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The human toll of Trump’s shutdown grows as he plans a primetime address, Democrats debate how to talk about impeachment, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez triggers conservatives by doing literally anything. Then the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel talks to Tommy about his coverage of Elizabeth Warren’s first trip to Iowa as a presidential candidate.

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you'll, hear Tommy's interview with Washington, Post reporter Dave Weigel, who was covering Elizabeth Warrens big Trip to Iowa this weekend. We're also going to but all the latest shutdown news. The Democrats impeachment strategy in the ability of Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez to trigger conservatives by doing literally anything welcome back guys are first two thousand and nineteen to three of us happy woo, woo yeah, where seventh January seventh, we finally made it still shut down also we're going back on tour. We're heading to New Orleans, Charleston Durham in early February by some tickets, come see us. What are you waiting for cricket dot com sense and while you're there grab some tickets for love, leave it he's going on for the country going everywhere Dc Chicago? It's. No there's a ton of places, there's a ton of with lover leave it or all the tickets are on sale. Now they starts in DC ends in radio city, music hall. God you think you can fill that. Take
big time fill we're going to fill it they're down. They're, said to back on the road, yeah We are on day seventeen of what is now the second longest government shutdown in history. Uh longest government shutdown was twenty one days in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five, when Newt Gingrich in the House Republican shut down the government, because Bill Clinton refused to cut Medicare and education position on which the vast, e of voters agreed with Clinton, which is why Gingrich eventually backed down this time. Donald Trump shut down the government, because Democrats refused to force taxpayers find a metaphorical border wall. The Trump promised Mexico would pay for a position on which the vast majority of voters agree with the Democrats, and yet Trump in the republican leadership have not budged an inch. No progress is made during the two meetings held over the weekend and if the shutdown drags on it's starting to inflict real pain on the millions of people who either work,
the federal government or count on government services, and now we have heard today that Trump will address the nation on Tuesday night at nine hundred pm eastern guys, let's start with the consequences, the human consequences of the shutdown. How bad is this for people and how much worse can it get pretty bad? I mean I think it's a partial shutdown which means that the military is still going social security. A lot of major institutions are still going, but the Treasury Department shut down hard and agriculture shut down. So people won't get tax returns pretty soon. If this keeps going, people who need food stamps assistance are going to see cuts so like this is going really hurt people and if you're, one of the people who are are not allowed to go to work because of the shutdown. Like your stressed out and you're wondering if you're going to get back pain if you're a contractor, that's part of the shutdown, you probably won't get any back pay for the time you've been shut down. So like there's going to be a human costs going economic cost like this is dragging it to
yeah I mean this Friday will be the first Friday were paychecks, don't go out, and so there are a lot of people who just can't I cannot make ends meet they just they're. Not the people are not built to have just one paycheck disappear, on a Friday, because Donald Trump caught wind of a right wing backlash with the fact that he was going to approve a government spending and so you know every day goes on. It gets worse. You know worse the they're, the ways in which it impacts. Americans you want to take advantage of government services in small ways: that's the parks it's also and on you know that there TSA is going to be affected, mine safety is going to be affected by one. I saw that and yet we thought of I took a took a big note on that one. The people inspecting the planes well, so yes, so Tief could come up with a friend is going out. The airlines, TSA agents are calling in sick because they're not getting paid bad at all, and so that's causing delays at airports and they're also they're starting to realize that they can't check now every
a bag for security, and so there they're, trying to you, know figure out. What's the most, I mean that we don't have been the TSA solution, ship also that he has a as a bandaid. Also, the airline Pilot Union said they're worried about a lack of working inspectors, and regulators to the FAA has no idea if you're playing it safe. This is like well beyond traveled Yeah Federal aviation spectral haven't been working and they've been holding signs saying. Was your airplane, properly repaired and inspected? Today, the FAA does not know fucking terrified that that is a I don't I go now, but do I not want to go to LA acts. Then, when I get there is a person holding a sign that says my plane at the MID spect. That's not good. Also. This whole debate is supposed to be about security security at the border and the airlines now are, you know, there's there's no security there or there's not reduce security there. As you mentioned to me that you know, nineteen million households received food, stamps they will have less money. If this drags into February, they will have no money for food stamps and drags into March. Thirty
million low income people- thirty, eight million people, evil household number whole number right. So. Our national parks are filled with shit literally also like three people died in the national parks. 'cause, there's no by the way do
member- this is just a small there. Over remembers this win. The government shut down in twenty thirteen and Obama, close all the national parks and other public and said that that was just a political ploy yeah. He was closing the national parks just to show you know it. It was a stunt to show how bad this was. No, you close the parks because its dangers have parks opens that aren't staffed. That's why you close the national parks and shut down the tribes, kept them all open, and so now they're like filled with garbage and their dangers to people. So that's that's great and look in the other thing with all this is your people. You know, as these paychecks don't come out as you have, you know, cuts to food stamps as there's like people can get loans, they can't get mortgages right. Anything that requires a government forms, as I yeah. This is going to have a ripple effect throughout the entire economy. Right like people on food stamps, they came.
I food people are getting their paychecks, that's going to hurt small businesses that they I mean this is. This is like the Sirius inflicted damage the economy and out. While all this is happening. Trump said on Friday that the shutdown could last for months even years and when asked about all the forgetting getting paychecks on Sunday. He said quote: I'm sure that people that are on the receiving end will make adjustments. They always do now. I realize that a lot of people Is that normal political rules don't apply to trump? It is it? Is it terrible for him to tell one hundred thousand people who aren't getting a paycheck? Tough, no, not at all and then it gets even more untenable if people don't get their tax refunds, because people also count on that money coming in as well. You know there's two pieces of this and I know what the politics there's two pieces of this one is the fact that he's doing it and the fact that he's doing it over a symbol right which is so despicable and obviously doesn't care about the harm that he does. He cares about how it looks on Fox NEWS who cares about how it looks to the base, but it also,
even just the way he went about it. The Senate Republicans passed a spending bill hundred to nothing. It was a hundred to nothing. It was a fate accompli. It was just a John kind of It was the usual bad government. We were kind of accustomed to short term fixes getting is over the finish line late last minute. Nothing fixed nothing, reform, that's the that's new high bar under the Trump administration, but he threw a fit we're in this because he threw a fit without a plan, and you know Ann Coulter, ankle right into the shareholder got, is your shut down, but the thing about this is at least when Newt Gingrich shut. The government down there was a fill out philosophy. An ideology and a planned high gambit there's not even a bit here. There was no, you know It also can't even get his ransom. I will say: we've had a history of this, though that wasn't just trump they shut down in two thousand and thirteen was TED Cruz. Believing that he could shut the their government down in that? Somehow, by doing that, Obama would just single handedly repeal his greatest legislative achievement.
Even get rid of affordable care act, crazy, please set the table. For this know. He really did that's a great example. 'cause TED Cruz is in a lot of ways, behaves like a smarter version of Trump TED Cruz. Did that because it was good for TED, Cruz is brand or at least, but it would be an ultimately. He was right and because he was just one center, not the president, he could bring the all hate IRA native people around him, but ultimately he can't personally keep the government closed indefinitely, but Trump can the most amazing thing, but watching this is now watching all these republican senators, who just voted a couple weeks ago to fund the government and keep it open now say I can't be there's no way, I'm going to vote for anything. Unless it's a wall, we must have well it's the most important thing ever. You all just voted to keep the government open with the Viking. Well now you're acting like it's the most important thing in the world, because Ann Coulter is run. Government because she led Trump into the shutdown and now Senate Republicans have to back trump so now, they're all they all just follow each other.
The cliff yeah I Lindsey Graham, is doing his. You know twenty nineteen Lindsey, Graham, where he just runs out and beats his chest and says whatever Trump wants him to defend, ended back in twenty thirteen. He was attacking Obama for being a pathetic leader. He said he wasn't engaged enough in negotiations. He said the kept moving the goal All the things trump is doing now he complained about it's all on the record: Lindsey you're full of shit. We know it very foolish it. So. The question now is: how does Trump get out of this he said he's considering declaring a national emergency, which he believes would allow him to use the defense budget and our military to build the wall about the democratic chairman of the services? Committee Adam Smith, said on Sunday that he thinks the president can do this, though other day, rats in legal scholars disagreed and even Smith said it would open up trump to a major legal challenge. Guys. How alarming would this be and what could Democrats due to fight it? If anything, I need to start and like I say we can't even have that conversation, because it
You know it does seem to me like the most from being way to get out of this stuff. She it. I think, though, it's it's also the one I most trump in ways to change our conversation right. Like he's not in the same way, you know he announces we're going to withdraw from Syria and then takes it back. He, you know, announces all kinds of things and take them back just to get the news cycle. You know we're talking about the fact is gonna declare a national emergency. Maybe he will maybe he won't. This tends to be the kind of thing he does with bluster and hope to get some kind of a deal, but I you know, ultimately you know here now. In this conversation about a national emergency at the border, whether Trump will give a speech to the country whether or not he'll, border security money and it's it's the debate. He wants us to be I guess I know so I don't even know what should we now have to debate whether Trump can can see land on the southern border and used use the use the military to build a wall. That's the baby have to happen now I don't know but it but you,
but you also understand what the reality of what's going on the ground, to understand how services to like it's, not this fucking, all right. It's not a wall, it's never been a wall. There's fencing on the border along many miles of the border. We talked about this before Trump through Department secure the money they got last year there. Already. You know in eminent domain cases trying to get some land there that that that process, it takes years, and the Bush administration pushes, with domain case they've, been handing out contracts to build more of this fencing. So it's like they're just he just wants money for some more fencing You know there's no such thing as a big wall anymore. He wants money for more fencing, that's already being right there. So this idea that then he's going to declare a national emergency to what then about more government contracts do more eminent domain. Doesn't it does make sense right? I don't, I guess, my struggle with I don't really know what it means. To your point I mean so they have spent like ten percent of border security money that was appropriated last year. Yes, so maybe start there if it's an emergency,
when I hear the words national emergency, your state of emergency makes me think of like aired. On in Turkey or president present cc, like in in Egypt, like authoritarians who locked down- liberties in the name of some security threat. So that scares me, but I don't know if that's the appropriate way to frame this and think about it. But, like you said I mean I just If you declare an emergency, you need to act on it immediately and there's no mechanism. To do that, given the nature of how construction works right away, the wall would be created, it doesn't make any sense, I think yeah it. It seems that presidents have too much power anyway, and the fact that you have to clear a national murder. You can have all these powers is terrifying. It you know we should talk about. That should bother the libertarian Party in the case of Trump, and in this case it seems like some of the same shade. He was doing right before the midterms when he tried to create another border crisis and if you're, Trump and you're realizing the Democrats aren't actually going to compromise at all, and the Senate Republicans aren't going to hang on forever and he's not winning.
Fight. You know he can have this big moment where he seems authoritarian and India claims emergency and a bunch of DOD people are like okay. I guess we'll continue to do what we're doing and like build some fencing, and then everyone forgets vine and then the government goes back right. That's easily could see that. That is that to me, that is, I think, the most, because you know Sh Trump shot I like a shadow boxing authoritarian he's like wants to play authoritarian, but then just lacks you need to get to the next step and get the next episode episodes if it get that so it's gone on longer than he thought the for sure. For sure. I do think like to your point. Is it another moment where we're sort of required to kind of go back to first principle. Little, which we haven't done a long time, because we have been too comfortable with presidential power, but when we say that It should have some kind of emergency powers it has to in that in a moment in which Congress couldn't have the time to act, the president should do things to defend the country, because the constitution is not a suicide.
In fact, that is what an emergency is meant to mean. Every president for decades has abused their national security power. They've abuse emergency power- that is true of Obama. That is true of George W Bush, that is true of Bill Clinton, Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, yeah. The one thing I also just want to say to you is like it's also important, I think, to think about what we be talking about. It Donald Trump had Inter shot the government, and what we'd be talking about is the probably the democratic bill ought to restore you know to to it to get money out of politics and restore some my cratic norms would be talking about the investigation into Donald Trump and to me like what we've been seeing in the last week, it's no the Trump presidency of the heist. It is a heist and now we're in the getaway these next two years are the getaway, anma and there's an m and we're on him, and the voters are on him and Democrats are on everybody's on him chasing him down the highway and he's reaching behind him. Trying try to get things to throw out the window.
Grab Syrian, he throws it out the window and he gets Rashidah to leave and he throws her out. The window. Get chunks of a wall throws her out. The windows throws eight thousand federal workers at the window, there's parks out the window, throws whatever he can reach behind him and grab and throw out the window and our job, and these are big chunks of schitt coming at us. It is still our job to swerve around them and keep focused on the main project and the main project is preventing this person from putting his agenda in place and getting him out of office or ideally running him off That's the end of the french connection that you just see. I say I will say I used to be. In that camp and very alarmed distraction, this distraction that he did that this thing in the lead up to twenty eighteen into the into mid term and I was terrified and like we have to be talking about our stuff, but he's good he's taking up the agenda.
This is horrible, like he's got the spotlight and then it didn't fucking work any lost forty seats like I. Actually. I do think that these this is the thing that concerns me most about the shutdown is the pain. That's inflicting on people and Trump is always going to control the media agenda as long as he's president we're never going to be able to prevent him from doing that. We have to play our game like have our message out there go out and talk to voters about what we're going to talk to voters introduce those bills like the house. Democrats are doing, keep pushing the message, but he's going to he's going to play these games up until the moment he leaves office as well, and I think in our to decide. When do we stop the car to get out help I'm going to keep going I agree. This is a moment where you give? Then you don't let him have the issue you have to fight, because it's so important to me. It's like the there's, the shut down his chin. There's a wall issue. It's clearly not an emergency when the number of people arrested at the border by C p is below the nat. The decade average right, not emergency. If he wants to get his wall funding, we should go back to the deal where there's a dock, a fix for a while funding with like the art. You know we
it. It was well negotiated until you blew it up so there, but in terms of the shutdown, I don't think we can. Let him hold us hostage on all these things, and- and I mean the best part of this- is they think that being accommodating and sounding reasonable, is saying well, President Trump says: go with a metal wall, not a concrete wall like This is a steel building materials like fence instead of concrete, well yeah. How do you like my five billion dollar curtains? my five billion dollar drapes. Like that's, not the issue. Now you don't need everyone like fucking idiots. That's that's treating Democrats their voters. Nearly everyone in America, like a fucking moron, saying that big concession now is that it's going to be a steel fence instead of a concrete wall? Go Republicans didn't plan on having this fight, that they were no
it's, but now they're in it. But now it's like the fight they've always wanted to hang out with kids in Grammys, been thinking about this for two weeks. I don't like it's like Lindsey Graham shows up on set every day and he's like. Is this law and order? Svu? Is this fuckign? Is this friends? What show am I in? I don't give a shit I'll play whatever character. You need to play I'll, be Ross I'll, be Chris Noth I'll be fucking. I'll, be doubly James, Gandolfini. Maybe I don't know one Well, the young shelled, and what do you need? What do you need me to? Who do you need me to be Donald Trump, I'll, be whoever you want me to be? I'm Lindsey, Graham, and I will be who ever you want me to be Theon or reek, yeah of Let's talk about the democratic strategy here, speaker policy said this week. House Democrats will begin passing individual appropriations bills to reopen. Government agencies, starting with a bill, the covers the Department of Treasury and the I r s smart. Over the weekend, the democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen suggested that Senate Democrats should block consideration of any bill
unrelated to opening the government until Mcconnell and Senate Republicans allow votes on those individual appropriations bills. That policy is going to pass through the house, and then we find out today more and more senators got on Board with Van Halen's ideas Mark Warner, TIM Kaine. Of course it started with the senators who represent states with the most federal workers. Maryland and Virginia, and then Schumer said that this is going to be his strategy as well so This is great news that the Democrats are doing this and it made me think like at some point, maybe it's time to put all the pressure, not necessarily just on Trump but on the Senate. Republicans, because Trump can be immune to political pressure, political pressure, because all he cares about it thirty, five percent of the country that backs him, but a lot of that Republicans. We already saw Susan Collins,
Gardner and Thom Tillis, who are all up in twenty twenty say that Mcconnell should open the government so he's starting to lose some of the vulnerable Republicans, and the question is: if we start making this about Mcconnell and pressuring Mcconnell and pressuring those Senate Republicans That's the way to call wants to know piece of this. It means he's literally, not speaking in meetings he's showing up and being silent. You also have Lamar Alexander and Pat Roberts Roberts, who have said they want they're not running for reelection, so people think that they might be gettable. I mean I agree with you that you need to put the pressure on Mcconnell because structurally. This is not set up to sixty right. Trump's negotiating team is Jared MIKE Pence and Kirsten Nielsen. So you have you, have a dilettante supplicant in a liar like you can't negotiate with those people and for the fact that they're idiots, but also trump just and the negotiation no matter what so I do think like this road goes through mechanic idyllic on to supplicate it'll, I walk into a bar and they say Marco Rubio: do you have
yeah. But yes, although I really there is this great moment like that, visiting to like the White House negotiating, so you know the it's, not it in less trump is in the room and Trump is caught in the right mood. None of it matters I love it. They sent MIKE Pence in to negotiate not with members of Congress and senators, but there's nothing, there's staff, so it it's like it's like they look like. I met a medical home. We like how was work today, while I was in a ten hour meeting with MIKE Pence that he started with a prayer and ended with no progress whatsoever, and also that the only the MIKE then succeeded in doing is like somehow heat of all like he's lowering the office of vice president and diminishing that roll. Through I mean I don't give a shit the cares, but it's just like your meeting staff. Why did you agree to that? It's like they're, sending MIKE Pence in like he's a toddler on the plastic steering wheel,
next to Trump is really driving like do do. Look at main. Look at MIKE Pence MIKE Pence is driving. Did you guys read how Jerrod apparently said that he was bringing his business acumen to gotiations? I thought I thought of you when I read that lost my mind would be very angry about that business. Actually. Well, you know what he is. That's actually true, so just so everyone knows how this could end. So you need forty one democratic senators to agree to hold up business right because you need sixty votes in the Senate to get anything done. So if we get four, one democratic senators to say nothing gets done until we open the government. No business in the Senate happens until then. So that's about so good Mcconnell get out of this without Trump well, he did pass a bill a couple weeks ago. One hundred to zero to keep the government open so Trump Mcconnell is like. Oh, I can't pass anything that trump that's just not true. Yes, you can trump veto the bill. It can go back. This is how this is, how laws work
This is how the government works. Mitch would know that right, like Trump vetoes the bill, it goes back to Congress and then panel and all the Republicans. All the Democrats in the Senate can do what they did a couple weeks ago and over his veto by one hundred to zero, and then it goes back to the house and yes, policy would need some Republicans to join her, because you need two Slash three in the house to override the veto, but if one hundred, if a bunch of Publican senators. Just did it you imagine that a lot of the house Republicans are going to do it too, and that's how the shutdown could end. You could end without down you don't need him override I can veto guy and he'll be so angry. The very I yeah it's a there's. A there's is really interesting. That's happened with the veto. That is the fact. The fact that it's it's just got gone out of use in a way in this. It's a it's a it's. It is a reflection of the kind of score Roddick. Oddly enough, the fact that there isn't more to divide between the presidency and the
and that and the Congress that ends in veto, threats, vetoes and over written vetoes is a sign not of things being healthy. But if things being kind of broken, total has a lot of so much of what we see is a kind of kabuki ants where everyone's playing games and there's cloture votes and fake filibusters and fake veto threats and and everything is hashed out behind doors rather than in the open by passing bills, but also happens. It's all jammed into a gigantic on the bus rather than piece by piece appropriations of makes it almost impossible to be to the one. Just funny thing like that. The what's hard for trump here is that there is no case for the wall, his chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, called the wall absurd and almost childish. She said you go under you go around you go through it to the fence, doesn't solve, like everyone knows that the policy here is stupid, so we're just debating the politics. We need to win on the politics,
right and that does by the way, make a different than the shut down. That happened. The brief shut down that happened and twenty seventeen when the Senate Democrats were saying prevent these young immigrants from being deported right, give provide dhaka protections or else. If we don't do this. This is our last chance, which is why it's were shutting the government down over, because if we don't do this, which is Republicans and Democrats agree on it, both voted for doc protections that a bunch of kids going to get support right, yeah, that's like a real thing: we're not even shutting the government down over something real right. Now it's a metaphorical wall and- and we also just can't give into a kind of governing where a were in a fit of Pique the president can decide. He wants something new or something that wasn't discussed, that wasn't part of negotiate
out of nowhere and then because the Republican Party so broken, the republican senators go along and we're supposed to pretend it didn't happen again. I mean so much of what we see every single day is a bunch of people prevent purrs. It provides. I pretending Trump is in trouble and you know you see what happens when do you know what I see a congressman's as mother, or somebody once talk about civility that we know what Republicans and pundits are gonna. Pretend Trump didn't happen there. Pretending trump isn't happening in real time like are we'll kidding ourselves will protect. RAM is going to pretend that this is an Democrats going to these are going to actually have the audacity to pretend we don't all know. What's going on, he unfollowed Ann Coulter on Twitter and then he shut down the government we are in. We know why we are in the final stages of there will be blood. There is a. There is a. There is a there is a school bus being asked. Wandering around a mansion, brooding and shooting his gun off at at furniture and we're all pretending he's the president spoil
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guys here we are on Monday and people are still writing. Mother takes, out to leave saying impeach this mother. It's still fucking happening so it's been like two minutes on how dumb the debate is cool and then I want to actually talk about the substance under the debate, which is how Democrats should talk about impeachment, which is there, which is a real issue. What what's your take us with your take on the so I order something I also saw Dave Waggles tweet, at which point I did. I went to used car dealership and I bought a car in cash and then I got into it. I threw my phone away took the battery out, threw it away. I got in my car, and I just drove until the road ended and then I got out and I walked until the trees stops, and then I saw quietly until this very moment 'cause I prayed before the altar of both sides like if you don't like the word.
In terms of the show. No, we don't mind the word fox, so we save alot. If that board bothers you, that's fine, I think Nancy Poulos. He doesn't swear a lot of things: she's a swear jar in her office. She doesn't like it that's cool, told school, but give me a break that impeached The big deal I mean Brad Sherman, a congressman is introducing articles in Peachtree and into Congress. Beto O'Rourke has come out favor and said: impeachment is appropriate during his campaign and then like just to step back like this is some unprecedented big deal. Republican started talking about impeaching Obama in twenty ten Darrell ISA member Joe Sestak, when we like, I guess, offered him a job to not run in some primary Darrell. Isa said that was could be impeachable, and this is my favorite one in two thousand and sixteen the Oklahoma I feature, filed a measure asking their house representatives in Washington to impeach Obama. The attorney general, the Secretary of Education anyone else involved in the decision to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom they wanted. So that's how seriously this issue has been taken in the yeah and it's like. I
I'm I'm with you time. If profanity offends you fine, that's that's that's a legitimate opinion. It doesn't offend us if fans are parents, sometimes if it's him but yeah, but I I get that if if your position is profanity, offends me whichever party use. Is that right? There's, of course the hypocrisy of Republicans saying that they're offended by this one, Donald Trump President, which we've of course, but I think what bothers me even more- is the political pundit reaction. This is going to help. This is a gift to Donald Trump is going to help Donald Trump, because here's the thing you have no evidence of that at all, and in fact the evidence we have to date suggests that you are wrong. L Wolf's joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, member that that was going to tip the light is a world that that did not have the option of refusing service the red hat that was gonna help don't jump to that help. No, it did not well, it's also Maxine what
under Maxine Waters telling people to get in their face? Member Mitch Mcconnell getting getting interrupted his dinner restaurant number. All those things are gonna help Donald Trump look into a forty seat, loss in the house. It's it's yeah! I mean look, we study funny, you know, but nobody knows anything leaders in the country, but we are stuck. No, no one knows what help someone hurts, but do know. Is that actually the only way we now digest politics like there's, the only way someone the word mother could hurt. Democrats is that they're going to be calling us to write pieces call. This will hurt democratic defender and it's this it's this act for us of of punditry and horse race. Politics, the one thing I would say- but this is we are talking about this today because receded sleep is a muslim woman and they want to talk this. What if this was Joe Crowley? Writer Sykes? I don't think we really got him. You just mentioned it. The day before Brad Sherman, a member of Congress, introduce articles of impeachment, which I'm sure like you, can make a whole bunch of
comments about that too and say well. Jesus like Nancy Polo, sees first day New Congress they're trying to introduce a keeping anti corruption bill. That's the message- and you know Brad sherman- takes them all off message with this article of impeachment, but no one really was only a couple stories about Sherman, and we should have to live by the way that day, the day that you made the comments wrote a an op ed in the Detroit Free Press, laying out a very thorough and substantive case for Donald Trump Impeachment, which, by the way, we start with this pretty good. It's a case, the you should be able to make F and everyone has a ready. Yet David line are in the New York Times is a very long piece about why Don from should be peace over the weekend, and I think we should start taking that seriously. Yeah the results of this. This false comparison, that's as off you know: you're gonna, you're, gonna, defeat, Donald Trump. By becoming like him, that's like yes, all right, you know what actually saying impeach the mother isn't actually the a lot like Donna Donna tribe. It's not like it. Just it does.
Use, a bad word in Trump doesn't sometimes to use a bad word. If that's your level of nuance, fine, but but no, but there is something there's a reason. I think we've seen some democratic politicians start using vulgarity and we seen it a few times here and there and actually does relate back to Trump. But it's it's a Our problem, which is people, are so mistrustful and so frustrated that that one thing that you one of the hardest things for any politician to figure out how to do especially especially democratic politicians, is to convince people that feel that they care that they're going to actually do what they say, they're going to do that they care about the same things that you care about, because for so long people have felt like their leaders. Don't do that's why I think Kamala Harris came on our podcast and said that said, fuck, that's why we bullied Eric Garcetti into cursing on the show? There is a feeling that democratic politicians don't speak for democratic voters. It's, I think, part of why AOC appeals so much, and so you know
I don't know what the value is of cursing. I don't know what the harm it does with a good it does, but I do think it speaks to a problem which is Democrats are right now figure out a language to say I get it the way you get it. I feel the way you feel and and because democratic policies haven't reflected that for a long time, and there have been a lot of Democrats successes of late because Republicans control the government, people are looking for a way to get through to people. That's all. I think it's a it's a bigger issue with some house Democrats, though, because a lot of house Democrats were like privately complaining about this. I think it goes beyond the profanity right it is. They are very concerned that some Democrats and and activists will treat impeachment to flippantly right, like it's easy and, of course it shouldn't it. Impeachment is something that should not be treated lightly right I mean it. I do not.
Thank you shouldn't be able to impeach a president, because you disagree with that president policy right like that, and I mean well, you know Tom Sires campaign at the beginning was like we should impeach him because he had this policy. You know- and it's like I, I agree with Republicans made that argument about Obama too right and you just so, but I need a letter in his peace and and Rashida Tlaib in her pieces. Well, real reasons why Donald Trump deserves to be impeached and Leonard's case. He said you know, he's the use of presidency for personal enrichment violations of campaign, finance law, obstruction of justice and subversion of democracy was up for different areas, and there but almost an airtight case in all four of those areas and again we've talked about this before too. I don't quite know why Democrats are so nervous about this. Like I get that they want to build a careful k, I get that they want to wait until Miller's finished. That's totally fine, but I do think it is time to start laying the groundwork in public opinion that this man has committed offenses that may be impeachable and again starting in
proceedings is not guaranteeing a final verdict, it's just saying, and you have a hearing in the house layout all the ways that Donald Trump has used the presidency to enrich himself. Let's talk about the obstruction case, let's talk about the fact that he's been implicated in multiple campaign, felonies by federal prosecutors like let's start talking all that stuff and then, if the Senate, you know votes to acquit him, they vote to acquit him, but clearly he has reached the point where he has committed offenses that may be impeachable yeah. So there's that it will work what kinds like a minus two things like yeah Donald Trump should be impeach and remove, offices as soon as humanly possible. He is a criminal unfit, moron racist, a thief like getting out, of course. Question I think, for all of us is how do we make that politically possible? And I think you know Op Eds. This will help making. The argument will help. This is our goal here. Is we remove Donald Trump one way or the other any to get him out of office. Impeachment is one of the
we can do that resignation as another building a powerful case for his removal achieves both ends, and so when do we do it? How do we do it get to the point where impeachment is politically possible every day should about making that case all right? Let's talk about another freshman congresswoman who's triggered the cons, Andrea, because the record as the youngest woman ever elected to Congress on the week, she was sworn in there up wars over everything, from a video of her dancing in college to the naked and she used to what was thankfully, a more substantive controversy over. Sixty minutes interview before we get to that I think she is driving conservative, so
Lee insane. The way that we haven't seen a democratic politician doing quite awhile. It's a really great question. I think I'm, I think, she's a woman, I think she's, a woman of color. This is beautiful. I think that turns their knobs in a way that a day hates I. I also think she is managing to make our very liberal policies. Are Paul pop up palatable, sensible and that's also quite frustrating and all she's, not asking permission yeah I mean, I think it's like she, the biggest one for me is she talks like a normal human being is because of the bullshit right. She says she she, which she does not talk like she was born and raised in the Russell Senate, center yeah, but you know like political rorschach test where you know: people
watch the same thing, but people republicans watch her dancing and think somehow that that's bad. We watched in your like. Oh a young cool fun person. Dancing to a scene in a movie. I really like that's what it's like the Laurel yeah of policies, the dumbest thing ever but they're elevating her there helping her, and I think they're attacking her. She is a woman and young and as exciting and as sees the microphone and is, is pushing a I said message, and so they see her as a threat like. I really think it's that simple. It's the other thing that they have a blind spot in the conservative movement. Clearly they did have this blind spot, which is one of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected president to populist economics. She is a very specifically 'cause. She can talk about progressive ideas very well, but specifically when she talked about populous economics and progressive economics, she does- in a way that conservative somehow think what she's saying isn't popular, because they don't understand that most of the country is so fucking fed up with inequality and rich people just
getting away with murder. No and she and she talks about, and so they say things and what you know, what we'll get to we So in her interview with Anderson Cooper, she answered a question about how you pay for the green new deal and floated atop tax rate of seventy percent for people making over ten million dollars, which means that every dollar you make over ten million gets tax at seventy percent, and this, like conservatives, to go crazy, Grover Norquist, called slavery, was all over fox like that. But it's like do you know how many people in this country? How do people in this country do you think, make over ten thousand and ten million dollars about zero point: zero five percent not alot like if you ask a bunch of people, do you think once you hit ten million dollars if every dollar over that was tax? Tony, do you really think that's a problem also, the top marginal tax rate peaked in nineteen. Forty or it was ninety four percent and it never dipped below seventy percent in the fifties, 60s and 70s in some radical crazy idea, it's sort of returning to a historically double it's returning us to
historical tax rate, and it's not just AOC that has floated this idea, like Peter diamonds who won the Nobel Prize for Economics, thinks the top rate should be. Seventy three Christy Romer, who we all worked with at the White House, thinks it should be eighty percent. So a lot of people think that, like the best tax rate for the richest people on the planet is as high as you can make it as long as all continue to work and put more revenue into the system like okay yeah. I also think the the the dancing video ties back to the response to that seventy percent line you Know- actually there were plenty of republicans- are like. Why are you like? I thought you know. I think that the inside of, like the base sort of whatever roiling right wing conversation and they were like you're making her look good. This is a good video. Most most Republicans got that it was a stupid attack, but there's a subset that don't because they're so viscerally angry about her just existing and have
platform in speaking, and it goes to what happens when ever she says something which is you know the rest. It's such a there's that there's this in, like very sex attack. That often follows, which is she thinks attacks, are to be seventy percent because she doesn't know what she's talking about. She never can know what she's talking. That's, not that she's wrong. It's not just she's a radical! It's not that she's a leftist! It's not that socialist or communist she's, just a dead right. That's the only explanation for why someone would disagree with you and they look for every weakness, every hole in what she says and meanwhile she's advocating what are economically defensible positions that she's helping to move into the mainstream while people like Paul Ryan said that the you know if Paul Ryan was a twenty eight year old woman saying that the tax cuts will pay for themselves. I should I do not believe that Republicans would be saying that she doesn't know what she's talking about yeah. He was treated as a very serious policy wonk in like there's the can you're right. There's two kinds of reactions: there's the
easy right, winger reaction, which is just nuts about everything, but also I thought the sixty minutes interview Anderson Cooper was border, find condescending right like he kept asking her. These really skeptical questions about the green new deal and how impossible it was never mentioned. The fact that the Un Climb, report says we have like twelve years to avoid the whole planet burning to the found there. One point he said to her: do you believe Trump is a racist she's like yeah he's like? How can you say what why have you not been watching the last four hours? How can you say that is one of the craziest things Anderson Cooper has ever said, don't even better than that. But why Anderson? Where were you during Charlottesville budget? Were you on another planet? Were you watching the news story? I'm not gonna talk to Earth man, but you're right love. The whole tone is better than that. You don't get it. You don't get the game of politics, you don't get how politics is played, hey guys, the game got up and did two years ago you don't either like she is grab the MIKE in is like me, this enormous profile for herself get used to it. What '
that to me is what what I think is, I think, really impressive, which is you know she had this long shot campaign 'cause she surprised everybody or a lot of people by defeating an incumbent in a primary, by being so unabashed in advocating for these left positions and ' 'cause. She is so charismatic and young and a woman of color. She has garnered tension, good and bad, and she has decided to take that platform and do good with it and that's impressive and really hard. It is hard to go from being a bartender to being on sixty minutes in the span of a year yeah. I would be terrified that isn't terrified her way of communicating is so effective because of I don't know if you guys others what you did after the sixty minutes interview is on her instagram stories. She talked to everyone and she's like I just want to talk to you guys about what that was like, and what it's like to do something out of that. For those of you who don't know much like it's very
terrifying, they do like hours and hours of interview, and then you don't know what they're going to cut, and you know I think I did really well, but then, when you do something like that, and you make mistake, you know it's the perfect. You know you're going to have people complain and she's. Basically she's like explaining too many people who follow her one for a lot of people who have not paid attention to politics that closely before Trump was elected. This is how politics works. That's how many works in sort of like taking people through her journey along with her, which is a really she just has a very smart, normal human way of communicating. It's like and again. We've had this a million times, but, like that's my advice to all democratic politicians, now the advice is not watch exactly what she's doing and then do exactly that. It's like make some food she's going to fucking cook and talk doesn't mean you only talking cooking talk to now, like just do what works for you, you don't think is different. Things will work for each politician. Just be you also one other thing about this, too, is you know Republicans have been so much better at this for so long.
You know there more conservative members introduce an idea. They get the country talking about it and all of a sudden, the moderate position moves to the left. You know they would talk about. Overton Window all the time, the acceptable range of debate, here's some showing up and doing what very very few. If not zero Democrats have done for a long time which is gone out there and say here We maybe we'll do something incremental, but here's the goal. Here's the far goal, here's here's, the the bold left position and wow the debate to happen around that, because you know what I've seen conservatives debating at seventy percent tax rate all day. And liberals are debating it and journalists are talking about it and we were conservative trying to defend their position on it and that's a really good thing, because I think we're going to get to seventy percent tax rate. But you know, what's on the table now getting it to be a bit higher as a compromise like fifty yeah, which is what it was
Eighty one, when Reagan I say the only problem is what you said is it only raises about seventy two billion dollars a year which is not enough to pay for green to deal for medic for all we have to go out not hired as early read. Probably have to go broader than ten million, but or you're gonna have to stop worrying about deficit spending, which is the other talk to Stephanie Helton about that that you, you actually don't have to care so much about the deficit and that you don't have to pay for every single proposal. The left is pushing on both of those ideas. Both hi marginal tax rates, the tax rates and the idea that you have to pay for every single dollar that was with the whole pay debate was about, and it's good that. Having that debate now, and you know what else is good, because we have to have it because so far, there's only two things: you don't have to pay for wars and tax cuts for the rich, and that is a terrible, fucking way to run a sort of stand agreed cool all right. When we come back, we will have Tommy's interview with the Washington Post Dave. Why pause
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the gist of. It was interesting to hear her work out the message, and then you know this early to the campaign. Maybe you get hives when you think about it, but for me it's the time when there's no secret service, you're kind of catching up with staff right after the events and seeing how they think it went there kind of things are getting worked around it's. It's like a, I would imagine like a table reading is for a script yeah totally yeah. This is like the magical part of a campaign where you actually access and and people are, but also this time, usually when the presidential cycle happens, like oh, my god already, and this time people just seem pumped. Oh absolutely so warns venues for we're all overflowing. As you know, I mean, as you know, the nightmare is we book. One thousand seats and nine hundred and fifty people show up in the camera, is trained on the fifty empty seats right because you're always at the front, who's people applying to ask questions, and She filled the event if she talked to around three thousand people showed up at these events, and she did some
drums the media. After almost everything he did. Also. This is important, sound important. It sounds like horse race, nonsense journalism, but she made sure to take photos, sign books with everyone who wanted to after the events they baked in time for hang around having covered lots campaigns at this point, not a does that mean there, and all of this was a I thought. Bernie Sanders ended up, losing Iowa doesn't should it matter. That's a very good question very early in the in this campaign campaign, or I just want to be campaigns- swing set exploratory 'cause. This is such a wasting word this early in the campaign know they've got exactly what they wanted and it's, not as big as the Obama launch in Iowa. Not just saying that to pander to you but scale of people making. The first visit was pretty big yeah. No. I appreciate that that was my baby, I'm just getting oh so you're with Elizabeth Warren. Interesting to me, I thought interesting that she started her her kickoff
Western Iowa, which is traditionally more republican. It's generally less important for Democrats in the caucuses because of the way that get math works most of your dell gets are gonna come from DES Moines and then the eastern part of the state. Do you know why they did that and and how do you think her message was received generally in those in those as well? It's it's just that and a again. I want to keep saying, as you know, alright, let's, let's assume you both both here are in it and it don't need to I'll explain to each other right but yeah at all. So if you're in Western Iowa after crowds are going to be from Nebraska or from South dakota- and they can vote at some point, but if your South Dakota and you're voting like six, after I woulda so yeah it was it you're staying in the sense, I got that you they don't like to talk to shop at you can get in get a feel from talking the campaign staff. Any Democrat it could go to Davenport or DES Moines and get a big crowd. War got a big crowd in council bluffs. She got a big crowd Sioux City. These are places that you know
forget Hillary, losing they have they just don't go democratic kings. You've got a ton. I think one and straight that for all coverage about how she's the lefty Bernie Progressive move on candidate. That message is interesting to people who do not fit that stereotype places that even went very strong for Bernie in two thousand and sixteen. So I think that came off the there were Republicans in in some of these crowds. Not a lot. I mean there, but you did not see the kind of hard nosed a cynicism people showing up and then turning away, 'cause she they they should answer very. You know how we close off the with a laser beams questions, but it was it a pretty moderate crowd. It wasn't just lefties who showed up, I mean, frankly, just a lot of a lot guys in with beards and trucker hats and Teamsters, who did not love
Clinton Clinton. When I talk to them, didn't hit like a ton of animus, but we're not not happy about in that election and showed up for her. So I think that message, cross. Of course she finished in DES Moines in Ankeney, but it was notable that she did her. First three stops in places. The Democrats don't tend to win yeah being a northern suburb. Sixteen was that marker with the mayor of banking, because he would just come to DES Moines, go to the suburbs and then go back home for fun. Final is the mayor of his own sad little existence now. So I watched a couple of warrants. Events on Youtube because I I leader for life on the weekends and if the message seemed to be a lot of her bio and then she really hammered income inequality, corruption. She talk about. Was peddling Washington. There was not a lot of trump talk. Was that what soccer scores, wanted to hear absolutely, and I think this is in DC and New York and whatever else you can yell about a green room win. The plot, the Problem- green- yes,
idea. The Democrats won a fighter and the fact that the Michael have an Audi showed up to some my weapons and have the crowd and said we need to fight that got some attention but interest at it. That's not really what people want. They assume they wanted Democrat, who will defeat Trump and there is a a trauma from twenty sixteen I think in some ways is useful. Some ways is probably paralyzing that give you fight with a guy everyday. It's just it's going to backfire. And frankly I one piece I wrote, I quoted something: you'd said so I notice that ok, good we'll talk about it, so yeah Sixteen Democrats have a very different theory and Frank at the time there lot of Republicans who are embarrassed by Trump who are now gone like the the grammar education treatment. Anna praise him for everything, but it was not crazy to think that pull drop out and exposing I'm calling him racist, yadda yadda. That was uh that was getting hit, those baiting him that was getting off message. That was his role in two thousand, and sixteen I mean she was tweeting, giving speeches make
fun of him. I remember kind of Super PAC videos that really cartoon cartoons showed. Literally like shrinking as she talked about him, and it quoted you at the time said that was. That was a good for her and frankly, I think in some ways it was That is not how people think right now. That is not how she thinks and a question it's kind of hard to untangle right now, I think it will be entangled is whether she is in a worse position to criticize Trump than other people was because she does not want to do that. She does not want every. She goes out, because this is her life for awhile every every time she goes out. She gives a policy speech about about corruption, and people are like, then Trump will tweet crazy Pocahontas is at it again and she gets asked fifty questions about Pocahontas, yadda yadda. She only mentioned literally only mention his name when a voter who, in the The question wanted her to win. Just was worried that about her in Trump baiting said you know. Why is dna test and she said I can't control when Trump says racial slurs, in twenty. Sixteen she tried to
that was when she was speaking was trumpets. Then she tweet Adam, would write about it. They have different theory now, which I think comports with what I owe Democrats an will see that other Democrats, what they want which is okay, we want somebody who is going to answer that voter who took a chance on Trump and his driven crazy by how bad he is at this job, and they do not want to hear that Trump sucks that is taken for granted. It's something that mirrors what people ran on in two thousand and eighteen, when she didn't do a ton of travel for Democrats in that cycle did a little bit. She did help a lot campaigns and she stayed very close in touch with campaigns. I think I heard that message that people were not winning by saying you believe this. You see that SNL clip it was. This guy said he's going to fix things. You didn't enough about that, joke a jokester! Here's! What like I'm going to I'm going to get in there and expand health care? That was her message. Yeah yeah
I watch that question that Q and a about the dna tests it was. It was a vintage Iowa Caucus Gore question because it was sort of a a punditry question like why would you trump more fodder to attack you like a lot of the questions she got were? call and she kept saying you know I've been in politics, my whole life, I'm a policy person. So let me answer that weighs the incredibly disciplined and impressive. In the other thing, I'm hearing Activists and friends who are getting recruited for jobs frankly, is that she is calling people emailing lots of personal touches, like really, I think, an impressive campaign so far, yeah he's very good on those metrics and also the she presents herself. So I've seen her in Massachusetts a few times at town halls. I've seen her big. Aggressive right, but a seen town halls which she gets a couple of annoyed questions from people. The thing I've always said about her and since he's been in politics is like she did
full of it she really did not ever think she's going to run for office like had they just made her chair of the Cfpb. She would have been shared the cfpb, that's it so she was communicator in an expert who would have to since guys ideas for people, but not in a way that would say and then vote for me, and she did that for AIDS and then she's been a politician for seven years, so the skill set just there's it's there's no way to do that will take decades getting good at something as the skill set of talking house, in a way that does not sound like a bunch of visors came up with it and she she sometimes some kind of set it up. If you remember what one question she got, which again is nobody's headline, was I just want you for your work on the twenty eighteen bankruptcy bill, inches and- and she says, we're gonna nerd out now great, I mean that's the way she talks, which is yes, you never used to whatever else who's. A good communicator in politics comes out. We have a voter
voters really want authenticity, we always say they do, but more than ever they think just Trump's going to puncture puncture your armor. If it looks like your stuffed shirt politician- and that was- she came across may not everyone who was at these events came away, saying, I'm all in for but but you did hear that I mean so- I was standing at she did. I mention river flows in the big crowds and that was standing at one overflow in DES Moines and like next to people who are having the kind of punditry conversation. We were mentioning these, nice, women who were like well, you know in the polls right. This is doing really good she's. Only eight percent like there are communicating about the polling yeah? But then afterwards she gets done she's like well. She just seem so real, you know and so Biden also. Has this not lately. I want to go. I Camden. But that was somebody who is not super soloed anybody, but new with It was ahead and then impression was that's a normal person running for president who knows stuff, ok, yeah yeah
The other thing impressed me with her the way she wove her bio into her vision for the country which, which brings up something interesting What about today, which is the conventional wisdom, is that Senator Warren and Bernie Sanders occupy the same political space, but you wrote that Senator Warren Quote is not Bernie Sanders. What did you mean by that yeah? I know that the headline of one of the opposition research, probably in groups, blast that reporters like devastate if I wore and she's not Bernie nobody so Bernie just has a theory of politics. That is, you have ideas. You build a mass movement, you spread the ideas through giant rallies and personal lifestyle you, are not important the message and Morse. So he does not talk himself, his as it is kind of a has office. Opening night of those and celebration is office, room being sworn in last week, and what Linda our stores, women's archer, gonna Iser, tell her telling
Bernie you're so humble it pisses me off. Pisses me off talk about himself. He just he just shows up and he's like the remember any speech is policy idea. Applause policy idea, applause. Why don't we this policy applause, whereas warning seven to says Green here. I want to tell you who I am and she expense about four minutes on her biography, which is one of the things reporter. You assume everybody knows it and they really don't need you look around the crowd and she and she's from Oklahoma, and you see some people go early, not nudging each other like I didn't. I didn't know that and mentions that she just grew up She grew up she to say the ragged edge in middle class. She doesn't say it anymore, but just tell story of her family because of bills nearly losing their house and her mother having to go to work and that says and that informs everything so that informs everything. I do every time. I think about this. I think of my mother, pacing around our house, saying I'm not going to lose this house and putting under dress and going to get a job at Sears and back then
you could, with a minimum wage job favor that mine and now you can't and that's why I'm in this and that's the message and not not to dump on Hillary Clinton. But what I came away with something again, some some savvy voters were saying boy Hillary never could explain why she was doing this in Warren explained it, and I thought we know cartoon I'll, be right above my head. That was the problem that people kept citing for for Hillary. Another point. I'd make is: is that she also in her bio, just in talking work as a senator. It's a combination of here's, a bunch of stuff I beat the banks on mainly the cfpb but also Wells Wells, Fargo Equifax, and she just goes after a company at the banks, but not Republicans, and when she It's about Republicans. She talks about individuals that she has dealt with and gotten things pass with. So it's it is a message
think resembles some that have worked before, which is there are enemies that I've identified they're, not your neighbors they're, not Republicans. There are these people who, if left unchecked, are going to screw us all over which is not the same as Trump sucks, yeah impressive. It's a tight fifteen minute, twenty minute stump speech that I thought was really compelling. Another thing that's been impressive is that she locked out a bunch talented staff, including a woman name, are who was my colleague for year when she was Obama's Iowa political director in two thousand and eight is like the most competent. I've ever worked with and when I saw Emily get hired, because I would think I'm going to do other campaign. I was like oh shit like that is an impressive team in for the this time, it really made me think that there is a cost to those waiting to make decision like? Are you hearing any more sense of urgency from the Bernie Kamala Beto Biden camps? That's a good question, so Bernie's unique because he does have a team. That's ready to go if he says if he blows
whistle again, not the exactly the same as last time, but the only guy running who has a modern campaign team inviting lasted this two thousand and eight two thousand and eight right. I think it has shaken some of the other people's schedules. Don't want to. You know, try to break the news when I can about when you actually running, but it was. It was the first smart move, because I think not only in terms of hiring staff did we get an advantage, but there are certain narrative. That you could see at these events already sunk in with people like they were really irritated with how she was being compared to other women, who'd lost stuff and she was being called unlikable. I think, had Camela gotten in Argilla Grey gotten in on December 31st. They would have gotten some of the same coverage. Not Nicole, but there would have been you know, anonymous Republicans telling politico racks CO, sir or post Oh she's just like Hillary and we would have
at the same likable discussion when we were about the post. I think that hell, that's kind of intangible thing that you can't replace with another good staffer No, it was very revealing to people. I mean the the the smart, very serious, take for the last two months was Warren. Mr moment warns bad rollout, etc, etc, but that was not the impression that talented staff came away with, and I think that has changed the way. Other people are thinking there really was a KEN Warren even run idea. By circulating a few weeks ago, and it is now how can we scramble to get staff before she does, which is night and day yeah? Anyone taking her for granted should watch some of those events from the weekend 'cause. They were good question for you. It is now been three days. Congresswoman receive it to leave said of Trump. We need to impeach the motherfucker. I just want to know. How are you doing? I know that DC rarely diverge from the kings, English and it's been a tough time for a lot of folks in the bell.
I just want to make sure your ok ha ha. I'm fine. You know, journalist, it's very well known that we just break into spontaneous tears. Whenever someone uses a curse word, it's awful have to go home for the day, we're very well. What I try to do is I go an say, a couple of rows, Reeves just to purify myself. The conversation was idiotic of that work with the dynamics that were interesting is that it is true that that Democrats do not Teigen page one all the time and it's it's mainly mostly media thing. They just hate being asked by fast of live. Really anything else are doing, but the the premise that they hated to her choice of words. Actually, with the ex due two or three Democrats like Joe Mansion, who I will point out He beat the hell out of anybody who tried to burn the flag few Democrats, you you like toys, a word. The rest were in similar Nancy Pelosi, saying
nothing. I would have said that word, but whatever, and and because they know that people in politics talk like this, absurd it. It's it's almost like if somebody said this it like a locker room, we were like. Well, you can't believe people talk like that now we know that they were a little bit impeachment and frankly, I think that is too thorny to get into is that to leave attracted the ire of all a lot of people, because she's palestinian American, who believe two state solution and and is at least uh banning it bds or punishing boy that Israel is in some, so I want to speak for her Moodle before towards boycott divestment, sanctions, Israel and okay, that more than curse word. That is not something. Democrats want to talk about everywhere, but I found is that, like just as Louie Gohmert can exist, and like Charlie Baker, doesn't have to ask. If he's did getting gas me all the time, she will exist,
he's trying to shift the window of debate for her bully and that's okay and reporters. Grown ups and know how to curse should not pretend that we are blown back Somebody use the F word yeah. Brad Sherman Congressman plans to reintroduce actual articles of impeachment. I believe he introduced them in twenty seventeen with a couple other so not sure why we're so worked up. The best better O'Rourke talked about impeachment during his Senate campaign, but like you know what I like about your reporting, is you wrote up about how you know how stupid this is? Basically, but it did launch a million pearl clutching takes where we act like civility, is now dead. It's like I just wonder how Is the the media establishment sort of go forward with that kind of nonsense in the era of Trump? Like don't people see how stupid it is of in defense of people like if I had, if you polygraph people? I think there are some who resented that they had to
around to leave, but the desk needed it. Not get two in the in the weeds but to the editor said. We need new footage of people respond to this woman. I could do we but in their defense. Some of these questions, like you know, chemical it comes out on the fainting couch- brings his own fainting couch, which is actually very hard to get up the stairs in the capital around they are, and the first question is I mean, like energy leader, the President called woman horse face. Did you guys a about that and he Hampton Hawes. So, like long is down, look the time to say that this rhetoric is unacceptable. Politics was November, two thousand and sixteen and had lost in a congress. And said this, I think, will be different conversation, but it is just it like beggars reason to get into this fight with Trump as president and The questions of two Republicans have taken that tone. I I thought it was. You know there is
such a thing, as is real outrage? it doesn't happen. Very often, most devoted to covering politics is totally fake. Outrage meant to get frankly, people like, but hopefully I'm not dumb enough to fall for it to people like me to write about it. It's hard to spot real average in the wild. These days last last question what is Prog rock and why should all the kids listening like it? That's right, so I, in addition to everything else, is talking about. I read: I've read a lot of music. I read a book came out in twenty. Seventeen called the rans about Progressive Rock and it is. It is a history of this cul de SAC went down where in the late 60s and then there were a couple other movements that sparked after would it be about kind of acid rock in mind, evolve into extremely ornate, orchestral, multi part song suites that incorporated either classical forms or asian. Tatian or electronics, just a a The high minded, the devil
of rock. That was seen to be the future for like five years, which is actually a pretty long time when you think yeah how fast trends burned out and then was told discarded by one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. So that's that's about it. People should, I am newsletters free. The book is not free, but you know what you're gonna you're like if you're like me- and I just like last year- one hundred dollars headphones yesterday. You know what's eighteen dollars, who cares? That's right, the easiest things to lose in history subscribe the trailer by the book pay for the Washington Post. It Journalism Dave Weigel. Thank you for joining us he's got you people, pay for his trips to Iowa. So he can keep telling us what was happening there and if you buy the book on Amazon, you basically have so cool. Thank you so much man thanks, I'm going thanks, Dave Weigel for joining us today and you know well
talk to later in the week, take a walk on the wild side. You know.
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