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"Pulling out of the War on Christmas.” (Holiday mailbag episode!)


Donald Trump's government shutdown doesn’t stop Jon F. and Dan from answering listener questions in this special holiday mailbag edition of the pod. Then Katie Porter joins Jon to talk about turning California’s 45th district blue and the work waiting for her once she’s sworn in to Congress.

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Working through the wrong recipes. Theirs was waiting and wondering, and more hiring you prefer is rated number one by employers in the? U S, nuts, from hiring sets Untruss pilot with over one thousand reviews, zip recruiters. Modest way to hire reference friends the pike and tries to procure for free, the crooked link and we get credit which we like so had objected our complex crooked that prepared our comes much one more time. Zip Gerda come flesh cricket. I welcome the pod. Save America, I'm John Fabric DM five, and this is our holiday Mailbag episode. Listening to this on December. Twenty. Fourth, so
Birthday Dan and it's your birthday, I'm so old. Instead, does it really suck having a birthday that is Christmas, Eve you now? I get this question all the time and I would say two things about a shrine up until the day, I went to work for Brok Obama in two thousand and seven. I had never worked or going to school my birthday and then thanks Iraq about Obama. I worked on my birthday for like five consecutive years so that but generally it's good because you don't yours everyday off, but I don't know whether by parents had a very good job of equal in the presents out- or my There also got screwed, but within the confines of my house present distribution was fair. So I can't complain fair for you, so your brother to get screwed I don't know- maybe my parents just did a good job of making sure we got the four men are present. I don't know whether I got the programme or he did not get the programme about. You seem to feel it seems there at the time. That's good or ill on the pod you will hear my interview with key:
This woman Elect Katy Porter from California. Forty fifty district we'll talk about her the Congress and what our priorities are when she gets there, but first we have a high bunch of mailbag questions. Thank you for all your questions. You sent them on Instagram on Facebook and twitter couple their places on or no some some you just shouted the MID eliza. So we'll take some of your questions and yeah well, we'll go from there. Okay. So first question is from Amy droughts. How do you get the left to care about the courts as much right so good question to think about. In light of you now, the recent Texas ruling trying to rule the affordable, correct unconstitutional course. We went through Cavanaugh, Sheer Sudan? How do we get our folks to care much about the courts? Is the right has for many many years billboards of bread, Cavanaugh Shit, eating grin all across Amerika up
do you like it essential that question, because that was already serious? I think that The figures. I think one I'll be interesting to see when we get to this point when election cycle, how might weather were cracked seem to care more than they have in the past year. So that's because We have seen through what is happy with Gorse Aunt, Jane Merrick. Garland did Kavanaugh like in very real terms, what not caring and how not caring enough kid may have lasting decades. Long others country. So that's what too, I think it's also progressive activists who care about this have Only just voters to convince who I think we all have to convince our elected officials that we care, because we know we're we're gonna- have to keep an eye on Senate Democrats for two years to make sure that they are not doing anything to make it easier to put tromp judges on the court. Now they ve limited levers. They can pull here. Because of that, I have the majority, but I think we have to look with great suspicion in any of these sort of deal.
Then let centre is go home early and make it easier from Canada confirm trumps judges yeah. In already, I was happy to see that there are some rumours, the tumor, Don't do another one of these deals before the holidays to make sure that a bunch of judges went through in order to get the funding passed in one go home, and that did not happen at least this recording. It did not happen. Could anyone it's happened before so? Maybe our elected officials are starting to get the message, but no, I think, you're right. I think all these candidates and twenty twenty need to talk about like the court and judges should be part of your stump speech, and I think you know one way to get people to care about. It is to talk
the issues at stake here and not just the Supreme Court either, but lots of these lower courts- and I think that's also gonna- make a huge difference, not just in the presidential race and twenty in case there are additional Supreme court openings, but look. It is gonna matter for retaining the Senate in twenty twenty, which is something that I dont want people to just forget about years. We focused on the presidential because it is going to be. I think it's almost as important, if not quite as important, but- and this is important for Democrats take the Senate and twenty twenty as to taking me the presidency, because if we have a Senate the way it is right now, I know they were getting anything done with the democratic present undemocratic us that you think Mitch. Mcconnell is confirming President commonly Harris, Sir Bernie Sanders or Joe binds Supreme Court Domini. Even if that favour,
bitter Ginsberg resigned at twelve o one on January twenty first, this all at least Cross Mcdonald's mind that he should not confirm that person. He should wait for years can from person absolutely, and I will be the position of the right for sure and so that it is very important think about this, because dresses of all the questions will take. This is maybe the most important by is. I think one messaging point is to connect people's frustration with the money in politics to cheer in the balance of the court, because I think that's what people really understand that the only way you're going to be able to get big corporations and billion out of politics, is to get a different ruling on citizens united. In the way you didn't Rona citizens, yet again, look thinking about the Supreme Court. The next chance we have for a vacancy from a conservative is Clarence
miss. Who is in our early seventies right now, so we could be waiting a long time, but should that vacancy occur We need a democratic president there, because if there are other vacancies, whether its Ginsburg, whether its other justices, you know, if we get that vacancy from Tom, and their democratic president in their suddenly. We have a fight for court again and we have the majority in the court. So that's how fast it can change, and so that's why some porn to both have a democratic Senate in place at the time and have a democratic president. Ok, Sarah F G Psmith asks. Why isn't anyone talking about a six week? Abortion bandit Ohio, is on the verge of adopting. It is fine violation of women's constitutional right to access and abortion since most don't even know their pregnant until eight weeks can we discuss please? Yes, we can- and I think this through goes to the first question- about the courts
you're, so people know this ban. This would be a ban on all abortions after six weeks and there would be exceptions for the life and health of the mother, but no other exceptions, no exceptions for rape, no exceptions. Insist- and it has passed, the Ohio House is passed. The Ohio Senate John case a cool still the governor now has said he would veto it, but the incoming republican governor of Ohio MIKE to wine has said that he would sign the bill. So that's that's where we are right now down what you think about this. I think that in this, for this is such an important question such important issue, because when going backwards from court again, when the Supreme Court refused to take out these cases, ah about plant parenthood. A few weeks ago, some people breathe a sigh of relief and said well be these. They were too The truth is, I don't really want to take on abortion, but do you believe, sort of white legal, but the right wing
scholars and active essay. Is they are we for this case. This is the case. That will come before the Supreme Court. That could be that the opportunity for them to overturn Robbie Wade, and this we need to scream from the roof. About this and I feel negligent that we haven't done it yet, but as we come is we round the bend from the new year in MIKE Doin takes over? We have to do then we can to point to raise baroness of this air, because if not this nuts about I've hired, this has become a might. This is not some, you know far right, southern said is a purple state that has taken this path and its beak become a man. All republicans across the country, so this is to be a centrepiece of activism heading into twenty nineteen. And yet- and I will say it- I did some research on us and it looks like there's a lot of legal scholars as well as women's reproductive groups, who believe that there is a small chance that the Supreme Court takes this particular case,
They think that it is such a direct hit to row and so called dicks the ruling and wrote the weight that you know that lower courts will likely did unconstitutional and then maybe the Supreme Court or take it not because the Supreme Court has. You know that the cabin, Roberts majority on this. It has suddenly had a change of heart on this, but because there are other cases that are even closer to the Supreme Court already that have to do with restricting women's right to choose that might be easier for, to take and then rule, and it is a way to chip away at women's right to choose and access to abortion that they might take those instead but of course you know we can be sure of anything anymore, and this is all in the courts and, like you said, this is just something that we have to be aware of, and and and fight like hell over. Because this these are the very real threats now that bright Cavanaugh on the court. As a reminder, the states who have democratic governors, democratic legislators, many of whom newly elected
office starting next year that they need it we already have a bore: a law on the books which preserve serves the right to reproductive freedom in that state. They need to pass that law so that yeah, pretend you have the potential, depending on a Supreme court ruling, to protect the right to choose with in your state. If the Supreme Court Bit essentially makes it a state's rights issue, and so getting on the book is incredibly important. That should be a priority for along with a lot of other things, which should be at the top of the list for these new democratic governors. Another question from me am, I can't pronounced teak here, Nor will there be a Jeff flake of twenty nineteen, twenty twenty, I dont as the most obvious answer in the entire world, I think I know you, I'm gonna take a shot at it. Absolutely yes, it is eyes name is, Willard Mitt Romney,
You are correct, deservedly I've I've been calling an integer flake. Look, I don't want to prejudge be maybe Mitt Romney Assembly Gonna have a change of heart and everything we saw from the present The campaign, and you know maybe a whole he'll turn out to be a real euro nope. But at a regular plays any money on that leg. I know it. I ll make predictions that this this even protection. This is like me predicting the sun is coming up tomorrow. It is why two percent guarantee dammit Romania, someone who, to his great credit when all being against the trump. Unlike some of the most of the spineless Weasels republican Party, all in gave the centerpiece, never tromp speech in the campaign when tromp one, I even continued in a lot of ways to be strong, putting out statements when it was appropriate speaking out more aggressively on things like when the president and on our side with Nazis. Things like that
these are running first Senate in Utah and then I saw one bad paw and then try to reporters. He was never actually never trump. So I did he got to be an encouraging sign that he would be a vessel for the courageous, never trot movement across his country. I should, but whenever that question. There are wondering if there's gonna be like if Jeff later my dad's gonna challenge Trump in the primary which I'd be interested for your thoughts on it. I think that just reading the tea leaves the twitter accounts of John K, sick and John Weaver, who is junkie, is a long time put strategist and sort of hell. Was the engineer Mackay the challenge to George W Bush in two thousand. Have the job case. It is very much thinking about running against Trump and twenty The problem is, there is basically running against Trump in and republican primaries to trumps. Laughed seems like an impossible task
but it is notable that day organs are not super confident because they proposed cancelling the South Carolina primary as a way to protect try going crazy I've coming election, which is something that apparently has happened many times in the past. This is not totally unique, but it is at least to sign the day. I have some fears of primary challenge. Yet no my view on this is it for some reason I can came along and decided to challenge Trump from the right said that Trump has you know, ignored his Magda base and you know, didn't build the wall and he signed into love, is bipartisan criminal, justice reform and he's a cut. Now, look like, I guess that would just be like you know. Fucking human of info wars or something challenged by Alex Joe yeah. That's the only to me that we all potential threat to Trump because most of the Republican Party, what's left of it, the constituency, the Republican Party, I'd, say at least
I don't know seventy eighty percent of it there there trump fans there there, there behind him all the way and so yeah there's a small constituency for John case. It I'm sure out there publicans. Your disappoint with tromp Republicans, who may have voted Democrat in this twenty election, I'm sure they're out there, but I dont think they represent anywhere near a majority of the party. There are even their dive into distinct minority is fifty years ago, Hannah people sad to say, Taylor. Nelson Hany asks how doing age, voters and district suffering from voters, suppression living in Georgia. The morale feels low. Even though Democrats, one overall. What's the message for Democrats in these tough places This is a really hard won and I harking back to Latasha Brown of black voters matter who, is an activist who works practice across the south prickly enough american communities, who was our guests on the final of the four HBO specials, who really talked
both in our interview and then it your times, op Ed peace. She wrote this fall very powerfully about how you engage these communities really about talking to them about their power than how are they I've just spite these laws and if they try to take that power away and talking to about it's like an education process or about what their power is and then how you can put your, opposition when you can overcome the laws being put in place by people like Brain Camp in Georgia, and I think like following them. Latasha model is very interesting and compelling, and I think we can all learn a lot from the work that she did in Alabama during their Doug Jones Race in all across the south. In twenty eight, it yeah voters, oppression is real. It's insidious its prey, the worst it's been since the Jim Crow AIR, like we know that, but the same time we should
Amber Stacy Abrams receive more votes than any democratic. Georgia's history and I I think the only way to stop voter suppression is to keep fighting it keep organizing. It remains true that there are more voters who don't turn out because they don't think it's important that voters who don't turn out because Republicans have made it hard for them. Which I think is sometimes lost in the conversation, run versus oppression, which again is very real and a real threat, and I think that the only way that we're going. I mean it's tough, because you know it's a catch Do you like the only way we're going to change the laws is to win and winning is made that much tougher because voter suppressions in place, but it's not possible there's ways to organise and there's you know, there's the work on the ground to be done. So I would tell those people you know: don't lose.
Heart, and I know it's disappointing and you have every right to be angry of about the result in Georgia. I sure am, but you gotta keep fighting and there are. There are plenty of voters out there who are willing to vote, who were willing to jump through the hoops and jump or in and overcome the obstacles they ve put in your way to go out there, but it's really about organizing organizing now and in this is to other points, Latasha made in our heritage and are really for one, is the work, has to continue long after the election right. It's there can't be the traditional tree or psycho aware you show up three months before the election and a decent, organizing and then pack up the first Wednesday in November? It's this ass to be sustained, organizing the goes on for years, and that's how you and the other thing she said to Europe, which I thought was fast aim, which is slightly apart from, question about or suppression by, because raise your point,
or more voters who just choose not to turn out and Latasha, to me that each that most non leaders are not apathetic, there actually quite passed. About their decision not to vote and I think and very important thing for democratic politicians to to where petitions to learn these people are making a choice not to vote. They are choosing not to do it because any cases, because they don't feel like that for matters that you have not you, as a polish, have not made a case that why it matters in that we have to move some of the agents. Sensuous yelling at voters, are stopping ways that we have to put some of the burden on policy since to make that vote matter not just make it Cohen case in the run up to election day, but once you into office. Your job is to make it of the person who waited in line three hours who took time off work or like their kids worth.
In the rain where they could vote today feel like that was worth it You just go there and what you have that you pocket that vote and go on and sort of do what you would know. We do in Washington. Then you have failed that person and in those of us who pay close attention to politics, people were listening to this by gas. We get why it's important to vote, we get trumpet President. Of course you gotta go like this is the most important of of our lifetime. We get all that, but you have to understand that there are people out there who do not pay close attention to politics, and they feel like no one is listening to them and they feel like the system is broken and they feel like the game is rigged. And yes, every one has a responsibility to educate themselves about the news and politics of course But if we want to build a winning coalition, we want a bill. Majority in this country to pass progressive policies, its also incumbent upon all of us who want that to go out and talk to the people who don't necessarily think that politics is for them or the politics actually responds to their life. That's
So I do think it right that we have to do. We have to continue to have those conversations with people who don't go and find out what they are, passionate about and and and tell them. You know here's how to here's: how to fix this problem that you're having ok it. May it me me? I the ozone one word here: we are our priorities, be as a party right now focus on twenty. Twenty. Stop the boardwalk green new deal, income inequality, healthcare! Something else! Would you think, then, yes, all we above his our primary responsibility has to be put a check on Trump put a check on corruption, put a check on the criminality, put a check on the incompetence. There is mountains of undue work digging into with his governments are doing for the last four years, and that has to be our first party more so than cutting some fucking structure deal with tromp or passing some.
Such bill. We should pass all the bills we can. I really like the idea the Democrats have had about Electra. Reform is voting reform as as one of the first bills are going to do. That's great, I think, having a committee to do into the green new deal is greatly to all those things, but your job for the next two years is to stop Trump. That is why people elected you, that's what we want you to do anything compromises that I think needs to be looked at very hard before we go down the road. I grew that I think that, like on a parallel track, we also need to start offering our alternative vision for the country based on what people care about right there. Their wages, the cost of living? What kind of country we want to live in and I think you know the presidential candidates are probably gonna, handle that, and you know, as you pointed out, the Democrats in the house as they pass. Some of these people called the messaging bills and they say that because obviously
how can to pass the Senate, but at least it lets. The american people know what the Democrats priorities are and what the priorities would be if Democrats had full control over Washington. So I do think that's important to start lay Now, what our vision is, what a world, what a post trump world might look like if of Democrats, had control, because I think you know obviously this I think, first and foremost, this election is going to be a referendum on Trump but there's going to be a lot of people wandering okay? Well, I know I don't like Trump and I don't want him in there. But what do you know where Democrats going to do? What would the country look like under Democrat? Controlled democratic control- and so I think that's it's useful to at least start telling that story. Walk and you got people into both Thea Dirty asks. Do you believe the Democrats run the risk of going into between twenty election too complacent, for example. Do you think that,
possibility that they may think there is no way Trump could win, and so they end up making a mistake similar to twenty. Sixteen I mean, that's gonna, obviously keep me up at night every night from now until twenty twenty, but I dont think that will happen, but who knows are already having I think, you're worried about that. I'm worried about everything that is the lesson territories worry about everything, panic about. Nothing, What do we have to be very honest with ourselves, and sometimes when we, like you know, we we talked groups, or we see people. People Are shocked by this point that are often make which is right now Trump is the favourite to be re elected if you're, just gonna put money on what is the most shore case
to be the Trump would get reelected, and I say that before everyone Fucking drives a car for road or throws her phone in the store, because incumbent presidents usually get reelected. There are two factors that have stopped in Cummins from getting re elected in asked to cover decades in both these factors have had to be in place for it to happen, because there's only been two presidents who were not re elected in recent history, Jimmy Carter and George to HIV. Both of these two factors were a primary challenge from their ideological flank, TED Kennedy and eighty and Pappy Cannon and eighty eight and then and a third party candidate, Jan Andersson and eighty Ross Bureau in eighty eight one of those factors, almost certainly not happening and the other one may or may not happen. So, given that you would say, Tromp has a very good chance. We re elected, but there are other submitted getting factors he's incredibly unpopular heating
we stupid. He is under every aspect of life from grade school, till hit till to the White House, is under criminal investigation and there are more democratic voters. Republican voters in this country, and so anyone who is complacent is been fucking napping for two years and should not be round, but this can be a very tough race to win and we have to be very smart and had a very good candidate who has a very good campaign to and take advantage of, every opportunity to one year, and you know the trump yours. They showed up and twenty sixteen. They showed up again in twenty eighteen, we one in twenty eighteen, because we had astronomical turn out among democratic voters, and we pulled over some Republicans as well, but lotta those from voters that voted in TWAIN. Sixteen they stay home and twenty eighteen and there's a good chance. I'd seen Norman Twenty, so we are gonna have to do everything right. This brings me to the next question. From El Vanderbilt as we gear up for toys,
how can we avoid the democratic in fighting the dragged on beyond the primary like we saw in twenty sixteen great question I I hope that you will have an answer. Tweeted ask that I'm a fucking close this. This is a very big easy up. The most right now because, as you know, were already this, and it's like I don't know how we can avoid it. I know how every person out there can contribute to avoiding it, which, as you know, talk about why you like your chosen candidate right, if you prefer one can talk about the positive parts of that. Can its policy gender or their record or whatever you may like about them like, don't go around talking especial the about why you can't stand the other candidates already seen on twitter somebody hash I've, never Bernie, Hashtag, never better hashtag, never Biden, Hashtag, never Catholic, like never! Nothing! Stop! Don't do that! Stop it. We don't get in dumb twitter
fights with the people who love getting into dumb twitter fights on both sides, because there is still some small percentage on each side, very small, but they're out there there on twitter and in their still fighting with each other, and I don't I don't pay tensions them anymore. I maybe see it when I school by I'm not responding anymore, I'm not dealing with it because you know it happens. Those fight start on twitter now and then journalist who spend their time on twitter is well. They start writing about. Fights so they're, not reflective of what actually happening out in the country, because if you will looking at some of these poles. These early pulls right now. The approval rating for almost all of these candidates is quite good. Most Democrat, like all of these chemicals in the real world they like of these candidates in twitter world, it's a fucking mess, but in the the world. Most people in this party would be very You have warm feelings to just about all of these candidates that have been mentioned to be running, so you know, I would just tell everyone keep an open
find yourself about all the candidates. Tell your friends to keep in mind. And what are the carrots and when you talk about them, talk about what you like about certain candidates and don't start attacking all the rest of the field when you said a few minutes ago that you had better decision to not pay attention to the primarily to twitter battles on the internet were you. You made that when did you make that pledge The girls. Are your text messages from today suggest that allow me I'm gonna, throw I'm not I'm not engaging in Ok, I'm good! I cannot ignore them less. I get up they'll, be another resolution that you'll hear in our resolutions that the focus to about one of my big resolutions, which is how to use twitter better. So that's it. That's a resolution that, starting now but yeah it s just it's bad already. It's bad luck,
just two points about this. We should not be so pessimistic Cheshire, because one twitter is not real life throat justice and it has my new motor for the new year by the way toward us. Now it is a fine house mirror version of politics in particular. Fun funhouse, but that actually becomes reflected in a broader press coverage because its reporters basic like The new man on the street interview, suggest three tweets and have that effect, your worldview, which is pretty fuckin, stupid and really damning for the currency in journalism and too it is up again going to be at least for a long time. It appears a many many many candidate feel the problem we had in sixteen in four part. First, some of o eight wise it two candidates, and so was either your forebore. If you're for Bernie your against Hilary, you have you,
Four Hilary, your against Barney, are, you did you know into a finer, replace Bernie with Brok? If you wanna do away you know you saw this and you weren't, you doesn't for presidential campaign. When there are many candidates, you can be for John Kerry and you're, not necessarily again vehemently against John Edwards or against Dick Gebhardt, or so you know I mean like there's like your hatred, can be deluded around a number of people and hopefully That happened through the other thing is, hopefully people recognise like if there was a question about whether it mattered whether Hilary or Tromp was the winner well. I think we know the fucking answer that quest in matters of hell of a lot and looked again like two thousand individuals were are were overblown. You know most the vast vast majority, something like seventy eighty percent. Eighty percent, I think of,
Bernie supporters and voting for Hilary most Hilary voters have a you know, Bernie has a good approval. Reading among most Hilary voters as well. So like again, it's. Blown in the end, I do think it in two thousand for the dynamic was it was Howard Dean versus the rest of the field, because Dean was the insurgents, and so there was this like anger between Dean supporters and everyone else, again. This is back in two thousand and four and there wasn't twitter, or other Shall media deserve amplify. The divisions, as we have now I do you. You are right in and out in a big field. It becomes less likely that you get the sort of battle royal between two candidates: twitter. Basically become a world where all reporters are forced to do made on the street interviews when they have to go to the dumbest angriest Streton Olive American. To do them.
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to give to amazing sound offer valid through December. Twenty fifth Orwell supplies last dishonest outcome. Com for more details, AIDS and fund questions, Africa, What are your favorite holiday traditions, but he got then I don't play games to get you also play games after Christmas dinner redeployed. Then we d put them to end as well. Ok, Europe seem a very even I'm listening, very fun families. This of eight. This is gonna, be like cheesy new, dad tradition thing, but when I was a kid like young kid, we would always by failing to get together, and we would read that I did for Christmas on Christmas Eve, which was the day you're reading, listen, Spock, ass and also my birthday, and that was out of our like lasting. We did before we went to bed and waited for Santa so now like out, so we have done that for many many years, my family, but now that my daughter is here, we're gonna do we're gonna go to my parents are going to do we're gonna, restart that tradition. The share
that's great. We used to do that to there's someone somewhere. There is an audio tape of me as a two year old reciting twas the night before Christmas, with my mom helping me a lot that I've heard before we got we used to do all the time we we just ate Christmas with my parents and four. Turn Cincinnati this week, and we always do like I'll play Christmas. Carols on the pier my mom will saying in there ever been little thing along and then now with Emily's family. We have a tradition that they have. A long time, which is they play audio version of the Christmas Carol Dickens the Christmas Carol and everyone sits around and has hush, awkward or whatever, and no one everyone has to put their phones away. No one can speak. It's just all. Silence listening to the Christmas Carol through the whole thing: This is where I have done it for a few new year's. Now it's really nice not to live on less. I love it's very great. Yeah Thea, the black family is a very good time. Ok, don't do vote
asks? What types of media do you consume when not Secondly, refreshing twitter reading the news Is there a specific book movie episode of television that was favorite in twenty eighteen I, like all wisdom, go television the good place one? My favorites The my favorite show on our television. Homecoming great British bake off wild while country, both Jack horsemen succession, Nanette. Think of any others. That's that's my initial list. Movies fair movies of the air black Panther amazing blockers, my favorite comedy Won't you be my neighbour, my favorite documentary about Mr Rogers took me back. And then, as you know, I dont really read but I read the last campaign by Thurston Clark about Bobby Kennedy. Campaign in sixty eight is fantastic. Michelle.
Facebook becoming excellent. Just read that and the novel less think it won. The pulled surprise last year is very well worth it doesn't my those are my recommendations. Ok, my tv would be not counting the positive, Mercator special. What would be about radio, the boy deck thing, but I really do enjoy pool deck succession, Atlanta and TAT S. Our three shows that I greatly enjoyed my family. My wife and I have also very get got very in Atlanta, which is It's very unique, like nature the internet show, but I thoroughly enjoy. Books. The best nine Obama related books. I read this year: yes been roads, useless, much Monaco, yes, yes, we can say. Yes, we cannot my love. I read I just
still has our ass. I was. I was an offended in parentheses, focus I almost exclusively read books, either written by my friends or fiction because Why asked? If you can, I Equally, for a living in politics all day long, it's nice to do something: different of the three best books. I read this year, maybe by persons. That's where three most favorite books have read this year were the Mars all three Rachel there there by Tommy Orange in the immortal us by clearly Benjamin coincidence, all three of them take place in the Bay area in the past, but they are just off. These box and then one of the book is the fear. All the time if by Jonathan, let them who was probably my favorite author of the last decade or so he had a new book. Came out. Gray, Amazon recipes it. Since we had a baby, I've seen almost no movies, that's why I came in. I lost them into the movie theater.
But obviously black Panther, which has on an airplane but was great and then like movie that I weirdly enjoyed the most because I had super low expectations by it is blow me away, was the quiet place with John Christen skin Emily Blunt Just do it I'll even really watch movies, but it was phenomenal it's also a metaphor for a life once we put our daughter down for nap because the premises movie is, if you make, noise monsters come, and so it's like you were very quiet in our house and so on. About a movie. Alot is no chance to watch a movie, but the others, the other flake. Our two albums that I really enjoyed careful which were I was almost exhausted, hip hop so take forward a well no name who is it wrapper, is female labour from from Chicago that is amazing and speedo. Has it I'm called Luar that just came out. That is
just randomly stumbled onto Spotify in its phenomenal wrote skirt Emily Primo asks. How did you John Tommy and Dan all meet. Did they remember their first interactions rights? say. I met Tommy first in two thousand and four I was on the carry campaign. It was the beginning of the general election. Tommy had been The Edwards campaign in the primary they just lost and armies, cousin Wendy Button was, speechwriter with me on, carry and Tommy was looking for a job, and so he stopped by our office. He was interviewing at the carry campaign for a job which he smartly decided not to take so good then go work on these campaign of state and Barack obama- and that worked out pretty well for him, and then I atomic again in the Senate office during our first. We got a job
I met you. I believe this as in two thousand and six when I was in the Obama Senate office- and you came in right after or while you were about to take the job for the campaign is our right. That's basically, and then we went out and then you and me Tommy and Bill burden who had just take the job is pressing material went out for dinner that night at photo to child. You just get a safer to forget it. Shall workers frierson classic? There were very closely those together insects and then love it. I met because he applied for a job in in the Obama administration and he had been Hillary Clinton speechwriter and it was between him and someone else, and I interviewed him at a Starbucks near the transition office in DC and he was hilarious, as he always is and I said all this guy's funny I mean I think you he writes pretty well be really funny, so he should devil beyond the teams and swedes of humor, and that was loved. What about you
how'd. You meet sad, I guess Tommy and love it. So Tommy I first met when he for me, to the sea after working on the above, send an election. Sis was two thousand five, and I had it in, and we had a friend of mine who had been a whose from Chicago who had been a supporter of a bomb, is sort of had a dinner to welcome Tommy to DC, and he described how may, as this young, the junk hotshot who had worked for a friend of mine on the embers campaign when Tom we work for Edwards Vessel or before Obama so dominate the dinner together when he first mooted is around with that yet an apartment. Yet I was trying to remember the first time. I met love it and it was. Either in the transition office. After you hired him what are these things happened in, but I think I briefly, the transition of us and then
and the transition. I was shopping at the mall because I had to buy bike suits and things because we had real jobs now and I ran into love it in the department store who reintroduce himself to me at light blue else or something I deeply be introduced himself to you and just sort of like walk away. As I get that's that's a very forward social interaction frugal. Yet it was incredibly awkward everyday products we could get for six months. I bet you first met on the efforts episode of bonds, given that was gonna, be my joke, but evil red way too much into that advocates every who we still had met yet ok, so that's that's. First, first meetings Melissa Thomson from Instagram. This is a great question. You kidnapped by a mischievous, but well meaning elf, who transports you to an enchanted room visitors are compelled to speak only the truth. The
says you can have one hour and the truth telling room with anyone other than Donald Trump. Who do you pick and why? My answer? Ok, I have a question sure is like what are the Miranda writes about what happens in this room: the Miranda Rights Lake I mean it can be used against. You in a court of law. Do have immunity against him, oh like. If someone tells you yeah like so. Here is my point like if If I can use that this MAGIC Elf room to get Donald Trump Junior in jail, I'm certainly do While that is happening, Edison devious, should then good, good faint echo. Your head is yes, you can absolutely. This is our ok so that our magical elphick, yet so, if I could do that, I would use Donald Trump Junior, probably If you really want to get on with Russia thing. Maybe Putin would be your first choice. I mean I doubt it the p tape. All these other things, Mauler man right. We're mowers, my choice. I would sit there mother and I have so many questions.
I would just find it out and then I would be able to I probably more productive with my life, because then I would know what was going on. I wouldn't be reading all these stories and trying to follow all these leads in connecting all this red strain on the board that I just get get by. Three sticks in there and and I'll just I'll do start fire and away. That's that's my that's my choice. If it could be someone who was dead, I would pick Jack Ruby. Dragline Rooney, oh like if you can find out about their Kennedy assassination attempts at eight interesting use of that room or the other thing I'm very curious about which is like a deeply esoteric window into my crazy sports brain is backward Michael Jordan, mysteriously retired, for basketball in the nineties. For a year and a half, there are many rumours that it was part of a gambling investigation from the NBA, and so I would have MBA Commissioner David Stern in that room. I want to know the truth about what made Michael Jordan
Tyre mysteriously rating months, if you have a very strong us, if you asked a million people, this question I dont know if any would pick David stern. I bet you. I bet you are former boss of using those eminently resort on his last as he is by obsession with this is partially feel by him, bringing it up on his podcast ass about once every six months. I would love to hear bills. Answers to this because I buried has some good ones, especially where the sports, ok final question from Heather LIVE dance thoughts on Paul Ryan legacy. Now before you answer here, a cricket media. We have a little something for you to listen to Dan, that we'd like to just yes, I this is for you Paul. Ryan is the funniest fucking person in America? Paul Ryan is as responsible for Donald Trump being President as any person walking. The point
today, with the possible exception of Vladimir Putin and Jim coming, tromp could murder someone and Paul Ryan would be Dan definitely when's the Paul Ryan, oh god, It's all right aids. He was born in a college republicans test tube hatch by call road. I know he liked to think the first line it has Wikipedia page will be the tax cuts, but it won't be. It will be the shame that comes from his conduct with trumpet office, and that is just the fact. It is unchanged with this point, no matter how many times he puts out lukewarm statements. You can sleep of these five minutes, and I we have a statement from now. Ryan hatred, Dan Pfeiffer Dan sent in the statement can be here today. Paul Ryan may leave Congress, but the stain of his cowardice and complicity will remain. Paul Ryan will do nothing to save us I think we ve all relate not button. I dont like all right now is that wasn't clear.
I have to say, I mildly embarrassed by that up up up up up up are you. We were so proud, Eliza, Michael put them together and their very proud of it, and we have as they should be. It's really grape. It's like I. There is a certain I find myself. I generally fact believe myself to at least be a pretty even killed person you're there s something about Paul Ryan. That sends me into a fit of rage and it like. I don't remember the things I say like they're not planned. I don't write them down in advance. I have no. There are no rant notes, they just com, it is an organic anger and think, there's also a former they make me forget the things I said mealy afterwards. So this is me being reminded of that which I am I didn't. I am both in proud and slightly embarrassed. I guess would be the way. My reaction to that Well, I'm proud of you for hearing them. I mean, I think it was a fantastic send off. You know. Look we figured
Paul Ryan, has six part video series sending himself off by whom legacy that he's been. But be everything. The least we could do is put together a little dance, for on Paul Ryan compilation, which you know, I think I think people enjoy it very much Do you have any other site if you'd like to add a final words up our? Yes, please do with it. So I have spent some time anticipation of this moment, trying to understand what it is about Paul Ryan and makes me so bad I like to trust me marker Rubio, I find upsetting Mitch Mcconnell one of the worst things there is ever happen to american politics also makes me mad. Jeff lakes. Impotence makes me mad Donald Trump. I obviously do not like trumps junior terrible. There are people like lots of people bother. Maybe Paul Ryan, in particular, bothers me,
because, if not because of who Paul Ryan is because he's base, it he's not a these. No one, he is like a is a vet empty vessel for people do poor their hopes and dreams into, and the thing that I think, makes me that like focuses my anger on Ryan is it he represents both the worst in republican politicians, the worst in what everyone hates about politicians generally, and this or the glorification of Paul Ryan, represents the worst of american journalism, and all of those things together in one human being who made a choice, actual true, he actually chose this path is he was Emma, give you listen to his. I didn't. I did not watches speech today, but I wanna thank these ten thousand people on twitter Senator Paine,
by, like everything in his final interviews, has been lag and even from all of the riot apologists in conservative media rightly think. Tanks is boy. You know what a tufty offer this wonky Jack Campi in Republican, to be forced to be Speaker, my Donald Trump as president and it's like they didn't have to just folds and supplicate himself, down a shop. That was a choice he made. It was a political choice. It is born of political action. See and cowardice that has proven to be, the disastrous politically disaster is morally and the end. If his one point of pride, Based on the six part, taxpayer funded video is office and out about passing this tax bill, his awesome, to be a policy disaster. The economy has gotten worse since that bill past significantly worse, The start work it is way down. You have
to be a special kind of stupid to pass a tour of corporate tax cut and have the stock market tank. So that's my take. I mean the Big news for you and for all of us really is at least from what I've seen and I'm sure you fall this even more closely than I do I have not seen many glowing pieces about Paul Ryan or his legacy as he leaves like. I feel, like the journalism pundit tree, Spect of what is always concerned you up all round, which has been true for a very, very long time finally come to terms with. Who Paul Ryan really is and who he isn't an eye but like emblematic of this was that Washington, post peace from yesterday they started Crow. Paul rains, close friends on background saying like How does it really understand how bad everything is and how bad he fuck this up, and I thought to me
as you know it, when you ve, got a close friend on grand saying that, to put it more spent on the ball I'm just gonna leave it as it is. Take it easy body. Have a nice retirement joy, your loving care is an important point: parents not going away. Like we're going to those of us on the Paul Ryan, be urged to stay vigilant a six months from now he's gonna go to the heritage. Foundation is to be welcomed with open arms may even some of our never tramper now the battle against tromp. There he's gonna, give a speech about pushing back against the all right and returning the party to the roots of again the press will cheer centrist Pandit. While swoon and then six months, eighteen, twelve months, eighteen months, I don't know, Paul Ryan will run for Senate from his car, Oh boy, I was think I was actually he's. Navy runs for Governor Wisconsin. He could do that. I think I mean he was
We have concentrated coasts as possible all times. There is very s return to Washington, but he's not done. He is taking a break to try to cleanse the stench of trumpets and failure off of his body and he's in return a politics. He one hundred percent like the idea that you just gotta drift off. It never be heard from again is impossible for me. Imagine so yeah well probably direction rage at Rubio or I don't know. I don't have a lot to say moment Romney. I think he's a great disappointment to me, but Paul Ryan for good. I keep an eye on you at all times. On that note, we will now go to our interview with some in Congress who makes us inspired and happy and hopeful Congresswoman Elect Katy Porter from the forty fifth district of California, my interview with Right after the positive American, right, you by the new film vice from Adam.
Kay, the writer director of the big short another great movie vices, an epoch, comedic, look at how Dick any you remember him an uncaring Vice President became the most if a man in the world, but a funny this cartel shot at yesterday's charisma. You might remember that many people have a quiet, charisma. You know I my uncle was rapporteur for the bicycle overlooked, I'm back in the day, and he said the Genie when he worked for Ford was like fun at the bar all the time. It's like kind of a person people like to hang out with, I think things changed. Why don't? I am to take any journey. We know he found his scythe. And right race exactly you know, you might remember this. Dick Cheney literally shot someone in the face and the victim apologize for it. The tidal power cars, that's power. The films are christian Bill, Amy, Atoms, Steve Corral and SAM Rocket great characters on December. Twenty fifth date is relevant. Or another reason jack as Jews are gonna, go to the movies.
I'm gonna see vice. I can't wait to see this It looks really Christmas day what a great identity movie. On Christmas day, I was invited Spencer busy with me a screening here, just love in an empty seat. Next to it, I didn't you see. Why is there a doll in it named Spencer Party, America's brought by blue apron with holidays fast approaching meal the last thing you want your plate, but what of cooking delicious wholesome meals was easy it's not possible with blue April, the holidays? Will getting a wholesome head start on the new year with Blue apron Tommy discuss your own enjoyment of blue apron. Was there something where you could yourself? Hannah was out than she came, you cooked. Other some story about how coming home me like what are we can eat and there was the boy and had I was at pink, go crusted chicken and maple dipping sauce in it or did it have seared stakes and loaded macerated owes you know it. I Korean Sal Popcorn Chicken Thought had alighted at a creamy saffron risotto tie up,
I'm not a result of guy and then an ordeal guy, a meadow preserved. I never want, though you note, I am no anything. Korean style is just fantastic, Otto sparingly, believing and so I dont like is my nuclear armed dictators. Otherwise gimme a Comanche. Any data wait there's no day of the week that I dont have a committee on blue apron The turnout meal prep the website mobile out makes it easy to plan our meals each week that makes it easy to select recipes for a variety of diets, including many vegetarian options. It's not like. I like non korean style dictators, nuclear weapon so well the whole categories. Yep. This week's menu gave her meals free at blueprint, dot, com, sludge cricket, that's blueprint outcome, Slash cricket blueprint is a better way to cook. I just had the tagline. It wasn't here, but Sort of Missus Poyser America's radio. The cash brought you by the cash I heard of it. What does it take hush up its it out before fast and easy way to people backing down? Why? Why do you use it, because it's better, neither once hooker
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interesting rikers, run it Cosette and discovered something very interesting about. When you get a birthday for a party and allay nobody touch, knew nobody touches it so, but when you get a birthday cake for a party in New York, the cake fuckin goes so a bigger cake in New York, and I. Because an ally everyone's like no. Thank you. No thank you. I'm I'm paleo reaches out they're like give me cake. I live again oligarchy nightmare I don't know how I got here, but I'm sold on this cash cash out great. At the point positive on applied today, we have in studio Congresswoman elects from the forty fifth district of California Katy Porter. Thank you for having me thanks for joining congratulations, but thank you. We are also excited. You know we were thrilled to and so are all of our volunteers and supporters, and it took
four weeks to get a final answer, you had fantastic volunteers and supporters as someone who had been doubt been down to the district a little bit, so I think you pulled off. The most difficult wins in the country, because not only were you running in the district that has voted republican since it's been created but you ran as a proud, progressive Medicare for all sell weapons ban Elizabeth Warren Protege. You obviously got quite a few Romney Republicans to vote, for you probably got a few Trump Republicans to vote for you as well. What was your pitch to those voters, and what did you hear Those voters, when you were trying to get their, but when we talked to voters who may be had voted Republican historically in the past, maybe they even voted for President Trump. We will talk with them about the issues that matter to them, and so there are a lot
folks who voted for the president and thought what you know. Maybe it'll work out now really work and out men. So there were people who just felt like a course correction was needed, We were also really careful to emphasise that I spent my car studying issues that I'm a thoughtful than I'm willing to listen. They were really working on making that come true in terms of how we are setting up our district office and creating ways to engage with constituents, because most important audience right now is not those who voted for we its those who didn't vote for me, and so this next couple months, really trying to think about how to reach out to those people invite them to to come. Listen to me, to meet me. Did you notice? I talk to a lot of voters over the course of the campaign is in focus groups from other part that I did and ensures that, even with the Obama Trump voters on issues, they tend to be open to more progressive ideas. Then, when you talk to them about sort of wash
ten, the tone in Washington they were much more like people should cooperate more there's too much yelling, and these are the people who voted for Trump were saying. I think I want Medicare for all. Did you know, that when you are talking to folks yet look I'm an orange county in the part of any country that I'm gonna be representing. It's a place that really value civility to really educated population, and so these are people who are twisted and ideas are interested in debate, and so, when we talk, things like an assault weapon beyond all get people who will me about the definition of an assault up and get people who explained that it's really about gun death by suicide. Now we ought to be calling, and so what they want is someone who is really thinking with them and engaging with them, and I think that You talk about ideas, people or are quite progressive I think when you asked them about their kind of party politics, that's
historically in Orange County. That's just a question: you don't ask asking someone: what party are you or how do you vote? Are you a Democrat? That's like asking: how is that a car, Elise hundred how much money do you make? These are just not questions that we ask in polite company, and so I think in this election, one of the things we tried to do was to make space for people to start talking about there issues and their values, and then too slowly begin to translate that into political action. The last time we spoke. You told me that you are most excited about the prospect of becoming a congresswoman, because you really want to write laws and dig into this is an ice. Our report that some progressives think you should get a seat on the Has financial services Committee, which oversees banks lenders and insurance companies. What specifically Would you like to dig into when the new Congress starts yes or no priority for me, as it is of four summit of my new freshmen colleagues
campaign, finance reform and that's in part, because without taking some steps to solve that? It's gonna be really difficult to do work. On healthcare or on the environment or on financial services, but look spent twenty years being a fan, social services, nerd life testified before that committee. Eager I've been at the wrath of congressmen, job hens darling, I'm looking forward to being on the committee. I testified before Senate banking. This is my life work is trying to think about. How can we make our economy successful? How can we make sure economies providing opportunities for a regular american families to prosper and for businesses to grow and create jobs. Are issues really tough with a republican Senate trumpet the waiters. But do you see any areas where there is a pie- stability for compromise and getting something down. I mean we just criminal, just Reform, looks like it's on the path to getting, Are there any issues like that that you care about that? You think you know there might be a possibility to get something done
we have heard a lot about the possibility of infrastructure and bipartisan cooperation. On that. I think for me personally I am thinking about housing, affordability and about what we're gonna do to stabilize our housing markets. To huge important issue and in Coastal Orange County southern California, generally the cost of housing and how its rising? And so, I think, that's an issue where groups like the real hers groups like Mortgage Bankers Association, these groups typically do work across the ion, and so whether its working on stabilizing affection you're, coming up with a plan to get our fanny may Freddy MAC out of conservator ship, where they then link.
For a long journey here as if they were a kid they'd be almost eighteen and an adult. Now then, so I think those are some issues that are maybe see more technical to people but really or long term very important to our economy. So, as you mentioned, you been working on these issues, your whole life. You did a lot of research for those with warrant on what families go through. They go through bankruptcy for her book, written books on your own come on Harris when she was attorney general appointed you to monitor the banks in the post crisis mortgage settlement? Would you learn from these experiences about You know how we, how we make rules that are there more than our place right now when it comes to how people deal with banks, creditors, financial institution so you kind of overarching observations. One of them has to do with complexity and the way in which complexity in the law is not an accident. It's not just on a by product that
ass to exist, but is actually something that gets baked into a lot of laws as away making it difficult for people to make use of them, and so every time we make a law incredibly com? some their sixteen different programmes and forty two different acronyms, and by the way of factual paperwork in. Because you know we all have a fax machine right through so heavy. I saw that with the foreclosure crisis, the programmes that were rolled out- we're really well intentioned, but the complexity made it possible for people to navigate I'm with this right now with health care, so I'm on the DC based, affordable care act. Small business play on this is what Congress members get and we get a partial subsidy on the premiums, which is a real benefit. We also choice of sixty nine plans and I've been trying to wade through these. I've called one hundred help me. A million times I've been so. I think that thinking about balancing trying to create laws that are fair for everybody,
every little individual circumstance with the fact that then things get so complex that oh that nobody can get help that nobody even tries to navigate through the process, and then I think, The thing I would say from all of the work I've done with bankruptcy and with the closure stuff is just how Orton. It is when people in this country want help government or need help from their government that be ready to answer. So it's been interesting, as a Congress person you get to pick. One of these correspond thence management systems does not sound. Like warm and friendly and a lot of the pictures that they make a sort of like seamlessly make your constituents disappear. I don't want to make my constituents to citizens answering letters and errors in the tens or according to a recording information from phone calls, and my goal is to actually sure that information, but to do so in a way that promotes
our conversation. So if someone writes me and an issue, the letter I sent back to them should invite them deeper into conversation. It shouldn't cause. To not right back again. Thank you for writing in very hard on this right. I really appreciate knowing your Bulgaria right so that I think that's a mindset switch in government that we need to work on is how do we engage people can have not. At election time but day in day out as we do, the work of government make policy choices. If you had on Obama's economic team during those first years, the crisis. What would you have advised him to do differently, then, We did great question. So the answer is dear, that the industry itself could self and minister all of these people
right and that they would be communicating with consumers that was never going to work and ultimately, it took years and years, and these programmes took a very long time to get ripped up and it was the nature of the mortgage history that they they weren't set up to deal with these problems. They were set up to take your check for the account act, amount delivered before the due date out of the envelope and deposit the check at best that's what they know, how to do, and so too kind of engage in human conversations with people about complex situation. So what I would have said is, I think we need to deliver something simpler, more rough justice, but they got to people much more quickly. So one of the things we didn't national mortgage and on the part of the programme that I really liked was We wrote down just eliminated, zeroed out lots and lots and lots of sex mortgages here in California and people who deeply underwater and little The bake sensual one page letter- and it said hi- were forgiving your second mortgage if
don't sweat it s a different kind of better to get from about you. Don't wanna call ass! Remember asking a Bank of America executive, who called you who doesn't want. This cuz he's had to take a break with only ninety eight percent, and I said who calls you, and he said I ain't no people with tin, foil on their heads or whatever, but that kind of putting the burden off the consumer instead of packet of seventy two forms and by the way we need? Your turns and by the way we need you to facts this and by the way, it's your reform. Got outdated while we and to make a decision now you have to start back over again that structure was set up to fail. So it wasn't the level of help. We gave mean street that I had a problem with. It was how we delivered that help and you contrast to the big banks. They went in some conference room and the dark of night, a bunch of people and they cut a deal and they walked out in the next day. They just made it happen. Having been, air and you
My job is as Peter was to try to help, explain we were doing run the financial crisis to people and because I am, I do not have background and economics. I learned a lot from right to sit with earn summers and other us. And I just remember like one situation when it was the edge bonuses and we work on a club back, the edgy bonuses and I was at work. I have to explain this to people cuz we're going to have to be people with pitchforks coming to the White House and Larry Summers has to me so well has to do with contract law? And you know so because that you can't live because that's against the law and even the end keep my Larry sums nonlinear meddler rich, but in my experience it was. It was a lot of people who were well intentioned and wanted to help, but there is always this that always these caution is always a reason not to do something and government. I heard oh gainer talk about how in the housing relief programs, you know
Spectre, General Treasury made it more complex because they are worried about frauds. There's always something that there were. Do you think that damn crash in the next summer, cutter president have to have like less technocratic people and government must be less caution and general like how do you get through that? So there's actually some really interesting research around this, including worked, and my elder should fear whose books scarcity I highly recommend an essentially what happens is he's done some studies that show when you try to crack down on fraud, say in ten of foods, didn't program or welfare programme and are you more questions- and you add some paperwork and you create a couple layers of checks. What actually happens, is fraud go up a little bit and the very poorest most needy people don't apply at all. Why? Because it too complex. So it turns out, listen while others. What the mortgage crisis cheaters,
There were only to fill out a lot of paperwork. In order to cheat, I mean they're they're, trying to get their homes Scot free, even though they don't deserve it. They there we'll and indeed an ill bill, lady at a lot of effort into cheating but the everyday working class persons. Actually, someone is doing shift work, who maybe this is a language education barrier they're not trying to cheat they're just try get help, and so I think we have to understand that this this week we I want the system to be fair and that's a core, so that's a good one, but when we try to too hard to prevent cheers Actually it was pushed out the most needy and the most vulnerable from these systems. I think there's also this public sentiment and when we wrestled with us too, which is like yes, people believe that banks trick people into these mortgages that they couldn't afford. The banks were bad actors and all this, but there is another sentiment that we signed. We saw this in public opinion as well, where people said well, you know something.
Shouldn't bought homes that they couldn't afford? And you see this now in conversations about, but you know freak all it dry? It or even debt forgiveness around college, right and people say well, I paid my college sounds like why shouldn't someone else? How do you search changing this sentiment and sort of general ideas around debt and personal that has hold that rights, part of it is when we start to think about these collective problems and so We have this tendency in America that everything is very individual and very chronic, and we all kind of get what we deserve. And when I talked about this, where my powerful childhood experiences was watching tire kind of upper Midwest get decimated by the farm crisis and that have nothing to do with who was it farmer who was a bad farmer that had to do economic forces and crop prices and interest rates. And- and so I think I come at from a slightly different perspective. But I do think we to start realising that, just because we suffered
doesn't mean that its beneficial to us to have the next generation suffer, and not just that. That's not actually helpful, so you, I want to say that when people say to me, while I paid off all of my college, that I say did you enjoy that experience as it? How can I help you save for retirement like if you hadn't had to pay off every single dollar of that? Wouldn't you being a better police now, and so I think it's it's thinking about things kind of how the pieces affect each other and we often do a really poor job of making something. That's we as Democrats and we as progressives, have to do a better job at a talking about his were in this collectively, and so you can tell me professor executive referencing box, but another that made a powerful impact on me is called our kids by Robert Putnam, who wrote sociologists bowling alone, and he talks about like in his generation. When people said we have to do something to help our kids, we have to build a playground to help our kids. They meant
the children in this country or in the state or in their town or in their neighbourhood, and so often now, when people say we have to do something about our kids, they mean there's right. And so that's the kind of mindset that I think we ve seen, grow and I think it It's a problem for us. Ultimately, do you worry that that mindset like we seem to have his need that we serve stitch together? This collective idea of what it means to be Americans and that our politics right now gets in the way of that and you know and some people my should be grounds both sides? That's not both. But there is this. This notion that I wonder that if our economic aid, oh here, which is too under, have people understand that what happens to you? your finances in any in your own economic matters to the rest of the country. Using that's in giving our politics handle that well,
No, I don't, but I think that some of this is that it It goes back to something that Elizabeth Warrant, I think, really famously talked about, which was initially. Nobody gets. Cologne that we all rely on the collective infrastructure, and, if I individually have a great idea, and I stay up late. My work really hard and myself to the bone for that idea. Boy. When I to grow that company and I have to hire someone please I'm really glad there. Some people with good public education's good it so that they I can have smart employee is no business is going to run its own k through twelve education system right inside you're, no business funds, its own airport and so there's ways in which we all contribute to this system through taxes. And through the ways that we use the system and drawn at heart we should get Medicare for all past. What is your favorite approach to this transition?
so with regard to another care for all. I think one of the things we have to acknowledge is that Medicare, as it currently exists, isn't a perfect system, and I think that helps people realise that you're a real realist when you're talking about it. So I often point out to people Some things with Medicare we'd have to change and improve, as we begin to expanded, and the two examples I give are the way that the a vision and negotiating prescription, drone prices and Medicare, which, if we're gonna, make Medicare sustainable and cost sustainable. We have to address that and then the other Is that Medicare like pretty much every health insurance? I've ever seen or had doesn't really lousy job of how it covers and reimburses mental health care. And so I think, when we talk about making sure that making changes to Medicare to improve that system. We should
Have any programmes in this country that have things called donut holes in them. That's just like you, ve already lost what I regard as uncomplicated being called a donor, hole and there's somebody said the other day. We should call it Medicare Part II, and I thought oh geez, like emeralds off the time that does roles often turn right, Medicare par either. Please don't, and so I think it's understanding that we have to do some changing to Medicare to make it work and then also think about some different phases. Concept so a lot of it. The talk has been around reducing the age from sixty five to sixty or from sixty to fifty five, I actually think we might want to go the other direction and so putting people on as newborns putting people on twenty six when they fall off the easier and their stuck putting younger people onto the system, because the support for them very strong there very interested in this system and in trying it- and so I think, gonna be on multiple your process to get their notice about. So your clothes,
with warn you work for calmly Harris, both of whom are thinking about for president. I'm not gonna. Ask you to pick sides but in general, what kind of candidate do you think the Democratic Party should nominate and twenty twenty and how do you run a campaign? Again? Donald Trump out. So I have no idea how to run a campaign against our non binding that I think it's it's. That is not that challenging of the task in some ways, ungracious, so many different kinds of concerns about our presidency, and so I think, we'll see different kind, its lean into different aspects of trumps, leadership and lack thereof. I think you know this to me. I think this elections going to be a lot like. Oh eight, I lived in Iowa, no eight was a family member there, and so I just remember, is a horrible winter and kept coming by offering US yard signs, and so the quickest way for listeners out there and if so, how
on your door they offer you a yard sign like the fastest way to get someone to go away, is to say We love a yard sign, and so we just kept adding yard signs and it keeps knowing and then you can see what happened and then by the time the snow melted in March. Well, after the ILO Carcass, we had probably Fifteen yards happens. Apparently, we supported Richard said and Obama and a lorry and John Edwards and fell on the Blake. I think we're gonna have a big primary process and I think somebody who can communicate about some of these areas. Where I hear people say well, that's just pretty complicated. I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for someone who says that's complicate, but here's how I think we get started, thinking about it or that's complicated. But let's try to sort together here in somebody who really invites the public into those conversations- and I think that's gonna be really important. How do you draw people who may be support trump into it?
dialogue, productive dialogue with you here. You ve said that Congress was built for members, like you I remember well what I meant, as I am a single mom of three kids. While we ve been recording the some pretty sure I hear my children screaming out in your life. Maybe punted barking your homework it. I can't tell by its stuff like this. It's unites things like, my kids are coming with me to migration, swearing, indent, should say swearing and day and people are like you, don't could do have a photograph like just you know, children, while Wherewith feel what do I mean? Where would I hope I'm not in the photograph with me, and so I think there is some aspects about this- that nano by the way are built around two permanent family around your kids being older, but also weekly around people having personal wealth
that are really challenging inside been negotiating a lease for my district office and they- keep saying we want security deposit and that I can't access congressional funds until after I'm sworn in January, and so explaining like, I can't afford, deposit. It's Christmas time, I'm trying to buy Christmas gifts. I have a lot of extra he's right now coming off the campaign, you know I just sorry like, I don't have the money for a security deposit, and so I think there are things like that that I keep wondering how to other people make this work has seized the reason of their research, a ridge- and I am, I not lay very meagre two dozen many very glad to have it right, and so I think there are some things that are baked into the system that make us some. About kind of who goes to Congress, that I think this class is going to push back at in a big way, how're
your three children feel about all this. My kids were troopers on the campaign trail I mean I people said: will you are you? Are you gonna hurt you? No kind of hide them and I felt it why do you want to hide them like? Please? Let me know we really didn't, have a choice but to have them be part of the process that we actually treated the campaign as something we did as a family, and so my kids came to a lot of events, that my own son, telling me at one point like mom kids at school, are making fun of me they're saying my mom is liberal. Katy Porter, that was the big tv add, was yet a liberal, Katy, Porter and executive in words. I said to Luke eat it. Well, maybe don't wear your camp.
T shirt every data school, because on washing like every day in the laundry and he's like I'm not doing that, I'm proud of you mom, nobody can silence me and so is like. While you are you by the ticket, you take the ride like you're gonna, wanna Katy Border for Congress, T shirt school, your kind of inviting your conversation about keyboard for Congress, but they're they're very exciting. I will tell you that the other day it came up that united have reelection two years and my middle son said what two years. Mom I don't know if this is a good idea, so they definitely learning a lot about government. Is you supporters, I'm sure, cable Thank you so much for joining us and and good luck in Congress and please come back in Thank you so much. Thank you. Everyone, thanks to Katy, for joining us thanks to Poland. For being vans punching bag and they saw a view?
happy birthday Dan Happy holidays. Everyone else merry Christmas happy new year will, I will see in TWAIN ninety happy holidays. Everyone in good luck in the world Christmas yeah.
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