marching at the march for life next, two saturdays from now people who stood in airports if they don't get. Where are those people are right? Now, then we're going to trouble yeah, so I hope they learn the lesson. I guess Tommy. One of the dangers. One of the many dangers of the Trump era is that the news is so ugly in his brand of politics is so divisive that people get more cynical than they already were, and we had Brocco Obama trying to push this boulder up the hill for eight years, and if someone is inspiring, is him couldn't convince whole lot of people that one all politicians aren't the same into that their vote matters, and that is one of the most dangerous. Things in our democracy. Is the people who check out and stop caring and so the trip will see.
Ham handedly intervenes like this. I think it exacerbates those problems intentions, but the Good NEWS is they did what they did. It didn't work. I think they and the solution to preventing this future is literally in this room. If all of you people go home, Right and call or email, ten friends and say we gotta get out the vote, doesn't matter who it's four, but let's go register. Some voters talked about issues and stuff. We care about and things. Maybe we heard tonight and discussed it will make a huge much different, so like restoring that restoring that agency in that sense of purpose and meaning in politics, is important in the other cool thing that you guys have. Is better work. Running statewide who someone who's like gives, get about politics for the right reason. And is running an election. That's you know the way it's meant to be run,
on tv but meeting with people. So this there's nothing wrong. You know that they can't be solved with what's right about Texas in this electorate in this campaign, so add that there are undocumented folks who contribute seven hundred and three million dollars to this state every single year who are being paid their taxes who are being turned away at the polls and people of color, who are documented in are afraid of police interaction allergy, so they don't show up to the polls, so recognize the. If you are not showing up and you're not getting ten friends who don't have to fear those same things to come with you actually leading down even more people, yeah and I would just say to like it's like what you're saying tell me: there's there's just there's a lot of people right now. The energy is there, they don't like Trump, they believe in the Democratic Party's values, but they say
with themselves like I don't know what my vote is going to do. I don't know what difference it's going to make and I think one thing to tell people is we seen we saw in twenty seventeen Virginia and that race, it was literally down to one vote, made the difference in the House of delegates, and that meant that Ralph Northam was able to expand is now able to expand Medicaid in that state, because that until like one vote, and now there may be hundreds of thousands of people, one person wrote one person and there's going to be hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia who could potentially are covered by Medicaid and it's the same thing. Two thousand and eighteen, especially in the Senate like we we could be like. Senator away from controlling the united. Send it, and if we control the United States Senate, that means no Supreme Court Justices from Donald
That means no. Judging from Donald Trump, I mean no legislation from Donald Trump, so it's like I do think part of this is letting people know that I know you've been cynical about politics. I know it seems hopeless, but your vote could actually make a difference that could change everything. Your vote could make sure that Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The clunch pull up all we're looking for more glass of whiskey. She could take a day off at the gym. She can hang up that lacy collar yeah, yes vote and give Bader Ginsburg break she all right and now for a game. We call okay, strawberry guy. What will the clip in the panel can say? Okay, stop at any moment when they have an opinion of some sort
million years ago, the God of Human ambition laid a single egg in the swamps somewhere between Dallas and Wall Street. Fifty, is a it hatched, and a man named Rafael, Edward Cruise was born. This is Kathleen. Do you guys are gonna hate it when he comes out in a minute, get ready anyway, crews is running for reelection here in Texas Oh my god, you guys realize that in TED Cruz. The low grand juries hate, TED, Cruz, cooperating witnesses so check your stop by CNN to talk about his campaign. Let's roll the clip the cruise. Pain already getting into the swing of things. They have a new ad King O'Rourke for his name, take a.
After battle for his name, but it was obviously a nickname. Why I won you didn't like that dirty pool when you were running for president and the President called you Lion TED. You didn't like that kind of tactic, your name is Rafael. You know you go by TED, your middle name is Edward. That's an anglicized version of it. He went the other way and has a more ethnic version of his name. Why go after it? You both doing the same thing, but listen ok, so his voice sucks, we should switch. We shouldn't have glossed over the wonderful song. No, I know let's go back to this up, I don't know why we didn't stop it after I wanted everyone in here. I want to hear it too. Yeah
so the song is a problem. Obviously it's is climbing the charts it's catchy you're singing in the shower. You don't even on Itunes, even realize what the words are about right looks like when you're almost insane, lady humps and like what am I saying all this in your signature. Like is this. In your traveling and all of a sudden, you realize you've been like really rocking out to a christian station. I'm jewish and it's like all of a sudden, I'm like for uh, you know like. Oh, I got tricks anyway, this is one of those songs is so good you could just I don't know that the cruise campaign, when they all sat around and they came up with their like- let's column, liberal robert- we got him- now, let's put it in a song, yeah good job by a leg. Would cruise, I am the Son of Father, Rafael, Cruz, an immigrant from Cuba who came to Texas with nothing. Ok, stop.
Former canadian citizen like you're right, my father did come to the: U Dot S with nothing, I'm sorry! The question was you're weird song and that's what I'm saying the American dream dollars? underwear English wash dishes, making zero dollars and fifty cents an hour and my dad's journey of an immigrant coming to Texas, seeking freedom that that the american story. Ok, stop it That is the american story, but we're doing everything impossible to prevent the other call from living that american story. It is all you ever need to know about TED Cruz. Is it when he was in college? He was in a poker game. He lost too much money. So, instead of paying the bats, he turned everyone in the poker game into the ra two. We are you know in terms of the jungle. Some of it is just have a sense
humor, I alley you actually miss this, the okay that out in front. If there's one thing people say about TED Cruz, that he's got a sense of fear. No one is funnier than TED Cruz. Ted Cruz bought a joke book in nineteen. Ninety six and everything changed. I find TED Cruz's politics the title of the song, which is, if you're going to run Texas, you can't run as a liberal man and the whole point of the song catchy title by the way. So that is the funniest thing that Chris Cuomo has ever said ever has pretty good. We had some fun with it. No Zodiac killer. I yeah I just the moment before you die someone like TED,
this will be standing over. Let's have some fun with that. I don't think about TED Cruz is TED Cruz. Is a living body meant this Saturday night LIVE spoof of TED Cruz. This is a kind of awful it is to watch him. Sorry guys it was tough. Tough, ok, stop! Ok! When we come back interview with Arian Foster. What is brought you by Sonos, tell a story about your experience with Sonos one dammit I'm sorry one dammit. Here? I am sitting at home comedians in cars, getting coffee on Netflix. I have watched John me to made it all the way through this a lot of so good. I went through once all the comedians I wanted to watch and then I went through a second time and watch all the people I had skipped.
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so tell us about your podcast. What made you want to get into podcasting? Would you trying to accomplish with it right I appreciate you helping me by the way man. This is insane you played in a bigger crowd than this yeah, but not for a podcast but uhm yeah. So I started probably wasn't really my buddies idea. He's like you know you have a lot to say: yadda yadda yadda, you should start a podcast and I was like no and then it because I had never even put on a park as before, and I started to I'm just kind of research it and I was like I was just something I enjoy doing anyway. This is it is talking. I think it's the it's. The way we forward, as human beings is dialogue and conversation and it was is one of the things I wanted to kind of explore myself via other people, and it has been a tremendous gift. What do you all think people really get from the podcast platform that they can't get
just the inside- it's not really about me more so than it is. You know current events or ideas or science. I I like to like touch on on topics that I'm ignorant to, and so I, like, to dig into people whatever their expertise is an and learn something from them, so it's more for me than it is for other people, but it's like, I feel like if you the humble yourself and listen to a conversation and and come with open mind to it, possibly learn something. It is for you, and this is for me because, I'm There is so much already I've had a piphany MID podcast before his amazing uhm. You have both as an athlete in an example, you've been very outspoken, but that is not necessarily been. It's been more the exception than the rule until recently and addresses on Trump was elected, but in the last you know for five years or more athlete to become a more outspoken on social issues, political issues. What do you think it's led to that change? I
think the facebook. Actually now I have a I did it. I did a comedy show and, and part of my bit was it was, that is like everybody was to blame Obama Trump, that black I blame Facebook, but it's because the political divide and country is normal. It's normal, it's no longer hidden. It's kind of you have to kind of where your views on your sleeve, whereas before it was kind of you, went to work and maybe the person next to you, but you guys had a common goal when you moved on with your life. But now, if you have been, all of that person on any social media outlet. You happen to know so that he doesn't think black lives matter. You know, and so it kind of creates this divide where you have to address certain issues, but I think now you I don't want to say you have to pick a side, but you have to know what the overall
Our political dialogue in the country is whereas before it, if it wasn't as prevalent, do you I mean you come in a long tradition of sports figures that are also active history time Smith John Carlos Mohammed Ali, calling capper Nick those folks, have not actually been welcomed for their opinions. Right they've received a lot of punishment for it. How are you thinking about major thanks for it's an and how much further they need to go and actually embracing this diversity of opinions. Well, I think I think different leagues have different standards so like in the NFL, in my opinion there so reactionary rather than proactive, just like A perfect example is when, when Ray Rice, one of my one of my good buddies he was in with that whole. You know he his wife in elevator and I don't condone them domestic violence at all, but that was a perfect. Unity ready to open up a dialogue, because it's not it's not an nfl problem. It's a public problem, domestic is a huge issue in this country, so, rather than
open enough that dialogue and having real conversations about it. They kind of hit it and just shunned him, and we continue to do. Those kind of things usually want to shut him up, just be quiet, but it's perfect. To be honest, I have some humility. But the situation and quit trying to pretend like everybody is Captain America and we all have problems. So let's address these problems and just move forward. It. It feels like the way your city, the whatever, is reactive NBA seems to have had more success in having an open dialogue with the players about these issues? Are, you know either have not been the standoff between the players and the owners of players in the league why do you think the NFL in the mbr different in this and what could the NFL do better? They handle some of these situations. I think the main issue why the NFL and NBA are different is is how the There's are viewed in the eyes of that organization. So in the NBA B, they're viewed more as a partner. It's a partnership and granted them might have to
with the visibility of the players, but they they grab them a little more respect than they do NFL players in the NFL. It's you no more like a worker, then you do a partner and that's that's big for any aspen or if anybody has a business always tell armors are sir. Now you all. You want people to feel like they're working with you not for you, and that wedge in the NFL is what causes that if there is no open dialogue. I was talking to a my head. Mav Carter, who is Lebron. James, is business manager. He was on my podcast and I was talking about him talking to him about this very thing, he has an open door, grannies Lebron James most Nba players have open door to the commissioner. Well, we do as well, but there's really no substance that you can have a conversation where you can move the needle on something I think that's where it has to happen where, if you really want to address these issues and not be reactionary, you will have to these conversations with these players. So I want to.
Here's a little bit because you've really been a model for a lot of people. I think in living your life out loud and not having any shame for your game. So I gotta ask you a real question. I shoot you are an atheist in Texas. Yeah? You might have? How does that work? I stay indoors a lot. No, it is definitely an odd dynamic. It probably wasn't the best state to do It is but it's it's It's just one of those things where it's big Is it was a long journey getting to this point so it it was never for any kind of public recognition. So it was more of the public. I guess coming out. I guess it would be. The term was more for people who feel
kind of trapped in their situation, that He need some kind of somebody to look too and say it's okay, to feel how you feel it's, okay, to think how you think, and I'm not one of those picketing is to assert that there is no god I I'm I'm more. So on my question, my journey and I question everything, and I I try to bring as much logic and reason to my line of thinking as possible, which I think this entire card. You can more. So Going back to football, Bizarre question to follow the great transition, but they get the you know, given the NFL's challenges with concussions and CTE. Where will the NFL be like in? Fifteen twenty years, you'll still be around, will be a family different game. How do you see the sport changing?
This is another night to keep plugging my podcast, but this is another conversation that came up. That's. Why is now what park is you find out knows we have no problem, but um talk about it, often, especially with athletes that are currently plan and former athletes. It's is something that I am a little. Worrisome about more so than other other cats that play so I'm more how to say that maybe sixty seven years down the road, the interest in the NFL is going to do endo, and I and I say that, because this as the science becomes more and more clear, it's not good for your brain and- and that is the only the vehicle we have for reality that we know of, I just want to say: you are credibly brave person, you're an atheist living in Texas. Who knows that football? Is I appreciate it. I appreciate it.
I mean I didn't always think like this: that's that's I'm proud of that, though you know like it was. It was a journey to get to this point when I was twenty. I thought I knew everything at and now Thirty and no, I don't know anything and sold and humility is, is keeping me gone, but as far as in a fill in in the c t stuff, I'm not sure of the future, and I think, as as a science gets more more clear because they're still kind of duck in those studies but as a side get signs is more more clear. They're going. I have to put more regulations on the rules of the game in those in those regulations are while we fell in love with football, the first of its violent. We love violence here in America and it's the most violent sport and, as it gets less and less violent you going to have less and less people watching Well, I would you talk a lot about science and I know that Neil Degrasse Tyson is your Homeboy
so besides him, who is your favorite person that you've had on the pond, Okay. So we only nineteen episodes in and we're growing overgrown. All these people are gonna start leave for sure subscribe down low rate as important for some reason: Ok, so My very first episode was my mother so I I say I have my mother on my very first episode, so that was definitely one of my favorites aside from her 'cause, I got gotta plug my mother, literally our day, for sure the right thank, it was. He was a an I'm going to butcher the title, but I think he's a special ops sniper. His name was Nicholas Irving and it would
I'll write a deserving now he's a he's, just a really sharp Kay, and he he and we don't wait deeper than I anticipated, and we talked about his p t s D. We talked about how he fell about protests in the NFL. We talk about anything that you can think of a way. It was we're way deeper than I thought I was going to going to go, and that's to me that's the that is. That is the reason why I got into podcasting. Was to talk to people like that to bring me into a world that I am I'm completely ignorant about all right before we let you go so you don't see your favorite podcasts sketch you had is it? Who is the one person? Who is the big go? Who would be the person you would want to have on your cast as the interesting question soul at the end of every park, as we actually do this, and we we ask the guests to lobby for us to get Jim Carrey on the black.
So as I pay, and so I think after, like a year, we're gonna put together like a clip, hopefully goes viral like people just tell it the funny, as well with the I to his snoop Dogg on my bike and- and he had the funny is whenever I it's not funny. If I do a bit with the way he did, it was hilarious. Yeah we ask everybody, get Jim Carrey on Jim Carrey is kind of post arise as crazy or not, but I think he's on to something- and I just Wanna, dig into his brain, so he's my he's, my guy so one day. Everyone subscribe to Ariens, podcast
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in the code together and get fifty dollars, and then you know, you're going use that fifty dollars for pizza roller skating, roller skating, use it to go down to the arcade. We go down to the soda fountain soda jerk you're, going to get some it from the soda jerk, some good you're going to get it use it to buy to go up to that hill. We're all the kids hang out. We still on this at we're going to take that money and you're going to buy books? Guys, to read guys ready for it to be done. Yeah, buy cheese. Cassia Katja. Now for a game sports. We all love them. But over the past few years many conservative Haters have gotten very angry about sports, sad, but true, ever
Colin Capper Nick started kneeling, greater national anthem. Fox news is dedicated lots of coverage to criticizing these protests and telling these athletes to be grateful and to stick to sports so even though our guest and I did have the wrong answer for who would like to have on his podcast softball, psycho by I don't care. A football he let go by, all the highlight some of the worst moments in the game. We call shut up in trouble. The usual party with somebody out there like to play the game hi. What's your name, my name's Leslie less.
And are you from Houston? I live in Houston, but I'm actually from Austin Texas and I'm very glad you guys came here cuz. I was worried that you would dip out on us and only go to Austin. So thank you I feel like we just learn something about a chip you have on your shoulder. Are you ready to play the game? I'm very ready. Are you guys ready, yeah all right question number one over the course of the last two years from friends has denounced Colin Kaepernick, so often it's almost like they're using yelling about black athletes as a kind of palate cleanser between segments. After Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, who did fox and friends turn to for storm recovery. Information was at a meteorologists, rain, sprinkle and Gail Winters was it be. Meteorologists, autumn, store and and dusty Saint Cloud was it see, meteorologist sleep snowing, Tynan, berry metric pressure
I feel like we run out and uh was. It Kurt Shillinger, Major League baseball player, who was fired from ESPN for bigoted comments and who was not yet been told Xbox shut up and pitch, It's up one for Leslie to get. You know that I'm going to go with d you got it question two last month, Laura Ingram did a whole segment scolding, Lebron James, we're talking about politics, telling him to shut up and dribble and even using a phrase, must they run their mouth like that, what did she say a few years back when TED Nugent, a musician who talks about politics, threatened sexual assault on camera, against a female CBS news producer? Was it a? I am shocked and disgusted with someone who claims to be a conservative. Would you such hateful rhetoric, sorta female journalist,
It is wrong with it. Pi denounced TED Nugent today, just as strong as I denounced him when he said, Obama could suck his machine gun, which is something TED Nugent actually said. Was it I can't do this anymore. I just can't. Am I playing a role or is the role playing me at this point? Am I a person is graceless broken shouting person who put her talent and charm into his greedy propaganda machine and my too strong to care or two weeks change, winning response to TED Nugent? So I want to give Brittany props for that x I wish I want to believe in her head. It was c um I don't know I mean it wasn't actually because she's not hip enough to say winning.
Leslie BB. No, it was great. She actually said winning Santana. Maybe it was a Charlie sheen moments and by the way it's two and men hip. Actually know what international women's day is about here's the problem. On the one hand I want to shut you down for thinking, you could ask a question. On the other hand, on the other hand, I can't because of the questions. I thought a lot about this question too. I love it. I know your sass, I'm not going to ask you a dumb question. Well, why? Don't you tell us? I will fully admit that I googled this earlier today. 'cause, I did not you googled it. I did you come to show up, so that's why I'm saying I looked it up, because in my office they had an international women's day, coffee break and we were all like what is this? It's on social media? Does anyone know so we looked it up. It's part of the twenty century. It's a women's labor movement. That was
is now supported. It's a UN supported. Holiday. There was originally brought her out in the turn of the 20th century. It started in Russia in the women's labor Movement and it's basically about the fact that originally women weren't allowed to have jobs and work and do things and then, when they started doing those things they weren't getting paid the same, which guess what there's still not they're, still not, but no that's where it originally comes from: it's a labor movement for women to have access to jobs and employment and to be treated fairly and those things across the entire world and is supported by the UN, so
thank you, John, by the way, Leslie a thank you for sharing that. I didn't know that. I don't think we should encourage it, but in this case I mean she gotta go wrong. She just stuck it in the middle there, but that's fine, but I also want to let you know that, since you know how to google things, you are officially qualified to be the head of HR for the Trump White House. I would gladly turn down that position. Ok, let's sorry for interrupting him? It was for a good cause. Question three Leslie. In two thousand and sixteen Jesse waters went to a football game with his polo tucked in and his collar popped an attribute football fans about how Capper Nick should stick to sports. During that
what do they call a game between the 49ers and the St Louis Rams? Two outspoken teams was it a the World cup of Woke? Was it be? Stanley. Was it see the black lives matter, or was it d? Malcolm X games. Did you guys give area in all of the right answers? Is that your way of it's the wrong Leslie. Sorry Leslie! I was so rooting for you, but it was. It was the black lives matter bowl believe it or not? He actually said that. He actually said that. I must not really teaching me that I'm not as like aware of how fuckedup people are. One thing we know for sure is that less
on a journey. I cannot wait to see where it goes. Final question you're. Doing ok, conservative media criticized Arian Foster for kneeling during the national anthem stating that he and his fellow protesters use quote the uniforms of their team to insult those who wear the uniform of their country. Which of the following people were not criticized for tarnishing their uniform was today Tom Brady. Nfl quarterback in Ugh spokesman, who endorsed Donald Trump in twenty seventeen and brought me considerable joy throughout my life as a patriots fan, a weird weird, oh that's cool too you was it be Bobby Knight, basketball, coach in Trump supporter who famously threw chairs at a referee in the
Well, the game which is somehow way less offensive and quietly kneeling in protest. Was it see Papa John, who wears the uniform of Papa John's, an attack, the NFL for the protests, or was it d It's almost as if this isn't about sticking to sports, but and instinctively racist worldview that dismisses black concerns and views any discomfort or debate created by black athletes as a over they've been of their lower status, that no worth or success in any field can erase to the correct was all Leslie. Oh, you won the game,
Thank you so much for playing. Thank you for sharing that, but international women's day. We appreciate it guys give it up for Leslie. I give it up for Arian Foster Houston. You been wonderful. Thank you again, arian Foster. Thank you, Brittany, Packnett. Thank you guys. Go vote.
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