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Trump calls into his favorite program, Ronny Jackson withdraws, Mulvaney says the quiet part out loud, Kanye tweets, and Democrats find hope in a special election loss. Then Arizona Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema joins Jon and Dan to talk about her Senate race and her approach to politics. 

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Where I care and Louis talk about the newest passengers on the Trump train, Chanel TWAIN in Cotonou West. We'll get it out later, but first, the presidency, this morning, by calling into fox and friends and screaming incoherently into the phone for thirty minutes before the host cut him off to go to a cooking segment Dan, because were very, modern and fancy Harry Potter, America. We have a clip, they were going to play for everyone's enjoyment: is guilty of crimes and if we add a justice department that we're doing their job and said de. Mr president. Mr President, the republic in charge a republic getting what I entered this all the time, because, given the fact that they have which aren't going on with people in the Justice Department that shouldn't be there. They have a witch hunt against them, As you know, the United States going on I've taken the position.
And I don't have to take this position and maybe I'll change- that I will not be involved with the Justice Department, I will wait till this is over it's a total. It's all lies and it's a horrible thing. That's going on a horrible thing yet have accomplished with all that's going on more than any president in the first year, our history and everybody, even the admitted at so so a job at the beginning. There is referring to James CO me he threatened to obstruct justice on national television, which is not something that you do every day during that rant. He also admitted that Michael Cohen did represent him in the Stormy Daniels case. He threatened John tester for raising questions about Ronnie Jackson's qualifications. He bragged about his electoral vote. He yelled about the media and he hinted that he may not have gotten his wife, a birthday gift Dan. Your thoughts,
I would cite this as a historic moment in the history of foxes. Relays is the first piece of public service journalism, foxes No I accidentally did it by just allowing are unstable press to call in and talk nonstop fur. What felt like decade apparent how large a sit the half hour for the worse, to see how Donald Trump thanks, I would know, that, before you fill form for a retroactive Pulitzer for Steve do see they did try to encourage Donald Trump to obstruct justice. Is like why aren't you have shorting just as MR drunk the history such as this is an opportunity for you, but I have no regrets department hit you. You could have struck this justice, sir. It mean it It's. Why is while this man as our president? while there is a news network like this that exist-
in the world that the present would call in do I mean it is amazing. I mean it is really and this will be the thread that ties Canadian trumped together if these are two men who put their insight, thoughts on the outside yeah. I mean it one point they did ask him about content, because it was all over Fox. Basically, since the whole tweet storm yesterday and Trump said he says, talking about you know black, why meant and doing his usual reform that, and he said you people realize, if you go back in the civil war, it was the Republicans that really did the thing. I guess he was trying to say that Abraham Lincoln as a Republican was the president when slavery ended Just a little little history lesson for all. You buffs out there from Donald Trump, whose history above himself so yeah I mean it was it was his usual crazy. I think it's always interesting when
called then or he goes on television, or he does one of these press conferences because we're so used to his twitter voice, which is like all caps ranting. You know barely legible, not even sure it's an english half the time, but when he calls in and he usually yelling the whole time- and he wasn't yelling like an adversarial reporter here? These are his pals on Fox in France and he's just screaming the whole time like so angry, and it's like his thoughts, just move from one thing to another so quickly he covered so much ground and thirty minutes. None of it made me sense. It is sort of evidence. The twitter voice is true offsetting for skin ass. What for he whatever pops into his head. Many people appear more angry on Twitter than they are in real life. You're done equally angry. I hear you're not an angry person for those of you, women who pay for those of you have not met China's Ivan sort of us he's one of the least anger people I now I don't buy it now.
No you're, not yellow. Ah, you are not What are you are periodically? Let drop his aid. That is true authentically drop in. That's actually pretty scary, like it's, not your performance. Art on Twitter, to Rio, up the base or send a message to some wine or send a signal to his master propaganda network. It is just what he is actually thinking at the moment. In the things he is, thinking would be Scary, if it was your uncle pushing them on Facebook, let alone the prisoner states posting them on Twitter. There's no method to the madness. No one should ever think there is. There is no attempt to distract no attempt to do anything. It's just you know, stream of consciousness all day long. I do not want to spend too much time on this at all, because it is so deeply annoying, but
Let's talk about kind yea. After a long twitter, Hiatus, Kenya spent Wednesday declaring his love for Donald Trump. While noting that he doesn't necessarily agree with him on everything he posted a photo of him wearing assigned mega hat. He said that nothing changed in Chicago for the eight years. That Obama was President Kim Kardashian, jumped into defend and explain her husband chance. The wrapper inexplicably jumped into say the blackmail. Don't have to be Democrats course. We love chance here. Donald Trump replied very cool, too kind d Junior Nevada, gotten on the action fucking. A scare Muti who we learned from hold this whole thing texts with Conway tweeted, We are all one race, Kanye, the human race and the rest of us pinched ourselves, but didn't wake up, to help do they want
your thoughts. I know you ve always been of a fan of Kenya, as I am of his music, but I have always thought he sort of Jackass as Brac Obama. We are having to secure Brok Amato Kennedy as a bit of a jack s. I am a huge fan of candidates, I have seen kantian concert, maybe six times I have listened to all of us albums many many times I, well, most certainly by the two, problems, he has coming out from himself and the three albums that he produced that are coming out at the probably not coincidentally, at this returned to the spotlight. Cuddies music is beloved, but kind is not a beloved individual right. He is, and this is the one thing the chance wrapper said after this. After the treaty reference,
which was this is the same colleagues. This is the candidate who interrupted Taylor. Swift is the colleague who called who said the George, W Bush did like black people, and we have to accept in our culture two things, one that it is a ass. He did sometimes is Jack Ass, various things we may find appealing when he yielded George W Bush after Katrina, sometimes You may find it amusing, because it's on something more generic leg that Nike Adidas. Nigger Battle or his we're desire to meet with? second bird or very busy said Larry from Google, but There is also something broader, a bow. Just this, the fact that all of politics stops to talk about con yea and tromp and what they say and then the cable segments wash in reaction to it? The twitter storms locked in reaction to it? We became of this was something that was incredibly trivial because we have an obsession in our country with celebrity kind of like
happen in twenty. Sixteen, her, yes, exactly exactly an Michael comment, the president's fixer. Under federal investigation involved and a whole host of things yesterday indicated that he was gonna plead the fifth in the Stormy Daniels I'll bet is his constitutional right to do so. But it is he's worth anything that I a very intense news. Consumer did not know for hours because of Kenya and I don't know I don't have a solution to the problem of labour and our politics, or we should at least recognise what it is that we are always distracted by the shiny things and in twenty sixteen we as a culture got distracted by the shiny thing. That is Donald Trump and mists, very real things that affected are like our election in our policy. All of that we will be given
the style of the substance and its very it's like this is another object lesson that we have not as a cultural learned, a lot from twenty. Sixteen it and look now understand. Now that we run a quasi media company I now understand what media companies die and reporters and editors go through when they try to make decisions about what to talk about, because we sort of all had this debate here yesterday when we were riding up now letter were like. Do we put it at the top? Do we but it somewhere down the middle, like Weber ones. Think about it. But then, if we're talking about it, we're contributing to everyone talking about it as you and I are doing right now, so it's really hard to figure out how to cover these things and how to talk about it, because they do get so much attention and I would say that either is most journalists, and most political observers are wrestling with that question on
right, like this blanketed Fox news all day yesterday after happen, but it's interesting like all the mega trolls on Fox and Twitter were ecstatic that a black celebrity like Donald Trump, purely because they thought it would upset liberals. This is the if is all they cared about, they don't care at issues, Ankara policies, it's like just on the lips, so he can get more followers. He can book. More fox hits you can get your own fox show you can run for presidency can only lives more. This is like there. Whole. This is there reason for being on the right, and I do think that like if we set It is a culture where very vulnerable to celebrities are taking over. But you realize, like this republican Party, trumps Republican Party, they don't huh It is even like Paul Ryan and his obsession with tax cuts like he's, got something that makes them up in the morning with policy related. We all hated, but he's got it. The trumps republican Party, the one you
on Fox news and everything else. There are no issues, there are no believes. There are no ideology, is it's just like everything they do is to piss off liberal, rules and whatever they can do to do that and to troll people. They will proceed yet that's exactly right and I think we have a tendency. And I mean me and protect ourselves. You yellow you're like Why- is the media covering this and yet with them? but that is- and I done it many times so let this be part of my apology, tour Is it not the Media is for the media is often a reflection of the culture right. Their job is not to Fiji Spinach their job is to feed you things that you will read and listen to and be interested in. The hope is, be interested in serious things, and so, of course, I can recover I know, because we're interested in Kenya. This
as much the public's fallen, as is the media's fall with politicians. Faults fur talking about this treaty matter, we're all part of the problem here in its way, you can't this on a switch. We can turn off. I think for Democrats is the sort of understand where sometimes Spinach party, and how do we succeed in a culture that doesn't want Spinnet? How do you take what we care in our serious about. How do we make that interesting in a world that is fuelled by re and likes and clicks and I don't have the right answer to that, but it is if we do not get better at making our mission viral without sacrificing who we are and what we stand for work in a struggle and twenty twenty, because republicans are under Trump under Tromp like Paul Ryan. Initial are not good at this, but Trump has built an outrage machine and we have to build something that is not an outrage machine but succeeds in the same environment and
I use outrage yeah and I said this before, but I think on the right. One of the main drivers is is, you're in anger, and I don't think we should emulate. And the last. I think the way that we get people move, and get people organised and activated, is with both humor and inspiration, special inspiration and that sort of are antidote to their side. I note that we should make them. But you know it's also some errands like we do when the whole Oprah thing happened right ever as we don't, we can't have our own celebrity to their slippery. Will you know it is big fuckin difference between open when free and Donald Trump and Cotonou West, because she knows what the hell she's talking about his brilliant right. So it's not even, It is not just easy enough to say no celebrities anywhere, because I do think people who are widely nice to have a large following, could potentially be good leaders, but it has to do with
like our your values in the right place, do you know what you're talking about the of the base of knowledge and policy? Everything else to actually you know, articulate a coherent, inspiring message and I think that could come from someone who is just you know: who's gonna through public service, their whole life and has been elected official, and it can also come from someone who side of politics like an honest living Reza may specifically. That's gonna tell us who that person is, but it's actually what they say, what their messages and what they know right. As he's all right Donald Trump greatest flaws? Not that he's a celebrity, no the it it his greatest wall are the characteristics it originally made him a celebrity. It is, it is Dac: u Jack Ass re me everything you heard on Fox. It runs this morning, just listen about yeah. Those are his greatest. We as everything he said there. It's not like yeah ads, Maybe ideas, therefore, Democrats is not we need. Our own trumps, let's get the rocker Oprah nor, I don't know someone similar, but it's all,
though not if we have a celebrity it doesnt celebrities out. The problem is not the characteristic of a candidate. That is the problem cultures. Obsession with celebrity that Good Forest ex extends far beyond politics is a broader thing that we should be aware of and think about and look at, because it's not just the obsession with colonies, tweets so the obsession with the carnations or the real housewives or Vivian It's called as with everything that people's right, it's an obsession with the trivial and the sensational over the substantive you know, and what really matters to people's lives. I think that's what it is and celebrity can sometimes be a stand in for what's trivial nonsense No, but I think you what you said to it as that. The problem we have is that you know we need people to eat the vegetables, but people what the dessert pot America
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God, save America and get yourselves started. We should talk about doktor, Ronnie Jackson, who formerly withdrew his name for consideration to the Department of Veterans affairs. This morning this comes after Senate Democrats on the Veterans Affairs Committee released a list of allegations against action that included drinking on the job over prescribing medication in overseeing a hostile work. Invite meant so look at why people have tweeted us about this. Asking this question because way. Back in January, when Doktor Jackson gave that report on Donald Trump Health, because he's Donald Trump personal physician number of us in the Obama World said we know, Ronnie, he had been our doctor and a you know thought he was a great guy and a good doc. Later when he was first nominated for the Ba. I think pretty universally and Obama World, we said still like em
still think he was a good doctor. None of us think use qualified to lead the vizier. And then all these allegations command. People are like what did you guys see? Any of that when you were working with him and the truth is I hadn't? I mean like I, My experience with him was when I get to the White House Present, had a different doktor doc. Common and then doctrine. It was written in charge of being a doctor to thee senior staff and sort of helping White House, medical unit- so I was a patient of his and his great doctor took care of me. I have medical issues when I first got there and two thousand and nine two thousand and ten, and he took excellent care of me and then, when I was on foreign trips, seem on the plane, right with him in the Van said, Hoddan was always very polite, very nice. I never some drunk, never some drinking, but you know if, One of these allegations are coming out from people on the medical staff who worked with him and worked for him, and you can't discount those allegations. It's very possible
that, though allegations may be true, Even though a lot of us who dealt with him, you know have limited variances with him, except when he was our doktor, had different experiences. You know, so it is very possible that the allegations could be true. I just don't know here. That's right. I think like, as pointed out by many people that I tweeted something nice about Doktor Jackson back in January, Sankey was really good guy and a at an excellent accurate her care me and he wasn't. Exxon doktor took great care me as we talk about. I had serious issues he oversaw my care. I'm a credible grateful, that I saw him be true we kind individual to a lot of people. I am, I feel this runs pike ass before, but there was a friend of ours who was a White House staff, others whose father had a heart attack in Illinois and it was very serious and we were on a trip to Illinois if, right after that and dirt, is off time. Doktor, Jackson,
the hospital where our friends Father wise and met with the D. Dare to make sure that he was that our friends Father was getting the care that he needed now that has so far beyond the duties of the White House. Doktor was just being a good friend, and colleague, an person, and I always thought that was an incredible thing that this that doctor Jackson did for this person who was not above Doktor Jackson on the food chain. I wish him from someone that he spent time with, and I thought that was really that a lot that person to a lot of us? We were friends with him now, Always you said I can only speak to what I saw right S, I travelled with in some one that was my doctor and those experiences were always good now these other allegations are troubling and I think it's important to get to the bottom of em. If these things are true than appropriate, action should be taken
but we spoke to the experience that we had with Doktor Jackson and that may end up not being a full picture of his performances in that role, and so that mean that is obviously troubling you have it look. I think people understand Sometimes we missed this in politics like just like in real life, people are complicated and it is completely possible there. I could have been a good doctor to some people and very nice. Some people are very kind to some people also had all of these allegations be, or some of these allegations be true and have done some shitty things as well. Like that's just human nature but you're right, like we none of us who who worked with him in it is not just me and you and and Tommy. This is like a lesser worked with him really closely and really liked him alive and lot of our friends that we talk to so is really sad. The whole thing is very sad, but I am glad that he withdrew
name from this because no matter what we believed about him personally, he was never qualified to lead the vizier interruption of never nominated in the first place. Just should have happened. You know what you think trumped did this What what do they went wrong in this whole process? I think has no idea what the government does and what the what the job duties are people in the I think in trumps view like just think about the most simplistic way thing about this, the the aim is responsible from Other things providing health care to veterans doctor action as a doctor and a veteran He should be the headed right and he likes him and the problem with that is it just so much like this is a real metaphor for just how unfit Trump is for this job because he doesn't have the he me
in appointment to one of the most important, most complicated and largest departments in the government, without thinking about it just to his doctor right without any like real thought, or process without understanding the complications of confirmation process and what that would mean in cancer because it's not just are you qualified its? Are you all of us who is the most qualified person who can get confirmed right Anna? in this case, darted Jackson, film, on both elements like three minutes of due diligence. One phone before tweeting. He could have known this in the real victims. Here are the people? depend on the visa, because now this thing is shocking was a huge free one for all those reasons in Vienna. We obviously originally appointed him the Obama administration and unique
to get someone in a probably more than any other department. You want someone who was noncontroversial, who can a who as a bipartisan support, because these issues are now. Let me their debates will privatisation. Things like that. That should be here. In a big deal unimportant, but also there's a day to day management that needs to get done in fixing. So you need a good person in there are now that's gonna, be delayed for Lord knows how long, because tromp was utterly incapable of doing the most basic functions of his job, yeah. You know me like in a normal confirmation process, you go on a bunch of sea. You're staffers in the way of saying, like yeah, he's a nice guy, the good care me. Let's make him vs secretary, they would set down inserted into all these people who worked with him, many of whom have surfaced these allegations. They would have dug into the background Doug into the record and at some point a normal my house, Democrat or Republican, hopefully, would have looked at that record. What did some of these allegations and like oh shit? No, absolutely not. We might have had some good experiences with them, but other people who work there
have not does all these allegations. Let's not dominate this man, and that's it that simple, this white us didn't even do that basic work Emily. This would not solve this problem, but generally they do not even enter their nominees names into Google to find out why it s thing about them. They just nominate them because they were great trolls or they support there when the few people who supported Trump and they put them for and eventually many of them in a pat, either don't get, many of them have to quit because intricacies gates, in an hour, others dig into their backgrounds, turns out that the hay have posted on internet which is open to everyone. Racist me, or birth or conspiracies are all the above and a slight. Do the basics- rightly talking about Trump meeting in a historic summit with North Korea to discuss a generalization deal that affects the entire world.
Which is the most complicated higher high wire active diplomacy in our security confine. Yet he can't do the basics, the very basics- and that is it- is the mansion president, but he had a despite the fact that it gets prove it. We know what from twitter enough vocs in France, but just on the basic parts of the job. He's incapable of even letting his staff, who are some part of begin with, due very basic things, because he has no impulse control and it's not just Donald Trump. It's all the people he has ruined the government. I mean the real scandal here is: is not ride. Jackson, who thanks He pulled out it's all of the nominees who ve been confirmed: Betsy Divorce, knows, nothing about education, doing a horrible job Ben cars yesterday proposed raising the rent by a
four dollars a month on poor families, receiving housing assistance, Rex Tiller Syndrome, dozens of experience, career diplomats of the State Department is possibly the worst secretary of state in history. Scott private, testifying today deeply curve opt, probably committed crimes, MIC Fucking Mulvaney, the O the director, we not who basically put himself in charge of the consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so he could destroy it. Bunch of bankers and lobbyists that, when you congressmen, he would only meet with Baker and lobbyists who donated to his campaign. This is an actual quote if you're alive, is who never gave us money. I didn't talk to you. If you are lobbyists who gave us money, I might talk, you, then you had an all caps tweet on this one upon hearing this new idea those who know me may now that I may actually be equally angry in order not to her, but yes, he admitted to a crime. He,
fitted to exchanging government services for money- and I am equally did by his criminality and his stupidity It does show just how corrupt they are. The they no longer know what they're doing is corrupt to the point where they announce into a bunch of people in order We encourage these banks lobbyists to give, money to more Republicans, so they can get better policies for Wall Street. Each so we announced a previous in a future purified ski paper play pyramid scheme. It is made its mind boggling and just to do it horrible and look like, naive, the mere fact of money and lobbyists. There is a lot things in the grey area of corruption in Congress, and there is no question that people who give money get more access, but
Well Rhine offices by moral members of Congress? Try to avoid not just their parents with the actual duty of corruption by having distance between those things and during that. Giving money does not guarantee a meeting but and deny you one either ray, and these people don't care they, just do not give shook as they live in a consequence free zone. There is no penalty for these crimes because there are no checks and balances, because Paul Ryan has basically given these people are corruption card launched, whatever they want, and that is its mind boggling, that we have got into this point. It is mind boggling and again, we are talk about drawing a line from the corruption to how it affects people's lives. Mc Mulvaney, you know he bragged about taking all these donations from bankers and lobbyists and and talking to the ones who donated to him received sixty three thousand dollars from payday lenders. Pay lenders take advantage of low income middle income.
People who don't have anywhere else to go for alone and they charge them huge amounts of interest and they get them trapped in the cycle of debt. It's awful and the consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created. It existed to protect people from payday lenders and has been doing a fucking great job of doom now my mulvaney, who took all this money from payday lenders and had all these meetings with them and then brag about. It puts himself in charge of this agency that he's now trying to shut down so that it stops protecting people from petty lenders, so that stops protecting consumers from credit card companies to take advantage of them or who banks who charge them, overdraft fees or whatever Maybe it's outrageous. The good news yesterday by the way was curse. Angela brand is just crushing it with the policy proposals lately proposed the postal Banking ACT, which gives everyone access to basic banking services. Like checking savings, accounts, ATM machines and low interest loans. Right at their post office- and this could actually end the predator,
practices of the payday loan industry is a real, the great idea you have post offices in every single community in America and a lot of times people Rapid payday lenders, because they don't know where to go in there, not near a bank with an ATM everything else, and this would mean that people could go to their local post office and do their banking there, which is really a great idea. Another cool thing about this is apparently deliberate heard about this idea from Mercer Baronne on pod. Save the people this woman is an expert in banking. The professor and she's talking are a positive. The people with terrain the crew Jill brand was listening and now she's proposed this thing and you know, Democrats take over could become law, so there's goodness Dan, it's not just I'll bet. The Good NEWS in the in your efforts to make crooked media. The Fox news of the left is perfectly well
setting the agenda you're making policy super. Could you imagine that yeah? Can you imagine some unbidden, like I heard of this brilliant idea on Fox and friends, and now I've made a proposal? I guess that's what I'm with the wall, This is the wall camera I mean like you like. I made a joke about Fox friends left, which was a joke for all. People on Twitter is they don't have like that foxes that trying to lead us. Almost. I heard about this idea. Mp, are you bill? It gets ok, or I heard by this idea on the today, show my people with sixty minutes. You both think that was our fox is not a new network, and I was like The committee is a media company, not a news network in the traditional sense, but it host carnation issuing people. People get good ideas from that great and I think that's it's very interesting idea. If you want to learn more about it, but it is what I am appreciative of synergy Lebaron for is just pudding.
Interesting ideas out there that, whether she runs or not can be fodder for debate and twenty twenty, because we need to come out of the twenty one election, not just with a candidate who going inspire people turn out to vote against Trump. But also an agenda for the post Obama era quickly on the economy, but across the board. Right. What do we do now? What are the things that address that changing economy is changing culture? What's what comes after Obamacare? All of that and like we need interesting ideas, we can't just recycle the same ideas from guess lectures and so that to me this is interesting in that sense, yes, and I think, like technocratic changes to the tax code and tax incentives and tax credits in the usual laundry list of sort of incremental policies on the get cuts at this time, and I think it cuts it politically and I also don't think it is commensurate with the magnitude of the challenge that we are facing in the economy, especially for low income and middle income people. Let's talk about the Arizona special election on Tuesday.
Before we get accurate and cinema. The phone republicans want a special action in Arizona on Tuesday, and yet it might have been the best result. Yet for Democrats, democratic candidate her out to bring any loss to Republican Debbie less go by five points in a district attorney, one by more than twenty points in twenty. Sixteen, the cook political reports Dave why from an tweeted on Tuesday night, that there are a hundred and forty seven Republican held how seats that are in districts, less solidly republican than the Arizona, Eighth Dan. What's your take on the special what lessons can we learn from the results? While I like waiting more than losing, see clear about Gm Food, much prefer the doctrine to pronounce sea like it. A candidate who would have been a real, interesting voice to have in Congress and certainly better than Debbie. Let's go who pledge to quote make Amerika great again.
But if you are looking at this, not in the context of this individual action, but what it says about the electoral environment it all positive for Democrats, because there have been in Each of the previous specials of people pointed to we're Democrats of one. There have been any sort of extenuating circumstances that allow republic in To explain away why they lost so you Egg Virginia Virginia is estate dead, pillory one by more than Barack Obama. So its stated reasons that is anti trop, ripe, resist trumpets and prompt in winning the primary. They voted for market I believe there is no accounting for taste in that fact. You Alabama. Obviously worry more very. Has a unique set of challenges that are not replica. One other races, you as many eighteen, which even the
prompted very well and it had a long history of voting democratic. It actually has more Democrats and Republicans, even though they were very big for Tromp Conor. Lamb was by all accounts, is superb. Candidate. Rixey cone was, by all accounts a terrible candidates, so you can attributed to individual factory specifically that race. None of those factors were present here. Russia Arizona is a state that trumpeted well in. This was a district at where Republicans The outnumber democrats. This is a district ethic. Eighty thousand more public. As Democrats, this was that had early vote, which gave Republicans who, when you have an enthusiasm problem early vote, gives you a lot more time to turn. You Others out something I was mail, are the Alamo mailed to people fairly about to get any day? and require in excuse like in Pennsylvania. I believe it's amazing states and Debbie. Let's go by all accounts was a very good candidate.
Certainly a generic republican candidate didn't and in despite all of those things, it performed very well for Democrats relative to past performance, and so That is a sign that, if I were you give a lesson, I see the lesson is run hard everywhere, because if the environment is like, this Democrats have a chance to win races, we never thought we could race, because this is not a democratically shrinketh, I think, runs like a hundred forty seven districts. I think that are more.
Were cracked in this one yeah. That's so I mean also, I think it's the races they ran to Debbie. Less goes race was immediately set but make Amerika great again. She also talked about immigrants poring over the border. Nancy policy is like the new playbook now for a publicans and are really knew but and doktor Tyburn any talked about health care and the tax cuts, and how the tax cut, put health care in jeopardy and put Medicare in jeopardy and puts our security in jeopardy, and most voters are turning out all these elections and the number one issue their talk. There said that brought them to the polls is Healthcare and Democrats ring on healthcare, and it remains true that the republican attempt to repeal the affordable care act might be the greater political mistake they ve made in the Trump error. I did the second biggest political mistake they ve made is this tax cuts which they thought they were gonna, be able to run on, and now none of them are running on it. None of them are spending money on their ads on the tax got. None of them are talking about that. Much only polarize talking about it as he goes back to him. Tat was content because they know it's not popular and neither is health. Europe's
and Democrats should run on those two things all the way to November. We should also note that Democrats lift their fortieth state legislative see in New York on Tuesday night as well. So that's pretty good news now. What do we think about sort of the details sees role? or lack thereof in the Arizona, eighth friend of the pot Howdy Barkan tweeted some frustration with the DE trip after the last this week. He said he was disappointed that they didn't invest more in the special action according to politico, that triple seed and spend any money on tv ads in the race the day see, however, did put some money into fund raising and get out the vote efforts there, which has great so is their validity. This criticism should the Dietrich receive gun involved on one hand. Obviously you it's been money everywhere. This there's a limited amount of money. On the other hand, you know it was a five point, loss and district at one, trump one by twenty, and you wonder a little more money invested in the race could have got tyburn any over the edge there
I mean I ve spent a lot of time in Arizona, and so he knows more about was happy on the ground. There then certainly I do but I would say that in every special action I've ever seen in my ears, politics, like thee, Allison afterwards is goes too If you spend money and lose, why did you all that money down the toilet right, which is a big discussion around Georgia sex. What a waste of money we spend Democrats, many millions of dollars and lost this race and then, if you can close and don't spend that is like. Why didn't you spend the money This I dont know enough to know. They're gonna have to make budgetary decisions about how to spend money.
And it is true. If money is not AIDS, I completely zero somebody, it's kind of zero sum, and if I spent a million dollars here that may be a million dollars, they don't have to spend in another one of these races that may model out to perform better than Democrats. But what s great about the enthusiasm Democrats were now. Is we don't have to depend on the Dietrich Elsie right, yeah The swing laughed you wakened contributes to pick the races you want to invest in and invest in them there is a huge democratic candidates are out, raising Republicans up and down the ballot everywhere. Lower fuel, largely by the enthusiasm of small dollar, first and Republicans the republican Party substance, raising more money from corporate lobbyists in corporate tax at benefited from the tax cat who are trying to maintain the status quo in Washington, so the data see does not determine which races get money.
Do writer, which raises get energy or field or volunteers, and so- and I say, we'd many not present market, but we the progressives around the country. And so we can debate this river leg. I don't another new cycle of trapping on a democratic party institution is good. I saw problems. Question is, if you see a candid you, like you, see erase it, you think he's gonna win. We, the you're interested in contribute enclosure phronsie contribute. Do it through swing, I do it through act, whatever the mechanism is in this, world voters have as much, if not more agency, the prettiest than the party institutions. Yet no, that's that's been my hope about the digital seem to like. We can complain about it all day, but when you see the Digital see something that annoys you,
figure out a way to go around it or supplant them or contribute somewhere else, or you know help the candidate when in some other way, that's that's the most constructive than did it, and I think that's that's happening all over the country and differences it like did usually see, has done some things I can tell is that we were annoyed by, but they also done really good thanks to they ve done a really good job, recruiting candidates all up and down the ballad me all across the country and like we have maybe more new, like per our previous, getting a more nuanced view of our party institutions, yeah right, like people here, scream about the Dnc all the time. Many of that criticism is based on things that Dnc did under previous leadership in a different elections and then I can do anything. You agree with that. They are going to do in port and good things and you can decide whether to give to them or not, but I know is like cool and hip now to crap on all democratic protestations it when they do wrong things. Column on a bit recognise that were on the same team here and they do good things. That's applaud them for that too, and
the witches? I don't want to like to create the cycle of recrimination over and over again with the disenchant feel for their work at a party when there are good things happen out there that perfect, but there are good things happening: new age of Twitter, Jon, Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer. That's what we're looking for Ok, we have Congresswoman Cinema on the line, so we will get her on the phone. And we'll be right back what they has brought by blue apron. Blue apron, guys, blueprints, with air being be to bring you the best home cooking from around the world has money. I don't know what that's gonna mean hell yeah, it's right here in the at each read through May twenty first them. He will feature a recipe developed in collaboration with an air being be experiences host like ceased. A shift from Shanghai who makes incredible compound chicken, a beloved, sticky, saucy mix of crispy branch again and vegetables. Other cool meals included,
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me you gotta bagel sandwich I'll, tell ya. I came away with it thing into myself. We gotta get trader Johannes into this office. Has it was as get so much better than the other kinds of Hamas? Everything university really well many desserts, but anyway use the catch up put in pod save that five dollars for you. That's five dollars to moms demand action. Thousands of dollars of gaunt minds demand action. Thanks to all of you downloading the cash up for those of you who didn't down that the cap. We won't be thanking you for your donation, because you haven't done they're gonna tell you shit yeah was, I gave It was one dollar for homeless Authority continue Thomas for me, and then I send two dollars. How long will it go for homeless, Burnett and Anamooka the cash on the plug today we're very lucky to have a Senate candidate from His congresswoman Kherson Cinema Congresswoman come to the pod, save America. It is great to be here. And also I just want to say, you're, one of like ten percent a p.
Who gets my name right? So. Thank you. Oh is awesome. Ok well retry heart, so I want to start by telling about two is special election in Arizona, eighth Republican Demi, less one was a conservative district by this. Margin that Joe our Pio did in the, section where he lost Maricopa County by thirteen points and all this was after. Democrat her I'll tyburn any ran is a pretty liberal, pretty progressive candidate in that district. What lessons did you take from that race? Is you try to become the first Democrat to win statewide in more than a decade? in Arizona at will. First, I think what that election proved as that voters are tired of the chaos and dysfunction in Washington right there. Just looking for leaders who will put aside the person, politics and just get stuff done, and in this case in particular, voters want to support candidates who focus on the things they care about, standing for veterans, making healthcare more affordable.
Protecting Medicare, so security fighting for Arizona jobs, the stuff it everyday Arizona care about, and this grass roots movement AIDS we saw mobilise in the West Valley is absolute critical to continuing to build our momentum towards November, some very excited about it, Congresswoman Reno, You're out there talking to voters would a bigger role is Trump in your race right We feel that he overhangs everything and our culture by do here like Voters asking you about him, or is it part of the context of your Rhine, the sort of a check and balance against and it sort of different, because the senator who seat you replacing is someone who was not a complete, best. If you will submit curious like how that's playing you know, I can t I am so lucky I get home every weekend to the greatest state, Arizona, beautiful and amazed,
and I listen to voters and talk with folks around the state every single weekend, and that is not what comes up. What folks are talk to me. Number one, first and foremost is health care, so Eric things are really really worried about healthcare because their insurance premiums have increased thee. Copies, are really expensive. They can't get good coverage the worried about what it's gonna look like next year and they're scared them, They in their family or just you know, one accident away from from financial and distress, and so that's what folks are coming on to talk to me about it I tough oaks that when I met him in Arizona on the campaign trail, the areas Instead, I interact with every single day are just worried about like getting gas in the car get in their kids school Pain, the mortgage like there really focused on getting through their lives, which can be complex, and
and so they are worried about the date the issues. What they're not worried about is you know the chaos in dysfunction of Washington. They dislike it, they're sick of it. They find it. Distracting but also kind of petty and and what they really are focused on, is, is taken care of their own lives and making sure kids get to school. There went their kids to go to college particular if they didn't get to. Those are the kinds of things at their worried about every day. What do you think we should do to fix or improve upon the affordable, correct lot of Democrats in the Senate, Heaven forced Bernie Sanders Medicare for all plan. A number of other senators have come out for some sort of men care by an option or public option. What are some of your policy ideas for shoring up the affordable care act and improving it was you guys, probably now, I'm very, very practical person. So what I'm interested in is like what's the problem,
I can solve right now and who can I work with to get this done, and so one thing I'm pretty as the work. I've been able to do in the last six years serving and even a really chaotic and dysfunctional. U S Congress of actually choose. Drink. Some of those provisions of the law, to make it work better for Arizona and so one thing we fixed wise, the group definition of how many employees a company has to have before they had to change their insurance and we change that from fifty to a hundred, a big deal in Arizona cause. Ninety four percent of our businesses are small businesses, just mom and pop shops, doing their best to train take care of their business and their employees. So weeping working on provisions to try and make it easier for small businesses to take care of their employees and provide them with good coverage. You know we got a delay to the health insurance tax and that was a big deal, because the health insurance tax gets pass directly on to employees and it was gonna be over for him.
Dollars a year per family in these small businesses that folks would have to pay just to keep their existing coverage so that their lot. Of smaller things that need to be addressed and tweaked within the law to make it work, there's some words that are really wonderful, that we ve gotta protect and that in Arizona would like medicate expansion, I'm in Arizona we called the pro, access, and it is a very efficient program that works really well and provides great coverage for Thou hundreds of thousands of Arizona US and our kids care programme, which is the federal chip Programme, provides great coverage at a sliding fee scale. For every day, families to make sure their kids have health coverage. So we want to protect those important programmes, but we do need to go in and fix the parts of the law that aren't working very well and in an extreme, isn't working very well in Arizona, it's really expensive and premiums cost a lot of people aren't getting good coverage. So my opinion is that we should get everyone
gathering in Rome and maybe but down some of the partisan talking points and maybe get rid of some the rigid ideology and just have a conversation about how to deliver more affordable quality care. From more Arizona INS and then Americans, of course, and when you say it That sounds so reasonable. Right reasonable, as that is. It is a rare thing. These days, just clear on this, though, in the course of that conversation, are you open to something that looks like Medicare for all or Medicare by an or is it simply improve, of the current system works really focused on is figuring out. What are the practical solutions? We can act right now that make a difference in the lives of Arizona ends. So, in the short term in particular, I'm concerned about what's coming this fall, so you guys? probably know this, but I'm not sure you know two million listeners know all these details, but one things that I'm really concerned about as part of the taxpayer. That Republicans Asked back in December was that it increases
Is it so much that is going to create mandatory cuts to Medicare and that's coming? This fall and the other thing that the the tax bill, Ed ways change some of the aspects of existing health care law that will result in increased health insurance premiums. That's coming in October of this year. And I'm betting. A lot of Americans dont know that those two things are coming. It's really concerning dad. You know fall out from this tax bill is that it's gonna make health, torrents even more expensive for Americans and that an example of the kind of thing I want to fix right now, because it is going to hurt people soon and it's our job to try and fix it immediately. So you ve had a sort of fascinating political history. You said, It is a green party supporter of Ralph Nadir. His latest twenty, eleven and Arizona paper named you best local left.
Icon. And then you joined the centrist blue dog coalition. In Congress, you talked about being a pragmatist really willing to work with people to get things done, and you know you be voted with Donald Trump. More than that and other Democrats talk about the political journey. You ve made over the years and specifically where you agree and disagree with trumpet the Republican Party share. So you know You guys probably know little about my history, I'm a little different than most people in politics. So I came in serving in public office from a very different road than most people? You know I. I grew up really very poor was homeless for about three years. At my hung and live for a time in this whole debate, and gas station, so I live for Part of my childhood without running water without Electricity- and sometimes you know my family- Didn'T- have enough food to eat. So we really struggled to make it and- and I was very, very fortunate because
my shot at the american dream. So thanks to a programme for since I got to go to college and get that seem shot, I'm to get into the middle class as many of my peers and so one When I graduated from college, I became a social worker The reason I chose to become a social workers, because I wanted to help kids in families that had fate situations like I face when I was a kid, and I want to make sure that we kept open those pass of opportunity to get that shortly. Organ dangerous, like I had gotten and what I found over the years as I was working as a social worker in the Phoenix Community, was that the legislative system just wasn't designed to help folks right. So is it was kind of confusing, and it was, there and people didn't really engaging and so things what happened people instead of them being involved in it. So I started get involved in politics and you know, engaged
in in activism, I went down to the legislature to try and talk to them about cuts to education that they are making in the in the late nineties and the two thousand, and that really what I learned there was that I needed to go. Do this job and for me, It's really about paying back my dad to my country and making sure that I'm giving back to the country. That's given so much to me ensuring that I'm paying at Ford that make sure that other kids and kitten and their kids have that same opportunity in that same shot. The american dream that I did so nicely: the state legislature, I represented liberal district in central Phaeax and when I ran for Congress. As you guys now, I ran for a district that had been newly created in two thousand eleven, and this district had a slightly republican advantage, so it was almost evenly divided between demo That's independence and Republicans, but slightly more republicans than many other groups, and so I thought you wanted you're really good job in serving in Congress and being
representatives of the people, and so I spent a lot of time learning and listening to the constituents of the night Congress district, and when I was elected, I pledged that I would do my best to represent their values. And to make sure that I was an honest broker for what they cared about, and I think I've done that well in the last six yours and in Arizona and have worked hard to reach out not just to members of my own party but members of the the other political party Republicans, but also to Arizona independence, who actually make up the largest group of registered voters to make sure that they all fell that, even if we do not agree on all political opinions, I want them all to feel that I am their representative and they can trust me and I shared our values, and I believe that if we had more people who came to Congress and came to the Senate. With that perspective, we'd get a whole lot more done and weed
we see a lot more, not just comity, by productivity out of Washington instead of the ridiculous chaos and dysfunction. We see today, parliament, I want to ask you about doc. I know this addition. You ve worked on a long time What would you say to woman aid? You any status updates on efforts to solve the problem, a decidedly but watch your mouth. It's too dreamers in Arizona who are, despite recent court rulings living in fear of deportation well number one Arizona. Dreamers are incredible: they gradually from our schools. They are contributing to our economy. In less than an hour military. These, young men and women are citizens and everything, except for paperwork and deserve to become city the only country they ve ever known and to which they contribute so much, and it so frustrating that right now there in use as political pines in this political climate, and it's just it's so upsetting I don't, if you guys know, but I will I actually, when I first got elected, to conquer
January, twenty thirteen I when I was kind of setting up my office, one of the first by hired was a young woman named Erika Andy Allah? An error It is a co founder of the National Dreamer coalition and has done hated her life to passing the dream act. Am I was one the first members of Congress to hire dreamer was right after Dhaka had gone into effect. She just got her dhaka card and I said Erika come work for me because we're gonna get in reaching reform done this year. That was twenty thirteen. I now I was like it was cute, And so she came to work in my office and I even astrid a move to Washington for several months and her job A team was too literally one up and down the halls of Congress and teach other members of Congress Republican and Democrat what it meant to get the dream pass and what it would mean not just to her but to the literary. Thousands and thousands of young people just like her all across the country. And, as you know, the Senate, past
by partisan piece of legislation in August of thirteen and then speaker of the House, John Baynard did nothing didn't. Even us allows to have a hearing and As we know, immigration reform died and I'll. Tell you this guy's, nothing has changed. Our current speaker of the house is unwilling to bring any bill. The floor to settle the status of our dreamers and I've been to Co. Sponsor the dream accents my first, you know you're in Congress, and we have to have a new bill that we introduced. Recently called the USA Act. It's a bipartisan bill that both does investment in border security. So you know drones and cameras and boots on the ground. Not the wall If that doesn't work, but it does
You know the smart port security that stops the guys who are run in the drugs and running the guns across the border and creates a long term path to citizenship for dreamers and protects them, and we ve got the votes. If that bill were put on the floor of the house today, it would pass. We have the votes to pass it. What we don't have a support from speak around it Donna for he won't do it, and you know it's yours, so frustrating because they're using this is a political game and they're, not working in the best interest of Arizona and, frankly, discussion get out of the way and let us let us get this done. So it's you're someone who's, you know a lot of political life, you ve, had very progressive views, but we are also trying to respect the views of your constituents. It's that may be more moderate in trying to get things done in Congress with people whom be more moderate as well. How do you sort of balance pragmatism trying to get things done by parts with trying to persuade both your consent
once and the Republicans that you're working within Congress to sort of move in a more progressive direction to try to actually get some things done on the economy to give people who grew up like you did that chance to succeed, to make sure that dreamers can you now live in this country safely? That's actually ray. I really am so grateful that questions of great question, because I The answer boils down to the way you do this and it is absolutely one a percent about relationships right. When I was a social worker, I was successful in helping the clients that I served, because I focused on building relationships that were based on trust, so Oh, I wanted my clients and the kids. I was serving to trust me and I wanted to trust them and when you have it, patients should built on trust, then you can identify. Your common ground and your common values and the Rio, you guys that as Americans we must. We all share the same core values. We just talk about them different
and they manifest differently based on different political persuasion. But we share these values of like freedom right wing. Here these values of opportunity? This idea that everyone should get a shot at the american dream, and we should the values of security right. Both personal security making sure retain cover country but taken care of our community as well. So we here those core values and its hard to see that it's hard to feel that when you dont know another person and you dont have a relationship of friendship, and so I am a firm believer that you start this process by investing the time in building authentic, meaningful relationships? And so people sometimes will be like well kherson. You ve got friends who are some who were on the you know, I'm good friends with better work right whose very progressive, but am also friends, a tray gouty right. Who is was a conservative, republican and people be like
How is that, and the truth is that people are good. I think people are good and the they behave. A way that is in line with their own life experiences, and so, when you invest the time to build these trust based relationships and authentic friendships with me oh one. You have a better understanding of why they believe what they believe and whether coming from and too- and this is critically important- it teaches you how to communicate in a way that the listener can understand you right. So when I am talking with someone who's more conservative about a bill that I'm working on that I'd like them to support, I want to make sure using language and and talking in a way that they can hear me and understand me: hey mister. When I'm talking to some of the laughter, someone is in the middle- and I know you're not going here- lots of people in a political pod past save tat, but it mean this is really core social work. Here, it's about
learning to understand people on value them for who they are and then utilise those trust based relationships to go to new places together because when you trust someone you're willing to think about new ideas and you're willing to try something new or or look at something from a different perspective. So For instance, we are talking about snap right, it's food stamps I can tell my own life experience of being a kid who was on snap for a time where You know, after my dad laughed and my mom had three little kids in a high school education right, so that story that experience helps other people think gosh wow. You know. Maybe there are some good kids who are just down our luck and had a rough time that needs and help for a bed and that helps change people's perspective and I got to say guys that thing. Those relationships- it's not only has helped me change other people's opinions
but it's allowed me to grow and change my own opinions over time and that something I'm she really proud of that I'm learning and growing all the time and and presented with new information rather than rejecting it. I'm interested in understanding it and it might actually change my opinion, our perspective, and I of course think that that's the sign of growth in- and I think it's great- but you know that's not superbly, we popular these days. It's very unusual for politics today will say that, but it is it is. It is certainly a good notion, cars woman, you. So much for joining us spend more time with us and best of luck to you, on the campaign for a while. I really apply She D guys. I won, thanks for letting me come on your podcast today. I'm really, excited to have this opportunity to meet you. I do want to ask if folks were They would be willing to learn. We're about our Senate campaign and help us because we ve got. We got an uphill
It is a result. After all, that is simple, but momentum on our side and, as you guys have seen, the recent polling is looking Fantastic Arizona and are supportive of our campaign, but I'm gonna need help from we are on the countryside. Invite people to go to my site and check it out its first in cinema dot com, but my name's really hard to spell, and it's kind of a weird name. It's k: why are as to e n S eye, And if so, like the movies mass com, and I love it if people who are less today with would go online and learn a little bit about me and similar it'll help our way because we're gonna need a lot of help too November, yes ever, go check it out and I we were in Phoenix a couple months- do in a show. I know you're out of town, because otherwise we would have had you on, but the
energy was inspiring out there, there's a lot of excited Democrats and a lot of excited independence to on the ground in Arizona that want to flip that state. So, oh in Somalia, republican Antipater Republican settled there there are that yet we sought, we saw a few republicans at the shelter. Ok, well, good luck out there! Everyone check it out Pearson Cinema! Thank you for joining us thanks. So much Geiss take care have a great day. You too,. Thanks to Congresswoman Cinema for joining us today and will see an ex we back the fox in France by everyone.
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