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With 15 days to go, Jon and Dan give a midterm update, Trump uses caravans and voter fraud to scare people, Democrats try to flip state legislatures, and the Trump Administration wants to define transgender Americans out of existence. Then Democratic Congressional candidate Aftab Pureval talks to Jon about his race to flip the Ohio 1st, and why we need a new generation of leaders in Washington.

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Welcome to pod save America when, where in Philadelphia on Friday for the next episode of our HBO Series, you'll be hearing from another congressional candidate, who's is running in Pennsylvania. Sixth district Chrissy. Who and if you haven't watched our show from last Friday with Beto O'Rourke, take a look watch it you can stream it, I think,
really like it is a good show. What are you doing here? We haven't watched it. I hope the answer is your route. We get out all we can canvassing. That is the only excuse for that perfectly acceptable excuse by the way, but- but you know stream it. While you walk around that's what people do on their phones, these days right seems dangerous yeah, it does I've seen love it. Do it. Ok, and it is fifteen days until the election- that time when you wake every morning with a knot in your stomach and freak out about everything. Maybe that's just me. The wonderful few weeks for our country, so, let's start with where the race stands today. Obviously, all of you know how we feel about the danger of hopping on the polar coaster, but pull does tend to shape the media narrative, and so here we, yesterday's NBC Wall Street Journal Poll give you the headline or it the lead quote, fueled by
increased enthusiasm from women, Latinos and young voters for the upcoming midterm election Democrats hold a nine point, lead among likely voters over Republicans in congressional preference. Few thing of note here and I want to hear your thoughts, among the wider pool of registered voters, the democratic advantage is only seven points. Forty thousand to forty one, and the reason that the likely voter margin is larger, which doesn't tend to happen to Democrats in mid terms. Usually when you go in the mid terms from the registered voter pool to the likely voter pool Republicans game not Democrat, so that's unusual and the reason that's happened is because, in the at least in this poll, they're detecting the Democrats are more enthusiastic to vote. Seventy two percent of Democrats who they have high interest in the upcoming election versus sixty eight percent of Republicans, not too big,
not too big of a gap in among all registered voters of both parties. Sixty five percent have high interest, the largest for a midterm electorate dating back to two thousand and six there's also some good numbers for Trump in here too, but I want to start with sort of the the top line numbers Dan. What did you make of this? But those numbers are worth to me ship, nothing, they mean they made nothing They mean absolutely nothing they're interesting, and we know that I don't blame people for being people who look at the polls and you know we can. We tell you that they don't matter, but we should practice what we preach. Read you a text I received from someone. You know very well this morning and from you all that I've again reached
point where I refresh five hundred and thirty eight every ten seconds to look for new polls that I'm not proud of it. But can you set that text jumped? It was love. It knows me guys, look it's a sickness. I have it. I'm not going to be able to fix it. I don't care how many elections happen, I'm just going to do it, but what I think everyone should know is you should put these things in perspective. Everyone is like we went from. The polls mean everything thing in data means everything last time to polls are worthless and don't mean anything time, and I don't think either really true pulls are a snapshot in time. They help with the help showing broad trends, they can give you some little bit of information here and there not a great predictive tool, and you should you should not live and die by them. That is one hundred percent correct. Informative, not instructive, and what I take from these polls are. There was a world that seem possible when, after Democrats won the Alabama Senate Virginia where we were.
I have to work that hard for this, where Republicans were going to stay home Democrats are going to turn out and we would win that way. That is not what is happening now. Democrats are very, very fired up, so we have tremendous opportunity to a generational opportunity to take the house, and maybe the Senate and win races up and down the ballot that will have policy and political consequences for decades to come, but we have to turn out to do it because Republicans They're, not sleeping here, they're awake there awake there they are going to now in, and so the message polls are get off your ass. What do you think about the fact that they're, the one weird thing in this poll, among likely voters Trump's approval, is four thousand five hundred and fifty two and among all registered voters? It's four thousand seven hundred and forty nine, which is the highest of his presidency in the NBC Wall Street Journal polls, an and, of course, in the most competitive, has battle grounds in this poll, many of which taking place on republican turf congressional preferences tide. So in case you were wanted to feel good about the headline in this poll here
to make you feel bad. It is weird the trumps I mean just just comparing polls right, not as not polls as a predictive tool of what might happen but sort of compare across bowls. It was weird to me that Trump's approval has car. Yes, I mean it. No, I don't need like the NBC Wallstreet Journal Poll is probably the gold standard of media polls, which is not saying a tie in, but it's usually pretty as I'm not trying to dismiss it or unscrew the polls. So I don't really different ways to look at it. There is it could be some noise like two points here. They there in a poll is very well within the margin of error that makes a gigantic difference in the headline yeah writers really take margin of error in consideration and in the average trump is at four thousand three hundred and forty seven, so this be a leading indicator that his numbers are getting better, it could be noise none.
It is interesting how Trump's poll numbers in the generic ballot interact, which is Trump's number a little bit better as the electric is larger, but the Denver it is also get better, which suggests that there are some trump voters who people who, like Trump who are voting for Democrats for Congress, which I think is very interesting. No luck and the other thing is and look Nate Silver will say this. All the sort of poll watchers will say this. We are at a point in this race, where a normal pump, Miss which is usually in the range of two to three points couldn't in the whole election right like if we've under If the polls are underestimating republican support by just two or three points, Republicans take the Senate and they may hold on to the house polls underestimate democratic vote by two to three points, which is a normal polling, miss to suddenly it's a huge wave election for Democrats.
So everything is all within the margin of error and we won't fucking now won't stop me from checking them, but something I'm going to tell all of you. Let's now go ahead. Well, I don't recommend streaming television content as you as you walk around, but you can look at the polls in between doors, as you canvas over the next few weeks, yeah. If that's something that makes you feel good, we should also say that at this point, people already voted early vote has now begun in almost every state that has early voting check out. All of your states in on votes of America dot com- I know early voting has started today is in Texas. If you want to help in bed to get out. The early vote go to bed over Texas dot com vote. They could use your help, SOS and big lines and Houston and other places this morning on Twitter, now Dan, as we start to get there early voting, do you want to warn everyone about the dangers of reading too much into the early vote in addition to reading too much into
yes, I want to do that before I want to do that. I also like to say that today October, twenty second is voter registration deadline in Cal, our home state in the state that will likely decide well the house, because we have to win the crooked kids, seven slash districts if we want to have any chance, they can house. So if you have not, I am everyone, listen this podcast to listen. California's registered, but I know you have friends who, don't so go, find them and get the rest register by the end of the day. Today, yes or early it, there was a time many years ago, eons ago, like two thousand and twelve, early vote was a very predict if indicator of what was going to happen. But what has happened since then is it tells us very little because Democrats have gotten very early voting a lot of places, and so we get see these huge numbers and we think well, if we have over performed two thousand
twelve early vote by x, amount and we're going to do xml better in the election and what that doesn't take into account the fact that, because we've gotten better at as a party and people of learn more about it. They've learned it's an option that makes voting much easier more do it and so what you're doing a lot of the times is cannibalizing your election day vote. So these are simply adding new voters in early vote, you're just simply moving election day voters to early vote now. That is still a very, very good thing and a still encourage everyone early vote, because a it's more convenient be never does come election day in C every voter that a campaign can bank early means it's they have. They don't have to worry about those voters for GEO Tv on election day, so they can focus on lower per voters early, but is very good you're. Just all kinds of things are going to say. Democrats are down in Florida in early vote versus two thousand, and fourteen or Democrats are up in Clark County. You all
ignore all of it and just use it as an option to remind yourself to early voting at your friends. But if you are fortunate to live in a state that has really vote was it doesn't ever leave out. I hope you get a new governor legislature who will give you really thought, because it is the simplest those basic thing. A democracy should offer citizens yeah and look in different states have different patterns on this. Like there's some states where Democrats always tend to do better in the early vote, there's some It's where the mail, the mail in ballots, in the absentee ballots that come in early tend to favor Republicans. Florida is one of those states an in Florida, starting actually their actual in person early voting today, so you're right. I always find early vote now. Did it always seems lose lose for Democrats, because when it's like a great a vote, no like I'll, crushing long line. So many Democrats early voted you you can't get that excited for all the reasons you just listed and yet, The early votes not going well for Democrats, then I think people feel bad. It seems like
if seems like, it's always it's never really fun to dig into the early vote. But again people will keep doing it. Clearly I know the John Ralston in Nevada use the early vote in twenty. Sixteen too closely predict that Hillary would win that state. But again, so yeah and she she did, and he also used to predict Hillary read winning in a very tough year for Democrats in twenty ten and Obama, winning in twenty twelve and a Bama winning. Thousand. So there is a history there most reporters who look at All numbers in early vote numbers no less about the history of those states that earned turnout patterns and precinct makeups ups than anyone else. Listen this podcast, but John Ralston it is not his. He knows a lot. I am just very curious to see whether or friends that he sees a huge, huge, democratic surge
can you or whether they're just people who've been waiting to vote since the moment the networks call that for Trump and did it on the first couple days so we'll see and it's Sure it's encouraging to say the least, but it doesn't tell us very much about what's going to happen next fifteen days no and will wait and see about that. Alright, let's talk about how democratic candidates in some of these redder states and districts are trying to win this thing political published a piece this weekend about how Mitch Mcconnell's comments about repealing the affordable care act and cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security have been a real gift to Democrats Quote endangered Senate Democrats are trying to turn the election away from Cavanaugh in the mob that the President says their party and cited in toward bread and what government programs that are popular with swing voters in conservative states. Beef goes on to say it's working quite well. For Joe Mansion in West Virginia and some of these other Red State Democrat. Then, what do you think of this is a strategy and how is it going? How do we keep up the healthcare message here?
before you said that I would note that we are treating Mitch Mcconnell, telling the truth like it's in a total eclipse of the sun, something that happens once every hundred years. They how did he make this error of telling us the thing his party will do if they win the election. It's just like it says a lot to me about how it is sort of baked into the assumptions of Mcconnell and Jacob Party in general. They're, just gonna lie all the time. So if they tell that, like the tell the truth, is the man bites dog story and lying is just par for the course, and so it just very interesting window into how the Republicans have managed to the base their image to the point. The press gives them a political advantage for it. So that's cool well,
we thought again this morning. I think Jon Tester's, opponent and Montana also just said out loud told the truth he's like yeah, I'm against read for pre existing conditions, I'm against the affordable care act requiring that insurance companies cover pre existing this is what he said and it was treated this big deal that he was all honest. I'm like yeah, there's republican candidate who's honest about his position on pre existing conditions. The rest of them are just fucking lying. It's really. It's really wild this. The right message- and this has been the message all along like we have gotten- wrapped around the axle in elite political twitter polls about capital, which is, I was the one most important stories that happened in generation, but it has never been that primary message for Demo That's on the keeping it was part of the conversation they had navigate. It was for sure, but they have been advertising on healthcare from the very beginning they had been talking about health care on the
Pain trail in what what this is is. This is Mitch Mcconnell's, give them a critical piece, datapoint, a critical validation of their argument that Republicans not just take away healthcare to pay for tax cuts for millionaires, and he will take away healthcare and as if that wasn't terrible enough Medicare. So this has to be every single thing everywhere, comes out of a Senate Democrats mouth between now and the election has to be. This Republicans will take away your health care and cut your Medicare to pay for tax cuts for billionaires corporations. When someone ask Joe Manchin already I hi what they want for breakfast. That's the right answer when they ask him about Trump's left wing mob, that's their answer. When ask him about the caravan coming with to the United States. That's their answer like we have every you can ten days left as we recording this, you cannot, there are no minutes. You can get back. Every word, tweet add,
is a zero sum game, and so you have to do it all on this. We know what works and everything else it is. It is a distraction and look I mean we have a ton of money by find ads that are saying all this and the candidates have been saying this on the stump, like you mentioned it, an uphill climb to make sure that this message sort of breaks through the very clouded media narrative that is all over the place- and you said this before it doesn't necessarily have to. But I mean when you step back every single pole for the last year is all the all of them have agreed on one thing: that healthcare is the top issue for voters. That's driving voters in this election that we've seen for sure Democrats, have been putting all of their money all of their ads all their time and resources behind talking about healthcare in this race. Republicans
have now been lying about the votes that they took to repeal the affordable care act to gut pre existing conditions. The budget they've passed to gut Medicare to gut Medicaid to security they've been lying about all their positions on this, and actually they are now running ads, saying we love pre existing conditions, so it's no exaggeration to say that this is the biggest issue of this election, voters minds in the minds of the party, and now it's clearly important republicans because they feel like they need to put behind lies pretending that they to support universal health care and support pre existing conditions. So it's a bit crazy, bigger media story that it's not coming on CNN, MSNBC and Fox. Your local news all the time, but you know I guess I guess Democrats just have to keep hammering it anyway and look for opportunities like when Mitch Mcconnell accidentally tells the truth to you, no find a news hook to get this,
yeah it's like Haley's comment like we have to take advantage of this one time how to tell the truth is not going to happen for seventy five years, the other another point I make about what is critical about Mcconnell's point, which is when he is added the cutting of Medicare to the equation and that is super critical because for a lot of Trump voters right, just demographically. A majority of seniors, particularly white seniors, are Republicans and Trump voters, and They are not affected by um protections people for existing conditions because they have Medicare. They have guaranteed universal health care when that for everyone else. This is an issue that goes right at potentially dividing the I've said this before. In the context of my measure, a super PAC dividing the Republicans in Congress from some number of Trump voters,
I'm not saying don't vote for Democrats and they might in some of these red states with these more moderate Democrats, but they may not vote at all. They may not vote for the Republicans, and so that is a critical piece to add to the equation. Going forward will be very smart about how we use the limited campaign dollars. We have to target those voters, so in some of these redder states are maybe purple are states. It does look like the Republicans aren't doing as well as some of the other red states. Some of the other Senate States, Jonathan Martin New York Times published a piece on Sunday about how the trouble facing republican candidates for state office in places like Michigan Pennsylvania Minnesota, could spill over into down ballot races for the house. He also writes that the coat tails of the Democrats at the top of the state tickets this year could dramatically affect american politics beyond twenty eighteen, then why do you think the states, the trump?
one talking Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa Ohio? What do you think they're different than some of the other states, where republicans are doing better? That is a great question. I think part of it is we just believe. We were also surprised that Trump states like Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania that we have sort of treated them as if they were in eggs, were we moving in republican direction and it would be this way forever. The blue wall had been knocked down for ever more in Donnie trumpet Trump barely won most of the states yeah just to a handful of things here and there change eighty. Votes over Michigan, Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Hillary Clinton president that would have been sweet. So this was always very close and Trump barely not these out to these are going to be jump balls under all scenarios. Now in Wisconsin begin Ohio. You are come
Iowa, you were coming on the end of eight years of republican and pretty messy republican world, particularly Michigan because of things like Flint. These other issues and Trump's economic policies, not the the populist campaign platform he ran on, but the economic policies that he and Mister Khan on Paul Ryan have put in place. Since he left are very popular in the states Brock about able to win those states against Mitt Romney by running directly against very tax cut, the Republicans passed and so Democrats evident and it's these are popular states. Yeah and the Republicans are have passed a corporatist agenda and so finding that the division between those two points allows Democrats have a chance yeah. Well, I think the I think, the very good point and like I would advise democratic and
it's as well and I'm sure there most of them are doing this at least from what I've seen yeah you. You start with health care, but the message goes beyond health care. You know trump every chance he gets in the Republicans like to trumpet the economy and of course we talked about this before the top line numbers. The economy, look pretty good, but so much of this is a look at the stock market's doing grade, and economic growth overall is great, but for a lot of people are working people, especially in these states. They don't necessarily, I feel that their healthcare costs are rising. There, the cost of education is rising, we just haven't, really moved and when they look to Washington, they see party that tried to rip away their health insurance to pay for a tax cut. I didn't really go to them, but they're not seeing in their pockets anymore. Despite all the promises from fucking Paul Ryan that their paychecks were going to get fatter, it didn't happen. It went to a bunch of rich. These were already sitting on a bunch of profits. So now I have more profits and then on
Well, that Trump starts a trade war. The hurts a lot of people who work in some of these states. So I economically. If you ask people in a lot of these midwestern states individually, how are you feeling economy is the economy of gotten better for you, they have a different then. What do you think about the economy overall, which you know if you look at the? and in the financial press, and you listen to Trump. Everything seems like it's going wonderful, but I don't think that's true for most people's lives. The the other point here that is hinted at in the Lee in the Jonathan Martin eggs or that red is that this is the governor is elected in the state to state legislatures. Like me, states will be the ones in power when redistricting is done after the twenty twenty census, and that is really important and democrat suffered mightily, because we lost all of those guys ships after the two thousand and did the two ten election.
So this is this is very critical. We have a generation opportunity to improve the political climate. Any states include the policy climates in these states, putting put in place progressive policies in the states, and we have to seize it and I just I mean it's. It is very fortunate. We are benefiting from some wind at our backs from bad republican candidates that trump policies just sort of a hang over years of republicanism, but we have taken advantage of because they have been states like Florida in the past, where we have not taken advantage of that and suffered by, because of it yeah and now you know. Speaking of some of these governors races, we talked about how important races for governor are this year. On the last pod,
but the races for a lot of state legislative seats are are just as important right now. Republicans control, both the House and Senate. In thirty, one states Democrats have that same kind of unified control in just thirteen states, but there are very real chance that the Democrats can flip state houses and State Senate in several states. This fall, which in some circumstances could lead to democratic. Try fact is, if democratic Hunters are in place as well Dan. Why are these so important? Well, let's think about it. On it's the same reasons, the governor's were important but If you have a trifecta right, you wall, if it is a state that does redistricting by the governor and state legislature that we will quit controlling district taking, we can sure, does not turn into partisan gerrymandering like the republic. Instead, we can put him progressive policies which would be fucking awesome. You could do Medicaid you like it, you can put in place the minimum wage you can protect. Women's are
reproductive freedom, particularly we're. Looking down the barrel of potential reversal of ROE versus Wade on the cabin all court. You can do things. My Colorado state of Washington and done on background check and safety laws are so much. We could all the things that if we had control had a single lever of power in Washington DC, we can do you can do it the same not the same as giving healthcare to everyone, but every person we can help us in that benefit, and then third, it makes the you can improve the political climate for Democrat. Because what is wonderful about being a Democrat is what is good for democracy. Small d is also good for Democrats, capital d, and so you can put in place same day, registration, vote by mail, large number of early vote days more polling places all of these things that will ensure that more people vote, which is it will be a critical part of democratic process since we win when people vote Republicans win when people don't vote, which, I think says
as much as you ever want to know about the differences between the two parties, yeah, just to note some of the states where democratic control as possible in Colorado, we are one state Senate seat away in a governor's race, win from full democratic control right now, Jerd. This is the democratic and for governor and he's in the lead, and if we flip one state Senate seat, then that's full control in Colorado, where one Senate seat in governorship, in Maine away from flipping one sentence away in New York state from Democrats controlling the New York State Senate in Minnesota, one Senate seat away from Senate control. Twelve seats away from House control in Wisconsin Democrats could take the governorship in two Senate seats to flip
troll. The house is a little harder there. We flip the Arizona Senate with three seats. We flip the Florida Senate with five seats and we can flip the Michigan House with nine seats and, of course, have a chance to have a democratic governor there and Gretchen Whitmer, so lots of lots of state legislative seats at play. As you said, every single one of these seats down balance sheets matters immensely. If not immediately, then we get to redistricting and down the line, so I played along there October, at his son, to your watchlist in his new weekly series. Patriot act with his son minnows, the daily show along will break down everything from topical news stories to pop culture moments using straight facts and real talk. Each episode will cut through the noise and deep dive into relevant topics with humor a new one. I hate, when shows have humor and are have no new ones, you know
that layer of I want to be confused whether or not I should let I want to order to tell me whether I should lie yeah. I I if it's a comedy, it's not a comedy that a win an award, and I want a comedy that a win the war watch the daily show, alum writer and creator of the critically acclaimed stand up special homecoming King Peabody Winner and features Speaker Peabody you know. I said that because there's a town in Massachusetts called Peabody, Peabody Peabody, which is, which is what the awards actually call. It sounds a lot like you in New England I did. In fact I grew up over from a town called Peabody, and his son was the featured speaker at the twenty seventeen White House correspondents dinner. Patriot act will make you laugh and make you think, don't be left out of the conversation Adam to your watchlist Patriot ACT with us on Minaj Premieres October. Twenty eight only on Netflix, to your watch list. Do you have a watch list? Oh yeah it's all, movement watch, is that I'm going to buy look Travis
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Davidson and Ariana Grande some blue apron to check out this week's menu. First three meals, free at Blueapron, dot, com, slash cricket that Blueapron dot com cricket to get your first three meals, free blue apron, a better way to cook and stay married. Now you just mentioned We do better when people vote and Republicans do better when people don't vote. Let's talk about sort of Trump's, homestretch message here. The weekend Trump issued threats about America's, not existent voter fraud problem. He tweeted quote: levels of government and law enforcement or watching carefully for voter fraud, including during early voting. Cheat at your own peril. Violators will be subject to maximum penalties. Both civil and criminal, So that's one message on a parallel track he's also on this caravan kick here's his tweet from this morning quotes, Sadly, it looks like Mexico's police and military are unable to stop the caravan heading to the southern border of the United States criminal.
Unknown middle easterners are mixed in I have alerted. Patrol and military that this is the national emergency must change laws Daniel. If I about this guy. Well, I'm glad you brought this up, so you like Trump's, closing message- and I know your ex doing what all the reports were saying or how are democrats dealing with Trump's closing argument. This is not a message. This is not an argument. This is the projectile vomiting of Fox NEWS. Talking points just all over the electorate. It is just there it just like he is grabbing conspiracy, theory out of the air and buy out of the air I made out of the mouth of Steve, Doocy and just putting them out on Twitter, and so we can take these one by one right, cuz they are somewhat connected in a.
Or in the like. If you can put yourself inside Trump's, cable, addled brain, then you can sort of see how they're connected We did basically is white like republican message, which is non white people are coming for. You white people coming for your jobs are coming in caravans, they're coming as terrorists in all the things and they're coming to steal your elections and the fact that he is managed to as we it out on our Friday show combine many people coming to take your jobs and head voting. Your elections is really an incredible feat of mental gymnastics. The first point is he trying to scare people from voting like that is what he was trying to do. He he wants your people to vote and he wants people to be by
saying that law enforcement will be at polling places. Looking at people he's trying to make people be afraid to vote, and that is a fucking disgusting thing for an american politician to do yeah. It is, and it's an it's like. No president, has ever done. Something like that. I mean Republicans, have engage in voter suppression for a long time It has never been out loud, like cheat at your own peril. Violators will be subject to just imagine if another president had tweeted and it's like one tweet yesterday, just buried in the news. No one's talking about it, I'm real yeah, we just we decided that the as a political media culture of decided that trunking we have no expectations for him right. So his like, I to the other day and review- and I were going back for
twitter right. We did the salt bigotry of low expectations, the which is a George W Bush line about the education system, and so someone put actual that someone who responded actually it's low expectations for a soft big. It is good. Let's let's talk about this caravan just so people know, because I don't think that the media is doing uh. At least most of the media is doing a great job with this either. This we've seen this before these are thousands of people who are fleeing violence in places like Honduras and Guatemala, many of them with children. First of all, the idea that they're about to invade the country's fucking absurd there about thousand miles away, at least from the border with Mexico and the US and they're walking so they're not
not an imminent invasion of people come in last time. They came to this country by the time they all got through Mexico, and by the time some people did reach the US border. It was a few hundred people. They stopped at the ports of entry. They applied for asylum like you're supposed to because it was trump many of them got rejected. It was very orderly. By the time I get the border, there was no there's no invasion of the country. This whole thing is fucking made up He said criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in. There is zero, so that that is not fucking. True, just common sense would tell you that that's not fucking middle easterners would get into our country by flying to fuqing Guatemala and then walk map to the US border, are you fucking out of your mind, here's. The problem like so you know that this is on fox all the time, but like the AP as headlines that they were tweeting, saying
army of migrants heading towards the United States, it's all over CNN, it's all over everywhere else like this is we can laugh about this, the trumps crazy for doing this, but I think this is extremely potent, at least among his base. This message of fear and the media is helping him do his job right now they are helping sort of promote this propaganda by not educating people about what this caravan actually is, and it's making me very angry I'm getting that sense. I sense I sent some anger in you. I like I'm, not I'm not laughing, I mean about it. It's I mean it is like the those of which this is disgusting are multiple right one. These are, as you point out, people fleeing violence in their country. Looking for refuge, in a country like the United States, it was once a beacon for freedom that opened its arms to people. They are the poor and huddled masses of the world.
Bad enough bad enough that you would just turn those people away without trying to help them? Second, it is you turn them into some sort of army, three, it's if just being racist towards um hispanic people wasn't enough, you are also throw in some middle Easterners Tuesday to be a double whopper of racism, and I guess my takeaway of if this is it is terrible. Trump is Tara. It fires up his base, the press with some exceptions, it's just in super bowl in the social media age of telling a. What complicated story in a way that people will understand on a hot button issue like this and so our view is, we should definitely get angry about it because that's who we are but there's nothing we can do about it like we like We cannot wrap ourselves around the acts about the things that Trump says to his base that fires them up, because there's nothing. We can say to not fire his base, yeah right, like that. We have
control over them. Yeah know well, but I'll. Tell you, though, part part of my frustration on this is the next step in this is not like, like the first reaction is what a liar you know he's a fear. Monger he's racist. I was going to stuff directions like what did Democrats going to do about this Trump's has this this message to his base and he's going to fire them up for the election are Democrats doing- and it's like I mean we're talking about care and the economy and people's wages, things that really matter people and we're saying that this is disgusting. I don't know what else Democrats really can do besides call this out as racist bullshit and expose the lies and then also say on our message: that's pretty much all we can do right. Yeah, I'm worried about the caravan of Republicans coming from take my health care healthcare. I like that then I like,
okay, so you and I haven't had a chance to talk about the murder of saudi journalist Jamal Shogi at on Friday night, the Saudi, so they can show you had been accidentally killed during a fist fight with eighteen, saudi operatives in Istanbul. You know the happens all the time when Donald Trump was asked whether he found that credible. He said I do, but by Sunday Trump said interview with the Washington Post, that he doubts the saudi account of to show his death, and that quote obviously, there's been deception, there's been lies, but he stopped short of saying that the saudi crown prince was responsible for ordering the murder Dan. Why can Trump just admit what american intelligence is telling him, which is that the Saudis were involved in this and because Trump's not willing to admit this Does this mean that Saudi Arabia is just going to get away with this? So to answer the first part of your question, I think there are three reasons why trump
not appropriately assigned the obvious blame here and and then consequently hold Saudi Arabia. The first is Trump has a. A moral, if not in moral view of politics, which is. There is no right and wrong. They're inducing much much other all that matters is winning or the accumulation of power, so he views from a policy perspective, Saudi Arabia, critical to large portions, of his agenda, and it doesn't to him. It is. It is just a merely an annoyance to him an inconvenience and they have to do with the story, because the right or wrong of it, though the outrage the tragedy doesn't matter to him He like he's, he's bracing, cable of computing that and that's actually the been the foster the property for a long time. Second, he and your Kushner he's been. The point person here have incredibly close financial ties to the Saudi.
And they're, probably even closer than we know, because we don't have Trump's tax returns. But if you just follow what Trump has said about the Saudis in the past, they have given him a lot of money and third trump. True believes that wealthy, very powerful people are unfairly tarred with accusations, and so it's natural instinct is always to defend ever had because because everything is a mirror to Trump, and so he sees accusations, and Saudi Arabia. Here's Accu similar accusations against him, and it's like Roy Moore Bill, O'Reilly and Brett Kavanaugh and Rob Porter and every else all over again. This is just trump. How Trump reacts presumption of guilt for everyone else was innocence, despite the evidence for his rich and powerful friends, do you think there's going to be any political consequences for Trump for deciding to stand with the Saudis as they murdered journalist? Who was an american resident who work for the washing
post? No, I think it's very very, very sad thing to say. I think there will be. Like? I don't know that this is going to be something is going to affect his poll. Numbers are affect electoral prospects. I do think that Going to be a huge problem for his administration, if the Democrats take one at least one house of Congress Back because yeah they will use their powers under the Magnitsky ACT, which Tommy is explained on previous podcast and could do so much better than I can? They will use their powers to investigate and hold Saudi Arabia accountable and Trump is going to be to either go along with that or expand massive amounts of political but trying to veto it and then hold a veto override, and so there will there can be accountability for Saudi Arabia here, but it's going require Democrats to control Congress is, I do not believe Republicans. Will
buck trump on this. I do think there's a narrative here that you know whether it's for this election or for two thousand and twenty Democrats need to start weaving together. Which is. This is now the second time or the second major time that Trump has decided to believe v, denials of a brutal regime, an autocrat, an dictator over the conclusions of american intelligence. He stood before the world in Helsinki next to Vladimir Putin and said that he believed Putin's denial that they did not sabotage.
Now he's standing by the saudi government against all evidence to the contrary that they murdered a journalist who is an american resident and, like you want to feel safe in this country. You feel secure with this present United States, who will take the words of autocrats and dictators over our own intelligence, America's own intelligence, the men and women who served in the intelligence community that does that make you feel safe as an American, because I think whether you're a democrat or independent, or even some soft republicans like that, seems pretty scary to me that that that are Our president is a line more closely with dictators and autocrats and thugs around the world. Then he is with our allies or our own intelligence services. That's good! That's I mean that's exactly right: it is very you know I mean I would try. If I was. If I was running campaigns, I would at least try that message out, especially like among some, you know, call educated why
man, who were sort of the swing voters in this election, who are you know not necessarily all pro trump or all pro Democrat There'S- are the ones in the middle, but in an especially women to like. I just think it's a secure we have to start making the security argument, like we again avoided a national security crisis by sheer luck over the last two years, but Trump in a national security crisis that is beyond his control. That just comes out of the blue is not something that I want to see or could feel or would feel safe and any sort of way. Yeah he's probably shouldn't be president as much I'll take away from all this yeah yeah. Let that's good conclusion all right. So one last story here before we go that I just want to talk about the New York times reported on Sunday that the Trump Administration is looking to expand. Its culture war by literally quote, defining Trans gender out of existence. According to the times the Trump White House
quote considering narrowly defining gender is a biological immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet, and a government wide effort to rollback recognition and protections of transgender people under federal civil rights law. In a statement to have human rights campaign, her friend, Chad Griffin said quote: the Trump pensive Ministration intends to race, Lgbtq people from federal civil rights protections in eviscerate enforcement of nondiscrimination laws Dan. What would this mean and what would the consequences be for transgender Americans? Tremendous tremendous it is like I am struck by is the cruelty and the hypocrisy of the Republican Party, not just trump yeah. This is not some. I hat wearing Alex Jones lower that we get got burrowed into some department. This is what the Republican Party was going to do. No matter who won and
the cruelty of it is just is try to deny people the opportunity to live their lives. The way see fit in the hypocrisy is the Republicans run around claiming to be the Party of freedom, hashtag freedom, they will fucking bald eagles in their twitter avatar, and but they don't mean freedom for everyone. They mean freedom for a select group of people. It is just a reminder that progress does not move entirely in one direction and it went in the elections, have tremendous and really terrible consequences for a lot of people, and that's why voting is so God dam important and it's a cynical ploy to that they roll out right before the election to again. If any people talk about culture, wars in this country, the Republican Party starts them
they're, the ones who play funk: identity, identity, politics, talk about Democrats, they're, the ones who play identity politics, they want to divide people, and so what? What can be done about this um Parker Molloy was tweeting about this last night and it's been but there is a bill in Congress called the equality ACT. It would have men's the civil Rights ACT to include gender identity and sexual, or patient alongside race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, generic genetic information and citizenship? This bill would simply give Lgbtq, Americans the same rights and legal protections that everybody else has got a hundred. Ninety eight co sponsors in the house right now only to Republicans and Democrats and you look more Democrats, there's a a chance that we can pass that bill into law, otherwise we're hoping for judges to rule the right way. So far,
This area they have, but Trump is appointed a lot of judges that are just like Trump, and we know what the Supreme Court's like right now. So it's not good to bet on the judiciary. Here we should be passing legislation to fix this, and it's a very big deal is that is a huge, huge fucking deal to millions. Americans who identify as transgender, and can I say what guess worth yeah sorry there is actually one more thing Democrats could do in this is a Yes, we should try to pass this piece of legislation. It's sort of hard to imagine that a president Trump is going to sign it, but we should pass it every fucking day at so the so the country knows about it and build political for it, If the Democrats take, the house Trump will. Never again get a bill to fund the government. The Nancy Pelosi does not sign off on so she will have tremendous leverage here. And one of the things that you can insist on in exchange for whatever tape.
Bill funded a river. These are called writers is that this is that policy be reversed, that it there is great precedent for that. It is when you think We sometimes think like Democrats take the house and the be able to subpoena stuff and that'll be cool, but I was so they can't pass legislation because even the Democrats take the Senate won't have Steve Votes and Trump will be things. We can actually influence policy which way because way, because Donald have to have to ask Nancy Nancy Pelosi's permission to pass budget to pass it appropriations bill to pass a single piece of lead Shin and with that comes leverage and the ability to roll back some of the things that have been most odious to us over the last two years, very good point to keep in mind. Okay, when we come back, we'll have my conversation with them. A candidate Aftab approval
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tribute to street, where LOS Angeles, but an app that sends money download the cash today all the blood. Today, the democratic congressional candidate in Ohio's, first district Aftab, her how's it going have to have man Thank you so much for having me for shining your on our campaign. I genuinely appreciate about road thanks a lot man, of course. Everyone should know that you and I go way back we share. We share a wedding officiant, my father in law, just him black he's, also the one who introduced us a few years ago and at the time you recently become the first Democrat in a century to win the race for within county clerk of courts and that was a year were both Donald Trump and Steve Chabot, one year congressional district by a good margin. What made you decide to run and what perspective did that? Give you for
Democrats can be running and winning in places like the Ohio first yeah I mean what made me I had run was frankly looking into the future. My kids and grandkids read about this time in our politics in this time in our country. There look me in the eyes- and I going to ask me: what did you do? What did you do to stand up to going on right now, and I want to. I did everything I possibly could particularly. Is a young diverse candidate that I felt that it was critically important that I stand up to the misogyny ended on a xenophobia that has unfortunately infected our national politics? reason that I decided to run was because of of what Bobby Kennedy called this this this this critical and perilous time, particularly
as a person of of half indian and half tibetan descent. My mom is a refugee from Tibet, my father's from Punjab, India, as a result I vaguely look hawaiian from all from Ohio and when I started running for the Hamilton County clerk of Courts, as you mentioned, a very glamorous start to politics. I must say people Demek told me that I couldn't win that I shouldn't run because of brown. Dude named Aftab just can't succeed in politics, so it was incredibly for me, then, and for me now to show young brown, boys and girls that no matter their name or their ethnicity or where they're from that, if they're passionate about public nervous about lifting up those around them that they can to succeed in this in this arena and and that's exactly what we tried to do in the clerks Clerk of Courts race at two to your question.
That the number one lesson I learned in that race that we're applying to this congressional race now and you're right it was drawn to elect a Republican Jab my opponent, one two years ago by twenty points. The reason why it's so competitive that it's tied with just fifteen days left is because we're Painting everywhere were campaigning in the progressive parts in the nerve parts were showing up to where the voters are and number one we're listening, we're listening to their insecurity. Into their challenges. We're listening to what keeps them up at night. And overwhelmingly whether they're, Republicans or Democrats where they live, whether they live in Mason or in Cheviot, The number one issue is access to affordable health care, and unfortunately my opponent has been overwhelmingly wrong on this issue. Time and time again, and that's why so many folks are looking for
Is he one of the republican candidates, who's, pretending that the he was always pre existing conditions and a happening here is to it? It's it's. It's ridiculous that this man voted repeatedly to strip protections for those of pre existing conditions affecting three hundred and five thousand in our district and and and now he's saying he he hopes here, he could have voted for something else he wished. He could have voted for something else. Well, you know, unfortunately, for I frankly, unfortunately, most importantly for the people of the first congressional district. His voting record speaks for itself, and it shows he voted to take healthcare away from thirty five thousand people in our district. I, and he voted repeatedly to strip those protections for pre existing conditions and and John. We we we, we talk so much about health care, about premiums, about access to affordable healthcare that we. We sometimes forget that these issues affect human beings, that these personal stories are. What are what drives and inspire?
I I met a woman on the campaign. Trail name, Jamie and Jamie was, was one of our most volunteers. She would show up with her newborn to the office. Making phone calls knocking on doors, doing everything she could you'd never been involved in politics before, but but felt the fierce urgency of now to get involved, and unfortunately, Jamie's nine the passed away and she, after after grieving for a time she showed back up into the office and she she continued making phone calls and continue
knocking on doors and and my team, and I we were. We were obviously surprised and said you know Jamie, please take time for yourself, please, please take care of yourself and your family, and she said this is too important. Issues are too important because if I had comprehensive paid family leave, I could have spent more time with my child instead of having to run rush back to work. If I had better healthcare when, when Jamie's child needed emerge,. See procedures. I wouldn't have had to take a moment to think about whether this was going to bankrupt my family or whether I should move forward with the life saving procedure. Yeah and yet in that she came back and continued her activism. I mean for that kind of that bravery that commitment to others, despite being in the depths of
the tragedy. It's it's hard not to be inspired by that and their story after story across my district and across the country of normal regular people, saying that what is going on in DC right now is not okay and we have to mobilize for change yeah. Well, it's yeah Dan, and I were just saying on the pod earlier that health care. You know, healthcare is an issue in this election. Is it's so powerful? It's really that that it's every poll shows what's the top issue on the minds of voters, it's funny, because when you look at the price, the national media, it's not quite reflective of what's going on in the ground, at least in terms of what people are talking about. You been talking to voters constantly what is breaking through to voters in this mess of headlines. Narrative trump conspiracies like what are you hearing from people every day? Obviously, I'm sure healthcare is is a huge issue, and you just said that you were hearing that a lot, but there are other things that are breaking.
What are voters saying to you care about, isn't, isn't you know who's who's, winning and losing in these political tribal battles, what they care about is getting getting access to healthcare being able to put food on their table having a job, keeping their kids an educated and another issue. That's that's particularly bubbling up to the top. Now is the economy and and wages the middle class has been literally running in place, while the rich in our country get richer and richer and instead of anything about it. We've got a republican Congress that voted for this tax bill. Eighty three percent of the benefit going to the richest one percent but what I'm hearing particularly now is is the hole in the deficit, nine trillion dollars, which Mitch Mcconnell. Just this past week said he's going to fill bike by cutting social Security and Medicare calling Social security and entitlement senior citizens have worked
tails off for that earned benefit a line item in their paycheck every pay period and to demean it as entitlement. First of all is offensive, but second of all on the backs of senior citizens paying for a tax, for billionaires and millionaires. That's not political, that's just a responsible, it's not fair and and- and I think sometimes we we just- we focus so much on on who's winning who's, losing the argument that we lose sight of the fact that people just want government that shows up and stands up for them. Whether you're republican or Democrat, you've got to be going to Congress first and foremost to look make people's lives better, not hurt them and going to Congress to cut social Security and Medicare does exactly that. It hurts the people you're trying to serve in and there's no better example Why? We desperately need change in DC than that, so Paul Ryan, Super PAC. The supporting Steve Chabot has been running some pretty disgusting and dishonest ads all across the country.
Looting in your race. Have you learned about responding to this kind of fear mongering? He just got call it out. Yeah You know they, unfortunately Paul Ryan Super PAC. Ran an ad tying me to a libyan terrorist act that occured, when I think I was five years old. It's I mean it's, it's utterly ridiculous. They don't even do it. Well, it's not it's. As you know exactly, and you know it's it's it's it's emblematic of a politics that is tearing us apart rather than building as stack up it's emblematic of a of a politics that goals to our worst instincts rather than reaching for our better angels. You know, I I think, thankfully it was loud by national local press as dog whistle politics? I I don't think that it works, but it is. It is a sign that my opponents, after two decades in Congress,
doesn't have a positive message to run on 'cause. He has no excuse for voting to take healthcare away from people he has no excuse for doing, looking for middle class families and only taking votes that benefit his deep pocketed special interest, owners. We need a new brand and a new generation of politics which is why I'm proud that I'm not take and have not taken any corporate PAC money. The people. The first district can be confident that when I'm in I'm representing their interests, and not the interests of Paul, super PAC or big drug companies are or big lobbyists. That's well! That's what I've learned that that you know they. They have no compulsion, just saying the most vile and and hateful things, but I I genuinely believe people are sick of it that they can see through it and they're. Looking for something better, something more optimistic, something more substantive and that's what
trying to offer no speaking of a new generation of politics, you know it at thirty six years old, you're one of the many young candidates running for office this year, and it does seem like Democrats G. It is a big election night hinge to some extent on turn out among young people, at least to person with previous midterms. Are you finding people in the Ohio's first district, more engaged and excited much of a challenge. Is it getting them out to vote? It's like nothing. I've ever seen, John. We had six college and high school aged interns working on our campaign this summer? Many of those college age interns decided not to go back to school, to see the camp through until election day. Now that the asian mom and me told them, that was a bad idea, but they thankfully ignored me. So we have. We have young, organizing young people on the ground in the dozens of high schools in the district on the ground, organizing the two large universities in the district, just at the University of Cincinnati before
Queen the day they moved in and before the voter Shin deadline passed. We registered nearly four thousand new voters and what they're, what what they're all encouraged by an activated by to a large degree, is gun violence. The gun violence that has just it is just an epidemic across our country and we're left with the question. Is there any thing we can do to at least mitigate, if not end, gun violence in our schools, in our communities on our streets and and young people? and I and and a majority of Americans frankly believe the answer is yes, we need to ban bump stocks, we need to ban high capacity magazines, we need real universal background checks and, yes, we need to ban military style, assault weapons, they're not used for self defense or for hunting they're used for killing people, but after Nine after parkland after sandy hook after the shooting, most recently here in our own city of natty. Our leaders in DC have done nothing, and so young people are
traded by that they are activated by that they are energized by that, and they are optimistic that if we start electing folks who aren't lackeys to the NRA, we can do something substantive about gun violence in our community self. Like any other group of voters, you have- go to where they are and have to talk about the issues that they're passionate about. By and large, I find that young folks are passion about sensible gun reform. Fifteen days left very tight race. What's keeping you up at night fifteen days left it's time to put up or shut up right. It's it's go time and I'm I'm all often reminded what keeps me up is just just making sure that that
Porter's turn out, and what I'm often reminded by is, is something that was set on your own podcast. When you ask President Obama what he wanted his paragraph to read what he wanted his legacy to be, and he didn't talk about the affordable care act. He didn't talk about his incredible work on the environment. He talked about a new general
leaders, young and old, no matter who who they were where they came from what their name was, who were who were committed to making a difference in their community, making real people's lives better and that's that legacy protecting that legacy is on its on me. It's on you! It's on your listeners. President Obama's legacy is on the ballot health care, the economy, fighting for our environment, fighting for sensible gun or form it's all on the ballot, and we have in this incredible opportunity in fifteen days, to stand up with one clear voice and say that what is happening in DC is not okay, that what is happening in DC has to change that we don't stand for this, and I'm incredibly inspired by by young people by people have never been in
in politics before by Jamie who suffered an unspeakable tragedy, because everyone is out there working their tails off to make sure that their voices heard last time. I'm glad that you're one of those people who answer the call and stepped up this year, so good luck to you, my friend in the final final days, and thank you so much for joining us appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. So much alrighty thanks thanks to Aftab approval for joining us today and Tommy will be doing the pot on Wednesday morning and then we'll see all in Philadelphia on Friday by everyone.
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