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Republicans have no idea what health care bill they’re voting on, the Mooch lets Trump be Trump, and the Democrats unveil a new slogan and agenda. Then CBS News' Margaret Brennan joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to talk about the Administration’s foreign policy challenges.

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Friday we have great lovely past experience. Sarah Silverman Daraya POD, save the people and Guy Branum my favorite, shows we've ever done. We also gave Sean Spicer the farewell treatment. You deserves hilarious, wonderful, Spicer such that you're, not to miss check it out and download speaking of Durai. His latest episode of pod save the people drops tomorrow on Tuesday he's talking with Tracy Ellis Ross and the current mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges and also everyone don't forget to post mates we're earlier here. Just post might look at you what yeah throwing the script, because guess what you're getting dollars in free delivery. If you download the post mates app and you enter the code cricket, we all use postmates last night there's some timing issues because it arrived during game of thrones on Monday, was not very happy about that halo.
Get together and look at our phones and interrupt the show for awhile one hour a week. Addled broken people were on. Our phones can't pay attention, since it's still enjoy the other side, but in my head I would have enjoyed a little bit more. We just sit still. This criticism is like a gray scale, being cut off my body. I do not like post its. There's a lot going on. Today we had is it in a Jared Kushner confirm his for meetings with Russians, deny campaign collusion an interview with the Senate Intel Committee. He didn't collude. I just went to a meeting about collusion totally fair. How is that to get with the press, called on the Department of Justice to investigate his former political opponent, while referring into his own attorney general's, beleaguered we're going to get all that kind of stuff. But first president, party is hurtling towards a vote tomorrow on a health care proposal which had Do you only problem is if you're listening out there and you're not sure, what's going on with healthcare that make
you just like republican senators, because no one knows what the flock proposal they are voting on tomorrow. All we do know is that it's going to be proposal that probably takes away health Prince from, twenty million people- probably more it's like a rain from twenty to thirty, depending on which proposal they go with Mcconnell strategy here. Can I ask you a question Sure none of us know the answer to that. One. I've seen people like to first, and Ben Wikler say like they're, getting these ominous feelings that they think the right might be. Circling, solution. Is there any sense of why they feel nervous. Now, ok, ok, so they do feel like have an ominous feeling, but it's not because the right is circling is solution. It's because the pressure from the it's. Finally, wrapped up right. So what happened is like all the active from the left and center and everywhere else, experts sort of push this thing to fail a couple times right like that's. Why we didn't have a once Mcconnell
field. Suddenly, the right, the Coke Brothers Steve wins of the world all like the grifter right wing groups in DC love their billionaire name, there's one named vandersloot very quickly, so trump, the billionaire's Mcconnell these people. Suddenly they put tremendous pressure on these republican senators, started threatening primaries and said you fail to repeal Obamacare Bow blaster. Now all the pressures on the right, so all of the and and we from tow from some of these people that the call going into some of the offices like capitals, office and Heller's office have gone from anti repeal to pro repeal. So that's what's making everyone nervous right. Its affective to not know what they're going to vote on, because it it makes a little more true the idea that they're just voting yes on a motion to proceed to a debate on what they'll actually end up being voting on, and so this case that I was making to cap Heller is just give me on the motion to proceed. Just get us into the
eight and then we'll see what happens, which is so crazy, crazy lately, because you could be in a scenario if you're Heller, where you vote yes on the motion to proceed in Democrats, will destroy you with that vote. Even if you ultimately vote no on the bill, so you vote the motion to proceed that begins twenty hours of debate. So the vote is probably going to be sometime tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday afternoon and then In the ensuing twenty hours of debate, people can start offering up amendments right. They can start changing the bill and then what happens is there's tremendous pressure at that point on Republicans to just get something done The problem is at the end on Thursday, when the whole thing ends, Mcconnell can introduce an amendment that wipes away all the other amendments and replace it with. Never version of the bill. He wants yeah and then it's
four in the morning any saying you're going to be the only republican or the only to Republican right to stop after twenty hours when we negotiated- and we got all these days- they locked in hell in a room and Sheldon Adelson give them a tv twister and the problem is: there's no Cbo score for the final bill. There's nothing there's nothing! So all that Mcconnell can, Tell people all well. This Medicaid thing fixed your problem and we had this provision in this compromise and it fixed everything and they all feel good about themselves. They all been locked in a room for twenty hours, but no one's going to know what the impact is so This is why we have to our best hope here is to stop them yes on the motion to proceed. So what are? What? What's the account Susan Collins is strong, she is a no not voting on a motion to proceed. Not only is she a note. She's been like tearing the bill to pieces if, on the Sunday shows to interview in Portland she's saying this is a crazy way to pass legislation that affects one of the economy. It's been.
The process attacks seem to have grown. Everyone now feels comfortable attacking the process, which is right. I think positive right. So Collins a hard, no there's no indication yet that Mccain will be back for this vote tomorrow. That means he, we lose one more but he's like so here's Rand Paul's Deal Rand Paul said if Donald promises me that one of the votes we take during debate be a vote on straight repeal I'll, say yes to the motion to proceed, but not saying a yeah, but not saying yes to any underlying repair replacement. Yeah Paul is still unknown any other bill, but a straight repeal so far, but but that's what I don't know why Rand Paul wants to vote to motion procedures to get Boat, that he knows he's going to lose on straight repeat, which is the case right now? So let me just it's so hard stand at like I'm so afraid to be positive, so Mccain's out They can only lose two they've already lost Collins. They get a motion to proceed if it anything other than straight repeal. It seems like Rand Paul's ramp, no or is what we're thinking is. Rampal is quietly
Mcconnell. If I get my repeal vote and it goes down, then I can say I tried to vote for repeat but instead I vote for. I voted for bill. That's in perfect, okay, that a lot of a care in Mccain is to for his opinion to his governor? That's very key! That's a good point! So yeah mic ain't we did over the weekend or Friday. I think I will do whatever juicy says he's the governor's not Steve, to see not to do that now, thank God with a bus or a train trump Trump read it. I will do whatever it is that the Trump love that guy, though, and and do the back and he hasn't said much in the last month, but back in June or early July, he said, he did not like the Medicaid cuts in the bill. So I don't know, maybe that's a hopeful sign for Mccain, but who knows the other part of this is put the politics aside. The fifth at the Konomi. It's the health care for every American and they're, going to world themselves, up into a frenzy they'll, be
crazy amount of activity and then bill passed then we'll find out what it is, and perhaps the market will crush. You know who that happens. That's a good point too, because another thing that happened on Friday was the parliamentarian ruled on which parts of the bill could under the reconciliation process under the reconciliation process only stuff that effects the actual budget can pass. Nothing oh no regulations, everything else that doesn't actually impact the federal budget and One of the provisions that they struck down was basically, I will but it's the whole provision that keep the insurance markets together. It's basically there were the Republicans replacement for the individual mandate. So much as a bunch of stuff came out, so their ability to define planned parenthood came out their ability to think they can fix that with some new language. That was probably what they can't. No one thinks they can fix. The six
waiting period that would screw up the insurance markets and no one is talking about it, so they could vote on a bill right now, where the parliamentarian struck. Provisions that keep the whole insurance markets together to say Nothing of the Cruz amendment which hasn't been it scored by the Cbo. It hasn't been ruled on by the parliamentarian. The Cruz amendment is also something that could melt down the insurance market. I want you guys to know that you can tell how excited we are about a subject by the amount of hand gesturing, and today it looks like John- is leading a plane. It's so crazy. We are a day from a vote. That's about health care We don't know what it is. We don't know the strategy, numbers involved, don't know what it is. There is a never been anything like this is not in our lifetime system test. I would like to hear one Republican, Senator defend their policy on the merits you can't say Obamacare else. You can't say it's better than passing nothing. You can't you actually say the positive effects of your policy without line
here is why here is why we want to teach on my challenger republican Senator anyone to try to get that would be great to somebody just sort of like fully throw deadly defend. This thing be like so I looked at these policies and I figured out the best thing to do for the american healthcare system. It's basically to keep Obama care, but make it much much much less generous, so that people don't have as much insurance and more people go bankrupt like I was looking at it, and I that's what I wanted and some so then one of them will say well, eventually, premiums will go down and say well premiums go down well because all of the people in the elderly people would have given up their insurance because they, afford it anymore, and so the only people paying for insurance or young healthy people, so premiums will go down. If that's the only argument that is literally the only argument you can make for this bill about why premiums would ultimately go down ten years down, as parents waving flaming torches in front of hospitals. Trying to get medical treatment is actually not a pre existing condition under this bill. You will recall that one of the major gripes about Obama CARE is that too many
and had high deductibles spray, which was true from any plans on Bama care. Pretty high one of my personal gripes deductibles here will go up by one thousand. Percentage, like thirty ten thousand dollars deductible for someone who's, making twenty five thousand dollars a year which no insurance, they just insurance. Thirteen thousand dollars deductible two million lose their health care, and these big and and now we're just we're just hurtling towards us right and not and not like a small government solution, it's not like they're like, but but you know, we'll put hand power back. It's the same thing: they're keeping Obamacare they're just get making every single part of it worse. So anyway, as you all know, the drill here keep up the call any wherever you are in the country right now, you can participate in this. You can either make calls or if you're in DC, if you're anywhere near DC protests like follow Ben Wikler on twitter he's got a whole bunch of places. You can go and events that are happening and numbers you can call and stuff like that, but I do today and tomorrow and then Wednesday and Thursday. This is the to ramp up the pressure
not going to say if the vote fails were all in the clear 'cause. We can never say that until Donald Trump stops being President Republican Stop controlling Congress. But if the vote fails, this it is going to be very hard to keep it on. You know, I think it also is or to just step back into this is a terrable process and it it really is hurting the just the way they're doing this like It is not necessary for Republicans to turn healthcare into occasional, seek meetings followed by frenzy activity that makes half the country panic like that, hurts the country will leave a mark. We are going to be paying for this kind of legislating for a long time. I think it's nice seeing the backlash because Mcconnell's like oh well, there suggestion box in my office that you could come by and talk about it and everyone's like and now he's. Going back having these meetings with these all male groups and then he's going back to his office with his aides. In writing. It completely alone is backfired so thoroughly on it, and you know what don't tell me: the dean, Heller's politics or any more difficult than
using cotton politics, because, like Hillary Clinton, won both of their states, both of them have possible, like right wing primary challengers that could unseat them like Susan Collins faces the same pressures, Dean Heller faces, but she decided to actually not break the Senate. And she wants a deliberate of process working with the other party holding, maybe one hearing so like I don't. I don't feel bad for dean hello. No, we do not feel bad, for the other thing, too, is like it's still just politics and rip. Looking in Nevada are also able to see the news and a more common in decent and effective political person like a dean Heller, but with some bucking moral back bone would say I'm not going to this thing: if you are primary, go for it, but I'm the only person who can win there are things can do if you have some kind of whatever principle and to demonstrate to your people that you're someone worth sticking with ridiculous 'cause the core of the fence on the bill. What about Capitao, because she
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During tv watching time she sits very quietly. She was perched on my shoulder, like a parrot, meanwhile of them, including the humans, couldn't keep their yaps shut. We gotta get up. We gotta It's one hour a week. One hour a week is quietly and you watch game of thrones, you don't be on your phone, you don't check Instagram, it's not that hard. How adult and broken are we everybody sit still seems like Sonos is the new? home for the love of the sorry catch up. This is so no three anyway, let's About mooch saves America, it's so fun. Like just now, having gone through the whole healthcare conversations. I okay great great. Let's talk about this all! Well, you! Well, you know he's been talking about it for a days four days straight Tommy. I think it's instructive, though, because you know that spice and Priebus are seen as these institutional lists and sort of Washington figures that could maybe pull him back towards. What's normal,
and Spicer as much as he sucked and as much as we are now learning that the briefings went off camera, so Sean could literally hide from his boss and wouldn't get critiqued by him. I mean, if ever a reporter needed a reason to live stream that thing or break their bullshit rules. That's it guys. You're not in the Sean Spicer Protection Business right word we're gonna get information for people, but you know just like looking at the mooch: it's reminder that Trump now has a half dozen former Goldman Sachs Guys working form, despite attacking TED Cruz and Hillary, is bought and sold and controlled by Goldman it'll be interesting to see what Sean does here, because There's the Corey Lewandowski path of not attacking the just staying in good graces or he could actually tell the truth. Be useful to the nation. He's got a choice to make Sean Spicer here listening. You can still be hero step up, but the movie already screwed up yeah. The mooch said on tv that he discussed pardons with Trump in the oval office. After Trump's lawyer said that I had not been discussed,
Oh merge also ceiling paints, which also said he was not sure if Trump would sign the Russia sanctions Bill and then a couple hours later, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said yeah sure he's going to send it. I think, now then, which said my bad, so and that oh well? He he admitted that he that's something wrong, and so we all love Mucha Mucha is going to say at least Scaramouche E. The Mooj is what Donald Trump thinks he sounds like. I think that, like Donald Trump looks in the mirror and he's like that's what I want to see I want to see like I want to see the much every camp deals with someone like the mooch who, who is this, outsider, who comes in and offers garbage advice like we just gotta, let Trump be Trump and tells the boss what he wants to hear and he's a total chameleon. He gave money to Obama in twenty ten. He supported JEB. He supported Kennedy Attack Trump on TV and when it suited his personal purposes, he got on the truck trend. Let trump be nuts, that's right! That's the new strategy! Look! That is what Donald Trump as he is. We talked about this. He is a he
an empty vessel for the ambition of terrible men, and did you guys see the clip that was going around with mooch asking Barack Obama a question during the town hall in twenty ten and he's like Mister you know I just went to Harvard LAW School together and uh blah blah and is all the small talk and then it goes. I just well she is feeling so beat up by your. Ministration were feeling so beat up right now. We just want to know when it's going to stop two years after the financial crisis is one of those, drain the swamp during this hot swap with the mooch, but the question the. Make any difference whatsoever, you have Sarah the sender is going to remain a press secretary. Her hallmark is saying even less than Sean a little bit nicer, so that won't change. The mooch wants to have good relations. Press, but he's also talking about his idea to like put to death on the lawn and do state run tv. I mean this is not a thing he's joking about So
Maybe they'll have better interpersonal relations, but again every president. Names his comms teams and says he's a communications problem. He has a policy problem. We have a trump tweets, crazy things We have a but he's a drug problem, John, a message from his a drum problem and also look the mood is out for the match So that's one thing that we can count on right that this guy is not going down. He doesn't care, he seems to be yet another valueless person, I mean there are the kind of two kinds of people that have been along for the ride with Trump, and it is it's not just DC versus New York. Or what have you it's? It's people that got into deep over. I'm because they thought they were doing the right thing like to protect their party or whatever for the country. That's like your you know. Race is an your spicers who never imagine they would get this far, but here they are the kind of that's getting in now. These are empty, morally bankrupt people who will turn on a dime
the interesting thing about the mooches that he seen by some as a possible heir to the chief of staff job once they knife previous That's kind of a one other thing about all this, which is all this. Talk about how you know Trump says: you're fired Trump, cannot fire anybody heard. He cannot do it the he he won. Fire sessions, but he's afraid to do it. He clearly wants to get rid of rights, but he's afraid to do it so the way he Does he make their lives miserable until they quit Porsche at the sub, tweets them or just tweets? About the I mean the the the sessions thing this morning, my god he called sessions beleaguered ridiculous he's believe weird because Trump is attacking him. Can I tell you my favorite mooch anecdote and then we should probably move on your right 'cause screw that guy, apparently he used to host a one hundred points wine. Only wine tasting at Davos. So this is what he's best known for wearing fund of funds. So this is
populist hero. It was gonna catch. This is how we're awarding the white working class voters who came out for Donny the thing that's so crazy to about sessions as an out now sessions is like he has to stay because Trump wants him to leave and it's like this car the thing where once turns on them. You kind of need to hope they stay because if he leaves what comes next is even worse than sessions is the worst attorney general in our lifetimes yeah, but like the Rudy, does I don't know that Rudy could get confer I don't think you know he doesn't have to do this, but I think it would would scare me a lot to have sessions leave and suddenly we would never name special thank how crazy this is. Anna, one of the die hard trump a stone, cold stone, a racist who has refused his now we're at the point where
trump wants him out were like. Oh, we hope session state. I don't think so I I I I don't know that I I don't know I don't want to say I think he's awful. I think all the things he's doing separate apart from the the special counsel issue are way worse, but it just is someone who is even more bendable to Trump's will frightens me an obstruction okay. Like to take a step back from all of this And I realized it as we watched CNN Cover, Spicer like it was the Iraq invasion for like for hours of fun. You know when we were when we have the tv on in the office on Friday forever like like The media and Washington likes to focus on a good shape, story on personalities, there's a lot of drama in this weather. It's spy Sir or sessions or any of this stuff or mooch. It's like the end of the day. Trump has a trump problem, and even all the questions about the pardons and stuff like that, like either try makes a lot of crazy policy personnel moves fire sessions, fires more whatever else like either Congress trump accountable or they don't
and then either we do. By voting for a new Congress in twenty eighteen under new president, two thousand and twenty or weed out right and all like the machinations of who's coming in and out of the White House news fixing it like nothing, is really going to change until there's an election or there's an impeachment. That's about it So good luck, Anthony Scaramucci in your new job, we're all we're all, but it's only been six month only been six months, we are roughly thirteen percent of the way through by the Dan Pfeiffer, just Fox news story. That headline is former Obama staffers called Trump, this asshole in the white on Chelsea's Netflix, show, but was me. I said that I think what do they not listen the PA yes, yes, yes, it's 'cause he's at he's an asshole he's on a mass hole because he is he's the right person. Sack check me on that one reporter from Newsbusters. So did someone somewhere someone. Please make the argument that he's not an asshole to me to his own family. Anyone anyone make the argument asshole
alright, alright speaking of good slogans- God, God, God, God, God, God talk about the Democrats now today, Chuck Schumer Nancy Policy in the Democratic Party unveiled there. New agenda. It is called better deal colon, better jobs, better wages, better future. What do you think guys. So what do we think trying to be calm approach, this rationally. Look at it see let it let it sink in thinking. Sometimes, slogan takes a minute to sink in, my initial reaction to it when it first started leaking out, was that it was trash. I will say that having seen the layout of the full agenda you know there was a pelosia bed and there are few other pieces out there. It's fine! I think it's fine I yeah. So I was very critical
some twitter, I I was responding to some reports that turned out to be inaccurate. What's the said, they thought the contacts the demo leadership keeps hearing on the Sunday shows and from each other, the ECHO chamber We have no message. The democratic party is very unpopular and polling, so there there's a there's, a purpose. That's real! Behind this. We do a brand problems, people don't know we stand for what are gender as I'm, also very authentic to how hard it is to get an entire party to agree on anything to get in involved, but I think the big mistake we often make confusing Imessage and a slogan. They are very different things that happen in two thousand and six. When John and I were working in the Senate for Obama, the Democratic Party decided to go but we can do better and ask members to repeat it. We refuse to be sent out. So if you put in any rock among his remarks are press releases because we were arrogant Van and we arogant now, but you know I. I just think that trumps message broke through because it felt authentic and it came him and make America great again and it was visible and it spoke to emotion and I don't think anything.
This slogan does that? I also think that these are good policy they're by no means nude, assay, prescription drugs, make there's acquisitions harder or give a tax credit to businesses for job training. Those are important things, but when we talk about big challenges, going forward as a nation we're talking about automation, Well, that's not in here. No that's not talking about this big health care debate that we're having right. Now, that's so I think it's all asian parties, big they could stop. That is actually a new and interesting thing that I hope it becomes. That is big. The rest of it is retread stuff, but the part about me please and going into mergers, and only that part is I'm not criticizing anything that was in it. I'm saying that the thing you talk about as a Democrat every show is, we talked about constantly is as automation, and I didn't see that as a part of this is known as there's. No one has hit it yeah like so right asian consolidation and then, like trade and globalization like this at least it looks at one of the big things, but yet they have no answer for automation and then they look at
stagnant wages and inequality, and they find a tax credit like that's okay, for business for business which is again again we're back to and it's a good policy for the campaign trail, but we're back to the kind of policies that our tax credit based an hard to well, and that individuals would necessarily know they were benefiting from in their own lives like so fifteen dollars, minimum wage. Fifty, that's good! That's good! Look, I think the problem. First of all, on the slogan thing like I'm down on slogans in general, I think that they do matter that much, I think that they all sound like retreads. I do think the Option sometimes is presidential campaign slogans that evokes something bigger than let's see right, you have a cult that have a cultural connection right so make America great again fits with that. Yes, we can fits with that. Even with Obama right, like people associate. Yes, we can with them, but Our other slogan, that was the official slogan of the campaign change we can believe in. I remember when the campaign was coming up with that slogan, and there were
one thousand emails and meetings and phone calls and poles and stuff like that, and it went back and forth, and maybe it was the change we can trust straight because it was was to be a it would be about Hillary. Well, that was a you can believe it right. It wasn't over against Hillary, but I'm writing the. Jefferson, Jackson, speech and everyone's like well we're coming up with the new slow, stuff like that when they finally came up, then I'm like dude ever you want with the slogan I'm going to try to find like one line in the speech, to slip it in. So we can say we did, but I don't care but for the rest of the speech, because it just it's, you have, tell a bigger story than just something that a slogan can provide. So my thing about this is like better deal like. We can do that are better way like these movies. Are there phrases that may be good enough in like serviceable serviceable, fine, but I think at this moment, and maybe it isn't right for house candidates to be out there to collectively with some bigger moral message. I don't know right, so I'm just trying to not feel safe we have the answers, but, like you think
great society and even new deal like these were things that evoked like big changes and big problem. In like big emotional moral arguments and we're at a time which Donald Trump, the worst president, the worst person we never put in the job, is like laying waste to institutions Mitch Mcconnell is about to have a secret healthcare vote and the best we can where is better an maybe that's. What are It should be saying, but I just wish that that the better deal fit into a larger case for who we are in our vision for the future, and maybe that's something that we need. A presidential candidate Maybe it's something we need to do as a collectively to and figure that out, and we haven't done it yet. I don't know, but just a better deal is small and maybe enough to win, but it's small. I guarantee you that these guys heard pulling presentations and focus groups were people, so we don't. We don't believe promises anymore, so we sort of wounded down to better. Should I also sort of
again we're criticizing them for trying I'm glad they're trying- and this is an iterative process- they're going to run more policy they'll like refine the single time known as expected to repeat it whole cloth. But if I were going to planner for this thing I would have had some of the leadership out in like do a bunch of town halls and meet with a bunch of people could be in New York could be in any state you wanted here there. Try to incorporate that like incorporate the struggles of working people, but I know I said it sort of in the format of an op, ed and stuff, and it just feels like language that was in Obama's possible to me speech that could have been in any Clinton solution. I said the same thing to love this morning I was like the op eds from both policy and Schumer the language in there is just like it was a bomb language and it was Hillary Language and it's like it would. It probably was Bill Clinton language like we can always data, I'm I'm guilty of this a million times and now that I'm out of the way as you look back and you're like yeah, we could freshen up. We need to so using a term wages like who talks about my
ages. I'm really frustrated with the file on my wages are one segment. No one says that the other thing is the lead with telling a story about each of the individual policies that really breaks through right. So not not! No one key way, because we think Democrats are to watch with their policies but like if you think about campaign right, everyone knew he wanted to build a wall and he they knew about the band right We now have a very well we just had Polacy interesting policy on breaking up corporate mergers. Right so go tell story that is about breaking merger breaking up. You know our name, trust, busting and stuff, like that. Like Thing Comcast yeah, it has on the use of like people know now that the associate Democrats with that in touch I read, they don't want mergers, look all the different pieces that Democrats have out today about explaining, the agenda is, and they all organize them into different baskets they're, all first second and third and there so the differently, because there's no coherent, no
behind them, like? Basically it's like there's infrastructure, there's a tax credit there's prescription. Because there's minimum wage there's mergers. What does it add up to it's? It's better. It is it is better, yeah and maids are the cultural, not that you are pining for I think we all are is I'm saying well, it's sort of a nod to the new deal and it's a nod to a critique of Trump's claim to be a deal maker, and I don't think either of those are remotely culture irrelevant. Didn't make that connection? To make that connection? I read it. Democrats are a better way to govern, we're going to narrow, hey good NEWS, guys up errantly Eric Trump has been meeting with the head of the Rnc to talk about two thousand and eighteen messaging and campaigning so helping him probably nail it god we have that wall between their finances and God told me I should come talk to you. I want to figure out when times up the worst one:
one other thing I'll say about. The democratic platform now is not very strong guy from Goonies It does show that Democrats have absorbed sort of the Bernie Sanders set of messages. Policies a bit more. People probably would have expected there. It is fifteen dollars minimum wage when and Bernie were fighting between twelve dollars and fifteen dollars, Schumer's said he was open. That Medicare for all is on the table. Now single pays that single players on the table, the trillion dollar infrastructure proposal- The merger thing, like you know, so it's a pretty pretty, was populist agenda. I was really to see the there is an consolidation of monopoly stuff 'cause. I personally view that is like the next big thing. Yeah, like I hate paying more. For my airline ticket to I don't think that's going to get me to the polls. I don't know
We should do that. I don't remember. I think this is one of the biggest things no by two thousand and eighteen, but this is part of the problem because it you know, we especially disagree with you because they wouldn't put in here if it didn't pull so well. Of course, it pulled out like this traction, but no but like this is the thing like it in in these sort of plans, because I think it's a kind of collection of desperate policies like a billion dollar infrastructure is put next prescription. We just put next to the minimum wage which is put next to this plan and they're all kind of given equal footing, but got a little breathe yeah, but like that one piece of it, I think, could be like one of the central That's what we talked about. You gotta go tell stories about this. You gotta go talk about airlines screwing people over and it will telecom company screen people over right when you going to make it, you gotta make it real for people, and you gotta tell them like how you're going to benefit if we drop these mergers from happening right and like really be get into the
get visionary. This is why I think part of it is like these decisions being made on poles is so difficult, because a lot of this is about things that are hard to measure and they don't reveal themselves in data. People feel kind of under siege and from a lot of different places, and one of the things that's happened is partly because of foundation because we're sort of all in a daily basis dealing with giant companies that don't have our interests at heart that make us sign crazy agreements and that treat us poorly in that make us wait to get on the phone like we are. Feeling on a daily basis, like our dignity is being sapped and Donald Trump is in part. In response to that. This sense that, like every making you feel like a sucker but you're, not a sucker. If you, if you stick with me and like I, I feel like there are these bigger forces- play, which is why I was excited about that part of it. You feel like you dignities, been sat today, Tommy, I'm well probably later on, maybe maybe at lunch. Find me one
we're going to make fun of messages and then we're going to propose and then we're going to make fun. Now I have a message I have a message was that I can tell you excellent. Ok, alright, love! It's gonna message is going to keep it for what it is. I'm going to tell you in the break, ok great! When we come back, we will be talking to CBS News is White House correspondent, Margaret Brennan, hey, don't go anywhere lots of America and there's more on the way Pugs in America is brought to you by movement move. Watch is was founded on the belief that style shouldn't break the bank. The watchmaker's goal is to change the way consumers think about fashion. By offering high very minimalist product that revolutionary prices with over. One million watch is sold to customers in one hundred and sixty plus countries around the world movement just had solidified itself is the world's fastest growing watch company and they sell more than just watch love it was wearing their sunglasses. Yesterday again, I left at your house for awhile 'cause. I forgot them and they can find them. Then I was glad that you found them with sunglasses or excellent. I love him. The company was started by,
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sing it I know, there's other apps were not using those anymore or switching to the cash and, if you're looking for love, it's grievance check out the sun's head, joining us today on POD save America is Margaret Brennan Margaret is the White House correspondent in senior foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News based in Washington DC? that means she is sitting in a White House basement covering the mooch. Not the Spicer show right now, thanks for joining us sure, it's as luxurious as you described It's lovely on their margaret we're going to start with substance, which is crazy, Because you are a foreign policy expert on top of being White's correspondent, there's a big in the times today about how there's been in Afghanistan strategy present to the Trump Administration repeatedly of ink master. I assume that is some of the old bulls like trying to run a troop increase at him and he's rejecting it over and over again with the backing from campaign aides
What are you hearing about this effort to get in to sign off on a troop increase, and what should we expect in terms of some sort of strategy from them on or a time frame for it? and clear when we're going to get a answer from the present as to what kind of decision he's going to make. This is been an incredibly long and he in full policy review for this White House. Its head starts and stops, and in many ways it's kind of hitting some of the key national security officials within the administration who are in many ways. You know people jokingly refer to them as the adults in the room because they are so experienced in an administration. That's full of people were kind of new to these positions and even at the national security.
Initials are are sort of at odds with each other. On this, and what I mean by that is, it was secretary of State Rex Tillerson. It really hit the brakes hard back in May on what was a ready to go proposal from the National Security Advisor on what to do about Afghanistan from a counterterrorism point of view, in terms of what the US involvement in America's longest war should be, and the Secretary of State wasn't ok with what was presented to him. He didn't think he could sell it from sources. I speak to some of this had to do with the fact that this was not including necessarily dollar signs and numbers on
costs, and it was more sort of what's our strategic view of America's involvement in Afghanistan. So they went back to the drawing board. Came back to the table just last week presented the president with another proposal and that even it seems to have the National Security advisor to the President, who typically sort of the last person in the ear of the president, giving them the strategy and proposals that the administration moves forward with instead sort of having the defense secretary, James Mattis Anna Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, teaming up with their own proposal an really it brings us back to an unclear place. President Trump really didn't talk
about how he saw Afghanistan when he's on the campaign trail. I don't even remember him mentioning it really, despite a lot of his discussion about support for you as troops, and that is where we have the most boots on the ground. Even if it is just in advise and assist roll, it is no less dangerous for american troops, so we're really waiting on what could be a really politically important decision for the president to put his name on a war that has bedeviled the past. Well, now he'll be the third president, but also a key part of what is the US counterterrorism, an strategy given that it's not just that the Taliban and it support for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. But now the growth of ice is there and we have to see. Is president Trump going to allow for defense secretary matters to put more than the three thousand nine hundred boots on the ground? He's been authorized to be able to send out, or
Is he going to pull back from that? Maybe look at the use of contractors, an idea that's been floated by Steve Bannon, when the political advisers to the president was still a lot floating yeah this. This feels a lot like Groundhog day. The two thousand and nine Obama Ask interview where he was accused of dilly dallying and then faced all the exact same questions, the same challenges and fundamentally the problem is no different. Just a quick follow up on the I mean you have, Tillerson and apparently blocking this there's also rumors of a what they're calling a are exit that he might early in less than a year. You hear anything about that. Look at this. Station is rife with those rumors all the time about virtually everyone in the and, and I'm not joking when I say that, if anything right now while there is
was over. How long will Rex Tillerson the Secretary of State, be willing to be in a position where the department you overseas is getting gutted in terms of funding is being sidelined in terms of sidelined in terms of many decisions and he's fighting for influence. Someone who really was a captain of industry before he took this job, it's a totally new ball game for him, and he's admitted that that he's used to being the decision maker- and this is kind of strange position for him to be in it's not clear how long he will last, but so far he seems to be continuing to fight to represent, at least in the Afghanistan context of broader strategy where he was pushing forward more diplomats, and he was saying wait. Let's look at what's happening in Pakistan too. It's not just talk about boots and numbers. Let's put this together in a bigger picture point of view, but what I am hearing is a lot of pressure on the National Security Advisor Hr Mcmaster. There are a lot of people.
Running for him right now. There's a lot of rumor mongering out there and in terms of pressure on key national security figures, he's got a lot on him. Well now I think we've gotten through the fluff of the interview. Let's talk about substance, have you seen Sean Spicer? Is he able to make eye contact with the press core not seeing sounds nicer today that the lights in the press secretary this were off when I walked in there around six hundred and fifteen this morning also have not seen Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House constructor today, but Sarah Sanders, who stepped into the role that Sean Spicer, is stepping away from been very active, very responsive, as she has been throughout the past few months of this administration, she's been pretty steady in this comp shop. She she's been on the job, but have not
seeing Sean Spicer, though I'm told he was smiling on Friday when he walked up. Did you have a mini fridge in his hand, so you used to cover some of the New York finance world. What do you know about the mooch? What do you expect anything to change with the White House briefing such a bad, nickname but yeah? I would he let that stand. It's not great. It's cool yeah! It's funny! Because Like you said, I I covered Wall Street. Track eight hours at c, N, B C as a Bloomberg and so Anthony Scaramucci is someone who has been on my tv screen, or you know, coming on the network that worked on for years now, so I'm used to seeing him. In that context, I mean he's not he's that he was a fund of funds guy. He was Yahoo, bundled together hedge funds and sort of package that product so that investors could get a piece of what was promised to be sort of high flying.
Investors. Can we just pause and what bulshit a fund of funds is like how many times you get to pay fees with your investing in the fund of funds multiple times, because you've got multiple funds within at least for people at home. It's sort of like the imperfect, but it's sort of like a mutual fund, where it's not just an individual stock, you're owning like a bucket of them through this one fund you buy into the fund of funds, is kind of similar and touch it says you know lower entry fee, then bye to a hedge fund directly, which often has requires a lot of money to even walk in the door with an a lot of percentage is paid to the managers right, you're right, it's marketing, it's a lot of sales with a lot of getting and Anthony. Scaramucci is very good at that he's kind of like the Donald Trump of finance in terms of being totally tv ready, totally confident, quick on his feet. But now he's got this real
challenge of sorting out a communication strategy that isn't just about sales. It's also got to be about getting everyone pulling in the same direction, which is something you don't often see within this White House we've gone back and forth. With a bunch of different reporters on this question, but are you in the White House? Things are still useful camp or the you know, they've sort of live their usefulness at this point, but I have always gotten your emails or tweets like what doing on your blackberry or your Iphone. Why aren't you paying attention? You forget in the front row the White House, sometimes when you're that so many people watched
around the world to try to get any kind of sense or the administration's going, and the reason that we're constantly plea of conflict writing down notes and on our devices is because were and this administration trying to cross check with. What's true, what's not what's the latest saying this other individual than the administration is saying so in terms of going to the White House briefing expecting to get one in capsule inning view of the White House position you don't often and walk away with that it has become. It's always been a bit of political grandstanding on both sides. I will say even as a member of television, you know I sort of roll my eyes when you have the same question asked over and over, but it is important to have the administration to be able to be on the record about key issues, and it's really gonna come down to whether they're sanders or anyone else out. There can actually answer those questions and not often the challenge these days, particularly on foreign policy or anything, that's not
really in crisis and at the moment, it's hard to get a straight answer. So it you know, I'm getting out with you be as I get the get the talk for possible after the show. Another big thing that Trump promised during the campaign was repealing the IRAN deal or getting rid of it, tearing it up whatever they just re certified but apparently it was every single advisor trump has all the serious people in the room said they wanted to get the other one, keep your own detox is working and then trump wants to get rid of it. Dude things go in there like what should we expect to see going forward in terms of the future for this deal
it's going to be really hard. If every ninety days of the deal requires this thing has to be re certified because, like you said it was down to the wire, I mean, I know foreign diplomats, you have diplomatic, yep, we're going to recertify IRAN's you know living to the letter of what we signed they're, not great actors. This isn't a friendship deal but they're living up to what they promised to do, and it's like you know what nothing is done with the administration, particularly this one until the president says it and that's exactly what happened. It was shortly before midnight that Congress was notified, that the deal is going to be re certified in part, because there was this last minute scramble that you're talking about and disagreement, and I think it's going to be really hard. If this question is so frequent that it won't be
acted by. You know blow out figure. Having now I mean we have another American has been detained and sentenced to ten years as the Princeton scholar tomorrow on Capitol Hill you're, going to have the families of a running Americans and other Americans detained there, testifying in this kind of constant headline or pressure from IRAN. I think won't stay silos like he did during the Obama administration, where the deal will sort of sacred and everything else around it to miss behaviors in another category. I think it's going to be very difficult for President Trump to buy into that that he's there promising taken a holistic view, which means, even if IRAN lives up to the deal if we don't like what they're doing elsewhere. This deals in peril and when I spoke to IRAN's top diplomat is about three of just last week. He was essentially saying that which is you know. It feels like we're under pressure
and your casting how far you can go for us to say that you know agreed to stay in this deal so related. You just got back in the Aspen security forum. It was remarkable number of ways. First of all, you had Trump's new con. Director going out on tv on Sunday and saying that know he doesn't know whether Russia hacked us or not, unanimity of opinion, and that trumps unsure and it's same time you had that the Trump's intelligence team, saying absolutely Russia interfered in our election. We also had John Brennan and General Clapper, former CIA head in the former head of Dni, criticizing from team in as tough terms as I've ever heard, with them, and I've known John a very long time. What was the sense at the forum about those comments. And did you get a chance to sort of talk with Trump steam
about why there is this daylight between him and his top foreign policy team. Well, on the daylight question I mean you just heard: Anthony Scaramouche E on the airwaves on Sunday shows saying yeah the president still doubts that Russia meddled. I don't know that the president will ever be Totale persuaded, because I think this calls into question. In his own mind, he can't help but see through the political lens that someone is questioning the the reason an what the validity of his win of the White House. He sees it in that context, from the national intelligence. Folks, just like you said out of aspen, I mean it was unanimous. You had counterterrorism adviser Tom Bossert, you had the head of Intelligence Dan Coats, you have the CIA
doctor MIKE Pompeyo. All thank yes, the the data, the information, the intelligence shows that Russia has metals and interfered and that's unacceptable and we're going to do something about it, but in the same context, probably because they know their boss has these. You know personal views gave themselves some wiggle room because all of them added in but this kind of thing that's happened before you know when they were during some of these interviews, they did acknowledge look. This was a. This is a new level of interference, and this is only something that the Russians are getting better at doing so they acknowledged it's a threat, but it's a weird thing, because you have what is becoming politicized intelligence in that context and of course, on the other side of it, you had Brandon and clap
Add the former's who looked so relaxed all of a sudden, the weight of the world off their shoulders to be out at a summit. Whether or not you know in those positions anymore and able to reflect and the war chest fired up really defending the intelligence community angry at President Trump for questioning them and questioning basically their their patriotism. They sat and really saying this is something that needs to be taken seriously and art director clapper Who is always so buttoned up? I don't think I've ever seen. Him never got fiery ever. I said anyone who knows John Brennan to like you do let's see John Brennan get riled up like that, but when you do Facebook and scare right. Yeah see irish temper comes through that exact club. You
that's for sure are and and really I asked Director Cooper. You know the Trump Administration right now talking to russian diplomats, about these seize property. Is that the a bomb ministration tech, these dashes after the at the end of December after the cyber hacking was confirmed, and you think what we've been talking about for This is ridiculous. These were intelligence collection facilities on USA, soil. No, they shouldn't get him back, and yet those talks are happening. Bizarre Margaret, thank taking time between Sean Spicer is good by party and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The latest round of lies to talk with us take lots of pictures of the briefing room in your office before they kick you out forever. Ten healing internal, we still do. Have you seen a tutor for subs with them, keep up the great work. Things are going great right. Alright, everyone,
Yeah just keep doing more shelf time. We do have final words over the summer show now I'm going to go more shatters, my grievances. We have another half an hour in this room. If we want bill, told us that we had to be out, we have a hard out at one thousand and forty five to bill talking to MIKE. I want to hear from you here: that's bill are produced little bit bill Nesbitt and he is the man the myth and I just staring at him. He is my rock he's, my touchdown. You just want more studio time. First news program in history where this just like. Well, we have so much time, let's use it all that you did that's the advice. People love this part. This is the banter guys go see Dunkirk game of thrones Recap. The far says: Cersei Lannister, it's probably My first thought the popular by make Westeros great again
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