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On The Ground in Iowa (coming 11/19)


A five episode limited series by Pod Save America host Tommy Vietor on the Iowa Caucuses. Tommy takes the listener to Iowa to spend time with the candidates, staffers and undecided voters who will determine who wins. Tommy will explain why Iowa is first, how the caucuses work, and try to figure out what it takes to win. And finally he'll explore the question: is this really the best way to pick a president?

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They said this day we would never caught. On January. Third, two thousand eight. I was standing with my buddies on the campaign in a crowd of cheering Democrats and hide the hall into more in Iowa watching my boss, Rock Obama speak after he won the Iowa caucuses. This country was to divide, but on this January not Done what the cynics said we couldn't do. If Obama doesn't win that night, he would not have become president, my name is Tommy v. I worked for Barack Obama for nine years. The White House on his national security team. I was in the Senate Office for a couple of years. The the best job I've ever had was when I spent a year in Iowa, is Barack Bomb spokesman. I spent hundreds of hours of Obama, as he traveled across Iowa, delivering speeches meeting with journalists and answering tough questions from voters in living rooms and backyards and farms and packed arenas. I have no
ever worked harder and never had more fun. This November will launch a special series on the Iowa caucuses and you could find it right here in the pod. Save America feet we're going to talk about how they work. What it takes to win in Iowa and we're gonna. Ask a question: is this really the best way to figure out who can beat Donald Trump in twenty? Twenty? I think carcasses are you know what the worst ideas. Anyone ever came up. Why? not democratic. There came when you have a state like this, where the demographics are so skewed. They don't really tell you anything, I've seen better organized riots in five part series we're going to take you to Iowa we're to that would candidates at the Iowa State Fair, like fundamental question, is who is this a good way to pick a president, and I know there's no better time to ask you that then, when you're literally chewing a fork shop while surrounded by four hundred of our closest friends, we were going to meet with the mythic
undecided voter, I am undecided, but I have it narrowed down. I've already heard Amy in Kamala and Elizabeth and you'll get to know the young field staffers, who are the heart and the soul of every presidential campaign, but there was a guy who had been trying to get in touch with I've finally found him, and I was like hey you time to meet up with me and he said. Well, it don't really feel like it. I feel like you're playing frisbee golf or mountain biking when I, when I have some off time so now I played frisbee golf with him twice The conventional wisdom is that there are three tickets out of Iowa, which means there will be a whole lot of folks whose run ends there on caucus night. Thank you, Howard. Dean politics today is pretty ugly with democracy, best when you are on the ground. Up close,
join me in Iowa this November on the pod save America feet.
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