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Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, Kamala Harris is sworn in as the 49th Vice President, former game show host Donald Trump retires to Florida, and the new administration immediately gets to work.

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However, today is the first pod turbines present then I'm gonna talk all about the history made in yesterday's inauguration ceremony. Talk about the events, the speeches break it all down and then talk about the risk of days first couple weeks of Joe binds presidency and what he is trying to achieve before we start check out our other crooked content this week. and positive the world Tommy and been talk about eurobonds, foreign policy agenda on a list. Astronomical. Let's break it down Youtube Series over Youtube: dotcom such crooked media. She and Dan talk about what it takes to plan and inaugural sucker check that up and took out the very first episode of Rubicon season, to which lunch tomorrow. Friday Brien boiler will walk you through the decisions that will shape the first hundred days of the binding. Illustration subscribed to season two of Rubicon. Wherever you get your pod casts,
Let's get to the news on. Wednesday just before noon Joseph Raw. At Biden, Junior was sworn in as the forty sixth president of the United States Commodore Harris was sworn in as the forty ninth vice president of the United States. although the ceremony began under cloudless skies and even a few snowflakes by the time by an approach, the podium, the sun was out and former President Donald Trump was nowhere to be seen day, We have waited for and hoped for and worked for this day for the last four years. How does it feel to see Joe Biden replace Donald Trump as president good it felt good. I very eloquent I I
You like, I had so much joy on the day that the election copper, Joe Biden on that Saturday, my family. I two Oakland's couple Harrison's hometown and we drove around and we saw the people. It is just this incredible communal joint I was so happy then threw out the post election period. I was never really worried the job. I the trumpet somehow going to stay the election from job I did so with in some ways I kind of went into yesterday. Thank you like this is so money a moment and like what it? What are you gonna do first thing about it, but it was. Way more emotional, I thought it would be right, I sort of started to get that feeling during his farewell speech in Delaware the day before, but watching beautiful watching the whole thing just for this moment of amidst everything that's happening.
Right down or thing has happened over the last four years. This moment that felt, like normalcy, joyous normalcy around a president who wants to do the job who wants to be a leader for all american standing up there in giving a speech that was not crazy not trying to divide American. It wishes. There was so much of it that we just such a happy happy day that is so seated by its radiations in can every way for the quality of execution equality. The speech and my own personal emotional reaction to it was was much greater than anticipated. A lot of different emotions I felt like those of us who were watching had survived a crash landing because of particular because of the law.
last several weeks, the insurrection like you, I had did not have much concerned that Donald Trump would successfully steal the election from Joe Biden. I didn't have like that sense of alarm ism. My alarm ism- and I know you had this too- was that by continuing to tell that lie about the election that he would stir up his supporters and sure enough. That is the. That is the threat that we had to. is so there there was a sense of relief that we have been basically that America has been given another chance. Democracy has been given another chance, but then that sort of morphed into joy and and hope and you know what I said on Mondays POD when I was talking about this was Jonah Tommy, that Donald Trump should have gone to this inauguration, because I think it would have sent a message that he did believe in the transfer power. He did believe the Joe Biden won the election, but ass. I watched the day unfold,
I was really happy, he wasn't there. I was really- and I was really happy- that his Fuckin twitter account was shut down so that we don't have to hear from because I think if he had been there, it would have made it a very different day and the commentary, but the data analysis about the day would have all been about Trump and trumps reactions in what he said and how in how he was looking in his expression than all that bullshit effected. He wasn't there really for me sort of completed the turning of the page from one area to another, and it was its also is hard to believe at times, like one that night last night, when we like, I was present for the pie. winter. I wanted to see the press release for all the executive orders that that Biden signs. I went to White House. Gov and you seeing on weight, has stuck up Joe Biden Picture, for it was like a small thing, but I like oh it's real he's. There actually happened, there's no more trump,
but Joe Biden is our president and unlike seen pictures of Joe and the oval office, which, of course, you ve been in your life as before, but not sitting behind the resolute desk signing give orders seeing JANET the briefing generosity, the White House Press secretary, to give the briefing like all these little things. It was almost hard to believe that it was really happening because, is not just because these four years have been so long, but also these two months since the action election have felt so long? Because if we had to go through an insurrection. I sort of a slightly different view of that which was it when I saw JANET the briefing Dubai in the oval office, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, why into the White House run played in the White House. It wasn't that I can believe it's actually happening. There was sort of like, we, the last four years have. If I did I wake up. It was January twenty first, two thousand and seventeen, and just
People are responsible in the White House were in the White House to your point about job not being there. That is, tromp skipping the inauguration skipping us having to get full. I and cable commentary about his expressions and who we shook hands wealth and the awkwardness of the limo ride, with Biden or the tea between Romania and the first lady that was signed, being all of that which is one gift to America over four years of completion. not so much better than he had no one vote. Everyone was glad he wasn't there There was no wire, like I agreed with you, pay for themselves, the theoretical symbolism of him being. there, but when you actually solid happen having Amsterdam was wrapped in a rage, is is that so much was so much more powerful.
I was. I was also just deeply happy for Joe Biden who wanted this his entire life, since he was one of the youngest senators ever elected to the Senate to twenty nine years old he has endured, as people have talked about many times now,
tragedy loss, but also he has lost many presidential elections. He has dealt with any everything you can imagine. Someone can deal with both personal tragedy, professional disappointment and he just kept going and his the fact that his like enduring faith and optimism was finally rewarded at this moment after this long career. After very you know it just it made me really really happy for him and, of course, its bittersweet, because innocent people who love most in his life couldn't be there because he lost them too early. But
he, I was just. I was really happy for him. It was really happy for Cobbler Harris too. She was just like beaming every time you are over the last over last day and an for both of their families as well. So it was just. It was a rare happy moment for America right now, which we don't get to have very often. I was thinking a lot about Joe Biden over the last couple days here and of like what meant for him. Personally anyhow, he ran in eighteen, eighty, eight and very well of one that nomination he decided not to, in eighteen. Ninety two for health reasons he ran in two thousand and eight
he almost ran in two thousand and sixteen, but couldn't because of bow in his cancer and that by Q p wine in the what was the right moment for him. This was the moment that America needed job. I and I think, in this happens with every candidate who becomes president. It is difficult to see that can to date as president, almost until it happens, and then some of them grow into the job and some of them do not. It was hard for. I think if anyone is there any who was recently now to run into the job. No, I was going to say I think it was hard for all of us as much as we believed in Barack Obama and Love Barack Obama, love working for him and bleeding that campaign. I am, I I can't believe Brok above is going to be president. I remember all of us in the first week of the White House when Bravo invited us all into the oval office, all the present communication staffers and we're all
underground the oval like what are we all doing here, including him you're, so Dick take some time to grow in that, of course, some people, like our former last former President Donald Trump, just never grow into the job, but Joe Biden like we would have to pretend he was a fantastic candidate, his entire life when he ran and other campaigns. I think in this campaign he became a much better candidate. He became much more discipline. He I think sense, the weight of the moment and the responsibilities that would come with the job and when I saw him up there delivering that inaugural address, which will talk about in a bit. It is done in like he really is the right man for the moment, and it's not just because the moment found him, but because he worked to make himself the right person for the moment like I think he he improved himself as a candidate and ultimately as a president or prepared himself to be a president over these over this last year, which was impressive so
We have promised to quit talking about Trump, but of course it is hard to go cold turkey. So I do just want to get your reaction to his, very small, send off ceremony, which I am happy to have slept through yesterday morning, You can tell me when I woke up like six o clock six. Thirty. There was like an hour of texts on my phone. You guys are both up at five where was going on there, but the what the washing posed described. The event is having quote more of us feel of County, fairer than a big budget extra, have a kid. I just like the fact that he wasn't it the inaugural. So now we can sort of cordon off this moment from the beginning of the day as the Trump moment and then forget about it. Here's a look taste of what it sounded like the event, including trumps, very last remarks as president goodbye
we love you. We will be back in some form, so have a good life. We will see you soon. What's the silence, as this report takes off the term family leave Washington power. Yeah. My Donald Trump taking off to my way. the CNN panel laughs in the background. After telling everyone who come back in some form and to have a nice life to me is perfect.
I could not have scripted it any better. That's it look. John The way we're supposed to understand Donald Trump, as is a tv man, he is Whose roof sayings is a showman decisions, Jove and he's really a tv producer more than a president, and you have to think about it in their weight. In this way it was the perfect ending to this sad terrible story. It wishes he didn't. We have these hopes throughout election, when Joe Biden was willing, these very faint polls that had em up ten points nationally and fifteen points in Wisconsin or whatever else that done its job. What fate would get this gigantic national humiliation, and that did not happen, because poles were wrong and our electoral system We fucked up any, even though we lost the parliamentary assembly, that's it was very, very close, and but in the end he got that humiliation. Who is He was, he is he he shrank with each passing day. He is
you left is a very small small man, which is what he is, but I think more of the country than ever before has now seize him like that, and, of course it is the world, so that is that is fitting. He did. He do give his remarks right after pardoning seventy three people, one last flurry of pardons, including Steve, Bannon and Lil Wayne. Of course he did not try to pardon himself anyone in his family or Rudy any Surprise you any this last minute, pardon stuff You asked me right after the election would Donald Trump part every member in his family and himself of course, but this is the consequence of what happened at the capital, because there is a according to refer. from CNN and others. There is a big meeting with his legal advisers over the weekend about part the strategy and they kept telling him that if you push the envelope on these, pardons. You are more likely to be convicted in the Senate and face all the consequences.
but that's so there was this light. Sword of Damocles came over the summer. He still. in a normal world, these pardons are fucking insane they're. Just randomly corrupt people, their friends and political advisers, and we just leaving this white Paper and Steve Bannon who is a Wall Street connected. Supremacist crime was built, trump supporters over building a fake while to stop a fake immigration was it that is actually love again perfect. The other is made the writers room for season. For, like that, I get a normal world. These would be massively controversial points or does not is terrible as they could have been and he's gone in. everything sort of interested, because its trump has pardoned some Democrats in his for years. But the common theme to a lot of these pardons is that the person was deeply corrupt. He loves pardoning
erupt politicians, democrat or Republican he's by partisan. But you are a swampy politician who is committed some white, or crime, or stolen, some money from people or built the taxpayers in some way you ve got friend and Donald Trump like it. I just don't know how much clearer of a message he consistent with these Barton, unbelievable. Back to the migration enough. Donald Trump like everything else in our lives over the last year, the events of the integration were quite different, not only because of arranging pandemic, but because of the maggots terrorist attack carried out against the actual site of the inauguration Just two weeks earlier, instead of the million plus people who usually watch from the National mall by, installed on two hundred thousand american flag represent people who can attend in person and then lit up the flags with fifty six pillars of light at night in honour of the. U S: states in terror,
lorries on the night before the inauguration. The president, the vice president and their families also held First National memorial service for covered at the Lincoln, reflecting pool for the four hundred thousand Americans who died here is a clip of Vice President Harris's remarks for many months. We have grieved by ourselves tonight we grieve and begin. Healing together, though we may be physically separated. We, the american people, are united in Spirit. And my abiding hope, my abiding prayer is that we emerge from this ordeal
they knew wisdom to cherish simple moments, to imagine new possibilities and to open our hearts. Just a little bit more, to one another. So there is also a: U references earlier, a very emotional speech from buying, as he left his home state of Delaware. There was, after the inaugural ceremony, a reflagging at Arlington Cemetery with the Obama's and the bushes. There is a virtual celebration on Wednesday night instead of the traditional inaugural balls, what message to using the Biden team is trying to convey with the inauguration events and how well did they execute on it? I was blown away by what they pulled off this integration.
I do not have the creative imagination to think about how you would pull this off because inauguration and history of almost always been symbolizing defined by the crowds. They gather. You think about the millions who solve Obama. The people who in eighteen sixty came to see J F K and it's always either it's why Donald then Sean's mice are had such a connection, fed over their small crowd size in two thousand and seventeen, and so we re sort of thing king about this inauguration was like? How is this going to work without the crowd? How are you gonna be able to replicate the majesty in the sort of historical moments here, and they did it incredible job and from a message perspective, it was the unity and a return to normal, see it in a very abnormal time, and I thought they out. I was going to say I have a problem with the return to normal, see message because of what you just mentioned,
The end there, because in a normal time like I dont, see what at and I know that bind him has been trying to push this as well. But I don't see any of this is a return to normal sea, because now, thing about how we're living right now is normal, like we're in our homes, there's Re Japan, but what we think is it's interesting like. I think it's a return to reality, because that the beat the the person who is trying to pretend that everything was normal for the last four years was Donald drop like think about the republican convention. You know like they have crowds of people outside the White House as Super spreader event and fired go on forever to celebrate and all the time and Donald Trump pretended the pandemic wasn't there and what the Biden folks and what they did around this inauguration is like yeah have a memorial service because we just lost four hundred thousand Americans and were still losing them every single day. So we match that reality with a sigh burst ceremony,
I think so much of what the Biden folks have done is it is it's a return to living the reality that we're all living there right now and not having a government not having a leader that seems completely out of touch with what most Americans are going through in their lives, which I think is extremely admirable. What I like, I very explicitly tied retorted or see amid admirable times too. I think we're radically briefly say the same thing, which is what the problem is I was doing- is delusion right, we're gonna per ten right the dynamic, as we can try to pull the wool over people's eyes, because we think that helps us politically. We have access To the best drugs in the world is a we'll be fine bit of free fuck. Everyone else is sort of their attitude, but there is in America like this is a unique crisis, but there is a tradition it all tempo in Ceta behaviors for how we respond. Our leaders and our government responds to crisis. You were
There is tragedy, you morn, those you you send out. You try to heal. The people have been heard from it. You try to speak to everyone. You try to bring people together to solve the prompt trumpeted, none of those things in a way it was a very like we were trying to put the Trump we collect in return for the Trump era behind us, but wary masks right. That's that sort of that we're doing the thing president should be doing, but we're doing the moral masks as we're in the middle of a pandemic is exponentially worse because the last guy did not care. After even do the job yeah, and I think it was important in just I hadn't realised how much I needed to watch
people who led us like in mourning, along with the rest of us until I saw that service right like it is hard to even fathom the number of lives were lost in his country over the last year, and so many times we have just moved right past it because of the fucking circus. The Donald Trump has put us through with everything else, and so we're talkin about coups in what he's doing in his twitter feed, as people are just dying in this country every day, from a pandemic. That is not being control like it could be controlled, and so I thought I thought they did a a very, very good job at and its balance right, because you don't want to make the whole ceremony somber, but I think they balanced sort of those somber moments and those memorials really well with more sort of uplifting moments in joyful moments in and performances by artists that we now and in that way it was. It was normal
but it was also. I also thought to myself to that. I was very sad for all the divine folks that that the campaign tee the folks are gone with White House that, like they don't have that traditional celebration that you get two half were found in Managua illegal, not just the parties but like just coming together. You know, like I know that from here like I wish, we could have celebrated with the whole crew, d write like its. They felt the same way it did when we won the election like its bitter sweet and that we want and everything we worked for so hard is here, but we now get to be together and it's it's it's tough them. This fuckin pandemic has has robbed us all that the I solve a bunch of people that we used to work where who worked for Joe Biden on Instagram, watching the integration into our society, and it is the way this has been that the whole expert. of twenty twenty the pandemic, the insurance Should the election is just this detachment from because we're watching it through our tv screens without other people?
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I told them at the very beginning he wanted to convey to major themes, unity, and you want to talk about truth itself, particularly after the end Correction. Here's one moment from binds twenty one minute speech where he calls for unity I know speed of unity, can sound. Some like a foolish fantasy. These days, no the forces that divide us our deep and there are real. But I also know They are not new History has been a constant struggle, between the american ideal that we're all I created equal, in the harsh ugly reality racism, negativism, fear, Demonization. have long torn or support the It was perennial victory is never assured, through civil war, the great depression, world war, nine eleven.
Through struggle, sacrifice and setbacks, are better angels have always prevailed. in each of these moments, enough of us All of us have together The carried all this war. And we can do that now. So I love this speech. I will say, as someone who has been involved in two inaugural address as they are some of the most difficult speeches to write. a lot of inaugural end up being president's and their speechwriters trying to do an impression of Jeff Kazan, girl and they become. Like a lot of flowery rhetoric, lotta de Calories, don't actually say much. People. Try
Right for history than our train right for the moment, I think, if I'm being honest, I think we tended do that a little bit in the two thousand and nine, the first inaugural I'm. I like our second, our girl, much better but Biden. I think he made an argument that you can. You can agree or disagree with it, but he you can tell that he deeply believes in the need for you and he made the argument for it, and he did so by acknowledging reality, which he did in the clip we just heard. You know he talked about the dark forces in this country that we ve always had to overcome hijacked by native ism racism heap mentioned in another part of the speech, white supremacy to terrorism, the first president that ever mention white supremacist speech. So he did not gloss over the forces standing in the way of unity, but what he said: as in that last clip and its interests, because he had lived
in the middle there. He said you know it each moment in this history. Enough of us, and then he said again enough of us came together to carry all of us Which in itself is an acknowledgement that he doesn't expect us to all come together like publicans, Democrats and insurrectionists. he knows what it was. I think it was a subtle acknowledgement from him that there is. There is a portion of the country that. Calls to unity are going to fall flat on an yet throughout history. When we ve had these moments of deep division before enough, Americans have come together. Pull the country for it, and I thought it was. I thought it was a realistic, yet hopeful sentiment in that speech, and I really liked it. What would you think, though, you view basal use exact words? I can use this resolution, which is realistic. Optimism, which is the Joe Biden, is incredibly optimistic about what America can do, but he's very realistic about the challenges you meant
the fact that he used the term white supremacy first time ever, and I also mention that yesterday and I was like one of them. You know it's a fact. I dont need to google that that was it So instead of residence are white supremacy in Iraq address. That is definitely the first time and I thought it was it's always if it's possible to separate a speech from the moment of his speech has been given. And this is obviously incredible budgets moment we are filled with joy from the departure of trouble. Fear from what's gonna come from both the pandemic, the economic recession and the fact that we are two weeks removed from a group of our citizens are violently overthrow our government and what I took, what I thought was really impressive. That speech was the same,
in confidence. That Biden brought to it, but it was realistic, as you said, that I thought I also thought. The enough of us line was the key wine in there. But if you it was a, it was a speech for the moment that protected the strength that Americans want to see in. There because for it all of trumps, phony strong man, authoritarian, stick, he was a week person and that, in what bind gave was a speech of strength, so who had confidence in who they aren't coffins what America is as a few people talking about the speech. Writing about the speech saying that you know there is some typical bromides in and rhetoric that you'd here in an orderly dresses, but bet because it followed, It was more powerful and they disagree that there are certainly was rhetoric in their, especially in the beginning and at the very end that yet
have been another inaugural address is that you ve heard before when he says democracy prevailed. Other presidents could say that it's made more powerful by the fact that democracy has just prevailed over an attempted coup. I get that, but there are. There are definitely parts of that speech that no other president would have been able to give at other moments and that were very unique to the moment. You know I was pleasantly surprised by the rest. And the lies that led to the insurrection two weeks earlier, lipless into a clip about recent weeks in life have taught us a painful lesson there is truth and our lives law toll for power and for profit. And each of us has a duty and a responsibility. as citizens as Americans, Especially as leaders leaders a pledge to honour our constitution and protect our nation to defend the truth and defeat the lies lies told for power and lies told
profit. That is not something you here and every inaugural address lies profit without a shot at Fox NEWS and right wing media Mundus, serene some into that That's all I read it pretty good abiden to take out on and I wasn't and I wasn't sure that he would I guess it was an incredibly strong speech was white and least I thought America and I needed to hear after what's happened over the last two months, let alone the last year or the last four years. I was eight. Might one more clip of this? My favorite passage in the speech and his usually my favorite passage. Any speech is, is one that Joe Biden himself could have delivered. His is a clip if we're really disdain and the other person issues as my mom. It's just for a moment stand in his shoes.
Because here's the thing about life. There's no accounting for words. A good deal you some days. When you need a hand there. Other days. We were called to lend a hand at to be sure we do for one another? I thought that was a beautiful passage, because, first of all Joe Biden talking about not knowing what fate will deal you. Obviously he knows that better than most because the tragedies and dirt in his life, but it wasn't just another call for unity. It was something deeper. It was a call for empathy and for solidarity and to me it's a it's a pretty solid, progressive governing philosophy that there are sometimes when you need a hand, and there are other times when your call to lend a hand
that is why we have social insurance programmes. That is why we have progressive taxation, because you don't know what fate is going to deal you, and so we all come together as a community, and we give a little bit because some day might be us that needs that have Insurance someday might be us the need that social security- and I remember that was always that was Obama philosophy that, but they went through a lot of his speeches and it it sort of ties. The two men together because I think that's what Biden has always believed as well, and it comes from his own personal experience when I was watching the speech in washing bind deliver it in that moment. The clip that I camp cannot get out of. My head was from the end of his speech the day before his Delaware, farewell speech
where he talks about how this was the speech that both should be giving, and I think the way the understand binds confidence. His strength is humanity's. Empathy is through the prism of tragedy and if you can get through the things that he has gotten threat, that gives himself finance that he can take on. The start can chew in task of being president in this moment, with these events, but also gives you companies that other people can do it too, that the country can and he just he has been like you said there were its during the primary campaign, for he was not the best candidate but really since he became the Normandy, he is never wavered in his head. This really lie quiet. Confidence about his approach through to the election in the debates
the convention speech and certainly every moment since the election day. That, I think, is a direct result of sir. The strength you get through coming through the sorts of tragedies he's been throughout his life and and it makes you into the kind of person that is the least that has made him into the kind of person who is the complete opposite of Donald Trump and everything that we went through the last four years, which is was characterized by selfishness and meanness and smallness right, and what what Biden is arguing here is no the way this country succeeds. It's not just unity is not just like sitting down with Mitch Mcconnell to get things done, it is empathy, it is. Solidarity is understanding what our fellow Americans are going through, what our citizens, what our fellow neighbours are going through and trying to put yourself on those people, shoes and that out of out of that understand
As you know, a good, effective, progressive government is born, and I think if he, if that is his Northstar for the next four years, he'll do well. So I know there's And it is obvious that if we talk about a lot of commentary on that binds integration representing a return to normal see, there are a few aspects. The ceremony that would not have seem normal. all that long ago, the most noted, they being that calmly, Harris was sworn in as the first woman, the first black woman and the first woman of south asian descent to serve as vice President and while you usually don't see lady Gaga, or jello. On the inaugural platform, the will stand out, was lacking it was his own Amanda Gorman, who, at twenty two is the youngest poet to perform at a presidential inauguration. Let's take a listen to a man.
his palm will not march back to what was but move to what shall be a country that is bruised but whole benevolence, but bold, fierce and free. We will not be. And around or interrupted by intimidation, big as we know our action and Anne herself will be the inheritance of the next generation out the lenders become their burdens, but one thing is certain, If we merge mercy with might and might with right, then love becomes our I see change our children's birthright? Twenty zoom in I would Emily pointed out to me last night is like that It was the one moment where you do not look at your following the entire time and we're just glued to the screen for the entire palm.
And I was like I mean I was just spellbound And it reminded me of his father was the perfect poem for the moment it it right. Minded me in many ways and there's a lot of echo's here of the first time I heard our old boss speak at their democratic convention in two thousand and four and some of the things he touched on about Amerika, and I was I was. I was blown away by the Puma that it was incredible it. It was unbelievable these three just as a poem itself, it's incredible as the EU to be able to deliver that poem at twenty two years old in front of the entire world with that level of confidence and poise, is unbelievable. The fan like like, like Joe Biden she has overcome a speech impediment as well
they just it was. It was so impressive and so emotional and if such a fitting inappropriate inclusion in this inauguration In this moment, the inauguration or Kamala Harris is becoming the vice president. Knighted states, it's just. It is a different vision of what America can be, but we are not yet we have not all we we have. We have failed at, but we can be. And like the the Commonly Harris's vice President part was incredibly powerful emotional as well in its all, tied in with the Amanda Gorman. and we know we watched it in our house, and because this this is a moment like we, our daughter, she wore her. Ah Worse, but not last. Come virus t shirt from rigour in the wind energy.
will always will always remember this moment and the fact that it comes after Donald Trump and everything he stood for everything he said is just so incredibly powerful. I did think several times, I thought. What would this be like if tromp was giving his second at our girl, like that, like we have a man, a Gorman, they would have had Y got a Kirshner If you giving haiku about how great Donald Trump is like the pole would be about trough right, not about America. The songs had been knocked about about American. It was there with them in both parts of that were just Incredibly powerful. No, I mean you know Charlie's six months old and we have been saying over the last couple months, especially as we ve gone through this.
post election madness. Like boy Charlie, we can have a story to tell you some day about your first six months on this on this earth and what went on because, of course, INA anyway. By when that happened yesterday when, when commerce warning, I thought, when he's old enough to remember and old enough, to be aware of this, he won't all he'll know is Joe Biden as president in common with Harris, as vice president, and that's pretty amazing, we'll just tell him a story about the time. The Donald Trump almost destroyed it country, and it will have a happy ending? It did make it because if we were, normal world, and this was a normal inauguration. We would have taken Kyler, who is enamoured with Kiowa Harris for two reasons: Como Harris also boarding, California, but most importantly, has a k and her name so like yeah, that's it Yes, very big, but at least we got us away.
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hundred day, moratorium on all deportations, we can extend Moratorium on evictions in foreclosures extend freeze on student loan payments and reverse trumps. Orders that allowed the federal government to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity Dan? What is the message behind all these executive orders being signed at once. There's a whole bunch their executive orders their signing today in the days to come in these first ten days. What's what's the message, the trend is under there we're not gonna wait. One second try to fix the problem since countries facing This is, it is incredibly unusual Normal course of business here would be inauguration person, regulation, lunch hours, a parades, everybody goes back. and puts on there are form aware and goes to ten ball celebrating ten states and then
you get a lot you all of this. The next morning, Obama scientist first real executive orders on the twenty first that the next morning was when he band torture and signed a whole bunch of other is accuracy plan to do. The vine team did not wait. They Amerika there were no in your balls, but they went right to work and are doing. Those things right away and was very was if it was very well orchestrated and send a very clear message that there's a lot of work to do we're not gonna, wait to get it up and ask you: how do you balance? They know that we struggled with us in the first year of the administration, honey balance, sort of the need to show action momentum movement by signing all these orders one right after another, and also make sure that people understand what you ve accomplished, because the media cycle moves so fast
and if you do ten things at once, you know you could call someone three weeks from now, and people won't know that you reverse the Muslim banned or maybe they don't know that you protected dreamers. You know some of this, some of the executive orders that didn't get as much attention like. How do you plan for that from a communications perspective? So I think there are two elements of it. One is public opinion is, pop quiz rice riddle it all you do not need able to dominate other things, you did you need them to take an impression that you are doing the things you said you were going to do
juggling these early days a flurry of activity that is all about fulfilling your campaign. Promises is the right thing to do now in are, and we had no doubt about this or be annoying about four hours Welsh. I will shorten it here, but in this current communications environment, you know there's that such a thing as a new cycle anymore, so you can find ways to communicate about these things hours days and weeks after they have right. You can dispatch people to communicate,
and you know, Facebook groups or iron dish obligations that are unique to that. Right, like that, and I imagine the binding team will have. This is like, what's the long tail communications plan for how we can communicate to people that we know care about the muslim bans are they know it happened, so they know that we under who were we going to communicate with a bow the climate like there's all kinds of groups of people who congregate on the internet and elsewhere to talk about climate? Who are the influences? You get information just so they can carry on it's, not just the New York Times story where they have a paragraph that sums up. You'd have seven of the ten things you did that that
the old way of thinking the long way is how to educate people outside of the traditional view of what the new cyclist them exists. Now that that that doesn't make sense of it doesn't like these were in two buckets. These executive order. So far, one is sort of executive orders that undid the damage of the last four years and undid most have served trumps actions that can be easily undone and then executive actions that relate to cover their relatives or the most urgent crisis. The country is facing right now, you're, the divine team seems to be thrift trying to set expectations on this. You heard from RON you heard from Jan, like it's to take a couple months to turn this around there's a administration source on background today, saying that, like the Trump vaccination rollout plan, there was no plan there,
is a disaster that can have to start from scratch. One of the executive orders was formerly installing Jeff sites, as the of it organizer that covets our fuel. What do you think? How does the Bite administration handle sort of inheriting a complete mess uncovered from the Trump administration knowing that most people, America or like ok, we got rid of trump. We got Joe Biden. What's fix this pandemic now I mean you texted me basis, We had twelve of sex. What do you know where your vaccine was its economic? I'm I'm Eggers. Those I am asking for a friend and effort is made to that effect. I got two elements of one is expectation setting and they ve done some. Let me trump certainly helpful over their expectations by essentially giving out the job of president they after the election and doing nothing focused
all of his energy on fomenting insurrection is supposed to kick their. It takes a lot of work to full time job heads. Did you see that? clip were easily and hardware today, Mr Fox NEWS, like that, how hard Trump worked, because They said he you, he said, here the Dodo ever say that troubles in a worker and she listened some things he dies and she included watching all the shows. yeah yeah- I am, I am a president- do I do that, as though it is what we have said. We cannot let people forget the mess that bind inherited. This is something that Obama dealt with with the ECB me and I didn't buy it, didn't buy as other much time there actually are actually did, because I went look at them going on this add. Did you know that in May? of two thousand, and sixteen more Americans held George W Bush responsible for the current economic situation. The Brok Obama, I mean
That's good, but didn't really help on the twenty ten metres. Yet there are all kinds of problems, yes by you To all like in every set of remarks that you wrote Fur Obama about the economy it began with. We want a joke about this, whether mess we inherited right. We inherited this terrible mass that started before the financial crisis, but was made more aspire. Biden has to continue to make that point. I don't think it's gonna be a particularly tall task to remind people that the how tromp was a terrible presentation that really fucked up dammit, but that's what and, secondly, a setting expectations and they still doing that from the beginning. I can't do it, I think, having a metric like a million vaccine doses, four hundred million people or whatever the exact language they use, is a very good. Yet everyone wants a vaccine right now. We want right now, because we want our Emma numbers. We say we want our parents, we say if we want to see our grandparents are greater kids, you ve all of that. Yes by you
want to create a metric to be judged by so they have done, and in a hundred days less than a hundred million fact vaccine doses have been administered than that. will not be a success if more than that had been, then that will be success in so people can be very impatient frequently. This is probably due to be a pretty sure. Honeymoon, as things are so tough, but Shit setting expectations reminded people about whose accountable ass were in and then showing progress. The bayonet can be passing legislation for the relief checks that can be somebody's executive orders and other things are. These are the three parts of that. I think the other part is. This leads us to the press. Briefing last night should have clear in constant communication with the american people particularly, if things go wrong, if deadlines slip right, like people are going to be more understanding it. For some reason you know we didn't get enough. Vaccines apply for reasons beyond our control, because some drug company fucked up or supply chain
an issue. People going to be more understanding if you tell them immediately tell them what happened and are in constant communication with folk, like, I think, one of the big problems of the as crazy as those briefings were because Donald Trump made them crazy. It was almost when they were when they stopped and we were all in the dark and you just had come nurse mayors and everyone else sending a million different messages about the pandemic. That became even more complicated People and people became even more frustrated because no one has any idea what the Hell's going on. So I do think you no clear in constant communication is helpful on this I mean this is this is the incredibly hard challenge further by administration is worded it about all kinds of things. Dizzy have coffee with much Mcconnell one, for it is this message exactly writer was five minutes later would have and all of that will get us out of attention. What really matters for the medium term, how
The bite presidency is how many people get vaccinated, how quickly in the harbor, There's only so much the administration could do to make that they can leverage every resource in the government industry. They can use it. Events, production act in other ways to try to expedite production, but it's at the end of the day comes out. You states, counties, cities, doctorate, hospitals, pharmacies, putting the need on people's arms. Add it that's very hard like we have been try like Holly, and I have been mainly Helen in working for days, to try to figure out how to get our parents signed up for vaccines, and it is an absolute clusterfuck every I know tat my by deal descended with my, it's here and it is like it's tough, It's like our county, very easy side. Up. My it was county absolutism. stir. Every hospitals differ rules like there d there, one doktor they are.
The only still doing health workers amiable young people for seventy five, another hostile like down the street is doing people sixty five, I get is just an added the cluster in Biden has influence on that, but not control and that's cool meagre hard that support where you have to be constantly talking about it. Looking like you're doing things like me you're, putting every ability you have, You have to give us a Democrat you're doing everything you possibly can so that people understand that if things are For example. It is not for lack of focus or lack of communication, You show your work, you gotTa the card trying and then you know- Think about when by manage the recovery act and some of the tough language he use like I'm gonna manage. Hell out of this and when people are, you know the money or theirs fraud or abuse. I'm gonna call it out that doesn't necessarily apply to back out of this me, fraud or abuse there might be, but you know calling out when people stir things up to like to innovate and said
Could I think we're gonna? Let you can, I can promise you are going to manage the hell out of this operation. That's the promise and that promises not it's gonna go perfect. I'm gonna be able to control everything we'll be fine. It's I'm gonna manage the resources that we have really really well, and you know, and that's the standard that he should be helped him so first day, the by demonstration also included the very first press briefing. from New White House Press Secretary General Saki, who promised to bring truth and transparency back to the briefing room which starts with once again holding regular press briefings. Why do you think Jen held a briefing on the first day? Actually, the first night which is somewhat unusual. Usually there's not a White House breathing the knight of the inauguration. I was thinking back to two thousand and nine and I don't think Robert Gibbs Brief for, like that's the first three or four days, because it's in gradually hard. I oh there's no infrastructure Give you all of the guidance do not yet have four
Ray sixty view into what the government is doing, because our still, even ever in this chain moreover, this whole bunch of people and all the agencies still doing things. You may get asked questions about and a word it was part of the. We are getting to work right away message: I made it. It was a big genesis. Friend of ours. Is our colleague shoot for many many years make it in the White House by what she pulled off to do. That was believable me to be able to pull off every failure on the first day and essentially for Leslie was absolutely incredible. She was ever just really was impressive, and it was a real for me to hear first say the president and have it be binding.
not a warmer did you, or did you see her almost at one point, you said President Biden really quickly what they'll? Just so people understand how difficult the weight has briefing is cut him. I could never do like you episode, Genoa, binder in front of her that her staff will put together right of answers on every topic under the sun. Now I don't care how many topics you plan for there's. Also, probably the possibility of questions that you just you just don't know that come out you from Vienna left field, they are not ready for so you need, like the knowledge of the subjects. First of all, for every subject under the sun, then you need to keep in mind the message from the administration that you're supposed to get out because you are supposed to like communicate a message and not just sort of like list off. You know list of items in a in a briefing book and you're going to get follow. Ups you're going to get sometimes
national follow ups. Are we like to anyone and then you have to like, keep yourself composed and have a good tone and not get angry with reporters and like to keep all of those things together while you're on live television, it's for every and whose done it for everyone is done. The job it seems like a very, very difficult job. The end in you are three years in the administration. The prep process, for one briefing is half the day right. yeah. I remember it gives a clear that gives more it gives this day was was yoga, And Tommy in LA boats and re everyone just like prepping him for good, out into the briefing room and then when he was done, it was like an hour to read the news and catch up on email and start again the next day I I I I don't know how they pull that. Often it was me we Jen in the White House for many years to handle the age the chief economic spokesperson and the first time the first four years, the first before she became the communication structure. She was
They department spokesperson breathing in front of the whole world, so she is there's no first nothing is ever been more qualified for this job. That harbour to be able to go out there and do it on day one and it was just it is at a word Where did whether, from returning normalcy as right, right perturbation by that's what it was, it was just like we're gonna go with that was definitely evident. We're gonna go, get we're going to show you that we're gonna go, give a briefing where we're not gonna show convey video we're not going to yell at people. It's not going to be performative Jimmy stu, bashing or whatever else it just like you're good, questions. I will do my best answer. I'm you may the answers, but I think there sufficient I'll try to get you better answers the next time, not just how we're going to do this and we will try to do it every day. Speaking of what's easy, performative Jim cost about bashing, is much easier to hear good job at the briefing I did get up Eridu that takes that there's a lot less breath. Yes, I could go. go pick. A Fox news reporter have asked me a question and then just like fuckin shit
for government Gimme that job ok, so overall last Gresham? How do you think the binding? illustration should approach these first few weeks they ve got a senate and peace. try to deal with a before the former president, unprecedented they got. a enormous covered relief package. Basically their economic plan and their pandemic plan all rolled into one. That they're gonna try to pass. We ve, he got today Mitch Mcconnell Is not even allowed the Democrats to officially take power in the Senate, even though we have fifty votes plus calmly, Harris meaning fifty one because there is, organ is something called in organizing resolution. There humor and Mcconnell have to agree to before they can sort of formalize how the sentence gonna work and I'll have basically said to humor. I will not agree to this organ. Using resolution. Unless you promise during these four
couple years to used to not nuke the filibuster, to not get rid of the filibuster, and if you dont promise to knock, the filibuster, I'm gonna feel buster this organizing resolution, which means that Republicans will still be. Eddie chairs and won't be able to move forward under a democratic set. I've noticed say about the fact that much Mcconnell wants to use the filibuster to prevent the majority from taking control unless the majority. Unless the majority you're. All of us are he's busy, making me best argument against to filibuster in yet it yes but for that aside for second the Abbe, Biden has to do is do what he has been doing. Be a normal president, who wakes up in the morning doesn't tweet like a giant asshole. guys real things speaks to the whole country and do work. I think the key for them is going to be to read everyone in on the plane.
This is the time one in which we expect to get things done. This is a choice. Much as we have just been very transparent about what they are trying to do, which is, I think, Essentially, why JANET's we're going to brief every single day of the week is so that they can do that and adjust just. Let us show progress. What is left is a administration that is being staffed with incredibly competent experience, professionals and, let's let them do the work and there in the first few days and weeks, you're sort of the availability trip but although borrowed expectations have dropped, just not being Trop is gonna, be good, but people before more people can spark demanding sums results you and they get. You serve to tell people what you expect and went to expect it, which sort of Joe vines in a situation whereby Norway says he says he's dead set this, which is compare me to the authority of knots of the almighty. the way in which they had once your president, you you're not the almighty by theirs an obvious alternative right it by?
you can do, is you can give people sought the curfew grade? You are right. This is by this date. We want to get this time. We are going to get these relieve checks pass out of Senate by what the pick the debt write, whatever is reasonable, been obviously were being also down by senatorial insurrection, where they're holding power, even though they ve lost the election. national channels. Nonviolent insurrection, is what we will call you up
but it's really is to lay out a sort of sun. What are the four, the first at federal things you want to get down to one you want to go down by an then judge me based on that. Here's, where phasing in the next two years from that of the runway between now and the mid term. In the mid terms, the president's party usually loses seats, partly because the dynamic that you just mentioned, where it's not a campaign anymore, where there's two people that your judging them against each other, its Joe binds, the president and so voters expect Joe Biden to fix it, and so Democrats have two years to
get self done number one to help alleviate the pandemic, so they have to act like they're going to be charged. If they make a lot of progress on the pandemic, they will be judged favorably, if not, they won't be, and also to just get a bunch of other stuff write like people. When I say people I mean like the people who vote but don't necessarily pay attention to every political development We do. They need to see change in their lives. They need to feel change in their lives from the Biden Administration over the next two years, and that sounds very simple, but I think wind and wave experiences to when you're in government and there's a million things going on at once and there's a whole bunch of events that come up beyond your control that you have to respond to even the best laid plans sort of
we're right, because the now you responding to some scandal responding to some. You know, events that happen overseas right, like you, you just always running two main things. The message goes away from you, but you have to keep it in front of your mind that, like I need to deliver on behalf of the american people, I need to bring about change. I need to deliver on these campaign. Promises in people not need to know that we delivered on those camping promises, because if they don't it's already of map for us and twenty twenty two, particularly in the house and in a normal time, you might say, okay well, would suck if we lose the house. But you know that's that's politics. What now. The other party is an anti democratic, You know quasi authoritarian party. Now they could end democracy if they take control. So not mine,
From for error here people, so I do think like no matter what, over the next two years, they have two they have to prioritize. You note, dare Thompson rather than the Atlantic, about what the by demonstration needs to do and in the headline of his peace was big fat simple, and I do agree like it, because it is a difficult to pass legislation and get stuff done in the first place and then be itself to make sure that people know what it is that you did, that you don't just like pass a bunch of legislation. Take have a bunch of you know, make a bunch of executive orders signed a bunch of executive orders and it just gets sort of lost in a flurry and people don't really understand. Like you said what the game plan was or what people, what what they've? Actually, gotten done so that that is really, I think, important over the next two years, which I know they know, but it's just easier said than done, but every this is. This is my optimistic take on this, which is, I don't think we should underestimate people's reaction when things were turned to mostly
Right we have controlled the pandemic. Piana people are vaccinated, we have recharge, you mean your meeting, whatever you call it, and people are going baseball games again. They're gonna give birthday party again there seeing their grandparents like that is like that is at the end of this in some way, shape or form how what how long that takes where you know what that is by its approval rating or whatever else in the interim between now and gives them a when you get to that moment, that is gonna be a like that there can be a political power in that that. is gonna override a whole bunch of things happened between now and then about. Did he say there. Could he do the right thing? What does the messages ravaging the pointed like this? A substance right, Ultimately, this is by the thing I will say we haven't gent sacking Kate Betting field who's. The new communications sector is messaging as very important. Vacations are important, but. How many people's arms you get indeed, when how soon it's gonna matter more than anything else. That's not me!
This problem, that's not a communications proudly assets needle problem. That's that's who emigrate like if this. If the midterms were November, twenty twenty one then yeah, maybe were cut Noah close by November point, eighty twenty two, yet we should all be back to normal lives and, if we're not theirs bigger Can somebody desperate let's see, that's ok Well, that's offered today two men and we will talk to you guys next week. For the first four week of the bad administration, exciting stuff, Joe Biden is fucking President Joe Biden as President trumpet golfing in shame and moral logo. As we speak, you mean, in former celebrity apprentice, hosts Donald Trump. That's what I'm gonna do. I twice impeached President Donald Trump Recipe twice impeached. two time popular vote loser one term president tights heats data
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