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The Russia story gets messier, Trump confirms the truth is dead, and Republicans try to take away health care from their voters. Then, new author Alyssa Mastromonaco joins Jon and Dan to reminisce, and Friends Like These host Ana Marie Cox stops by to talk health care.

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it to set up a portfolio in your first month is totally free. This is a no brainer very easy to do. You know for your money somewhere when I go to my teeth, sure doesn't go to any shady places. You're, not Paul. Manafort use motif. Welcome to pod save America on Jon Favreau Dan Pfeiffer. Today we have Barack Obama's former deputy chief of staff and the author of the new book who's This was a good idea. That's into the pod Alyssa Mastromonaco everytime guest. Yes, she may be Pluff other other than profit. This is the only three time guest. She, like the Steve Martin of POD, save America as an SNL such and dated reference SNL reference. Well, it's the most hosted SNL host, a yes, also Cox is going to stop by to talk about her guess this week on with friends like these and her thoughts.
On the ACA repeal before we get into that subscribe. Save the world. Time has has Mark Lippert on this week. A great interview, Lippert, also friend, of the pop Who became ambassador to South Korea talks about the time he was stabbed in Korea's ambassador. Remember that yeah. That was terrible. It's good episode and then, of course, subscribe scribe to love it or leave it. The show tomorrow, night John, but here you staring at me for something there we go. We tried to do this before you shut up, but here is, I don't even have headphones down. I'm really not supposed to be here when I subscribed. Why are we playing music the song to love it or leave it in? Oh, I say it would be in your head forever. It's just it's brutal, also shall announcement today we're not
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select amount to send and type in a friends, phone number or email address to complete a payment. Money is deposited instantly download the free square cash app for Ios or Android. Two things to talk about today: Healthcare in russia- I don't want to start with Russia because I think it's more important to people's lives, but because health care news could break at any moment, so we're just going wait to save it until the end. So this is the Russia story. I think the biggest news of everything that happened yesterday was the CNN story, which posted like eight hundred pm eastern I'll. Just read the lead. The FBI, information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with SP did russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information can damaging to Hillary Clintons campaign. Us officials, told CNN. Would you think when you saw that Dan
well as a communications professional. I would suggest that that is not the headline you're looking for the Trump administration, you don't. That you don't think they put points on the board with that? There is no White Board in the Trump White House the message of the day that says Trump Associates collusion Russia. It says the info includes human intelligence, travel, business phone records and accounts of in person meetings. Now all all of the things that is all of them. This is not seems now. This came after, of course, Mondays NEWS where FBI director James Comi, announced that Trump is under investigation or the Trump campaign is under investigation. Sorry could be Trump as well. I wouldn't really say who in the orbit is under investigation. We don't know. Various reports have said MIKE Flynn, Paul, Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter page and then also Adam Schiff.
Yesterday, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said to Chuck Todd. There is more than circumstantial evidence now when it comes to collusion between Trump Associates in russian operative. You would not elaborate on that, because you're not supposed to as an Intel committee member will get to more of that soon, but yeah, but shift shift took it up and uh yesterday and then the CNN story broke so wow. Why was the right answer? Answer I guess here's my hypothetical question for you on this. Let's say that tomorrow, J Disco Mirror Adam Schiff went to the microphones and they pulled out a speaker and they played a voicemail from Trump to Putin. That said, VLAD great to talk to you
have, would you please hack, Hillarys emails best Donald? Do you wear? Is there any scenario in which Republicans do anything with that? Other and fake news attack the person today to see their fake news or they attack the person who gave it to Adam Schiff to get after the leakers like I can't like I want to be from a poo, project would be helpful, but I don't believe, there's anything short of helping. Forty, or raising taxes on the rich. That would cause Paul Paul Ryan to ever move articles of impeachment against Trump. What, if the Billy Bush tape does Hollywood, where Trump tells Billy Bush that he is that he's asked Putin to hack into Hillary's emails, do you think that'll do it? You think that will cut this? Maybe maybe Jason Chafets will respond by saying that he can look his child in the eye again and then quickly that he is going to continue supporting Donald Trump's presidency. No, I think it's a good point like I don't I don't know.
At this point, what would cause them to turn on him? I don't know what kind of evidence would I mean at some point. You would think that I don't mean first, we gotta figure out what the charges would be here right like I do think it is not You know hyperbolic to say that if Trump Associates were colluding with before an adversary who had committed a cyber attack against the United States, though, could be charges of treason right like I don't I mean. I know that sounds like a fucking, crazy thing to say, but like what else do you charge with if you're secretly helping a foreign adversary attacked the United States yeah? I am not an attorney either. So neither was boom went to grad cool thanks Barack Obama right, but so imagine like to make the to me. It seems like trees or nothing. That's what that's my problem, I'm trying to figure out what other charges there are. Maybe it's not! Maybe there is it's also very true that they could have said yes
We heard that the Russians are going to dump a bunch of emails that they had from the Dnc Sounds cool and then like there's, nothing you can get him on. I don't know, I don't know. You know, let's crowd source this, I imagine we have people with strong legal backgrounds were applied, and maybe they can listen to this and they can but we did us. The actual charges that you would bring against that attribute is associates. In said situation. That sounds. That sounds like a sound process. Let's follow it, yes. I also think that if, if Trump was arrested and convicted of whatever the said charted, whatever the charges are, that are friends will treated us to think I think they are able to impeach him and he would just let him run the country from J. Like he was El Chapo. Well, I mean, but that's so. The crux of this whole thing right now right is that Paul Ryan is racing. To give him Any tax cuts, choose many rich people as possible and take away healthcare from as many people as possible before this in
instigation really gets hairy. You know like he. He just he's out. There is like I gotta, get this agenda past because God knows what's happening with the FBI, I mean it's pretty and there's also possible. There's there's a whole range of possibilities here, a that scene in story was coached in such a way that you know it's to tell it's not it's not death, it's not definitive right. Also, even if it's true associates. We don't know I mean it's, it seems like it would be very hard to prove the trump himself knew what was going on that he was implicated in some way so who the hell knows where this goes? I mean it again. We we've said this before, but it's not like it's something we can talk. About in message every day, because we I mean the FBI is moving on their own timetable. Here, yeah it could be months years before this comes to some sort of resolution. In that time many people could lose health care in many rich people could get richer exactly exactly now. One of the reasons that I think
shift maybe took it up a notch yesterday and talked about there's more than circumstantial evidence is because his counterpart Devin Nunez there and chairman of the intelligence committee. Formerly one of the leaders of Trump's transition team. Now the chairman of the Intel Committee, he he Why today is today, didn't he yeah, He I mean there is an obvious and painful oxymoron joke about Devin units being that intelligence committee, which I will not make that we can save that for love it or leave it by hit hit hit I mean what I'm, what a moron, what every thing that it's it's so done is like there people who are very malicious, who do malicious things to help Trump. But when he is there, he thinks he's helping Trump and he's only making things worse for himself and Trump well, okay, so to to to give everyone some context here should know that the intelligence committees in the House and the Senate are
unusually serious and bipartisan have to all the other committees in Congress. Yes, very unusual in that sense right, but the the people in the intelligence committees in both parties always taking their jobs very seriously. We had a friend of the Adam Schiff on. He was very careful. Not to attack Nunez when he was on the pod, because it's his counterpart he's trying to do this investigation together, they're trying to share information they have with each other before they tell the public, but I tell everyone else, so it is a very it supposed to be congenial environment, also to know as of yesterday, every intelligence agency in the government, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the direct national intelligence, the NSA everyone Intel Committee, both parties, everyone has confirmed, Trump's conspiracy, theory about Obama, tapping his phones was a complete and utter fabrication. It was not correct. Even even Fox NEWS is not standing by judgment
the is reporting, so that's sort of the backdrop of what happened yesterday. So then Nunez yesterday is told by an unnamed source, Intel agencies that were conducting what he said was lawful surveillance, which means it was hi surveillance conducted on foreign agents or people suspected of a crime that that survey. Incidentally, conversations from some I'm transition team members, possibly trump himself, because those trump people communicating either with four chance or people suspected of crimes and the names of the Trump people ended up in intelligence reports that were shared within the in call Committee and the Obama White House and also you know said. None of this had to do with Russia. None of the into a none of the incidental communications that were picked up had to do with Russia. So this is what Nunez learned yesterday upon learning this information Devon and does not keep it to himself. He die.
I tell Adam Schiff or any of the demo on the committee. He goes Paul Ryan in Paul Ryan. Tells him to go to the White House soon as then goes to the White House and tells President Trump who campaign is under FBI investigation and then Nunez walks out of the White House and tells the entire fucking press corps when what was he doing he's a moron also. What is Paul Ryan doing. I mean that just doing all Ryan's park is like pouring supposed to be smart, all evidence contrary and he one his goals, is to keep to prevent their being a special committee which are by personnel for committee, which would not protect up. He was protectorate because once protect tax cuts in plus health care and all the other things that he holds dear was Art and doing this. He basically makes the argument for the Democrats that we should have a special committee, and I mean it's just it's
idiocy, but basically, what Paul wrote? The secret plan that Paul Ryan and David Nunez cooked up is the equivalent of of GOA they're in saying someone couldn't be this person guilty of murder, because I knew they were out robbing a bank at this exact same moment. It's just implicating that it's so stupid. That's I mean it's so funny that, like Trump the white House. Some of the Fox headlines were, like the Trump White House feels vindicated by this, because he said people spying on him, like I mean TIM Miller, had a great tweet about this. He treated see the FBI was investigating whether we colluded with a hostile foreign power boom roasted. What was that? Why do they care about that? Also, like didn't you, we classified information after hearing on Monday, where all talked about, was finding leakers of classified information and how awful they were she so dumb, it's just so dumb,
I don't and then, of course it did the trick, because Trump and all of is idiot defenders were running around like I filled in by the way. Everyone by the way, if you can stand it please go read and then this to me this morning, please read Trump's interview with Michael Scherer Time magazine to time. The cover on is the truth dead, and for that for cover story. They interview, of course, Donald Trump and is such a dissembling. Moronic tirade of war word salad from Donald Trump in she manages to lie in the article about lies. I don't know dozens and dozens of times in all the interview apparently took place right after Nunez went out Two, the driveway of the White House and talk to the press corps all try.
Kept saying the whole time was. Did you see the newness thing? No, I'm vindicated you see the new nest thing and, and it just it goes on and on and on it was. It was crazy. That interview was amazing. It is a couple of thoughts on it, one Trump seems so like he, almost like he'd given up on life. Looking at the ad laughter Michael sure who does a very good job of interviewing trial, because he basically just give him as much rope to hang himself as possible at the end. Translate yeah, I had these problems, I inherited a mess and I can't be doing too bad. I'm president and you're, not president, in your not and ends with, say hello to everybody, okay, he they also live in. What was the thinking in the White House on? Why trump you this interview with Floyd? I'm because I was like hey: where do you an article on the death of truth and we'd like to interview one of the world's most famous liars? You game, I'm sure he's like
well, I'm neck and neck with Richard Nixon for most time covers ever spoke. Maybe this is a shot at that like what are we doing? I was, I figure that out too, and it seems as though, if you read we listen to that or you really read that interview between the lines and you try to go through all the deranged commentary from Trump. It's like the White House must have printed out a couple pages on all the times. That Trump was proven correct, even though people said he was lying, and so it like. Yes, he's like you see right here. It says I talked Sweden. In the next day, there was death and destruction in Sweden. People thought I wasn't going to win the election, and then I won the election. That's like the only one he can really legitimately come back to write. He thinks because everyone is wrong about the election and he was right. Then all of his other lies are there for true but yes, I I wonder if the pitch it to the White House and said like this is Trump's opportunity to correct the record MMA, you know, and then they get gave him like a list of all the things that all the lies.
Bure supposedly proven correct. I don't know, I think it was pretty fucking crazy yeah it is it insane rated it if, if for some reason you Rick as an American, you still sleeping well at night. This interview will stop that Yeah I mean I I suggest everyone take that interview printed out and every time trump gives some speech for everyone says, he's presidential or he's pivoted, or he does something to turn the corner and save his presidency, like just read that interview, because that's who he is and I'm like that's this is who we're dealing with here. So noone is is clearly way in over his head. Here doesn't seem like the brightest bulb and after he does. This John Mccain calls again for a special prosecutor or an independent prosecutor, independent best investigation. I don't know whether that comes. Pass or not it just. It seems hard for enough. Republican is to get to a place where there
asking for an end or they're allowing an independent investigation right, I mean whatever is in the best interest of Trump is what they'll do, and so it's hard to imagine I could see the set it's moving toward something, but the idea that there would be a five thousand and fifty bipartisan committee with Subpoena power, seems so unlikely. Yes, can't imagine what these yahoos with every with it ever never do the right thing need to be so cynical, but they will never do the right thing yeah I mean at least enough of them. Won't you know I mean I'm good good for Mccain for calling for that. But you know it's like it's the usual suspects, Mccain, Lindsey, Graham and no one else so yeah flake on right just like when he's worried about his reelection in twenty eighteen, now. It's interesting that all this noon, as in the time in the CNN story, sort of overshadowed the mornings news about Russia, which was an AP report.
That Paul Manafort Trump's campaign chairman secretly worked for a russian billionaire to assist Vladimir Putin for ten million dollars a year, Manafort proposed ape and to influence politics and news coverage in the US and Europe and this deal from two thousand and five to two thousand and nine, and then he be came the Trump campaign chairman Well John. To be fair. He had a limited role for a limited amount of time that our boy Sean Spicer, that was his The explanation metaphor played a limited role for a limited amount of time. Metaphor was paint chairman for longer than Steve. Bannon was campaign manager, and we only have to look back to. Sean Spicer himself, who said very definitive play when Paul Manafort came on board. That quote, Paul was in charge, I mean maybe it's hard to get into the one hundred and forty characters limited time for a limited scope of work, but we get the point and where was
Manafort living when he was working for Putin, Trump Tower interesting, there's, so many one else live in Trump tower that we do so many crazy coincidences here this all this Russia stuff. It's amazing how many coincidences there are, I don't know, feel like Paul Manafort things are not going to end well for him yeah, it's notable very least. It seems like Paul Manafort could be in trouble, yeah pair minimum entropy in being trouble who his live in Trump Tower: Russian Agents- I guess russian agents, russian agents, Donald Trump, so this cloud of investigation over hanging over the Trump Administration Chuck Schumer uh leader of the Democrats in the Senate, said that quote: I'd like to point out that it is the height of irony that Republicans held the Supreme Court Open
really a calendar year, while Obama was in office but are now rushing to fill the seat for a president whose campaign is under investigation by the FBI, its unseen, need to be moving forward on confirmation of a Supreme Court justice with a lifetime appointment. So the demo, a strategy now is you know we are not going to or we're going to and in the Schumer announced this morning that they're going to filibuster gorsuch. So the strategy is basically like you guys, held this seat open and give a hearing to Merrick Garland, because it was a year left in Obama's term, even though he won by five one million votes in two thousand and twelve. But yet this it is currently under FBI investigation. An you want us to move for with a vote on someone who's going to get a lifetime appointment. You know I first heard strategy, and I was like I don't know Who is this right, but it sort of makes sense to me now yeah it. It is. I don't know that it will be successful in the end, because Republicans control the rules
here, but it is a good argument. It is most certainly the arg. The Republicans would use if Hillary Clinton got elected- oh my god, under FBI investigation, if you hundred percent, if you it was under open FBI investigation, while she was president, I mean I'd, think anyone will be going to work in Washington. I Republicans would literally be staying home like they would be protesting outside of Congress. They wouldn't show up at hearings, they wouldn't be holding votes. I mean it's just it's crazy. You know there is this politico story last night that you and I got in very worked up over suggesting that Senate Democrats were kind of how to cut a deal with Mcconnell, saying we let gorsuch through on a promise that they would not change the rules on the next one. We got very fired up about that it it's pretty clear that that story was either a wrong. That was a trial balloon, because what Chuck Schumer did this morning, makes it clear This is going. The
Republicans are gonna either have to get a new nominee or change the rules. Those are the those are the two options. A course which the office I'm, which my suspicion is that they're going to get there change the rules by I think it's the right thing to do for the Senate Democrats to fight like hell here like the base, would not take it you're going to get the same result either way an you might as well fight like Hell, an Pru. The base that you share, their anger in frustration or an are worthy to have. People show up to vote for you in two years, yeah. No, I totally agree, first of all that political story, you know when you really read it closely. It says sources its source is familiar with the matter. It's attributed to it's not even like you know some Senate official said it right so either like you said, either it was a trial balloon or it was just. You know some in a room in there, but I don't.
We agree that we've already offered Neil gorsuch more of an opportunity. Then Republic offered Merrick Garland. We held hearings for him. You know he's getting question he's able to make a case, and I think I mean I have not paid too much attention to the gorsuch hearings, because so much of other shit's been going on, but I was reading some of it last night and you know the Democrats have been pre great on that committee on the Judiciary Committee and asking him pretty pointed questions exposing him as a you know as far right justice, or that he would be a far right justice with a very, very conservative ideology and, like that alone, doesn't disqualify you from Supreme Court seat, but coming the heels of what they did to Merrick Garland, which was not even give him a fucking hearing yeah. I think it's fair and in any Republican now who like, wringing their hands like how could Democrats not vote for this qualified guy? How could they block him? I can't even imagine you know like well. You were just fucking here two years ago, when you
round and wouldn't even give an eminently qualified jurist a hearing for the first time ever I mean all this fair here and the Republicans will absolutely bring their hands and they will Mitch. Mcconnell will, with a straight fucking face, complain about democratic obstruction that yeah, because he has no soul. Speaking of no, so let's go back. Let's go to healthcare, the the pressure, the effort to repeal fuck yourself, which is what what Republicans are saying to America, I think they may be repealing and fucking themselves repealing, go fuck themselves, alright state of play here. Who the hell knows we don't. It appears that so CNBC's count as of late last night was twenty seven Republicans a publicly
opposed to the bill or strongly leaning against, but it appears that Donald Trump in the White House or trying to make a deal with mark meadows who's, the head of the House, Freedom caucus. Only conservative group of house members and they're trying to we could deal that appeases, the Freedom caucus 'cause most of those no votes are coming from the Freedom caucus who believe that bill- is not conservative enough- doesn't take away healthcare enough, so there in these negotiations- and we have no idea like weather strike a deal in time for this vote, which is supposed to be late late tonight, sometime, hopefully at least it's not going to happen during scheduled it yet the House Freedom Caucus in the White House Cabinet room as we record this, for these negotiations, mainly between, it seems like Mark Mark meadows at the head of the Freedom Caucus and Bannon. Although Trump just walked in the room per twitter.
Keeping up to date here, as this is real time shave and it if they cut this deal, I imagine it will pass, they will lose some other less not a member that I don't use the term moderate, because there are no moderates left by saying. No, I don't know I don't even now. I don't know if they're saying either, but now just Republicans, are not members, the Freedom Caucus good who may happen to be in blue states and because there. I mean this is an interesting thing because, with every additional freedom caucus vote, that Paul Ryan and Steve Bannon Donald Trump get it may Said less likely to ever pass the Senate and to get into some like working parliamentary maneuvers. Because they were doing this on a budget bill. It has to be strictly about taxing and spending basically, and so they can't change
the changes that the House Freedom Caucus, wants, make it. According to many people In that many people are saying that the chain they are making will make it make it so you, can't do it on only fifty votes in the Senate. You would need six so that we kind of have to start over in the so it's not entirely clear what is happening. Other than Paul Ryan gets not in Donald Trump, get to avoid being embarrassed and Kratz get some really great adds to make against the Republicans who voted for this shit, burger yeah. It seems like the only things that Ryan and Trump are thinking about. It is a. How can we win and how can we not embarrass ourselves and trump clearly doesn't know what the is in his bill? He did. He can't he probably couldn't sustain interview on policy health care policy. More than two minutes We couldn't sustain an interview on his own statements with Time magazine exactly right.
And so yeah. I mean look John Harwood to this morning. He was like. Is he still a master negotiator if his starting position was healthcare for everybody and basic he's trying to just he's going. The bill so far to the right that it like covers fewer and fewer people and offers them shittier your engineer, insurance, like yeah. I You could be a master negotiate like if this passes the house. It's not because he's a master negotiator is because Trump has no principles and doesn't care what he gives away like if your negotiator, his position was take anything I don't care yeah, you probably could be pretty successful and we tell people what they're trying to do now with the Freedom caucus wants, is for the Trump administration for this bill to remove the essential health benefits that were required by the affordable care act. So what does that mean the affordable care act? Basically, we said okay right now, insurance companies can offer people really shitty insurance plans. The cover almost any services, so here is
list of health benefits that every insurance plan in the she is required to cover in those benefits are so that means that insurance plans. So if, if if they take away the health benefits, it means that insurance plans are no longer required by law to cover the cost of doctor's visits, trips to the emergency room hospitalization, prescription drugs, pregnancy, real did care and sub abuse treatment, while we're in the middle of an opioid academic epidemic. So like that, What use is that health insurance, if you can, if it's not going to cover since he trips or hospitalization our doctors visits, I mean it's really really bad yeah so funny. Hospitalization. You will not cover trips to the hospital. Well, I mean hospital. In doctor's visits together the best it's like what else? What else has health care but trips to the doctor or trips to the hospital in prescription drugs? Those are the three ways that you use: Healthcare or nah
Let's ride to the cost hospital, I mean. So it's so bad it's! Basically, the new strategy is still going to take up to a twenty four by people, but the people get get to keep healthcare that going even shittier than it was before yeah I mean this is the end and they also so that that would so cause spiral in the markets right, because I ensure companies would offer these really cheap plans that don't the cover anything and then sick people would be a trap. I mean it's just it: it's not a not a recipe. Success. Don't think it's been well thought out, so I don't know they're going to do that or not and as as you just mentioned, because of these parliamentary procedures, these arcane rules- it's not even clear that they can take away these regulations with a bill that goes through budget reconciliation process. The Senate parliamentarian has said, but in the past you can't do that. Who knows if it's true now so question? Is
We don't know whether this passes the house or not at that. As of this point, we don't we're not in the prediction game anymore, but what happened? it fails the house? What's the next step after that? I don't know Trump and Paul Ryan have to walk the streets of DC yelling. Shame I don't know, I think if it doesn't pass, I think two uh they move on a tax reform, which is what Paul Ryan and Donald Trump I think want to do anyway, or the They go back and try to pass the straight repeal bill that has passed the house. Thirty seven gazillion times in the last six years, right so that be those two things, but this is clear. The best shot do this, and if this fails it's a little back to the drawing board and some of the wind, maybe out of their sales and some of the enthusiasm of the major players here, may go away if it passes it is a very strong chance that dies in the Senate because already you have like they can only afford,
lose to Republicans in the Senate. They already have four five: Republicans on record saying they absolutely won't support this bill of the question is it's a very conservative bill? Then? Maybe the people have said no like Rand Paul MIKE Lee TED Cruz Tom cotton, maybe they become yes is feeling I think moderate. If said, no you know Susan Collins and don't know if you can call him a moderate between hellers up for election up for election in two thousand and eighteen. So I think he'd still find three moderates in the Senate to make sure that it dies. So so this he's still alive and people should still fight the with everything you have. One suggestion we got from our friends at move on an indivisible who a working together with a bunch of other groups is on Friday. I want everyone to take a big stand. So after If the vote happens on late Thursday, what they want everyone do is to make a homemade sign show up at their local congressional office at noon. To chant
picture oppose the sign online so just go to your nearest look up the nearest office for you, member of Congress, go at noon on Friday and the idea is to if your Congress person made the right decision and voted the right way. You want to praise them and tell them it's great. If they vote the wrong way. You apply enormous amount of public pressure, because it's important understand that it passes the house tomorrow it's going to go back to the house again after it goes to the Senate. It's going to go for probably at wards or the Senate's going to be impacted by this right. So, like you still have an opportunity to make a difference. Once this passes the house, it is by no means the end of the story, so a big show horse on Friday, tell your member of Congress that they either go to the right, where the wrong way is very important, so find that local office go there, protest outside the office you know posted online syndrome, pictures and and keep calling keep calling your members to. When we come back, we
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That means I get like a sweet velvet jacket like they get on. Snl will work on one four year, merge just for you. I say so. I stayed up late last night and finished the book. I don't read books a lot Alisa you. I don't read books a lot. I know you're like me, it was. I often describe turn off of this crap you as one of the greatest writers of our generation and one of the worst readers. That's an accurate description. That's okay, because so many people have said that my book reminds them of Mindy Kaling's book and it might be because that was the last book I read. Well, you didn't outstanding job, it was so enjoyable to read and- and I think it's gonna have a lot of lot of good advice for people, and it is why I hope so. What made you write it like what we Are you thinking before you decide to sit down and do this. Mostly that, like, if you read all the other books people do when they leave the White House, there's sort of like stuffy.
And really long, and I thought that I could just do something that made working in the White House seem sort of accessible. I might have jumped shark since now, like Donald Trump, thinks he can be in the White House, but we're going to do. I mean I notice that too, like the theme of the book, in my view, was you know, politics often plays out like it does on veep, but so you are trying to argue is most people making decisions are working really hard and trying really hard to do the right thing right, that's sort of the theme. How do you feel watching this White house I mean you know what it is it's like. We all know that you know politics is a pendulum, swings back and forth your there's always a winner and a loser, but this like a fan me to my core is like a public servant when you read the articles about how, like the State Department's home alone, people are just drinking coffee, because there's no leadership and you look at like you know, people talk about the picture of
Kellyanne Conway with her feet underneath are right in the oval office. It didn't offend me. People were attacking her because she was a woman. They were attacking her 'cause. She was in a room, Hbcu presidents, playing like brick breaker, you know, and now it's like all the news about Avanca who, like look, I remember the first time on the pod. I said Donald Trump should pick her to be vice president, but now. Her accessories line is failing, so she's taking up a hobby of working in the West Wing, which is not really a hobby, no it's offensive So what how? How is the experience of writing this book? For you um it was? It was, very, very hard until I accepted that I needed help, and I I think it's like you know, especially for the three of us. It's like we've watched, so many people come and go and things that we were like integral to doing and then like they go
write a book or anyone before us in past administrations and suddenly, like certain accomplishments, are written as one persons achievement instead of like that of a group. And so my problem actually in the beginning is that I kept trying to identify every one of the seventy five people. We work with every day and the publisher was like Alissa. You cannot do that, but you came close. I thought you might try. You mentioned more people that we worked with and I've seen in any other book about the Obama White House like it was really good. Almost every other sentence you were like and then so It was helping me and this person was in the meeting and they were responsible for this and they did a good job playing this trip. So I thought that was really nice of you. So what that actually, so what happened is I also. The thing I wanted to do was only tell the stories that I saw as my stories and not like. You know talk about health care, it's like. I didn't really have that much to do with health care, happy anniversary by the way guys definitely go today. Seven years, ACA
and now the Republicans are like, will really shove it down their throat and try to pass it on the same day. It's like assholes, if it knows so, I so I was like. Finally, why I decided to get a co writer, this woman, Lauren Euler, who I met at vice, who worked on broadly and she helped me actually order in sequence, the story so that I could introduce Appa. And one time and then have them repeat throughout the book so that, like you know after chapter four page, two or three you two are literally just known as viper and fabs prescription needed. I got very I got very nostalgic when you talked about- and I forgot about this in the Senate in two thousand and five and six when we'd have a only have tough Thursday nights we had to meet for breakfast it's on Friday, you and Tommy and main and french toast and have french test
when you say, tough Friday nights, do you mean, like a vote, a Rama? Were you up all night, just counting votes? We were drinking too much. We were at that place on the corner. What was that called like Red River or whatever yeah it's terrible? our favorite story in there. I what I want to hear from you, because you had a lot of good ones, but they were I what what? What would, When the fund stands out, my fave story is probably meeting the queen. You know trip to London, you guys were both there. We forget that that true, I don't so who I thought I was. I think that my body, like my spirit, hovered over my body, as I literally like, tried to Kurts each of Queen, as Flotus in Potis are looking at me like Alyssa. Don't look like they looked at me like with some sort of weird stalker that might look like lurch at her.
Remember you guys, remember you guys push me to the front. We were all standing around and like who is going to go, was going to meet the queen first and you guys are just like go go and I had no, you can do it fast, your hands under pressure, just composure, martial arts, your protocol just push me forward and I was like I I don't think I spoke any words to her. I think I just mumbled and introduced me as like. This is my each owner, John Severin, like Moon, really, your majesty and it's sort of like about it. Just ran away it's better than the time, which I think is a story. That's not in the book. Then, when we went to Saudi Arabia and typically you know, women don't meet King Abdullah and you know and Valerie Jarrett and I were supposed to just like skip when we got off the plane. There was a leaving line and the king was there and we were supposed to skip it, but then the these were like no no go through it, but don't touch his hand, and so when Potis was in juicing, everybody he's like you know, and this is d
Axelrod my senior advisor and then he got to the two of us and didn't know what to do, and he literally said the king Abdallah. This is Valerie, and this is Alisa and he was like just go. He give us a face is like just go just go, but that would that trip to London was something and then and then remember David Beckum? Do you mean you guys like let's just talk about David Beckum for a second he thought I was so hot. He could not keep his eyes off of me. You guys doubted me and then I had a little too much champagne and regaled Colin Firth with questions of himself in love. Actually I believe you were shouting about Uncle Jamie right. We love call Jamie, that was the best of all the trips. I think that was the best. So facebook also has a lot of advice for young women who want to get into politics,
Would you say that advice? Is you mean how beat down the Bros how to beat down the Bros? Yes, let's get into it to Broward to Bro Dubrow, and I actually one of the points- and I don't know if you guys picked up on it- is that you know for women to default, to something you know as sexism. What I actually found in the White House is that there was actually more ageism and sexism and that I felt like you know. Someone asked me a question about member. When woman Bob Gates wrote his book and bad like that, he basically had deal with these, like snot nosed, kids. Yes, you know. I do remember that thanks, bye and so many things for Rex to listen, that's great, but get I actually like. I when I think about it. I'm like ok like right now, if someone gave me at forty one years old, if someone gave me a twenty five year old and was like here's, your deputy chief, operations I'd be like fuck off, and so
I guess I have a little sympathy for Bob Gates, but what I tried to impart is it not always just being a woman, maybe sometimes people think that you're succeeding at a very young age and that's a compliment so you just gotta like bowl through it and also having two Bro friend they understand when you're melting down and give you go games to play so that you cheer up is also super helpful in being successful you've, been there we've melted down as well, so which have I mean if it's a true yeah, no ageism, thing is, I mean like when people attack that white has now it's like. I don't think it's because there's a bunch of you know completely in experience, people who are too young, I mean the president is super fuckin old. I deeply in he's the biggest idiot of all. Yes, not just an experience like Barack Obama and have a lot of experience when he got to Washington. You know it is, and you get this a lot in your book. It is just the failure to even try. You know like yes and I do think that at least
are White House, and you know I would say, probably some people in the Bush and Stration, even though we didn't agree with them and people in the Clinton Ministration people in every administration. They take the job somewhat seriously. Even if we strongly disagree with what they're trying to do one of the things that sort of really enrages me the most is that like when we took it when we no transition and the Bush folks gay this information, you like I'll just speak for myself, though, give me binders and binders and they gave us you know, sort of like tutoring tions, and I appreciate it so much I when we started thinking about you know how were we going to do things? I didn't feel like blowing up everything they did just for sport, and I really think that that that's what it feels like everything that the administration is doing right now. They're, not
Looking at what we did and thinking about it and being like I mean that's, not a bad idea, they're, just like stuck it Barack Obama did it boom and it's it's that's the part. It's like it's like not and it's made me look at bipartisanship and that or partisanship actually in a different way, because what would we get to have met Romney right now? oh. I got a couple questions for you one. I want you to rank the expiry. The meeting the following people, one Bruce Springsteen to the Pope, three, the queen of England,. So I mean to me, I didn't Bruce. Are you talk to him on the phone, which is one of the better of me, which was awesome, but I was also like you're super busy. You can go now. I would so why, when you also tell people why he called you hi, he called me because it was there Hurricane Sandy and Everyone in the White House had abandoned me to go on a road trip with Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen was left in the office
and everyone who was with a Potus and Springsteen and Jay Z was like all. We should throw a bone, and so Bruce called me to ask me for all that I was doing for New Jersey and it was awesome, and I basically sat at my desk and sang Bruce Springsteen songs to myself for the rest of the night. That's really nice, but I I say I mean the queen, but I'm not super religious. I thought that the the meeting the Pope and being in the akin was just like I mean who the fuck it's to do that, like we had an audience with the Pope. That's amazing, but in terms of a lifelong dream I got to put the queen at number one. No, I just wish that she would have take in her range rover with her two dogs and her purse for a spin around Buckingham. It would have completed the experience, but it was. It was quite good enough next time. How are you thinking, like to a little bit about how you think about
like your role and in the, but you know in the resistance and like what advice you would have for people who are looking for things to do now, who are concerned about what's happening in Washington. So you know it's like when people ask me sort of like what's the most, what's the thing that surprised me, the most it was like, I don't know, protesting the White House a day before the inauguration, like I never thought I'd be doing that, but I think that for most people this is about getting engaged like sometimes people like. Oh for me to help. I need to go work in Congress or I need to find someone to back for president, and it's like, I think the thing that we that Democrats have missed for the past couple of years is how local starting local is really. You know, like bottom up movement, so I have told people volunteer like volunteered city hall, going, do something it doesn't have to be every day after school or everyday day after work. Do something you know so that you
learn as much as you can and and participate, and the other thing that I have told people is that I think that social media, which I'm super fond of now, like destroyed our view of the world, and I spend an hour reading. Seven versions of the same story, and so I tell people to get a newspaper subscription and read it cover to cover and that's what I've been doing. I try anyway, so damn smart about something other than the one thing RAP Nunez might have said which we have no, what smart about it? Yes as special, and I he looks scared what is before we let you go. What is one thing upper should only that you would fix about the Trump White House. What bugs you, the most, that you would if you were a deputy chief of staff right now, you would just get in there and change. Well, the one thing that's cool,
is that they actually hired Joe Hagan, who was deputy chief operations in the Bush administration, has a super smart guy, but mostly it's literally how they are using the building. You know it's like this sort of embarrassing, but a couple weeks ago I said you know it's like it's like president. I couldn't remember what president was, and I said you know it's like the president said when he said the White House is the greatest home court advantage, and then I realized it was president shepherd from the american Press and like that. I think that you know I feel so. D please about what every room in the White House means and how you use it, and I just feel like you know not only that but like not, I'm paying attention to the State Department in protocol officers. They did that meeting. You guys know how I feel about Angela Merkel. They didn't
with angular and they just like ditched the german translator. So at least she was sitting there speaking german now, one of the fuck she was saying. I didn't even know yes, and so mostly, I wish that they would just understand that certain things have been in place protocols and such for years and years, not just for us, but to make other people feel comfortable and like really can you can you just bring it back, because it's painful to watch bring back the sanity, Alyssa congratulations on the book. Everyone go by who thought this was a good idea by Alyssa Master Monaco on sale now, browse. I love you, so God has a good were so I've actually read it twice in my attempts to of state to everyone. Well, everyone needs to reread it so yeah part over and over about how pfeiffer- and I say goodbye to each other on my last day in the White House,
That was a tough day when you left me there on my side I have script. Basically anytime. I leave John or Pfeiffer Isobe, so yeah, and it is where it is, and this is a story for another time, but we went when I say we would notice for White House. I literally would not describe the White House since you basically saved my life once oh yeah, that's I mean I I did we can we should. We should write a story about that maybe put in a forthcoming book one day on your fourth, the America will get to that Alright, all right guys! It's John love! It! I just want say that this sappy nonsense is just just killing me. How is this the star of love it or leave it love it? Just couldn't fucking stand outside the studio for five minutes? Hey guess what it's not about! You love it. I just wanted to say hi. Did you read the book yet I love. Are you lying? Are you lying?
but only love, it only reads the mentions on his own tweets. I will. I will check the index for my name. You won't be happy with what you say. I would just say that two people on this podcast got acknowledgements in one didn't they did well. If I had acknowledged love it, it would have been about how he dressed as a park ranger when we went to the Grand Canyon. That's a true. I feel bad about that. Alright Alisa. We guys soon good luck on the book. Tour. Bye, bye, don't go anywhere. This is pod, save America and there's more on the way Party Erica is brought to you by zeal, one of the only thing better than getting a massage. Actually, you know what I don't see. I love it. Yeah, you think you do a getting a massage in the comfort of your own home introducing zeal where you can book a five star top quality massage at a time that works for you in the is convenient place of all your home or your back hurts from running after the kid
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Before we talk about your show this week, what do you? What do you what happened this week I mean we spent most of the show we did half on Russia, half on the affordable care act, repeal attempt thoughts either both uhm? You know I mean I think the russian stuff is obviously really important than there needs to be an independent investigation, but I'm really stuck on the ACA repealed because, as you know, I myself had been long term recovery and I am as part of a community. You know dealing with substance, abuse issues and there's been so much progress made under ACA on that, and this bill just threatens to rip that apart yeah. It is a giant fuck you to anyone in the country that has been set.
Along with the opioid crisis, which killed fifty two thousand people a year yeah, it is a nine hundred and eleven every month. That is the way people talk about it. Now, it's like the the way that the substance of this bill I mean this happens to an extent with You think politics, but to the extent that the substance in Polisy behind this bill has been completely separated from the politics of passing. It is just incredible right that, like the day before they pass this bill, they're going to change it to take away coverage for substance, abuse or prescription drug, or hospitalizations or emergency room care, especially after, like you're saying how times to trump. The Republicans during the last campaign talk about the the opioid epidemic epidemic right like everyday
it will almost every day, because people brought it up because it's hitting those working class white working class communities where Trump did well. It is statistically affecting those communities more and it is, and it won't just be if they take away the essential health benefits by the way, because of what they've got to Medicaid in the bill as it stands like right now. I look this up before taxes. You guys met It covers one slash four of all substance: abuse treatment in the United States, one slash four! So imagine. If that's taken away, imagine 'cause a lot of the treatment centers in the US are small kind of like one. You know, like small person shop. Let's say
quickly like it all. They do. Is substance abuse disorder there not like a hospital right or they're, providing like a suite of different kinds of treatments. These are small places, usually like what we call my treated like street level treatments and they probably are getting most of their coverage. You know most of their payments are through Medicaid. If you're, some small ST level treatment center in Ohio, Medicaid expansion is taken away. You shut down and not only people covered by Medicaid can't receive treatment through you, but no one in that community can receive treatment through you and there's already. Massive shortage of hospital beds, something like forty percent of the counties in the US have no treatment centers in them yeah these guys. These are not good people
I mean just to be blunt about it really kind of familiar with this stuff, like you understand the depth of depravity here like what they're doing, but it is rest taking, it is just hard to get your head around like the way that this is just screws and the people that put trump in office like just. I know that there's like some you know on twitter. Some people are like, oh well, it's hard to feel sorry for them. They deserve it. I decide you to go into these communities and see: what's happened to them and not just get angry and angry at Trump. Let's face it, I'm not angry at those voters, I'm not angry simple, you're struggling right? It is that is the worst response that it's the voters fault. They deserve all the pain they get is just the worst also response. So I said like MIKE Lee's communications director was on Twitter yesterday, saying well, the affordable care ACT helped
the opioid epidemic. It made it worse, even follow the reasoning like because people were having these people having access to more care and prescription. I even follow it was crazy, but, like a number of a number of conservatives were making that argument on not today yesterday, even if it was true. What is that still that? Are you paid for exacerbating the crisis? Well, of course yeah? No, I mean if right first of all, I highly recommend there's a book out their dream land, which is about the opioid crisis right,
but anyway, there's a book out there dreamlands about the opioid crisis, I'm blanking on the name, SAM Quinones, that's the name of the author and he documents the way that the drug companies are responsible for this and actually the lack of care. Because what happens is people are wondering why this is mainly affecting a lot of rust belt communities in working class communities? You can trace their roots back to places like Kentucky where there's a lot of manual labor people get hurt right and they get hurt on the job and their hmo, let's say ten years ago, if the man I
action doesn't give them the option of like long term rehabilitative care, they say, have a few oxys and get back to work, and that is how to pain, pill epidemic started in these communities because it was cheaper to dope people up and get them back to work. Then it was to do any kind of long term care to get people like actually healthy, and that's the task of the origins of this and then it just gives her gets worse. 'cause doctors were being encouraged by these by big pharma to prescribe them 'cause again, it's like so much more profitable to prescribe a pill than it is to give someone. The kind of even for a multi level treatment for pain that actually works at the time, not a good bill people not a good bill. I could tell
Bell and it and it's it's cool. I mean it's it's more than five rebel. I mean I think that this gets to the heart of like what's wrong and what about from, and I have to turn my neck- it it gets to the heart of what's wrong and what's cool about hands. I would hope that this is the kind of saying that even his supporters are going to start the see through right, I mean yeah. No, I I think they will. I mean I looked Dane. The pole. You were just tell me right before we called ANA. It was like that Quinnipiac Poll has the eight. I guess we call it under what Trump Kerr or Wealth Kerr underwater by. I think forty six points among Non college: educated, whites, yeah yeah- that's probably that's that's That's that's a score than he's ever gotten with them, and I think that this matters more than Russia today
yeah, oh, I think so for sure, but this is where they live in breeze or don't breathe or don't live now. This is this is what effects people do Peeling go fuck yourself. This is like yeah. No, we were saying that today, yeah so who's on. Who do you have on the show tomorrow? Well, I'm excited uh. It's moving right along, although of course always somewhat related to the news of the day right we're going to be talking to Adam Savage, the mythbuster, excellent yeah he's somewhat political he's, also science advocate, which of course makes him a radical. As far as there is a sense, each side smarter the resistance now what trump against it right part of the resistance. Science journalism public. I mean my. I was interviewing Jake Tapper the other day like I'm, not a member of the system. Now,
like the late- you know sorry did talking to him- about science, of course, but also about conspiracy theories. You know yes, experience in trying to Bob Smith and we're trying to use science and act to be all things that people think he'd be true untrue and I think we're just gonna try to we're. Actually, I think, going to be helping out a listener. Has some family members are kind of caught up in info worries and she, you know, wrote to me asking if I had any ideas about how to deal with that, and so I decided no, like, let's see if we can either case study, we can, if we can, if we can actually get some facts about using facts matter fact, is this person a vanka trump
Okay, so I have this family member, out there? You seen some crazy things. You know that's good! So that's great if so, if you want to know how to respond to your Uncles email forward or your aunts, crazy, Facebook Post tomorrow is the show for you yeah. It is, and we're also going to talk about through more broadly about whether or not there is a political, biased conspiracy theories. You know interesting, true that if you happen to be aligned with the ideology, that's not in power. Sometimes conspiracy theories can get more appealing, as people at sisters might might actually feel them selves. Sometimes, when we hear these things about Trump and Russia is attempting to kind of go to that darkest place and look for them, those shadow we connect
yeah, that's what helped make sense of it, but that's not always the right thing to do now that we've I mean I I keep saying that here like I do not want to, because there's so many conspiracy he's out there on the right, I've been trying to avoid delving on the Russia stuff. But then news keeps coming out that sort of starts pointing tour the deepest suspicion that you So who knows who knows where it leads, but yeah, it's a good caution for everyone and it's a subscribe. Listen subscribe! Yes,. Subscribe with friends like these listen tomorrow when ANA interviews Adam Savage and and help someone out with their family conspiracy theories on the pod. That should be fascinating and can't wait to hear it alright We will will talk to you soon, thanks for stopping by heart by Anna Anna. And thank you again to Alyssa Mastromonaco for joining us today. Thank you to honor for joining us
prescribed with friends like these subscribe to love it or leave it better, subscribe to love it or leave it people and go buy tickets to pod tours America, they'll be on sale now and mostly subscribe to love it or leave it, but also the tickets and also all the other shows, but also love it or leave it by guys. Bye, guys.
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