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Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris to be his Vice President, and Hysteria’s Alyssa Mastromonaco joins Jon and Dan to break down the choice, the rollout, and the reaction of Donald Trump. Then Black Voters Matter Fund co-founder LaTosha Brown talks to Jon about the historic nature of Kamala Harris’s selection, and how the Democratic ticket can organize and energize voters this fall.

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in a magic bullet, and it makes I got it makes something like ice cream. It's pretty good here as recruiter right now, you can try zip for free at zero critter dotcom, Slash cricket that super kurdish dotcom, Slash, Greg. Welcome replied, save America Cabra, I'm dyin Pfeiffer I'm Master Monica she's is The question was just give us otherwise forget those giving is this an episode of POD save America on which that is a guess,
or is this a nanoscience. Yet I'm just a guest on that's the ticket. God that's what I wanted to establish that early on first for the power to deliver gave her it my favorite positive american, many series since Tommy's. I was here: smart, smart, smart, so there has been too onto these pot. I talked to our friend Latasha Brown of black voters matter about the history calmly This has made as the democratic parties vice presidential nominee before that this again- and I will talk about Joe by this decision- to put common on the ticket the roll out over the last few days and how Trump has responded. But first we get a few quick husky the notes check out this week, parts of the world where Tommy and Ben talk about common foreign policy views for an election into parents and the massive explosion in Lebanon, with Washington, Post, Beirut, bureau, chiefly sly. Also, if you haven't checked out and roads is new. Pod missing America highly suggest you take a listen. It's rocketing up the Itunes charts,
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on that. That was a good reminder that I should age. Like my schedule, be read my emails goes. I gotta lotta news in that. Ok, yeah. Let's try really needed at all Do I get honorary inclusion in the group thread this time? Yes, you do. Thank you very much I've learned how to use things tutor on flag. I will we are my view of the group that is more the merrier, because you know it's just boring. Listening to us for fuckers just go on about these. I completely agree. I just can't it down now. I just want to be included and so lonely happy. I'm so excited great. Now, you're on your own. Let's get the news, I got my too that's the ticket costs with me to talk about Joe Biden. Selection of California it or common Harris. The first woman of color blind
woman, an asian american woman to run on a major party ticket is also the first graduate of a historically black college and university. In the first Democrat from California to run on a major party ticket Biden announced the pick me attack on Tuesday and the two running mates held a joint event in Wilmington Delaware on Wednesday? Let's listen to a clip from their remarks, as a child and immigrants? She knows personally how immigrant families enrich our country, as well as the challenges of what it means to grow up black and indeed American, in the United States of America. Her stories, America story different from mine and many particulars, but also not so different in the essentials. She's worked hard, she's, never back down from its
and she has earned each and every of the accolades it achieve myths that she has again many of them, often in the face of obstacles that others put Norway, but never quit. And this morning, all across the nation, little girls woke up special little black and brown girls, who so often feel overlooked and undervalued in there entities, but today today, just maybe they're saying themselves for the first time in a new way as the stuff of present, and why presence, and you know my mother and father. They came from opposite sides of the world to arrive in America, one from India and the other from Jamaica in search of a world class education. But what brought them together was the civil rights
movement of the nineteenth sixties and that's how they met as students in the streets of Oakland, marching and shouting for this thing called justice in a struggle that continues today, and I was part of it, my parents would bring me to protests, strap tightly. In my stroller and my mother similar raised my,
sister Mayan me to believe that it was up to us and every generation of Americans to keep on March, and she tell us, don't sit around and complain about things do something. So I did something I devoted my life to making real the words carved in the United States Supreme Court, equal justice under law and thirty years ago I stood before a judge for the first time, breathed deep and uttered the phrase that would that, would early God my career and the rest of my career Camilla Harris for the people was tell us exactly when and how you found out about the pic and-
What was your immediate reaction? I found out about the pic on CNN and I mean I think, the two to put it in the words of Elizabeth Warren. Fucking out like it was great. It's exciting. You know it's great, it's wonderful! It's a woman! Do it's over! Their work was right The reaction I found it I found out about it in the Caribbean, media Slack general just where I did go. That's that's where you find out you're breaking news. He has I could list. I think. When something is expected- it's it's. Easy to in the run up to it not fully recognise how exciting it can be an oath. Like. If you would ask anyone a year, when you were to say Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic Germany who is, as vice president I would say most people, politics, probably what a guess come virus, but the sea.
Radical is very different in the actual and its increase I it was incredibly exciting when the news came out. The excitement of people all across the country and the party was palpable thee- you don't even talking to people in my life who are not engaged in politics full time like us, they were very, very excited about it. I think I am is pumped up about this election as, as I have been the you know in many many months, I was surprised by how much it meant to me. I think you guys will probably agree. One of the downsides of being a political junkies like us is that sometimes you so caught up in the daily bulshit that you,
miss the larger significance of certain moments, and I was I was thinking back to that night. That's Barack Obama made history as the first black candidate to win Iowa carcasses and how one of the people celebrating in the office when they called the race was then San Francisco district attorney common Harris who had been out knocking on doors for him a decade later. Donald Trump winds in part because of a racial backlash to the election of Brok, Obama and now to beat him
Joe Biden, the older white guy Obama selected as his running mate, turns around and chooses Camilla, whose parents, like Obama's, came from opposite sides of the world to be the first black woman to run on a major party ticket, and it it sort of reminded me of why are all boss said, I think, shortly after Trump One, which is that history doesn't always move in a straight line, but it moves and it was a it's a big deal, it's a big deal and I thought the video with charming of job I call on my god? You know. Sometimes that's not done well, it can seem very inauthentic and hokey. I loved it she's, like I'm sorry, to keep you waiting? She looked like a normal person, I'm wearing my Kamel, assure shirt, because this is what she was bearing in her video. I thought it was great and you know what else of really this is so nourishment. This is music narrative
but I was like fuckin Bob Marley is up in Heaven smiling right now. A person of jamaican dissent is be vice, president of the United States, so anyway, Marlene, but also Not everyone is Bob Marley you this. Then? Why do you think, in the end that Joe Biden treasure I think he believed He came to the I've always leave the job. I was looking for his job, I process, and by that I mean someone that he could have a relationship of trust with, because I really believe that you can make political cases for all the people around that short list, and certainly the political case for commerce is incredibly strong, she's, very, very talented campaigner, which I think will talk about, but he came to the conclusion and I think it very much influence by both
relationship with Senator Harris, he believed that they can have the same relationship of trust that he had with Brok, Obama and that was gonna, be key to her to a governing partnership. I was at the New York Times wrote. The color was quote seen throughout the vice presidential search is among the safest choices available to Mr Barton. I thought that was a sentiment that was echoed throughout a lot of the coverage in poetry, What did you think about that? The Shiva safe shorts fagging asked black women in America, if they agree with that statement like first picking, a woman. This was something that we talked about a lot and that's the ticket at no point has putting a woman on the ticket like that tickets, not one in case, there is no way that any of this is like a safe now. It was never the vice presidential females fault because, except this, I'm last two times women were added when Gatt candidate was way way behind, so
No, this is not a safe choice. That's just it's fucking crazy to say that this was like this an inspired choice; it was a good choice and it was not. I can't imagine that any woman who heard the who's. The other day was like low hanging fruit. That's just not what out of antiquity. Are you reading those stories in preparation has passed from Oliver his paper? As that that was all couch rivers like safe but exe, having Troy. Spiten goes the safe round and like what has happened in american politics. Not just in are the last four has been our history. That suggests that these safe thing to do is to put a woman of color on the ticket and that they really feel like the planetary confused expected in Russia has gone ass. Do you think she was the obvious choice? I mean she why you know at any point in time. If you had asked anyone to place their life on the line. To pick who Joe Biden would pick, you would become come terrorist group.
Passes every single test. She as all of the ready Experience need to do the job tremendously Townsend Campaigner, you know, There is a foundation of relationship between her and Joe Biden because of her relationship of bones the whole way the coverage played out speaks to how the press overvalue surprise right it's exciting if they haven't thought about it, but what they forget is they live in the same twitter echo chamber bubble that we do where many people were quite surprised by this choice because they recognized in the long history of Amerika. There has never been a black woman, a major party ticket it, so it is exciting in his unexpected, as it goes against the history. This country.
Yeah, I am, I dont think was a. It was a safe choice. I did, I felt personally for maybe the last three four weeks that it was either going to be common Harris or Susan Rice. I mean, I guess I thought sense, since the protests following George Floyd's murder eyes began to strongly believe that the Biden campaign would select a woman of color for the ticket because I do think we're in a moment of racial reckoning, and I think that the binding campaign and Joe Biden himself has proved himself to be someone who is willing to listen and grow, and you know make sure that vehicle
pain. He's running is reflective of the party that he now leads and the country that he wants to lead, even if he himself and his own identity is not quite reflective of that party. He has been very open to that, and so I thought for a while. I thought, since the protests that he would ultimately select women of color, and I think because we are in a moment where the next president will inherit you know a worse reception than Obama did a the greatest public health crisis in a century and the fact that Joe Biden is seventy, eight years old, he was going to select someone who had extensive governing and pull it
am legislative experience and commonly Harris has all of those things and- and I think Susan also has tremendous governing experience as well. I think in the end another part of the calculation was: has this person been vetted and tested on the national scene in the midst of a brutal political campaign in Kamel ahead because of the primary and probably that in the end is wait against Susan and, in my view, yeah, I just have to say, because we all know and that's the ticket I predicted he picked. Susan and Pfeiffer predicts a comma. So I want to say yea, Phifer, but same thing. I kind of thought that, because it did seem for so long. Like Camilla was the obvious choice that because say this. Let me finish my sentence before you disagree with me. It feels
It took such a long time, and I know it's because we're not doing campaign event There's nothing else to look at this timing is very historical for what, he announced or but because there was nothing else to think about, and you have to wonder like how much else was their goal. Honestly like this was their singular focus so because they warrant announcing right away. I thought maybe there was, I thought. Maybe Susan Head, like you, know, eclipsed Camilla, but I was so I want to say that I was wrong we with you, because it was locker right it actually like. Historically, as we talked about that's the ticket, the VP announcement generally comes about seven to ten days before the convention and in recent years, in almost every occasion except Paul, Ryan thousand twelve. It's come about these. Actually this exact timing, which is ready for the weekend before the convention. But what was different this time is convention was later and Joe Biden got the nomination much earlier. So addition to the absolute monotonous life that we have
our homes, the actual period of time, much longer, and so with fell more painful and Yemen led to you know some dynamics that a lot of people very rightfully called out as being pretty tight sick about how a lot of these women and women of color were being pitted against each other in media and by be no sir political people on all sides Yet there are I'll say there are moments of Alaska. Believes right, thought. A definite could be Susan, partly because Joe Biden so values personal relationships, and he is close to Susan and is not as closed a comma, though certainly close to her as well. But I do know our old bus says this all the time and has at this sort of a recent reports through the process that when he was selecting a running May or when you select running mate, it is
important as like someone who has been through the ringer of a political campaign and look in I've seen some people be like well come legend do as well on the primary or this or that are like. She went through some incredibly tough campaigns in telephone year where being in a democratic primary in California, is very rough, and you have to be a very fuckin good care. Aigner to get through democratic primaries in the state of California and calmly Harris succeeded in doing that multiple times, and then she went through a presidential campaign and came out of that campaign. Even there should make it incredibly well liked by most of the Democratic Party in most of the country and that's like that's no small feet. So what specifically does come Le Harris bring to the ticket Alyssa.
I think she's very comfortable on social media, known as is a thing. This is a thing because our people communicating right now, so one is obviously not the biggest thing, but I'm just noticed it in the past couple days like she's she's, great she can communicate in ways that you guys would add Kate in the White House for how'd, you communicate to all the people who are in on twitter and who dont want to watch cable news. I think that she is a great person that they will be able to engage. Also, she is like one of the greatest things to do is: go back in time and watch her grill bilbil. And especially Brett Cabinet, and know that so many Republicans will face that fate. Now, like the the ice Of Camelot sort of prosecuting the case, I think against the Trump Administration like she said in her announcement speech. I just think that she,
is, she is a wonderful speaker, she's, a great speaker, she's, a great debate her and she's one of the people in the primaries. If you sort of, if I had to break down who came to the debate, all five hundred of them with a plan and like executed on their plan. It would probably she and Amy closure. Those were the two people who I thought always came not to play, so I just think that she's ask and she's gone out for the first. I think that we- talk so much about how people dont vote for a VP, and I do think that in this case people and be very, very motivated to vote early. Though, by male vote period because of her, it was crucial. Question yeah, environs, insured announcement offer he talked about how If she was what a fighter she was- and I recognise that the final languages how she described for self, it was a big argument of herself in the primary. What was your reaction to that like
It just feel we still live in this world where he know anymore. To succeed as a woman and politics, you have to pass this in our toughness threshold that we got our whether exist without us or not, but it was just the language struck me. So here's interesting so his speech, coupled with communist speech, was the perfect circle right. It encapsulated everything he talked about, how tough she was. She talked about her bio and how she's Mamma and all that stuff. So I think that if you wanted to paint a complete picture of Camelot, it happened at the event his speech on its own. If he had said it without her, in her remarks after it, I think it might have been a little like really in our link. We gotta be so fuckin tough, all the time and- and I think that this was a better representation of her as a whole person. The two speeches put together, that's interesting. My test on this on this is always like. Could you imagine being said about a male politician
fighter is said about male politicians. Tough is not rigid, it's just like you. Don't hear people calling male politicians, tough, it is done here cause you assume their taxes. Does their reactors there's an assumption built it? did what? What else do you think that that she brings to the ticket I think illicit on what is a very, very important one, which is. She is a very good campaigner in the age of the internet. Is. She is a real, palpable authenticity. Her. That was like a great asset of hers in the primary issues. She was always great, like late night, talk shows or other for, mats liking chosen the breakfast club with things like gosh. I think she was always Is she just very good in its it there's a good balance between her in and by then. I think the best tickets are ones where, when they're together, it sort of creates a improves both of that right. Now
think about that happened with the Obama Biden, and you can see that with common Harris and Biden. Yes even though they thereby together, I mean six feet apart. Wary masks which such as our life, but there s another with the moment that I just I think, sort of sent chills down my spine and what I thought embodied a lot of what makes commonly Harris such a endearing. And compelling part in person was. Now here we hear it is the biggest moment of her life. She is a you know, she's making history and when he, when German says, let me address an express wasn't, as you can see, her literally react with joy to at last. She sort of by shrugged her shoulders and excitement, and it was very authentic and like that is a huge part of what I think. We must take it in its so much more important in a situation where you are campaigning on the internet over. Sumer. Whenever s, instead of being actually in person were Joe Biden, is a phenomenal campaigner in person. You know
less so in two of the digital space, but I think I can feel some of those gaps. You know what else just is also in terms of her up. Intensity is just really interesting. That for, however many years we ve been talking about this that the India has decided what women want to see. You know that, like a woman should be tough, but you can also make a pie and like she should have quaffed hair and like good suit, and the thing about comment is that, like one of the greatest things that you can this, one of the greatest stories is that she called Corey Booker on his birthday, Senator Corey. Or on his birthday. But she decided that he needed to learn how to make lentils. He told her that she was making lentil. So she made him go face time and she rollers in her hair and she's, just like explaining him out and get it done. That's like what woman really too, you know it's it's and I feel it. She represents that in a way that it took us this long to get comfortable with
one of the all time. Greater net moments is her teaching. Mark Warner, fell, died tuna cell guy, now I totally agree with all that. I think three things you know her brilliant switch is evidence. Every time she's been on the Judiciary Committee, vesting all of her colleagues in the questioning, whatever witnesses up, I think her charisma, I think she's. You know the best speaker on a credit party, major ticket sense, Barack Obama, anyone else I can remember, and she and end the charisma is both something we see in public and for those of us who have met her privately. It's the same. Like you know, all this it came to the office and I think, like hanging out with Elizabeth, worn and calmly Harris were like two of the great joys I had with those candidates there, just there just really fun and warm, and just great people tat to hang out with and funny to common,
very funny. We saw in person when she remember she was their guest at the second ever apposite America. Why show in this goes only like four or five months after she got to the Senate and amid she brought the house down at me, was a house full of very neat created some franciscans beheading, and one other thing about what come on brings that ticket that I should have run up earlier is come is a gamer The game is on the line. She delivers the in every one of those debates and like the expectations for her going in to the cap
now hearing and she just came and brought it in the debates. When her campaign is on the line, she had, she hadn't her best performances, and so when the pressure his greatest, she has delivered in really that ways and that something you it's you absolutely need in a voice in the in the vote in the candidate part of a vice presidential candidate. Like the debate, the commission species got these huge moments and if she can continue that pattern of delivering that's huge, I also think that, though, the last point on this is, you know, Joe Biden has talked about his candidacy as sort of a bridge to the future of the party, and she represents
future of the Democratic Party and sort of the future of where the demographics are shifting in the country itself run brown seen always talked about, and we talked with us in the wilderness. Alot. The coalition of restoration, assert the republican coalition and the Democratic Party represents the coalition of transformation. You know thirty percent of our borders and the Democratic Party are Non College, educated, white voters right thirty percent are college, a gateway voters and forty percent of voters of color, and you know we, despite the fact that we have Joe Biden than the top of the ticket we now have a fifty five year old black women immigrants story comes from San Francisco comes from California, who is representing the future the party- and I do think that is incredibly important as we hadn't this election and as you know, if Democrats are gonna win is going to be because
they ran up these margins in increasingly diverse suburbs. Circling these major cities. So let's talk about the reaction to come, a selection which was overwhelmingly positive just about every elect a democrat from all wings. The party praise the pic as well as active and organizers, who criticized Harrison Pass course there has been some criticism from progressive Kamel is to moderate or cautious, particularly her record on criminal justice from, and she was San Francisco dossier in California attorney General Alyssa. What do you make of that criticism? Ah, what I think is as high as our colleague Dennis Mcdonough used to say. Room sweeps clean. Let's get on with it progressives led suspected, like you guys know I gotTa Bernie bumper sticker on my car. I got an e w stick around my car and I'm waiting for my Biden, Harris Sticker for my car, but come the fuck on quick Jesus Christ. The president
The United States is dismantling the United States Postal Service and we no to that we have to get them elected. We in the White House when people who supported Barack Obama protested outside because they were holding his feet to the fire on promises. He made changes that they wanted to see. So like. Let's just go, acted and then like, let's go ahead in protest or do whatever you want to, but Let's just keep our eye on the ball here. Do you know you I heard everything I was there? I think it's hard when you were disappointed about something it is hard to be told, don't be disappointed about it or you sure you're wrong to be unhappy about it, and so I don't really know what the right thing to say as some people other than to encourage them to look at the movement. That Biden has made on a whole host of issue, she's, really the first candidate that everything I've who
in the primary and moves left as opposed to you know that the sooner we think about what you move, you go left in the primary n and to the centre and the general biting his he's made real.
Briefs fundamental substantive shifts on issues like climate and student death and taxes on other issues, and that should be seen. I think, as a sign that, even if this is not the vice presidential pick, you would have chosen that you that the progressive weighing the press of activists to organise an opportunity to have a real influence on the agenda in Abiden Harris Administration yeah, I mean, but I I interviewed comma when she came to crooked and I pushed her on a lot of her past policies and record when she was day and age IE. Eight. I talk to her about her truancy policies and she said if I was to do it over again, I wouldn't have done the same thing. I think we have to understand that public officials, elected officials are products of the time that there from that therein, as a day in two thousand and four, she refused to seek the death penalty for a man who killed a police officer
She was attacked by police officers and police officer associations. She was attacked for it by Diana Feinstein. Jim was lost her race for attorney general. Because of that and that sort of in your mind when that happened, you're trying to run for office back, then I think we should, even if it was hilarious to me that she is being called in all this coverage. A moderate, like Joe Biden, has found a fellow, moderate or centrist. She support something extremely close to Medicare, fraught with. Bernie Sanders acknowledged in his statement supporting her she's for the green new deal. She has. Of the most liberal records in the? U S Senate like if, if you wanna call a comma Harris's record in the Senate and her policies that she supporting now centrist are moderate great. If that's where the overturned window has moved men, congratulations progressive activists, because you have fuck and move the shit out of that when there are supporting the green new deal and basically met
the overall is now moderate, centrist, fantastic I'll, take it. I also encourage people to read and look at what some of the activism we'll justice matters have set about this and they talked about how we know. While they have very real concerns about her record when she was attorney General WAR in the Citys and resist go, that she has made movement on summer or maybe even a lot of those issues in recent years and so like the uniting. Those are the people who share your concern is what her record was in the past. There are some people who are real subject matter: experts in that stuff. You are talking about how it intersects with her policy positions now- and I just want to urge people to look at what a lot of this activists have had to say on twitter and elsewhere. While and I would say that everyone to like and don't take her word for it and Joe Biden word for now, if you're still disappointed like hold their feet to the fire, if, if their elected- and they start backtracking- and they end- you know they- they do something. You don't like on criminal justice, a former. They don't go far enough, then
then fight it fight at heart. But that's you know, that's, I think that's the best way for so I dont to talk briefly about the other candidates who made the short list and went through the very intense vetting process. We segments in rice, Congresswoman, Karen Bass, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whittemore Centre, was before him centred Timmy Duckworth Alyssa. What, if anything, you think this process has done for these you know, I think everybody all of the women minus Elizabeth Warren, whose profile, I think, was quite high before before this process. I think that the process was done respectfully and these women have bigger platforms now that they can use going forward for their states for their districts and no to run for even higher office. So I think it's all good do tell me something about our frontiers and rights for a second sure
Now, as everyone knows, we have been friends and colleagues of citizens for very long time and as someone who is known of work with the idea for the vice president was quite exciting to us, because she would do her fucking great job attitude as bad as qualified. The job as anyone in the world, but it was painful as someone who likes and cares about her to watch this process by itself out and nothing pissed me off more, Then they never Trumpery who were trying to shore up their conservative credentials by saying look out what for Joe Biden off, he picks Susan Rice, because here so I have to say: you're argue against Susan Rice is based on a right wing fucking, spirited theory about Benghazi and if you think even manage them acknowledge that many of them acknowledge is a conspiracy theory and then go on to say. I know
bullshit, but it's out there. So I'm just gonna say it's bad for her anyway, if you are so I'll leave. This evolved republican, who is against tromp but use, did when you know, have the fucking GOTS to stand up to bring gas truth tourism, then your party is doomed to repeat itself. Then you missed every fucking lesson about it. It is just absolute SK gusting way in order to ensure that, even if your against, if you can still get invited to the weekly standard Christmas party being now, here's my dream, here's my eye. I let myself think just for a moment that perhaps Joe Biden would announce calmly Harris as vice president and then would walk Susan Rice and he was This can be my Secretary of state and then I would walk Elizabeth Warren and he would say- and this is my secretary of Treasures- that was just- I think
It is late about all those, maybe Stillwell, very opposed to the cabinet before the election idea now oh, I guess, maybe his eye on the ball. I am all for twitter- tells me there. I know I know there are legal issues, but I still think he would be. He would be wise to select Susan as look. I also just want to scoop positive the world on this. You know they're, going to citizen for Secretary of State be great that we got to it, for I mean I'm having shirts made on Etsy that weird in the first days and for a second failure or an weren't treasury wielding tremendous power at the Treasury department. Just making Wall Street fucking lose their share, I'll, never tramper heads exploding, left and right I was for bind until we decided to put someone in place to fix the economy. My party burn make us support. At about Balin one we back. Let's see you want at that time
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Announcements, IDA campaign was able to break its own news. We attacks to its supporters on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. You spoke about this Harris's team posted a video Biden. Asking Harris B is running me over zoo. A summit with them and then on Wednesday. There is the joint event in Wilmington with two speeches. Plenty masks, no crowd What did you think of how this all went down which the gorilla? So I just I need say. I never got my text message even though I signed up, which I was sad about, I didn't know I was going away and I wasn't supposed to find out on CNN so here s what I'd like to see you guys remember when we got to the White House and a lot of old school political people who had been the last democrats in office would criticise us, often on tv for saying that we weren't being cut. Eight of enough that we weren't taking Barack Obama to the Grand Canyon design legislation in all this stuff, and the problem was that they had not live. In a post, nine eleven world and nine
then changed everything. So I feel like for people who were talking about yesterday you have to remember that none of us understand what it is to go through this right now. So why I would have loved to see something. Super picture. Ask just like a real time magazine cover. I thought they did a very good job. You know they They gave their speeches, presumably nobody got sick. I mean you know when you look at what the options arming trumpeted is. Rallies and people have died so. I think that in the era of covert they did a really
a really good job and the perfect was not the enemy of the good and we got what we needed, which was to see them together. Oh, are you? What did you think of the lack of any crowd whatsoever? The lack of any applause during the speeches like I thought my view was fine for that events, which was middle today. The day most of the clips are gonna run on the news at night, and so it's not like a lot of people sat through except us, junkies sat through the whole both speeches. I am a little concerned about the convention speeches if there also, if we have a week, conventions beaches like that, and I think they might be planning something with sound. But I'm not sure this. So I thought about this yesterday. One actually thought Camilla was exceptional at delivering a very emotive each without a crowd. I thought that that was like a relay lust for her for Joe Biden. I would that the shorter is the better when it comes
a world without crowds where you don't get any feedback, because is not as good and I'm not being mean, but I'm in calmly was exceptional at it. So I think they going forward. I would prove boldly just zoom as much as you possibly can, because the in person events they demonstrate what can be done in, in a time of social, distancing in and wearing masks and everything in their modeling really good behaviour. It's it's not back, Pelon. So I think, unless there's something really compelling about doing alive event, that zooms, probably just fine, then would you do I read the letter that the roll out when it as well as could possibly be hoped for in this, environment. When I think says, a lot about their process is other. You guys are not going the text message, I did get it. I got it after. I learned the news but the Biden campaign announced it that's a pretty amazing thing. Like a in two thousand and eight, we didn't we
not the ones to announce your by John came from CNN broke it before we were able to had sent on our tax, and so if you are the, if you are the ones who make the actual announcement of your vice presidential back before reporter figures, it out that's a sign of a very successful and well run press s face it. I I percent agree on the applause as relates to the convention. And I am sure they are already working on this, but the NBA image, I guess we'll- have figured out some ways to make their seem less weird on television, as you can hear, applause and anti arenas and the abs was very cool thing, whether having fans zoo men. So when you're watching undervalued see. Slovakia does your while people, and so there are some opportunities for that that look their works is not perfect. Don't get me wrong. I do think in the context of this event. There is something that is worth while, even if you like getting enthusiasm but the whole thing where they can with masks they wear mass they there are this that's where they stand apart, in addition
to it being the right thing to do. It is also a reminder of the situation that Donald Trump put us in and how irresponsible he is being about it and, I think you look at all the pulling around corona virus. I think there is value in showing that we take this seriously and are doing it in the right way and in that sense, the lack of applause can be a feature, not a bug, because it wants to and highlights the Donald Trump is so royal. We screwed this out that we that you are doing this political events which would otherwise be these rocks rallies in these ways that are very understandable to Americans who are stuck in their home yeah. I do agree with Elizabeth. I thought I think Biden has been made on a few of these events. Without applause- and he does a pretty good job in what I think is a very tough circumstance delivering a speech with no crowd delivering it, but I thought that Camelot was excelled at delivering a speech to
two, no applause. I thought her speech itself was excellent. Just wasn't. Zagreb area is very great one of her one of her best speeches. So, let's at what the reaction from Donald Trump, who welcomed calmly Harrison the race with a combination of grace and Shrewdness his club she did very, very poorly Andy. Primarily, as you know, he was expected to do well. Gee is she ended up in red around two percent. It's been a lot of money, things happening, and so I was a little surprised that he Pictor I've been watch For a long time- and I was depression is extraordinarily nasty to cabin orchard. Judge cabinet there. Now just ask Avenue: she was nasty to a level that was just Europe thing the way she was the way she treated. Now just as governor- and I won't forget that soon.
So she did very poorly and the and now she's chosen. So let's see how that works. So, where you do our trumps. Freeway style, but we also seen a completely incoherent reaction from his campaign. The republican Party, the right wing media, theirs in is a cop t shirts and also calling her anti police republican centre. Josh Holly called her darling of Wall Street, while they are in teacher said she's, a radical socialist Katrine appears so that the term camp put out a rambling statement with a bunch of lies. What's wrong with these people, why? Why can't they settle on a line of attack your dad, because they're stupid it's like we should integrate. They had time they had so little time to prepare yet mean this. Is
not like. We were caught off guard when John Mccain pick Sarah Palin two thousand and eight cuz. She was on no one's for list and Kamala Harris has been the leading contender for this position since the day job. I'm Ek Menomonie how they're unprepared for it is sought, is both mind boggling. In one sense, it makes complete sense. When you look at how the rest of the campaign runs- and I think part of it- is that true, lying is not a coherent political strategy, and so you just constantly working to get some sort of reactionary without any regard for a coherent message in so yeah Will people reach with the council as a cop, tee shirts, absolutely wall that give something for Tucker crossing the yell about you What we also try to do the other thing and pretend like she enjoyed by ninety four soldiers. Yes, but will we defaulted? dumb racism because we're done braces. Yes, we'll do that, but that's not how political campaigns work and They have the same problem with joke with Joe
they have a heritage. They can't figure out one coherent, specific of which Donald Trump for all of US idiocy and flaws actually had in two thousand. Sixteen, when he's gonna get organ, Diego is landed there, illicit trumps, calling come a nasty madwoman Tucker Karlsson is purposely mispronouncing, her name. We get a few white right wing, whack jobs who were floating conspiracy that you not american. We got the return of birth or ism here in from campaign officials. Bat, like Zani Audio right, yeah, we're the Trump read it for some now take lawyer. That's Jeddah generalists and Alice, Janusz this. It's not America Alyssa. Should the binding Harris campaign and the rest of us for that matter, handle the racism and sexism some over, like this, some less so some more subtle that will obviously accompany this picture
already is accompanying this, but first of all he is no longer Tucker. Karlsson, he's Tucker Karlsson until he learns how to too pretty that's a rule on hysteria. That's not acceptable. Look! This is their game. This is all they have like trumps. I have to say I was just pointed tromp. I thought he was gonna, do better out the gate. Instead, with some basic bitch. Had nothing good, offer nothing colorful like I thought he would have had some good attacks, like slowed. Yo and funding automobile lake do better, and I think that this is their playbook. This is what they noted, juice and stuff Tromp was the Oji birth her back in the day This is this: is it just you know I read I really do think. I know that everybody goes back and forth on like how you're supposed to reach out to voters. I just really think that Democrats shouldn't do this shows of racists on Fox
news like there are some people who may be aren't, but I mean I just everyone's gotta stop and they have to be put in a box fuck that. Fuck fuck fuck fuck to cars. And I ran the unhandy. It's a joker, Carlson's, Deanna, Hannity and judge piracy. Let's go, let's go I will end by time. Oh it's next for comment. We got eighty days until the election she's got a convention speech next week. She got a debate with my pants and October Dan, how important those moments to the overall campaign. What can you do to succeed in what you have to watch out for what we talk all the time about how Joe Biden is relatively undefined, two large segments of the voters who were going to decide the selection, and that is exponentially more true for Camel Harris. So the speech on Wednesday night we'll be
Her last best opportunity will be further debates. It is fine herself until her storage and working people. I imagine that reach is going to get a tremendous number of eyeballs in part because people cannot leave their homes in most states. So the huge, huge huge opportunity and for her You know the debate is something we should talk about, which is, it has become a sort of a favorite twitter messaging strategy of Democrats to raise expectations through the roof, Kamel Harris and the debate, and I think it's much more complex than that and so I think we should have that condition. Some point that was so what vague Knighton. That's true. I mean my first text was: I couldn't wait too the debate. So I am very much looking that but it is always that's fine for you. To Texas someone in private. No, no, I deleted advice, quickness the woman
it was my initial reaction. I open so much more than that, but we can. I'll buy when MIKE Pence was asked. The question had to answer and merely put his pants, that he too is concerned about it. He did nearly blew his pants right onto Russia or the girl S. Young show the sound when he was asked a question about the debate. So no like Alec, I get it. I totally understand it is the natural reaction calmly Harris when use when you have seen her on the Judiciary Committee in the Senate grilling witnesses. You think this is a person who is going to kick out. She just she's great good, debater, she's, excellent. It set pieces, but I do think you know there's obviously Vassili expectation game that everyone plays in the press, where you say that your candidate is terrible
it's in the other candidate, is amazing right like that's. That's what you do, but I think might pants. I wouldn't. I wouldn't be surprised if my pants walked into that debate and was very gracious to her when the debate started and said something about her history making candid see right and then sort of tor into her about? You know the liberal policies of of binding and Harris now that kind of stuff like he is not he has but going are. You can save up my pencil. He has slightly more discipline than Donald Trump and he will have handlers and consultants who tell him like you have to be very careful debating calmly Harris, and this is what you will need to do and he will probably execute on some of that So I just think that is something for people to be aware of how we think about that, and I am sure that Donald Trump is whispering and might pensive here that unless he fucking gets covered back under control, he may not make it to the debate. I think that
right about pants, and I think people should go back and watch pencil debate performance against him caned where he was declared the winner you have back and watch it is no wonder Is that ever happened, but it did and watched did wives TIM Kane. Why think was over coach going that debate, that he had to be an attack dog and it was not. A position was strictly comfortable for him came and pants did not take the bait and that in that was seen by the figure, skating judges that decide these things as a victory. What my concern about the debate is not necessarily pensive performance or common Harris's performance. I have great confidence in company Ursus Performance aid, is how it will be covered with a black woman. When those things- and we know this from you know- you involves with Brok Obama's debate. Perhaps there are certain tactics and moves that are of that are treated one way when done by a white man.
Different when done by by a black man and doubly, sadly, angry, not Nancy. You if you're a black person, cite some of the great moments in debate. History like give Brok Obama Head Don T, I know Jack Kennedy. You're no gives a friend of mine. You know, Jack candidate will have been treated very differently than avoid Bensinger right. If the you know the where's, the be flying from runaway can be very treated very differently. If Hillary Clinton had done it thousand sixteen or common Harris what'd. You are renowned, so I think we know from in the context of a democratic debate that the way women and candidates of color were covered was very problematic it's gonna be quadrupling. So in a general action debate and like I think she incredibly, while I think it is incumbent upon everyone to
try to recognize the additional hurdles that the political conversation will put in the place of a black woman in that position and find the animal have the right answers to the side, but find ways to push back on that language in those and that's, though, stereotypes now, I remember feeling very frustrated on behalf of Obama. During a debate procession. I think it was when he was prepared, debate Romney when he was told to like be more passionate, be more. You know, show that you're that you care that you're into this and get angry. You know, and he was reluctant to do that because, as a black man, he he believed that he couldn't show that kind of anger without a bunch of fuckin raises out their sourdough in on to her Karlsson, show saying that you know making stereotypes about this and then saying that if at some stereotypes, so no it it's a it's a it's it's something that she has never
both as a woman of a woman in a woman of color, which is which is very tough, but I'm so excited for the debating. Here too, I mean honestly, it's like just the one thing to look forward to that. We know is gonna happen between now and election day, which I also think is why people gravity for towards it. It's like people are necessarily excited for the speech because they don't understand, what's gotta At least we know kind of what can happen at the debate. I say defending myself of maybe the first part and who actually tweeted the thing. That's why I mean it Why should we like? Yes, even though I said other things, I've still looking forward to this ban, a dark few years in America and some of them rare moments of joy have been Connell. I Harris just drawing bill our Jeff sessions, bread, cabin alike, like that
have been moments of light and dark time, and so that our very understandable to be looking forward to with my hands, who is terrible, terrible to our work. Well, that's that's when we come back, be joined by organizer in a co founder of the black voters matter, fund friend of the pod Natasha party, America, brought you buy Roman. You already know the importance of taking care of your skin. Whether your word, dullness, redness, fine lines or acme. Trying to find the right treatment can be frustrating now, there's a simpler, smarter solution to get the skin. You feel your best in Meat Rory. It did no health clinic for women. Rory is the sister brand of Roman, like Roman. They make it simple to connect with a health care professional online sea of personalized proscription. Skin care treatment is right for you all from the
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I was in my bathroom and I heard my phone kept low enough. And then I got this call and it was like we won. I. What does that mean? I don't know what that means right and then I can hear my tv in my bedroom. I can hear my tv said that he was so late like he selected calmly, hairs are like well and so on. And, as far as I got the collar, hung up in arms, I oughta grapnels real calm about it and Maybe a a matter of minutes. I started crying like I did not anticipate. I haven't they re edge and I started crying and I am- and I can only think about at the moment my grandmother is all interested because, while my Rama, though the vote as she wasn't particularly like an active, is or but I know, this is a woman- and I I share her story because she, both my grandmother's one of my grandmother warning- was born in
and grew up in a family in Mississippi. Mccall, Mississippi was extremely. Raises community lived out Fatima Common Summit Mississippi and my other grandmother grew up in Alabama was born in Alabama emboldened. What disenfranchise that their families they themselves and so it dawned on me now I was the first ah, the first woman in my family. I can we aren't twenty twenty I am woman who was born, where I had the right to vote that it was like? I was in franchise right and- and you know I think it's it's it just stuck with me. It really just got to
it just. It just took me from Conaway kind. So, while I was excited about calmly I was, I was actually excited that we had we our response that there was a response to what our request was made by Vice President Joe Biden. More importantly, I felt such an overwhelming own great sense of for this to all the women who had been disenfranchise web in March last, who have been overlooked. Yet they steal persisted that this, moment was their moment that this moment, whether the democratic parties moment this moment just whether the candidates moment, but this was a collective moment and so on. I think I'm still still working through doubtfully every motion that you can feel I've felt in the course of this past week. I bet you before it about what he selection means for the campaign. I just wanted to ask- and you know you talked about what it meant sort of in a historical sense, but you know what
Does this mean to you personally as a black one? You know just as a black woman. I think it is this hard. That we are always on the front. I am Games. We women, like we are writing day, so we, like every year year in year out, we grime on, because we know that democracy is at stake and we know well are families eyes that we know that America is in this. This put on precarious moment, and so it all. In light of that too Will we be able, but year after year to see black women get stepped over four congressional seats to Black women who run for office, including myself, I've run for office right. You know an end. To literally not get the kind of support that we would see from our white counterparts but oftentimes from our male counterparts right to see us grossly under represented when it came comes to positions of power.
But then, when it comes to doing the work, you know what the majority of people ass. He don't know why. I see women, and so I think what this means for me and I think, would have as what it means for me as a activists as an organised as a woman who has dedicated a significant amount, my life, doing work on terms of building democracy the time that I see that there is a new break selling break. It opens up the just unlimited possibilities for for those behind us, and so from me. I think that it was a great move by vice president. Joe Biden, you don't really want to commend him, and I want to lift them up all make that choice, because I think it sends a certain kind of message. Since I think it sends a message around being a tree, forms of leader that ultimately we have to have the courage to really recognize what people are.
I am really be able to respond to that, and so I think that he heard us. I think he responded to us. I think he made the right choice and I just want to live that applicants. Oftentimes leaders, don't listen, ass right and dont really taken account. What we ask in the second thing, those I think that he made a good move, that nobody does not work on the ground. Rio like black women. We all got. We are grind- and we the moment here at the moment that he announced an outlying. Ok, I think I'm gonna thousand tomorrow you don't let that ultimately, you know he we think really that decision you're, really kind of inspired those of us that are doing this work on the ground that literally a rat. Let us know that there is something different that is happening, that there are new possibilities and new ground. I think that's. The second theme in the third thing is, I think America needs this right. Now, we need a ticket that is more representative, more reflective of Hotel of America that we have,
seeing ourselves not an office of president or vice present. They ve all been white me and with the exception of Barack Obama right who is still You know a man and when you look at the majority, be it that the majority of the country up into three percent women- women have not been Eagle, physicians all the way, the majority so so over it. Five hundred and thirty, eight, the journalist, Perry Bacon, looked at the data and wrote it while it's not cry see the idea that you know Harris might boosts the ticket with black voters. He thinks the stronger Kay that you won't have much of an effect on black turn out. What do you think about that? I disagree with them and I disagree with that goes on and on and on, and I also think that that inherent in that too, we have to unpack that, because I think sometimes voracious context around think about black people can only poor black voters. End of the day, I think one Obama show is that he was able to pull.
A broad base, multi racial multi, generational coalition- that supported him. If we look at the black lives matter for folks who have all this criticism about black lives matter, saying all that was divisive, the truth of the matter is that movement gave birth to uprisings in all fifty states. In this Three, the most diverse multiracial, multigenerational, multi, cultural movement that we ve ever seen in this country that, because they are leading from a place of troops from their authentic voices, voices that we recognise that when you break open open oppression for some of us, it opens it, for Above all, I actually think they'd not only she's gonna energize and bring black some black voters to the ticket, but I also think that she is going to energize women I also think that she's gonna energized emigrates, coming that she has done her mother, was an immigrant her pairs where immigrants. I also think that she is going
in a jar. The asian community that is off often also looked over as well, and I think that she's gonna get a job, smart people that literally want something different and know that democracy is at stake. So I don't relegate her that that the only voters that, when you of the voters that she can pool our black voters, I certainly believe that there would be a particular kind of level of excitement that I am I put myself personally feel and others that on talking to, but I also think that often times, women and black candidates are able to build these multi cultural coalitions. That can mean the difference in an election cycle. What do you think if you were to advise them? Joe Biden Kamel Harris need to do going forward to further energize voters to turn out this fall. You not think that a couple of these first thing is. I think that we need to centre the conversation of the election that necessary.
Around the candidate and others now come into it. But but I do think that part of what has happened is that we have created almost like this. You know in some ways I think, like the Saviour syndrome. Then we're gonna find out little perfect candidate. You know in a perfect Canada is gonna, say both in and take around the glory when that doesn't exist? Right, let's be honest, it doesn't exist, and I think part and then is actually led to the erosion of democracy where people don't see them sale, empowered in the process because all centred around the candidate. I think what we have to do is actually sent this around people's power that ultimately, this is about us protecting democracy that ultimately, that this is actually bigger than just the candidates there's an even bigger than that, ultimately, this is really about saving the soul of America and that all of us have a responsibility in that, and so I think that the message should not just be around I'm taking shot down. I think the message has to be around
one censuring that we are re century and repositioning people in this country so that the value of this country is actually her people. The second thing is, I think, sit on a message of the possibilities that not less like that, like you can't stop, we gotta be trot right because it's not like we were in Utopia before Trot was in office right, I think they're, what excites people and I think that what folks are looking forward simply young people, I'm talking to they're, looking for something very different right, and so I often say what is your radical re imagining of America that we actually have to pay Is that there is a vision to go beyond where we ve been together to address with some the damage that has happened but to actually take things forward? I think the other to the points I would make is one we are in and we cannot continue to step over race and it is not enough that they're just about there's a black woman that is on the ticket. I think I suddenly adding reverend
patient matters, but we ve got to, we ve got a lean in and deal with, structural racism in this country and every aspect of it, and so I think that the campaign should not shy away from that right. Even though we know Prob do under the White races, national israeli cry right. I think it is more of us- and I me when I meet us, I mean there are more people of good we'll who want to see America that we all imagined that is inclusive. That is just and is democratic, and so I think they need a lean into that and speak to the challenges and to speak to those of the need for us to deal with a route, structural racism, and then the fourth thing that I think is really important is that we have got to really be able to not to step over. What is
anyone covert, nineteen and we ve got to deal with issues of poverty and working class votes that often times when these conversations get on the national level. What you hear you hear lotta conversation about protecting and save in the middle class, and while I support that, I found myself as one person among among their grew that ultimately we have to recognise that all of us make America right. All of us deserve to really be able to get the opportunities that the purpose of most of us that, where it that are now attach ourselves better black or white or asian
in the middle class that many of our families were not in the middle class, but there were programmes from the new deal. Ah, that actually focused on how to lift poor people that created the middle class and somehow we ve forgotten it, and so I think we still need that kind of level of of conversation too, that this conversation just doesn't get stuck in in the middle class and upper class, but that we are actually have a message specifically for the working poor in poor people who have not benefited from the wealth of this country. So you spend most of your time on the ground talkative voters, as you know, because you ve anxiously participated in our vote. Save America trainings we have, thousands of organizers will be talking to voters over the next few months. Jobs, and let me tell you it is amazing, I'm just an ok Could you may I owe you people on your organise, like this is like organizers, Goma doesn't like organize it happened. But anyway, what?
you, you are the biggest head of all the trainings people were gone crazy. So you really pumped everyone up. What's your advice to two organizers when they encounter voters particularly maybe young voters or voters haven't been involved in the peace This allowed or maybe haven't, voted in a few elections. You say: No, the Joe Biden is progressive enough, for I have a problem with common Harris's record as a prosecutor in there just not sure. What's your message to those voters to listen at an end and theories to listen that off times what I have found is that we're so busy trying to evangelize people that were not hearing them their often times when people come up to us. We tell folds that we'd all meet people, s apathy and I've never met a person that just didn't care about anything right. I didn't I, I met people who are frustrated with the process, dont see themselves and the process don't feel, recognise value or listen to.
And so part of what we do when people say that when we run across the border of person, they say what I don't want to welcome. I don't think that it matters and we actually acknowledged them. Why do you feel that way right and they start to tell us, and we asked what what do you care about? We don't start hung about voting. Oh well, you need a vault because excellency what do you care about and then once you engage in a conversation and they start share what they care about. Then you can start helping them to make the connection of how voting capacity be one of the tools to actually impact that what they care about and so that it becomes a conversation.
Really be an informed that it centres them what they desire, what they need and it comes from, and they know that you are listening to them and so even in a process when they will well, I vote and I haven't seen any change our government. You know where I feel that way do there's oftentimes. I feel that way. You're right you're, not crazy, like our firm you that yes, I've Natalie about felt that way, but I've seen it, but I don't want it to continue to be that way, and so I fell, and so this is what I do to actually make a change and so I think that part of what we have to do. If we want to see a robust democracy we have to have, the orientation is shipped the paradigm of how we're engaging people. In the conversation we have, we engage. People in the commission Might the only thing that matters and quality they matter. Is it's a participate in this system? The truth of the matter is, we should stop. The conversation is that you matter regardless, you matter because God created you bet, you are a living human being. You have value
to the extent that we see that unrecognised here there. Let's talk about what it is that your vision is where your life, what is it that you want to see, and then we back into voting, could possibly be a tool that can actually help you like what we weekly? If someone says, Lantern police in our? Was he police brutality? Do you know how police chief is elected up? Is in power like and that we talk to the process, often times nine times attitude? He always tell people that laughable, I'm just like light at the end of the day right, but are also never forced and a unsure a false frame on people that when people a say- and they don't trust the system, I understand because their times, I don't trust the system either that when people are saying that they are, they feel like their things that don't matter when they vote. I felt like that and if we are honest, we all felt that way, so we have to actually help people I have a up.
Dick conversation for people to really understand that we recognise the limitations of voting, but we also recognise its power. So Donald Trump. This morning openly admitted that he's sabotaging the mail in order to stop us from voting, and you know I saw a lot of folks on twitter people coming to me in saying you know, I'm terrified, I'm feeling pretty helpless and powerless right now, like what's the use of all this hard work, if he's just going to cheat and how do we fight this he's gonna steal the election? What's your advice of these people who you know, watch Donald Trump doing this kind of stuff energies terrified about? What's going to happen in November, when the first thing I did ride was the day I started to buy, he on the prize and Hall Dong o down. I just wanted to start with that at the end of the day, lover that you have to really get centred around what the keeping your eyes on the prize
that black people in this country. We have never been given the time or the space to be tired that we have fought for our very existence from the time that we were that over here and enslave ships that there are folks and family that literally are living right. Now there were sharecroppers picking can yet they steal persisted that. Ultimately, This nation is going to change. We ve got to change it and this, the moment we have to know what moment were in, and so I understand within their TAT, Lord Nova understated. Do you think I want to talk about racism, imagined tat? Having about racism imagined happy about Billy with it? I don't write, so Daylight, but I have no choice because ultimately, I believe that I can call create the kind of environment, the kind of.
Nation that we deserve and that's what I have to tap into women body s heart. I had to tap into that spirit that lead to, like those hopes seeing it built people like John, looked rather than of Jean Louis Antiques eating Vivian Amelia Buoyant and on that raised, I did not have government, you talk about fraud like Trop is one thing: these people they didn't, have government on their side that we actually beaten by on in front of us and our enlarged alive and an in for the most part, racism that what that was the Labour day right openly. Right and my point is we don't have the privilege to say that I am tired and I don't work, that, yes, we will acknowledge that this is a pretty tough time, but the only thing that I can say it are often uses example is that you know the way there is a May John, diamonds are made all of them and is a piece of coal, it is a piece of call that, under extreme pressure of appeared, a tat became a dime,
And how do we know a diamond between the call, a diamond, create clarity, the value of a diamond increases with the mouth of clarity that it has. So what I M saying is in this moment of extreme pressure. What we need to be focused on is getting clarity. We gotta get clear. We gotta get clarity around while we ve got to eliminate sexism and racism and homophobia and all those laws of oppression that keep us from being our greatest selves right. We have to literally find a way to do this, a more excellent way that we are at They censuring the value of human life over every single system and to the extent that systems are not honouring that those systems must be replaced, reform or abolished, and I got that from the. U S constitution
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