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“New Hampshire feels the Bern.”


Bernie Sanders wins a narrow but crucial victory in New Hampshire, the rest of the candidates compete to be the Bernie alternative, and Donald Trump’s Tuesday massacre reminds us of the stakes in November.

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we're gonna talk about what happened in New Hampshire, what it means for the rays moving forward rather than a tiger but about the Tuesday massacre at the Department of Justice and what it should tell us about the stakes of this year's election spoiler alert. There their high. There is high, as we ve been saying, or that we have an announcement, we ve. Before that one of our many challenges is that the contested primary has given Trump a head start in the general democratic candidates are spending money against each other and he spending money on, among other things, building an enormous field operation. That's why we're lunch? a brand new fund to help build our own field operation. Starting now, it's called leave it on the field, and it will support groups, were putting organizers on the ground in the states that we need to win. The first group we're going to help out you guys were to talk about before it's organizing corps. Two thousand and twenty recruiting training in paying a thousand organizers ahead of the general election in eight key battleground states, Michigan Wisconsin, Pennsylvania Northeast,
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vote, save America dot com, slash field, that's the fund! We gotta help right. Our billionaires run for president. Their billionaires put pads and ahead of every goober knocking on doors. We gotta get into our right to other quick things, we will get into it Tommy you got a new parts of the World and Dan you got a book that will save democracy rest in due time. We stood in here and talk once a week at dinner. It's another fuckin book making this I'll look bad, yet ban, and I we had a blast as we started with just some New Hampshire, primarily two thousand eight war stories, which are a very fine tooth the type of there is nothing fund where the two thousand and three aspects, but then we talked about that. I speak out of raising the CIA effort, along with the Germans, to just break all global encryption over the past several decades and a bunch of other interesting foreign policies up it's happening so check up, go, I love the pots either a piteous there with the rest,
I can do the fallen. Then I love the former Good news attitude. Andy she heard. The icy. Why more? I don't think we can have a is good, but I got good. Is it s hard to follow that? We are at the end of the incessant Priolo Pitches but comes out on Tuesday, wow Tuesday. Then I really do Yes, we do. That was that was your Ternata title. I had a couple during I sent around yes, we, Denmark, ideas, tat. All group, unknown repack do yeah that hurts and remember that did you get that I don't need any help. Yes, the Balkans. Up ever eighteenth and I then pushing through our campaign and maybe most incessant plaintive an annoying fashion possible, but I've been doing it for three reasons. One is because I am
any apportion the proceeds from all the pre to verified action. So I want to be able to do as much as good as we can first Abrams as possible out of the book part of this. Second, as I had this bear with my publisher about whether I can exceed the precepts of the last book, We are not there yet. We can see the light at the other town with a lot of work to do to get there, and I want to spend all of next week with my publisher and if I'm on the losing under the bed, this can be quite annoying, got it.
And then the third reason is sort of just some day. Maybe I should remain the beginning, but promoters are very important to the success of a book, because the more praetors you have, the more bookstores are willing to put it in a prominent location, more the more willing to discount the more likely media is to cover it. So it's a very important part of it and its nest separate success, and I feel very passionate about this book and I wrote it is, I do think, are democracy is in a much more dangerous place than people actually believe and that it is up to Democrats to be the ones who said in that starting between twenty election and it ten years after we win and all the things we have to do to defeat not just on a trumpet trumpets, and so I have also provided a view like two preview, the book at one of the chapters of the book, the chapter where I wrote, a memo to the nominee that we will have in three weeks three months that their death, mention I don't know about what I think it'll take the win in twenty twenty, that
chapter of the audio books version of that chapters up on the crooked Middys podcast feeds you can listen to it and if you like it print of the book, and if you prefer the book, I would ask one warfare of you to share the fact that you did so on social media. That makes me feel much better. I myself, I forward those two, my publisher, but most importantly, it reminds other people in the book is out there and so that they may purchase, and then next week to book is out great. I pre ordered it then thank you. Are there two versions? Remember one is long and drawn out and thoughtful in one just says: write yourself, a ten billion dollars The first part the member to begin with Many details is about how you, when the economic debate are you take on trumpet the first one is to factor authentication let's get into it last
Senator Bernie Sanders, one a narrow but critical victory in the New Hampshire primary with ninety five percent of precincts reporting. Bernie has twenty five point. Seven percent of the vote- people to judge is in second with twenty four point. Four percent Amy closure is a surprise. Third, with nineteen point, eight percent Elizabeth Worn is an forth with nine point. Two percent and Joe Biden is in a dismal fifth place with eight point four percent. Now, because you need at least fifteen percent of the vote to get any delegates at all, only the top three candidates, one any, and because it was so close burning peat will both get nine delegates and Amy will get. Six Pete now leads the overall race for the nomination by a single delegate. Let's talk about each of the candidates did here and let's start with the winner Bernie Sanders, who delivered a message about beating Trump and unifying the party and victory speech. Let's play the clip and the reason I believe we are going to win is the we have an unprecedented grass
let's move from cause the cause millions of people. The reason that we are going to win is that we are putting together in president did multigenerational multiracial political movements, and this is a movement from coastal Coast which, is demanding that we finally happened. Economy and a government that works for, although bots not well, think I pay tribute to our guys. Big of a win, was this for our Bernie Sanders. I just I did like a positive case and negative can greatly,
think the positive case for Bernie would be a win win his when the up, and you have to any things. If you want the popular vote in two states moving up the national Paul's, he can raise huge sums of money. There is twenty five million in January and they said they had six hundred thousand contributions in February, so that's great and then going forward Bernie seen things he does well with letting of others in their one third of the Nevada Population rights these well suited going forward. They also want a big bunch, sub samples. I think that the negative case would be you know, sixty three percent of voters over eight forty five split between clover charmed, with the judge, the majority of voters went to other candidates. It was narrower win, then poles might have projected the pledge. Delegate picture is still split and he got a small percentage of the boat than a twenty sixteen. But obviously that was because sixteen was a two percent race, but as I say that some support was anti Hilary getting the jumped out at me, what
Hilary noticing the jumped out at me was sixty percent of voters in New Hampshire support Medicare for all, and that level of support would be a bit worrying for me in a general action, then I think Bernie Sanders cemented himself as the absolute and potentially overwhelming front runner for democratic nomination. Right now he had to win and he when the margin, I think, is more narrow than the pole suggested. I think that his campaign expected, but while that may not seem particularly gratifying at this exact moment to his campaign, it is probably the best thing for him, because the way this keeps playing out as every time a quota quote moderate alternative shades, another one emerges so wide and drops Klobuchar comes and he can use being a place where he is getting twenty five to twenty eight percent in these balls, and that is enough to win in some cases easily and in terms of delegate allocation. He's in a very very sharp
I do agree with me that there are, I think, some potential warning signs for his general election case right here, which is he like in that can't we just heard he talks about his massive organization, his great campaign. All of that, I think, is true relative to the rest of the field.
But neither in I want nor New Hampshire did. That organisation seem to deliver additional support beyond what the pulse showed. In fact, we basically almost felt like he was holding on for dear life to some portion of a support. Yeah I mean I told her this in this. I talk to. I talked to Faz, secure, whose campaign manager about this it seems like from a general election perspective, which you know is a good idea to judge each of these candidates on as we talk about how they all did you know. Bernie has two challenges I think one is. He continues to lose two Buddha judge, Clover, char, other candidates, even more and other people, the suburbs, where
the biggest turn out surge tends to be, and moderate voters stuff, like that, it's not really surprised, but the Bernie campaign promises what we might lose their we make up for and increase turn out, young people etc. So overall in New Hampshire is on track to beat the two thousand and eight record of two hundred eighty seven thousand people. So that's good news that turnout is better, but when you look at where that extra turn out came from, so you get first time. Voters in New Hampshire, primary people who voted for the first time, that was thirteen percent of the electorate so great. How did they split PETE, one them? Twenty nine percent burning at twenty five percent, aiming at fifteen percent. You look at youth turnout, eighteen to twenty nine. It was. Fourteen percent of the electorate was eighteen to twenty nine New Hampshire that is down from nineteen percent in twenty. Sixteen now, of course, Bernie one eight and twenty nine. Fifty one percent PETE only get twenty percent, so he crushed with that. But you turn out is down and it doesn't seem like the additional turn out that
got last night in New Hampshire went disproportionately to Bernie in anyway because he lost so a few things in Bernice defence there. Yet one I think, looking at sub groups and undemocratic primary and then projecting that forward to a general election is problematic right well because they could end up even if they support Peter Amy in new Dr Night, they could easily go to journey and the general I think, because in that works both ways running Bernice campaign last night pointed out that he did the best with Non College, educated, white voters among all the candidates. That does not necessarily mean that he will do well with those voters who do not vote and premise right and just as he did earlier. Suburban voters have undemocratic time. It does not necessarily suggests I'll do poorly with them going forward. Second point is And this is, I think, a little true and for burning eyes who is? He is organised the crap out these state into us and sixteen pizza, while some of the low hanging fruit on people he brought into the process, he got, he reap the benefits from a two thousand. Sixteen, other things, I believe that they change.
Walls in New Hampshire, around college student voter residency. They make it harder for out of say cartoons who go to school New Hampshire to vote, and I think that has had an impact on youth turn out o anything You know I saw that they know a lot of people deciding late broke to peat. They broke the closure and given how close PETE was two overtaking bernie- wonder what this conversation would be like. If closure had search just a little bit less, so it seems pretty clear that people want right at an end. At the same time, you know I see people saying you're doing just basic math and saying oh look. The moderate vote adds up to more than a left vote. While ignoring the fact that a lot of people are voting in a non ideological way that a lot of people currently with bite in their second choice is burning and and etcetera. I think that's through in a lot of ways with all these candidates, especially like people like Peat and Warren, have overlapping support, even though their different ideological- and I think that if you just do
peat and Amy Verse, Bernie just that simple calculation, PETE, nay me our lot bigger than Bernie and therein, and they were way disproportionately moderate and conservative over, Bernie Liberal that, right of all the other way of saying, I think the win is its Bernie Sanders is winning is winning the positive or NEO he's winning in New Hampshire. He is in a very, very good position, Joe Biden coming in a distant fit is very, very bad that I see allowed people saying o the big stories who came in third in the second biggest stories you at the very centre when the primary seem time, you know narrowed its form around who got two percentage points higher than somebody else when in reality, what this is a law, fight about math and when we go to South Korea,
are, we really still don't know what the implications are forbidden that he did so poorly in New Hampshire for Bernie. As he's trying to build this momentum? As the former, I will say that the I think one of the biggest points in favour of Bernie strengthen the general election is so fifteen percent of New Hampshire voters said that they will not support the democratic nominee. No matter who it is, it depends on who it is but about nine and ten PETE voters, said Bell, support the nominee, no matter who it is. And only seventy five percent of Bernie voters at that, which is actually a strength for Bernie now because it that if he's the nominee he's getting most of these people- and I think the same is true for Amy supporters as well, if the river on the reverse of Burmese, not the nominee, you will see now, at least in New Hampshire. Twenty five percent are Bernie. Voters not vote for the democratic nominate. Fuckin. Had. A party is walkin around early primary state's budget with guns, so there s. No, I mean that don't make me do this, like everyone enough of this book
Rob voting. Is Donald Trump? It sorry now try to tell some of that some of those over without losing their because Bernie is the The candidate who had every single major speech is making this plea to everyone together and ay. I really I really genuinely appreciate it. I do think it's good for him to do because he thinks he's winning and it's always to say, if I lose all support you when you think you're winning, but also its big, it's a big righteous thing to do in the middle of a contentious primary. Yet again, I think that the big test for Bernie is you go into a lot of the suburbs, the suburbs that we won back in twenty eighteen, and if you talk to voters There- and you know they dont- want Bernie is the nominee but not wanting Bernie Centres that Germany is different than saying and if he is enough, me. I want vote for him and I don't think we know sure right now what those voters will do, maybe they maybe they just they dont he's, not their preference for the nominee but if he's denominate they're gonna go ahead and pull the lever, you can turn that around two on young voters. Yes right,
She has here all bunch, a young voters who- and it's not just their vote, because obviously critical, but also: are they going to knock doors, make phone calls give time and to the campaign and Bernie, has inspired that in a lot of young people who have stuck with em for five year straight now, and There is a question about whether the other Democrats, the Billy, do the same thing They have not proven that at all. Yet clearly, as that, what I do that forget not know what those people would do without knowable, because it incumbent upon us to persuade them right. I mean, if we're talking about people that aren't shore about Bernie, Anders because their more moderate- and they ve heard all these negative things about about who he is? It's gonna be incumbent on everybody to come together and fight for those people and of Bernie the nominee in Twitter, explodes in in Us Saint Hellenes, like volcanic eruption that so ash across most of most of the country, being coming around us after the after it goes
time and again to pick up the pieces and try to get people on board with whoever we now need is us at the royal ass. Yet I hope so because its allow work for you that I met yes, I met the royal ass of everybody, wants to remove Donald Trump from office. For the record. I looked like about people to judge who came in a close second that clips can aroun may include this part. You bastard after on limit values, are let's talk about people to judge who came in a close. Second, an opera formed is pulling average by a few points. Here's a clip of peace speech, and we must be equally clear about the choice at hand competitors and I share the same fundamental goals bringing back. On to our economy, guaranteeing health care to every American, combating it I'm a crisis and a rising tide of gun violence, but we do in what we believe it will take to make that happen. This election season. We have been told by some that you must either be for revolution or you are the status quo. But where it is,
leave the rest of us most of it Don't see where they fit in that polarized vision and we can defeat most divisive president in modern american history by tearing down anybody who doesn't agree with us one hundred percent of the time, all right who wants to do PETE's, strengths and challenges going forward based on the results of what we saw last night, New Hampshire sure I mean atomic look. First of all, this is an astonishing performance. Vermeer be right. I mean
he is a small time- air, young gay- I mean it its remarkable the campaign they put together to get to hear. So we should give him his do there he's now leading indulgencies leading delegate's. He is out, performed his polling consistently. It seems like he will be able to raise a considerable amount of money, probably online, without having to go to a bunch, a cumbersome fundraiser, which his opponents may have to do and he's raise money. Previously. That's allowed him to build up infrastructure in Nevada. So, for example, they announced today that there are no. That of staffing will go up to a hundred staffers, which is that the yes, team in Nevada and they're running ads and states now and they're, probably already competing in Super Tuesday states which, by the way, you need to be doing right now, not after South Carolina. I think PETE's negative case is that he has this glaring problem reaching african american voters and maybe minority voters generally and those challenges in terms of the states. He needs to know how do
in arm mostly ahead of him, we got through some of the widest states in the country in the first two years up I mean, I think, it's clear that he built the broadest coalition of voters in these first two states and with the gigantic adoption of the fact that these first two seats are overwhelmingly white. Like you just said, tell me, but if you look at like apparently you know, clover jar did best with older, more moderate voters and was extremely weak with younger voters. And liberal voters, Bernie did extremely well with voters and younger voters ended very poorly with conservative older There's a moderate voters. Pete actually did pretty well with both ends of the spectrum he did well in the summer. In the cities in rural areas. You know,
about seven and ten voters called Buddha judges, views and positions on the issues just right, which is more than twenty percentage points higher than that middle ground than any one else. So he's building a broad coalition. I think the main challenge for PETE aside from appealing to, color, which is the whole part of the democratic nomination. You need is this is bernie- has not yet made the sale in broadening his coalition beyond what he already has. There's this moderate vote centre left unresolved, moderate centre left vote in the park. That is probably larger than Bernice vote that peat just has not consolidated. He has not made these not close the deal on us and there's too many people out there who picking aiming to overturn said of him in too many people that stop slighting Joe Biden or other candidates or Elizabeth worn, and he has for Bloomberg. Moneylender out I'll, be head into the raft. Zactly exactly end. He just hasn't close the deal and he has to figure out a way to do that.
It is interesting that where peat has been able to spend time, he has been able to build these collisions now Yeah it's hard to say whether its causation correlation that the Tutsis he's been in our entirely white in his coalition is entirely white right. But this is where the challenge comes with, he doesn't have a brief period of time, ten days or so in Nevada and then ten days after south, and then it is rapid fire me. No key chunks, Adela gets every Tuesday, where he's not gonna be able to do that. I think where he has strength is he has by far the savages understanding of the modern media environment of any, certainly any of the conference on our left candidates like he. Did his Iowa, He had his success and I was telling us Iowa. He flooded the zone, He did every morning show he did the full gins work of all the Sunday shows, and he was part of- conversation- and think there is some limits to that strategy in a general election, but in a primary
where your reaching Democrats main line political news, the fact that he is doing that and doing it pretty flawless and none of the other planets are doing. It is it's Sunday to his benefit like right when you Pod America, right after Iowa. Can we hadn't for fifteen minutes zoos very busy For a normal politician, that is three questions, because their verbose, like peat, is like speed out. Sixty second perfect on message answers and like there's real talent there, then I think as people. Get to see? That's why he, I think he did very I wish you luck. Debility voters. Last night in the question, can he have the same impact in the upcoming states? Can I just say I do think there is a danger and that as well Elizabeth worn are similar in that and Bernie. I guess to bear all incredibly on message. And there are very message disciplined all three of them. As I was listening to peat speech last night- and I was thinking about his debate- perform
The first thing I thought was I would He was almost a little less polished like the if he goes into than about a debate into Nevada and South and South Carolina and everything that comes giving the exact same message, the exact same soundbites, and this is gonna, go framing cloverton. We talk about her and just saying that same thing. Over and over again, I worry it comes off as enough antics, because sometimes PETE speeches can sound a little overly cliche, and this is admitted that almost every single political speech contains a whole bunch of cliche hiss and that's just the way political speeches are. But I just remember when people started this race, he said very interesting, different things about political reform, a lot of the stuff you running in your book Dan electoral reform, he sort of because he was such a longshot. He wasn't really afraid to say what was ever on his mind and now I think he feels a little bit sat down and if he wants to broaden this coalition
and really speak to the moment that wherein I think he has to two legalizing any more moments like you haven't sage in New Hampshire when he stood up for Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and it seemed like it just came from the heart and he was really emotive about it. Yeah I felt the same way. Watching him. Give that speech. There is something very canned about. I think a lot of the rhetoric felt pretty worked over like a lotta consultants had been through it, and you know he talks about having this new perspective different from once in Washington, but it's sounds like a lot of Washington speeches, and you know if he is going to be the generation no candidate just seem like a baby boomer with really good skin no, he has to actually tell us what what is new perspective is and why it makes it different than what Amy Clover Shores offering. What Joe Biden offering what my Bennet was offering and what have you and alienate the guests?
Speak to Bernie Sanders has clearly connected with a movement of people on this country who are angry with the status quo, not just because there's arguing in inviting in Washington, but because there is undue influence of you, know, billionaires corporate interests, money all the rest of it, and I sort of think he s to speak to that anxiety and anger. That's out there as well as just the exhaustion, that's there with Donald Trump and the and the bickering in Washington, which is also a real thing, but I think he needs a sort of cross over there and their several M element of humanity, and he were missing from his pitch for and I agree with your assessment of the speech. I do think. He is doing seventeen interviews in one day. Not so the people see him seventeen times so that voters who very busy. Have seventeen opportunity to see him once and so that is what it is, and we have remembers that we can now has a different at this different. I now level like there's only a lot of work to do their bit
he's getting where he is for a reason, yeah yeah, but would like us to know that. That is the big challenge between rhetoric. And press strategy right, but I've always known it like you, ve got to say same thing a million times, even when it bores you to death and boards. The supporters who have heard your millions Death to get to the people who are not paying attention at the same time, you do that too much and you sounds ended that look. That is the problem, I think sometimes with his interviews for people like us in yes, like theirs You know he's been running for president shower for thirty two years, so, like he's in practice, but I know but I was watching that speech last night. I was really trying to see it as a ok. This is his big message and yeah some of its stuff. I've heard before but I was watching as a rhetorical case, and it is a really it is eight. It is, there's not a lot of meat on the bone when he talks about turning the page. Those right to pre standard.
Rhetoric with a kind of laundry list of popular mainstream democratic policies, and maybe that's the real Ngos. Course they do. Of course they like them, but in terms of like under guarding the core of his argument about generational change, it doesn't seem like generational change. How do you like to renew it you're decided very recently right in the last few weeks. So most of them probably haven't heard pizza message. I think there's no problem with repeating it or sound. Redundant to people like us, their deadly times, uniting all his watch. Him speak and think like it sort of an impact send of an Obama speech and look I mean well we're for Obama and are in a quite clearly think use one of the more talented politicians in a generation. So it can feel like a little less shiny in comparison to Obama's New Hampshire election night, for example, but I dont think that's the bar. I think that bar is do people turn tv and see him as a person they want to go for that. They believe in that is electable. I think he's doing a pretty damn good.
Selling that arena yeah. I'm just saying like I have heard him before, and you talk about the case for generational change. That's that's more than just the line. He has made that case early on in this race. Talking about why our democracy needs to be fundamentally transformed. If we are to succeed in this century, you know he any whether its filibuster reform are there but the core of this kind of stuff- and I know that concern draw. How can we talk about it, but there is a way to make that case that I think is little bit deeper than he is right now, pots it Mary broad by roman hair loss, in session with the news these days It's no reason spiral into crisis mode. It isn't necessarily aside of aging manhood or anything else. It's often made out to be losing your hair is like losing a button off. Your shirt is preventable, sometimes replaceable in button or not the shirt still looks good. And some people have heads that are fine without buttons, but for them
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An eye is about grit and my story like so many of yours is one of resilience. I announced my candidacy in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard. There were a lot of people that predicted, I wouldn't even get through that speech, but not the people of my state and not the people of New Hampshire, except then they predicted that we wouldn't make it through this summer? We did then they predicted, we wouldn't make it to the debates and man. We re at the debate in new, have what we value steady. We been strong and we ve never quit. I think that sounds pretty good for a president. So, you know by all accounts and outstanding results, Raymie clover, jar. The question now is: can she be com
the centre left alternative to Bernie Sanders and what are her challenges in doing so. I think our fundamental challenge is: does she have the organizational capacity to take advantage of this moment One of the reasons in this is that it is in some ways its work campaign. Is it she's Mabel stay in this way? So long is that she had a much leaner Campaign Organization than some of the other national candidates like come here. Corey Booker better when he Scott in the race. For she was able survive, lower, fundraising quarters. Then they were issued in have this giant overhead. So that keep that gets you hear now. The question is now: do you have the staff to very quick we organise caucus covers in Nevada. Do you have the abyss key to identify voters in turn them out and South Carolina, an pivot to basically Half the country, a few days after that, that is the question. There has been a history of candidates who have
very well strong, second place or third place finishes in these Caucasus, who not have the capacity take advantage of it, and so that's it. That's a test for her campaign. She's got lament, you don't call, warming is real? It's difficult to charge that was Gideon. Resnick jerk call a worn out I'll Gideon Gideon Do I ever listen what they look. I mean, I think everyone not named Bernie Sanders ultimately has the same problem right now, which is competition for the Non Bernie vote. Right, like we don't second choice preferences. But we can, I think, assume that Peat and Amy are going after similar people the benefit for her as she's introducing herself to the country at a time of maximum attention before the press has really dug into a record the starting to, but her opponents having taken shots at her. So it's a great way to introduce yourself to a whole bunch of voters who didn't care.
About anything happening in this race. Until very recently, she got a big fundraising Tuesday raised. They said they raised two and a half million after polls close New Hampshire and two million after the debate. That said, she probably needs what like twenty million to be really competing in Super Tuesday states right now, but he didn't not em figure by and about us, so I mean, I think her. Other big problem, though, is She has not shown inability to win support among african american voters in the same way peat has struggled, and there are some parts of her record as a prosecutor- that I think will now be surfaced. Someone's could in a political story about her. That said, let the op o begin. So you know any cobra record is about to be scrubbed. I mean that the last Quinnapin pole found the Jihad zero percent black support nationally, even behind Buddha judge. So I do think you lose at plus four up from their up from zero. Yet, and I do think that you know she does have some advantages over peat which is in, I think she has a better electronically
case than him, based on her record and her regular Minnesota, and I think you could argue that she has outperformed him in a lot of these debates, but he so far, even with his relatively narrow coalition, has shown that he has a broader coalition than she does. She has a huge problem, which is she has to prove that she can appeal to the base of the Democratic Party and thus far, she has not done that. I think she has a better argument for saying I'm being introduced to people for the first time. Give me a chance to prove it. Pete said that too, and it didn't happen, it's just hasn't happened. For him, but I do think it's fair to say well, this is a bit great, showing there are alot of people that might give her a look for the very first time. I also to say yes a lot of what she said in her speech New Hampshire was part of a stump that we ve heard before jokes weave all her before but I was watching it and especially the beginning when she talked about where she comes from and her family
stories. We've heard, I I really appreciate how she did it and she did it with a lot of a lot of heart and and the one thing that she has done. Look you know Mary had this generational change, this government reform message to pivoted to more of a centre left public option, criticism of the revolution argument because he saw that as a Pathan, and I think sincerely believes that the kind of person who'd want to be Amy Klobuchar in that debate. Made a compelling authentic case for her brand of consensus, building, centralism, pragmatism and, and she does it with with heart- genuineness and record, and I think that makes her a very Harry Julie's it. She believes it, and it makes her a very strong candidate for people looking for an alternative to burning, but the question you know, I think that two thousand eight and how you know one Hillary Clinton would go to states where she was primed to do well because of the debt I of that state everyone set up she's back an enemy go to state. That was,
for a bomb and we ll go bombers back and so a narrative, a serial. I story is told over what is actually a parallel process of a bunch of different states behaving as the states probably would have anyway, and I think about that as we go to that as we go to South Carolina where we will start to see, narratives form around a lot of issues that really about demographics and the make up of these place. Well, I mean, I said his eyes pod, but I think there are two things that determine the results in these states. One is momentum in the second is demographics and I think we are in a stage because the race, so unsettled so far that right now demographics are mattering less then momentum by the time Obama Hilary got going it. What you could look at the states on the map, you can look at the calendar know exactly who was gonna be almost exactly was gonna win, which state? I think we are not at a point yet where you can do that with this field, because it so crowded and talents and things are shifting. Why think he's gonna start now, because they these can spend a ton of time? I will they spend a lot of time.
New Hampshire. They spent a lot of money and both of us. They has been very limited time in the next two states. In no time in this abuse, they say it's then or little time very Am I right in thinking that an owner Bernie Bernie? Is there often based everyone else has been here to raise money and download tv or anything like that. So that's when things will start reverting to the demographic mean essentially yeah. It was said about Elizabeth Warren, who came in fourth place below the fifteen percent elegant threshold, though she said in her speech last night that the primary process is long and she's in it for the long haul. Here's a clip fight, between factions that our party has taken a short term in recent weeks, with ads mocking other candidates with supporters of some candidates. Shouting curses at other democratic candidates. These harsh tactics, my work. If you are willing to burn down the rest of the party in order to be the last man standing, they might work If you don't worry about leaving our party and our politics worse,
and how you found it and they might work if you think, only you have all the answers, and only you are the solution to all our problems. But if we're going Donald Trump in November you're gonna need huge turnout within our party and get that turn out. We will need a nominee that the broadest, relation of our party feels like they can get behind because they didn't televise her whole speech last night, I miss that that's what I did and I think that her there was one of them our best arguments she has made for being the unity candidate. I am I sort of which she had made it on stage of the debate its it forget. One of that is the most explicit. By far, she has ever been about bringing the party together under her as the person that can appeal to both the Bernie left and the centre left as currently divided between peat and closure and Bloomberg and Biden Andrea,
Michael Bent, a person who has found out he dropped out. So the question is, though, at this point with that Finnish does she have a path and if so, what is the path and in what is it with worn due from here. I guess this is another message. First yep I like that the sharpest isolation that message and I was struck by two things by one I listen message? Would CNN did air less We watch and Emerson B C in the tank for whoever they been erasing of. Was there too soon like Bloomberg, speeches from homo right out there with a daily we'd? We go to wine, but Chris Bodies is burning, Bernie Sanders effigy rarity they Chris Matthews cannot hide his hatred for burning. It is overwhelming that network is wild. So when you watch Warren in PETE back to back right- and I think worn, delivers her case, her argument for why she should be president better than almost anyone else.
But her unity argument is party unity in pieces, national unity and the national unity, one, whether you think it's bullshit or naive- and I think a lot of people do and I'm sometimes one of those people feels bigger than you're, going to heal the wounds of my sixteen primary, the sex, I think, challenge for that argument is. It is a message built on twitter because of your We saw this and I we were at the Bernie events. We were at the Warren Events- whoop, as long as Michael, more receded, too. We were not speaking at the event you had no idea. The party was divided right people, the burning the people too, if that were so nice. Everyone with an army is making the argument for unity better than anyone else in agony at our cockers precinct when we watch all the different factions and the different campaigns and there are trying to persuade each other, they were all kind to each other known was in a fight like this is something that exists on fucking twitter. So I think it may not resin, We will now, if the asses in the past, pose new Hampshire. When peoples are going after each other
whenever there is an opportunity for warrant a slight in there, but right now it feels a little discordant with the moment, everyone else's living and tell me what you think is next week campaign would I don't know I mean I look, I think she's a very challenging path forward and it pains me to say x, I, like Elizabeth, worn, a lot, and I like the people who are running your campaign. I think she's done a good job, but United. One in New Hampshire, I think, would always be a tough state for her. Because half the state of New Hampshire gets Boston media and they been hammering her for it. Here. I am people think that's a benefit for no bottom media is fucking offering media is brutal. Its brutal in, like you know what you know. It is not just like the Boston Globe it. This prick, Howie car users, rightwing lunatic.
Your house to hangs out a moral logo Severn all of that yelling radio there's brutal. They just been going after her for four years and years now. I also think that she has been harmed by sexism and it's absolutely crystal clear in all the data, especially out of Iowa. That said, I think strategically. It was probably a mistake of the worn campaign not to run by our spots about her earlier. They talked about the scope of whose use is a person, because when you hear her talk about being in college nineteen and dropping out in going to commuter college and becoming a teacher, it is incredibly compelling and is absolutely nothing like the caricature of the harbour professor, that Republicans maker out to be, but you know for a long time. What we learned about Elizabeth Warrant is that she had a plan for everything you ve ever worried about, and yet I admit that at the time as a goddesses, brilliant branding very impressed, We done, but in hindsight emitted distracted from voters getting to know who she is in understanding, her anymore values
based visceral way. That explained who she was So like, if you look at these entrance and exit polls, they showed their voters split on whether they want change or unity, but very very few single digits were looking for a fighter which has served warrants brand lately. So you know, I think, structurally, she was not set up for success. Here's the path to there is one which is she has to win or come, and second Nevada, and then winner come in second and after that ain't about his back in again, that's the volume and now she benefits from lower expectations. So if you can come second to Bernie or when invented, which is, it is a Super low turnout, carcass about this is where we don't know what the fuck's gonna happen, but I do they have already announced that they are pullings. Radio and tv buys from Nevada Your liner, which to me speaks do
internal knowledge that they feel that their unlikely to reach a fifteen percent threshold, so they're good instead go to Arkansas. Are some super Tuesday put up spots there, which seems channels it hung path forward, as he's very challenging. I let's talk about the fifth place, finisher, who was the fourthly? finish your and our and the guy who was the polling front runner for most of the race, Joe Biden. He left New Hampshire before the results are coming in and here's a clip from the speech he gave in South Carolina last night it as important that island vat have spoken but love we hear from the vat in South Carolina Super Tuesday states and beyond. You were more especially important raise because up to now we have heard from them. Commander constituency, the Democratic Party, the African American and back and the fastest growing segment of society that Dino community
I want drove regular number. Ninety nine point: nine percent: that's the percentage, Rothberg voters who have not yet had a chance to vote in America. What our number? Ninety nine point, eight, thus resettlement our voters every neither joke about it first. What is that I'm trying to think of a number, I thought you were gonna- guess people's number desert, where that is if the way said, how did the former vice president, who lay in calling for most of the race end up with fourth and fifth place finishes in these first two states. Anyone want to take a ticking gander. He was never well suited demographically, I think, to island New Hampshire, but that's a tough argument to make if you're the former vice President states to a very popular present as part of a strategy media, and this is something you ve been talking about forever witches. That Biden should have pulled out of Ireland
eyes, those who have already voted and instead talk about reaching latino and african american voters? It makes me wonder why, if you knew your strength was with voters of color, and you were always pointing to change the emphasis. Why not focus more on Nevada, South Carolina earlier and de emphasise Iowa and New Hampshire earlier as part of a strategy media, and this is something you been talking about forever witches That Biden should have pulled out of Iowa in October, never publicly, but we can do that. Well, I mean I just you know that you see. I know how big fuckin cowardice is he rode in entire out there. I would even worse than that, I set it in a park ass with no kind tax, and I asked my gonna cut it out, because I would come back later and they never did so. It's on my debate me coward. Why did think that that was the better, but it's been evident from the very beginning that the two worst day in the primary calendar were the first to states for button and You have to make your own work, and so
If he was a kind of who could raise on limit amounts of money online like Bernie, then you can sustain a fourth place, and fifthly is Bernie Sanders identical with war and, to a lesser extent, good news helps him raise money and bad news helps them raise money. This a thing with with a bummer when Obama one- and I would he raised a ton of money when he came in second New Hampshire in a surprising Lawsy racist out of money, because he had committed supporters bite into that that got all my information be, so he was playing with a limited stack of and he bent a whole bunch of chips in two states almost certainly gonna lose from the very beginning, as it is super back as it a super back and so in that to me says two things on save his campaign One is an unwillingness. I think this is very tough, psychologically just random, bilaterally smart people who loved her by an unwillingness to come to terms with what is actual place in the race was right to actually look at it. Second. It says that they did not have good information about those having those states and we ve got before his campaign manager told David performance by cast the week before I would there be viable ninety five percent districts.
I don't think Rachel to say that if he didn't believe that were the case, which means they had very there- was very poor, station producer, they were making, I think, decision based on hubris, backed up by that information, and so, if he had said four months ago, look we're headed party is much more diverse than I. When New Hampshire, I am going to focus my energy in other states, or even if he had just pulled out of Ireland, got a new Hampshire camped out there for ten days in a repeat of what John Mccain did in two thousand and eight, can be nigh was so he went to New Hampshire competed. He might have had a better chance and then you back all that up with it. This is worth the strategic plans, governments, his entire case from the very beginning. Was I in the most electable anyone start losing elections. It very easy for that the collapse at anything. If you know you are likely to lose the first two because Bernie isn't I'll be strong in those states, and you put your your anger had on you're the one who wins elections. It's like it
then take a lot to predict where this was gonna go. It's also look just we're talking about demographics, again like if this was Bernie, verses, button and burn AEGIS. You know, Wallet Biden in these first here aids. By twenty points it he would even be in a better position than he is by Bill Clinton once flagrant was because you could at least say are. I have demographics in these other states. We haven't seen him yet it like by it's so poorly across every single demographic in both of these states. Even though there mostly white states, it wasn't like you just lost cogitate, white voters by a lot because you can win the nomination with Non College, white voters, black voters and latino voters, and we just lose college K, white voters. He lost. Non college educated, white voters to multiple candidates. He lost moderate voters to multiple Kennedy. He lost conservative voters to multiple candidates. He lost We were like the idea that in New Hampshire, you, you know like well, Bernie was supposed to win because he was an extra neighbour will. Then why did the
a guy from Indiana in a woman from Minnesota, come and sick. He didn't bring you break ten percent now so some people on saying well, it looks like impeachment really hurt Joe Biden now, and I just think that a ban argument like any time the posted a great story about like a tick tock about what happened with the buying campaign. In the interview this voter in South Carolina who deciding between style, whose adds this vote. Has seen everywhere, Oliver South Carolina in an Sanders, and the voters said he like Biden, but had not seen a commercial from him or heard anything from his campaign, and he thought Biden lacked the vigour that some of the other candidates had? And the voters said quote if thought he really wanted. It he'd be my first choice, and this is somewhat in South Carolina where they are now staking the entire campaign on what that doesn't tell me you had any impeachment problem. Also. You know I watch Biden speak in South Carolina. You know he said this are about the ninety. Nine percent of people of of backwaters ability
voters, had never had a chance to speak, and I think that is entirely reasonable point about what's broken about our process. However, that is not an argument for why anyone should support him. If anyone should get back cancer is an argument for pundits: do not write him off and if he is supposed to be the electable, it whose now main message through the media is pleased say I'm gonna lose as devastate or just saying you should vote for me because I can win black voters and latino voters based Poles, when you just told us that you could, when the whole election based on poles had turned out not to be true, I also we are learning for the ten thousand times that most people in the country, including primary voters, dont much attention has, alas, the other side, so you garbage we met, the scenario where you get pulled your kind of paying attention your ass use? For currently you look, I add that VP guy right, I mean shirts ease placed a park here, your views for a while, until you really have to make up your mind, I think one thing that's really benefiting binding,
now is. There hasn't been a softer line appalling a long time, and there were some national polls that made it look like his support among African Americans had dropped like twenty two points at the bottom is dropping out yeah, and if I were them, I will be very, very worried about a South Carolina, pull that shows recent and in the major weakness, because then no knowledge are coming in and its could be over. As this is a hard point to me, I just at which is your tuning, and now I got. I do think we now radio by a curve with greater my curve in the debates we gave him a curve and how he speaks and what an and his message, I you know, and in seeing what he said in South Carolina if you're just tuning in it was sometimes hard to find oh, it was sometimes jumping around and if your cases you're the tough It will go to take on Donald Trump. It was just there hard to see that as a strong candidate who was just now finally going to the states will do the best
just seem like somebody who wasn't able to successfully make the argument for his own captaincy at Sycamore, thankless One is, as Tommy poured out. He was saddened by warrants place in the New Hampshire remain. I agree, but I have so much affection, followed with Warren This is an important fought leader in our party. I feel very much the same way for Joe Biden, who are known for very long time and has a who able it is in this for all the right reasons. He believes that he is the person who is best suited to be trump and to heal the nation. He would not do this any other reason he does not. This is not a vanity play for him. This is not just like of no, I think all things considered, I probably wouldn't have done it if he thought, like it the beginning of this race, that he wasn't the best person to be dont indomitable president right at this was to take on more prison of marker Rubio Rwanda. I don't even know that he would have the agri, and so I'm I'm send for for him for it to be in that situation, that he's going thither but I also think he's
It is incredibly narrow still, but it is, it still exists. He could still it is very possible he could still win South Carolina and beat expectations and the relevant Nevada anything. I think that I am I must get article reject to predict and what I saw from his campaign. Opposition in Iowa does not bode well and it was actually a harder state to organise. Given prickly the dearth of resources campaign has, and I and lack of spending there, like s all summer, burning in a couple hundred staffers and about it, which is why I came to Graduate Biden, is but from another. We should mention that in in the vat at the corners union has gone hard, negative against Bernie Sanders and his Medicare for opposition and analyse with worn yeah yeah, but I'm curious den how influential you think that is, and in twenty twenty one year your texting direct Sixty thousand people will be influential. It is potentially influential, but we broccoli.
Famously had the endorsement of a coronary workers union and lost the corner. Workers themselves, where were bill, Clinton was walking through the casinos just like hands with chips, yet beta majors. It means settling. There was real, like Obama really struggled with latina voters early in that primary there there is a reservoir. Our support for the Clinton spoken in Oregon together, and the workers defied the union in caucus for Clinton so very possible that can happen. Again. This is a very more specific argument. Will the labour leaders are saying that, If Sanders or warrant an actor plan, your health care will be cut which is different than we like Hillary Clinton. More than Barack Obama sell it I dont know how to say, but I will talk about this morning in parts to come before about about. If you guys thought I was a should show yet sounds like their ETA is all just Nevada. In the past, the cock, as there has always been a shit like that. Ok, so the ILO Cogs was a mask
What, if we put it in a casino, multiple Cosette, multiple Zena on the street and hate it two months anywhere, where two months to develop an app disaster about five days to create a tool Roger that out of that, are trying to do on CNN who, after the poster in Cairo signs of like things to know about your hair short like pulse, seven second stayed newspaper ballots using after count results I thank you in New Hampshire fur, successfully counting of votes ok, I interrupted you didn't know you were saying the path or button, so let's say he does it is ok about our. We don't know what then, when he asked a wind Southron overwhelmingly, because then he then Super Tuesdays couple days. Actors have collapsed Joe Biden, gets a big went in South Carolina suddenly now he has momentum going into the most important contest contest of maybe account above the hope, would be in its hope is that a binding is
act narrative that dominates the political discussion for several days will propel him back to where he wise, where he is. Either winning or at well above the viability threshold and all these states. The with a view to hope that point that he blew judging Amy closures, candidacies have fizzle, he's gonna, knock them. But he has to knock a bit too dangerous. That one is the biggest of delegates in the one that I think potentially decides. The primaries California, which has early voting, which is happening now. You're, probably got your balance male already. I don't want my fucking ballot. Anyone got I'd go The american icon Zackie we're wasting MIKE Limburg yeah right Biden being squeezed, in fact, by two billionaires he's being squeezed. Times dire, who has spent an untold amount of money, both in Nevada and softer line, an has gotten basically huge number of leaders now, for I think we need to endorses campaign, including Edith Childs, the woman who currently fired up ready to go story. There was a stable, the lava, stump speech in Bloomberg.
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is well above that the fifteen percent viability threshold across the country he's the only one way and the biggest California is the biggest date there are four hundred and sixteen delegate's, I believe in California,. If Bernie went to say by eight to ten points and everyone else where you look at the polls are like it's fifteen one thousand four hundred and sixteen your three cannons right at that level. Bring is going to net eighty to a hundred delegates over them in this state and therefore it would be almost impossible for any of these it's to catch him, and we should tell people why a mess, An eighty two hundred delegate we'd makes it nearly impossible for any one to beat that lead, and it is because we do not have winner takes all primaries in these states their proportional. The way through the rest of the calendar. So if Bernie leaves California on March. Third, with like an eighty two, a hundred delegate led to then overcome that we'd you have to start winning states.
Further in them in the calendar by like sixty sixty percent, how many percent to like make up for those delegates, because even placing Reno Bernie will place. Our third or fourth in those states and still get a bunch of delegates. Delegates are awarded a couple different ways in which different by state, but there are statewide delegates which or ordered by how you doing this day proportionally then there gets awarded by congressional strict and a lot of them even numbered delegates, and so You have to win it like. Seventy thirty did not what the delegates and so in a two way race. You just wits. What's what's but split, and you never make any gains mean here Clinton one California by a thing, double digits against Obama and she needed thirty delegates I think system. I mean it's at any, a terrible system that is just designed to me everyone angry and ensure were divided party this then we have, and it is one that Bernie Sanders. Everything we set about how narrow- Victory has been in these first couple: states
he cannot ask for better situation than Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren fading and then british edge enclosure. Splitting the moderate vote with MIKE Bloomberg looming just picking oft fibre at tempers well presented area. I think we ve talked about this if we hadn't super Tuesday and its Bernie Sanders and the following candidates are still in the race. Might Bloomberg enclosure people to judge Joe others would warrant by Elisabeth worn. It is almost certain that Bernie Sanders Ones denomination there. He would be almost certain Pavia nominee by you for one, probably an if Elizabeth worn drops out before superfluous day, then it's even more certain than he wins Malaysia. That's it that's an open question, but because warrant like the thing I think, is notable that the result is warring dropped, so more and more needed are daily in her, so my fingers interest now it may be that the last bit of war and support is the part that would go to burn you, but I'm not sure. That's it we're that that that's the point when we, what worn and centres to because we now syn heads into.
Secondly, it about anticipated, incredibly strong position, and I think, what what what happened to Elizabeth Warren? Why did she fade away? She did. Was it the mistakes about healthcare or other problems? In the campaign report me wonders the reason Bernie Sanders and such a strong position is because when is really hit him that hard and made an argument for why they shouldn't be with the most leftwing candidate in the party and end. You know Elizabeth We are now making that unity message, I think, is a response to that, but in but but there has been nobody kind of telling the people that are surface hearts with Bernie. Why, could be anywhere else. But again I will get back to the is a really important point that for these centre left candidates. This is the central conundrum of the rest of the risk that if it's Ernie and one other candidate, or even to other candidates heading into Super Tuesday. There is a real chance of Bernie combustible Hebron Self, still the favourite for sure, but there's that there is a real chance. It's that that he could lose that, especially if he continues to perform protests. African American voted corrections, african
because of the way we do, this Viking congressional districts, Kurt Gresham districts are often gerrymander racially, and so, if you are in eighty seventy eighty percent african worry about your getting three and four delicate out of these five delegate districts, which is exactly how Hilary Bernie in sixteen and Hilary away, but putting aside what warrant chooses to do or not do if PETE Amy Bloomberg and by an all, decide to compete and Super Tuesday is over british engine when the nomination, and so like your right that these if, if, if there is a desire on behalf of these candidates, on behalf of their supporters to not have and when the nomination, something has happened between its super Tuesday and someone, to these challenges, centres and one of these debates. Or the alternative to sort take down the other centre left candidates and be the centre left candid standing to two phase: Bernie Sanders to love that
lot to do in a couple weeks. That's right! That's ways in such a good position. I think one caveat here that we need to say, as when we say, Bernie Centres will be the nominee. What we mean is He will have an unassailable plurality leading us this almost certainly, he might not get the majority unlikely to get the majority anymore. I Canada race and is it has been our belief. I think I speak for all of us that almost certainly the party should give the nomination to ever the leader in delegates if they have the majority or not. That was our argument for Barack Obama. Two thousand and eight those solar eclipse are going for herself in twenty. Sixteen. If you can get the majority, and then you would be political suicide. They would take us a hundred years recover from. If a bunch of Poland, Walkie decided to say you know what when I really into Bernie, really give it to Bloomberg or someone else but counter I've always wondered what it was like: the sixty eight convention, so we went in there. They were tired of waiting studio gadget, mainly I've. Never, with what a mayor dailies cops, it could be kind of you, no good,
Tori levies and content wise. It would be interesting. Getting club is good idea, but so these are other em look and in an Bloomberg, was just sitting. There has a lot of challenges of his own. You know to say the least. He was put on the defensive this week when a twenty fifteen video surfaced of him, defending stoppin frisk policing or said quote: ninety five percent of your murders, murderers and murder. Victims, fit one mo. You can just take the description, Xerox it and pass it out to all the cops. They are male minority, six thousand two hundred and twenty five. That's true New York, that's true in virtually every city Bloomberg had already apologized for stop and frisk. Late. Last year, he apologized again on Tuesday one person who of course join Ireland was Donald Trump who tweeted while Bloomberg as a total racist, a tweet that he later took down reasons I can understand but it was a compliment. I started writing a bit of the republican printer. I'm I'm positive Donald Trump had supported, stop and risk, though that's Europe does,
well, you know he doesn't like to be accused of a budget. That is only right. Let me do that. We need all the other, but I'd I went on nonsense. And I do think that's it that's some. You know. Video and goes to show that, like Limburg is not necessarily the psych White Knight out there, that's sick. If yet, I regret. I agree that he's not necessarily away without a gallery. Why would it strongly well, but I, like you know there are arguments for why he would be a bigger factor than P Amy Biden. As you know, as we move forward a summit, they got burned like all of them. Have it may all have dollar dollar a lot like debility cases, Fisher Dave, water, I they waterman from five thirty, and if your report said It's not obvious that bergs eligibility cases any stronger than Barneys Hunting accident in point four around remember yeah and vice versa. Again, it's it's. I dont like that,
We say like don't think about it, like debility its garbage, I can't figure out whatever, because you can look at data at least an end and see what kind of factors, but it is almost impossible to determine conclusively what elect ability is and then about something you know some to keep. My like I was saying earlier. I would love to see some more like Nate Cone, New York Times, Jenny election match up poles. Now we haven't seen them in a while in the battleground states. Not just national match is cause other sort of garbage there are but like in the swing states, Bernie versus Trump by enriches Trump Lumber versus Trump Amy verse Trump warrant like let's get him out. But I m p promotion and match ups and instead seen some pulsar symphony. We ve gone from small. Filled rooms filled with party bosses. Unique cones phone banks die now. Other pretty accurate balls are, let's finish up with. Tromp, who reminded us yesterday, just how much damage he can do if, given another four years on Monday federal prosecutors recommended that from buddy and long time, republican Goon Roger Stone serve seventy nine years for crimes that
who delaying the Congress and tampering with witnesses Trump entreated that this was a horse, unfair situation and sure enough Trump appointees at the Justice Department filed a second memo on Tuesday that asked for much lighter sentence. The four prosecutors on the stone case than all withdrew, who, from the preceding seemingly out of protest with one resigning from the Department of Justice altogether Trump, then the small congratulated Attorney General Bill BAR for quote taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and never should have been brought guys? How big a deal of this and and what can be done about it seems fine. It's a very big deal and we have to do everything we can to win the Senate and and the president's had it well obviously. Yet, as I started there rather than those that saying, but one of the greatest tricks, Donald Trump pulled was convincing Republicans that he doesn't respond to incentives when everything about Donald Trump is about how we respond to incentives, he doesn't have value,
he's pretty godless. He has no core beliefs about really anything, so he does response to pressure and incentives, it is you know, mother is a D. On television according to Donald Trump and the next day start putting the screws to Ukraine Senate reply. Again, let him off the hook are even more purse, pathetic that even Trump could have imagined when you consider running for president, and what does he do now? That he's been given Carte blanche to do what he wants? He started how you, against his enemies and trying to reward, is criminal friends, and so you know head into a general election in which we have somebody who has made it very clear that without the guard rails of the Senate and we have the guard rails of needing to win a re election that all bets are off. His will He will do when he is a second term president, and it was a reminder of just how important it is that we get rid of the Republicans and member states who decided to side with Trump in the impeachment, despite knowing full, well that what he did was yet. I agree that, and I think the house them
That should use the power that they have to continue oversight to subpoena the relevant This is here to keep them to keep putting the pressure on Trump absolutely, but you know we should be very clear that that is going to have a very limited effect, because the Republicans have decided in a very promising impeachment trial of they're going to cover up for the sky, no matter what and the other thing that you scared out of every one. What happened yesterday is Trump, who called on the military to discipline Lieutenant colonel Alexander Amendment in retaliation for his testimony in the impeachment hearing, and that's that should tell us something that, like in a second term, imagine, a world where the Justice Department doesn't prosecute republicans for crimes that they have committed in does prosecute Democrats and never Trumpery, and journalists and public officials for crimes that they never can. I just don't get what your bitching about.
Tromp is doing a fantastic job and I think that the voluntary scare, the most depressing apart about this story, is how little emphasis inattention it's getting, and I personally feel so worn down by impeachment in the crimes in the criminality that it's like hard to muster a rage. Tweeted this point. So when you think back to nineteen seventy three in the Saturday massacre, which is when Nixon fired, you know three of the top leaders the Justice Department, because they wouldn't shut down the Watergate investigation. That was rowed Bach nous right, and that was the story. Every one was aware of it. Republicans were freaking out now. This is gonna, get swept into four hundred other trump scandals of the day. It's getting swept underneath the New Hampshire primary results. I think that we Democrats in this country,
need to get back to a place where there is mass movement there now tests where people are taking to the streets. Otherwise, he is clearly embolden he's and keep doing the shed and Republicans are unwilling and unable to stop him. They just don't care Susan caused doesn't give a shit. The judges appointed the having just two points in this one. I was thinking about Rachel Matter. Did this podcast bag man about the prosecution of Spirit Agnew, Richard Nixon Crop Vice president and in it these prosecutors, weep thinking about the integrity of of
The attorney general under Richard Nixon, Elliot Richardson, who, despite the incredible pressure, was under made the decision to pursue the case against they sitting vice president and trip to do the best that he could to shield his prosecutors and end. The department of Justice is just not protected enough against an authoritarian minded president, and that means it requires integrity on the part of the attorney general and William BAR hasn't done, and that makes him incredibly dangerous. The second point about this to Tommy's point about it: making it wall to Wall Coverage, Elizabeth and talked about it yet in her, it the only one- and she was the only one- and you know when we talked about peace message about turn the page Bernice appeal to unity. Elizabeth warns challenges Her decision, I think, to bring this up. I think, was really admirable, but we also talked about in a what he can do right to talk about the kind of the kind of generational shift he's offering, but all of these candidates, I think you know, went to the podium,
on the day in which we saw Donald Trump as absolute, most dangerous and worse, and we saw is a week in which we saw Donald Trump put out a budget despite lying to his people that he's gotta, protect, Medicare, so security and entitlements putting out a budget that one again I would strip them for parts, and we saw him make these basically fascistic decisions about running his department of Justice and doing it quite publicly and on Twitter, and I do think it still incumbent upon across to find a way. Despite all, we know about how people care about health care care about being potatoes, issues to put did you the context, the danger, Donald Trump opposes, and stakes of this election, both for people's personal pocketbook issues and all no just the health of our and what I think I think you can. I think it's not that hard and then you can make it personal for people, because I do think the more we talk about now and institutions and authoritarianism, and democracies are very esoteric shit that a lot of people it doesn't feel real to them it is real and it should feel real to peace.
I should feel real to the fuckin reporters who cover this to that in a second term on he does not have to face voters that he will weapon ICES Justice Department to go after people that he does not like, and that includes members of the media. That includes Democrats, that includes Obama, administration officials, because everyone and like it is? It is not out of the question. We have a world where the Justice Department, let's Republicans, and offer whatever crimes. They made a comment and goes after Democrats just because they oppose Donald Trump. That is a very real threat and I think it's a threat that most people in this country can actually we're stand was gradually Bernie in the debate. I think did the best job both on farm policy on some of these issues, putting it into into terms that I thought people could your stand about the dangers of a of uttering a locality. Those alarm I am the president. I can do whatever ass an the dangers of Donald Trump Bob thinking that he's above the line. I do think that that's so central to this moment there because I'm ready get problem with that whole argument, which is, I think, most
Democrats, including most Erika running for president, believe that Trump Broker democracy they understand that we have trump, because we have a broken democracy. All the other shit that we are talking about, whether reply saying Medicare for all Medicare for some Medica for one we're, fucking person, America all depend, on Democrats, both fixing them actual disadvantages. We have to two majority role in this country and closing Loopholes republics have in exporting for years. That is the single most important. Thank you. It is why are worth epoch which I'm happy again, but he didn't like amaze, very smart, that you brought it back to them, but I think but I do, I only person messages, that's why I applaud then be I think that that is one point. I think all the candidates need to address that more forthright your election, because you're only succeed. If we raise the stakes in this election- and I think that
Are we talking about issues? That's how that's that's turn out, and unity and unity right like for our time out about the, however many Bernie voters who calls for anyone burning and all the people who were like AL sport. Anyone but Bernie, or I hate mail, p or whatever, like fuck that like, this. What we saw with travel adjusted permanently tiny preview of what will happen if he did that ten months, you're, fucking, election right, imagine, post election. Imagine where the month before the election, yeah you're it none of the. In have really male bishop and and think it they're gonna, be the nominee the party and can be Donald Trump they have to. I think this. Be part of a unity message. But I strongly feel, like most voters won't care about this at all and I think the impeachment proceedings we just went through show that we took our bazooka to tell a story about dollar trumps. Criminality in corruption and abuse of power in most voters didn't really care enough to to move the needle, and so I
That is a huge mistake to make this the focus to like persuadable, moderate voters. I do think it could be a tool to bring together the party we need to and really like raised takes. As you said, I just think. Like people dont care, people are not gonna, learn about this and I just don't think they're going care. I walk out That is a positive point out that you know fifty four percent of people that don't mean to be rude and fifty point. Four percent of people do not believe his acquittal means he wrapped was absolve the what he did that doesn't take away from your argument about it not having, I think, shifted enough people to make it a cause that could get Republicans to remove him. That said, I I don't think it's even a choice right I think one of the reasons I think we're in still to this moment a contentious and unsettled primary is that no single person in this field has been able to tell a story, only the economic story that I think people care about, more or naturally, more desperate disposed to being receptive to, but to be able to take that economic story but to a larger story about the
the threats romanians living under the man about us about the impediments damage already Rome and the broke and the broken this in our society. Actually Andrew Yang Yahoo, we should say you know, I think, withdrew but made an incredible argument for what's broken in our culture. Not just economically, but in the ways are communities are currently working and I think does it mean we're not gonna win. That doesn't mean. None of these candidates are making incredibly strong cases, but it does tell you. I think that there is this missing of the story that hasn't been, and that's that I am sad because I agree like I do not want people to go out there and start talking about only Bill BAR and in this case, about the prosecutors in the Tunis. Here. I think that is a losing message. Just talk about that, but there's something bigger liquid Dan was saying about sort of the why we have trump in the first place and what you are saying that I think needs to be part of the message and I dont think has really made it and I think the best
distillation of investors and I've heard is from the Midwest episode of the wilderness. It's the race class narrative that we are being used in this and I think there is a way to take that to withdraw or is not just about economic power. But also about democratic democratic powers, while the which you know somebody toxin that very eloquently. Latasha Brown, who we had one, be a show from bucklers matter and like that is the way you tie those things together. You can make it matter to a lot of people and which can, I think, he'll divides in the party and deal with turn out, but takes a lot of work. Another Canada there yet do ok That's all we have heard today, and I guess we were taught you guys. Next, we can see United even to say what we are doing is that yes, our identity to Tuesday next week, which must be after debate, I guess present Sacco- presents to lose track of the best, so Donald Trump, going out himself to President birthday, we'll talk to them by gets bite.
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