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Jon, Jon and Tommy kick off 2021 by examining the last ditch attempts by Donald Trump and Republicans to subvert November’s election, the latest in the Senate races in Georgia, and what it will take to fix the Trump administration’s bungled vaccine rollout. Then, they share an installment of Alyssa Mastromonaco’s video series, “Let’s Break it Down,” exploring the presidential transition. For more episodes, check out: YouTube.com/CrookedMedia

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welcome to parts if America I'm John forever, I'm John of it and Tommy before on today's part. The report parties last ditch effort to overturn the presidential election for a man whose just gotta trying to steal it again We also talk about the state of the Georgia Senate raises a day before the election and what Joe Biden can do to fix the federal government's bungled vaccine roll out then you'll, hear from former white. Has deputy chief of staff friend of the pot? Was a master Monaco gonna talk about what to expect in a presidential transition in her crooked Youtube series? Let's break it down, but first but first show the latest episode of gaining ground the new Georgia.
we're jewel and member talk about what to expect on election day, which is tomorrow. Go download that part of your listened over. The break is fantastic series about how Georgia get to this point, how its turn blue, based on what the organizers on the ground have been doing the hard work they do over the years fantastic. Our series check it out. The election is tomorrow. There will also be volunteer opportunities available right up until the poles closed on January. Fifth, Santa fresh. If today it votes, have America dot, com such Georgia and send the link to your Georgia, friends or that they have access to valuable voting information tomorrow. Super important can we be another election? Are it too much too much. I, let's get to the news when we, spoke Donald Trump had just finished, losing sixty legal challenges about a man Mary, voter fraud and irregularities in the courts of dozens of judges that he appointed
putting a unanimous rejection from the Supreme Court. He also failed to stop a single state. He lost from certifying its election for Joe Biden despite publicly bullying countless republican election officials and state legislators and yet the soon to be Ex president is simply not tired of losing and has set himself up for one final, humiliating defeat with the help of some of America's worst people on Wednesday January Sixth, during what has always been a fairly routine counting and certification of the electoral votes in Congress, most House Republicans and at least twelve republican centres, plaintive, formerly of joy, to Joe binds win, saving more imaginary fraud and irregularities. Unfortunately, for them the only recorded instance of fraud came on Sunday. Washington, Post released the full audio of a call where Trump told Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rations Berger that he be Chris no reliable if you didn't find Trump enough votes to overturn this. thrice certified election in that state here,
this clip, but they are ready ballots. In my opinion, based on what I heard they are removing machinery and removing it advances they can, both of which are criminal vines and you can't let it happening were letting it happened or european. I'm notifying you that your letting it happened so I want to do. Is this. I use one eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty loads, which is one more that we have, because we want to say, love it up. Sign Twitter last night that you said you listen to the full hour. I visited a vow. I did two years ago there was a, but our well spent. Well,
I'm so impressed with both of you in the streaming era- does really been a blurring between the traditional half hour comedy and the hour long drama, and I think sometimes I slept till like comedies that aren't funny, but this is a drama with great great jokes in it, and I just what did you learn? What did you learn from the full? Our love sick? So I Good, I believe, is a lot of people saying. Oh Trump is delusional trumpets delusional, but if you listen to the tape, first of all, I was also think about acts arrived, calling trump a fairly genius, which I think is both to come and and two unkind he's, not that feral and he's not that smart. and you listen to this tape and what is what is really saying is: look I'm giving you plenty of certified fake numbers, they have specific commas in them. They have digits. You can just take these numbers just take them, I'm giving them to you and that's enough to stir enough doubt to throw out the results. Why don't you want?
stand that I endorse your guy, we're both Republicans and you know he throws it in call right like I got other states on the blow or two, and there to do the same thing that has obviously not true but he's trying to get something going right. He needs Georgia, help em, so that some, some something crazy can happen in Michigan and he's Michigan and help them to some. It can happen in Georgia just spinning as wheels and spinning as wheels and spinning as wheels and that an end throughout the cop there are these projections from sleazy lawyers and mark meadows in and I think the call culminates in March meadows, equally at a moment of awkward silence saying so. I think what I am hearing it s like. I love that are either what I am hearing go, we're all gonna meets and look at some of this information and figure out if there's a way for just wanna get out of this call with due out and the lawyers. As I know, we're recordings are not giving you anything what meadow set, as is so. What I think we all agreed on is you're gonna. Give me a bunch of data that you cannot legally give me in the lawyer it for rapid progress
No, absolutely not! I did not agree that it is much better. is not very good at shepherding along the process. That is that much is clear. I mean here's. What here's! One of the many thoughts I had is like one trump think he was gonna get from this fucking car like he has not had a great history with Brad Rapids rigour as you ve been publicly bird saving him for like the last month. Did he not think that reference burger was gonna? Think about taking the call that he not think that Rapenburg? I was gonna tell him to go fuck himself and not give him what he wanted like. What about his relations with Brad Rapids Burger made him think this is the call. actually going to do it that this guy's gonna say you know why you're right, I'm gonna go fuck and steal. The election for you and go find the votes like that's. What makes me think he is pretty delusion look. This is for This question isn't just sort of like you know, the logical nature and might have legal ramifications, because you know that the theirs
you'll debate about whether this car was illegal or not, and a lot of it might boiled down to sort of some sort of proof of his knowledge or intent that he would be defrauding. The Georgia accurate if he got ravens burger to do this. It is very hard for me to tell whether he is just having a much nonsense, trying to get Rapids Burger a pretext to finally overturned the election, just cause he's at desperate or whether he has created this like Coon of bullshit around him of that involves away an and actually not even Fox NEWS anymore NEWS Max and these, Creasy. We insane lawyers like Linwood and others who are just telling him what he wants a year and instead of reading the PD be huge, is getting every like red. It concern, mercy theory put on his desk and he just wants to believe them. I have no idea, but it is clearly the calls on ethical. It is beyond the pale for a President
to threaten, I would say, not Africa indefinitely doubly flag in the the. Incidentally, are more: a violation: very lucky threatens Rapids Berger and his lawyer with some sort of criminal offence, TBD and then he says I just want to find eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty votes, I mean he's threatening to punish them. If they don't do is bidding. I thought it wasn't. Romantic Ben counts pointed this out on Twitter, whose usually on them the Cuban on crazy beat me wasn't like that everything the Trump set in the call was just mainline straight from the red at threads: eight Chan, FUCK and you know parlor right, like all of the way beyond Fox NEWS way on railway media. At this point, just like all of the darkest crazies corners of the internet now go have a direct pipe. The predicated states then spoke these conspiracy theories to the Secretary of State of Georgia in an effort to overturn the election just straight up
you know it's some. First of all to your point right. This is someone who trump uses hostile, and this is how straightforward he's being in his demands, a marrow imagine the conversations going on with people he views as more friendly to him, the Lindsey Grams of the world. I mean I'm his appreciating? How directs these Georgia capable? we're in saying we decided to take because Linsey granted a crime on the phone and nobody does, and so We have to imagine what those conversations are like what was that conversation in the over with those Michigan elected officials? What are these conversations that we don't know about been like, and the other piece of this is again ever is very stupid and very important, because you these are ridiculous, baseless conspiracy theories and we'll get to it, but you know Trump promo gates these conspiracy breeze? They spread and right wing media. It's a it's a it's a doom loop. They come out through Trump again and then all of a sudden. All these republicans say there's a lot of questions about this election, we're just following these questions. They fabricate the questions and then they use the fabric
questions as a justification for dealers utilizing the election day so that they can questions like what should be done about this call. You know, Tommy. You noted that in other serve debate legal experts, lawyers weather is illegal. You know, I think, but leave it to the lawyers as if handle that figure that out right like I think there are some that the idea in Georgia said they're gonna look into it instigate. That's right! That's fine! You know, there's been calls for like he should be impeached again which I'm just like sure. Like I'm sure all jumpy, impeached again, of course, each would be impeached again. He should be added office as soon as possible, but like what like, let's play So the house the House gathers today
there's, nay, the new house. They vote to impeach Donald Trump Gray. It passes he's impeached again, Ms Mcdonald doesn't take it up in a Senate or he does. It immediately falls. He doesn't get convicted, and so I guess we all feel pretty good that there's like two impeachment son, his on his track record when he leaves, office that he's got these got to two black marks against him and well Cheer went Lafayette Battle. I mean I'm not going to die in the short term, like hopefully the audio. This call makes it a little bit harder politically for TED Crew whose and then your blowdryer TED Crews, Josh Holly and some of these other senators and representatives to go along with this scheme because they can spend however they want they can pretend or creating a commission or they're just you know they want people their constituents to be heard. That is all bullshit. You are helping this guy, try to get random state election officials to steal both for him. That's that's the end goal. You can't pretend otherwise, after hearing the so that the short term long term
their dismay violated a federal statute. It nay violated adored the statute. We don't know it's, not our job. To really speculate will see what the o J says or Georgia prosecutor say, down the road in the near term. I mean look. I've I think my take away from impeachment is that there is serve a bipartisan sense that voters didn't like it very much, and I think you know in the midst of a global pandemic when they were just Prob promised another two thousand dollar check each when the vaccine role at a slow and binds trying to get in there and like use the GPA, to move things forward, and you know enact a bunch of priorities like another impeachment seems like, something that would be wildly unpopular to me no, there are some who think that we need accountability and results. Just the problem is, if you and teach him I dont believe he's going to be removed, because a republican Party is a Cults I refuse to remove him so being the same again will be in the same place, we're withdrawal thousand percent even making is even if even if impeachment utterly hopeless babies.
impeachment would be seventy five, twenty five in favour. Maybe everyone would before it tell me how it would materially anything anything about the current situation in in. Even it'll be only if he's ruin, invest would only if he's impeach removed and that he can't run for office again. But again right and we want an absolutely not be removed anyway. It where we have a bunch, Republicans the Senate. What sort of five the election results for Joe Biden, let alone convicted prisoners, recruitment, fuckin, crazy isles, adjusting its ok take a step back from this one question I think a lot of these republicans are gone along with this for clearly cynical reasons, and I just think their prime voters may have a longer memory than general electric motors. The next election is a lifetime away for all these people. We ve now the odds, reflecting on this moment in November of twenty. Twenty two seems unlikely, maybe seems unlikely it's part of how we tells a story of this moment. That said, I think there's like two big questions for us beyond Trump
on. How do we just incentivize criminal behaviour on the part of a president moving forward, and I think that's means he needs we held accountable, Australia's office, yes and I hope prosecutors at state level, at the federal level, look at every violation without partisanship with no politics, because these laws lawbreaking is incredibly dangerous, is paramount. This call specifically as criminal, but there's so much criminal conduct. We have observed your last four years that should be looked at, but but we would love it. I think I think it's him is it like? That is the job to me out of you think, that's too like that is the job of the prosecutors and the people are just as payments up like that like it is not a job, for pundits and politicians even to be talking about what should or should happen afterwards like he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If people who are you know, bats their job find that he should be prosecuted, that's it's their judgment. One add, though I would like to see Congress House, the centre for both continues to investigate crimes. It does have the impeachment they should keep digging. It is
parliament should not I I totally agree so so I- and I think I think there is a moment where Joe Biden was. I think hinting he's been saying that things lately, which is it's not my job, to leave it up to career prosecutors, because I think one of them damming things. I've heard some politicians and some pundits say is we need to look for. The only way to look forward to protect the country. Moving forward is to make sure there's accountability for the crimes of the past or we'll just invite more coming out, future and then so as part of this, you know me sure we just incentivize criminal behaviour on the part of a president. Congress needs to investigate Congress to make sure they strengthen laws against self dealing. Look at restraining the pardon power, look at ways to prevent corruption and all the different forms. Look at making into law what we're norms that I've been violated in the past four years. That's so that's prevented criminality, the part of one person, the second part, and I think, a harder part to figure out what to do. Is we to attack the incentives that we people, like TED crews and an Josh Holly, completely cynical, mercenary actors to view being for Trump as more valuable than being for democracy and and
to me is, I think, a really hard question and Democrats. You a lot of self regulation, but we need to look at the immediate ecosystem and the ways in which this kind of behaviour incentivize, because politics- we'll be cynical, they will do what they view as in their best interests, Josh, Holly and TED crews. competition to be the most disgusting because they think it's their path to becoming president area It might be for that. You write the, but that that is such a large met, a question that is so far beyond the power it I've as us. Some people say like Joe by me to drop his talk of of of unity and bi partisanship and ensure, by needs to come out and start screaming about this number one job. I gave a pretty forceful speech on the day that all the votes were certified where he called this. An attack on the development of democracy and an end said everything he should say. German can come out today and scream about sedition into a microphone and each year it I'd fuckin Archie, all those quotes ET cetera there either get on
my god our may I be Archie, but like do we think so again, I go back to the question about impeachment. What is the effect on the situation? Was that materially change? Does that convinced that change the incentives for four ten cruiser Josh Holly Nedda change them right that convinced a single republican Mitch Mcconnell could not convinced Metro, conall gun on the phone with all of the republican centres and said: please do not object to these results. This is going to be bad I do not do this and twelve senators said fuck you measure, Mcconnell are those that are going to listen to Joe Biden go out there and start screaming about, does not now, of course, turn The majority of american people don't want this to happen. They voted for Joe Biden Christina want this ever so we ve got the majority people outside Mitch. Colonel Mitt Romney are on our side like what? What else is there Rats yelling about there's gonna do now. Should they look this silly, conversation is pretending, its impeachment or nothing. There's lots in between impeachment, seems like a bad idea that time Joe Biden won the election is a critical is a pandemic raging with focus on those things
we need a lad Joe Biden, another small politicians like have a public message that is focused on big issues that people care about and then, when Joe Biden takes over, the wheels of government will turn D. O J will do its thing based on whatever technocrats decide, prosecutors and states will do their things. Committee should investigate the like screaming for impeachment. Right now seems like not the best use of time through the litter. The most important that we could possibly do right now is to amass more power to do all the things that love it said to turn norms into laws to you know, pass laws about corruption. All his cast off requires power requires us to be in power, and that requires us to win these two races tomorrow in Georgia and maintain the house and twenty twenty two. Why did we lose a lot of democratic? Has members and twenty twenty, because there was a bunch of people who voted for Denmark,
because members and twenty eighteen who either didn't come out or or voted for Republicans in twenty twenty in the house. We need to get those voters back that there that's the only path to power and twenty twenty two and beyond, and to make sure that we saved democracy by passing a bunch of lot laws that aren't just norms to stop this bullshit from happening, and we need power. You know- and that's that's what we should be focused on. How do we get those people who vote for us? As I would say to like this? Isn't just a republican democratic divide that there is an intra republican fight unfolding pat to me and and Mitt Romney like Susan COM? take it that there is a fight going on inside a republican politics around democracy and integrity and about whether there is such a thing is truth anymore and I'm not saying you know that makes Susan Collins and Mitt Romney and pat me heroes, but it does mean that when organs are fighting amongst themselves. Our job is not give them a unified thing. They can can argue against right. Let them let us, as you know,
Godzilla and Mothra. Let them fight. I do want to know like it's back to beginning of conversation, there's no way. This is the only call of this nature that he's made. How do we investigate that and figure out what he said to Pa State officials, Michigan official that said and then you are in terms of Mcconnell like take her. In blowdryer, TED crews are the most annoying. because they're smart enough to know better in their smart enough to know how cynical what they're doing is but like I would every Capitol Hill reporter. Who is lavished praise on Mitch Mcconnell for years and in talked about his iron grip on the republican cod? is to just eat a little shit in this moment over a dozen republican Senator giving Mcconnell the finger income. He kind of deserves it right like he tried to play footsie with Trump unease. Conspiracy theories, not one of these guys in Washington has stood up to tromp insurance strength in the way Brad Rat Berger has. Instead, they all made a cynical calculation about how to help turn out
Georgia in these run offs, and you know how to like mollify trump for a few weeks or months, and you know that there. There and other living with the consequences rights alike were we're all disappointed. But no one should surprise. This is what happens every time trunk to something crazy, and slowly the majority of their public and party warms to it and it becomes their position just how works let because this is Waymore from talking about what democratic do. Let's talk about the republic and fight here, because so you know Josh Holly TED Crews, this going to fail on Wednesday. We should just say that from the outset right, why is it going to fail on Wednesday because if a senator in a house member now there's multiple centres, multiple has members object to certain states, electoral college certification. Then they both go back to their chambers, but the hasn't assented they debated for two hours and then they all have to both democratic control. The majority in the house a
although every single objection down and now we have a pro democracy majority in the Senate, meaning all the democratic votes plus Romney Collins and all the other Republicans now fifteen. I think, have said that they will not object to the certification a healthy majority in the Senate to vote all the clearing like nor aging right, wingers like Tom cotton. By the way I like this, a broad majority Party MIKE Lee TED cruises button likely just came out right before the pond said he's not going objective there. So we have a is so they're gonna be I'll shot down so now. The question is: why do you guys think that Holly crews and that crew has decided to abject and do this, and why do you think not just people you'd expect like Mitt Romney, but Mitch, Mcconnell, Lindsey, Gram, Tom cotton likely have decided not to have
we're leaving the various calculations are on both sides of this fight. I mean, I think, tank crews and in blowdryer TED crews. Josh Holly are cynical piece of shit and they want to run for president again and they think that this is how you will get to the Trump base. When push comes to shove in the next primer, this happens every time a rabid right, winger loses a presidential election. Whether it is Nix in or Goldwater or others like that. The politicians who cling to until the bitter end usually get some benefit from it in the next primary. I think that's the calculation Yeah he's funny, it was funny when so so George Holly did his press release, can a solo and then take crews came out with his dirty dozen Josh Holly was. I welcome to my plan- are just like no! No. This is my plan. I'm your mom you're part of my separate bigger plan, so yeah I think they're, seeing where Trump Base is going so that they might lead them. I also think they want to continue to,
doubt about election integrity, so they can pursue voter suppression over the next two to four years. I think some of the summit, How's members genuinely believe this shit there a lot allow information voters in the house. It is, I think, also there's one in the way. I see it one of the white, as I also think it some pretty chilling. How many republican senators elects are part of this twelve right tells you something almost all of them: tells you something about the future of their public and party. Because it's you know it's people like to me who said there retiring its people like Mitt Romney, who have embraced this sort of. Old sage, persona, Otto. Finally, covers how to be a person after giving up running for president. So I found that pretty pretty sad and I think some of them are day again it's what I said at the top. They think that their base voters in the people they raise money from have a longer memory than election voters in their counting on avoiding a fight with tromp in the base now and not pay a price for two years. I do think that you know
Tommy you're right that they are trying to figure out where the base is because they want to run for president twenty twenty four, and he has also true that, where the base is at least where the right wing media ecosystem has led them is not being for democracy right, like I think these, I think some of these Republicans literally dont care about sacrificing democracy anymore. I think that they have. They are sliding very fast if they have not already gotten their towards autocracy. I am very concerned that if twenty four walls around and their publicans are in control of the house- and there are in control of the Senate, especially with some of these more radical members in the Senate Now- and we have an election, whether its Joe Biden running whether it's another dimension running and the Democrat when's the election that next time we come to a certification and that in the Congress and the house that they'll be enough objections to overturn election, I'm genuinely weren't. You should be- and I think that a lot of these Republicans just think, like We believe and are bullshit so much. we believe that we should be in power so much that democracy.
really doesn't matter. It's actually a nuisance in that's happened in other countries throughout history, like I'm very scared of that most dictators, most autographs tyrants, don't start that way. They start as freedom fighters are elected officials and they cling to power over time and in You know they do increasingly frightening authoritarian things, but though the one Maybe this is overland I'll, try to think of any silver lining. This is clarifying for job. I write like I was smart of Joe Biden in his right of him to run on unity and to run on working together to run on bi partisanship. That's what voters want to hear declare that works, on the election, but none of us have any faith Mitch, Mikado or anyone else in the Republican Party would actually be constructive once he got into office, especially Trump is still pulling the strings with these idiots Viet Twitter, which is clearly what's gonna happen. So at least now like he can point to this as an inciting incident and say this is the break with the GNP I try. They wouldn't even let me take office before you know
main lining these conspiracy theories. They look it's it's not a great silver lining. If we win, Georgia changed everything, but I think the reasons it does change. Everything is the reason I think Mcconnell look self so weaken. This moment is Mcdonald's powers. Majority leader is not preventing his members from voting. The way they want to vote is preventing us from happening at all. Mcconnell can prevent this vote. Until they're going to vote the way they want to control over the floor of the preventing of the voting on two thousand dollars checks, or what have you over latino or and anything over the over the Obama administration, his power. Until you know, right now, we can draw comfort Inn into a republican divide, but if a majority of Republicans do not want to pass anything while Joe Biden is president, it doesn't matter as much in the Senate after these votes. What Mitt, Romney R Susan Collins ultimately want to do with Mcconnell won't go along with things
oh binds demeanor and how he worked with the public, and it is the Georgia matters more than what Ya Biden decides right like if we lose Georgia, then, even though republicans are maniacs who tried to overturn election job, I'm the only path is still try to work with them on legislate legislation and an end been forged by pirates and compromises, because he doesn't have the power to pass things himself outside executive authority, which he should try to do, and then get struck down by the courts. We already talked about this, but if we win Georgia tomorrow and now he's got a democratic majority, then I think they're. There should be pressure applied on Joe Biden, because now he has sent a majority and not just Joe Biden but the Joe of the world. The course in cinemas that Mark Kelly's, like some of the more conservative Democrats are in this because if Joe Biden doesn't pass hr, one that democracy reforms make DC estate, Porter weakens it statehood.
Gerrymandering, like all the other good stuff in democracy forums if he doesn't get that done fast than we were a real risk of this of them republican, succeeding in overturning of future election. They still may but at least passing a lot of these demott democratic reforms. Will reduce the chances that he has to get that done if we win. Georgia is a whole bunch of stuff on it. We in Georgia, and also we when George, by the way every. One of these objections that have been raised to any of these nominees nearest Mean tweet, Sir someone be upset about this, like I would just tell em to fuck off like better. you can check all you. What we're gonna do is ram every single nominees through the Senate and you're gonna, like it we're gonna, fill a bunch of judicial nominations to and he's he actually has to exercise that power. If we win Georgia, because then all the criticisms of him in the by part,
journalists have will be completely ballot. This is amazing to be on a year five of the failure of a Republican to take collective action and stand up to dollar from brain like of it. They have, they watch themselves, could steam ruled in the primary cause? None of them are pushed back on this guy and they strike Tag Ruth specifically sucked up to him. Until the very last moment thinking. He could then make it a one on one race in pull it out and got his aspect in India humiliated and now is right back where we started just kissing trumps. TED crews, had one moment of conscience for you ago. At the convention it lasted about twelve, a half hours and it has not been scenes, and so so what am? I Connell's various henchmen that sort of populate the dark corners of internet and just tweet shit from their case, as he said you know Holly, crews will live to regret this as Josh homes did that none of them are there. I don't get it if I read the following: a high incurs Pauline crews will live to regret this
all the other Republicans you do. This will have to get it. Do you think he is right that they live to regret it, because I look, I would love for him to be right on this. I would in this fight as a as a citizen of this democracy, I am on the side of the Mitch Mcconnell Lindsey Griffiths Tom Cottons, about that, but I dont know if, if Holly and crews will live to regret that, I think this could be politically for them beneficial. I don't know I'm trying to think of the sight of it. I mean we're we're sort of in predicting site. I've obviously don't know either. I think it's gonna take some work to get to that, like I'd like to be at that place, I'd like to have Trump viewed as Nixon right, a disgrace to loser, but it's gonna it's going to require these,
Republicans standing up to him forcefully now and not letting him pull the strings or or door tweet the agenda for another. Two, three, four five years, you know look trumpet emerged from decades of wrought in republic in politics. I hard pressed to point to any facet of that problem that got better over the last four years. If you think we're gonna get your place where someone like TED Cruiser Josh Holly pay a price for what they just dead yet to show me where there is play some positive change in this media ecosystem in the universe spreading Filf on Facebook via Newsmax, and I end of the show me someplace, where you see sign the things in the republican side. Inside of that debate is getting better. I don't see that I don't see it anywhere. Indeed, only Mandarins Fox NEWS for Bee and gerrymandering they just abandoned Fox news because it wasn't telling him what they want to hear. Yes, we have a supply problem in terms of what he's, media companies and and billion are backed institutions are pumping out, but there's
We demand from people are going to where they find the news that tells him exactly wanna hear for they get a car and drive giraffes to do. Why am CIA without a mask? I think he's the one is it may hurt Holly and crews personally in their personal ambitions, and this is what I don't. I don't quite know what the calculation is on this Don't jump could run again into one in twenty four? Have you may run aground twenty twenty four right? So if you, if you, if your story is Donald Trump, had this election stolen from him but otherwise he's the rifle winner. Then why running against him and twenty twenty four? Why? If why should voters choose you judge Holly into crews, when you just told us that Donald Trump was the rightful winner of the last election was something some have not gone show me the dock right there, but I try to understand all along. It's like it's almost like. They didn't believe that he was going to run in twenty twenty four, but you need to be able to call him a loser and say it's time for some Patsy America's. I d by blinkers
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Delicious wheel of just digs here, I'm going to try to finish my back for a lot of time, another bad to have you with us I let's talk Georgia. The sad special action is tomorrow, after months of campaigning and hundreds of millions of dollars spent in advertising the race between Centre, Kelly, Leffler and Reverend Raphia Warnock and centred David producing John US off are still neck and neck with the poles moving ever so slightly towards the Democrats. In the final days, far more important than the poles are the actual votes over three million Georgians. Nearly thirty nine percent of all eligible voters have already cast ballots, which is already the highest turn out in a special election ever? If there were no more votes cast, it will be done astronaut inspection election. So just in the general action that we just went through in November. It's hard to predict what the earlier vote means for who will win on election day, because we don't know exactly who will turn out on a limb that there is a denominator were missing, but what can then
in Georgia, tell us about whose voting in who each side needs to turn out on Tuesday Tommy. so, like you said closer to a twenty twenty general action turn out right now that it is a run off which hopefully is good for us. It's you was to be favouring Democrats there's higher black turn out by. I think three to four percentage points and then turn out in white rural areas is down so far especially in northern Georgia, which is where Trump is going today, right and but So that's why they're sending him there tonight, but who knows if his message, gonna be go out and vote or it's gonna be the State Republican Party in Georgia is stealing. your votes, why bother. So we know in November more Georgians voted early in person than by mail. That trend seems to be continuing. The question is always whether there is a huge republican turn out on election day. So, look, I don't know,
As always, it's good to know that you ve banked a lot of votes, but it's hard to predict things based on this data, especially You know a run off election after a what's now described as a disputed election in a pandemic is just tunas yet like us all the number grudges I've been looking at this and and A candid and couple interesting threads on this, I think we can say is for Republicans to win these run offs. They will need to improve.
Their turn out on election day by even more than may improve their turn out between early vote absentee voting an election day during the general. So they have to do even better on election day than they did in in November, and that's it it's not impossible. People just change could change the way they votes, but it's a tall order, and it is, I think, better than a lot of people expected. Look Republicans had an advantage in this race in that in the general election David produce did when more votes than John US off by eighty thousand more votes. When you tallied all the votes on the in the jungle, primary Democrats did slightly worse than Republicans in the special action now that between Leffler and Warnock, so and in special actions, turn out for often goes down. so that is one of the hill the Democrats had to climb, and now it's look looking like they are claiming that hill, so it could be very close, but love it. You were saying we talk. We talk about this for a long time now, the Georgia, the dynamics of this Georgia, race and.
you were saying that a lot of voters are cynical and not stupid and that they might come out every anyway, even though you know Donald Trump and everyone else has been sending us in Lynnwood and all the other crazy isn't sending messages that the election is rigged, but it does look like turnout is lagging in some of these areas. Maybe we'll make upward on election day. Yet I think we all know- and I think that this is where recording this Monday afternoon- I dont know Are you talking to come down to turn out and you will see him We want, we will see tomorrow. I think there are some heartening numbers, but an The one thing we can have started to conceal here is that maybe our thoughts are a kind of got instinct on terms. The higher turnout is better for Democrats may be changing as the electorate chips. We just don't know that said you know, it's it's, a completely unknown, we're running a two Senate run off for control of the Senate. for the biggest turnout election in a presidential contest as the president
says that elections are illegitimate. Their running incredibly vicious right wing heads on these two Democrats, who try to stir up their base to get people out back cattle, proud, as worked for them in the past. Maybe gonna work right like oh, they need a bigger turn out than ever on Tuesday. What we could wake up on Wednesday and they got it. We just really have no idea as to whether or not what trump is doing is gonna kind of. pressed her now. Maybe I just don't know I just I know one of us to count on it, and I still think we are wondering why I looked almost eighty thousand votes have been cast already, who didn't vote in the November elections, and that, like That is disproportionately. Who is that guy is more. That is giving me a profile in those early days. What were you doing a month ago? Some of it is some of it. Is young people who work of age and then it is. If you look at the racial breakdown of that cohort, it is, there are more black
there's than there are in the larger court or voters. So that's good NEWS for Democrats, both those things- and I just like what you know. Some of those could of course be Republicans who are turning out for the first time to I'm sure a bunch of them are, but that is a testament by the way to a lot of these organizers on the ground, Stacy, Abrams, crew, fair fight action, all of the other direction grounds and activists have been doing this work for year, Latasha Brown, there this work for years? To get that many people registered and outvote between the general and now is astonishing? It's there is a great peace and in the New York Times magazine about Latasha, Brown and and fair fight in the efforts to change its really worth Rita those in that area. I too, like you know, if you're produce leffler like you can't be happy, the Trump is dummy, the new cycle as
no matter how lessening the value of voting itself as a closing argument. On top of that, clearly, the corona virus is a key issue for everybody, just because it is an trump really did. Help clarify that republican control of the Senate was preventing additional stimulus in direct payments to people, part of that stimulus so like again to want to protect. But this is not how I want a closed out with clear is that they left learn produce, are going like hard core racist base. Only messaging like they're, not looking for a lot of swing voters when they run into reverend right. Add about war, not great like it's a gross gross camp in the region. Lookin strategy from the beginning has been too. It was their strategy in TWAIN twenty and they think that it at least worked on a congressional level. Democrats are radical, socialist yeah right,
I saw the debate and Kelly Leffler repeated Raphaelites, worn out radical socialist a million times right. Like that's, been their strategy. They have driven that strategy with their own message. They have driven it paid media the whole time right. The Democrats message from us often Warnock, has been these two were basically corrupt centres who profit it off the pandemic. At a time when they are blocking relief for you and here's what wherefore they have a very positive jobs, justice, healthcare right. They ve been repeating it over and over again, then, that that's their message, so we're happens on election day. I think if you look at who is had more luck, driving their message not just through their own paid media, but through the media through that shit, who has had a better who's who has been better shaping the median narrative in his final weeks- and I think, like I think, Warnock and also have by a mile, partly helped by trumpet Mitch Mcconnell in this whole fucking stimulus, double
the like winch. When diatribe came out for the two thousand dollar checks, I was worried because either was gonna happen is Mitch. Mcconnell was gonna, put it up for vote, knowing that it will pass the Senate. Bunch Republicans would vote against it. Leffler and produce would vote for the two thousand dollar tax and then they could go back and say. Look we voted for this vote and instead Mcconnell blocks the vote. They sort of mealy mouthed come out for it trumps screamin about how much Mcconnell blocked the relief and now I can campaign last last week by saying we're for two thousand dollars. These guys couldn't get it done in the Senate. This is the kind of said that you're going to get if you send them back you're, going to go to send it doesn't help working people like I don't know, you can ask for much better than that. When we look at it- and you know it- actually honest and sincere positive message. Wall I'd sailing Purdue is awful. Stop Leffler man, just this complete. Just like you see Purdue enough there and you they
Why do you even want this job? You don't seem at its political year, you're up their view that this is left levellers. You know, she's she's, pull out a d David Boys donation to trot out but are Warnock is fucking pay. It's like, as a human rights lawyer, editor despicable, despicable, despicable stuff. I think This is just cheaper than a Bloomberg terminal, so she can kind of trade stocks ahead of the curve. That seems to be the primary motivation, I also do not like. I think that Warnock is handled. These attacks in a very smart way like instead of getting down in the on going back and forth on autumn with her. She accused me of this- I'm not best she's that well well. Well, he has renounced,
with the puppies ad and then he's out there just talking about what he's for what he's gonna do for Georgians and that's a John US off as and their negative message about. Those two has been: these are to corrupt fuckin assholes, who were emblematic of everything. That's pissing you off about Washington in, like that's the Senate that you're gonna get if you send them back like. I think it's good to say this now, because who knows they lose, they lose the but like, I think they have done almost as well as they can with on the message side, In this respect, I think that that us often Warnock and it's like it it's much- is very- is harder for Warnock right when you're running as a black candidate. You have to worry, more out being called angry or divisive, or all the bullshit. There was la dip rock Obama who is out of the same side of their you. Neither mouth there a profess oral and aloof and all this stuff, and I think he S.
Things are of an Obama like strategy of trying to rise above a lot of these techno. Obviously, there punching back on the stocks, insider trading, all that stuff. I do think there time that the substance like you say when it comes to the stimulus I also just really also just like today, both call out the game right like it's, not there not just punching back there saying you know, I also has a version of like they. They want you to believe you can't do better than this, and you have worn oxide like they're trying to make you afraid of me is there for you and your boat, just sort of its compelling and inspiring and face of so much misinformation. I think they're doing the best they can in a lot of money. I think win or lose. There will be lessons from their campaigns and how to attack Republicans and also run campaigns going forward. Let's turn to operation, definitely less than works. The first four
Colonel virus vaccine was approved at the beginning of December, but out of the forty million vaccines delivered last month, only five million have been administered. At this rate, experts say that it could take ten years to vaccinate the entire country. The Trump administration had publicly set the ambitious goal of providing twenty million Americans, but their first round of the vaccine by the end of December and the year that obviously hasn't happened, Lovett wisest process taking so long and whose fault is it so, basically anything that the administration touches turns to shit, and so on. And obviously the response and there's a great, very, very in depth. Look at the response to the virus by learns right in the new Yorker. I suggest already read it set aside a few days, for it is quite long and what and- and basically we see here is once the device one of the vaccine as quickly as it was developed is one of the greatest achievements in scientific history. It's an incredible achievement, but now it
not just about science? It is a practical logistical question. What is clear is this: administration is not capable of planning ahead and putting him is the process that will make it so when this thing got to the states when it got to public health departments around the country when it got to hospitals when it got to doctors, that there would be clear guidelines, clear plan, clear funding in place to help them get it from deep freezers into people's arms, and so there is wherever you look. There is chaos. There is confusion. There is public health departments that are complete the strap their hospitals are completely sharp. These people are exhausted their exhausted and they have been going hard for me in months trying to deal with this pandemic without enough resources without the PPP and then all of a sudden. The I've seen as here. There is no procedure, there is no plan. There are fifty different sets of rules, fifty different ideas of how to distribute it and all of this there is
always going to be. Challenges are always gonna. Be problems. Is today a once in a century event. It is difficult, it is complicated. It takes incredible. India, you idiot resources not just to develop the vaccine, but to get it to people. But all of this, I think, would have been so much different under an administration where the president could focus. Something other than voter fraud for more than an hour. Tell me what you think yeah look, I mean I'm trying to keep from losing my mind I, u know allowing for the fact that there are some mundane and understandable reasons, re like if you got your batch of vaccines right before the holiday. You then went away for a couple days from Christmas in that kind of slow down there, all trying to figure out how to work with vaccines that are stalled stored at these ultra low temperatures rights. I'm sure that's all challenging, but there is a part of this that I just think is a deliberate choice that is directly attributable to Trump. They haven't given states clear guidelines for how best to distribute doses,
Congress has not given them enough money to pay for that infrastructure? And so you also have this. You know the hesitancy that is among some parts of the population to take vaccine it's very worrisome, how many healthcare workers are rejecting early access to them seen in California, where we are, you know it is the best. Nation processes colliding the massive really dangerous outbreak, but I do think this part of the strategy that we ve heard about forever. Witches trump basically wants to say I get credit for the vaccine production, but the rest of it is on the states They didn't want on testing. They didn't want to own, yet sufficient use of the GPA to ensure there's enough
be another in a vital materials for healthcare workers such push. It all the states without giving the many the funding they need, and it's enough it is not going well. I think we can catch up thing, that's acutely. I think they can catch up to this. All these stats about out this rate it'll take ten years. It acts in the country. I think that's a little bit. Click baby alarmist. We can catch up, thought she talked about down at the weekend. But well that's that's based on like. If everything is going exactly as it is not right and like the idea, is we speeded up and then suddenly those timelines changed dramatically in one big issue is the different states of prioritized different groups of people give Ganz not a centralized approach after healthcare workers and residents of long term care facilities, some states have decided to prioritize frontline workers and people. Seventy five or older others have decided to prioritize elderly
pull over frontline workers and observe a broader swaths of elderly people like sixty five in older members of Congress had early access now, apparently to staffers from each congressional office can get it to outright. Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo said that outrageous, Governor Cuomo said the New York Institute a one million dollar fine. If anyone gives the vaccine to someone out of order also site, but I also think is also- stupid when either we lay over those a story that was voted on today in Washington, by Washington in Washington DC, where there is a pharmacist who told to people hey. I got throw this vaccine away. You guys do to people who are just standing here, want some vaccines that hasn't been thrown away like how are we in a position where we're from fucking vaccines away in the middle of a pandemic, everyone's home and millions of people are sick and dying and we're gonna like Florida is inexcusable. I was doing first come first served and you I'd like senior citizens camping out on on the sidewalk today, they're in crowds Enzo like all they re like. There was always Maybe maybe
We want. We don't need to talk about that person whose it's, like I'm gonna, throw some vaccine away, because I suck but like there was always going to be. This is a fast pace. Difficult. There's going to be lost vaccine just going to be biles that hit the ground. There's going to be things that go bad is going to be grabbing a Guy up the street and given the vaccine, that's great, like that's, that's life like that should be happening, but if it was in Context of a clear forget: even you can let the states do it the way they think is best, but a clear, calm, consistent message from the top that's everyone will get a vaccine, it will take about this length of time. You can trust what we are going to say. There's no lead, no need to race out we're going to make sure everybody has it going to do it fairly when do it faithfully, you wouldn't have all of this uncertainty and panic and people racing to get in line. If you
had a sense of where they were in the line when they were gonna, get it there's so much communication that would have happened if you had an actual presidency, an actual group of people committed to informing the public about what was going to have. Then in the steps to get it done and presently wasn't taken but I gotta give the military infrastructure there ought to be uniform to set the looks scary announcing like injected from the top of a tank, but to give them all the infrastructure. They need to get this thing out there and its maddening to hear stories that some of these doses might be wasted it. It makes no sense Emily, The point is that the National Guard was out here on enlargement in allay during the the Floyd. Protests ran right for like no good reason, and yet, like now, there's like a mass vaccination programme that we're trying to get under like: where are they now break the wise and every resource of the federal government being deployed to vaccinate people as soon as humanly fucking possible? Now we're talking about the Trump administration which plenty to criticise, as we ve done,
Japan is going to take office soon. He has pledged to ensure a hunch million vaccines are administered in his first hundred days in office. We are nowhere near hitting the milling vaccinations a day on average to achieve that goal like what can bind due to speed things up, because I am torn like we ve all been in government, rightly We ve seen you know the opera MRS of speed and efficiency. You now falter. Democracy and law. telling you know, and people in the garage prosy telling you know like it is hard to push even with the best intentions, the machinery of the federal government and the bureaucracy to act and act quickly during an emergency adjust. Is we ve all seen it happen? Right like we didn't want fuckin health care about Gov to fuck up, but it did either with the best intentions- and I do think that, like this is a moment for the buyer, Ministration is gonna, be maybe the most important thing they do in the first hundred days
the first year, or maybe the presidency right is two years to get this done, and he has to act quickly and break all the China needs to break and the federal government to get this done. I thought Mitt Romney at some good ideas in the statement he released criticising the vaccine role. I, which was your leads. Major effort to get retired, doktor, retired nurses, veterinarians, like military medics, people here, no longer in the healthcare field. Get pull them in pay them. Have them be a part of this process right so that something that that Biden could do. If you It's a bipartisan idea. He's also said that he's gonna use the deep Yea defence production act more often to give private industry more production of materials needed for vaccines as well as more PPP. I read that operation. Worse feed has used the GPA eighteen time, including to make glass miles and syringes. I'm not sure what else s specifically, they need mean that other good NEWS for Biden, that in late January, Johnson and Johnson is gonna, release clinical trial results free
single shied vaccine, so that will help asked romantic, as results will come in February. So hopefully there be more supply and then maybe no maybe you're getting to appoint redescending big shipments. Cbs and people like us who are not any these at risk. Profiles is getting in line and is getting the thing, but yet it this is enough. Competence will go a long way. Having competence will go a long way, but I think the creativity point as it matters a lot too, because competence will take you so far, but I think the firearms to have to get really creative in even the things you were Saint Ives holidays right like there need there should be twenty four hour vaccinated centres right like if their lorries yesterday and shift for a vaccine who, it would like a line in order to get the fuck and vaccines lotta people threats like in and if we have to pay people to work their shifts around the clock. Let's do it with that money should not be an object here like it should be like very ambitious, like skies the limit on what we think about here? You know there was There is a brief flickering moment where tromp was like
This is a war and I'm a wartime president, and then it went away and never and right, and there are so many aspects of it. Yeah it's its resources is also something that I think a competent ministration what damages best practices hey what dates are doing. Well, let's get that information. Let's get that information to other states right, that's something that the down the convening the power to convene get people together tongue, but the best best thing to do to get us into people's arms as quickly as possible, and the other thing that has just been completely absent is patriotism. You know when another I've just been thinking about this, this peace, but this right piece which- and it talks about one thing that that that help New York so much in the early days of the pandemic- was that people responded from across the country. They came to help that they they came to help and people are willing to help it there's. No, there is no message like that. There's no leadership is no there's, no four p p sent everybody's homes built, you know as part of a patriotic kit. have everybody where massive, all about the kind of that the soft power of the prison
He has never been employed by these people and an that's part of why we're paying this press to the Good NEWS is that binds incoming chief of staff is wrong plain. RON claim was a coordinator. Bowler responds right, so he knows how they deployed the: U S military, to set up basically hospital infrastructure in Africa, so that like workers were safe, if there's lots of creative ideas, whereby bandied about during each one and one during a ball that run can't, can bring to bear in mind in a lot of ways. Priority wrote, tested, oh say that they, the team, really hardens me that that that bind us like the covert team and in addition to IRAN, Jeff Science is gonna, be the codes are right, like Jeff came into development stricken to fix healthcare, DOT Gov when it was broken. Did that and then had a lot of jobs and the white has that words like involve managerial experience and expertise and logistics rights like he's, got that that the new surgeon general, like that you're just a really good team coming in that
both competent and creative, that I feel confident and I just hope, the bear you know their willing to fasten and breaks in China no more crucial for some. The fact that the most important work that could have been done, she'd been done. Three four or five months go right. Ok When we come back, you will hear an excerpt observed when we come back. You will hear Elysium Ass for Monaco Inner Youtube Series. Let's break down talk about presidential transit, pop Erika is brought. You buy Brooklyn it. John yes, was our way, but I caught her some stuff it proclaims for Christmas. I caught her, some really nice. I plush Taos. Really nice have access after can wait till I get here I can't wait to find out if she liked them or not, she does. Did you tell a good life? Is in short to sleep between anything less than really nice sheets well, but their town
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is this website or domain? We came tat. What we thought would be the three most likely scenario that they would face. We flagged a hurricane. We flagged cyberattack and with flag dependent, welcome to our third episode of Let's break it down where we go behind the scenes at the White House to reveal how campaign events are planned for aircraft and executed to prevent things from going terribly wrong? I'm Onless Master Monaco, former White House, deputy chief of staff for Barack Obama, joining litanies prisoner, former White House Cabinet secretaries, deputy secretary of Labour and director of transition after the two thousand eight election. I've no presidency was the legislative director for then senator of Barack Obama risk Lil. Welcome to let's break it down. Thank you for being here today. It is so good to see you was that we put in the trenches, go for a walk together. So it's great to be augur with you. I mean for like fifteen years
Is it this rift in years, much younger back in the day? Ok, so Chris, knowing what you now being an expert if you well looking at the transition, thus far why major actions are delayed or have been delayed because of the Trump Administrations denial of the election outcome. Look as do the little button concept back in two thousand eight there were so seven days between election day in inauguration day this year. There seventy eight and mind you you walk backwards at on January twentieth up four thousand political point: his leave, basically the entire signor leadership of the. U S: government leaves the most powerful largest organization in the world. You would not do This in any private sector company
university whatever, but we do it, but you also have to understand- and seventy seven days to prepare to take over the. U S. Government is no easy task. It's one of the reasons you start early, but is also the reason why every single day matters. So if you lose days, those days were near not interview, and vetting potential nominees those days when you're not inside the federal agencies, trying to understand the policies in the budgets its days when, more most importantly, security clearances aren't happening? Which means you can't put,
bought a national security agencies. Those days when you're, not having you know, communications with the outgoing administration, about whatever in a homeland security risk or national security risk you're trying to cover and again it's hard to quantify what that means, except to say that eleven weeks isn't enough time, and if you cut that down by three weeks, which is what happened here, that's going to have an impact hard to say what the impact is, but I think, given the challenges that the country faces right now around the pandemic, around the economic recession of you would want as much time as possible. I remember very clearly in my office, small office, not the bigger office. When you came to see me, I think it was like July of twenty twelve and you- and I start it might have been June, and you and I started talking about preparing the Romany transition. Now people dont really talk about this. Yes, we worthy sitting. President and Peru.
Obama? I'm sure you have this conversation with him as many times as I did, he said we will never do any less than the Bush team did for us. We will do more. We will try to do even more than they did, because the transition of power- some and so you and I started talking about making sure all the binders when you transition most departments past binders onto their to the incoming administration, so they understand what certain templates, what documents? What decision memos look like what what different kinds of lake I mean, I didn't know how you order of military aircraft. I found out my transition binder, and so you and I it sure that across the campus, everyone had their binders updated and we worked with the Romney folks to get ready working with some of them on their.
Clearances because, as a reminder to everyone, Benghazi happened in September of twenty twelve, and so our national security team wanted to make sure that the Romany folks had clearance to be able to get updates. Much, like President Bush made sure that both us, John Mccain were able to get a briefings on the financial crisis? At the same time, So knowing all that I left onto much greener pastors and Williamsburg Brooklyn and you ran the transition for trucks. Our the Obama administration lead for the transition for two thousand and sixteen which ultimately ended up being trump. Can you give folks all the color all? How did you prepare? What did you hand over to them? How did they like respond? Tell us all so let's started twenty twelve mean. First of all, this is one of the more uncomfortable projects you will ever take on because
You know, notwithstanding. Our boss had made this commitment that he was going to be as cooperative with his successor. What that was after forty years or is eight years as his predecessor was to him, so he had made that commitment. He believed in it. He task us with that. But again it's is horribly uncomfortable thing, because in a we're trying to, in an election at this time, and yet we also understand that you have to put that partisanship aside and focus on cod, duty of operations and what's good for the country, so you're right. We sat down with all of the federal agencies when the major once our member, we brought them into one of the big rooms in in he obeyed and had this conversation maitre D, their binders together
and we were ready and obviously we didn't want to have to have a transition, but we're ready in case we did fast forward to twenty. Sixteen. I was the deputy secretary of Labour, and so I was managing our transition on the way out this time you knew you were going to leave, but you are hoping you run a hand the reins to somebody who was: your own party, but obviously that didn't work out, but we had all the binders ready. We had. You know the room that they could work and we had computers. We had a whole set of briefings are that we were going to suggest. They do an election day happens. Obviously the result is not what we wanted. There's a lot of female group. An understandable grief among the political point is, but we're ready to do the hand off and we wait and we wait and we wait and nothing happens, it's funny, because when we ran the transition and await I made
or election days a Tuesday. I made sure that we had people in the federal agencies, certainly by the following Monday. Six days later, but in many cases by that Fridays are three, later. We had people when I dont remember when the Trump people actually showed up at the Department of Labour. I think it was like the Friday or Monday do followed the Monday of Thanksgiving Weak and one person showed up it. Wasn't ten people wasn't? Twenty people is one person very nice person. We had a nice conversation. I gave him such a binary,
I suggested he do these briefings, he such sure, and then he did some of them. He brought a couple more people and they did some more, but it wasn't kind of the organise thing that you would hope would happen when you're taking over a federal agency and when you look across the whole government. This was happening across a place in its subsequently been written about, but obviously they had Chris Christie planning their transition before election day day
for election day. He Chris Chrissy was fired all of the materials that he and his team at put together were thrown away and they started a love again now we started this by saying, even in an optimal world, seventy seven days isn't enough to plan of transition, and it certainly not enough when you start the day after election day, and I think in many ways the chaos, the dysfunction of the trumpet ministration, certainly over the first year, can be traced back to the fact that they just both didn't expect to win, and once they one didn't think through clearly how to do this hand over others take over cause. It goes to show that link governing actually really hard and really
Gordon and it was almost like when they had Chris Christie Run transition. It was like, let's give Chris Christie something to do like they didn't totally understand that he probably was in their orbit one of the best people to have been running through the transition for them another. Just he hurt story. We talked about this a little bit before, but one of my favorite trump transition. The stories can be found in Susan Rice's book, where she talks about meeting with the national security staff, incoming Michael Flynn and and his deputies and of all the, students. Chris that I know I brought to my transition meetings. They asked her if she had ever considered working in shifts with her staff, because this whole idea of were being on twenty four seven seemed unnecessary them. They're like there must be a better way and she was like, oh my god and then Michael Flint tried to hugger. Just imagine that whole thing in your head character,
no, I mean again. This is why these things matter. Ah, in January of oh nine, we did a tabletop exercise with the outgoing Bush administration to walk through potential. things that would come up it. Twenty seventeen again now that it has been written about. We did a table top exercise with the Trump people the one week before Inauguration Day, where we came down. What we thought would be the three most likely scenario that they would face in terms of their homeland security thing we flagged a hurricane with the cyber attacks and with flight the pandemic- and I remember sitting there in one of those big rooms in he'll be when we use it worries do these table tops and one of the most awkward meetings I've ever been in where they had the outgoing cabinet person sitting next to the incoming cabinet. Person around the table. So I was the deputy sector of labour compresses tied up so
I'm sitting with manoeuvre on one side of me and of the person they richly nominated for Labour, Annie star and you're looking around the room, and it literally is you know it's Scott, what it's war veracity, it's a lane chow! and they are sitting there is Susan, were highs next to MIKE Flan, one of the most serious visuals was over me. Justice depart corner. It was Jeff session, Sally AIDS and Jim Commie sitting right next to each other in your like boy. That's it's quite a thing to see. You know I don't know full with Josh Earnest sitting next to Sean Spice Earl is like ever. It was one of the most uncomfortable meetings. I've ever been. Oh, my car. That I mean, and the thing is we had such rules, mostly as you and I were assholes, but it's like I
that we had had that we wish we had ok, more photo, take him for West Wing. We did not allow like personal picture taking. We were like no, but you hear some of this stuff like fuck, I wish I had fixed pizzas again. Be everywhere. Okay, so here is something that I people know very little about and trump his really sort of butchered people's understanding of this specific group of people career employees, career employees are who Donald Trump has vilified as the deep state in quotes deep state, meaning that in some way shape or form, he was trying to tell America, or at least his supporters, that career employees were trying to have like a coup data. Can you explain who career, folks
and why they matter to the peaceful transition of government. I mean loose. Offends me to my poor. My father was a career federal, employ the defence department, I've three aunts and uncles, who worked at the federal government that what what Donald Trump calls The deep state are two million career civil servants who ensure that you get your social security check. You get your veterans benefits that the air that you breathe is clean, that the food you eat is inspected that we're not attacked by people overseas. It is the people that enforce our laws. I mean I tell people, you literally cannot walk from your house. Your curb, and I can tell you and different ways of the federal government effects your life again. We can stipulate whether governments too big
small we'd have that argument. But these are people who are under prescience it who are not well paid by enlargement. They have a lot of other benefits up generally, not well paid and and labour under challenging work conditions to provide service to the american people. Now, of course, we want it to be better and we know that something we should strive for, but these are not the enemy and what, when they are standing up to Donald Trump, often at considerable personal cost to them selves they're doing it because, like all of us, they swear an oath to the constitution. The oath is not to the present a United States. It's not you
Political Party, is the constitution and they are standing up to protect the laws of our country and in many ways. I think the lesson we ve learned from the last four years is that a lot of the guard rails, democracy haven't held up particularly well. Certainly, you know, the Republicans in the Congress have not been a check on this president. The press has done its job. but, as importantly, its federal civil servants and I think about all of the people that came forward during impeachment, who were then subsequently fired, demoted or move to other jobs. Those are all fair employees who saw something that bother them to the core and risk their jobs in order to protect the laws of our country and not just their jobs. In so many cases, their pensions, you know their retirement, and also these are people who you know when we were in office, are
career employees are career, public servants had served both pushes the Clinton's. Sometimes they had been around as long as Carter Reagan. I mean these are people who truly puts like country over party in every single way, and so hopefully not too many of them have fled and the Biden folks can restore those see of people who might have laughed, but the problem, though, is that a lot of them have left. I mean you know. We know that any foreign service, because it is so difficult trying to defend this president's foreign policy- aims a lot of the senior diplomats have left. We know that there has been in this big exodus of climate scientists from EPA and Interior and agriculture, and you know that kind of Four ts is not easy to replace hand. So it's yeah you're right. It's gonna be important for the blind people to figure out. How can we replenished the federal service quickly? Press Lou,
you were joining May on. Let's break it down, this was so much by will have to do to get a minutes. It's like you know. If you think that was my God, that was twelve is about what out of the on by fat based or lesser for Phil Innocent today, ends good to be back ass. I feel refreshed ideas. Nice, though the solid two weeks off, I weeks off, M gonna, say no refreshing for me. I got an idea. I would say that I was. I did you're right, my shoulder values. You haven't thinking about you, just like the election. Behind us. We worked so hard. You know like we did our all these pond cassock. We like we were ready for this being poor, regulate ivy it is time to take a nice little job boom hit the ground just like it
Emily beginning at the beginning of the vacation, it was December twentieth that I did this, and so I have been December. Twenty of that broke off Alan broke. My shoulder. I had surgery a week later, the twenty eighth of Africa, so I have not slept Have not got up on anything, have not helped Emily with our child, which I had been neglectful vote during the election, so things are no greater but you know whatever it's here, we're back among the men and it's gonna be ok. Shall we can news, yeah, nice and quite every everyone in DC, just you, know, stay away from downtown on one day by the way. There's gonna be a trump rallies and all kinds of problems and troublemakers disorder stay clear stickler. The world's poorest people are depending on your city, so that I get, but I are. We will take you guys on Thursday Tick airborne plight.
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