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Infrastructure Week is finally here with President Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, Republicans continue their quest to rebrand as a Working Class Party, and Congressman Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking. Then Tommy joins to talk about the next round of Pod Save America’s March Badness tournament, the Fascist Four.

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Welcome to bide, save America. I'm John Fabric, I'm dyin, Pfeiffer, today's pod you're infrastructure. we joke has already been made, but binds plan is finally here. Republic can continue their quest every brand themselves, Working Class party, inhuman, at paddle, Matt Gates, is under investigation for sex trafficking Then Tommy joins the talk about the next round of our March badness tournament, the fascist for but First Dan welcome back. Has House Jack Pfeiffer and how a whiggery right now Jack Pfeiffer, is great. He is a very in my very unbiased opinion, very sweet, cute kid and things
Everyone is happy and healthy. sleeping like a baby as they incorrectly say add Kyler is, despite, I would say, some outsize expectations by one newborn babies kudu since she she told me for weeks that the first thing they would do when he came home to oppose altogether. She has fully embraced big sister done and is constantly ensure that every Democrat and how are you- and I are taken good care of quote her baby? So we are good sped relic? Here is very nice. It is very, very swayed. We have sped lot of time on the internet between the hours of like twelve and five, which I would let you know, the twitter is much better in those hours, the worst people sleep. If issues as it turns out, It is money like sleeping like a baby. I don't know why people have said that long. I mean once I once we had a baby s like what the fuck are, they I guess it's like your girl job, that people forgot about its important. Is it like so
hardly is now at eight months sleeping through the night, and it's almost like easy to forget those first couple months. It must come roaring back really fast. Yes, it is remarkable how quickly you can transition to a place where they too. Have consecutive hours, sleep feels like fourteen, so you do it's a very familiar feeling to be sitting in that chair, holding a baby in the middle of the night and if you're lucky watching tv and if you're, not you just rocking furiously untold summoned, falls asleep while congrats you in Hawaii and an entire agenda, and welcome back a few quick pro before we begin Chica, these parts of the world, where Tommy and Ben dig into the results of the israeli election binds policy towards Cuba. The politics of space exploration. Makes a bald man sexy. I just read: it told make us out that make it up in the latest episode of take mine host Jason
Zeb Siano, Monet, Montgomery talk all things only eight with Tate Frazier, who also must be the original producer of keeping sixteen hundred OPA gas. We did before pads ever met, how about that? It's amazing, big Dave, big it is always trigger, keep it, but especially now with the Oscars just around the corner, so to stay in the no tune into the hilarious awards. He's an experts on keep it recent guess have include Oscar Nominee, Reza Med, Tony Lord Winner Del Rio Window and one division star cat dynamics to get to the news. President Joe Biden announces american jobs plant in Pittsburgh on Tuesday too. Trillion dollars aimed at rebuilding the country's infrastructure, tackling the climate crisis and reducing inequality that would rep the most significant federal jobs, investment since world war- two so what's in it, wait. I says the plan has four parts: one investment
transportation infrastructure like roads, highways, public transit and electric vehicles to investment and home infrastructure like affordable housing, universal broadband, clean drinking water and a better electric grit three investments in what the vine folks call care infrastructure, which would help seniors people with disabilities and the workers who care for them and for investments in the kind of infrastructure that makes America competitive like certain development manufacturing, clean energy and job training, finally by and is proposing to pay for all this by partially rolling back trumps tax cut for corporations. Cracking down on foreign tech, shelters and ending subsidies for the fossil fuel industry I got my best shot at a quick summary that still captures all the major elements of a plan, but me. If I missed anything- and on that note, I guess my first question is: what do you think about the size and scope of this plan, In some ways, the size is surprising because this Congress, in this present and just passed a very large american rescue plan that off
so came on top of trees, of dollars and pandemic relief. Economic stimulus during the last year of the Trump administration, but it is Ultimately, a price tag is very commensurate with the challenge we are facing: win Every prison has been talking about doing something on infrastructure for a long time. It was the one thing that, even when the parties were divided, they would come together and pass a highway bill erodes billing. Then that fell by the wayside. Republicans decided that they cared passion of the deficit, but would not raise taxes to pay for spending, and so our roads ah crumbled. You know it is listening to you. Talk about the care infrastructure is shows just sort of the sort of maybe the pair. Of broadening that too, two needs, are met. So many things like should we do add in democracy infrastructure as well and throw in the Gmos Voting Rights ACT, but it It's it's a big. It is a big, bold they'll, then what about this very not just
and to be necessary, but politically popular. What I mean talk about putting everything in this like there's gonna, be another bill. Coming were told, that's going to include some of like you know, edges asian affordability, health care, others up like that, so even with that other bill coming, they still included like the care infrastructures stuff in here, which just goes to show. I think how much of binds agenda domestic agenda. He feels that he needs to include in this reconciliation bill, the one that was just past and perhaps one more now because he, I think correctly realises that if you get everything you want down or as much as possible done before between twenty two midterms You may never get it done, particularly if you get a republican Congress after that ended your point on reconciliation for important there's only
wine and maybe two more trains leaving the station before then, if the feel of us remains in place and Republicans continue to oppose everything if you want to deal with conical care infrastructure or other involving healthcare, it's gotta be on this bill or it is not it happened, and so that lends itself to instead of several bills of moderate sized whenever the couple of bills are very large size, even if the overall price tag of spending he's not higher than it would be a normal functioning Congress issues. It has to happen in these big chunks because of how broken congresses exit Republicans. what do you think about the decision to include tax increases as opposed to just spending two trillion dollars over eight years? Absolutely the right thing to do substantively and politically it You know there was a story, the washing opposed. It said that originally was gonna, be almost all spending, and then they came back and decided for corner the post story,
really substantive reasons to put these tax increases and show that we were not being fiscally irresponsible. I and just bending spending spending spending that revenue of these are not outlandish. Revenue request, these are raising the cooperative something it was very recently for Trump undid it. Your raising the capital You re too, in a way in which we will be talking about for a very long time to try to bring in a balanced investment income verse income from labour. As all of that makes sense if it certainly does help on the politics too, because raising taxes on the wealth in the corporations, his every voters republican, Democrats first choice for how you pay for government spending if you think it is be paid for. Yeah, I would argue it makes sense, even more politically than it does substantively, because the erratic
You know to drain dollars. Over eight years is a couple hundred billion dollars every year, especially with infrastructure spending. You can get away with not actually financing. Some of that, but tax increases on the wealthy popular. We have both seen Paul's over the years, sometimes there even more popular than actual spending and investment, because people think that the wealthiest individuals and corporations in this country should pay their fair share and you write me: it's not even fully rolling back the trumped corporate tax God. I think that the level of the corporate tax rate was at thirty five percent trumped up down to twenty one percent. This would take it back up to twenty eight percent, so it still giving corporations are still paying less than they did for the contacts got, so you know it that these are not crazy. Tax increases. The republican votes will of course, paint them is crazy. Tax increases, but most Americans, when you explain them to them, are in favour of tax increases like this by
we margins are acute, usually items. I think the on the substantive point. I am less. I think it makes substantive sense less because- and I am so far out of my depth here- because of dealing with the federal balance sheet and interest rates of a long time. But more dealing with the problem of widening economic inequality in this country cooperation should pay more with the wealthy, should pay more capital gains. Should be taxed at a higher rate. That is, that is good, broadly, unless specifically trying to avoid a bunch of people like screaming about America becoming Greece or any of that stuff arrogance, it's there is the right way to bring a larger, very troubling economic trend, a little more in a balance. So miracle rescue plan had alighted from parts to it, but a boiled down to shots in arms checks enhance simple, immediate, tangible This american job plan is a bit more complicated. I will say that when I was prepping last night for the pod it took
the longest time to go through the plan. The White House talking points the pieces about the plan to boil down to that paragraph that I read fifty efforts that of It reminded me of writing a state of the union and try to get all the policies into the state of the union in a way that still told a story, and people can understand like You were still sitting in the White House being communications director senior adviser. How would you sell this plan? What would you focus on jobs paid for by asking the wealthy to pay more in Texas when I think that the actual physical infrastructure rebuilding roads, bridges, airports and the jobs that come for that is it is commonly understood by voters as something that governments should do, and taxes should pay for its what they experienced daily life in their cities, actions of their stay taxes and so focusing on? That part makes the most sense and then taking them.
public and opposition to this and putting it around. They would rather have crumbling roads, fewer jobs because they don't want to ask the wealthy to pay more. Ask Amazon or Facebook or Exxon Mobile to pay more in taxes is very powerful argument, I would say as narrowly focused on that part as I possibly can, just as in a very different way: steamer rescue plan ass. It really was there a lot of things. American rescue plan summit, all very good. some a little harder to understand, but
What was it about shots in checks answer? I will keep this about roads and bridges pay for by asking them to pay just a little bit more in taxes. Its tricky do because I think, for a lot of progressive groups. There's a lot to liken harrowing talk about this in a second but like there's. A lot of a lot of binding climate agenda is in here right, not just on the spending side, but he is a clean energy standard in here, which requires a certain percentage of Americans to of american energy to be clean and renewable by twenty thirty. Five. There's a lot for the labour movement in here the pre as these calling on the programme to be passed, which makes it easier for Americans to join the union and collectively bargain that's part of this bill. So there are a lot of elements this bill that I think, could excite progresses and there's just a lot of different things. A mean from you know they care, economy, stuff, helping seniors and people with disabilities. Getting rid of lead pipes are theirs clean drinking water elect
vehicle charging stations- I mean, there's something for everyone in here, and it could be very easy. I think, to get lost in the different elements of this plan, and I'm I imagine, the wages will probably do discreet events to highlight different parts of this plan, but I do think, if you're just selling it quickly, which is the way that most Americans will probably process the american job, plan. Jobs is the way to focus right and I don't think you should shy away from climate in the environmental impacts of it at all. I think that should be part of it. You should wrap that into the rotary building bridges, we're gonna rebuild in a way that is cleaner, better for the plan. and safer as a way to do that. It's just and this is an interesting bill, because lots of bills are filled with some, some very that are very good policy in very popular politically and then There are things that are very good policy and less popular politically
with the overwhelming out of this bill that we have seen and when we keep saying bill, and it's actually just a planned. The Bilsby right, which is a big colonel that we will talk about, are all popular thinks there. like. All the care academy stuff is good. People are gonna like it as optically partisan, but you're gonna hat. You need you or two hundred eighty character tagline for what the bill is, you get it or the forest is getting lost for all the very popular trees right, and that is the challenge. The other big challenges mentioned is passing this thing. The white us as they'll invite Republicans to talk about the plan, but they already seem pretty opposed, especially to the tax hikes. That means by me just now: we democrat in the house in every single Democrat in the Senate, so on the left you ve got progressive like air, sea and privilege. I appall saying they think the plan should be bigger the day they like the direction of the planned they like the Spirit of the plan, but they think there should be a larger investment on just about everything in their particular on climate
in the center. You got moderates like Josh gone, I'm are saying they won't support the deal unless Biden Restore, the state local tax deduction, the Trump took away, which mostly benefit the wealthy rule, so How does this all get? How does this I'll get done? This is a very different process. American rescue plan in two ways. First, is the american rescue plan was built, the structure of the cares. That cares to maybe there's a care threateningly remember, but there was an hour. Noise or of economic aid you I extension ppp, They added some things to it, but it was built on existing I trust you didn't have to reinvent the wheel started second TAT, was on a ticking clock. In addition to just like all momentum of passing the newly elected president, first piece of legislation you had to get it don't be or unemployment benefits expired, and so there was less four jockeying. There was less time for introduction.
At a party negotiating posturing and all that of the tree was We the station within and beyond it you're gonna get run over by it in every single. Democratic, except one got on board and This is going to be hard or so longer process. There isn't any media clock there's any sort of a cliff, as we like to say, is sort of what it would be like to think about it until you can have a whole bunch, of committees. Doing there are things we can have a hausfeld throbbing look different than a Senate bill, because the price- some voices in the house have more sway power than they do in this in the Senate, necessarily where it ever, I'm sounded your mansion and I think it is something that is likely to yet done how much it looks like white President Bind announced earlier this week is an open question. How long it and how messy the processes is an open question, but it is going to be a challenge, it died and it's over one of the cash any two's. I've being present, it is. You really want to get things done. You have to get things done through conquered
and the more the process goes through Congress, the more politically problematic it ass. We Through this many times- and so this is gonna have a twists and turns and be somewhat messy. I don't think it's gonna look anything like the affordable care acts, for a whole host of reasons, but mostly because health care, so pretty the people and so every little change that was happening in that process. People view through the through the question whether the could keep their doktor. How, in fact their premiums and roads and bridges is, is of little more little bored disconnected from my personal life and therefore a little less about insecure
anybody I it's gonna be there can be a lotta jockeying, a lot of work and it's gonna be move in a very different time line than american rescue plan. As my guess yea, I think, if you're the White House, you need to both create and maintain and maintain a sense of urgency about why this bill is needed, and you want to move quickly because I think the longer the negotiations drag out the more politically problematic. This can become. I think, for Democrats in Congress. The key is gonna, be like don't draw lines in the sand just yet until like the very end of this, because if you start saying this must be in here, I'm gonna go, no, or this must then you're gonna start tripping everyone up early on which, I should say progressive, haven't done progressive, saying they wanted to be bigger, but I haven't drawn lines in the sand. The fuckin problem, solvers caucus, are the only ones who ve driven drawn lines in the sand, so far got homer and a couple others who say that they said no salt. No deal, salt is the acronym first date. Local
deductions which is sort of like look. There is some way to reform the state local deduction so that the benefits that don't go to millionaires and the wealthy can return to sort of the more middle class people who benefit from from that deduction. So there's a waiter, a format. By, I think, getting Reno restoring a tax reduction that mainly benefited millionaires, and- and I know that some democrats- I do this in the house before I think- is politically insane personally, like republicans- are out there trying to say that we are actually the party now of the wealthy that You know, are in the pocket of our wealthy donors and we're going to give him a talking point that we tried to restore attacks, got that mostly goes to the wealthy. What the fuck does that doesn't seem totally wise. No now it's stupid. so Mr Connell is called the plant. A Trojan horse for tax increases
republicans criticise the size of the planned other set. Its not just about traditional infrastructure is too much much folks climate. It's a progressive, progressive, wishlist, Trump released. A rambling six paragraph statement that hit all of the above plus called the planet way to China lobbyists and special interests that man really We need an editor now that he's off twitter, because his statements are long and boring which would you of any of these attacks? Should the White House be worried about death? Not the trump on which I could not get through. I would like to say that I have dedicated to the spark ass. I could read all six paragraphs for it, but I could not. It was unintelligible. Similarly, So we really. Why are you signal boosting the Trump statement, because no one fucking cares? What's in that you'd item, I d, anyone to get through the statement and think that there is anything in that statement that could cause anyone harm its by it's a fucking word, it salad. That is one of the most rambling statements. I've ever seen. Just if you want us to read a six paragraph statement posted online like, unlike
All my food, it's a screenshot from my Josh Darcy. It like Spain again in dialogue, fell asleep, The prison like I'll read those your hair is anyone else, not great. It's not tax increase. I think it is this The most risky thing will be over the course of time Republicans, picking out things that seem disconnected from the actual intent in a sort of the the goal. Special interests: do you know, insider dealing, Washington, shit right, like the very famous from myth, plus programme items, people our age, the bridge to nowhere that was being built up there in the Bush administration that either The there is some things in the stimulus that that money, add to that became very easily their citizens or the equivalent of the overpriced hammers in the Reagan administration, where you can find these its all sorts of annex- and this is where there,
this balance for policy and tumor in doing but you can to provide to entice moderates or anyone frankly got on board with sort of local projects. and not tumbling into this- looks like a bunch of quantum quote your marks, that is a bunch of Washington, corruption and so the The bigger this is a very, very, very popular thing at ten thousand feet talking about the overall attendant. How is paid for it in the details where it gets into, I am not worried about which were kind of complaining about tax increases on the wealthy incorporations do that all day signal both the shit out of gas that that way, If Miss Connell what he's doing that as he is basically sending a public email to his corporate donor France, but from a broader macro political perspective, he is giving us a favour and keep doing it.
Yeah, maybe we should set you know, politico and mourning consult had a call from last week before by national announced the plant. They just pulled a theoretical three trillion dollar infrastructure plan paid for with higher taxes on the wealth incorporations. Fifty four percent approval only you know twenty seven percent disapproved of the of the tax increases additional pieces of vines plan, including boosting electric vehicles, universal prepay, low income, housing and more that's, of course, back. Some of that could be in the next bell as well on this bill, but that also pulled very well. I completely agree that sort of the democratic wish list is probably the most. It could be the most effective part of their argument because it comes down to they are spending a much money on their friends, their constituents, their lobbyists, their special interests and are not spending any money on you, and so I think they bide administrations can.
the incumbent upon them to really emphasise the parts of the bill that which is most of the bill in fairness that benefit everyone right. They got broadband for inner cities that don't have high speed broadband in rural areas. The don't have high speed broadband. I mean they did this really well with the american rescue plan. They said you know they define bi partisanship as both what people in the country thought of the plan, including Democrats and Republicans, and also who the plan was benefiting, which, as Democrats and Republicans over with a bite administration, I talk about all of the republican constituencies. Who would benefit from this plan. Just as much as democratic constituencies are because the Republicans their mission is going to be to say this bill is not for you. It's for their people and they're gonna turn it there and try to turn it into a culture war and take it out of the frame where it's a bill. That right. taxes on the rich to help create jobs for everyone, because that's not afraid that taken when one more question on this before we move on what is that
because on the american jobs planned mean for the passage of the for the people act. Does it make it harder to pass how to bind the Democrats? Do two things: once here. This is something I am worried about in an idea: world. We would not have to choose among any of these things. You are passing mercurous. You play a passing, making jobs plan. You pass the h, our wine you ass guns. You just go on down the wish list up until the moment. The poles closed in twitter, but that's not how it works and As we know, the congressional will to do her. Things is often sat before the public appetite for those things and this can it be, this is if we are doing something. Reconciliation is going to be a very tough out there and do everything they can to hope the on to that very narrow group folks in house. Both the Kosovo problem, solvers carcass, which is about as ironic, is sleep like a baby and labour
who very one very important things. Many, which we agree with in terms of the climate, spend and you still have to use your mission problem in the Senate and that is going to hard, and so every hard thing you do makes the next thing harder and so how much political willpower empty political capital is their left to push through. A change in the filibuster rules to allow the Voting Rights act it are one etc to pass, and that is a real open question and I think you don't, choose between those things right now that the process we mention for this plan is gonna, there's not a committee. bill writing, and all of that. But all of us who care so passionately about all
these democracy in voting rights reforms have to keep the pressure on. We can't get distracted by what's happening because Congress can walk in sugar, but they will only do that if forced to do it and we have to keep that pressure on going forward. Yea think error. That policy said she wants the american jobs plan to pass through the house by around the fourth of July. So obviously, there's going to be a lot of time in a button introduced applying yesterday will be a lot of time between now and July, or committees are just doing their work. Writing the bill Pask at their committees. During that time, I would imagine that's where the fight over, for the p, when that happens it. Hopefully it gets through committee and there's a fight on the floor during that time before we even consider the American Jobs Flanagan Party.
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really hard to rebranding cells as working class heroes. Access reported on Wednesday that Representative Jim Banks, who leads the right wing Republican, steady Committee in the house, sent a memo to Kevin Marthy titled quote, cementing the GEO p is the working class part where he argued. The Republicans need to embrace Donald Trump opposition to illegal and legal immigration embrace trumps. Protectionist trade policies go after what he calls weakness, which he claims was cooked up by leaders, college professors and big corporations go after big tech for censorship and anti competitive practices and go after Democrats for Cove. It locked ends, arguing that they Working class Americans, but helped wealthy democratic donors. He also argue that Republican should learn to rely on small dollar individual donations so that they can attack. Democrats is in the pockets of Wall Street and big this,
this. So what do you think of the memo and these strategy, I'm in What's this guy's name banks, Jim Banks, No idea! This present existed before this, meaning the Republicans that in committee we should say that's like the that's like a pretty far right caucus in the house. We should just set the scene on the having said the mean that have the fact that now introduced to the existence of Jim banks, literally at once, ago. I will say that this plan is exactly what the Republicans on paper should do like this is their best plan. Yeah do build a majority and sort of push back against the demographic doom they are facing as they are based becomes a shrinking part of the overall merit Electra Just because it's good on paper doesn't mean as possible in practice, but this is this: is
actually a game plan for why a coherent republican party should do if it wants to have power. Yet I think we should take it very seriously as Democrats, because I do think that we have seen us because of Trump populism is a very powerful force in politics and am not just talking about economic populism, which was pretty fake coming from Donald Trump. It turns out when he was president, didn't really follow through any of that, but a cultural populism to write this idea that big special powerful interests in distant places are against. You are preventing you from.
Leaving the life you want to lead their helping people who aren't like you, who don't look like you who don't talk like you, don't come from where you come from, whether those people are rich in wealthy or whether as people are immigrants or people of other races, it is a very powerful force and politics, and what Republicans are trying to do now is say: okay, we gonna had cultural populism down by railing against immigrants and black people and a whole host of other groups in this country that they have a over the years and now now because we know that we ve been in the pocket of austrian weaving the party big business, but we know that sort of a powerful argument for Democrats now we're gonna turn back I'm too now it's not easy for them to do because they're out there looking, you know opposing tactics on corporations and the wealthy. Their big proposal so far in the Bite administration has been to fully repeal
the inheritance tax which goes to multi millionaire so, like their policy, isn't lining up with this. But I do think. Democrats should be aware that, if they did, they really go through with relying only on individual donors. Small dollar donations and Democrats continue to take money from corporations and pacts and to the Democrats, credits bay of a lot of them have stopped doing that thanks to a lot of the progressives on the left. If, if there, you know, if they continue to do that, they're gonna be able to make at least to the country a more plausible case that they are on the side of working people, even though their policy is not. yes there are you, as you point out that this a plan that does not deal with the actual man of contracts at the heart of republicanism, which is a party whose base it started working class and their donor class is corporatist and they have no choice,
was able to obscure that contradiction through just being a eating bigot with like real messaging power. and it's not obvious at anyone else can do that and because he was a year he was a self thunder which is partly. Why won't use effects? I think we have the billionaire, so he said I'm not going to be in need of eight billion buddies unable to say I'm not in the thrall of donors, because I don't have any. I don't need them not, of course he had plenty of donors, but but that was his message. A serious. Russia's memo would wrestle with the contradiction between bill your margins with working class, non white voters and a lot of these. Harry racist rhetoric that is taking place at the top of the party. Like that, you know there is a larger reform project than just putting its anti big tech tweets way the traditional racism if you wanna, because there is it like, while Trump made gains or as a ceiling on that with the way in which the party is currently and sort of act,
we perceived in the way they're going to handle. That is, I imagine, what they did at the republican convention in twenty twenty, which is look at these black Americans latino Americans, who were prominent members of the Republican Party, and we will put these Americans on display to show that we are not racist or aunt. You know act, and that the real problem is just weakness in America. Railway, that's gonna, be their argument on that part and then they're gonna show sort of increasing margins. They had twenty among some black Americans, and especially latino Americans, so that's gonna be there play for that. But the donor thing, I think, is really interesting because you know Jim Bank says in this memo: Eli Lily the big drug company blacklisted him because he tried to overturn the elections and what he did is use that to his advantage. He and he suggests.
send out. You know the following message from Republicans. You should say I'm asking for small donations. Why can continue to represent your values, not the values of liberal multinational corporations, and he told Republicans to advertise how much corporate cash their opponent, their democratic opponents, receive so you can see to wear like like yet it's good the reliability, of course blacklist him after trying to overturn the election, but like who's gonna. Really if he wants to be against you, I really massive drug company multinational corporation. That's gonna be pretty popular people, their lives. companies, they don't love big mouth multinational corporations I mean it's interesting because I would imagine you by millions by far the largest employer in his district, its largest importer. And rested of Indiana and the aid that is. We ve seen that shift over time as sort of all partners, because nationalize, where each
being supportive of unpopular industries with in your state is bad politics. The question here for Republicans, is: do they have the grass roots fund raising muscle to make up for right, the very large superpower in five or one C4 contributions from billionaires appropriations that fund the Party in Cuba and keep the two parties in balance from a financial perspective. You are also, I think, single about generational shift that happened in the party both in one generation, two thousand and eight than other measures introduced in sixteen. Where younger generation of Democrats, forsworn lobbyists, contributions and corporate tax and other There's a partially the Clinton's, but Pelican Parthenope sixteen sort of did not what did not work to take on that sort of reform as mantle when it came to contributions and therefore raise less grassroots money than Obama, Norway in centres and sixteen
and near Mcconnell is like just swimming in the trough of every gross special interest in Washington and care. fourthly, as this one and you have his younger people who see the power, If you say your against these corporate donation is lobby solutions, you will raise more money online, then you would just from the corporations to begin with. Also. There is a middle path if they can take here right, you, swear off corporate donations from big blue chip, very recognisable companies and big tech companies and then and then go for small dollar donations and said we have, the conservative billionaires throughout you know The shadows, the Sheldon eighty cents and stuff like that fund a lot of the Republican Party leaders who have really rich donors who just happened to be right wing assholes? Who the base loves fund? The party you tell all the like. You know other corporations that most Americans no to go. Fuck off and sail there in the pocket, the there there
pockets of Democrats, I think getting shall the needles and define the Republican Party would be quite a feat Cynthia that's it better than I do that all other kinds of whatever, whatever Sheldon citizens of the world as it operates? Yes, I guess the wife is still funding it right there sample of this happening. This week, infectious Wednesday night, the Georgia House voted to take away a tax break for delta, to punish them for speaking up against the voter suppression LE now it died, then, in the George Senate, the Republicans the shortest Senate and want to carry through on this, but the Georgia This attitude is purely to punish delta and one of the lawmakers said quote you dont feed a dog that bites your hand, which is just like it's not you Like sort of this new working class populism from their public and party- that's just like fascism. Now, right, like the Republican Party, is basically just gonna say if you're not with us, if you know
who s favours we're going to use our power to punish you in any way that we can it. It may need it like this all comes down to the trial Jim banks, where were you may be, your mama was opera for modifications are saying because, although like everyone. My Josh Holly include the like. We are against big tech like we're going to take on big tech, because their work can the council was in shadow banning bubble, but also we want to cut the living shudder. Mark Zuckerberg, Texas, that's not a coherent message, and that is one that Democrats can drive a truck through and so I think the, but I think the point is we have to remember to do that. Guy, like we have to keep the frame against them in
you know the realm of they are for the wealthy. They are for big corporations. Look at their policy, look what they fight for look at Mitch, Mcconnell. He still run the party he still. The most powerful person in the party who was elected in all he wants is to cut taxes for rich people and got Medicare and got healthcare. That's what answer that's what's on his agenda and we have to keep up that message and not sort of get lost in all the details, because they are going to be trying to flip on its head. I speak in a working class heroes. Let's talk about that gets. You may remember. The man described as trumps best buddy in Congress from moments as kicking the father of a parkland I'm out of a congressional hearing bringing a holler cost and I are as his guest to the state of the union appearing on in four wars trying to overturn the last election blaming the ensuing insurrection on Antigua well on Tuesday night.
shortly after axioms reported, the gates was telling people he might not run for reelection the New York Times supported that in the final months of the Trump Administration, the Justice Department, open investigation into That is still going on today about whether here sexual relationship with a seventeen year old and paid for her to travel with him in violation of federal sex trafficking laws, so very serious charges very serious, crime. We have no idea what the investigation will find, but believe it or not. it gets even crazier when gates goes on Nepal, Listen. He tore to deny the charges, which includes the claim that he and his family have been VIC of an extortion scheme involving a former d J official seeking twenty five million dollars to make the sex crimes investigation go away, and then his father has been cooperate. with the FBI to catch the culprits. Part of this unfolded during a truly Tucker Karlsson interview. Here's a click. It is a whore allegation, and it is a lie in your time
running a story that I have travelled with a seventeen year old woman and that is verifiable. False people can look at my travel records and see that that is not the case. I'm not the only person on screen right now he's been falsely accused of a terrible sex act. You were accused of some that you did not do in so you know what this feels like. You know the pain it can bring to your family, and you know how it it just puts people on deepened. when you are accused of something so salacious an awful, I only know I've read in the New York Times. I can say that actually you and I went to dinner about two years ago. Your wife was there and I brought a friend of mine you'll, remember her. and I I really saw this as a deeply troubling challenge for my family on March sixteenth, when people were talking
bout a minor and that they were pictures of me with child prostitutes. That's obviously falls there will be. No such pictures, because no such thing happened but really on March sixteenth was when this got going from the extortion standpoint, disarm allocates interview. That was when the weirdest interviews, I've ever kinda, I'm not really sure where to begin here. What's your reaction to this story A man about it in here is why there is not time to go down every rabbit. Hole to learn about everything and met gates is one of the things that is decided, not to learn about. Like I was aware of his existence, I knew he was a mega. Buffoon seem like a fried, but aid really dig deep, into him until we decide to put this on the pot agenda- and I all the stories are now holy shit. Why get is here and as you have, I dont see them.
Bulletin board. In your background, with a lot of not even conspiracy, it's just about your need. Another matter needs to keep up with all the different twists and turns enough, like apparently The extortion scheme also involve like be the people that they approached the gates is so that the twenty five million dollars would be for inform me. regarding the whereabouts of Robert Levin centres of former FBI agent DE official, who had been captured by the Iranians and presumed dead, like what There are so many different twists and turns of this story is I was just shocked to learn so much about my gates, like that he created entire into internet countries. By putting cause isolation, comments on Tiffany trumps, Instagram page he was dating twenty one year old to personal photos, theirs and pretty amazing texts that somehow it up in the press from his aids to him about what was It is to rub age Gas mask the me, though it is a wild thing,
and that he is the better the son, a vague like Job Bush Establishment Republic, inform our Florida states and a president, maybe not mad, fuller, the daily metaphor. The day would be spread of story today. Is that he's been sort of wanting to write the story for years about how other Republicans have always sort of looked askance at gates and worried about him alcohol use alleged drug use. Women he's been where fight so they re like lot. I mean, I think, the point of the stock, To me, at least, is that the Republican Party continues to tolerate people and not just but embrace and elevate right people were just the fucking scum of the earth. It is right and not not tolerate, for the purpose of this person is effective. legislator, in the way that sports teams will key people. Roster, who are terrible people because are good at their job, it is actually there being a terrible person or the
skills? You need to rise to fame in today's Republican Party, so he's not he's terrible person who happens to be a powerful Republican he's a powerful. public and because he's a terrible person, and that is the sort of played itself out when you re everything he's done, but this entire situation. As you point out, we have no idea what is act There are some things that are think worth sort of trying to unpack from this from based on what we now have new supports. The extortion scheme is. If it is true- and we have- as you do not know, that is not what the investigation about it is, I think he's at this meeting like a sea plot to the story. He was investigation for sex trafficking. Someone found about it and then I to extort him. The fact that he is being sorted is not the reason, he's being investigate its he's being sword because, He was being investigated already for something which you did it really deny like it seems like we are debating. The point is
the extortion scheme- part if true in no way exonerates him from the larger investigation into sex trafficking. That is the important point and the New York Times. Reporters throughout the story made that point washing opposed to confirm that points alike. The investigation has been going on for quite a while beyond the extortion scheme, the alleged extortion scheme, part of the story and again just because you know his presence and probably like. Oh that's the deep states after me, the investigation, stuff, did in the Trump Administration Bill BAR knew about it. The president, at the time, Donald Trump was briefed on it and Bill bar and everyone let it keep going. So this was not some partisan witch hunt against Matt Gates, whatever it comes up with what I mean Fairness are there to people who are more hands off on a political investigation than Donald. really never, they would never just interfere like the fact that also observances, I'm no lawyer, never
went to law school. I apparently Matt Gates, as a lawyer, I think he's a lawyer but, like I don't know I would be giving a client if mine advice, whose under investigation for sex trafficking to just start meeting about whatever in going on Tucker Carlsson and also like volume, tearing more potential crime. These, like some people, say there might be pictures of me with trial prostitutes. That's crazy to like just volunteering cellphone Tiger, trying to wrote. Go into the whole thing was also. I have to evolve Serious things in this story very funny one hundred thousand do his of stupid confused vase. But this time really mean it is talking about. Tucker. Being at a dinner with them and Tuckers Linux, use of a sex crime himself wands and an even Tucker Carlson, who was reportedly furious about this interview after the fact has to throw him under the bus after commercial and say yeah. That was pretty crazy
if we were to find out a week for another Tucker crosses Zander federal investigation for murdering Booker. I would not be surprised because that whole time you know what that's like, how did it? happy with it is like sucker you At that dinner we went Germany's like I wanna, be very clear. I have no record action of what you're talking about, I had dinner with you to dinner. I stopped beating at three percent. I've ever met you foundress anyway. Why, stored eyes. A one thing that is funny about it is that all these stories does want to political, that's like gates, leans into the Trump playbook for scandal and crime management and its let's like stop reader, we'd pies think about it for a second. Do they want the differences between why certain things would work for Trump and they may not work for mad gazes, the
the Department of Justice has a actual legal opinions, as Trump can't be indicted. So all he has to do is go on tv and convince Fox news viewers to Vincent Reynaud, elected representatives, not remove him from office, while Matt it is actually building a body of evidence can be used against him. By Secularism Gerais, who are not necessarily members of Congress. This again, it's it's not. same thing, they're the same system situations and it may be for trouble it's fucking insane format gains to do it. Sorry, I do not think he's gonna be getting that news max job that he was thinking of taking instead of running for Congress, unfortunate format. Gates, Potsey America is rocky by zip, recruiter spring is in
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PETE in the National championship you ready, I I want everyone is just listening to this park astronaut watching videos Tommy is in the office standing up holding Yes, I have I'd like coffee table on top of a desk with like three shoe boxes, to make. This works good, stuff, very real here very rates. Also amazing that in its we should know that your backdrop is cut out pieces of paper tape onto a wall. in twenty twenty one, your dna, we live in That was the city opportunity, for I was last time we're out of the darkness, very says it is Chernobyl, and here it is, it is pompey it as a time warp. Ok, so again, this is not a serious competition were destroying make. You laugh simply Toyota on Twitter, good luck with that Tommy here You made it into the awful eight. The eighty was Wisconsin Senator RON Johnson, the seven seed was Facebook, see mark Zuckerberg the succeed.
cocaine, Mitch, Mcconnell, five c: senator can contain crews for seed was Hocker Karlsson, the three C was unemployed, white Nationalist, Stephen Miller. The to cede was George W Bush, the ones he but Donald Trump Sudan, What I've learned since Monday is that a lot of people are suffering from recently. I have not forgotten about. George Bush is, as I mentioned earlier, maggots was a glaring commission from this tournament. Give anyhow takes on the awful eight. Before we get to your fascist for vote, I thought you did a great I represent with you on George W Bush. Everything bad that has happened in the twenty first century can be traced back to George W Bush Donald Trump, the economic crisis. it is also Georgia. Be measures fall down W Bush is, should have shorter but, as we know from our madness, the best team doesn't always when somebody's eyes. At dance standing for tat. Her is how do you feel about that? I just want to say something about this. You don't pick your bracket based on which tee
has had a historically excellent basketball program. You pick it based on who has been the biggest threat that sees it and in the case of George W Bush versus TED crews, its tendrils, whose George W Bush hurting at this point he's patents and pictures. He's. Given Michelle Obama, immense he's he's releasing like statements that obliquely criticise insurrection shit like that here. anyone now tat. Crews is a threat. He could be the republican nominee in twenty twenty. Four, that's that's! Why pick? That is that the judge is that
standard here I feel like maybe I might add my centre that well I've got time looking at the stern Dan. None of this method, I thought I was here- is the worst person like who's, the worst person or on the worst things you're you're mistake was thinking. This is well thought through fabulous point. Is you know you go to the brackets with the Republicans? You have not the ones you wish you had. So ok, but let me get to the point here. So after votes from love, it fab row and like twenty five thousand people on Twitter, including whoever runs TED Cruises Twitter account the fascist for is out of the west Mark Zuckerberg in the east. Tucker Karlsson in the south, tat crews in the MID West Mitch, Mcconnell, so our first fascist for match up his mark Zuckerberg versus Tucker Carl. Since the question you guys is who is deacons Agora of this match up? Is it Zadok, but this global platform that supercharged spread of fake news and q and on or the Tucker Karlsson who read,
Eliza, millions of boomers, who then share tuckers clips on Facebook Dan. You go first, you go first, since I've been talking about this for a couple episodes now. I think this is about as obvious as By four to five million people watch darker Karlsson on any of the night, Billions of people around the world are on Facebook, Mozart, Org is not just that can Zaga this tournament. He is they nineteen, ninety one you it'll be running rebels La College, basketball CV most dominate most dominant team in history. By far this isn't even close. Tucker calls in very very bad had a good season when far as he could go, but he is outmatched by the tremendous talent terribleness of the mark, Zuckerberg team, while John you want to debates, do you think they're Zack and at a Morrison, that's a deep cut for the Kazakh offends out there. What you think, I'm gonna go with
this is this is a match up. It's sort of intention, verses impact re, obviously mark Zuckerberg like Dan, is correct. There's there's more people are on Facebook, but up, but intention wise, like Tucker Karlsson, has a path to becoming we twenty twenty four republican Domini, I believe, and if he is successful there is a chance he could become a more dangerous Donald Trump. I think he is more dangerous than even mark Zuckerberg, because having mark Zuckerberg is kind of goofy and has no fuck idea. What he's doing half the time- and you know you can sit down- you can sit down with a bunch of republican strategies and Ben Shapiro when they can convince me one thing and then a bunch of establishment. People can convince me something else and the? U knows what the fuck is doing any he's just sort of a sad goofball who let anything get out of control, Tucker Karlsson. He knows exactly what he's doing, and he is very interest in this country. I think somebody Goethe Tucker here can I put. Can I pushed back on that briefly? These? Yes, so yeah?
it is possible to talk across. It will be the twenty twenty four Republican dominate not have met gaiters anything to do about it by fair point, but I will say that Mark Zuckerberg has greater control over whether Tucker Karlsson is a twenty twenty four republican nominated across at us, and for that reason too, good boy, you after point Mark Zuckerberg well once again. We are laying bare the fact that I didn't a typewriter mechanism that we can do live Sorgen at the throw this one. So the people for their vow right round out engaging here, Great, is the wind for Elijah. This is when for our social team, MRS went very body so our second, the fascist for game, is TED crews, verses, Mitch, Mcconnell again take careers as such, desperate troll that he voted for himself to advance. This tournament in Detroit approach that I created, that is almost a sad, is endorsing Donald Trump after he accuses your father of killing J F K now then, as you know, Mitch Mcconnell is the to convey my tambo of the. U S and I need a swat everything. The rumour mail in Kentucky is that Mitch was cool
the glass for a variety of reasons so again subjected to let a p detestable but what we have. Where do you guys, land, undecided, Mitch, Mcconnell, verses, TED crews, while first I will be forever ban from any sort of starch on basketball game where we have to return to sporting events. If I did not point out that it is hardly offensive that you can't even tambo in this we're gonna be using the same sentence: the other. I do understand the point of the sports metaphor you're you're using, but I think it has to be much more and without a question take her. When it comes to Terribleness TED crews is like that thirteen the made it to the final form. It does have a lot of natural talent, but he works really hard to being an asshole Mitch, Mcconnell, just that it does after we're Frida, shows up on the court waste. up issues and is just an asshole tankers is going, Work is practising in the mere, as we know from everybody does he's practicing saying
ass. All things in the mere I'm promissory wrote seventeen versions of that very sad. Pod, save America just to try to get it right is the typical leg raftery in the Jim, Jim Rat sort of guide, a mature economies got the talent to blow him out of the water yeah. He thus Marxists, which is funny for other people causing your lips yet take crews. Is that Duke schmuck that kiddies slapped the floor was his name. while we are probably Grayson Alan who I think, quarters grace, and that is the that is the perfect TED crews, Duke Basketball, metaphor, bits whatsoever, Steve. What you're asking our word is the forced labour and life we got, but that the before the goodwill- so giants are you're you're take her. I do not think we're. Gonna have to pull this one, because I think Mitch Mcconnell is the easy answer here, and I think this is
Like a one seed, finally rolling over a worse seed that had a few upsets early on in the term at this is just its there's no contest it Mitch Mcconnell much more powerful than ten crews much more dangerous got to give it to me. You know this is this. This is the eye test. You know what I mean. A lot of people want to fall in love with a UCLA or Michigan, but it's like, like you, do you've been watching Mitch, steamroll people all season and like what you going to do. Okay, so Dan, a vote on the National Champions shit. On Monday, it's gonna be Mcconnell verses either. I wanted to get your take on this today. We obviously have some indecision here, but it's gonna be Mitch. Mcconnell verses, either Zachary Tucker, I mean. Do you think they make such a runaway favorite that he is your champ eyelids. I think he the favourite in this situation, for some of the reasons the John articulated in his very vehement defence of Mark Zuckerberg, goodness,
Why is there not tweet? It me that I, like John, tried again hydro clip you Elektra thing? I found your social flip, the Fidel now Jack John, wants you to invite us it wherever it hasn't been right. Maybe maybe cricket media doesn't work out, I'm gonna need a job I think MR economies the favour, but if this is a this is closed job. I think we're looking for a recent final, two analogy: it from that villain over you. And He game where Christians hit the three to win at. These are two very terror, more people were very similar talents of terrible nets, but I would pick Mitch. Mcconnell was the favourite and that well ok, That's excited well what I think do here, is, will throw up another paw, war will let the people decide and then you know, weaken. We can walk again on Monday. But I begin, I think, has been a great tournament. I want to ruin. Remember like these. Are amateur unpaid athletes seat? I? U can combat too hard on them. So you know. Don't don't tell us on to it.
again, but I thank supplant Zactly Tots hits we're headed. There we go. Back to you in the studio Tommy. Thank you. Thank you for that around it always, and we will allow well we'll talk to you on Monday and everyone else a great weekend, Dan Welcome back, and will out we'll talk you money by everyone pod? Save America is a cricket media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez. Our associates, Users are Jordan, Waller, Jazzy, Marine and Bolivia Martinez its mixed. If edited by Andrew Chadwick while someone is our sounded junior
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