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Iowa Episode 2: The history and the rules


In episode two of this five-part miniseries on the Iowa caucuses hosted by Tommy Vietor and produced by Pineapple Street Studios, we’ll learn how violence at the 1968 Democratic National Convention led to Iowa becoming the first contest of the campaign season. We’ll take you to a house party with undecided voters and to an actual caucus location from 2016 to explain how the process works. And we’ll watch field organizers in action and learn how they hustle to get Iowans to commit to caucus.

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It's pretty bottle society's most Americans wine. We suddenly like what it looks like back in August able to a cabinet for Corey House Party in urban Delilah, which is just a few minutes outside at the moment. Obviously I wasn't gonna show up empty handed today. Thank you very much. So we leave the Haivy grocery store, moderately price bottle of wine in hand and head over to urban no eyes and correspond we brought some cavern get in there five potential. Scores sitting in a circle and Dave and Cheryl Gentians living room tonight seen there's some jazz. In the background and their big fat cats keeps one in and out of the room. They all introduced themselves during recent democratic
Mitch Smith. The field organizer we met last week set up this event beside Mitch. Ever when here is in the sixties or seventies, an album, on or long time. Democrats too, people in the room are already committed to caucus for Corey Booker. They like the way speaks they like his energy. They, like his optimism in the end we want somebody who can rock, is to make a skilful at night when they go to bed and we'll get up in the morning, and things will still be. Ok. That's, as I said, MR Oh boy boy, do I miss it? The rest of the people there undecided, including the host David Cheryl, and that is just classic Iowa most of the countries paying no attention this primary, but this couple invited a bunch of strangers into their home to talk about a campaign that they have not endorse. Yet it's a pretty casual recession, I pay for my kids college and we took us to enhance and pay the back, and why should I As a country became millionaires, kids, stone walls,
Mitch is mostly listening, but he occasionally jumps into talk about Cory's record in in for getting soon that so far, in taking that forgetting state debt for public educators of permits didn't know something he promised to follow up just one more item for his massive to do list. If I were trying to replace you in writing your job description yeah, I would say you are friends organised party, planner, sounding board policy, expert communications, expert, Booker, expert, Deborah it's hard to disagree with that. I think. That's the fun part stop. This is like having so many of those responsibilities and meetings like this are the most fun part Mitch. During the Booker campaign, early South Korea speaking Doin on the Deprez cabin. I was confirmed that the Supreme Court in October of twenty eighteen Miss decided that day that, of course, Booker ran for president. He wanted
now he's working one small but crucial patch of pork county their ninety? counties in our report, which includes the Moyne, will deliver almost a fifth of the state's delegates rejected by phone. This fall. I am definitely lacking, and I only have one corner of one you know what I when I appreciate is that my ability to connect with folks who live there has has changed dramatically since I moved in its not just asking them, you know: hey. Can we grab coffee its action and my how their dog is doing or how there its little game, wax yeah you're you're, not meeting relatives and gets the first time. You know that their baseball team is like sixty four and that there really combined for the class if they make them ass? Then the grandma can't close. The debate watch party that I want her to host sign like in a ruling for the kids team, but also sort of not at the same time,
maybe Tor and MRS episode to of especial pod, save America Series per Mile, We have talked about how I would became the first contest in a democratic presidential private, but first the second and third out on the mechanics of the Caucasus, because one thing is really interesting in too, I think it helps explain why campaigning in Iowa tends to feel less nasty and terrible than it does everywhere else, I'm not from Iowa. So I ve never carcass myself, but I dig it to visit one back in two thousand eight with a bomber those couples. Before them. The gods. Workable call. This knights of the year and we got inside and it was just this sea of people. This is President Obama describing that two thousand caucus to Crystal Adele Westerfield for his book. They said this day would never come
every age, different backgrounds, farmers, Overalls and in a seat here Senor had young african american kids, latino moms and the fact that people had brought their kids and there are a lot of families who had shown him gave it. Festive feeling? I still remember there was there was a guy who looked like Gand off is, is dressed in white role. Any of this long white beard and had this white staff and at the top of the staff it Jerry the slow video scream that was playing? My Jason She looked over and over again so began a thing.
Was a little weird, but seeing all those people showing up in joyfully participating in democracy was actually pretty inspiring, and this was long before we knew the result, But I bet you're wondering why everyone just hang out at a carcass location to understand that we are understand why a cock is itself is different, I think this simple way to think of it is that used to voting as people individuals when you participating I guess you are voting as a community robs handed the state auditor in Iowa as a young star of the State Democratic Party he's a highly coveted endorsement, and strangely he looks a lot like me. I'm not kidding. I should get sick for a photo by a woman in Iowa who thought I was Rob, really phenomena what it comes down to. Is your there together to decide how we are going to govern ourselves together right, ultimately we're picking someone who is going to lead us and so US pigs that person I was been picked me. It's candidates by Caucasus, eighteen, hundreds
in a kind of feels, like the hold over from another era, in a primary having just show up at any time. On election day, you pull your level and you walk out in some states, you can vote early, you can vote by mail, but it's a secret solitary act, not nylon unconscious you have to be in line to get into your codification by seven p m sharp. If you're late, you don't get the carcass if you're on time, you then go into the school. Jim or the public library or whatever the location is. Can you go when you physically stand in a corner with everyone else supporting your candidate or and honestly? This is incredible to me. You might show up still undecided here: it rob sand again. I think one of the reasons that I owe it is really good at doing this. Is it there's a lot of islands who agree with the idea that you don't know what you dont know and you know you might have a favorite, but until you ve actually stood in someone's corner. You might learn something new about them. You might learn something new about someone else, and you keep your
and open until the moment where you have to commit their lot. Critiques of the Theo carcasses, a big one and in whose castor has been talking about this lately is it. The state is really white Walter. About that in all the other knocks on Iowa in our next episode. But for now I what is still the first contest I was still reigns supreme in and its go all out, and I were these women. Or even just doing better than expectations can get you a ton of media attention and momentum, and they will need it because have Hampshire primary is just a week after the ILO Caucasus. Technically, though, what you're competing for o clock, night or delegates so come with me into weeds delegate selection process? I what has one.
In six hundred and seventy eight precinct. So that means there are one thousand six hundred and seventy eight many elections happening on caucus night at each precinct. People like delegates to the county conventions every precinct awards at least one delegates, even if just a couple people show up to that caucus location. That's why campaigns try to be competitive everywhere, like David plugged mentioned in the last episode in to get those precinct delegates, Canada has to what's called a viability threshold. This is very important. Generally viability means you have to have support from at least fifteen percent of the people in the room on caucus night than that changes a little bit and some of the really small precincts. Basically the gist is a hundred people show up to a carcass location in fourteen of them are supporting candidate acts that candidate Canada X is not viable. They didn't meet the fifteen percent threshold for the people there supporting
at an ex either gets it picks someone else or go home that part called realigning and that realignment means that campaigns really care about being your first and your second choice, it's also what makes I was so different. Ok, so I know I just through a bunch of rules and numbers at you, but I promise it's worth understanding and an ultimately not that complicated, so take twenty. Sixteen, for example, here's what it sounded like at one cockers location and pull county good evening and welcome to the two thousand. Sixteen Iowa Democratic Party precinct carcasses. Congratulations as a participant in one of our states, most story, traditions, are now a part of both Iowa in. U S, history, I'm sure you all remember twenty. Sixteen, unfortunately, that general election result, but the democratic primary was Bernie. Hilary and Martineau Molly cures. Team Bernie,
making their case for their candidate, do we carry on, as we are doing my profound S, favorite here some folks who supported here? I she has the most experience and the most qualified on both sides of the Isle. She takes it very seriously. She supporting women and children, her entire life and as a mother of three daughters, its high time, we elect a female, president, and here is more anomalies. Guy valiantly make in this case. As a Democrat, I feel less that we have three fantastic candid and I'm not going to get around the Bush. It has been a very, very hard choice for me after the first count. Here's how it stuck up there are eight on Better, why oh Molly too, I believe that group Profound earth had to turn for Clinton
remembering my apology, alright, listen up one more thing to say reliable. Your group has at least sixty nine member, so Molly was not viable in that precinct. Five minutes I'm alleys voters can get behind somebody else, or they could just call acquits and go home, Sanderson supporters started, making their case three people, let everyone ended up realigning, okay, so all all of the unconcerned and realign spine and now commencing recounts for appointment sanders after realignment.
Ended up having more supporters in the room than burning. Here's where we now stand: uncommitted: zero, oh Molly, zero Clinton to thirty two sanders twenty four for a total of hold on hold on four hundred and fifty six. We lost three people in the melee apparently so when I got total up, Hillary Clinton got five delegates from that precinct in Bernie Sanders got for, like I said, people second choices matter and by the way this process took like two and a half hours, another thing about realignment in past. It was an easy way for campaign source spin, their loss. They could say you know we did really well. The first count, this close to being viable, but it just didn't work out this year will not be able to do that. The I would democratic
already is can be recording what they call. The first expression of preference should basically that first count. We all heard, then the record that final expression of preference, which is the count after the realignment, your toy price, the chair of the ILO Democratic party yeah. That's right so are releasing the numbers on first alignment and the numbers on second alignment or final women. I should say so: it's gonna be a bullet a better story of what happens on carcass night. You know campaigns who don't do up like too sail well. I've been on the wrong result, would say this that or the other thing, but we've never actually had that information. Now we're going to be able to have that information, which is good, I think it helps bring greater transparency to the process. It will be fascinating to see what these new salt mean for how campaigns spin their winner, their loss or how the media covers a results because he's a real changes. Ill tweaks could have a big impact on the expectations game. Another interesting wrinkles that this year, because there are so many
it's running. Every precinct is just gonna. Have a bunch of candidate aren't viable? The math just doesn't work out any other way, so that means in represent, you're gonna have a swarm of neighbours. Trying to convince people who are so boarding, a non viable candidate to come over to their side, hears Rob sand again, and so they say Jorge who's. Your second pick, and here's here's all the reasons why I really like this candidate and it's a way that I think can actually be. A better way to do it because you end up at the end of the Caucasus, having felt like you all made some choices: gather where you you listen to each other maker pitch for everybody as you re line again you're able to make pitches for why people should come realign in your direction, and I think that something that can actually started de escalate tension. Cause you're all in the room doing it together. I've heard from a lot of islands and twenty seeing the realignment process was very contentious,
I mean I was in my and it was you know the room was split: there was no mixing and mingling. It was a very divided night. That's rape rise again and I'll. Tell you like. That was tough. I mean there was at the county level. I mean friendships where laws people screaming at each other, people who had been in each other's weddings were no longer friends anymore, like it was really a rough period. This year, though, things
Feel a lot more fluid a recent and when register pole of likely, I will cocky scores, showed Mayor PETE, leading Warren Biden Sanders, but only thirty percent of those pulled said their firmly decided on their choice. Sixty two percent say they have a first choice, but they could still be persuaded back at the Cabinet for Korea, House Party. That's exactly what Mitch Psmith Corey Booker's field organizer was trying to do she. If hearts and minds like David Engines. Politics has always been a part of my life. I was gas at the sixty eight convention. This listen to Jamaica, see when he says gas he means to your guest and funnily enough. That convention, in particular the chaos outside of that convention, is the reason why I would goes first in eighteen, sixty eight the democratic hardy, held its annual nominating convention in Chicago in it Nay traumatic, ear.
President Lyndon Johnson to denounce he wouldn't be seeking reelection. It now more was still raging in then Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy we're both assassinated. The contended for the nomination were Hubert Humphrey, whose L B Jays vice president centred Eugene Mccarthy, who is the Anti war candidate in Georgia, Mcgovern Senator from South Dakota. Inside the convention, all the party bosses were lining up behind Humphrey outside thousands of young people were protesting. The party sidelined, Mccarthy and support for the war in Vietnam, the Chicago police, tear gas, the testers, including David Humphrey, one, the nomination and Nixon. When the White House for most of our history, Many were chosen by elected officials in party leaders, while the rest of us just watched, but the chaos in Chicago was a terrible look for the party
The Democrats formed a commission to come up with a new way to choose their nominee. This commission was headed by George Mcgovern, just lost the nomination and Donald Fraser or representative from Minnesota. The whole idea the thing was, engage more asteroids Democrats and give them real power. The nominated process that plan d, however, specified that Iowa had to go first David gets in is a veteran political reporter in Iowa two thousand and seven slash. Two thousand and eight I read every single word. He wrote I tried and failed to spend him all the time and I basically woke up everyday at terrified that he would write something negative about Barack Obama before retiring from the Doin register in two thousand, nine David, with the other she'll dean of the IRA press Corps, the nineteen seventy two race was the first contest that he covered. That's where it begins streets of Chicago that the party towards self apart or Vietnam, it came out of that convention and the the loss to Richard Nixon.
The parties, and we have to reinvigorate ourselves. So the island started thinking about how they were going to set up their doubts, selection process. They spread out there, if we're gonna, have a national convention in August and you have a chance- four delegates and we're gonna do our stay convention in June. Then that means we really have to start this process in. Oh, my gosh February or March of the people who put it together, they understood well. This is gonna, be an early place where it starts, but it's also true, that there were staffers at the State Democratic Party who literally understood how long it took an old, goose, stettin or mimeograph machine to print Thoust
of platform resolutions and copies the platform and their data timed. Richard bender was an activist who was working at the party the time to actually timed it, so they understood gosh. If we're gonna get all this information out to all over. I went to thousands of people. We gotta have timed it to get it printed in ITALY in accident struggle action, that is Richard Bender and kids. A mimeograph machine is like a copier before Xerox involved a crank, purple ain't that smell funny and it took a while to print out the form for each stage of the election process. It was not just like the same is true of many other. She was all these factors admitted Lee. We kind of thought it would be nice to be first, so it's nineteen. Seventy two. I was going first in the process. Nixon's,
for a second term, the war in Vietnam and the draft are both ongoing and Democrats are lining up to take on Nixon, there's, Mccarthy, there's at Muskie the Anti WAR Senator four main, and then there was the first black woman to ever run for president, the legendary, surely Chisholm. This feels wild and awful to say right now, but the segregation is governor of Alabama George Wallace. Also sought the democratic nomination and the and came up with this new nominating order. He also got in the race George Mcgovern hears David Gibson. I give you know the creditor blame for these Caucasus to George Mcgovern into his campaign manager, Gary Heart who, in nineteen seventy two figured out that, while these islands are starting their process in February and we could go out there,
and get a little splash of attention headed into New Hampshire, so that prototype of using I was a springboard to later. Events was really started by them. Gary heart rate, George Mcgovern's campaign and nineteen. Seventy two there are ample lavish trying to put together a national campaign for are not very well known candidate. So we began to look at the calendar and we had a very smart guy named returns and so one day, and I think the fall of seventy one, I ask wake up. They were in a process in a delicate selection process that began before New Hampshire. He said yes, I am has Caucasus, but no one has ever paid attention to them. So I said, ok, work and organise. I awoke from Mcgovern and that's what we did and that's what I may say so
Put Iowa on the electoral map, Mcgovern didn't win Iowa at Muskie did, but Mcgovern did better than any one expected. He won the expectations gain more on that later, but it was such a big deal. The Gary heart still remembers the lead of the New York Times. That next day lead sentence was the Muskie bandwagon slid off an icy road, and I work tonight- that's great memorized it. So that's what I will began began to be or Mcgovern when on wind, the nomination and then lost badly the next in that November, like really badly. He didn't, even when his home state of South Dakota but hard, is still a fan of the ILO Caucasus Caucasus Tender
bored candidate who organised at the grass roots primaries tend to reward candidates who are better known. Then I think a balance of both is a good thing. Primaries themselves did not begin to be important until John Kennedy ran in, I think, six or eight primaries in sixty to demonstrate the party leaders who, up to that time, had selected denominate that he had a following across the country. So in the grand scheme of things primers themselves had not kind of existed forever. They were a kind of an invention of John Kennedys campaign sixty as we invented Caucasus in seventy two. I really believe and grassroots politics, because for two reasons one it gives less well known candidates a chance, but second it do real people in early
states, particularly a chance to render a judgement of or form a judgment of, Canada's up, close and personal and that's very powerful. Gary hard actually went on to run for president himself and that's a different story for another day. But today he lives in the mountains of Colorado and he actually has a block. He was one of the first politicians start blogging back in two thousand three, and he writes a lot thoughtfully and pretty beautifully about the state of our politics. It it has to turn around and twenty two It really does and that's why away the selection of candidates to go against rum is gonna, be one of the most political choices of our lifetime and and perhaps along a couple of lifetimes. But what happens next next year? Is going to be in a way the future of our country, but the big question is what I want
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I have known him since he was in high school soon by the way, not that Big Iowa. Have I mentioned that yet here's David Gibson, I said, there's three tickets, first class coach and stand by because the nominee their party usually came out of those top three finishers out. There happened John Mccain, Chow That's all you started out as a first class coach stand by and baggage one Corky thing about the IRA Cox's is that you don't necessarily have to win the I will carcasses to be perceived as a winner coming out of the ILO Cox's rights called the expectations game. How well, are you expected to do in this? What this races sort of like nineteen, eighty, three Waterman Dales ahead, the former vice president, his head? Can he when big enough and then who am, I the rest. The candidates will come in. Second, who will be the alternative to Monday boy? This race feels a lot like it. You know, is buying gonna win Kenny when enough, and who am I
These other become the next Gary Heart a threat. Can I can. I was still a fling, slow, somebody all the way to the White House, I'm just I don't touch your account and interestingly and I think this cycle, it's it's so big that it has driven the Democratic National Committee to change, debate, rules about who gets in and their setting the threshold for who gets in today's debates. But it strikes me that the Democratic National Committee, by doing that is really becoming the great widower, is, if you will of candidates that I will use to play, Isn't it kind of an unfortunate shift from giving powder to regular people and voters asking questions in their backyard to a bunch of party operatives in Washington? I think you know it's not bad did party operatives are involved. This is a political process right, you're electing the president announced states. I think that person oughta be somebody Who has some command of of politics? We treat politics are good.
Any word I want somebody who can do the job. You can make a case. Looking at trumps presidency that hit elect, someone who has no political electoral experience has been a mistake, so I obviously has an outsize role in the in the political process. From the way we select a president as Iowa earned it well. I may not be the most objective person I mean we all can think of better ways to run a presidential nominating process, and you can do on the back of an cocktail. Napkin, So it is what it is. I always important because I was first but the alternatives it keeps going Tommy because of inertia. It stays in motion because there is not something that counteracted. Secondly, there nurse are always means that somebody is planning a strategy for four years from now somebody who HANS, doesn't do well, but runs a credible race and this
MR the Republican Party, right now, my pants is out here. You know, visited the same flood twice so no an end. In all day. The evangelical community hosting Republics Tom. Linford teams got that these people are showing up it. It's here already. So this is all about a twenty twenty four campaign, and so that's how it happens, but also its worth adding that this is a weird year. The field is huge already, it seems be growing by the weak and that's led. Some people think that there could be more than three tickets coming out of Iowa and you people like former New York City Mayor MIKE Bloomberg, getting into the race late and seemingly planning to just skip the state entirely. While we can predict who's gonna win, it is clear that I was gonna play, is traditional role of winnowing down the field and giving a big boost to those who do well in the state Libya Alice we met last time- is working hard to make sure that Elizabeth Worn has one of those tickets via alive.
Didn't have much growing up, but she was valedictorian over her. School and got a scholarship to College Massachusetts. She were to jobs with a full time course load, but she didn't want to graduate with a ton of debt. Bolivia, volunteered on worn, sent a campaign, and now is taking a year off to work on the presidential. I first met Olivia back in August, we're at the war and field office aims which is in Central Iowa about forty five minutes north Doin spent. Time with Libya is like free, basing hope and enthusiasm. I would only pick up my life and moved out here for Elizabeth, because I did fall in love with her in Massachusetts originally, and I finally got. She is contagious back down. She was having a lot of one eye, one coffees with people who are just kind of curious about Elizabeth, worn and door, knocking and phone calls and generally just building out relationships in October. Things were pretty much still the same, but the intensity of the door knocking at increased. In fact, the worn campaigns started, calling it knocked over, not Coburg chest
At a time when we create a massive voter contact operation, where we train volunteers to go out and knock on the doors of of their neighbours to get them to commit Secaucus for list, but weren't so forget. When we're hanging on August, I felt like it was a preliminary phase there, a lotta like half hour coffee's, where potential supporters you get to know. People bring it issues a genuine good faith. Listening tours now were in knocked over fasts. What's your data they like as a James love. The only difference I would say is, I wonder, really feeling that urgency now February is just around the corner and we want to make sure we have as many people and our corner on cock assigned ass possible so knocked over. It's tough way, Dublin Effect, but we're just giving more responsive
but to those people that we did have copies what beforehand making sure that they are trained and able to talk to their neighbours about about it was, but so those like early coffees. They really bear fruit. Oh yeah yeah! It's! It's definitely necessary deftly necessary because of the thing is come for their candidate for the word, and I say so, we want to make sure that their thereby ensure respect but off Oh, I thought so. You gotta make you gotta one. The other day from a woman who sold you deodorant at CBS had that international. How do you get from leg, allspice, carcasses, well. I just think that, for every moment is an opportunity to organise every single person we talk to is a is a potential supporter of ourselves. Yeah? I wear my stick around every everywhere. I go miles between vigour, in the hope that someone will someone will notice me
yeah. I was just replenishing, my my dove deodorant and one about the woman checking out with, like oh the foreign, like I've heard of her like really. What do you think, and so we just sort of engaging in conversation that way and by the end of it she was all in and committed in ready to participate and knocked over and knock on knock on some of her neighbor story. So whether people buy new alliance, yes promote Yoke newspaper, The second deodorant like we're talking about her. Actually the person behind me committed as well what they were doing it for you. I think I I would like to add a little bet. It's a unique place I organised and ask that you set for a little bit and I'm not sure if that shit, what five? But I also noticed you got a pressing captain. I believe your first prison captain, a guy named Roy Newfound Roy writing, his bike around aims- were you just like sprinting after this dude on a bite?
Has that Alan? I saw now that we hire a more organisers and my at her for a sort of narrowed. I couldn't see the same people around quite often and he has a huge beard and he always rights is by ground, and I think this guy I feel, like I know, he's liberal like I just had the sense, and so one time I yelled out to him at a stop way. Do like Elizabeth weren't, who like gave me the thumbs up so then I followed him Didn't you Shan sorry whereby I implored him through destination in this? Is about the time of the second debates. I invited him to debate watch party him. He can have showed up and we we headed off and he became a pretty consistent volunteers very bought into October. I will say and yeah I I recently made him my my prison captain for cautiously all because
I found him. Writing is by current answer here. What is oppressing captain and why do they matter? So we have roughly seventeen hundred precincts in and I won't. We have to have leadership in each of those corners on caucus night, because we don't have seventeen hundred field, organizers and so the people we need and the relationships we form. These are the people that are gonna be representing Elizabeth and our campaign on caucus night and persuading their neighbours to come over to our corner tissues. Is your it's your unpaid army yeah, I mean yeah. So when I was there in August, everybody, I talk to. You was focused on Elect ability, even though none of them really know what it means. Are you still hearing a lot of that like what I care about? First, second and third- is beating Trump and Van issues or or how is that break down these days
yeah, I mean I will say, people are really concerned with beating Trump and they they want a candidate. Who is who is able to do it and for some reason they think that the only person who can go up against history, white man is a straight white man and it's about convincing them. That Elizabeth, as is the woman for the job- and there is a huge percentage of the past, relation that is not politically engage, specifically. Students who I organised and the candidates that I see exciting them are the progressive candidates like Elizabeth, and I think those are the pockets of the electorate that are gonna, that are gonna change thing, but I think people are really really scared and they really want to candidate who's. Gonna who's gonna be Trump young. So, while some retorts, you know, there's a big elections, weighty stuff, told us. There were times you felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders, or do you still feel that way like how you doing personally, and it has the same heat up
I mean a partly we. We all come out this for deeply personal reasons, and I feel, like I emanating position where you I was able to take a Europe of College and move out to Iowa TAT to fight for this, and I have a responsibility to leverage my privilege to provide opportunities for for people who groping in similar situations as man. You know the yet. No. I still feel as though I feel you know like the weight of the weight of the world. This is kind of on our shoulders and a lot of America's relying on us Bolivia is twenty years old Mitch. Psmith on the upper campaign is twenty four, their working seven days a week, and these are long days because what happened in Iowa could determine who wins the twenty twenty election? This marathon primary is turned into a spreads until February Third Caucasus and then, hopefully for all these campaigns. Beyond that, every time I talked with
field organizer, whether its Mitch or Olivia or the I ve met on the Harris campaign or mere peace campaigner Biden or any one else. I just keep feeling like. I want them all to wind, which I said did norm Sturgeon Bach, who is better work state director in Iowa yet and not a word at the end of the day. They all will yet because it's about where we end up next year, I mean one of these candidates is going to be our nominee in that candidate going to be stronger because they ve gone through all of this and then when all of these kids then go work for that candidate. In whatever state or whenever capacity it's gonna be an army of failure, amazing people. Next time we're gonna to join. That army will keep hanging these field, organizers, we'll get a better understood, of what it really takes to get islands to commit to a candidate and
about why I will going first might actually be a terrible idea. I'm Tommy these were the series is produced by cat errand production, help from Justine down inaugural a sharper? Joe levels are editor music and By hand his brown, the executive producers at pineapple streets, videos, Argento, Weiss, Berman and now linsky. Thanks to a shorts and Nancy Rosenbaum, the audio twenty sixteen cock, a simple county- I was his courtesy of c span- a special thank you to tiny, so Maneater, Sedgwick, Michael Martinez, Kyle. Second, Brian. Several key fancy in Jordan, silver from the crooked mediating tuning next week will be back, and I.
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