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Health care lies dominate the Sunday shows, and Congress's biggest racist strikes again. Then, Congressman Seth Moulton joins Jon, Jon and Tommy to talk about the future of the Democratic Party.

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they generate lifesaving malaria prevention bed nets to those in need of the United Nations foundations. Nothing, but nets campaigns the great campaign they ve done it over twelve thousand bed net. So far, this is not a one night stand once you sleep with parachute follow me forever. No boys, I think love. It wrote that, like copywriter visitor You don't complex cricket to get free shipping and returns on everything, a parachute, that's parachute home dot com such crooked for free shipping and returns I welcome the pod, save America, I'm John Ferrer on John Mother integrity toward we are here in Austin today, guys for life show as be alive, thousands of people is the sound of a hundred thousand people. This is the beginning. I don't it's coming across on space and will be read with us today. We have Massachusetts congressmen, Seth Molten is in the crowd and he's going to join us in a few minutes. Behave like
I've crowd of a first of all. How keeping guess I have a question. Was the newest simplest way to pay people back square? The catch up there you go sending receiving money is totally free and fast most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account just a few seconds in the cash uplink you're Deborah credit cards like an amount to send France for number or email address to complete a payments. Just as easy, we'll get a notification. They receive money, no gimmicks, nothing else. Also, you can have done it to the International Rescue Committee. Be a square cash. Is the organizations helping refugees all over the world? They need our help. Tommy Do we have the link is always so go to square cash since a much needed help and remember to download the free square catch up for us or if your love, it Android, Tommy, Who do we have on parts of the world? This week we have a journalist, Glenn Greenbelt. He is as you guys, Glenn and I've done a surly gotten along over the years. We have told each other on twitter users
one of the guys who helped Edward Snowden initially unveiled a lot of the USA programmes or part of those that archives and five weeks. I've been roads on the show we talked a bit about Snowden England Ass to respond, so he came on last week. We talk for forty. Five minutes is really radiation. It was great to hear his direct push back and some other things you hear level against Snowden pre frequently, so I think it s like I've heard it. It was fascinating. Commerce and he's never set at eight. Before by any. I had a governance from love it ever I mean look. If you hear a compliment me, it's true. Let's go to five world subscribe, also to Honorary Cox's by gas, with friends like the Ici, at a great episode with Rick Wilson republican strategist. Last week there was also a great commentator: India Gray conversations
it's me anyway, no further progress because less I what healthcare place so on the Sunday shows. This weekend we had top officials from transit, ministration, fanned out across the shows to sell the merits of the American Healthcare ACT, a trump care they didn't do that. Well, we had a few interesting comments from from the trunk crowd, health, inhuman services, Secretary Tom Price, went out and said nobody will be worse off financially nobody what we think about that kind of promise level. First of all, it is not possible to pass a big deal through Congress that that, like everybody, wins such is not how it works so take throng on its face, also as a couple people who have.
ten years being abused for present Obama. Saying if you like your plan, you can keep your plan because it was a little too simple and like basically capture like the point of the way, we wrote a grandfather clause in the rest of which I will not get into because makes me crazy. I had a whole explanation for the grandfather closer we're going to get into. I guess No, no! No! I don't really want to get on site. I just say that we do a lot of people think by the relevant that you and I just like, wrote that line and like slipped into a speech, and it was, and we were making policy right now. Really, that's not what happened in most ministrations. That's not what happens rights writers, don't you community policy and align. Yet there was a. There was a dedicated efforts to make sure that the system of private insurance as it existed when be disrupted too much by the passage of these reforms and for the most part it wasn't, and that's all there is to say about that there does, but Tom rise without saying nobody will be worse off financially. That is like easily proven. Yes right off the bat, just the look at the legislation there proposing they are trying to when you take away subsidies or you cut the subsidies that people are using to by health insurance and you,
Medicaid, both of which are in the bill. That's gonna make people were softened, his right of basic. There will be millions upon millions of people who can not if they do nothing and keep the exact same insurance policy they have, they will receive a smaller subsidy is not just on its face, can't be true that they will be worse off, even if even if they dont disrupt the system too much, which is in which it isn't what they're going to do, coming to something that was put down the logic here. Yeah mean fifteen twenty fifty, when we really will lose the logic is boil down: it's a rule that we have twenty million. We will lose coverage. The plan would cause the average of almond Rollie, one thousand five hundred bucks more a year for went to effect today. So it seems like you would actually cost everyone more money unless you're really rich, yeah, rich and healthy people are going to make us better. They probably won't be worse off. Financially, most people will like young people with money, you, ok, you don't mean like if you watch the Americans and girls
this building, not so bad after all, just crazy, because those people involved I'll drop. Former Goldman Sachs Exact area code is now part of administration. Senor official said if you're on Medicaid you're going to stay in the expansion is not going change. Yes, it is that's the point about low point of going to end and twenty twenty they hate Medicaid. They wanted they want. They want to wandered down, especially the expansion for people that were about the popular, and that is not true and Paul Ryan, who doesn't seem quite comfortable lying so blatantly some of the members of the ministrations he was out about it programme was asked by John Decorous and how many people will lose coverage he's a quote. I can answer that. It's up to people, you get it if you want that's freedom, so that is outraged but but like we should take it on its face. First right, the point he is making an ideological level. There is some true to his point is not to say, governs jobs, make sure I'm really has health care, so we're gonna get rid of the mandate and because we need to get rid of the mandate, there may be some people who choose not to buy insurance and because they're gonna choose not to buy insurance with their, which is now.
A right to do. Some people won't have insurance. Now I don't think that's a good policy making, but I understand where he's coming from, but basically it's actually a non sequitur to what this law is intending to do, because, while they get rid of the mandate, they include a lot of punishments for people who don't have health and healthcare. So if you don't buy health insurance law as the lead, as though as law, the draft law currently stands that the bill currently stands. It to buy it again down the road. You'll have to pay more we're just sort of a backdoor mandate, so he still believes should be punishment for people who don't have Kellerman into the backdoor amended again man. it's really act or trying to explain over three episode. I got about very good about it. That's a new phrase. That's a newer raised to Congress, and using the house, you can use that are taken, in writing it. I won't be offended. I don't urgently yours if you want it pleasures this factory, but any
the daughter of a low. Don't you get it? If you want right leg, everyone should have access to. Everyone has access to healthcare, but you don't know zoo. You can't afford healthcare tonight what people are asking Paul Ryan where people are asking these Republicans is what do you do if you want health insurance and the point that I know what it s like Russian. Those really answer, and the point that I making is, if you think people should be free to have insurance that has nothing to do with getting rid of subsidies, giving nothing to do with getting rid of subsidies, giving people the ability before the insurance still fits with your with your ideology that you're so crazy about going to ruin people's lives over like, if you think, people, freedom to buy insurance. Ok, get where the mandate. That's why you still need to give people the the tax incentives to credit, the financial ability to buy the insurance you're saying they should be able to choose to buy it. That's the point of making a great deal.
you were very honest. What they would say when they are asked questions is. We do not believe the federal government should have a role in helping people afford health insurance. We think that the market should take care of that. They are not saying that because they noticed markets now thought in her and also by the way, their basically keeping the structure of a bombing here in place with this bell, but making it much much worse to do. You think they're making these gripping lies because their growing more desperate, is your seeing people like Kung Centre Heller and others backing away from the bill publicly yet? No, I think that they have this about. The ceo scores interesting here right by the Congressional Budget Office, which is, as we have explained, a bunch of nerds who or number crunches who are non partisan, they're, not democratic republic, and they work for Congress and they basically decide they score, which called score each piece of legislation to decide how much it costs, what impact it will have on the population. So they come up with them. They come up with the estimate. The Trump administration in the Republicans are preemptively attacking the,
National Budget Office, known as the C b in Washington in saying like they don't do a really good job. They were often the affordable care act, so we can't really listen to them. They are doing this for couple reasons. They know that the studio score which will probably come out. Why were recordings? Podcast is used news, usually breaks onward and by the way, if your your honour of all your phones cause your bunch of addled over stimulated PETE If the scipios score comes out, while would only they shouted out, don't be too, How do you really don't be wrong that the annoying? But if it really does, cannot tell us, I'm really I'm serious better. So they so they want to start attacking the sepia because they want to fragment the Syria is probably going to say that anywhere between fifteen and twenty million people will lose health insurance. Under this plan, that's that's the estimates, and so it is in their interests, just say that they're not right anyway, up mulvaney, who is the that runs the Office of management and budget? He is the guy who supposed be crunchy numbers and he was in Congress.
For this. He actually said that estimating the impact of a bill of this size probably isn't the best use of their time That is their time. That's what they're! So, let's wing it yesterday I mean it, but it is part. It is part of this pattern of the trouble ministration and now some of the Republicans in Congress. Just telling these lies because they figure conservative media is going to back them up and they're going to. It is not so they're going to convince people that the sea bio score is wrong, but they know that their side will believe them than most people watch, conservative media believe them and those sort of money the why is enough, so that people are like is a true the people of Europe as their health insurance actions, with a vague news media said, and the partisan, sepia, also rights of the inner look. The ceos, imperfect, no giant no giants are apparatus to figure out what a big bills gonna do as ever and be perfect, but but this even though, does good Job, and then the one point I want to make about this is. This is not true
that of nowhere. This really is the logical conclusion of the way Republicans have treated the sea be over a long time. You know they argued with the c b l every time you see Bio said that the Bush tax cuts would cause a giant increase in deficit, even though, of course, that's what happened. So they have this long running beef that the sea beheld looks to outcomes in a very specific way. The problem is that it does a good job. It's sort of on par with a lot of other estimates. Will show you well when it comes to the affordable care at which they said the sepia was very often the truth is the sepia was closest to what the of the impact the affordable character closer than any other organisation. They basically had the amount of people covered correctly. They basically had its effect on premiums correct, so they weren't exactly right, but they were very close so how to end its an estimate of the patent ongoing pattern of attacking non partisan institutions to undercut their faith in government and just make their arguments, priest who, generally like the government Ethics Office like intelligence, commute. I mean this is something they done over and over again undermining these
Do I mean there's a few examples this weekend right, Tommy of of them attack just lying blatantly on this, have to respect the jobs numbers, Spencer and Friday said, The jobs numbers may have been phony in the past, which is what Trump used to say about the job numbers. But now there are real am I a fascist and that one and then the press corps gave a big hearty laugh like everybody loves joke, and it was really. I mean I'm sure that, like these probably laughing at the brazenness of that lie in of the hypocrisy and just standing in the way he did, but it's fun I mean I think, was a really bad optic for individuals, and I mean it. It was funny the joke is, The president's alike like it is like to just for this purpose. Secretary to make a joke about how his boss is a world. Historic liar is hilarious. Will in the Mulvaney any mulvaney who runs o envy also said after is taking Cb
With no evidence whatsoever said: oh yeah will I believe that Obama was making up the jobs numbers for years, just to say, What that radio, which, if you try to unpack that it would require such a conspiracy that include the private sector, contributed that it makes no sense on any level, They persist in putting forward this Libya's Donald Trump said it along the stump. At some point, you Steventon whispered. It obvious way to figure that it's a lie is the jobs numbers that we're just released were fit perfectly into the overall trend of jobs, through the Obama administration, so Europe is also like I like they got so much better. So much like it's all the same trend, so why did he suddenly make them two things? One? If you are going to make a job numbers, why did we make up others shitty months? Sometimes just keep people their toes Gaza first thing: there's anything is if we did make them up in it. And it would have been nice if they told the speechwriters, because so many times at eight thirty in the morning the job numbers would come out and we frantically assembled to try to write a saving of. Maybe they just in trust us with the conspiracy. I now here's my feet
it is going to help people, though how this work Alex that the people The administration in the White House are not supposed to know the jobs numbers until everyone knows the jobs numbers, so they come out at eight hundred and thirty, a dot m eastern time on the first Friday of every month and make their released by the Department of Labor in the Department of labor doesn't tell anyone, except like there's like a two or three people in the White House that no including the president's, but like the communications team, she strategists Dick director of communication that even letters know another. Even the press Gore's, I locked in a room where there are a lot of communicate with anyone for thirty minutes or whatever the period of time is for they cannot. Members are always have rules and institutions, and you know what we didn't like I'm not much, but all we missed them now and he has one or conspiracy rest who belong an institution that was goes. There is none of the topic of numbers and healthcare wrote, but a lot of people told us to talk about this today, and so we listen to our fence Kelly and Conway, was interviewed at her home by the Bergen record in New Jersey and was
if she has come up with any evidence to support Donald Tribes her home on skull islands, which is very difficult to get the horizontal drums, claim that Bert, Obama, wiretapped John Tower, and she said no, I am not in the job, I'm not in the business of providing evidence which take that what you will and then she said, look you know these days they have microwave you're microwave can spy on people's Obama could have done that. I was ready to read this and just make assume it was a joke about the internet of things. In spite of electric vehicles should be united, and why would you tap a phone with a fucking microwave? What are you talking about? poor, only bad to say if you want to find out, what's going on in my life being near the microbes,
not a bad idea of three hypothecated like John that dominoes. That's a couple days now use the problem. I do think they can get away with a lot of these. This is a question. My mom had a question today that you wanted us to exercise if they ve Tromp does not provide any evidence on this wiretapping. What happens? Does he just get away with lies? Is there no? That's a depressing. I think its present as it was under the part where we gotta went to how nice it has to have. I think, the tale. The tape is that he has bred. What is the cost been for saying three to five million people voter legally, but what I know what I to say just to finally put on the healthcare conversation is, I think, the one this first time where but the light he can't get away with the lies necessarily Grendel effect. If it doesn't matter what the ceo scores of this thing passes and a bunch of people losing bill that they can afford and like they won't be able to lie there. We pass that, so I do think that this is the first time the really getting in trouble, because
and like they won't be able to lie there. We pass that, so I do think that this is the first time they really getting in trouble, because what they are doing is actually going to have an impact on people's lives. It's not just gotta, be something we read about and think this is a funny conspiracy, so which is, I think, the conclusion years. These resistance recesses are actually working. You see members of Congress Kay left and right, and I think people running scared and we should give out and wanting Benwick or our friend from move on dot. Org reminded me of last night. Can it be a mini recess on Thursday and Friday of this week and move on is organizing twelve hours stake out in front of Republican House and Senate offices, so you can sign up I'm under move on dot org for one hour shifts, and basically all these protests, as will be outside of the offices and listen. If we see some pausing, America, shirts, front pots, shirts straight shooter, shirts european go fuck yourself shirts, we will be mad about it.
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Steve. King congressmen, Steve King are most races congressmen. Stick. Steve- king- had an interesting tweet over the weekend time. Do you have the I don't have the time in front of me, but the tree was: I'm array sets up here. I have it up. He said we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies. I mean, I think it's pretty self evident, why that's a pretty appalling things to say, but I think what people don't necessarily understand this into some random member of Congress. Popping off this is a guy was enormous influence on the party because he's never Congress Maya, so twenty sixteen he held a for our freedom summit, which included Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Michael the TED Crews, Rick Santorum, then Carson others. They attended this event, but that's it. That's either public and primary or the worst game night they attended this event after he. He said they dreamer,
young immigrants proxy. U S illegally, as children were primarily drug rural, a drug mules with calves. This of Canada because they were hauling marijuana over the border. I mean this is a guy who gets? Is the ring kissed every couple years he has outsize influence in pushing for immigration laws and other parts of the party platform, and you know how
et Al Qaeda advancing street when Obama was elected verbatim new, it's like this guy persists in the party and he's a cancer that is spreading through their policy through their platform through the tone of what they say and like we can't just laugh, but not us like big baby there, like Ali's Crazy Steve same worked out that this is a huge problem in its become more representative of the party than it is an aberration ye anyway. What used to happen when something like when someone popped out like this? Is they treat something or they say something, and everyone condemns them in the Nanda train, apologize or walk back to this morning, CNN has deep king on more, like you know what the hell was up the tree, and he basically that I stand by every word quote I'd like to see in America. That's just so homogeneous that we all look a lot. The thing and, first of all I just don't
like its causes, size, cantaloupe babies, everybody like a lot of like it's a very sexual for him very dark. No, it's weird right like theirs, is Glenda Fascism and like a weird homo eroticism. That always is right under the surface is right, fucking there. I don't care Furlano cast evening fan fiction now, but but but like what? Does he like? It's he's not in that they are, but we have a joint unawares effortlessly into the worst Segwarides brain ahead, but I forgot the training. It doesn't matter the point I just like its job, it's
a bunch of, in his mind, sort of like kind of addled re science right like it's about like whose babies come here it's about into like in his mind, it's like interracial like becoming a one color, it's crazy, like childish, racist notions lawyers. So we asked what Republicans inserting about this immigration debate. They'll say: look! This is not about. Racism is not about ethnic nationalism. It is about national security, we gotta protect our borders. You know you dont want people coming and we're gonna do harm, but what Steve King said is that it's actually for for a lot of people on the right, at least in some of these republican politicians and a lot of these far right leaders in Europe right now, specifically, it's really not about national security. It's about assimilation, it's about culture and so like it's what's, the king said is not super far off from what people like Steve, Bannon and Stephen Miller have said, see Van and who said quote when two thirds or three quarters of the CEO in Silicon Valley or from South Asia.
from Asia? I think a country is more than an economy where a civic society, which is, as you know, that's for why people like you did that the it's it's just a very old thing. Right like oh, you know the Muslims can assimilate the Jews, can assembly we die arousing the irish penicillin. Italians can assume with the Greeks. Can it's like? We ve done this a million times and it's just stupid Glee Bannon Miller than accorded to say to tell other policy makers in Congress that if large numbers of Muslims are allowed to enter the Eu S, parts of american Citys will begin to replicate marginalized immigrant neighborhoods in France, Germany and Belgium. There have been home to plot, and you know why tax- or this is part of the surest way to do that is to make millions of people feel like they're, not welcome this country and the clothes off and protect themselves and be separate like it is a self fulfilling prophecy. It is disgusting. So what do we do about? Sticking goes its that. Well, you know what like the deserts brutal Dana. I'm not sure what what what? What does that like one way? What's that, with their way, we heart out western islets, incredibly role, conservative
I think you want my legs. I didn't think I, like twenty points, must stop excusing those voters to write like we should stop pretending that those people aren't going for this, and we need to reckon with the fact that there are people that want this kind of politics our country and is a problem here. Will it look? I think we need to. I think part of you do as publicized that he's been saying these things and then you leave it to voters right, because maybe some voters do. Nobody says those things, but maybe some you what's so disappointing is that you, you would think the catholic antelopes combat would the exact cost on him and his political future is a great deal. You get people to come to his little events in I want, but it has- and I think you might run he stood up and said he wouldn't go. I think our jobs it up and said he wouldn't go so like we should. We should give them credit for having some courage, thereby causing himself some votes in a very important part of a state and republican caucus, and I were but the rest of them deserve all the shame that comes from these comments, rightly not been denounced. Yeah and plus, like it's hard to get Catholic Handle ups, I mean, I guess you hold awaits in ITALY.
get em like a thing with your toes and got kind of step up and down. I don't have to get out of here. Is this not in your work? I retaliatory I'm thinking out loud like how do I get catholic envelopes? Ok. Well, while you figure that when we come back, we will have congressmen set molten join us. An Rebecca and we're back. Today we are very happy to have representing these six district messages. Incorrect Congress C Mon, former Marine who serve to towards Iraq. Cars. Mon begging for joining us for towards orators maverick grad. Sorry Wikipedia pages are or who are your overqualified for congresses, stand right now Every annotated, impressive, we can be very professional- was also very handsome and you see that already audio. Oh boy,
a good start. Your enemy say. Thank you for coming on one of the things the news these days has been the Trump Muslim Ban, and you have you were speaking out about this a long time ago, really early on, based on personal experience from your time in Iraq and a friendship you made with your translator and rockets, hoping you could tell everybody that story and why this is so important to you and how you took steps actually personally in your own life TED to work on the issue. Yes, so marinas, nifty officer in Iraq, I was sort of that. air had to work with translators Alla time an intelligent sources who of course were Muslims? They were Iraqis and one of the guys I worked with became very close to me. You know, very odd job. I was an empty offs arose and this is the first opportunity for, first company reason to Baghdad, and then I was asked to run a tv show does a good argument
so I was actually did. The job was actually to help the Iraqis develop a free media, see the Marines back in two thousand and three thought that a free media was an important component of a democracy. I know that the radical idea these days, but we thought that was critical, and so you know this weekend, I was assigned to work or the police department, this one with the fire department. I was assigned to work with the iraqi media, so we had to teach him the principles of what an evening news broadcasts was like me. They suggest play tapes for they, Minister Ministry of Information, I die, that's all were teaching and they learn from Hannity. Does we're moving in that direction now, but one of the things we did is we just did some public service announcements on tv, they proved surprisingly popular Morton and Mohammed suddenly had a tv show and I was signing autographs in the street. I was way more popular in a rock that I was in my district when I started running
we really can we watch episodes of molten Mohammed is highly ideas in the agency, because you can't see them. It sounds like a really good professionally produce show. In fact the bar was very low? So, as one of you neat and one of you messy, Why were the same, uniform every single day used every better looking, but we had to show it was sort of like a sixty minutes. News commentary show was very popular because we actually like the free press. We reported on things that matter to the iraqi people like why the electricity wasn't working, but it meant that Mohammed was not only a quarter. Unquote, collaborator with the Americas, he was a very public collaborator. Bans is literally on tv, so he came to the: U S and a Fulbright scholarship to his credit. He got that on its own, but then he couldn't go back as the country had descended into civil war. Two thousand six. It was a death sentence. In fact, his family had to pick themselves up and move to different city because there are threatened because,
how much work with me, and so my family took him in while he sought asylum and he was living at my parents, house and my brothers bedroom for about a year or his asylum applicants and was going through and ironically, during that time I got deployed back to Iraq, so their son was in Iraq. They had an iraqi son living with them and become part of the family to comes to Christmas and Eastern Thanksgiving and he's just like one that gives them said. Would you hear about the refugee banner having a number refugees? It should also here's your here's. The thing just put the constitution listen and morality aside for a second to sort of minor things. Let us talk about, trumps, rationale, which is it will improve national security and he's dead wrong. This will absolutely weak international secure,
because first of all, ices and other terrorist groups are going to use it to recruit against us. They already are on twitter, not that hard to see and inspire attacks against us inspire attacks against our troops, that's happening and then second, it's gonna be harder to get people like Mohammed to come work with us and that I remember the data Mohammed showed up at our base in the morning for work like you did every day he said Psmith I have to quit. I can't work anymore Mohammed with what happened is well. Some insurgents came to our house last night and said that they will kill me or my family. If I continue working- and I convinced him to stand the job, because what we are doing together was that important and because we would take care of him and he
trusted me? He trusted the Marines to do that. But how do you think those conversations are going in places like Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria today, not very well. What are we? What do you think that the steps are to deal with the revised travel ban that they put in place right? Because one thing that struck me as they do the first ban? It causes incredible. You know something people, I just dropped. Your travels are disrupted. There's all these protests, the revised band was signed. It was sort of quiet, he didn't do in front of cameras and we've all sort of says like a typical trump we forget about something and then we serve move on to the next and because we can't stay outrage right. So what you think sort of the that the steps are now on the ban will. First of all, we just gotta be honest with people that this is a muslim men like this is the same thing you haven't changed. They ve made it a little bit more legally acceptable. I think it's still gonna be found illegal and it absolutely
doesn't do anything to approve the National security picture. I may still going to be used by our enemies against us in the same way as the previous one was, so we need to just make sure but he understands that that's the first time getting so do they were serve rely on the core clear. At this point I mean or genetic we had I as a precautionary like how do we motivate people actually change public opinion, barring that doing, do you think we're stuck waiting for courts, rule that it does didn't change at all because they worked out the green cards. Well, it's another time when we need courage from people, especially folks, on the other side, the aisle who can stand up and say no, this is still really bad and as a veteran, that's what the reason why I speak about it? and I don't just talk about the constitutional issues. I'm actually one of the only members of Congress is not a lawyer, but as you talk about the national security implications and what this means for our troops,
the guys that were asking to put their lives on the line every day, because it's bad, it's really bad. What do you think about how things are going in Iraq, specific effort, its retake muscle in the decision that was made by Obama to send more troops back into theater, and it sounds like Trump Haskins during an even bigger increase, the fuck to a thousand deaths of the irony, was President Obama's policy in a rock is that it actually was really successful militarily in the sense that I mean just from pushing ISIS back, I mean ISIS controls next to no territory today compared to what they did early on. Now, I'm not going back to how ISIS got started in a rock and there's a lot of criticism that I think President Obama deserve,
just how allowing this political vacuum to form that ISIS then came to occupy, but when he made the decision to go after ISIS, he started doing so very successfully, and so the motors done well. But the problem is that: how do we prevent the same situation that got us ISIS in the first place, which was a political vacuum that some terrorist group came in to fill right so that we have to be asked as to question? We have to be asking it's not what the military strategy is, a defeat this is. What is the political strategy to ensure that Iraq can be stable enough, that we don't have ISIS to point no coming down road. It causes a lot of ways. Isis really is a kind of Iraq to point out that that's what's going on, you think having as secretary of state that doesn't ever speak in public and no wonder secretaries, its and secretaries is a good one. I escaped Ashley S front and we must use budget cuts me to those concern you as someone who's. They don't
They don't like concern me. They concern secretary, Madam Secretary medicines, that if you cut the state department you better by me more ammunition, and that me that more Americans, young Americans are gonna die because we're not doing diplomacy, and so it requires troops to go it and so my criticism of President Obama is the same as my criticism of present trump. We don't need a new military strategy against ices. We do need to draw more bombs or send more troops. We need a political energy. So we have an end game so that at the and the day Iraq and take care of its own national security, and we can finally come home for good, How do you like in Congress. So it's an idea now are expected to be emails, so I didn't grow up like interest in politics. I wrote in follow politics at all. I decide that I wanted to do something to give
I can so I went into the Marines had so much respect for those you know these. They one thousand eight hundred and nineteen old kids who put their lives on the line every single day. for safety and freedom, and this was just before September eleven, so I didn't know I've getting into a war when I made that decision, but but ended up going ended. Forty in iraq- and I thought over the course of those towards. I saw some of the consequences of failed decision making in Washington failed leadership in Washington, making a lot of political decisions about how to fight the war that affected. On the ground. Was there any one specific decision that you remember hearing that you thought I need like, for example- and I remember when President Bush got up for the country said the sector. Defence is not doing a great job, so it's time for him to go, and he did that just after they lost emitters. Right- and I wanted to say you know what. Mr President, you are right, a letter
to the mother of every eighteen year old who die between the time you knew that Rumsfeld had to go and when it was politically convenient because the mid terms to fire him. So that's gonna. I thought about it, but look. Listen! I get out of the Marines. I went to business school. I took a job down in Dallas Texas, like every aspiring Massachusetts politicians to Dallas Texas right so this it's not what I expected to do, but there is a great new nonprofit call new politics out there and they are recruiting service veterans to run for office, because we ve never had fewer veterans in Cairo and our nations history that we do today and not just military veterans by the way, but like city year teach for America, Peace Corps veterans and founder and maturity actually call me up and said: you are run for cars and I said I'm living in Dallas Texas, like I'm not moving back to Massachusetts, you this crazy idea, but she kept after me if that night someone asked me set, we gonna
Against that I couldn't remember the cars and his name. That's how checked out politics I was but but ended up taking on this income at this eighteen year incumbent who I said was too partisan and not getting anything done and want a pretty tough primary and and A tough general election in twenty fourteen, so I'm very new to this whole thing. I've only been in politics for about two years. But when I ran the number one when I got in a campaign, trail was not hate. What do we do about ices, or what do we do about a bomb care? It was said why? Why do you want to get involved, cogs hundreds of broken everyone hates Congress? Why? Why did you do so out, and you know what nobody asked a question today. Everyone says, because I've got some cause. Congress is now psychotherapist, because my God suddenly realised with the administration that we ve got congresses really important. Have you found it frustrating
horse is frustrating everyday, but you know what, if you go there to be frustrated, you never going to make a difference. I think it's disproportionately. The older people to people who've been there for a long time who just kind of get cynical and say off. This is just whereas now we're gonna change, and I think, if I get to that point this time for me to move on, do you see a mean Do you see? A new generation of of of representatives are coming to the fore. I mean absolutely you know and look when I ran, I was running against the party. I mean every, when in the party was against me, because I was running against an incumbent rights while not a party guide, all but dumb, but one of the people Party just said that I'm a pair The number one recruiter right now in its because of all these veteran too, are coming out of the woodwork alot of people, but per especially veteran to come to me and said: hey. If you can do this, I want to do it too. We need better people in government, and so this is one of the best things too.
I'm out of the election. In fact, if you, if you make a list of all the good things to come out of the election number one, is new people getting involved in politics wanting make a different? Now I don't know a number is, but a resort on that will work on that. But this is exciting. I mean this is the future. This is how we can change things in Washington is to get new people. People who come there having you no word for something a little bit bigger than themselves or their political party get those kind of people in Congress to shower serving. Should we term limit leadership positions Committee's members of Congress themselves to help that process? Absolutely, I think, would be a big help. I think, of a big help. I mean I mean look. It's is long past time for a new generation of leadership in Washington, but especially
Democratic Party, and I think that one of the things that we Democrats have to come to terms with this. We lost and we did just lose a little. We lost badly not just in this election, but he put out of the last few elections together like weren't, who are in dire straits and we're not gonna we're not gonna fix, I just I being the Trump opposition. We could have a new vision. We can have a forward looking vision and you know it Trump has left us a great opportunity to cause a lot of people about how the economy dominate this election will trumps vision for the economy is entirely backwards. Looking its let's go back to nineteen fifty five, you know because everything was I mean, stooping was happy back. Then it was real race but the vulgar go back in the coal mines. We're gonna go back into these manufacturing jobs that they didn't just go to Mexico They ve been automated out of existence right. So this is a tool
the unrealistic vision it backwards, looking its pessimistic, but is also just not going to happen, and I was really fooled by this. So this is a great opportunity for for Democrats to get out there and say: let's develop and economic vision for the future, that in raises the new economy and says to everybody in America, not just people in Silicon Valley, Cambridge Massachusetts or Austin Texas, but everybody in America we want you to be a part of the new economy. We need you to be a part of the new economy and here's how so you ve talked about the soul, but you told what the economy you know the fine politics always is trade. That's hurting us is it foreign competition and obviously a huge challenge. Forests is automation right on measures taken, you sound, so we hear a lot of people talk about that, but what are some policies are ideas like where is the next generation of jobs gonna come from, and what should Democrats be saying? What is the economic vision for Democrats will? First of all it day when I start asking this question after election are realising that,
an answer that their yeah, whose democratic is figuring out? That's no response! I guess I'm so so worked to work on this now, but one thing is here. Is that a motion in almost all the damage, pretty of new jobs have been created in the last ten years in America, come from entrepreneurs from new businesses, and this makes it's right because of its truly a new economy. Then it's not just the old line businesses where you're gonna get new jobs is not just the old companies are suddenly gonna start hiring people instead of firing them and hiring robots right. So we we need a much more embrace new economy. That means entrepreneurship, muses phrase, economic dynamism at how quickly or business starting. So one of the things I mean not that saving Barack Obama, but you know great top line numbers for the economy for the economic recovery under President Obama one measure that doesn't look good, starting new businesses. Actually more businesses went out of existence under President Obama's term than than than were started so that something we have
reverse, because new businesses with new ideas, creed, new jobs, that sort of by definition, succeed in the new activity. But here's the thing there are a lot of new businesses. Actually here in Austin Texas, there a lot of new businesses in Massachusetts. There a lot of new businesses in in the Bay area I'm valley, but they're, no new businesses in Middle America, the white. Why are we starting businesses in these few coastal cities or these unique places like Denver Austin, but we're not starting businesses in the heartland? That's a question we gotta answer is a question. You know we sort of Bunderby against the same problem to which is the Eu S. Questions are worse than you economic fishing, to come from every second guess from us from someone from by Us Democrats from nobody really knows where I guess like for listening. Spur effort for people like what can they do to help you part of this process? Who can they push you? Can they asked questions have because I do agree with you. I think one of the big counterforces figuring out what that vision is.
Will you write and look at what the this energy is coming? This election is is fantastic and a lot of people want to involve all the things that we did back in my district in Massachusetts. Is we just held this forum where people cook out and meet a bunch of different organizations that are doing things now. This was kind of like environmental organizations, women's rights organization, specifically groups that fell targeted by the Trump administration, and we had hundreds and hundreds of people come out just a kind of wander around and talk to somebody. Oaks and it and get involved. So I think that, in the same way as people are are are helping out with those kind of movement. We need to get some energy behind figuring out these economic challenges and if you can figure them out and and and get some get behind some Democrats who have that I can vision for the future, then what we're not going to be able to help people were to start winning elections again? Why would you
Democrats get wrong and what it will specifically with the message right like what would you improve upon with the Democrats message looking to try Sixteen back between sixteen and looking at the twenty eight. Well, you know in some ways are election during this presidential camp? Our message during this presidential campaign, And was was just kind of like you know things. Aren't that bad? things have gotten better under Obama, which is true of an overall. You know, and he was dealt a terrible hand by President Bush and he did orchestrated a magnificent economic recovery overall, but a lot of people are left out and Trump Here's to speak to those people, and he said I know you're hurting, and here some crazy idea for how it's going to be fixed and people aren't stupid. Americans are stupid. A lot of those people knew that that wasn't realistic. A lot of the coal miner's know that those coal jobs are never coming back, but they said, what it least he gets that I'm hurting any says something. It may not be real
but at least it says something meanwhile Ilusha saying While she sang is things are that bad in that guy's? Not that guy job is not well, that's not a winning campaign message. So so so we have to have a message they actually reaches out to everybody and says I know you're hurting. I feel you I hear you, listen and working to work together, we're going to figure out a plan to get you back in the account. Do you think it's a question of framing too because so Hilary people would say- and Hilary might say we have this like mountain of policy papers. Right, look at our website. We have all these workers with all these ideas. In the economy right- and she would give these major economic speeches all the time- re didn't breaks, people, obviously in part because going there was countless trop right. Well, that's what I'm saying so like howdy. Looking ahead to like twenty two and twenty twenty, you can imagine a lot of these Democrats saying I have ideas on how to fix the economy here, they are and then Trump twinning something crazy, making
of them and then that's the new cycle right like how did Democrats basically breakthrough with sort of a new message and and and new ideas. What I think thing is you eat you ve gotta have new leaders, you ve gotta, have new people that sort of represent this new generation of right of the Democratic Party, and I think this is part of it is an image problem. I may look one of the best cases to make for the fact that we have an image problem is. If you look at all these reams of policy papers, there really good for a lot of trumpeters right. That's the joker! This election is a Trump voters voted against their interests. For this crazy guy who rise in a golden elevator? And so that's how bad or mess
problem is it we don't actually have to change our policies so much as as we just need to make sure they connect to real people's lives, and you think that's for using that's. Basically a question of. We just need new people arriving at a huge part of it, so you took to their recruitment effort so you're, making this big push Rickard veterans. Do you find that you're able to have a better conversation? I form policy with someone like cars. Mckinsey are served me utterly. Do U S serves the item on our agenda within two days ago and is not live one from another, Leonardo irreversibly re yet Airforce Carson and he looked. There are things we disagree on Sure, but they're always used to be this tradition in America, where those partisan disagreements would end at the water s edge, and we could at least be united on foreign policy, and I think you still see that a large part among veterans
so I serve on the ARM Services Committee and I do a lot of things across the aisle with republican veterans. What and the foreign policy agenda of challenges trample face an export eight years, hopefully for what it, what worries you the most or what you think is the greatest threat. We face russia- and you know people- ask me a question a lot and I used to we have five months ago. I answer this question by saying we are to think about this short term medium to long term and in the short term, the grave threat from terrorism not just like a lot of people, but the reaction that we might have the terrorism that might fundamentally changed our values. Our constitution in the media, term. It's a resurgent Russia than in the long term to hyper competitive China and now I answer that question by saying in the short term, it Russia trying to undermine our democracy in them the term its Russia trying to undermine John, not just our democracy but other democracies across the world and in the law. long term its Russia, because we might not even get to the long term, because we could literally have a nuclear war with let him your Putin see
worried about like the asymmetrical cyber attacks and the near term. Did you think that a fifty four or ten percent increase in military spending is appropriate to manage that threat because you'd word about a long term nuclear threat or like what horizon? Are you look? It all depends on how we spend and if we're cutting the state Department were cutting, our diplomats are the same. as for expanding our military, it will absolutely make things worse and I know I said a pretty strong statement. There were so we can get it in nuclear war. Someone unpacked that forsakest, please, please do try to cheer you up nobody. It is scary, but this is this. What we have to we have. This is a threat. We move that we face today. Russia's changes doctrine, now willing to use tactical nuclear weapons. They have this idea that they can escalate to de escalate or what happens if Russia uses a tactical nuclear weapon in Europe, especially if Donald Trump,
president who, by the way, has a soul decision making authority over the use of nuclear weapons and yes to sleep well tonight, what happens? He p fires and look at them and that escalates there quickly very quickly. Russia right now is violating one of our landmark nuclear weapons treaties actually ask the vice chair of the joint Chiefs of staff in a hearing this past week. If there are vital aid in the treaty- and he answered me- he said yes, it was the first time the administration has said publicly for the offence. The duty has had publicly that Russia is violating this treaty. This is a big deal. Folks, Russia is violating a nuclear weapons treaty and what has trumped on about it, isn't even tweeted about it. That's out of Mars low wages that Marzano I'm in a fucking talk about it! So look I don't want to end on a pessimistic. I don't want to be pessimistic here, but the, but these threats are real. Restructuring are real and and and ass. The exercise real danger that Russia poses? So when you have
an administration that wants to cosy up to these guys when they're trying to undermine our democracy? And you don't have republic? Democrats standing together to oppose them. You know it prudent going too he's gonna, take the same message you do it did in the Crimea, he's gonna say well. I just tried something pretty bald, worked, so you know I do want to do no more, but are there any conversations like on the Jim or in the hallways, what we were like hey. This is getting kind of serious. Maybe you Paul Ryan. Maybe you could find some courage, spine, rent one I wonder whether we can hear these modern report can stand up beside John Mccain, Lindsey, Graham and a couple of well. There are a few unless acknowledge John Mccain Linsey Grandfather, the cars that their their share I think we can get morn. I think some of that will come from from other veterans amidst notable that those are both veterans right, but cars seems to be a short supply wash in these days, in the House, Jim. I go everyday and part of bipartisan work. Our group there's there's too
groups that work out together. Let me just a business, there's one that does this p ninety acts, which is kind of like dancing around, and what not and the one of those cross fit and others Paul Ryan and I are not the same work our group, but in any event, when you go to the house Jimmy the morning like people are very real and people know that this is a problem. People know that their there their presence crazy, but then they put a suit on and get on from a press conference and save this guy's gray, and I can't wait to work for. Why do you think that is you? You always say? Colleges encourage more than anything else is was missing in DC today that that, for a long time What what is it is incentives, or is it just people wanted to keep their jobs for the invasion of self preservation. I mean you know That is one of the reasons. Why look? I don't think you should you have to be a veterinary for Congress and I should think it should be a litmus test, but one recent, why we'd be overall, more healthy. If we have more veterans is like, like
taking greater risks in life than than than losing my job in Congress right. So so, when you can have put that in perspective, ah here, I'm arose during training or life. The catches of hers was asking us was really really long, Loveday rough day late at night, he said you know, hey guys was a tough day and we all agree is really really tough. As I know we died so wasn't today, and I think that some of that perspective, when your work, the party politics and you now am. I gonna get primary all this up. That really doesn't matter when you're talking about preventing from undermining our democracy. I think that that perspective my help and and if people are spotting each other in the dream. Is that, like a it's like you, switching off on Michael Apple down, yeah yeah have a good time for some audience. Question evaluates got around but yeah. It's a very good thing if we wait you're, better right, you're working to smaller muscles
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ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with square space. They would have questions for prosperity and I M a friendly pie decisions, it's easy to. I want to know if you think that the media puts too much attention on his tweets instead of you know say: ok yeah. He twitter something crazy, but it's a distraction for this. Let's talk about this because I know there is the whole thing would on women in that guy who is like this is fake news, thus stop talking about his tweet, but he kind. I had a point lake nonsense that its make news cause. That's not what we ve all kind of kind of big news is now but Innocence is like: why are we talking about the fact that he's tweeting sending crazy? Let's talk about the fact that you know all these, like other,
really intense things are happening. That investigations aren't going fast enough or aren't going through at all, or you know You saying you know this closed door than we know this. Because of this, and there's all these leaks and doing need to put more pressure on the media to focus in and not get so easily distracted because I mean we all and I'm sure everyone in this room has been following the very closely on twitter and follow a lot of journalists and do the homework? But there is not a lot of people who do that? You know. There's people who you know just be like: in moments or Facebook Twitter. I mean not Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Newsfeeds in Don't do their homework in its frustrating when they're like? Oh, I can't believe I tweeted that, unlike yes, but what about death, then early Kristen, you're, crazy, yeah? Look! It's really tough.
Because he's the president of the United States and he's tweeting, crazy, lies and and tracking things about important issues, I think it's either It's hard to say: oh, they should be written about. It We ignored, but I think it is important to be putting them in contacts so One thing I think that has happened is There is a long time. Are you see a trump sweet and enormous, and maybe a headline Tropic uses zones of acts or Tromp says Trump says Obama wiretapped your writing. You still see some of that, but I think that the keeping is making sure that these things are putting it putting contracts which is Trump Prs basis allegation in the midst of Russia Investigation right, like I think it's not necessarily about whether the tweet itself is a distraction which of course, of course, can be. It's just making sure that it's in the right context- cars with years like past tweets around on the floor and has had code when you're with your colleagues member when, when something came out
and it was early in the morning and I unwashed looked at the news yet so these I walk in guys are all talking about something, and I wouldn't what's going on as well as another, totally absurd thing that the present did in this was republic. In saying this, I remember thinking to myself. You know you know: what's absurd is not, tromp did that because trumpets and absurd person? What absurd is that you support this guy election? Still, though, still do the apparently in the gym, it's like in the gym their great guys they put their suit. They become maniacs if it's hard, because I agree like the problem- is that the media has sort of a built in incentive to cover more sensational, trivial things and they do substance. That's existed long before Trump, but I do mean he is the present. It states like lots, and so when he does to something you serve, have to cover it. The question is the balance between, if
up is tweeting and if he's a suck like making fun of trucks, humor and calling and fictitious humor, whatever you know like- is that as important as, if trumpets tweeting about a policy issue, in which case you do want to cover it, because he's appreciated states that could have implications for millions and millions of people. Let's give credit where credit is due, sizzling nice about Donald Trump, he's actually good at manipulating the media yeah. He is he's gonna that Bulgaria is a showman enemies, in any event, manipulating media. Since long before he was in politics, and he knows he knows what rabbits that they'll chase right Maybe it's like we wouldn't say a teacher was good. It manipulating your kids. Could she gave him all Orioles hundreds they like it? Is there that the present? about how to get to the bottom of a well. That goes to that. As an interesting thing too. I dont know that desire. People like our trump is trying to distract us from acts. I dont know if there's that much thought necessarily behind what he does verses. What's just an impulse
He wakes up. He sees something on morning, Joe Racy, something on CNN, something on a fox and friends, and you just says: grab my phone in a minute speak my mind about this, like I dont know that it's a planned out strategy, but it happens. You know- and I do think like any the media's been getting better about it better about covering substance, but this is like sort of a longer a bigger issue which is in the media has to do with the means to do at least for Democrats. I think we have to do a better job of focusing on like specific issues and policies from Trump that are actually can affect people's lives because we're not gonna win. If we just say oh trumps, at something crazy. Isn't that not write like we have you actually have to talk about how his healthcare policy is going to affect, because by the way we tried that that's how we try to win that population that we all what Hilary fall into the trap of all of US felon? a trap right is this like something trump does is crazy. We do two days about it. The news goes there. We
there too, and all we're talking about is the crazy thing. We're not talking about the policies that he just put in place are gonna hurt, ran we're not talking about a plan, our plan, our strategy right about how we want to help people. Thank Human David Modigliani. I'm a high school friend of Tommy visitors from back when he dominated the weight room set about half a million mustangs nice car, smouldering thanks so much for a service to the country and on behalf of the great stale Massachusetts you spoke about, the economic distress, predicting the Heartland and Donald Trump ability to communicate to those people reach out to say you know, even if his ideas don't make sense, I feel you. I feel that you're hurting he seemed at all be very successful in dividing those folks from those, for example, in inner cities,
might be feeling very similar economic distress? A very similar sense of hopelessness, a lack of resource food deserts, not availability of credit and other economic resources, as we think about the Democrats, vision moving forward and the story that were telling, what can we do to help those groups of peace? bull understand that essentially their fates are linked and why can we do two to. I guess whether it's telling stories, whether it's putting me up connecting those folks, I guess, on a national level, to prevent the successful division that has led to so many electoral success has Salma have a Republicans in yeah? It's a great question. I mean when people are hurting, they tend to go back into the corners and that's part of what we saw in this election. But you know, I think, back to my experience in the in the marine sand. In my platoon I had Marines from all over the country.
from Massachusetts Evermore, but also from Alabama taxes from re from a gate, a community s, other parts of Utah on turn, resume intercity broken York and we came together with remarkably different backgrounds, different religious beliefs. from political beliefs, but at the end of the day we were able to set aside those differences to do was best for the country. We had a mission, and I think what Democrats need to give to Americans is is a mission and to talk about how you know everybody is entitled to the american dream a lot of people. You describe feel like they are: have access to the American dream anymore. They ve lost a job and have a prospect for getting a new job and, even worse, their kids might be worse off than they are today. The american dream is about everybody having the potential to to succeed, not everybody will by the way, but everybody has a chance, and that happens when people come together when people from different backgrounds, when I benefit from
guys guys from Alabama Texas and Michael Platoon cuz. I know that they know things. I don't know. I think if we as Democrats can give that mission really show plans. The american people it'll help bring folks together in you, mention another great way to do that earlier, which is America or city year. National satisfy rooms. I think that we have watch Paul Ryan from from getting the budget for these per year and when I came back from Iraq as amazed by how much had in common with people who had just gone in certain Intercity School New Orleans for a few years, because you had that experience of serving our country of putting your country first and if in an inn in going back to the fundamental ideals in our constitution, that caused the kind of things that the Donald Trump just doesn't care. If he shreds right up the most Americans note, the constitution is important that the oath I took as a marine is the same oath. I took to protect and defend the constitution, a United States of America,
as you know, said, carton cares aggression. You know we talk a lot about politics, obviously, but but there is also the Shoah about Europe anyway, but but but but partly about culture, and I think one thing- the Donald Trump Appeals to is a sense that you know their treating you like suckers, you have to get what you are how's your ticket bad? I mean Trump gotta lotta aiming to do for you. What I did for myself right. I take advantage of people, take advantage of people for you, but little bit part of his appeal and a little bit of his dog eat dog reality. Tv show idea. Tissue and and and and I think that is something that sick in our culture now this people's sense it like a people taken vendor system. I should do the same so so, culturally. What do we do to incorporate a bet sense of solidarity mission, a sense of of selflessness in our in our culture impulse.
Look, I'm gonna go back to a Tommy sectors, I'm a huge, huge believer national service, and if, if young people in Amerika, I don't think we should have a draft, and I think you should be required to serve the country. But I think it should be an expectation that you gotta do something and if we got back to that point, America General Mcchrystal is a big advocate financial service too. He talks about getting to a point where, when you have a job interview when you're thirty, just the first question off the back as people want to know is what did you do deserve? Where did you help, and maybe it was in Iraq- is a marine, maybe wasn't new Orleans and see year? Maybe it was something in your committee right where you live, but you did something to serve the country and you got that experience of making some personal sacrifices to do what's best, not just for America, but for us people around you. When I was in the Marines in this war that I buy the way didn't agree with, I mean I thought she was a little crazy get us into rocks as crazy as Trump. He looks right now.
Who would have thought that was gonna happen, darkies skyrocketing man, but but you know alive, what I was doing every day was just lookin out for the for the guys to my left to my right, because we believed in each other and that we are talking about right. It is It is believing in each other enough that you don't want to take advantage of the system. You don't wanna scanned the system because gonna hurt somebody else who matters. I don't like Watson here from Austin Texas, scuttled allergies. Governors as someone who didn't know you prior to come into this room, very impressed with you. My questions is simple: would you ever run for that's not directed at love it with an I'm. I'm thinking about God save a lot of decision that thing about my family I'd ever considered running, but obviously the interests is something that really moving in the eyes are rolling hard there again
next question. I got it. I was to give you space to come up with a way of saying: that's, not something, I'm interested without giving yourself an option. Literally got asked about running for Congress two years ago. I mean you, know a nice guy. Look. The thing is, saying to me, is the fact that there are a lot of work. Exciting dark eyes out there, but there are a lot of exciting Democrats coming out of the woodwork and down, and I think that's the exciting thing about what's going on in the and the party right now, but. look women yet, but most people don't even know who- I am I mean, follow me out so on Twitter. I need like every twitter followers get at this point. You raised himself. That was very presidential. Maybe I do tweet myself when I used to brag about it as they used to thought like a great thing about the only members of Congress, does zone tweets, not kind of like a thing for Firefox all
people in the room and everyone back home listening this on their phone. If you hear a congressmen like Carson Old and new really want sport them gone. The website, given ten bucks Time does not spend fund raising any can be working on policies Tommy is a fundraiser. I gave you some money, and the day when you and ass you re on the refugee crisis, I should disclose that you now didn't before So it's yours, so so the cars here just reward the big donors? Maybe you should be President up time for one more question thing: Maxwell rules be from New York City and I wanted to link together to two thoughts that I was mauling over. The congressmen mentioned Economic dynamism
and also the need for the Democrats to provide a mission for people, I feel like organised labour and unions were a great way to give people a mission at scale the jobs that sort of welcome unionization were also among the first to be automated. So I wonder how you link together. The need to create that mission with the need to create economic dynamism and those entrepreneurs are probably the one in ten thousands than one and a millions. So how do you link those people together so that you get the scale of labour with the economic dynamism?
and there is a great question I don't I don't know. I haven't, though, the full answer, but I'll tell you this, that there are a lot of people after the election. A lot of Democrats got really angry that many union members voted for. Tromp has started, saying, looked the union's abandoned us, but the union abandoned us. We abandoned them. We weren't looking out for these people who are who are losing their jobs, automation who are worst Their jaws go away in in have a chance to get it back, and you know what a union's great if you're in the union and you ve, got a job in your bargaining for for better, better wages. Unita really important for that. but if you don't have a job at all, then you know do do much good, and so we do have to figure out how to headache how to connect these two, because they matter me, people should have the freedom to organise and we need a union to support wage growth because wage growth matters that one of the good things is that the new businesses generally led to wage group growth.
So bringing those two together. I think this is something we need to figure out squash. Thank you. So much to congressman own for joining us today raised great arousing. The people came out often we'll be back next week.
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