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Guest host Alyssa Mastromonaco joins Dan to discuss the Secret Senate Health care bill that is no longer secret, the aftermath of the the Democrats' loss in Georgia-06, and a ray of hope in Wisconsin. Then Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talks to Lovett and Tommy about health care and next steps for the Democrats.

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later on Tommy and love. It organ interview, house, minority, later Nancy Policy, my own Congresswoman, and while you folks around download all the pods this week, pod save the people, love it or leave it with friends like these and there was a you appreciate. This Tommy has our old friend Lish Sherwood Randal, on positive the raw this week far way to go and dare is love it here Not actually here, for this episode appeared interview, Nancy Blowsy, but we have a very big love it or leave it. Can I want you gimme? The download I just say hold on a second lavater leave it there. For many years. I have always wanted to do roller, derby and if I had ever had the hoods, but to do it, my name would have been nasty policy cause. That's how bad she is about ass, bad ass, thou art,
this week, I'll never leave it. We have Paul Scheer, Rory, Scovel and Jessica Chaffin, just like a really good panel. That's all I have to say I'm going for a dream where you guys have to say to each other all right so couple things first, want you to know that this is by popular request. All the friends of the pot out there when I announced that Pharaoh, unlike me, was not gonna podcast from is uneven. I said we'd have a special guess and everyone said I hope it's Alyssa Mastro forty four Well here I am they're gonna get a lot today. You tweet, and you will get responses from us under percent, so dig into that healthcare villain a minute, but first About the favour, a wedding as we were there together, I'm I'll tell you it's the first have I ever you now could have dreamed that you and plus, and I would have a platonic sleep over so that was great, is where we were in a house within hours. You me how we David Block, it wasn't: Obama, reuse, old, school Obama reunion. I mean
I did not deviate from his protein bars, but he did have a couple beers. That's how he wants me to point out that we introduce poverty within called bigger Wait wait an evening after the wedding he ate them all. He like guarded the bites right, so I regret thoughts in the wedding. First, congratulations agenda, namely it was a beautiful wedding, beautiful thumb. Second, after my wedding last year, how, in order on vows for a lot of time and energy, into a lot of pressure with historically great american speechwriters, like John Faroe Ben roads and could a keen and in attendance whether foreseeable I saw after photos with favor and who had just gone engaged, and I said to him boy. He said great vows or something nice like that, and I said, while the pressures really on you- and I will say he delivered, but here's the thing
His velvet were great, we might be better. Emily's were incredible and let me say like listening to people who write their own vows. Just like deeply moves me because I have to say I'm sorry to my husband, because when we got married I asked Justice Kagan for the shortest vows possible and he let them appalled, and I realize it was sort of appalling after listening to you guys, so thanks DK. Second, during the reception, after maybe a signature, remain cocktail or two I tweeted a photo of myself Halley John am wave with these sub decline. Wives of the pied witches. Basically it idea I've had some sadaijin and we're gonna gauged. You can keep your like Iphone notes, and so I why, Diego I'd have is for those of you who know John and I but Anthea the pack, ass or other ways but don't know Emily and how it someone asked me.
Other day are the wiser than the pied as clinical spicy as the pothouse Like one thing you have to understand, is the wives of the pod have ten acts, the personality, the job, and I have that's trail right. And after that, let's get some real business here. Man so- as we were getting ready to record you have the Senate Healthcare Bill came out, which is a break from tradition where I was pretty sure there are no it'll afterward after reporting to put out the bill. So let's do a quick
Summary of what we know right now is in the Bell cat girlfriend right. Here's the top line is a shit burger if you can call it that. So that's it. That's a legislative policy terms if you will, and since the day I met you, but here's the here's. What you need to know that the ship burger it is a gives a massive tax got to the wealthy paid for by cutting healthcare for the Americans, who need it most, but here somebody tells it reduces. Tax credits for the people in the middle class of the recent task is to help people in Amerika for their healthcare. It allows insurance companies to charge of the five times as much for people over fifty with insurance companies, and I covered from attorney care. Mental health care in substance, abuse,
dramatically cuts treatments for people with open disorders and from what we can tell the funds play parenthood, which two point: four million people depend on for care. So this is. It is essentially the house bill with a couple of changes that are actually works because, as you know, Trump said he thought the housekeeper bill was quote two means which is fucking rich. If you ask me by bill was actually meaner because it makes more, it makes more dramatic cuts to Medicare over time just phases them out to give sort of cover for people who we're centres who serve the medicate expansion states, who may want to create some sort of bullshit excuse to vote for the bell so You think so body. I got some things to say here First, Anyone any friend of the pod who has the handmaids tail in that first episode when you're sitting there in your like shit? How did this happen? This?
how it happened but happening right now is the pre call to the Handmaids tale and I spent some time this morning on my drive over here and allay getting some. Details on exactly who's gonna be affected by the Medicaid cuts. Are you ready? I wanna hear forty nine percent of all births sixty four per. And of all nursing home residence. Three per se. Of all adults with disabilities. Forty percent of all poor adults, thirty nine percent have children. Seventy six per and of all poor children and sixty per se. Of all children with disabilities way. Ago, Republicans like litter, the attacking the weakest among us which, like, if you actually want to find a per as for government. It should be protecting the weakest among us right so way to galvanise the greater greater. You would think that
You would think that anyone with a heart would want to help these people. Instead, they wanna hurt them, and why do they want to hurt them? What are you gonna hurt one fifth of all Americans to pay for a task to benefit billion ass, one percent of Americans. To them. Are it's really it's like good, when it is what still, though, on the process and then will sort of digging in what all this means shine. Here's here's what's happening as we record this on Thursday morning The centre Republicans, are meeting to review a the discussion draft of the Bell Disconnect discussion. The text was just released publicly. The sepia was expected to release its official school, or of the bill, which will tell us how much it costs how people lose health care whose impact it that's. Why they're gonna happen Friday, tomorrow or Monday Senate leadership
evil vampire Mitch. Mcconnell are still pushing for a vote before the fourth of July Recess, which is next week and if their real questions about what sir debate. There will be on this bill whether there will be amendments centre. Shimmer I, who was on the pie cast on Monday, was at he confronted awesome and were conall and asked him whether he would commit to more than ten hours a debate on the bill and Mckenna. Not do that so we're gonna, do something is going to affect one fifth of the economy with no hearings, no debate, no real discussion or analysis. No real amendments were disconnect shredded jam it through before the american people realize. What a shipper go yeah, and so what do we do right I mean this is so effectively the american people, the grassroots, have a weekend to have their voices heard mode? You tell people out
who are reading this today for the first time and are afraid for themselves, their family, their community and frankly, for the country while couple things Families USA did a call this morning and they listed all of the fence sitting senators and they are as follows: Collins, more Cassidy, flake gardener, Portman, crews, Paul Lee and ass. The one thing that people can do is call them full their offices with calls today over the weekend Monday and all of next week minutes it's it's so easy, but it's something, but I think that you know the Senate Democrat are going to have a challenge right, because they're gonna have to come I neer procedural outrage with substantive outrage and so will see if they can do that, but for our people I think everyone just gotta take to the streets this weekend. I think that you know there,
trying to hide the ball and, and the people have to say you show it like show us debate. We want to see you defend Republicans out in front of us on television in town halls. And what you are about to vote for an I wonder if they can do it. I wonder if they can surely say how they can justify adding Medicare and any any benefits from plan parenthood I mean, for God's sake, what what are you This is a short debate about this. What is the better there's two arguments to make here? one is on the substance of the bill. What the bill would do and We know that is unpopular because the House bill, which is essentially the same bill right, say same, should burger different bun, ah is to be no holes like eighteen percent, is the least popular piece of legislation that I've ever seen in my book. So there's a substance, but there is also the process right done in secret
thirteen man, no debate, meeting, with lobbyists. Scene of centre. Rakowski today was asked what she said about the Bell and she said she had seen because she wasn't a lobbyist as that which ricotta was talking to the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, all the big corporations will benefit, and not even his own colleagues, so heavy tat. You should balance the process for substance argument. Will and for here's an interesting thing, and you are probably better at this than I am, but it's actually the way that they're going about. This is really unusual. I mean doing this this budget process through reconciliation roars, so They need a simple majority to pass it, and so the real, begins, can lose up to two senators and because my pen, The Thai breaker still pass this bell, and that's. That is the part that almost the most offensive to me that this is
they don't. This is something that should require a greater majority. Then you know losing tooth to Republicans I mean even fur, like I thinking the process. First substance argument: we should the process will argue as the right argument for Senate Democrats to make over the last month as we did. Not the substance Weiss right, so there is nothing to do which was by design from which Mcconnell, who is not a good person. Publicly by. He is a smart person and it was a fairly evil plan. I have often refer to Paul Ryan as an incompetent. Fuck stick, but Miss Mercato is not that he is dangerously. Competent and but now that we know what the bill is right, we have to argue how it impacts people. How particularly in packs the senators this specific energy we are target who we may have a shot of upping. So let's take Shelly more capital from us. For instance, short. She is also not seeing the bell till this morning. The
your genius stated depends a lot on Medicaid. It's a state that has suffered tragically through the open up your an epidemic, yet her state would be devastated. Her constituents will be devastated by these medicate cuts. It's not. This is not a theoretical exercise. There were people must Virginia who have voted for showing more capital, whose taxpayers, who tax dollars, pay her sorry will die if this bill passes. I mean any that sounds hyper, elegant and dramatic, but it is a actual facts and into for her or Rob men so more situation for those people to vote for them so that they will, because they were afraid of trumps, twitter, account, some bright bird headlines earth the wrath of insane Sharm Hannity ran is deeply worrying for democracy. Absolutely I mean I saw something-
other day that in South West Ohio, ten thousand people we'll die this year from opiate overdose- how I mean. On the one hand, I think that those centres have to actually reveal how bad their states are they to be really listen say we cannot vote for this bill because your neighbour, you're gonna die. You know this. Everyone on this street, is going to lose any sort of support or no rehab or anything that they that they get from Medicaid hospitals and all that, and so I don't I mean if you were, then what would you do? What would you say? How would you if you knew in your heart, how can Portman not know in his heart he can't vote for this house? you. How do you thread that, needle with your supporters who voted for Trump and think and thought that they Gonna help him dispel, does not help them, and so you know the really sort of way
dark side of me. I was talking to some of my girlfriends yesterday. Unlike let them let the Republicans walk off a cliff let American see exactly what the fuck they voted for an. But that's I mean that's so full, because so many people are gonna be hurt. People who voted for Trump and people who didn't vote for trump because they actually voted for when who gave no material details are during his campaign of what he was actually gonna do accept, make Amerika great again, you know I very wary of people their sort of two threads. Of Sir discussion among programme says among people on twitter that I find disturbing one is: Trumps, voters, who are the ones will be most most affected by these cuts. The trumps voters deserve this because they voted for trap. That is eight. In my view.
Horrendous adds deeply hurtful way to think about life like no one. No one does Ursus. I don't care who you voted for on a care. What you do in your life. You do not deserve to lose healthcare oddly. Full stop. Second, is politically. If we let them do, this will be able to take back the house, and maybe the Senate, that may actually be true, but the whole point of having house in the Senate is so you can do things like pass healthier for every american ends What's the point in doing any of this, if you're willing to let people get hurt so that we gain political advantage, and I dont think I do not enough centres. Humour was very clear on this: Other Democrats do or wanted to everything they can to stop this and that's right, but there is no silver lining to this passing. It's just bad. It just about any no part of me. I look in a year only getting emails from the DE triple c in the Dnc about this, I almost wish
that everyone would just like give the reins to Cecile Richards, because I think this is the most effective messenger and like she is deeply passionate. The no way she talks about what this bill is gonna. Do I just think that the see that plan parenthood is really sort of the most you no honest man Ginger on this, even of course you say the word plan parenthood and people recoil, but one thing that I heard this morning- and I don't know if you heard it- is that this weekend is going to be doing Die weekend. That's what Democrats or planning I don't. That means yet, but I I I sought on Twitter on my way here. What did it must be true speech I mean, do or die it's that's like I mean us, bold messaging, well, interesting in listening and her Schumacher on the Monday podcast, where he you know, Tommy and love it sort of pushed him on what
they would do. This idea has been floated by indivisible a group that Passive America works closely with Schofield Buster by amendment where they would put up essentially ten thousand amendments to slow this down, because both we gotta take us in stages right, we have to go. One should be to get to the July fourth recess. What we need We too have allowed me some time for the for the american people in a considered city senators to understand. What's about to happen, because people are busy they're, not reading twitter. Every two seconds like us are watching cable news, although I mean they are down, to purchase a week, but other than that I for these things, and so and so the she was what would you you know, she was. Would you do this from us remember, and he said he did not commit to it by he did say Senator Democrats do everything they pass. Could in the reason he did not comment is it was not clear their Mcconnell could just change the rules and, just after the first amendment, just change the rules in force it to vote, which is where
where we get into your handmaids tale analogy which is like this is not how the process is supposed to work and what you sort of realise in washing house, up is conducted himself. How much Mcconnell was conducted himself. Is that functioning democratic process, as we know it, is not embodied in law or in the constitution. It depends upon both parties who may fiercely disagree with each other, but both of them, believing in a set of democratic norms, about the way The value of public input about the value of transparency, about allowing the pub to have a say in what's happening, and if one of those parties, in this case republican Party, decisive,
the val all those norms we get to a place where it doesn't feel like leg, mates, technically democracy, in the sense that these people were elected but they're. Not this is an american democracy. It is we basically we have an election and then we live in a closet, our state for until the next election and I mean that is what is it like there that are so much at stake here? I think, be I'm just healthcare, which is critically important as if this is about to happen. This is how every piece of legislation will be passed going forward and that's not good now and the thing that I would say I think I might have even said this on the pod before so. Forgive me, but there is something so unkind. It's almost like it's like Donald Trump, never ended the campaign and became president of all Americans. You know they mean, and so when brought- Obama became president. We didn't role
into the White House and just like, starts Skeet shooting and just kill everything? George Bush did on principle. There was like thoughtful discussion. And I just don't understand how I mean and based on the fact that this came out this morning and Donald from had like ten tweets that we're just utterly fucking insane, almost none which had anything to do with health care. But could you Jane, you know, ten, years ago, whenever it was that we were doing the ace yea, there were meetings in protest, gave speeches and we did town halls and we heard from people and this lake this is like some sort of like fight club poker game where all in the basement, just like whittling stuff and smoking cigars and like throwing darts at a wall and being like yeah, this is gonna work. I mean it's, it's it's just really sad. It's very sad- and you know I think and fight for you may remember this better than I do, but didn't the affordable care
have something like two hundred amendments yes and took it me marker process more than two dozen amendments from Republicans were included about, and we had who live on camera. In addition to all the hearings, all the debate asking the house in the Senate twice with debate around both times, the president also went to the House Republic in tree. Oh right. Yes, I've had a wife on television debate with House Republicans about the healthier bell. I would note that he wiped the floor with them that weathers Russia, and then we had an all day broadcast live. I've on C Span Healthcare summit with the president, the democratic leadership, the republican leadership to debate Now I mean all the world to see. I will say that if you recall what in that it did look sort of like the Lee
fun time that ever happened, but at least we did it. It was who is based glee. A now in our awkward thanksgiving dinner for people like each other that much it's true, and you know now. I guess I just you know for the Republicans who actually indeed Word that whole process. I guess I don't how they can abide by this process. Like how how they think that it is patriotically or actually the best for their constituents. I mean: did the things in this biller crazy, it's so distant because I am, I may come office quite cynical by and I may be, but I do we are I'd want to believe that down deep that most of the people involved in politics, not all not Donald Trump, perhaps not safe, bet it, and so the damage Mcconnell. But
most generally want to do the right thing, you're under a lot of political pressure. There is if you just agreements, are what the right thing is, but you basically want to do the right thing for people. This really makes you question that the author of applicants, because even if you believe it is a totally legitimate position to believe that Obama care should be changed dramatically right, like any. We all agree should be improved, but if Europe is that it be changed dramatically and that we should take a different approach to healthcare, this country there is awaited. Do that that is thoughtful and respectful and compassionate people now I even I may find my disagree with the policy outcomes they come with, but it would be a process not to summer, for when we went with a bomb here you would have hearings, he would talk to people. You would meet with the people affected by a bomb care. You would tell how halls your constituents ask them what they think you would.
Allow there to be a public debate. Maybe you didn't even have a day long summit of the Blair House yet, but this is not that process this, is a legislative carjack that is happening right before us and the only we can do is the thing that you brought up, which is you the list of the senators we will treat those out again. Our targets. If you live in those states, call them email them. Tweeted them go peacefully protest in, Office, yet on the off chance they will allow themselves to be seen in public this weekend show of their events. This is it this is perhaps we missed. This may be the most important point of the term presidency for, however long this attitude is, is the thing that will have the most impact on the most Americans and we have seven days to try to defeat it and that's enough
the ballgame right there. I guess you know some of my favorite town halls have been the ones where people aren't screaming and yelling. They just hold up signs that disagree. I mean anything basically at this point like really just can't imagine that this is going to happen next week and that so many but, like you said, I mean we're like hyper alert. You know we sitting here waiting this morning. You know I got the between you and my hubs. I got like you know the breaking news, it was coming up the build that it was happening. I opened up the hundred and forty two page document and try reading. It then release it wasn't a lawyer, and I just put that to the side for now, but There are so many people who are busy with their everyday jobs. The end there, the very people HU? This bill would impact who, who might not know about it until too late? and so you know. I hope that the the Dnc and every organisation out their takes the time tonight
send you know crazy, fundraising emails, but to just send people the bullet points of this building, They need to know, and you know I thats. I guess that's the best- that we can hope for that. In some good, honest protesting this weekend, Northwood next week will either be the darkest week of the czech presidency to date, for the most helpful wake, add what happens now then what will decide that dont know saga? Very that's very earnest have made, but I actually mean it. Don't you don't you feel if we have to take all of next week off from work and just like hit the ground? Many. The people who I work with listen to spark asked and I will be fighting unmarried, did my off hours after four. This is pod. Save America stick around. This is great. I'm coming was a great stuff buzzing Work has brought you buy square space lover you hankering to make your next move. You feel, like you, wanna, making next website making
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You're going to get a good night, Sleep Senator capital, but maybe you could try it's a paradise cheats, but I think it probably also need to take a benadryl or something I'd also say that parachute has great towels they're soft they're huge, They enveloping like a like a war. Blankets inherit all over with a stop to visit, parentage, uniform dotcom, slash, crooked, a free ship In return smell, you favour short ads. What higher issued on dot com slash Crooked parachute offers a sixteen I trial. So if you don't love it just send it back. No questions asked all right, moving from one dark topic to the next, the real hopeful bike out, Georgia, six, did you watch the results commander, you off being a celebrity bestselling author Sal Event honest. I was off behind a celebrity best selling author
see handler- and I were at the last books to allay doing an event, and we got the text, right before we went on that he had lost and sort of like you know as in the landslide but he'd sort of lost handily I I did diet watch the results on television that they would normally do, which is wash normal person. Television, then just main line political twitter, so I was watching casual on Hulu is again to pay. No attention was happening in ingests, getting darker and darker, and I liked I've got my hopes up a couple seems most notably the twenty six new presidential election, and so I went into this very low expectations, just sort of watching the atmospheric surround the race suggested that if the election had been ten days ago,
Us off might have one, but it clearly Republicans were coming home at the end and it was in a republican district and now the thing that visit it's a tough loss to couple thinks about this evening, has it cost fifty million dollars? yes, it was a tough and very expensive law. Still dollars per vote. That's kind of a bargain right, I guess so too takes the people have on this one. Tough loss but there's seventies, districts that are more democratic than Georgia, six as Democrats of reforming, so we shouldn't be dark, the other one is whenever gonna fucking winter race. Where are you so here's the thing. I'm gonna be really real right now and I didn't really ever think he was gonna win. I think that for me on election I and twenty- sixteen watching you know my alma mater. You know Dean, County, Madison, Wisconsin. What
Hilary you know, underperformed, like thirty per cent of white Brok Obama had done my Who is that we ve got a leg bunker down those battleground states in the expansion states are just there. We shouldn't be too hopeful. We should we should just bring our own chickens back home to roost and you know and also, I guess you know. If you are looking at that horrible woman that he ran against, I mean If you didn't listen to her talk, but you just saw her picture, she kind of, like MRS Garrett, from the facts of life and your leg. He's not that repulsive. No, she doesn't look mean but now I mean I would love for the Democrats to win, but I don't really I'm not super disappointed. I don't really know that this was our moment. This wasn't the bellwether I've concerned about the fact that we have a one in a long time:
Even though I know in my head that this was a very tough race and that in if you go back to when us off did not get to fifty in the run off, everyone said it is: can we almost impossible from no one run off goes to the digital district and then Trump self immolated a hundred times in a house were passed. The horrendous healthcare Balin than I thought he had a chance, but it sort of reverted to the mean of the best. A Democrat can do in the district may be, at least in the current environment. Maybe forty eight points Gazette within results must be central. Fifty two forty eight I ask you a question: did you see I didn't see Bernie anywhere, did you see Bernie? Did he endorse hammer? Did they do not want Bernice endorsement? He I they did not campaign with them. Originally, there is a bit of a kerfuffle because Bernie was asked if this was months ago of us off as a progressive, and he said I dont know, and many people took that as
a sort of dissing ass? I took that as burning logic, not knowing the answer and not one to say, summons progressive. Who definitely was. I think you got the sense that it was not an intentional dig, but the burning raises a question which, perhaps the one of the more dismaying parts or annoying parts of the election other than losing an important halsey? Why as seeing that the immediate reaction from Democrats was this: a rehash of the twenty sixteen primary with the Bernie people, having a very strong opinion that this is all about the day and see and clinical management class and not be want to be progressive and click. Operatives arguing back against the bird people about how you have to win, and these more republican districts any act like I say we have bigger problems. People
as you Know- and I was over it's like I kind of you know if you go back. However, many years I mean people like with it, back to the fact that we already have a leader of the party right now I mean it its protest. I mean it's importers Obama. Forty four, I would guess, but he's you know, he's living as best life and People aren't really so hot necessarily to be with Hilary and burn he is bar, is currently very high, but he's gonna do so. It's like really, when you think about it, there is no real celebrity. There is no there. Is no Savior right. Who's gonna come in and just pull it altogether, and that's why I am I I was too to my ladys of the women's March this morning and this right, we the next two years, and specifically the next seven days, are a hundred per cent about the grass roots and, like self organizing, that's exactly right, and you know I think what is frustrating about the rehashing of twenty sixteen
primary is both sides are right and both sides are also wrong. It she's not in either or right. There is, I think, the Bernie people are right that that a strong economic populist Candidate, can do very well and Sundays republican districts right they can separate. You can get back some of the Obama Trump voters, so that is true, but it is also true that we need to have strategies that are specific to the district and, like one of the arguments was well, you just had a more vigorous. Katy would have higher turn out that not why we lost Georgia, six New Georgia, six is republican district and everyone turned out. Turnout was through the
the problem was there were more Republicans, Democrats and the Republic Democrats for now, they're Republicans turned out and if we are going to take back the house to take a gerrymandered house right, this is not just about who's. Gonna get more votes across the country in a jury. Mentored housework we'd need o bomber voters who won, tromp devote for democratic democrats. We need Romney voters who voted for clinic, as it only tromp to vote for irrational Democrat, and if we dig through the numbers MIKE is Georgia. Your the raw meat, as some of the Romney Clinton voters voted for, handle over us off right and we're going to need, Democrats who sat out two thousand and sixteen to vote in twenty eighteen with you. All of those things in the mix is going to be different by district, and so there is a a narrow path to take him back. The house. It is achievable, we're gonna have to get better at all elements of it, and I think it is fair to say that
the Republicans from a data and feel perspective, have narrowed the gap significantly with Democrats from where we weren't twenty twelve. Can we talk about something? That's a little happy for a minute. Louis my all this is my new boyfriend Randy Bryce a k, a iron stash in Wisconsin, who is running against Paul Ryan. Yes, he, if you are not following him on Twitter, follow him. He needs to be on the pod like a sap, but I, sitting in bad breeding twitter? and I was like two nights ago and I found his ad, and it was the most emotional like beauty. Lee done add and he is Actually, I want everyone to watch his adds because he and follow him and see what he has to say, because he is Sadly, what you're talking about? He is a different. Can it a different race. You know in Wisconsin and probably you know he made
Be so liberal that you know it Bernie would endorse them, doesn't mean that he is not a phenomenal candidate. Could really do great things for that that district, so anyway, he gave me hope, because I would like if people like this are going around, maybe you'll be ok. I cannot remember who wrote this, but I was I sought on Twitter is from our thinking. You're amazing story, so I apologise to ever. Actually it is said that he was the physical embodiment of replacing this aggravate. Yes, every single one darling in county born. I've been, it is like the whole. The whole thing he's everything the reason to believe there. You go all right coming up next, we have house minority leader, Nancy policy. Dad I'm here I was here for the end of the conversation. Yeah right, love it here, for this, but not for my book event one month ago, dark? We will miss you
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there wasn't your idea. Was it but it was your idea not to mention it to the person sitting. Fourteen inches your left in my head, I was like when I had friends the cash I used the cash and I want to hear the resolution. I don't wanna get around. You and hijacked people were detained, megaphone, hey, maybe Tommy gettin me five bucks for being like a shitty friend with the cash app and of ad on the pod. Today we have leader Nancy Pelosi. Thank you for joining us, my pleasure let's get into it. The Senate bill is finally loose. It is in the wilds. Obviously had been it in under them section of lobbyists and admission colonel until this morning, but it is free. What is your reaction to the bill Nightingale working grass supervision for building up against the wall and see what happened, but it is them cool.
The children, another living thing- and I am my friend direction, are now with some of the leaders in the Senate having a press conference about it right now, a big time means- and that was voting of the president of the House bill. The president said that Europe is still have heart and see what that so far. The working draft is heartless. It still does it make people pay more for your benefit, a hazard, an aged had with you. If you fifty or sixty four, you pay my five times more and undermine those a medic here. It throws millions of people off of care and it takes away natural benefits and leaves it up to the state pension pilot style, but none the less The fact is no guarantee you having it looks like there. They gonna ran headlong into the math problem of the
One thing that was sacrosanct between the house by the Senate bill was the elimination of taxes on the rich. And once you decide that you need to make those cuts in the bill, then you're left with figuring out just how exactly to distribute benefit cuts to the poor and the middle class. Well, it is first of all, though, understand whatever they do. It will be a tax bill, disguise the healthcare bill and ultimately you know this is a good point. It out try to get a good bit where they can grow. And the cpu we're talking too much pressure to try to get it evaluated in the way that is both benign. As the leader tumor said, a wharf and cheaper clothing were true in horror stirred the ebony others. You know the magazine
as they will end Trojan horses. They met in this war. The sheep label then make changes in order to get the boat, and we think they go further to the right. The while it may have some little appeal like they throw a few crumbs, dramatic cave in the beginning. They kill the state. Failure to meet the needs of people in the longer term. I dont want to say anything that profane your presence, but I will let you know that we referring to it as same shit, burger different bun,
I like it. I, like everybody, understands that very well worked out that, with the carcass of you had a protest. We don't we pulled it with the wood Bela producer in real time. He's nodding her pussy. Obviously this will this bill will go through a bunch of changes, but the arm twisting that that speaker, Ryan in a bumbling fashion, went through to get the spell pass in the first place. You know end up in a lot of pain with a lot of changes. Do you think the plan in this form could get through the house? Should we be worried about a swift passage? We should be worried about it, but I as a possibility likelihood well. It may be in the next couple of days, what were hearing as their many
you're not going to be for this bill now what changes they make between this week and next week, you're obviously remains to be seen, but they could pass it Wednesday, Thursday and then send it over to us and that's what we're being were preparing for the worst case scenario, Mr David, if they pass the bill and it becomes law, is a killer for them. Does it what it does to the american people, and some people say that you should go it happened. It assures the winning of the Senate and the house, but we don't want to do that, and american people we rather have uniform correct in effect, then have that damage the miracle people for an electoral benefit. Having said that, they'd have to be an exemplary pat knows. What I am hearing is that which Mcconnell he's a pro not gonna, take up a bill that he doesn't have. The vote on Wednesday doesn't care if he has the boat. When I get this off the table,
they could do. What is their life worth? It is in their dna. Is their Northstar give tax breaks through the riches they move on to the Acta attacked bill? Is their purpose, the rest of this campaign leader policy? What? What should people listening bright now do if they are worried about the they'll passing affair word about tens of billions people losing health care. How can they get involved today and stop this monstrosity from happening? Thank you very much for asking can do is call a friend who lives in a Republican. Did they represented by a republican senator if they don't they live in California, in New York or something we have one automatic, the traditional one car. All your friends call a republican senator. It's really important that they hear from their birth with joy, the electorate, it's very simple
that day, nothing is more eloquent to a senator remember of Congress, any other, then the voice of his or her own constituents and that's what tapping massively by the outside social media and the rest around the country are calling into those senators. They have to hear the drumbeat. If you live in one of those states call in you don't call a friend in one of the would represent Byron. Having to call the Republican now, at the same time, the grassroots social me they're, calling members of the house to because of what you brought up earlier this baby. This thing shall we say, hamburger by another name, combat over weren't? You already lost the message I normal don't get any repetition. Forget it. We all rejected. Pathetically generally here, but let us say that that
Mcconnell these in the most prolific evil. Leader, I and send a history gets this thing through what Do how can democrats ensure that this is the defining issue of the twenty eight elections, because Trump ran on repealing Obamacare? This was entirely predictable, but the election was about. Maurice emails and whatever frivolous nonsense was in the newspaper that day. How do we help Democrats and Everyone voting understand the stakes of what's happening here, what happened but what it we have to do is focused on it and what it means in the lives of people and not focus on him, but an item we're focusing on him we're not focusing on what this means in the lives of people and that's really. What is victory was in November is yet people talking about him the whole time and then about her emails about his comments on that issue is about him and I think now and then some of his people are still is here. Geographer friend was vote
eating a jerk, Yoyo emotive, couldn't tell them that they were dating a jerk. You had a shell the way you know somebody with a jerk wooden act. This way, while I think that some people just less their hearts and with all due respect for their concerns and how they see their interests, and I respect that they still when I give him a chance, and so we thought about him about them as about this healthcare bill and is very damaging to them is hard to exaggerate. But if you understand that is only about the biggest transfer of wealth in our countries, history, Robin Hood in reverse, hundreds of billions of dollars going from the middle class and those who aspire to it.
Well, these people in our country is just an excuse and that's why they had to do it the first before they do the tax bill. They need that nearly trillion dollars out of the healthcare bill in order to what they do. Their tax breaks for the rich. The focus on the bill gonna cost you more to get less. If you fifty to sixty four you're gonna pay almost five times more for your healthcare undermine Medicare ends of milk. I dont know how many obey, but millions and millions of people will lose their healthcare and the essential benefits will be gone, including including no matter. What they say, including pre, existing average for pre existing switching gear. So we have this. Election in Georgia and obviously has been a lot of conversation about it. What lessons? Do you learn from our failure to win both in Georgia and its half carolina in these special actions on? I don't see it that way.
We made enormous progress? We of course want to win in Georgia that caught fire throughout the country the more donors all over the country were sending in support for John or something it was a wonderful candid. He had a great campaign, it's a very difficult district, damned thing in South Carolina, a great run, but a very the numbers in the district by gravity. None of these district- none, but not only the two, but the other were Kansas in Montana would have been our when our priority list of districts to go into the wind, the twenty four that we need to take back the Congress. They were districts by the President, a shore winners where the Republican, when he appointed a cabinet officers, it wouldn't be the letting people from my district that he could with they couldn't win, though. But it's important to note that in
Those were district. There was a change of over seventy percent. Twenty five points difference in Kansas. Twenty point here, fifteen points, therefore over seventy percent. At translates into many see these members. They may celebrate that victory, nor for them, but they had they know they see the truth there, which is their all in trouble, because if somebody with a twenty I point lead or thirty one point leave can be reduced down to a fixed point led then these district narrower and play, but what it once was.
They did they that this means there, like eighty heavy way in light of how we reduce their margins in these district, though no we want were had to win it. There's no no question about that, but the fact is that they can and pains were good. They utilise the resources available to them. If there's a lesson, it's not even a new lesson, but is that we have to address the redistricting calendar we're doing that, but they are a colder Terry Mccullough Finance policy, working together, the structure to address boaters suppression and restricting so that we can win some of these cases before a team. But Sir, before twenty, twenty, all of which relate to redistricting in terms of winning the Congress in the Senate, but the state health governorship, eight legislative with diamonds. Really fair that that the conversation on cable on twitter about these elections, then it deserves some way- is very frustrating. I we agree that redistricting, so important and retraining
I called her on the path to talk about it. So if he's listening of his team is listening, we still. Let me have you, Sir I'm listening very closely, and I certainly convey your meant that a hamburger I think, you're right, Georgia, Montana South Carolina Kansas. These are not places, as might have reduced rate misery, one right, but these are tight. Tough basis for us in the answer of how and why we lost as complicated, I think, a fair assessment of the Jordan six, despite the money that is, It's a serious appeal battle with the partisan breakdown os There's an imperfect candidate for the district, a great guy, smart, impressive, bright future. But you know when you don't live in there. But there are some Democrats you think like, after twenty? Sixteen we have a tarnish brand TIM Ryan said it was worse than Trump. Do you think, that's fair anything Democrat We need to do something to fix our brand or or we focus
on economic issues or or I don't know, what do you think we should be doing? I might have said he was talking about the economic message. Her numbers were ballot. Read I thought when it's time that other thing him, am I talking about her, but I mean just the conversation became more about him than her economic message right about one thing: the kind of change of other things that we now call me this that the other, but in terms of of upon this is a whole. Yet this is this turn in oh five and six, I read and I made a plan. Told us you can't possibly when the permit republican majority, in spite of the war in Iraq, the presidencies that fifty eight percent in January of all five we didn't, except that we made a plan b, took his numbers down the thirty eight making the differentiation fighting him, one on advertising social, Thirdly, in the rest of that- and we want now with this- we have the present already in the high thirty's will ease.
Already self emulating, but not to take anything for granted it. It's hard histories on her side. They won when Clinton one. We want ocean the White House, they want with a bomb in the way that we have that opportunity, but it takes the teacher well planned and what we're going to now in our cocky, among without democratic policy in communications committee, came Jeffrey. Jerry boost chosen, Davidson Fellini, they are listening to members. Pudding again are the priorities of the message working with the Senate. To do so. If I just wrote down what I think the economic message should be in the lead role, within two or three months ago. That would be a real reflection of what the members have as priorities from their district. I could have done that people feel they have a mess. We always had a message. It was a question of how well we conveyed it and how we convinced
But our message is always been about differentiating between us and them working families in our country and always is Shelly fifty seven to forty one who cares about the middle class, the Democrat, but we walk the walk we didn't talk the talk enough, but we know who we are because the question of prioritizing the maid we had many shall we say priorities, but you after narrow them- and you had to agree on that night- how we want to fight on healthcare we just tested are our language. We then changed her our priorities, which is tested what language worth that you pay more get less h, Tech, Medicare and forty three million people off of it, and it was a killer message in particular message that republic to oppose the bill were using her talking. First of all, I dont think that members of a party should pick up
criticism of the party leadership that the other side's everybody who in the leadership knows you become a target. As I said in my press coverage this morning, I had heard over a hundred million dollars spent again demonizing me and my city, which I love as I'm an early supporter of the I evolution took place very early in terms of equality in the red and they ve always late. Show me that way and try to use that, but you know be that as it may, they spent over a hundred against me. Hundreds of millions were spent or Paul Ryan when he ran with Mitt Romney Candide for Vice president, all that exposure, an introduction to the public the numbers, are no better than might read a book called a pyrrhic victory, in terms of differentiating from Republicans it's not just well over against what were for. I think there has been a really important and lively debate about health care inside of the demo
at a party and using that kind of a range of views. There's been a new push, Democrats to embrace single pair, and we see some potential, twenty twenty candidates. Talking about that, we had Senator Chris Murphy on the podcasting. He talked about believing that Medicare for all should be accessible. That people should be able to buy into it at some former republic option. Then we seen what kind of people more cost simply talking about defending the gains, of Obamacare. Where do you find that debate, but there can, and with each other, as I my own state of California, which was voted for a payer, you can't get there from here without the affordable care act, you kid there has been a rise that it ever was reaching out, but you can't get there because you know what it costs: money and there's money in the affordable care, a carrot or care in California.
The major costs for hundred billion dollars a year to do this and ere you get over two hundred million of that billions of that from the affordable care at the word against the rent. But you happy you can't buy just me borrow your level to can't tingle all over the over the affordable care act and then, we want things appear now you ve got it. Bans will protect. The thing right before will correct and that's a pat, no eyes. Oh, actually, I'm glad to hear Chris Murphy said because we had one of the proposals. Affordable care carriage was Medicare. Fifty and over tat you could buy into it. It lost by one vote, a tender from that you do not need to remind us here about what our Liebermann did to that bill. I honour They can't waste your time with me ranting about this again I'll, try. We agree to it Part of that is that all
they all journal couples is enough of a progressive, because it we're trying to win win all represent the same district. Maybe even people whom we love and admire Heather. Thinking of olive oil and subjects, I says that when you, what the possibilities but it is not. We will start. Have you will write her? No healthcare system. We do single parent saved the most money. It is no administrative caused you to prove anything. Nor to do is show up. We had a public option, we do have it in their portable care
with stronger in the house, have got in the public option now if states would adopt public options all over the country. This could lead in the states of the laboratories for something this big. Then it could lead to single pears and there they will pay in their state and also again laboratories for what we could do at the national level. I went carrying size for single parent long before within Congress and so on with the programme as a response to that for years and years. But the fact is the reality was there we got. I think I have dealt with better, but nonetheless the bill that we had a great great but twenty over twenty million people have access to care. No longer you being a woman is a pre existing medical condition, no life. I'm limit or even annual limit on a coverage that you have. Kids can sell your brother until it for your positive
twenty six years old, if you wish they wish and hear issue of resisting medical medical conditions which effect over a hundred and twenty million people in our country. All families are affected by breakfasting medical condition and so said. Today, to make it optional to the state is real and then to say: oh no upsetting it is destined misrepresentation but again to take it to your point. This is the path to whatever people want to do that. We had a fundamentally over hundred twenty five hundred fifty million people in the country of healthcare through their employer and that delays, but all of those people benefits they cost of affordable Kara rim, leader policy, you will always be speaker to us. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for all. You did for President Obama may that description at the balance on the phone with with her It wasn't as a louder. The first woman
various Speaker, very Tibet, languidly John loved dead. I want a flag that, and look at Rome is pregnant. I won't say whenever I want to say I don't even think going all over the place and is it as a former constituent. Thank you for all. You differs amateurs go, I think. Maybe we should consider Annexes Saucily, just think about it and get back to normal thought of well to be continued. Thank you very much. I know Erika were conversation about. Thank you two leaders last speaker, Nancy Policy for joining us on a pike has today. That's it So thanks to elicit masher Monica jump in as an army ass test. We love Alyssa Puzzle because mark on politics is bringing profanity, it's? U senior leadership. So we should think about this. Honestly, I think it's fine, we'll get
of sound, gives yet again, no one can stop. The outlook is his job at Europe like, let's get out of here, you could change over even of energy, the operator each other, but one thing we made a little joke about training and John. Let's do something else, John, let's make it by Serb Kazanovitch honeymoon area about which John today, just kidding they actually do need you it's a mess and that's it by spy.
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