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Trump encourages Trump supporters protesting against Trump’s social distancing guidelines, governors in both parties plead for help with testing, Congress nears a deal on another economic relief bill, and China becomes a 2020 issue. Then Senator Bernie Sanders talks to Jon and Jon about why our response to this economic crisis should be more ambitious, how progressive candidates can win, and what he hopes to see from Joe Biden.

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Recruiter, dot com slash worked together to learn, or. I welcome the pod, save America, I'm John fairer, I'm John Love, it I'm Tommy resource, on today's pod love at nice, hot to Bernie Sanders about its endorsement of Joe Biden in what a progressive response to this economic crisis would look like before that. About the protests against trumps public health guidelines that are being organised by trumps supporters. The latest protesting potential dealing Congress on a new relief package in China's role in the twenty twenty campaign, but verse love it. How is the show? This weekend? We had a great lover
back in a closet episode, Megan Pino was there She was sick, get big tat. She was great. It was great attacks, who played a game about sports, and then we had Doktor Alima to whose a psychology and it was a really helpful. Conversation about how it feels to being quarantine and what helps so. I really recommend that plus we talk to listeners in Portland in the monologue- and we heard from two teachers about what it's like to teach under quarantine was great upset. I came to us about psychologist thing. I could do that Yeah, I'm just gonna. I think everybody just listen to his part pause tell him how their feeling in on policy in our demand. Yes, we have one favorite, to ask all of you so now the Congress is almost done with this interim relief bill and is about to start negotiating the next big corona virus response Bill VAT be the last chance. We have to expand.
By mail and early voting before November, which means we have Put the pressure on right now, as in this way we are asking as many people as possible to go votes have America dot com, slash call which will automatically. You directly to your representatives in Congress we even without a script seen examined, to say. Please call this week doesn't matter. If your representatives, a democrat or republican, both parties to understand how important this is so again go to votes able Erica dot com, slash call, I must go to the new so. There is a peace last week in the New York Times by two very prominent epidemiologist who estimated that, if the white had issued. So distancing guidelines just two weeks earlier so- March. Second, instead of when they did on March sixteenth, it could have prevented
Ninety per cent of the: U S, deaths from covert ninety ninety percent about fifty four thousand american lives. That's how effective social distancing, and I bring this up because, on Friday, president of the United States, chose to encourage trump supporters who are now in the streets protesting those very same social distancing guidelines by tweeting quote: liberate Michigan liberate Minnesota in Libya, Virginia and save your great second amendment had so that into Stephen more. Who is one President's economic advisers actually said I call these people the modern day. Rosa parks, protest against injustice and a loss of liberties, so Tommy These protests have ranged from like a hundred people here and Orange County few thousand in Washington state. What do we know about whose out their protesting and whose organizing these protests
Day, Reza Parks. So I'm sure there are some people out there at these protests who are genuinely frustrated with the lock downs. I don't think we are suggesting that they were like tricked into being. There are paid to be there, but what is it? clear is that there is a bunch of right wing organizations that are manufacturing. These events are helping, promote and organise these events. Their doing so because they know that even little protests will get covered by the press ad nauseam and just like, with the tea party, back in two thousand nine Fox NEWS. Is right there waiting to supercharged the coverage and drive attendance and make the service self fulfilling prophecy, and so It's early, but here are some of the ways these are being manufactured, so the Washington Post reported on how a bunch of Facebook groups popped up with ideas. Name's, there's Wisconsin nights against excessive quarantine, pennsylvanians against excessive quarantine, Ohioans New Yorkers.
If you hear those names I'll be identical and you dont believe it's coincidence. You are right because they were all created by three brothers who are far right: wing gun activists and like provocateurs and because so many Muggah people are drifters what the at these anti quarantine face. What pages recommended you paid a joint some gun rights group that they are founders of in Michigan the poor Haswell organised by the american conservative coalition, which also by the name Michigan Trump Republicans and the directors. Our group are influential republican operatives are connected to trump there and his cabinet. They have big pots of money there by billionaires, there literally sharing their verbatim play book with others as a country and in Michigan. It's very clearly designed to target the Governor Gretchen Whittemore they posted and not that on their facebook, page, about how they were killing her her VP chances, but they ve also aligned with a bunch of really scary extremists, the proud boy.
Were there in Michigan in Austin? Texas Alex Jones was out there and so But the goal is to projected image that these are average people who are just fed up with the government. They want to get back to work. The reality is that billionaires business groups. Want to tell those people that they have to go back to work. Are helping promote these events and, what's frustrating about it, is we know from pulling that the vast majority of people in this country are worried that social distancing will end too soon. I think it's like two slash three than the latest people, but happens is just like in the tea party. The decoupling There is, then organised these rallies, game momentum? They trick the press into covering them and it becomes a self fulfilling thing where pretty soon you will see, I think, are. I worry, larger and larger of numbers of people at these protests. Putting themselves at risk and pushing for policies that put all of us at risk
piece of color from the washing of her story about the brothers who run the gun groups. These, on groups that they run are so extreme that they try. To discredit the National Rifle Association. The inner re for being who compromising on guns, safety that's the kind of people were talking about her, the owner has gotten soft John. I we look I believe these are. These protests are real when those three brothers are out there on the streets themselves and when Russia Limbata Karlsson Eugene, Paralysis, sipping, chardonnay on the streets about a mask on Ben. I believe the sincerity behind these four does who events, but until then this is a classic Ashura. Well, in to your point about sincerity, so there is approaches New Hampshire, the Governor New Hampshire is Kristen. You know he's a republican Ethan Dewitt Stay has reporter, at the conquered, monitor, decided to talk to a bunch of protesters, not one of them, not one of them blamed republican Governor Chris Vanunu, even though it is his order to stay home.
And they are specifically targeting democratic governors because they right wing trump supporters, as he said and not necessarily just a bunch of upset Americans in Michigan. They blocked an ambulance en route to the hospital in Denver, protesters, yelled, the two nurses. If you communism go back to China and said, you go to work, why can I go to work passer by said? Well, there go anywhere because their saving people's lives, protests are set. Bullshit I feel that the peoples are perfect, those people- I don't love it. What did you would? What did you think about this, and I want to talk about Trump to get your thoughts on this wise encouraging people to protest the guideline and that his own government has issued yeah So what do I think of people being poor? by right wing interest groups into risking their own safety to oppose public health measures
designed to save millions of lives in the middle of emergency and pandemic. It struck every corner of the country voted on by a president more interested in a chaotic hard to find a story than one that actually discusses his culpability in it? I my thumbs down. I don't like. I am not a fan of it. It's some its orbit the very sad you know these People deserve to be held to account for being, out there right like the fact that they are dupes. That a lot of them are simply dupes of organization that doesn't have their interests at heart. That is kind of fooled them. For a very long time doesn't mitigate their culpability for being out there, but at the same time you know What we are seeing is what happens when the dog catches, the car rush. Limbaugh, has been doing this for decades Fox News- has now been doing this for decades
tromp, is a combination of that logic, as are many rightwing propaganda outlets on Facebook and just on line generally back by billionaires, never made a profit, never could make a profit there. All predicated on the idea that the main institutions, the governments, the mainstream press- that does the vast majority of genuine reporting in this country, The functioning bureaucracy, whether it's the cdc or the healthy or help inhuman services were veterans affairs where the Pentagon, or what have you done? These organisations are going to be strong and are going to do their job and are going to exist, no matter how much shit we throw than from the sidelines and we'll get up people all riled up and we get them angry me, get them to vote for a public Andaman, get them to be spite foaming, get them to buy gold or supplements or whatever the the shit is push on their on their shows on their networks. But but now we are in a situation where they are the White House and now
one of their one of the one of the leading figures of right wing propaganda is doing it from the briefing room every day, doing it from his phone everything day and incredibly dangerous, and we are sort of seeing it everywhere in millions of people. You know there is another story about a person who family was pleading with him to dont. Go on this cruise. It's not safe, it's not safe, but this person had been listening to Fox news in listening to the president. I mean this is is what is playing out. There are millions of Americans who have been duped and they are playing the of useful idiots to Trump and trumps allies for their own political and financial purpose counterpoint. Why is no one marching in favour of social distancing wanted? She, you lives If your asses and hit the streets but all Tommy. There was a really incredible approach. Asked in Israel against corruption by Netanyahu. I'll, probably here about our party, the World fifth Madame
but they so it was a socially distant bizarre that were measured out six feet apart. Incredibly moving image to see these people trying to have their voices heard, while, following the rule how dare you suggest? I didn't see the annals of an Anti Netanyahu protest. Really it's railroads was there. A cover story, meets a Netanyahu story. It is made reports. If the way I will pay you know, I saw you know it. Your time story than pure beggar treated. This, like you know these protests by from encouraging these protests. He could sort of few. The kind of working class, populous raids that that helped him an in twenty sixteen. I actually he is here even a tricky position politically trickier than we might think because try obviously is meeting this shit because he wants the protesters to know that he is on their side right
include they do in a very and in some of them. In a very scary way, you know Ben Collins at NBC said the trumpet, its lead right wing extremists to speculate whether the president was advocating for armed conflict. Some some of them are tweeting after that, so scary, but at the same time that he wants them to know he's on their side. He also the most porn thing for trumpets to win reelection and he seize the same numbers than we do. Are you briefly mentioned this, but you know that the latest navigator Paul has ten percent of Americans say we should relax social distancing and that's even selected among trumps base. Eighteen percent republican seventeen percent of twenty sixteen Trump voters in fourteen percent, Fox News- viewers want to eat social distancing right now. There is a Yahoo pull out this morning, only twenty, two percent of american support the protesters and Republicans Republicans, who's. The protests, forty so Thirty, six now properly The works. If trumpet
we decided to be a hundred percent on the side of the protesters and foxes ramps this up every single day like they usually do. You can start to see those numbers change that still gets you. You know thirty five. Forty percent of prompts base- and I think Trump knows that the vast majority of Americans and even a lot of his voters, appreciate and believe in the social distancing guidelines. So he needs to play both sides here, yeah. In the missions part, was instructive. Like there was some reporting that maybe some of the people protesting felt that some of the most recent round of Gretchen Wittmus restrictions on being able to purchase like lawn care items and things like that were a bridge too far, and that would finally upset people, but I mean, I think, Probably specious and silly the reality I think the Democrats he to explain evokes folks is a lot of, These protests are backed and organised by your bosses
who want you to go back to work, to be forced to go back to work and they want liability protection in case you get sick and we d say as Democrats, we we hear you, we feel your pain, that's why the government needs to take more steps to protect you and make sure that you are able to feed your family and have healthcare and can get through this time without putting yourself at risk. I'll say one other thing about this too, which is, You know you talked about the failure, take it seriously enough early enough and how much death might have been prevented. And many have pointed out right that there was a bit of time where it wasn't. I would not like it took us as a nation. It took us, It took us as a nation it took us out beat to really understand the nature. What we were facing part of the reason it took us a moment to figure out what we were facing is at the person best suited. To help the country understand what it was about to go through with the most intelligence. The most access to information the best scientists in the world, all of whom were saying
This is an emergency, and it's coming wasn't doing his job because he was more worried about the stock market than he was the american p. But even beyond that, we are now well, over thirty thousand deaths, we had more four thousand people die in one day last week, millions of Americans are out of work, country is basically at home, not sure what's gonna end imagined different. It would look if there was a president saying something like thank you thank for what you're doing to protect her country. I know it's hard. A lot of people are working party, this to be over our doctors, nurses. Thank you for supporting them, I'm great wit. You might have thoughts go out, like any other who say my love it Gavin Newsome is saying that my the wine Republican saying that Larry Hogan Republican Governor Maryland, saying that, like democratically public and leaders all across the country or saying that very same thing. We don't a president who will say. That is what I mean I. I have I do have concerns that you know
as much as these protests are sort of fuelled by trumpet a bunch of right wing groups. There is going to come up Why? Where you know the economic? and of these shutdowns is so great that a lot of people protect people who live in states where there haven't been significant. Outbreaks are going. Look around their community intervention people out of work and they're, not gonna, see many cases in their stay in their community and their guns, Why the hell can't we go back to work like I get that but poor this house a few months like in May and June a lot these governors of both parties are going to start to. A lot of these social distancing, ITALY. Only some of the toughest certain distance and guidelines, people are gonna start going back to work. They're gonna be able to start leaving their home safely. Hopefully, one That happens. The big barrier economy getting back to normal is going to be the fear. People have that because we still don't have a vaccine, it's not safe
to go to a restaurant, it's not safe to go to a stadium. So then, what from going to do then. What are these right wing groups? Gonna protests like I just dont know. I understand why this is a problem right now, but in two three four months: I'm not sure where this goes. Where would you guys think Johnny you suggesting that Donald Trump is taking a short term view of this big problem. Yet that's yeah. I look. I also think that the dog, it pains me thought differently across different states where there's been states it spend it access to Healthcare under Obamacare. It's probably a little bit easier on those citizens. There's been a lotta reporting lately about how floored as unemployment. Current system was built to incredibly hard to use, so there are people work and be punished by bureaucracy. It out. In place, usually by republican governments who dont want social services to go to the poor, so you're right, it's gonna be fine. Differently, there's gonna, be pain, points differently. I worry about like phase one of trumps plan, including
Opening up sport stadiums like a lot of this, she seems incredibly unrealistic to me in your right that, like in three months, the frustration going to be fine. Greater than it is right now and, like I worry about what his angry Saturday morning tweets, will look like a dappling. I also think because because he has been so focused on the short term and there is no kind of national voice of. You know com of reasonableness of fortitude that that there is actually very little understanding. I think of just how much of the loss of victory, is gonna feel like just how closed in open economy feels like any other period, if, like it, back to the point where, like seven, the five percent of the economy is running that incredible achievement, maybe impossible. Until there's a vaccine or vast more testing,
that's a massive recession, that's a massive massive downturn with millions of people in misery, rated forced into economic dislocation having to move having to move in with their families having to desperately seek relief somewhere from the government on an ongoing basis, so cause there's no one setting expectations or nobody in a position to set expectations. I there is so preparation for the millions of people who I agree with you, John, are going to start bristling against the walls of this stay at home order and then we'll come out to discover that things are not what they were. So We ve talked about this before, but the only way to make it safe or safer. For me, to leave their homes and go back to work is with a national strategy for fast, easy accessible testing in contact tracing? We still have that democratic and multiple republican governors keeps saying that they don't have enough supplies, are testing kits trumps, the governors have enough testing capacity that they need to quote step up and get the job done. Any accuse them of complaining which led to the
response last week from Andrew Coma, president doesn't want to help on testing he said eleven times. I said the one issue we need help with. It is testing. He said eleven times. I don't want to get involved in testing. It's too complicated. It's too hard. I know it's too complicated and it's too hard. That's why we need you to help. I can't do an international supply chain He wants to say what I did enough Yet none of us have done enough. We haven't because it's not over So yes thank you for the job cuts. Thank you for the yours Navy, ship comfort, but it's not over. We have a lot more to do and no one can take the pasture we'll just I thank you for what I've done and are now out. I'm not doing anything else. I've done my part. What if I said to the people of my state? Ok,
I'm done by the way I saved Hundreds of thousands of lives, I flattened the curve. I created more hospital beds than anyone ever imagined. I coordinated the entire state, I'm done I'm done, I'm going home, I'm going to go, see my mother and we spend time with my kids and I'm going to go out fishing in Connecticut, because their marinas are open. That's it! I'm done. What if I sit down, that's what we say: I'm done so during Sunday night breathing New Cuomo oppression. What good deadliest, as I run quite frankly, get so during sending aid. Everything Trump did say that he's. Calling in the defence production act to fix the testing shortages end quote you'll have so many swabs. You won't know what to do with them.
So we started Dick about it. I know what an image shouldn't give you wanted. Wabi media like throwing a handful of swabs in your face for no reason so we'll see. If you actually does this, but tell me why did you take him so long? And why does he keep pushing this onto the states? I mean the. Why is the harbour? I just think he doesn't want to own the responsibility for anything that is hard and anything that might be seen it. The failure, but just in case folks, think that were being part, is in here Larry Hogan Republican, a Maryland MIKE Dewine republican governor of Ohio, Charlie Baker. Massachusetts they are all the ones were saying. The lack of testing is probably the number one problem in America. And the number one thing holding up the entire economic response so I'll, be us for the life of me. If I'm Donald Trump and I won and nothing more than to reopen the colleagues, I think that's the only way I'm gonna get reelected than I prioritize. Widespread free, massive, pervasive testing
but that has been the CDC single greatest failure since the very beginning and for some reason he still doesn't want to fund in prioritizing, and I dont get it lovely them yeah. I dont understand. I dont understand it either rare it does. He like it is space incompetence and the focus he has on the briefings and he's saying I dont get it on every day to a bunch of people who, like the attitude to get it done. It is also a really hard problem. You know we need. We need to We need an order of magnitude, more tests. We need testing in the millions many places that can produce and and and process testing. The millions and so in the absence of leadership from the I am directing all of this. You now have the kind of the states that have up built incapacity places like Massachusetts Places like California. Trying to kind of figure out what they can do to ramp up their own testing, because there I'm getting any leadership.
From the White House, it is sort of hard to explain because we're all operating under the assumption that Donald Trump is doing whatever he cannot of self interest, but out of self interest weeks ago, he should have activating the defence production act to ramp up testing and he doesn't know and I don't think anybody can explain at its annex vi, VII of the Washington Post gotta couple. Current administration officials, trumpet ministries, officials to say that terms buck stops with the states. Posture is largely designed to shield himself from blame. Should there be new outbreaks after states reopen or for other? problems, and, like maybe he believed that maybe these aids who, when I background, believe he believes that block on what planet is that gonna happen right. The president, you own everything. You want everything Sars, let IDA yeah Endlich, look like there is a is tough to figure this out But it's not just about more money, though it is also like
and you can make an argument that states can be doing this testing on their own. But you know, as we heard Governor Cuomo say like it's about of Coordination and organization here like he would ever like. I can't I can't do a supply line coordinator supply line with China or other countries on my oh right, like these staff, AIDS and is the same same issue with medical supplies, protective gear ventilators like their bidding. And each other their competing against each other. There trying to fit like there's pie and reagents and all this shit for testing that are scattered across fifty states and a hundred and eighty countries and You need a national strategy for that. You need national coordination for that, even if the states are the ones administering the tests and for some reason they have just been so slow to get it done and that you're, like I don't know it- doesn't Donald Trump understand like his dream of opening the economy, have any economy surge back opening America that only
its realized if people feel safe and they only feel safe if there is massive testing I dont understand why someone can tell that. That's actually a political benefit for him. If there is if there is massive testing America's brought you by Dell for resources. That's why dealt acknowledges assembled in all star lineup of pod castors to create them. Technologies assembled in all star lineup of pod castors, to create the first ever virtual conference, shared vice, an inspiration for small businesses del technologies advisors are also here to help you navigate remote working essentials Del technologies recommends windows. Ten pro for business search, EL technology, small business, POD, France on radio dot, com, Spotify or Apple podcast, starting May. First. POD America is brought you by honey. We, shop online, so much a lot more than ever, especially now.
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Republicans in Congress. Only wanted more money for that programme and nothing else. Democrats wanted more money for that programme plus they wanted to fix the programme because it wasn't helping in small businesses and underserved areas, plus they wanted monies for hospitals, testing, cities and states. Tom what looks like it's gonna, be in the final deal as of right now, and do you think it's a good one? So what looks like right now was about a fifty billion dollar package, which we should just as for a second and say wow, that's a lot of cash in Prague. Obama would have loved the second for fifty billion dollar infusion of cash during the financial crisis. But a cut point for another day so soundly three hundred billion will go to the paycheck Protection programme. That's the programme. That's been designed to give loans to small businesses for rent payroll utilities necessities and the business that accept these loans and dont fire their staff for a certain amount of time or a high percentage of their staff. They get those loans forgiven. There was a, a previous ppp relief pack.
That included, but through and fifty billion dollars for it. Programme, but it got use up very quickly. So initially the republic in sad, let's just pass an extension with more money for he p You know you're familiar with us You know, look we're down with PPP you're familiar with us as they say, as the saying goes, but we want some other stuff, so the bill now has fifty billion are sixty billion Small Business Administration, disaster relief fund, where you can get like ten grand really fast, if you're a small business that was hurt by some sort of disaster there, if I billion for hospitals or twenty five billion for testing there Some progress has appointed out. There's not hazard, pay for frontline workers, or you know, rent stabilization support or or rent payment free support by. It's a pretty in a look. The Democrats moved Mcconnell from three hundred billion two four hundred and fifty billion, so that's that hell of a lot of progress. I think level
What do you think right before results regarding air sea and privilege? I am also the day will oppose this bill, partly because of what what time just said. It leaves out, you know the republican so far saying that money for cities and states is a red line. They will not do it in this bill. People Governor Cuomo lots of other governors. Republican governors are well as well are saying we don't get money soon, like it's gonna hurt fire, apartments schools. You know all kinds of state in your colleges, state and local funding What what do we do here is as Democrats because yes, Democrats have leverage, but before this deal was struck. You know, Democrats were also blame for a week for holding up money to keep. People on the job yeah I'll, be all right in saying that I dont know because part of the Part of what makes this I think nuanced, is
not just about. What's it it's about. What's in this bill, it's about. What's in the next bill, it's about what's the biggest emergency now, but also what are the must pass parts of the next bill that will give Democrats more leverage on the next and bigger package. Right, like I agree with all the priorities that that that aren't in this bill that air sea and others are advocating, for. I don't totally understand how the negotiation will play out based on not have things here, verses what will be in the next one because support for states. Seems like it is inevitable and unnecessary. Some some measure hazard pay seem necessary. I dont know how inevitable I mean there's a bunch of different pieces about this. I guess Don't totally understand the negotiations enough to understand whether it is worth pushing this through now and making sure you fight for those things in the next bill, or if this is a one time opportunity to get some of those pieces in one dynamic that keeps out. Is rights concern the bill.
Is there a leverage, because you know Mitch Mcconnell says something like we don't need more money for anyone. We ve done enough. You now, and maybe there won't be a phase for bill and then Nancy Policy calls up Steve Manukyan and like oh yeah, I'm ready to play ball. Think that now dynamic is not because, like Stephen, Ukraine is a wonderful person it's because Donald Trump wants to win reelection and Donald Trump needs a good economy too action, or at least you need a better economy during an election, and so Donald Trump continues to want to play ball here on successive economic, really package's, so I do think there will be a phase for bell. I think you know the Trump Administration has said this as well. Even if Miss Mc Gowan, might not want there to be so I do I think there is another chance Democrats to exert even or leverage that made on this bill, but look it's it's a tough position for Democrats to be in again
because not just for the politics, but because we are the more responsible party who wants to help people like yeah, that the small but is paycheck protection programme really did run out of money we're stories today that there is a ton of very small businesses who didn't get there: didn't get their loan from this programme. There are of small businesses. Small businesses I put in quotation marks because their part of larger restaurant chance, like Ruth Chris and shake track and others who got lots of money, for this programme and a lot of like mom and pop small businesses and small businesses and minority communities and in rural communities did not Anything from the first dropped so like at some point, you dont want to hold up funding forever when there is a possibility that a bunch of small businesses could get money to keep their employees from being laid off in a bunch of whores. Rolls now to get a bunch of money that they badly need to help lives like how long do you really hold that up
I totally understand the frustration from some of progressive there's not enough in the bill to get money directly into the pockets of working people. There is also understandable frustration with the implementation of the first round of ppp money, because in many instances your ability to get alone had nothing to do with need. It has everything to do with how strong your exit you're. Pre existing relationship with your bank was because, if you had all that paperwork sorted out, you can get a quick lean. If you didn't, you couldn't what seems like a dumb way to implement a program, but look, Miss Mcconnell is a terrible, cynical person, but here People would say like this, was about sequencing and is getting this money out the door as fast as possible and I think it was smart and right to food. To add a hundred and fifty billion dollars more money, The package like, ultimately, I too, am hopeful that will see another tranche of money, because I'm a Trump Macaulay in every Republican. Frankly, have a vested political interest in the economy, not,
turning to the ground, which means they're, gonna need another tranche of money now like if these guys always find a way to help our business interests and donors in incorporations before real people, but yeah you have not sure what exactly Democrats wish was to do here. Ways with direct filibuster, a bill just fight for Our priorities like I it's hard, it's hard to understand how the negotiation is happening. Besides, These calls between policy in the new king. I would say this for the next bill. I the Democrats should pass a bill through the house. That is the most ambitious progressive bill possible but includes everything they get this one plus everything they believe. Basically, our vision of what looks like to take care of people during a pandemic rent stabilization paper, Frontline Workers Bernie Sanders had some great ideas with Warner. Some great a whole bunch of people do put it all in this bill for phase for elect. Protection, Secondly, the house:
and then say all this is what it's gonna take to fix. The economy like Mcconnell Donald Trump, how much this do you want and then, if They accept it great than you know. Help the common, we hope a lot of people. If they don't accept it, then you have your France for November then you have. This is with a democratic plan, is to fix the economy. This would help workers, the Republicans refused it Donald Trump refused it. They wanted to help their rich friends. So look at the very least the next. We get your face. Instead of poles He calling up Menuhin first to negotiate pass a bill through the house. That represents what you want to see ultimately in the final product. That makes sense was like about twenty twenty here's the leader of a Washington Post story from the week end quote: President trumps campaign is preparing to launch a broad effort
linking Joe Biden to China. After concluding that it would be more politically effective in defending or promoting trumps response, the corona virus pandemic. Now, apparently, not everyone on team Trump agrees that the strategy cleaning Kelly and Conway, but apparently their internal pulling is getting worse for Trump and it shows that three quarters of all voters, including Biden voters, some vine voters, blame China for the pandemic, so from superpower, is trying to get Hashtag Beijing Biden trending within head by in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Biden campaign last week hit back with this
tromp rolled over for the Chinese. He took their for president tweeted. China has been working very hard to contain the corona virus. The United States greatly appreciate their efforts and transparency jobs. I spoke with resident she and their working very, very hard, and I think it's got all. I got five Trump priest, the chinese fifty times in January and February as the corona virus spread across the top situation. I think is a very good job and I think that China will deliver Trump, never got a city, see team on the ground in China and the travel ban he brag about trumpet, let in forty thousand travellers from China into America after he signed it, not exactly airtight look around twenty two million Americans are out of work and we have more efficiently reported cases into death than any other country. Dunwood shrunk left this country, unprepared and unprotected for the worst public health crisis in our lifetime, and now we are paying the price of a negative ants in the world. Can change the truth,
Tommy. How serious the China add strategy here on both sides? How much damage it is a social media. Is this some real money here now using real money. I mean that the trumps Super pack is spending. I think ten million dollars attire by to China and then Eric and Bridge democratic Super pack spending fifteen million criticising trump for them He coddled China in response in the early days of the pandemic. So this is you see, we're going to be a core part of this strategy. I found so fascinating about that Washington Post story. Was it I've, Kellynch Conway on the record in the White House. Basically, fighting with her own campaign team about add strategy. She wants the risk. The tv adds to talk about all the great things. Trump did and live with campaign is acknowledging. Is there's not much there there and that, in fact you can't really move numbers by talking about Donald Trump record, I'm Colonel IRA, so the
question is well at work and the answer is with all things predicting I dont know I mean I do think there is fertile ground here, like you say, like? Seventy five percent of voters blue China for the Krona virus outbreak? There is the element of this, which is the suggestion that the Chinese are made even more culpable because the virus somehow escaped from a lab, rather than just naturally occurring in a bat right, like that's a new theory that the Trump people are trying to push really hard. If I were operating with the same set of facts. I would rather be team Biden because you could point to all the things Trump did and said in those early days with respect to China, and I think, that's much more real that, frankly, they like Some Joe Biden going back to nineteen. Seventy nine, which is what they said, will be potentially part of their campaign, the Republicans but I mean I always worry that the Trump people have way more money and our way more shameless, and so that and overwhelmed even the best at effects on us.
Love it, which side of in the trunk campaign do you think is right Kelly and Conway on that we they should promote more of his pandemic response or the campaign that they should do telling always fellowship Gaed was on the first launching us. She knows that that you don't win for Donald Trump by making Donald Trump good you win by making his opponent bat, that's what they did. Hillary Clinton that's been their play. And the very beginning. That's what they're going to do this its are pretty simple, didn't just pick China, coincidentally, they picked it because they viewed they had they think they have a big liability on China. We talked about this. Last week when this first started happening. They think that they have a big China liability because of which I would Donald Trump said any early days of this pandemic in being deferential to China. Praising China and not, taking out the threat seriously enough and so they are attacked Joe Biden for those in buying is gonna, respond to make sure
that there's only that debt that did there that there's more than one argument being made that there's an opposition argument being made to kind of Naturally Joe Biden from this attack- and so if we are to talking about China who did a better job of protecting the tree from a virus that did begin in China. There is one person who praised the government of China while allowing a pandemic difficult in the contract of, and now that is, that is not to say that, like an and by the way like and then that it'll, come with a lot of demagoguery from Trump about China, which has been doing for a very long time anyway, and so it sort of the same playbook just a difference chapter. Like quarter, I saw some people being like criticising Biden for jumping in on demagogic China and, like all now, we have both parties, demagogic, China and this could be dangerous, and I agree that, like you know, it's not in anyone's
certainly on the country's interest? To just be all anti China for an entire election. I bet you that's how you eventually get two wars, but by Start this thing and if Europe is going to spend most of his pain or a large part of his campaign strategy, saying that Joe Biden is too close to China and weak on China. I think it is not really important, but absolutely fucking necessary for Joe Biden to point out the facts of Donald Trump. Response the corona virus pandemic, which included believing president she over his own intelligence. Just seems pretty obvious Democrats should not like work themselves, to a position of defending the chinese response to this outbreak covered it up. They locked down doctors and critics, they ve scrubbed web pages of information that had been posted previously their initial response, or not letting in exports sitter internationally recognised.
Screw this up in a big way. We should get to the bottom of exactly how now part of this the it's suggested in the press is that this is a p of a bigger puzzle that will include like Hunter bindings business deal. Things in China and I'm sure they will try to drag everyone they can possibly fine through the night on the story, the Trump people, but I would be worried about the fact that, back in twenty eighteen, the Chinese awarded a vodka trump a whole. Bunch of new trade marks for her businesses. While what what an amazing coincidence and invited same time, Donald was helping out z, tee a chinese telecom company Jared cushions. Having all these secret meetings with chinese authorities like There is a lot of shady she had happening with the Trump kids in. Business dealings in China that ISIS, it would be the very first thing. The Biden folks would say in response to allegations about Hunter Biden. So again, like I'd rather have the Biden team set a fax yeah The trunk campaign is
working overtime, dishpan. Quite a few political reporters somewhat successfully that you know This is there. This is the silver bullet right here, they're going to attack you Joe Biden, is weak on China, India, the hundred thing in this, and that it is now to say it's, not a clean hit for them is an understatement for them. They have family connections to China, trumps The response by believing China, like I just think it is so every time I see one of these pieces, as I term campaign has polling that thinks this is the big deal. You know it's like yet if Biden says nothing in response, it's gonna work rent, but if you match it with the record of what tromp actually did his when he's done to chat with China, things in a work very well. When we come back love it. I will talk to Senator Bernie Sanders Party. America is broadly by Roman
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in the interim relief bill being negotiated in Congress. Right now. It seems like Democrats, one funding for hospitals, testing and more relief to underserved small businesses, but Reportedly, I'm getting money for cities and states, hazard paper, frontline workers, rent freeze or any other provisions. Other provisions that you and many others have called for obvious can't pass without quite a few democratic vote in the Senate. Will you support this but what we are looking at today, a multi stage process, I'll find out more I'm beyond a democratic leadership meeting in a few hours, I'll get what detail, This will be a modest proposal. Quorum, quote modest But clearly what has got to happen is that we need a new major major piece of legislation. And in that major legislation has got to be all of the things that you talked about a lot more often sample one of the things that I am fighting for with
The Senate is who have a different political perspective that I do. People like Mark wanted Doug Jones. And and others, to make sure that every worker in America continues to receive his or her Hey track a similar to me, approach used by many european countries, which I It is the fastest most efficient way of getting money out to working people throughout this kind I join the other thing that I believe has to be done in the midst of this terrible crisis. Is to make sure that all Americans have health care. Out of pocket expenses, And what that means to me is that care should cover the uninsured. Fill in the gaps for the under ensured in pay up the burden for those people who are now losing their health insurance when they are losing their jobs. We also have got to make sure this is a scandal beyond belief.
That our medical providers are doctors, nurses, others have the protective equipment that they need as quickly as possible How confident are you that trumpet Mcconnell will actually negotiate a larger faced for bill? I am reasonably competent and obviously you know what is in that bill will be stronger. They want contain with we tax breaks for the rich. They were I as little accountability as possible. They would like the dole out billions of dollars. An aid to operations without, giving the american people the details, at the end of the day we are facing such an unprecedented healthcare crisis. Economic crisis. All that I am copy that they're gonna be forced to come to the table, for it a major piece of legislation center. You not there The times over the weekend. Talking about some of the ways the pandemic exposes fundamental bro
it in our economy. Our society. How do you see the pandemic affecting what is politically possible? How do you see it What lessons you think it's teaching our society. While I think let me clear, we are living through a moment in history and I think many of us because we are living through it. Don't even fully appreciate the dimensions of it but does? the unprecedented moment in the history states of America so we're looking at a horrible virus which is killing tens of thousands. Of our friends and our neighbours, everybody is worried about their own. Health are worried about their family, Meantime we're looking at twenty two million people who have officially applied for unemployment, insurance and the number of unemployed is China than that. So massive economic downturn a nest. Economic crisis! That is what we are dealing with right now. We can even to deal with it effectively
If I'm sitting in my house, you're sitting in your home workers are not able to get into factories into offices to do their jobs, so this is a horrible horrible moment. But I hope that in the midst of this unpaid, and ended in a rift moment. P. What sitting back and asking themselves questions which we don't hear disgusting Congress or in the corporate media. For example, we have been told over and over again how wonderful and how popular our current health care system is which ties. Health care too, employment right? We ve heard that a million times I have a good job and I have good health insurance. What more do we need in the world where It turns out that the system is a little bit more vulnerable than was previously discussed, because when you have tens of millions of people losing their jobs, you know what Many of them are also losing their health insurance.
And then, on top of that we end up spending twice as much per capita for healthcare. People of any other country on earth, and on top of that before them had them like we're? Eighty seven million, uninsured or under ensured, so I think they're all over this country. John people are saying Is this really the kind of this than we want in the future? Why are we the only major country on earth? Not the guy? aren T healthcare to all people. As a human right. Should we continue to talk at I healthcare. To our jobs That's issue number one issue, more to the broad economic issue and that with many people. It is a tragedy that so many people are losing their jobs. But what we are also thing is that millions and millions of people when they lose a paycheck. What to pay tax. Find themselves in dire dire economic circumstances
One thing: if you have a couple hundred thousand dollars in the bank You lose your job, if not situation. But what happens if you have two hundred dollars in the back and you lose, your job in Europe, get a picture of european family in a pay. Your right. How you to pay your mortgage- and you know what happened the country was in position before the pandemic For that reason, the whole issue of Nature of our economy do we think it is a good idea and we allowed to discuss the Rio three people only more wealth, then the bottom half of America and half of all people living paycheck, the paycheck. And by the way, half a million people who are homeless. And God knows how many people, because of poverty end up in EL through mass incarceration. So I would hope that- for some of the issues where people thought think about and acting as soon as with her with this pandemic, so it was little over ten years ago that we went. A previous massive financial
since the required a massive intervention by the government, What lessons did you learn in how the government responded, then that you think Democrats and Congress the applying right now, where you got a couple of hours without discussion, John sorry and under that very well. That was not long after I was elected to the Senate, man that was in two thousand and eight to pass the night, and I remember, the Secretary of Treasury in the Bush administration come again and say ok I'll look we got a very, very serious crisis, will streets about the collapse. Please give us one hundred and fifty billion dollars other we contribute to our watchword. For. I, and on top of that, obviously the FED is gonna, provides euro interest loans were almost zero interest to the two trillions of dollars operations in America, banks in America and central banks all over the world. Thank you very much. Please sign off on that
and that was with a few modest exceptions some help for homeowners, not much that was a bail out for the big money interest and before them endemic at least we find that Wall Street have more. Concentration of ownership and even before the bail out, It is going phenomena we well and- and I voted needless to say against that bail out. The lesson to be learned is that in an economic crisis, our focus It's got to be on the ordinary people, the working people, the lower income people who, struggling. We ve got to help them and why this last, so called stimulus bill of two point: two William gave away much too much boardroom, fifty billion to the corporate world. Ah there was there was a lot more in that bill. Ordinary workers them The case back in two thousand and eight and pray
The most significant part doesn't get. A lot of discussion is the fact that we put some twenty five billion to the airline industry, not to help the sea, but to continue workers in that industry, two million workers continuing to receive their paycheck? You guys aware of that. Two million workers in the airline industry continue to receive their Patrick. That's a model, though I want to see applied to the entire economy. Obviously we extended unemployment for workers gave him six hundred dollars a week. More gotta check twelve hundred hours, etc, etc. So this bill was far far from perfect but there was a lot more consciousness of democratic leadership stepped up to the plate. Expression was workers burst Can we have done better? Yes, must we do better? Yes, but at least it, a complete bail out of a Wall Street and the rich. So You know, Republicans had been giddy about
tacking you for being a socialist? They were excited by the aspect of it In the last few weeks we ve seen Republicans in times drag by Democrats gap. Hide a boost, unemployment, insurance, forgivable loans for small businesses, direct payments to American, some, even now supporting wage subsidies. Did you ever expect So many democratic Socialists with Africa democratic, rippling right through the? U s Europe's job asked me a moment ago. Here with you, asked me about him. Lessons that we learn. Well, you know what turns now that right now, both economically and from a health care perspective where people turning to turning to their government that be bad terrible government well, when you're
a food in the pantry and you lost your job. You know why you remember that you are a part of a democratic society that we're all in this together and that's called govern whether at the local state, or federal level, so I to find an interesting. Picking up on your point. That in the midst of this crisis, even the most conservative Republicans happen now understood from there. Political preservation, I suspect the government is gonna, be happy the play, an enormously important role in protecting their consent. So it was interesting that are two point. Two trillion dollar bill. Big big big government that one group, look and against that, so you noted, rightly that you know many progressive policies have the support of a majority of voters and we the progressive policies like a fifteen dollar minimum wage? When
bull and red areas of the country, but we don't we still don't see a lot of really progressive candidates win in places that aren't very blue In a few that have won and more swing areas like a Tammy, Baldwin or Katy Porter tend to do emphasise their ideological labels. How did progressed candidates win in swing states and swing districts. What have you learned from your last few presidential campaigns about this law? what I believe in, and I have friends who disagree with me on this. I start off with the assumption the correct the sun, did you just brought forth in that the ideas that we are talking about, are not only the right ideas from a policy perspective. There popular ideas as well so its way raising the minimum wage to a living wage, dealing with come in wealth inequality. The law report
comes one this land, the maid the top one percent should not on more wealth on the bottom. Ninety two percent dealing with healthcare as a human right. Understanding that climate change is not only real but an existential threat that the planet concerned. Good understanding that we are spending eighty billion dollars a year, locking up our fellow Americans The standing that at this moment, when you got undone, we meant immigrants. Putting their lives on the lie, die in crisis. Maybe we might want to move the comprehension immigration, report, etc, etc. The fundamental dividing line. I think between progressive and the democratic establishment is that I believe that, at a time when we have the lowest voter turnout of almost any made, country on earth Future of the Democratic Party has got to be aggressive, in reaching out to
The solution working people, some of whom there are voting for drop, two young people whose, though in percentages are much lower than the general population of getting and a level of excitement in the political process that we have not had a in the past. And I think the only way you do that John is vital. The truth? To be honest, I have The courage to talk about the political structure in America now I know you, you know a lot about this. Are you with President Obama and others but you're not do we tell people- look, we are living in a nation in which big money has enormous influence, not only in the economic life of our country, but in the political life about country that we I continue to go to billionaires and wealthy people for care hang contributions, because As soon as you begin to do that you you
create? You abuse change, whether you think someone not. They really do change you're not gonna, take on the insurance industry you're, not gonna, take on look is now you tell me campaign all over the country and anytime. I talk about the pharmaceutical industry. People boom a crazy. They hate the drug companies because they know with their crooks- and they know they trudging us in some cases. Ten times more money, for the same exact drugs than that I paid in other countries, you tell me You think the Democratic Party has taken on drug companies, in anywhere near that, the great that they should clearly we have made any progress and actually doing something about it. You're the rhetoric rely rhetoric on well The rhetoric is there. You know the rhetoric is there in all these campaigns and then, for some reason I very often get elected happens, you're, smart guy. You know little bit about things.
What are the lobbyists? Are there in the special interest? That's right! Maybe it has. Do you think that some reason, my have to do with the fact that the drug companies that spent some four billion dollars in the last twenty years on lobbying, and campaign contributions. We, of course, and I fear, should can we deal with that So if everybody in America, the plans, but not only all the drug companies incredibly greedy, they occur what they are engaging in price fixing can't do anything about it, How do I taught ordinary American so get excited both for this candidate when it turns the former leaders of the Democratic Party. On our lobbying for the drug companies, those are the truths I know there are uncomfortable truths, but though the truth that we have to bring out no people, so yeah you're, right, Bernie or you're right. Of Alexandria or whatever it may be. We gonna do that reality the adult eel without reality, you're not gonna get people excited
and you're gonna get people excited young people working class people are not going to vote and if they don't work, then Richmond you dominate the political process. That's a long story knows so. You know. Last month, Alexandria cause. Your quarters said this about the progressive movement to the New York Times quote, there's so much, emphasis on making outreach as conflict based as possible. In some I even feel Miss casting misunderstood because it's about What tools you use and conflict is one tool, but not the only tool. What do you think about that care? rotation of their progressive moment. Well, I think, a combination of reasons. One charm, Alexandria, and I think she is brilliant and most she has played an extraordinary all. This is a woman who has been in Congress for one charm, use it and just impact that America more than most members of Congress who there for fifty years,
I think the issue of conflict. I think there are two parts of it I think media loves conflict. The harm on your show. Right now- and I say you know daughter allows the worst human being the history of the world. We have explored right right, ok, But if I talk about the need for health care for all taken on it, you know lowering the course I'd boring. You tell me a place that will ya, and I think it allow dangerous point is well. Taken, though, is how you bring people together, patiently. Without loud rob verbiage of something once or twice. I myself am guilty of something that we want to consider. So so about from healthcare right now, because you know this was
place where there is a lot of conflict in the campaign, and the access of the debate was around Medicare for all verses up look option. I may get you to universal or near universal coverage right now. As you mentioned right, there stood more and twenty million people out of work. Many, if not most, will lose their employer based health care. What do you see? the prospects mean you mentioned, trying to get them into the public system. What do you see the prospects of getting those twenty million people or whenever the number of people it turns out to be into Medicaid into Medicare in a permanent, an ongoing way while Braun? That's a great question and it's a question when talking about enough and again this is an area I say to both. You were I have not been impressed with democratic leadership. Obviously ideas that I'm hearing about healthcare are very, very weak and corporate orient that ideas, to my mind. I think what the american people want to hear at a time when they are losing their jobs, and many of them are suffering Naturally, they want to know that
have to go to the doktor for whatever and grown virus or anything else. They have to end up in a hurry through, for whatever reason that they're not gonna have to take out their credit cards or their wallets to pay the bill that in this crisis, for the moment but the government should be their income in all of their that their health candidates, They have private insurance that the women through Medicare. My view will be there to supplement ah they're out of pocket expenses fighting the message- is pretty simple: when the democratic leadership, the message has got to be now, and I'm gonna fight for this heart is that during this crisis no more out of pocket expenses if you have no health insurance Medicare, is there for you. If your private insurance and you have deductibles in coal payments, Medicare will fill those gaps, There was some discussion and you may have heard about me
governments supplementing or funding cobra. You heard that discussion, frankly. I think that is an absurd idea for a dozen different reasons It is really just a boon to the private health care industry. It is inefficient they are. Some people are good coverage today. Why Good coverage, others did not. Why do we maintain that situation are sold? Right now, I think that demanded health care for all during the crisis. And the day after the crisis ends. We make the case that health care in America must be seen as a human right, not something tied to employment. And you know we're working with violence campaign that obviously Joe does not believe in better care for all, but Have we done to believe in the government playing a stronger role? in terms of healthcare, we're gonna push them as hard as we can.
Bottom line is every human being in the United States of America should receive Healthcare as a human right period. So. On that note, we are when you indorse Joe Biden, the two of you put together six task forces to discuss issues that were central to your campaign. You know Seem like he's going to wholeheartedly embrace your Medicare for all bell, but what a dish policies. Do you think a realistic in terms of him, embracing before he accepts the nomination this summer, first war, taught the jaw about this, and I very much appreciate his will, to do that? I think Joe and his the people around us understand that if he is going to win, I'm gonna, do everything that I can to see that he wins out, because it is preposterous conceive a former years Donald Trump
drastic about in the largest about they understand that I'm not saying anything out of school here to everybody which has not been overly enthusiastic about an electricity They understand that, I'm not saying anything. Out of school here that everybody understands that. So I think what these, It was all about. I think, once the names are released by, they were close to doing that, Does he really really strong people on both sides? something in the binding perspective in the sand this perspective and are the. Issues to be discussed. The economy in general, healthcare, immigration, criminal justice. Climate change, and I'll think of it as a six one as well and you will see a coming together of our people Saying, look, I know you can't go to Medicare for all, for example, are right? That's like your view, What can you do to guarantee health care to all
How do we move towards better care for all in terms of criminal justice? I believe you're gonna see some real movement on Biden in this. But I think he does feel very strongly about the absurdity of locking up people whose crime is that they have been poor. I have not had the education that they need so big, see some pretty big steps there. I think, on climate change, I think we're really Biden campaign will acknowledge to you. They have not been strong. I think you're gonna see some real movement in that area as well the last question mere times. A few dozen of your supporters last week and there's one young man at twenty five for Europe African American, whose registered in Pennsylvania Newly- and he said if I, happened to be at my polling place. I would vote for Joe Biden, but not very enthusiastic about whatsoever what would you say to that supporter about why he should get to that Poland place
that's the challenge exactly the challenge that Joe Biden is faced with, so they that supported, but before they do that's what I said a job that is, the guy you're gonna, have to bring in to the appalling both and the way you're gonna do it is to make him appreciate and belief That, when you are elected president of God, I will do everything I can to make that happen. You going to stand up to that guy and that you have the guts to take on powerful special interests who this fellow, under. In many ways of destroying our country. So I've been a lot of that burden is Just on me, it's not significantly on on the button campaign, but to that person I would say this look I very much I am. Grateful for the support that we have received all over the country, and I'm John, we had millions knocking on doors contributing to our campaign and of Europe from a personal perspective. There is
Something that I will never forget. It means the world to me. But right now I say to everybody out there. I dont know that this country survive for more years of Donald Trump. I dont know that we survive as a democratic country I don't know how you have a president. Who is she Time and again that he doesn't believe in science weather The corona virus or climate change, I dont know how we. The Bible donation, when you have a president of one of the throw millions of people health care they already have hullo every single day was a racist sexes and It will be. A lot of life are really the daughter of the present What we all have gonna do? What being in politics is about an easy stop. Believing I wanted to become president of the United States are really the donor The president thought I was the strongest candidate to debate drop. It didn't happen. So, I can't walk away. Nor can I believe, anybody in America. So what
We have got to do is things we are to work as hard as possible to defeat chop intellectual, but at the same time, we ve got to put as much pressure at the grass roots level on the Biden campaign to be representing the working class. This country, the middle class of this country, having the courage to take a powerful special interest. So those that's what I would say to that particular fell. Anybody else in the country. That's pretty great answer centres Anders. Thank you so much for joining us. As always, please come again and stay safe and healthy. While John you're doin desire, we need furious polluter. The discussion in this country and thank you for you and your staff for helping to make that possible. Keep up the good work thanks
take her father thanks to Bernie for joining us today and a boy's haven for twenty bitches, I forgot. Where is my mother, my birthday, happy birthday martini, one thing we didn't talk about today, but maybe we should talk about more later, for all, people who stay after the interview love you hawks by the way True Fan is right, where this rewarding over the week about how much whenever you someone said reporting by the over the weekend? I think of the weekend, like writing, for the washing pass, there's been some great reporting about how Donald online campaign. Has been as just so bigger than binds when you look at Twitter follows Facebook Youtube. So one way people listening who say after dinner me you can help is just by following Joe Biden on those platforms and also like posting things,
about why they like Joe Biden something to think about as we end the idea as we ended the show today- I'll. Go back to our side. Quarantine lives, don't just post anti trumps and I am saying this to myself- to talk about credit policies are put forward by Joe Biden that make you support him or help your life. It's very Tommy, and you know it David Bluff, talks about this all the time, in twenty. Sixteen everyone posted antitrust shit all the time not merely people are posted about deposit? things by Hilary for policies and there's not a critique of her pain for not having a positive message but like again This is on all of us all of us have feeds thus have the power to push out positive, measuring push out progressive policies that Joe Biden has embraced. There's a lot of garbage out there on the internet, and it's gonna be nasty and masters we get closer November, and each of us has the power to help promote some good stuff.
Not what you can do for your country. For twenty two by everybody, Party of America is a product of cricket media. The executive producer is Michael Martinez, are assisting producer. Is Jordan Waller its? Extend edited by Andrew Chadwick. Kyle segment is our sound engineer thanks to town you so many to Katy Long, roman puppet Dimitrios, Caroline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our digital team, Elijah Cone, Normal Conan yell Freed in Milo Camp, who film and upload these episodes is videos every week.
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