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Barr’s summary hasn’t moved public opinion, Democrats haul out the subpoena cannon, Trump returns to demagoguing immigrants, Mulvaney’s political instincts are awful, and all the latest 2020 news. Then Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen talks to Jon Lovett about the latest legal assault on women’s health.

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The present eggs presenting sponsor POD, save America Zipper greater its April fool's day, so we should probably announced something truly ridiculous, like love declaring himself as a president, candidate on the Republican take. I was going to do that, not a good job a bad joke, zip recruiter or something equally hard to believe. A politician apologizing for everything said over the last few years. In admitting it was all just an elaborate joke and some other jokers worse. China is so I brought you buy lozenges my voices, Congo's, ok, typewriter It is important to talk about the fact that, while not made up are pretty hard to believe, especially if you're an employer in two thousand a teen, an average of over sixteen million candidate applications were delivered each month two hundred million job applications were submitted through zip agreed during the last year. Those are some pretty on evil numbers, but there, but they're just proved that one zero
bitter says they gonna find quality candidates for you. They aren't joking and I think we can all be grateful that comedy is not there their platform not necessary. So seriously. They prefer to accomplish crooked, rented a bargain driver, Bree, zipper greater dot com Zapruder crooked, the smartest wait a higher. If you take hiring seriously, we need to check out zipper critter dot com, slash cricket I welcome the POD save America. I'm John Trevor, I'm John Lover entirely these or later on the party here love it's interview with planned parent President Doktor Weena win about the latest legal assaults on women's health, We also have to talk about trumps Post collusion presidency-
and all the latest twenty twenty democratic primary that hurts or unopposed collusion universe Colours, a brighter, Love and how does it show this week we had a emergency. We had a surprise lover or leave it to cover the Mahler NEWS with Emily Heller, Gmail Smith and metered. You hurry. We had a great time. We had a breakdown. The bar book report check it out. Really. Really great episode. Tommy, you got anything to say about putting the world. We talk about Briggs it. We talked about the fighting in Gaza. We talked about the claim that ISIS been defeated and then a longer conversation about the need to get rid of nuclear weapons. So names, a lot parts of the world chalk, a block with policy breaks. It that's all happen in their lives
if shot it's rolling disaster sounds like it. Also there's a few things left to our New England shows come see us pod, save America, go to a cricket outcome, slash events and you can scoop up those last few tickets to Barcelona and conquered boffins Gowan go hungry going there almost gone I'll get the news. We have been told that the clouds have lifted over Donald Trump White House that this presidency has been reset. Do the fact He hasn't been charges a russian co conspirator. So let's see what the american people are saying. According to a new NBC News Wall Street Journal Pole, forty percent say they do not believe Trump has been cleared. Third of American say they're, not sure if Trump has been cleared of wrong doing only twenty nine percent say that he's been totally cleared that includes nearly half of independence, who aren't sheriff these
Third of wrong doing and about a quarter of both Democrats and Republicans, a Washington Post pole found that only thirty two percent say Trump has been exonerated on obstruction, while the public is evenly split on whether Trump committed wrong doing in terms of russian interference in a CNN Paul last week Georgie fifty six percent says, the president and his campaign have not been exonerated of collusion, but that what they ve heard a read about the report shows collusion, cannot be proven. Also, the forty three percent who say the president has been exonerated is about the same as the forty two percent who said that in an earlier CNN, pull the
campaign didn't collude with Russians, suggesting that the Summary letter release last Sunday did little if anything to move public opinion on this matter. Trumps are proliferating. Also has not really moved guys. What are these numbers tell you, so I need is a reason to be cautious. One thing that is also true about pulls like this. It does take time. Poles are lagging indicators they take. It takes time for the information to move through the desert of first level of people paying attention very closely, all the way to people that are paying attention at all. That said, I think it does not reflect the way the coverage waited coverage played out because of the bar letter right there there was a bit the coverage was really about, you know was
president indicated on collusion. Maybe was the president vindicated on obstruction? Absolutely not right. I think they gets a fair reading of the kind of thirty thousand foot view of the coverage, but I mean it's either is most interesting that the public opinion is accurate according to the infirmary they're right right in the other thing about it, too, is it like these are poles taken at a varies range moment that will only exist for between two and three weeks between the bar between at their mother is done and seeing some actual text by Malta. We want to know exactly what will see or when will see it, but we are in a car Van luminal phase of but the Mulder report, so I think it's interesting adding it speaks the import the fight we're having right. Now about keeping to focus on getting the actual document, and it speaks to the fact that, as right now, it's playing out, as you expect, Mahler Purgatory yeah, I think the most important hired a hold on. I think most important number in these causes that eighty percent of the country once the full report to be released and that the key here so we need to keep him a hammer,
on that. It's also a reminder of how hard it is to get something to break through like across the country. This is still mostly a DC story. That's a bunch of people who really aren't sure so that the the bar book blurb, the news of it broke along partisan lines. I like that, should no longer surprise us and literally any issue, and it's gonna. Take a lot for Democrats, do break trumps stranglehold on his bases, understanding of any issue, because he has a right wing media apparatus at its disposal all day every day called Fox NEWS and then all the ship words to the right of it, and so our goal has to be to get full access to the motor report and then continue with additional oversight to figure out like what ceiling details are in there. What things we should be talking about in general, because the number is bigger, the movie It's like an indicator takes in time, but it's good to know that the early panic that the shady shitty first reports, that said he was exonerated, didn't totally penetrate yeah. I mean, if you
watched Fox NEWS that hey get your information or you get your information from rightwing media, you think he's exonerated everything's wonderful. If you watch CNN Msnbc the networks through the New York Times the Washington Post, you probably come away with a more nuanced view, or these members also say that since a lot Americans, who aren't sure that this is an issue that is really breaking through yet so maybe they watch this. In the background that's not what people are thinking about everyday, their lights. Yeah he's worth remembering right, like people who pattern and closely like us, were awaiting not only the Mulder Report but aware someone named Bill BAR and his involvement. His previous views right, like they're gonna, be Buena her bill. All right, you don't know nobody attorney General United States is it's not someone he's not so I ve been very prominent, was just converted star yeah he's not listen! That he's a rough
well Bill bar what he is a rising star stars in order did not really it, as is due at with Trump onstage at the big of animal. Finally get his do so someone you never heard of has a report that a mixed bag like I don't know what you take away from there, but if you're, but it certainly makes sense it you would it be totally sure yeah. I think Tommy's port point is important here, which is like an event that what the universe should tell Democrats is forge ahead with doing whatever is necessary to get. This report aims. There's a report this morning Monday morning that Democrats are preparing to subpoena the full report. The evidence, the underlying evidence in trying to get all the goods that they have they have wheeled out the subpoena cannon, the appeal that they are, the lip of lousy, like you know, nobblers hand with a little spark, dank above the fuse waiting to light at
I know that one of the other poles of use Ebay, see whilst regional fifty will hours are able to see washing post fifty one percent said the findings made no difference in their vote. That significant, but also, interestingly, fifty four percent say Congress should not begin impeachment hearing. So really policy has known this for a long time allowing more met. Moderate members have known this, so you know all that points to be air of but not necessarily what has drive our actions yet Go to wonder who the voters are out there who think of themselves. Like you know I was so so on Trump, I'm not sure. If I'm going to vote in twenty twenty sort of waiting to see how this collusion or obstruction really. Well, you know it actually that's a good point here because, like I think, as we get further away from the weekend of insanity TAT term title, you sort What what actually happened, then? I think what action happened is the more didn't fundamentally change the dynamic in the country. Now it could have right. Petty produce
something that so many still may write depending on what the actual report, but the fact that, as of right now, like we haven't seen there weren't new in diamonds wasn't any new revelation, at least in the bar memo. It kind of means that, where we are, is that a status quo ante? What's the status quo ante, most Americans don't like Donald Trump, most Americans aren't planning to re, Elect Donald Trump. Most Americans are very suspicious of Donald Trump in his criminality, because of what kind of left where we were before this, where we started right. It didn't help us too much, but as a right now, based on these poles. What we seen so mark of origin, hurt us and didn't Republicans, have not broken ranks in any way shape or form. Nor, nor would you expect them to basin we read so far, but I mean a lot of people draw a comparison between this route. Lord and in the broader issue, with IRAN Contra in the way, Republicans just hunkered down in battle doubt and didn't give a shit about bad headlines until they ultimately part another wrongdoers that that those interesting yeah he's by Gmail Buoy, I think, and yet as we look ahead towards twenty twenty, we remember that in twenty sixteen, a significant chunk of him,
in voting for Donald Trump, even though they highly disapproved of yet there was a debate, was a pole. There is there's a warning sign. There is a bold. I think that meet the press put out. That's a basically like above it. Percent Americans are very uncomfortable voting to read Donald Trump- and I wanted it- is quota we like, but there do it anyway. You know like there is still that that that possibility that always worth keeping in mind. So now the trumps presidency, reset he's trying something brand new, demagogic emigrants after mocking asylum seekers, as part of a quote big fat conjure up during his speech last week, the president is now threatening to deal with increased border crossings by closing the? U S, Mexico Border completely and cutting off assistance to three central american countries where the migrants and asylum seekers are coming from. What would it mean to completely closed the border? Well, Mexico is our third largest trading partner, also be incredibly disruptive, a half a million
people half a million people legally cross, the? U S, Mexico border! Every day, the Texas ports of entry alone, there's six hundred eleven billion dollars would be in cross border trade last year. So that's just them, and that is the coke? Ok, so that the economic impact would be massive. I mean like if a thousand trucks worth approach, who's in meets just raw and go bad. You don't you back it also, it also complete again, with all things trumpet pollutant misses the problem which has increased number of asylum seekers right or that that's the key they're right. I mean what he saw him about his shutting down ports of entry where people and goods come in legally and that doesn't stop migrants because, what's happening as the migrants are turning themselves in to border patrol agents, many of them as soon as they cross the border and even where the, where there's fencing and wall the fencing happens, a little bit inland from the actual border
If you do so across the border talked to the border patrol agent and say I'm seeking asylum and by law they have two, they can apply for asylum. Tromp has tried to overturn that or say they can't do that, and the courts have already told him. He can't do that. So this would not do anything but create an economic crisis and trade specialist say that the economic consequences of a complete shut be immediate and severe, with automakers in american farmers among the first to feel the pain great. So like I mean every everyone thinks this is crazy, but again like you know, people thought that extending american troops to the border was also crazy, that you know to build a wall when you didn't get awhile pass through Congress was crazy and then he keeps doing these things anyway. Getting he is also threatened is before an hasn't done it, but it also through entities before and has tested out brief shutdowns. To the point about, I think it's you
he's again he's a rapture and assessing the fences, but with the it's worth stopping on this idea of him saying these asylum seekers are faking it it's all conjure break is obviously its inhumane and despicable but its. But why, doing that, and it's about sending a signal to his people to say, don't feel compassionate like fight that urged to feel compassion, and it speaks to. I think, what has made his immigration policy, not just you know, vicious but also unpopular and unworkable that, like he's fighting against not only practical matters like trade, is also fighting against their compassion. Even of his own people he's trying to kid and millions of people that follow him closely that are his base like when you these images. You don't have to feel like, don't feel oh don't l always and in the White House pointed to wash and impose peace where they said. Some asylum seekers have been coached right or some. Some migrants have been coach to pretend to be asylum seeker trade, but what he does to his bases say. This is.
All of them right, corner vast vast majority are escaping violence are escaping brutality are trying to get here yet. You knows, I mean they're they're in twenty fifteen doctors without borders at a survey. This was when Donald Trump was still a little fox inference, fever, dream and right, and they found then thirty. Nine percent of northern triangle migrants, so Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, left home because of threats of physical harm right so that's an enormous reason why there's migration and now the other piece of the puzzle here, if you want to cut off all assistance to those countries, so money designed to improve the situation on the ground, create job training me policing, like basic infrastructure, to keep people safe in there is evidence that these programmes actually reduce violence which reduces immigration so, like I think you have to step back and say: ok, why are we doing to things that are either self defeating or just stupid wine here,
idiot and his cruel. I think that's always an option or two. He wants the crisis to get worse. He wants a run on this crisis. You what's press attention to focus on drastic action, no matter how dumb or self defeating it might be an that's. What he's going to be used and firm in perpetuity, and we sought with the caravan we side. Twenty eating. We saw twenty. Sixteen so like I think we need to go on office as soon as humanly possible, and then the press needs to figure out how to cover stupid shit like this. All now is not actually improve the problem. Well, as as you point, This is obviously the issue the Trump keeps coming back to its. The issue has been the most time on in his stump. There's gonna be a new caravan. Or to every month between now and the election. How much you Democrats engage on this and which they say Tommy. You made a point the other day when we were talking about this. That one thing Democrats who are saying is that you know trumpeters, he hasn't fix the problem. Why it's a broken immigration system. Unease made it.
He acts like you, gotta, let our elected yesterday and then in something. We need that you been present for two plus years and you have failed. You have failed to deal with the immigrants problem things have gotten worse. You can control the border, the one thing you promised you would do to build a wall to stop illegal immigration. You have failed that you are a failure as a precedent on this matter and on all other, so we need a new approach. In my, I think that this will probably a tough cell. You know you're way out and ate up a programme where you do you work with countries to stop undocumented migration before it starts by making them more safe. So some of the funding and assistance we talked about, we stop talking with the stupid wobble. We actually reduce like technology. Another smart border fencing to deal with the problem, and then you know you pride, make a big values point about them. Separation and in leading with our values in the integration of immigrants, and I dont know that that would work. Foreign aid, is not an easy sal. It's not a popular programme, but if you're telling people were they spend
billion dollars on a wall in the middle of the desert, the? U can get over with a ladder or half a billion dollars in countries to try to make it, so people don't want to leave them. Maybe you can make that argument. I dont know some people are trying to know better works. Trying Castro is trying so, but we need to go I think about this again hit sit back and to say no, while no offence in, hammer us Intellection D, ya. Think the point today so make enough. Is we all say that is immigration policies, cruel which it is, but it also dump right doesn't work in a right. What look what's it? What's your inhumanity? Gotten us right! You know you, you re right children from their parents to try to dissuade people from coming there coming. You pretend you're building a wall, but you don't ya. You act as though your changing the rules and making it harder to be here. You ve unleashed ice to make life miserable attempt to introduce even greater kind of mercurial threats, but just sort of Vito unrelenting unpredictable threats into the lives of undocumented people, who we told to come here to get the jobs that we're waiting for them and yet border crossings are up. You know asylum.
Aims are in other down you they're out at a wreck, level they ones where but they're up like these are the you know: You claim that our humanity was was we couldn't we? too much humanity at the border and what is your inhumanity gotten us? It's made everything worse. So, even though Trump one immigration, demagogic and twenty. Sixteen part of his appeal was also this foe populism, where he pretended that he was gonna break with the Republican Party on Economics do that on trade he didn't do it anywhere else. He gave rich people attacks cut you try to take over people's health care and it went very badly for his party in the twentieth, midterms and yet The last few weeks, trumps administration has renewed their assault on the affordable, correct they want to eliminate and they have released a budget that proposes massive cuts to Medicare Medicaid Social, secure disability insurance, meals on wheels and famously last week the special Olympics republican strategies in some republican politicians are reportedly very nervous about the strategy.
Should they be, and what does it say that Trump ended up backtracking on the special Olympics trends and the cuts to great lakes, restoration also saying that now he wants to be, the Party of Healthcare loves deeply, how much money, how much money you make his revolt against consultant to tell republican politicians that you're nervous about cutting the special Olympics that five grand a month? What do you get when you get to tell people not to cut the special, and I think I think the special Olympics plus health care for all the other stuff MIKE Murphy looked Oliver whose republican consultant said we are diving into the wood. I like this is the message we used against Mitt Romney. This is the Paul Ryan Freedom Carcass Tea Party vision of the Republican Party MIC Mulvaney is in there doing whatever the hell he wants. His trump doesn't know anything about budgets or policy beyond what he sees on Fox and friends, and so I do think like they have handed us a gift with these crazy crazy proposals went just stepping back for me,
like not to dump on the press today, but also to I dont, get how Trump gets away with telling reporters that he's contradicting his own staff like Betsy Divorce. Why For you, you run the Department of Education, you you own, this shit man. You look at the blame her, especially when she's out their back rounding depressing that act, Mulvaney in the White House pushed zero out the special for the third year in a row right of coppers, like it's made things like an army we had no idea, I'm very much not connected to the running of my own government have handed absolutely everything he. We apparently will make Mulvaney noted a noted straight up. Right wing would not. So why not go I put in charge of basically three branches of my administration is like this, like a baseline, that we give em like it's like a well, obviously he's not connected the running, was government
Has anybody? Has he doesn't know that we lays? If that's ok, can you imagine if one of the departments you mean we invest, always happened, the waiters Obama's detailing such excellent member, he said they did Bob Gates once gave him advice and his head as president. If there is someone anywhere in the federal government in any see and they fuck up. It's your fault course. That's just the way it is, and the idea that, because it's like better was over the Department of Education which, as you point out, it wasn't even because it was fucking more faintly in its own right as present for is crazy, but I think, like this is democratically be talking about these cuts every single day. Every presidential candidate should be part of their message. They should all be saying it. We should be running. Fucking adds about this. We should running digital adds. We should be all over Facebook about that. Where have you gone liberal, super packs, I mean our nation turned its ways
Dan, and only now has a lot of excellent TAN five for super pack, basque element that Thursday POD Emma Jane we and we were saying- is under way to react answers then we have been telling everyone liking. Democrats need to propose would therefore not just run against trumpets over that. Yes to a point, but these budget cuts I'm telling you are politically deadly for the Republican Party and for Donald Trump. It is, as you said to me, it is how we won action against Mitt Romney when brought about approve raining was in the mid fortys and the economy. Wasn't Beckett and twenty twelve we talked about his plan to combat hunger. We talked about is tax cuts. We talked about the fact that it was a rich guy who want to keep cutting taxes for its people and not everyone else. It is the way the Democrats can win elections and we to start talking about another will hobbyhorse on this over the weekend. Mulvaney was out on a lot of shows and they were again getting asked about their efforts to completely do away with the affordable care act in what it would mean for people with pre existing conditions in on one show: Jake Tapir, press mulvaney. On this
point and really went after, but on a b c he was alive to say, ANA we're gonna take care people with pre existing conditions, in that there is no rebuttal too. That I mean the point is not we're, not arguing that somewhere along the way they won't put in. Oh, yes, will be gray ever with pre existing conditions. We taken care of. The point is that you will be allowed to jack up rates to rank lately unaffordable levels. If you have a pre existing dish, insurance companies will be allowed to, and so, like my guess, I'm just getting at that. The press needs to get more sophisticated Are these really important policy points and not let me mulvaney spew propaganda ABC News is. We must also you know they are business, what they tried to do
in twenty eighteen and- and I think mostly not effective, although I think Clare Mechanical should still be a senator, if not for the fact that I think Holly had some success in interim muddy the waters here like they come out for lawsuits that we just get ready, for it will characters no replace register lawsuit it we get rid of it. So the freezing condition protections argon, twenty million people is their care all the problems right and then they say, but but I'm not for getting rid of processing additions. I'm for this policy, a policy not in any bill, not note nope, no part, no possibility they being passed recently and Republicans at play that game for a long time and then his part, reason why they were unable to pass something When John Mccain gave his famous thumbs down. They were all four repealed. Rally behind a replacement, but don't don't, but don't worry that replacement will be magic, ill managed to get all the republican votes you need, while doing nothing bad and everything it yeah, it's great, but it's uh. It's an issue. The demagogic tugboat everyday.
It is shocking that Donald Trump is making like. I, like I'm, seemingly doll trumps going around like how many different times can you touch this part of the stove? You know, I think it's hard to get it don't trumps head, but a hum. I think he saw what happened in twenty eighteen. He saw how health care has bedeviled him and much like we talk about immigration. Said Democrats can just avoid this issue cause it's a tough issue, he's looking in healthcare in saying I have actually just gotta like I've got to engage because they're gonna talk about it all the time. I guess, but that led me to then changed my position on defending the lawsuit and making it as easy as possible for us to attack him. No, I mean what would outweigh while at least betting on is is will love. It was just saying: is that he's gonna go around offering a magical plan that Russia is an alternative without being without being able to give any details about the plan whatsoever because it doesn't fucking is its yeah, of course, but he may that he made that harder for himself. He dealt with this deal. The order and the order is crucial, right. You would presumably say we're working
a plan. It's gonna be a really great plan before that. Well I mean imagine this imagined Donald Trump, saying the affordable character, the law of the land, but doesn't go far enough in what I want to do is improve it right like then that that's that's like a politically smart thing to do, look like when I can't, because the frightened Republican Party wanted that workers above and party doesn't want that, you look it like Grand Cassie right, which was the which was one of the abominable too, about the care alternatives right and like vague grandkids There is no overlapping, is no overlap in the Van diagram between practical republican proposals that wouldn't make things worse and votes for republican I was also the only kind of Virginia and get a diagram capacity that is kind of devolving healthcare to the states, while also doing draconian cuts to public health spending right. They can't seem to find a way to pass on the Republican that doesn't make life worse. For millions of,
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for the record. I dont believe it was a bad intention, I'm not in any way suggesting that I felt sexually assaulted or sexually harassed. I felt invaded. I felt there was a violation of my personal space and its dismissed as if it's just Biden being Biden no big deal. It is a big deal, so is it a big deal and how should, by an handle this yeah, I mean it's. I think the answer should have been. I'm sorry, you start with that. I mean you know it's. Someone came up to me and kissed my head, her stiff, my hair. I would feel like that was creepy too, and I would want to know why that happened and would prefer an apology to that statement that was kind of tortured so yeah. I really it's it's uncomfortable, but it also has the power dynamics. The biggest piece of this I mean, if the vice president of the United States, you feel uncomfortable in any way. You're in a really opera awful position, because what are you gonna? Do let me make a scene in the moment. Are you gonna rebuke can be
Obviously you know people already attacking her for just saying what happened so yeah think, if I were by now, I would have been more, would try to collar and reach out and apologize and sincerely but unites it's tough yeah. You know reviving the way Flores his late. This out. I do have a lot of respect for her honesty and her integrity and and her care and saying here is why I'm doing this here is why I think it's really important and I think she's right and I and you know she was made to feel uncomfortable and I think for Joe Who is a touchy guy right with men and women? I think he would look back and say I was affectionate with people, my entire rear and no one said anything. I didn't know I was making people uncomfortable. I never thought there is anything wrong with it, but one of the things were doing is realising that actually people didn't know, they could say something.
Maybe they couldn't, because you are more powerful, because you're famous and you learned about lesson over a long period of time in which you treated people in a way tat made them feel uncomfortable, not with bad intentions as even for us as but with a laugh. Of an understanding about the boundaries that weren't drawn for you but you didn't know you were supposed to draw that you should have drawn and that were drawing now and I think a deeper a deep issue here. It is about the way powerful men treated women and invaded their space and treated them differently than they treated men that as a generational divide, that is something were grappling with right now. It is a big question for him to grapple with, as he embarks as a presidential campaign, and I think it's This conversation was inevitable, and I think that the way forward is lay this outputs. A really important question, too Joe Biden in and he has answered- I mean I think two things can be completely true. One is that he is an effect, a guy.
Who is unusually touchy. With men and women and has over the years and had come no bad into The net, like you, said, never thought he'd anything that can completely be true. It can also be very true, and it is that Lucy Laura's felt comfortable and invaded it, because power dynamic, can because he did that and like I don't I see how hard it is. If you're Joe Biden like, like you said if someone came up and then told me that I would just call her apologize to her apologize publicly, don't issue a written statement, go to an interview, you notes, peekaboo self in and that's it. That's all you know, that's all you can do and say that you're learning but then give a full third apology. I dont quite get the statements that sort of allied thee actual apology, unlike edge right up who had put it on actually say it like just in a people, do things around you say sorry yet, and I assume that part of it is that he has to get there, and I think he has to learn and understand this, and it is probably quite difficult right. You ve been a puppet
I, for a very, very long time and now he's being confronted with this question about the way he's behave for long time and not just with with Lucy Flores right. This is a a quality that I think not something forget, There is something wrong with it. Then he took pride and then he made people feel welcome that he was affectionate, that it was loving towards people and learning that that may have been making people uncomfortable- and you didn't know- is probably a really difficult thing that doesn't mean he doesn't Owen explanation, certainly if he wants to be right, resonates aids by night, and I do think there's this. We are in a period of transition, as as I think everybody would recognise an and. It really is about. It's about seeing its Seeing women as equal- and I think part of that is by is recognising that even being affectionate with a woman who you dont know and in a way that you think is being nice, is treating someone differently than you would treat a man and, And- and I do think that that is part of it and something to grapple with any, does come with come with the fact that he is an older person
from an older generation as an essay. The other thing we're dead: with here, is the culture has changed very rapidly in a very short period of time, and if you are younger, if you pay closer attention to these stories, you fall apart as follows: if you followed followed, the sort of cultural change you are more likely to empathize with it to understand it. To change your views. I know there's gonna, there's a lot of people in our party, not just you know in our party and older people, to who probably look at this and say I dont get it. I don't understand what what's wrong? you know and end the icy people already on. My me like oh, this is like a political attack what about Trump it's over this, like I don't know, what's just it's it's! Okay, if you you know, if you don't understand this, but like be open to the fact that
is a cultural change that we're having with that women like was before us, do not come forward easily to talk about this stuff and that when they do it is because it was real and it bother them, and if there is a power dynamic at play, and just you know in an people. I'd show Biden can learn and they can grow from this. It is possible range we leave etc this before, but you know across there's this question. I do we need a new generation. Is it ok that older PETE, like people there and for a very long time, like Joe Biden like burn Sanders that are that have been in politics? What time is it doing new voice and to me, but I will come back to it, that the age itself, though, that the amount of time they ve been, around doesn't matter what matters is? Do they see like someone has been around for ever. Do they sound like somebody who doesn't understand what a new generation wants to hear, and I think somebody can you grow and learn from erratic right? That's that's the best. So all this comes after series
worries about how Biden didn't do enough to protect or back up Anita held during the Clarence Thomas hearings that he chaired, meaning. He didn't speak up on the Republicans on the committee, tagging and insulting her, and he didn't allow three witnesses to testify who she says could have backed up her claims of sexual harassment. There were also stories last few weeks about binds evolution and abortion he's now a strong supporter, though, as a Catholic. He wasn't always in the seventies and eighties. How much should all of this matter if he decides to run so I mean there's theirs. I think what sort of become conventional wisdom that Biden issues not where the parties on a lot of issues and that he will be harmed by increased scrutiny of past policy positions on abortion rights, the crime bill, probably Iraq, needs premium whole much more issues. You are starting to see some good report. Digging into all these areas, and there's probably some true to the conventional wisdom that this can be raised and have to deal with it. He's got the catastrophe as it there's also the reality that bite and is still leading almost every pole.
Not all these policy positions or are are secret. So it's it's hard for me to tell now how much of this is driven by actual voter sentiment. Verse is you know the thought in in Washington as we wait for him. Now it's the broader point made earlier mean there's also a question of how much forgiveness you get from voters for evolving over time. I dont think we know that answer. Twitter is not forget news reports are not often forgiving, but but voters can be so Biden is in there period where he is trying to decide, if he's gonna get into the race clearly arrival, whether at the Democratic Republic in is landing, some punches on him in advance of that decision to try prevent him from running. So I am not saying that about the forest peace in any. They perform talking about these deep dives into his policy that feel very research driven and, frankly, are important piece. It's like this is what the vetting
so is this? What means run to present the I mean just just to understand the dynamic that happening in the party right now is. There is a lot of people again. These are voters who They might be all the voters. There might be more modern voters, there might be voters who don't pay close attention to politics, as we all do, and they are seen Joe Biden as the very popular vice president, who was vice president for eight years and they like I'm a lot and they still like him alive, and then they see these stories and it's sort of like a wait, a minute he was like beloved for eight years. I don't understand you know in so they don't it's not computing with a lot of people. Yet not to say that not to say that this is right or wrong wherever, but I'm think that's just a dynamic at play right now in the party and the question is: that dynamic changes once he gets into the race in more people. Raise these questions about his record or whether people's views of him are sort of sex
because they have known him so well for eight years me, like you, said we love, you talked about the pull about, like people being comfortable acting trump whatever. If you look at the Democrats, people are most comfortable and excited of all the candidates about Joe Biden. It's not just name. I d at this point yeah. I think that's right look it's production chain. Of course it can help you. The primary is about the person you want to be president based on your beliefs, about who could be Trump and what they'll do once there in office as all candidates have to do. They have to explain how their record comports with what they plan to do when their present here, to explain his of all evolution on these issues. He has to explain what he's learned since they need a hill, by the way he can also put that in the context of having passed through violence against, that right having elevated women throughout his time in public life, so I think he has to tell a story about his career and about why it leads to him being the right
for this moment and then involves the good he's done in the past and of all the mistakes he's done in the past of all convincing people that where he is right now is where the party is in and that he understands this moment and the kind of energy and enthusiasm and hunger for a different kind of politics from democratic voters. I also think just breast people are voting right now, unelectable. They re like that. That is the thing you here over and over again I wanted someone. Who's gonna be Trump, so there is a very good chance that people are going to look at his past record and think if, if you're the candidate, who can be Trump, they will give you a pass on having evolved on an issue that be very important to them even overtime while contributing there is so many voters are defining liked ability in so many different way, rattling, which we don't. I was. But better work, who formerly kicked off his presidential campaign on Saturday holding rallies in El Paso, Houston and Austin, the turned out about thirty thousand people across the three event.
Here's the weight of politico quote or worked cast himself as a crusade against moneyed interests that he said of Corrupted America's democracy and a president. He accused of capitalizing on the politics of fear and division. He offered his home city of El Paso and the bipartisan coalition he built in Texas as a contrast to trumps vision into a number of policies, including Deputy College Medicare for America, fifteen dollar, minimum wage and in cash bill legalizing weed and expanding criminal workers Voting Rights ACT, an automatic voter registration guys, what you think, the Gulf, and what is what is bedders strategy here? What is his? What is his bet in this race me? I think it was good do for him. First campaign is good to have an announcement that was fundamentally about policy, in contrast between him and Trump. That is much better than the early stories that we're all spinning out of whatever
Andy Fair Reported- or you know what not either the El Paso event looked cool. The three events in one day shows how frenetic the pace of his campaign is. It show that he can get a big crowded shows that he can fire people up. I hid his style to me comes off, as I got you just rent it to catch a train. That's that's feet always like kind of out of breath you kind of intense and be a bit yellie. I think you'd be served well to slow down a bit. Talk more, you less, but I mean that's a middlin criticism. You know like. I think that, I think that this was a pretty good weekend for him, and the message of going after concentrated wealth and power and lobbyists or distorting DC, is one you ve heard from a lot of people. Elizabeth worn in Bernie had been way out in front But clearly you know this is something he is a record on his well yeah. I just
it is a small criticism, but I just want to as a as a speech, writer and someone who's gone through people with speech. Delivery want to make this point. You know Hillary Clinton dealt with a ton of sexism sixteen. But there was a time where a lot of people are saying she shouted too much, and people are saying that that was you know a sexist criticism, bitter orchards too much too, and you know, who's delivery is really really strong, calmly Harris and Elizabeth Warrant for different reasons, calmly Harris Projects, a lot of strength in her delivery. Elizabeth Warren predicts a lot of warmth because she tell stories- and I D think just it just a speech writing thing when you're delivering a speech, there is value in modulating your tone between, like yelling all the time in getting intense and inquiry, your store, Charlie Peer of really funny reporter described it as a long run on sentence which now that was in that wasn't Obama thing. Obama were do like paragraphs that we're like what what certain slunk, but again,
he was another one who learned to sort of you quiet sometimes and then you go up so speech livery is, is a thing yeah. I don't just as I know I do think that I think it was a recognition of the need to be specific on policy. I'd still think you know these are you know, he's sort of laying out a set of rules? all right, but he's he's laying out a set of policy positions that say: ok, here's where I'm right, but answered about an agenda that he setting, which is fine ladys at the beginning of his campaign. But you know, look we ve said there's about every week. Conscious matter, but they also don't matter like now. He goes any campaigns and the end of the launch gotta get some some attention that attention fade there were, the memory of the launch fades, and now he hits the grounds L sort of agreement we ve run out like we ve done through so many these announcements and a kind of you get to the same place at the end of every single one, which is I liked Edward Democrats and was
well put together. I was then why I voted. As I said. Like I've love, every announced the videos for every candidate for five minutes, and now they go and they hit the ground. They had begun running and they see what happens when when they talk to be well look, and I think that this announcement verses, how he kicked off, which was you know going just going to Iowa, not really giving assent speech and having have any fair peace out is a lesson is a political lesson on controlling euro narrative yeah, there's a reason that you do a set peace and you have a message in controlling narrative because you want to get your Don't and you dont want to let the propensity ain't you this was a lot is, was also allow stronger than the video lettuces pressure, not at a much stronger. His secret weapon in this campaign is being unemployed. He can Do I work for seven days at a time and never leave, and there there is some real power in value and that, like the guy's gonna get all ninety nine counties and I were before July, but you know I saw that he was doing. I think, a six county day or six town Hall Day, it's okay to do five, like you're, going to get burned out and you're going to make mistakes when you're fatigued and also
top driving the fucking car better, no more driving the car. Every one was in that car is unsafe. If you're exhausted drive in the car stopped drive in the cart such diseases, cities like distracted he's on the phone is eating shit, make I'm fundraising, costs nugget. Finally, Elizabeth, worn and any closer to our call for breaking a big agriculture monopolies through stronger antitrust law enforcement during a multi speed it form on rural issues in Iowa on Saturday Warren rolled out her agriculture policy last week enclosure I made her first policy announcement of the campaign last Thursday a one trillion dollar infrastructure plan that she said would be her top legislator priority as President Tommy, since a lot of time and I were as presbytery how import Is our these agricultural policy proposals to our voters and what do you think about like worn and clover jars plans, and we know what you ve hurt in the past from, but I think that this is very smart from worn to target corporate consolidation in the Monsanto's of the world. There is big agro businesses,
J D Shelton, who is the guy who took on Steve King, the NEO Nazi White Supremacist Guy and enable the continent he thinks he told us when you were hanging out that the best way to reach rural voters is to talk about these issues because, despite being a farm state, there are like miles and miles of counties where you can't find fresh produce. So we think that this is a real bridge issue too too. You know reach people. I think it's interesting that club a charge did this big infrastructure. Plan. It's something we desperately need should know that better than any one from Minnesota, where there is a literal bridge that collapse yeah like a decade ago, and nothing has changed since I did like these- are both very smart, positive. I'm also always ass needed and we ve been asking. Can it's about this to hear what their first, yet, what they'll do as President first, knowing that you only get like one or two shots in that first term, to do something big and closures, really the first one whose basically put a jobs
at the center, I guess, if someone I don't haven't, hurt anyone yet say the green new deal as their first thing. That would obviously counted as a jobs went to, but it is interest and it's not like the imprecise plenary put together- is are long lines of what Obama proposed. You got the infrastructure bank. You got some public funding, you're leveraging some private funding of all that kind of stuff, but it is yep interesting that that's her first big, her first big move their yeah yeah Lauren talking about breaking up a guy that isn't. That is my that's my I'd I've zones, areas that has just I get as either Interesting, though I think also understand the club, which I went there to because she's a more moderate candidate, but on this issue MA am you know she was? She was in lockstep with warrant? Yes, it is also worth giving a mind to that even in in part because of corporate consolidation, even in a state like Iowa, even in a farming state, the actual benefits of breaking up big AG don't accrue to that many people, but to me it also is a signal about your we're willingness.
Take on the powers that be in the parts of the country where people yet every day, even if it may not directly impact their lives. So I think it's really important and I'm gonna look. I had something that I see as something that should be more central to democratic Pollux. Politics generally- and I just have been really heartened by the that old with warrant has been willing over nobody and get to be first to saying we need to take on consolidation, attacked and take on consolidation in agriculture, and I'm I'm glad he's doing anything. It's really important ones, just running of a really smart I was strategy is yeah. That's not another reminder. I like a starting up there. You know, like she's, taking every selfishly taking every question he's going to rural counties and rolling out AG policies and that's the physical location, where you're actually gonna get questions about this from the media, While the you know internet through the national media, its following you day today, is going to ask about fundraising them. Well, what that that is a perfect segue
my last question on all of this there's been a lot of debate over the last few weeks about how the volume of media coverage doesn't always match up with a volume of policy proposals some of these Canada putting out particularly Elizabeth warn? You know we ve all been on campaigns, and now we sort of government stuff to what are you guys? Think of that what what are some of the explanations servers like turning its back clear cut? I would argue that one of the strengths Elizabeth Warrant has had in the early part of this campaign is her ability to drive the conversation and draw attention because of policy. You note to accommodate the policies on tech policies on AG her her well tax
you're, all things to me that have managed to break through, and it is a reminder that even now, basically there have been two ways for Democrats to rest control. The microphone away from Republicans Donald Trump, one has been massive protests in the event of inhumane policies in the other has been bold. Policy has managed to break through so that any exciting. At the same time, it is one of the great challenges that we that that political, coverages, so personality based and politics based and that means in order to break through on policy. You do have to go big and be bold and fine, creative and innovative ways to reach. Well, I'd also say it is quite likely that her conversations around policy during her events are doing her a lot of good, even if there may not be as many right ups of it, because ultimately she's going to try to touch as many human beings in I was possible and having a full arsenal of bold interesting policies that people rally behind that shows what she cares about, where's very well over time. Yes, yes, I mean. Look it's very hard to get governance.
Elsie Brok Obama. We we may. I remember we held this rule issue Forum at a farm in Iowa was supposed to be at all, is AG issues, and he said something like have you seen the price of a rubella lately, and it was the only thing it was played on found. No one cared about his detailed policy ray. You always get hammered on some silly thing by the National NEWS and in its socks, its incredibly frustrating, but I think, like love, it was saying worn is done it a very impressive job of forcing them to cover her substance, because she's discipline she smarten she's rolling it out in this vacuum. When no one else is, I think it will pay a dividend to her not show up in the pool tomorrow or the next day, long term. The commission always about warn that she is the best policy. That's a good place to be, I would say I would say this is a dynamic that is specific to the early part of the race, and you were just anus loving word, I'm a better like so far. Everyone has gotten press attention when they do there sort of announcement, whether its exploratory or their videos wherever and then
have all smartly followed up with an official announcement get the second by the apple, and we ve basically done that with every candidate we talked about their roll out and then their official kick off Sorgen on us and then the other way you get you get presidential is with announcing policies. Every time it was with warns, announced policies are some coverage, there's more print coverage. Then there is tv because TVS even more focused- personalities and bullshit, and they, when you're in a campaign. So after you ve done your kick off and after you ve put out your policies, Then you also around your like fuck, how else we're gonna get cover and what the media covers is conflict which is unfair and in a primary most can it stay away from conflict until the end, when they start being each other up a little bit. They cover com mercy so something bad happens to you of folk over there. You're. The best thing to do is announced new policy, while falling off a stage hoping Ankara level will go W inheritance accident. You fall backwards. Yeah maybe
we're things like you know, fund, raising numbers and new poles, and so that we know how this is and so in them so it's now and coming upon campaigns to find creative, interesting ways to break through the clutter, and they both of you made this point. That's really smart. Some of that is some of that people will never see we're just paying attention to national media, because all of these candidates now are running in the we'll campaigns in Iowa in New Hampshire in South Carolina for right now, where they are trying to break through locally with as many voters as possible and the strength they have in breaking through may not be apparent in the national media or the national poles for quite some time right and is certainly wasn't it away and we're talking about the substance of club, ajar and warrants announcements, and I will now- and I know that the locally pure and the local news did, but the sound bites I saw on cable coming out of it- was them getting asked about button right as a perfectly legitimate question. Yet they should be asked about that. But that's what broke them that's an that's, and that is a dynamic that has existed forever. It is our
Billy worse now, and it gets worse every year. I would but that's that's the way can't just I can just because I think, there's a lot of people who are paying attention to politics really closely for the very first time, and if you see some Elizabeth Warren WAR and thrown out a whole bunch of policy proposals? And then you see the media covering trumps latest gaffin. You know asking every month about buying you're like what the fuck, but this the dynamic that has existed in media coverage for quite some time and has shitty Also, though, I would argue to, though, that, like the media seeking com, it may be is not rooted in a hate, noble motive, but actually, if, if its of improvising opportunities, a cocktail contrast with each other in a way that are fair answer of intellectually honest, and I think that there can be a good thing to like conflict and and media strong to stir up contrasts. Is an inherently mad. It often bad because its tends to be about surface issues about going. The trumpet had an owl originality journey, but, but I you know,
The worst moments in two thousand, eight, I think, were driven by a personality based disputes and part of it too. As you know, it's like the part of the reason they get her how to get to the Ender two they're looking ways to breakthrough. Part of it is cuz they're, tired and they're sick of each other and real a lot of their policies become pretty similar in the policy. Differences between these candidates end up being somewhat small. And so, therefore, you have to magnify those differences, and the media helps magnify them when you actually get into a debate with each other and that that is coming right. The way is debates in two thousand eight between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, was over the individual mandate, a policy that that they became a kind of central part of the healthcare debate, a policy he ultimately adopted it then thrown out centres that it turns out. She was substantively right and he was politically right wreck of matters but it, but it was elevated to this Bay dispute in part because John Edwards Hillary Clinton, Bravo bombers. Healthcare plans looked very similar because there was a broad based, democratic consensus. Ok, when we
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I was the eggs and our basket. What I was that I was so I was celebrating the president's exoneration areas like crazy screaming in the street is running that running on sunset, boulevardier, yea and flags, saying arrest, Adam chef arrested, Chevy, we ve done it. And then in autumn, shes, district dollar. Shame on you know when you Devon Nunez. Well, if you have the bail out Adam Shift and you won't get paid back, thank you for bringing back he's the cash the catch up and go and get five dollars to you and five dollars to plan parentage action, find you put in the code pod save you put in the code Spencer and you get five dollars by dogs goes who worthy cause. You first tens and tens of thousands of dollars for good causes through our partnership with a cash out. We love the catch up with us, the cash out, we're not using the other payment apps anymore. Our guest. Today is the president of Plan Parenthood, Federation of America. She is the first physician in fifty years to lead the organization Selina. When welcome. Thank you very much like to join you
so your leading plan parenthood. At a time when antiabortion politician seemed emboldened, women's reproductive freedom seems newly threatened you're Trump announced a domestic gag rule in ever. To ban funding for organization, the provides abortion or even provides information about abortion services. This Friday. The administration announced their title. Ten grand recipients for she doesn't. Eighteen has the gag rule
impacted plan, parenthood very much, the Trump administrations titled hen gag rule will hurt the ability of four million people to get basic healthcare to get cancer screenings, affordable birth control and we're talking about low income, women and families. People who already face the greatest barriers when it comes to healthcare and what the Trump Administration is doing is to put a gag on doctors, which is unethical and illegal, is preventing us from telling our patience for honest and accurate information and forcing us to compromise the oath that I, as a physician, took when I'm when I became a doctor, and so this is why we as plum parenthood for us it is. This is a fight over time. We will not accept
God funds, we will never force our doctors and nurses to censor themselves. We are fighting against the Trump Administration through every avenue, including by suing them together with the American Medical Association against be because of his unethical and illegal room, and we need everyone's help to join us and the supper suitors over people that in a maid. Maybe falling story, don't totally understand what it means for there to be a gag rule, so in order according to this rule, in order to get funding to provide women's health care doctors would not be allowed to even discuss abortion with their patients this will be the government coming in and telling doctors with it and I cannot say inside- of their relationship with their patients- that's exactly right. It is an aid to erect at the house on the practice of medicine. It is politicians telling physicians what it is that we
hand and cannot same it's not even clear what we would do if a patient came in and were medically necessary for that patients receive abortion care. This is just not compatible with medicine, which is the reason why, provider organisations. Representing four point: three million doctors, nurses, public health leaders- have come out strongly against the scout role, because it is we as politicians. We trust our regions and we trust women and the majority of the services that plan parent why there are not related to abortions. Could be a rule. That would say if a doctor, so at a doktor, could not discuss abortion so that plan, paranoid could continue to provide cancer screening and other kinds of services. Abortion hair is part of the full spectrum
Reproductive healthcare, along with birth control, along with breast cervical cancer screening as July and HIV tests, and we need to speak the truth about What it is that we in medicine know, which is that abortion care is reproductive healthcare. Reproductive Healthcare is healthcare and should be treated no differently from all other aspects of the so this is only one flank of the assault seeing right now on. Reproductive read him on women's health. On Friday, Georgia Pass passed by one vote, a bill that the gun her side at the heartbeat beheld, which the ban on abortions after six weeks, because that's when you can supposedly here the heat, the heartbeat of a fetus often for women, know their pregnant effectively banning abortion. There's been a spike in these kinds of bills, and bans like this, including recently in Kentucky in Mississippi
I why now, why have? Why have politicians taken this moment to attempt to pass laws like us, while there have already been over four hundred and twenty laws passed in the last eight years that directly restrict abortion access, but now were seen, escalation in the number of build, introduce that are and high women's health and time healthcare and the reason is these politicians know this is the time to be bring up. Cases that could reach the from court with black cabin on the court. They are already sixteen cases as aloft count that our one step away from the Supreme Court and if any of them are heard than we face the real situation,
Robert Wade Bein a further eroded or even overturned, which means that one in three women of reproductive age, which is twenty five million women, would be living in states where abortion is banned in criminalized. And that means that, for us who are here to protect women's health care and lies, the battleground is the states states are the critical backstop and that's why we are working with our champions across all of our states to introduce proactive policies that would protect and expand reproductive rights. This is the will of the people we saw in the last elections that women, particularly women of color, rose up and voted for the most female, most diverse and most pro reproductive health majority. Ever in the House of Representatives, we now have twenty five governors and nineteen state legislatures, including do you feel that are strongly in favour of reproductive health and rights, and we know that the IMF,
can people want more healthcare and not was not why it so important that we see this as the bite of our time that reproductive health care must be treated no differently than what it is which has healthcare. I want to go back to those Georgia bill for a second is because it is the J M. Extreme measure Obviously, it's an attempt to criminalize abortion, but could also lead investigations? and others are threats to women in the event of even a miscarriage right is. Does it does this? What How draconian do you see the outcome of the passage of a bit like this being? This is a major ad hoc on women's rights at six. We most women, don't even know that that their pregnant and we know that we know the consequences are built like this. The consequence is that we're going to go back to a time as we did pre Rome when am I'm,
My mentors, who is an abortive diminish, talked about how he worked in the yard before Rome and nineteen sixties how there was an entire area of the hospital called these subsidies? Ward, where women when's, whom had to seek unsafe abortion, and they were dying from Kenny failures. They were dying from blood infections and at that time thousands of women died because they do not have access to safe legal abortions. The idea that we, be returning to that. Time is truly terrifying and we know that this is not what the american people want- and this is why, with theme ban on abortions early in pregnancy and georgian we saw that hundreds of a business leaders and dozens of Hollywood celebrities sense at large, the Georgia, how Speaker and Georgia Governor saying that they will push form he began?
production companies to abandon Georgia if this bill is sign into law, because they understand that we're talking about the health of women and the health of women is in mental to determining the help of families and the future of communities. So you don't want porn. This issue is and how how motivating it is for women across the country do believe approach. Our position should be a litmus test for them ability of a democratic candidate in the twenty twenty race and what about Democrats running down ballot in red or states. Do think Democrats should withhold support if they are anti choice, but this is not about a party. This is about our core values. And our core value has to be that when as Healthcare Reproductive Healthcare is Healthcare, that keeping people unhealthy, is a tool of oppression and that when we stigmatized reproductive healthcare that becomes a tool of authority. What plan Harrington does is standard help
we provide care form one in five women in America, I with a patient, plum parenthood. So if my mother, so if my sister we care for men care for non binary people over a hundred and sixty of the hunters now provide hormone therapies and our goal is to provide gender affirming care in every Helpin term. What we do is healthcare. We are not the ones that made healthcare please call getting vaccinations patients, cancer screening, none of that should be political, but when they are armed politicians who have made out to the fundamental right to healthcare, political, that's why we all have to fight back with Then? We have- and I would urge form all of our elected officials to keep in mind that it's not what were fighting about. The who are fighting for and who are fighting for is all being millions of patients who come to plan parenthood,
the sea care- and we know that when the health centres are forced to close, we know the consequences that people simply go without care. The rates of as the eyes and unintended prognoses increase and held out comes suffer around the country. These are the battle of that we fight and it is the fight over time. So how would you rise Democrats to discuss this fight? Voters who are pro life or unsure about how to feel about abortion rights. What have you found to be the most effective message in reaching more people about the importance of this issue? given how much partisan There is a round this issue now, given how emboldened anti choice politicians currently feel. I would urge three things. One is talking about the will of the people.
Support for rovers. His weight of the law of the land has never been higher. It's at seventy three percent. Seventy three percent of American Support- the right to safe legal worsen, second, is to frame arm with discussion around the healthcare, because that's what it is access to healthcare is the number one issue that motivates voters and reproductive healthcare. Women's health care must be seen as the health care issue that it is, and the third is to talk about what we in medicine and public health know to be true, which is that we are at and add a could well when it comes to attain pregnancy is we are adds aimed at thirty earlier when it comes to unintended pregnancies and the need for abortions. We know what works when it comes to we too, to improving health before him, we'll be women's health. We know that it takes access to comprehensive sucks, add it takes access to birth control.
We also know that legalizing abortions did not create the need for it, but actually in something that is necessary in order to preserve the health and well being of women. We also have to talk to beat this Trump administration's pattern of taken away, our health and our rights. We ve seen that is twenty nineteen. And accompany Ministration is issuing rules to allow employers and universities to deny them to deny workers and students are birth control and if twenty nineteen and we're still argue about birth control, which has bodily popular, the Trump administration, is-
adding comprehensive second occasion which, in my last roared the health commissioner Baltimore. We followed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for this, and we won restoring comprehensive succeed in our little schools and high schools and, of course, in appointing haven't onto the Supreme Court in the title pen, gowned room, I'm in an additional efforts to sabotage the affordable care on the trumpet. Ministration is further taken away, help and rights, healthcare and the right to bodily at Honnami. These are winning issues form not only Democrats, but I believe for all politicians- and this is something that we hope, that every one of our elected officials will in brace, because this is the will of the people. It sounds like theirs of two facet so that when, when trying to survive, beyond voters who consider themselves to be pro life, on the one hand, it's the republican attacks on access to health and an and the ETA and the bodily autonomy of women, but
sounds like you're. Also talking about this idea that, by increasing access to comprehensive sex education by increasing access to healthcare by increasing exit information, you actually successfully reduce the number of abortions. Is that part of the case? You believe politicians should be making look over ninety percent of the work done upon current heard is prevention. We do more than any other organisation when it comes to preventing unintended pregnancies visit what we know from medicine and public health to be true. So if what politicians want to do is to reduce unintended pregnancies and a need for worship- and they should be investing implant, parenthood, investing in sex education, investing in comprehensive birth control, investing in an programs like tabled hen
what President Trump really wants to do. As he said in his state of the union, is to reduce HIV transmission. He should looked upon parenthood. Last year we provided over seven hundred and forty thousand HIV tat. We have prep and pep in over forty states and this country. This is the work that we do its prevention, It's keeping people healthy and keeping women healthy is also improving the health of communities where our right now, at a time now, when the rate of maternal mortality is higher, and it was thirty years ago an african american woman is three to four times more likely to die. Halbert than and a white woman. A woman in Georgia is ten times more
They died than a woman in California in childbirth. There are huge disparities and our healthcare. What plan parenthood is doing every single day is to provide care to everyone, particularly those for the most vulnerable, and if our elected officials are truly committed to improving healthcare, they should be investing enough because we are the one for delivering care through over six hundred health all across the country. So for anyone listening
The help in this fight against trumps encroachment reproductive freedom. What can people do what's the most effective way right now for listeners who want to do something to protect Roby Way to fight against these new anti women bills? How can they help? Will? Thank you for asking John. We need everyone, help and fight the aisle that high don't hand gag rule fight is our number one priority and we urge you to join us by taxing protect ten, which has protect acts, protect ten to two to forge due to a text protect acts or per day
ten tomb two to forty two also. We would love to have you join our ever growing number of supporters. We have twelve million supporters and and strong and growing, who are dedicated to the idea of protecting bodily autonomy to protecting our health, our rights and our futures. So we hope that you can join us and its at this time when we cannot look to any one else. We have to look to us. The cavalry is not, coming, we are the ones that we ve been waiting for Doktor Lena, when thank you so much for being here. Thank you
thanks to actually when for joining us today and we'll talk to you guys later.
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