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The Department of Justice effectively accuses the President of directing an illegal scheme to manipulate the 2016 election, Mueller uncovers more connections between the Russian government and Trump’s campaign, and the President struggles to keep his Administration staffed. Then Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar talks to Tommy about Democratic plans for the new Congress, and her support for the BDS movement.

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To sum up where we are right now, I just want to start with the lead from the New York on Saturday. Please sum up quote the latest revelations by prosecutors investigating President Trump and his team draw portrait of a candidate who, personally directed in the legal scheme, to manipulate the twenty sixteen election and his advisers had more contact with Russia, and Mr Trump has ever acknowledged. The prosecutors effectively accused the president of rotting voters questioning the legitimacy of his victory, not great. So the times is referring to a pair of sentencing, memos filed by the southern district of New York and the special counsel's office on Friday. The recommended substantial prison time for attorney Michael Cohen, as well as a court document filed by the special counsel's office that detailed how former Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort. I'd to prosecutors. Earlier this year after he entered into a plea agreement and promised corporation, let's start with the Kona most
How serious are these crimes and how do they implicate Donald Trump Well for Michael Cohen, they're, pretty serious, and I believe they outline for crimes for pretty substantial federal offenses, so Michael Cohen, is in central. He will likely get significant amounts of jail time. Some of those crimes or his own personal crimes did on his own time, yeah private time crime I mean for the for the problem for Colin, is that Michael Cohen tried to half cooperate, which means when it comes to the southern district of New York, he would sign a full cooperation agreement that details every crime he committed or offer details about all the crimes others committed, presumably because who has that kind of time I mean when there's that many crimes, you got to remember them all. You got to get your like. We were black ledgers. We you write down the russian money, it's like when a clown is taking a that is not exactly just keeps going and going. You probably thought to himself. Maybe I can serve up my time in jail and that would be shorter than talking about all my crawl, my crimes, but
you do know that Michael Cohen met with Mahler seven times and that Muller from the special counsel's office document was satisfied that he helped them out with a whole bunch of stuff. So this is a big problem. The visual one Donald Trump who conspired with him to commit campaign, finance, yeah yeah. It seems like there. There is how may Michael Cohen was cooperating with the southern district in there she's been there's how Michael Cohen was cooperating with the special counsel. There's nothing don't totally aligned it like. Maybe Muller was a little bit more satisfied with him than than then the US attorneys in New York, but we don't really fully now, but that I was thinking about it was that you know we've been waiting to see for so long these in these three different paths that can go. There is the obstruction of justice pass that path there was the asian and black male path- and there was the rampant criminality and corruption path right, I'm coming watching all three and they seem to all coalesce in the
mind and actions of this below average New York City grifter tax, italian scammer, named Michael Kahn yeah. I mean the government believes the Trump was personally involved in a federal, offense right and I mean- and I think that's a big deal. I have to say I think the S T Ny prosecutors did a fantastic job in this may of laying out the story of the crime, the campaign finance crime and why it was so significant. But there was a great section in the memo while many Americans who desired a particular outcome to the election, knocked on doors, toilet phone banks or found any number of other legal ways to make their voices heard coincide to influence action from the shadows. He deceived the voting by hiding alleged facts that he believed would have had a substantial effect on the election, and then they accused him of quote acting as if the the process belongs to the rich and powerful, I mean
ESPN. Why do some messaging for the Democrats and about, I think, John? What you mean is better deal I no, but but that's it. What what you see is that that there are, you know, career prosecutors, law enforcement officials, non political people who have been investigating Michael Kahn and through Michael calling, Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, and what they are, what it. What what you see is that they are shaking with fury, if they're angry about how they're being derided by the president they're angry about how one of the two political parties is diminishing these crimes, not because they have the interest of Democrats at heart. Because they're in it. They know more than we know and knowing more than and there is there a few people besides newness. You know more than we know who have not come to staggering conclusions about this administration. It's just fine. All this time we've been focused on Bob Miller and the special counsel and I feels like Trump's Jv Idiot lawyers have to and now they're,
giant looming sdny case coming down the pike, and we know that Cohen helped out in gave additional information about others who might have committed along with him, which means that I don't know Don Junior Ivanka, the CFO. The organization is in some serious legal jeopardy to which means while, Michael Cohen, might not have wanted to spell out every terrible thing he ever did. There's some other people in some serious legal jeopardy that very well could be and like what's fun of what's interesting about all these reports is like this was documented in news reports for a long time, yeah and there's been a whole bunch of other crimes in say they were in the washing post, but the misuse of the charitable organization as all the other, all these other things that are very likely to be calm, you to put him in the- and it is true now that the crimes are starting to have a theme, whether the the Russia crimes and holiday campaign, finance, converges, Donald Trump and his associates broke the law
cheated in order to win an election, and it's a very simple story here, whether it was the campaign, finance crime or what we're seeing is a russian conspiracy. Like reason, we have these federal finance laws. Heart of those laws is transparency. If you are a candidate you can and as much money on your own race as you want. That is not the issue. Here was whether Trump spent the money or cones meant by you can spend as much as you want. You must disclose the money that you spend Not only did they not disclose the money they spent, they actively tried to hide the money that they spent two up stormy Daniels and Karen Mcdougal, and they did that by creating a shell corporation and engaging in fraudulent bookkeeping, and they also induced another company, the National Inquirers parent company, to commit a crime by spending to influence election and not being transferred spending dragging the national Enquirer yeah. I mean those fine people,
I mean minding their own business, make top stories about John Travolta's, plane and bat boy yeah. Your is in trouble for willful tax evasion, false statement to a financial institution, illegal campaign contributions, false statements to Congress, that's a tough basket of problems, but on top of that I mean we know, you know where to transition, because there's so many crimes here, but we also that money was is in remains a massive motivator for Donald Trump up to during in through the campaign, because he organization is run by idiots here, a brocade idiot who got all this money, his father through various tax schemes, and they desperately needed a couple hundred million from the Russians Trump Tower going because he's broke, the grifters, and you know you don't have to take our word for it about how serious this is fox, pundit, Andrew Mccarthy, long time I'm defender, he's been defending him. Thoughts of Russia. Investigation is stupid, been defending him through this whole thing.
Former Sdny prosecutor said he wrote a whole piece about this over you can quote the president is very likely to be indicted on a charge of violating federal campaign, finance laws so credit to Andrew C Mccarthy for actually admitting that last year. I also just think Andrew. He is the final hook that a lot of Republicans will hang by before letting go in admitting what they're. Seeing I don't know, it's analogy is really doing online surveys, but that he is the that he is the sort of, I would say, the serious intellectual conservative who is given a lot of cover. I think, since your cover right they've allowed them, they, they believe Andrew Mccarthy, the trust engine Carthy, who has tried to diminish a lot of. What's come out of these investigations, and- and now I think, it's why there's a lot more, at this weekend, because the one they're looking to you to help them out of this are locking the doors
I would say, though, like I give me a minute, I think they'll they'll find a way to be more craven. I mean you're already seeing people, I think Rand Paul was they're, saying that people commit campaign finance violations. All that mean he end of right that a lot of campaign finance violations occur in their paid for, after the fact, with fines and handle this way. But this does seem to be a whole other ballgame in terms of conspiring with your aid to cover up up in a hush money, but other republic are drawing a line and saying I need to see is evidence of collusion with Russia, and I haven't seen that yet and until that happens, I'm with them. Well, let's take the campaign finance violation argument which we're going to hear a lot from people like Rand Paul, and we heard this morning from Donald he was treating this morning about how Democrats can't find a smoking gun with regard to collusion guns. So now they're focused on what he calls a simple private transaction is civil case really and also by the way, it's all his lawyers fault. How is this different than a
campaign? Finance violation like what, for example, Barack Obama's campaign paid after twelve like so many campaigns are found that they're, you know guilty of a civil infraction that they have to pay back so campaign. Finance law is a morass. It's a thicket of hard to follow rules that have been built over many years pulled apart, but their political reasons, partisan reasons that have played out inside of these regulations in these laws, and so campaigns have to employ lawyers and accountants to go through everything and make sure everything is clear, and sometimes they make mistakes. Then you have cases where
Haynes play fast and loose. We see one kind of abuse going on all the time where people will post huge amounts of video footage on you too, because it's technically illegal to coordinate with the Super PAC, but they want to get the video out there. You see a lot of gray areas where people get brushed back. The the the federal regulators are pretty toothless. Then you see people like John Edwards who get in trouble for having made payments to keep a a mistress quiet in a way that on the service, does look similar to this, but I think all the confusing ways in which campaigns can break the law. All the confusing ways in which there can be interpretations that need to be played out with fines and arguments, and you know, good faith doctors on both sides. None of that can explain the clear as day case of a
campaign saying we better cover up these affairs, because if we don't, he will get in trouble in this campaign and it might cost him the election end. As we cover up these affairs. Let's make sure we do it as secretly as possible right not just by paying of women but by creating shell corporations and then engaging in fraudulent booking so that the FCC doesn't found out about them like trying to. That is why it's called defrauded conspiracy to defraud the United States right they. Basically saying this is the law of the United States. They want to know what you're spending your money on and we are purposely not doing it other campaign by night, like Obama's campaign was you know, they're working pain donations made over the legal limit and they reported them. They reported them like a week late, and so you get nicked for that kind of stuff. So there's like all kinds of infractions right keeping screw ups are very do right, but what I really enjoyed about the incident with Michael Cohen is that when all was said and done, he went to the Trump Org CFO totaled up all the crime
thing he'd done all the money he'd spent, they rounded up, they slapped on a bonus. They made up a fake retainer to PAM. All out I mean they couldn't have created a more clear paper. Trail of their fraudulent activity It tried look, I said this before, but these people were not ready for national criminals. We had a little if they were, they were ready for some county level. These are all so this is one set of felonies. What more do these memos tell us about a potential conspiracy, between the russian government and the Trump campaign they tell us, Ed Michael Cohen, not only continued to meet with various russian officials throughout the campaign about potentially creating a a trump tower in Russia, but that he lied about it to Congress and very interestingly, that someone gave him help in preparing his testimony in which he lied to Congress. So that seems like something you do when you're awfully nervous and your bosses to too weak like in stepping back.
We also know that every time Donald Trump was soft on Putin didn't condemn him during the campaign change the platform and convention to out arming the Ukraine he had in the back of his head that he was trying to get a couple hundred million. Out of Russia so and then, when he became president time, he went into a secret meeting about covert it's Russia meeting with Putin, whatever it was. He knew they had something on him because they had been publicly lying about their contacts with these bozos and by the way, that's not just us. Putting this together. Muller lays this out in the memo which is very interesting. He says you know: can individual one in Kona campaign stood to gain hundreds ins of dollars from this real estate deal, which is notable because it was happening at the same time as the russian government was seeking to interfere in our election, and that was well known. So he's. Basically, you don't draw that connection in the sentencing memo if you're just going to sort of leave it there right like
There is clearly something by the way the Russians don't need a pee tape to own download trump. I mean, let's be relevant. We already know that he liked to get spanked with a magazine with his face on it right so like this guys, humiliation is complete. All they needed was to know that he had been publicly lying, that that means you own him own his aides and also it's not just Michael Cohen's testimony that is clearly saying this, because they wouldn't put it in the they wouldn't have put the charges in these documents and less they occur. Operating evidence says every legal, that's very important. This is not just Michael Collins word against anyone else. At the buzzer admitted they have emails, they have messages, they have phone conversations their phone records, they have all this kind of stuff No, I also it was funny that Cohen had been approached by another russian Russian National back in twenty fifteen
political synergy between the russian government. I need to hurt him turn the guy down, because I already had Felix Satyr, yeah and the other Russians on the real estate deal. So it's like I'm, so I already have enough. I have like a drowning in russian connections here. I guess I know you do it turned on the random weightlifter because he had the guy link, but thanks to a pop star, if this is so dumb? down headline from the Washington Post over the weekend. We now know that Russians interacted with at least fourteen trump during the campaign in transition and all of them lied about it. Fourteen it's some! It's really you step back right like they. These are they they will they don't care about the country, They didn't. They didn't they didn't even care about the they didn't care that much about the pro close, the whole thing they want the phone buildings they wanted the money. That's like you gonna do to get a with Hillary Clinton. Yes, pretty sure we're going to lose. We want the building. I need the money. I want sucking money. Let me change the platform great. What's the big deal I'm going to lose and then we get the fucking money and then
all it is. I just think that that is very possible that they they want the building more than they wanted the election because they maybe didn't think they could actually help them with the like what that's that's sort of what I always keep coming back to that that, like you know they they come in and they hand them a file. Is here's what we're gonna go? Take Hillary Clinton part like okay, great so I'll, lose by eight fine. Can I get the buildings you understand what my Brandis my brand is that I'm rich my business is fake. I need the money you wanted another platform, I don't care put nukes in Ukraine I'll give a yeah Russians interacted with at least fourteen trump idiots during the campaign in transition they offered medical help, Hillary's emails business help dirt on Hillary. Pushing on an open door and, what's so funny is this shouldn't? Be news to anyone, because, right after Trump was elected, a top Kremlin officials said on the record that they had a bunch of meetings, and they trotted out hope picks to deny that There is any communication during the campaign or any foreign entity, which is obvious and stupid. I mean it feels so long ago. But I remember where I was in my own home when I read that shared Kushner tried to set up a secret.
I believe that in all the hide from US intelligence it all makes sense what does that make sense? What is a group of Trump? It's called like a murder of crows I'll cross. I don't know what you a medallion. Send us your send us your ideas, your ideas, so we talk about the pain, finance crimes. We talk about the potential conspiracy, thresher crimes, there's also, of course, the obstruction of justice that molar seems to be building. Here. We had some more information about that from these memos, as you, I think you mentioned the time already. That Cohen was possibly coordinating his false testimony with somebody somebody in the White House either they approved of it. A knew is was a lie and didn't care. They write it any any one of those is bad and and illegal. We also know that our friend Paul Manafort, one of the ways that he lied to Muller and the special counsel's office is he was in contact with the trump can't with Trump officials,
health officials, during the time where he had, been arrested and he was in jail was just talking to what was he talking to he was also lying about his contacts with a former business partner, who is asset of russian intelligence. Constantine kill, and we don't know a lot about that. 'cause there's a lot of reductions too. So there is also seems to be like parallel here. There's an obstruction of justice case, that's buildings. We also so got more details from call me yeah who coming, who tell commies testimony, call me back blast from the past. I plan his greatest, I'm I'm great, and it's not my fault by James come but I'll. Also, interview done Kelly about structure this week. Yeah Jim was fun. Job to the staff is indeed the man of forts, the man of Fort Cobb contact with with the White House also comports, with Donald Trump's, extensive public obstruction of justice. It's constantly referring to the fact that that man has got.
It not going to be a rat like the other guys, which is like again like Donald Trump, is picking this up from good goodfellas. We like Moller has a lot of information. We don't know when there could be a lot of bomb shells. I think the area of crime where there might be the fewest bombshells is in the obstruction of justice. Like I don't know how we to do this, you going to write it up in a memo, but most of this is gonna, be like you all. Remember that tweet your number that thing that was reported you remember when he sat with Lester Holt and obstructed justice on national television. Like I don't know, maybe But I don't know that that part of the the biggest surprise are. Let's see what happens next. The Democrats will soon be in charge of the House to Sherri Committee. Jerry Nadler said this weekend, but the Coen memos describe impeachable offenses, but quote whether they are important enough to justify an impeachment is a different question. What do you guys think he meant by that? So he's getting a lot of heat for saying that, or at least I think people are confused by it and it sort of speak
like? Are the Democrats, too timid or the not handling this properly? I think it is a I I I knew what the answer is. Yes, but the the it's a reasonable question to ask. We have to not just make a case that Donald Trump broke the law. We have to make a case that what Donald Trump broke the law in such a way that rises to the level of impeachment that that that someone get that that that that this is a hike, I'm or misdemeanor, and that it re added that it meets a standard that says that this is worthy of removing the president. You know Rand Paul. I think it's very cynical. He is diminishing these campaign. Finance violations when he's like, what's going to happen, will become a banana republic, we're going to teach every Prez gonna remove every president of jail at his office. I don't think he's right about that. I don't think I think Donald Trump is the test case for that, but I think we have to answer that concern. We had to say these crimes are so significant that it isn't just a case of of criminalizing. Politics is
the case of finding something that we could use to remove downtown from office, but we have to make a a a cogent political argument that says Donald Trump cheated to become president. His presidency is illegitimate. His crimes rise to the level of impeachment, and I think that is a political case and he's right to ask that question, but that you just made the case he Jeff, I mean. Remember we didn't say it's not what I'm asking the question they remember remember we had casts on scene on, and you know, CASS was very he's careful about talking about. He wrote a book on this. What rises to the level of an impeachable, offense or not, and one of the things the cast points out, is gaining power. Gaining the office of the presidency through corrupt means. Is one thing It is clearly that the founders had my resident impeachable offense, and what we're seeing now, both of the russian conspiracy and specifically this campaign, finance violation, is that he cheated he cheated and broke. The law broke the kiss
finance laws in order to win an election, whereas if vote had known the information that they kept from them through illegal means, perhaps the outcome of the election could be. I mean I can't read Jerry now, there's mine, but I think that there's a constitutional case in a political case, and I think it's obvious that what he did is is is an impeachable offense and that they should pursue it, but then they're going to send it over to the Senate and there's no way that a bunch of Republicans are going to vote to pull him out of office. So there is a legit question to be asked politically, whether that will help or hurt Donald Trump during this period of time. We know that Bill Clinton's approval ratings went up during this process, elected like and all the Republicans were mad that they went down this. So I don't know, but look if it were up to I would absolutely be pursuing these charges in concert with Muller, because I think it's the right thing to do and I think, there's a whole lot of smoke and we're finding fire everyday. I also think that it, I think they have to not just because it is the politically smart thing to do in the
term, though I could make a case, white is politically smart. I mean let's say that the Senate, as we expect a him on these charges, because we couldn't peel off twenty republican senators, we're still going to go through an entire impeachment hearing in the house where crimes that are clearly much more serious than what President Clinton committed, which they had him on perjury. We have him on campaign finance, whatever happens, with rush everything else, will be sort of laid out for the public they'll will be witnesses. Then there will be a trial in the Senate. The John Roberts would preside over. There would presumably be witnesses there. Muller would probably testify and all of the stuff we like so think about a a months of letting the american public know what I've seen in, like in certain sports over the last couple years, all of the crimes that he committed to win this election and how he did right. So I could. I could make a case that it would be good politics, but I also think there's a precedent you set here where, if the day
Kratz say, because we're we're we're worried that it might not be good politics and we're worried that the Senate will acquit him. So we're not going to bring these charges. What does that say to future candidates who can say okay well as long as I have my base with me and as as I have enough people in my party who can equip me these charges. I can commit any crime. I want on the way to the presidency and while in prison yeah, I think that's right, but I also think you if the item is like this is even this: even the political question is not we're at, even if you believe, even if you want to end up at the place where the Judiciary Committee is pursuing these impeachment article pursuing articles impeachment, regardless of whether can win in the Senate. The question is: what should the position? The current posture be of Democrats in the house, and I don't there's a good argument to make that seeming serious and to and and being the Britain. Thank I'm not yet sure this rises to the level is the right thing to do. Even one month from now
you know now there is out there saying this is not the fresh out. I guess what I what I what I would advise Democrats to do. Is I don't I don't the question of whether this rises to the level of opening an impeachment hearing? I think this clearly does, but I'm fine with Democrats Bing. Oh well to finish, because if we're going to bring impeachment hearing impeachment proceedings, we might as well All the crimes at once here is a like. I totally agree with like hey. Well I mean not a crime in nine saves time. Crime in the hand, is worth two in the Bush them to know that like if, if doesn't find anything else, what we know so far rises to at least opening stringent. But it's totally fine to say, hey, there's a whole bunch more stuff out there. We might as well get it all at once before we start going down this path that that's fine at the end of shift has had a really good posture publicly about all these issues. Every interview he does he's. He is serious, he is sober, but he is not mincing words at all yeah. He just describes why,
facts are the facts, are on our side and and just describing the facts and taking the facts seriously and letting those lead you towards your conclusions, I think, is best in the fact that he, David over the weekend as the day trouble his office, he could be enticed his wallet. It is yeah. Yes, no cool, so I want to talk about that yeah. He said, there's a very real prospect that that that the day he was office just threatened me indict him that he knew the first but some time to face the real price of jail time. If Trump knows that reelection as a guarantee that he'll avoid potential jail time, what does that mean for twenty twenty yeah? This look. At I mean I would say that when doctor became per There was that there that that terrified me more than anything else, and it was the period of time between Donald Trump, believing he will no longer be in power and the day he actually is off that period of time, as always to me, been the most frightening and it's
to become clear, that we are maybe inexorably driving towards that moment and with incredible legal legal jeopardy hanging over his head yeah. I would, I would tell everyone to check out a brain, but there's a great piece on the sand. Creek dot com today about this, because it is it's like we know, Donald going to act crazy to try to stay in office anyway in twenty twenty, and if he has the prospect of jail time hanging for his head yeah, I mean this is partly. Why, literally lock him up might be a real, Yeah and it's you know down from is not disciplined he's all the bad things. We know that he is, but he's also a survivor. I and you know I look at the outcomes that were heading right, keep up at you that that he can resign, he can be impeached and removed, he can be defeated election and I don't know which of those three were heading towards.
But to me I I I try to remember that that the single most important thing is removing him from office and it's not removing him from office with justice at the end of it that I I look at this and I see so many outcomes and to me the least likely is one in which everything wraps up with a blow, and I think of MIKE Pence- and I see him and I just feel looking at him, the the person who was put on this earth departing Donald Trump that his every choice and every decision has led inexorably.
The the moment he's he's confronted with that moral choice to make the wrong one and honestly, I look at what we're facing and I I do sometimes think that it is perhaps the best and safest thing for a country that the case becomes so clear. His odds of win reelection becoming doubt doubt, and we can, and by putting the information out there, putting pressure on Republicans, we can get some sort of corrupt deal between MIKE Pence and Donald Trump and get this guy out of office, and we so unsatisfying and it'll be be some so awful. But the most important thing is removing him before he can destroy. Country to save himself and it's very dark. But I just look forward and there are no safe or rewarding comes to me. Good times good times, Putnam right to buy stamps dot com.
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cricket? So in that? Let's talk about all the people that work for Donald Trump. In the wake of the Department of Justice Implicating Donald Trump and multiple felonies again something that happened, I think we have to keep repeating that the president's chief of staff vice president chief of staff, both resigned from their jobs over again, and it's also not a big story. Trump announced this week in the chief of staff, John Kelly, would be leaving the job by the end of the year and then, when Trump offered the job to Penn's chief of staff. Nick heirs, heirs turned him down. Politicos also report other potential candidates, OMB director Mick, Mulvaney Treasury Secretary Steve, you can and Us Trade Representative Robert Light Dizer, also sending out signals that they aren't interested time to try Ziprecruiter. It's like it's like a
to be a pilot of the hindenburg after the announcer has has screamed about the humanity of an all, take humanity, the iceberg, anyone yeah well any helmets. Okay, we're looking for a cellist to round out the string quartet here aboard the Titanic. Do you like a horrible work environment, enormous legal jeopardy? I got the job for you, let's start with Kelly. Why see leaving what is John Kelly legacy. I mean Trump has been trying to fire him for how long I can listen to start it. I can't remember where I read this, but I I I'd I'd made in the times said that he was going to Kelly was going to announce his departure on his own terms, after a negotiation with Trump on Monday to the staff, but instead read, Donald Trump in one last fuck, you decided to announce it before the Army Navy game on Saturday just to like. Stick it to him with a couple hours. He might have found joy in this world going through this nominal amazing tradition that America gets to watch I mean just like. I was
the people who allowed myself to get like a a tiny bit bought into the Kelly of it all. Just because you know he'd, Sir, for forty five years of marine Honorable Herbal and like I just I wanted him to be better, he was awful. He was awful. He was just extremist drop trump on immigration, his hand picked successor, oversaw family separation is one of the crew that scuttled Daca in a deal the dreamers he was didn't. You know the way he bungled the rob. Porter fiasco cannot be overstated. He sat on knowing he committed domestic violence for months and months. He lied about Frederica Wilson, praised Robert E, for God sake like good the only thing John Kelly did, that was worthwhile. Was fine, Amorosa, Seb, Gorka and Steve Bannon, like you, he shoves some awful people out the
I'm glad he's a little miserable. I remember that line from the Bob Woodward book when he said when Kelly said we're crazy town. I don't even know what any of us are here. This is the worst job I've ever had. You know it's also like John Kelly was supposed to be the guy that you knew how to the trains moving and was going to write this a discipline and not. As far as I got in dental, I'm John Kelly finally met his match and I find it very frustrating. There been reports in just even the past few days that that John Kelly and Donald Trump aren't even speaking and have been speaking for some time. We worked at the White House. The idea of a president, not on speaking terms with the chief of staff, is so extraordinary and so dangerous, literally the first person to speak to in the last person you speak to you before you leave at night. Is your chief of staff? It's it's While they may then eyes everything yeah, but the g is that he speaks to is in the tv set Sean Hannity.
Talking to have Sean Hannity's talk back to him through the tv I hate when my tv data, my real life that are fighting it. Also, those speaks volumes that his you know. The I he wanted is this dude Nick Heirs, who has some reports from thinks? Look like him when he was younger. So that's what you know you want it. Whatever. The there's is like thirty, six years old he's just a total political hack who came up working for Like Sonny Perdue but, interestingly, interestingly, his his disclosure is filing for the hell. We called when you put your stuff financial disclosures, cancel disclosure forms you have to file when you enter. The White House showed that he is made between twelve and like fifty four million doing political console at thirty six high. I don't know any political consultant that is made fifty four million dollars. You must have see so good at being a race yeah. You have really good racist ideas for ads, so you have to. Agent, that he
very worried about the increased scrutiny that might come from this job with Democrats in charge of the house and everything else. I mean you look at that awful job, Maybe he does really want to go home and see his kids. I don't believe any of these. You know yeah. Thank you the other possibility. Is he never really wanted the job for obvious reasons, because it's fucking crazy to take this job and it doesn't matter, but he thought himself well I'll. Let my name flowed out because now, when I go back to the private sector, everyone will say: oh Nick AIR is the chief of staff that almost was but turned it down right, so it could be a little and I think you guys are power hungry and they do you want the job until they can't get it, but I mean there, dynamic. That's been a playing in the Trump administration from the very beginning. That's a thing in stark relief right now, which is the Venn diagram of people with the competence, grace intelligence and skill to successfully work in the White House, and the people who would be willing to work for Donald
does an have and it especially doesn't overlap now being white. A few staff is one of the hardest and most demanding jobs in the world and out to look at this White House, right now and say I want in is to reveal yourself to be under as we headed towards potential impeachment hearings who want that fun job, and it's also a lot like look. Donald Trump make mistakes. Sure sure is he good at the job? No, but he's also, Inter personally, one of the worst pricks on planet earth I mean: does it matter at all? Who takes this job now but the the new rumor this morning is mark meadows. Freedom. Caucus member is John Better once called, and be it I find that one funny. I love that one. I also just I appreciate mark meadows looking at the financial landscape and deciding that there's more money and being an Ex wife chief of staff and being an ex congressman, because I assume that that is one hundred percent certain seeking it.
But if it's mark meadows or a fuckin' pet rock like I don't think it makes much of a difference. We take this job. At this point, I don't think it makes any difference of Roger Ailes on a scarecrow, I don't think it makes any difference in terms of Trump's agenda and like getting things passed. I think, if a really impressive person when in there you might be able to then hire all the slots, The legal team that you couldn't fill hire some competent press. People like building infrastructure that might be the combat the nightmare that they're about to go through, but it ultimately doesn't matter. He said he's gonna tweak what every tweet, I don't think any. I don't think there's any person who could come in there and say because John Kelly can do it right if Judge John Kell was the one who went in that was all bullshit John Kelly, like had no political skills that that was that you that's why you don't put a dab, Jen roll into the west you've stepped up like you need some
full ability, but he sent the message that we're shaping up we're going to be a serious place, come work for us, we're going to do it better and he didn't do it, and I don't think anybody after John Kelly is going to be able to convince people that now the Trump White House is going to successfully he's terrible, so Trump also announced on Friday. That would be nominating as attorney general, William Barr, a former attorney general from the George Hw Bush era and a skeptic of the russian investigation. What occurs a prize surprise? Some legal analysts have commented that bar was among one of the least crazy choices. Trump could have made Yahoo news reported. The Trump wants approach bar about being his it's attorney after he wrote an op ed arguing that Trump was right to fire. Comey again huge surprise he's criticized or for hiring too many prosecutors who donated to Democrats he's cast doubt on the conspiracy with Russia. He's defended Trump calls for new criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton. He come Bush George Hw Bush on the pardons in IRAN Contra, so I don't know,
sounds pretty bad to me or we just setting the bar too low here saying it's one of the least crazy choices. It's I it's funny. It's it's like we're trying to improve on how tough crime machine- and so I don't know who cares? Who cares all right? We got our title finally came to me- and I was just like I was going to Happen- is going to use it in an interview and of a point about barking. Just the same yeah I mean everything describe the sounds terrible. It's like I, I I just I haven't been able to summon the average yet after saying that he might be a reasonable pick. Are Democrats saying that someone reported that I mean I just I was going to ask like? Is there anything Democrats can do about it? As you know, we have only forty seven votes in the Senate right now, and so, if all the Republicans are on, but this guy and maybe say they're on board, because they'll ignore everything that I've just said and be like well, he was a George Hw Bush guy and he's very respected in field of Bob and they'll. Do the Washington thing that they do with so many fucking establishment, goons
and and then Hill so right there. I think what right now that we have this it's a hard thing to think through in part, because we're in this place, where we have so little transparency on how the Justice Department is being administered right now we don't know enough about Miller's independence sources how to Primicia. We don't know what Muller it seems as though Miller's been able to freely do his job. Yet we don't know if their things were not seeing. Reports were not finding out about sealed indictments that whatever a lot of information we don't have. So it's really hard in the space where it seems as though Trump is corrupted Justice Department and yet Miller successfully been able to release a lot of important information. How a new attorney general sits on top of this. What rod Rosenstein is up to what these guys are up to who's technically running the day to day of this Russia investigation, so they just, I feel like it's hard to wrap your head around, because we're so in the dark, and hopefully whenever these hearings might be, will also be having hearings run by Democrats to get some answers to some of these
yeah. Unfortunately, what happened in his confirmation hearing, because it's the Senate, but no, I know, but at least not authorization. On my other side yeah Richard Schiff, we taking over our net now they're taking over yeah. I don't oh. I, like Richard Shift from the W Wing Richard chip. Yes, I do that all the time honestly I'll take Richard Schiff over Devin newness take Richard anybody over Devin, Nunos I'll, take a guess: I'll, take Mark Harmon, you you mean in the old world of confirmation, like I, I think you probably say that you know a present get to choose their cabinet and he's done the job before so that's relevant. But then you know so maybe not welcome over I'm not supporting him. I don't like knowing me that I'm being soft, Heather Nauert, who was just named to be the the best of the UN. I mean to ask about that. She was a spokesperson at state for like a year and a half before that she was the host of fox and friend.
In friends so not even MID Day, Fox so eccentric, not even prime time. Just a reminder, I mean George H, W Bush was US ambassador to the? U N Henry Cabot Lodge submit the power won a Pulitzer prize in was senior director at the NSC. I mean it's like they're, sounds like they're, officially downgrading the position itself from cabinet level to not cabinet level. So I guess you down grade the person in the but I mean they're treating this job like it's a joke. I was in the house. You live in a nice person. She might be smart. I don't know where, but come on yeah like having our side. What are you can see about downgrading the job to a sub cabinet position? Do you think that's a big deal in itself
it's significant. It's it's signals that you care a lot less about diplomacy and you care a lot less, but the U N, but you know MIKE Pompeii, was out giving speeches attacking all these international institutions anyway, and you know threatening to pull out of the whatever else. With this all right. It's almost like it's like so much of the work post trump will be about rebuilding the integrity and reputation of the institutions. Regardless of what happens, I'm like I, don't you get some you get some whatever. I mean all screens to take this job instead of Heather. Now it doesn't matter, it's going to be a disgrace to have been participating in this administration. When we come back, we will have Tommy's interview with Elon OMA Papa Murphy's Broadway policy, it's December already. Can you believe how many good? What happened this year, the new season of queer eye made us ugly cry: Kendrick Lamar one surprise policy genius made it easy to compare and buy life insurance and Michelle Wolf
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He really doesn't care. We talked about it. We live. We vote codes to just nothing from space. It was like this really, the one sided unbelievable, unbelievable, imagining realtor down the cash apps and of on the part today is Congresswoman elect you, HUN Omar. She will be the US representative from Minnesota's fifth congressional district. Thank you so much Cartman Elect, I already got it wrong. Thank you so much for joining the show. No, you got it just right. Hi they'll be Congress woman in the last few days exciting. Thank you. Thank you so much for our for having me and hello to your listeners. Well, they are. They are thrilled that we have you. I can assure you of that. First question: I mean one congrats on winning, I mean how does it feel now that the the election? A few weeks away, you've got in a few weeks of orientation under your belt and you're closer to getting sworn in, and what does this experience been like for? You
really has been a great experience. It's been a long journey and overwhelming journey, and I'm really honored to has the opportunity to serve the people of the fish and make good trouble in Washington. Yeah what what is good trouble mean to you Hi good trouble means that we are finally going to have people who are with awakened from the the since the of their day to day life, where we're going to have so who are grounded in in their communities and good trouble means shaking things in in Washington and and having our our and our policies
be B representative from selective of everyday folk. It's right I mean, if you're a listener right now, and you want to learn more about some good trouble. Google, John Lewis and you will learn a whole lot of very important history. What do you hope really interesting that I get to to serve with someone who rate is just such a historic figure, it's one of those really bizarre things to to walk into Congress for training and I'm into a living icon, but you will soon call a colleague Allow me to geek out on that for a like. What is it like to walk into a room and to see John Lewis there and he's your colleague I mean that must be just mind. Boggling, we were at one of those you know welcoming dinner.
And I was sitting and then I saw him walk and then I don't know what got into me. But I got up and washed towards him and they're all these people and, as I was getting closer, I started getting choked up and, as I said to him, you know sir, my name one Omar name. I didn't remember LX from Minnesota of and- and I make sure I read about you in in the piano in in middle school- and now I can answer and and he laughed and he said well, I'm excited that you get the service with us. Welcome is, and it is one of those released, the real, the real moments that you know whenever prepares you for, and I can't even imagine so on, when you think about what you hope that House Democrats can accomplish in the first hundred days ago, what kind of priority are you identifying for yourself and for your district? I I've noticed that you and some of the more progressive
members are already pushing leadership in very interesting ways to adopt a more progressive agenda. Is house Freedom Caucus helpful model to follow in that regard? No, they really where you know, I think, the the antithesis to to what we are about. They came to to obstruct an we are coming to rebuild, and so for us, you know where we're really focused on pushing for for legislation that stores, hope in the democratic process, one that creates a democracy. We can believe and one that is transparent
how noble to to the people- and second, I think for for us, the the the progressive caucus and the members of the progressive caucus. We are interested in making sure that people recognize that we are the soul and the conscience of
of the american electorate in in a time where our country really is at a dangerous crossroads. Josh to resist they're, also sending us interest on the debt of value to make sure that we take this opportunity to get Medicare for all for folks to make sure that we have people have access to education and that that we are seeing students from the shackles of that that we have investment in infrastructure that allows for us to move towards investing in twenty first century infrastructure. Things like expanding broadband and and making sure that we have folks like myself, who don't have blind spots when it comes to wet as a humane immigration system. Look like the are in the four four
fighting fighting for that and and reminding folks here in the United States, the ideal that this country was formed under to make sure that we are a country that is inclusive well coming and and one that clean guarantees do this forever for all of its citizens. So we weekend last week we learned a lot about the Van Ste web of crimes committed by Trump and his cronies. Over the weekend house, Judiciary Committee ranking member Jerry Nadler raised the prospect of impeachment Adam Schiff, Congressman Adam Schiff said that the day Trump leaves office he could be arrested, which was stark. Do you think
that the house should start the impeachment process. Is that the right use of time and priorities, so this this weekend was really, and I opening I think, for a lot of people, and I don't even think that most people comprehend the how detrimental some some of the things that came to light were they think he will be in pole and for to to move as fast as we can? Once we have all of the facts on the table? I do agree with our accomplishments if that it is going to be necessary for us to to be that that check and to provide the balance,
as as members of Congress to to to to this presidency and this administration, that that really isn't one that is serving the the interest of the american people. So is. Is that t b d on? Thank that's? Okay, answer lots learn, so I have said that long before we even had the full details that and and and impeachment was quite possible for us, because you could see where we were headed and I, We are getting closer every single day to really believing that that this needs to start, and we need to make sure that we are holding the interest of
american people and getting this president who is corrupt in so many ways to to not be that the face and the leader of our nation yeah speak about speaking of ways. We would like him to no longer be the face of our nation. I want to get back to your personal story for a because as a young girl, you listen to. I know that you and your family fled the Somali Civil war and spent, I believe, four years in a refugee camp in Kenya before arriving in the. U in nineteen ninety five. What did that experience? Teach you about the way the US treats immigrants and refugees, and how would you want to change US refugee policy. So you know when, when we were coming to to this country- and they think it's a little known fact- maybe it's it's something that right now everybody is paying attention to, because I talk about it so much, but the United,
when folks are going through the the process of relocating here as refugees as part of that process, there are inpatient that take place and in the orientation there are videos that people get to watch about the life that the they are to extract once they arrive here and as part of that there is, you know, stories and and images of happy families and dinner tables where there is an abundance of food images of happy young children and running off to their school bus, says images of you know beautiful home is it white, picket fences, images of a country where people are happy and our leading a life that is prosperous and so
when you are in these orientations and in the process of leaving. You know within days to come to the US. You are really looking forward to write like life as you see it on that screen and when we first landed. I remember seeing you know, pan handlers on the side of the they're they're being trash everywhere and graffiti on the side of the walls, and I remember turning to my father and saying well: doesn't look like the America. You promised, and you know my dad's natural response was you just need to hold on? We will get to our America and four
for me that that surge of that America, that I saw has been part of the that the driving force in my activism in trying to make sure that the current reality that people live in where we are seeing young children, the about where their next meal's are going to come from more than I was worried about it in that refugee camp or living in in America, where there are homeless people sleeping on the side of the streets or in I, where there are people who are afraid to seek medical attention because they're afraid to file for bankruptcy and America, where you can access the justice system
equally, because you are born with a different, restore different gender or into the demand class. That is in the America that that I heard about that was in the America that I watched. And so I want to make sure that I am fighting for the at that. I believe in in the America that I know we all deserve, and and and that is one way that that has justice with in our criminal justice system. It is one that recognizes that you know housing is a human right, one that guarantees health care to all of its people, one that You wear that education isn't only accessible to the privileged few and it isn't supposed to be a step back. It's supposed to be a step. Four,
and an America where folks, who are living in dangerous parts, hopeless parts of the world look to to to know that there is hope there, and that is that is the America that that I I heard about the America I dreamed about and the America that I am going to fight to make sure it's excess okay, every single person, I'm when you talk to you know members of the the Somali American Community in the US or broad in you. You have to explain to how the president I'd states could implement a muslim ban. A band of all religions used to explain to them why you need change the the rules to be able to express your religion,
Proprio e on the house floor like what is the reaction to that. That sort of you know cruelty from our leadership. I believe you know there are like I said we are. We do a really great job here in the United States, exporting american exceptionalism to every part of the world and and and we fall short of living it out are held here in the US oftentimes the messages I had it to say what is happening. I don't understand how was it in the United States where there is each no religious path to to conserve and and public off, says that you have to have this rule change in order for you to to serve people, don't recognize the the America that we are talking about when, when the CS have come
stations that out, you know black and brown bodies who are getting shot by the police, the people are confused when they hear us fighting, for you know that we each fast again, please or fighting to make sure that there is PETE. Second think climb time. People are confused when they hear about gender gender gap in the United States, often times my my friends across the world
or people who are connected to me through social media who are living and in in different parts of the world. Oftentimes are confused about the things that I advocate for because they don't associate those challenges with the United State. Well, imagine that here in the? U S, regardless of what race you are, what Christ you were born and what gender you are, what fees you might believe and that you'll have equal right and so when, when the
here that there is still a struggle and to to have that that equality realized by everyone that we are talking about collective liberation for everyone, people oftentimes ask like what country are you living in L Han it doesn't it doesn't make any sense. How is this part of your your your agenda that you're not just talking about right, like taxes and the economy and and the natural things that people think in that we
we talking about here? They don't understand the injustices that exist. You know social, the racially economically and buyer mentally and so for people it is. It is important to have someone like myself who, who has the ability to to bring at an outsider. Hi lends to the conversation to say, look so many years to everyone around the world. This is who we said. We were now it's the time for us to actually be that person that can and and that that society one interesting recent position you've expressed support for is the boycott divestment and sanctions against Israel or Bds movement. It's over listening. Bds essentially says we should boy,
israeli businesses and travel until it withdraws from the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights, which are considered occupied territories by the United Nations, provide equal rights for arab palestinian citizens Israel and allow palestinian refugees the right to return, can you talk about just why you believe the bds movement is is or you know what you might say to those who believe it is inherently anti semitic, because it's sort of presuppose solutions to what are considered final status issues. So I am believer of there never be peace without justice and in
uh the Middle EAST. We connect really look up to to have a process of peace. If we are not advocating for for justice and equal status for everyone, you know we we think of it as the only democracy in the Middle EAST and as such, we have to make sure that we are holding it to add that standard. We we need to make sure it is a country that it doesn't have human rights violation, that it is a country that that really has justice extended to everyone that there is equality for everyone. And for me it is important in that in in recognizing that we we have
estate for Israel at and and state for palestinian to to make sure that the advocacy that needs to go in the income that it's one, that that also issues up pressure to make sure that we we have that process. The you can't. You can't only have discussions with this conversation, beginning in and saying you know, this is a country that is, that is furthering democracy, and so we can't criticize that we can, you know, talk about it. This is eat off limits and and and talk about how in the United States, we are I'll light with with this particular country. Without talking about
how are I'll lightships chips also mean that we hold people accountable, that we use our opportunity for iolite shipped to bring about change, and, and for me what the pdf movement does is that it I weekends people, this complacency of thinking everything's fine. It allows for there to be a discussion about the injustices that are happening right now. It allows for for for a conversation to take place that says everybody in in that region, deserves the right to self determination. Everybody in that region deserves for there.
These and then their children to to live a safe and prosperous life, and that there is not one human life that is worth more than the other and- and there are uh the Bronx that we've looked the other way for so many years and it is time for us to balance out power and to make sure that there is justice for both of those communities into Do you think that that is sort the end goal to the bds movement, to pressure Israel into back in
negotiations on a two state solution, or is it different than that? I think that the goal on the way that I see it is is to make sure that there is a light that is set on the injustices that are taking place and make sure that an opportunity for conversations to continuously get shut down it. It is one that I, leave, allows for power power to shift so that there is an ability for for folks to to feel like they can express themselves. Our
sometimes when we are when we are having a discussion about this region. There is one way one side of of the conversation that is allowed and anytime. You are talking about Palestinians you have to in the context of what is miscible, in in, in the conversation around what the israeli administration decides is permissible and what the p d f r movement does. Is it says we can have a counter conversation that it is okay for us to call
Israel and its administration accountable for the injustices that are taking place. It is ok for us, too um leverage, you know economic and social sure is on to Israel to make sure that we are able to bring them to the table, not as the head of that table, but as as a man sure of, and I think for me it is important to always make sure we are fighting with a past press people. I and recognizing that when, when you are fighting for
for liberation, that the tactics that use everybody might not agree with that, and and it might, it might not seem why or a strategic that to everyone. But it is one that that allow for you to to utilize every every voice, every ability, every power, every right that you have so that you can fully recognize your your your humanity and your power well Congressman Elect. Thank you! So much for taking into talk with us. Congratulations on your election. It is exciting to see this, dynamic v young there. I say cool group of of the individuals going to Congress to support
value. So thank you again for everything, you're doing and best of luck. Thank you. So much. I'm really excited about this new majority, I'm going to throw it down, Right that sounds good. Thank you again have a great day, thanks to you. Want elect for joining us today, and you know we'll see you guys more friends on Thursday, thanks to the good lawyers in the southern district of New York in the special counsel's office, providing us all kinds of grist for the mill, and I'm just saying that Democrats in Congress look at that memo. Look at that messaging about the people, the rich greedy people like Trump and and co, and deceiving the american public and ruining the integrity of our election. You some of their messaging unless you're, afraid of Rudy Giuliani, currently grappling with this type of case of his life, finding happiness.
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