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Joe Biden’s victories on Super Tuesday mark the most dramatic political comeback in recent history, Bernie Sanders faces a tougher map and a need to expand his coalition, Mike Bloomberg ends his campaign, and Elizabeth Warren contemplates her future.

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I welcome the POD save America, John, very I'm John Lovett Tongue or Hungarian Pfeiffer, onto pod will dig into the results of a stunning super Tuesday, the catapult Joe bind to the front of the democratic field we are taking a look at some of the down ballot results for the. U S, House and Senate, I feel like we were just here minutes ago, guy origin. I slept her so committed. We are taught me. Increasing numbers all nine hundred in honor Minority airport overheard, let's get him out of the tab.
Tell me what you and then get into an ipod save the world? Yes, Romania, hiding nonstop, who fuckin cared knives getting. We talked about the very fragile peace deal with the Taliban and the? U S assigned over the weekend, which is already unravelling. I just saw news. Lord said: u, s strikes Taliban in first hit since peace deal with weird headline said about the conflict in Syria and dumb interviewed woman who do incredible relief work in ITALY Province, which is where there is maybe a million people living in tents or outside and she's hopping. I get the money and medical supplies and food so check it out stay for dinner you and that's it Tommy you watching homeland, the season? No, but I've heard this LE parallels. It is explicitly A fragile television peace deal negotiated in part by care. Matheson wow interest its Eno, its is its missing from the discourse, but up you'll get one reminder, no matter how this primary shakes out. Our nominee needs a ground game for the general election.
Donate to our leave it all in the field fun to help groups on the ground, the we need at supporting organizers in battleground states. We need to get those organizes on the ground now, while we're still having a primary, because Donald Trump is spending and he spending fast. So please go to votes, have America dot com, slash field in none and give a few bucks today are let's get to the news and let's start with most dramatic political come back. I think I've ever seen. It was only a month ago that former vice President Joe Biden finished forth in the we're carcasses. Fifth, in the New your primary couldn't afford many adds couldn't afford much of a field operation couldn't get anymore. Endorsements seemed like his camp. Was finished last night he won the most pledge delegates in nine out of fourteen super Tuesday states, including Texas, Virginia North Carolina Massachusetts. Minnesota me Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma Bernie Sanders when the biggest
California, as well as its home state of Vermont. You time, Colorado, Biden, string of victories, also forced millionaire former mayor MIKE Bloomberg from the race who dropped out this morning and endorse the former vice president, so I want to get into a binding Bernie individually, and I know a lot of delegates haven't been allocated, especially in California, which takes a few weeks to count all of our votes here but Dan. What does the big picture, which is the big delicate picture look like right now. It looks as we see it here today. That Biden is in the position to end the primary with the most pledged I'll get switches. Shocking turn him of adsense ads one believed in a crowded feel the british centres would clean up on Super Tuesday the winnowing winnowing of the fields helped Joe Biden incredibly, but also swiss both to be Bernie. Sanders is best delegate day. This was a very soon
long set of states for him. There are states he did well in two thousand and sixteen California in Texas, where these two big delegate pots that Heath we thought he would do very well in by massively outperform in so now the road for Bernie Sanders after this is much harder, because this their binds bind strongest states are still to come states with large african american pocket visions and significant, suburban cohorts. Voters in those those states are gonna come later at. The very centre has a lot of ground to make up if he wants to be the direct nominee. Yeah Tommy was anus on the last part that you know it in every primary gets to the point. Where is it about momentum? Is it about demographics going forward based on the results we saw last night we can start seeing which demographics are good, for which
candidates and then you can start looking at the states and figuring out who's going to do well in those states know. I think it only true, but may I just say that I think demographically alot of people, one of the knights, I believe, thought that Michigan would be a great Bernie state, but there was a pull out last night. I think, as Biden up seven points. Well, that is a clarion call mine, and I find the reason is because the one demographic that there still fighting over is non college. Educated white voters, which Bernie Sanders expected have a lot of strength with an Joe Biden, has, would have eaten into his lead with those voters so and we'll talk about that later. I think a lot of the ads are about four, that cohort of voters, but it is fascinating because we were sitting here a couple weeks ago, talking about Bernie Sanders, potentially netting three to four hundred delegate's last night and men as the Poles got closer and binding better and he won South Carolina. We're like well a really great night forbidden could be Bernie walking way with a one hundred delicately
and now we're sitting your tongue but Biden as the delicate leader I mean that is just a fucking stunning turn. What do you guys were? Some of the most surprising wins last night think bind winning in Texas was surprising, yeah yeah That was the only our friends a data for progress captured and run last poor lass Pollyanna pull the couple days before. I met ready at model to further argument since not sparing protests and, secondly, that it hard to say what surprising, as the dramatic ship that happened in three days in a vote, we talk about not being the prediction is any more and we were talking about just how many things had to go right for Joe Biden to be in a position to do well and Super Tuesday and every one of those things went right. The fact that a consolidation behind Joe Biden that people had been lament people who want to Joe Biden Nora and centres, person to win people who wanted that consolidating happen where lamenting for weeks and weeks, where's the consolidation where's, the consolidation- and it just happened to happen in this. Incredibly short when
while some of this year and in some of the big surprises and the States Minnesota Minnesota was expressed, were Bernie pulled well in one twenty. Sixteen costs by twenty two points, its now primary and Joe Biden, one. That is a big story. The number of states that shifted from gas to primary really hurt Bernie, because I think he was able to organise a small group of people who really really love Bernie Sanders in that a lot of delegates last time, and when you look at me What type of this more? But the big concern for Bernie coming tonight as it is based, seems to be shrinking not growing from his twenty sixteen March and in a lot of that, can be attributed to a cock estates going to primaries, but he's still down in a bunch of primary states as well. Massachusetts was not a spit state. The turbine was effected twin main also state. That was, I'll just this morning that Bernie Sanders expected to dwell in Oklahoma, which Bernie one in twenty sixteen loss last night and then in Virginia eurobond was expected to win, but I think the margin in Virginia and they turn out
Virginia surprised pretty much everyone at the interesting thing about the surprise states is. This was basically supposed to be a night where, at his best, Joe Biden did really well in the south and that Bernie would do well in the northeast in the MID West and then certainly in the West and at least in the northeast, and at west where and pointing to the map print. Remember there, where you, no radio, Bernie One Bernie, do Weaponry Bernie to really well in Iowa and an inverted really well in New Hampshire, Joe Biden showed that he had strengthened both those regions aisles. But I'll buy. In turn, this ran what he has to do. Next. Here's a clip of his victory speech from last night talkin about a about a revolution. We started a movement with a Greek turn out turn up for us that deliver us to a where we can do extraordinary extraordinary things. Look
is bold, its progressive as a vision where cares affordable and available everybody domestic prices down under control, more surprised, What is the world urban areas? I trust that care version workers. About the problems you charge for curves time, is standing up your gun, Roger TAT, God the existent without applying to join it is it hearing it is. Actually action is much worse experience and seeing it it was that it looks better. When I was up there, you when you hear it, you just hear the tenor of his voice and die. I think someone should just let the vice president know about the power microphone shot me stay,
incredible they are at amplifying sound, but is pretty excitedly was very excited there. Is that what we re goes like. They were count me out. There are calling, He did not send the other guy might be dead like he was like practically gonna go down like his like list of grievances to mail to nail to the church door. Member when it was a controversy and people attacked Joe Biden early in the campaign for promising to cure cancer. That's how many life he's gone one over the legal finally said that, with the knowledge of that conference, so. They wanted that only stupid things on Twitter. They yet did not matter to voters at all, no art. So what happened in the democratic primary that led to this come back love it you started talking about the consolidation yet mean was what was
path here. Here's a year's work, whereas felt like in the last few weeks, but it's just that a lot of things that we thought would happen sooner just happened later. You know the the first time there was it the first time that people started going after Bernie Sanders seem to happen later now. The consolidation we thought you have happened earlier happened just in the final moments before Super Tuesday, and I do think also. You know one thing we're just inside of it. Just all voters becoming pundits, and one of them is that a lot of the exit poll shows is how many people who decided late, decided to vote for Joe Biden So I think there are a lot of people watching and really paying attention and holding their votes. The last minute and Joe Biden winning in South Carolina, getting all those endorsements becoming the kind of alternative and seeing all of these leaders in the democratic movement rally behind YO binding. The final moment gave people the final push they needed to say. Ok, although
you're, late designers and african american voters were the story of the night for him, Bernie it real strength among latino boaters, especially in California. I think yet. Forty nine percent of letting the voters turbines twelve in California, but Thou is really the only. It's about four Bernie in terms of turn out of me, one younger voters, but they did not turn out in numbers that in any way backs up his claim of writing that demographic to a general election victory, it's very problematic for his entire campaigner dance. Yet, ultimately, Bernie Sanders had a very clear path in a very strong strategy around winning a democratic nomination with thirty to thirty five percent of the votes in once the field winnowed. That is not a number sufficient to win even in your stronger states in things in their real suck concerning signs and all the numbers, I think for Bernie Sanders. It's not too late to turn it around, but there's work. That needs to be done. We could talk about that, but by in Biden, strong states. He claimed.
The overwhelming amount of the nine Bernie vote. Yes lot of lumber. People by strong states went to buy, therefore pushing Bloomberg below three hold, allowing Biden to split the delegates amount to people's boasts a three in Burma states he was not able to expand and Bloomberg in some cases, warrant also got elegant, so Bidest CS netted more delegates for him: Bernie strong states that if you were delicate for him with California still to be called Colorado, is it especially good example of where Bernie needed people like Warren and in others to not be viable, but they weren't delegate's? Yes, thinking about this, we ve been talking about how The way theory of the primary isn't perfect right that voters don't exactly see all these candidates in a month. Lane or a liberal lane or lefty lane or whatever it may be, but it does seem that when it comes to Bernie, specifically that there were Bernie supporters and then a whole bunch of the party that were non Bernie supporters and I think Elizabeth WAR and has a chunk of some
borders that would probably over Bernier, could be Bernie backers, but for a lot of their candidates it they were all fighting are for miller, share of the vote, and you know after New Hampshire, remember. A lot of people said: oh well. If you combine the votes of peat and Amy and some of the other folks it you know it's much bigger than Denham than Bernie Margin and a lot of Bernice Porter sort of mock that. But it turns out that when those candidates dropped on consolidate around one person, it really was a lot than Bernie. I also don't think that a majority of worn voters would go to Bernie. In fact, I think they are more likely to be college. Educated women who are late, decides who would have gone too I think that there are whole theory of the case, some of them any matter at online week- blaming it was with Warren for his defeat and saying she failed to consolidate the progressive vote around Bernie Sanders. You are telling yourself a story that is not back
by the data. Yes, so let's talk about powder by one which voters you one Tommy mentioned a dummy with black voters and, of course I do that the biggest story is he dominated with the voters who decided last couple days. It's interesting the only states that Bernie outperformed the five thirty eight projections are vote by male states that Green Virginia. Did you tell one part of storing California tells the other an end and Bernie was. I was gonna do well in California, but an Utah's vote by mail in Colorado, hope by mail, and he did well in most states too, and so I think I saw some one said that late designers broke like fifty one, twenty one for Joe Biden, which is just a crushing crushing. I sat forty seven. Seventeen percent one thousand, seven hundred other other groups of voters who won. He won women. You want to go to supper. Forty five! You want registered Democrats and Republicans college graduates, modern, conserve voters, somewhat liberal voters, which I think is a key category for Joe Biden Twin Summit
voters those again we're allow those voters that use like you said Tommy. Could Warren voters could have been peat and Amy voters, What does that say to you guys about his Joe Biden Coalition going forward and how strong it is? It may be the challenges it is within the context of the Roma yeah. Well, I'm here he has a heap, at least for the purposes of supervisors that he put together at the exact coalition. You need when the democratic nomination, which is you have to do without making voters which, in terms of the delicate math, can be disproportionately and he just to you because of how districts are drawn and he has. Suburban voters and that combination is is very similar to the one that put Brok Obama over the top in two thousand and eight in Hillary Clinton over the top and two dozen sixteen yeah yeah, I mean look at in Texas, for example the electorate skewed older than it did in two thousand and twenty sixteen and Biden one sixty five, an older voters. Forty eight to fifty
That is very hard to come back from yeah yeah. I think I think Bernie is look at Bernie's, crushing among young people for sure, but in some states by and show some strengths. What's thirty, two slash forty four year olds he's shown some strength with younger black voters, but even though Bernie is crushing among young people and Latinos, but she is used, turn out has been down in some of these states, or at least now you know not quite in this really not up and any other problem for Bernie is Faced with the heavy latino populations, the heaviest latina populations have voted, we ve got Arizona New Mexico still on the map and obviously there's latina populations in a lot of different states, but that, if those to his two best groups, that's tough going forward. What are Joe Biden challenges aside from coalition building just message wise per
women's wise going forward and the rest is primary fewer. If you're in the bottom campaign right now and you look at the head of the rest of the primary Missy Bernie Sanders common area. What are you, what are you gonna do And neither Joe Biden we saw gave a speech in South Carolina is the Joe Biden they need to put out over and over again, and then too, I think mitigate the challenges. He's had indeed been debates in his performance. Ah, you know yet but debate. But it's it's a performance about here means that universe dance. I like his put together the coalition he needs to win. I think the reason it took this long for people to rally behind your button is because some of the questions about his performance- and you know I see a lot of real Bernie People- saying like you Know- he's, making all these mistakes it doing always gas like? How can he will rally behind this? It will end. I think those are a bit over talked, but nonetheless I do think that's what Biden has to answer then ya think anger its performance but they're so there, but I put other things, which is he has to improve his performers with the young voters necessarily for the purposes of what
this primary, although that would certainly help, but he's not gonna, be president if he cannot motivate young voters to turn out yeah right? That is that as a key of the four million Obama, twelve voters that surrounds way, sixteenth you're. Sixteen have to get voters like that. Particularly Madison was content in Arbour. Michigan right place, like that. The second is, if he is going to be the nominee Hugh S, to find a way to land the plain that keeps the party unified and that that is there of a huge challenge for the Clinton campaign, I think into doesn't sixteen areas? there's responsibility upon in this is all just presuming that bind whence, which is far from decided yet, If he has been the nominee he has to.
Become the nominee and unify the party and welcome the Bernie Sanders coalition with open arms? If the chosen grace to the opposition, will we're gonna talk about the burning issue that too? But I do think that Joe Biden needs to the two back to the gaff scene. I think I think the Joe Biden can survive all the gaps that people on Twitter spend a lot of time, obsessing over the media plus over. If he has a strong message like they do me, the gas monotonous, though the prom there should have been into what you know about Joe Biden, he's gonna say some stuff, that's that's off, but you need a solid message and I don't know you look you know. Sutton South Carolina talks about restoring the soul, the nation he talks about a return to decency, and that's part of it, I think, really now needs to sharpen the economic message. I think Bernie Sanders will force him to do that, because Bernie Sanders has a very good economic message and he's gonna come for Joe Biden with it, but I think Joe Biden needs to respond with an economic message of his own. That is partially rooted in is accomplishments, as Brok Obama's vice premier
but also about the future, and what he's planning to do- and you know a lot of people- I do not know this, but you know if Joe Biden becomes, President he'll become didn't running on the most progressive platform in history. Now, progressive as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, but more progressive than the president. He served with Biden, Shut during we're. Just I d like to talk about the past is about the future and it was sort of apropos of nothing and it wasn't on either side of that sentence, backed up by any kind of a message and not just doesn't cut it yeah I think you need to do a better job of laying out what he is. Affirmatively for peace in and he's about to come after him on a lot of old votes. He's gonna hammered him on the Iraq war vote there already out, with a new tv, add attacking Biden for statements he made in the past about cutting social security benefits and he needs to lay out a progressive policy agenda that helps blunt. That, but also I mean I do. I wonder if voted
going to care more about old oats, even massively problematic ones like the Iraq war, boats, vs the ability to be Trump, and I think if Biden can, project and ability and capability to stand up there and debate in and kick his ass in in the November, then he's likely to come out of this primary ahead and academic. He has a progressive policy platform. He just no one really knows what it is. I think he hasn't he has talked about enough or at least as a broken through in any serious way, and I think maybe the one advantage of a longer primarily he goes ahead to head with. Bernie Sanders is that you know he gets a talk about that more or less you should, just one more more than this to their identity as a mere version of this for Bernie too, would you in I him to be in a world where everybody is abundant. Would you incursion to be incredibly direct in speaking to young people that support Bernie Sanders weather now, whether it soon and I make a direct plea to say you know, I will
can you into my movement tonight, and I want you to push me in the direction you want to take the country or some kind of directly to the young and passion people who, I think today feel very few nuggets. Is it all over, but who right now, kind of feel, incredibly nervous and and and pre brutal. I think so. I think is being direct like that is is a bonus for a politician, because people think you're just gonna be scripted and say what people you know he was to say, and I think moments where you can acknowledge a weakness that you have and then talk about. How are you going to fix that weakness or try to overcome and are always a strong point for a politician. Pod save America is brought to you by simply safe. Without home security. There's two ways you can go about: protecting your home. There the traditional way where you eight weeks for a technician to do a messy installation costs a small fee or there's no other way to others. Also the way where you put little matchbox ouch.
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Any delegate's Bernie will met from his victory in California. There should be a lot elsewhere, Bernie underperformed in several states, compared to twenty sixteen and did not appear to expand his coalition in a significant way, but he did say speech that he will win the democratic nomination and he called out what he sees the key distinctions between him and Biden. Let's take a lesson one of us in this race led the opposition war in Iraq. You'll! Look at another kid! I voted for the war in Iraq, one had spent his entire life, fighting gets cuts in social security, exploiting to expand.
Social security. Another candidate has been on the floor of the Senate, calling for cuts the Social Security measures tat, medicated better. It's one of arts led the position took disasters agreements which costs us millions of good page and that's me, another candidate voted for disasters. Trade agree, what about stood up for consumers and said we will not support a disastrous by groups a bill, and another candidate represented the credit card. Companies,
ordered for that disasters bill. So Bernie was the prohibitive favorite for the nomination just a few weeks ago, what happened I didn't do that won't superfluous? he rode Cigana analysis you come here, for on the Bernie speech, I watched the whole thing: Incas unity. That contrasts, though, that contracts is what everyone has been replaying, and I and I want to watch it because I want to see look so does he turn from their into a bigger positive message, a sort of a bigger broader coalition, building ex optimistic message. Any doesn't he doesn't in that speech. He delivers that contrast and the kind core of the of the message that is appeal to that: the portion of the Papa or of the voters that he's already won, and I do think that in that speech you see the challenge that lead to him to this place, which is there wasn't a lot in their about appealing to the kind of people who, as of now, have not
with burning, yeah yeah, I mean look. Those are important policy positions in votes at he's talking about, but it's kind of hard to hear, a speech that half booing, and I know that wasn't the entirety but you're like he needs to build on his coalition is shrinking. He needs to reach african american voters who probably like Joe Biden if they know about Joe Biden in these reach older by the voters, who probably like Joe Biden or college educated white voters who probably like Joe Biden and, like I don't know
That does it I'm another that the speech that built that seems like more the same negativity. So it is a challenge and that you need to contrast herself if your opponent, but you also need a positive message, and you also need to reach out to people who are clearly obsessed with Elect ability and an Bernie. I think better than some of the other candidates has been have been talking about, elect ability, furthest primary. I think, if our Bernie I got there be like you know, we need a candidate that can offer the best contrasts with Donald Trump right. We want when Donald Trump says, he's gonna cut Medicare of Security in Medicaid. We need a candidate who has been fighting for Medicare Security Medicate and wants to expand. It went on tromp passed another bad free trade agreement. We need a candid who's been against free trade agreements from the start right. Then, then, you talking about the future. You get people cheering, not people booing it Joe Biden, it's about Donald Trump, it's about an electricity case like he just sort of ease to turn the case around, because if he decides these ethical weeks it has just
be lighting, Joe Biden on fire, that's his to do that, like you said, I dont think that's going to expand his coalition in any meaningful way. You're right, I think what you know. You said earlier that clearly Bernie hit a ceiling, and then, in everyone's, been wondering this whole primary. Like is there a ceiling? He only got thirty three to thirty six percent in the states one California is not in yet and Joe Biden in the states that he one had a much higher percentage, even in a crowded field in a multi candidate feel north of fifty and in some cases the fifty and in the end, Bernie Sanders theory of the rays from the beginning Tom. I remember you had like talk to some people on that campaign or early on that they thought as long as we can't can keep our support around thirty in this crowded field, that's enough to win, and they were wrong for the released its well kick nuts afterward.
That's right, but in some other OECD s end, and I think that the problem with journeys coalition right now is there is incredible depth in the support and the passion among his coalition, but there is now a lot of breath. It is just not big enough and it s. A question is like what does he do? How does he explained that coalition? I think everything has just said about the dangers of turning this. To just a an attack on Biden, are correct. I would then this is very challenging right, like that. Bernie has been working at this now, for six years and he is in that he is actually in a in terms of coalition size in a worse place. Any was at this point to those in sixteen and so oh worse along my men, many groups, demographic groups and insulting in that whole period. He like The you look at this from the very beginning you to say to bring prisoners like. How are you going to do better in two thousand and twenty and two thousand sixteen? The answer has to be asked. American voters.
It had to be. That is where that is where he lost last time. He did not achieve that and as a whole host of reasons valleys, and we get our mothers Obama advertised glittering to redress that, but it's a little late on that. I think, to the extent that he could, where he could make progress in this term here is he has to go back to making an ability case for himself yeah. This we're Biden has here right away from the elect ability. Case goes, that's clearly the number one thing on people's minds- and I think the like that week between him becoming be clear front runner between about in South Carolina was a thorough examination. We elect ability, and some of it was unfair, some of it he handled poorly and he suffered mightily from it, and so he's gonna have to estimate the cat. Did he has a better job, he's better position to be triumphant button, and there is an argument for that. It, like all, ought to arrogance its fear.
Bullshit, but he is argument that you can like. I was happy that yeah, just as a random alliance, were all legitimate cases, but who knows of their right right and a whole Canada, strength and weakness, and so, but he has to go back to making that case, because he has to get some of these voters who flocked abiden in the states of voting to produce day to come to him as the king. Ngos on one inch, run brands. He was talking about this in the exits among registered Democrats right, so Bernie Rain, even with binding and Warren in Iowa among Register Democrats. He won them in New Hampshire and Nevada and he's lost them ever since and
this sort of right around when they have. I say they Bernie in some ways, and certainly his campaign supporters have stepped up attacks on the democratic establishment, and I think I saw us all sort of retreating. This as recline had a really great piece about this- that if you are going to lead the Democratic Party, you cannot be at war with the Democratic Party, and I dont think that Bernie himself has been quite. Is at war with the Democratic Party is maybe even wasn't in twenty sixteen, but certainly, if you go who hunt him and it's not just fuckin random twitter trolls, we care about those people. Do people on his campaign, not avenues campaign, but some people on his campaign who seem like their mood in a fight with a democratic establishment in a fight against Donald Trump- and that is again that's the right- you guys can do that if you want have a great time, but I don't know, if that's going to win the nomination, if I don't think it will, I don't think it's about. I don't think this is
does not civilities about being nice is about people being mean to be other nurses, though it's it's it's it's to me. I see a lot of something about the motivations of people like Amy Closure, PETE Buddha Judge, Then I would warn Elizabeth Warren that presume that that that certain that that people who came to the conclusion that it was important for the country to rally behind Biden- maybe with some, you know not that these people are perfect, not there, but not without flaw, but but but neither they're not fought people, but that they came to the conclusion with genuine, like fear for the country and concerns about both candidates, but came to that decision, difficult, a difficult decision and an to be told that they're doing it furnished is reasons to just to stop Bernie. They don't because its purely about that invert yeah. You hear a lot of the establishment Democrats, don't care about the beating down Trump. They just want to be Bernie, which is like a baby. They hide. They hate Bernie, so much that I'm in a vote for some one that is backed by the healthcare industry in that's gonna leave
people dying. That's a literal thing. You will see on the twitter feats of Bernie staffers, not all of them not Faz some of the really thoughtful smaller ones, not Roxana you not seeing a sea saying things like that, Bernie. Our journeys hindered their people that make this about grievance and a lot of it is is weird self absorption that I dont particular understand. Then you also hear that own from the Bert, some of the Bernie Aligned media outlets like a jack Cobain or some of the podcast back him dead like if you dont support motives, you want people to die which assumes that will magically pass Medicare fraud, and then he walks in the Fuckin oval office, and there we go right and just its absurd purity test that I know from talking to senior staff on the worn campaign repeats campaign, but like young organizers, who just fucking hate that stuff they hate
tone in his driven them away. Well, because they are working there ass off these young people to elect their candidate because they believe their candidate can help improve the world and to be told there doing it, because there are trying to help the democratic establishment, maintain power and get jobs in DC is fucking. Bullshit. It's not await when people people over time you mention Roquat like if Bernie people want to see the most effective surrogate for Bernie Sanders, who gets what takes to sort of bring the party together and yet still be a very proud progressive and a proud lefty watch Roxana or or watch Elsie or humility upon or privilege. I up all right like he has some really good, Sir gets out there who get politics and are still just because you get politics doesn't mean you're, a centrist new with rural shill, can still be progressive, but I think he's in one way or the other copies. Yet the adding the actual peace is very, very smart. There, like it has been in twitter, reductionism brought down to Bernie mean to democratic establishment. Therefore he
can't leave the party we need, which is always that what they do is about meanness. Would right not about, but it's it's not even about the democratic establishment rights not about be about Susan surrounding calling for Nancy Policy, be replaced, it is about, seeming, like you, were open to the views of people who don't agree with you on everything and You can't do that in a democratic party. Reeve agree on eighty five and ninety percent of the solutions in a hundred per cent of the goals, then you're not can be able to do that in government, and there have been three occasions. I think in the last week that I don't like each individual one. Voters against Bernie, but these they speak. The larger problem- and this has been a proper basis who doesn't sixteen one was after a went out and basically open the door to compromise on Medicare for all sang bargaining forward. If we get a public option that be a huge victory burning it was asked a question he said no Medicare for also compromise from what not sure but is exceeded his government because there's a transition period like
no you're gonna learn is american. Abolish private insurance tomorrow program, you for years are shut up. That's unfair, but Second, is the history, on to the Castro comments which we all defended him, because we thought what he said was right into action was unfit. Yes, thank you like it asked for that matter. The other markings Castro's beard now will affect by we support that, but like there is an element of politics were sometimes you have to learn how to eat shit and the part a lot of people in the park react? If you're going to say it's going to matter to bring a fart? I think the reaction was unfair and disproportionate and there's a lot of motivated reasoning, their butt Sometimes you just have to acknowledge things that you disagree with fundamentally, and echo by Malta apologized for wearing of not wearing a flag pen and act like that was a big deal right. Nobody eight shit and he did it and royalty when you publicly disavow his pastor twice yeah called like event say well that wall like that that you know your corrupt if you think that
guess I bet you sometimes you just like you need to build a collision of people who don't agree with everything and then the third one I think is actually under disk some pretty significant is that he said he would not appoint. He would not pick a vice president you're, not gonna river em, a medic, your for all which means you're, going to use the most important decision of your presidential campaign, not to expand your appeal to people who may disagree with you and all of those things I think bespeak the larger problem within it within his messaging that it does not seem fairly, are unfairly open to the people. Do not agree with him on everything, and that's how you end up with a ceiling on your number and on, and I do think it contributing to that is the is the lack of its not civility, but it's a lack of sort of respect for the motivations of a lot of people, are afraid for the country every single day and just trying to figure it out like the rest of us. Now I you know it does seem like there could be some thinking in the campaign today that Bernie does need to
band his coalition. He ran and add with him in Brok Obama. I think we have a clip of it. Burning is somebody who has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes: great authenticity, great passion and is fearless Bernie sort on the veterans Committee and got bills done. I think people are ready for all TAT day was honest leadership. Who cares about them? I want somebody. Who's, gonna find and burning. Bernie Sanders. Take this message a broad Obama Lazard. In so many add the cycle and novel mock me over with a further because, like I was much like, I just have to
the credit for that I love you. I love that smart and I remember and are not advertise and I think about missing fill the Burne was when he was trying to do a unity thing between Hilary in burning throbbings. I remember him doing that and and laughing at the time, but look at it. I dont know if this add works right, because I do I dont think many. I dont know how many democratic voters think that Bernie Sanders in Brackets where natural allies. Obviously the counter to this from the Biden campaigner, what going to say well Bernie did say you know, flowed a primary challenged: Barack Obama. Twenty twelve said on he said on a radio station he needs a primary challenge and so I don't know how much that works, but do good for him for trying were for Limburg,
ray wherefore Bloomberg, maybe like each other very like each other. All the outward for blueberry, abrupt Obama has been just blanket in the airways for two candidates that he is in problems, but I will say that what was interesting about that message is it's. It's not. A radical message is actually a really kind of positive case for that Bernie is in a way that could appeals. What people where I was Rock Obama saying remember just wasn't about about yet it said he can get things done. But he can. He can work with other people to get things done, which might be as important for Bernie, as the Obama Obama saying it, How do you think Bernie didn't run then add before the South Carolina primary? Maybe they can. I questioned he caught off guard by just what happened yesterday Alex Clue, and they must have had that in the EU. You think that, isn't it that overnight, you think they must immediately lay. I don't know you have that radio you, like you, ve known it's out there like any political consultant who heard that has brought, has had ended and I am sure that, as has been the case for a long time right- and there is
element of I dont, like maybe he felt like he was inauthentic to run. That add because he had floated that primary challenge, although I think Bernie there's act. Despite that promotion, but actually has a greater claim to relationship with Brok. Obama. Michael Limburg oh for none of them, are in the neighbourhood of Joe Biden. Obviously, with like it's not and fair, add in way, shape or form some, just like their muscle. The decision in your head again, the most important state they could. Essentially, you can end Joe Biden candidacy right there by causing him to underperform mare in in building on some momentum. You apparently had in pulling in african american voters and did not run that an unjust you're, not gonna, win that stubbornness. I dont know if that was a candid decision. Although the wing of the campaign, that's like fuck, the NEO liberal chills, I bet you that Brok Obama, listen, sewer, Bernie, Sanders speech and agrees with ninety nine point. Nine percent of what comes out of his mouth it just an approach to politics, is where they
if her yeah Obama's always been about bring people together, even when they disagree with you in compromising it has been core to his ability to win yeah I was eight. There is at the end of the toxic the South Carolina there is that moment. The end where the question was about what I miss about you and what Bernie said was the myth. Is that I'm a radical and things advocate for not radical their incredibly sensible, practical things to help people. That side of Bernie, I think, is so important to his appeal and actually buy, speaks to the incredible achievement. He's had in the last six years of pulling the party to the laugh. Regardless of what happens moving forward, and I do enough.
Words are sitting at a computer, trying to figure out what Bernie should be saying now or we should have been saying a week and a half ago. It would be that broader message about how practical these ideas are, how much he's gotten done the importance and deposit about helping the strangers, if they herself, with all that that part of that that undergoes the kind of hope, people, Feelin Bernie and it just has been missing. I will say Dan to answer your question. Just thinking about it for a second, the Bernie people might have been thinking if this becomes contest between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, about who Barack Obama likes better, there's a very easy moment on the debate stage where he be like. I know you ve been running the sad Bernie, but he picked me to be vice president twice and he's my pal. Served his who for eight years, what did you do you? You know it is a report that you fluttered a primary challenge: human. You disagree the many times, so I,
it's all about sort of the frame of the election ray you never want to fight on a frame or that's gonna benefit your opponent, so that might be one reason from a reductive folk. As for hope, campaign dear, but exactly where we knives campaigns just screw up the focus on a million things and don't get the address or what happened whom to where it is all about Elizabeth worn, but I do want to start by its at the end of the burning section here talking about how much was worn a factor for Bernice performance on Super Tuesdays. Many of his supporters in some on his campaign seem to blame her for taking way progressive votes, ill Han Omar, We did imagine if the progressives consolidated last night, like the moderates consolidated, who would have one, I feel calm and it would have allowed us to win Minnesota in other states. Is this true? Is this fair? I mean I've made my view clear that I don't think it's true warfare This isn't? The math says now throw that's all every every bit of data Cessna. You have me
Maybe you can make an argument that, like Massachusetts, maybe there's like one or two places where would have shifted a state, but I dont think you have shifted the we're all resulted in and also this wasn't. A fight between Biden versus Bernie plus warrant is a fight between bind plus Bloomberg. First, plus warrant. If they're all gone Bloomberg did a lot better. The damage Bloomberg did certainly count fails anything that was with warned if you even assume that those votes would of organ to Bernie, which has Tommy said you can't and I'll just say from a political standpoint like if you're Bernie Sanders, anyone explain your collision, blaming Elizabeth Warren and not that he's doing it, but even having some your supporters, do it like an tap that shit down because is this. Is this? Is someone who, if she dropped out of the race you'll want her. Norsemen, then maybe don't tweets snakes at people now I mean like just. We should be clear on burning behalf as they he has been explicitly going in the other direction of his. Has he, where he was asked whether she should drop out, he was Mary was as they would not target. Do that like I
so that the New York Times as well he's doing a press conference now quickly, and I would be shocked if he does not once again offer words of support for her as opposed. So there is there is throughout all of everything but arms. There is this disconnect from Bernie the person and Bernie the campaign. And it is incumbent upon Bernie the person to make the the person we're centrepiece of the campaign which antics the campaign of mine in others, the Bernie Aligned media, which it's not fair to to blame him for things that they say and do, but You welcome those same people later into events in June TV, rallies and other things like you're gonna get tagged with some of the city or things they say that life that's politics, pod save America has brought you buy, roman paralyse happens, it's no reason to spiral into crisis mode
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Flash cricket: ok, let's talk about Elizabeth Warren, who had a disappointing night. Her campaign hoped she'd win a sizeable number delegates, but she barely cleared the fifteen percent viability threshold in just a few states. Unless your home state of Massachusetts, her campaign Russa stated this morning saying that she's gonna take a few days to think about. What's next guys, it's obviously no secret that we all really like Elizabeth Warren, have been incredibly impressed with her as a candidate in her campaign. What think happened here, well mean which lets you two parts of this measure. I think the mistakes made in things that were out of her control centres mistakes. She made her. I do think that the
Sorry, that was told about Elizabeth Warren, probably should have been the sort of woman born in Oklahoma who went to a commuter college after dropping out of nineteen cuz. She got pregnant and worked her way up. As a teacher and like that incredible inspiring up from your bootstraps story, I don't think broke through and said it was with wonky professor who has a plan for that which in the moment, seems like brilliant branding and amazing, but I think long term didn't necessarily connect her with voters in the way that build the canal. That is enduring, that would be one note, and I just add that to that I think the warrior Warren that we saw in the debate with Bloomberg was one that I was up so
I'll come in and so incredibly impressive and was the other piece of the walk right. It's like you know she comes from nothing to become the intellectual leader of the Democratic Party and she does it by being a fighter, but not just being along by being but being a fighter whose, like relentless and like that relentlessness, is what had letter to that stage and- and you have to take Bloomberg apart piece by piece- and you know that came late, but and could never come some of the liabilities that were outside our control, including like you massaging sometimes the people with the best message, the best campaigns Darwin and she made mistakes for sure. Her campaign made mistakes. They buy on Iowa and they did when Iowa and then it's that was sort of the original sin here. That has been hard very, very hard to recover from and the better. I was not incorrect, like she looked at them new Hampshire would be hard for her given challenge Did she has with being up in that Boston media market, which has not been firmly to her, despite our political success there demographically the next to stay for her?
so she needed a burst of momentum and become the former that dinner, but in the context of the work of a just said, is that in an elite and where elect debility whatever that means has been the primary sure, democratic voters, the role of Assassinate displayed, a huge part, is misogyny and its gender race right, which is in, which is why the candidates of color women, candidates and prickly accounts of color are offered no margin of error on their mistakes and the way that I think it's so important to think about that, and I wish I could have some ice cream last night, but is when Elizabeth Warren was a front runner. There was a electability panic among political, be about her in the primary reason, even if it was just a proxy conversation with the primary reason, for that was her support of Medicare for all. And the medical problems you supported is the one the brain centres wrote in. There has not been a right, sir.
Our conversation I'm refers in, so you don't have to be a fucking detective to figure out what the problem is here at any in that I think there is. I think she face sort of two factors, mainly beyond her control, which the intersection of both gender and ideology right- candidates that are perceived as too far to the left have a hard time winning a nomination, and then women candidates have an added challenge because set some exists in this country and the fact that she was both that she was a woman running to the left which her Medicare for opposition and the scrutiny on the Medicare for opposition highlighted. I think for a democratic elector that was obsessed with Elect ability became an issue because, as we remember, y'all were there for the poll. The DES Moines Register Poll that showed her in first place in Iowa right you at leading the field for a while and just a
every one to absent right now, Bernie Sanders doing press conference, and he said that he spoke with Elizabeth worn a few hours ago and per our previous conversation. She said she's assessing our campaign and he is asking people to respect the time in the space. She needs to make her decision so cronies Anders is bleeding and do in saying the right think good for him good ram. You haven't used on a sort of the massage any front too. I do think you see some people to argue against me saying. Well, then, why did Amy closure do well, or why did my moderate? right. Well, yes, she was a matter of course of an MRI was how could you say that Mean Macedonia's in the regional and burning centres and works? His man right and Elizabeth Well
Britain's edited Elizabeth Warrant was leading a lot of people didn't suddenly become sawdust and, of course that's true, but I do think we have never grappled. We have never grappled enough with the kind of the subtle but deep way in which our language of politics are metaphors, our notions of experience. What we give to men in terms of credit for their competence we give to women in terms of credit for their accomplishments ebbene. It was just an uphill bottle for her from the very beginning, and it's just it it's it's at metal. I was wondering serve looking at this electorate and what we are seeing in these results. Next time there is aid, open, democratic, primary and and Donald Trump is not. The incumbent president in fear, has not pervaded the whole contest and everyone's super word but elect ability, because if we don't nominate the right person down Trumpery President again, I do think that this democratic electorate will be more willing to take a chance
on a candidate that is not as traditional either in their ideology or their gender or their race or whatever it may be. I think Democrats will feel a little more courageous when we're not facing adopted the phenomenal overstrain. Twenty twenty two thousand and eight Is that because I don't know, Brok, Obama gets nominated in this environment, yet I think it is highly unlikely that he does it mean and because a lot of you have asked a question that will, how did Obama navigate the electrical device in? It was a question. It was one very explicitly raised by Hilary Summitville Oakland's advisers. It was not the primary over riding topic of discussion for the entire campaign, and so it was a who is a much lower hurdle for him to get over that it was for any candidate in this cycle and its is that it's not just like what is actual activity. It is a narrative of politics that has existed since it. After just a few action, which is the only way the when the White House has yet to persuade a group of conservative white men in Wisconsin and when you choose
that is the narrative politics as ultimate ultimately disadvantage. Anyone who is not await them also Elsa, nickel, Elizabeth Warren paid a price for the incredibly a nuanced, and you know pretty pretty conversation that took place after Hillary Clinton's The vote will let your college loss around the interplay of her unique flaws and weakness is a candidate and the role that massage any obviously in clearly played in that race, and I do think that that conversation ultimately made people nervous and fearful when they were already gonna, be nervous and fearful going into this election. Finally, the last caribou computer and Super Tuesday has dropped out MIKE Bloomberg Kong. It quits after spending more than half a billion dollars, which is about the GDP of Americans, all of which is the only place he one last night. Bloom It also picked up delegates in a number of other states, but it wasn't enough. Any Endorse Joe Biden this morning, we talk
What lessons learned from Tom's tyres Grand experiment last week. What are we were when we learn from my plan Brooks Campaign gas hard to run it credit primary. When you're republican, like that yeah, I would it have. You like. There are people over learning lesson. Around adds right, there's an indissoluble saying. While he, you know, he spent five million dollars on ad and they didn't work. I do think that you know the ad set up my Bloomberg to show up playing a game and actually look allowed him to outpace people that have been running for a year and he just couldn't Kosovo. He came to that debates, age any any foundered and it lead people to walk away the minute those is over, it adds can help, but they can solve your problem. The problem might Bloomberg had. Was he despite being a true champion onto the most important issues, the Democrats care about climate change and gun control. On the vast majority of other issues, he was ambivalent. Bessie conservative at worst hit a war history of statements, critical of President Obama, everyone's best friend, despite his ads. And generally
and he's also not a good politician. He doesn't like it when he went to that debate. State the person who showed up regardless of how Elizabeth Warren panel him, which was, I was a very skilful but The person who showed up there seem nothing like the grand bold leader who is best friends of Obama that several honey hours of ads shown up eventually, People have to try. The product in the product did not match the marketing campaign, and that is very tumbled. It's also like you know of democratic voters will like I, we really care about elect ability and were looking for the can, who we think is the most electable. But you know what might Bloomberg is going too far. That's better lives. Like bats IKEA. Go that's why? I think, if you did well in that debate, maybe a man be he would. Similarly, it seemed like a Democrat. Yet ores like egg media, politician like he'd, like that, that was why the worst debate performances in american history of ETA? Like I'm,
like to be fair to him. He has not to be George W Bush was president He endorses clear, but I bet it that is but like, but also that. That is why it was so reckless to think that you could use blanket the airwaves to cry position without, if you're not ready for them, because there was a, it was a smart move. It almost worked until we get on that debates to hit about it, you're not Praxis Camp candidate and that's what we need me to practice candidate. That's all behind do interview. She didn't do town halls, he didn't do debates, and so when he he Bay we had to go up to the plate at the biggest most important moment of vision. Our campaign without ever having swung about, and it isn't it supports labour yeah, I mean listen. I know Elizabeth Warren dismembered him like an extra Dexter I mean you see like the faced one of the most brutal. Effective debaters, this entire cycle, but also
airlines and worn a thank you know, he's everyone shed, but with rose when she whispered easier to like do most over can't win. You can't win the morning Joe Caucus and think that than six hundred million dollars of ads is going to cover up for Tons of allegations of only remember the specifics, amene such arrangements at at at at at or a lot of terrible over your company lot of terrible without a terrible positions routinely too shit about the former president I'd states who is popular, I mean none of that was fixable with money. Thank God. The way the building on our good about our democracy problem. As he's those close to break a bomb is based only for all the criticism that my Bloomberg has received. Most of it deserved, He did say this morning or has campaigned heads morning. They will be spending all of their money now to help elect the democratic nominee for bathing. The democratic nominee will be Joe Biden, their sporting, Joe Biden, but nonetheless I am nonetheless I do think
It is a very good news and speaks very well of Might Bloomberg that, after taking shit from the Democratic Party for less couple weeks as this monstrous oligarchy he's like Hey, I'm still here to be Donald Trump, I'm gonna help in any way. I can now does good for my plan, but, yes, it does big while them into you know. He'd aside, he could have run as a spoiler independent as some other billions. Consider just take Romanian gone home and be like fuck, you people, but he is new home, an American smaller here. Where are you? welcome like a period, but he chose to run in the primary and make his case and it didn't work and he backed out more than we can save. Yeah it's another Howard shouts, yet Mercer he dropped into the fund for now For now, you know. Did you before we go on issues like about if you download it results in North Caroline a former state sender and veteran. Tell Cunningham when the democratic centre primary and will face off against Republican Tom. Tell us in the fall pulling it should Cunningham until us in a tight race
the big Race North Carolina, we got to go. Good candidate, and I think that turn out in North Carolina in this primary is encouraging for that rights yet found Phyllis. To be little word, but as a big number everytime, I try to find his handle on twitter to mean about Amazon, hardliner farm fill us in the thing from some good comforts of Amerika come such get Mitch to donate to all the democratic centric in its now you cannot now. We have one in Kehl Cunningham intact, there no democratic Senate. Can it cleared fifty percent or there'll be a run up between Mj Hager and someone else. We don't know who could still too close to call, Alabama, Doug Jones, our boy Jones. Send him some money. Will face, or he will face the winner of a run off between Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions and Tommy
Uber bill who do we want to win that run off and want sessions. I actually think it may be worse than that. I think it's Jefferson Beauregard Jeff for gas, yes, our garden and Tommy to reveal Tommy to Barville he's at what I mean is of Amr provocative blockage list What does all sit here and be happy that Roy more gotta clock cleaned? Albania by removing the easier. I know the like we're, just even the prospect disgusting scumbag, potentially serving an. U assented is too much to bear no Mitch Mcconnell would be like well give some committees semi my as well yeah. You have done it before. Oh tub, Urville Tubercle, giving Michael There is also a jungle grammar in California. Twenty fifth congressional district to fill Katy he'll see no candidate reach the fifty percent required majority. So Democrat Christie Smith, run against Might Garcia and run off and May Smith in Garcia will also face. In the general election in November, brood two elections for those two, Who will serve the full term starting in twenty twenty one? That's an important sea, and so
everyone here and now in California, near the twenty fifth help out on that one finally one congressional primary that we are watching closely was the Texas Twenty Eightth. Just this narrow, so progressive twenty six year old human rights lawyer, who we endorse who Tommy interviewed here and POD save America Challenge trumps favoured Democrat the very normative. Representative Henry Clay are queer, ended up beating sincerest fifty two percent to forty eight percent close Thou, socks and zero said she'll be back, differ her she's, twenty six she's bad ass? She inspired alot of people and inquire had Pelosi coming to the end. He had digital see money. He had cope brothers money, he had everything the old kitchen excite she'll be back. That's only animals have any any other criticism of the voting problems. Yes, vetches, all across the country they regard prickly in California in Texas, their people who were forced to wait in line four hours.
The more likely you are to live, and I will come work, meaning of color the longer you had to wait, a mine and Mark Elias, our friend democratic attorney, who is been fighting these? Courts for voting rights are very long. Time pointed on twitter last night that if we do not me fixing those issues, a party we were going to get our clock, cleaned, in november- and it is particularly frustrating California were weak for all the levers of power. We give people vote by mail and every other thing, California, must be the model for how you do it the people were waiting in line five hours after the Poles close to cast about in a democratic primary is deeply. Can
in a democratic state. Yes, all the levers of power. We have the power to say one staff in Texas since these from court gutted. The voting Rights Ex Texas has closed seven hundred and fifty pulling locations. Seventy two percent of them are in the fifty counties for the fastest growing african, american and latino population. This is deliberate, it is racist, it is voter suppression and we see it every election and it just priced into the coverage that the media is expected to happen. We need to treat it like a scandal and an rage and make it a top priority. Let the fact you, the taxes that I thank, shows just how unsubtle they are in their efforts to disenfranchise democratic voters. Texas, is obviously a very onerous notoriety law but dont. If you dont have a driver's license, you can vote with your concealing. Carry permit If you are a student at a university cutting
Texas State University, you're student. I D does not count while on the California peace, a youth. I do like help. Let the Texas legislature aperture, but the Indian Kilburn too. I do think that there is a question to you know because you have it was its historic vote and you can vote multiple places. You can go where you wanted to vote, so I do think that a lot of this is just sort of fearing out forget like efforts at voters prussian like what happened. Right, rake, a system that was supposed to make voting easier and better. I would like I would love to hear from Alex Padilla Secretary of State, so I think it's really incredible work and trying to make California the model for What happened? What were they turn unintended consequences of a plan to try to make the system worked. Better yeah right well We will talk to you and me we're just gonna, be sitting at this desk, probably cause there's a debate, primary two million them hope and fine shows up. So we can interim, hey Javan. Invitations opens, can see right, you're gonna get those young voters were here. We're here ready to chat member us we'd love to talk to you anyway.
Well. Well, we visit debate some time next week from Sunday, so we from Sunday ok, so that we, the primary next Tuesday right. I too, will be back to normal here. We'll try to go by POD save America is a product of cricket media. The executive producer. Michael Martinez, our assistant produced, is Jordan Waller its mixed in did by Andrew Chadwick. Kyle segment is our sound engineer thanks to turn you so much or Katy long roman puppet Dimitrios, Caroline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our digital. Eliza Cone, Normal Conan yell freed in my local, who film and upload these episodes is videos every week.
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