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Introducing The Wilderness (Trailer)


The Wilderness is a new documentary podcast from Crooked Media and Two-Up Productions about the history and future of the Democratic Party. Jon Favreau tells the story of a party finding its way out of the political wilderness through conversations with strategists, historians, policy experts, organizers, and voters. In fifteen chapters, the series explores issues like inequality, race, immigration, sexism, foreign policy, media strategy, and how Democrats can build a winning majority that lasts. Coming July 16th. Subscribe to The Wilderness now.

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That's not, why not What Society rests on abundance. Liberty. Racial discrimination is all we no longer can have a country where about me, you worry about. They worry about candidate has always made the biggest when we the environment drop. You saw away swear that I will faithfully. How did we get here? How did we lose to this guy and how did we end up with fewer democrats in office than at any time? In decades, since Brok Obama first took office, the dough.
a crowd, swooning count, state legislators, governors, Ouse Senate in the presidency they lost nine hundred seats. Nine hundred this is a story about a point this finding its way out of the political wilderness. In the last eight months of times more than a hundred people about the state of the Democratic Party, I interviewed the parties, critics and defenders strata just an organised? I talk to historians, data, nerds policy, lungs and a few politicians to ask some hard questions and has an honest conversations. All with the goal of charting our way out of the wilderness together. Theirs neither or is not, that we talk about class or we talk about race, gender, a white supremacy or immigration. The dreamers we talk about at all, because it is absolutely
intertwined. We can have an immigration system that provides for a national security. The one we have right now is not it is. Broken. Democrats should position themselves as the people who can fix the problem. We are for pursuing diplomacy before going to war. We are for the promotion of american values and democracy human rights around the world. Advocating for a multi racial populism. The reason why democratic politicians are not as populist as they should be is that they spend huge portion of their time talking to very, very wealthy people who find their campaigns. Here's with his cast, it's not a show about the Republican Party. It's not a show about him, it's a show, but the party that needs to beat him. about learning from our history and figuring out. Our future The show is about what we ve done wrong and a lot of it is what we're doing right, but the Democrats who are starting to win again and the new movement, that's teaching them, how
need to be driven by something internal and self motivated, and it needs to be more than anger at Trump. As a Democrat, you everywhere, throw it for what you say. You believe that if we go for what's needed, as opposed to what scene is politically possible. Oftentimes we do better, even if we might lose more, but sometimes we win We may be in the wilderness right now, but we're not completely lost its but as we are on the brink of getting to that next place, that we are being hit so hard and it's not because it impossible to get to that next step, it's because it's really possible. I'm John febrile welcome to the wilderness.
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