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Tommy and Lovett discuss Senator Elizabeth Warren's October surprise, Democrats carping about Beto O'Rourke's fundraising, GOP voter suppression tactics, Kushner's taxes and the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Then they talk with the Democratic candidate for Florida’s 26th congressional district, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

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Catch it online you can catch. An h b. O now will be nice if you did tomorrow, you're not gonna head to Austin Texas Dan, John. Go a little later for sure Friday. Our guess is Beto O'Rourke As- and I want you to know that as we go to level two video game of may not eating Carbs, Texas Barbecue, the next challenge. Show God! Well you look good at the gym this morning later on you will hear our interview with democratic candidate for the twenty six district in Florida, Debbie Mackerel, Powell, she's cool. She is very cool everyone, don't forget to go to vote, save America COM, get everything you need for the election on November six, you get an interactive voter guide, fill out a card your ballot, you can find volunteer opportunities were just trying to make it easy. There's a couple of cynical pull up there. We think this is some sort of data capture play for us will burn the data when we're done. We don't give a fuck just vote going to burn number in the data. Okay, twenty
days until the midterms love it today is Monday October 15th we're going to talk about Elizabeth Warren's October. Surprise that overlooks fund raising nationwide Republican, voter suppression tactics, Jerrod Kushner's taxes in the murder of saudi journalists, Jamal Khashoggi, ok, ok, section one midterm grab bag there would be. A lot of polls would be some horse race stories that make you anxious. The thing y'all need to know is going to be close. It's going to be closed. Gotta of work, hard, keep your head down, but here some things that jumped out at us over the weekend. Yes, overnight list Warren released a dna test that provide strong evidence had a native American in her family tree dating back six hundred and ten generation Scoreboard Donald Trump. This comes in response to another racist birther demand from our racist president have been demanding to see the longest form of birth certificate. Her dna for a long time it was a cool video. I don't know what do you think so
the results suggest that she has native american Heritage somewhere six to ten generations. Back Donald Trump had said that if she can demonstrate that she is native heritage. She would donate one million to Charity Elizabeth Warren selected, a charity that focuses on helping native Americans my advice charity would be do not assume the money in the budget for the fiscal year That would be my one will not clear one one thing I would say hey if it comes in, you know hope for the plan for the worst. That's what I would say. Yes to that organization, yeah I mean like the video was well executed, like everything she does. I I was very compelling. I mean it depresses the life out of me that are racist birther president demanded another person like live up to a level of of truth in factual,
I see an evidentiary presentation that he doesn't live up to you, but whatever okay yeah- I I you know this- isn't and focus on this too much and give this too much oxygen. Clearly, This is something that Senator Warren wanted to dispense with before next year. I've got who knows why? Who could who could think of a reason as to why she wanted to spend with this before we enter some sort of a. I don't know a race, a marathon next year, but you know I I Imagine this will solve the problem totaly, but look. We talked to her. A few months ago at when this controversy was first errupting, or at least are up bigger way we asked her about it. She actually was pretty frustrated by the fact that she was being put in this position. I think she's right I've been frustrated to be put in this position, but all in all, I'm glad she's dealing with it. It seems like, it's the kind of thing that she was going to have to answer one way or another. So if you wanted to do with it now now, there's been some criticism. I've heard that she's doing it before the midterms, like it's a big distraction. The idea that
Elizabeth Warren, putting a video in which she reveals that she has native american heritage is gonna cost as mid term purchase. You visit us okay, I've ever heard, so this seems to be to be unrelated to the mid terms. Yeah, I mean, I think birthing followed Obama around forever, because it is fundamentally racist and people wanted to have a racist attack on him. I think this is different, but I don't think Trump will let it go anyway. Let's have a better work. Yeah better works campaign announced that he raised an astonishing thirty eight million dollars in the last three months. That brings his total to nearly sixty two million dollars, the biggest quarter ever for Senate candidate, This immediate led to criticism from Democrats who want that money to be simple, to spread the wealth around. Like Joe, the plumber, the latest iteration of that narrative was a New York Times story with the headline better or's war. Chest bothers some Democrats, as he struggles can TED Cruz love. It does Beddoes WAR chess, bother. You it doesn't. It doesn't bother me there's sort of two
things are getting combined. One is it's absolutely true that if better work were to win a Senate seat, it is worth the same number of votes for majority leader as Claire Mccaskill as Heidi Heitkamp as Bill Nelson, as Jackie Rosen, as Kirsten Cinema Tivoli true and we need all of those candidates do well. We need all of those can have the resources they need to compete. It would be a shame to wake up at the day after election day and haven't discovered that if we just put a few more resources into a race, we could have won the Senate that that's obviously true, but it's actually a separate point than what better work doing because better work has not taken a single dollar away from another Senate can't yeah. I I think well, this was at a ministry criticism. I think, tells you a lot about traditional fundraising for many candidates are like a finite number of bond lawyers and lobbyists and pacs they go to, and that is a zero sum game that, contributions from eight hundred thousand donors. More than half of the third quarter money was from people in Texas.
And like the average small dollar donor in Houston isn't sit around. Thinking like I got a hundred bucks, so I give the betta or split with high heidkamp and mention, like that's a very DC way, think about it. Some people pointed out in two thousand and eight Mark Warner transferred a bunch of money, the dcc, but like he was winning It was down by as much as eight point so and also by the way you know better is doing more than just campaigning for himself and you have a war chest like that, and you can use it to get out the vote organized put up ads. You help build a growing democratic coalition in Texas, Texas is getting closer and closer to being a state. We can win more frequently. This has been something we've been talking about. I remember when George W Bush was and it up for reelection in the conversation was this may be one of the last times. Texas is not in engine. It hasn't been true, yet it's taking longer anybody want it, but was closer than Iowa. We saw in our minds think of Iowa as a swing state, so so, I think I'd say
as well also put by the way like it's true. You know Democrats are driven by sort of heart in a way that I think Republicans aren't as much, and that is problem right. It is a problem. We don't pay enough attention to down ballot races that don't inspire us. We don't pay attention enough to Secretary of states, races and judges, races and district attorney race. Is we do treat politics as something that's about inspiration, rather than you know, practical, pretty sure, exactly absolutely sure that that's something that we should think about but I've been using beddoe and sort of saying that Beddoes WAR Chester trouble? You is actually not the right conclusion. The question we should ask is: what can we do? Have other Democrats, excite people in the same way take the position get more fund raising in and Yeah, if you I think the show right now and you're thinking. I want Democrats to take back the Senate. Then you should give money to Claire Mccaskill bill. Nelson, Heidi Hike,
Joe Donnelly, Jon tester knowledge were challengers like yours and Cinnamon Jackie rose and we have to win those races. If you gave to battle because you inspired by that's great, there's no negative there. Like the This is an obligation to pull a bait and switch on his own donors and start giving money away before the election is like bonkers I don't know how you spend thirty million dollars in a month, but we're going to find out it. Not a zero sum game. That's all! It's not a zero sum game and we we talk about all the time right that that that, like there's, this contradiction right, which is need to mention to win, but we wanted to aim a price for voting, for, counting all we want president to win, but it pisses us off that he gets behind Kavanaugh or no, looking reason actually loses some some volunteers because of it. Well, there's! Actually that's the negative one right, the one where you're like oh man, You know we need him to win, but it sucks. They took that position, but there's actually a positive example right. We want people like better to be rewarded for being the kind of
but we believe in, and that sends a message about what kind of candidates we want in the future. So I think this hand, wringing is silly. I think it was a narrative in search of examples and run better run. Okay, That story was annoying. This one is downright frightening, even though add, dissolve his bulshit voter fraud panel. Efforts to prevent people from voting are still happening at the state level and a bunch of states. In the name of voter roll maintenance, Georgia has cancelled over one point: four million voter registration since two thousand and twelve. And in charge of purging. The voter rolls is Secretary of State Brian Camp, who is now running for governor more recently Kemp's office. Put fifty three thousand registration applications on hold. Twenty percent of those applications are African American, so is Kim's opponent, Stacey Abrams. What a coincidence love it like this is so brazen. It is so obvious. So clearly, voter suppression is happen.
Plain sight. What do we do about it? Yeah so in other number, was that six hundred seventy thousand having thrown off in twenty seventeen alone- and you know- but if you turn on a football game, you know football. The support that I can help talk to you about. I mean to be quite a thing if at some point during the game, the the quarterback AJ one of the middle fields are started, throwing out flax it out on the other team, yeah yeah yeah, you cannot blame the Refs yeah anything. That's in a pro Maybe like wait a second. You can't call balls and strikes on the football field home run and when you're on the game you're in it you're the halfback read the full back. We can have a fullback Moving the chains smells really moved away from. Is that right, but yeah yeah? Absolutely, what's going on here? The other thing is you, Michelle Goldberg wrote a really great piece about this in New York Times that I would recommend everyone read. It actually is a really great rundown of this issue and where it stands. One thing
hope is that chief justice, John Roberts, gets a newspaper and reads it because the Voting Rights ACT. Look United States was not truly a liberal democracy until We change our voting rights laws and we made sure that our history of of segregation, vote suppression and racial terrorism in the south didn't prevent. Millions of African Americans are casting about thirty. The the success of the Voting Rights ACT was used to undermine the Voting Rights ACT in the same John Roberts and that court allow the Voting Rights ACT in its key provisions. That means states with a history of racial voter suppression have to have their voting laws reviewed by the Justice Department before they're approved the second that was removed. These states can hog wild. That's what's going on right now, that's going on across the south and across the country, and you know one thing we need to do Again, as we were talking about earlier, you hear pundits shaking she's furious she's wearing a bow tie. She looks really cute. She is, she looks
hands down the we need. We need to win Secretary of state's races me to win local races. We need to win judges, races and we need to make sure down ballot, so that we can fight this in the future, but it's honest and we need to have see how these cases play out. But it's a really tough issue The bottom line is: if Stacey Abrams loses by a tiny bit in this governor's race, it will be an illegitimate election. I mean this is racing in Florida. African Americans are more likely to other ballots. Other vote by mail ballot rejected in Texas. The secretary state is trying to invalidate voter registration applications submitted through vote dot org happening all the time. Like you said, two thousand and thirteen Robert gutted, the Voting Rights ACT it harder for the federal government to do anything. So we got a win. The governor's office and legislators and sectors states, because as much as people criticize Hillary for not going to Wisconsin is probably more significant that nearly seventeen thousand registered Wisconsin voters were prevented from voting by the state's voter id LAW and Trump won. The state by twenty
one thousand seven hundred and forty eight votes so what's happening in North Dakota under Heidi Heitkamp needs native american votes to win. They have just changed the law to make it so you are, if you're, if you're registered at a PO box, that known Accounts- well, guess guess who tends to be registered. A PO box is more than the rest of state native Americans, because a variety of reasons, so we are seeing this it's incredibly dangerous. It is anti democratic and yeah here's one, more quick gross, but not surprising story. Over the weekend, New York Times reported, the Jerrod Kushner appears to have paid basically zero federal income tax nine to twenty. Sixteen basic, He was able to claim that buildings he owns were depreciate in value and use those losses on paper to offset any money actually made, because you know real estate in New York. It's always going down in price love it we buy a building and get in on this action. Well, first, you have to buy
a building on fifth avenue at the height of the boom and then go so far in debt that you are really a supplicant to government writing this down. Writing that staff is good. I mean I sounded like tv. Managing the yeah look. This is, and one of the I'd say as to the B corporate tax bill that they just passed, makes it even easier for people like caricature to claim that there bosses that way, there need to pay federal income taxes you have Donald Trump is probably has playing the same. We know that from his one thousand nine hundred and ninety five tax return that he claimed a billion dollars in losses which meant that he probably can pay taxes for the next decade at what even as he's occurring massive wealth. This is one of the great issues of our time. You know I've said this before, but inequality is not some mysterious force. You know we see a lot of like her thing and conferences about the future of work and global is Shannon Technology and all the rest. That is not the cause of
anomic inequality in America. The cause of economic inequality is corporate concentration and government policy, and this is yet another example of that yeah. I mean rich people like Donna in the cook brothers and many others. They use like populist rage to get economic policies that benefit them. Disportionately like when you hear trump complained about his taxes. Just remember that his dad was able to give him over four hundred million dollars chaired based only come taxes like these wealthy use these loopholes to avoid paying taxes? Warren Buffett is honest about it. He said does he pays a lower effective rate than his secretary. Gary Cohn was quoted saying that only morons pay the estate tax. So when they say this is about helping farmers they're fucking lying it's rigged, it's bullshit. This is why Democrats need to be in control, so we can actually change the text code. Twenty two,
get Jerry to pay something and help me to working people. It really is you know there really are two systems here and I think one thing people don't understand about what these sort of high powered lawyers and tax accountants do is you know for a person? Who's just has a job and goes to their accountant or does their taxes themselves. It's all pretty simple. You know was to declare not it's. It's not it's not as simple as you want to be, can be complicated, really confusing, but ultimately you're, like you know what you made. You know you're supposed to declare. You know what your you know. What would be a kind of skirting the rules a bit but you'd be do your best to pay your taxes and what you owe for people that have these incredibly complicated, wealthy high, and I lawyers that are kind of looking at investments and losses and and write offs and all the rest, their lawyers. Actually tell them. Here's what's legal and here's that illegal, they basically say here's what's really conservative, that we think you can get away with here's. What's pushing it. Here's what's really
pushing it has it has what it it's a shot and your guy in jail, yeah- and you bet, and and basically you know these- they sit around the table, they decide what they don't decide, what to they, they decide. What can we get away with? That is what our tax code is written to do and one other piece of this is over and over again we have seen the budgets to policy decisions. The republican Party has tried to undermine the IRS's ability to investigate tax fraud amongst the wealthy, because uh. The audits are much more likely to come for people who make less movies are more people, but also because it's just a lot fuckin' harder to go into Donald Trump's, books and figure. The fuck is going on, but I'd say one thing Democrats should be talking about when they see this is we need to make sure that we have federal investigators at the ability to go after tax fraud at the highest levels. These people are getting away with stealing from you. Donald Trump is done at his father has done it Jared Kushner is done it countless people in finance.
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actually been living in Washington DC for about a year and writing columns in the Washington Post on October 12th. So couple weeks ago he went to the saudi consulate in Istanbul Turkey to get paperwork. They would allow him to marry his turkish fiance, but never came out. On that same day, two private planes arrived in Turkey from Saudi Arabia, carrying fifteen men have since been identified by turkish official as members of an assassination team according to circuits officials and news reports. Show he was interrogated, tortured and murdered. Dismembered with a bone saw. That have been brought along for this purpose. The saudi kill team then checked out of their hotel legibly and flew back to Saudi Arabia. The same day love it. The Trump response has been all over the place and terrible. First, As we said, I don't like what happened, but this guy was an american citizen, the Saudis, by a lot of weapons from us. So you know what can you do last on a sixty minutes, I seem to toughen his stance little bit say:
while they've denied any role in the murder of the USA will inflict quote severe punishment if they're lying this morning, he said he sending MIKE Pompeyo the Secretary of State over to Saudi Arabia to deal with it. What do you make of? how they are handling this yeah when they had is teach we did Trump tweeted this morning just spoke to the king of Saudi Arabia, who denies any knowledge, or whatever may have happened, to quote our saudi arabian citizen. He said that they are working closely with Turkey to find I immediately sending are soccer state to meet with king. It seems pretty clear that Trump does not want to be accused of not caring. He wants to kind of hit the point as supposed to hit, but that's that's
to do what he read. What is instinct is telling them is to create distance by reminding people that, even though he was a legal immigrant to the United States that he was a saudi citizen and he wants to kind of not care about this not deal with this. Take the saudi talking point at their face value. It's very very his his rhetoric on the Saudis is very similar to his rhetoric on Putin. When he said. Look these tell me didn't: do it get out? It's a it's! It's Saman it's the position he takes when he does not want to deal with this problem. It's when he either is for reasons we don't now props financial. Unwilling to criticize somebody who clearly deserves it. You know it be. This goes back. Actually our conversation about taxes, we don't know you know now, we've got United are Christians taxes, and we know that hasn't paid taxes. We have no idea. What's going on with Trump's taxes, it seems pretty clear that their financial ties between the Saudis, an whether it's trump or people in Trump's orbit that have led them to be incredibly solicitous of this government.
The unhealthy relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia has been kind of made even worse by the kind of weather there. Personal financial ties between cushion this government, whether guards just in this guy's pocket with just been duped. We don't know, but it's shameful yeah, I mean the initial response, basically told every dictator, I don't care about human rights, I don't care. If you crack down on journalists, sent it cetera, I don't think that's a price after years of lock her up, chants and Threat change the libel laws and all that shit Trump is right that the Saudis buy lots of weapons for us, it's not nearly as much as he claims, but it's also immoral to suggest that that's more important than preventing the murder of innocent people It's all so pathetic. To talk about arms sales, that ties our hands versus like being leveraged for us like these, these weapons systems are top of the line there. There
they're expensive or complicated you just like switch from one to another like it's Coke and Pepsi, like it would take a while to do that? The reality of his response, I think Congress might be able to seem to respond to a group of bipartisan group of senators, send a letter to Trump calling for investigate, what happened under the Global Magnitsky ACT, which will require trump to submit a report to Congress indicating what happened. If he's going to sanction saudi leaders if they had a role in the murder if they do it would be a huge step like Mohammed Bin. Salman is been wildly overreacting to everything, the Canadians we did a mild criticism of him. He likes suspended aid investment flights. They went nuts, but I mean your point, I think there's it is long term. Financial interests are more to him, then the country's interests and so like But the one thing that makes me feel great about all of this is that this relationship rests in the hands of Jared Kushner. I mean Jeritan and Mohammed Bin, Salman Whatsapp, each other. All the time their buds one prince to another so Jerit is
right, love it like nothing to do with future investments or anything else. Yeah. So look part of this too. Is you know the United States relationship with Saudi Arabia wasn't worthy of praise before Donald Trump and Jared Kushner came along? You know one thing, you know it's fascinating to see how this murder of a journalist has excite. A reckoning in terms of what out Saudi Arabia has been doing when their behavior in Yemen has not, when their kidnapping of are an official from Lebanon. Has not when they're incredibly dismal human rights record has not, but if this is what it took to wake, people up to something- maybe that's positive, I mean Tommy. Why is it that the United States has this relationship with Saudi Arabia in which we look past human rights abuse? Is that for any other country we would be far more green, glow,
so it's very complicated, I mean the uid lines goes back. Seventy years, our demand for oil is obviously a huge part of it, but there's also a very close security lines between not just the military, but the intelligence services like Al Qaeda in the arabian peninsula. Aqap is a lethal lethal threat and they spent years for I am working on a special explosives, get on a plane that were undetected and they nearly took down a couple of planes like when we were still in the Whitehouse. An I remember being in a situation where meetings where we were talking about like very specific ways, the Saudi Intel Services and helped us deal with a q a p. So I'm not saying that to absolve them, but that's a piece of it. Um. Also, like obviously, I'm a supported the IRAN deal, but we were not always friends with IRAN. The United States and the Iranians are hardly good guys. They've done a horrible horrible In Syria, they killed our troops in Iraq. They they're supplying arms to groups that when, after
guys in Afghanistan and the Saudis have historically helped us check them, but I I think any of that you can get away and an excuse. The murder of a journalist or the on Yemen that you mentioned, or the human rights abuse is in the name of combatting terror, because, ultimately like cracking down on human rights in and basic decency like that leads to more terrace yeah, and if we had a legitimate president who was not guided by personal interest and fox and friends, but what what would president Obama be doing if, in two thousand and fifteen I this. It happened with the journalist, you know it it's hard like. I was thinking about that. Over the weekend I mean, first of all, the cries of weakness and attacks on him for not immediately stepping in would have been instantaneous. I think
I think the first thing is that we wouldn't necessarily have been in this place like like. I don't want to harp on Jerrod too much, but when you put like a little dilettante in charge of foreign policy or this huge relationship he's going to get tricked. I mean he he shouldn't have been backchanneling with Mohammed Bin Salman. In supporting him when he was locking up, all the senior yours in the saudi government. In the Riyadh, Ritz Carlton, like he shouldn't, have been cutting out experience State department officials from that process. You should have had Trump go to, Arabia of all places on his first foreign trip or had them. Ravine on the saudi behalf during their dispute with Qatar, our biggest bass in the region isn't cut right. So it's like dumb on its face but Jerrod bought this line from Mohammed Bin, Salman that he would help us solve the Middle EAST peace process. He bought into true political narrative that he was going to go after a ron. World bomb had been weak and cushion, or just you know, my husband's all metal people that Christian was in his his pockets. So
like what I think we would have done differently is when MB locking up critics or kidnapped the lebanese Prime Minister or you know, as Yemen has gotten worse and worse, we would have started applying sure then. Maybe it would have prevented this kind of step, but again like to your point like I'd, love to whack them that's in a minute too, but Bob Evans Almond went on this media tour where he sold himself as a reformer to journalists, business people, celebrities, politicians you with the Google M is on Facebook, get a puff piece on sixty minutes, so Thomas Friedman, Tom Friedman, so yeah like you know, there's a lot people who are a little more hard and you don't have a financial interest in government who think Mohammed Bin Salman, Kim Jong on with a billion dollar well crye like we would be a little more cynical there was a moment in the State Department briefing that I was revealing, where a reporter kind of put it to the briefer and said who's our ambassador. Who is ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the answers we don't have one because again that they have so dismantle the state
under listen and- and you know I know, and and which is continued under Pompeo, and It's all being run out of the White House and it's being run by people with personal financial interest and no fucking clue as well interesting that he sent pompeyo this morning, like the Kylie, I would cover State Department for CBS to the manifest shared is not on there, like the the adults got sent to. But like again, you to your point like before I get too self righteous Democrats have hardly taken a position on Saudi Arabia over the years. The war in Yemen is a humanitarian disaster. This was started in two thousand fifteen by how mob installment Obama did put some pressure on them, both in terms of public statements and trying to,
Back arm sales, but more could and should have been done. I think also the international community should have done a lot more. Like the you and me, we could that's another thing you could do. You could empower international bodies, like the Un General Assembly, the Security Council, to try to push them, but, like yeah, the Saudis have done terrible stuff that have gotten a pass for a long time like women were just recently allowed to drive. She activists were locked up. Protests were made illegal around the arab spring. They got a pass because of what they gave us in terms of security, IRAN and oil yeah, and also have spent millions and millions of dollars. Building up a lobbying and press apparatus in Washington DC that it's been incredibly effective, I'll be after Shapiro was posting. What he's gotten from I his sort of speaking of Gaidar dialing. Sarah, and one I think he found is norm. Coleman, a former senator from Minnesota kind of emailing, the Farm Relations Committee just to
plant, the seed that actually you know a kind of with the talking points that kind of defend the saudi on Yemen, so they have put a ton of resources behind an effort to make them seem. Like a more modern and reform of state. One thing that has happened in the past few days is a lot of com These have been under pressure and individuals been under pressure to cancel their visit to Saudi Arabia for what they Davos in the desert, which shot the first of US portent. Does she does in the? That is so depressing so lame. The only problem with this in the desert is there is water for them to shrink yeah, I'm glad you brought this up because this not just creating like political and ethical problems for our government, the Saudi to invest billions of billions of dollars into like in funds like Softbank Vision Fund, which is this big technology investment fund that invest in companies like uber and slack. My understanding is they put in forty five billion an there's, forty five billion more pledged. So that's a lot of money Wall Street
is currently salivating over the prospect of the biggest ipo in history of saudi Aramco. The state owned oil company goes public, there's that huge investment conference, so I guess retiring Neuken is still going, but a bunch of leaders that you wouldn't expect like Jamie Dimon, CEO of Jpmorgan, uber all the media sponsors pulled out like do you think that the private sector might lead us in the right direction here I do not ever put my hopes in the leaders of these companies. I think they should be under pressure to not go. I think we need to make a category shift, how we think about Saudi Arabia and, as you said, think about it less, like some reformist stated more like Kim Jong with oil. Stepping back you know this with an incredible oil wealth. They make kind of a dirty deal with their own people, which is you know, going to work very hard right. I you're you're gonna be able to have resources and air conditioning and incredibly nice life because of this oil off. The only thing you have to do is give up your basic dig.
He and liberty. We will bring an immigrant from other Conde, let that she passed and we will work on the gas and treat him like absolute dog so that you can lead a nice life in which you're you're safe and it's concerts. As long as you don't question the authority of the government, but that you look in the long term use thirty thousand feet and eventually that oil will run out, and so these conferences, these investments. This idea of reforming the country is incredibly incredibly or into the future. Without oil wealth they can't pay the bills. They can't pay the electric bill and they're trying to figure out how to build the infrastructure, education, infrastructure, economic infrastructure outside of oil to maintain, in their lifestyle maintain their level of wealth into the future? That is an extraordinarily difficult prospect, with the cooperation of Goldman Sachs, with the cooperation of basis. It is impossible without it. So all this talk about how You know we're going to lose some contract with Raytheon that you know xenia,
then you know they need us and they need the international pretty far more than anyone needs them, especially as the economics of fossil fuels are changing, especially if we have our own research, especially as we're moving towards a new balls. At least we should be moving towards a faster, so the I yeah that we are somehow reliant on them, is changing and are we need to change the way we think about that country and, like can't the art of the deal guy ever identify his own leverage on the front Ogden Psalm in your like, understand what you just said, which is that, like you, is doing fracking exporting more oil, their reserves are going to run out. They need to change their economy in a hurry or us are going to not just bankrupt themselves but face massive social unrest. So he's been trying to take all these steps. Like you know some social, Things like allowing women to drive, but then trying to build all these like tech companies in the city of the future, all the shyt like that's what he sold the press, but to to your point earlier like I am: very to about the Saudis facing long term punishment because of the
any seven million dollars they spent last year alone on lobbying. That goes to Republicans and Democrats. They try to influence lawmakers their staff, the White House, the State Department, do d and journalists, and that doesn't include like the off the books stuff for countries are trying to gain access to Trump's big donors to your times in peace on that or when state linked firms hire former generals or state Department, officials and they're, like fund, think tanks. So I do think like ok, I'm angry and emotional about this. You could make a compelling case that if we told overreact and there's a rupture in the USA, saudi relationship, they turned to Russia and China Anne a decade. From now, we think to ourselves that was not along. In fact, like I'm not making that argument, I want to hear it, but I also think like there's right and there's wrong and we should do the bare minimum right now and at least like try to figure this out and stand up for basic values right and look are kind of
Saber rattling in Saudi Arabia saying will reach will respond and do more if we take steps to punish Saudi Arabia for their human rights abuses once those steps are taken, the fundamental condition the relationship remain the same. It is fascinating to me how many people who rely on kind of real Politique reasons for our are kind of looking the other way with dictators. And shameful actors around the world, Sir lose sight of that reality when it comes time to making those actors pay a price for bad behavior. If if you believe that we shouldn't be guided by principle alone. If that's your position, then why do you think doing? The right thing making them pay a price will make irrationally. After that price has been paid once we have punish them. Magnitsky, sanctions, for example, their need for us will remain exactly as it was the day after we put those in place as they did the day before yeah no like what you just said reminds me so much of sitting in meetings in two thousand
when the arab spring was starting because you'd have like that, the seventy plus Crowd advisor Talking about whether or not Obama should speak out against new barks crackdown, Egypt or side with the protesters, and maybe, like you know, hosting boys were with us in Gulf WAR, one you know like in ninety one we could have done without him and you know the younger people were thinking. We have to live these values. We we claim to care about as a country. Now the tale of tape on the arab spring is is unfinished, and certainly the security situation in Cairo looks a hell of a lot worse than it did seven years ago, but no one said this was going to be a quick process and I don't like values should mean something yeah. I would just we should be righted. I was a caters that hard and just to make sure we have an option for a title for an episode title help. You know that
there for us to use or not use, I've set it so now it can count, and that's all I said my brain jumped all over ride or die with dictators. We have good options. We have good options today. I mean last little caveat that people are all of the information we're getting about. This is through the Turks. It's seems to me, like the turkeys, have the saudi consulate in Istanbul wired because we're think about maybe audio tapes of him being tortured and killed. So that would mean that there, in there as a bugs in there, they video cameras, but we don't know we haven't had any of this right, so it's also notable that the Turks in the Saudis hate each other. Uh, the Turkey was a colonial power over the Saudis aired one wants to be the chief leader the muslim world, and so you know that they don't like them, because they're close to the Muslim Brotherhood, so the Saudis view them as a real at the enemy. That said,
He went and he didn't come out and the Saudis have offered no plausible explanation for where this man is so they literally stop texting back when reporters asked that exact question right anyway, ok, very complicated stuff to be continued coming up is our interview with congressional candidate Debbie it move or sell power. Pods America is brought to you by parachute. She asks if you go to bed and dream about your betting is a technically inception. Hello. Mind blown great question that quickly in section think it is. I have been having dreams about baking. I've been watching an hour of great british baking before I go to sleep each night and it is permeated. I don't know what a Baba is, I don't know what in Japan. Is I don't, but by
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Point is: we're switching to the cash out, we're not using the other payment. Apps anymore, you put in the code pot, say: p, o d s a b, five dollars, you five dollars for good cause and effect, and that on the line is a democratic candidate for the twenty six district in Florida, Debbie move or sell Powell. Thank you so much for being on the pod. Thank you Tom John for having me on so you're running in a district. Hillary Clinton won by sixteen points two years ago. Are you taking it for granted on vacation this things in the bag? Is that the deal? Oh god, guys I wish are you kidding me know, every single vote is going to count on this race because you see, I am run against a republican incumbent. Who has really been very savvy about deceiving voters. He has a complete image down here. He pretends to be a moderate on all issues, but then voted to repeal the affordable care act was one
the main people to write this horrendous tax bill that I've heard you both talk about consistently so you know, the problem is that people didn't know who he truly and my focus has been to introduce myself to this community because at working here for over twenty years, but also let them know who he is and how he votes, how's it going because, on the one hand, Congressman Curvelo is somebody seen as a moderate. On the other hand, he has voted with Trump a lot of the times I mean, I think, right now, we're in this place, where a lot of the coverage of politics isn't on the substance, right that somebody who is very The critical of somebody gets a lot of credit, even if they vote with them a top. You know huge percentage of the time. Do you find it inside the district people understand that or does it or do you Do you still have a ways to go to show people that actually has moderated? This person may seem, based on some of their words that actually, what they're voting for corporate tax cuts, they're voting to repeal your health care? Yes, so that's been the,
challenge. Right, you're, absolutely correct about that. I think they're realizing that he votes with Trump. You know eighty four percent of the time that it's not enough to just call him on things but then continue to vote with the most extreme. Republicans in his party I mean he's very close to Paul Ryan. He has then a very good soldier to the Republican Party and that's something that I bring up time and time again, and what I, what I'm feeling locally, is that people see that they're realizing that he's not an honest representative and ready for change, but can I tell you- and I I think that the excitement is there? so I am truly looking forward to the next twenty two days to be able to get everyone on board and what we've seen is that you know in the last numbers that we I am my message is resonating. I worked here in Miami
you know I'm an immigrant. I came here when I was fourteen. I know what it's like to leave family and friends and come to free that you don't know anyone at, and I was very fortunate to get a scholarship to go to college, I'm still paying my student loans. By the way. So, hopefully I can work on that when I get it, and, but you know the education. The opportunities that I've received is what's brought me to where I am today and just imagine that only in this country and ecuadorian immigrant can get elected to Congress in one of the most contested seats in the country so right now, I think there's a lot of hand, wringing amongst democrats that we have to get back to talking about the things that actually affect people right, pre, existing conditions, what this tax, what the tax cut is actually meant for people. What this sort of Trump and Paul Ryan Congress have done to kind of undermine working people, but you know talking about Kanye were were talking,
out sort of side issues a lot of the time. Do you find that that's hurt You, and- and what do you wish national Democrats would be talking about right now to kind of help you in these final few days? Well, actually, on my drive by a meeting I had a with a union? Right now and on my drive here, I was just telling the a couple of my staff members that I can't believe that every day I turn on MSNBC Cnn. All we talk about is exactly what you're saying Connie A w and what Trump said yesterday and what Trump did you know this morning and there
things that are happening in this world that are never covered, and why not focus in the next twenty two days, every single day on people like me that are fighting the fight to be able to go up to DC, bring back some sanity bring back civility. Why not focus twice a day two candidates across the country, so that people can see that there's a contrast that there's a huge slate of candidates across the country that have different that are coming from different backgrounds like myself, but that are willing to come up there to have the conversations that need to be had so that we can work on health care, gun reform, which is a very important issue for me: education, the economy and expanding economy. That's going to. For all of us for all the working class families, not just for the people in the top. Why don't we spend some attention doing that and then, hopefully we will win in November and things will start getting back on track. I like that idea.
You mentioned earlier that you migrated to America from Ecuador when you were a teenager with your mom and your sisters a bunch of stories in the past few weeks about whether Democrats are struggling to reach latino vote or at least more than they should. I think you're seeing or that you've read that concern and how do you think Democrats could do better in terms of their efforts to get you earn the vote from latino voters. Well, at first, we need to get more Latinos represented in Congress in all areas. You know whether it's local office or federal. I can tell you: yes, I'm the only latino running for Congress here as a Democrat in the entire state of Florida, and yet no one talks about that right, because our voices are not being reached and they're not being put in front of people everywhere that I go whether it's you know, Massachusetts Washington, Dc New York,
I see different groups being represented represented, but I don't see hispanic leaders their present. Talking to us. I have to tell you that running my race and I'm running in a district where we have seventy percent of Hispanics that live in my district, and I have that complaint, because when I want some to come down here and and reach my voters. I need someone, that's going to be able to understand the issues that are affecting the hispanic community and Hispanics, Tommy and and John just so that you guys understand we. We come from different countries and we're not married to one party and that's part of the problem. They were. This country doesn't understand that when you have a huge group of immigrants have come here that I've been here twenty thirty forty years. Well, you know, there's not that commitment to party there's, definitely a distrust in government and political
elected officials, because there's so much corruption in a lot of our countries, which now unfortunately, we're seeing here as well in the United States. So we need to talk about what you know. We need to understand the community, which I obviously do and I'm trying to send that message out, but nationally we don't have the leadership that we need from the hispanic community so that we can start reaching these there's no they're not going to come out and vote if no ones talking to them. Yeah Democrats need to do a better job. Not talking about you know central South America, which are continents, I believe as is monolith countries of the very good point question on climate change mean last night, sixty minutes trump again and deny that climate change is man made. In fact, you seem to suggest if we wait around awhile things will just improve on on their own Europe. Is one of those people who seems to like to all anyone who sounds the alarm about climate change and
an alarmist our voter starting to see through that kind of rhetoric and see the obvious connection when we have these destructive hurricanes. Well, I hope that they do. You know I spent a few years. Working with the coral restoration foundation- and I don't know if you guys have seen, but we I've made the one of my key points in this race because I did work and I've seen the the impact of climate change is having along the Florida reason you I don't know if you guys know this, but that coral reefs along the Florida
this- is the third largest barrier reef in the world, and it's the only living reef in the entire country, the United States of America, and what we're seeing right now is a bacteria, that's attacking the reefs, and I understand this issue because I had the opportunity to work with girl, Restoration Foundation and what I really want to make clear to all my voter, specially in Monroe County, which is you know all the Florida keys in South Florida is that we have a representative right now that likes to talk a lot, and it says that he's part climate change pockets, but they have not been able to bring one bill to the floor and the only way that we're gonna deal with this issue immediately is: if we get a majority of Democrats in Congress, because that's been an issue for us since the eighties and the you know that we don't have time to wait, we saw report that came out from the one last week, the
says that we have twelve years to save the planet twelve years. That's that's so much time problem everybody's getting so freaked out twelve years out I'll see in a decade better than and when you get to be my age. Twelve years becomes like Five minutes. I thank God, I'm not! That old, though you're. Not though you're not saying I'm just saying yeah no time I get the eight, I feel the anxiety, and yes, this is the time to be alarmed. Congressman is what I want to tell him. Yes, yes, and if you're not, then please get out of the way and let us get those seats so that we can
actually bring action. That's right last question for you: people listening. They want to get involved in your campaign. They want to help you out. What should they do? How can they support? You can go to the website dead, beat twenty eighteen dot com d e b b. I e two zero one: eight dot com and sign up as a volunteer. Send me an email Debbie at Debbie, twenty eighteen dot com. I always read my emails. It takes me a long time, but I still don't want to them. Amber in inbox, okay, listeners yeah, I just be respectful, yeah nice comment. I hear that you guys have a huge fan club and those are the people that I need to come out and help me knock on some doors. All right. Let's, we need an ecuadorean Congress should we do some sanity to Washington DC. That sounds great Debbie Thank you. So much for doing this show. Thank you for being a common sense: thoughtful smart, reasonable person running for Congress. We need you in Washington not trying to get there
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, alright, love it. That's it uh. We get on a plane tomorrow, yeah Tommy and I are going to Austin we're going to go over excited visit, a campaign headquarters and we're going to get ready for this live show in Texas, which is going to be very fun. Some special guests check it out and voteofamerica dot com, guys, there's like not a lot of time left. So, let's, let's go win some elections. Let's go win some election as a guy running his lover. Leave it to Beaver mentioned that the top I just get the housekeeping we could do housekeeping inserted. Now, if you heard here. If you made it and you're a true fan, got grounded we're in the ultra music and show bye, bye.
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