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A Texas judge rules in favor of Republicans trying to dismantle Obamacare, Trump and Rudy flail against a legal onslaught, and a bipartisan coalition tries to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Then former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro talks to Jon Lovett about his plans to run for president in 2020.

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words Vivre girders. The smartest wait, a higher, don't aim, pillow aim high. They separated by super grid over free because it preferred a complex cricket is my country. We even to credit for sending you a dip. Critter darkened such crooked, zip, recruiter, dot, com, Slash Kirk, I welcome the POD save America, I'm John Favour on John Love. It Tommy bitter later in the party here, love it's interview with former Housing Secretary Houlihan Castro, who just announced he's forming an exploratory committee for potential presidential campaign. First of dozens, first of dozens cast of thousands tis a season. We ve also got a lotta news on the agenda today, including Fridays ruling from a federal judge in Texas, who declared the affordable, correct unconstitutional the latest in the Trump investigations in the role Congress can play to end assistance to Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen, a new lover leave it as out it's an excellent episode, because I
then it Tommy was on it. We had that was really hard quiz ravished struggle. You're an studios sure it was a quiz about the events of twenty eighteen, most of which you ve forgotten. We had a very good time. My most recent role cooking media is to be the guy who plays quizzes that are so hard that you humiliate yourself, so keeper they're ready for keep it on plants, like, I guess, worse, here's three random events that happened in June, twenty eighteen, please put them in order, got a guy. You know, I guess you guys found the test, your heart, but you know that decided last outside Eliseo Garza, Louis Foretell, making gaily what a great time is. One of my favorite I'll start episode to check it out. Tell me: what's new, with parts of the World so I'm excited to talk with an expert on what the hell's going on in France Deceiver, something we can learn from the it s over there what they mean from across with the need for the world. It will be interesting, excellent,
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constitutional, just one day before the end of the roman period for healthcare coverage. Even some conservative, legal scholars and oh bomber care opponents were surprised at the scope of the ruling by Judge Red Oconnor who'd been considering a lawsuit filed by a group of republican attorney general and ultimately argued that the entire Asia must be dismantled because Congress eliminated the individual mandate and twenty seventeen, which requires that everyone carry health insurance or pay a fine. That means every part of that law would go the medicate expansion, protection for pre existing conditions, staying in your parents, insurance until you're twenty. Sixteen everything the case will be appealed up to the Fifth Circuit court of appeals by democratic attorney, general and Democrats in Congress, and it could end up in front of the Supreme Court were all five justices who upheld the Asia in a landmark ruling and twenty twelve remain
the bench guys. Why do so many experts and scholars from across the political spectrum think that this ruling is horseshit TED Frank, a lawyer that competitive Enterprise Institute was is critical of the USA called the decision embarrassingly bad Jonathan Adler, who was the architect of the last conservative strategy to dismantle Obamacare through the courts that failed called the ruling? Surprisingly, we Why was it so bad brutal smack down curdle smack to help illegal, but conservatively will scholar? Okay. So when we talk about details seventeen tax cut you off and say that the the individual mandate was struck down. That's not actually accurate. What happened was the tax was reduced from whatever number it was to zero dollars, but the individual mandate itself still exist.
So Republicans a whole bunch of attorney general in states across the country filed this suit and they went forum shopping for this specific judge, Judge Oconnor the Texas Agee. Does this all the time you like to try and major cases challenging Obama era policies in Wichita falls Texas, where he's the only district judge, here's cases and in Fort worth where he is the only district judge who is now semi what it yeah this off, Remember back in the day when you re you're, you're public energy installed, you gotta judge in Bonn FUCK somewhere near remember. When republicans used to talk about legislating from the bench and activists judges. This is the definition of it. So what they did.
They want this judge? They argued that Obama CARE is now unconstitutional, because it's no longer attacks with the individual mandate and that those provisions you can't separate them from the rest of the law. I don't think anyone agrees with that. Nobody agrees with that's gotta several ability argument, but that is what this judge did, which means that if this is upheld and it will be appealed, it'll go to the fifth circuit and maybe the Supreme Court, depending what happens. But if this was upheld, it would get rid of olive Abominate olive medic expansion, all protection for previous in conditions, the little calorie counts on the menu at the restaurants you go to all of it has now gone because of this little minutiae. Tax argument so one bright side, but I get those characters,
off the menus. I'm it says, therefore reason I don't need to know. What's in this crusted Chicken Romano Cheesecake Factory, no one needs to know. No anything, that's information would so ridiculous about. This is judged. O Connor wrote that the law remains coercive because quote the individual made. It continues to mandate the purchase of health insurance. But that is simply wrong. Simply wrong, as as chief justice, John Roberts noted in a case where the Supreme Court upheld the affordable, correct, saying that it attaches quote now, negative legal consequences to not buying health insurance beyond requiring a payment to digress a payment that has now set at zero zero. Then Oconnor says the entire lies and valid, because twenty ten Congress claim that the mandate was essential to the operation of the act and the judiciary is supposed to uphold the intent of Congress. The problem is that completely ignores the intent of Congress and twenty seventeen, which was to eliminate only the mandate penalty and leave the rest of the law,
pact, so you're supposed to uphold congressional intend, propositional intent, specifically in twenty seventeen that only twenty ten intent which it so it is so crazy, old intent. So most people think that this is a complete showed that this will not survive scrutiny by circuit, though INA. For some reason the fit Sarka does uphold it. Some people say you know is, could be possible. It would be very tough to imagine the Supreme Court upholding its in the same majority that upheld the last mandate is still sitting on the court. Of course, the problem becomes, the bigger problem be is if there was another Supreme Court vacancy, while this works its way through the appeals process which could take a couple of years- very scary. So that's the scary in interest because it just takes real quick. According the Kaiser Family Foundation, fifty two million people or twenty seven percent of non elderly adults have a previous in condition, so they could be denied insurance in again medication
she is at risk in thirty seven states of, except that it is well Nebraska. Idaho, you tower voters just approved it in Maine. Were the governor eyes about to approve it so for a bomb care, the uninsured rate for non utterly adults with eighteen point, two percent. Now it's ten point three. This is just a coordinated rolled into one sixth of the economy. The most sensitive thing that we all deal with in our lives. It is potentially a massive deal. But I think one thing that makes this so troubling is on its face. It is silly right, it is silly to say this. Whole thing must be thrown out because of this one provision on its face. It is seen as being legally specious on its face. It seems like something we shouldn't have to worry about, and yet you know we can't be certain. We can't be certain because the same trend that led to this kind of manipulation of the law to get it in front of this,
That would lead this judge. To make this kind of ridiculous argument is the same trend we see playing out in bigger and bigger ways all the way, perhaps the Supreme Court at some point, and so were in this place, where, if things were fair, if the rules applied, if we could count on conservative justices to do not even the right thing but in this case. Don't drive forty fucking miles out of their way to do the wrong thing. We be ok, but we just can't be certain, which is. I think why, despite the fact that this is so frivolous, it is something that we're talking about an assembly to worry about, and it was timed to be announced right before the end of open and roman.
A blatant effort to make people read the news and say: oh, my God, Obamacare was struck down, not accurate, but then you're not very likely to enroll. If you think that might be a possible right, that's an issue. I think with very important is that everyone listening to this knows that in the short term, this means absolutely nothing for the affordable, correct, nothing is changed. Nothing is weakened. You can sign up for health insurance. All of the provisions remain in that will remain true throughout this appeals process which again could take months could take years. Specifically, Oconnor has not order an injunction of the law right. The trumpet ministration has said that they dont want an injunction of the law. That's a trumpet.
Straighten which operate in different plain in the actual president, the Vienna, its agents are actually saying like we don't want the thing to be stopped and the wild trumpet celebrating the letter and how little or nothing happens, the ladder and the appeals process. But of course you know what we have to worry about the appeals process and worry about the Supreme Court. It does seem like it's very obvious, that if the same Supreme Court, here's this case heard the last mandate case. It will not be upheld because its it roberts reasoning, is exactly contrary to our voters are, isn't it, but we do know is that we have to worry if there is another vacancy suicide, but the politics of this day. Why already good piece in Washington Post, where he said the Democrats are happy to talk about this ruling? Will Republicans or not? He wrote the quote in twenty twenty Democrats plan to make this decision infamous and ask voters whether they want their health care to be decided by some judge they ve never heard of. Is this? No brainer issue for Democrats to focus on in twenty twenty. No matter what happens? Yes, yes and he went one thing that I think is fascinating about, what's been happening in the past few years,
almost like the the Anti Obamacare forces of kind of becomes zombie fight. You know it began at first. They try to stop it with every tool at their disposal and then it pass and they said they were gonna, try to stop it for went into effect and then they set out. People are gonna hate And ultimately you know it will collapse IRA, don't wait! All their prognostications didn't happen, all their abilities to stop. It didn't happen, and it was always predicated on this idea that we're gonna replace it was something better. That is that a bombing cares terrible thing to make your healthcare worse. We're gonna, repeal it and we're gonna, replace it and so far from that idea. Now, right as this is in an effort to repeal anyplace Obamacare, it is an effort to just rip it away and replace it with nothing. To me, the Donald Trump support something that Republican a in public and governors who supported across the country, and what to me is interesting about all this. Is that it's easy for them to try to make Obamacare buggy. Before became one to effect is also easier to make Obamacare bogeyman. When you don't have to be responsible for what happens. If it goes away, now now how they like, oh shit,
Right look at this were to actually happen if we actually see what they're going to get it's politically unacceptable, and I think that republican politicians are not going to be able to just let this go by pointing to this judge and saying: oh, it's his fault. If you voted to get the mandate which everyone did from Senator call Susan Collins on down. You laid the groundwork for this rule, color and so like, and I think the Democrats can fairly campaign on. You know full well Republicans. Just last forty seeds in the house but your government based on health care is one of the biggest based on this suit. Bizarre then allow cases and now of Democrats are gonna, be able to say this republican politician has cast votes to destroy Obamacare and now the fate of Obama, care and the fate of health insurance for twenty million people protesting additional reductions. Other us hangs in the balance, because the votes that republican politicians have taken yet imminent. A bizarre. I guess an opposite trump didn't defend his the law of the land. He had. He instructed him
turn used to say that essentially the agreed with the suit, but they didn't one medicate expansion to go away what sort of yeah tiptoeing around this to begin with. I think they waigel like one of the smartest political reporters out there. The characterisation of Democrats is happy about. This ruling goes too far for me because I think we're all scared to death of this ruling, but I do think this cut right through the republican lies, but healthcare me they were attacked based on this suit. The campaign they all pretended that they can pass the pre existing conditions are bad and we hate them to act of twenty eight ten and make it go away, but not how the system works. Well, that's to me. Like me, this is just a bigger version of that fight where we said always Republicans at lined up on his loss. It they don't believe in protecting four pieces additions and they all act with this outrage dear. How dare you say that about us? You know that I want to protect like half preexisting conditions. I am a pre existing edition,
I'm a case of asthma and yet? And yet, of course, as Tommy says, when push comes to shove right, this is the policy they got behind and now we're gonna see that exact same fight play think over Medicaid, which is equally populaires, were on the same plaintive popularity as predicted. We will present conditions because now this lawsuit hazard of become an effort to
get rid of Medicaid, where they'll all now say, but I dont want to get rid of medicate, I just sued to get rid of medicate, and I will say that I am not happy about this I'd rather rather have people keep their health insurance and have a political issue in TWAIN. Twenty ethical have plenty of those Waigel also wrote that quote. The legal threat to the issue has radicalized Democrats growing their internal constituency for a massive expansion of health insurance through medicate and Medicare, which face no legal opposition in fifty years wires and people on the left, arguing that this ruling could lead more Democrats to support a single pair system like Medikit for all. I agree with him here. I think ass recline wrote something similar, which is the Obama CARE approach thanks to Joe Liebermann, you guys have hurt us mention how great he is before. Was a market based approach
you expanding health care to getting more people covered. We worked with Republicans. We took a bunch old republican ideas cobbled together this plan that wasn't the one some on the left would have wanted, but I think it was the most achievable option. The time I think, when Republicans attack an effort or or a policy that they once supported in these dad faith ways you can draw direct line from death panels to today and these bullshit attacks and they live in a cut. All the funding to market the planet tried uncut under cut it in a million ways than that does make me think. Ok, the only thing they can't try to sabotage
is a medic care for all type plant. Why wouldn't we push for something like that? We noted they're gonna, do this because Medicare is protected both by its political popularity and by the fact that you know, like he pointed out, there's been no legal challenges to it, and so it's, but we, as you point out right and in its government to notice me we we make financially we're not the time for this. It wasn't just deliberate, nay, I mean fixing the healthcare system in forming. The healthcare system requires a bunch of moderate Senate Democrats and the Caucasus. A whole right now is more liberal than it was back into doesn't ten, but still think about all the Senate Democrats who are worried about doc. We couldn't get on board for this that the other thing like it is still going to be difficult for Democrats to find. Well, the truth is no one's finding sixty votes in the Senate for Medicare for all, it's just not happening so the only way the medical falls passing if the next, if there's a democratic president, is to get rid of the filibuster and pass it with. If you went buttons even then, it could be article fifty one votes for medical fro, but for sure it's up
ass, it was sixty votes and look. I think if we had gotten rid of all of us, are entrenched twenty ten. It's still might have been hard to pass a public option, but we might have had a better chance you having the right Liebermann, Liebermann, wasn't alone, killing the public option. I think sometimes Liebermann, Excellency let Nelson that air, your diary, land area Liebermann, you know, there's a lot of people that use jolly women like a human shield on the public option. There is that people wanted to die and only runs taken out of the blame for it and he deserves that he's or lead the fight, but he was really responsible for killing me Medicare by and for even people. Fifty five in older idea is an important distinction, because it tells you just the razors everywhere on to try to get something through, because the last thing to come out of the bill was allowing younger people to buy any kind of a public option for middle middle age. People, and even that was considered too liberal for people actually run the one thing. I add to this too, that you
it has been happening with a bomb care and all the attacks and all the successful fights have been around the market based side of it. It's gonna run the mandate. It's been around. The exchanges where o bombing here has been at its most robust is on medicate that a place where we just made a government and to give people health care, not only has it, except with one exception of the Supreme Court ruling that states do not have to expand Medikit, yes, says here's. What we're dealing with so great was it. We ve had republican legislators republican governors being unwilling out of spite to take free money from the federal government to expand medicate for their people and bring money and for their hospitals, which was one of the most despicable acts in modern public life, but at the same time, even as Obamacare is viewed as this party
I shall we saw medicate expansion pass in Idaho, into brass guy in Utah, so even in some of the most blood red conservative states in the country, the government run, parts of a bomb care are the most politically palette of Kentucky. Yachting milk boaters want a simple, elegant solution to healthcare that is easy to understand. That is not complicated. Visiting the problem. Healthcare click Nina when the Clinton tried to pass. This is an extremely complicated policy to explain. Obamacare became by the ended extremely complicated policy to explain it is when you have a sum. Expansion of public health insurance, whether it is a buying whether its voluntary, whether goes all the way whatever it may be, is normally easier understand. It's easier, withhold withstand legal challenges, and it is the reason why Democrats are going there, because the private health insurance that the basis for a bomb care was ok, Republicans or at least going to be willing to compromise to go along with ideas that they themselves have supported in the passes
you brought up, and that is not true. Republican politicians do not want to go along with ideas whisper it. So they, if we can thank them, like that? They wonder why we're gonna make overall. It is therefore so, but I really there's a distinction here: thou because Originally the idea was: let's do this. Compromise will get some Republicans on board, are right and will do a market based balance of some public, some private, some regulation, some costs, controls and we'll cobbling together to try to get everybody. Healthcare peace is the most most that we can do in a bipartisan way that dance lasted for her the better part of her here, but when Chuck Grassland Olympia, snow and although centre is went away, this task of passing anything either. Just democratic votes, became a huge problem, and so Yes, this started out as a bipartisan compromise, but even when it was a Democrats only bill, this was still the most liberal thing that could passeth right may have been exactly I mean just the individual mandate was a republican idea like we do that,
Mitt Romney. You propose this ideas, so therefore you should support it. Yet did not work and look to you know those moderate Democrats. We can blame them for this, but they are also responding to voters who have real fears when you try to change that.
Your system, I mean a medic just so everyone knows better care for all system would move a hundred and sixty plus million people off their health insurance that they have now through their employers to push system that that will be better and that will protect them better. It's can be better insurance but think about what we went through the Obama administration, when just three million plans were cancelled to get people better plans with more protections. It was the biggest scandal of the year. I think the lesson of twenty sixteen is that you campaign on big, clear, bold policy ideas, but we should not fool ourselves at the implementation or a hassle of these laws will be easy because it will be Nessie. It's one, sixth of our economy and massive jobs, special interest money, all kinds of fights will happen run. This does not mean we should turn our sails. No, I do. I do think that politicians who are talking about the should let voters know just how difficult it's gonna be.
Otherwise, it sounds like another broken promise when it become when they realise how toughness gatling, also, I think, he's gonna does you know we see like the contours of with a debate, is gonna, be in twenty twenty and I think it's gonna be some version of you know. Is it Medicare for all with a transition period? Is it a Medicare by an which is more like a public option and my eye, and I you know, I think that there is a policy question. There is also a political question as to what we should be advocating. I do not think it's a clear cut case in the wonder. It's as if we ended up in a system where there was a medicare by and that that work that were, anybody who wanted to buy into Medicare could have it what people could keep their private insurance and take that political caught cultural off the table. Thou be really really good thing and there are very progressive Democrats who have advocated for it, not because they are afraid of Medicare for all, not because they are afraid of single pair because they legitimately believe it is the best and fastest way to the most progressive outcome. And I think that is a legitimate debate and I don't think it is.
Air to make me by in debate versus the single pair debate by Un Forces, Medicare Doll debate, a purely ideological one, because it just isn't just an hour or two like, I hope, all the democratic in its debate, those two options and extra theres many more options. Nurse but like. I really hope that you don't are attacking people as sellouts and traders of light. Just because you pick one of those yeah. They are all like years ahead, we would avoid that is to say, twitter. Quick, Shoutout Hum Sarah Cliff in Dylan Scott did a run down of all the democratic health plans that are out there for vocs in it is fantastic, get his yellow, smart and well done, and in Mary you're interested Party America's are you buy. Spotify John is stifling sneeze sort to make himself readings coming. I come not. This needs, that's what the ads as its coming the annual flood of year. At best, it was that's, it is almost here, but
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anytime, you want gotta one paladin dot com is a compulsive American and get started Ok, let's move onto the Trump family crime syndicates, here's the Washington Post over the weekend, two years after Donald Trump, one presidency. Nearly every organisation has led in the past decade is under investigation that includes his businesses. Charitable foundation is camps in his transition, his inauguration and his administration. His former campaign chairman deputy campaign, german foreign policy adviser national security adviser in personal lawyer, are either in jail. Have gone to jail or are going to jail and federal prosecutors have implicated the president himself in multiple felonies. I know that we ve we're waiting for her mother to drop the big one and he still may, but even if he says, leaving even if he never says another word isn't trump in a very different place politically than he was just a few months ago.
Yeah I I'm gonna be like what they want. What we may realise, as you know, you can go up to the counter at an ice can place and you can say, gimme the biggest fucking Sunday you have and then you a few minutes. You have no sunday that a few minutes later somebody hands you a gigantic Sunday. Another lie screw. You can go to a place like like and go from little thing too little thing right. I put a little bit of each flavour into your cup with the topics with top thanks and all the rest, and maybe maybe you didn't notice, but of the course of that walk. On the ice cream row. Maybe, and down, Housing are just a few pole yet few and then, and then you start putting food on it by the answer. You like this entire rhesus peanut butter cook at Tokyo, M M lady, and maybe it's hard to define it right. Maybe you couldn't say it's one: it's not just a peanut butter. Copyright there's a there's, a dummy worm in their snow gaps in their musical brownie by you, dont know, but, but I tell ya delicious. Isn't it
The submitted you haven't it up, but I dont know that I do so. This sixty two percent majority, who say Trump, is not an honest about the investigation into Russian or Ference in TWAIN. Sixteen campaign who were they in the matter? I think there are, I think, they're people waiting to check out with their. I screamed cast her braiding prepare for this under yeah Dona. Maybe they were behind the counter look, we will work on it yeah. I don't know where you want to go with this, because there are so many places area. I think that we have. We focused so much and we ve talked with suppressed couple weeks on impeachment verses indictment or both of some combination. But the truth is even if we have an election and twenty twenty, where the voters will render a verdict on Donald Trump, and even if we don't have an impeachment or an indictment, there seems to be and of criminality, enough potential criminality and of wrong doing enough ethical mishaps here on their counted on the UN's on behalf of the trunk family in the trump himself that
we're I to have a pretty good story to tell if he wasn't, President he'd be indicted. If you leave you guys listening there once and motivation of the statute of limitations on campaign, finance violations, expire and twenty twenty one, we got a win or he's home free. Now, It doesn't seem like have assisted intended to work, but it's worth noting I mean also just to focus on. One of these problems did pretty great investigation that the trumps inauguration, so some quick number his inauguration raise a hundred and seven million. That is more than double what Obama raised into that Bush's second inaugural planner was quoted as saying that the Trump team had one slash three of the staff in one slash four of the events, but they raised twice as much like where, where did this money go? There are the answer: is Trump's pocket they did all events at Trump Hotel and now there are emails. Were a vodka is negotiating the price on behalf of the pic
The presidential and our committee on behalf of the Trump Hotel, where the top planner for the inaugural is saying: hey, you're, overcharging us and it's against the law and that they up offering a discounted rate. The hotel ended up offering a discounted rate of a hundred and seventy five grand per day for you of the ball room in a meeting room for trumps, friends and family event. It is inauguration and plainer was like the fair mark values, actually eighty five thousand per day, and so like the the gripping, the corruption is so vast in its sitting there because they don't know how to account. For, like forty million dollars worth the donation, you got rich off his inauguration, rich off his resolution. Let us talk about how Trump is defending himself from this legal onslaught, witches whistler sweets and with ready Giuliani with who is a humans. We really
the bread, the resident tweeted, that current is a rat and then falsely accused the FBI of illegally breaking into Cohen's office when in reality they had a warrant but went onto suggested Maybe I should have broken into the Dnc and crooked office. Not such a fund for us and then on Sunday. We finally heard the words collusion is not a crime, I'm ready Giuliani, who also rejected the possibility. The trump might sit for an interview with mothers over my dead body. But you know I could be dead. Is there any discernible strategy here so anymore from Trump and Giuliani. There is going on. There is one and it is it. Is there okay, so rude goes out there, and it is it's. It's fascinating to watch. It is really just classics over gas he's. Not a lawyer displays when I tell him it's four eight areas, really I'm his glass, they're, trying to escape in real time he's fairly cogent he's just firing off, send it is over and over again George Monopolies can barely get a word, and but in
side of that word salad, our little bits of of important information, yet right where he further Incriminating president will not for its further incriminate, but it gets thing out of the way for them, so the seeds in this in this sort of you know in this work remains how it is that you or discussions about the tower going until November sharpshooter. Your will that's a big fucking deal because originally they said January now, Cohen, saying Org We don't know when this conversation, arduous January Cohen, lot about January. It was then a Jew, a junior year and now Rudy saying November, and the big, the big difference there by the way is between you November. What do we find out? We found out that publicly that Russians were trying to interfere in the election and at the Convention of Republic Convention in July. That's where they change the platform to make it more pro Russia, so they were doing the deal.
While they changed the platform. Yes and that, then, that that conversation goes on until November, which is a very interesting month. Something happens in November, which is there's a presidential election and the November keeps happening for weeks after that's the crazy thing about November. So what you saying so Rudy goes out there and it's a lot of opera. Man it's a lotta bravado, it's a lot of stuff that barely makes sense, but in it he kind of let's out some information so that when we learn it in an indictment, will we learn it in a press calmer. When we learn it in a confession. It doesn't have as much impact. That's one of the things. Does he there's a couple of things from that interview that we should know he was also asked if Roger Stone gave Trump a heads up about Wikileaks and the hacks and the release of the Wikileaks information. Any said: no! No! No! No! No. I mean I don't think so I don't worry. I got up and our belief that if we did not a crime, where's the crime collusion to commit hack just but like all that was a thing he said during that area goes the crime
is conspiracy to hack conspiracy to hack. That's the crime! No, that's not the crime. There are a lot of crimes, but has also been here's the problem with what you just said with what he wanted to say. As the crime is hacking. Conspiracy to hack means that there is multiple people agreeing to has something happened, hack dissemination. So, yes, if Roger Stone, told Donald Trump and told the campaign Wiki leases coming out with a bunch of stuff which you know, we think they might have in the case of Wikileaks, found an email about Hilary Healthcare and they told him from campaign you in and right wing media outlets uses are talking her health, because there's this email we have got yes if the Trump campaign and trumpery sulphur involving other yes, that is correct well with the Ladys were trying to do is say he's. This is again. This is the little strategy in there, which is you let out the air, by saying. Maybe Roger Stone did call Donald Trump and tell him this was coming, but then he, then than than now the goalposts of mood is no
her saying he never knew about it, but he sang is even if Roger Stone gave him advance notice, that's not the crime. You have to participate in the hacking to direct the hacking in some way for it to be a crime. So he's just a guy being told might as well be the Washington Post can around the story. Might as well be the New York Times they got the emails. He just a innocent bystanders being told journalistic information. He's a clown me. I think is not a good lawyer, he's run around the country trying to negotiate contracts for himself with every nasty dictator you can find, and I think that they are just doing a public message campaign to try to play for in impeachment vote down the road to protect trump. That's right in its third there, not smart, so less like about whether the strategy working some reference to this this pole earlier, a new pull by increasing the Wall Street Journal found them more than sixty percent of Americans feel the president has been untruthful about the investigation into his twenty sixteen campaign by forty five thirty four percent voter said investigation should continue by forty six to twenty three percent. Voters think that the crimes of trumps AIDS may also
implicate tromp, that's a key number. The president's approve rating. Is it forty? Three and fifty two percent that they'd probably said that they probably are definitely vote for the democratic nominee and twenty twenty had doesn't sound like its work. Now, it's not it's like I. Don't they get working, I also think we should be very sad that these numbers are as high as they are. It just is sad that Donald Trump is at forty three percent and never Salisbury Gallop Asthma, thirty
Today I dreaded strip it's the trip, but here's the thing is that for sure, but now we have an election. We have twenty eighteen election and Donald Trump begins the quest for a re election in in the whole right like he can't he can't go into twenty twenty. At thirty eight to forty three percent and hope to win this election, so everything that happens between around twenty twenty has to be some good NEWS for Donald Trump dont, from improving his standing among the american people and so far we are seeing it it's as flat as its ever been and at the lower end of words but yeah. You know we're so used to down terms bluster it so hard to tell how conscious he has every right what he believes versus when he just things he could say I don't know where he lets that car down, but when they met, I will come back to is that he was really surprised that he want in twenty sixteen. He was terrified and surprised, and so even is all this is going on, even if even we even all the kind of the show he's about to put on for his re election, all the lying and all the claims of how
he's doing right. There is that colonel that knows what's going on, and so when I think about how the story ends again, only three ways could be impeached and removed. You can resign and then MIKE Mike Pence can fulfill his sacred duty, which is a part of Donald Trump, or we can defeat him and to me. I think that these three things are kind of coming together in one place. I think that impeachment and removal is still the least likely option so, which is why I think the story we need to tell about Donald Trump has to be a story that makes a compelling case that age he's a criminal who will go to jail if he leaves the White House and be he can't because of what he of the crimes committed. Because part, we don't know what the future holds. This is not a protection in any sense, but I want to know that we're doing everything we can to create the pressure on Donald Trump to choose to leave, rather than face an ex essential thing, because what Tommy pointed out is really important. This election is now at this election
not just a referendum on Donald Trump, his freedom may be on the line, and that to me is so terrifying that everything we can do to create the pressure for him to think he cannot win and cannot escape of culpability through through normal political means, I think, is really. Morton and that's that to me is what I'm thinking about you look, I think, there's a message you ever Democrats, do you don't have to run around saying he's a criminal like Donald Trump lies, cheats and steals to become richer and more powerful, and every republican politician has let him do it. He puts find his puts his own financial interests ahead of America's interests and made us very like, and there is a million we have to be right. Russia, now we're going beyond Russia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, right, youth, autocrat, rich people, right wing pop It was all over the world he's in bed with all of them, so he can get richer and screw over the american people. That's it I mean. That's it that's the message that is the meeting that was the p. Take the whole time someone
that summit we there were to join. It reduces the kind of person who goes on tv and says it was a pity every day everyone says. Yes, I do my job already ok, I want to end by talking about one of trumps, many autocratic customers, Saudi Arabia. Last week, with the help of five Democrats, Paul Ryan used a vote on the farm bill to basically block a separate vote on ending assistance for the Saudi led coalition in the war in Yemen, which is one of the biggest humanitarian disasters in the world. The Senate actually took a vote on Thursday to limit presidential war powers. It bipartisan statement pushing back on the Trump administrations reluctance to hold Saudi Arabia accountable, but in the house right essentially slapped a writer on the farm bill and convinced a handful of Democrats to go along with him Tommy for people who don't know. Why are there
bodies at war with yemen- and why has the United States why, having it's it's been helping setting, so they been involved in a civil war in Yemen for several years started during the Obama administration there fighting group called the who rebels who are aligned with the former president of Yemen. President Saleh and they are, you know, call them what you want. The tribunal attrition wants to call him a terrorist group there and insurgency there whenever that its deeply destabilizing and the Saudis view this as a proxy for their ongoing constant war. With IRAN, so I mean for us all. We should give a shout out to some of the centres have been fighting for this Chris Murphy MIKE Lee Sanders there
it's really been pushing this bill to withdraw? U S: military aid for Saudi Arabia's, worn Yemen, it's the first time the congresses ever agreed to pull you S, forces from a conflict under the war powers acted big deal in. It also include. Could this provision that blamed Mohammed Midsummer, Ferko Showcase death so again like important bill, good good for them? Fighting for this Paul Ryan is just going out with like Craven ACT after Craven ACT, he snuck a provision into the Farmville that blocked votes Yemen related war powers, resolutions for the remainder of the Congress. Why did you do this? You ask what does this have to do at the farm bill? The answer is he's so this human being, but because it has nothing to do with the farm bill. He knew that the farm bills as big piece of business- that is all these subsidies for agricultural individuals like food assistance, snap and vets, and it put members in a tough political position where you have to say that each using against this Yemen vote or American for
Where's like that was the messaging so infuriating that seven Democrats, we're not in town or abstained from the vote in five Democrats, voted with Paul Ryan to curtail debate on the provision, Jim Acosta, California, a loss in Florida, computers in Minnesota, dutch wrappers Burger of Maryland David Scott of Georgia, the most cynical vote you capacity mentioned, like tying a bill to try to save kids dying at Roquat congressmen estimated one, you many kid dies every ten minutes because of this war, to tie this to an unrelated farm bill to create political pressure on these people did it. It differ
as all logic and reason. So what we need is Nancy Policy in the house, democratic leadership to say they will schedule vote on this bill again, the first week of January and then hopefully that the Senate can repass what they did. So we can increase pressure on the administration on this awful war and it does seem like if she schedules this vote, that even some of the democratic opponents of this bill last time will vote for it. This time, I think I think our rubbers Berger said he would allow, didn't know their voting on, which is not of ETA, not an excuse not as its computers and gave these courts like. I don't know a damn thing about Yemen with terrible, embarrassing for him awful courts. Dutch rubbish workers of former ranking member on the intelligence Community Committee, he's from Maryland. I'm not sure what his big interests in the farm bill is. He should know better and I deeply frustrated there, but that's a vote now. It's nonbinding trump could veto it. They could
for either veto and then get challenge in court and creates new constitutional crisis? But what I think stepping back like what's good about this, is your seeing Congress take back some of its constitutional mandated role in trying to check the executive when it comes to warrant peace. Will Exo explain this a little because I address understanding is too. If these resolutions had passed both the house and Senate and another a separate resolutions. What is the practical effect of that? I am not entirely sure I've ass, some of the people who support these bills. What they think would happen, likely scenario is if the house and then vote for trouble veto it. If veto gets gets overridden, it will get challenging. Court. So basically it sends a message that the Congress doesn't believe that we should be waging this worn Yemen now, on top that Congress can block future arms sales to Saudi Arabia and do things with real teeth to prevent them from getting hardware? What is the political pressure causing people to not support this
no idea- I mean a fairly lobbyists indecent willing. If you're calling Petersen from Minnesota, like you, can work in a farm bill for years and years and years, you're not gonna, go for anything that might mess that up in. So he got convinced that take this vote. I think that they probably This wouldn't have scuttled the Farmville Paul Ryan interest. I have no idea doing trumps, bidding it is. It is, but there's no good argument for continuing to sort this war. It is creating a humanitarian catastrophe of like biblical magnitude. Twenty million people need humanitarian aid in Yemen, like fifty thousand people died. It is like a baby's, its children there's no national security interests here is a fucking nightmare. So what is like the fig leaf excuse that the Trump administration would give if you asked like Pompey all right now, would it be
This is to check around or something and be it in my humble Solomon and salaries that there are allies, we need to help them fight, malign iranian influence in the region like when you view every problem on the planet through the Prism of IRAN. You go in sing and that's. Why happened with which seems to be where conservatives assert let our foreign pass harassing couple decades. So what can people do tat is? Is this about pressuring policy in the house regrets to make sure that they vote on this very soon we take office. Yeah me look, I think, I'll be great. If people do a few things like there have been some champions for this bill. Caution broken a Bernie Sanders. Chris Murphy MIKE leaves Republic and tell them that their great and a shout out, and then I think, people call their member of Congress. If you care about this and say, please ask house leadership to schedule a vote. The first week of January, like days minutes hours, actually matter
kids are dying right now, and so hopefully policy will say yes and no brainer. We should absolutely do this set on the argument against and if they don't be, political consequences for these five will be singer, and if you, if you want to know just how devastating this war is, I think Nick Christoph has been doing a great job. Yet writing about this in the New York Times can be summed up ads and they publish pictures of of some these children who are dying of starvation. It is yet looking off so Tyler hexes and amazing, photographer Deco unwashed another New York Times reporter they went into Yemen. They did speak peace a few weeks back. That is like its devastating talk at they deserve love credit, also, in a credit to Chris Haze and Christophe, for doing really great reporting sting on top of this a check out their ports. If you want to learn more, but you know it's, I've never been did this, that that vote was the
angry side been that Congress in a really long time, because it so nonsensical and outrageous, but the stakes are so big. Ok, when we come back, we'll have Luvis interview with William Castra pot emerges, by blue apron with holidays fast approaching meal? The last thing you want your plate, but what of cooking, delicious, wholesome meals with ease it is not possible, with Blue a brow for the holidays will getting a wholesome head start on the new year with Blue apron Tommy discuss your own enjoyment of blue apron. Was there something where you cook yourself Hannah was out, and then she came you cooked some story about how coming home you're like what are we going to eat and there was the boy talks and had I was it had pink go across the chicken and maple dipping saw senator did it have seared stakes and loaded mashed potatoes in order Korean Sal Popcorn Chicken Thought had alighted at a creamy saffron risotto tie up
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Putting the code pod, save for Spencer, oars and answer, and five dollars goes to you and five dollars goes to some of the organisations that of helping people recover from these devastating forest fires in California. Catch up, so catch up, go to joining us on upon today he is the former: U S! Secretary for housing and urban development under President Obama and the former mayor of San Antonio he's now formed an exploratory committee for a campaign for president in twenty twenty These were completely on Castro. While there are positive Erica, to have me on so that pretend democratic field in twenty twenty could be roughly forty to fifty thousand human being what led you to want to get in this race and what distinguishes you from this Jain Normous field. Yeah yeah, I know you're we joke, but does sometimes it does seem like it's gotta, be the most crowded primary that that we ve ever seen as well.
We're gonna, have a whole budget, talented folks that again and put their name forward, This is why I'm interested in getting in number one? I have a strong, positive vision for the country's future, because I have shown both at the local level and the national level. An ability to get things done, especially to expand opportunity for folks Third, because I have a life experience, my life experience of growing up in neighborhoods, where I can relate to people who are struggling and all so being successful in my career and being able to relate to people who reach their american dream, and so I feel like, I have a good window into the life experience of a mirror and everywhere to that I'm thinking about running. So what is that visions You look at the country they. What are the policies you wanna put in place like what would be your agenda if you were to walk into the oval office in January of twenty twenty one, my vision for the code
three is that we ensure the United States is the smartest, the strongest and the safest nation on earth in this twenty first century, and that I believe that today, each of those three things go together more than they have at any time in the nations. History and so you asked what my agenda would be, I believe that we need a twenty four since twenty first century blueprint for opportunity when we about being the smartest nation on earth. That means that we need universal precarious. We need to improve public education, we need to make sure that folks can go to college and not have a mountain of debt that we have at least tuition free, higher education, whether that's at a public university community College or some sort of certification, because we know that today brain powers, the new currency of success out there,
people need more education and more skill to be able to thrive in the twenty first century economy than ever before, and so that would be one important part. Agenda? We also need Medicare for all your, I believe, Firstly, after these attacks on the affordable, correct number of people who have already lost health insurance, the rule- that we saw in Texas just the other day that it is time for us to push for universal healthcare coverage? So that would be part of my agenda, so romantic all is a place where we ve seen the Democratic Party shift to the left that because of all the ways in which Obamacare has been threatened, despite the fact that it was, a moderate policy outcome, and we saw this ruling just in the past few days, that there is a need for bigger boy. Or similar answers from Democrats on the major challenges facing the country, we're looking at ways of mergers across industries. We ve seen productivity gains and economic growth no longer occurring to working people. We ve
corporations and wealthy using those gains to steer policies local level. The state level, the national level- and there is a sense of democrats- are our guns by Republicans and on a policy front. We're not answering this existential threat to kind of the basic building blocks of what may America, America, and what I hear when you say things like a. We should have more affordable To me, it sounds like the answers from a previous campaign. What have you learned from down? winning? What have you learned from democratic failures and say the past ten years? That would make you different from say get bill. Clinton Brok, Obama walking into the oval office. What is your answer to these massive serve economic shifts part of the answer is that our economy has changed in the last ten years in the last twenty years. I'll give you a perfect example the others scooters that everybody seize on the streets
a lot of american cities these days from a scooter, so every night right folks Take their own pickup truck or whatever vehicle they have. They can pick up these scooters and they take him to a reach Argent station, those folks they do that get paid. I believe, like per scooter, return get in there not employees there, not getting health insurance from that they're, not getting any kind of a fringe benefits. They are basically independent contractor We have gone we're going in this nation more and more both to automated work, but also to work that is increasingly with an independent, contract or model? and also a lot of people working is actually individually or as part of a small business or their self employed as we do that it means. I believe that that government has more of a role in
during that people have things as basic as health care, so yeah. I don't think that the answer is to be radically different from whether it was Brocklebridge or Bill Clinton, or somebody else, it's that today things have changed, and so we need to put forth boulders. Solutions, whether that's on health care or education or the economy. Or immigration things change, and we need to address that because if there is something that we ve seen its that what worked in it many a century won't necessarily work in the twenty first century. So I think it's important that there's this conversation about whether its people working for right, sharing companies are picking up scooters off the street or having these incredibly growing jobs at warehouses that are involved in sort of the fast shipping that Americans have come to rely on. There is this sense that people have sort of been sapped of the basic
control over their jobs, the basic benefits that come with jobs and its importance Democrats are talking about how to should have have government backstop. But what do you see as the the way government can arrest that problem before it becomes? problem. What is to your mind the cause of that shift in power to corporations and out of the hands of workers? Well, I think that's birthing says the tax policy that we have had over the last forty years. The result of of lobbying? That happen in Washington DC to advantage folks that already have a lot of power to advantage corporate since it have armies of lobbyists in Washington DC. It's the result of the fact. Our economy has become more globalized and so now you have companies that set up shop other nations and were competing against Standards in those other nations
That's why I agree with folks say in terms of our trade agreements that that we need to be more mindful whether its on labour, environmental concerns about what other country are doing and try to bring them up to better standards, but there are now or of things that have contributed to that. I believe that we can be forward looking in trying to when shore there at the centre of our focus is always the person the individual, and making sure that that individual has good job prospects and has the ability to get something as basic as health insurance and a good public educate and I'm not under the illusion that were were either that we are going to be able to always or that we should
always stand in the way of those kinds of changes. Those kinds of changes can be beneficial, sometimes yo to to our forward progress, but I do think that we need to be more thoughtful than we have been about. What's and what's bad and that we need to stop encouraging in some instances, corporations from just seeking their profit there worldly profit in leaving out the well being of individuals their families when they do it. So let's shift for a second, because out of you, pay attention the president's a criminal some big problem? How are we going to have a policy debate inside the Democratic party? No God a lot of really serious people there are we putting out a lot of serious ideas about how to tackle some of the biggest problems we face, while Donald Trump is under investing Asia and while Robert Molars releasing findings, while congressional Democrats are doing investigations. How do you strike that balance? And what do you believe we should be talking about when we talk about doctrine? Who, I think we should keep the focus on
what's important to people going through their everyday lives right. We should always keep the focus first and foremost as we. Have a conversation with with voters about what they care about. One of the things that keep them up, I'd whether they have a job or a job prospects whether they in their children, have health insurance. Ah, how good is there Giles Education and what is the prospect for their child to be? It will get a higher patients so that they can get a good job in the future what is the infrastructure that they have to wake up and drive on every morning in their community, whether it's a small town or a big city. What does it look like at the same time, I really do believe that we can walk and chew gum and that people care p all who have not normalized all of this
deception and the lies of this president people do care about the integrity of their president. They do care that their seventeen investigate dozens of everything from the Trump Organization to the campaign to him? Personally, I think that we do need to point that out. I dont think that that that's the only thing that you, address, but if you addressed that- and you also give them a positive vision for the future- something that they can leave in something that they can connect to their own quality of life and their own economic prospects. I think that's the ticket to win so it's midnight, your brother congressmen, Castra COM, He says he's about to head to the floor, to decide whether or not to day is gonna vote to impeach Donald Trump, where you gonna tell him well think they do what's gonna happen in this next session of Congress is they're gonna do real investigations, unlike the
that we had so far when the Republicans were in charge and didn't subpoena documents did not press witnesses who clearly had contradict themselves. And I actually do believe that there's gonna come a time when investigations go forward in a real way, and all the more investigation comes to its conclusion that he will be impeached and does so when the moment comes. What I'm gonna tell my brother is to do the right thing and I think the other, It's already is is strong and that is only getting stronger. What do you think the green new deal I think it makes a lot of sense. I can't say I've seen all the details of it and I believe that people have proposed different YO specifics of it, but I do I think that we can do it. As you know, we did a version of this early and no bombers term, where we linked infrastructure investment to stimulating.
Green jobs, and you know envy Sting in renewable energy, and so it makes sense for us to take the next step and do that so fellow Texan, but our work said this about your running. He said I think it something positive for United States that he can offer and share ideas. I just gonna sit there. Take that shit now and I feel the same way about him. You know we had a chance. My brother walking and I had an opportunity, during his senatorial campaign to get out on the road with him and to support him, and, I think, he's a great guy, very talent and I know he's gonna make a decision about what he's gonna do if he runs for President in TWAIN. Twenty and there d be fifteen to twenty people that make that kind of decision and so I wish him well. You asked that the very big and you know why now I have a strong vision for the country's future, and so I feel like the time he's right now for me and no matter-
anybody else does stick to my own time line and speak directly to the american people. What did you take away from that state? Why campaign he started farm I D came within three points of defeating take crew, Are you ve talked a lot about the important of organizing in Texas, the possibility of Texas electing Democrats in what that can mean for electing a present. That can mean for the country. Yet you chosen to run for president. Set of stay white Office in Texas just run on stand. What your view of Texas is right now as a place where Democrats can compete. Well, I it's cool here that after that campaign, you know, after other results that night the fact that we picked up twelve state how seats to congressional seats. I think a couple of state Senate seats in Texas as well it clear that you did things are changing in the state that its becoming more competitive
I actually believe that, if you have a Democrat on the ticket in twenty twenty, the Texas will give its thirty eight electoral votes. The Democrats believe that were close at this point. You also asked about you know sort of my plans and people of ass about Why my brother, I didn't run in twenty eighteen, was never on my radar screen to run for governor and for the people that ask I've been surprised that, folks, having come to the same conclusion that I have. That actual having a strong contender and twenty twenty would more quickly. Turn Texas Blue then running a statewide race. Why is that.
Because I think the end- and this also something to take from from the twenty eighteen Senate campaign. Taxes is so big it so expensive Yeah, it's all it used to be its own country ride for nine years that I believe If the national prominence of a Texas Democrat in national race will be so much more powerful and will actually excite the communities that folks had been talking about as difficult to excite YO, especially the locked in community, and so I believe that if we are successful in this race that it will change the trajectory of taxes, last question, and this is a weird one. It just on my mind, because we ve been watching us in that negation unfolded as president- and you know this minute- of comparisons to Richard Nixon and accountability that he never cut. Did Gerald Ford
the right decision when he parted Richard Nixon. That's a great question. You know trawls blow to me that the other day from the New York Times, and I holding that I wouldn't be inclined to pardon Donald Trump. But I dont believe that if somebody especially a president commits a crime that said that person should be pardoned Because you need to demonstrate that Nobody is above the law nobody's above the law, whether it's the present the United States or a police officer on the street in Cleveland or Detroit huh. Abuses, somebody you need to send that message that nobody is above the law. At the same time, the reason that you and I are still talking about this question of whether Gerald Ford made. The right decision is because, in retrospect, a lot of folks have said
that it may have been the right decision for the country to be able to move on and so I do see. That is not a black or white kind of question, and I do think, though, that if horse, there's always a consideration of war is going on in the country at that moment at that time, when you have to make that decision, but does but my default is that would be no pardon now before I let you go one last thing, because we are trying to distinguish ourselves from the kind of person. Donald Trump is by any chance. You having massive international money laundering schemes involving russian oligarchs and buildings in Riad or man. I don't even have any massive national money, speaking that's cool in Gotham, so no. Oh yeah, I think that day you remember to vote for in what he said at that time was that our long national nightmare was over and I think
that phrase alot these days, because when we have the next president, I believe, is gonna, be a democratic president. I think that there, the tap president will also have to address the nation in the same way and folk on being able to move on and to build back trust with our gut don't trust with our allies outside of the United States and focus again on everybody, make sure that we have a country where everybody counts and can prosper. Who in Castra? Thank you so much for being a pod. Save America have a great thanks. Illogical fakes, Secretary Castro for joining us today and will then we'll talk together. We'll talk to you later happy holidays? Have you holidays
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