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The Kavanaugh hearings have begun and Senate Democrats came ready to fight. Do we have a shot at stopping his nomination? President Trump spent his Labor Day weekend attacking union leaders and slashing wages for workers, so that was cool. Then we read our favorite excerpts from Bob Woodward's new book, and Jon and Jon interview former President Jimmy Carter.

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I welcome the POD save America. I'm John forever John Leather, I'm Tommy before layer in the pod will have our interview with former President Jimmy Carter, who joined us last week from a habitat for humanity works self bend. Indiana we're all going to take some time today to talk about the bread cab. Hearings and all of the other news that has broken in the last few hours sort of nice too. Courting afternoons breaks and not during it, but I just Jenks more news. Probably right is always more news. John, love it. How is lover leave it? We had a thing. Ass. They love it or leave it. Mandy more and Terror Goldsmith
ban, does came by and performed Adrian reading as Kelly and Conway endured Conway. It is one of my favorite things we ve ever done on the show, persuade a fantastic panel and, in regard to this issue, That is also a new episode of the wilderness out right now. It's about the ongoing struggle between the parties stand, which meant in the grass roots the Democratic party. We talk about how to make the Democratic Party more dynamic Attic unless relying on big money, fancy consultants and party insiders check it out. John, don't you have any regrets about interviewing Steve, Ban and ineffective of? I just thought that he would provide some much needed in You know he's got some advice on how to Larry. A little announcement. The host of positive, the people directly Cason. Now, officially has a book out on the shelves and in your online marketplaces. It's called on the other side of freedom, the case for hope. It dropped Tuesday the publishers,
it as a meditation unresisting justice and freedom and an intimate portrait of a movement from the front lines go out by it. Read it tell your friends about it to raise new book rake, hiding I've. I learned the term online marketplaces. I just came up with that. Ok, Senate is holding hearings this week, as we speak in fact, on. The nomination of Bread Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court Cabinet has spent the past week years on. The bench of the judge on the federal appeals. Court in DC is also a veteran of the George W Bush White House, where he worked in the council's office and a staff secretary before that he was part of KEN Starr's team that investigated Bill Clinton in the 1990s and ever since he's acted as a fierce partisan who dedicated most of his career.
To advancing the interests of the Republican Party, notably he's praise. Former chief justice renquist Descent in rovers, is weighed. His rulings consistently favour the interests of corporations over the public and his views of executive power could protect Donald Trump, who has been implicated as a co conspirator ways to felonies. Remember that that something that happened, Tommy, to start with you. The Trump White House sent a letter to the Senate on I say that they were withholding over a hundred thousand pages of documents about Cavanaugh record on the assertion of constitutional privilege. They dumped forty two thousand pages Haven't I documents on the Senate Judiciary Committee late last night. This lead to quite in this morning, where all the Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee called for the hearing to be postponed, Chuck rashly, wouldn't even allow them to vote on the motion. How much of a big deal is this, and what can Democrats do about it? You're happy Labour Day to the
Jerry Committee staff. You have a lot less reading the do this weekend and every weekend. I think this is a big deal at me cabin. I worked the White asked for a couple years. He had two roles using the council's office, use a staff your dairy, which means he had his hands on every big issues, how's the documents to the point where they are to create this new system to vet them for public released, was taking so long, so They hired a lawyer named Bill Burke, whose Cavenaugh literal youth deputy at the White House to direct the process. Meantime, the same lawyers representing Don began rains previous and Steve Ban and the mother probes, so that feels like a bit of a conflict but, like you know, ultimately, they, the Burke's team, said they had back six hundred thousand documents to release and they ve only give intuited sixty seven thousand pages to the committee, all of which are from the time, is right. As council, they ve refused to even request the documents from
I'm a staff secretary. So that starts the book. The problem here and then Friday night, the White House says, were holding back a hundred thousand more pages, citing executive privilege that has never happened before during from court hearing and then they dumped forty thousand pages documents in the committees had the night before the hearing so substantively like if you're in this process, where your desperate trying to figure out what this nominees believe in what are you gonna do on issues in how we would vote and he's doing everything in it our two not tell you anything. Yes, this matters, but positively politically, like politically anything that sounds like a cover up or documents are being withhold. Withheld is a potent political issue reply, can spend years searching for Hillary Clinton billing records from a law firm. She worked out in Arkansas and turned into a scandal. So certainly you can get people interested in what they are trying to hide here, and I thought the the committee Democrats did agree. Job this morning of raising the issue early Harris Corey Booker since early
He all like laid out the stakes year, and I think you know. I don't know that this document that this this fight is going to ultimately move prosaic and senators. But it's can move political opinion among voters and states love it because the document issue, some Democrats, including former Shimmer spokesmen Brien Fallon, verged Senate Democrats, to walk out of the hearings in protest, other people, like Joe Biden, have said it. The better approaches to stay in the Roman. Ask hard questions. It seems like a Tommy just mentioned they sort of the Democrats in the Judiciary Committee sort of one with a middle ground. Here they obviously tried as hard as they could in this first I don't know our of the hearing to basically you know say we want to adjourn this hearing. We want to call for a vote. It's funny grassy, Even let them vote on a motion to adjourn because apparently a couple republican senators warrant, fair and grassy wouldn't have had the votes
so instead of, instead of even allowing them to vote on the motion to adjourn into postpone the hearing, he ate basically steam rolled them and didn't do anything. What do you think about? the same Democrats strategy here the more, they could be doing what you think yeah It is a really hard question. I am of mines of it. On the one hand, I see the value staying in asking hard questions On the other hand, I think we're in this tough position of trying to create the sense that what we have here, unprecedented. What we have here is a real crisis that we don't have enough information about this person in a way that is unprecedented and be there really is a significant chance that that that cabin I get elevated to the court,
fundamentally changes the rights of women to make decisions about their own bodies, and so I think Democrats generally have been struggling with how to get people as passionate engaged and concerned about this when on that went first of all, it is perspective effective in the sense that we can look at what we know about Kavanaugh. We can make our best guess, but no one does know for sure. What happens when Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court? You can count on the fact that he will side with corporations. You can count on. The fact that you be hostile to rights and will play some role in restricting the rights of women, but the the for outcome is unknown and then The combination of not having information from cabinet has time and government, and also the fact that the the news media has just not put that much attention on this. A few seconds in various broadcast has made. It all feel like a foregone conclusion and I don't believe that sent a demo
that can solve that in the opening of a hearing. I appreciated that they try to appreciate them. I am I am at a place where I I genuinely appreciate. Whenever Senate Democrats act as though what is happening should not treated as normal should not be treated as business as usual, which is what they did this morning, but were asking them to solve a problem and a hearing that has been weeks, if not months, coming yeah. I agree that I mean I'm trying to prejudice ploy my mind. What would happen if they walked out, because I thought there were value to both suggestions here, yeah and if this Democrats all walked out of hearing. There would be a ton of news about it. We breaking it would be on every channel. They probably hold some big speech outside of the capital. You know they would say this is unprecedented. This is not normal right and so be great, narrower cheer them on and then thinking of purely like who has the power here, Senate Republicans would pretty quickly than
able to say ok, you're not going to participate in the hearings. Fuck it we're gonna bring all fifty senators that we have now by the way, you know governor duty of Arizona, just appointed John Kyle to fill Mccain see so they will have fifty votes. We're gonna go fifty senators that we have and of Democrats are going Spain, the hearings, you know we'll just vote on Cavanaugh today. Or or tomorrow or next week. So again, it's Democrats are facing this problem where they just you know, even if every single them That is off the fence in a no which they aren't yet, which is something we should talk about. They don't necessarily have the power stop the nomination on their own. There only hope here is to somehow haven't of public pressure on Mercosur in Collins throughout this hearing process that one of them, lips be or or somehow delay the hearings enough have them drawn out enough, so that somehow The vote happens after November, and then you know if we won
a majority in the Senate, then perhaps they could delay the hearings even more, but beyond those two outcomes, I just don't know what else Democrats can do that's effective and actually stopping him outside of what they did today, which was great because they delay the hearings, lot, initiatives, fighting yeah and all, and also mean jointly to go as far as them, calling about immediately damn Let's walk out that get some headlines, and now the hearing is just conducted by Republicans right, we'll just ask himself Balkan friends and actually will be liberated- to go even further to give cabin other space to dissemble and tell whatever store he wants it. About his past about its documents about what what he's released, what he hasn't. So you know where you get two more outlandish outcomes. The immediate aftermath of walking out is not very good at it, This thing about you, you look at what happening right now, a cabinet- and you know there have been times when activists, hazard of press the alarm button and then something happens. That's true!
the first muslim ban. That's been true about family separation. That was true around health care. For whatever reason they. You know they ve been set showing the panic button and they're just hasn't been the response, that we ve seen or on other issues, and I think it feels to disconnected from people and I think, a lot of the groups. A lot of women's organisations, alot of progressive had been trying to make the case as to why this affects people, but the truth is it's not.
Send a Democrats alone. It was its also on voters. It's on people paying attention to make it clear that they care about us Tommy. One of the lines of argument the Democrats are gonna. Take during these hearings is about Cavanaugh, potentially refusing himself from any matters involving Trump sources close to cabin. I told ABC News that the judge will not promise to accuse himself from cases involving investigations of President Trump, including a possible constitutional fight over a subpoena of the present. That would compel him to answer members questions. How much using Democrats should focus on this refusal question during the hearings. It's a good cause, think a lot, a significant amount. I think the woodwork book which will talk about later has some scenes in it today that I think will create more news around the prospect of a trump participating in the mall investigation and or all his efforts to shut down for it stops so, and I do think like it's a it's a fruitful line of inquiry. That is both importance.
ITALY, but also will get covered, but I mean just like one silver lining on the broader Cavanaugh discussion: is it the pulling on cabin eyes, actually really bad for Trump? you have in the evening was washed and postpone. Thirty percent want to confirm in thirty nine percent. Don't think twenty five percent are undecided, so you know he's approvals, especially bad in the northeast, which should worry Susan Collins, so activity broader question of like there is server fatalists sense. I think, among Democrats about this nomination, not having imposed reported Susan Collins, essentially pre approved him during her conversations with Trump for you, ve made the pack, so the conventional wisdom is that it's a lost cause, but I think like that is dangerous, because the conventional wisdom is wrong a lot. We all remember twenty. Sixteen in politics change quickly, and so you know I think Democrats could raise the refusal issue. They could raise Roby way they could raise this document question and make it so that the number
for Kavanaugh or worse and worse and worse and completely change the conventional wisdom that oh, this would be a bad vote for Red State Democrats or that you know Susan Collins gets more by going along with the Koch Brothers and the big special interest groups. I voting for him then voting against him, and actually dancing up for Roby waits like we have to make these fights you'd that the d c conventional wisdom on these issues changes quickly and is always wrong. Yell of it I mean. What do you think? An interest Tommy just pointed out cabinet has the lowest level of support for a Supreme Court Domini since nineteen eighty seven when Robert Box machination, was defeated by Democrats during a hearing, and yet you know Sir there are. Five Democrats were still undecided over Cavanaugh, even after meeting with him, Joe Donnelly Highty High Camp Doug Jones, Joe Mansion Clare, mechanical. What is it? is the best strategy to get these senators off the fence. Through these hearings, I think it's driving at them hard that everyone's kidding
cells when they say that cabin, I won't severely restrict right, If not outright overturn it give it a chance, I think, pointing out the fact that this is somebody who may play role in protecting Donald Trump and and pointing out the fact that their covering up whatever his record as acting as all, are all the right things to do. I mean part of problem is there is a separation between the politics and the outcome in that Republicans have if I had so much of their morally despicable behaviour around judges, and so they are going to drive towards get Kavanaugh on the bench. No matter how low is approval rating is no matter what they have to do better. What documents there fused released matter, how hypocritical they look. This is a heist, you know it isn't going well, they lost, if you guys, you know but there, but this is their last big one before maybe they retire forever and they're gonna fucking go for it and they're not gonna, go to jail than going down for this. They're gonna finish the job, so I you know I break the politics around the Republicans, which I think are much harder. I dont think
the complicated we needed just make it clear to people like clear, mechanical and highly high that there is more pain in supporting this person and there is in not supporting this person. I think there is a very, very good case to be made that the politics of Supreme Court as this house has change. That is an old logic that tells them they need to support somebody like this, and I think we just need to make that case them over and over again. We can show that that that that their most passionate voters, the people that will help them retain their seats care about this, and that means calling that means keeping pressure on, and that means not accepting the logic of it being a foregone conclusion. We can control. The Republicans can do that's much harder, but we can make sure that
got held a line and drew a really strong contrast. Winded, hurrah yeah. I'd also say that those senators that I just mentioned, those red States editors, are running ads in their campaigns in those red states. Right now talking about how, if Republicans, when they will repeal preexisting conditions, their appeal, the affordable character will get rid of your health care. So they're running sort of this, like economically populous campaign- and I think during this hearing, will probably here some very pointed questions to Cavanaugh about his record and his beliefs around the affordable care act. The president's ability to sort of enforced, Thea, affordable, correct if he wants or not and the fact. Cavanaugh in almost every single instance, has ruled in favour of corporations over the public over working people. And so you know, if you hear from these rights, they Democrats, like. Oh, you know in my state Oh, we waited a tougher cell or you know this. Exactly
power thing in the Mullah investigation is a tougher cell. Like you know, we can disagree with him on that, but fine, even unjust health care and on economic issues. You can really hammer this guy and then tell you voters back home. The reason I voted, no one cavenaugh is because he is going to continue to stick it to working people as he's done his entire career. So I don't just don't, Annie, living India and unions right but see the pan. Yes, we have learned in ballot measures in state and local elections. There is a quiet, incredibly strong, vote in favour of labour in favour. Organizing we ve seen it in Oklahoma. We seen it elsewhere. We ve seen it with teacher protests. There is a vote for protecting unions out there that is much stronger and not getting enough attention, because everybody's interviewing for Magda has every day, but that that that's there too, how will we had voted on cabin? This market is Maggie ads on board. They don't care about the doctors. The mega headed testified earlier and is really compelling. Ok, that's why we're Donald Trump
who so gay some guy in the waiters spent his labour day publicly pining for an attorney general who would allow him to obstruct justice. Here is the tweet quote two long running Obama, air investigations of two very popular republican congressmen, were brought to a well publicized charge just ahead of the mid terms by the Jeff sessions. Justice department- easy wins now in doubt, because there is not enough time. Good job, Jeff come on jobs, jobs, jobs so that later, but what if we met it? What if he meant it literally guys what he's a Kaliko job then they would have an exclamation point reads that way. Instead, there was an ellipse which very unlike Donald Trump Tweet, there's an ellipse and, in the end, the tree, the corrupt corporate media won't reporting right. The tweet refers to the criminal cases against two of trumps. First congressional supporters, Chris Collins, has been accused of insider trading that he is alleged.
Committed in twenty seventeen at the White House, picnics or not when brought about president and dunk Hunter, who has been accused of stealing money from his campaign so that he and his wife could have a lifestyle upgrade Tommy. Tell me: why is this tweet so problematic? I mean it's so funny. Much is again the occurs The insider trading occurred at Donald Trump Party law, and we all these literally video him making the phone call. These guys are so busted dead to rights in these indictments because they're stupid there's a paper trail of phone calls and tax and trades isn't like include get hundreds wisely like hey I'm, I we need money, we still from very sick and wounded warrior organization to get us some cash, so they're, so obviously, buses in again. I mean the norm in in past administrations. At the White House. Didn't in few interfere with what deal J. Did he let those investigation be a political and in May,
decisions on their own. The fact that he is saying my attorney general should have protected the political fate of the republican Party. Instead of you no running the since department or like putting criminals in jail, is insane in what s really remember. Remember the law. Corruption remains that he was gonna, be alone order order and, like the hypocrisy, is so glaring insane it's another instance of him tweeting, something that would have been a Watergate like story if it had been set in private in a meeting, and we need to treat these things somehow with the gravel they deserve yeah? I also, though I honestly had trouble getting that worked up about it because it actually doesn't reveal anything new about who Donald Trump is. I mean you know, Maybe you could argue in the early days when he saw tweeting obstruction of justice in the other attacks on institute genes are and the fact that you want politicize. Every facet of the government in a debate like the early tweets were kind of he was doing a puzzle, but the peace.
Upside down, we kept turning them over, but at this point like it's, a fucking crime con, every new suppose you turn it over a little bit more eyes- grew up to your electing the puzzle that better did I mean I would you me in the metaphor, you're very great, get less dependent Then I not go and DAS officer. Is it the ice cream of the not dip in dad's I realise that I saw senior senior department of Justice official in sessions. Justice department told access this morning. Of course, on background, it shows the trump thanks to you. They should be used as a weapon against enemies and a tool to an elections, but cases are not even close. The facts are very bad. I love it there are very bad Jeff tube in front of the pledge of Cuban said that he thinks it actually could be potentially unimpeachable offence, I mean, I know you're say love it. It is it's not necessarily surprising that he would treat that out, but it is a reminder of like the guys
at war with the rule of law every single day? And I do I do think it might complicate. Also, you guys think I do to get my complicate his efforts to replace sessions, because you know you did have it sort of like riled up a bunch of Republicans who usually do their sad tweets and statements, and and don't do anything else. You know been SAS released her statement saying that the United States is not some banana republic and then didn't do anything about it, but I think the senators do have a chance to do something about it. When and if he ends up firing session, after the midterms and tries to replace him with someone else like they're gonna, see tweet like these and be like. Are you going to? Is this next attorney general? Going to be independent, I mean he a created a paper trail that will make the next confirmation hearing for nightmare for his for the for the
for the new nominee for the Republicans who have to carry water for him on a daily basis. In I'm glad, I am glad that Ben SAS, like found the courage to release a statement. I am still in the camp of people that refuses to give him. Although much credit, I would love to see some actual real oversight of whether, for example, the White House is politicizing decisions, whether it's been improper contact, tween, White house and just spoken officials about you see. The let these things go as he asked coming to do when it came to General Flynn, so you know, walk the walk. It would be great. I am Glad SAS said something, but it wasn't that can. It was positive is broadly by Indo Chino every man looks better in a suit. It's just the waiters yeah talk about your personal experience than to China. We have
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So this is the only thing that is going to very much, set Donald Trump. This week, Bob Woodward is out with a new book, it's called fear and it's about the Trump administration, this sort. So the watch the Washington Post, where what is technically still on staff real. East? You know they had a store this morning about the book with all kinds of excerpts, is also a transcript insurance transcript between of a phone call between we'll trump and Bob Woodward. When Trump learned that the book was coming out, he called would were to complain that he hadn't been interviewed that no, it told anyway, the book is very bad for Donald Trump. Does anyone have they would have highlights that they really like to share from the first Washington Post story about the book. Oh yeah, I would like read what I believe is my favorite quote from the peace. It comes from John Kelly, who reportedly frequently lost his temper
and told colleagues that he thought the present was unhinged. This is the part that I just I'll, be all remember. This quote in one small group meeting Kelly Set of Trump he's an idiot, its pointless to try to convince them of any. He's gone off the rails, wherein crazy town. I don't even know why any of us here this is the worst up. I've ever bigger, there's lots of running we're in creating eternity so funny wearing crazy tat. This is the worst job at its ivy. His Trouble. Tramping, very stupid is running theme. In this we have Kelly calling an idiot. We have an annex, C meeting a North Korea. After what general matter says, he is the understanding of a fifth or sixth graders on were sending him alone to negotiate with Putin and Kim Jong on he's literally so stupid that he thought Senator Mccain got the Vietnamese P W camp early when he is really famous, using early release in spending years more in captivity being tortured. He also called sessions mentally retarded he's this dumb southerner? He
be a one person country lawyer down in Alabama, so this guy is just a fuckin monster, shooting on everyone. Works forum, but like again these people, a guy Rico New, literally steel documents off his desk, so that he can, you know, pours out of these are things Gary doesn't want us to do and he still hasn't A goddamn word about away, has house this dysfunctional. It is, you know, fund a red. But also terrifying and enraging. Would you think John, I love that there was a great reader. I think it's a pay, the picture of a perfect presidency. Now, also theirs. I had all those points that that's good. I also have a John down the lawyer prisons, where holding a Mauler Interview to try to convince trump why he shouldn't sit down with smaller and dirt, the mock, interviewed Trump, lied, a ton, and- Dad's like no. You can't do this and trumps like I'll, be a great witness and he's like. No, you won't you'll be a bad witness, and then he quit the next day
He also out one of the worst ones, I was so when Trump belatedly gave a statement condemning white, supremacist and neo nazi he's in Charlottesville after telling everyone that there's good, find people on both sides, so he's forced to give speech, saying: ok, no NEO, Nazis and white supremacist or bad, and then, when he finished she told AIDS that was the biggest. Mistake. I've made meaning the speech the actually condemned the NEO Nazis and white supremacist and then said it's the worst speech. I've given and then, when Gary Cone tried to resign after that, apparently Trump called treason and then Gary Contest, oh just kidding, I'm sticking stick around yeah because apparently my job is to rip papers off the evidence Desiree doesn't simum when it involves free trade. That's what cones there to stop more free tricky and in so that they are apparently general Kelly, told Gary Cone that he have taken the resignation lettering shoves it up his ass six different times, which is coloured, language but again General Kelly,
not resigned. You have not said a word so you have a lot of tough guys being their chests p. Cockiness staff tell him Bob Woodward what he wants a year, but I haven't got a goddamn thing: yeah I we also is north worth so just pausing on the fact that they are trying to prevent changes in policy by hiding documents from the present aided states Isley I'm not, I think they probably should. In our view they should hide documents from him because he's a fifth six greater who have no idea going on, but like that is. That is incorrect. Well I mean just imagine a meal, urgent reading in history that, like oh yeah yeah, I did plus, went in there, and I hid something from Obama Box Right had all the you can sign the signing stating. What are we talking about? It is completely insane, and it is fucking out,
rageous, that these people in the White House and those who have left the White House have decided to wait this long for a fucking Bob Woodward book to come out, to say their peace and to let us all know that by the way like the only standing in between the present I'd states, fucking Geneva. Nuclear apocalypse is a couple of AIDS one. While getting in his way, stealing his papers and trying to convince him otherwise, like Can I say something it is. And are you so bad and also say something that is not you speaking on background to Bob Fucking Woodward these these be like. They all want to talk. They'll want to talk, but do it without paying any personal price or even taking any personal risk. Its also just a great example of how Donald Trump has contempt for everybody. He doesn't like but he's only in it for himself because on one hand he sittin there, like you, know trying to do, is it
after Charlottesville being like no big deal, fuck, that I don't care and then he's also by the way like how what did we go through during the twenty sixteen campaign about Hillary Clinton, using the word deplorable and Donald Trump isn't book saying that Jeff sessions quote mentally retarded because of his southern accent, because he's a dumb southerner like an idiot, such a fucking joke the Donald Trump Card, is about anyone or cares about his base or cares about like working people like he doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone in this country, but himself also read the transcript of John mentioned, where cause Bob would work after the book, a sort of been written already in pretends that no one told him that he had requested an interview. It is these saddest, most pathetic thing. I've ever read music. By going to call me what's coming secretary, who to talk to me like seven or eight people like who Kelly and Conway is literally in the office. The guess about mountain this to you, corruption and then, like he's like well,
Lindsey, Graham he did. He mention you'd troubling. Oh yes, Graham did mention to your the book, so he's ending. No one told him about this book, walk conceding that people did tell him the book in the same pathetic college. Like you were such a small man. It's a lot like the Amargosa like, I can't believe they hired you man, it's it's also. This is the idea fact that the The house has been allowed to operate. Like this I mean it's like Nixon's final days, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for two years, It is not just on the Gary Collins, Adina, Paulsen and Kelly's and all the other enablers around I'll drop. It is also the fact that if this book came out about a democratic president, there would Congress would grind to a halt and there would be hearings. Those hearings would be important. It would be about protecting the country. It would be about calling witnesses to find out whether not America is fundamentally unsafe and endanger, and in a state of crisis, because the president, as we are
still in a national emergency. We have been in once a day. Donald Trump was sworn in and the Paul Ryan's in another world can try to pretend it's not true, but but this book just another reminder that what is happening is incredibly dangerous and every day we get through it we're lucky. Careful, though, don't talk about impeachment the one, I think I got to be careful. You don't want to. We wouldn't want to say that perhaps the president is unfit for office and should be removed get Tom Siren either about so from, of course, had other labour day messages. Image Between an insult to the leader of the largest in the country, I fell Seo President Richard Trump Card, because trunk said the Trump has done more to her workers than help them and then said that not including Canada in a renegotiated NAFTA deal would be a bad idea just before labour day. Trump finance. That he'd be asking Congress to free
salaries of the two million Americans who work for the federal government saying the government can afford it. This is the same government that you spent one point: five trillion dollars on a tax cuts for the richest Americans without paying for it and of course, over the last two years, the trumpet ministration has rollback worker predictions affecting mine safety inspections, offshore oil. Eggs, meat processing plants and the health of coworkers Happy Labour Day, guys yet Tommy. How is it possible for Trump to cut a deal on the North American Free Trade agreement without Canada and America's biggest Labour union. A man that seems like some pretty big pieces of the puzzle here factors I think the answer is he's full of shit. You know you're, not gonna, be able to do it. I like that. The whole thing is absurd to their credit, I think, can when he announced this half deal the press kind of ignored it and laughed at often in stock. Madame yeah, I mean he needs Congress for this
and he also needs Canada, because the North American Free Trade agreement involves United States Mexico in Canada, Neither I nor why don't kick around your allies all the time. You know you my Sunday as a rule of thumb, there's something that can only be achieved through sustained disciplined effort and sophisticated thinking and action. It will not take place shall not how, during the trumpet ministration loved trumps, it has to say to freeze. Worker pay is justified because its tied to a quote national emergency or serious economic conditions. What's he referring to their hits it ironic, because what if the emergency is his own presidency and that its would be a case age in which we will have been wasted by our own petard, because he can come
we just if I would ever behaviour, he wants a national security grounds because he is the threat. It is just it so crazy and like a mean, some people pointed out that yes, Obama froze the pay, a federal workers, his first or second you're, an office of course we're in the middle of a great recession. There is a financial crisis the government was running. One dollar deficit all because the crisis trump is out there every single day tongue about how Therefore, the fucking economy. It is how it's never done. Better everything's going great passed, a one point: five trillion dollar tax cuts and then cannot allow a two percent increase for federal workers. Salaries to go through must have realised how unpopular it is because at some rally last week he was like, but I'll be. Studying it over the weekend and of course, we haven't heard anything from about it again. Yea tried to walk back, but the order ordering it's disgusting. It is discussing to claim it's for fish. Responsibility after passing, a massive taxes for the rich and corporation The dwarfs it in every way
and die a shameful its shameful. That's all it is Tommy Workin. What do you think the crowds can say and do about. All of this axis had a story that House Democrats are already saying that if they win back the majority they'll start passing policies the focus on jobs and wages like infrastructure projects and by lowering healthcare costs, doing like democratic candidate should be running on. There should be talking about this more I doubt that that platform, I think individual racism campaigns are going to make our decisions with the talk about, but I do think it's very useful to have a policy proposal two point two about how you're going to fix a problem if you're going to save the problem. So, for example, if you want to talk about corruption in the need for lobbying and ethics reform, to have a proactive policy about how we're going to try fix this in the first hundred days or what have you is useful, because voters want to know what you're gonna do. So it's a useful messaging exercise
then the things and we won or lost based on you know, survey national policy platform that comes out of the House or congressional committee, or whatever else can be, but it was marked yeah so the week after Labour day is the traditional kick off to the final arch and sprint? God help us all. Here cricket media. We are going to try to do as much as we can to flip everything. Blue organ have information in a few weeks on vote, save America dot com which go sign up for right. Now we're going to be in battleground states
Toby for our HBO special will be interviewing some candidates on our pods and since we don't have time to interview all the candidates and take races, we're gonna be highlighting some of the key races on POD save America. So today we're gonna start off with Jennifer Weston who's. The Democrat running in Virginia S, tenth congressional district, which is basically includes the suburbs of DC she's running against Barber Comstock, who might be one of the most endangered house, Republicans in the country. Hillary Clinton carried this district by ten points and twenty sixteen and Ralph North and carried it by twenty points. Twenty one and twenty seventeen. So basically Democrats will not take the house if they don't win. This sea Tommy tell us a little bit about Jennifer Weston chirp. Yet in another piece of contacts at supporter members at Trump one Conor Lambs district by nearly twenty points, intent
Vienna. So if we can pick off those districts, are these ones should be the most likely targets. One of three big targets in Virginia so agenda for waxen with a prosecutor. Loudon county should elect the Virginia Senate in twenty fourteen and then over welding, Lee reelected and twenty fifteen, and and has a pretty legislate record. She's been talking about trumps, move to get rid of individual mandate in the formal care act and campaign on health care. She's also been put in Congress for their change that limits the number of deductions for state local taxes that were part of the republican tax cuts passed last year's that she is actively campaigning against the tax cut youth. We just talked about this trump sweet about a pay freeze. In the letter he sent to Congress that is going to upset a lot of people in Comstock District in the district. We're talking about right now, because there is a lot of federal workers there, so I think she's, a strong candidate should get to lab retrievers, which we support here, cook and media- and I know this is a race we shall win-
Tell us about Barber Comstock, you know what honestly. This is a situation. We have two great outlets. Look, you know what to say about Barbara Comstock I was there has already been said, has already been said by now. I know: look I big did the the simplest way of you by reconciling? Is she voted for the poor I and tax cuts, and now she is trying to camp? anonymous thirteen. She is yet another. One of these republicans who can't Pain on what they believe on to believe in Sichuan arrival at the base and scare people into ah ah turning it into turning out based on you know, fearmongering on immigrants. It didn't work for a Gillespie. It didn't work in this specific district in that race. You know what that's all I wanted. Barbara consequence sounding ran up to know very much about a hundred gb
your your initial jug is right. I think most Democrats in Virginia would say like she's, pretty popular. She done a good job shown up in the district doing my constituent services, but if this is a referendum on Trump people like Barber, Comstock are gonna go down ah, and so it went, yeah I mean one number you need to know is she has supported Trump on nearly ninety eight percent of her votes, so she is lockstep in line with our trump. Even though this entire campaign, you can bet Barber Comstock, is running around Virginia saying: oh, no, I'm an independent voice. I am not going to fall in line with the party. It's bullshit, her record. Just tells you other us, the other Exactly Virginias get Corey Steward is a NEO Confederate Republican running for Senate's. That will likely not give Democrats in Comstock District, these more likely to be swing. Voter type, Republicans any desire to go out and vote for him. That's true, but ok, so we have given some careful consideration, and here
POD save America. We have decided, after a lot of thought, that we are going to endorse Jennifer accident, we ve done it really really hours of meetings at this guys. It was such a guy who got eyes. Ok, when we come back, we will have our interview with President Jimmy put the Americas bridge by Quip one of the most important things we do for our health. Everyday, brushing your teeth yet most of us dont do it properly equipped as a better Lecter toothbrush created by dentists and designers. It was designed to make brushing your teeth more simple, affordable, and even enjoy why's that John people brush to hard and some elector toothbrushes or to abrasive. You got it. You got to be gentle with quip, a built in two minute: timer pulses. Ray thirty. Second general. While you went to switch sides, helping guide a full and even clean them of IRAN,
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the deuce remained quiet and the two of them to start tagamet escape from Spencer Megara gathering to train the code is pod. Save you put in the code to give five dollars goes to you. Five, This goes to the organisations helping reunify families at the border, and that's it. It's a wonderful app and cohesion. To download under run out on, but tapping, my mama, on the pods. Today, we are honoured to have with Us President Jimmy Carter. President Carter, thank you for joining the pot. It's a real pleasure you, you are you ve, been habitat for humanity, work sites all week, long in Indiana. That's where you are right now, over the last few decades, you ve helped build and fix literally thousands of homes and more than a dozen countries for habitat. Why did you pick this particular project to focus on after your presidency and from a policy standpoint which had our leaders be doing about the affordable housing crisis
in America today. We will take this particular one because South been Indiana and saw County Saint Joseph as donor. Java, getting ready pours. We tell about about yourself I had time that they could be Dana, and they made superb arrangements, so we just finished twenty two knew how here and now about two thousand workers on the project, and so is of well prepared And- and I think the outcome is good, so this these homeowners Heaven over lucky. They have to pay full price for the house, and they had put a hundred about on their own house as well, so they become with each other, so that the community we ve got this time is gonna, be one of the closest net communication already bread with each other. That we will to have been a very wonderful thing for us to do
Road and I started this thirty five years ago. Doing it every year, four one one week, each year for the last thirty five years, Mr President, you are the longest serving Ex president in american history. You have seen Reagan. Bush Clinton Bush Obama and now Trump did Trump winning team. You anything about America that you didn't know. Well I've known America, but ninety overnight. Years now and I'll a lot about America that didn't know before we ve had a wonderful country we still in the future. It is a wonderful how'd you right now and although I don't agree with a lot of places. The positive protein crop is put forward, I pray for him and writer he'll, keep our culture peace and promote human rights there, good job. As president
and I hope that he will. So I wish him well but disagree with him over Democrat he's Republican and These brought out some of it, What is it I would never have approved when our version, but you know he had a right to be present. And isolated in office behalf does a good job, but, Mr President One of the reasons I was eager to talk to you. It's because I view as being someone in stark contrast to this president, because you're a fundamentally decent and moral man. That is something that Democrats believe that something that Republicans leave that you are guided by morality that you a righteous in your conduct in this job. And beyond Donald Trump being Republican. I think it's fair to say I but he's an indecent person, but he doesn't carry himself with morality. Doesn't that worry you does that trouble you does that make you question a country I could elevate somebody like that. I don't question that country. We
with through terrible times in the past, with over twenty state of the civil war and it was a hundred years, almost water for official your segregation that was approved by the Supreme Court or approve our economies, but we have overcome those now. Basically, is allowed at least Anna although I, as I said earlier, I disagree with a lot of his policies and don't I them. I still don't understand how he was elected in, and I hope it does I will come back together in the future. Don't see a clear voice for the Democrats, yet what I think we have an excellent chance into their relating to restore control of a house or Senate one, I think we all have a good chance and in two thousand as well, to elect a new president. Mr President, you became president just a few years after Richard Nixon resigned and our and the cut
he was going through a crisis of trust in the presidency and in politics in general. How did that context shape your presidency and what do you feel that America is going to need from the next? in it and from all of us in general, to sort of rebuild trust in the present the and in politics in general. Will I came in as you know, after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in John Kennedy and marketing Junior and after they disaster away the war, Vietnam, and at that time. A lot about leaders in government, including the present himself, had told us face it not true about what is going on in Vietnam pressures, and I promised to tell the Americans truth and I, as individual small group, voted for upper started, not a vote for me. If I have a misleading statements, so I went through the same, School John Mccain did Nathan,
academy in in that institution. The truth was a pre eminent characteristic. Morality and ethics revival look upon to have better requirement. If we told the slightest made the error of judgment or major studies, they were, there was not coming accurate, we were automatic it out of the neighbour. Carry were expelled immediately with no questions asked, and I think that I can do that granted? I had make sure that we told the truth and I think that America look about tell the truth, is kind of a nation indication of your ethical and moral values. So I thank them Come back to that eventually, in future work, I think it's has been abandoned. In many ways it many times said so present throb has been in office. Some is resident. There's been a lot of soul, searching among Democrats in the wake of
Trump winning in the wake. A lot of losses up and down the ballot about what the party should stand for one answer. Come from the last thing. We need to be less cautious, pushing for Medicare for all a federal jobs guarantee. Do you agree with those policies and what advice you have for Democrats in terms of you know how to win. How to win majorities we'll ways they do preserve human rights and all aspects, and closure of the right of people to have a decent home a modicum of education and innovation. We good health care as well as freedom of expression, freedom of I voted freedom of religion, and so I think that's that's what the Democrats or stand for an hour or so a supporter of a universal sanders when he ran and enough in the last election and They should agree with you with this position, but I can say that in many ways,
If you were my neighbours in place, Georgia done Georgia. I was looked upon her to live Like many others, we go to sea of test cases in two thousand thirteen like in fodder we have a polarized rise, Hooper people to two people running for. Governor fraud and I think that we will be a good indication in two thousand and ten. But what will happen in two thousand and twenty? And that will be a good I for forward Democrats on which way to go to a very low how much more moderate approach to the basic issue that face our country. Mr President, president Obama has said that, at the end of the day, We're all part of a long running story, and we just try to get our paragraph right What do you want your paragraph to say? Will I hope it will remember habitat puberty, but generically speaking, I try to keep up
peace and I tried to promote human rights around the world and in peace for work about four other countries as well. So I restarted, China to normalize to promote relations, and I worked to bring peace in the Middle EAST between Japan, Israel and in so I look upon human rights. It is a one opportunity for people to live in peace with each other as well as to have a decent home which were working on this wicked habitat. So I think human rights resolution is to blow to burn it up it abroad thing, but the essence of human rights is to treat each other equally, and since I left office, there's been a gross change, dna relative status of american surgeons. We have much more poor roused America now that we did before, and we also have a much more disparity between eighty come or chairs were approved.
Well being for about America, so most anesthesia erected in the future, not I think the democratic parties is supporters going lead us to make those changes. President. Thank you so much for all your service, not just in the White House, but in all the years after with habitat and and all over the world term. We very much appreciate and the and were honoured to have you on the on the pike us been a pleasure. Thank you. Emotions both of you With a vote beyond with you thank you, thanks again to Jimmy Carter for joining us, and we will resident Jimmy Carter- oh I'm so thanks again, President Jimmy Carter, I didn't know you got to be president basic de president. I call them there is a need for geopolitical and- and we will talk to you guys on Thursday.
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