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Jon, Jon, and Tommy go over the worst takes of 2020 (including their own) during Pod Save America’s first annual Pundies! Then, they reflect on their 2020 New Year’s resolutions and make some new ones for 2021.

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I welcome the positive mecca. I'm John Favour, I'm John of it I'm telling it or on today's pod, we'll talk about how we did with our twenty twenty new year's resolutions and make some new ones for twenty twenty one. But before that, adding a new tradition here. Pod, save America, where we take a look back at the worst takes of the year, including our own. Welcome to the fore. annual pundits accountability, comedy back in style. Upon these a few quick notes before we get started, a new episode of gaining ground. The new Georgia drops Tuesday check out this
episode. Wherever you get your podcast catch up on the whole series, it's fantastic new episodes come out every Tuesday GO lesson And speaking to Georgia, we are just is away from the January fifth run off. It will determine control of the Senate. If Europe for a new year and a new Georgia, had over two modes of America Dotcom size, Georgia to find something you can do in the home stretch. There'll be volunteer opportunities available right up until the Poles clothes on January. Fifth, sign up for a shift today, vote, save America dot com site Georgia. Ok, gentlemen: let's get to it, we going to start with everyone else's bad. Tell us and then we're gonna work work our way to our own bad take. We have Tommy if we have time here, knows we might be at a time before I it's it's a pike ass. They don't you give us so much time on this thing. Tommy you got a bad take. Well, look! You know. We learned the hard way that predictions are not the best idea
in twenty sixteen, so we tried to steer clear of them this cycle that doesn't mean that others in the take industrial complex, followed suit. So I just took some headlines. I think they were about Joe Biden that are kind of worthy how can a name names necessarily because no reason be that me, but your boss and glove and not bad. That said, the new rules of Elect ability mean Joe Biden can't win that one felt a touch it off save candidates lose passion. Crusaders, when, when you write your checks or vote in your primary go with your got aunt on that last sentence, I am all for it, but the first part, maybe not USA. Today Joe Biden can't beat Donald Trump or restored and see you. I guess jurists allowed on half it. I one. Maybe with that that the USA Today Editorial Board now is an opinion contributor, fucked up John political article from March Thirteenth, I never I didn't movement vows not to vote for Joe on Tuesday nature by
campaign was celebrating his latest primary night. Triumph by Wednesday morning, never Biden right in Bernie DEN exit. Twenty twenty hashtags began trending on Twitter out now a trembling on so much, not so much you know, there's a whole cottage industry of takes that Joe Biden was in cognitive decline. I feel, like all of those people should feel quite bad about this explicitly everything written by the Wall Street Journal editorial page about Tony Bob. Its key in the door behind him, didn't quite fan out of applause. There I mean it I have one more when we come back, but you know your thought. I should say by the way to everyone like these are necessarily all the worst takes of the year, because one group of people- I imagine we're probably gonna leave out- I am- are like, like Donald Trump Every, when associate with his campaign and like fire. The news and news MAX, like obviously all of their takes are the fucking worst. But like
We we ve been saying that all year, so we were really meant a branch out with the other takes, as as Tommy has done with his love love it. What do you think? So? I you know it's funny. I am just also like obviously Joe Biden winning Zalm were was. That was good for a variety of reasons. I don't oversight. One thing, you do see, as there are a lot of people who have invested a lot of energy in the argument that he couldn't win for a variety of em, of of reasons that were pour into what they would be saying right now had he lost, and I'm really glad that those arguments are not around right now. I just, I think it's a very good thing totally agree if you're, if your role in politics is slow Lee polishing your take about why the the the person who is quite low, enough for you and your party, when and why you are right. I have very little time for you. Yeah, and I will say, also has many listen to those takes about why these these you know, there's never Biden,
hashtags, whatever I always think about. I just like a fact that is with me. My whole life, which is that there is a poet, A majority of primary voters would never ever support Bill Clinton as the democratic nominee like weeks before he became the democratic nominated worth remembering for all of us. The fate that even opinions we hold about politics think, are immutable. Will change really really fast, TED Lasso, says the goldfish. We forget man we're watching watching over the brake delving, here, so that we can? Finally, one more guys, I'm so glad you finally got into it? So I just want so we're gonna throw some audio, because I think this might be the most accurate, but also the worst take root into wine- and I just I want enjoy it with you and in watch your faces, and I feel this is us available to us. Ladies and gentlemen, later I'm fine liberty and the american Dream past tat those coming
oil she was re use Rakkeed a best is yet to come. Jawbone won the election Kim Gulf Oil gave a good take; well, middle was master, but yes, that's that's it I found a little video of pundit running around in this now and she was just like throwing her face into this. Like fresh white powder. Ok is it is wise and unrelated what kind of decreasing eyes. Pundits do takes yet. I have a bad day. there are several times over the last year really over the last four years, where journalists and pundits had an insatiable urge to believe seventy four year Old Donald Trump had finally changed his ways. Let's take a lesson that we have a clip. He became in the United States in that moment period
Eighty two percent of people who saw the speech called me, you're Trump Presidential, including a majority of Democrats. The president had a very steady tone. I didn't count the single insult if from continues with this town and temperament. If continues with what he was doing before, Those were Americans will be in the next few days or weeks. There. Donald Trump that we saw today here at that time was different. Towns are positive, he's seemingly recognise the power of his office. President Trump seemed sobered by these. Forty days in office. Didn't he end today, another speech and a starkly different tone. Frightening. A different tone. Dramatic change in tone. Try kingly different tone tone was markedly different, significantly changing his tone. Dunning change in town from just last Friday, in his first White House, corona virus breathing in minds. President prompt sharply changed his toe. Now we have a significant shift in tone.
who is it totally different message, indifferent town? I do think this press coverage or remembered for the change in tone from the present I mean So, first of all due to Yale for putting that regulation together. great library as a great library, music, great music choice, really important. Give way to share that Social me does John during those of video components, Oliver so we'll put out. So I knows you can recognize, allow those voices lot of those people are very smart, etc pull the guessing the ship for years. I think that I think the new tone stuff particularly around Cove id Will our we always get me the angriest, although it's funny because at the time, but this is how we became president around striking Syria, hard fought, not swiftly area. as the armed was the that was the old winner for making the most mad about new town, but the covered stuff really took the cake
do you remember, after that, first press conference and error, like oh? How he's very presidential now is really taken seriously that panda having just it does seem that there is like em they're, a mix of motivations. Obviously every person has different motivations. I think at times it was but of fanciful thinking like a desire for it to be true. I times it was a desire just say something different, and then there was also this moment where there was a sort of idea that, like if enough reporters start rewarding trump for having a or tone. It would be reinforced and might have a positive result, but here we are from day one to the coup in work. Hasn't latin work either you guys got any there. Some outside bad takes, I will say, is a subtler bad take because I I think that there have been some incredibly frustrating Nate Silver takes
and some incredibly frustrating anti Nate Silver takes an here. where I have landed on all of this, which is both sides on the scene. Fairness. I welcome. I will absolutely in fairness to my Matthew, friends, to the model nurse I dont believe Nate Silver ever over interprets the model that he has built, but I, what frustrates me is that there is a kind of there is like that. There is the creation of these models, then than there an argument that says don't over interpret these models. Don't take these things too seriously. They can't say more than exactly what we say they can say, but you can't lament the fact that the Mai, Is being over interpreted when the model exist and succeed so that people who are not familiar with the statistics can over interpret it So it's like at a certain point, my like the bad take. Is believing assigning a percentage to an election is, has value and can be.
Interpreted broadly and away. That's helpful to anybody. That's my that's! My model tank after your election, two of the models being frustrating not that they were wrong, while others look, there's a there's, a very helpful part of it. Were there just like compiling pause and link doing certainly statistical analysis. then they sort of jam and a bunch of factors that are kind of impossible to quantify, like press coverage or fund raising or things Likewise how're you deciding how that's waited the thing that most for through me is and we'll get two poles at one point, but like there's this there there was a take after the poles are at this time that it's like. Well, either the Poles were so far off in a lot of places and they weren't so bad in comparison to history. Mobiles like ok. If, if the tipping point state is Wisconsin in the Wisconsin, constant poles were off by just as much if not more than they were left
time, then that's a huge fuckin problem for pole. I don't care if the California Poles were better. Do we care about other poles? We care what happens in Fucking Wisconsin, because that the tipping point state but I would like that also this to me. That is why I think some of the critics of the models are going too far. That's not on the though people use, the polling, as best they can to create these models. I totally agree with the main takes a lot of the heat and, in the end, the models in the independence for peace for the actual posters who got it wrong? There's a you! Don't it is it's like I like that's the thing. I understand the frustration of people like need: silver, because they're like attacked role, these reasons that are in true, but it doesn't like, like it's like how Are you attack me for my model? You mathematical morons, now carefully into
Britain is incredibly complicated model based on mathematical formulas and statistics that are far beyond anything. I will explain, I would argue the their twitter tone. Does them no favours in this regard either here's a marketing dry when, on a north, Dakota Radio Show Eric Trump claimed his father literally saved Christianity? Patsy quote, when I got I I got a few and I just this game on the spot, I'm gonna read the take and see if you guys guess who are mothers legs writing again, just just this body just now. I do not think this idea. Reason gayer voices at this was in April column is the head to April column in. The title of the column. Was America shouldn't have to play by New York rules? And here maybe
I might have given it away and here's that here is a quote from it. It is a stunning to contemplate the extent to which the countries covered. Nineteen crisis is a New York crisis. No wonder so. Much of America has dwindled, idea right line rights even spats, even in April Reds even said that we should have no more I no more restrictions, because it's only New York, that's hurting from covered in the rest of the country is fine, curves or flattening possible, systems haven't, come close to being overwhelmed, Americans have adapted to new etiquette of social distancing, that's Tommy's best friend breadths do from the turn, the from the mind that brought you sink. Iran's navy it'll be very simple to do that. No problem, this peace for from February after the virus just begin to hit called Donald Trump. The luckiest man. Quote Democrats, or on the defensive after trumps impeachment acquittal in Iowa debacle, a democratic socialist searching in the race,
What kind of us think that Post Krona virus recovery way will push and economic surge closer to the election, trumpets enjoying the same lucky breaks in politics that enjoyment, birth and business? I had to guess I have a guess. I guess so you got it came stressful. No, not you not give stressful much more mainstreaming It is actually ozone Jim Van wow, that's so bad up its eggs yeah, while above our Strasbourg ourselves up our she was that was fun. That was fun. There is also a lot of trump might dump pence tens that was, there was a whole caught out into leg. I wrote that our saviour for a little bit, I was pretty into our parliament- has one September but rather to some people were, were you know trump? My dump pence curious right here. Let me quote: this is now
a prediction: it's a certainty on Thursday July sixteenth, that's the date, the demo gives his or her acceptance address on bad day to interrupt the narrative, Donald Trump Collar Press conference at Marilla go he's going to dump my pants and put Nicky Healy on the ticket to try to get those. I got in my at its you and on the fact that now it was very smart, democratic strategists, Paul Magala, who just like this is this: is the this the trouble with being so certain in your presence in twitter rain. I would not dare look and its have been known in the past to get a hot tip and then pass it offers a prediction. Maybe it was in the works Maybe it happened. I wouldn't wouldn't chump change his mind a lot and look dumping. My pants he couldn't have lost more. I guess you know to whom one that we have to point out is the re elected senator from main Susan Collins. After trumps impeachment.
And she said I believe the president has learned from this case and will be much more cautious in the future. what she laughed last on our own. She said she did. She did she laughed ass are now in the people, a main her that they said. You know what, Six more years, I will say you know, on impeachment there were ten since variety of to a variety of directions as to how important it would be, and they all turned out to not really be true, like it's hard to say that of the election shifted at all in any direction, because, if impeachment we barely remembered. It happened by the time we got two November. I feel it we our kind of exactly on with that one out have now, we were, I was really I find him event impeachment have some kind of effecting it had no effect anywhere. He is so tell me. This is your best friend I think, you'll see by June. A lot of the country should be back to normal and would be really rock and by July, of shared.
Yeah rocking Nigel I've got it rock invited wisely wrong rock in super tight suits in and vc. Thus, boys guy. You dig walk over the summer. They just for Super spreader events, but can I gave you take John rather, I think just has to be mentioned. It was a shadow ass conspiracy mongering member on Iowa Navy. I worry us results did. come in, and it just exe Bloated on the internet, as if this with some like conspiracy, theory to take down peed or NI or everybody right? The intercept had a piece about the headline was new detail show how deeply Iowa Kok is apt. Developer was imbedded in democratic establishment, as if this were some plan, people were accusing me PETE. like paying for the shadow up. As per the plan to take down Bernie one person tweeted,
honestly. This is on Obama, who spent more effort getting a rather incompetent Tom Prize to be the head of the Dnc than on any other post presidential political effort. Yes, Brok Obama coded the shadow app and he sold it to the eye with democratic party. Just apps look madness madness where we were in it, because we have because, because we know terror Magala within a picture at a birthday party, a hand and in the end it was a incredibly sticky effort by Mayor Peat to sign the charge resulting ultimately was the winner of the by denying the momentum into future contests. That's about the sty very happy? That only happen, though, because it led me to mute a ton of people that I have not thought about ever sent. Yes very fair and my life is better.
Think of another. Oh, there is evidence that the Biden winds. I guarantee you that week after the election, suddenly all those democratic governors, others democratic measures, will say everything's magically better go back to TED caresses school, that's wrong at its centre, Some of us Roget Mono. Yet on the interior, cynical to tears, outspoken, cynical as it is, I read your taken you. I guess it was a guy. So again, if it does, the two partners aims in October. This person said: why are they talking about deaths regarding covered The number is almost nothing because we ve gotten control of this thing: dot dot, dot fast forward a month later posted. Apparently I got the Rona, oh shit, some kind of a tremor. Apparently it was absolutely a temper. Apparently, I've got the roan think like dungeon Eurostat, energy, yes, yes, Junior Antunes, Junior
dont junior end. other ones are we got? Is that its efforts I take? Let me give you one more all around in the snow or more march, thirteenth hash. Corona virus advice. Everyone should also ensure, with an eye mouth throughout our moist? Never dry. Take a few steps of water every fifteen minutes. Even a virus gets into your mouth drinking water. Other liquids will watch them town through your throat in, to stomach were ass. It will kill virus. So why do we or rather repair did you eat that? What he is he's been special this year? One more! This is this: is it this goes to your first initial first round to take Tommy. This will be decided in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I know what will work there. Safe will not work Biden, we will lose because Biden is Hillary Clinton. Hilary. Michael, more yeah, good one. Yes, yes,
come on, come on nailed with very that's all I'm proud of it a great crowd of that. Well, he also Michael more also told me on stage I was a moment of. There was a real moment of kind of. I don't know I've like good feeling about how we were all collectively Nice I asked him. I thought I was like kind of tea I'm up and I asked biden- and I thought I was like, oh maybe he'll, say so, and then he just said by more be the nominee one, but I was there for a while to, and he think is, can we make me I'm gonna get it. I risk we're not at our own bad takes it, but if we want to tell you what the Biden thing we, while we got pretty close, pretty close, we didn't Every year we do any left. We left ourselves a couple of eggs. You can pull a lever and get down a raft and get out right. You know, if you listen to them all of us between him, specifically between them. Using Iowa in winning South Carolina. We were
early down on his listen. I think the Biden team over a couple of years would tell you that. Two I wish I were results being a wash was a weird surf x factor known anticipated, taking fifth in New Hampshire was certainly not the plan. That sort of that New Hampshire night event he did in South Carolina did not have a great feeling, and then they didn't incredible job kicking acids after a line of the Kleiber endorsement in a changed everything and then obviously cope it hit. So you know if there was complicated, I think whatever one would admit to her young yet ends aloni their put giants won his their poster was on. Numb was on hacks excellent up and he was I to others, and he said that they knew that I wasn't gonna go out, but they didn't. I was going to go that poorly and then they said that they both going to South Carolina the known him should, like you said, and their second place finish in Nevada, even though it wasn't super close to Bernie. The fact that it was an about Bernie was the fact that they finished
if everyone else the Nevada set them up for South Carolina without much competitions aside from Bulgaria, and that was sort of what what did at her father merger is. you buy new nome. Think about everything you ve learned about getting healthy is illogical. degree information at their and things like that old fashioned food pyramid art much help to much bread. The bottom, whom had run on the bottom, makes no sense bunch of bunch a lobbyist got in. There are right next thing. You know town KIDS make sure you have a healthy breakfast of frosted lakes with toast that was literally commercials, a glass of arm shoes, frosted flags and toast, and everyone's like out what happened to us. tell you what happened enter noon, Andrew New Nunez, not about what you just a bit about how you eat and general noon. Teaches you about your eating
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Do. I think the Biden campaign will be actively competing in spending money in Georgia in Texas Come October. No, I do not it's probably wishful thinking, I think soon taxes and you will be backgrounds, but I dont think yet this cycle look out cut it out, one I say ass. If I was fifty percent right there. Ok, I also thank God. You may argue work. You could argue, to take as half full Tommy's takes, you could well, they did compete and spend money and habits. Verily. I mean right, like I think that we are focused on the duration about grounds dates, and then Georgia became the real real stretch where we actually sending the candidates. There's any Brok Ababa, they're, sending big surrogates alike once again, Stacy Abrams was right. We were wrong, they could have been in part of not to stay programme, is not an ominous spread. This take around like a fool I'm a shit smelling. Mobbish. All around cricket media like brought Obama to a plumber. spreading a member as
our job to plenary. I take it. I am only agenda plumber. I matter myself for not pushing harder on. Georgia did not that I thought at the whole time, although it later in that thing, I made the case for Georgia, but only because, like I'm most at fault here, because I sat down with this even for the wilderness- and she made the pitch for me about Georgia, and it was a really good pitch and then I was distilling gadget seems like if we're at Georgia, we voted. One North Carolina or Florida guess not right does with interesting like yeah like we did, six. What which state would we have swapped? I guess we would have swapped out farther North Carolina for Georgia if we knew, but its, however, is also hard to imagine not competing in Florida. North Carolina either got a dream like mantra. There were still close yeah. That's right! Ok! What's a lot! I love it. When you haven't told us, what do you want to do your honor bad? Take as you have until this week Take. You are already number nine Oliver, primarily in the opposite that Elizabeth Warren was going to be. The nominee frown face up,
I'll go? She was going to be than I dont leisurely, others. We all liked Elizabeth warn you that that was the I was certainly taken where they live or inflation. I was very impressed by your campaign. Yes, Jordan Waller is in the chair, and I think this is a lie. Jordan give us that every seeds did you record your buyer always said this note you didn't so then we don't believe you know my ex didn't happen, Instagram or didn't nap, but this is why we are good I'm on predictions, because we because we're out of the predictions business. We came close Corcoran, but I dont know that we definitely we liked Warren. Fischer Join said I caught Lovett saying vote for Warren from a part, at least the heat was. Ok, that's Virgil, That's where I didn't say I think, I hope that in the world you know where I was and we were in the union. Are it's? Ok, here's one!
our staff really helpfully. I guess, looked back through our in internal office slacks and found this one. For me, I said public service announcement, the pulling That's the dew flash back to twenty! Sixteen drive me fucking insane staples where, I waited by education, twenty sixteen. It was the main problem with the staples they over. estimated the number of college, educated voters and underestimated the number of non college educated voters. That's why they look four Hilary than they should have most high quality. Pollsters have corrected this problem v very confident. I was very confident that the poles have been fixed. They had not been fixed. It turns out that even though they change waiting, so they had more Non college, educated white voters in the polls. Those College Gateway voters that they got when they change the waiting happened to be the thirty percent of college educated way, voters voted for.
So it didn't work and we have our real fuckin problem with pulling going forward where it's just that people with low social tries to don't want to answer phones, you don't wanna, take surveys because they don't trust anything, don't trust. Any institutions also happen to be Trump orders, and that could be a real problem with the pulling industry. For he not great. Is that it's not gracefully, because these elections rob you know, look so many of them are so close and inside, let's find out after the election, how accurate the poles are. Gonna does away the value yeah yeah Travis suggests Should we should talk about love it insulting shits creek? How dare you I love shits, Craig? I love. Should I love shits Greek? I will cop to having at the last critique, of the family that I there is. I dig that there is
come into the time and are just sitting there quietly bathroom dissenter today I will say here's my issue, here's my issue. They lose everything. There lay love, they shop in the town pretty quickly run in an apothecary. The other runs a hotel there. They very quickly regain some of their status. They become bosses again. That's it! That's my critique. You know hashtag Bernier Bust, one of our fantastic producers. Caroline Rustin to point out that Tommy compared the transitional clusterfuck to a Bravo show and that this is unfair to bear vote, shows slash imply some negative message out of the note. This does not to be an anonymous addition. I'm happy to slap my name to this complaint get so Caroline that I'm not a heavy. Bravo watcher but, like I feel like
Horror, colonel a lotta, bravo reality shows is theirs messy his help, wrong or the card. The compassionate and like thoughtful That's why we love Bravo Ray. I don't even get it. I don't understand it in science, just such a shame that this conversation about bravoes taking place with two straight guys in the only guy person, a crooked media that doesn't want them constantly, God it allows the cartoons are not bravo. Whatever I stand by my take tough, tough. They bravo wish YE broadcasting same share the same section. Bravo, whatever you know in the resolutions were to start their resolutions from last year, see how we did, and we actually have clips of these resolutions are. We can hold ourselves accountable. Let's play, let's play my resolution here. I cannot spend all of my day and all of my night paying attention to politics. Reading about politics looking on twitter being on my phone, so
I know everyone says things like I want to read more. I am sitting a goal for myself of one book per month, think that is, I don't know if that's a lot or not, because I haven't read near it up and then I'm just so anxious all the time. I think that I have to start. like their adaptation of everyday any right of meditating some may laugh about none of the idea of managing, and over knows I read her red, I probably red three books so that three I am just as anxious. I spent just as much time being obliged to politics, and I am just getting through promised land now listen John, I think you're hot springs eternal on on the meditation front we can, we can do a guided. One is as a team as a pod cast. May we start every episode with the ten minute guided meditation. I appreciate and honour that can be on my phone. Let's hear love it. I will,
to have a sustainable model for eating food, such that I don't feel guilty about what I'm eating and so for me, what has worked in the past as clean good eating decisions most of the week and then to absolutely fucked up balls to the wall. No holds barred, no rules, no society, no cameras. No one watching dinners wanna get the bad feeling things out away from the foot. I want to be in work in life. I just one these three things I want to always be thinking about. I wanna be positive. I want to be and I want to be disciplined. I just just a little more powers seventy a little more generosity and a little more discipline? go a long way to making me someone. Other people will want to be around holding yourself, Wanna D. Take is tough in a pandemic. You know this was too
I will say so. I want you, ve been a little more decided, so I've ever even much on workers. I want that's really each I've really. Thank you were saying so I think I tried on the food fronts, I might add vanity, think about that. I failed so completely. I failed so spectacularly, We went to Vegas for the Caucasus, I mean I don't know about the cock but I forgot my last her about of California. Twenty I've got to Vegas found out about the Caucasus. Good coincidence, I a heat I ate, two buffeted there which is of scene, was rather weak at eight too, but phase and in my mind it was a last. Hurrah was. You're right. I live as well, but I would I mean, as I thought I would get back and have good eating habits and really try. I have that never happened every. I have felt a little guilty with every bite of food. I have taken this year. Every Hell
female feels like a sop to failure. Every cheat feels like it undeserved calamity and it is horrible because a couple times every day, so I have got. I've got to get check not just does not just for health, not just for health, but because, like like connecting food with these had feelings. All the time is so unhealthy and I need to stop. I mean to say jokes, this island, only this is being recorded as well to re. Yes, nuclear Numa help with this great I think you were new, has helped noon, will help I also will say I am as long as we're. I mean an unhealthy body image place. I will say I saw the interview I did with mad and I look like a bloated mummified corpse and I realized I forgot to drink water and twenty twenty, and I would why do you and say that is because I want to be healthier, but if I drink a glass
fucking water, I look ten years younger. It's the found here. That's great! That's easy, good solution, so try hydrant yeah we're just drop in spots I just got to alternate water with diet, coke and coffee and and this tumblr has the ice from my coffee and I filled it with diet coke once it was empty atonement. It's ok aren't resolve. Let some let's hear Tommy's a my first resolution is to not get upset when I don't follow through with any of my resolutions. You know that little notification that comes from your phone on Sundays that says you ve spent x number of hours on your phone this week. If I knew that guy to go down like what's that for four hours. I need I think to go down. Yours is over for hours. Oh, I will not share how does it? What is it? What is it definitely over for I want to this came up today. I want to do if you're to donate money to candidates. I wanna do it earlier and I wanna do it until it hurt
Little bit aren't gonna more movies in the theater great. I pack more Reed's movies in the theater, well a bummer surpluses on those less huzza. I did give the candidates the vizier eighty had heard. I got in trouble with Hannah one point but yeah, but the movies in the theater and ice talked with the I pick boy. Do I missed the army to and got people entreating pictures from last year's torsos I've. I've made me very sad also on ice these are our torsos for twenty twenty went up like MID February, like the promotion All this shows went up like right before, but a bummer, but a bomb Pardon Russia is broadly by pause. Genius. Policygenius makes it easy reader compared by life insurance in one place, Tommy so you're. In luck in save over.
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to get it right. This episode, Apposite America is brought by magic spoon grow. up. Syria was one of the best parts of being a kid. Was it yeah? I think it was. I think it was it was that no single genesis, but I had to give it up, because I realized it was full of sugar and junk that you shouldn't really eat. That's not really, I gave it up, but it does have a lot of sugar and junk in it and now guess what I'm back on it. I'm back on my cereal stuff. You know why, because magic spoon came into my life and it's delicious and it doesn't have any sugar, but it tastes like it has a lot of sugar, which is why You have cereal and I feel like a kid again. Every morning, it's almost like you put in a little. She could, but in a big ball of big ball, a magic spoon by frosted flavour, which is my favorite manual non paper, my Jochen. What's that you Joe it's our when he's gonna, put a joke and got not ok, nevermind
asking one mother, but their breakfast routine, our important. It's almost like he found his cheek code for Breakfast John, a We see a b b, I get it again. It would your breakfast redeem of it. spoon, a part of it or not, in which case leave export is a part of it. Things are good things. things are going the way they should go, because I gets a magic soon. I put some peanut butter, I put some chocolate and I got myself a peanut butter cup of breakfast. I add some milk: it can be cow's milk, it can be oats, milk, almoner in milk. I'll take a nod milk thing. Any milk, cocoa fruity frosted and blueberry flavors plus brand new flavors included peanut butter and cinnamon zero grams of sugar, eleven grams of protein and only three net grams of carbs. You can't be more spoon today or flavour. For us. It items
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Tommy sure I did my normal thing of like a bunch of little ones, so ugly. My bucket of work once turn off the camera, zoom, I miss real meetings, but I hate that every call has been replaced by a zoom. I want to end the tyranny of the zoom camera always being on. Could you end up looking at yourself, and I hate it? One short emails. I remember those articles about how like effective people just like reply really quickly the stuff I wanna do that no fluff Maybe that's I would be so cool leave us not doable. Undeserved, like Ultra fled I'll, do act like that would do actually put right. You get a reply like just the backs, and then you guys, I know you guys feel the same way about this one on a fix. My schedule, mice, by my work week, structure for listeners back home is basically like bees. Anxious humanly possible Sunday through to say when we re parts of the world and then like Thursday Friday, sometimes unlike which they do today, I gotta figure out a way to be more efficient or spread the stuff out or us, I'm gonna be a nightmare. Love it
I mean I so I need to get back into a routine. I have said this every year for four years, but it continues to be true because sometimes but I need to get up earlier, are either when I'm on the east coast. I feel like I wake up behind you. Ye Tommy, John and Dan are like air traffic controllers, making sure every tweet sky is monitored, but that they never miss a fucking ship, I wake up eight, a m easter Tommy's already yuck ended up with Matt Negligent, and so I just always your little bit behinds. I want to wake up and work out because when I at my mood is better. Might help is better, I more productive. I have to do that. I have do that round in and I are prone to a late bedtime. We are gamers at heart and it is very bad for the both of us are going to work on that and then also for next year. I want to I armies.
want to read more, but I actually just want to read more about issues that I care about like I want to ride. This is sound silly, but I want to read a book about why infrastructure in America cost so much it's something I care about. Don't feel like. I know enough about it beyond the articles, I, yeah, I mean I want to go like a little bit deeper like I care about corporate and audacious, but I feel like after, like I feel, like I've run out of thoughts about it, because I haven't read enough about it: late leaks, we're so focused on the election, and I want to make more things: wanna talk about star wars in a pot gassed or something I want to like, create more and spend less time craving sweets. It's good! I'm going to just try to do baby steps on there, like I'm, going to tweet less and I'm going to read books like that's, obviously not going to happen. It's not gonna happen, but this is a good progress, physical. Yet I do want to just like lengthened attention span, suits that's right. That's like stretch, if I'm reading about news in politics just like red longer,
stories spend time doing something where I am focused only on that thing and that I'm not picking up my phone while doing that thing or talking to a bunch of other people like I just so I want to. I want to link to my attention and focus more on what I'm doing, if I'm with family, if I'm with friends whatever I'm with I'm not elaborate more. I am also. I am not turning down any invitations to see people in twenty twenty island once the pandemic has gone down and people are vaccinated. I am going to everything you too, to see every one and the other. Our do is like really spend the time catching up with friends and family that I had to have not been able to see or talk to that much in twenty twenty, because the pandemic, because, like God, if there is ever question whether I'm like an interpreter and extrovert this pandemic has made me realize I am an expert and I
yes. But we need to see people and talk to people and have social interaction, because this year is rough and then the lasting for me, as I just want to be more grateful because it has been a tough here and a real, tough alot of people. I wanna be remembered to be grateful for for what I have in the people in my life. So yeah, it's a it's a funny thing about the pandemic, which is I'm surprised how hard it is to stay in touch with people that I would have been in touch with during a pandemic. Its something about having less to talk about and the things we do talk about, or so depressing that, like the we kind of don't have as many stories to tell each other and in the catch up like not as satisfying and so like, I think everybody given each other more space than even I would have expected and like. I feel, like
in this moment, like my circle, has shrunk a bit, not that I don't like love all the people that I will very much reach out to him want to spend as much time with as humanly possible next year, but I am, I do feel the same way like. I also feel look up without my weekly dose of one hundred and fifty people applauding improv barely on barely able to get out of bed. We are in a good, always air for a minute but yeah. So if, as I could go to ever going to more personal once we're gonna work, There's no one's I'd. One that's on holding grudges holding grudges is bad for you. They resentment it just festers. It bothers you at a low boil. So twenty twenty one is about finishing the job I, though we are getting to something like you know when you hold it grow, just poison. You take your cell of universal, like that road squash it? U win it, that's what twenty one is about when it comes to grudges.
and then this one for all of us and for our listeners we're gonna too now trump we gotta move on from this guy you like me, the collective act. You all remaining control the Republican Party, but it's gonna take discipline from all of us to not react and look by the meaningless outrage of the day. He cannot be the country's national narrator of events for twenty twenty one, twenty two, twenty three and twenty four. We got to remind ourselves that he is a shithead from New York Now, just a former president loser did need to hear some anti New York bias in their slip into the end seems unnecessary here
should have himself I weren't around Euro area parties, so I at the risk of I do want to predict anything because this will be play back to me next year, but, like I've come back and forth on this for a while, I think like he. He has. I believe these as a tight grip on the Republican Party and because he has such a tight grip on the republican party. He will be a factor in politics and news coverage for a while, but, like I've been thinking about more the last week or so, especially since I've noticed, it is even felt like in the last couple days, unless what like we, he hasn't been at the top of every headline. He hasn't been
in the front of every new story, and I do wonder like if all he has is a big fucking twitter feed, but he is not in the White House. He is not in Washington is not part of congressional negotiations. He is not part of you. No foreign policy and foreign troops like, if he's not part of all that stuff and all he has- is twitter feed in his like calls to fox and friends, and neither is on news max or oh, am like. Maybe he really won't be that much part of the conversation like there might actually be some hope for that: I've, no gas in Jeff Sucker and a bunch of something
executive zau who decide these things, but maybe maybe I think it's more like. I think we have to actually internalize slight trump is important in so far as he is the leader of a dangerous right wing, anti democratic movement in the more central. He is too that movement, which is a threat and is important, the more I think, he'll be covered animal and the more I think he'll probably deserves some coverage, but I think there are a lot of people lying to ya. See. Where this mob is going so that they might be them our rights. Anything else here. Are you look out. but just ass, a class excited. I just about my first John Hooray book we ve got along when I want a rhythm us all. You guys have to buy your Jim book. I was roundly marks a couple years ago for saying I want to spend less time at the Jim. I succeeded, the joke is on yeah animal down. You conveniently ignored the other half of that resolution, which was eat healthy, yours, you don't have to go to the gender. That's ok, not everyone is on
said in their time. You know what I mean, but you know. That's all that. But the real point here is: how do we get to parts like remember back in debt the day when exercising was fine, you play sports. Are you like screwed round your friends and like I wanna, get supplies we're doing fun stuff again that if that happens, to be exercised playing tennis adona, whatever tennis, hey Tommy, you and I to play some tennis, I would love to play if you love it. If you want to sub in for me, because Tommy and Hanna and Emily are all great tennis players, I am not so maybe maybe you can sub in for me when love to I'd, love, to know tennis, tennis. When my friend Spencer suggested that he and I play tennis during the pandemic. Like I bought a tennis racket, I so excited to have a new thing like every new thing there comes a long ago, most exciting thing that could happen so yet tennis, ten point, twenty one on clean, my claim my car such swordsmen, about
what are you? Are you? Are you gonna? Stop you you just pause for as I do. I have no more, I haven't done my car and over a year and it makes- very annoyed. It looks like I used. black, and now it's just sort of a grey, and I think that she hasn't. She hasn't love that Lastly, I have I am. I had a period during court what is playing a lot of guitar like in play almost every night, and I got so much better so quickly and I want to figure out almost a curriculum for myself and there's a reasonable schedule. That's like three times a week you play for twenty minutes and just commit to that and then and then I'll be happy sia, even though we've been in quarantine for almost a year now, the last month, I've started like really playing piano again and it does feel like wow and activity, something new something different. Something till I can have my mind work a different way. So I actually want to do the same thing with piano. I just on the car front. I'm hoping this is
repaired by the time is episode is amount is like every morning I've been borrowing Romans, mom's car. So as me, a car and driving to Mcdonald's, Duncan doughnuts or Starbucks to drive there and I get myself a coffee. I get round what a variety of places they are a tender it explodes varieties is by survive. John and I transfer I get I do I get the dung doughnuts be transferred into a tumbler, and then I throw my hands and then I have it. It's like a routine island, but on my mass when I go to drive through the alot of people, don't The problem is so I filled the I pour out the plastic up. Then. I closed the plastic then I throw at the bottom right and when I say the well of me, is is filled with garb and crumpled up.
breakfast I hate dying. I hate cars like I hid early that with their early like, oh you couldn't where in. If you open that door, they will fall out the site it's by dirty secret Jehu. Nobody knows, but me, Remember we love it's car legacy same car Europe. When he that this I'd mirror was literally taped on and then he lost the candy. So we had married a close hangar inside that that the thing where you turn it on does that sells the case. Yeah. No, no, no! I I hope you are going to vote on carbon. I think no, I still have that carbon I gave. I fix that. I fix that end. The other drivers. I was one of the reasons I wouldn't get a car with them on the highway. One day me, I asked it s where the keys work. She was gonna, go Drouet D, go, get the mail and and drop off drawbacks books, a goodwill well and has ignored I'll. Do it I'll? Do it I'll take care of it article view donor I'll. Do it because I don't want her to see what's going on in there.
Hopefully, now this this, this will fix. It won't hurt you heard of listening to the schedule deadlines. Clouded cleansing, undertakes cleansing, other resolutions, country of the car Laszlo. we go then unites that I want to be more grateful like I do. I am very, very grateful and I'm no, you guys are too for all of you for our listeners because grateful for you guys not just listening, but you know tat that's what you think, whether its praise or criticism tweet, not us, reaching out to us and most. importantly, you know three thousand of you adopted a state. did volunteering sometimes for the first time you donated you made calls you did text banks all during a pandemic when
A lot of shit was going on and it was a really tough year, so many of you stepped up to work really really hard in the selection, and I don't know if it's a bit like the best part of this job is having a community of people like I, like all of you who are so engaged, and so so we we love all of you, gotta, think and and are amazing team here. Cargan media who enables everything which that we are able to do, despite being like the little engine that could not not nearly enough folks to do all the things that we try to take on this year, but everybody did it with. just enormous optimism, despite being all the fun parts of work and all the time we get to hang out just being ripped away from us by this virus. You were so this incredibly successful and in two so grateful to them and odd listeners and yeah yeah. I think about em. I think about the fact that This has been like a for your fight, you know, and I think, if we had been able to be together, more self
Wait more, not just you know a few pig gather outside of the White House, but like the joy having been in this fight together for so long and been through some, so hard, and so awful and like the promises, something better I feel like I do. I am sad of what we were denied by this pandemic and failed response, but, like I really do go into twenty twenty one, so hopeful so excited about the possibility of a better year. It really is in front of us and as hard as this has been a sad as I've been in depressed, as I have been that light at the end of the tunnel has matter, and so, and I am so glad we can say that we want this election, could imagine how you'd feel if we hadn't my God, happy new year. Everyone I'm in here will see you and twenty twenty one, and here is too much better year. Spicy takes
pod. Save America is a crooked media production. The executive producer is go Martinez ourselves producer is Jordan Waller its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick, I said what is our sounded: Junior two tiny, so many to Katy, long, Roman, Papa, Dimitrios Quinn, Louis Caroline Rustin, ingesting how for production support into our digital team, Eliza Comb, normal Conan, Yell Freed, and my look him who film and upload these episodes is videos. Every week, hey I'm impressed that you made it this far. You must have liked today's episode. You know y'all still really like the crooked media store, where you can stock up on sweatshirt, he's gifts and accessories from all your favorite crooked pods even find some fresh mark downs in the sale section, so it's a great time to shop, find it all at crooked dot com store,
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