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Trump attacks Dr. Fauci and science as his campaign descends into chaos and recriminations, but both the Trump and Biden campaigns still see a path to victory for the President. Rudy Giuliani recycles smears against the Biden family, and Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes talks to Jon Favreau about how the race looks in one of the most important battleground states.

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Could you imagine if I lose my whole life? What am I gonna? Do I'm not gonna feel so good, maybe I'll have to leave the country. Welcome the positive miracle. I'm John Favour on John of it on Tommy meat or later in the pot I'll talk to the chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, Lavoro Barnes, about how the race looks in one of the most important, battleground states, with just sixteen days left to vote. Before that. We'll talk about the mega meltdown happening in Trump World, how the president can still win and the latest garbage attack Joe Biden family, but first love it. How is the show gray, love it or leave it doctor I kind of Bali. How bout who are Larry S, and then I interviewed Dave Waigel from the washing impose.
About what he seeing on the campaign trail. It was gettin good about a wagon in hardest work in road reporter, in that politics, solid yeah. But what does it he's like? One of the best people about being on the ground and it's been harder to be on the ground, which sucks one more quick note If you haven't already, this is the weak to make a plan to vote. Do not wait if you can take advantage of in person early voting if you'd like to vote by male, get your ballot and then figure exactly when Anne air you'll drop it off. There are plenty of options devote early and safely. If you need any help at all, got you covered, go devoted America, dot com, such plan, to make your and find your voting location and vote as soon as possible and if you ve he made a plan or, if you ve, already voted your work is done got to go help at least five other people in your life make a plan to vote. Who don't already have one? That's that's what I'm asking
you guys to do because I'm sure a lot of you're just like I've already voted. Don't talk to me, there's other people that you know who have just sitting there on their ballots. You no other people, you yeah, ok, right. Let's get to the news with sixteen days left to vote here, some of the headlines, the president is getting the daily Beast Travis, taking down names as republicans begin jumping ship on his quote totally off the rails campaign access trump, risers braced for last point fingers the New York Times these reports that AIDS or quietly conceding just how dire trumps political predicament appears to be the Washington post. That the mood inside the Trump Administration has been quote? Grim CNN reports that former too chief of staff. John Kelly has told friends. The trumpets quote the most fly person he's ever known- and here is wheat, audio of republican Senator Ben SAS talking about Trump on a phone call with his constituents the way this is dictators, but I'm in the way he
ignores that the wiggers are literal concentration camps and John right now he has lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong Kong, I mean I have a very different foreign policy, it in jeopardy fails to lead our allies it that we do not states now regularly cells out our allies under his leadership. The way treat women and spends like a drunken sailor. The ways I criticise, President Obama for that kind of spending. I criticise parliament transport as well mark of Angelica behind closed doors? Has his family is treated? The presidency like a business opportunities flirted with white supremacist? I dont think the way he's led through covert has been reasonable are responsible for right. I'm worried that if president tromp loses as looks likely that he's gonna take the Senate down with him now, looking at the plot possibility, a republican bloodbath in the sun
The debate is not gonna, be in old friends ass. Why were you so mean to Donald Trump? It's gonna be what the heck were. Any of us thinking that selling a tv obsess narcissistic individual to the american people with a good idea. It is not Good idea that has been says talking about the candidate he's going to vote for for president topple tramp of I want it before you get to the shit show of trumps campaign right now time into every. to our two most recent republican profiles encourage Ben Sassin, John Kelly, so frustrating so for us, I mean look, I guess better late than never. It's not the worst thing that SAS say all this in October before the election, the man that wasn't a list of new stories, You know I've been Saskatoon speaking out about the wiggers in concentration camps for years, but you know was at that aside. Like I hate you stories. For so many reasons. We read all the same stuff in twenty sixteen about how Trump was angling to buy it, a tv network and the staff knew they were gonna lose and so like hearing
again no one should be celebrating on one. Your line, John Kelly, let's just pause their them, what person I've ever known. Ok, that's great. That's lovely known said you had to work for him no one said you had to rip kids away from their families at the border. You chose to take that job is no honour in that kind of service. Here's an idea for something you could do. A bunch of newspapers reported that trunk questioned whether the service made by members of the. U S military was worth it while standing next to you at your own sons, grave it if you think he's the worst person on the planet. Why don't you speak up about whether that sure, not you know you're the only one who knows for sure, and you can clarifies like, I guess, there's a political benefit too. For having this step out there. I am also grateful to the lower levels avarice, who joined the republican voters against Trump and are making these on the record sustained, potentially career, ending efforts to defeat him but got so sick of these likely you're, half ass comments right or like John Kelly, Virginia
as you say what we do want to get involved in politics. Well, when you decided to go for you, former secretary defence or the White House Chief of staff, the most political job in all of the. U S, government, you crossed that line right. So, like you, look at the duck these questions now that's love it. What do you think and defines either these comments useful in some way. Closure useful, It's all useful. You know, bents ass was quite muted when he thought he might face a primary any thought he might want some of those from voters, so no no profile encourage their yeah. I would divide Republicans, who have spoken out against Trump into two categories for the country and for the record like further three are people who have taken great personal risk to speak out, they have filmed, add stave endorse Joe Biden. They have been honest, they put their faces on camera, they done it repeatedly. They ve done it because they believe what's in the best interests of the country. I have no doubt that Ben size believe what he says in that audio, I dont think he has just doing it.
He's trying to earn plaudits, but I do think he and John, Kelly, are in some sense saying it for the record when we look back On this moment they are on the record, having issued these criticisms but eat, but matters Kelly. This is America. In twenty twenty put your fucking faces on camera. That's what matter! it matters! It matters when you say it too, to an Atlantic reporter so that it spreads around DC or say it on a background, call or say two friends or say it to Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic and then go hide from people trying to confirm it matters it matters. So you know I appreciate the people doing it for the kind Three, I'm glad when people do it for the record, because I do thickets of some used have trump tweeting at a serious conservative and- Investing then says: Twitter. I dont think that should be a message at a good distraction for us by dumb. We should appreciate that distinction yeah. My views. I'd really give a shit about Benson.
What he has to say who we really is. Like my my, in the last sixteen days is just like pure political animal. What's gonna help us win, yeah and as soon as I heard, I read this story about ass and I knew it was leaked, but I don't know someone had the full body that they were playing until I hope is pressing for the pod like Why does abandoned and I should be on, let's put lit, I want Ben ass his comments in front of republican and republican, leaning, independent voters, because you know you look at some of these stories about undecided voters right now. I know they exist, they're out there and there they all say the same thing: they they sort of like either Donald Trump policies or think that as president, he hasn't done that bad of a job, but they hate him their disgusted by right, and I do think that playing like bends has his comments for some of these voters may give them the permission structures I oh here's a Republican who made it grieves me and a lot of policies, but he hates me
trunk to some, maybe I can maybe I can jumped ship he's, obviously a coward. Your breath, everything you said is right now, complete God, but I must say, like: let's get the stuff in an ad first servers. You're right. I look, I'm I'm in the say, I'm in the same boat. Obviously, all I care about is what helps us when of course, of course, but like when it comes events ass. I do find it just a little bit interesting about what's gonna happen to republicanism in the long haul. Ben says, is a good example of someone who like had a reputation of being seen, we as having a more intellectually honest than most of having genuinely insightful things to say that were conservative but like worthy of discussion and what the lesson of Trump is? You can't be half way to trump and walk away with your dignity. You just can't because he has, spend all of that capital these password. Here's an emerges, a shell of the kind of politician. He thought he would be talk about whose blaming who, within the term campaign, the Washington Post report, staffers and advisors, are trying to decide whether a potential loss quote should be it, it to an undisciplined message: the corona
this pandemic or campaigns, bending and choices made by former campaign manager, Brad PAR Scouts think Tommy, whose faulty or cable accurately that report at the study in France, like yes, Brad PAR scale, burned through a ton of money to quickly. They were and spent a billion dollars, and that means that Trump hasn't been running ads in places like Iowa, since the lie, another, the races competitive. He had a visit there last week that go back up on air this competitive and it raises a mass but trump Brad Power, scale right, and so yes, like flying to California couple weeks, for the election really bad, but that the fault for winning or losing relies with with Trump alone. There's no amount of campaign ads or strategy decisions that can make up for their disastrous here. link of the corona virus and, as we are recording someone sent me, a tweet from Donald Trump worries again criticising doktor vouched for making bag decisions about.
asks and then he ends with also bad arm. Trump is making fun of doktor vouch for throwing out the first pillar, that baseball game- and you are absolutely right now that have been laid. A minute ago. So, look that's the problem. like that's the reason they are losing You know like not because of Brad PAR scale. He'd certainly didn't help, but the real problem is Mark fetch e on and our staff call as we. He also did today. Empowering people like Scott ATLAS that are basically like pandemic truth, theirs in doing a disastrous job right like that's your problem Fairness to tramp Of course, he's making fun of factories arm vouchers use that arm to vote for Joe Biden. Like got something to keep him. I just love like everyone's. Like you know, let's go through the spreadsheets to see where Brad spent too much money or something my that meanwhile, we're looking at headlines like you, said about the photo thing which has God really draw the last twenty four forty eight hours on a covered.
What is today terms a doctor of energy is a quote disaster. Who is a quote by, Every time he's on tv he called other health officials idiots. He said, Americans don't about the pandemic anymore and just think. Whatever, let us now and it's a news headline trump marks. for trusting scientists of butter cope? It warns that he'll listen to the scientists, if elected, which Joe Biden, just like you, There's an endorsement? There's Donald Trump. It doesn't bother me like. Don't you like Joe Biden, he's gonna, listen to the scientists. If you do back yet no shit yeah Look we really are in this are like decadent. Klein last days of court trump is like. What's with the guidelines bring in terms here? Is this crank radiologist named Scott ATLAS? The only person feeding in the car information he wants. The consensus is obviously where we all know it is on mass in testing and all the rest, the bigger problems. The cases are exploding right now like will. We are back
to really serious scary numbers of new corona virus cases? And everyone is predicting that it's gonna get worse as it gets colder and trot is attacking talk. Turkey in campaign cos and right now, one of the whole on stimulus is the fact that the White House is refusing to go along with expanded testing. Why? Because Trump doesn't want to do it and Scott ATLAS is telling him it's a bad idea to tell people and find out if there s into Matic, so they can't spread to other people reared Zagreb about like there's. There's two things are loved your by numbering of both of these debates to agree pretty easy to understand points there. Is that story that the trumpet straighten was going to male masks to every single American and then trumped didn't want them to because he didn't believe in masks and then this point that point you just made love it that now we know that there was a plan to do more expanded testing and Scott Alice Donald Trump cards like no. We don't want to do more tests so they didn't want to hand out masks and they didn't want to do more testing
pretty easy to understand how badly you fucked up the pandemic. Now he did in a sign of how the money is used for the campaign. You know might be problem trumpeted spend Sunday with you. No seventeen days to the election Here in Orange County, your telephone, you down an orange, raising money, because his campaign has about half the cash on hand. That Biden does and that, because of pretty weak fund raising and the crazy spending Tommy how a real and problematic eating the Trump Campaigns money are in the home stretch, so I dont think any about a paid advertising is gonna really overwhelm the the broader new cycle by like there are key states were Trump is getting out spent by Biden and his allies. So the times had a big piece on spending over the weekend, and if you look at states like mission in Pennsylvania in Wisconsin Biden, is basically has a two to one advantage in those states
binds also spending in places like Ohio, Iowa Nebraska, the spending a little in Georgia, the even one six million dollar by in Texas. So it is a lie. Biden too to spread the field other gives him a lot more passed to two. Seventy. It also, I think, like yes, the value of ads can be overstated. But I think like when you are on the air in a market in your opponent, is not or as in an up on the air like half as much as you are, that actually can move the needle, so I dont any. This is determined if, but you know, Clearly its built awareness of who Biden, is his plans, his record its helped. His fair rules go up, hopefully, can help drown out some this last minute, crap, but Gallagher up a candidate coming off the campaign trail to fly to California on what it was October, eighteenth or whatever was yesterday like. That is an absolute failure of strategy, utter failure yeah, so we obviously love a good trump in disarray.
Mary, but in each of these pieces there are also tromp official saying that they still see multiple passed a victory, even if they are narrow. This morning, Trump campaign manager, bill, Steppin, told reporters quote: you feel better about our pathway to victory than we have at any point. The campaign- and it's not just the Trump campaign, saying that over the weekend, several outlets publish excerpts from a memo written bye. Bye, campaign manager, Gentlemanly Dylan, where she wrote the following. The reality is that this is a far closer race than some of the Pandit tree. We're seeing on Twitter and on TV would suggest in the keyboard grand states where this election will be decided. We remain neck and neck with Donald Trump Dykes love at first, the trunk I can still see the few net path to a narrow electoral victory. What are that any while so there looking up past, where they think, if they can, when Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona they don't Michigan.
I can wait and maybe one vote in Maine right, there's like a bunch of different password. They don't think they need Florida to win if they have Florida. Things get very easy for them right tickets in Florida. They come in North Carolina, they don't need Pennsylvania, they don't need Michigan, but they need Arizona, they're looking at password if they lose Florida and they lose Michigan, they can still win with a vote in Maine Wisconsin Arizona over then they need Nevada right like there's a few different routes for them, but one of the things it is striking about, as if you just go and look at the map right, like you move Pennsylvania over right. You can imagine them going together and all of a sudden words We sixteen in our stomachs earn, are not and we're pact. We need to win everything. That's left right like that! Wasn't it Sixteen is like everything.
Doesn't run elections independently, they will move together and we don't know exactly what surprises there will be an election, but there will be surprises like there will be surprised you. I thought it was interesting. Now you have to take all this with green assault, of course, because they know campaigns that are behind lie and make it sound. Like things are better than they are. I thought it was interesting sort of digging into its steppin difference path. There is that they don't feel very good about was content of. Almost all our paths to victory. Have them losing was content, so they feel they don't feel great about that. They do feel very good about Florida. They think that Florida is easy, at least that's what they say, and then it seems like Pennsylvania, Arizona and maybe Michigan and Nevada. Yeah are all four states where they feel they feel like the races type, but they might be able to pull it out and then, of course I should say they feel he at least in that stories that he felt global North Carolina. But there's maybe see new story, this more
It said trump officials are suddenly not feeling good about North Carolina, but who the fuck knows Tommy what what advantages, as the trunk campaign still have right now like what are some of the reasons they think they can still pull this off What trump still dominates the new cycle like no one, we ve ever really seen it has been quite than that negative for him. ITALY, but that still has a lot of power. It worries me his ability to get the press. Your report on basically anything he wants is a huge If we don't really know the impact of potential voter suppression or how voter tendencies might have changed because of the the pandemic, We can't really understand. I dont think how much all this disinformation and he's conspiracy. Areas that are flying around is impacting voters. I am not suggesting that some big, or in Intel operation, but you are seeing sort of Cuba, nine or q, and on adjacent stuff coming up anecdotally its reaching millions of people on Facebook, I don't think we really know how that cuts. We know that
Republican voter registration has increased in some states, maybe there's this big surge of like white men who are going to vote that we're not seeing in Paul's right now. We know that is pretending the pandemics not happening and doing big rallies and having his field team do in person canvassing. Maybe that will pay dividends. Maybe undecided will break to him, maybe the pulling his right so like those are all the major caveats we see out there. I do think, like thing, people need to know is like ninety percent of trumps past victory, involve him winning Florida. So that's a big piece of this for them and for biting his Easiest path is basically when the other restates when Michigan Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and he's at tutored. Seventy eight electoral votes and the thing is over southern just allow more opportunity for by now out is add two things to atomic duellist Atomic, just me
We talked about spending shall Sheldon out of unjust, decided to dump seventy five million dollars into the race and too. You know Fox NEWS, an unkind contribution, every single night for three hours and night worth billions of dollars in free advertising, their pushed their pushing out. You know the way. Sort of shit from Giuliani. They will be helping him all the way down the home stretch, and it's actually, I think something that was also when twenty. Sixteen that, maybe we're forgetting which is there was There is a Hilary advantage in the closing gaze of that race to, but tromp was able to overcome it because of the kind of shadow camp. pain. Other organizations were running around the kind of chaotic south floundering
operation, that he was running and we're seeing the same thing here. I think the fear from the beginning has been that the Trump campaign would register a whole bunch of non college. Educated white voters, specifically, as you know, two Tommy men in some of these swing states that our trump kind of voters but didn't vote. Sixteen. So it and look in some of the registration data we see
that they succeeded in registering some number of new Republicans and then the other scary thing is: there's a pool of registered Non College, educated white voters who just simply sat out in twenty sixteen and twenty eight ten but have been registered to vote and that they would turn out those. And they do have this very background game and you know any priorities. Usa, like a month ago, they did a presentation, that's the big democratic super pack and they said if you just increased use of white working class turn out in some of these swing states by four percent, and you decreased turn out among voters of color by four percent and somebody swing sate. Suddenly it's a razors edge race and end Trump could easily when it- and I think that's what they're looking at me,
do you think tat you think Jens warning about the race being close is what the Biden campaign is seeing in their appalling, or do you think she wrote that memo to avoid complacency? I know for a fact that it was it was part messaging and that they are warning against complacency, and I think that is smart, but there's some reality to write like there had been polls that have died in up like eight points in North Carolina. The divide gear paint does not think that those are real. They think Biden is closer to make one or two points up in Carolina. There was a poor, a canopy export good pull that had beaten up eleven point in Florida. The Biden campaign thinks that is nonsense, that the races like three or four points, so their messages take nothing granted. Keep donating. Keep volunteering like run through the tape, but we all after member that we ve never vote in a pandemic before one in March, of, error exist for a reason and self. It's a pleasure minus four percent margin of error. That margin applies to both numbers right. So you could see an eight point swing in a pool with a
for minors for Emma. We in that system to remember, like poles, are not determine their snapshots in time. There imperfect the average is that by thirty eight now these sites are doing is better but again, like we ve, never voted in a pandemic. We just don't now, so we got to work Maybe if I told you boys that there, is no one in ten shot. I put a bomb in your car you'd be fucking terrifies started unless I, Donald Trump internets heads fake news, there's no bomb its findings in Aragon, it's not just in areas that are normally. I get Jack agenda. The raises an up double digit. They don't have it like that. You know. If you look at the state poles right now, sort of add up to weigh seven or eight point national led. Not quite the ten eleven point lead that you see in some of the average is so you know it could be all that that could be what what she means by that, but it it's close in a lot of these swing states. Employees goes because
Can I started to say, like we don't know what the turnouts gonna be, that poles are only as accurate as the type of electorate that ends up turning out, and that is just as much as it is science sometimes figuring out. And I do it. The other way I have is like rejected ballots right. All these people are voting by mail by all these people. I mean mostly Democrats right that the disparity between Democrats voting by male Republicans voting a person is huge, and so There are a bunch of rejected ballots. It's going to her Democrats more, so that is the other x factor here that sort of unnerving one other. Just you know things that are happening, that you might not think about right. Well, when the electorate shifts redder as we are closer and closer to election day, the kind of shit trumps pulling that designed to motivate is base will matter more for them that it would in the opposite, for us right like if it there can. We push them. Is information for the next two weeks really really hard to left to election day, like that good work that could manifest and a bunch of trump people showing
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ready, Giuliani and federally indicted, Steve Bannon gave Rupert Murdoch Sneer post a bunch of emails. They say they got from a trump loving computer repair shop owner in Delaware, who says he took them off a laptop. Hunter Biden brought in for repair in April of twenty nineteen, the repair up owner also reported. We gave the laptop to the FBI, which is reportedly investigate whether the emails are linked to a foreign intelligence operation which might make sense because really has been known to us? with at least one russian agent to dig up dirt on the violence carried two thousand Please note because it's me it's my favorite part of the story that the repair shop owner who apparently idead Hunter Biden set on the record that he's legally blind. So, just let me a Fairford. Just let me know how that identification was made there. how about a sticker but again worth noting when you get to, I, like all of this, seems suspect but love it are the various allegations that banning Rudy are trying to push year, based on the content of this laptop and again
warning for everyone. We have to go down everyone's. Why we have to do this. We have to go down a rabbit hall of Fox NEWS, universe here and and rightly universe to really unpack all of Us I mean look. One of the key allegations from this weekend is that Joe Biden has a supportive father who loves his son even struggling to overcome addiction, like that's one of the hardest, hitting piece of this. That's where the Bregenz algae, hard to say exactly what their alleging does is De. Was there some money Exchange and corrupt deal between charisma Hunter and Joe Biden like it's very similar, Benghazi, in the sense that the core facts are quite well known. They are and there would have been investigator. I Joe Biden has been found to have had no wrong doing by two republican investigations in Congress and the most important facts, like the key part of this, the part that they have to lie to make it sound like there's corruption is Hunter Biden was paid by a company in Ukraine?
Joe Biden, advice president did opposite of influence peddling. He did the opposite of what that company wanted. He did what was right. with the? U S. Government wanted and it hurt that company is the opposite of hunters influence having any effect right. That's the that's right. Bereavement would have wanted something to happen. Joe Biden said no we're doing the opposite of that. That's. It and everything else is in an effort to find something that sounds bad. That looks bad, that that that sounds like corruption should be that such sound like what influence peddling is, but they don't have that so they spread. These would have like Miss begun emails and what have you to try to create some sort of illusion of malfeasance? tell me what are some of the many reasons. The entire story is almost certainly bullshit. Well,
get to love. It's point. I mean the underlying allegations that somehow Joe Biden use his position in the government to help charisma and help. His son has been thoroughly investigated by Republican, led congressional committees and found to be untrue. The latest kind of twist of the knife here is a suggestion based on it wild interpretation of an email that may be Joe Biden himself got money or a kick back or some sort from one of these deals. But the problem with that is their Joe Biden, has least like a decade, many more, maybe worth of tax returns? So Joe Biden got some big influx of money from Bereaves, it would show up in those tax returns or he is committed, massive tax fraud rights. Are there just a million parts
This underlying allegation that seem completely false. Now some of the people who want to make this bad for Biden are trying to get into a game of like. Are these emails real or not, and the bombing campaign doesn't want to go down that path because all of a sudden, you have to confirm or deny everything, ready, Giuliani, says, and I think that's not even like there's a lot of reasons to be sceptical. Of all this reporting, yet that the supposed bombshell in Europe, whose story is that? Maybe Hunter, introduce Joe Biden at one point to one of his someone he was working with this ukrainian company that's it like a binding guidelines or like well, that's not on the official by the present vice presidents. Official schedule so wouldn't have any kind of serious meeting in their like well. Could he have possibly, like you know, just said, once in their like what we don't know is met like you know like so, but even if that's true like so Joe Biden, has Hydra you work cranium executive in the worst case. That's the bombshell! That's all you have to come back to like
it's gonna, be a lot of noise. They rely on the fact that, like things, our like: invest delegation shaped our covered, like investigations like the core, Allegation is false right, like the whatever kind of shit that gets turn about this. We know what happened at the time, their public, its public information, no there's a few other things too. Like you know, Tommy mentioned the Republican led Senate committee. The confounded find anything even though RON Johnson dipshit from Wisconsin admitted that the investigation were purely political to hurt Joe Biden, the election, and they still can. Finally, I think route Giuliani admitted he went to the new post admitted this because you didn't think any other outlet would take it or if they did. They might fact jackets me double other outlets, reported that the new post reporter who wrote the story refused to put his byline on it, because you didn't think it was credible.
This morning we learned at Fox NEWS passed on the story because they didn't think it was credible, though it didn't stop all of their. If I can opinion journalist in the primetime lineup from talking about it non stop for the last week, but the new The fact that now the stories too crazy for us River, Murdoch basically decided that he wanted to make this a thing, and so he did the the author on the story has no other stories written for the euro. Post in until recently was a producer for Sean Hannity and her Instagram, apparently just full of pictures of her with like minded people, so you know can the level of the sophistication we're dealing with love letter credibility. Let's talk about the media's handle this general in Twitter, initially banned all links to the near post story sang it violates their rules about distributing private personal information and their rules against distributing hacked material. They then, I tried to say, though, only remove such content if its distributed directly by hackers or their accomplices, Facebook set, it reduce the vis The lady of the story, until it could be fast tracked,
No non mega news outlets could confirm any the story most of them report it rather skeptically. Although a CBS reporter who s mind about the new puss post story, got a fairly annoyed response from the former vice president love it. How do you think the press and social media platforms handle as I was surprised by what Twitter did. I just was genuinely surprise by it. It's a strange thing like this is, I think, is a problem for two weeks in four days from now, but like there is no, hearings at all to Facebook or twitter decision making around what it consider, misinformation and what it does, and I get that it's a really hard question, but like banning anti than on banning it and basically giving the right wing this like talking, point that their being kind of manhandled Twitter, I think is like a strange thing to do. I think what s eyes, like a mix of people, kind of trial to figure out how to cover this appropriately right. Look. I think that there's you note there, obviously unimportant story here. I think the question is: what do you think that story is? Is it the story regionally on he's, trying to say, or is it
story about what why Rutulian he's doing this and how he's doing it, and as part of that, an examination of what this material is to me like. That should be the core of this story, like what is the chain of custody of this information wise regionally on doing this. Who is he partnered with? What is it tell us about the way right, wing misinformation and disinformation and russian intelligence operations really work? What does it say when you have trumps hand, pick Taliban chief on television doing his dirty work as it is a member of the campaign right, there's like tat to me, is the bigger story than whatever their true pump out of New York past. tell me. How do you like as having been a press communication staffer and a lot of campaigns like there's, always a balance when stories like these come out where you want to knock them down, but then you also don't want to give them to me. Oxygen because everyone is talking about it like. How do you mean the Biden campaign should handle this? I mean I think it staff level, they are doing the right thing that, like they can't get into this game, where
Every piece of misinformation or everything that ready Giuliani, says, gets thrown to them to confirm or deny right. Like you see, a lot people on Twitter right now saying Democrats are suggesting that this is rushed russian disinformation, but the campaign refuses to confirm or deny whether these emails are real. I don't think that's a fair standard. You can't say that Rudy Giuliani can work with some ukrainian goober who's, been sanctioned by the Trump Administration and called a russian asset, and then like leave it to the Biden, people to figure what to do with that? I think the debate is a different story right because, like associated with the substantive critique of Hunter Biden in Bridmain, we just talk through all the ways that is garb. There is a real human element here, which is the New York Post, releasing private personal information, not about a candidate but about his son and about his grand kids in cell,
like it just so gross to see text messages from a father to his son, who is struggling with addiction, get splashed out for all the world to see it is so gross to see text messages from Hunter Biden to his daughter treated like they're there. Should be public information because it somehow makes the rest of this garbage than your posted peddling more credible. So I would want Biden to refocus on that human element in how gross it was to repeat what he said at the debate, which is like my son struggled with addiction he's in recovery. I love him. I respect him for it. What Rudy Giuliani in your surrogates are saying is disgusting. Its offensive to anyone who has someone in their life with a substantive use problem, and like. I'm not gonna make this about families, but I can tell you what I will do as president is I'm not going to use the office that I hold to steer taxpayer dollars into the family business? The way you have
I'm not going to install in a competent schmuck like jeered, commissioner in my White House species, my son in law and then put him in charge of the pen like response. I want to go a little bit on events with this, but in a way that is not like fully down in the dirt, you know you, I would say your children have used the presidency as a business opportunity, and those are my words. that's what Republican, Senator Ben Sassy on a call last week, I would put it put in Princess Ozma, I agree, bind you're going
and I was like I found myself just really sad like having to read some of those tax and and and feeling really bad for a hunter and the family and in the grand kids and everyone who ve gone through have gone through a family member having addiction and like it's not only morally repugnant. By the way like I don't do that. Fucking works like there's, so how many families in this country have struggled with filling a ruse had an addiction issue like millions and millions, not just Democrats, Trump voters right like that that cuts across all demographics. All party lines like going out there in gleefully marking a families addiction? I don't think it's a earnings, a great political plan, why? It's also you know in those messages you see like, I saw like Eric Trump dont, Don Junior sort of gleefully treating this right, and all we have seen if their true are signs of a good father showing an incredible amount of love for his family. That's what they managed to reveal to try to kind of to smear them.
family and it is a testament to just how kind of how low this operation, that these people cannot see that this is not an attack. It's not bad for Joe Biden, it's just a human. It's a human story in their, so inside of this evil trump orbit, it is broken them, and I think that this is appropriate. That's all we have time for questions before the interview questions, Stacy Psmith, claiming the Facebook asks talk about Texas and our early voting turn out so far. What does it mean? What so we we can back up attacks. Talk starts to talk about early voting, reading Early voting tea leaves in general, and you want to take us to have a that. It takes don't do it like glad to see that turn out. It's really exciting to see people showing up if we waited for years. For this moment, let it motivate you, let it let it Let s say you let it inspire you don't take any any aspect.
it for granted whatsoever. Why is real? Betty leaves on early voting turn out, not the most accurate way to find out whether we had or not. about this is true in any election. We know based on polling that, because of the asymmetric information around the pandemic in voting itself, people who are voting Biden or tending to vote earlier by mail and people who are going to vote for Trump or planning to do it in person. It's a huge, huge disparity to even in a normal year. You can't read a lot into it, but now it's all. It tells us that Democrats are voting, but we would know that anyone yeah. The other issue, too, is you can't really determine whose ahead by party registration, when one of the reasons that Biden has had a big pulling lead if the polling lead is true, is that he is pulling a lot of Republicans and independence, especially dependence in addition to just Democrats. So if you just see early voting, that's like d, this number,
this number non. You know independent or no party. This number it's really hard to find out who's ahead then, and then, like you, said, love at its apples and oranges and a year where we ve never had this many people vote by mail, so it It's good to see enthusiasm, but that's it doesn't the opposite a right there. There are counties where Trump one by twenty points, but there is a democratic ready. asian advantage, because there are a lot of former Democrats who voted for trumpet twenty, sixteen improbable again Alex Madrid over your facebook. Is there any May. We can get back into the around nuclear deal of buying neglected. How long will it take for the? U S to regain its reputation on the world stage? After all, the damage trump has done in terms of foreign policy world. Oh, I mean the reputation question. Is it going to be a generational problem? So good luck with that show you didn't get back in IRAN. Nuclear deal tomorrow and then, hopefully renegotiate a stronger, follow on agreement. That extends it. I'm hoping that that's one of the first things that that bind does if he wins because
now, we should be clear that we are much less safe, are, is Jeanne uranium at levels that they were forbidden from doing under the IRAN Nuclear Deal. On top of that, the Trump administration is putting more and more sanctions on them just destroying their economy, destroying their ability to get in like medical supplies in the middle of a pandemic. It is really a blood thirsty, vindictive horrible policy that is being implemented on the iranian regime and other. I am obviously no fan of the leadership in that country, but you have a bunch of people trying to lift her a pandemic and they're just crushing them and is deeply fucked up last question: do we ve been begging? Your facebook asks at what point is it to a not effective to donate to candidates? I am thinking specifically of Senate candidates. Can my money still help D Jones or Gary Peters? Our donations useful right up to election day or there are cut off beforehand or it becomes too late to place ads or send out now.
You take that one sure I think it I mean, maybe not on election day, but I think it means in these last weeks. Your money is very effective right, like campaigns place last minute, buys all the time they can go up on air really fast others. Also, in addition to advertising, that's not just where the money is spent. There's also a field operation. There's ballot chase operations to make sure that you go find voters Levin return there ballot yet like there are so many things. Campaigns can spend money on towards the end and if they are hurting for cash or they are being out raised outspent by their opponent, men. Yes, that money helps your money tends to help most in close races, and especially some of the down ballot races where it doesn't take a lot of money to suddenly have a cash it right like that's why we ve been raising money in our fuck gerrymandering fund for a lot of state legislative races. We ve been trying to do things like you know, on Thursdays, pod. We talk about that Poland Doug Jones is raised in Alabama dog Jones raised. How much was it Tommy over the weekend
They didn't that wasn't an external number outside the eurozone. We tried to raise a bunch of money for the Joneses race over the last couple days. Can I keep in that? Tommy knows the internal ever because I think it's cool, while that a very sad task as they were looking for some help raising online. I do think it speaks of John broader point, which is like Jones is someone who is really tight race in a really hard stayed and they think that they have a little if they can get a little more money in to go up on air and and do more and he's closing weeks if they might be able to win. So we'll see ya so maybe maybe when it comes down to it the day before the election, maybe you know donate, but up until then keep donating, khazar, economical out when we come back we'll have my interview with Lavoro Barnes, who is the chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. Patsy America is broadly stamps dot com, this holiday season
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generally brave version in these things really Julianne air. This re learn is like about to get it on the cash out, as it could be very good where we now he's in a fucking movie, not laptop then brought to you by Amazon Studios on October, twenty third, only on primary check it out. I'm now joined by Lavoro Barnes, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, thanks for coming on the pot. My thanks thanks for having me its called vigour, go to hell, so I want to start with Donald Trump Trip to Michigan on Saturday, where he hold governor Whittemore to end they stay at home order that has existed since June and then, the crowd, chanted lock her up. He said lock them all up obvious that is dangerous and horrific. How do you think voters react that sort of thing, especially after their governor, was the target of demand. Terror, blot. Here's the thing that the voters here in Michigan know that this governors stepped up and took care of us
in a way that many other governments did not in their states and certainly in the way that Donald Trump did not for this nation and their grateful to her for that situation the President, the United States and his his supporters suggest that somehow she needed to be stopped. Like that, I think, is a little bit scary to our voters. I think they understand the day do that our governor is and there's a terror plot out there. Who knows what other planets are out there? We cannot have a president who incites that sort of violence and hatred. It needs to stop it's dangerous and puts her in danger. It puts all of us in danger and the fact that he doesn't care about should frightened the voters frankly outlets out what the race twenty six was a barrier for Michigan Democrats. Twentieth was a great year for Michigan Democrats. Can you talk about what changed between those two elections and what lessons from twenty? Eighteen, specifically, you guys have applied to the twenty twenty risk so after the lesson from twenty? Sixteen, which was that we as a state party weren't, were not prepared with a ground,
the game I'm. We have not been organizing in a grassroots way as a state party leading up to twenty sixteen and what we did when we woke up after that. Twenty six election, two thousand and sixteen election was to build that ground and he started a project. We called project eighty three, which is for the 80s in his hearing Michigan I'm so that we would have organizing activity in every county of the state, starting in twenty seventeen and not stopping, and we haven't stopped all the way through twenty twenty. So obviously that pay dividends for us in twenty, a tea we continued that work on the ground all the way through, so that right up until covered turn this into a virtual campaign. We were on the doors having conversations with voters and an visiting their neighborhoods all the time, not just showing right at the end of the election to ask people for a vote, but having good conversations with voters about issues that matter to them, and what how Democrats would respond to those issues and what's important about participating in the election in supporting Democrats, it also helps that in twenty eighteen we ran
slate of bad ass women who worked hard, who ran all over this state, made sure they were in every part of the state having over those conversations It is everywhere I go now a full whittemore when you went out the county and end it makes a big difference. Do actually show up everywhere and have those there's, conversely, and we're doing that again in twenty twenty or so obviously. Whittemore one by such a large margin that she earned a huge share of voters who actually cast their ballot for Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen what share of those sort of Trump Whittemore voters. Do you think the Joe Biden needs to win the state in the sheer You know, I think. As everybody knows, we we we lost in twenty sixteen by ten thousand seven hundred and four votes, the tightest margin in the country, What would I tell everybody is that those ten thousand seven hundred and four votes are in your neighborhood two point: two votes per precinct, I'm so
Our goal is to go find those two point, two votes plus more, so I want to give the full Whittemore Trump voter I'm to come out and vote for for Joe Biden and then some, and I think that we can get back this it was good to hear on the ground here, Michigan one of one of the big issues and twenty sixteen was a steep drop in turn out among black voters. What is the party in the Biden campaign been doing since then to energize communities of color, great questions, one of the first things we did was open and keep open offices in those cities where people of color are the majority so Detroit and Office in Detroit that stays open all the time that has staff that sort become a canoe he center, I mean it's been open. Even during covered people go in there masked up and socially distanced its work. They can go, get a sign or whenever they want in volunteer, but those of offices stay open because we need to continue to happen relations in those communities all the time we need to stop being the candidates will show up to go to church in October.
And then disappear until it's time to get elected again and short to go to church in October. We ve been in these communities. Having conversations with these voters supporting these communities around the issues that are important to them, whether be watershed asked or red lining, or clean water in their homes. Like inflamed all the time we can't just shop for the vote, to be there for the community and that's what we ve been doing. Michigan was hit hard by covered, especially early in the pandemic. How do you think that experience has shaped people's political views in the state? Obviously, I'm sure there's a huge number of people in Michigan who are you now have a special appreciation for her scary and serious this viruses
and of course we also saw the beginning. You know there were anti lockdown rallies at the capitol, so how? How is the pandemic serve shape? The politics of the state? The first thing is that this governors responds to the pandemic has provided for us a stark contrast between how Trump have handled this virus and how we handle it here in Michigan, and I think that makes it easy for us to have that conversation about the need for change in Washington. so just point to what happened here in Michigan and what's different number two. I think that the governor and the lieutenant governor recognised how hard this virus hit the black community and have stepped up to make sure that they began to put in place healthcare beyond just covered, but healthcare resources for the communities that were hidden hard by this virus, something that the federal government has not done. I mean something
We can remind folks over and over again that when you have democratic leadership, folks, care and leadership can really make a difference in people's lives and then, finally, I think the callous disregard for life. That's been shown over and over again by the trumpet ministration really hit home here, again, where I dont know a single soul who doesn't know someone who has had or someone who has passed away from carbon, is painful part of our lives and the fact that this administration just doesn't seem to care, makes us angry and makes us all want to vote. and, however, registration efforts been going with the pandemic to do you still feel good about where you guys ended up so registrations hard, because so much of what we would do to register voters would be in person and close. So so we we stopped registering frankly for awhile as as covered came in, but what we have in place
the terrific secretary of state who recognise that the voter registration efforts that we all as a family, not just the Democrats, would undertake more stopped or slow down. Covered and she has done some terrific work, making it possible folks for folks, rushed over my and has been pushing hard to get folks to register. So she just announced that she's got over a hundred thousand new registrants that came through programmes that she built out that she's been pushing to get folks registered. So, yes, we shall guide, but luckily we register folks right up to and on election day and we're not stopping. Because There are young folks out their returned. Eighteen, my son is one of them who who needed to get registered. We locked him into the clerk's offers and got him registered. We need to make you're that we're doing that all over the state with folks who need to get themselves registered. You haven't been into the Secretary of State Office because of covered, and therefore I haven't gotten their registration. Take care of really important point. If you live in Michigan, we know some adolescent Michigan. You can still register
one million michiganders have already voted What do we know about whose already voted? Are you seeing any signs in the numbers that give you hope, or is it just far too high? to tell it's going on with a shift in mail in voting this year is because we don't register by party here in Michigan. It is really hard to do at some states are doing and point to an advantage in terms of who has voted so far. But but I will tell you this when you look at the cities in the places where folks are voting, those it provides a good Democrats live I'm we feel good about where we are about the work we ve done to talk to voters about important. Some though early in voting safely in a we're telling folks to get those votes cast, get the men take them to a dropbox good. Your clerks office and and people are responding, People are voting. I'm in our goal is to get as many of our votes banked early, just to make sure that folks are voting safely and I have to stand in line I'm in a mass for hours on election day.
And I shall do about where we are and where those numbers are, and I think we're at one point: five million, but ok, mice. Verona, though, is that so Your buttons consistently pulling up fairly strongly in Michigan, but incumbent democratic centre. Dairy Peters is running behind him and a lot of poles what you think accounts for this gap and what you see is that sort of work the Gary Peters has to do from now until election day too, to pull this year. I repeat, it is a terrific hand. Dayton he's doing a great job. He is being hit hard by the Republicans to see him the target, I think in part, because of the Trump mark, and here in twenty sixteen, I think in part, because they have a candidate that they really are talking about and are very supportive of an who apparently supports that president two thousand percent and who's got some really well I'm doing behind him, including the device family. All of this comes together to me that that candidate, well funded and is working I'm to continue to raise money,
we spend more time to state raising money than he does in state talking the voters, your Michigan, I'm in you know that that sort of on flight from a candidate with all kinds of money, a party with all kinds of money, and then third party groups that want to attack Senator Peters, makes for a lot of work for Senator Peters. To try to get this done, but he's doing the work he's broken fundraising records himself. Every every every quarter, I'm surprised again by Senator Peters Numbers, is doing a terrific job. I feel confident that this Peters will when you know we always right. You know those of us further down the ticket always run a little bit behind the top of the ticket cause, that's just what happens on, but I do think that Tender Peters will indeed be fine, he's doing some terrific work. I've had people and if you know MAGIC Johnson, was in town? I heard I hurried out there and I have not seen interpreters have so much fun as the videos. I've seen that he's having a good time out there in the computer, but now he's gotta go back to Washington and do some voting. So
right. That's right up the mantle form and make sure his his words to be heard. So Michigan Court recently ruled the balance that arrive after election day can't be counted as the Michigan Democratic Party. Gonna challenge. That ruling is their time to do this without confusing voters right. I'm not sure that there's too did you that we and when I try really hard to do, is not confused. voters on the messaging here, so we ve been very There are even when they were, that judge did say that we can count those about until fourteen days we we're still very clear, get the ballots in early get the ballots in fast, because we knew that this court ruling was in jeopardy and we need to be just focused on making sure folks get voted, ghettos vote. Then. I think that we should challenge this later beat beyond this election. Dacres elections keep coming everywhere. In the end, we will want to continue to have this discussion about how important it is, because you know the person I think, should be enough if you ve postmarked yourself, but but here in Michigan you ve gotta, get it in by
P M on election day and we're just gonna, continue to show that message with our voters and make sure they get those ballot. Then making level, I think, is a crime, but too many people's balance don't get counted because they get late. I think they're about sixty five hundred folks and the August primary here in Michigan, whose ballots arrived too late to be counted and we can't afford Now that's all it's just told everyone in the part today make a plan this week get the balance right, So the Trump last question the Trump campaigns telling reporters that at least one of their past a victory includes winning Miss. And again come Congresswoman Debbie Dingle, who were the troubled when last time says, he's still worried? That's usually, but she does. What specific We are the things about the race that are keeping you up at I know, you want to say everything, but what's keeping open it, so here's the thing that that That worries me- and I think I think, you're listeners won't be surprised when I say this, I don't trust them to follow the rules or follow the law. So it's the things that they will do.
They see that they are losing or have lost that aid No about her. I can't dream about because my brain wont. Let me think that way, because I'm a good, honest person, rush of those that worry me the unknowns out there. The fact that we have very little understanding of what in their minds in terms of voter suppression in terms of I'm trying to black people from voting trying to block asked from counting the votes, all of those things that what we built a magnificent team of warriors, probably the biggest team of warriors. I've ever had around election day operation, almost ready for
You think I m really Bacon make up some scenarios that, like that, will never happen in their local worry. It might happen. So, let's be ready for it. I mean that's. My goal is to make sure that we're ready for that that we can afford to pay for that answer, that whatever happens, we can fight back and make sure that we protect the vote because that's what this is about is not just about winning. At that point, it is about protecting this democracy. You know, Americans have been voting legally carefully safely through war through with directly but through trout. This is where we are right now and, of course, the best way to avoid the scary scenarios is to win big and for ever and again about data. So everyone accurate everyone, it all very vote with big case too thank you so much Lavoro Barnes for joining applied, pod, save America and good luck to you in these last. These last couple is a now. Let's flip Michigan Back nightclub, my pleasure thanks so much for having me and thanks for paying attention
happening in Michigan. Based, more Barnes for joining us today, and we will have another pride on Wednesday Dan and I will do the pot on Wednesday and then we will have our post debate before the final debate are opposed to Bay POD, with all form on Friday. Aren't you glad there weren't three in ends? Yes, so glad my too much stress, I don't even want. I don't even want another one, Pod save America is crooked. Media production, the executive producer is Go Martinez, arson you're producer is Jordan, Waller its mixed in by Andrew Chadwick Kyle. Second, is our sound engineer, to tell you so Maneater, Katy Long Roman, but Dimitrios Quinn, Louis Brian symbol. Airline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our digital team, illogical
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