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Trump hosts a state dinner for French President/bestie Emmanuel Macron, Democrats hope for an upset in an Arizona special election, and the California primaries are too crowded. Then Arizona teacher Kelley Fisher talks to Lovett about her role in organizing the teacher walkout this week. 

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the number one rated zipper critter upon Iphone or Android, and see for yourself. Why zip recruitment is the smartest way too high and get out and get hired? I liked you Monday. I don't care who knows it welcome to plug the american giant bedroom? I'm John Mother, I'm Tommy these or other points that I love a toxic Kelly Fisher, a teacher who is helping to organise the teacher walk out in Arizona the sweet Cuzco. We just talk there you go. It's real time because they have never leave this weekend. We had them apple issue, which was a show. We did about an issue, wasn't sort of tied to the weekly news and was a grey conversation about. News and propaganda and misinformation, and even that I didn't, show on Friday, which meant I had a weekend off, and so basically I did a food too
the worst restaurants, a person can eat at multiple times. Placing fortnight I did not. I did not play more that I didn't escape room where around is in front of the pod cool and loved her leave it going on tour. Pittsburgh may third members may Fourth Baltimore may fitting get tickets on crooked dot com, slash events, go check it out it's called love relieve. It it's a podcast, Can somebody Jake Shack and talk about on a day when their thirty five? The answer is, yes, the wishes. What did you go to tackle? Go? I got a box that came with a Luba, burrito and Attaka, and I got a soft shell stake. Taco Anna gotta, double decker darkness, room great being in the office with the CUP later in the pod will also be targeting the to cry. Media zone, pre Arab Indy, Yahoo rights. What a day why newsletter, which is a hit, are hit newsletter and she's given us little video what's in the nuclear waste, can be talkin about it, makes Axion look like one of those drum less.
Thing. They put up a coffee shop. You sure you're, ok, guys. Let's talk about Donald Trump efforts to bring about peace in our time He planted a tree. He did this week, French, President Emmanuel Mccrone and german chancellor? Angela Merkel, are in Washington. Trump has invited Mccrone for the first state dinner of his presidency, to which no congressional Democrats were invited very nice, cool idea or press or press normal united reporters, maybe a column. This, maybe someone agrees with you. Maybe your best bud Sean Hannity, widening it than I who is coming just until I read it. Trolls had so much a decent pepper ass, although I'm here for I am here we're stated in our amendment,
here, I am american local person here to enjoy stayed dinner with the french person and the present interim good president. So wonderful, the decent press has been very focused on the personal relationship between Trump and Mccrone, which is supposedly quite good. Mccrone calls him a friend, Trump Road love no last July suffered in the margin of the New York Times article- maybe here and usually Emmanuel. I love you and usually with tromp like he doesn't like it when somebody stays over, especially the first time but like he was like no, don't go don't go what's to saving, we can watch them an ethics Lucia that actually is rent a piece
for the weekend describing Mccrone as a person who runs quote a master class in soothing truck with just as the weird phrase and slate asked can mccrone flatter Trump into giving him what he wants. What do you think they're pals, and how much do you think it actually matters like has Mccrone gotten anything out of this relationship? Can we just You don't need to take him master class to learn how to flattered on job. You need to pay ninety bucks to Erin Sorkin to watch half of the videos before you abandoned it. All you need to do is kisses ass. You know, I think it's probably a savvy move. I mean Macrones one of the few european leaders that made a decision early onto to flatter him, despite the domestic political cost of being associate with someone that so toxic, so you get my dinner. The Eiffel Tower shut, my big military parade, which is night now try to emulate they trade love notes. Apparently they cynicism Merkel is generally more wary, but that's understandable, she's, on the scene longer he made that really awkward surveillance joke about
slide on Bio bomber by half of it being not true. Germany has again. Germany has a good reason to fear. A nationalist wanna be strong, the hen right, so there's a difference. There there's a legacy there there's reasons why they both like him. I do think this on hard to build a psychological profile dominant. Figure out what you want. Necrons done it pretty well, we'll see, there's a backlash, the stories about how he's been played, I'm not really they Donald Trump, that's going to be there for you. If you need something he doesn't want to do so, yeah enjoy while you can buy it didn't go so over the committee to save America. I don't know, that's where no one has proven that they can influence Donald Trump through. Lottery in any way that gets a good result. Simply the Saudis, if you, if you If you are strong and bring in an air, and you have pop a circumstance and you roll out the red carpet in all you want him to do is not tell you what to do that might work, but if you're gonna go there and say hey, don't scrubbed around
I'll stay in Syria. Don't start a trade war with Europe like ass, can be a little tougher self for Macro John. What do you think your writings? notes down and brought some paper. You realise these paper for dramatic effect, it's very hard. He wants you to the problem. That maize makes a noise loved his. Read the news today, but he's read the news that was printed out and pieces of paper and he's taken nets loved your thoughts. Eggs requesting job. So I would say two things were no human being on earth has a good relationship with Donald Trump there's. No such thing as a good relationship without trompe might have an effective John had it, but it good relations, delicate dont, represented in being with him. You can have a good relationship. No one, he loves has a correlation with him. No any hated the catalytic that it doesn't work that way he's not Kay. Of having them. I mean Bravo Obama's President head leaders. He preferred to talk to leaders. He didn't I have a different, I may make a difference in the margins right. Maybe we, I remember you know you could be outside the oval there'd, be like always on a car. With this person it's gonna be longer
He does a hate talking to this new right and that may affect their working relationship. It can make a difference at the margins, but ultimately national interests mean so people, people, the quaint, be harden realistic and around re articles about others like a new bromides, which is ridiculous. If mccrone is good at pretending to Light Donald Trump more power whom you know it's what he should do, trope it's a hard thing to register our interest and also shows the reality of what situation where we watch firing. Leaders manipulate our president and talk about how best Oh it's embarrassing to get one over on him. You know if, if you know it's like what conversation do we like we feel more welcome in the one between trumpet somebody or between Merkel in across laughing about it. What a dumb fuck we put in the light of sick also, otherwise we will were pulling for the foreign leader to Poland over on re. Oh yes, he does. That means you know. Maybe he convinces them to get back in the climate agreement, or maybe he can visit them not to pull out of the around deal or maybe he's sick. There
actors are usually lie more at the american public control yet another. I think the problem is, you know, I think, a little bit of a contradiction right. We talk about how, oh, if you do pomp and circumstance, and make him feel good who can go along with what you are. But you're right in pointing out that long term, the committee to save Eric and others have claimed to use their influence in person. Relationships to make a difference haven't made that much difference, and I think it's in part because he's basically up a fascist, goldfish and so Oh yeah mccrone can maybe impress upon him the importance of the Ariane deal, but he's gonna forget and then he's gonna talk to John Bolton for a week after Mccrone goes back to Paris, trumped decided to attack the mayor of London after there was a terrorist attack on cities. That is not a stable person, to say the least, both IRAN and Merkel will be trying to convince Trump not to pull out of IRAN deal last week. Bob Corker said trumps. Gonna do it. We talked with salon Thursday, but I wanted to hear from you. This Tommy is like everyone in the world, except for baby,
Yahoo and Republican Party wants to preserve the around deal. What happens if Trump pulls out and how dangerous as it well right now the around deal is essentially put restrictions on their nuclear programme and deadline to recertified they're following the letter of the deal is may twelfth so drunk doesn't agree to certify that their complying with the IRAN deal. They could put sanctions back on IRAN, which means that all the restrictions on the ice, yea monitoring the reduction of centre issues that are enriching. Nuclear material The amount of nuclear material they can enrich will all go back to work They were before. In fact, the Iranians are saying that if they put you through sanctions on us, we actually will increase our enrichment programme, so things will get increasingly dangerous they'll, be closer to nuclear weapon and the world will be. With us. There will be no increase in safety for us. There's no upside to this trump, only dislikes it because he dislikes Obama,
yet Trump pouring out of the IRAN deal is giving or on a green light to go, build nuclear weapons, We are screwing up and we will be the reason it is now not eggs. And we will be the ones that of compliance with the agreement generally in the rest of the world is not with us on this. In the I e, the international monitoring programme that keeps an eye on all this step has certified. I believe, ten times that there still complain with the deal, so it will also send a message to North Korea and only the rogue states that we don't live up to our agreements and in their right like trumps concerned with, The IRAN deal nor, what's not in it, is legitimate, doesn't like a fact that there's a sunset in the deal that will make it end after ten or fifteen years. He doesn't like the fact that there are limits on their tests on ballistic missiles. He doesn't like the fact you can always get access to certain military sites. Exactly when you one testing? That's all fine, but a lot of those issues that had to be negotiated while those issues are not relevant to a nuclear deal. If the United States all of us,
some trading partner came to us and said: hey. Our bilateral trade deal now means you guys can test some sort kind of icy beyond what the hell you talking about you, it's also like sure you want limit on ballistic missile testing sure you want something longer than a ten year, since it will go. Prove that you can get that kind of deal go work on, that's the whole world. Can you get that? That was the whole problem with the critical of the over bombs in the first place. It's like. Yet we all what those things, but you negotiate and you compromise to get something better. Not something perfect and- and you can make an argument that says- are a giant carry with two thirsty for deal. Obama wanted to deal. The Iranians knew what they took advantage in the deal wasn't as favourable as another one we would have negotiated whatever you want, you're clean, like that. That's mine, but that's not the deal we have. This is the deal we have, which is why people like Bob Corker who were resistant to it, are now saying it's important. In place, because, regardless of whether you believe there could have been some fantasy of a better deal, this is the deal we have read if Trump ends up. Staying in the deal for a little while longer fine, but this feels like one of those issues where the
all the people around him. All the smarter people, semi reasonable serious people hurt get him to not pull out there all kind of like putting their fingers in the died, trying to stop him from doing what he wants to do. This feels like something eventually will perceive wants out he's not gonna. Stop wanting out blurred off romantic put off for six months, whatever but ass it in Paris, yet it exactly like Paris that another one of his complaints is that the Iranian are, you know, doing badly in Syria and their funding, a rebel group in Yemen and, like again, yes, the Obama administration had the same exact concerns Those things, but there's no reason to tear up the iranian Nuclear Deal, which is about nuclear weapons to get those things down with this is not really a point of leverage any and he's going about it in a stupid way. That's just it's so self defeating,
let's move from one potential nuclear disaster to another North Korea Kim Jong. Instead, this weekend he would suspend nuclear and missile tests. North Korea has apparently drop its demand that the Eu S remove truth from South Korea as a condition for giving up nuclear weapons, and North and South Korea are set to meet them. Week. How big a deal as this has Trump tweeted his way to peace, XO but the reporting on. This is all over the world to think Trump cleaned. North Korea agreed to He knew colorized, but that's not true. They said they would essentially suspend nuclear tests and suspend icy, be I'm tests ahead of the summit, so they would suspend test. Of nuclear. They done this before they paused before of freezes. It's it's it. Unless you take some very concrete steps, its of easily reversible thing Hey would intestine? I c p m. We literally just not testing, and it is not as the succeeding doesn't mean they're not going to continue their nuclear weapons programme, but the
fourth has for a very long time said that its idea of de nuclear radiation is essentially get rid of their nuclear weapons. If we remove all troops the korean Peninsula and we get rid of arson we're umbrella, our policy of protecting South Korea and Japan. So that's a big lift, and what Kim Jong under saying is essentially Trupp, apparently The Wall Street Journal going to say to him. You have the dismantling nuclear arsenal before you get sanctions relief. It's not a sanctions, relief for a freeze of nuclear tests and missile tests, which is what happened before we ve given them. You know that they have said that the it's called a freeze referees will freeze Jeffreys testing and we will freeze sanctions or give them some relief on grain subsidies or of the hollow would be, and then they just do it anyway. So bow was were bought gates. What always say you can't buy the same horse twice:
knocking fold again. That was his big beef. With this whole thing, urgent trumps, like I've sold the same apartment fitted. I'm right to Michael can't, you see, I'm I do business. I agree that has actually kind of hard to figure out. What's true and what's nom, it is always true. A trump right you, like ok, is trump lying. Is he ostentatiously Miss Cartwright and with some kind of purpose, is the purposed fairy on Korea lying. They lie to sort of under be belied, but then I am I a my feeling about it was that it actually does it really matter, because but there has been a lie in the truth. In this case about what they're saying they are willing to give up is all just posturing anyway. Ultimately, this is about a bunch of kind of markers. People are setting down before talks begin and before you know the contours of whatever it would be good what web before we learn. What the contours of an eventual deal could possibly look like at some point in the future. I have to say, like you know, coming away from this: I've of coming around two saying we don't know, and I think we should be humble about North Korea, specifically because
I do not believe right now that the Trump Administration is doing very poorly and certainly doing worse than an abomination or Clint Administration or Bush administration. I think it has its the chaos and and nonsense of tromp. But ultimately, what we're talking about is a seemingly intractable problem and there does seem like there is real, movement and that that is something now. The sort of I mean they're not doing worse, but this confusion, we're talking about right now is why you sort out the terms of what these head of state level talks are going to be before you have the talks and if Trump really thinks he's going to go into this thing and charm Kim Jong Gun out of his nuclear weapons, which fuse is the most critical thing he has he's, forgetting the fact of this to do. Do you like up. He murder senior officials who pass him off by shooting them anti aircraft are certainly saw like. I would obviously like a as like a cool aspects or to your point, like there have been you don't during the current
illustration, there were high level meetings and there was a temporary freeze. The cheated on that certain into the bushes duration, is. While there are six party talks, it happened in Gabon destruction, so in this cycle of sort of boom and bust of activity. I'm really really glad that their pushing for more activity- and I support it but like there so far ahead of themselves in terms of claiming success right, I'm I'm not gonna by the same horse twice not be biographer. Nobody saw that horse that Irish on that horse. That's my heart, each time and trouble mistress and so far it seems like they are doing something a little different, reasonable. We went through this with the whole dreamers debate to maybe this is like normal and you can actually get a deal on this river and then like band of discipline, and he goes crazy now. This is obviously a much bigger scale with much higher stakes, but I find myself just look at the whole thing, be like you're cool, it's good so far, but the whole thing I can fall apart and second, so I hope that, like way down the road, I can look back milk, yet they do good. I would love to be wrong. I loved you. Erosion is the alternative
very fucking scary for the world of work and for having been not driving this car they're, not control this process, like Kim Jong, I invited them south korean officials. They did this sort gambit at the Olympics, show them walking together he followed up. That by inviting some south korean officials up to his house, they got hammered on surgery or whatever had this meeting where they off may this offer to meet with Trump the South Koreans the of lobbyists and Trot basically accepts the means Kim Jong king before the meaning is even over and then has him announce it. So he's like Fine by the his pants go in for a press head, and hopefully it all worked out the boy there's a better way to run railroad like that's just like do. I wish that, instead of Trump going to these negotiations, it was Brok, Obama, president, Hilary Click,
are built one year or at the other end. Of course, these signs are promising, but ultimately at hinges on the worst person. Amerika has already has an app a century, so Feds Arizona, there's some risks. They had three hundred thirty million people are like you go the other. The other thing. This is why ties back to the around the old, because part of this is not about personnel. Most of this about personnel, is it all about brutal interest and came I own can look around the world and say why on earth? Would I give up this nuclear weapon? Libya gives up a programme peacefully american politics changes and then wit, you know, where's could offer you being dragged through the straits. Iraq claims to have a programme Sid Ahmed saying it hung, in a large by a guy in a leather jack. You know you know you look around the way. The with his truth openly. Protect yourselves that actually have a programme would be my assessment. If I were right in and you will get a ratio, look, there's a peaceful negotiation to not have a programme and then amount of domestic american politics change. You can't even count on that, so weary care
which is why a casual noisily, which is why it's always been bizarre to me, that there are reports that Kim Jong and wants to think about giving this up in the first place. I just don't don't comprehend that fits with his interest, I just I suspected. Ultimately, he doesn't really he's thinking well a precise answer. Unfortunately, these north green negotiations are being run by being gauzy conspiracy theories, MIKE Pompey, oh, and warm John Bolton, we this morning, chair and anti Muslim? Think tank known as the Gate Stone Institute, which has pushed fake Islamophobia NEWS amplified by russian trolls Lovely Organisation, including here lines like Germany the skating homes to use for migrants and a peace that argued somali refugees returning Sweden into the rape capital of the west I'm PEO, whose gonna, be our necks secretary of state. Also, when I'm crazy, Frank, Daphne's radio show in more than homegrown islamic conspiracy against America, its growing in some Town America? So this is the and will be our next secretary of state. Thanks to change of heart by right.
Paul and a bunch of them Democrats were up in eighteen like Joe Mansion, Heidi hide Camp and Joe Donnelly voting. Yes, what do we think about this? my plan pay Us Secretary of state. You know Dan Pfeiffer had a smart point about this on twitter com, which is to say, we're all this more points out. We're out of small atop points. Bottom points middle points out. The points are there: he was like Islamophobia got ratio, but are we hate sorted today where real bad place, which was the following it at table? yeah the agenda that as its we were, the only people were right on their nets, the point that Dan Ray before I was really interrupted by the classic. Interrupter shouted Tommy. I can never forget word and the is that this is about to be cynical, that there's about doing that. The union actually give a shit about whether my companion, good sectors day, I could believe mansion and I believe these people go. I think he's gonna be great they're doing it out of citizens
that sort of appeal to prove that their not ups, Action is to their more moderate states, but why on earth think that that's how politics works today, who votes based on how you voted for a secretary of state a year ago when he talking about not cynical its naive naive to believe that this will help you just vote. How is more, Nathan's, that's what I mean those are being cynical, but they're, not there's no republican operative anywhere in the land who is like, oh shelve, that german engines weak on national security. Add he voted for palm peo. We have to back off. It is the fair thing to do but that's just as garland for his thoughts on how how what how well obstruction play the mushroom cloud add is coming the matter how you go back to your mama phobia. Think for a second area like there's, an obvious reason why it's bad to be bigoted and racist in generally be a bad person in support these kinds of groups, there's also a national security risk, which is if dinner Pompey. I think they can belittle or antagonize or insult a billion people he's crazy. We need you
age with members to the muslim community, build communities a train religion. In the! U S and abroad like builds, port among muslim populations abroad, help spread Ella, stop the spread of anti american anti democratic sentiment, you see I address you should know this. Your national security visor should get it. You did get it ate master and he was in Iraq. He rebuked his troops for using term haji or any sort of like Anti Islam can't I iraqi language and when he got the indices job, he said he disliked the term radical islamic terrorist and he called Islam a great role. Laughter, wasn't perfect, so there was a lot smarter UNESCO, the name twice, and he is an unpleasant I'm. We are no longer allowed to reference him. He does not exist anymore and never did. John Bolton has always been national security adviser on a jar and master will let you know so it's it's. If anyone was treated the way into Semitism say that he would be fucking
any nominee made any hint of there's any remarks. There were anti semitic or anti Christian. We would not have considering that person's nomination. For now we have a secretary of state and a fucking national security adviser who are have deep ties to anti islamic Lama, the groups- and you mentioned Frank- gave me this pandemic like there's a very well funded. Scarcely influential group of crazy people, crazy, big it anti islamic people in their influence, is growing in this party yeah. I mean this is a small and eating slightly more extreme example of what we see between the kind of supposedly responsible parts of their public and establishment and Fox NEWS which Is you don't say what John Henry says? You don't say what you mean. Pierrot says you don't say what Frank Affray says, but you talk to them on their shows, you treat them with respect and dignity unlikely
part of the conversation, and then you just reap the benefits of having a anxious riled up base that has been made to fear a whole group of people. One point: one point to five billion people on planet are owed a language which is unjust, bigoted, but his Tommy said dangerous for national security, stupid Potter, America, By coming central, the daily show with Trevor Noah. We interviewed him with any interviewed us does confronted by a terminal it, there's one show that can make sense of this insane world. You should watch it, but since there's not, if you watch, show with criminal comedy writers on this as good. The world is spinning out of Control Trevor in the world's biggest news team. Put it back on course, until the next breaking story Knox. It back off its orbit catch. The data show with Trevor no a weakness, one thousand one hundred and ten central. It's like the news, but funny on purpose. Isn't it strange to imagine that at any point the whole world can become focused on the fact there an asteroid heading towards earth? That's unlike unexpected calamity, could just change everything to
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it is about twenty five points, more republican and in the nation as a whole, and yet the poles are very close on the other and Arizona has a very generous early voting period, which is good and, according to five thirty, eight up to eighty percent of people have potentially already voted in this race with Republicans outvoting Democrats? Forty nine percent to twenty eight percent now know that doesn't sound good, so yeah, of course, who knows some Republicans could be voting Democrat and, of course that does not take into account independent votes, but that is a very big margin for Democrats to catch on election day so guys I was traffic relic. What's the difference? Do you think between the air is an eighth and the Pennsylvania eighteenth were Conor Land when a district
I also voted for Trump by twenty points. To make. The main difference is that Connor ALARM District is in that part of the country where the kind of bad in theory was shown to be. The most true were kind of you know you ve got district is more at any, has more higher democratic registration and republican, and yet we saw the kind of white turn out for Trump that didn't show up for lambs opponent, whose name I raised because I'll never need to know it again and the earth and offensive by the tabling of a gun. The Arizona Trump victory was more normal and that it was just a much more republican district. Isn't that right now, that's a very, using point, though, is that thank you. There was a Democrat there, this this big democratic registry, an edge, honey and vinegar. Today, in western Pennsylvania, Connally one both because of turn out from the democratic base, high turnout from the traditional democratic constituencies and some of these Democrats who decide
four tromp deciding now that they are going to vote for a democratic nature and in this district Arizona. You just have an it's the age thing them. In Asia the voter. So far in european elections, the John had a viewer sixty seven white and sixty. So you know that mean that the whole industry as a whole, as is very wide its old and so these are gonna, be tough districts. Now that said, if tyburn any keeps it at eight points or less that would be in line with democratic performance and other special actions that point to a democratic wave, so watch the margin watch the margin, the fact we were talking about this remarkable. I know you know. I mean ice all need to remain hopeful that your conversation without Barkin about canvassing. There was like its inspiring that people are showing up its many time these districts in fighting their asses off. If you guys, having listened to it, which is fine, as you know it from money problems, Isn't it to join the view that a market, but a couple dots like one.
In in doing my reading about this race, I came across the fact that Republicans herself targeting Hillary Clinton in their mid term ads and that's a big part of their strategy that the just show you my guards so pathetic in his soul, a little time very lively, Bateson, evasively that we should use Hillary Clinton like a diversion movies, where she goes into strikes the security guards that are guarding some kind of a base, while the heroes come in give the house. What is that like? If you vote this Democrat. Hillary Clinton will be quiet, living alive at citizens and their national tax policy. In the reason is the positive doesn't work, because the republican tax cut is still historically unpopular and has gotten more unpopular since taking effect, so you're, seeing what your hearing, what you're reading his desperation, Can I use when we should go all an injustice, Troy
can it well, and one of the reasons for the Democratic Arizona is gonna get so close or might get some clothes is she has been running a very disciplined message: campaign on health care and medical care on strengthening social security, especially there's a lot of senior citizens that district aunt you ve been talking about the tax cuts. Republicans are not talking much what the tax cut Republicans or talk Nancy Pelosi. Hillary Clinton Democrats are talking about how instead of a corporate tax cuts, was a trillion dollars that gave. Six banks on Wall Street three point: five: nine billion dollars over three months. You could maybe use that money to shore up healthcare, short, Medicare, short of security and she in saying that message every single day and it could get her we close in an extremely republican district without anything at all, really happen its energies to have always activism unalterable, knocking on doors like that energy will really help on which make two points one. I do have to admit that the Clinton movie idea. I did take from the thumb Jumanji. I do think it's important that I concede
the new one with IRAN, no one with the rock which I did watch over the weekend. That's point number one and point to does matter, but yet I think look whether or not she winced today. Democrats should not be complacent when we win and we should not despair when we lose these races. You know like that. A lot of this banana we flipped allotted districts- and we did it look at each district for what it is for the demographics and district is very low, Rita and what we can learn about. What works, and what does it at any part of this is, like you see so much arguing about like a look. How did Ralph Northumbrian and what actually happened in Pennsylvania and and parliaments like its Annette Unanswerable Exempt down to answer a part of it is the the gut feeling of people who are in this districts who feel what worked? Who feel what change you know, who wit connected with people? What help them take the story back what they felt put it up
and on their heels right like some of those it just like the work of campaigning. That is an easy to categorize but his eyes, but you learn just by having been on the ground, but also like what you learned about yourself along the way fright like how the characters in Jumanji, through there, bearings of being in the video game, Jumanji looked very high to be brave and maybe take fewer selfies threat retorted weeks ago about a potential problem for Democrats with California's nonpartisan primary. I can't I care California, I'm really disappointed, anyway. So there is a particular problem in the California non partisan primary. Where the talk to vote getters move on the general election, regardless of which party from and because there are so many Democrats running in a few different has districts. You could end up with a scenario where too many Democrats, but the vote to many ways and then therefore, the top to vote getters. Our report was so like imagine you have a hundred people
have any of them vote for seven Democrats and thirty Republicans, but for two Republicans, you end up with a a general action with two Republicans, even though the whole district wants democratic not good, and so we have a math major on the pier get. I why the sum then do you know you glanced over thing, because a very good- and it was great, it is important to understand why these races are unique. Yeah, because he obviously were very frustrated with the discrepancies, intervention and Laura Moser says Dietrich down in Texas. But what offended me about that was, it was dishonest. It was negative, it was him handed it. Backfired like if you're gonna get involved in races be smart, be strategic thinking Anna, which ultimately deal the fact that voters going to do with they're gonna do not gender we are opposed to the parties having a preferred. Canada have pretty normal, but you know me You can make an informed decision about fun, rays,
viability, pulling it's gonna, be imperfect. These roll subjective decisions, but be smarter yeah. I think I mean whether the data will see picks Right Kennedy to these resources or not. We are getting close to the June fifth primary in California and as we get closer. If you are not view in a crowded race, your polling labelling is not showing that you're one of the top two people in that race. As a Democrat, I would think priests seriously about continuing to be an area for California, races where this is a real concern and that's a big number in our effort to get back vows and look. I understand this is a unique election to where you have all these districts, where, if a Democrat makes onto the bought ballot- Democrat, is the likely winner in some of these race is more likely than not going to be a member of Congress. You have to know the district. Where is retiring people I got Royce, the Democrat is the likely winner in so you think well, bye, gif
It is primarily an Yemen third in the polls right now, but I'm a better candidate than number one. A better cannon to hinder deposed can be wrong. All that I totally understand. Not ideological. However, I also think these candidate understand that if we wake up after the election after the primary and too public and go on to the general and we lose the chance of a pick up and you came in third, you are going to be a villain who may have cost us the house and, as a reality, you your selfishness as a candidate, understandable love. It will drive the thirty nine district himself. You will be responsible for this and there You can give a speech saying you're not and it sucks, I dont, think the great when pick a lot at an old gotta that speech the speech where I get feature about how the calling out enemies of the of the days of the now one thing the Democrats can do in the democratic voters can do and organisers and activists I've taken. We're friends swing left about this. If we boost democratic turn out in these primaries,
and so, if the number of Democrats would turn out, one of these primaries is like the number democratic turnout in a general and the final vote in these districts ends up being like you know, sixty percent Democrat Forty percent Republican, then it is much likely there we're gonna have a problem or one of those Republicans or to Republicans become the top two. So one thing that we I'll do is make sure that in California, we register in turn out as many Democrats as humanly possible in each of these districts, to reduce the likelihood that we get top to their appear as individuals or job is to get people out to this primary and and get the most votes for democrats possible. But it is true that some of these campaigns or just gonna have to start doing some soul searching it. It's so unfair because you're there, because it s enthusiasm, injured there, because you felt it to run because of what happened to the country, but because of this system you're putting this unfair position where, even though you have support, even though in another year. You should stay in. This is not the year and its ox. You don't be helpful for voters if some polling company simpler pulling companies commission
some poles and these district Gases- Ervay Monkeys, California, voters may around you know a more informed decision about whose in the lead and whose not and serve you know coalesce behind the ladys in these rates. That's how they too, we have. No, I don't. I haven't seen any Paul appalling within the primary and these districts, and so these it is developing it like pulls with a few hundred people at most right and if they had any thing it so hard to hangar their hangar future on dropping out for the good of the party which you know we can see is the right thing to do, but you're seeing that they like, I do it. I drop out, I'm not getting a thank you. You know remember Congress I did the right thing, but he's gonna care and socks, ITALY era, it we care so some to keep our eyes on everyone had specially California people. It's a tough one. Man stubbins, ok for little tree today, have pre aka in Syria guys embryonic are welcome to the sweltering had city. I love it here in Atlanta man, another one day. Hot off the press has just finished yeah, exciting yeah. We got some good stories.
Let's talk about your favorite story from today, yeah I've won in under the radar, which is kind of becoming one of my favorite sections to rights, and it's about a story that we ve kind of continued to follow. Over the last few weeks over the weekend, Buzzfeed publish a story. I think you guys probably read it is about a reporter at a local station in Virginia. Her name is Sir a crow and she wanted to report on climate change, which would be fine normal great in any given circumstance, except she works at Sinclair. Sat yeah. There is correct today said we don't care about the politics, never conservative, but follow the facts wherever they may lead not quite The glee see she wrote, The story went to go, you know, deliver her report on the air and her supervisor. The news director of the station was kind of like you refuse to deliver any information about the counters. The narrative that manmade effects on climate change are, you know, what's progressing this
and dumb basically made her deliverer like a new report, and so this happened with. I think gun control and a few other subjects, and she was ultimately acid from this station and that kind of echo's some things that have been continuing at Sinclair. They had those like must run segments that are fro tromp like very Maggie Media layers accept core god on your body, sports Epstein limits for a second, IRAN has put in flanders- and this is a good first part gather either you don't get, it is like- maybe the worsening. Yet we ve heard from Sinclair because there's the must reach right, which, like sort of like hidden, prop again agenda that got Boris whose just very open about what to do, for he is and this is, though, actual hard news reporters crack in
now what they want to report on its being shaped by corporate yeah, and it's a little bit of like a both sides, ie just like those that they're trying to incorporate when they're really isn't like equivalence, toxic, cried the climate change issue, where the both idealism is so dangerous because there is now. Really. Both sides. There is a political manufactured, both sides ism, but there's no scientific, both sides right and it's kind of alarming, especially when you think of Sinclair. As you know, this the size of their at their largest sprite has operator in the: U S, they have an hundred ninety three stations right now, the round forty something percent of households, but they are also trying to buy up a bunch more. They deal with Tribune and if that goes through, they will access over seventy percent of households in the? U S so they are super invested
in promoting conservative agenda supporting tromp his FCC chair is making it possible for them to or basically getting rid of regulations that allow them to buy all these stations, so bear really on board, with all that Morocco at risk broke up. I have another question about climate change and again it's an issue about which I believe there can be no debate. What is room temperature in your mind the fact that its not best this little warm, I'm sorry you're dodging the question. Do we need a specific number? I would say what are you will leave as a fair room temperature younger and I seventy seventy two degrees. You think seventy two high. So let's say you go to the thermostat and you see that the room your currently in is seventy nine degrees say time, yet I tolerate a rethink avoid, whereas others, maybe earlier than most stays their most working nonstop. All she wants is a comfortable environment to write in his letter in love. It storms into the office today, just
fire or united today, no everyday reading fire. Why is the office? So I went to seventy eight degrees you're, a tyrant on that the reality of a break it over her in every day to seventy one and all those new I'd like your honor urine and glue. Listen, there's mistakes were made on both sides. We kill at Tanya get away with blasting space heater at us. July Day, in LOS Angeles? That is something needs to be talked about. We could set of the seventy two and you'll be ok that gas. You know what I want. I want to hear this. You think, so the trees are issues at it. So it's so, let's at seventy, three or country, without leaving on seventy three. How could I also don't think our farmers tat way,
now in our national interests. The science of cats are the story of Briefly Paraca. I love that story that the new director went on to work as a communication structure. It look remedy which is Jerry, Fall Wells Joint, which was one of the stories that they always interfered on every time. She talks we report on Liberty University. They relate not occupy and limiting irritation revolving door. Fuckin Sinclair Mecca thanks for southern by for writing, a fantastic newsletter that everyone should sign up for. If you haven't already a few people who subscribe to what do I do, I saw some good cop over here I know how many will subscribe to what a day is it a hit sure sure the huge biggest newsletter and the country now yeah class. Now yet we think it is fair to say Hannay's thinks crooked. Beady is fine, but she does. She loves what a day, because you have the best pop culture stuff out. There my God, what she noticed, as are the party, be all the fun stuff at the end to subscribe clarity,
when I got is also a royalist, which is something that I disagree with ideology. I really a news about AMOS Royal babies liked, vague. They were getting married and add again, go back to England, Bennydeck retreat you eggs and Clear Baisers David Bowe, prerogative, guys problem America's project. Parachute parachute mothers days coming up. What's in Europe, better relax, parachuting alive and ardent purchase them parachute. She lacks a parachute, relax virgin. You get the linen kind because I recommended them and she loved It's my new England. Summers are steamy for hot mania for us, maybe he may send mom that's imperative, cheats
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Look as an angel, don't you here, May I have always origin is there is a sin? Worsen company than misappropriated, branding application, I respect one another pod save america- is- as it always is brought to you by the catches. You it's been going on in my catalogues, opening the cash out right now? What are you paper? Let me guess this group room those measures are not whether we gotta happened, cheeseburgers arduous work, maybe you'll, never guess what happened. We would like, there's lady, it ruins better. I went to Dubai jeez. I got him a soda. I have. Great story about that. What is what someone that around a million times already, what is it that was me none of your anyway five dollars. You five dollars goes to moms demand action. It's actually, sadder than that, I haven't told the same story million times. I've lived. The same story is above the catch of sorrow, ease
sorry I forgot about our landlord. Has cash had had done upon us when someone asked me for the cash up recently, I think she'll make and I paid back, was it so easier. I say that my response to, but a really my other one up like stuff working, I dont care cash out. Pod save the curd moms demand. Action is the organisation that were donating to tell them that gun violence down the cash joining us on the show. Today we have Kelly Fisher, an elementary school teacher in Arizona where she's part of the admin team for Arizona, educators, united the group organizing this week's teacher walk out Kelly. Fischer thanks ring here. Thank you Inviting me I want to call you Kelly, but at the same time there is a deep deep part of me that just can't bring myself to call you anything but Missus Fisher, because you are a kindergarten teacher. I am proudly twenty years in the making twenty years, so
Arizona. Teachers are gonna, be walking out on Thursday to protest, low pay and inadequate school funding. Teachers have already led protests this year in West Virginia Kentucky and Oklahoma. Things are coming to a head in Colorado. Now to how do you account for what happening across the country with teachers feeling pretty fed up. I think teachers are finally seeing that, if they gather together they are the ones that have the power and I know that's definitely what we ve seen here in Arizona is in a week I did this with a facebook, page and just to see the number of people who wanted a space to talk with. Like minded people felt the same way about what was happening was very comforting for people, and we just continue to grow, and I think that's what's really happening around the country. I think people are fed up not having enough for their students in their classrooms. So there's
the offer of a twenty percent raised from the governor them happen over several years, but as your innovation and as many have noted, a twenty percent Raisin Arizona won't bring teachers in Arizona to the national average for teacher pay. How do you do with where your salaries are out right now like how hard, as had been to make ends meet, the teacher in Arizona when the salaries or so far below the national average. It's been very difficult, we have teachers even just on my campus, that are working to three for extra jobs just to make ends meet. We have five demands. We like to see a twenty percent raise for teachers. We would like you see all funding restored to education. We ve had cuts for ten straight years. We would like to see. No where tax cuts and tell education is fully restored. We would like the sea are colleagues are Para. Professionals are secretaries in the
as our bus drivers are kitchen staff, we would like see them receive arrays too, and we would also like to see a content was funding source, so that we can constantly, be getting arrays to keep us at at or around the national average. And what is it? the action been of of parents to this, because you know we see pull after Paul. That shows that there is incredible. Support for raising salaries for teacher is increasing school funding, everybody You know, in an abstract way, every the over and over again says to pollsters. You know teachers are making enough, and yet in Arizona a billion dollars taken out of the schools. Even as they cut taxes, you seen a back Ash from certain quarters. In Colorado, two legislators introduced a bill to make it a crime for teachers to protest. Basically, what is the reaction been from? parents? Are they supportive? Are they angry that they may have to figure out a way to you know fine doc. You know babysitters for their kids. What are you hearing we have
seem incredible support. It's been amazing. Even today I had parents, emailing me saying p put my name out there, I will watch anyone's kids who need it if they need to go to work and we have what we are calling walk in every way, Tuesday morning across the state where teachers gather thirty minutes before school starts, and Tom to their community and invite want to come and ask questions and find out exactly what were all about and last week when we did it on my campus, we had three huh parents show up in support of us So one other part of this is that you're part of Organization called Arizona the caters United, its independence from the union when brought this organization together How did you guys mobilise so quickly and how has this been connected to what the union's been doing? It was. Fleet whirlwind. To be very honest, I can't believe it was only about seven weeks ago that we started this, but honestly it started with a tweet.
From one of our admin team, Noah Carvel S, and he said when a three year old. Second, your teacher and he we did to the president of the teachers Union an what we were going to do when he was seeing? What what Virginia, had done, and what Oklahoma was about to do, and he said are we going to do here in Arizona to fix this problem, and the president of the EU and asked him what he was willing to do, and Discussion came around to let s, people to wear red shirts and start there. The next thing you know were wearing red shirts. On wednesdays. We started a facebook pay age and by the first, two night, we had a thousand members The facebook page and today, on my way here I checked and we have fifty thousand members on their facebook page. It's been yeah, it's been quite a whirlwind, but it started with the age and they put out an offer of who would
to be part of this team and someone on the team suggested me, and I said I, happy too, and I think it's because I they're all young bucks. There are just starting their careers and I'm the seasons. One call me Mamma Kelly and I kind of you know take care of them all, make sure they're all eating in getting some rest and I'm the one to remind them that you know this has gone on for are too long and students in my class have the opera unity to be some of the first kids, that I've taught last ten years to not face cuts, and when I say things that it really hits home with them that you know, This is something that needs to be taken CARE of in this is our opportunity to do it, and I, like that part of it you're doing it is by enforcing a nap time. I think that he has now uptight.
An snack time, not just listen. Honestly, our culture needs more. Now time and more. I don't see you of this. This is the start of the tweet. A facebook page gets fifty thousand supporters. It's it's a whirlwind this like? I think it's got a lot of people in politics off guard that we see. Basically, you know. Teacher uprisings in conservative states in states that have had republican legislatures that have pushed a growth tax could agenda that a lot of people said would lead or of positive things for this state. What's the lesson there, do you think that people are waking up to this? Are you surprised by just how much anger there was just under the surface here? I was pretty soon rising to see how much support we got right out of the gate. You know I've lived through ten years of this, as I said, and for people to finally start realising that these kids are going without and we are teaching with textbooks from the nineties and teachers,
teaching in classrooms with no air conditioning- and you know that my not seem like a big deal to someone in Michigan, but someone in Arizona, that's a big deal, Merriwig Vienna Rihanna Yards very big deal. We ve got teachers teaching in schools with leaky, roofs and brow can windows, and you know I think that people are finally seeing that these tax cuts might be the answer to bring in corporations, but what corporation is what going to want to come to a state where their public education system is falling apart? So I think this is: really starting to wake up the public and one more question everybody people listening most be born in Arizona but their across the country. They care about this issue working people listening due to help Well one of the things that they can do to help is to keep in touch with their school districts and in touch with their legislators and make sure that their
schools are being fully funded and make sure that their kids are getting what they need and if they want to help us they can go onto our Facebook page which is Arizona, educators, United or they can go to our website, Arizona, educators, dot com and the euro. We have places on their where people can sign up to help us, we were putting too they're a pizza campaign for the people that'll be down at the capital for the next couple of days, so they want to help us that way or donate a case of water. We would be happy to direct them to the people that can take care of that forum, but just get out and make sure that your schools are being fully funded. The kids are getting what they need, because they are the future, and you know I think, kindergarten and those little five old have a long way to go in public school and they deserve a lot better than what they're getting right. Now, it's I mean we worry. We were literally meeting yesterday from eleven a m until seven thirty last night, just playing out the logistics for Thursday
capital in it. You know all of a sudden. It hits s like who this stuff's getting real enough, so the teachers cross state. We ve got them on our shoulders right now, so it's a big deal, but its exe at the same time to know that this is our time to make that change well coefficient. Missus Fisher, Ms Commissioner, MRS Spitz, flamingos to be exact Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for what you're doing. I think I'm glad leading the fight, because I think we all have a deep seated desire to you, whatever our kindergarten teachers tell us today, and I know that I can't shake it so really appreciate it, and I think it. Aspiring to see what teacher who, during the teachers, are kind of leading the fight against these biting. How is that
so much for being here will thank you. Are I thanks to Kelly Fischer for joining us today, thanks to three or four thousand by, and you know well I'll, see you understand what a day, what some of us, almost Armenians, that's great regular, have, even while the rest of us will either be sweating, were free. Seventy three is fine. I am compromised on. Seventy three claim.
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