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Trump’s former campaign chairman is indicted for money laundering, his former foreign policy advisor pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with Russian nationals, and the race in Virginia tightens in the homestretch. Former Department of Justice communications director Matt Miller joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to talk about the Mueller investigation, and Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr talks to Dan Pfeiffer about sports and politics in the Trump Era.

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way to metaphor spent a million dollars on rugs anti drugs. Do you think you're cook in prison, like good fellows the garlic is, light, have been in the mouth working abroad, save America, I'm John Favour on John Mother, I'm Tommy Detour The part today will have Dan favours interview with the coach of a golden state Warriors Steve her and in a few minutes will be tough to the man who ran communications at the Department of Justice under Obama, Matt Miller, go ahead and promote yourself love it or leave it. It's ahead, downloaded subscribe to. It doesn't really funny. Episodes We have a really good on this weekend. Remedies it excellent relationship, and we'll be there to propose that America is a really bad
right now, with a cue Hughes, Brian Babylon and Jack Whitehall has really funny comic. It was an awesome episode check it out and a new episode, repulsive people drops tomorrow, Tuesday during the castle, so check that out and also guys check over a good outcome and also thank you to read antler the company that designed and built crooked dot com it at all and has a job. It was an incredibly tight timeline. We gave them and made nailed it and the website it's beautiful, and so, of course, how? If any of you need need website, Sir branding their logo stuff go to renounce their us, but don't copier shit or I can, with your own style added. There's gotta be little little slight there from love. It is part of that credit character, charm. Ok, let's start with some new this morning, Donald trumps, former campaign chairman Pollyanna Fort and his partner in former trumpet visor rickets or eat
indicted on one count of conspiracy against the United States, one kind of conspiracy to launder money, one count of acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign principle, two counts of making false statements and for council failing to report, foreign bank accounts made a fort turned himself and you ve got is also one can but what about the uranium rid of turned himself into an FBI field office this morning, perhaps even Importantly former Trump Foreign he'd George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in a separate case for making false statements to the FBI about his interactions with a russian national who him that high level russian government officials had dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails. Basically, our friend George said that the russian REACH to him before he ever joined the Trump campaign. This is not true. The russian reach out to him because he had joined the Trump campaign pop up, less was apparently arrested at Dublin Airport on July, twenty, seventh and since then has been cooperating with the government, a mad miller, welcomes it
programme. We have many questions for you guys go morning. Matt. I guess we just start with what stance to you as most significant among this flurry of indictment news this morning. So I think there's one really big picture thing when you connect to it in the stand out, if not a coincidence, that all obviously that you saw both a plea agreement from George Pavlov LE and some really heavy charted again Paul Manifold and regain on the same I think what what bumble are doing is sending a signal to everyone else out there every potential subject, every potential witness look there to is this can go. When I come to talk to you, you can either cooperate and you'll get the deal like puppet apples gotten. It looks like he's. Gonna get your six months, which I bet when he had that accorded planned on something like probation or you can get. You know every possible cradle charge. We can throw out you, which is what they did the metaphor
and gave to not only didn't cooperate them. But if you look good in diameter, things actually lie the person. They were approach so that that guy think out of the big picture take away per day like this is. This is the first of many steps in this investigation and the dead Mahler telling people cooperate or out so mad. I e mailed some some smart Deo J E people who you know well to start, get there take on it and they said somewhere things. The Papa doubtless plea is the real news, because it one conduct related to the king pain and, most importantly, signals that the prosecutors now have a cooperative and that puts the heat on man afford on Flynn on any other converse. Nations. Does that kind of jive with your understanding, and do you think that you know extracting more
mission from pop up blocker is the path forward from our yeah. I think that exactly right in there's, one really big tell and the popular probabilistic artifact covered up with pre agreement about what Mahler doing, and that is so he had this meeting and yet with this London, professor, who seemed like this classic Russians intelligence cut out and that the professor of offers him bird on current, no help him and offers stolen. Put me out
for that in the in the document. And then, after that, the document goes in great chapter and verse about possibly arranging a meeting between trunk campaign and rushed officialdom Yahoo. They talk to an online, but I didn't say anything else about the big bombshell and obviously mother knows what public toppled did without because cooperating you come and talk to him and told him what what happened, but smaller colored did dangled this little piece of information out there, because everyone else it popped up with top to go. Look at this in the document go, oh, so he knows about bad. You know that they came and talk to me and they are now under a lot of pressure to to tell the truth when they come back yet says Details extensive conversations between Papa, doubtless end quote: rank campaign official and his campaign supervisor about his dealings with her national correspondents to solve the emails, the pressed emails or stolen in me,
Our President Adobe emails, you waited his emails are stolen a march. So what do you think? I do you think that they didn't name, the high ranking campaign officials and kept what why didn't they name? Who those words is that is it possible that wasn't man forth their other people on the campaign? I guess it possible where other people, I think they do now if it could well be o J Poppy, you dont name anyone indictment or play agreement. Unless there, the actual person being charged, because if you dont want unfairly malign of one though they now, we can often figure that out adding in some cases here we can figure this out. There were the mad afford. Imelda Post reported on previously, where they talked about in a study of these. These russian meeting the manifold send someone. Well you don't let not do this, what he leaped out of that you now and what then this clear agreement is the next wine which it but have someone low level the campaign called a nose. So we often anything
which I think implied that you know we don't want a completely brush up the Russians, not other business deal here with them. Remember that our boy, George pop up, less graduated from college and two thousand nine and listed on his linked in page, the twenty twelve international model you Enzo, that was the kind of heft he was bringing Trump campaign at that time. Matthew and I've been gone back and forth on email on tax, because you ve been getting increasingly pissed off with the attacks on Mahler and his integrity and credibility, the walls regional has editorial page has joined the chorus of immoral assholes, calling on Mahler to resign their laying the predicate for all Republicans to dismiss any charges that are made him. Can you just give us like the sixty seconds who Bob Mahler. Why do you think, he's a ripe personally this negation and why should he be inoculated against these politicization charges? Yeah I mean, I, you guys
accurate and when you're in the white out that quite a bit when I was a dj, mauler is really one of the most respected prosecutors of Canada. But at the last bit the year that the Justice Department of Vietnam, better anthem volunteered to go to Vietnam came back served in the Justice Department. Is a career prosecutor serve both to the time and senior positions under under public administration PETE? He the Republican himself, obviously with the FBI director under two presidents and was so hard to replace that when it turned up in two thousand eleven present Obama Epp Congress to change the law to extended for a couple years which which they did, I mean he's just it's as straight shooter and fair and non partisan, a guy as as they come inside. The Justice Department
so when you see these have like said Gorka enchant heavily attacking his integrity and attacking the Spirit. If it really is just just ridiculous. I wanna things that that we learn today is that George proper double us and talking to Mahler for weeks and nobody had any fucking idea weeks. My eyes, just like there's been an entity that he further talking to call me in January right. That was the interviewed the end of January twenty seventeen two. So we have a timeline straight so he's he is interviews any of the FBI where he lived was at the end of January. He was a rest. The Dallas on July, twenty seventh and now the Time is today. I told her fifth river but another indictments any diving zeal for three weeks right, yeah, that's right! That interview he had on January, twenty seventh, where he lied to the FBI humor. What else happens
hence in the whole matter. On that day, I do so that was the day. The trump demanded a loyalty pledge from coming right, yeah yeah interesting. Maybe it is difficult, but maybe not maybe there that we thought it. What Trump had on his mind when he asked for that loyalty pledge with my current investigation, values, become and worn to wipe out the previous day, but he might have open about this interview do and you have been more more concerned about what can you do that one other coincidences. One to get gacek from you on President Trump is having lunch today with attorney general session cool or I mean the girl so complicated right and we obviously
it also complicated right and obviously the president should be able to talk to the turning generally should be able to have lunch with them, but nothing about the way that trump his handled his relationship with Justice Department has been above board really from the beginning. I mean you go back to the transition where he was crossing all these Red Line party about maybe I'll, prosecute Hillary Clinton. Maybe I, while it continued alter it, did we go down chapter and verse with the call me interferences public calls for session to look into Quint. Now our peo interference, we wanted to send to back off on sheriff Joe I'm it so the I think you have to cause every time you had one of the meetings with with fashion the up the question. What goes on because he's shown he is constantly pressuring the Justice Department do the wrong thing in the investigation, Peter back off, of of people close to him or to go after his political adversaries. I guess I get to the extent Hillary Clinton is still a political adversaries that brought it makes them.
so yeah. I think it's worth questioning always those interaction we browser so inoculated against the now discuss we're so used to it tweeting about an ongoing investigation all morning. He just that he's constantly doing something. No president should be doing all the fucking time and we estimated Cobb. His lawyer was like these are not related to the manifold issue in this morning. He's like the man who stuff is nonsense. You couldn't be more widely does whatever you say he didn't. You did a thing last week where he called over the japanese arbiter happened to release this informant under the big uranium one scandal to release its enforcement, more competent, jolly agreement, which it Bravo Bomber, had done that it. If, if air colder had gone along with it, it would have been a month long scandal end, and it showed that made it to the massive thing for the president to do something like that, and I got a little pick up last week, but to your point, excellent, just so used to him doing this kind of thing that it's kind of like the old
or about the boiling part of water that the Prague doesn't it has noted, jump out of when it slowly warmed volume in it. Now the frogs like no collusion with it, and we should also note that trumps treat this morning as first read about this, these indictments lie. He said that all of this happened before the campaign, but these charges included the years twenty. Fifty and twenty sixteen format of fort right. Wait! why did it? We may well, because I noticed Michael more now, this one of the one of the top boots can be has happened before it. Will I liked the way how source this morning, those await us told ceremony. These were bad guys before the camp and in their bad guys after the campaign, so that their defences, you know, don't not to fear, hired inexperienced criminal. I would like to note his is. Second tweet was a lie as well, when you said the Obama campaign paid nine hundred seventy two thousand dollars to fusion GPS. That was the bill the Obama campaign paid to Perkins coup. He, which is it
big ass law, firm, that does election law. So he is so far beyond sloppy it. It's wilful misleading in just outright lie. Prepare our this morning, tweeted that the Papadopoulos plea port,
hence more charges. Funding to stay doctors is over. What? What do you think he meant by that? I think he's looking at is looking at the play agreement and looking at this fellow think, pop up was laid out here that the kind of big question, but for one, what did he do with his offer for stolen emails and other data? Is it hard to believe, given all everything this display agreement laid out about conversation back and forth, about arranging a meeting that he followed up the directive at the meeting, but he just let this offer dirt on Clinton drop, there's no way, method that that offer drop even talk about it with other people and what those people did with it is gonna be central to while Molly looking at it. I think that's right. I think there is without a doubt, other charges coming that are better relate to the core question of what what mothers investigating, which
Did anyone trunk in paying off the Russian interfere too look. I've always wondered what kind of criminal charges would be related to say someone on the Trump campaign, whether was pop up lists or man afford, or someone else said. Yes, you guys have you guys have easy mails on Hillary Clinton, we'd like to see them what law would they be breaking them? It is, I think, a technically noting the computer fraud ACT with a computer fronded be sacked. Something like that. It basically is, is the anti hacking law and if you enter into an agreement with someone who is hacked into the pedestrian mail, even if you didn't know about that hacking when it happen, if you take, if you enter a do what what the charge of Big Spear theatre in a conspiracy after the fact then distribute those in our doing out with those involved, you committed a crime for that, but basically what what the crime would be there's also potentially a violation of campaign financed. Why you accept anything of value from russian official offer of water from any form of fishing. For that matter,
that's a violation of camping financed law, and I think you could argue that those Emil's were very much a thing, a value, firstly, given how much Trump talked about on the last month of the campaign, while it also seems from this plea agreement now that the Trump campaign, at least puppet opulence and probably others- knew of the stolen emails before the public knew about it right, yeah and that raises the question. Look at the member during the turn, the democratic convention when Trump stand up to Heaven at a press conference is dead. You know bottom, your Putin, if you have these emails rush, if you have the Vienna release them well, we now know that came Yoke two months after someone on his campaign, offered both emo close it make that they take that directly to trump himself and you get a guarantee Mahler that in what a trump have on his mind, we said that that day, it's also deserves to be a pattern. You're too, which is somebody offers them dirt. They email about it. They have the actual conversation, never rough
the dirt and email. Ever again, you know the headache like wishes, you know- maybe maybe they just forgot about it or public oblast deleted as Facebook account stop using a cell phone. They get picked up adults and rested on either the smartest criminal criminal left that include Don Junior, who wide about meeting when it was clear that he will be but did not lie within twenty four hours were met. Do you think there is also something to the fact that another coincidence that the day the puppet apples was picked up This was the same day the day before and after the day that the FBI, rated manifolds house very low, could be one of the things we learn from. The Mann report in indictment. Is that the reason they rated his house? That way is they found out, and we all know how they found out
not clear that there were document there's two critically YE mail, that he was both to turn over the Justice Department that he didn't and though they thought he was being uncooperative and untruthful and read it out, go find out. Anything else would settle, which now Chopin indictment so whether they found that out from pop up. Less or someone else, we don't really know yet the emails got him in the end. I gotta tell ya a mail is a scourge. It's just any way. We're all afraid of our own emails is all evils we don't have to respond to. We should respond to plus these crimes, someone somewhere the slack the Artemis deciding when the roll out their new campaign. Mapquest have really. I can't get my head around the fact that ultimately Manifold laundered seventy five million dollars from others that from a pro russian ukrainian regime, many people would call them as a puppet regime. I mean that
There's nothing in here, that's explicit that that somehow bought his influence down the road, but I dont know I mean We too believe these are coincidences. I don't be Louise Mench over here, but what the fuck Joe, you know that this goes to a larger point. People get sane, especially while saying all these charges against metaphor and gave dont relate anything about Russia that relate to the campaign at once. If that's true OECD there about his work, lobbied on behalf of the ukrainian government, but in the other sense, while he was working for the Trump campaign, he was talking to the connection he made while he was working for the ukrainian government. You know we noticed this email he sent to their he received from his former operative Constantine column Nick.
Offering talking about me with the guy. I gave you a big jar, black caviar. He was offering private meeting to a russian oligarch who he met while he was working in Ukraine so, and we know that he would overheard on on. U S wiretaps talking to russian intelligence officials or cut out for russian intelligence official. So this is the direct evidence of of metaphor participating in collusion, but if that, ever, if we ever get that this is a key link in the chain and they helped answer the question, why would manifold so eager to come work for the trunk campaign in the spring of two thousand sixteen and do no good free? It made a faded. He was looking to build its credentials, so he could make more money than token afterwards it maybe he was selling access or dare Pasqua, who.
that too, for billions of dollars and a baby something much much worse. He could about plant from the russian government from the beginning was going into the campaign to help spirit and appropriate direction, and remember know the answer that yet dance and remember that important things got stripped out. Of the republican platform like arming ukrainian rebels and other policy matters that are of enormous importance to the russian Bear and Donald Trump is strangely, inexplicably pro Russia, a person with absolutely no values whatsoever refuses to criticise. Russia has refused to implement sanctions that that he was legally bound to do, as we speak, so that's deeply weird that still going on do you know that such a good point? There is all the everything we find out. This investigation with cases leak out one by one or cannot core documents here. The open source collusion that trumpeting do on a daily basis that he'd been doing since the campaign that Young need an investment to figure out so obviously leading up to Today Fox NEWS in the Wall Street Journal entity.
Real board and a bunch of other rightwing goons have been calling for trumped to fire mauler forward. The investigation to to jail Hilary all the rest. Mahler now has one guilty plea: he has indictments. What do you think Mauler worked with him before what you think Mahler would do if Trump fires him. You know, I I don't think he's the kind of guy that would come out and hold a crook bread and make it all about him if he was indicted, if he was invited by Congress to Comcast Apply, which my god you HOPI would be, I'm sure he would come and do that by a you know that kind of thing happens: it's not gonna be bombed. Mauler that can save up. It's gonna take Republicans in Congress to decide that that's really red line, you're, just interfering with an investigation that you can kind of which, on the fishing expedition, its investigation, that produce charges and people who are gonna go to trial now so,
That would be. You would hope that in future, both bent- and I know you guys from Let'S- have a lot of faith in all right- acting ass ours. Yes, I guess I just have to wait this power. I am going to talk about. Others is a distraction from taking any did. Wait there this morning. I said I have nothing to say about the indictments. Nothing is going to stop us in Congress. It was almost like a hired to check if it was a parody. Paul Ryan statement. Are you fear she setting nothing's going to stop you lighting around? We need Bob mother to take on a little bit of these sanctimonious pr, loving tones of one Jim coming. They find your inner commie bob my mother doesn't have the perfect swore that they're coming uninvited matter. You are you amazed that there has not been one leak about the Papadopoulos, please or anything related to him from let's see now lay
January of twenty seven discharge in October on eleven two weeks of them yeah? I am not surprised that all that is that nothing came out from the from the government side. Mahler has been pretty scrupulous. There have been a lot of leaks from his thought. I think the firstly, we really thought thinks about this indictment coming today that annihilating point at once and apparently command, but I'm surprised at Papadopoulos. We point out. You got darker than the show that how you gonna clown, I'm surprised that you didn't run on talking to people about what he was doing, that it didn't come out in that fashion, yeah he finally learn to shut up Augusta model. You in training the threat of additional hearted made, focuses mine, Garcia that here that Malta Alchemy yes, my child to let it not drown, I'd go that is so. Did I not sorted out? It's a surprise.
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Pillar chasms, I'd have emerged crises in order. I also suggest that you guys yonder, there's two different. There's an Android cheeseburger Mogi and an apple cheeseburger emerging, something we needed extra and they are, they are actually they have different ordering. Berger meet she's cheese, bun and tomato, and that's what fucking covered that's important, important I mean I do wonder. What, because tat is I mean once we had a man afford indictment and gates indictment. The first reaction was is nothing to do with the Trump campaign in this there's nothing to do with collusion in this half dome trump lines had happened before the campaign. Here you could see the right wing media use that, as the talking point all day now with the puppet apple is charges and then the guilty play here. It seems like they're, gonna have a harder time. Sort of dismissing all of this seat so far seems like foxes has taken the the path of we're. Just not gonna talk about it yet
till I'm I'm guessing there, I'll, probably having internal meetings, try to figure out how to how to spend this. One either say onto Roger, had re in his aim with the desert in the desert tree at an active volcanoes deep with inside I sit on a stone table. I like a chance. I got it I do wonder how about this like the propaganda machine here, because it is, I think it has reached new levels if both absurdity endanger a pre button. It I was think about this last night I was, I was a yoke. Is everybody was speculating all weekend about like what the charge is? Gonna be who's, gonna, be, is gonna, be low level high level what's happening, and I was thinking about it just really trying to think like in hindsight I thought would ever did it's gonna, look smart and look like what he did to kind of blunt criticism and protect himself in an be savvy, as he's really playing this long aim and none of the speculation included the idea that others also gonna be please rolled out as part of this, which is really smart, because it's not just indictments its people, copying two things right: it's
people admitting two things which is a much harder thanked her, but you can claim that which are right up until one of the witches, hey, I'm I'm I'm a big fuckin, which I tried to leave dollars on a broomstick, and I find that I mean the viewing that you demanded a really good job document this on Thursday, which is these charges, are indeed what laundering seventy five million dollars is indefensible palm in Fort is dead to rights. A million dollars. He wandered through an antiques, a rug company nears Hazlitt, Gimme, a break Papadopoulos Blake we colluding and then hiding their collusion then lying about it is indefensible. So what they ve tried to do is muddy the waters and try to make this about guess who Hillary Clinton again? They just need a bogeyman to focus on two muddy things up into Distract us. This is where we need the media to not fall on its face like they did during the election. There is no equivalence, there's no parasite between his uranium one bullshit and what we are reading about from Donald Trump and, like I think it's gonna be incumbent on people buy
ass to what parliament had into the mainstream media like brain scan because the right wing is gonna, pull them towards their perspective, already seen uranium one popping up in places like the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which is normally not as awful as Fox NEWS, but it has been. I it what the Wall Street the fact that the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. Chris Wallis, who you know I have always had a lot of respect for him and Fox, even though I disagree with them, are saying that so far, there's more evidence of democratic collusion than republic inclusion. Good, that's not true. Today, That's really dangerous? It's dangerous been the reason that I it's. What we're not just harping on rightwing media here is because we ve orphans, here that this Russia staff in this investigation at the end of the day, it's not
The matter of legal questions, it's a political question because it relates to Donald Trump. The only way the trump leaves offers is through Congress, and it's not just Donald Trump watching Fox and friends, and ring the Wall Street Journal at a trial page and in listening, cresswells and all the other stuff. It's these members of Congo, and so far republican members of Congress have now launched two additional investigations, one into the uranium garbage and one into the dossier garbage arms us, partly because of what their seeing on right wing me because they know that right wing media basically whips up the base all the time. So this this this has a lot of political implications. Here. You know watching this watching this propaganda machine sort of you know go crazy and if it is effective, like the idea that
we even the kind of sophisticated spin. That oh metaphor, these are crimes unrelated to the campaign. The campaign chairman campaign manager of of an american presidential campaign was into Russians for taught vote for tens of millions of dollars. He was actively committing crimes before, during and after his time at the head, one of the two major by the two major parties in United States. He was a leader of of our political system. It's a huge Fucking Deal there's no way around at the moment. One thing that the FDA looks for in your background check is, is points of leverage on you and mostly financial ones. If you're deeply in tat, Two of God knows who orally seventy five million in the hall and whole bunch of illegal activity to a russian connected ukrainian oligarchy or some other carve out. You are unbelievably susceptible to blackmail of just up on this deal. Thus, if Roquat like
The thing was started being paid for by the free beacon, which is a right wing news outlets when they stopped paying for it the more Why is apparently at a democratic lawyer started, picked up the tab and help them continue it, but We started remember that none of this really relevant until the top members, of our intelligence Committee decided: the charges were so significant that they needed to be briefed to the President Elect of the
stay I now I want why these things manner. I want to make this point if you, if you're going to attack the Clinton campaign for funding this hot this research and saying that they made up this dossier in this dossier, was all Spurlock chargers. Other kind of stuff, then you're also attacking our law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies, because the F b I continued to pay back Christopher Steel too, to continue his research after this and then they they decided that it was serious enough that they corroborated some of the dossier and use the rest of it as a road map in including in their investigation and also the other than by the way people are well did the FBI. You know used the dossier if the does he was fake to decide investigation. Now it was one point was one piece of evidence among many that caused them to launch this investigation. They were there professionals following very serious leads and by the way, like yes, of course, a very detailed
televisions, analysis showing all these potential crimes and and and malfeasance, of course, to going to look into it, but again it's a distraction. None of that has anything to do with wide George Papadopoulos in fact in trouble. None of it has anything to do why parliament efforts in trouble- these are it. These are, Separate issues like theirs being in that indictment of Papa, doubtless that that we got because Trump peed, on a bed in right. it does not go you do it abbe, maybe we don't know just trying to be fair her! No. I was about to Thomas Point, though, about the the obligations of the main free media here Brian boiler are editor in chief put this really well in a critical com. Peace, which is the fact that the Trump media propaganda machine is trying to distract us is trying to drum up all these charges. That is a huge story, yet as a story to Cover- and you know Brian and point out that Erika Temple of the Washington Post here
on the first two bunk, this uranium thing in terms of how the right wing media was covering. It is obviously he's a meteor reporter right, and so it is right for media reporters to do this, but- and political report has just aren't as a political death is equipped to do this, but this is now I'm a major political story that a good deal of media in this country is trying to save the present you know from these potential charges or or anything out of anything else, related the Trump White House with Russia. That's a big story. I even saw you know. John Vainer. Did this interview with politico that's really worth reading others a deeply troubling part that perhaps his legs in detail, but you get past that article, but he makes the correct point, which is the way that the right wing media is stirring up conservatives and kind of his has made the Republican Party kind of nuts, but he makes the comparison between what I miss him NBC does and what russian them by John handed as but what we ve seen this week is just how
as this is a coordinated campaign. It is not a coincidence that uranium nonsense and saying: Mahler should resign and talking about all the rest of the bullshit Perkins cooing, all of it happened in the week leading up to the indictments coming out. A coordinated effort to protect the president if it is pure propaganda. Steve banning editor is paid to do a book. He coordinates the roll out of the opposition research that they paid for in that book. Within your times, they report on uranium one back and twenty fifth in fast forward to today John Solomon, whose a total hack right some pizza garbutt for the hill, which is this I can tell a newspaper that just rights up with people tweet all day long we're like your Halloween costume, neither level of this second best newspaper on the hill for staffers to read on the toilet. Yes, that's exactly right, so and then all of a sudden that leads to an investigation by the intelligence Committee or the I committees- I mean that- is
he's collusion in such a low determine like there certainly coordinating their messages in using all the levers of government to score political points. Something's totally irrelevant in just one quick note on uranium deal like you, don't need not much rags so confusing, but the bottom is it like the core, Allegation has to be that somehow selling this mine harmed our national security or gave something where the Russians Jeffrey Louis, whose and non proliferation expert said that these sale, company had as much of an impact on national security as it would have been if the Russians had lit their money. fire- and you know who- and you know- who agreed with him: nine- in agencies, including to government agencies that are independent, that had no political, appointing on them whatsoever. nuclear Regulatory commission. Also, the nuclear regulatory ahead of and knew Utah Nuclear regulated approved the. So this idea that, like library, lack the others I didn't like Hillary Clinton is like going to Russia with a bag of uranium that she's training for cash. You know, like me, fucking break, I have to say they have come up with a lot of courage.
Conspiracy theories in their time on the right. This has to be. One of the sloppy it's out one of the slot it is it is that there is no usually some colonel, and there were you're like and the Clinton's do something a little weird was the apparent lack of no talking about gas is why there is nothing you were diaries it now. This is why I think political borders struggle here, because there is sort of a built in bias towards their being some true to the story that you, even even political, orders that probably are liberal in their personal lives it in their personal views, even though they don't talk about it in their heart of hearts. They believe that, even if the parties are an equivalent that they operate in roughly the same way that, when a democratic, hammering Republican for a scandal, even if their overplaying it there's something to it in the wood, the Republicans or hammering Democrats for some kind of a scandal, there's some kind of a colonel? to it and that you just assume that that's the case, which is why they feel comfortable talking about it saying,
The uranium one story is a bad story for Hillary Clinton because it takes so much work to figure out that it's bullshit we're going with us yesterday that, like you know, I was briefly feeling I was a second kind of a political reporter classic sort of falling in. I was unable to totally get to the bottom it because I'm busy- and you know a running a Jew media conglomerates- I was like. Oh you know I'd. It seems like all shipping he measured Remissness. It ought to be played, but I didn't realize it was truly nothing. I really didn't. I didn't know this is important, because this is a preview of I mean we can Alec joke about how they think Heller Cleanse President their operating. This alternate universe, but this will happen in twenty eighteen and twenty twenty. They will do this to whoever and you can say the Clinton's and easier target. We debate why that is but
they will do this to any Democrat and what we ve seen especially from this uranium thing, is, like you said, like the New York Times, was willing to play ball with Steve, Bannon and Peter Schweitzer that wrote Clinton, cash and right up the serene him. Sorry in the first place, and the Washington Post is willing to play ball with with them to the clinic cast. So there will be it doesn't matter how clean the Democrat is that we put up in twenty twenty, in the carriage and twenty eighteen, they will make up some conspiracy theory and they were gonna throw. It is not enough for us, I think, to just debunked the stuff. Do a fact check not comment on the story like we have to fight what this is, which is a concerted propaganda effort on behalf of the right and the other part of this to us. People like the supposedly serious adults, the Paul Ryan's, the markka Ruby, owes the job bushes, the John K Sex, all of them all of them are complicit in this, in that they ve Fox news. Bright Bart rushed Limbata as useful.
But troubling institutions that help them when elections, and they all know instinctively that they rely on the real news, the real media that, as actual investigative reporting, that actually cares about the truth. What they will call the mainstreaming they rely on those institutions to create the architecture on which we have a democracy. The way the truth is disseminate and look John Bellinger admitted this in the spring. This profile, which was great that it just came out, right that I used to think russian combine. Those guys were, you knows sore tough, but fine, and I talked him all the time and then neither crazy they ve all gone crazy and, like you said all these other publican, case, Ruby address on Laval appeared on Fox of all appear on. These reassures. They'll know it. They not. Charlie sites as a former rightwing radio host. He now says it all the time they are. They all know what liars these people. I guess the point
he's trying to make as they all thought it was useful because it help them when elections, but didn't do too much damage, and now they see that when empowered it can undermine our democracy undermine our institutions. Perhaps it get impossible for us to have a functioning politics and now they're ringing the alarm, but it's maybe too late yeah we did. But you know we can laugh at people aging Pro saying it's time to shut the investigation down and lock her up mean that is as authorities and as it gets. That is the kind of things you see in Venezuela or Cuba or trumps neighbour, country Russia. They just lock up opponents for trumped up Bush will and then we saw like and then Donald Trump who watch that all the time I'm tweets on Sunday the guilt between the teller Clinton. The Democrats is pouring out now and then just rights and all capital letters do something which is
who's. He sang, I would add, to its, I really very scary there and I was a very that those sort of an under reported scary thing, the Donald Trump tweeted and just tell his followers to tell his thirty something million following to do something? Who is he in his narcissistic conversation with his in his own mind like who, in that moment was he talking too, was talking to himself Congress was. He was having a little inner monologue with yeah. So let's talk about: how do we stop him from firing Mahler Lease make it harder for him to fire Mahler, which outlook was we just said with Matt. It is harder to do today now that Malta has a guilty play in a couple of indictment us, but you know who knows its trump. You know I do think your brain has not boiler has apiece and cricket. I come today that this is the time for John.
Cain and Bob Corker and Jeff Flake to speak up right will mark Warner, which Sweden Congress must take action now to protect the independence of the special council. Wherever how high the specification may we like, they need to codify his role in this region and when we said on this pie like I'm, not expecting Jeff, Flake and John Mccain and Corcoran, there is room to suddenly start voting for liberal policies. I get that their conservatives, but this is different. This is about liberal or concern, This is about them. There are two pieces of by partisan legislation in this right now, one that Lindsey Grams,
answered when the time till a sponsored that would make it harder for tromp to fire Mahler. It would basically they'd have to convince the attorney general that farmer, justice. We have to convince a three judge panel that more needs to be fired now. This questions, you know, is this constitutional: can they do this? But but these guys in the Senate, Corcoran flacon that crew they should stay, should speak up to date. They have age and reporters reporter should also get every single member of Congress on record right now and manage. What will you do if Trump fires mauler? What will you do if he starts issuing blanket, pardons Yom and it s a question? What do you think Democrats should be doing to pressure Paul Ryan Mitch Mcconnell? What what should be trying to convince them to say that they would sponsor this legislation Yanina? I would do everything in my power to get about out hold up ever
possible point of leverage we have in the center of the house, whether its funding bills or whatever it might be, to try to get a vote on protecting the existence of a special prosecutor. This is an endless. This goes beyond whether you believe there was collusion. Russia, wherever there is a federal investigation that has now ensnared members of the president's inner circle and the president himself is under investigation for potential obstruction of justice to quash that investigation and care. What the topic is is so threatening to the rule of law, has country that this? Actually, I know I know that, like it, may not be politically fruitful tourist for aught to always talk about Russian there's this better issues the Democrats can and should run on. but this goes beyond this is important, and this is what do we know, but we also know that his stupid son in parliament's report met with some russian carve out rose China lobby against the magnet key sanctions by talking about adoptions, which is, by the way, prudent Putin's.
number one priority and invest more policies getting rid of the magnitude sanctions and he met with dumb Don Junior by floating. They had Hilary up out he's a great sounds good. I mean we already know that this goes up further and gets closer to the president, and we know that Trump himself coordinated. The response stories about that meeting. So we, if we don't get to the bottom of that, you don't we ve not figured out. We, even though, in the public domain, let alone what might be revealed in documents are interviews one these guys, flips. The other hope here too, is that true,
saw what happened when he fired call me and the hope has to be that it somehow got through his sick. You know fickle skull there that that was not in his best interest, but I know that to me seems to be the most good. The biggest potential problem for tromp is still the obstruction of justice in or you could. You could imagine a world in which most of trumps underlings were openly colluding with Russia, but maybe Trump wasn't aware, somehow or whatever, because he's too stupid her. He was doing fox or whatever else, but it seems like what did trump know about the investigation when he fired call me and what was the state of mind, and it seems like that smaller, is real target with what he's doing here. The one other thing to Us Fox NEWS has a lot of power here, and it is strange, it almost seems, like the absence of ales, has left them sort of rudderless and even less in control than they were before, because they have this access to Trump Foxen friends, Janine Piero. They know that he's gonna, see this, and instead of trying to come,
down they have spent the last week in a half railing him up and to get a more more hopped about this. A more more angry about this when it's not totally clear that that's what they should be doing. If they're trying to get past this thing get to whatever bullshit agenda. They really want to be talking about a psycho Virginia. We were close governors. Recent Virginia between Republican at Gillespie in Democratic Ralph, north them will be talking to northern and the rest of the democratic ticket enrichment on Sunday night. But let's talk about them Their backs were so poles. I wanna get interpol Pulsar all over the place on this is acquit appear what has in northern up seventeen today as he's not going by seventy nine, the predicted now, of course I'll come true, not the british business. We don't know they're. All over the guy's, a closer state that has been- I guess, Thirty's point swing on some of these gas from north from down by ten north em up by seventeen, if not more important than the polls is how this race is being run and how this raises ending. Basically before this race at Gillespie, was your garden variety cock
his lobbyists lobbyists who used to work for Bush, and now he wants to cut all sorts of taxes and regulations. That will really gets him up and right grave trumpet they wanted to drain. The swamp at Gillespie would be lapping on the ground in a tiny behind our biggest lobbyists to die so now greet them. where's the money so now. He's gone full drop In the words of curry media's token Republican to Miller Gillespie his court running a general election campaign centre on how the south will rise again if we protect confederate monuments and wipe away swarthy criminal timid. So funny another downtown. We like ants, So why would Gillespie do this if it didn't work, and why does it work? It's working right? It's it's! A pole! I mean that we have heard from people in the Virginia Party verb of associated with this race that this message poles really well, which is why they're doing there
the brutal and negative campaign as possible. I think you guys are being very unfair to add. Gillespie is as someone who is passionate about the confederacy ever since growing up in fucking New Jersey. Let me know what you know: we ve heard that poles do show. That people are concerned about. sanctuary cities, a big reason is that they don't actually know what sanctuary. Cities are just like the confusion that the Republicans purposely so about sanctuary cities, so that a lot of people think that they're these places where, if you're an undocumented immigrant, even if you commit a bunch of crimes, even if you're violent, that you can be protected in the sink. City, which is not true at all yet having it, they escape from New York in Virginia in Virginia its especially crazy, because there are no sanctuary cities in Virginia. Even though Gillespie running this campaign, and also this
a majority in Virginia and many Porsche. This clearly dont want to remove these statues, these confederate statues. So what did we do? We do about this when it Democrats do about this, knowing that these, because my thought is what what's the best way to fight back, if you ignore it, then a glass he's running all these adds that that that probably work on them on his base, and that may be get some independent still. If you fight it, then your plane on their territory and now you're a democrat talkin about statues and sanctuary cities and, obviously that's not fruitful territory. So what would we do her yeah, adding two things? First, it's important tat. What I glad Gillespie is doing, I think, is an import reminder that, while Trump ISM, whatever you call it a sort of a new level of this kind of power, takes its, not you'd, Republicans running racial dog, whistle campaigns, or you know, whatever bull home campaigns has been a hallmark of how they ve been winning in the south for fifty years. I think you're outta this yesterday on Twitter. We ve been talking about this a fair amount. I think it's about, not forgetting the base.
Ex because I think trumped up ended so many of the rules that we forget to jump do normal politics, and that means say things like Ed Gillespie, wants to talk about statues because he has no. Way to help your family, Ed Gillespie wants to scare you about about gangs, because his policies won't actually help middle class people get better jobs like going back to that, want the second half of that sentence over and over again that's what we failed to do with Trump into that. Sixteen is what we have to remember to do over and over again now, which is he wants to distract you with this that's, because he can't help you. I repeat that over and over time, parallel ran against northern the primary tweeted yesterday at Gillespie went full Trump on race, partly because Virginians rejected is economic agenda that had bankrupted United States and wrecked middle class pensions, and I do think that the second half like you to set of parallel message. There is one that we have to
number two keepsake oversight Gillespie. He doesn't want to run on cutting taxes and regulations fairly early person who thinks that cutting a bunch of taxes and regulations, a super popular is up. Or I knew this was effective, constituency, adult for cutting taxes on rich people and cutting regulations for big corporations. Is it doesn't have a constituency in this country anymore? beyond truthfully a lot of our never triumphant right, I mean the Indians messy and in New York I mean this is what this is, what our EDGAR he's been doing for a long time. This is the way Bush recollections right. Bush wants to cut taxes for wretch people and duty. In relation to what is a campaign on the US can Melvin, you know running around passing, Compliments on gay marriage any runs! Oh you know a wolf fad, saying that that you are making stuff about John Kerry, mean this. This is not new politics, as is old politics, to distract people and scare them and make it about social issues, because the actual economic agenda is one where Democrats win on the issue.
again and again, the item I run a wolf had would contravene the Wolf admin know that what is still terrible, I think you guys all Mason like very good thoughts, unlike the matter what you should do next, but I think people were listening. What you should do is believed the Paul that shit was the worst case scenario, hand, Paul donate in volunteer accordingly. This race, is so unbelievably important as electoral consequences. At that constitutional consequences. They also is just will set a narrative that shows a winner. Lost we're Donald Trump, and we need to scared the shit out of Republicans all across the country that going along with the Trump agenda, going along
with Steve Ban in politics is not a panacea. This is not your get outta jail card free for supporting this monster in the White House was fucking shredding everything we care about, so we have to win this ratio. How do now, if you have to if we can say that this, that this kind of politics did not work in a very pivotal swing state and that may be it excited the base, but it was not enough to win an election for Republican than that. A bode well for a lot of other ratios, and it's not just Gillespie. That's trying to some act. We interviewed Phil Murphy last week was running for Governor Jersey, income, Gordon his opponent in New Jersey is running, it's about. You know, sanctuary cities in gangs and all the cost of and in northern states. I mean of such as it happens this. This is their playbook and look. What I think is Democrats were used to saying oh zones or public in his rang, a sad because he
desperate and behind the movie, and it's not about desperation. It is a. We have to be a little clear at the outset of our races in our campaign that this is going to be a concerted strategy on the right to scare you because they have no plan for you and that that that has to be from the outside of every single democratic campaign. We will wake up that after the election and then the stores will either be that Trump isn't works and will be used by republicans across the country to win. Bosom failed and we have a way to fight back any mean that its. I don't think it's the adoration today, like a huge amount of our politics, hinders on on that, could not be higher so get out Helen, genuine, we'll be there next Sunday and Monday so Archive When we come back, we will have Dan Pfeiffers Interview with Steve Car. It's a great internet, that's very grand! We see her side of the house. I didn't just yet are not allowed you guys on light the listener, we didn't it's it's. It was going to be alive emission cuts. We even ass. I found them
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you're welcome to the pod. Thank you damn thanks for me. Absolutely so much talk about, but let's start with that fateful Saturday government, ago, when you woke up and can, I say, was tweeting about your star player and your team. How did you find out about that? What was your reaction will? First, when you just said fateful Saturday that that didn't narrowing down very another so much to do to from it didn't surprise me we have been debating for a couple months what we would do in turn would we visit the White House or not? If we did, how would we wanted to unfold? There had been some back, an all communication between the White House and our organization, and so we were sorting through it all had, but before we could get anything, the president beaten to the punch so to speak, and are not really that surprising that he would
save adder or lash out, because it's kind of his sir his way and do you think you it probably would not have gone had he not done that, I don't think we would have gone and I think he knew that we had all been not all, but several of us have been very critical Can the president in the past year, so we would have been awkward pressure. so I dont think we would have gone, but we were very interested in simply going and not making it a photo like these things, normally aria, but maybe they going and having a discussion behind the scenes and about the issues that we felt strongly about? But that's kind of farfetched indeed you so you know their will. need a trip to Washington DC, which would have been the visit early next year. I believe, and have you guys thought about what you're going to do on that visit with making the statement you put out the day in response to Trump Putin talks
central using that visit the highlight the values that these organisations dance. Yet we ve got a lot about. What we're going to do in our organization is is working on that right now, there's been a lie If I d is from Maryland, we thought about maybe going to Kevin's hometown and having a basketball clinic and some kind of charitable event. We ve thought about engaging me be Congress. We ve been invited by various members of Congress to come visit, so maybe we could do something like that. We talked about doing what we usually do in Washington DC, which is visiting one of the many museums. Historical sites Lasher, we went to the African American Museum, but we wanted something that has an impact that where we impact other people on and something productive in we'll get their heads. The trip is still a couple months away, and I were curiously, her own personal emotions about the fact that this time
national visited. One else would you have done on many occasions? Was a player and then, as the coach, when President Obama was President the fact that that is not on the table here I am more than anything, I'm disappointed fur. The players, you ve, never been there for of our guys went to two years ago, but there is a lot of guys who have not been there David West, who is so just while the most impressive people ever been around in the be who is really interested in Washington in politics, social issues he deserves to the White House and some disappointed for him and for other guys? But that's just the way it goes. You ever some or personal, actually ask us. I believe your brother worked in the white outside when presented with, presents a correct. You did your homework, while I wasn't David at your appearance of David acts, are, I think, I'll get so hard on our members, told the story, but my brother was at pace clean in turn in the National Security Council. He was there,
for a few years. Every time we were, to DC with balls my brother, would take the team on a tour of the White House back then security much more like there was so much easier to do that. We literally would go through a metal detector at the front of the White House. or idea, and then that was it, and so here Take us at night could hardly be. anybody around. We literally walk to the oval office in He can do the oval office. But half the team and my brother leading US round, no security. So it's it's a different time governor, In addition, we are just not this. In the White House you have been in a very out spoke in about President tromp. Review. we used to live in a stick to sports culture in, and that seems to be it will be over these days, but have you got a lot of blow back for then it sort of what motivated you to be so outspoken. I'm sure I've gotten ball back, but I pay too much attention to it. Not me I am on Twitter.
Often tweet. I usually retweet articles and I like to read, but I've learned my lesson in terms that you put something out there: it's it's there forever, but I dont worry too much about what people are saying about me or to me. think circumstances dictate whether people need to be outspoken or not. I think the times off or people to talk and to say things, people in positions of prominence, people who want to be heard, it's important that they speak out if there, if you'll strongly about something- and you haven't you- background for about, spoke out in the sense that you grew up all over the world living in the Middle EAST. and you have a family who has been involved in service with your dad is an educator, your grandparents missionaries, you know is that, given you pursue certain perspectives prickly, since much of some of the divisive radically first, did. You was related to most we're around the world people that of you with oh yeah. My
background has everything to do with some. My perspective on the world grew up mostly LOS Angeles, but I was born in Beirut and spent three years in Cairo spent time in Tunisia, France my dad, was a professor Middle EAST history and so we travel a lot. He would take. Sabbaticals we'd live oversees with other kids. All over the world every race religion background you can imagine ran that shaped a lot of my thoughts on on, the world and on human relations, and so I think, It's scary. Now I think our foreign relations, I've never been were and I don't really think it falls on. Shoulders. I I think it's our foreign policy over the last fifty sixty years has led to this point. Then it's really sorry area disconcerting trumps rhetoric is exacerbating everything, but for me, I'm fifty two This is the scariest, but the world has ever felt to me. I will
suborn after well, I think probably two years older and the cuban missile crisis. I was six or seven when Vietnam was born on the substance. I was really aware of my surroundings of the cold war then the big one, but that didn't seem like that big of a deal right just felt like world was a safe, great place and that's changed firm for me and my perception not just the last few years, but over about the last penal twenty. Twenty five in Would you think leads to that like what is it the entire? danger danger to the: U S, specific foreign policy decisions. think it's a lot of different things. I think it's some Ngos for policy decisions for sure but social media. The way the world works. Now the fact that everybody can just tweet hatred the fact that there is so much bs out there example, whereas with sports fan, the Capron stuff has been really enter.
trying to follow and Michael from the Seahawks comes out and he talks about His incident LAS Vegas when he was some Russia. Cops. There's all these conflicting stories you get on Twitter, a picture of Michael Bennett in Seattle, locker room with all His teammates around him like urging him on and he's holding a burning american flag right over, didn't happen, but this is the way the world now it gets a million likes and re tweets and somebody just doctored infected and that creates anger and so there's a lot of forces at play. But the world has never operated like this, where people's emotions can be dictated by fake crap and its that part is really scared. Heather's, this new technology. Now that allows people to create fake videos with her actual voice. So you can hear this is the big fear for the next election is that you could create a video just as Brok Obama
endorsing Donald Trump saw is ill, he S. So we are now my gosh, I don't know I do enemy. Not now you know you sleep even worse ups hour and a half cap anything is so interesting because it speaks as such. It would seem to be a real difference in how the NFL me NBA of handle. These things do you know come I personally know about him What is your view is someone who is? You know both been a coach in been in general manager and sports as to why can't Capra neck is not in the interval, always pays being blackmailed. That's no brainer! I have to do Read the transactions every day. When you see the quarterback Seward are getting hired he's way better than any of em, but and it a different fan base than the NBA. Does the NBA more urban and it fell. I think is more conservative and I think a lot of the fans are truly angry out of the NFL fans are true, angry, copper, Nick and I think owners are worried what is going to do to business, and I think there is
legitimate concern to about the distraction that is going to create and I'm not justifying teams not signing him, but I acknowledge knowledge when you think about TIM Table, for example, right Chee boat was like this lighting whether you like them. Are you didn't like him? If he went to a team that Can it be the story every single day? That's now cabinet and If your general manager and again take social concern out of it take your beliefs out of it. If you're just saying we're just trying to be a football team and when one football games General manager. You do have to worry about the circus that would erupt if you signed cabinet Again, it's not justifying not signing him, but it's on standing, what you're getting into, and so I think, that's a factor, and that speaks to what we were just talking about the the social climate. with social media, with anger with fake stuff and that would tie under
clay with him signing with any team and so he's in a tough spot. You know been thinking a lot over the a few months, a bow in the NBA begun and within the building of the Trump era, and how vote Call the players have been the players in the voters, yourself cut pavlovitch your players, folks, like Leubronn but that's a stand when Gandhi, yet in very outspoken and a great ways and fantastic, but its debts in new thing for the NBA so I think, back to your former teammate, Michael Jordan. We know once saying Republicans by right here right as a laser why he did not get more involved, and it is now also not just tromp right. We have you, know you the brine and weighed and others you know, speaking about trade marks where they, what has changed you know either society within the NBA, its creative, this environment, people willing to speak out. I think some of it is the people by the great paved the
for people of coaches and players to be more outspoken. I think out of it is driven by the circumstances. When Michael Jordan said that we were in a pretty good play this country and I think it was before I know it was for the Iraq war started. There wasn't this divisiveness that term to visit sir divisiveness. I think it's tomato tomorrow's everything, but I'm a divisive The device of that exists now did not exist when Michael so that I think life was Employer life was easier, Michael's, making money, the base to and fine people are generally happy, not to say that there's not have things going on, but nothing like the times right now and so I think the times I think what's happened, I think is Real people are divided as they are and as much access we all have to media has her if people are just more likely to speak out,
and they have more outlets like this one right here as an example The role of the MBA is a league is an entity, and this is entering to me because you know before this is a Adam silver puts out guidance. That says the players will stand on the national anthem And then that's just what happened. There was no debate or fight over it. Almost like not linking edict but we but almost a decision, a group of people made, because you have a lot. You know there's some personalities in the NBA. Someone could block that, but I'm just sort of care- Yes about the relationship. The NBA with this of outspokenness activism. Among the player, they got him silversmith brilliant throughout His tenure, whose is just become commissioner and five years. I guess for years, If you remember his commissioner ship started with the Donald Sterling Incident, Adam paddled, at beautifully, players understand. He is a partner. He is
Surely aware, he's concerned about people players or families social issues. The players feel that so I think they trust him and I don't think, there's a feeling like you know that overs telling us we ve got a stand, work, you know, that's that's for it's just, I think they respect him and Our players, I can only speak for our team. They feel like captain. It made the stats for lack of a better phrase by kneeling. He made it a, sue. I he talked about why he was doing it. So The issues are out there and our plan you're trying to do things in the community to help their doing a lot of great stuff by the way and from there feel like they need to kneel they need to. They need to help the issue is already being discussed, so they don't need to further somebody else's protest, but they need
Barnett, Sir lesser position, we ve talked about it as a team and am very proud of them. I have one of the top of its current twenty twenty should arrive. I wear it around serves this go affair. I get stopped all the time for it people off, and tell me that they want the ticket reversed. I, like her pavlovitch. My also heard you tell David Axelrod that you would vote for Pavlovitch as president. I will, but I I would ask you first: is there any chance that you would ever get involved in public service? The necessary does have to be elected office, but could be a public service side of ask. If I can't imagine it's not my passion, basque, my passion coach is my passion but never know where life's gonna take you, but I would vote for. I want talk to a but about coach, Bob Edge and we know, as you know, him what's made him become such outspoken in very eloquent, descriptive
having America is. What is one of the finest people? I know because he's incredibly principled, he's competitive, he's, compassionate he's, smart he's worldly, is fair and you felt all that as a coach, and now you see his canoe, Chin with his comments about the world about power, tax and its real, its genuine he's. Amazing guys got this incredible combination of farm appointed humour in principle and and and yet he sees the the b. As the hypocrisy in the world. It is able to laugh at himself. No he's just term is one of my favorite people. Giving any chance he runs Office. One day, I doubt it here, coaching is, I think, he's coming up on. Seventy, I think, He has military background, has really shaped him terms of his
view of the world in his view of coaching and his style, but at its core he's he's a basketball, coach and life has been doing it. Twenty years he ll cities great at it. I don't know why he said this is a european hypothetical question for you, which of your player, is right. Now is Best politician, meaning would be, there would be the best policy about where they gonna politics, Sean Livingston interest that would not have been my guess what you say that Sean is incredibly thoughtful He is a force, supplier he's a unite or he wants everything around him to be solid. He wants people to be happy, Andrea would be the angry guy, That seems to be invoked these days. Yeah anger. He would be angry, but with great conviction in principle and theirs
any reason to be angry. John would be the guy to sort of take the using view into consideration and try to negotiate and dumb, which has a novel concept. politics is so maybe he wouldn't be the best into politics, not remind oh my god, the three mind would be probably the guy who you want leading your campaign. would dig out all the dirt on the other guy. That's just Roy. I believe that the guy who actually could make the biggest social impact who I think will in his life is David Wes interesting. The skies He's incredibly well read he's incredibly interested in what's going on in the world, peace really really smart doesn't say whole lot. looks at all in but sees everything and not staff. Tat stuff is he'll, be huge philanthropist. He
we'll, do wonderful things for millions of people, but how he's gonna like often do cooking, shows with his wife and raises children and have a wonderful life and. That's more power to absent. You know. That's life he's got a great life, and actually I relate to staff quite a bit in that regard. I'm nowhere near as talented is obviously, but we have similar interests in terms of just one. I do John, be with our families in and get out and golfer fine I'll, just hang out and thumb, but some stuff lives open the simple I ve a simple thing make him very happy, and I I can relate to the awesome speaking of golf how's, your back.
It's. Ok, it's I'm not golfing. Unfortunately, there has been a tough blow. The last couple years sub item, I'm dealing with it and get better. Some thanks for your cochin, some coaching. That's that's help of them I'll. Try to close your honor, maybe I'll be hopeful known I have listened to you talk about Trump and politics today. The thing that I took from that seems to be most Upsetting to your offensive to you is the division right and they were seemed to becoming a part in that someone might beaten us but words mouth, but someone he's trying to incite that division. Who are you hopeful that we can get pass this moment and if so, why? I am hopeful that we can pass this moment because I think come. This has been the perfect storm in very negative way in terms of farm trump being
guided just exacerbate what already existed, which was this divide between conservatives and liberals are different. thinking or whatever, what its We to take is the next person in office regard. thus with party to be dignified, presidential and respectful and setting a good example. I dont know Why can solve everything, but it certainly would go a long way. What bothers me more than anything, is a lack of dignity in politics. Whether its trump or many others with a voice, and I think that's that's where we are gonna go off the rails and we have to get back on the rails. We need people who are respectful, dignified able to communicate and oh empathy and compassion. Those are our huge things. In fact, these
This is probably the president's main job because it's really hard to get anything done and in Congress, as you can tell, even with Republican Congress Republican Present, we still get anything done. So it's not. party lines to me, it's about the president. Do his job and being sympathetic and being articulate and expressing himself. trying to unite and trying to bring altogether end and the next person in that chair needs to be done. Way, regardless of which parties in or season and naturally, question of, we ship rain, and we know where the real role the present as leader of this country, I didn t just the command, the armed forces and pass legislation and put regulations in place but sort of the moral or the moral leader of the country. I and you, We know we talk a lot about how this would you have worked with and played with. Some of the great leaders in sports coach fell Jackson Godfather
That's your college coach, Lute Olson, but him Duncan or Michael Jordan, You know what are some of the core leadership lessons. You ve, taken from us It will be that such a just your careers, We constantly been around some of the best people right. You know in this business yeah Phil was what struck me about. Phil was just the inclusion making everybody feel important, that of wonder. Fifteen on the roster, every guy felt like he had a role. To play. He emphasised that the way about his business papa, which was with similar terms You just felt like you're part of something bigger than yourself, and I know to cliche, but it's really true. Like being on those team said I and I'm trying to create the same environment here and it's easier to do when you got great talent and your winning, but the idea that that fifteenth Ma Am matters is so and- and I think that's pretty good advice? In any sense
right, whether you running a business or classroom or whatever, when you can make The people who may not think have they matter much when they feel like they do so incredibly powerful force and that's what leadership is to me. Some a galvanizing and empowering and making people feel good about them, those, but also making I feel, like everything that they do. Matters Your motivating them to do to do well and to do good and to do right that's great advice and culture. Thank you so much for doing this. We will, I will be ready, for the warriors, all your long, exceptional sex, fair enough, but I think you will probably have we favoured in those Ghana. Welfare extend thanks for having as we thank you thanks again, a mad miller and stiff. What is the current review? I loved every minute I thought about it. I'm gonna religion and the three point line fascinating further than the rational right,
bright and everyone jump shocked us all after today, a merry indictment all of you donate to all the Virginia Races in Doha, good tidings on this indictment morning.
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