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The GOP makes one last run at repealing Obamacare, Democrats look for a message that works, and Trump delivers his first United Nations speech. Then HuffPost editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to talk about the state of American democracy and the media, and DeRay Mckesson discusses the protest against police violence in St. Louis.

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of cricket media positive, the people to re Marchesa love I was never leave it on Friday, good, it was a great up. A triple downloaded internal should download it. We had guy brantome. We had Erin Ryan. Who is where is your Julius our say? We had Cyrus Medium ruins. Lieutenant Washington, he's really funny he's really funny. I like Cyrus, lot he's a friend of mine and I was excited for people to hear it is like cool tell me who's on parts of the world this week episode on some pretty horrible things going on in the there is, in fact within called an ethnic cleansing orbiting. The genocide of a group of people. Cholera, hangar, who are a muslim minority group, is one of those issues that is the more you read about it the more brutally hard it is to comprehend that this is actually happening, but I do think it's important not to look away from the stuff in to see if we bring attention to it and dumb. Maybe it s ability to something so darn got your brain some attention to that Ok, so before we get into real stuff
people on Twitter have been asking for a quick love. It ran on shines based on the area of why almost I didn't make it in today, because I'm still laughing so hard so funny. Sean spices Remember when he lied. Solaris Colbert so well equipped to have shown by sir on in rake him over the calls for being a guy no morals and for being a huge liard like haven't, come out and joke about lying at the party. From day one. I didn't think. I think it's funny. I think you should get like that guy, SK over in his resonate going for you. It's really to me is that call bear was on Kimmel last week and camel brought up by Circus Kimmel heads by IRAN and compare was very tough on him and said he doesn't seem to want redemption. He doesn't want to see symptom torn apart, so that I figured like you know that Colbert would would not do that, but it just weird like we're. Gonna like there's gonna, be oh penalty, now we have the agency in this whole penalty questions with
too bad about my books on earth. But nobody like honestly, you know an anti trump Emily's where it spacer comes on, I dont doesn't we care, I don't think it's funny Bothered me more was the deluge of selfies coming over the twitter. All night, like here, spies the governors ball, and here he is here and here is there what a good time he's having getting all these sell. You know, look at me, I'm not here. I know it's one more thing about that, because everyone is like Spacer lied about cried size network, but Spacer Lauterburg lied about crowds eyes, not was the joke, wasn't with former. That's not the biggest lie like the one the more damaging lies. He defended prompt lie about three May
in people voting illegal in this country. He defended Trump saying that Brok Obama, committed a felony by lawyers, happen everything we just we forget these things and now we're just like you know. Yet he also like these are small lines. I dont trumpets discussing person until he was in charge. Anyone worked for me is the worst of he told all the reporters in DC before you work for tromp. How awful tromp was every rapporteur knows that ever poorer told a story about it, and then he went to work form anyway. John spicy doesn't get to be in on the fucking Chuck he's good at that. He is the jump right. Ok, so now, Graham Cassidy. Republicans, the senator making one last ditch effort to make health insurance and affordable for tens of means of Americans. They have until September thirtieth to pass a bill. Reconciliation process which They only need fifty votes after that date they need sixty the bill is granted. City. I am wearing my repealing go fuck yourself, teacher today
show how your resolve my resolve have dangerous. This is leadership. We know too little about what the Belvidera on Thursday, but just to review, eliminates individual mandate, which would immediately driver premiums send individual insurance market into debt spiral. It would allow AIDS to eliminate a central benefits like chemo oh coverage maternity coverage. Prescription drugs eliminate sections four previous and conditions and then basically, it eliminates before but correct subsidies and the medicate expansion gives that money to states Mine is four hundred billion dollars over the next ten years and then a limit all funding and Twentys yet so it that's the deal. So it's radical radical it's rather oh, it is a full repeal effort. It is a fact. Repeal it certainly not a compromise. We are protected a little bit by the fact that this is their kind of fallback. Third final attempted something because we were dealing with. Ultimately, a repeal effort
that was rooted in the structure of a bomb care, this entire time right, although versions we saw, but for skinny repeal it was you know that crazy last ditch averages to get to the hospital. You remember three months ago, the lot or two months ago, the last summer dealing with us, but this is a fundamentally different thing, an end they actually done this through any kind of regular process could have been something that they could have really people have behind in a more significant way because basically takes up the care and turns it into less generous block rats and basically puts it on the states to figure out what they do with health. Here. The many problems with this are one, the way they deal with the medicate expansion is fucking nuts, so basically thirty states. Expanded, medicate and twenty states didn't there's a lot of rural states and conservative states that refuse to do it. Even though the money was basically free which punished of their voters. Well, what have
then this belt, what it takes, all the money that went to medicate expansion to states that expanded and states that doesn't that didn't and just divides it up evenly as if no expansion had ever taken place, which is just a giant wealth transfer from states like California and New York and even Kentucky States that did the right thing and transfer them to all the states where their governor, and legislatures in care enough about their poor and minority population, to do anything about it to get them healthcare, it would be devastating those awful right now we're short of fifty right, but they think the thing that makes a lot of people nervous is that this is a bill sponsored by windy. Grandma part Mccain is waffling on it? Dean Heller's already on board, but what I dont get is me. Means whole argument against the last round. Was it it didn't, go the regular order. There are. No amendments are no committee process. There is nothing done. The weights was to be done in the Senate. I dont get how he could make that big bolt, stand and then jump on more. So if you listen to him on on Sunday, use on face the nation and John,
Dickerson asked them about this and he said face the nation. We should have go through regular order. That idea by person process- and I think the bipartisan effort are taken by Lamar, Alexander and Patty Murray should come to the fore for a vote that You just said that yesterday on Sunday in other statements he said he likes grand capacity, These have ultimately he'll do what his governor tells him to do. Governor duty of Arizona should note that after eleven level is saying this plan Arizona loses about a billion dollar terrorism is one of the states that gets hurt, so you wouldn't imagine that duty would do it unless, of course they pay him off, but and so what I want to focus on Mccain here, but here's the deal Cassidy's around whom they have forty nine votes. That's one short of fifty! So that's very scary ray Paul. Seems like a hard. No, you never one account on ran Paul because he's upset from the right, but he's now
less couple days, tweeted nine times about the proposal, including one where he says it's bad, because it keeps Obamacare and redistribute money from democratic States republican states it wishes. Which is an argument that people on the left or make again it is a correct- are correct but like if, if rainfall was going to flip you wouldn't imagine that he just keep tweeting every day about how horrible this is, but of course, we all remember, ran Paul was a hard no last time round, and then I promised him a vote on clean, repeal That's why he voted for skinny were yet me. We have seen begin senators say things that should make it impossible for them to flip, and then they Fleming, outwitting hill, it didn't Dean Heller did outran Paul's. That done in the past had crews. All these guys make these grand statements to try to help themselves in the negotiation negotiation, and then I was in negotiation. I know, as they had also left, are deemed honorific o dirty dehydration, ordinary politician, or you know, he's an early politician, but basically we need Collins Condom, because given very quiet,
it's hard to imagine that they say yes, but if we have collins and were and Paul it doesn't matter what Mccain does that's that's enough. We need three knows so and allow SK is also one of the states that loses for money over them ten years and now has really changed for the two of them since, when they stood, since the last proposal, which was on substance not on process like Mccain, so you would the Collins in Mercosur. In there we need one more Paul's possibility, but that basically the not to say it scary again and everyone's gonna get to the phone. You I mean it. I know that's annoying to hear it, but it's true! That's it. You know we have to debate. I should also saying it's a constant struggle: people, so what's gonna happen here. Mcconnell will not call this for vote. Unless he's got fifty, they ve he is,
rest, the c b o to give a score for this thing, even though the Ciba was busy working on extending children's health insurance programme to see the man there's some guy deep within Serbia, who is exhausted, he's gonna ashtray returns of cigarettes like every every month gets a cover. Mechanisms like you need to do six months of analysis and to fucking was yes what here's what's really scary about it, they think near the cb only as required to come up with a score about how much it costs and they may not have time to figure out what the coverage losses for this bill it. So they might. C score that just about how much it costs without any coverage numbers which is truly locked up- and you are voting, if you are voting for a bill specially Mccain's like him, a regular, you can vote for building, he don't know me, you have once again the same fucking like though bill is bad. It's a bad bill. It's yet another bad replacement bill once again. It's like they do
care enough about the conservative principles even put semi together that achieves some kind of an end. While being you want to turn into a block right, you want the states to be in charge. You come up with this crazy jury rig dumb fucking way to do it that on that could never become law. Fine, the bill is bad but once again reforming a six of the economy. Tens of millions of people's lives, like with you can get it done. The last week is a temporary two days to daylight, shows that their true rider died there trying to sneak a through, because they know that if they had a public debate about it, they would lose, which again. This is a reminder. Bad well, everything's about trump. This is not our trump. This is a bunch of in a republic
and who even called out Trump like Lindsey, Graham, and they are doing this very bad things when you go vote, it's all about trumpets, but this one fucking Republicans in Congress. One story as approved point for how serious this ever worsening is the political story said that Trump was asking about the bill. It bed minster, which I just think is like the lowest hayleigh he'd like her. What what's happening now, you might be some kind of chemicals that he seized with this challenge to the point where he's just first enquiring about it, while at while playing golf anyway, indivisible guy dot com, you go there and find ways. You can help me with my phone calls, but there are certainly some events as well also follow, whistler from move on dot org on twitter he's got up a couple, long threads on everything you can do and steps you can take. So everybody make us phone calls and then here's the thing once we get to September thirtieth. If this doesn't passed, then we can finally celebrate in a way we couldn't even celebrating the sound until Mcdonald and yet so that there is an alternative, look killing this thing. It's it's hard hitting
in the clown from fucking, and it's gonna keep crawling out of that. Well until it They will not be watching that we may not have ruined my life nor lie. Nor will I watch mother, which sense really like an awful its excited, because I would like to say to finally arguments: are we taught Emily Everyman texting Craig we're about it? I'm sorry about what the fuck is going on with Donald Trump over the weekend, our bipartisan independent deal maker president had quite a Sunday morning, tweet storm which culminated in him retreating, a chief of trumps, a golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton It was originally tweeted by someone who's, tweeted, racist and anti semitic garbutt. What is right, of course, course it I just wanted to bring this up because, like no, talking about. It today we're all sort of move past it I mean that is a queen, The thing to do is it is like, fantasizing about political violence by the press it states against his former female political opponent, what who's a moron. It's just like the kind of thing that makes the
Thomas person laugh like up what I've got. But it's the kind of thing that make the dumbest person laugh if you like, shared on Facebook by your crazy uncle young, oh that crazy and it'll. Just there's just no thought that this is the present United States and that there's all kinds of other implication reality. What else is there to say like itself delegation? I, even if it is not a new low, like he's jokes, about her being fucking killed during the election, he does this all the time you know this is who he is like. It's not yeah tweeted about her getting hit in the back with a golf on buying down. Could he thinks it's hilarious consumed a dumb mean spirited fuckin daddy, racist. What do you want? That's what he is. He thinks it's bunny he does. It would never even seen and booking laugh he's. Never, while he's never left the one, they may be less when you like, marks people in U S when sessions cries. This brings up political peace from last week that we don't have time to cover, but its relevant, Teflon Don confines Democrats. I basically dig
to a series of private focus groups and internal poles conducted by democratic strategists in Camp means pools of swing. Voters, independence. There is business policy, the bankers bonuses is still viewed as outsiders shaking up the system, they think he's bring, but change he's getting some credit. The economy. Folks are unimpressed by The fact that he lies there not so much the rush investigation, they don't think she's. As well as his big of a problem as we think inner some bad news in the democratic policies that people proposing for College didn't pull so well. Fifty dollar minimum wage and pull great Medicare fault. Better, but there's some scepticism when we think about this. You know I had a good it's a good level set began. We all, I think a dose of scepticism is, is needed, like I think that's important. I am you know that the peace makes this point. That's like it.
Democrats think there on a walk because of trauma to like taking back the house in making these be games. They should think otherwise. But the truth is that I don't think a lot of Democrats think that I don't think we're all only feeling super great and how easy it's gonna be to win a house, and then everybody recognizes that it's really hard and at the same time, It is one of those political pieces that you can just feel a conclusion searching for evidence. As it goes along to kind of tell us about how Donald Trump, as is you know, TAT London isn't usually that, is it really what you would call somebody who's a thirty five percent approval really right. It sort of that sum. To whom everything has stuck. That's a cast iron pot with a lot of stuff grilled to cheese and inflicted early and our values might take to having a thriving grows bill burdens, quoting the Vanikoro, the peace above me, like the guise of thirty April, not going well everything's work again, that's it taking back. The house is not
maybe won or lost just based on Donald Trump proliferating like that is the mood music that allow us to fund raised, recruit great candidates and to put together a message to counter Trump entirely Republicans to it. So it's a piece of the puzzle. I feel pretty good about Donald Trump being it thirty. Eight forty SAM, that's not good, and he has not done anything to get himself out of this whole, including the short term debt ceiling debate, but like it is a reminder that politics or took its all but choices, and we need to put forward an alternative to drop trump. The people like more than him or like than the Republican that's running on his party, so we have allowed to yet. I do think that We have to also decide what, is the message that we go out with not just on our side, but what we want to say Donald Trump- and we always say this here but there's like he- gives us fifty targets today day and you come alive columnist, so some of the good This was the voters
did seem exhausted about the chaos surrounding trumpet and there was a lot of interest in electing a congress that can act as a check on him. Other message that seem to really work with a lot of these people, the fuck, a and poles were trump how to make his rich friends richer at your expense. This is about stripping regulations. The corporate tax breaks, the healthcare him train, repeal Obamacare was effective to and on fights for, peace like me, Democrats have now the head of Trump. They were even with him in February. By a lot too, I like yeah, I think, because trumps Well, so many of the rules- and he does give us so many different directions ago. We can forget some of the basics and even though he is gonna do so many different and disparate crazy things over the next year. We do need to stir, getting behind a sentence like I don't know. If you no doubt returns you're fine whatever days, but it's like you know, doll job.
Out for himself and making his veterans richer. That's why he's trying to attract you buy hidden, a golf ball, Hillary Clinton because he's doing all other stuff whatever it is. We need to get to some place where the first part of the sentence is the same That's been really hard and I didn't happen at twenty two getting his aunt criticism. That is repeated every day. It's funny. I heard someone These centres interviewed the other day when interviewed about way. Think about dump trump. So far, everything is done is like not only has he someone that wants to give tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires like four thing out of his mouth and anyone talk about childs villain racism in everything else, but it's just that there is a message: discipline it's going to be required in the campaign Go I think this piece is good, for that, actually is the Mahler stuff continues to exist reed and winning the house is going to be really hard. Donald Trump being unique, doesn't make the race to win the house unique its knock. It may look like a Bush thing. You know we may be able to pick up a bunch of seats, but it's not gonna be easy and we're gonna have to fight for everything.
I was about what's goin on this week on Tuesday Donald tumbled, over his first speech to the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York, which brings together. Of the hundred ninety three member nations for week of meetings and speeches, major topics be around, Syria, terrorism. Maybe the most pressing North Korea to the EU and to all of these, when Obama was president, there called I'm gonna go for short, that's the acronym General Assembly yeah. What can we expect? The same usually happens there, a b, it's a place for the member nations convene for weak there's a lot of speeches. There's meetings to discuss global security challenges, the focused changes every year, but it's been near the Middle EAST, Syria, IRAN, like seven happen issues I think this year the folk this is gonna, be on figuring out Donald Trump. They want to know what America first really means. We're coming off. Previous summits defined by Trump
if using terrific reaffirm the most important part of NATO shoving the primary serve Montenegro over not dry, freeware I'll drive. You have an eye himself in a golf cart. Volume leaders hang out he's also describe the? U N is called a club for people to get together talk and have a good time that serve useless. So I do think, like North Korea is gonna, be frightened centre and trying to figure out the next steps as they can. For the international community This'Ll be made harder by the fact that Chinese need leader. The cheating ping is not gonna, be there. So there's it's hard to see where real progress come from. Trump has been making a lot of. Ways are pulling out of the IRAN deal. Whole bunch of people be him not to do that, including swan alarmed leader, France, they also really be focused on that, as well as Myanmar like. Why did you pull out of the Paris climate accords? May think you journalists are also going to be very focused on Rex tailors and because he has been about
as irrelevant relevant secretary of state, as we ve ever had, and people are also folks Nicky Hayley, because she serve stepped into the breach in some the leadership boy that he is created. So you know we'll see what happens. Trumps. Therefore, like three four days, it is like the Though kind of diplomatic, speedy. You could ever imagine. You have made your speeches you have to like know what to say, in the bilateral cutter and the lunch with the japanese p M in the south korean Pianola North Korean Nuclear programme. Ok request not up for he's, not going to do that. So what happens I mean? I don't know that, there's, like the expectation in game, has gotten a run down so low, but I do think I notice that, if they're like is he gonna get up there and scream at every one in his speech and say that he hates the world like no he's, probably to give any normal fucking speech right. Let's not Emmy, it's it's hard, because the summit's, like this where all the leaders at together, usually you do a whole tunnel work, leading up to it to try to do
The sum deliverable some big accomplishment something to announce and when you have state Department that is essentially not staffed very hard to have the team in place to do that until I get to the place where we have a so we could say you know what then as well. It is, is a disaster and we're ratchet up political pressure on them until they stop doing act, wires, ie or like theirs, ethnic cleansing happening in Burma. We are focused on it. This is the money is going towards helping refugees were fleeing to Bangladesh, I just like. I have no confidence that any of that is packed. It really feels like, therefore, Theirs reacted like they don't know you like what is Rex Tiller sins agenda like mean that they have, they pulled, of Paris there dealing with North Korea there trying to seem as though their competent. It seems as though everything about when Nicky Hayley does what next and does is about doing this. First level thing: I've just demonstrating that we have a competent and working function. Diplomatic effort in place which is
The threshold injury were actually doing. That is doing something in those jobs. Rex horsemen, spent nine months. Reviewing the staffing levels at the state urban, for some reassured that he wants to put forward. Meanwhile, He has no assistance. Secretaries of state like there's no management ray or were you going to say you know what we don't need, someone in charge of Europe or the Middle EAST like there's, some things he's done that get actually gonna make sense like you, ve got medicine these special envoys, the deal with challenges, the kind of aren't really big deal any more or less. That's fine, like the state Department, could be shrunk down bit and made more efficient, but it just the only there's, a single cabinet member that is more of a disappointment and erect horse, like even Rick Perry found religion. And there's like the energy partner like we should have that. I will take guarding our nations nuke Syria.
I'm a shelter work. So I'm a little scared about North Korea area, the one I was reading as reading. Actually us last night. That's reporting on this that the Trump Administration is down to basically two paths. One continue to put more pressure on China. Economic pressure, particularly and then to like preparing for a pre emptive ground war. I mean what what's gonna happen. He seems great health, I know I mean it, does the ivy. Hopefully what they're doing as posturing and internal Fix Steve. And in coming out telling some progressive journalists are these right, wherever it may. If youth, who reject named Overskirt good that there is no military solution, they want at the Chinese to ratchet down on imports of fuel. There its anger and your times at a big pc and others is very specific deadly rocket fuel that China's allowing the North Koreans to purchase. That's feeling their missile programmes. There's all these
there's a lot of things you can do on the pressure track in terms of sanctions, but it requires support from places like Russia and China neighbours that you, Un Security Council, actually also requires them to actually enforce things that are going. In their own country, like chinese companies selling fuel yet an islamic master talking about this over the weekend, and it is true that, as part of negotiation. It seems like they need, you convey that they have a reasonable military option that that's part of their messaging, a part of what they're doing with their prey. Offers that access is try to convey that they actually believe in military option to them a stronger negotiating economic measures. I there People say we are the military option. That's not true may be pushing back yet ban and kind of giving away the game. In that interview he gave that we forgot about because to escape the AIDS, a different situation, but it is an obvious to what we did with IRAN, which was say we will
blow the shit out of your military facilities and your nuclear programme? Unless you take, these steps were demanding you do. In any interim, we increase genes. Speaking of IRAN is very frightening. That Trump has previewed the fact that he might pull out of IRAN deal as early as October. That has in place a automatic process to oversee, to monitor their nuclear programme, is not perfect. There's we need access to have no parasites that we're not getting like enforcement could be improved, but it just when you look at north korea- and you see this, this program is spiraling out of control versus a run. Word feels managed by the international community to a great extent. I cannot fathom why they would do that So this is a choice between what you said and Forcemeat could be improved, or if you pull out of the deal, no enforcement and the Europeans will just roll on without us that so
like you, were out of this deal around gonna, go of course, they're gonna go pursue nuclear weapons again and they're gonna have an easier time doing it than they are right now, restricting it Things were not even talking about like right now. The only story I read about in the Middle EAST peace he's gonna meet with Netanyahu. It is treated about yeah, I mean it's just there is no real process in place to two percent for not not that there is an easy solution on the table or even a heart solution on the table, but there's just no work getting There there's ethnic cleansing happy in Myanmar like that. There's all these issues in areas there's all these are global development and like food security goals that are really important to places where people are struggling. That even seemed beyond yeah me. I was asking about North Korea because over the weekend he tweeted he called the. In conjunction rocket man, and then all the story was. Then all the stories about he's got a nickname for Kim Jong IL rocket man over like sitting there
This is a funny little topic and then last night over the access reporting, but the actual military options there considering on like this seems to be the bigger deal right here for common, not so much the rocket man make calling. This is the stuff you ought to pay tax. Why are we calling Kim Genuine rocket man that an insult forceful, those of those fine movie from the nineties, early two thousand and then like we're calling terrorist losers? Now he's really stuck with me things? That was a good Jane point. He thinks I would mention, put him on totally totally against that one. That the recommending is silly is also a ruined to old John Songs about Ireland. Answer is always at the hip. If you play that Israeli soon we went on ass at the White House and Buzz autonomous countrymen. The best before that he handed me his business garden. It says Buzz Aldrin Rocket Hira, that's us, which is cool but not even like just
you know Trump tweet is rocket. Man was will serve as a good story about me and bizarre evaluative lover to leave. It gets a target for various aircars, close personal friend pause, Aldrin and I were at the palm. The wrench rather rose came a girl selfie with Spacer Spacer Buzz order, and I again quick Lobster Cobb at the eye. We have, but nobody that even just People reacting to it is exhausting, he calls a rocket man like it's not funny, it's that appropriate. It's strange, it's not even worth your outrage, like of triumph. She's gonna sell this with a nickname. Who knows why Trump does what he does it just the same Russia? He says it's a very hard problem. It's not his fault. Seem, like tiller sin to lesser extent, Master Nablus, Nicky Hilly are are seized with the challenge they get it. There focus
The rest of the world is wondering what the Hell Donald Trump Gonna do and if he's gonna make things worse rather than better and that's not a great place to be nearly always want to check in with you from time to time on this, because I try to think to myself. Is this something that's a uniquely Tromp administration strategy or what would be we? What will we be doing if it was the Obama administration right now, knowing that is really hard challenge, no matter whose president that's that's hoax, though, is the tough thing. Reading this stuff, the North Korea yet mean we, we would be pushing for more sanctions for more forceful. We probably doing a lot more to reassure the South Koreans. We probably be thinking long and hard about increasing our missile defence systems in the region, which I think they're also doing. It doesn't look that different it. It doesn't look that different, except for the fact that the north korean strategies are trying to divide the alliance right or by the Japanese in South Korea Must I travelled to that end in he's, using meaning
into it without really realize he's also trying to develop. Finally, though, it'll it'll be ok, because Stephen Miller is at that computer figuring out the perfect words for Donald Trump to say yet I mean on the. Can you guys in the question of Monaco Fascist, I guess The funny thing is he does. This big speech, the Un General Assembly on Tuesday. It will be very well in jarring. I think, even now, for us to watch that and to see him in there. Roy what I won't we watch, but he will be reading from a teleprompter. It will probably go find the things I really were his cousin You, the say in the meeting with the king of Jordan, are the Pierre thousand Authority or the leaders of Egypt Her and is working launch with forget. Leaders like these are you know it has had hotel thing about. He has got what's gonna be discussed, I would say, for seventy five percent about Donald Trump, we'll know unfair policy on Friday, he doesn't currently now ready, for he will learn it in these meetings. Every time you will be fascinating, he's gonna say something like you know me.
People didn't know that there are more than five countries in Africa. More and more people are finding that up to disobey sewers and international relations course for Donald Trump. I adds its trade wars in their doing along version Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night, by the end of the mistreatment, and we right out there in the great courses under your right. That's what I want you to hates Washington Edith is doing most of it from bed. Minister gotta stay with him on that one. Ok! When we come back will be talking to the editor in chief of Papa. Belgrade bother America's broad you buy, so no sun us speak freely about your love of sonar. Ok, I went two or county yesterday to visit a friend of ours Nicky who lives there. We saw
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way to read magazines, although in the carpet them. Yes, I got you guys can have it out with each other. We are very fortunate to have in studio the editor in chief of having two posts Liddy poking. Perhaps personal half brocade settled earlier, and never let him correctly it took you didn't tell us now. It should stand idle. Learning, learning Mona thinks so too do about me. I am a great believer in transparency and showing your work so that for you are the editor in chief of half posts you are also a foreign correspondent. Your times folks on Africa, the Un General Assembly this week, since the world is a viewing Donald Trump nine months into this adventure were alone, people started to figure him out, or is he still, this big question mark that is creating anxiety? Will, I think, birthright
I mean they figured trotted, they started to figure him out, and that is provoking even more anxiety, whom you know. It's been a really interesting and I spent most of my career covering you, know hoping nations that were,
of transition to democracy, but often in a deeply complicated way. They were not necessarily, you know, ideally representative or a perfect in their expression of democracy, and you know when I was in places like Zimbabwe or Congo or Nigeria or India in the. U S from any democracy advocates was seen as a kind of beacon and at when I talk to my friends in those places. Now they they see things differently and a conversation. This is like such a Tom Friedman thing to say, but I was where we ve been going around the country and our listen to America. Tour of that have pushed his doing visiting twenty five cities, and I was in Saint Louis for the kick off, and I had this conversation with a lift driver going back to my hotel, whose originally from Uganda and dumb he's lived in Saint Louis area for thirteen years, he's he's a nurse and you know DR lift, and we can. We said we
a pretty enough conversation about the situation in Uganda, they ve had a strong man president, in over the past thirty years and dumb, he said you know, I used to call Uganda to check up on people there, and now people are calling to check up on me and to me, like really encapsulates how a lot of people you know from the the world that that I used to spend most of my time covering feel about what's unfolding in the United States right now? It's a mix of horror, you know, but also in it. It feels very familiar in having a a leader who is using fear antipathy. I mean in Uganda, for example, it wasn't Muslims, but it was actually gaze who are used as a kind of a way to whip up antipathy to the opponents of of the of the president's. So we know either gets really useful to look and see how the rest of the world is digesting and seeing the term presidency and you're seeing you don't.
The Trump is part of a wave. You know I covered India and dumb. You know Trump is of a piece with figures like nor intermodal, so so in. I think I think the global ends is really important and thinking about what's unfolding in America right now to your covering countries, transitioning de my transitioning, so you, you became editor in chief of one of the largest left wing Media organisations, right as trumpets elected president, were now eight months in what's been the biggest challenge of journalism and the Trump era
and what's what surprised you yeah? I mean it's really interesting. I mean, I think, think in a huff. Bushes is traditionally been described as a left, leaning news organization a night, and I and I suppose, there's some ways in which its true I I'd like to think of us, is as progressive, but I think like this is a moment where the traditional poles of left and right feel so scrambled, and you ve got these two giant forces in globalization on the one hand and technological change on the other converging to really to really re architect how power works in the world, and so I think of us that the best way to describe our identity is. You know we're for people who earn a paycheck and live on that paycheck and that's actually not an ideological point of view. What does that mean in practice? Will it Instead, you now we're pretty critical of
Every one of us is power. That is more, it's more populism than ideology. Yeah I mean, and I think like populism is, is as become a dirty word in are in our current political climate, because it's been used in so many negative ways and the history of populism in the United States is not a happy one by its hard to ignore the fact that there is a huge parts of the country and, frankly, the world did feel alienated from the most powerful institutions that govern our lives, whether it's you know politics its media technology there, just so many things that feel I think fundamentally alien and I think one of them, we're trying to accomplish, with this listening to her sister, get beyond the divisive tactics that have divided people and help people really working people
see the things that they share and that they have in common and once you get past, you know the kind of Fox news framing around political correctness, and you know transgender bathrooms and things like that and get people having a real conversation think that they often find that that the date that they share much more than divides them. Father uses to taking on both sides. Writers are reviewing napping easy on the liberal side written. That would be a different than what say more liberal publication would do. Where do you think or liberal leaning places are falling down on the job in holding Democrats and progress is accountable.
It's a great question I mean, I think you know, were democrats, let nothing more than a circular firing squad. So there is. There is a lot of kind of internet seen battles going on right now. It feels like we're gonna replay the twenty. Sixteen primary, you know probably well into our grandchildren's in lives, but you know, I think, that in the relationship of the Democratic Party, in particular to big institutions, financial institutions, to the technology industry, I actually think that you know you're seeing an emerging set of voices that are asking really really hard questions around these issues. So we're definitely not alone in that it. I've been super encouraged to see a huge emphasis on the questions around technological monopolies. I think that either the battle over identity politics is pretty I interesting to me, but it's good that its conversation that we're having so I'm not gonna criticise any sort of left, leaning, hot publication for doing this are not doing that, but I do think that anybody
Who cares about these issues need to be putting real pressure on the political leadership, and also the sort of big institutions like like, like unions in o, is as much as they may remain in force to really be kind of like ritual foot soldiers in this battle and and putting that pressure on and continuing to advocate for these issues is extremely important just. It seems like that to mean that those are critiques and access point. From the left as well. Right, that's like a desire. A stronger union force at our take on technical, big technology, companies that are monopolistic. I guess I just do me, I see MSNBC at a moment where there's incredible level at liberal activism going out and try to find conservatives to kind of level the playing field, and I I guess I wonder why this would be a moment to come at these,
issues? I totally agree. I think, like you know to me. The thing that's dismaying is that the conservatives that you see you know rising up in places like MSNBC, unlike the inner opinion pages, that in our times actually represent like exactly the same pulse few. As the liberal see you know they, they may have differences on another policy issues and things like that. But you know they represent you. No upper middle class elite senses establishment, you know I mean right, seems, is incredibly stylish writer and I think you know an interesting thinker, but in others not that much difference in terms of the broader kind of poles that we're seeing in our world right now between him and Tom Friedman are him and Nick Christoph. You know they centrally come out of the same mill you and they go to the same cocktail parties that they have had the same lived experience and so to me it's less of a critique about ideology and intimate feels like weirdly more like a sort of cover your ass than a than than a genuine attempt to grapple with ideological in hue. Hewett is intellectually dishonest individual who came to support trump when it became economically and socially acceptable.
Or viable for him to do so, and lo and Behold is rewarded with a shown him some easy. Yeah. I think that's right, you know me, I think, we're seeing people it's very comfortable for establishment institutions to embrace never trump conservatives its. That's like that's a gimme, a shoutout Miller. I mean exactly it's like it's it's you know, so nobody gets any points for ideological diversity and from my term, in my book from embracing a mean, oh gee, opium, ever tramper, it's like yon, I would- thinking about this last night and you were dreaming, but it is well with spice her on the enemies which is like so much supposedly liberal Hollywood. Harvard now is like embracing these former trump figures like spyware inquiry Lewandowski. But not I'll, see man in God forbid right well. Taken my mind on like this is a
Honestly, one of the points that trumps campaign was making, which is there's this club elitism, and it really is a matter which, whether your democratic Republican, because all these people end up together No, the eurozone and famous order dries now. That's exactly right and I think, like you, it's been kind of a rough time for Harvard I didn't go to Harvard. I don't have any of you guys boo hoo lines, when's the vigil I mean look at its Alec, I went to a state school actually went to a small liberalized college in Maryland. Had a lot of conservatives at it. You know, I think that this ability of establish when institutions to re assimilate noxious
Figures is a very good. You know I mean like his endure love. Yeah. Exactly I mean Henry Kissinger, you know is a remains hailed by statement and including by people like like Hillary Clinton. So you know, I think this has been of a factor in our inner public life and unruly says something like deeply troubling at Washington. That there's, essentially nothing there's nothing you can do that makes you persona Yet I found something that that's even worse, which is its about enemies. You're allowed to have you know. Because had shown by sir up there therein and defended things like a muslim ban, but trumped up something anti gay at in a way that lead spicy to forgive it. The podium he'd be much less forgiven by people at the enemies. I think that's all you right. I mean at things that goes to like the look of don't As you know, an dumb look, you know
You look at things like the transgender ban and look, I don't remember if, if its chance by Sir specifically stood up and defended the transgender ban, but, like you know, Seeing this like change sweeping through Hollywood, but it remains in oh, it remains ever mean someone on the French, and I think I think that that the question of like who it's ok, to bash, who it's not remains like a really important and so your leading a media company at a time of massive change in media. We aren't you We are, as I was actually is. Gonna get some advice. We I'm here to has yet been Psmith advice. Put your office in a sound proof. Video. Unless you will never hear motorcycle dense method, Buzzfeed wrote a piece about Facebook and how it's time for a big technology companies deserve. Have their time in the barrel they're starting attack your hearing about Anti trust media these have long viewed facebook. As a friend of me, they give you extra
Neri REACH, but they cut into revenues, are what do you think the future is for these massive technology companies like Facebook like Twitter, that are so important to wait. The news is disseminated consumer. I There are in trouble, I mean, I think, that your seeing on the left and in certain parts of the right, a consensus around the overwhelming power that these platforms have you know the New York Times story about what happened to their New America Foundation with the open markets and city, I think, was a real wake up call and you know it remains unclear if that's actually what Google wanted or if it was, you know the overzealous reaction of the people that run New America, but you know it's clear to me, that's news organisations me, no, really let them else be dealt a bad hand and I think about the way in which you know. For example, Taylor, Swift has manner
your relationship with Spotify. You know I'd, take it away. I give it back, and you know I remember right before her right before her her album came out. There was a massive advertisement that spot, if I paid for, is kind of a takeover on the d, the New York Times Homepage, and it was clear that she had extracted like extraordinary concessions from Spotify and said you as a platform. You need of this. This album now, and news to you that, I think, is a really interesting question and the factors like we trained our readers to expect are content to be free and but that in a way, is like. Nearly as bad as the second sin, which was training platforms, to expect that we will give them our content and let them know their businesses on the back. This is particularly poignant for half post right, because you know one of the most powerful critiques of half post was that we destroy the journalism industry by having unpaid,
augurs and in my aggregating people stories and things like that. When we are all unpaid workers. You know toiling in the minds of the in the data mines of Facebook. Right I mean that we really are. You know I mean and her orders, which are in a lot of nice house, separatist, Goeben, built on your labour exactly, and so I think, like you know now running like a small scrappy, not that small, but you know like a scrapping measurements like really devoted to creating it sort of ironic that you know there was a time that people pointed to us in thought us thought of us. As the you know, the enemy of journalism, I mean my god. It seems like the other thing that Facebook touches on is the dissemination of propaganda during the twenty sixteen race, which I don't, I don't think we had a good enough for serious enough to in this country about how to counter propaganda, or even all accounting orful accounting of what happened. But I get looking at this. These studies, after that
Sixteen election that shows the media coverage you know. Mainstream coverage was overwhelmingly negative on for both candidates and there was remarkably little about policy for both countries among the mainstream media coverage, but Trump benefit from these rightwing media outlets, bright Bart Fox anything there were actually talking a lot about his policy position yet, and so his policy broke through in a favourable way on the right Hilary never had anything not now not just broke through on a favourable, but Bulwana were on the right, but lately broke through without any interference right I mean without angel certain without any like you know in, and so I think, like you know, think that a lot of the anger that you're seeing from President Clinton from Hillary Clinton, a hug me against. The media is really kind of, like speaking to this, that you know you had these big institutions that sir,
it is their job to do their job, as they have always done their job and meanwhile kind of off to the side. There was this other media. There was much more savvy and plugged into how people are actually get information there was telling a really different story and look. You know I mean one of that. One of the basic things there's there's absolutely like you know progressive. You know I wouldn't quite call it fake news, but there's progressive you no kind of manipulative media. I know because my mother bombards me with it every single day on spoke, but you know there also doesn't seem to be the receptive next to that. Among you know, on the left, I think that there is a more questioning less likely to sort of accept this kind of simplistic framing, that we are seeing on the right, and so you know so I I think that you're seeing efforts on the left to try and replicate the bright parts and others I think they'll succeed. We want
I'm always bothered me because people's when people bring up fox and bright Bart say on the left. You have MSNBC enough, you know have positive, just a national, I clap their decision. There's no compared with the groups will be much better shape if there was a Rachel motto of the right. If that two people were turning into an foxes, we, like you, know like rates. We aren't that we want to replicate bad, but so what We do on the left, and you know what you got my struggle with, that we do all the time and I think, like you, know, menace, to say that I mean if you read bright Barton any given day, which I do read every single day. They They are absolutely writing about divisions within right, You know. So it's not like you know, a kind of amen corner for the GEO p. And so I think, like our kind of fratricidle coverage of the left is is, is not simple.
First for much needed. We now abandoned. It certainly now abandoned value, seeing that, but I think that there has been this like really skilful. You no kind of transmission of means on the right that we're just would never work on the left. I agree, I've been thing, but this lot- We learn more more about russian propaganda efforts, because it's not that they were more tech logically effective or better funded and say Hillary Clinton, team or the GNP seem there. You have been something about the content that people were or willing to believe, and I think it's because they are willing to lie there, willing to say Hillary Clinton, murdered people and here's the list in like one that should get in your head. Hard to get it out, and I dont think that something we ever want to replicate on. The left- at least I hope not, but on right it's like we saw this about Obama from day one. The Bertha garbage was exactly that. Right I mean I think it really has to do with like your relationship to truth. In fact, right I mean, if you have any sense of
we're decency and care about. You know the actual world in which we live. I mean that's why I think but who are shocked that you know Trump and tumor that in a chicken and Nancy and and and Donald Trump are, you know making deals Amene YO at the end of the day. I think that for the Democrats, saving d is like not a joke. You know they're, not gonna, sell out. You know hundred thousand people who came to America's children for the sake of not giving Donald Trump a win, I mean, we agree or disagree with the Democrats. Like you know, that was not the case with the Republicans in her a bomb, a right I mean they were. They were willing to do almost anything, to prevent him from getting almost anything and and what we're seeing right now is a democratic party. That's that's, you know behaving like adults and I think that's that's just a reality that we need to live with that that, at the end of the day, people like structure,
Nancy Policy are, are gonna, make deals with tromp, because you know it's just too important. So well, question and will let you go because you ve covered so many countries transitioning antidote. Creasy. How do you think that our institutions are holding up so far under the Trump presidency? How concerned to you that his doing lasting damage I mean I think that our institutions are holding up actually pretty well I think you know for all the criticism of the media, like you know, there's so much greater journalism out there right now and in a people or are not intimidated, and I think that that's really powerful. I worry a lot about the courts. I think that you know something that
probably not paying enough attention to is just how much power the president has to shape the courts and given our current term, you know our current set up in the dead in the Senate AIDS it. This is. This is gonna, have profound and lasting impact. If, if the Republicans achieved only one thing denying a Supreme Court justice to President Obama, handing a c two genial bore. Such is a generation all win that will not soon be undone, you know- and so so, I think that's one area where we have to be like really really be watching closely. You know, I am an optimist by nature and I think that's been optically travelling around the country on this, but strongly to Birmingham from here. You know I just have to believe that being the sort of the real stuff of the country, which is people in their communities like making changes and in their lives and in their political institutions in their civic institutions,
but that's the thing that's going to keep us from from going off the rails and we look there. There are countries that have perfect actions under the auspices of the United Nations, like, for example, I covered by the first elections in Congo after the civil war, and was a beautiful election. Everyone in a cast her ballots peacefully, the ballots recount correctly. That country has no institutions in oh, and so it's just been a mess ever since Nigeria that can't hold an election to save their lives. You know there's like open ballot stuffing and you know all kinds of shenanigans that go on, but it's judiciary almost always gets get it right and its institutions. He knows her hold the country and place, and that's why I dislike everyone thinking. Nigeria is a mess. It's actually held to go these years, and so when I think about the United States, I think about us as being in other parts of our of the mechanics and the four sure of our democracy that are vulnerable, but there are sort of deep institutional reasons why I think we have reason to be optimal.
We also need trumps layer to keep going estate matches and in just talking loudly about better, not gonna, forget about getting a hop over and talking about a safe with secret documents written about it in the arctic loophole. Green. Thank you so much for joining us and please come back. It's a pleasure they're gonna bust, yeah, Yankee, sarcasm budget remarks is brought. You buy movement movements guys. I want to put some content in the add. This comes from the Amis about and by sir friend of mine, says. The reaction in our section was very negative. People all around us were angry. He was there and after leaving him, up ahead of us. So my husband,
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pretty good rates who's on the show. This week we have finished the state legislature, Toynbee Aristotle, objectively school, going there. So much you don't know that I know, but you have before you don't know me up Tom the share of the county jail the largest jail in Amerika. What are you damn about Ino. Yes, no today, on Monday of this week, the Jews I know man knows very well that is about you. They re there order that goes into by the judges of it's gotta, let should finally change money by Albert that we talk about that. Talk about like what did it, but what did it mean to read a J? I love my country, nor people realise that the three largest emitter of the village in America, Archie that we talk about that. I'll wait a bit with other right now, sure thing and then accommodated, thereby which happened to be attractive to something like. I thought what
an issue until we talk- and I like understood it so much better afterward dry up in the course of activism. I think you probably become. Unfortunately, you know an expert on the Saint Louis Police Force and all its challenges. What did you think about? The verdict that came down recently and in the protests that of reemerged over the last seven years later we talk without this elaborate more on part of the people by I e the outdated badly. Now the amateur killed it, but I offer and shot at the March before God and he s lawyer, to dismiss this statement like a small matter, any you see they got acquitted people in it. As a reminder that we have not for you just how many places are predominantly Louis Grech, Secure conditions are very, unlike any other place in America, people are still mystery. They should be in the streets of what is said of wild it. Last night, the police
chanted, whose street our street Abbe arrested like eighty people. It is that sort of like gang vitality from Felicia Bambi each people to protest like what have you seen the police Yahoo Street Cars is supposed to be. Public servant obviously met not Beecher time and time again We literally taunting activists from blacklist matter right who had their reprisal a chant that they had heard previously The idea that we may buggered all of everybody industry in her favour. Twenty forty Let a movie they just came out about the projector virtue. I'm sure they had seen? Thou art a bit later without a chance, they were trying to do It is here that they own history and its failure to take back not with democracy you when I would, it should be. No, it's not true. And organizer how do you shape the way these protests are covered? So if it seems like it, Constant struggle between getting out information like what we were just
talking about when you're saying you know that the police chanting that and the police antagonizing protesters and people who over, you know a couple protesters, you know throwin something at a house or something so like. How do you is that something? It's on your mind when you're organizing these protests is it just you know it's beyond controls are what you gonna do or what? What are your thoughts on a year that properly consisting of with every Louis repair using social media? The waiter a propaganda and in a way to me seen another city do men, those, but without it every two years. Northern Ireland either. I agree under our party and I now try to be really thought about using a platform get help people like feel and see it now what's happening in and they did it off the actual report, most of the people back here or not
with you, so the more you can help people like underline how many people with the mood like what did it feel like and if your sister way at echoed along way. What else do you think has changed with regards to police violence and resulting protests? Since you know you first went to Fergus three years ago. You know people that bear the greatest a target in the current crisis in America and twenty fourteen, and now that has completely changed that people understand that there is a crisis all across the country. I think about liquid most issue. These people are like what can we do right there look at what the solution that either places that had been already another that income? Will we not seen changes that the F p have a good policy and have almost wholly been again. Any change at the national level for sure and administration. We don't do that energy awkward push,
for reform, are eating up in your change during one of the most out spoke in protest against police violence in the treatment of Africa. Americans in the country was calling Capron and his refusal to standards let them. It has been interesting to me to watch the way his leadership has been covered over the course of less of it. As I think anyone who read member Browns peace and publish a report recently, you know I've seen the way he's brought people along with him. I'm wondering what what you think about capper nics standing and police violence in and where we are effort. Is he I just column period. They we were together for hours and inject joined a jack. That's your twitter, whose grade I am afraid they were together for the Russian, avoiding he note Colin Kind he's the kinder than I think we should get pressure on board, whether you know when they see it on tv it really
allocated to these issues, but hearing globally in the reality that nothing, the cowardly thing about rape adjust, which is controversial right. He said that we should be going or like that is true, anything that that country we found a wreath of them. That is true. That bees are controversial, things you don't you ve got trains five days a week, he's ready at any moment he had gone by a team. It also wild The owners almost seeming be joined together to block you in that it is fair and right show Hopefully, will be another step up and not bow down to the peer pressure up there s the other than you were right, he too onerous, you are old, wealthy white man, I believe many jumped donors made under the air oh, do you have any idea who, with a strong out there, is a threat to put a peer pressure? I love it yeah. You know joy as you now eyes,
european area of knowledge or about the national planning. I need to be honest. I don't either but he's obviously good enough to play on a lot of teams. I mean that the question early on was whether he was holding out for a starting job and didn't want to be a backup will clearly that was not the case and that there was other issues that kept him from picking him up. So hopefully, a team will show some courage and not a very good player three days for joining us. I know you, you gotta run, but everyone Download plotted the people it'll be out tomorrow and thanks for colony how'd. You know where I met tiger buyer, it ever Kay, that's all the time we have heard today, thanks to Lydia, Paul, green and re fur stop and by. I think we ve had it. We hit it off. We talked about spy, sir. Of care:
I would like to come back in time to the fact that little in dire Trump legal defence team despises one another and are openly fighting and talk about spike versus Don Miguel Absurd over whether DOM again was an act of multi lunch. You write river. These resort about it later you just gotta call back- was unable to enjoy their delicious pop over. If I I would love to have had a camera on began the White Ass Council when he gets a call from the New York Times its head high just got lunch appeal tea in the two other lures porthos under the whole strategy. I heard you have documents locked up in a safe. Imagine if Cathy Rumbler had gotten, I call a she would have slit his yes, yes, that's true ogier everyone, but her great observed grab a visitor, and if I can.
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