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Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan hold a live show at Seattle’s Showbox SoDo Theater, where they’re joined by Washington Governor Jay Inslee to talk health care, activism, and the future of Democratic Party.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the gentleman from POD save America I'm John Mother, I'm mean even go to Denver for all right. Thank you all for coming. Thank you for tweeting pistachio at me.
I appreciate that we have Governor Jay, in the house. We are very excited about that but first what a week alright. So, let's start with we're going to start an end with trump care. Are you guys on the fence? welfare stop trying to make. Okay. So here's the Good NEWS, the bill that passed, the house will never be law because it's good this? Basically, they pass it in all the republican senators or at least enough republican center just said fuck that no! This is crazy.
Uhm, but the bad news is Republicans in the Senate are going to write their own bill. Uh and the bad news is, they feel even more pressure to pass something so I think where we start, because we've been talking a lot about how bad the house bill is, but that has bill is basically dead on arrival in the Senate. What do we think the Senate bill could look like. Thirteen white, guys, thirty. There are times where there are three well anyway well! Well, I yes is giving these give and take quizzes do and then there's TED. Wild card said um. What do we think Dan wanted to talk about when I think the bill could look like yeah. Not good, it's very hard. They will it's very they like it. So people are saying they need fifty. They can do this. Fifty votes
they can pass. But if you wanna try, if you want a it's, fifty or less my credit departments to put fifty four and then there's pets, another white guy and the so it has to fit certain rules, right to the right can only be really about it can't raise the deficit, it can't really be Bop. It's got to be about quote unquote, budget right, and so they are very limited in what they can do right, but they will start from there's a bill that was done by Cassidy. Collins, I think it was called, Louisiana and call Susan Collins Center for Maine who who wrote a bill which was also terrible but less bold and other alternatives image. Mcconnell responded to that very reasonable responsible for their part by inviting neither of them to be on the committee, that's having a one, she can pass the test of being a man, so she could get there yes and so
it's a it's gonna you're, interesting, because there's not a lot. To the right of Obamacare that you can do and still maintain sort of the most popular parts of Obama care like protection for existing conditions, it's going to be soon they can do the the one depressing part of this is You should never underestimate Mitch. Mcconnell the people in the house or a collection of clowns but Mitch Mcconnell is he's. He's an evil genius very on the evil, but he's smart and so that's worrisome. Yeah. I think The truth is, there's a great deal of uncertainty. We don't know what they'll consider reconciliation proof right, like so reconciliation- is a budget process about adjusting taxes and spending and that's their limitation. But it's a lot you can. On the regulatory front there? Because you can leave a regulatory regulation
in place, but make the penalty zero dollars and all of a sudden the regulation is gone away. It's also not clear what they'll force through that process. You know you already seen people at the Heritage Foundation, others writing that the health care process shouldn't beholden to the whims of the parliamentarian, which is a pretty glib way to refer to the rules of also we are. We we now live in where there is no judicial filibuster. There's no rule that says these people can't get rid of the, filibuster, they said they don't want to do that. There aren't right now, fifty one votes in the Senate to get rid of the main filibuster, but things change very quickly and obviously, made to be broken, ask judge of the Supreme Court Merrick Garland, so won't wall. I mean it seems as if the so the House bill cuts,
one hundred and eighty billion dollars for Medicaid. It has the whole pre existing condition. Ascential benefit loophole. Where states can eliminate those things is, is if Republicans in the Senate have already said that they don't want those things. There is a group of Republicans in the Senate, specifically, who said they don't want huge Medicaid cuts right right, the dean, Heller and Jeff Flake Dean Heller, some the bad guy in the 70s for movie but they're in some states, where the Indeed, Medicaid and they up for reelection in two thousand and eighteen, so that could be some sort of moderating influence on their ability to cash. That program yeah I mean, I guess what I'm getting is I think that the bill that comes out of the Senate takes away the worst of what you say. The house, but at some point they still have to like it's basically going to be Obamacare, but with the going to cut Medicaid by
amount they're going to turn the subsidies cities into tax credits and make them less generous and It's just. It's still be a pretty shitty bill, but the question is to pass. Senate. You need, like TED Cruz, Rand, Paul and MIKE Lee, and all these people on the right were basically like the house. Freedom caucus to agree with it and you're going to need like Susan Collins and LISA Murkowski, who already said they won't sign on to a bill that the funds planned parenthood to sign on to it to get fifty one votes. So that's the challenge of the St Louis. Over this whole process in the Senate is what we just watched take place in the house. The Paul Ryan releases, this first version of the republican Healthcare bill and it's arable bill. Eight, the subsidies are less generous, is basically just a giant tax cut and benefit cut described. Your bill, but it the shape of Obamacare right it had it on a lot, protections, but it had that part in place it reduced all the sub cities. Have that part in place cut all the taxes I mean so.
And also made cuts to Medicaid but retain the shape of a here, and what did we learn? It was a conservative enough. Terrible terrible kind of war version of Obamacare care couldn't pass the what they have to do that to go into it. Add a bunch of waivers for states so that freedom, caucus members could say my the state will be far crueler than you would think. And then they got a bunch of cowardly, craven, moderate moderates What I know I'm so sick of seeing you is not a moderate, alright, for those listing at home, the lights dimmed and went back up and the audience panics guys we get from this moment on we're going to through everything like you guys can just roll with it and we'll roll with it who is president?
things are going to happen. I don't even know what we're talking about once again on the fence on the sense, but anyway we learned what could get through the house. Now things change right, there's going to be a Senate bill, it will not be as conservative as what pass through the house. We don't know what will happen in conference. If there is a conference we also We also saw how quickly people like Darrell, ISA and other Republicans from swing districts folded under the pressure of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, and the pressure would only mount if we're not not just passing a house bill, but passing something that Donald Trump would sign into law. So just a ton of uncertainty about what comes next yeah Maybe uncertainty so let's get to the politics.
All always the Senate parliamentarian the to lose out for a second who wins and who loses John. We train them well, so the only thing that most of these house Republicans knew about The bill? They were voting for was that most Americans hated it, so the question is: why did they do this? Why did they vote for this bill? I'm guessing. Some just wanted to be cruel and so we have a lot of them. Hadn't read the bill. I don't know. What's in it, what forces that were pushing them to do look John, a lot of people. They dedicate a life like service. They run for Congress once in a lifetime, you the to take healthcare from cancer victim. What is that going to come along again? We know from some of the, They were written that the
United States, Donald Trump didn't actually What was in the bill didn't actually was in the bill. Calling members of Congress swear. Get them. For whatever he just wanted to win. You know why We push this thing forward. I don't think that most members of the house give a shit about his political fortune. At the end of the day, there are self interested. So to answer your answer, your question, I guess maybe because they all promised it somewhere along the way they repeal Obamacare, so they feel they had to go through with something But I mean there a staggering number of members of Congress. Twenty four house Republicans who voted for this bill came from districts where Trump got less than fifty percent and fourteen of those districts, Hillary Clinton, one all of us should not be prognosticating 'cause, we suck at it as we learn before the election, but I never apologize and I will not you know, that's not a place. I would want to be politically yeah. Well so that's interesting now. I think these people are
are are political animals and they made a calculus and I think part of it has to see that they're looking at a situation where we're coming after them for the fact that this thing passed whether they voted for or not right. Like look, we saw the list of people. I think it's you're right. That is about four. I mean I fourteen voted. Yes, I think it's nine. They put it now in the district that Hillary Clinton won right and it's not like we're going to say, like you know what you guys devoted now, we're not coming for you coming for that. Your vote, a lot of every twenty one of them so but the other gonna look a lot better. Yeah voted for it, but but I think this is the sort of situation where they're looking at. We are going to be punished by and active and energetic left, and This is a moment where they could maybe do something for their base, who they do know once
That's my question, I'm I'm! They have no! No because they have been. They were clearly convinced by Paul Ryan and the White House, these house, members, that if we fail twice to pass this thing, the base will revolt or or the base will be depressed and they will come out to vote. But I I sort of heard that I was like I do I think these people fucking know who their bases anymore. Well, if they knew her their bases, they would have been able to stop Donald Trump for President United States right right and it's like. I don't think that the base is out there being like get rid of my health care. I don't want it like Look I mean what these people even in the swing districts are as scared or more scared of getting primaried from the right primary yeah. So this will look very different if it was later next year after the filing deadline, and all these things they're worried that bright Bart is going to come after them, there will be someone in a low turnout primary even in a district, that Hillary won. That is a very far right base. The other thing is
should not assume these people get this a lot of thought None of them read the bill. Yeah like Chris Collins. That was great, who congressman from New York, who was Trump's first congressional endorser, which is all you need to know, and he this informed by a reporter that the Billy does voted for cut it health care for people in his district it. And so they don't know what's in the bill, they get their rights. He was he was. He asked reporter to explain it to him, which is never how you should handle that situation which, by the way, I don't trust reporter, explain anything to me. We see the one who said he was asked, how he's going and then he said I don't know, I haven't read it. I was at baseball practice because he was preparing for the congressional softball game. I think there's someone else that actually happened, There's a person that stupid who was paid to vote for you. Also, they get all of their news and all of the Staff get all of their news from fox and bright. That they live in a world where this bill is popular Trump popular it pretty
for existing conditions, and they don't know any better, then read the bill. So it's We can't even walk All their shoes, nor would we want to and yeah sorry just look, even if these guys There's have enough whether or not they are taking what Fox NEWS and the right media says about this bill at face value. They know that that's what their people are saying, but so that's where the conversation that they have to be apart of is being had, and that creates an incredible dangerous dynamic for these people, and I thought well, The other thing that they were told is a lot of these members talk to their senators from their state and they were told that this would be fixed in the Senate. So a lot of them voted for it and said I hate this. Well, but you know like couple of a swing district from Florida. They said they talked to Marco Rubio,
all we okay, so they they they they knock three times on the door of the shelter and then Marco Rubio from inside. It's swings the thing and swings it thing it or so we and Marco Rubio with the beard, is eating out of a cold can of beans. What year is it out there as Trump still president? He is all fix the bill shuts the door closes at Margot, really show there are the you guys going to hear that again, that's a new one! That's fun! Also, do you know who does not care to this? If the Senate fixes the bill, who the people making the ads, that will be run against them right yeah, that was not a that was also play. You're, not you know, You don't get to say hi,
I did a very bad thing at work today, but I'm very confident that my colleagues will fix it. Can I can I keep my job in the other thing they said was well none of the states out there. None of the governor's are we're going to apply for this waiver on pre existing conditions or essential benefits, and then, of course, today our good friend, Scott Walker from Wisconsin, was like oh yeah, I'll. Take that that's great yeah, absolutely people going to be home in I'm in Walker Manor he went down first, loser to Donald Trump stopped, Altrive lost, you could say he's a first down trump or the only guy JEB Bush beat please clap, clap, that's for ten Miller, Miller Stuff, so
so, anyway, they end up to the big thing. The big reason they need all that they need to pass. This is thank you which one this is. This is mine. Well, I have a different here. I made a special request. I said: can you bring me a Seattle, local beer, that's as close to Miller Lite as possible. Thank you for the podcast listeners at home, beers, came on the stage, what don't don't specific things? Some cases Elisian bear love. You babe So this is a great segue 'cause. I was just about to talk about how inappropriate it was that they celebrated at the White House with beer. But here we are. The reason they were forced into this is: they knew that Donald Trump needed. Don't need to win and Paul Ryan needed a win because
is Paul. Ryan seemed like he was about to lose his job. Perhaps, and our good friend writes Priebus Spicer this job by the way, sad by the way, I have a feeling take that gal from his craving little fingers. If we can't get Paul Ryan out of that speaker in twenty eighteen. I don't know what's wrong. We have to. I don't want to finish that sentence, we're going what a one get that gavel and one
green hands. It's Nancy Polo sees gavel or someone else did you become cheaper plaza? I got it. Man table knows he's gal fever. If you had the chance. First of all, I have been a fan of Nancy Polo see since she passed a climate bill. We couldn't get through the Senate. Some come to me, John, not a crown, you can do this. We were in the studio and believe me all you want, and I'm here with the people monster monster mean we were we talking. I don't know healthcare healthcare, so the good
wait there, beers at the White House, they pound beers with the White House. They have this big celebration. I mean we're going. There's a long time did. We ever have a big seller, sure the White House, when a piece of just lay passed one house of no this. The most ridiculous thing is so pathological embarrassing that the press corps like going to cover this thing. Well, I was going to say we all think this is crazy and yet it work. Let's talk about the media reaction of what No we're going to do it. I don't watch it a big win for Donald Trump, Plaza across so what's left, it is internet is a win
it is in a rose garden, stand behind them. Taking pictures win. No, it's a it's a! I don't know a sports metaphor. It's first down in baseball terms. This is this is the champagne celebration after like the Alcs victory, this is a mission accomplished banner on an aircraft carrier celebration. I went no sports radio when they passed the whole thing and he signed the bill. That's not going to seem as good, but for now yes, that's going to be so there was so the media coverage was just like I haven't. Cable in awhile and I watched it to watch the vote and then suddenly it was like big win for Donald Trump and then and then everyone started yelling about the like three Democrats on the the four who were singing
Nananana, hey, hey goodbye, which was stupid. But by the way you don't cares. They just passed a bill to take healthcare from twenty four million people and all of a sudden everybody on CNN is in fuqing. Downton Abbey, like give me a god, dam break the decorum how inappropriate, while that that will offend the dowager countess Fucku. They are human beings and they are Democrats who are deeply upset about the fact that these people just voted for this awful fucking bill. And if they're going to take a moment to look at their gloating, republican colleagues and say you think you're winning, now we're going to show you and they got a little overzealous and we're a little tanky straight shooter. It's fine, but you act like that belongs to part of this conversation, which is about the entire healthcare system, which is one six of the economy, can be a fucking break, waiting for reply, so I don't care about the tacky part like it. They could have
giving them nuggies in like wedgy them off the floor. Fine, I don't care they're, terrible people, but you know the part that annoys me is like all the all the immediate punditry from the Democrats were like you're all going to lose your seat. This was you, can just staring death in the eye, guys That's not how you win. Voters talk about They just did to the people. They represent talk about the implication, the bill in terms of health care is like for me for me personally, I was sitting there watching jackasses. You know chanting in like go to the White House and I got a text from my step. Mom who's had cancer twice. So what does this mean? For me, as my cover is going to go up like you know, like literally terrified because of the uncertainty that this vote created, and I explained to her the stupid committee process and, like that's, gotta, go to send it back but those are the stories an focusing on people in those impacts or what's going to actually create the political consequences we want that happen from this horrible vote. So that's what annoyed and offended me about that stupid.
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Should we did we celebrate too early after the first time we stopped from care and think it was going to happen and then not see this and, like everyone, was mobilized a little bit too late. I think, and I'm trying to figure out what instead Saying yes or no to that, like what could have? Like reverse engineer, this whole thing what could have been done and when turn out in Wisconsin Pennsylvania, Michigan the house, is designed for this outcome, the House of design for them to be able to quickly engineer the worst possible vote in jam it through with used boats possible. You don't have like the Senate procedural tricks to slow everything down in the house, although I was saying what is he on Mondays POD, they were To avoid a government shutdown, but all the leverage, because they could not pass the bill without democratic votes. I'm
not sure where they went ahead and voted without saying we will not vote on this shutdown bill unless you at least wait for a funky Cbo score for this bill, or else we're not gonna. Do that? Yes, you look, I I still haven't. I don't get any answers on. You know we had to have been added everyone. I think you're right. I think that certainly would be one way to go. The other thing is, I I think we were caught flat, footed, which it was dead and it was dad, and I think we were not prepared for just how quickly they be willing to do this and that they'd be willing to do it without waiting for your score me like they did they release this thing. You know, first of all, so we're also victims of Donald Trump in that Donna Trump said it's not that I haven't given up and we Soon he was lying it again, and maybe in that moment he was, but we take him at his word in part because he lies so often and it did see and then all of a sudden. This thing comes back to life and
hearings. There's no Cbo score, there's one hour of debate. That is unprecedented. You know seven years ago, Paul Ryan demanded the Nancy Pelosi, wait for Cbo score, and we did Paul Ryan himself is said. You should wait for Cbo Score thirty three days of debate Justin Amash, supposedly principled. Member of the house is the person who said he'll, read the bill and make sure it's go through the proper debate channel, then all of a sudden, of course, is a photo. I don't know what to do so. I We were caught off guard by just how willing they'd be to race this thing through before a score. I think the question is: what do we do now? Yes, right right, and so there are a couple. Thanks, one there's a handful of senators. You mentioned to write, Heller and Flake who up in twenty? dean, Heller, Nevada, Jeff, Flake, Arizona there up in twenty eighteen world, the coast, everyone go camp out in Arizona Nevada and, however, there are challenges. Are let's get that cheap real estate buy a second house, that's six months one day. So that's why there's two?
their their home for recess right now. This is very big and they need I feel, like someone tweeted, the house, Republicans just killed. Two x dog, So that's what this seems to be liking hate that movie because of that scene. I can't do well mixing entire purpose of the movie spoilers, not seen it yet because everyone says. Oh, you go to see John Wick, it looks better it's better than it looks. I don't it's not a spoiler, it's the first thing, that's fine and but also we had two elections coming up in Georgia and in Montana. Yes, and if people want to send a signal about how this is Energizer democratic base it is to win those elections. That's exactly right because Dave Brat beat Eric and everyone decided the in the right wing media decided. It was about immigration when the people who worked on that This will tell you it had nothing to do with immigration right. It was all local issues. They all thought. Kanter was kind of uh.
The idiot who did the bailout and he was never around, but you know they scare the hell out the rest of Congress. So that's a cantor smock. I don't know it's a one of the one of the big thing to do. I mentioned all these members are not going to be home for recess. Like look, I think I mean women's March, together the climate March, the science March, the the the energy that we need and resistance in the next week to show these house members how upset we are for what they did like. This has to be the big moment of the resistance. I thought So far, and I know it's been like a lot of months but like we can't get tired- and I also think Tommy mentioned this, but fourteen of them the Republicans voted. Yes, are in Clinton districts, districts that Hillary but there's a republican sitting in them, twenty five or the thirty Five Republicans voted yes or in competitive races. What we've been helping with with version called swing left over the last couple days,
to um they're, raising money that goes into a pot for the eventual democratic challenger. So there's obviously going to be a lot of Dimock primary primaries going on for the eventual winner when they finish that primary thanks and left in all of us, they're going to have a big pot of money with which to go, compete against that republican and so um. As of like right before we started, this swing left has already raised one million dollars in the last like two thousand four hundred and forty eight hours. So we would encourage all of you guys and everyone listening to go to swingleft DOT, Org, slash Crooked, uh yeah. It's just like reading an ad guys, the cricket code a better way to donate like a vanity license and and help out- and I think that's going get more money. These blue apron people, we are plugging them left and right like you, just did it now. It's a whole thing. Take it back! Okay,
We are very excited now to bring out your governor uhm he's going to talk to little bit Jay Insley I've got four good guys by the way. Would you please clap? If you think I should declare them honorary washingtonians, we train it up on our Washington's yeah. If you want to know why they're so good they're drinking a lesion beer from the state of Washington, that's where they filled that? That's why you're doing well, it's like it perfect yeah governor thanks for joining us so I just want to start by talking about health care.
In Congress when the affordable CARE act was passed during that debate, how does process and everything that went on there compared with what you just saw. I know you know we can talk about. How crazy is everything, but you were there. You were on the floor. You saw the whole thing happen, how outside the mainstream is what you just saw happen in the in the house. I want to be subtle when I suggest this, but I think it's the difference between brain surgery and a spasmodic automobile accident by people had been drinking heavily nice. I like that. Yeah. This is I was listening to your Rep Arte before it came out here for calling intraparty do. This is really painful. I mean you know where you're going up we got here tonight This is really painful. I mean woman calls to my office today and, and just was crying
uncontrollably cuz, she had kids and she legitimately wondered out what was going to happen to her and those are legitimate fears. They are real and the moral outrage that I feel, and I say most Americans feel of the clear trade that the Republicans wanted to make, and it was a clear trade. Let's be clear. This does. This is not about health care. The republic not interested in extending Why were they so angry about Obamacare because it gave people health insurance, they hate? This is not an effort to increase health care It is an effort to finance tax cuts for the rich. That's what it is. You gotta be clear about this. So once once you understand that fundamental fact about their efforts, you I feel a sense of moral outrage and be Understand why they're going to be incapable of fashioning something helpful here, because there
like a cowboy high centered on a barb wire fence they, state health insurance for everybody. They believe it's not morally acceptable or necessary, but they realize they can't tell Americans that This whole thing is just as credible as Trump University not going to work. Ok, so well, so I asked Twitter for questions for you. Sorry. We came here with a good I'd, always gonna, roughly thanks, yeah right, please drop me a the the question I got most frequently was what can You do. What can governors do to protect their citizens and protect their systems? Healthcare? Should you know the house building, a past, but some version of the House bill the Senate bill passed what what can govern what power to governors have to protect their citizens. The the best for governors today is not the answer that question two give them an excuse to not give them an excuse for dumping, this
twenty four million people off insurance and just tell him all the governors will take care of people. We, could never give him license to do that. We should hold their feet to the fire. We should hold their feet to the fire, because states do not have the capability of doing this look and in the other thing is so going about this. We have had such supreme success in this Washington state because we've been innovative we have seven hundred and fifty thousand people now have insurance. We reduce the rate of medical inflation from sixteen to six percent, because we're integrating mental and physical health, because we're value based purchasing because work, we coaches, to help you, after your post surgery, doing smart things and we've we've had Fifty thousand people now have a jobs because of this, so this is working well in the state of Washington. Allow them to destroy. It is not acceptable and I want to come back because I want to make sure I got to this tight during our discussion. I was listening to you about sort of what we do electorally and broaden. The discussion. There's
obvious things that all of us need to do, which is to pepper. Are members of Congress with our moral outrage in every way that is appropriate? That's obvious we got out work to elect senators their obvious in in in in members Congress, These are the things that are obvious, but here's what the demo the team has to understand. We have to playing the long game and why do you accept a thirty seat majority structurally in the house, because of gerrymandering we are never going to be able to move a progressive agenda, so we to start playing the long game and here's the long game
gerrymandering start, giving people adequate representation in districts and here's what's necessary in order to do that, the key to stop gerrymandering is to elect democratic governors as soon as we can. Ok, that's the key. So the point I want to make here is that I really think that democratic team has to restructure its prioritization. We gotta fight for democratic governors. I'm to be sure. The democratic Governors Association here next year, we have a group called unrigged the map which is going to elect who created covers in the places where we can stop gerrymandering and pick up congressional seats, then then one more thing. I want to say this. We are with local elections, okay, start right at the bottom school. State legislature, I'm going to posit there's the three most important elections in the United States. This fall.
Or the governor elections in New Jersey and Virginia, where we have an excellent chance to win both races and the third is the 45th legislative in the state Senate in the state of Washington Room, and I'm serious about this. I'm serious about this. We had a great candidate look at Durga, Elect Monka elect market dot com because when we start winning these races, it's a signal nationally, and it's going to tip that this one tips, entire ballot measure in legislature, and you know what I can do if we get a majority will start moving. Climate change legislation right here in the state of Washington. So you know when these seats, so I think talking about our deficit at the governor level is important. So we've
is the law office. At LOS the Senate, we've lost the house of lost the White House, we have very few governorships and we're fighting our way back. What do you think is the? Is there something that ties this together is or something with link to doing it, a message level of political level that you see the Democrats need to change like what, if you know, you're in charge of the message you're in charge of how we go about campaign for these governorships. What do you do take a moment for this. If you allow me 'cause, we pretty important question number one. I think the first thing is what we should not do and what we should not do is abandoned our basic fundamental values of tolerance and acceptance of who you are and who you love acceptance for protection of women's rights a gun safety gig? I lost my seat. I lost my seat, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. You guys remember that voting for the assault weapon bill, but
we're going to back up on that 'cause? It was the right thing to do right, so we should never back up on those core values, but here I would posit five things if I can run through quickly number one we we got. That's where the can do party. We are the optimistic party, and that means yes, we can defeat climate change. Yes, we can build a clean energy economy is built in to add to that we can. We can actually get this done. I think that starts of underlies everything we want to do. Second, I think we understand the massive economic inequity that is creating the anxiety that hurt us in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. That anxiety is fueled by the most massive increase of economic activity, and perhaps human in civilization, because the forces of globalization and new technology but We got to embed a fight against an equity
not just in the minimum wage which we are going to do and we've raised it here, not just increasing bargaining rights, which is obviously we need to do. But we need to think about inequity in everything take education, so Well, a lot of blue collar people doing work, and yet we've been telling people, if you don't get a four year degree, you're a failure that needs to stop. We need to provide people, skill training and we just came. I just came from. We just came from the United States first apprenticeship program in high technology just came We have six hundred people to the very first high tech computer printer. She this program. We had the first twelve members of our of our advancement Actually, your printer ship in Highschool, Switzerland, has sixty percent of their people, have karere ready when they graduate from high school I have that kind of aspiration number three. I think that we need to as a party developed a reality that we are
be ahead of the curve and changes in technology. We got understand: there's massive changes because of technology, artificial intelligence, what's going to it's our job picture, going to look like when there's no more jobs, driving vehicles in United States- and this is coming- ok, So we need to adopt a suite of policies that will get ahead of the curve and being seen as the party who understands what is come. So that means a whole suite of things. It means portable benefits because we're all going to work for twelve companies were going to be contracted. It means family leave it means being able to enter the educational system at age. Fifty and Have a very easy way to do that. Fourth, I would suggest uh uh, we gotta be the party of Having a chance to have a planet earth it's habitable. O net. Absolutely own that big time- and here is one thing where I do believe we have missed the bet
I ran governor was, I think I was probably the first who run two thousand and twelve, they main plank, that we were going to build a clean energy economy in the state of Washington. We were going to defeat climate change, we're going to defeat ocean acidification and we're going to build a clean energy economy that was sort of different. At the time I got elected, I was very much a dark horse. I was by sixteen points when we started, we are missing a bet to understand. This is a good argument in every single district in America. I believe that because understand the power of new jobs. Through technology- and they know this world- has to change in this direction, so I'm betting. That is a fundamental thing in every single race. We have, it is a sure winner and by the way it is a necessary imperative
defeat is not an option here, because without victory is Churchill said there is no survival, and if we don't win this thing, if we don't defeat, climate change nobody's going to be happy fifty years from now, so there's four ideas and then the fifth is play along game, and then you good lesion beer and everything will be good answer you, okay, spoke out early on again opposition to efforts to block syrian refugees from coming United States. So I want say one thank you for doing that. I wondered if you might talk a talk a little bit about why you made that choice to speak out so early before you know before Trump came along and made it a particular frightening scenario, but also I wonder if you have thoughts on why, as culture we just to screw this up over and over and over again. We understand that immigrants are what make our country great, but you know we've seen
these intermine we've seen effort to prevent vietnamese people from coming here. How do we fix the fundamental problem that gets us to this place? Every time we're demagoguing someone else Well, I guess I would offer three reasons why I was involved early and by the way I did this well before we heard of Donald Trump, when the syrian refugee issue came up, I would say three things: number one. I am surrounded by people who were born in other countries who have built the most innovative creative. Damn it number one economy that has fifty eight construction cranes. Within ten miles, and twenty probably twenty percent, at least of the of the scientists in the aerospace engineers in the biotech research features were born in a different country. They have one of the most magnificent economies and cultures it ever
Washington really is a magic place in that regard, so I've I've witnessed that, but don't forget Tacoma and Yakima and Spokane either. Ok, so not a lot of easy applause from the Seattle Crowd Spine. I respect easy applause to very taller. At area I've told you that so no, but I mean I've seen it, I've lived it. So if you want to build a successful economy, you do just what we have done, which is welcome. Brilliant people from around the world- that's number one, over to I've had a little taste of this and seen what fear does I live on Bainbridge Island Bainbridge Island is where the Magellan Island is where in nineteen. Forty two, the Us Army, rounded up citizens of japanese ancestry and marched them down to a ferry boat and sent him to Camp the duration of the war. By the way that was democratic president, who did that fear is a very powerful things, and we
established a national park there at that site. I encourage you to come visit next time, you're in town, so beautiful place so I've seen first hand the power of fear this third thing is, is forgive me, get a little modeling about here, but this really is a great country already and has been for over two hundred years, and it is because it is because of that fundamental. Willingness to allow people to build themselves and accept number of refugees and accept people who have a dream for Their future destiny their family. This is a unique thing in world history. No other country has ever been on national, no other country build the nation out of a polygon group who came here for a purpose so I consider this very special
and the other thing is look I'll. Just tell you you mess with my people are going to be in your face. So that's the other thing that I want to say so don't push on that for one second, because you know, I appreciate certain optimistic vision for we need to do for the economy, and I, with everything you're saying, but we we we're doing an immigration, but if Donald Trump is for one reason is because he said America is not great and can be it again, and these are and that there are people angry and afraid and who look around and see a culture and society. That's not working for them doesn't make sense. They don't solutions that are helping them. What do you those people. What do you people? What is your answer? then my answer is part to answer the second part of your question, which I didn't get to like. What do we do about this and in fact there is a push back in times of Change anytime, you have economic stress in american history There will be a backlash against immigration. It is a clear linear equation and we- have now- and this is the great irony- and we experience here in Washington,
eight. We have one of the most robust economic revivals in part because of the work your team did by the way. Thank you for saving us from the second great depression. Share what you guys did. You will come out right about now is being run amok, but but here just a caveat. I I'm sorry. I just I shouldn't say that ever again I didn't hear what you said. So you get a pass, so all the credit for it so We have this most row First, economic growth. You know all time we got fifty, crimes here in Seattle and increase in homelessness figure that one out we it's tremendous economic engine of growth and yet mass anxiety of those who may not be at the top of the tech pyramid. That's going to create backlash against somebody and it's a convenient target. If you will in immigrants. That's
number one and you going to recognize. That's reality in american history. This is actually not unique. We just got to keep the ball rolling forward. It's not! I think we always think american history was just pollyannaish and happiness, but the know nothing party certainly had power in this country for awhile, but we founded it. We we japanese Americans, one thousand nine hundred and forty two, but we learned a lesson for it and then the gun from the place that happen stood up against Donald Trump is and beat him in court on effort to prevent these refugees from okay, so we should not be. I guess the answer I would give you is. We should not be did we should Stan fear is human. It's under in we shouldn't even maybe even be critical of it of it, we gotta keep rise eyes on the prize governor. I think it is. We look back on the twenty sixteen election. Where do you
this was perhaps the most winnable election in recent memory for a party, and we lossed. Where do you think the Democratic Party went wrong. Next question feel free to drink. More you answer, you know, I really. I don't to drive in the rear view mirror. So I really you know Are you guys? Do you guys get paid for it for trying I don't think I have any magic views that are any different than one thousand pendants in a thousand cities. On this. Obviously, we lost in places where we had a shot that was very close and was caught, Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. Why did that happen? We were recognize. There may be some strategic decisions that were not perfect in retrospect, but I'll tell you when you get really close elections, anything If you lose any decision you made, it looks pretty bad in retrospect, right and
two number in looking close races or close games, the ball forgets the last bounce wins in this ball. Monster at the end against us now. I do think as I've said before, we have to do you better job, responding to the anxiety that exists because of the massive inequity that exist in our country, for a variety of reasons using including ridiculously rich ceo pay that does not related to production. Putting lack of in lacks still lack of protection of consumers and investors on Wall Street. In some aspects of the technological change, including the fact, we don't have an educational system that really give people career and technical education, like: they need because we have a lack of apprenticeships. So we need to respond to that anxiety and, I think, to some degree, maybe because we're Optimus. Maybe we haven't
that's sort of internalize that anxiety as much as we have, because we think of this great success, Okay here and we had a company- that's curing cancer, literally here in battle we got a, we got. We got a company that has made the largest vanadium low battery in the world that allows the integration of renewable energy into the grid. We have a company, that's largest manufacturer carbon fiber in the world, goes into to electric cars. I just bought a hundred GM bolts, well for electric cars for the state. Wouldn't all these fantastic things, but you got people. Being displaced by robotics and technologically. In that rate, that is going to accelerate. We have respond to that anxiety, and we got to do a lot of thinking and acting to do that. We started with this apprenticeship program that I've talked about. We started by easing the cost of education. My state was the only state last year that cut the cut the tuition rate for college students
I'm trying to increase their need grant by fourteen thousand people here, I'm trying to make sure that everybody's kid has access to early child education, so the whole suite of those things the whole suite of those things to be designed to respond to this increase increase. Anxiety- and, as I have said, I do not leave that anxiety is going to go away. Naturally, I think the pace of change that is happening in our economy due to brilliant, people designing incredible technology that does make us healthier in richer. We gotta find a way to respond to that. Well, so let me ask a year uh You're very progressive governor in a progressive state but the legislature is fairly divided evenly. Between Democrats and Republicans is very close, so. You have more conservative areas of Washington state. You know. Eastern Washington, more rural, more
what do you say when you go to those places when you talk to people who didn't vote for you? Who don't support you like? How do you, how have you found governing in a state where you know you have a fairly healthy? public opposition? An not everyone voted for you? You know you have more conservative places. How do you bridge that divide and what do you think we can all learn from that? First, I track them down That's smart! That's a good first step by the I don't. I don't talk to people differently in that regard, I think they have the same aspirations in the same hopes and dreams. I I mean I really don't. I have experience in this. I won three out of the four elections in the reddest legislative district in one of the reddest congressional districts in America, I lost the fourth one voted for the assault weapons ban as I expressed that- was the right vote. I've never regretted it for a day so. I have some feeling for areas like this. I raised my three feral sons in the sagebrush yeah come on.
So so. I have a feeling about this, and but there I do think I do think I want to tailor your economic message, to the things that can help so right. Now we passed the largest the transportation infrastructure bill. If Congress wants to know how to do this, come see me because in a divided legislature, we passed the largest infrastructure funding bill in his the state of Washington and also the greenest 'cause it has the. Percentage of Multi Moreland in and low carbon tech. Jeez associated with it. So we we but we have targeted our strategic investment fund to help small business growth. Look there's a three person brewery over, and Eastern Washington that to me is is is important, is is, is Microsoft and we've got a thing called economic gardening that provides mentorship for small businesses most,
that are in rural areas to help the small business people literally moms and pops who starred in these businesses and our Strategic Reserve Fund has helped there's a company I found a new way to make egg cartons in Wenatchee Wa Washington. They got thirty. Forty employees, to me, I'm just pleased. But that is, I am if we land another Microsoft office, so you care about that. We got structure needs. Now there are some things: nuts, we haven't, cracked Rural America desperately need broadband. If you're going to expand, you've got to have access to broadband. And we're working on that right now to have a find a way to have additional financing systems to get broadband into all of these areas, but again a technological solution. There is does coming on with Elon Musk. That's going. To put, I don't know hundreds of satellites in orbit with direct broadband access right to your home at the up your mountain? So I don't know I don't trust
kind of an evil genius vibe, I'm getting off this Elon Musk. I there's robots, there's hyper loops cars that drive themselves. I don't know some keeping an eye. Our resident luddite over here I don't know I'm fine with robots, but we start giving him thumbs. Thumbs are our thing I can guarantee you. I can guarantee you. Artificial intelligence will never replace POD for America. It's never going to happen last words. Alright. If he knocks you, moron don't go anywhere. This is lots of America and there's more on the way POD save America is brought to you by upside guys. I found the best new way to buy business travel What I know you're lying to me, because you said the exact same thing three days ago, called upside dot com. Here's why I love it
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one hundred dollars: Amazon Gift Card free. How can you not do this? It's a no brainer save big on travel and get a big gift card every trip we love upside. Dot com go. Do it now should we take some questions? Would you stick around for some questions? Sure awesome, alright, alright, everyone, I guess people are going to line up. We have about one slash two hour left to take some questions, so we'll just try to roll through as many as we can I have a question about. First principles I feel like we do a lot of debating about policy, especially health recently or not so today. I guess we kind of just voted and so I know as a health care consultant that there two facts about american Healthcare, we're the only industrialized nation where people go bankrupt from medical bills and we're the only industrialized nation where people die from
Treatable preventable diseases, like Lupus, for example, cows and The question is: why haven't people stood up in Congress, whether it's in state legislature or are fed? legislature and said, are we. Okay with that, as opposed to the Polacy question like taking a step person saying this: are we okay with that being the reality, because I feel like it's pretty hard to say yeah? ok with that. I feel like people would say, and then you work towards make not okay, Prince Edward Debate, the actual policy like how should we pay for it and what should be pre existing. Not etc. So how do we have a first principles debate as opposed to jumping to the policy debate, Well, I would say we have had and are having that debate, and it's clear with the sides are for the last seven years.
Second party has said. Yes, it is okay and acceptable to us to have thirty million people without access to health care in our, and they said that's okay with them. They have argued about repealing Obamacare for the last seven years now they have a bill that will kick off over twenty million people off of healthcare. Now, that's true cleared hundreds of the people in my state, like the woman, spokane. It was a small business person. She said: I could never get health insurance, she finally got healthcare. She found a lump. She got a check now she's a cancer survivor, but she literally said look. We were struggling business. I wouldn't even had that care We're having that debate. I think this is a moral division between the parties and we're on the right side. And we're going to win this eventually by the way. Let me tell you this, I'm not we're not too far in the crystal Ball, if the Republican succeeded in
and destroying healthcare and that's what this bill would do that the house has paid if something like this got through. You will suffer a collapse of health care, it could The first thing that leads to a single payer system in the United States. If that happens, so it might want to think about that. I will also add to just that. We talk about bill, Cassidy, Senter from Louisiana, extremely conservative. He said to the New York Times a couple months ago. One thing we have to understand is Republicans now is that the affordable care act? Obamacare is now shrine, a belief that there is a two basic health care in this country that never happened before right and so whatever happens, whatever happens, the ACA, whatever replacement like we have already moved the window. We've moved the debate to the fact that, like, like you said The next conversation will probably be about single payer or public option or whatever it may be, but that belief is
shrine now, the people in this country- that's why everyone's so upset about pre existing condition, stuff people believe that there is a right to healthcare in this country, and that was a fight that we've had a hundred years That's why? Yes and that's why Paul Ryan had to lie to pass this bill right. He couldn't say my philosophy: is people don't deserve healthcare? That's the one thing I wanted. He wanted he's saying: oh it doesn't do anything! Bad! Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, which isn't true, hey guys. I have a question about. The burgeoning media empire sure. So on Monday you were talking about the Prince Stevens Article in the New York Times, and you were saying how it's our of s. Let's liberals are educated people talk about the facts of climate science, but you didn't actually lay out what are the facts like what The actual data that supports climate change. And I was wondering if you guys thought about making a new podcast about
making science accessible to people who aren't educated with a scientific background, because I think what you guys do really well is making politics seem very like down to earth and something that you can talk about without really being an expert in it, and if you could do that with hands with stem cell research or GM owes, or genetic testing or any of this stuff. I think that your audience would really appreciate. It may be more educated because of it. Great pitch: do you know any scientists, We are by the way we I mean literally my little redundant that I'm bringing about Washington, but it is true here it is true, and we've got the ring. We got classic this an elected. I might add. No,
at the university Washington we've got a climate research institution that is the best in the world. Well, great! Stick it out, yeah! It's a good idea! It look where we're at the first ending of this thing. We finally hired three staff, They start on Monday. We have added two shows three cocks and dreaming hasn't show so the kind of yeah you're recommending is a really good one. That's something we want to want to want to do and Even think about is because for me for, like my dirty little foreign policy show like. I think that people don't feel intimidated. Thank you. Can't save the World Bank the world, I got my job moving. Pod save the world. I got my job on the NSC Ann. I walked into these meetings and I thought, oh, my god how All did I get in here, I'm not smart enough. I don't know what I'm talking about these are. These are the people that should be, these decisions and it turns out once you
like seventeen acronyms and you sit down for a while and shut up and listen, you know what's going on, you can engage in being part of it, and so I think I want to apply that concept to a whole host of thing because when you're, when you walk into a conversation and you feel like you're, a senior and a calculus class and you skip Pre cal and everything came before it, it's scary and you turn away, but we need to make people understand that you have to engage, or else it's going to move on without you, that's great related to this really important question. I care a lot about it. You have. Ask yourself why there is still such a division politically in the United States on this. In other, up. There's no division. The conservative parties, you know accept this as well as a progress parties he's. I have to tell you- and I'm all for your idea, great id yeah 'cause, it alarm people more with information that they can share, but We do believe that the fundamental problem here is not a lack of understanding the science it's a
the willingness to accept it. It's identity people, people somehow have come to believe that their identity is threatened. If they accept that science that they'll have to do something politically, they don't want to do so to win. Eventually we got to get people to understand. It's not a threat to your identity. It's it's a it's a recognition of the best attributes. You have that you care about your children grand grandchildren and you understand economic development. He almost got a catering more to their identity as much their fax. In my view, governor, would be a perfect hosts for the show which are gonna be running for president. So there will be time next question. He need to bring the MIKE up to his face working at super local here, so I'm a fellow Bainbridge resident and that I caucused with you
surprise. You don't remember me, but uh what Your position on democratic state, senators who introduced bills that radically reduced funding to light rail expansion here in western Washington. So here's hope we can achieve in this situation. There there has been a big blow back in there. Isn't sticker shock of this situation? My belief is, we need to build this from Everett to Tacoma. We cannot allow that to be derailed and we cannot allow a political revolt. Against this to succeed, either through TIM, Eyman or any other purpose. So we have to. We have to accomplish always Democrats, it wasn't him, it was democratic senators. So let me stop you. Let me stop it. I
leave this session. We need to have a bill will come out that will fund this to get it done from Everett to Tacoma number one. We cannot jeopardize completion of both ends of this track. Number two. I do believe it's smart to give some relief to some degree, so we don't end up with a revolution that is going to throw this whole thing out now they make a good decision that hits that sweet spot, I think it would have been a good decision if they're outside of that sweet spot. If they are, impair the ability to finish this project, then we should reject it, those discussions are going on and I'll tell my headset I know I used to live. I moved here from Wisconsin, so when you run for president, I got whiskey and for you messaging questions for you. You one of the
Did you ask your guests? A lot is what? Where did the message go wrong right, I'm wondering if you guys could talk about what. Maybe we should be saying one on in bars or coffee shops to people. We can donate, we can, we can click on the links we can buy the t shirts. We can do all the different things I think personal conversations where we can talk to people who may be where Obama, voters and then were trump voters. My husband, I live in Eastern Washington, so weird Seattle is they're very friendly place to us. There. We have more opportunity to have conversations with people who don't think like us, and I'm just wondering if you have some ideas. I think the first step is to listen in here what it is from those people that made them switch right and so it may be. You know if what is driving that is some sort of economic anxiety is to talk about what it is. A Democrats will do whether it's raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars whether
is ensuring the tax cuts for the middle class not to the wealthy, enter it. Understand what what the cause of that anxiety is. We no question in my mind that Democrats have the policy proposals that will address but we have to understand it first and then explained it to them in their values. Yeah, I'm recocks was saying this the other day at she's, like a lot of times, we're in a situation now where people put try before belief. So if you lead with so I'm a democrat and republican and now I want to convince you to believe to be a Democrat like that's not going to ever work. But if you start by saying well what issues? really upset you. What do you care about? You know so? Well, I'm not making enough money. I don't think my wages are high enough for it's hard to get jobs or it's hard to afford education and it's okay. Well, what do you think we should do about that? and you have a discussion around the issues first and the solutions to those issues, and you might find when you start that discussion that you believe in very similar solutions.
And you don't have to start by putting a label on it that it's democrat or Republican, and you just have that conversation for yes. So first of, I say, as a former intern on Governor Insley's campaign, so thankful for having you as a leader in our state. But this is a multiple question, which I know you guys love but number one with his impassioned monologue on health care. Many people are saying that Jimmy Kimmel is a contender for the twenty twenty election. When you get to the question what you guys think about his chances and number two. How Riddick Do you think it is, and Governor Insley being you know, a subject of rumors about twenty twenty ridiculous. Do you think it is that we constantly are talking about the twenty twenty election when what we really need to focus on is twenty,
Eighteen and you know what's in front of us right now, yeah there's nothing annoying than watching a politician interviewed on some Sunday show and they say: are you going to run for president and they say I am focused on the job that I'm currently doing this. I got what what about your book? They just can what I'm focused. I think we are skipping past all the things that actually matter about what they stand for. What they believe is why we didn't ask Governor Insley love it, love ask if you are get in line. Number. Yes, it is too early to talk about twenty and twenty that's what the governor was talking about earlier. Is that, like Before we even start focusing on these two thousand and eighteen congressional races right, there's special he's coming up? There's two governors races in twenty seventeen there's local elections that make a difference like. I do think that part of the reason, the Democratic Party
problems over the last. However, many years is, we thought oh Barack Obama's in the White House since everything's fine worry about anything else and that's not true, and that's never going to be true, no matter who's in the White House. This in a daily struggle that lasts forever, to figure out how to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Everywhere across the country, so you look healthy, affordable characters of all the land we pass you broke my past wall, street reform was able to pass their cover exit economy all because in two thousand and six Democrats took the house and the Senate so if we want to elect a democratic president in twenty twenty and give them the cup to actually restore the or what care act goes away put in place in the policies we care about. We have to win these congressional
Otherwise we're just sort of holding serve for four years. Jimmy Kimmel point I mean like what what I think his speech reminded us, which is helpful, is everyone is for the most the vast majority people are born young and healthy and then at some point along the way or not, and there before the grace of God? Go? I write in in that his story about, horror of having a child in watching your child suffer from what his kid went through. Is a good reminder of like why, if you feel like government is too big and too costly and screw that and screw Washington like someday, it might matter to you a lot, and I think you know speech is like that- that are passionate from the heart mean something I don't think will run for then or anything else he's got a sweet gig but time it sounds like you're prepping, a stump speech get off my
I'm very focused on my two podcast, hey guys, big fan, so I have a question about the GOP through something we haven't talked about. Yet the lens of health care so I'm trying to understand these people who's jobs. It is to represent the people in their districts, and we've talked about
Two different tones are conversations about these people, representatives and senators in that they're doing is they're playing, you know, and thematic dimensional chess or you know, they're throwing care is because they've just pushed a bill through the house. You know in record time with no with no score of financial score and I'm wondering well, which is it? Are they are they playing? Are they doing political calculus on this or are they you know? Are they just doing as fast as they possibly they're? Not that smart is. It is a pack mentality or support the calculus. So no one can tell yes comments earlier that there, the Medicaid cuts facilitate a huge
x cut are spot on. Well, it's a good question for the governor to like when you were in the house, and you had to face a tough both like that. I mean. Obviously you didn't face it like these Republicans face this one, but what's your thought, process and figuring out how you're going to vote, I mean: are you paying attention to what your constituents are saying? Are you listening to call the listening to email? I mean: how do you make that decision? First off, I I don't. I am sincere, not mean disrespect, but it doesn't matter why they did or doing what they're doing what matters is, what we're gonna do about it. That's what we got to focus. We gotta figure out which races, what phone call all we can make to elect a legislator, Elect manga dot com. Okay, that's plus yeah. We talked about one plus, the third one will cost I'm really serious about this, because you know we spent a lot of time died
looking rear view mirror we gotta start looking forward. So I'm really serious about this. But having said in answer true, question the motivations in the thought process of members of Congress, there's there's four hundred and thirty five different matrices and they're all different and there a combination of of public interest, an ideology and fear of getting defeated, in hopes for being on your podcast. And you know I mean it's just a mix and everybody's different to some degree you believe in in this is heresy, but about every member of Congress that I've dealt with had some sort of sincere motivation. You know what might have been misguided, but they had some what they believed. Sincere motivation. But in this one they're just flat wrong as best I can give you cool Thank you, hello, I'm so big fan of the pod. I commute fifty mile,
the date so generally a day with pot is a great day and it's getting better by the day, because now I have one every day, which is fantastic. I grew up in Hannah, and as anybody who grew up in a in a real state, even Washington, with a rural side and a city side, more urban side, I think there's a difference in how we look at the debate and how we look- the conversations that we have day to day than people We have only been on the coasts, and I see that legitimately even I live on the coast and have for decades now, but with that conversation, I think that there, another I'm curious about your perspectives in terms of the shift from identity, politics, republican versus Democrat,
sort of like I am here on your side of the spectrum two moral obligation, as it relates to health care and other things. Where we start to say this isn't right. Right like there was a cruelty aspect and morality, aspect leaving others, I am among you as one who serves and where is the service call in what we're doing and that's, For me, what I feel like is missing, because I don't identify as a Democrat in all of this, I for Democrats, I've had I absolutely in terms of a voting perspective identify with Democrats when it comes time to check the box, but yet from a day to day perspective, Where is that message that says? What do we care about and I think That's where you guys come back to did a day when it comes to the Buddha Judge and Perez like. Is that
I'm not calling out to what it is that truly calls us. It's not just I'm a Democrat. It's that I can help you even though I don't know what your perspective is. I can help you or I see the down and I can help yeah I mean, I think, that's just that's the thing. That's good advice. I think it's always important to remember that there are a lot lots of people who aren't keyed into the day to day political fights. John, I'm not looking for advice, I'm looking for I'm not going, I'm not giving you advice, I'm getting advice from you, like I mean like I'm, trying to humor you
Well. What are you interrupted me in the middle of my answer, and I don't know what your concern was with what I was starting to say: no, I'm going to get into it. Let's go bring it on the bottom of the nicest person so far, here's yelling at her for having a conversation, no, but like literally like what's the hook right, what's the hook in that conversation that ships no fighting like what is the shift? What is the shift from identity politics everybody who, in this room identifies Democrat. I guarantee everybody has identified at a certain point as a Democrat. Where do you so from independent Democrat two, What is the conversation about what we actually believe? I think that the away from that of what I think is important is not to get lost in the sides and to come back to principles like with earlier that were looking for is democratic health care bill? We're not fighting.
Obama CARE 'cause it Democrat Past, they were fighting for because we believe in health care for all that we're not fighting against Trump's tax plan, because we're against Donald Trump were fighting for, because we believe that inequality is a serious problem in this country and we want uh their tax code that recognizes the way the economy changed in in the last thirty years. So I don't think it's not complicated. I think it's about remembering that were not vacating for democratic policies were advocating for principles that we believe in. I don't think it's that much more harder than that. So when talking about all that I thought back to Barack Obama's two thousand and four convention speech at the Democrats at the democratic convention and it's the keynote address an I was working for John Kerry. At the time I was in the campaign. He said on the stand on the floor. That convention and every single keynote address at the democratic convention. Speaker goes out there and they say where the Democrat Party- and this is what we believe in- and this is why, in blah blah blah blah
In that speech probably did not mention the word Democrat until like three slash four of the way through that speech, and yet that Convention Hall was on its feet, because people believed that that's what that party stood for, because they believe that that's what that party server, because that's what America stood for. What he did is he told the story about the country and the values that hold us together and redefined. What Democratic Party is with that story, and so I I think that sometimes we get caught up too much in the this is This is who we are as Democrats, and we ask this question all the time in the park as what's the party scene for who are what's our message, but really it's the question of like what values in this country bind us together. And then, where can we go from there add on to that? Another problem we've had is this place, in time where the part define themselves more about what they're against and what, therefore, for which is. So toxic. Find myself doing this into Donald Trump is like the most disgusting like,
the goal of this? Because it's all like he doesn't know what he doesn't know it's happening day today, he's like a dotty old racist call. My friend here who's, like gambling around the White House, all your corners today right but like we it's it's about winning and losing and not about a core belief in God for bid. We talk about service and who are helping- and it looks like everything you said is right and important. Remember an easy to forget in the day to day, back and forth, because that's what's on the news and that's what's fun to talk about and those of the idiots that we hate when we're, door to door. As you know totally door. I don't hear it start to understand that there is no. There is no I'm a Democrat, because that's what Democrats believe Reimer public and it is literally you have to answer for. I wasn't it. Thank you very much. When you get a little bit back to sound, transit,
I have a lot of thoughts on light rail and wobbly. Everyone in this room was really outraged about all the action Olympia after voters. Voters passed as T3 this year and I'm wondering if you can help just shed some light on the political nuance. The challenges that we face in Olympia, on progressive transportation policies and also on a larger scale. You know what are the nexus points, one of the the commonalities that we can find with real communities and with a conservative on a progressive transfer, policy so that when we hear about large infrastructure packages coming out of Washington that week be excited that they're going to pay for sidewalks and communities and bicycle connections and mass transit, that's reliable not in addition to roads and bridges.
Governor I'll. Take this one I'm just kidding. I really really need you to take this one. It's really good to have friends. You know couple comments. First off bless the voters who said they have this vision. We are going to build light rail This should have been built thirty years ago from Everett to Tacoma we're going to do this. Ok, it's a big deal. It's a fifty four billion dollar project. You can't build it on popcorn and good wishes. You got it. You got a raise, billion dollars to pay for this, but it's the spine of the most rap, only growing metropolitan area in the western world. Probably we to do this, so we should make sure whatever happens in Olympia this year. This year continue that commitment to get that job done number one for two. I want to tell you the connect between infrastructure and climate change is, is very, very close.
That is why I was happy that when we did the largest infrastructure package in our state's history, we also had the largest percentage they went to buses and rail and bicycle inside sidewalks in trip reduction, because the way you reduce carbon is not to waste energy in the best way to, do not waste energy is to use public transit if it meets your and so we assured that I fought for, and I would have liked it got more to make sure that we had a higher percentage of green technologies, but I'm glad we we the high water mark. There's more to do. We got to electrify our transportation grid. We can, fifty years from now, we cannot be building using fossil fuels significantly in our transportation grid. The planet will not survive. If we do that, so we have fairly rapidly used technologies. Lithium and batteries are going gang pastors were using. After cars now in our state. This is not just.
Future. It's a present in Washington he's going to lead the world until Jerry Brown, I will prove to him. I have the most electric cars in my fleet in the state of Washington, not California, don't you come on this stage, Combat Jerry Brown with us, alright we're from California. Now we like Jerry Brown, big fat, not predicts this many light rail questions, but I love it I love hot button. Local is that fighting anymore being in Iowa a full year. Kicking happened to Jon Lovitz campaign. I forget who it was whatever Canada lost and I got the same job anyway. So whatever anyway, we had questions. That's great sorry, hello! I'm going to take your question from you
I'm sorry, I you going to run for president. Yes, what was that answer? Yes, you look pretty good. I focused on the job I'm focused on again, I want you know, will be very aware of tense games, alright, that you're not running etc. So just just know that were on the ball, we're all politically savvy have not declared for president. In the last thirty minutes I get. The second question is I mean I'm not a vote. I won't be able to be of OSHA. Come twenty twenty, because I got my green card in the mail on
inauguration, what do you have to say to people like me who love this country who came here, but we can't use ovitz? We don't have those. What else can we do well, you are. You are you are vested with all the first amendment rights of anyone else and that and you have the right to go to Elect Monka com. Three, ok, unbelievable, unbelievable! I guess here you can volunteer, you can volunteer, should you so desire and I'm serious I mean you can do virtually everything else that a citizen can do, except that one issue. We hope that you will consider citizenship when you can
but people I have been there if you are a hard sell. This is like partner, appearance, United States. There's a dog holding a broken wire do, do do do do. Do you come join the parade right now, you don't have to wait, and I'm serious about that. You can do anything that these people in the front row you can do. I hope you will take your. Thank you so much. Hey guys, also big fan, so I'm a third year resident internal medicine. Here at University of Washington, we have one thousand five hundred medical residents just at that's, not counting all the other place. Seattle, a lot of young doctors in Seattle were obviously all very Very concerned: and I guess this is sort of a messaging question. I
one of the issues with healthcare specifically, is that you know? Nobody knew it was so complicated and Ann. You know in legitimately. How do we, you know vague something it's so complicated to our patients. To our friends- and you know, I think some of you look at the people who have effective messaging, if you guys have talked about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Her like very much on message- and I won if there is something in health care that we can convey. Accurate information, because you have any people, all basically all of the Republican House members who are just telling untruths about. You know the way but their bill works, and even one of our congressmen and congresswomen in Washington from Spokane? It's just telling falsehoods about like what the bill does and what it doesn't do. I read the op ed today. That was quite it's ridiculous. It's and it's just it's so how
Is there something that I think? Is there something that's physicians in positions that we can do to help and together to convey an Acura informative, but simple message about health care. Going forward to to help protect our patients. Well, a couple things one doctors are some of the most trusted people by the public and just having that position is very important, convey that, but I think it goes to first principles which is We believe that everyone in this country is a right to affordable, accessible health healthcare and they do not in the because of what President Obama and Governor Insley into Harvest Congress seven years ago we move towards that right and what this bill would do is take that away yeah and the one thing I don't say this. Yes, You don't have to worry about what other people you're the message you're somebody who's, an expert you're somebody who's going to be a practicing doctor and you're against us, and when they say that they are about trying to fix the relationship between doctors and patients. You can say That's bullshit and your speak from a place of expertise. You're, not an ordinary person in this debate
at the center of it. It matters that the American Medical Association is against this bill, and so, but I'd say, is you decide what the messages because will follow your lead, you're, a doctor you're going to be it. I don't know what I don't know the terms. Are you technically a doctor ready? I don't a resident. Is I don't your doctor, your doctor goddammit, you man, your doctor, so say so and that's the message you will follow you thanks guys. I've been in a big fan. I ever since you guys run Bill Simmons's podcast like way back when, when we're also hopeful and everything was so much better. But my question is about the media and kind of one thing: I've noticed lately and I don't know how long how long it's always been like this, but we only cover things kind of in the moment so, like the help
care bill when he got revived it got covered only kind of focusing on the way it would affect pre existing conditions. And that was the way the a lot of mainstream media covered it, and I guess I was wondering how do we focus kind of on the entire? How do we take that? How do we keep the scope focused on everything? That's going on, not just the thing that's happening in that moment and that stuff, no because it. We've now been in media for a little while ourselves, and I would really criticize the media for just that when we put together cast outline were like well what's in the news today? What do we talk about now, but I was thinking the same thing. The other day, 'cause, I'm like we're talking about the pre existing condition stuff, because that was the latest amendment, but, like the far big, problem is actually going to be. You know twenty four million people
was their healthcare, which, I guess that's old news. So we don't talk about that anymore right, like there's, eight hundred and eighty billion dollars being cut from Medicaid like that's, not a huge deal, The essential benefits are being cut, you know hospitalization, so it is, they will never The news will never have an incentive to go backwards and cover the whole story and give you the whole context, because it's all in the moment you know- and so it's sort of up to us, to try to to the extent that Donald Trump is unintentionally, intelligent or genius at anything. It's exactly this. He in back and forth from massive massive up to up and and
she's. My language cover it's a mistake in air in we we, I forget the things that the the mistake, the came twenty four hours ago. I don't know how to fix that problem. I do think like stepping back to first principles and focusing on the fact that you know well, we can talk about options and then in that will that it were pretend we'll will address pre existing conditions in the high risk pools. There's a a broad like focusing on the broader harm that the bill will cause to all Americans. It will harm, It's not only twenty four million, you will lose insurance if they will, it could potentially make all of insurance worse because of what they're doing yeah one other thing I would say one of the most inspiring things has been not just the fact that people have been protesting, but the once it that protesting, which has been. We were able to rest the microphone away Donald Trump from the Republicans in the house that that
you can show when Democrats sort of a town halls and sir chanting about this bill. That was a way of saying: hey. Let's focus on what really matters here when, when you know Miller, people showed up after inauguration day that was about that was about using the microphone away and talk about what we cared about. I think that's a power we still have right now so can I can I try to recruit you here The days were we that we can kind of. Let the media do our work or just over, like you know, original document, says we, the people we to think but now, as we, the media were the media there. Seven hundred and fifty people here who are the media if they will go to their page use tonight and write an individual message will be seventy five thousand people who will get a message that they individually right and by the way I got tell you when you write an individual message. You don't just send him a link to these guys brilliance. It has an impact
and I just encourage people to become the media where the media. We should see that that ourselves and will move the world. I really do believe that also include the length well said, government, good question. I guys big fan John Phibro, actually big fan man soon we could to go. I love it said that Hillary campaign, maybe lost, because her policies with two thought out and they looked like they were already went through rounds of compromise and maybe, instead democratic run on camping, run on policies that maybe aren't as realistic but more exciting. So I guess MIKE Mike my question is our do we really need to do that when we're to party with the better ideas, and can we just run on honest, realistic policies?
Yeah John loves this now? Here's what I think I think that Bernie Sanders put out a college proposal that was very expensive that probably had no chance of passing through Congress, and so it went into the kind of arctic apparatus. What came out was a more affordable, more complicated version. I think the same It happened on the minimum wage proposal. Now I think that what I actually you know what, when I, when I think of what I said, which is that that that's, maybe Realistic, by the wrong way to say it, I think what I mean is that we should be more visionary in that we should be more. I asked aspirational in our proposed because we're in the wilderness. We have lost, and I think that everything that the governor's been talking about about the way forward. He was really exciting and really optimistic, but I want to be article about how hard it is get people to hear us how little they trust. The media right now how little they can help,
how filtered and confusing and noisy everything isn't and what I saw in twenty. Sixteen is what cut through that noise and what I see is a simple, elegant message from someone like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Governor Inslee Ann I want to make sure that we figure out how to say that and be that the simple elegant, and sometimes that may mean that it hasn't, doesn't necessarily pass the Cbo test. That's what I I think the lesson here, Does it matter anymore. Yeah. What you wrote that just chilling yeah, where the cbl you're aware this Cbo now Donald Trump is president things can cost whatever you want that good good with that. Thank you. Great thing, we saw that one hi,
the election. I was kind of trying to focus on the one thing I could do, because our brains are all going crazy and I just kind of kept circling back to right, wing media and it's powerful. It's seems you get a sleek powerful when you see some of the surveys that come out where republicans are getting their news almost entirely from Fox NEWS or other small sources like that and Democrats tend to kind of go all over the place. They're just ring where you saw cricket media falling into that, and is there any hope of sort of pushing against that. I mean you see all this stuff, that's going on at Fox NEWS right now and it isn't going to make any sort of difference. Is it going to like crumbling. Or is it just going to be this powerful juggernaut for ever yeah, I mean look if it's not fox it'll be someone else to be bright, part or something else like I. I think what this all the time it's. It is one of the reasons we started this company, like. I think we don't pay enough attention to how much power the right wing media has like. We think that somehow
the ties everyone and he he's just basically repeating stuff he's heard on Fox forever right literally literally, that's like all he does, but when you really think about it, yeah. No, I think that you can't you can't go to battle with propaganda the way they do like we will never look, Their job on their side of the what they're trying to do is to basically burn down a barn, they're trying to say all your problems. Here's who to blame right! You try to blame somebody blame It looked like you who doesn't come from where you come from who like you, write like they're all about blame, they're, all about burning down the system right, our job What we believe is that we make people believe in progressive government. We want to make people believe that by coming together we can actually do something better and improve people's lives in a community. That's always going to be better job than to just say: that's wrong, that's locked up and you should go blame that person, right, so we'll never be able to be Fox NEWS and Breitbart, and all that stuff will never have the left. But we can have. Is
more media that reaches people where they are, and retains them and doesn't talk to them like there. You know doesn't patronize them and actually speaks like normal human beings and that's what we're trying to here right. It's just like have a conversation about politics like you. Have it with your friends and maybe it's funny once in awhile, but make it staying, but like it should never try to copy what fox and bright part and right wing radio are because they lie all the time you know and like we want to be honest and an art project is to figure out. If can we be honest about Paula six and still reach out to people and get them motivated. That's the test. Some then. What do you think about it? Because we were we I I was far below you in the comms office, but like we were, we lurched back and forth on this right like we, Fox NEWS. We didn't talk to them for months at a time and then Brock about it that a bill Reilly, Superbowl interview like do you think they've passed are up, there are
outside the norm and they'll never come back or like? Are we just going to stay in that cycle? I think it's important understand that MAX, is not a conservative news organization. They are Republican Party arm. When George Bush was wanting to go to the Iraq war, they were for the Iraq war. When in Bracho, when Brock Obama wanted was talking about possibly launching a striking Syria, they were against Lakhish launch a strike in Syria when immigration seemed like the Savior of the public part there for immigration when it turned out, that could motivate voters against democrats. They were for that and so I think John is exactly right. That Fox other crap should not try to become Fox news as long as long as I've been in politics, someone says: what's the Fox news of the left Wing Fox NEWS left our job, would become Fox NEWS is to beat Fox NEWS because I think I think Fox NEWS in all of its. Dangerous step, children like bright part and daily caller, and all of that are the perhaps,
most pernicious force in our politics because they have tremendous influence and they use that to scare people on a daily basis and that's very dangerous and and the thing to remember the most. What governor Inslee said, which is extremely hopeful, is like we now have the power for like everyone to be the media. Right, like you, can write a message on Facebook on Twitter, whatever else is like the, If there is a resurgence on the left in the media space, it is not going to be a fucking cable channel,
it's going to look at media, I'm the Killian dollar Company, half of the resistance, more applause, please clap! I just want to point out that Bill O'Reilly, a called me at dunderhead on Fox NEWS for weeks ago, in two weeks later, he was gone. That guy is the worst ok, hi, guys hi long time listener. First time caller. I am a proud resident of the 31st district where we're also having special election mode michellerylands dot com but I'm also a cancer survivor, an educator and I gotta tell you the only thing that scares me more than the beer party.
His garden yesterday is Betsy to boss and I'm wondering governor. If you know I know we're kind of have a little special session going on and we're kind of trying to you know handle our Paramount duty to fully fund education, I'm, but I'm also worried that in compromising we might be opening doors to make things easier for Betsy device to kind of do her thing, and so I'm just waiting for you guys. You know I, and also, if you know you need a pod pod teach America well all I can tell you that our job is to provide for the ample education and basic funding for education sore excellent teachers can do excellent work. That's our job our job is not to privatize Location with Betsy Devos is bad dreams about, watching my compare that right now and we will have to be alert to those efforts. So far. Actually it's interesting they really have not arisen. Is your fears?
We have not totally been realized quite yet, but the session is. Is going on I do want to see this because we haven't talked about education here and I want to say a couple words about it. If I can, this week is teacher appreciation week. And I'm going to tell you I see the most magical things in our communities in our classrooms. Right now. Our things are getting an education three times better than I ever got, because they've got teachers with capabilities and methods of doing proud. Based learning teaching students, how to be social with one another work together as a team. Stand physics means more than just something on a blackboard I was. School the other day where they were designed high school junior high school students were doing. Research with Fred Hutchinson Cancer research that same school.
Right around the corner. Juniors were designing an artificial left ventricle for an artificial heart. The things that are going on in our schools today are unbelievable and when people Pack, public education is a failure. Spend a little time in the classroom and see the good teaching that's going on. We need to. We need to, we need to just give teachers the resources to do their job. I'm committed to doing that. We're hope the parties are going to reach a resolution on that, we need one party to kind of catch up with the other party. You'll have to fill in the blanks which party that is but we're going to get this job done for you and thanks for your work Follow up question. Are you guys going to tell us where the after party is presented Let's say I'm just going to say if I could pick
Let's just say it rhymes with bees cake factory, but I'm not sure that that's going to happen. Yeah boo me all you want, I don't know, let's try a local Seattle place not on a rail light rail hi. I just wanted to say first of all, thank you for the work you guys are doing, but at least a couple hours out of every week right in nothing instead of feeling like I might possibly go, completely out of my mind with rage, but one of the things you brought up in the pod not long ago that I really caught my attention was the notion of not trying to look in the rearview mirror anymore. What happened in two thousand and sixteen, but rather look forward.
Have a conversation about how to frame what talking about here, which is that the Polydisc the discussion is all very sting but we're we've been losing this conversation for thirty years, because it's now values based conversation and I came across a mention about the work that George Lack Office been doing, and I know you're pointed acquainted with his work down at Berkeley and his book, like thank you yeah about the elephant and yeah, and you were talking about you using some time on the podcast to basically works. Map this notion and I just wanted to say I think that would be an incredibly useful thing for you Doing I'd like to see you invite George Lakoff on to the pod on you
could you be using your facebook page to workshop this, because that's how we win is the value this conversation, not just with Version of the policy which version of the legislation is best we have to. We have to talk, The point that you were just saying a minute ago, John about what binds together: yeah. We agree and we're trying to get John FAT start a messaging podcast of his own. So if you guys think that John should get off his twice a week to our week, work very Kerr. She because she schedule is very because you schedule and start his own podcast about them. Credit values in messaging parts of it, maybe a show a show of hands. Maybe a joint with George Georgian John, our friends, George, like I thought I was in a podcast of this just kidding. I'm just kidding. That's a great
right right. I mean we do look. We we come from. I mean we were on the Obama campaign and that campaign was largely about speaking in values. That's what he taught all of us and and I, that's what we take from that campaign and look it's really hard to, because we talked about media filters a lot here and often times it doesn't get reported. What the message of the politician was that day right like what his what the person speech was, what his or her speech was it's the new policy news so takes a lot of discipline for a politician to go out there, deliver the same message every day and make it values in about what's at stake, because the media pushes against every incentive pushes against that right, so you really have to bear down and not worry about the fact that you might not make the headline everyday but go out to the people,
play and say this is my message: it's going to be aspirational, it's going to be inspirational and that's what I'm going to stick with so, but you're right, you're, absolutely right! Hi, coming here. Uhm. I, like many voters in two thousand and sixteen had the and that Hillary Clinton was starting. A terrorist group in the Middle EAST yeah, so I googled did Hillary Clinton found ice is in the top. Google result was a My part article, that said, did Hillary Clinton. On ISIS, indisputable fact check, says yes, that is true and no hold on a wake was actually. They are not saying that the story is true right. I saw that I really did see a link and we all like?
you know I was, I was shocked. I hope you guys are shocked as well and we're all laughing at it, but do you guys really, understand that millions of people think that, like I'm I'm dead, serious I've never been more serious. My wife, millions of people think that I, a big red flag for me, was in September, in Cincinnati, where my fiance is from, and someone who had you know babysat them when she was a child came up to me and she's like oh you're, the one who worked for Obama again, she goes well, I'm trying to figure so I'm I'm deciding between Hillary and Trump I want to vote for Hillary, I'm just I'm worried about the fact that she killed all those I, as like you mean like like voted for Iraq war or like the pink cotton. Just like I don't know like she had that list of people that she killed. I think I still might vote for her, but I'm I'm just it gives me pause and I was like oh shit. This is like a real. So, yes,
it's a huge problem right. There is a massive disinformation campaign on one side, but I also think it's important that do not go down the rabbit hole of thinking. The way we win is we fight that disinformation campaign on its terms, because it's look, people People are out there right now. It's on Facebook, where they're choosing their own facts right. We do it ourselves and but not to the same but the right has a whole apparatus designed to deliver facts that satisfy their their bases by That's why it comes back to values, conversation because it's lot easier to fight somebody's. Fax, it that this fight, somebody set of values right that that I think the right understands better than us that if you come at this, Every question is a philosophical question. Well, then, fax kind of bounce off of that right we have to have a set of philosophies in a core set of beliefs that were fighting for, and we argue on the terms of they claim kill people in Benghazi or that,
Obama. Care is going to create death panels are all the rest we have to have. A set of values were fighting for every single day. Anne become fact checkers, because I think I think that's a recipe for disaster I disagree with you awkwardly so, but I is it like to the governor's point that everyone is the media. Now Everyone now has the capacity to push back gets false information within their social network. And so, if you see that right, people who are your friends with on Facebook people to follow you on Twitter or whatever social media platform from may see that if you who they know and trust, puts out countervailing information. They may believe and so everyone has the capacity to do the job of helping push back at these things. In their network, and so we have agency here we don't just like let russian bots and Breitbart and Fox
Maybe we can do that ourselves. It also by the way, is an incentive, for it tells politicians to be as open and accessible as possible and to go into like meet people where they are right? Like you know, If you hear that, if you guys leave here- the governor, is insley. You know started tears group in the Middle EAST, you're like well. No, he was on stage of the pod, save America guys he seems fine. Well like I do. I mean Obama, who's used to say that he was like I, you know when I first started out. I had this crazy name Barack Hussein Obama, but then I go meet every single person in Iowa and they would mean like well you're, not the caricature that we see of you on Fox NEWS right. This person I met somewhere. So it tells politicians to like not hide to give press conferences to be Ex possible to go to other parts of the state to go to rural counties to go to places where they don't usually get votes and show people who you really are because when they meet you in person, it's much different than the caricature that you are on social media or fox. So that's that's right. Like Brock Obama, is a perfect example of this there's a pretty big problem.
The campaign to paint him as a lot of things, but he won two elections with the majority, which is more than our current president got. Isn't it so and I think that speaks to what damage- I don't disagree with- that, we all have to push back, but at the same time Barack Obama didn't spend every day saying I'm not a Muslim. He didn't spend every day saying I'm not a terrorist he's every day. So I'm not a socialist like he heard of it is yeah every other day every other day right like the sprinklers, but so we can push back as citizens, but I think, as a party as a as people trying in campaigns we gotta argue for our values. We had show people who we are not fight back every day against some. So why? So why? In every speech that you guys have a wrote that Barack Obama gave while he was president in Seattle,
did you have a line trash talking me about basketball? What I don't understand that that was what was it? What was that about governor? That was ad libbed right? It was in Charlotte and then something about that. You know how competitive he is right. Yeah man, I really should have started ISIS, though that was a big honestly. I think I think Hillary Clinton Starting ICES Coster Wisconsin Foster in the swing states. It played well in Philly, I'm just kidding in front of the bug, hi guys so I have a sixteen part question up. Part 1a is it's one part, so typical move of political, pundit, He is referring to elections as job interviews and uh. When elections come around, we hear from congressmen and senators governors occasionally brain surgeons.
We don't often hear from staffers from people who shape policy behind the scenes. Do you guys think that speechwriters communications directors would make really candidates, and will we see you or any of your co workers run next year? Okay, I don't want to keep saying, is very focused on the podcast right now. Right now, I am very focused on being a media mogul. Once I get that out of my system and and build a massive conglomerate then I will be running for office, but but I'm not one of these people, I'm not a governor in the tie to avoid the question he shoots from the hip, you know come what may still nothing from him. He still look at him. Look at that! That's discipline! I respect it. I want you to know that we're not going to make you answer this question today, governor, but I'm running March madness in my mind, in twenty twenty I'm focused on two thousand and eighteen, but in my mind I'm building and bread.
About what you're going to be, and it most sports talk, he's saying right now, right now, it's a good seat. If you to the media empire, where can we get more merch? don't worry about that all let's just say that there's a website being built and a store at that website we're going to have a better way to code hi and straight shooter and friend of all pods and Fabbro love it
Twenty four, so I don't know that. So, let's talk about that later going as answer whatever question and the second to last person this line, I would like to ask a little bit of a softball question just to make me and everybody in this Seattle, Washington, area, feel better. What was your favorite part about, working for Obama. Because we like to reminisce on the better days here, and I think that Obama was the best days in my personal opinion, so I mean for me it will always be like Iowa, two thousand and seven was the greatest experience of my professional life. I moved from, see and I went out and was one of like ten people on the ground and got to spend all this time on the road with him and in a weird way one of the best moments I had was one of the shittiest I professionally the
the DES Moines Register, hold you hostage. You will learn this The amount of kissing that goes on with these people is pathological built sleeping, was taking them to dinners and copies General Wesley Clark would call them at their destiny. Like sir, I just I can't talk to you right now. I've got to go and they would hang up on these people. I didn't know this job was to win this endorsement and we put everything we could into it short of slipping, under the door, though I thought about it and we lost the uh. You know and and I I walked onto the bus and the bus and had to deliver this news like it's fine, it's gonna, be. But if we all freaked out about like the guy, was show cool and calm and kind to his staff and good to the people around him in like that.
It's moments like seeing that poise, I mean, I know it's silly at the newspaper. No one reads them anymore: they listen to podcasts but it was. It was my entire worlds and I thought I had fields at the one task I'd been sent to do. It was like in high school. I am the the the first night that I work for him as in the Senate office in two thousand five, it was the first. Statement that I ever wrote for him and um remember about the nomination of Condi Rice and So I go home that night, he told me what he wanted in the statement and I start walking out of the office and he was like hey fabs come back here like he's like I know this is your first night writing for Maine is the first thing you've ever written, you probably nervous, but so I also want you to know that I'm a writer two- and I know that sometimes the muse strikes. Sometimes it doesn't. And so go home, do your best and if that, if you do something great and if not come back here, we'll figure it out tomorrow.
So I go home, I write. I come back and he comes over to me. He's got all these edits and he's like, so I just have a few edit this. I want to make sure it's okay, that I'm please edit, if you're, okay with them, and I'm like your fucking bra, Obama and it with like that's how he was that's how he was to work for for eight years. Like that right now, so I think that I mean that is exactly right. Is that we work form, for you know there's a ten years or newer for ten years, and he is good, a guy, as you think and hope he would be never never in that time that he would get mad at us. We would do things that annoy him, but he was never disappointed us one single title time. We were there good good. Last question. Okay, I'm really sorry, okay, I'm! I love you guys, I'm really nervous, and but I have a question for,
instantly I'm more nervous and you are believing I tell you- is it about transportation No, so I twenty or light rail citizen, I was not able to vote for you. I am a teacher. I'm also a sexual assault, survivor and the and I'm here on behalf of my dear colleague, Leah Griffin, who worked tirelessly to get a bill that you signed today. It passed unanimously is the bill, one thousand one hundred and nine that addresses, among other things, the backlog of rape, kids, an offer
training section passed unanimously put it past about funding, and I wanted to ask you governor what can you do to ensure that this bill gets funded? We can first off thanks for speaking up and speaking out today we signed about six bills that were meant to protect sexual assault, victims and then the scourge of human trafficking there, five hundred kids being trafficked in King County as we speak, and so this truly is a scourge and we had a bipartisan success in the suite of bills. But more pins. It said speak out and you're speaking out. I just want to thank you for
now now as to what we can do. This is a suite of bills. We did things which extended the no contact orders for longer periods of time. We did a list of things to allow data sharing. You mention This bill: it's a good sweet of bills, What we can do is to get a budget, that will solve the edge. Crisis for the mccleary decision without getting, other services of the state government. Now I will surprise you that the Republican Party are interested in gouging services for people with mental health issues. Reducing protection for homelessness not funding western state hospital not funding dean people who do children protective services,
but their budget has done is to essentially take about two billion dollars out of the system that provides basic services to us frequently, the least amongst us and the most challenged both mentally and in economically and use. That money to try to satisfy their obligation to fund schools that It's totally unacceptable to us. You can't over kids, educational problem by making them homeless hard enough to do homework when you don't have a home So we have to stop them. We have to stop them from their there avoiding their constitutional duty. By not only financing education in a way that, frankly, is going to take some additional revenues and what proposes what they have proposed on. How to fund schools is to do two things: one
money out of services like this suite of information, or this suite of resources would help sexual assault victims and to just increase taxes for people who were in blue districts and give tax cuts to those in red districts. They have proposed increasing property taxes for people in king, only by hundred sometimes over one thousand dollars. For those, fixed income, So what I will do is continue. What I'm trying to do is to forge bipartisan budget that will take care of the lease, amongst this, and you want to talk about morality,
it's a moral issue to take care of sexual assault. Victims are going to do everything we can to do that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone. Thank you, Governor Insley, for joining us tonight. Thank you. Guys will see you again soon.
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