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on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and taping crooked, that stamps dot. Commenter crowed crooked stamps, dotcom never go to the post office again, we are here with Secretary Hillary Clinton at her home in Chappaqua to talk about her book. What happened? Thank you so much for being on pod, save America. I am thrilled to be on pot. Save America. Doubt really happy. You are here today was of it has been asking for this for so long I mean it's not like again, I was glad it worked out, but I am so delighted that you are still asking I don't know what will do after we actually complete this podcast women to think assembly of other show. Yet we may have some arguments we have. A lot can be done by do you relay? Yes, ok. I need to hear all about that John you wanna. What our partners listeners know that her
art is down. Clinton guard is down, I'm holding rottweiler with her, so you re in the book about the channel. Does you faced running as a woman? One silver lining of twenty sixteen at a record or of women have now decided to run for office. What advice would you give them about how to grapple with the kind of sexism? The? U grappled with during the campaign, So when you started with that John because I wrote this book to explain what I think happened, but also to raise issues that I think we have to deal with so that they won't have the same impact on next election and the one after that- and I write a whole chapter called on being a woman and what makes, ah, because I was really quite taken aback at
the attitude and the behaviour of my general election opponent because he made no- sounds about it literally. He was so sexist and not just me, but about his republican woman opponent, his women reporters on tv and elsewhere. So it was really a part of the atmosphere, and I want not just women but and as well to know this is endemic. Sexism and misogyny are still endemic. We ve made progress, but, we can allow ourselves to go backwards and, as I point out in the book it never was just about me. I happen to have the big bulls I on my head, but it was about men and in the months since we ve seen reports out of Silicon Valley and other businesses as well as politics. Where, distinguished women like Elizabeth Warren on our Harris Sore Kristen
a brand or you know in the media are being treated to a level of overt sexism that I thought we had at least diminished and may be put a lid on, but it seems to have pop back up, so I'm hoping that everybody will read in my book that chapter because I want everyone to think about it and be serious about it. And then I think have to stand up and speak out. Men and women alike are so when Karla Harris is basically told to stop talking or Elizabeth Warren is to stand down. We need to say: hey, wait a minute now that is a vertically sexist and we're not gonna put up with it and her colleagues and everybody else should say the same thing. So the excerpts of the book that have leaked out so far have set off another round of Bernie versus
hurry recriminations, everyone's favorite pastime? Now I know that elsewhere in the book you give Bernie lot of credit. They say that the debate as overblown that you actually agree on most issues but it seems that there is still an important debate about what comes next for the party that we should talk about so from the spring, washing and postpone found that sixty seven percent of voters think Democrats are out of touch with the concerns of the average person. That includes forty four percent of Democrats. To turn this around. Do you think the Democratic Party needs to fundamentally change as an institution with regards to policy, or do you think it's about sharpening our message, better technology in the party and movements, fiber I've. Given this a lot of thought, as you might gas, because it is deeply just pressing to me that we are painted like that- and I can only
Beak again from my own experience, which I try to relate in the book, I had such a different experience in a weight. You know, as you all know, because you were part of the above a campaign once it was over. It was over and I quickly endorsed present Obama. I worked really hard to get em elected. I was still arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention. Telling people don't be ridiculous. You ve got a vote for Senator Obama at the time and I was thrilled when it got elected. I didn't get anything like that respect. From Sanders and his supporters and it hurt. You know to have basically captured the nomination ending up with more than four million votes and he had, but he dragged it out and he He was so reluctant, but why would we be surprised, he's not a Democrat and that's not a slam on him? That is just a repetition of what he says about himself. So what I'm focused on our people who were proud to be Democrats
people who want to defend the legacy of Democrats of our last president and presidents before who have done so much to help so many Americans, economically in terms of civil rights, human rights, and I think we are facing a couple of very difficult obstacle, first, the other side has dedicated propaganda channels. That's what I call Fox news. It has outlets like bright Bart and in a crazy in full wars and things like that in this particular election. It was aided and abetted by the Russians and the role that Facebook, another platforms played. We are late too,
your. We did not understand how a reality tv campaign would so dominate the media environment, and I confess I was trying to do everything I could to build on the success of President Obama's campaign. I had a lot of people. You guys know involved in the campaign. We were really proud of it, but boy was tough to break through. So I think the Democrats can do a lot, but they are still going to face a very very difficult media environment, and we ve got to figure out how we're gonna break through. I mean obviously more podcast. More other ways of commune caning, so voice can be heard and real positions can be understood, is part of it, but we're still at a disadvantage. Also, what do you think? Recently, Como Harris Elizabeth Warren have signed onto Bernice single Pair healthcare plan. Do you think that
good idea, you think that we need some of these bolder policies. Our look. I've been for universal health care for many decades, and there is a difference, twin single payer and universal health care. Under President Obama. We got the affordable care acts we got to ninety percent coverage and one of the differences we had in the primary campaign was my very strong defence of the affordable CARE act and my strong defensive. What President Obama had achieved and my recognition that we had come so far that I was certainly not going to support, ripping it up and try to start all over again, but in terms of a polluter a statement to say we gotta get to universal health care, and maybe we should consider you know some kind of single pair besides Medicare, which a single pair, an Medicaid which is largely single pair. We need to be looking hard at this, but I think that the more likely outcome after we try to raise the attention of the electorate on what
could achieve is the continuing struggle to expand health care. I said we need a public option. I was very clear about that. So I don't have any criticism whatsoever and staking a big I'm on where we need to end up. But I also say: look let's be realistic about how we're gonna get to where we need to be so. There is an internal debate within your campaign towards the end about whether to attack trump as divisive an offensive or whether to emphasise your economic message, nor to win back some, these working class voters and your husband reportedly advocated for that it seems like democratic, going to face this issue again and again and we're gonna face. It was trampling office with others. What should they do obviously have to do both, but a campaigns about choosing? Resources adds messages. How do you say that while we were trying to do both, we never stopped on the economic agenda and there has been lost nowadays, since the election, I talk more about-
jobs in anybody else. We put forth a really detailed out of ideas about what would work. We did not get the kind of coverage that we needed to know I went back and looked. I say this in the book: In the two thousand, a eight general election campaign there were to hunt Minutes devoted to policy by a twenty twelve. It was down to about a hundred fourteen minutes by twenty. Sixteen. It was thirty two minutes. So all of the work and effort that I did in this campaign- and then I saw others do because when you run for president, should tell me what you're gonna do, that seems like a pretty straightforward idea, what just not competitive with the reality tv show going on. Their side and we tried so many different ways to break through that, and we did of course, advert
eyes. What we saw as the threats that trump pose to the country, because, frankly, we thought- and I still believe, he's a clear and present danger to America and I would have been less than responsible if I didn't talk about that, but we tried to do both. We try to make the case for both and I'd be the first to tell you it was difficult to break through. I want to turn to a real ism would also mean you talked about now. You talked about in the book like the book nay from nuance, look at and how these issues play out and basically what caused this loss as well as the realisation that you should not be in the same room with James call me any time soon. Just for his sake, mostly he's pretty tab, I think you're taking me honestly. I think I have it if I think you have the passion, but I won't. I run realism because you John brought up
go pair. You said that you sat in the book burning in the race meant you had less space and credibility to run a feisty progressive campaign that one in two thousand eight in Pennsylvania in Ohio, and I I fully understand that because I understand why Bernice presence prevent you from money that kind of a campaign. Well. What I mean by that is because we certainly were trying to run that kind of a campaign. Is that his claims, which he could not defend, really not even explain when pressed filter? a lot of space, no one. I was running against present Obama, two thousand eight. We had differences, but they were. You know this is my boy Yes, they were honest differences that we presented and we defended and whether it was an individual mandate or not in health care. Each of us was to say here is why or here's why not? That was not possible in this primary campaign and unite. I point out,
every time we made a claim on what we were going to do. He would just say, okay time to do more of it, and so the the argument was never adequately joined and I spent a lot of time in a basically defending President Obama in a democratic primary hood. I couldn't believe it. Every beach started with I dont think present Obama gets a credit. He deserves for saving the economy, saving the auto industry, getting us on the road to universal health care and, in others, I was running at somebody who publicly advocated present Obama being primary right. So it was difficult to have what I consider to be a fair minded debate about. Ok, we have had a successful to term president. Where do we go from here with somebody who wasn't a Democrat who criticised both present Obama and me, and it was much more challenging to have a kind of strength
or word argument of Ok Healthcare where we can do about healthcare, because you don't do you, no single parents who are you going to do it in and really wouldn't know, but the claim and the laying down of the gauntlet on that made it harder. But one of the points Make in this sort of lessons from all of this is that he has a point about the importance of universal programmes that arguing for a big universal college or or health or what have you makes a lot of sense. People first about clear and easy for people understand and also it avoids the kind of stigma that having things that are more direct. It right the problem that happened with the expansion of Medicatrix ample under a bomb care, so it seems like in a lot of ways. Yes in the moment, in a campaign, some of these big promises are more about vision, but in practice You do see the merits of having done that right because it seems like that's one of your commendations for the party moving forward? Well, it's what I do recommend that we try to figure out, but if you're gonna do it, you gotta be able to answer all the questions. Going to be raised and what was odd
me about this election. Many things right about it but one of the things it was odd about it is we came forward with very specific purpose Brussels, souls about moving towards universality, right, and I believe that, to this day about how we can get from where we are but I always believed it turned out wrongly John that would be a moment of reckoning cause. I'd always seen it in a general election always saw that at some point, whether it was in a tough interview or in a debate, somebody would say: okay, you've had vacated for this. How are you going to pay for it? How are you actually going to structure it? That's what I was for it never came this time. It never came so. Yes, maybe I was alive
more inclined in the primary cause. I won by four million votes to say: ok, look we're going to get there, but we're gonna. Do it in a very careful thoughtful wake. As I really believed a lot of the Trump rhetoric was going to be, finally punctured and that I would be on a debate stage and some use it when you talk about this wall, what are you talking about where you some money going to come from or use it never happen? He was never held accountable. So a lot of my preparation for those moments ass. I did think that in many ways the election would come down to the debates. They often do. It didn't happen. So when the other arguments you make for this kind of policy and I know these positive- I work with them. Yes, Jake Solvent is one of the smartest human beings you can meet in your life. You talk these things had footnotes and they were ready to. They were so rare- they hit the ground running and I and use of one of the problems is it wasn't just about the merits of these policies, but as about the optics other rate, but.
At the same time, you recognise the need for a more expansive vision. For Democrats me one hour and against us on. The merits is in a campaign you set a bit goal. It may be an achievable, but you can compromise when your governing and you make the comparison say to welfare. In these and how president in the nineties held often signing on several versions of a bill until he felt ass, though it reached enough compromise and that's a pragmatism of governed But is there a distinction between the pragmatism of governing and the vision and sort of Overton Window you open during the campaign? I think that a very fair assessment, but remember I was following a to term democratic president, and I was really aware of how employ and it was to embrace that legacy and defend it. Because on the merits, I thought it was really important and I believed that. If I said ok, we're gonna, have universal health care, sing pair first question, what about will widen? Present Obama do that will, because it was
really hard and when he got done was amazing. You know, you see, that's tough, whereas here This is not even a Democrat who criticise the present all the time he could say when every wanted to say I was, only running on my own. I was running to build on the progress of the prior eight years. I was unapologetic about that, but I also knew the headwinds against somebody trying to run to succeed it to turn present their own party. Pretty intensive Americans get bored, they get tired, they want a change. They think somebody else can do something better, even though they liked Bill Clinton and they liked Barack Obama, but they wanted a change. I was trying to be as honest as I could about. Yes, we're gonna build unaffordable, correct organ. Finish the last ten percent of people who are not ensured. We're gonna be able to do it, because here are the fixes that will make it work and yeah. I put me in a bit of a straitjacket, but it was what I thought was called for and given the fact that you know I wasn't going to be spouting stuff. That then
be immediately contradicted, because all why wasn't I done before nations and other example right I mean dhaka- was a great accomplishment. I'm for immigration Reform Sanders voted against it in two thousand and seven, and so I'm trying to say we're gonna put act. What we have agreed to try to go further now that is not as exciting as saying throw them all out or whatever the alternative is. It was constant calibration and you know it was a. It was a tough line to walk some of the other debates. Many other their had during the campaign was over money in politics and is one of the things that Bernie levels against a democratic party writ large. I think it's important from moving forward. You say directly Bernie couldn't in that debate point to a single instance when you change your mind because of donations, but you also said that you wanted to end the strike hold it the wealthy have on our government and in the book you talk about the danger of court. Donors. We're the danger I mean you, don't to change your mind for this man.
You have some kind of influence in what what do you think the danger of courting donors as well? I'm for public finance, and I put forth a very comprehensive set of chain I voted for. You know Mccain Feingold, I mean I think the Supreme Court has so perverted our electoral system and citizens, United, is a gateway to corruption, and I think we ve seen that over and over again, so I have any problem with people donating to your campaign and neither does Bernie Sanders by the way, because you know he's takes money from people as well. I wanted to do was to say look. We need a whole different system, and so I said I was going for to show amendment from day one on citizens, United, because there's no way to get to where I think we have to be unless we change the constitution, but until then, we live with this system has one. I am one of the consequences of this system is raising huge sums of money and going to amongst the fight,
actual industry and other industries and raising money going to the hamptons and raising money and for people who are proud to be Democrats who may be could be Democrats, it looks terrible and what they see as access and influence and it's hard to argue that they're wrong, I mean, isn't there a price we pay for a system in which Democrats, which must advocate for working people, spend a great deal of their time with rich people have a fundamentally vested interest in That is not what so interesting. I I dont see it that way. I understand the argument, but any he who donate to a democratic candidate. Who is on the record, as I have been for decades about what I wanted to do on everything from raising taxes on them too? closing loopholes and, speaking out when I was a senator from New York, They in fact, are putting aside their own financed. Interest to a certain extent because
our donating to somebody weather is me or present Obama who, in a wake up more money from Wall Street than any democratic ever gotten and yet impose the toughest regulations that had been imposed since the great depression we're not going in on bait and switch. I mean I say to donors the same way. I say on a public stage. We need to tax the wealthy, and here is what I will do. I saying we need to close a carried interest loophole, and here is what I intend to do so If they're still gonna give me money, they must have some other concerns about, maybe the future of our country and our position in the world. So I think it's an argument which superficial sounds like oh yeah, ok, but on further examination I dont think really holds up. We could solve all this if we get to public funding, sing and that's what I am still in favour of. So, first of all, don't we pay too high a price for the optics about so you isn't there some effect on the access that this group of people has a larger access to democratic.
I can only talk for myself. I mean you know you were in my centred office. We saw every person under the sun and we saw them on a regular basis, filling up the day with people who wanted to see me on air, thing and in the vast majority of them had never given. Money to politics is certainly not in any large amount. So optics is a problem. I am the first to admit that, because I had some ex problems which I admit in this book, but here's what we're up against and its aid devils dilemma were up against a very strong republican Party, with allies who are taking advantage of every open door, the Supreme Court has given them. When you have people like the Koch Brothers now on record saying there has been four hundred million dollars in twenty eighteen The Mercer they are funding media, they are funding, super packs and they are doing stuff that we have no idea because
there's no disclosure and what they do so, I'm in the camp which says be transparent. Here's where I stand, here's what I will do If you guys are still want to give me money when I say I'm gonna go after that, loophole just now, I'm gonna after that loophole, because otherwise the money, vantage is so demonstrably the other side and aided by the media advantage. I mean the the new threat, that's coming from Sinclair broadcasting. Seventy two percent plus of the home in Amerika being given a steady diet of right wing republican Politics Fox doesn't even pretend anymore. They don't even cover stuff. That is not going to promote the Trump agenda, so you ve, billions and billions of dollars coming at you from the other direction and literally you try and keep your head above water and it's not easy and we raised a lot of money. Most of
from people giving me less than a hundred dollars. But did I go to fundraiser? Yes, I did, I say the same thing as I always say: yes, I did and what I, if I'd, been able to deal with and the perfect storm that hit me at the end, be in office, to do that, fighting the Republicans every single they and trying to rein in the disproportionate influence they have, because citizens united because of media monopolization. I really would be taking all of that on and I fear I'm gonna get worse and the money that is gonna be coming from the right and the money. We know that the rush, and put in which I think is just the very Tipp of that huge russian iceberg. We are really at a disadvantage. So optics me the reality, something entirely different as I analyze it inside the russian iceberg, smaller
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I mention this huge structural advantage of the right wing press right. There were also challenges in the mainstream media. Donald trumps, podium, empty podium, received coverage policy, wasn't coverage, but it's not the first elections where stupid things became the focus right. We had Obama's flag pan with his birth certificate, for example, how do we adapt watch it can't it's do with this onslaught of right wing news outlets. But also the sort of inexorable path towards frivolity in the coverage of our politics and having like a game Tommy thanks for asking that, because I'll tell you, I worry about this time and I'm hardly the person to ask you guys are much more, probably adapted understanding what we need to do. What we're doing right now is at least one way we ve got other outlets we ve got other ways of communicating with people. We have to make sure that the playing field is Let me what we're finding out about Facebook, the largest you know site for new
in the world means we gotta figure out how that won't work to our disadvantage. That, I think, Look in this election there's always ups and downs of mean. I I know that very well, but this was kind of unique because it was. I was running what I hope to be a an effective presidential campaign, based on all the lessons that you know. We learn from President Obama, both in our weight and and twenty Twel. We you there were headwinds, I mean you know. In October of twenty twelve prison Obama was in political trouble right because of everything that was going on, which wasn't fair, wasn't painful reflective of him, as our president to these are going to be closed because of the hyper partisans ship that we ve got in the country right now, at the end of the day, I think call me cause me the election, but I think also people with it are by their name said. Okay, I want my tax. Could I want my Supreme Court Justin?
So there was a calculation as well. As you know, an emotional reaction to what are we gonna do about it? Well, I do We stand by people who share, Our views are more willing to invest in media that can be competitive, because what you ve got is a right wing advocacy propaganda and you ve got it. Kind of mainstream media that engages in false equivalency and it's tough. If you are a Democrat trying to navigate through that to get the coverage that is really going to reflect the reality that your fee. Sing out there on the campaign and anything we can do to point that out- and I have sympathy for the press in this. Now in this past election you're right, I mean how many hours of empty poems. Are you going to be looking at or or for the first time a presidential candidate calling in and being put on the air made things that had? Never happens, it absurd advantage
it's an absurd advantage and I do think look. I think that part of what was going on is the entertainment value, and I really you know: I've tried to have some conversations about this with some people in the media they are doing some soul searching now, but at the time they all thought I was going to win. They thought it was a free shot. They thought that you now just covering his latest outrage. You know what's good for ratings seo, people were tuning in my gosh. What's he gonna do next soda I ve got to understand. They carry this really solemn responsibility and we'll do our best and we need to do better to deal with message and everything else, but if you can't break through or if the show on the other side, I'd is so Razzle dazzled in I'll, say anything do any
sing and somebody at israeli responsible on our side. That is a tough tough campaign. Another complicating factor, to say the least was russian interference. You write about prudent grudge against you and the fact that he blamed you for protests in Russia back into that. Eleven. How much of the interference do you think was motivated by personal grudge against you, or is this the new playbook for Russia when it comes to, our tax in our elections and we need to get ready. It is much more the new playbook, but I think part of the motivation for Putin was. I was the candidate and I was representing United States. I mean I was standing up and lithuanian saying. Oh Hillary Clinton slink. Do you know what's going on in the Harlem
Two elections in Russia is really troubling. I would just like to make. The United States thinks it's really troubling. That was our policy and I was a very avid proponent of that policy, but this is much or about the play book he has adopted now too destabilize western democracies to disrupt the Atlantic Alliance, and he has been used. In what are called in trade craft, active measures for years to destabilize or undermine disgrace political leaders in countries that, particularly in Europe or on his border or a little further beyond. So this is what he thanks and others are very telling peace that I reference in the book by IRAN in general Sanctum we used to have conventional weapons and nuclear weapons, but now we are going to have the world's best cyber weapons,
and just recently in a potent told, a group of russian school students on the future will belong to those who master artificial intelligence. So you know, look in the nineteenth century and before we fought wars on in a land and sea than in the twentieth, we added air, and now I have no doubt that the principal zone of conflict is cyber between large developed countries, like you know the United States, Russia and others. What I want people to recognise is he got away with it this time, because it was hard to imagine Elwin when we knew that he'd at that Russians at hacked into the Dnc and then through their cut out two wiki leaks been always dumping. This stuff. We try to tell people in Africa like oh yeah. Maybe what difference does it make an end? They didn't really understand either the criminal or political significance. You're fast forward and you got in August of twenty? Sixteen early on
Rachel. I you ve got Trump saying: go we hacker emails, which is an amazing thing for somebody running to be pressed United States to say, then you got Roger Stone, saying it's gonna be time for pedestrians. You know next, we knew there were stuff going on, but even we didn't understand the extent of it and We saw it in real time. One of the key surprises me in the analysis we went through after the election was how effective the Russians through Wikileaks were in weapon, icing information against me and how they were getting really good political advice about placement, both geographic and platform,
from somebody and will leave it at that, but we didn't really see that that was not clear to us at the time in the campaign, and in retrospect we saw how, if you analyze, Google searches, they were spiking in places that had been sort of swing had ended up voting for President Obama, but were you know, subject to being persuaded by the other side which league searches were off the charts. People were trying to understand and they were trying to make sense of some of this stuff. They were hearing on their facebook. You know feeds or a friend telling them which happened all the time- and I was talking to Susan page though you know them
order from the USA to danger said she'd go to these tromp rallies and people would say the most amazing things to her, and she too, where did you hear that? Oh, I saw that on Facebook, that's where people got their news and the Russians aided and abetted in some ways by people in the trunk campaign or associated with them, were very adept at targeting road, so prudent has been accused of killing journalists, imprisoning as opponents killing his opponents in the book you say Trump doesn't just. Putin. He seems to want to be like Putin put down to centres Press, minorities he dreams of Moscow on the Potomac? Should we take that litter we. We think that he really someone who might crackdown on free speech the way Putin has or take further draconian steps. Yes and I'm we are happy to say that to the three of you, because you have influence and you have reach look. I wrote this book to try to come to grips with what happened, but also to sound the alarm about what I think could still and may well happen.
I think, tromp left to his own devices Unchecked- would become even more authoritarian than he has tried to be. Also, remember the right wing, aided and funded by messrs coat brothers, etc, is very serious about calling a constitutional convention. They need thirty, four states last. Check. They were like a twenty eight. Twenty nine part of their gerrymandering is to control state legislatures, elect republican governors and to Paul a constitutional convention, and if you really get deepen to what they are advocating limits and first amendment no limits on the second amendment limits on criminal justice, I mean there.
Is a very insidious right wing agenda so when I say that he doesn't just like Putney wants to be like Putin, I'm not saying he's gonna start killing journalists, but I am saying that he likes the idea of unaccountable unchecked power and we ve never had to face that in a serious way and are our country. I mean we ve elected people, we couldn't agree or disagree with, but even in the pit of the great depression. When Roosevelt went too far on packing, the court in his hands were slapped. He was pulled back, but what you see Trump doing is appointing nominating people for the court who are totally in sync with this right wing agenda. U S attorneys, absolutely ready to carry out his bidding. It's a very clear agenda that is hard for Americans to really could have put wrapper heads around because we ve
had to deal with anything like this before, but I am trying to in this book in an interview like this to say: hey guys, this Assyria stuff, we got it pay attention to it, because the one thing we can do to rain it in besides fulminating on line or you know speaking. A writing books is to do everything possible to take back the house in twenty eighteen and hold the line in the Senate. There is no more important mission and we are terrible at turning out in mid term elections mean I sought when Bill was present. I sought when Brok was president a menu. You get these young dynamic Democrats, they do all this stuff in and they get hammered the next time
as our people girl. Thank you very much and don't show up again so in twenty eighteen. If we don't show up- and I want twenty four congressional districts with a republican Congress member- so we can start from there and we can try to figure outlets, let's feel the best candidates, as we got this new group called on work together, because I want to support these grass roots groups. I want to fund them. I want a fun candidates. I'm gonna do everything I can, with the most intense focus on twenty eight than I possibly can bring to bear so rubbing up. But this is a I book and you make an argument. You really should try to understand. As best you can. What happened in you discover a lot of complex causes, places where you take possibility also places where not to make excuses, but you look for the causes outside of herself and fair enough. A portal opens its right before your announcement speech. You have a minute with Hilary to tell her something when you got a great question. John
I would say: ok you're running traditional but really well constructed. Presidential campaign, you ve gotten great people working for you but you're walking into an unknown situation, and you need to get a bra. Three sixty degree understanding of what this campaign is going to look like, because we ve got to be ready for what where they throw at us and what they're going to throw, is not what anybody else has ever had to confront, and I dont think you or your campaign have really given that much thought, because why should you? It's never happened before so I'm Tellin, you Hilary here, you better get her a table and you know blues this and brainstorm this and red team this and who knows, I would just remind it. I was reminded by somebody just today that I was doing it
and PR interview about my last book, hard choices, and I was in the end pr studio here in New York. This is back and twenty fourteen, I think, and all the electricity went down for a period of time on believable enough, radio studio, and so I would the engineer who was they are running it. He said my gosh, we know what is at the republic- and I said well could be the Russians that was three plus years ago and I always believed the Russians were more of a threat under Putin, but I never imagined that they would be so brazen as to interfere in our election, and I should have just made a long list and and smart people called you guys say: ok, give me the weirdest things you think could happen, let's be prepared for it, which it was it. Would it be, go figure out some different policies, go figure out some different messages. We don't make. It would be a gull figure out how you're going to be able to run a campaign.
In an environment where propaganda that propaganda and you got that the media as confused as you are and they're giving huge amounts of time to a guy who is really antithetical to everything. I think, as is right about american politics, may look if I'd love to a Republican, a normal republican. Of course. I'd be disappointed and I'd be really upset with myself, but this is beyond anything I had imagined and joy. I think, John. In a way it was a lack of imagination about what could and what we saw it happened. I watch the faces of the sixteen Republicans he you know beat. They were as confused as I was because you know some of them were supported by the Mercers or the Coke yours and they had their own network and all in all, I think cars and another is running for president, that he is a special case. You decide what am I, what am I gonna? Do this convention invention and when his hard, but it was watching that I think we of understood
The media loved it. You know because it was a real, always like his apprentice show or some other reality. Tv shows the more outrageous you are, the better the ratings are and we we did not compete at all in that arena, and so you know I should have thrown some more insults or, if you advocated some more crazy stuff Secretary Clinton? Thank you so much for thing now, at the time I love saying you are I'm so proud of everything I hear about how well you're doing it's really exciting I gotta get to you to live, shall always be voted down. I've gotta do it. I know, but I ve been a journalist for about six months and it's very easy in this way. It is What do I say here that the inside stories bags guy you
so. We are still squatting. We are seeing Clinton's based member, her guard is still down, but its elsewhere. She's gone we're looking for a root out to the woods we have again our group. We have our trail max our terawatt. What we think, as I think that she was very honest about the part that election that still frustrate her the thing that most surprised me in the interview was her response to my question of herds option is Trump being like Putin. These, I thought she's dead, sea, my ere. She might say you know, don't take that to literally, but I think what you have said is a concern
The Seti yeah me. She means it when she says he is a clear and present danger to our country, and that is a pretty strong called arms for winning back then the house. It was interesting I kept trying to get to this all these outside challenges that she faced sexism, Russia propaganda. She talked a lot about like we have to solve all these in the long term in the short term as election, twenty eight and twenty twenty those things are going to be solved. What a damn credit do differently to get through those things, and I think she earnestly just doesn't look me as an argument that this aid is nobody likes near all, putting questions to ourselves over and over again and she doesn't have special access to the answer- has little access to what it was like to go through this thing, and I think the book is worth reading for that alone, even though its much more Rhine open than it had any business being, but we're I'll try further and she and she clearly does not believe it was a policy. Now it was a policy issue for
and I think policy was, the focus in the primary policy was absent from the general gotten. I wasn't hundredth centre at the fact that those interesting that that her, whatever the responsibility Jean on policy making during the primary built on the assumption that should be called to account in the general and the fact that never happen, it was interesting. I just another, will subtle way that the rules were completely written in this election. Live attacks the Middle and Donald Trump tact as far as possible. We have talked about this in this pact has many times before, but all of us who Clinton Rock Obama, the three of us many of our friends. We probably underestimated the level of anger in this country of a people who didn't think that the economy was working for them and didn't think Washington was working for them.
And they were really pissed- and I think, and this sort of cultural we all we are. We all do that culture reaction to an Obama presidency and the role it has played and the anger in vitro connected to race as well. I mean we ve all talk about a million times, but I think you know it was interesting that thing she struggled understand what you do differently to about us very entering the room was, and I'm glad I unite Us- can soon. The ratings have been through the roof. That's also cradle, okay. Well, we are going to stay in this in this basement of job because until working were forcibly removed, really bag sets down here less. If I could make us work, this is good. Companies with amounts for sporting, that's some Alexeyev Eddie books on the shelves cc biscuit over their bills and its best well, because here dozens of is not a place balls and boxing excellent. Some
are we really? We are now going to describe that assessment because of fraud. The next tend towards there's a photo of secretariat. The music is going in the outer other other reporters. Listen to this. You are gonna. Tell us to a great shout: did you make it as far I don't care gray? Conversely, we'll see you gonna get by.
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