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Irma portends the effects of climate change, the press heralds Trump as an independent dealmaker, and Bannon goes to war with Republicans. Then Erin Ryan joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to talk about Hillary Clinton's new book, What Happened.

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And later we'll talk to the host of cricket media's pod, save the people directly cousin guys it's Hillary Clinton day. We are going to chap of my to interview Hillary Clinton, to the woods to the woods love it has been asking for this. Since the day we and this podcast I'd well. It felt inevitable begging for ok, let's go scandal that every month and one in order to this view keeping items. We still have some tickets love for our target, a crooked dot complex toward by some and We are adding a live taping of love it or leave it right after pod, save America in Madison Wisconsin on October, fifth, okay, now units for basically not gonna, leave until poorer, and parts of the world the sweet Tommy tax to a Republican from Texas congressmen will hurt. The CIA officer served in Afghanistan now making laws I'm done interviews, I can't tell you I went, but I bet it's gonna take
No about Republicans Congress tomorrow. He's writing. I did I was listening. Has many for my turn to talk if a great information and what happens here, I'm positive American. Let's begin with Hurricane Irma, another matter historic storm is, thankfully weaken from category. Forty were category one hurricane as it makes its way at the floor to coast at least four deaths reported in Florida, twenty seven dead in the Caribbean and almost six million people in Florida. Without power, storm searches and flooding, or still a threat, although in Florida from Miami Naples far North is Georgia, so they This was an is damaging, as was first predicted to be, but on the heels of Harvey and with Hurricane Jose, not far behind once like about the role of climate change, since not nearly enough not appropriate in them- were not allowed to talk causing an eye on our part. Not so let us get it I added now, but it is also important not to talk about it later. There is never a good time is just divisive. So this is what Scott
through it, who is our administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has said that it is not appropriate to tackle it. I'm a change is a little bit like when Republican say it's not the time to talk about guns, safety after a school. Exactly now we're doing this on climate Libias, if, like after, like fifty people, got equalize from AAA that the head of the FDA was like. Now is not the time for talking food safety. We each report lay regularly hear crooked meteorological louder. I honestly was away with the other. It was a boon for me because I went right in and there would have been online. They were given a burritos lava right was either aside for this needs. Gardelle love, it was eating. Tycho, Belpher, breakfast a triple were opened on the street, and now he had some trouble. A document dated aka there. Peace. Recently, though, that the EPA now has a guy, a political staffer whose like sold obviously go through research grants, monitoring them for the double seaward climate change they ve,
events like epithet over there at EPA, they that's how far from logic and reason we ve gotten into this ministration its head couldn't be deepened and some sensible Republicans either publican. Mayor of my Miami disagreed with private said. If this is in climate change, I dont know what is John Mccain said. Something similar when you asked on Jake Tapir Show, which is the only Sunday show anyway, then mention climate guess. Ramstein pointed out that it's been two weeks since the Trump administration was asked about climate change. Soap, talking point on the right here is while the first point is climate change. Our real. Second, taking a point is climate change doesn't cause bad weather and they have some meteorologists innocent, and so I want to dispense with that. Big as no one is arguing that climate change caused the hurricane
but were arguing. Is the climate change, makes bad weather catastrophic and makes exacerbates the effects of bad weather, unlike hurricanes, it makes that storms more likely and it makes storms worse and that's just try and if sea level rise in place. Miami were storm sort is a huge problem, is even greater. Alright in that- and we talked with us with Harvey, which is the storm surge, was a foot higher in Harvey in Houston than it would have been because of rising sea levels, and warmer temperatures mean that storms will more rain on places this such as these are scientific that you don't have to listen to us. There's this person on Twitter named Donald Trump, who has been endlessly fascinated by the severity of these storms. Who cannot get enough of just how unprecedented the storms have been it's it's obviously, you know he's in addled already says so. He doesn't really make the connection or about ants and independent filmmaker
You know what we're gonna get it it's gonna make. I was wanting to introduce an early hour, another controversial procedure, virtual position, you nobly not. This is one like you, This is also another unique challenge with Donald Trump, because when you're too, getting something crazy. Every day when you're like kicking around NATO or Ealing Rosier Donna, whoever be all these things happen under the radar author eight hour? What's a metaphor I didn't realize you can go under the radar. Various was you could also be off. The radar would lose one Their flying lower, maybe does not in the range of the kind of the scope there. I think we're technic, all these are having an EPA enforcement is lagging or, if not stopping and its exacerbating. This problem I mean yeah and there's no way to get it covered because, like we're talking but early, two weeks without a mention on a Sunday show because
and one side as a position where they d again, and you don't move the press museum because it gets boring. One of the things that are of protects us a little bit is the fact that Donald Trump is so incompetent, because the place where he's been most effective at undermining environmental rules has been the administrative level in these lower level positions that just don't get covered. You know the threatened secretaries and all the rest, but because they ve been so disorganized and bumbling, they have actually been able to do as much damage to the otherwise could have, even though pulling at Paris plus all the rule, writing they're doing at EPA through administration has been devastated, which truly scary. But this is for a long time. It's you know, o liberals are predicting climate change and conservative saves ever gonna happen,
it's here now and it's here in a big way and with storm searches and these hurricanes, destroying suffused in parts a Texas putting my Emmi underwater putting you know, Naples is covered in a mean this is. We now have to do something about this, because it's here and so now, efforts are basically not just focused on mitigation, but adaptation like you, gotta build, see walls and we ve gotta have stronger buildings and flood protection. I was kind of shit and that is a huge infrastructure project on its own. Yes, and it's not gonna get done if we can't focus on well one of the things the trumpet instruction rolled back was rules that accounted for climate change in the building rife buildings, and restructure, grey areas prone to flooding, mind boggling these roll expensive items that are fraught politically that involve a lot of mine share at me with a thing that worries me is like having gone through some natural disasters at Vienna, see in that, MR
There is only so many minutes of the day that your homeland security adviser, or that year, your FEMA director, can spend managing each individual crisis and hardy. Just beginning arm is not even over yet. God knows what could come next to me. It's going to take a lot of time and effort for them to fix this in a lot of money, but perhaps the best encapsulation of conservatism in twenty seventeen was rush limber, locking, eighty that Irma was liberal media hype and then promptly evacuating his palm beach. Alex Jones S, sort of dimmed his terrible star, but it's good, have him back in our crosshairs, because the guy is just a clown, would rush limbo, sunlight broadcasting from was when undisclosed, location- and let us see what liberal load liberalism and I have to say about this conservative drake, is flooding Miami. They sit there where's climate sites on Miami and temper and Saint Peter
World Antella hussy, I'm quoting this deep within nor ad please now safe from the climate disaster conservative drawers, revising your bridges at the end, I ve Alder Cobb Brothers, the gold brothers, conservative trade, yours hands do. You know that was running away. Ass dead in the water I'm going to pick up, I'm so upset these changing climate said that I must attach yet another fundamental patch, my hostages, who is waiting for that, I was going to give growth into its factor affecting only unchanging faster then the rising sea levels is the level of we had coursing through my blood dream for
Is there really? Is those of us who agree- and we regret, where the hell are. You will like it when you do that later. Ok, Donald Trump has been relatively quiet during this latest storm. That is because he is basking the glow of his press coverage, want and need a watch had of late and went about trump. The independent filmmaker. Of headlines over the weekend, his Peter Baker New York Times quote in some ways: Trump is the first independent service president modern times. Here's Robert cost of the Washington Post quote in Spirit Trump. Isn't a democrat Republican he's a free willing, transactional politician who looks for wins? The associated press quote Trump: the independent now in fairness to Peter. He said that he didn't. He didn't intend in Japan,
to mean moderate or centrist, just a trump isn't beholden to the Republican Party. John. You have a well you describe and previewed for us as a counter virtual possess. Well, you you know, I don't know that I am I meditated tonight. You did not yet so here's here's what I thought up you can tell me this contrast. I do want to hyper thrived Deerlike Donald Trump ran as Republican, but in many ways he did run an independent campaign. The issues that were central to his campaign, immigration restrictions and anti trade and just general nationalism would have worked also as an independent bid, and it was running against conservative and republican dogma. I mean he stood on the stage and sister said: George Bush light us into war. You know he attacked a lot of precepts of the public and party and that helped him when a lot of people who are dissatisfied with the relevant parties.
That could have been a platform he used if he had run as an independent. That being said, once once, he was inside of the Republican Party as the nominee he was captured, because its tax plan was deeply conservative. Something Paul Ryan could get behind the healthcare bill. He's is signed on four is something that obviously Paul Ryan image Mcconnell could get behind, so he did run as an independent and in many ways he is independent, but the policy apparatus he built around himself by inertia by who writes previous put him with by allotted, enforces, ended up making him,
govern more, like a traditional Republican and it's actually been something. We talked about a lot that the great risk of Donald Trump was not that he'd come in. Basically, you know that we have trumps temperament and TED crews agenda. The more frightening possibility was that he'd really adhere to what Steve VAT and wants, which is a popular agenda that include big infrastructure proposals and anti trade and anti immigration at any, really hasn't done that. So I was more sympathetic to this version, because only because the first eight months of this administration, his so thoroughly governed, like a you, know, traditional Republican Plus, some race, extra verbal eyes, racism and verbal eyes, anti immigration policy and anti muslim policy that
the fact that he could sit down and make this deal with with shimmer did feel so strange and such a departure. So I guess my view. The articles is not that they are wrong to completely overstated like making one non ideological deal to send. The debt limit by three months does not make him the independent he could have read. That's all so I am going to disagree with you. That was in any way, controversial issue. You don't you You don't have anything, and I think this is instructed in that it, like a sea change in how trumpets covered verse every other president every president, is lashed to their previous positions and gets the crap out of them if they change or divergent anyway. Donald Trump is constantly handed a boy, slight access. The other day reported that he has a chance
for a reset on race, because he was meeting we now need is really was. What are you talking about? You read it and President Transport Charlottesville response with low point of his presidency for some key AIDS now has a chance for reset. At the same time, he's revelling. The adulation for a surprise deal with Democrats, but no it doesn't love. It's you didn't. Let me I mean you know I am. I gonna reason was that he was a meeting with TIM Scott TAT. He was a media, has immediate Gatwick and senator on his schedule, thus the racial Risa, who are that need them. No actual, they would be. My gallant, Jim Band, I come on my but rather than a dynamic so I've been. I think this is again like a reset on foot, raise your meeting with TIM, Skydrive Johnny. You have the line there where he compares to a movie character. It was something like it's a classic storyline the bad
If a guy realises everyone hates him, and so he decides to turn things around by reconciling I'd rattled. This is not the false victory. I hope this what's going on. Right now is false defeat, yeah so having I hope or not, if it into three on time, but classic strike a dumb book, everybody red when they re save the cats. Great words were really helped milieu early homey, succeed Peggy, since we put them in Lebanon, Protect gotta, particularly where the hell are we talking about jumps pivot, ought to raise that in some ways this is back to how trauma was covered in the campaign, because every month, that there was this chance deep inside him, there were just liberal Manhattan Republic in you is modern on all bunch of issues like this. Belied by the fact that his entire election was appealing to the hardest hard right audience he could possibly find here He hates Mcconnell on Paul Ryan doesn't mean that, like this is some new day. So
grew thought that there was a chance during the campaign that Trump could have upset the party in the party structure by going far to the right on the republican parties most far right positions on immigration and train terrorism. And then yeah and then on trade is a fight that and then tat more towards Democrats on issues like he promised to protect Medicare Social Security and Medicaid. He at one point talked about raising taxes on hedge fund people and he talked about trade, trade, protectionism and wherever that fall, so, if you and that's where an infrastructure- and this is where ban and wanted him to go ban in wanting to be his big nationalist this, you know s no nationalist where we kick out emigrants and then we, you know, do others building infrastructure, bullshit and tat. None of that, but the promise Absolutely none of that has happened since he started governing in the only fit the only time he is broken from the republican
pretty well governing the only time is when he it a deal to push a vote on the debt ceiling from three months made months to three months. He literally shorten the timeline for a vote. In those are the articles. We got there's nothing illiberal about that either it's a stupid! The debt ceiling is incredibly stupid. It's not ideologically stupid, adding one one wanting that instructions how all this went down. As there is an important political about the conversation between Mulvaney and Trump on cutting entitlements and terms like I said I wouldn't cuts of security and he then Medicare. Another
because an mulvaney like well, what about disability? It's like welfare mulvaney, leaving out the fact that Social Security, disability insurance and drums like yeah. We can do that, and so a lot of this is because of the people around Trump in a balance not wrong about that right that that a lot of this is because Donald Trump built a republican apparatus. Well, this gets to my other privileges cycle. So what forms trumps views? What is his ideology? He is a dirty old races, Fox NEWS Viewer and that's how he gets his information. A nuisance of either gets it from People he's around himself with and his administration, or he gets it from Foxen friends and thus that how is views come neither question and, as I have a question or that, so all these stories they peace story, the post story, the time story, the Axiom story, whatever happened on cable news as a result of that, though, story setting the narrative Trump Caesar and he really likes it and it's good. It's good for the country.
Donald Trump, seize on television that him. It's good with a country that is now watching morning. Jones had a fox and friends that yes terrify anything. But if I like your dear brother with you, I went on the shore of where we are through the looking glass, the words all relative ray. I look, I don't know I didn't decide to move America Fuckin Saturn. I tried to sound. We all did that's the point of this book. We read what happened by Hillary Clinton available now and but because we're on Saturn, where the rules are different in gravity, is strange in the earth and there's no solid ground beneath us in their wings. Instead of wounds amassing question should we be glad that these reporters are writing these pieces and, if maybe either subconsciously, are consciously sang? Let's try to use the press to to use fuckin Pavlovian responds response to get there to get the Derange poodle in the oval office to kind of whatever you know, sit and sub shitting in the Fucking House. Like is not a good thank you with your eyes,
and as we we forgotten metaphors, their crowd there get present focuses too much on characters in a drama and not enough whereas like when you say that characters in a drama drawn and not enough. I might the larger forces here so in three months or can have a debate and about the dead sailing about the funding. The government dreamers infrastructure, tax reform, whatever it may be, and trump going to have to make or not make some actual deals with caught with policy consequences, and then all of this stuff is gonna go to shit, because if you make some deal to legalise young, undocumented Americans, then great for Chuck and Nancy Great for Democrats great for America and he's gonna get continue to get that great coverage on morning, Joe and stuff like that, but
pals at Foxen friends and on the right they're, not gonna, be so happy look. I don't know that. I asked her if they're happy right now, because it's a deal with no consequences at him. Is it here, my dear mother, that they can look? Events, that's gonna start civil war if we go out next year or get December problems worse, but no, but but you know a little bit Paul Ryan kind of being dragged into a deal that legalise the darker recipients is not the worst outcome for him either right. They want us to go. You know, he's voted against it in the past, but it's not like it's not a core belief. It's a base play, but if trump com I will do what Democrats make an and they can claim some kind of victory. I don't know I don't know we don't know. What's gonna happen, I'm not so sure that Box and the Fox NEWS won't go along on the little on the journey were about to go. That's what I think. I think that foxes like pathetic supplication to Trump is financial and that they will kind of
as we look look look at the loot, OB segment, disk shredding, bridle right the heat that goes a fox business reporter, like throwing principle. You know I just want a lot of businesses watching fuck. Is this because I think they're getting? I don't knobs worried about their? Where did there that's her that I remain in tax matters of war, the supplements on Fox, maybe maybe the people who knew no or on Foxen friends, don't really have much intelligence at all John Hand, he's gonna, be there with him till the end with a bright eyes These can be bright or large. Transcriber will start a war against that delegation were against the current, thereby salute they will get. And right now a ruined hold their fire cuz. It's just a deal about a fuckin vote. So all too early, ok, when we come back, will be talking about Steventon on sixty minutes
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It's like its gave out of leather bladders yeah in order to re order. A glass of wine and your next flight put some ice cubes in it and let that seat recline all the way to go populist, religious so fast, with Senor wine and some surprises you'll exceed banning of messages Nazis, resign dollar. You dare lowered his work to share its rights, exact right now. You're here is this a lovely sweater. I will not be talked in this way. The sweater I it's my senator sweater. It's a sweater. I wear. When I talk to people that, aren't you idiots, and we're back and we're back in joining us is Aaron righted. That's good, I was so surprised you all three were here in New York. I thought I was gonna come into their own drown apart. Of course, here do you guys have like matching? The jam is that you were when you go to bed in hotels on the road they have. Your first initial lake monogrammed Ottawa, who told you that they said now LISA taken there
ok, so we're wondering about Steve Ban and on sixty minutes, did you sit through the entire No, I saw bits and pieces and I saw a gift of the best moment of the video which is where a part of his face moved independently of the rest of his face I've, mostly just kind of red recap of it. It was. He made a few different headlines. Let's start he declared war and the republican establishment and accused Paul Ryan image. Mcconnell trying to nullify the TWAIN. Sixteen election, because they don't want trams, populist economic nationalist agenda to be implemented, call seamen, air. I didn't hear them anything goes wrong He also said something interesting, which is on the first. You got on the first day. He read it out much Mcconnell first day Mitch Mcconnell told him enough with the drain the swamp stuff. I can hire any good lobbyists, basically
man you don't Mitchell Conall is we are directly who we think he it was weird. It was worth a route for Steve Vanden, but in that moment I sort of roots like aliases predator kick. Can we pass on this? For second, does your. He is right that the swamp is a business model and that any mistake generations to drain or whatever the hell they really want to do, but Steve Ban in his profiting as much as anybody else in his entire entity that he runs bright part is funded by billionaire name, Robert Mercer, who is it it will lose a tick who funds all these other things. Like Stephen lives in a house that houses Bright Barton NEWS, he is as much a swamp creature is anyone else. He doesn't pay. When on tv whom the miser so handsome? I think that you still got a swarm creature like getting worse, isn't protected polo under a black schreider a black. I wanted to look there's this website, but let's just heartbeat for once. So he wears I was. I really was formulae so he wears a button. Sure under a button down shirt under a blade under a jack album. All black. So I dont want me all black Jack,
no Johnny cash. Me is you know it's it's as if you the cash at a stroke like halfway getting Well, you know it's interesting, as is the extra shirt by mistakes, Lebanon's actually really skinny and it's all shirt weight, but any of us would like aware over so it takes them about forty five minutes every day to like peal of every single layer of you certainly is coal as a kind of others Get chile bananas like one, not wear a sweater over it. I mean it's sort of like the cautionary tale of the of the Middle aged divorced man. You know like how does this happen? I dont get it and why don't you like his organised? What will happen when you got dress? It feel them little bit like just another fuck you from Steve banning like he's like fuck them, I'm gonna be dressed like a crazy.
Listen yeah. I think that's true, and I also think, but I will say that its dependence little benefit trailblazer in that I feel so nice to be talking about close at a man is wearing as I've close at a woman is wearing so like. Thank you. What event in feminine, let's go after still read its appearance. Wilbur knows I find feeling like very feminists right now. We can make fundamental. I saw you treated, he should drink more water, but so do yes, every time. I see a man like, oh my god, how much money they drank dynamic. I drink, Megan M, ran through the that he puts lipstick on his side because it goes a working in the campaign to work in a way that is like the worst thing you could possibly do for your health. We all watched Brok about my age two decades in eight years, But I've never seen some one look worse for the. Where than seabed anger I genuinely concerned about him, but here's how you doesn't look good when we think about him out there in general. Like is he someone who is successfully, spinning a seven months stint in the White House where he got fired as a success. Are we not
buying it You can only have so many demonstrable apparent failures in a row before it stops looking like airplanes and head of Master Chess game, and it starts looking like you're. Just pretending like you didn't, lose an end like he. I think he's he's kind of at a time I think most people haven't been, I think, would be fair to not be generous and assume that you he's just a loser by you. It is possible that he's got some other tricks up his leave me I mean look. I used to go back and for here you know he is in many ways like a classic sophisticated crank right. He has a whole bunch of arguments. He had a real career before, but then you listen to what he says,
It's like populism will win the day. The questions of his left wing or right wing and all the residents like, ok, there's some true to that goes with all kind of crank. Non sensors, like of colonel of truth. In there and but he's a sophisticated crank elevated because he helped elect a president who did do that end and what he said was they wrote his case for why Trump could we was correct and he was right but like he is right that the central problem, but the problem in a straight line which is just talking about, is that they are. He didn't staff administration with a bunch of Steve balance. He staff it with some Stevens and then some traditional Republicans and then like Wall Street Bankers and soap bands dream on the populace economic side of like in restructure and draining small bend tax reform and all this bullshit isn't getting realized, because Gary Conan Miss Mc Clellan, Paul Reiner there right that,
arriving at a movie and moving of any as a played, a big role in all this, because everything that they ve Ito he's basically been Paul Ryan acolytes inside the ministrations, and it's made it. I think he's a gym, but he you're right that he sounds of escape. He quotes president pork, concise history. Rapid, like he's age call me letter away from writing. Leading them racist, losing campaign in modern history than the most races winning campaign? I think we can remember that what we, I think the origin and would agree that, yes, you and in what happened- and she would say one thing that is remarkable to me, though, is like again like that this sort of only rejecting our press coverage. Things like the fact that he still get away with calling bragging about sexual assault. Just ass locker him talk is like no follow up on the locker him talk, you know just it's just the guy's discussing I agree with you about how about the Chris Christie stuff, like that he was. I know
the access Hollywood tape. That was real test. If you get on the plane afterwards, your part of the team, if not, we know wanna talk anymore yeah. I may well be true and awful. Seems like that was true, terrific yeah! You know it's it's off It is also like at another. Irritating thing about this whole thing is, is how, like I know it's like there's a whole crew of people. In power right now who seem like they're trying to play guys who are bad guys on tv linger. There are like at their play ding a version of what they think. Evil is based on a movie this on the area and it like. Doesn't it's really odd because it's like it's really disingenuous? It feels really free Can we ever talk to somebody who was lake acting like you feel, like you're in a year and a cultural reenactment of like regret, like the back
guys revenge, the nerds, I'm a street fight or are you rights? Have you been in later? He was so excited to call him self, a street fight on a street fight, your your guy. They got some Seinfeld money. You can fuck that with a mercy light because you're not into your Christie point there like that guy was dead to us. He was off the plane. He was never give an important job christmassy now leading our opiate taskforce privately and handed him at these showed no, I love any rails against elites and he's like limousine liberals. Above all, it's like hate. Eddie you're fucking on Wall Street in Hollywood. That was your career geographic areas and lead us as they come also Gorka bad and they, this Obi WAN thing where they like strike me down or become more capacity meddling. You run a fucking blog for racist clean, but as Tommy mentioned alliance with Mercer makes him at least somewhat influential, and private capital and what came out of that in our view, that is most consequential. Is that most
in banning or planning primary challenges to Republicans like Dean Heller, Jeff Flake past bob Corker dirty hands behind their idea, possibly Roger Wicker, Mississippi, currently they're trying to take down Luther strange that didn't even know will know, is like a million feet tall and isn't anything moved their strange. I didn't believe that was a real name of a real hiding either he's he like came directly from Hogwarts. He took time eating position there to like me and now he's getting primary, was either defensive, darker and evaluate the book for Roger workers like how did I get on this list? What it s like tea party puff humming hardy, so I have it I'm struggling with these racist, but I'm sorry the primary challenges, because in the pre trump world I would say excellent above
of moderate or conservative among magazine journey, are being taken down by a bunch of right wing freaks. That's good for Democrats, we're gonna win in this world. I no I dont know if, like Roy more, is the stronger candidate against a Democrat them Luther's strange whoever he may be. I don't I don't know if, like Dean, Heller's challenger is stronger than Dean Heller against every paper, maple because the argument they're going to use against these Republicans are trying to knock off, as they are part of the establishment, their part of the swamp therein, their part of the special interests- and you should know I'm off for a change. I think that's assuming that the level of energy that existed on election day, twenty sixteen is going to be present in twenty eight d in both Europe and among the exact same people. So like that's it that's we became. Game gamble to assume that, like the Trumpian, unlike rally, attendee Maga, hat wearing set, is going to be as fired up in math and I don't think that's gonna be the case. I mean an and cause whatever pulse screwball time, but if you take
like what people, what media people are consuming, what what political publications wet broadcast before watching they MSNBC is killing it because people are mad and fired up on the left leg. Just is how window bombers version office. Fox news is killing it like it's a mid term elections. That's a huge gamble. I just can't see that playing out real. I've seen journey, which is like initiative. My great spend money believe these guys, DR bright eyes, since I have this fear inside me that these more you know you It is somewhat moderate individuals, even when their cowards, like Dean Ehler, seeing them go down like a Jeff going down, we got another, that's a good think the institution. I do things, active moderating of Trump question like is he going to go all in with a bright bar crowd and like primary people? like he's been doing in Nevada, or is he going to get with the programme,
and in like support the carcass. We just don't know yet. I think the bright Bart crowd plays in extremely red districts, though, and if Trump likes national headlines that our fawning he can't align with that crowd, because he's found throughout the first month of his presidency that every time is aligned with them the the papers, the tv shows, talk, shows up to them, and he liked the he likes. The humor bumpy likes getting good press coverage so, like he's, becomes growth shape, the majority of the Euro as a short term about from the human rights that have anyway size in Zaire face staying there. He likes it. He likes good coverage and he was title near the Superbowl.
Sorry, but it but he'll do it he'll do it needs to do to impress the audience? Is that he's in front of at the exact moment? And if he can impress the nation with aligning himself prepared, he's not going to continue to do it you're. Looking, though, what we ve seen the past eight months is that he'll do both for Adele bounce around. I think you're right Hill pivot, one where he'll try to help these people, but he won't be disciplined to fall through. I mean he's already threatened somebody's report. Primacy threat basically threatened you Heller in front of him, but then following through means making people mad to their faces, which is something there in fact, while doing, which is why the on fire guy can't fire some. He can't look. Dairy cows in the eye is discipline just Ivy league theirs. I remember, I feel a little bit about like how were worried about what's gonna come out of his primary is the way we did early in the republican primary, where I remember us talking about this, a lot that it was you know who do we want to face Hilary primary in their job and Marco and crews in some other kind of Hamas
This white faces I've mostly forgotten, and then there was an urgent and then Carson, and then I ran. I remember us talking about this. That, like you know, who do you want to come out of the process and Trump was the wildcard wee wee. There was this back and there is a feeling like. Oh, it will be great if trumped up hill implode, but maybe he won't. We sure we not really now, but we in our minds right, but Rubeus harder than jab and job is harder than crews like that was an easy matter. Do so it's a little bit like kind of different math, but we don't really know what comes out of it, but I do think we're maybe a little bit traumatize and we're not going to make the exact same mistakes and everything else. It still could be another year of e sharing oh year, the taught Aiken legitimate rape guy, the Christine, whoever who was the which are not the witch member that what a year
That is what is neither when they put up those they barely area. Canada, male lost. A Democrats on this Reagan lost because of truth of talking about whatever I can. You remember what was called legitimate rape and then Donald Trump brags about legitimate sexual assaults, and he doesn't that resolutions. Ok, this brings us to Hillary Clinton and her book. What happened, which we interviewing her about a couple hours Erin. You read the book as you're dead you wrote review already. I did read or feel already somehow I was in raising the three of us. Basically jihadism finish: the booklet loudest leave us getting through a book over the weekend. We're like this tweet is so long. I carefully along its taking me to reduce tweet Raillery Clinton. I never nutria could be this long guides Edward. You think I thought you know. I was of a few minds of it on it. First of all, it wasn't a bad
It's bad! It's like parts of it are like really funny in a way that kind of dead, Van and leg out. That's that's actually really funny when she's, like writing about her staffers fighting over hot sauce brands and like when she's kind of dead panting how she is there a day it was like actually funny. In just over the inaugural inches like I wish I was anywhere, but here Polly Bali's, HANS Gert, like that. Also I liked her she kind of ping pong between being like an aggressively basic, suburban woman and, like the most one of the most intelligent and powerful women like lover hater like who is ever lived, the modern era, so it's like you should be like I love and C. I a loss Angela's, it's the strongest of the franchise, which was more if I live and then and then she'll initial talk about how she's got a plan for meeting resistance with steel, like with steely results. It's like, oh, my god, this woman is scary, but also like super nice and I in Ankara Hugger but she's. Also so there.
That the book is actually a good book, but I think reading it I was put into a mind space whereas, like I don't wanna, hear this for me right now and like nothing I'll, never want to hear it from you, but I understand why people are like kind of resistant to it and I, linking this morning that it sort of reminds me of lake. If you had a dog they got hit by a car and the person who hit your dog, You came over to your house and explained like look. There is a b. My car, I'm super allergic to bees and I had to hit the be otherwise. If it would have stung me, I would have died and it totally was my fault for I got rear ended and that's why my car hit your dog. I don't care like my dog, is still dead. I dont want to look at you right now, like I don't care. If it wasn't your fault, I don't care. If you, I don't care, if, like that, you have a perfectly good excuse, like my dog is still dead, and I know that lake I dont think that it Even rational to be that angry or like upset with her, but the fact that you know this is her owning up to them.
Takes a lead to where we are right now is kind of I dont really wanna be put back into had space just yet I'm glad I'm glad I read it. That being said, I think it's a book. The people should read the m I've. I've got a similar reaction, especially when she gets to the the litigation of. Why did you write this case and I right here you're we remind me of when she was in the main gauzy hearing and she just held on four Levin hours, which is just yet I worked for her. Unlike that's the Hillary Clinton you love working for, because, first of all, she comes like you. Staff can make a mistake. She can make wrong choices about the message or all the rest, but you know that she's gonna show up brilliant and prepared, like we ve, been preparing for this.
Review for the past couple of days and we're all going into the assumption that she will be fully and totally prepared for questions and for the direction we're gonna? Take it and that's part of who she is, and you too you read this litigation of why and and and the different reasons and different causes in her way of breaking them down and she's one of the smartest people around and the thing I was thing about two in reading the book is all of those qualities became background radiation. The fact that she is incredibly tough, the fact that she is a brilliant person, became kind of that for granted part of the election and everything was focused on negatives and and in that she is right. So I found myself having the same feeling as you what I was helping, these guys less I've, pinball back and forth, like reading this being, like so outrage on her behalf and so sympathetic, and also having the same feeling that you had which, as I dont know what to do with this, it's a bit dramatic to go through it again because she does
do such a good job of taking you through the whole experience in a very candid way. It's a candid book leg and we're talking about like we ve all read a lot of politicians books. Unfortunately, video and some of them are alike are running for office and here's. My blah blah blah that my speech writer and my communications person put on paper. You know and then there's more honest books, and this is one of the more candid politician books which has got. I would also tell people like you should read the whole thing and then, if you have criticism like, after all, there is as you want, but the excerpts that have leaked out and they have leaked out- they haven't been put out by the can't buy The Clinton people dont really paints and the at an accurate picture of what the as yet serves, give you unique window into our frustration, because she couldn't have more fully owned this loss in the book, but the fact that she also talks about co me and how that influence election. The fact you talked about Russia, like there will be people that will pluck bedouins issues, making excuses.
Hopefully we all could be a little more adult about it and be like. Yes, they were factors that contributed to this broader event, even if she didn't run I dont think people are really capable of being adults when it comes to Hillary Clinton, though, like people got insane one way or the other like whether or not they are crazy about her lover or whether they just are just Haider. I'm sorry errand was depositors. Again are the sort of misery I've had a cash that nice guys. Did you see that he is like a house d day? He had he like produced a bunch of omega talking about talking about anyway. I think people are people are like because it because, like John what you said that some people experience the election, like a trauma, and revisiting. It causes like this extreme reaction when, where the other end it it's really hard to go back, there is only one ask her because the Bernie Rewound that opened in the primary that everyone thought what he'll for the general did not here, and it is not here today, and it is
certainly a fair reading. I think of the twitter reaction and everything else that it this is exacerbating the problem. I think she has every right to tell her story and explain why she's coming from public. Okay now is a party. How do we fix this these, we still have this monster in the White House. Our entire message is still just attacking him like what our What are we stand for and how do we fix us because and we this is an exceptional problem and we have all experienced how difficult it is talking about that. Like you, send out. An Americans are Denmark out an arid tweet and about the twenty. Sixteen election you're, battened down the hatches port port deletes here. Do about these networks we had over the weekend. Does anyone know what she was trying to accomplish with this book? Now you can take the tone of that a bunch of different ways. Dylan waiters abuse actually just wondering like what you trying to do he's still
replying to his mentioned? Fit, but I was glad that he said I'm glad he was like guys, I'm going apologize for asking what a positive motivate late, but, but it speaks to the kind of sensitivity to people had become have because of all these unfair dynamics that played out in the election were all kind of like a dog that needs we re assimilated to other to partially honest and the same The book is like pretty honest, but not one hundred percent candid right well also it's. She lost an election to trump right, which is would make this whole thing different, and I was on John Kerry's campaign. I remember the days and weeks and months after that campaign John Kerry was.
Freud. There were Newsweek books about it, I mean it was. It was bad, but it wasn't anything like this and I say we sort of side coming now. If you will lose like. I remember, visiting headquarters in Brooklyn to say hi to our old friends were there, and I was talking to Jan Palmary and Technocracy shocking, and it's like you know. This is right after you and the primary and unlike this, is going to be so much pressure for you guys, because in addition to all the other pressure, you get an a presidential campaign, its Trump and if you don't if you dont be Trump. It's gonna be that might like that, so scared they like thanks thanks, perish if, when they hadn't really then really hit them. Yeah yeah now I get out ultimately hit them, but it hadn't hit them at that point and adjust. It makes it a different context because its he's so SK he was so
scared. Yeah I mean- and I think I think additionally, you know the quite the books. Title is what happened, but Hilary kind of at one point says like I don't know why I'm the one that gets treated like this, I'm I'm at a loss, tell me what you think like I am at a loss and it seems like a lot of that and loose ends are still loose like she lays out why she did what she did and takes ownership for the thing It went wrong, but we're missing the exact thing that went wrong, you know what I mean there's like step, one too
question mark profit like we were there's like a whole bunch of question, weren't still left in their right. I think that the part she takes responsibility for are the parts least elucidated in the right and the parts that worthy outside factors which she very effectively makes the case mattered most are laid out and fully and bare- and I think it's quite reasonable that this book- an attempt for her to explain from her perspective, which she things went wrong, needs help on the parts that are specific about the failures of the campaign specific about her failures in the can be campaign. So I don't know it's almost because every time she takes responsibility for want of it, failures. There also happens to be some mitigating outside factor that has also caused that problem right Renzo it. Oh it's like you can see that the whole book as a back and forth, I was at fault. I did this wrung out it's wrong, but this so have, and its true- and you know she says- is in a book which I think is quite wherein, like these things happened and they're, not excuses, but
happened and we need to understand why they happen and she's right about that. You know it and I think that the excerpts that have been pulled out of could have highlighted that aspect of it, but you know she's not wrong, we need to talk about a year. I also thought, as I was reading it than I was like. I am glad that this is all written down in one place and because I think, five years from now tendering is now, if anybody wants a snapshot into like this weird time, in history like this will be a really useful volume for one side of what happened and like I I was thinking like future college. Kids will probably get a signed it and let grumble about it, but then actually secretly enjoy reading it, because it's like kind of fun buck it's the book is a metaphor in the book is being treated like and represents the way Hillary Clinton has been treated in the public eye. This whole time, which is incredibly high level of scrutiny, much of it taken the wrong way, much of it taken fairly flawed, but mostly honest and trying to understand something, but the flaws become exacerbated and the flaws make the honest part
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By day. Then what did you think it can happen moving forward, but she's been an emphatic for so long ass. You know, She was first lady, interesting legal weapons out of a highly organized responded. Administration registered knows what's good yeah, we we asked people on Twitter and Facebook for questions and the most common when we got was what's gonna happen. Moving forward ass, don't don't try to relocate to much of the past, which I think is. Probably wise, which I want you to brag about? It's just going to ignore so dry. You were in Houston this weekend. I believe what were you, what were you doing? There has everyone down of algerian State University rebuilding I volunteered at a Harvey relief anguish is like incredible warehouses abolished. Here too donating fashion and people in need of an increasingly common, just pick up. Every needed shows great you'll, be there. And then I came back to New York City and I'm off to Philadelphia
to be there, and then you know that I come up. We talk to caution Yom loose from Kentucky. The debt ceiling, which I did know very much about three or four weeks we're time, but this earlier on the pod. What are your thoughts about this budget? I didn't say I really like how, but all I knew about, should have the budget making process in jail government's attitude Lapsed was rather I'd like approach a little bit about this, so an educated at feeling in my Geena truncated fetish are needed at doing which some people are yet again. In TAT way, you gotta be interest unity. I played out the dock. A decision is still the fashion. To see a darker like immigration form, is actually used. The lever by which people get tax cuts. They feel like I'm interested to see how that actually played out and hopeful that immigration. I sort of space doesn't get over at us
tourism like really bad, actually Ojeda. On the other hand, a billion are doc, recipients would come out, pretty well Well, I'm sort of word or about what they're going to trade for legalizing. These undocumented young Americans, which is like there's a lot of thought that maybe it's it's the wall right, they'll get Wall funding and some democraticals ok will give you the wall funding. If we get dockers, recipients legalised. What did did Yarmouth have a thought on were what did he say? No, we kind of that feeling until we didn't talk about in all of you, are talking People have learned much comment about like what they think there are many common delegating to swap so beach. I personally that the wise is being used like a shock value that open stay should ever do the crazy tat after we're not even like didn't, even now in you probably seen at the eighty repellers like back on the table in some parts of counter so like making sure
people. Aren't you fatigued, keep defied up, I think is really when an- and I think that you know a chump cloaks being really consistently dramatic, that is executing people, so they underline very kindly- and did you do that, I'm erosive being locked out of office that reactors. I love that we do not. However, I think that is terrific that. She triggers them that that's like the accusation from Kelly's team. Look, I don't know if you used about fiddler by then I then our true over three years, as was betrayed after Hilary lost jails and AIDS. John hired me, let us traditional do at home, coming of torture, yeah, yeah yeah, that's your love! It gave her Oliver funny once for awhile Ray you're you're also your mentioned in the book as well, and she thought she talks with very great meaning that you had with you in Brittany, but it again it so it's the question you ass witches.
She had she talks in the book about like she has all these policies and it was hard for all these policies to break through and make one thing we probably want to ask her. Is you know What did democrats do? What do we do in the future to make sure that you now everything is just a trump show and then a lot of really policy actually gets out. There is message which, as you know, I think probably every movement struggles with right. He was in a window directly before she got a bigger than in swinging space and she was incredible like very powerful, all the writing of the police racial like a way that people I've, even it is free to keeping you never got to see whether we are, I think, I'd like the green paper later on calculation like not allowing them, the addition of cartridges to be released or, like the meeting to be relieved, she didn't do much media. Would anybody who knew content? She did a lot of culture media which has great a baker. If anything
The content of our policies- and I am, I think they were actually deliver- they wonder- pushed I think that with a real fine, you think about the surrogate like people and what, if you did, know killer microwave, but they do have because a burning extreme, incredible surrogate provide no. We who Katrina Pearson was but Katrina out there for Trump who is actually of surrogate raillery. I don't know you know like our deliver her better than anybody else. The day like just play that game raw. That's it it's a good point. Really. I, like, I remember current Finny being on MSNBC lot, or another. There. There was no one person who became the face of the campaign on television. There, was on one or two town. You know like whom we you ve been Gaza, you know, like good, MECCA, story got so far without there being like a person, my report. Actually perhaps you would like fifty people you like. Well, I don't really know where is the right?
Was it showed off, like a shame, treasures beating her up over and over and over everything? That is also true for the rough investigation when they sort of private amp up their messaging on the fact that the big story was the fact that Russia is interfering in our election. I think they send out Robbie Monk, who is seen as a political staffer, not a national security expert or someone their eyes were credential along the way to talk about these specific issues. Yeah I mean you, you learn in a campaign that message. Discipline is everything and you have to be saying the same thing every single day, even when it gets boring and when you look back at the coverage of the race. Some. This is the fault of the press, but you know it was all about her emails and and the Trump people and the Republicans and right wing media hammer emails and corruption every single day for the entire race and that's what they got and I think, because Trump offends so many different kinds of people into so many things wrong. Such a disaster there's, like
fifty targets a day on how you had Trump Unama. One thing I was thinking that too from all this is, we need like it's almost as if we needed a first part of the sentence to attach what tromp was doing like, instead of attacking him for what he said about the cons on its own, like Trump as a selfish plutocrat, which is why he attacked the cons or Tut Tut Trump is a racist billionaire who doesn't care about people, which is why he did this, like we needed one phrase about trumped that we all said over and over again till stuck, and he was he was so erratic, and so I am disappointed that so many crazy thing that ever happened to look at this matters for the future cause we're gonna faces again and twenty eighteen, twenty twenty, so I'll beat it lasted. Twenty twenty. Like any speech our I like that, I, like that optimism I derive, were taken off we're gonna head up the chapel goin out some of the woods direct. I got some gore by have some kind bars I ever I have a canteen with water. I have bug spray. We are going to talk to you later. Everyone go download opposite the people this week dressed. I kinda John Yarmouth and a lot more so
take care what I do regret, Quadrant even younger right. That's all the time we today. We are headed north for this interview. I've never been in New York City on nine eleven here it was strange realization. I know a lot of people never move on, but it does you like the city. It felt like we're in a different place, and we were, I know like when we are in the White House, and we would such a focus on attacks the anniversary, every nine eleven in the White House is a big. I don't know if that's a killing just culture I don't know any the ten year mark the end of March. In every year in the same way as we did before we still market, but it's different. Some countries are in a real. I brought the outreach down. Well, that's my role here, usually the altruism chance for camaraderie there's a fun video game like Music Tom that plays,
is there yet it's just started. Well. What ideas later don't forget to download the bonus episode, Downloader bonus episode? Can we grant probably by everyone.
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