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Congress wants answers on Niger, Fox News defends O’Reilly, and Trump pushes a $6 trillion tax cut for the wealthy. Then Alabama Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones talks to Jon, Jon, and Tommy about his race against Roy Moore, and DeRay McKesson joins to discuss his conversation about the EPA with Christine Todd Whitman. 

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is a chance to take a drink or something, but now let's keep it in and keep it all in. It's not the pod. Today, the democratic candidate for Senate in the Alabama special election Doug Jones and the host of Krooked Medias POD, save the people Durea Mckesson love it now is the part of the show where we ask you to promote your podcast yeah sure we had an awesome, love it or leave it with Jenny, Slate Zoe, Lister Allen's and Jenny Yang really worth listening to. We had a conversation about me too, and I wasn't sure if you were gonna talk about it because we had talked about the wind seems kind of the previous week, but I'm really glad we did it's a really worth listening to, and we have another great love it or leave it this Friday. So you know we're just great but after great episode also a great anti love it rant on avatar, that's true, which I
like the guess, I'll, never leave it or now coming on and ranting against the host at something I support. Of course I prefer when someone comes in with a rant the following week, as opposed to what is also happen, which is someone interrupts me mid rant to do the opposite. Renton really really takes the wind out of sails then that's would be my favourites in there and so future future loverly sounds ideal. Listening subscribe, alright and also while you're at it go subscribe to cricket conversations or a couple weeks away from the first episode very exciting and sign up cricket, dot, com or there's all kinds of great pieces and all kinds of other stuff. So there you go, all right. Let's get into the news yesterday, a funeral was held for sergeant with David Johnson who died along with three other american soldiers during an ambush in the chair, but I
don't want to spend another week on the fact that Donald Trump made a belated call to the widow of a fallen soldier which left her deeply upset, defended the fact that no one disputes, including the widow herself major Johnson, who was interviewed on good morning America today, but I I do want to spend a few minutes on what happened in the chair, because I think that, story that, because of the Trump feud, has gone a little bit under the radar, so I had no idea that there are around one thousand american troops in the country, which is a pair, something I have in common with Lindsey Grain, all of Congress and Chuck Schumer and other people who which is strange because you both have. I guess it well, keep the same level of oversight run to the constitution. I don't remember: well, they both they both sit on the Sunday
shows that they had no idea. We had a thousand troops in this year. Tell me what we know about what our troops are doing in that country. I too do not want to talk about this controversy over the phone call. Ever again. I do think it's worth noting that you know the account that was relayed by Rep. Wilson has been confirmed, yeah, and it was reported last week that not only did I Donald Trump, not called every family of individual service member who'd fallen that Trump administration at the call over to the Pentagon to actually get the list. So I think that's relevant just because it speaks to that character of the president and his team and the things that the links they're willing to go to lie about their laughter. He said after he said it. They frantically reach out depending on to try.
Get a less because they not only had he not been making all the calls he did. Did they weren't even here in this, is not like a background source said it's like there's email traffic confirming so the story of last week is that the President deeply upset a widow of a fallen soldier and that he and his team lied repeatedly. That is the story. It's not it's not the New York Times story about both sides in these political times getting into a feud. It's none of that and John Kelly and toxic. The toxic climate didn't lie in the briefing Room and Donald Trump and John Kelly. Oh Frederica, Wilson, an apology because they have about her yeah Carson Wilson's Kelly said She said something in his speech that she didn't say that anyway. Okay and now it enough, you know what these trips we're likely doing is a counterterrorism mission where we trained up local forces to deal with various bad actors in the region there
is Al Qaeda. There is ISIS there's Boko Horam like Algeria is a very dangerous area. Molly had a huge problem, new shares, constantly fighting with extremist groups, You know what is likely is that there's a way. I think what I've read about these thousands troops is some of Probably these, like green berets, were specially trained to train other forces and in bed with to go out on missions and sounds like this is the twenty ninth mission of this sort where they were patrolling or no doing sort of counter extremism. Work sounds like a lot of the other forces are in country to essentially build a drone bass which would of you know, give us better. You know, maybe a Connecticut,
capability to like fire from drones and take out bad guys, more likely, a surveillance platform to gather intelligence. But you know we have troops in all kinds of our fun places in a lot of what they're doing is trying to build up local forces so that they can take on these counters and fight themselves that we don't have to send much larger groups of folks horses to you know like we did not get a sander a rock to take care of it ourselves. That said, like there's nowhere near enough oversight or accountability that Lindsey Graham doesn't know, all people is crazy. Well, so the Defense Department is conducting an investigation into what happened. The FBI has joined the investigation members of both parties in Congress, are demanding answers. One issue they've raised. That goes beyond the specifics of what happened in this ambush, which is You know we want to know those answers as soon as possible and issue that's been raised. Whether the sixteen year old authorization for the use of military force now
is the aumf that gave George Bush Broad, very broad war power after nine hundred and eleven should be revisite. Idd tell me: what's the debate around reauthorizing the aumf? Well there, it really is no debate. I mean the the the you know. This authorization was passed right after nine eleven and it is been used and interpreted to basically go after terrorists groups that literally didn't exist at the time that it was passed, so I had a long conversation with Senator TIM Kaine about this on pod save the world who has a bill this trying to like trying to re up this debate and actually get Congress to take on a very hard conversation about when we should wage because the administration has broad authorities under Article II to conduct military operations at various places, but Congress is supposed to authorize wars or have oversight over these wars and they've, essentially abdicated this responsibility, You know this is an instance of we should maybe be careful what we wish for with this current iteration of Congress. 'cause God knows what would
an aumf. Reauthorization with this group of Bozos right, but I mean the fact that, like they don't literally don't know what's going on is an enormous concern. Yeah, I mean look at the at the time when Ao Map was passed, there were those who were critics of it. Who said this is unlimited. The scope of this is too broad no a sunset provision that could go on for ever and that's exactly what Pat and I mean it's become just it's the idea that you know it was in response to nine eleven. If you can use it against groups that did not exist when those attacks took place, you have basically stretch the words beyond beyond all meaning, and this is another thing I'd say to is it that this is a bipartisan problem? You know when Rock Obama was deciding whether or not to take military action in Syria. He, you know some someone say infinitely famously decided to go to Congress right. He was going to come. Do you commit to military action and decide to go to Congress and his speech
saying that he was seeking action from Congress. He made a point of saying that he didn't actually feel as though it was legally required check out legal box right to say that that I want authorization from Congress, but I don't need it, and this sort of this dance we've been doing between the administration in the the administrative state in between Congress on Legislative Authority over war, I think has gone so far in the direction of the administration and allowed Congress to just sort of you know, throw spit balls from the sidelines that actually having any responsibility or investment and what the administration does yeah. I mean at the very least. This episode should highlight that if we have almost a thousand troops there, the most people to know about including members of Congress and, like you said it was the twenty ninth mission of its kind. It seems like there should be a debate in this country about what missions our troops are going on.
They are potentially dangerous missions which are, of course, this one was before we just you know, let it happen and have it go under the radar and then we don't hear about it until something horrible like this, and yet I mean no. No one thinks that, anytime, that the president needs to conduct Miller, Opt military operation that he should go to Congress and ask them for help, because those guys like they can't get anything done. These lot of these things are timely, like when Libya is another instance where there is a lot of consternation about Congress' role. But if you look back at operation like Qaddafi's forces were moving to, you know take out everyone in the city of Benghazi, which then wasn't a bad word. I wish the city for the and people and Obama intervene to stop it. So, like their instances like that, where you need to act quickly, that said you're right I mean we should be talking about what these tions are how much it's costing. Why we're doing it? Where we're doing the fact that this is so shrouded in secrecy is bizarre to me. The other thing. I'd love to see come out of this conversation is,
you know. How are we treating families two weeks from now after they lose a loved one? How is the v a working for service members who are to become veterans? I need healthcare and other essential services. That's a conversation! Never here yeah you brought up in Ghazi yesterday. Congresswoman Federico Wilson tweeted needs here is Donald Trump's, Benghazi. He needs to own it. This came a few days after Rachel now who usually does very thorough and excellent reporting floated a theory about what happened is share. That was a little sloppy, a segment that loosely suggested the Trump's adding Chad to his travel. May have set in motion a series of events that led Chad to pull out their troops from new chair, which may have had something to do with the ambush, even though the only troops that Chad deployed in this year were
hundreds of miles away from the ambush. So I have all sorts of problems with the Benghazi analogies here, but Tommy you were in the White House Monday guys it happened. You dealt with this. What did you think about this? Like you know, he needs to own this. This is, has been Ghazi. The travel ban did hurt relations with Chad and and curb military cooperation. I don't know the specifics of where they had guys doing what they were doing. So I have no idea what she was talking about to me. What Benghazi means is a highly politicized moment you no use for maximum political gain. It was tragic that four individuals were killed in Benghazi. There was not nearly enough a security to pro
act them or to help rescue them, but it was never an issue about protecting diplomats. It quickly became about these talking points and what the administration said afterwards, and that was the thing that got politicized and was just bullshit bullshit from minute one. The Mitt Romney politicized it in Congress. Rain with that for years and years and years. So this it up, I I mean since we're we need be better than them. We should not politicize what happened in you share. We should actually get to the if they were sent on a mission that was inherently unsafe. There should be accountability for that. If they're lying about what happened, trying to cover up the truth, there should be accountability for that, but, like I don't want to be the party that politicize is the death of people serving abroad. We are hearing the dangerous, don't have to let the investigation find the facts first, which is what they didn't do anything because and they assume, because there was a changing explanation about whether it was a video where there was a terrorist attack that that automatically must mean there was a political cover up and not that the fax which
engine on the ground and we just had to use the best intelligence, we hope it also. This would drive me crazy, Lima, it was the video I know. There's quotes from people who were there. That day was that. I am here because I'm angry about this web video that we consulted our profit, so some people were there doesn't mean they were just innocent folks off the street. What we are wrong about was that this is a peaceful protest, the bubbled over, and that was a result of bad intelligence. I remember talking to the head of n t t c, the national counterterrorism Center, the coordinates all the intelligence from the entire US intelligence apparatus, and he told me they had that for every single source, human intercepts news reports. All that indicated that the you tube video played a role. I know it's been since demagogues, it was seen as an excuse. It was part of why people took when, after the embassy that yeah I mean in with someone says you know it's, it's ridiculous for account. Member of
or say this is his Benghazi yet says it's a silly silly thing to say because Benghazi was a, it was a. It was a way of turning what is a tragedy and what does inherently, which a failure, which is with rare exceptions if Americans in service to this country are dying, are being killed. Something went terribly wrong, yeah I every time I mean, with with exceptions that there have to have been things. You could have done differently. Peep people dying as diplomats are or are in a dangerous place where we were, we could secure them. That is something you need to learn from investigate every single time they took that which is obvious in true and turned it into this partisan, Kurt cudgel. Specifically by using you know that developing story as a means of saying they they were lying and they were covering up into repeat over and over again for years. We need to get to the truth. We need to get to the truth, but of course they weren't really trying to do that, There's no explanation that would ever satisfy, and so you end up kind of fencing with like clouds of dust, because there's just nothing to grab onto
and it was an extremely and we should just it was effective. It was it. It was a damaging and long term strategy to to manipulate the facts and and use a tragedy in Benghazi for political ends, and it was a fake seven. So any Democrat who looks at that and says all I want to do the same thing because it was so effective. It's just wrong and we know what you were saying is true, because Kevin Mccarthy, who is the number three in the house that time said, look we held all these hearings to drive down Hillary Clinton, approval rating and it's working, and he said it on tv and his reward for stating the obvious was he was removed from that leadership
you just said, because I I saw this on on twitter bunch of Democrats were saying. Well, you know it was effective what they did with Benghazi and we play too nice, and- and you know, we should do the same thing and it's it's wrong. Like you said it's, but it's not just wrong. It's not smart either. Right like we're. Conspiracy theories work better for Republicans, because they make people distrustful and cynical about their government and Republicans don't want people to trust their gut. That that's that's sort of part of their ideology. We want people to trust our senior government. We want we, it's not going work as well for us to have a conspiracy theory. You know about you, know, Republic, the government always screwing up in the government, always having to various actions that they're doing around I think you're right long term. I think. Obviously it is not a long term. Interest of Democrats are trying to build faith in institutions and and the government that I can do a job to be fanning the flames of conspiracy theories and it's morally reprehensible republicans it for years, I'm in because he was morally reprehensible.
But I think it's a little too easy to say. Not only would it be morally wrong, it would be ineffective. I think we should be able to say you know what. If we have the stomach, right now, I'm not I don't think Democrats do which is not in our nature, as a party is institutions. Msnbc is not Fox news. If we have the stomach for it, if we could pull our if we could get ourselves to do something so gray, we could spend the next two years turning to share this death into into his Benghazi. It would really work and we should say, even though we think that we're not we're not going to do it. That's all. I just think there's plenty of fights to pick about things that affect people's lives every single day that matter to them both policies that he's passing that are actually going to move voters a lot more yeah. If you ask, if you ask the Romney campaign, if you have Stuart Stevens around the Romney campaign, whether he thought it was a good idea for Romney to go after Obama,
Benghazi he will tell you today. That was a bad idea that he wanted economic issues. He wanted to focus on Obama's policy failures and that he thought the Benghazi was a distraction that was being whipped up by a lot of the folks on the right yeah with Hillary Clinton. It became part of she's on trust where and here's one more example of why she's untrustworthy they spent eight years bayside on her they spent years using on her and and yeah sure. Maybe it wasn't as effective in two thousand twelve against Barack Obama, and you know you lose and you look for every reason that they lose, but I mean come on. I mean It's not as a Hillary Clinton would say. Oh if Hillary could not have been Ghazi Cloud hanging over her for two years, I'm sure she would have appreciated that it made a difference. It affected her campaign. It was now
helpful thing it did. It did become one of the many many things she had to constantly argue against, and no, it wasn't a positive message, but years and years of this steady, steady, just these nicks and cuts from Benghazi Day after day after day hearing after hearing having to drag herself out there for twelve hours, it worked but just be honest about. It only worked because Fox NEWS was another arm of there. Strategy and they reported on Benghazi constantly all day everyday and not only that they got major things wrong. That made it sound so much worse than it was, for example, the idea that Barack Obama watched this operation happened via some drone feed in the situation. Room, not true, crazy made up was reported repeatedly. They made it sound like there were forces that could have been sent in to rescue people that were called off by the White House for political reasons, absolutely not true
the whole problem with this. This controversy is there was this assumption that the motivation behind the White House was to protect the president's record on counterterrorism. I did that to me just like a it was so ridiculous because I don't think anyone votes on whether or not you're safe from Al Qaeda in Libby you know what I mean if there was a strike on the homeland. Yes, that would be a massive political issue, but this thing was just like a sidebar, but even if you read like David French or all the conservatives that we've come to think our friend now I they still think that this was some great big lie, cooked up by the administration to hide something to hide. I would I lived every foe, in minute at this- and it was not, it was not. But look I mean I don't disagree, yeah. No, it's just I. I just think the Benghazi was a stand in for all this. This same attack they've her cousin because he was out of the news. It became emails when the emails momentarily earlier, the news it was the Clinton foundation. It was just they were going to try to do whatever they could to show people that she was untrustworthy and they use whatever issues
right anyway, but they sweat sorry, but they they switch to, like a part of the reason, has lower segment in Canada. But part of the reason is less effective. Against Obama is the the I feel like the original sin they were really trying to get at. Is they had a belief that Barack Obama didn't understand terrorism didn't believe it was a real threat, never took it seriously, didn't want to call it by its name, and so when you blame a video right there blaming avidi, because they want to not admit, what's really going on angry, that he that that that Brock about was president when Osama Bin Laden was killed in the taking credit for that, and they thought this would be the way to get it back. Just a reminder that that this this all, how could you blame a video that video glad to like hundreds of thousands of people to take to the street dozens of countries. I remember there was a there- was a protest, an angry mob in Australia. That's how far this thing reached little alone, Pakistan, yet
and where they there's another assault on our embassy there? All I guess it all just balls onto Benghazi may have been effective attack for a Publicans against Hillary Clinton. The notion that we could turn press into Trump's Benghazi is meaningless nonsense, the wrong thing to do and we're Democrats, and we just we don't- have it's not our way, doing business it wouldn't work put me down, for I don't think we should make shit up. I don't care, you can tell me it's affected or not. I don't think we should make sure that I'm not going to change that position by the way anyone who questions whether these guys were sincere about Benghazi, look at the budget they put forward for protecting diplomats, sad, but slash all over the and that all that. But that's the point right. I don't think it's right when he will like it's not effective. Maybe it is. We don't make up. That's only I want to make. We should not be in favor of making fit up and we don't convince ourselves 'cause, it doesn't work so just speaking of making shit up over the get a New York Times, bombshell revealed that a month
after Bill O'Reilly Payday. Thirty, two million dollar settlement with the Fox NEWS analyst who accused him of repeated sexual harassment, a non consensual, sexual relationship, and sending her all kinds of sexually explicit material through the two million dollars at month. After this Fox news new about the settlement and see bill offered. O'reilly A4 year, contract extension worth twenty five million dollars a year, even after Riley left the network. Hannity invited him on a show just the other week. What do you guys think about this story? It's like we, it's there's so many different parts down back. First of all, there's the thing itself, which is that, like Fox NEWS was this: had this despicable called earth that went all the way to the top right went from Roger Ailes all the way down, and it was everything from
They are demanding that women show their legs on television to removing the things in front of the death, so that women's legs could be visible right. The objectification of women on the air to a culture of harassment and misconduct from the top to the hosts, clearly just a massive cultural problem there with Gretchen Carlson, is talked about, and then you with that and then you will turn on Fox NEWS and they've spent the last month saying saying that the Democrats don't Crestmont Brian Beutler wrote about. This is our editor in chief in a piece on cricket dot com last week that calling what they've done last week with wine sitting in the Clintons Fox NEWS for like every show every host it was the
unseen scandal and like what, how it related to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, because he was a donor to Democrats this with their whole, the base that you couldn't turn on Fox about seeing this and by the calling. This hypocrisy doesn't quite get it. What it really is here that it's not just your typical hypocrisy, what happens politics all the time. There is something deeper that it's actually a concerted effort, it's propaganda and it's a concerted effort to make people distrust the mainstream media and to all so sort of neutralize a liable will the Donald Trump and other Republicans have which is treating women like shit. What do you guys think about that? Yeah seems pretty true. I mean it's a morally bankrupt organization. Fox news is morally bankrupt. They so racial discontent, they've a culture where they sexually harass and objectify women. They lie about Democrats constantly and like what what's remarkable,
people like from Harvey Weinstein to Bill O'Reilly to Roger Ailes to Donald Trump, is they all think they're the victim? It's remarkable, the degree to which these guys think there aggrieved there making hundreds of millions if not billionaire's, and they think that this is some some of that to get them in it. Just like it, it's a it's. The most pathetic possible reaction from these individuals and it's it's good for the New York Times for getting the goods on Bill O'Reilly. Once again, I wish people cared think about the fact that there are women who were harassed by people within Fox NEWS who still work at Fox NEWS and bill. Riley is pushed out for that harassment and then he just comes in to do an interview and they come around and you know like it's a surprise. Shopping hitting the table doesn't fit with anger, but you have biller really sitting there with Sean Hannity like just shooting the shit like couple of powers like nothing ever went down, they spent so
how much money to cover up his abuse and his crimes in that building. It is staggering. It is a shocking. So this yesterday nobody pays thirty two million dollars for something they didn't think those Gretchen Gretchen, Carlson Salsa, so Roger Ailes was an aid donor to Donald Trump. He was a close advisor to Donald Trump Rupert Murdoch. Sean Hannity are still close advisers to Donald Trump Fox NEWS is in kind contribution The republican party is more valuable than any donor, absolute gift of anywhere in history, and now we have this huge, rich, powerful, influential media organization that is covered up. Numerous allegations of sexual assaults, sexual harassment against their own female employees and their hosts. A nuff
Tucker Carlson now sitting in bill, O'Reilly's fucking, chair, he's sitting in the chair being like. Why won't they talk about Weinstein Ban these Democrats, they sure of this Hollywood culture. You know they tinseltown. We haven't heard a word from anyone in the republican media and the conservative media about this. We haven't heard any part republican politicians who've been on Fox, who go on Fox. All the time be called upon to denounce their association with this company that covers up checks for harassment that covered up sexual assault. A lot of years. We we don't. We don't see Chris Cillizza tweeting Republicans have a bill. O'reilly problem like he did when he said Democr let's have a Harvey, Weinstein problem as soon as that happened the mainstream media as soon as that soon, as the wind something came up. It was immediately Democrats. Have a wine see, problem, I mean I'm not there to make sure that Republicans have a bill. O'reilly problem is not. There is not a major republican figure who hasn't spent time with these people been on. These shows. Roger Ailes ran Trump's debate, prep hung out with
do you know you can go be a trump who is it a sexual assault? On the harasser to Salter himself, so you can go beyond Trump every single one, even the reason Republicans they have, they have all made the same dirty deal. I mean look their refusal to speak out against Fox NEWS on this about the disgusting culture inside the building, but what else did to women about with her what O'Reilly did to women? It is part of a larger story about Fox NEWS, which is they all know that they've been riding a tiger with this thing that that have use Fox news to Stoke the base and make people angry and and animate racial grievance this for years and years and years, and they know it's wrong, but it's useful to them and they were afraid to push back against it and that's true for the garbage that fox puts on the air and now it's also true for their failure to speak out about the culture inside that building with a toxic, despicable, evil institution. To this it is one of the most destructive forces in american life and all these guys behind the scenes the same way they would denigrate Trump would say the same about hand
fucking in Cahoots with Assange about the dumb dumbs on Fox and friends. They would all say it behind closed at the same way, Bob Corker says Donald Trump will launch world war. Three. You know Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. They know these guys are more despicable, dangerous morons, but they won't say it because they've all made the same faustian bargain, and it destroying our culture, it is destroying our politics. Every single day, end of rant Jesus rose, its watt, that's why we did this to all that's about it. What's for us creating a Democrat. He worked in politics for like the last decade, is how now paralyzed democrats have been about how to deal with Fox and how schizophrenic we were, because we went in knowing full well that they were going to demagogue, Obama and question where he was born and Amanda's bursar to forget, and then we went through a period of time. We said we wouldn't do fox 'cause. It was an arm of the Republican Party and then fast forward a couple of years and he's doing it into
the fucking Bill O'Reilly at the super bowl. You know the biggest meetings moment. There is an it's just. It speaks to their power and their influence in how much harm it is done to us as a party to our politics, Jen Lee, I'm so glad that all of this is out there for everyone to see now, because I think it's it's important and we should call for what it is so question. What can we do about it? When the allegations against sales in a rally there popped up? There was a push to get companies to stop advertising on O'Reilly's show. I think that worked really well did work really well, and I was sleeping giant- has done a lot of good work on that they're. Doing something now on another right wing media organization. There was a story on think progress last week that we didn't get to cover about how Robert Mercer, who funds Breitbart and Bannon in Milo and the other white supremacist Nazi sympathizer crowd, he made his money as CO, ceo of a hedge fund time, do you want to talk about the story little bit? Yeah.
Mercer is a is a billionaire he's. The co ceo of Renaissance technologies or ran, which is a big quantitative fund that uses computers to make a ton of money, and so some of The funds are private funds for employees, but some of them are big. Public ones that have major institutional investors and what think progress did, which I thought was very smart- was just go through a bunch of forms that it public institutions, many of them nonprofits, and even for the public good, have released that show their investments in renaissance technology. So it was organ. It's like the public, school employee, retirement system of Missouri, Columbia, University, Michigan, State University, the LOS Angeles, water, power and retirement plan like be many many more, but I think these sort of acts of transparency just soap I'll. No, if your graduate or current CD at Columbia, current student at Columbia, University, Michigan State, some of
turn down. Money is invested with the guy that funds, like the worst hate groups in America. People like Milo people like bright part, which is a garbage news outlet And if that bothers you, you should write a letter to the editor or call the school and ask them to divest this public pressure. Works. Michigan state released a pathetic tepid statement. That essentially skirted the issue should keep the pressure on and just call them up if they think it doesn't matter. I think profits are more important than what Mercer does with his money. That's fine, but they should just say yeah, yes, Spartans. If you're hearing this go, blue I learned something you know, but I think I think it's important. I think it's important to keep this public pressure on people who have financial ties. People like the mercers people, like Fox NEWS because, like we can yell about it again like we always do or we can try this do something about it, and these campaigns worked
when a lot of advertisers, I mean that's a while Riley had to leave in the first place, was as Fox NEWS out of the goodness of their heart rate, decided to let him go exactly. There was pressure, but, like the National Academy of Sciences, has thirty one million dollars invested in renaissance technologies, equities fund? What remains is designed to. I want a very nonprofit dedicated to reassure research and public adviser in subjects like math, engineering, medicine and science, that climate change dollars really paying off things that I've right Bart and the right Wing Republican Party are undercutting every day. That's a that's an are the alignment of their investment priorities. You know their fiduciary and their moral priority. I would also say, like you know, some of the issues around where people spend their money. They rise up to the service in a strange way. You know we did not want to say, spend a chick fillet because of the causes that the owner chick fillet sports. I because they've been Anti gay, the larger forces in our economy around where investment goes, has a much bigger impact and Charlottesville
the v rise of the all right. All of it didn't happen in a vacuum. It happened because of a massive, well funded secret architecture, and then architecture took, but not just you know what that took a huge huge amount of money and it took a deep pocket. Billiards and the mercers have been quieter about it and the Cook brothers, but the Mercers make the Coke brothers look like Soros and they are a dangerous little faction and they deserve this attention that area. Okay before you to argue, Let's talk about a tax reform, something that's something that's going to happen in Congress. It's going to affect millions of people literally all of us and the entire country, so we should probably spend some time on it here. Trump's big push for his six trillion dollar tax cut has begun. He had ed in USA. Today, I'm sure he wrote it himself. He did an interview. Yes, I would love to watch Donald Trump type at a keyboard. I would love to watch the hunting pack of those
tiny little hands. He doesn't every thread broken mind like losing track halfway. There isn't. What do? What do we know that he does is the type of thing name is give you know, maybe the golf caddies behind it dictate did, not read, he didn't he didn't even more on. He did an interview yesterday with Maria Barta Romo speaking of in kind contributions to the Trump campaign man she is captured. She found by Roger Ailes when he was running CNBC right and we're. If course drop again said, the tax cut would pay for itself by spring all kinds of economic growth, something that has never happened in the history of huge tax cuts. So the Senate last week passed a budget that paves the way for a tax cut that would increase to the Senate's budget said it is okay if we pass a tax cut, that increases the deficit by one point: five trillion dollars and to do that the budget, also you know, pave the way for massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. So that's lovely. The question is: can this thing pass so they still have to pay for.
Four trillion dollars about four trillion dollars worth of the tax cuts to do this and to make it real tax reform, they have to find tax breaks in the tax code. Right now to get rid of. This has become a problem because their whole promise on this is that they will only have tax reform that helps the middle class that doesn't raise taxes on the middle class, but now they can't say that if they eliminate some of these tax breaks, like you know, if they pay back the mortgage deduction if they get rid of the deduction for state local taxes, but this isn't gonna actually raise taxes on the middle class people, so they have these two factions in the part of the of the deficit hawks people like Corker Bob Corker, said he he will not revote for attack package that increase the deficit by a dime. So bad news for Bob Corker on this and there's some people in the Freedom caucus in the house. They're saying the same thing too, and then you've got no tax increases crowd, which is, you know, ran
Paul said he would vote for anything that increases middle class taxes. Trump keeps walking back. All of these reports about MIT, like Trump, was reportedly upset about the proposal to end deduction for state and local taxes, we did this morning that they will not be limiting contributions to your four. Oh one k plan, which is the most politically unpopular thing. I could imagine that leaked out. They were going to try to limit to limit the deductions you can take in your photo. What, while cutting taxes for the investment income of those at the very, very top yeah n ditching the estate tax yeah? It's pretty! So what should? What? Should our message be here with which the Democrats be saying about this? I think that the wedding was a big big opportunity. I think that the four Schumer principles, I think, are right right. A fortune or principles are no tax cuts for the rich
no increase the deficit, no tax increases for the middle class and regular order, which would mean you know you need sixty votes, which is not gonna happen. Yeah, I would say I would say you, you know you get rid of the process stuff and I think you just say: Democrats have a simple rule. We are not going to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy by raising taxes on the middle class or cutting health care for for for regular people. I think that's a pretty simple message I think prop. I think I probably would be good to go even a step further and say. Democrats are here to work with you to reform our tax code, we'd love to help make taxes simpler and easier for people to pay, but we don't think I should be done on the backs of working people. We think that wealthy people have done really well and and that, if we're going to reform tax tax code, it with them the- Democrat messaging is going pretty well right because, according to CBS News Tracker poll, fifty eight percent of Americans think the current proposals would favor the wealthy, which is correct right for once, people understand the implications of policies in a way it's accurate and you could tell that actually gotten to Trump's head because we kept asking him kept incredibly leading pathetic questions about this and use he's a
set that Senator Schumer would dare to say the fact that this is actually going to overly help the one percent or the point one percent I think it's good did zoom in on bite size pieces like the estate tax. I thought back in the day when Democrats called the estate tax, the Paris Hilton text, that was to get what I need to pick a a new relative yeah, twenty seventeen, but I kind of start time. Sorry, yes, I it's been a long time since that show well that show called keeping up, Harris Paris, Paris is burning. There's a couple things you got: rocks, it'll confusion. No, so obvious. Tell me that is interesting is because republicans are obviously worried about this. There's talk now that they are floating a proposal so that they will have no tax cuts for anyone making over one million dollars. So plenty of tax cuts from Like five hundred two nine hundred and ninety nine thousand and then of course, there's the pass through tax cuts right. There's the estate tax cut.
All that kind of stuff the cobra is like this is not what we pay for, that it's true yeah right they were paid. They did that the Cook brothers pay for all the research that led to the Ryan plans, all the pulling all the focus groups, all the think, tanks that they funded and propped up for decades to get us to this moment. Sorry been reading too much of Jane Mers Phantom got their money. We talk about. How is your job at Penguin press doing? Well like you? Just people need to understand that this policy is bought and paid for by the people. That would benefit like two hundred billion dollars worth of money will back to the richest Americans if they repeal the estate tax. This is what they want to charge on a kind of I was gonna, say: Grover Norquist, our friendly tax expert already upset about this he's like. I think this is one of the top twenty stupidest ideas. I've ever heard so he's not there not to be able to get this through easy and also, but we should just know that if you hear a big report that own Republicans are saying no tax cuts for millionaires. You know it's not correct. It's it's they're trying
that may be true if they put in a provision for your individual tax rate, but what they're going to do with the estate tax? What they're going to do with? corporate pass. Iran intact has all this of it's a it's a win on. Most of this, the large large large majority of this tax cut is for people who are making you know at least five hundred thousand dollars or more it's some, just, not most Americans. You know this is not just a republican problem either. You know reforming the tax. That is something we should do. It's really hard to do, because all the ways in which the tax code is larded up with deduction and breaks and benefits they're all really popular, like the adena. Conoce will tell you that the mortgage deduction doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's really really popular. You know, there's lots of things that we would want to not have so so Republicans that walk themselves into this, because not only are there the inherent problems of reforming the tax code, even if you were
be revenue neutral right, even if you're just going to move money around and not increase the deficit, but on top of that they have all this pressure from their donors and from the far right of their base to not just perform the tax code, not just simplify the tax code but use the tax code as it means to of the beast and get money out of the government, so there's sort of blocked in from both sides. So we should keep pushing this message and we should keep pushing it through all the other crap that trump tweets about no cut healthcare to pay for tax cuts for billionaires, pretty pretty some pretty simple guys. It's just it's so funny. The way deficits only count for public. I come from the tax policy center things that will rid federal revenue by two point, four trillion over ten years and three point two trillion over the next ten. After that it's an insane amount of money and they just don't care. I just Multi Party member how it started, because Obama is a profligate spender and the deficit was going up and uh and that wasn't just a tea party thing that was all of centrist, Washington and all the pundits and thinkers
when they all prayed to the altar of Bull Simpson in the deficit, reduction and Obama doesn't care about the deficit, and if and if we, we have the people come together to their social security and who will lookout for the Op Eds that have been written, why won't they bend the cost curve in the out years? John? Don't they know? Don't they know that unless we do a tiny fish, so security will run out of money in twenty. Ninety seven may be true that the Republican Party is being taken over by a bunch of racists and white nationalist, but at their core there are people like Paul Ryan who just care about the deficit they care about. These things, okay, absolutely you're right, go right, cool I'll, see you next Sunday at the round table. You know what I would enjoy your up: bad, no, not a great look, really more! A stone, cold, authoritarian lunatic is their nominee and they're still none of those people, the bowl Simpson people that we just need to come together. People will ever acknowledge the fact that there is one
burning party in this country, and that yeah. There are a lot of people. Listening to this, we were like what the fuck is: Bull Sim, is there a doctor. I don't know when I when I, when I see that you guys go. It was our private health and in twenty ten to twenty eleven here's, the deal official Washington them came around to a consensus that was very dumb, not the for this time and not the last time that that will happen, but it was a consensus around what the american people are really clamoring for our cuts to social security and a balanced budget. In twenty forty seven there's, a consensus that prioritized cutting the deficit over managing nine percent unemployment and the watch is makes no sense and the one thing that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agreed on in two thousand and sixteen was not to run on So there you have it there. It is good idea. When we come back, we will have the candidate for for the Alabama Senate race, democratic and for them to raise Doug Jones, DOW Jones,
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Emma has not elected a Democrat to the Senate since one thousand nine hundred and ninety two Trumpy Clinton by almost thirty points in twenty. Sixteen what made you say? This is the year all right! Well, thanks! First of all, you know it was before one thousand nine hundred and ninety two is one hundred years before Republicans that ever allow to the United States senator so there's a time and a season for everything and it seemed like that now people are hitting political reset buttons. I think the health care debate obviously help that where people are looking at a lot of issues and when you focus on issues on- think the time is now to have people have a real voice, their time the chaos in Washington they're, tired of dysfunction that Frank, quite frankly, can from both parties, and they want some then you can reach across the aisle somebody that will have dial dogs instead of monologues and try to work to get things done rather than just draw drawing a line in the sand and crossing it. I think that's what people have been looking for an Alabama
and it was just time to give that voice out there in the air that voice and to let people move forward Doug, there is sort of a challenge in this race, which is that you're trying to put forward a unifying message about bring the parties together and there's whole bunch efforts by national Democrats to come in and sort of support the race and talk about really more. Do you think those efforts are helpful? Can you talk a little bit about Roy Moore's views on social issues and whether or not he's too extreme for the state? Well, I think that this race is going to be about an Alabama race. I mean it has obviously at a lot of interest across the country. This is an Alabama race with Alabama issues that what we call kitchen table issues about health care, about education, about oops. Those are kind of issues, though, that cut across from state to wait. Everyone is concerned about those issues, and it's simply the best way to get people to focus on those which is, I think, what our campaign is doing and
contrast that, with a guy who has been removed from office twice elected twice as chief justice, I removed from office twice for following his, Don't agenda rather than the rule of law and obeying his oath, that he took to the people of this state he is a divider he's in a. I think. A a figure that I can do is really divisive in the state. People don't want that. He talks a lot about. You know his religion, but you At the same time, he doesn't st practice the same kind of religion that I grew up with in the Methodist church in Alabama, and so I think people want to go pass that but again when you you look at that history and when you see the just incredibly divisive lack of respect, lack of equality, a message that he has across the spectrum. People don't want that they're, tired of that they want someone who can work. Cross the lines somebody that can have a conversation, because they know that finding common ground is real.
The only way to move Alabama forward so Doug, it's pretty clear that you're in this race you're going to need to can people who maybe haven't voted Democrat in awhile and you're on the ground, you're talking to people what opens people's mind to maybe voting in a way they haven't before. Is there anything that surprised you when you're say talking independent or a conservative, leaning person who maybe a sudden you realize you kind of broken through with is there? Is there anything that you think people ought to know about that? Well, you know what it is is been interesting to me. I think, in terms of surprises, I think what I've been surprised at is that the no number of people that have decided to look past party labels to try to talk about issues and to get things done? You know we're bringing all along with us, and people are calling us in numbers that I just didn't dream that we would see what he's hoping for those numbers. But you know- and it's across the spectrum got business leaders who believe a
like Roy Moore is bad for business and if it's bad for business, it's all so bad for the working men and women, so we've got an interesting dynamic. A thing right now, where you've got a candidate who is talking about being a unifying force and, on the one hand, you've got business leaders line up to support and, on the other hand, you've got organized labor and in and hard working folks out there you've got a diverse group of people from all races and religions that are that are lining up. This is a really unique situation. I think for Alabama and really to some extent, for the country, because we been so divided. I believe we've got an opportunity here in this state to reset the the buttons in the make sure that people have a unifying voice. People are looking for that much as they've like the fact that that folks believe in press
bulls. They also know that that, in order to get things done, you don't have to compromise those principles, but you just have to reach common ground other that voice in the south is a voice that can can accomplish that and think people in Alabama right now are beginning to see that, and they don't want to throw someone in Washington like Roy Moore, who could just who will just contribute to the chaos in two thousand and two. You successfully prosecuted the last two perpetrators of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing connection. Nineteen sixty three when you look around today, what happened in Charlottesville or some of the people, Donald Trump and Roy Moore associate themselves with. Do you see progress on race? Do you think we're still stuck with the same prejudices and divisions? What do you think? Well, I think we have made tremendous progress in this country into ticket only in Alabama. If you look around, we made tremendous progress. All the other hand. We seem to be
taking steps backward, and that is for political reasons, whether it's denying p access to the ballot box, restricting their rights to vote any number of things- and it was very disturbing to see the White supremacist walking through the streets of Charlottesville, with with tiki torch, is in all of their of their chance, I'm to throw stones at it who is causing that ROS, but, but I know I know we got to stop it. I know we've got to dial that rhetoric back, we've got to learn the lessons of history from the past and I think we did that in. In Alabama with my cases of travel all across this country over the last fifteen years. Talking about those cases and talking about how we move forward, we need make sure that we remember those watt open in the sacrifices that were were made so that we don't ten you to have sacrifices that we saw in Charlottesville with with an in the person who was there to just send
play count of the white supremacist in the Nazis. Those are is that have no place in the United States of America. How do you think Jeff Sessions is doing his attorney general? Obviously, he was politician in Alabama and has been fairly controversial since Donald Trump appointed him. What do you? What are your thoughts about sessions? Well, I think that that that just doing, if he absolutely set out to do- and that is to kind of take a look back into 1980s on the war on drugs and and other things, we disagree with him on many. He points on how to best our criminal justice system can best go forward. You know he's had a really rough start between a relationship with him and the president, which made things very difficult. I think if you just look at some of the policies, I'm concerned about those policies, I don't think that it is taking us forward. I thinking is taking us back, turn those days when, when he who is the United States attorney, but we've moved so far
past all of those issues, I think now that if folks can, look and see where we should be going that hopefully Akon will intervene and can come up with some reasonable plant that we can both keep America safe. But not necessarily a incarcerate, a whole generation of Americans, a lot of Democrats running in the deep of take pretty conservative positions on both cultural and economic issues. You are running as a mainstream Democrat. You've been unapologetic about your positions on choice on climate change. What made you go this route well, but cause, you know that's number one. It's the things that I believe in and I think for too long. I think too many people for office in VIC, too many people who get an office a sacrifice, those the things that they truly believe in in order to get in a political advantage or to remain an officer to get elected, it's really not, who I am I am, who I am
and I have beliefs and principles that I like to talk about, and I think that if you look at his quickly. Those voices need to be heard in the s they need to be heard in the west. They need to be heard, the north and they need to be heard in the east and people You should not be afraid to stand up for the thing, that they believe in but again, the problem is not standing up for what you believe in problem is where someone just draws a line in the sand. There, someone to cross it in it's either my way or the highway. I'm absolutely convinced. I think my history, career, both in private practice, as well as as an assistant US attorney in US attorney and going back to my days with Senator Howell Heflin in his first term in the Senate, been one to stand for your principles and to explain those principles, principles and not give in but try to find the common ground and understand that there are
opposing views out there that you need to talk through to try to make things go forward, Doug. What are the Alabama to make of profess fascist, Steve, Bannon, jumping into the race and making this one of his causes the cycle. I don't so. I think that that remains to be seen. Actually, he gets a fair amount of the news you know the way I see this is that candidly. I he's just taking advantage of a situation, Steve Ban and didn't make Roy Moore Roy Moore, made Roy Moore, and he is who he who he is is and that hasn't changed since Bannon got into this race and got involved. I think he said is as an opportunity in claiming the mantle for himself when in fact he really nothing to do with Roy Moore or winning the repo. The nomination Roy Moore won it. It was all about hissed in a base of support that that everyone knows
that Roy Moore has built up Doug. Thank you so much for joining us. Good luck with the race, The election is on December 12th to succeed, Jeff sessions in the Us Senate. We wish you best guys. Thank you so much for having me it was a real pleasure hope to do it again. Take care, talk, but they were. Right. You buy helix there ton of online mattress retailer is popping up these days away. Howdy everywhere, you look all with a one. Size fits all solution to a better sleep. Guess what one size fits all doesn't work. He would sleep, offer some It doesn't exist anywhere else, a mattress, that's personalized, your unique preferences and sleeping style that won't set you back. Thousands of dollars go to helix dot com, slash cricket. Take their simple two to three minutes: sleep quiz they'll build a custom mattress that will be the best thing you've ever slept on for couples. They even personalize each side of the map
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I congressman Adam Kinzinger who's, a congressman out of Western Illinois who served in the air force and is like very thoughtful on military issues. So it was cool talking him so who you have Dre Todd Whitman. Former governor of New Jersey in the former administrator of EPA. Talk about this current administration in her worries about Trump and his standard to the Jason, what's happening to the EPA Right, climate change and it was fascinating because you know I don't hear those views expressed from the very critical. I learned a lot she's Throwback Republican who actually believes in climate change right. Yes, you like climate change, very much believe that this administration is like putting a risk and that be a mister gray. For it. You know climate change, who market program republican issue. This is like everybody suffers. We also talked a little bit about what happens with EPA should be doing in Puerto Rico, which
I thought about about and do you should be doing with fires in California, which about is the EPA doing any sing in Puerto Rico. Right now I know that some of the water I mean there is water issues. There were, I saw some report that they were worried that people were going to have to drink water, Superfund sites which are toxic sites. What is the EPA doing right now? Did you get any sense of that? I know it should be doing. I think that, because see in this sort of coordinating things clear, but they just she did talk about like where ideally should be happening there are she made. It seem like they're the people who are probably leading that are still fight- that the current administrator yeah I don't know if you guys saw- but there was this- a speech our York Times over the weekend about- is a New York Times report that there is any executive from the chemical industry now in charge charge of the regulation
for hazardous chemicals at the EPA. Well, that's just because he knows about it. He knows all the ins and outs she is I guess they let women be polluters now, two thousand and seventeen is one of those scandals of lobbyist, not working in the jobs they used to regulate that, I think, would have been enormous scandal and any other ministration, and now it's par for the course buried under fifteen tweets trying to hang. You know gold star family, whatever Trump was doing over the weekend, it is, is a challenge to keep up with this. Did you read that story about the people who take the four people who had him for him to finally set up are working and like no, no, yeah they're just doing the job. That is pretending. It never happened. That is a deep dive into fascism, yeah it's going to say, I will say it from we've. Worked at the White House like we had peep who couldn't get confirmed because Mitch Mcconnell sent it wouldn't confirm them forever and it just had those. Since he's had to run without those people. The number two or three at the agency had to be in charge couldn't walk in the building. They didn't do all those things and it really help
a lot of our agenda, because we had to wait for those people. Apparently the Trump folks think that they don't they don't need to wait. Why do you think the base? This is like letting this app. Do you think that people just feel it's not on the news? It's not the base is news is not fox and friends and John Hannah do not cover lower level appointments the EPA or HUD. You know they're covering the nfl and whatever the fuck, I'm also increasingly swayed by the opinions. These people just want him to burn down Washington and that anything you can sort of fit into the frame of trump is sticking it to the establishment people generally support. So it's like oh yeah, he stick into the scenics. They won't confirm his people, so they're just doing their job anyway. I think folks are going to be in favor of that. Where is that the convention was not only were you not allowed to go into your job and and work in that role, so you're confirmed you weren't even allowed to speak in the press on the record right what our
and speaking of that, the response from the EPA spokesperson to that chemical story in the New York Times was no matter what information we give you you're not going to print the facts. All you want is clickbaity stuff for your. It was the craziest response from an admitted an agency spokesperson, who those people are not supposed to be political in this version, is just attacking the New York Times in the response. That's one reason why the base doesn't act really hear this in what universe is an EPA administrator spokesperson? Just like going off get an Rnc campaign spokesperson insane. I don't know what forty years of this looks like now that is a well. That's it scary thought, because I think the day we're always worried that Trump is going to do something horrible, that's big right, but there's many things happening in these agencies that are slowly typing away at you know not just the progress that
Obama made over the last eight years, but the progress we made on some of these issues in all the years before that and a lot of people. Agencies can do this stuff sort of quietly behind the scenes and that's worrisome because it doesn't is love. It was just saying it doesn't make the headlines. You can do a lot of damage of forty years ago and very quiet that nobody sees and all this you look security clearance. Yeah You know you can only make so many political appointments at the agencies and that's why we have that's why it's good that we have we're civil servants who can't be replaced as easy, the depending on which new administration comes in and that's a good thing, but you know the trump situation certainly going to try to keep chipping away at this. On that note, good stuff lifting happy Monday everybody? Well, I think it's hopeful that you talked to a Republican who believes in climate change and wasn't afraid to go after her own party there on some of the stuff that happened at the EPA. So that's a hopeful sign.
I do enjoy. Take care see you soon, buddy, alright! That all the time we have for today, thanks again to drain Mckesson and Doug Jones for joining the pod Doug Jones Doug Jones, who want to see in Alabama that be very cool baby. Come on people. Do your part. Do your part volunteer, donate and also your private in Virginia Virginia's, coming up for Ginia going to be there in a few weeks are going to be in Richmond GEO Tv, my God, we leave next week. That's right back on tour, guys I like it. I, like that or, like I said, we have some great guests to blade runner two thousand and forty nine members of the cricket media extended family who are going to be with us in all these different steps. Activism, it's important to come from inspiring action, go see, blade, runner, two thousand and forty nine. If you want smart Sci FI in the world, you gotta support
Cole right, other otherwise everything's a super here, I'm not listening to everybody's in a letter to a watch jack horsemen from I know I am no one. I know I know listen. I have a watch that I have. I am also being checked over them. My relationship at home about needing to undergo Jackrabbit LOS Que. Okay, all right, everybody, calm down. I like this out, show as of last night too. I'm I'm saving those telling you John Love, it Larry David, but very close. Don't you? I really don't like that. There was only he's. I mean. I love these at last night's episode that you actually say- and I couldn't remember what it was, but Emily was laughing really hard on now. She takes me that she's she's, Many things that are not meant to be insulting but often are like Molly asking me the rules about dungeons and dragons. Just assuming I don't know, I don't play that camp. Alright, everyone, I think I would chose overwrite problem-
we will see you next time, guys bye.
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