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“See you on the other side.” (Pre-election special!)


Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan break down the closing arguments and strategies from Donald Trump and Joe Biden, answer your questions, and offer some final thoughts on the 2020 election. Then, a few of Vote Save America’s incredible volunteers will talk about why they got into political organizing.

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But you won't be stressed out about hiring when you try, zip recruiter for free at zipper heard her dot com, slash crooked. Welcome applies, America, John Favour, I'm John of it and Tommy. These are only a driver. This is our last pod. Before election days, we ve got the whole crew here to talk about Joe Biden, Donald Trump closing arguments and strategies offer some final thoughts and answer a few of your questions, then and of today show you conversations we have this week with the few outstanding vote: save America volunteers who ve been working incredibly hard for a very long time. Now, a few quick housekeeping notes.
Votes in America COM go there sign up for Phone bank shift or attacks bank shift any time between now and win poles close on Tuesday, please and on election day, VS able have everything you need voting information last minute volunteer opportunities, voter protection resources. We got it all so bookmark the site. Tell your friends spread the word boat save America. Com has covered also on election day. Please join for us it crooked doc. Slash election for a law, I've pre show starting at three thirty Pm Pacific sick. thirty pm eastern right when the pole start closing its just appreciable or not doing a live stream? The whole election night, because we're too nervous just going to be honest with Oliver, but what we're gonna do is.
Can follow us on our group thread with some of your other crooked friends. As the result start to comment will be, I'm group thread all night and in the group there will be commenting on the result will be giving information county results as they came and all the good stuff right, one place with some levity, hopefully after I get any, we could We can be live on video or we could self medicate throughout the night in two thousand and commentaries made our range from gonna range from joked disinformation and I might not remember any of Epps get ready. College turns vote way and then the exports of amerika- will come out on the Wednesday after the election November. Fourth, hopefully the elections. still going on, but it probably will be so until then keep up to date, with the news with what a day crooked morning, Daily NEWS pie cast and
the nightly, what did they nightly newsletter will have that everyday subscribed to both a crooked dot com? Slash what a day that is next week. I get. The news we headed to the a few days of the race in the midst of the countries worst covert outbreak yet and both carried to responding with slightly different closing arguments here, a few clips of Donald Trump from his very crowded Maskless, rallies, many of our greatest companies in labs are coming out very quickly with the vaccines are doing great very shortly, very quickly. It's going to be delivered fast. That will quickly end up end. Sending anyway surrounding the turn some people said. I got a call from all the experts right guys. For president six. Seven eight times never got past the first round, but got me up, sir. You shouldn't be speaking it about You shouldn't be say bad things about biogas. Nobody cares, I disagree. Maybe
That's why I'm here and there, but I say they talk about your economic success. Talk about thirty three point one! percent the greatest in his look. If I do, I mean how many Can I say it I'll say five or six times or disputes? Thirty three point: one of vine: does it talks about Gov it right? He does it go to China virus. You know why, because China has paid off, he can't use that no it's over You turn on the nose covered covered. You don't wanna, go to stop talking about it. So much November for the awry November, so
very end of the twenty. Sixteen campaign. Trump was relatively emphasis on relatively disciplined in terms of message. Hilary was corrupt. He was the one who would take on the Clinton's in the entire political establishment on behalf of forgotten Americans, what's the message this time around? Is there? Is there something we're missing here Danube? Take account of this maybe there's something we're missing I don't know, I want to hear my bats and cases was horribly wrong. I don't know I mean like he is an example sharpens before, but it is an example of just how bad a messenger trumpet is he gets its GDP number is deceptive and it actually speaks to the property, creating economy, but it the headline is greatest GDP growth in history and he can't find the time to actually talk about it like it. So he is basically is cosmetics. Any has one is
I'm the victim here is my grievances, and here are some things I would like to see. I took across it gets fully what its messages Tommy. What did you think of drums closer message? He's really into the laptop is really did locked up. I don't we can explain the scandal. Yeah ranges from you know: adverb abuse. to our bible and fantasies- I don't know I mean it seems like. Even Hocker crossing is tired of the Hunter Biden, to mercy whatever. It is exactly the kind of reminds me of the early days of Benghazi when they were still trying to figure out what the scandal actually would be before they settled on talking points. so yeah like I'm with Dan. I dont want to sound cocky, but I'm I'm not I'm not picking up a message. It says this guy will fight for me. Look at how much of the trumps challenges a message problem and how much as a covert problem
well it's hard to say, because it's like there's two ways that Trump could have gone in the home stretch of his campaign. One could have been too kind of fight inside of democratic politics me to become more serious about cove it after he had cove in five some kind of message around a second term gender, but the fact that you don't have that. Second term agenda is like how do you know it's a day The second term agenda, setting laying one little thing may forgotten the campaigns connected right because one of the big questions. People have is: what are you going to do to end the pandemic and revive the economy? Mark meadows goes on television. This weakens as right, after that, action, we're gonna roll out our plan for that we have all kinds of plans in the works. You have the promise of a healthcare plan. If the Supreme Court repeals
Obama care, then you say: oh after the election, all the therapeutic they're gonna come so there's a sort of like wag, the dog, like Hollywood, promise of like all these wonderful things that are gonna happen after the election. But that's not a second term agenda. And so they resort to the hundred buying stuff. So it's like his choice was: do I, fight this inside of democratic politics and make an actual argument in the home stretch. Or do I abandoned all premise of that and just go to misinformation and distraction and propaganda? That's the choice he made him work, because his actual substantive argument, thou he would need to be making inside of ordinary politics, is so terrible in the midst of a covered pandemic in the midst of an economic depression. So is made his choice. I don't think we know right now. None of us want to believe it can work, but it could work.
every so often there are tweets from Donald Trump, ostensibly from Donald Trump. That say you know, I'm not your typical politician. I never was, but I'm fighting for you and their this. The videos like form written tweets that that the campaign must send out that you can tell us the message that they wanted in the home stretch and I'm sure they're advertising is closer to a message that actually works. Maybe he is so far off message like if you tell me that Donald Trump Card, when I would argue with you, if you tell me that you know don't trumps campaign for the last four years, has been finding and registering Non College white voters to turn out in droves.
On Tuesday. I won't argue with you there either. If you tell me, he's been good in the home stretch with his closing message, I think you're Fulla shit like that that I will act like I think this is. It is absolutely in saying what he's doing that he's going from state to state, most of which have horrible covert outbreaks in he's too being a bow hunter by. He spent a day on MILES Taylor, who is it turns out the anonymous literally literally anonymously trumpet minutes literally literally anonymous still another is still anonymous. Busy trouble Ministration official who, you know, wrote the are bad and then wrote. The book is big fuckin euro rights. My reaction was what a stupid story and then Trump talked about it like a full day I'll. Let let's do it one last change, research, Paul and say open ended. Who is I'll Taylor did he worked. Government. see onto time like ideas,
Let's see, how was the others, but we should put up, let's put up a picture of MILES Taylor and a picture of tony bubble Linsky and see if anyone can guess who's who he's attacking Rick Snyder, the former governor of Michigan, for endorsing Joe Biden like he is fuckin off the rails. If he wins this thing, it will be in spite of everything he has said in the last two weeks. I do feel confident Sohmer, who is the republican politician who ran for president and lost, and he called it had a private conversation with Trump to try to give him some helpful advice and jobs or asylum. Knowing my first reaction, my first reaction, that was, there must have been Chris Christie, but I dont think they're on speaking terms anymore, because the almost kill them Greece, Greece got out of the hospital, barely survived a running the Donald Trump too.
four Donald Trump. So that's Donald Trump like I don't. I don't think it's eight and also the hunter thing just does not seem to be breaking through in any kind of way, because there is a great because story about how, like everyone in the Maghreb Universe, Tommy you were touching on this, like they can't even keep the stories straight like Sab. Gorka was interviewing Steve Banner unease, Steve, wins the bombshell and seems like it's out yeah. I wondered this morning. I was, ways, wearily and eye wandered over and see some of the darker corners of the Magua Internet and the place they God into on the Hunter Biden story is, how gross it is so irrelevant. It is so far from any thing. Anyone would give a shit about when it comes to Joe by himself, is just like characterised fascination it's about revenge, it just most vindictive cruel, like baseless garbage AIDS, its
its intent is embarrassing, three Giuliani, just being drunk and and on live tv all day long. That's all this happening Is interesting, though you know, I think we have a little bit of a memory holler on twenty. Sixteen, which is We remember it is like the emails, as the The thing that brought down Hillary Clinton, but we I like about you, know even going back and look at you get just how much shit Trump was trying to throw against the wall in the closing days and doing it again now. There's a reason is that as effectively Joe Biden, but it's also just again like He would help himself so much with a positive agenda before he gets to be improved misinformation. Began their portion of the rally, but that's all gone. That's all he just gets up there. He starts rything about Hunter Biden and how Cove it is a hoax. I mean, did we with this. In our change pole, right that we saw, like I mean an end, brain boiler has a good piece on this and crooked, like the word cloud of Trumpets Clinton at the end of twenty six to raise four Clinton, it was just a mail was the biggest word in the whole world.
and when we do, the word cloud in the change, Paul and unseen, and we did want to you- know for binding You can see sort of corrupt and sun popping up there, but it's all from Trump voters and tie we saw it smaller and you also see words like presidential empathetic, caring, competent right, and I think right now for Trump voters like you have you talked to them, though privately all kinds of crazy shit about Hunter Biden. You know we ve had volunteers who talked about this before. The big contact from voters. They talk about pedophilia and all kinds of really dark stuff, so like its breaking through to the Trump people. but it does seem down like he's, given up on persuading swing voters a long time ago, I don't know that he is actually give them he's wrong about must reverse care about because he lives fully in that I and the foxes universe right. Let me start with the facts before his eyes,
when he watches Fox. He thinks he's looking out the window. What Americans, I usually just look in the mirror right is, it has become this self actual alsatian propaganda, where the people who were hearing and sang and of all become one I think there is a way to look at this insane Donald Trump, because not been able to truly penetrate the hunter. message or ethical code or been all this other sort of like right wing margin, area. As you say, that somehow, like our institutions, have resurrected themselves, two thousand and sixteen or the right wing media machinist as we can. You don't think, that's the case it just the context is different we have one singular issue that is affecting everyone's life in the pandemic. You cannot escape it dominates. You can't leave your home, it's affecting your kids school is affected.
Its effects, it your things can be planned and there's nothing there. Donald Trump Fox NEWS or Sean headed, ear regionally, and they can do to change that in trumps problem. Is he refuses to redress the reality he's dealing with like he needs a? You can't run a campaign that ignore. was the biggest issue in the country and even like it, that's what time does on his best day on his worst, He really the biggest issue. Reasoning is really just today You complain about us just today, as we were silent terminals in one of his many soup. railways he's doing today. He makes of Worry Ingram for wearing a mask at any rate and wearing a mask. I may I close links where so to problems that one do incredible. One you, like you, are doing large on socially distance, largely unknown trot events in the middle of a huge problem. I respect you are making fun of masks or you don't you, radicalism worry mask,
It is also noteworthy. The person wearing a mask is one of the primary faces of a network that his spread a massive amount of misinformation up ass. If it is very clear that these people are in Rome are in on the Griffin Right You know that the United to say maximum Massa good for you, but I'm gonna protect myself I don't care if you get killed. I bet there is an incredibly telling quote from a former senior administration, official and politico. They said if you think of it, is a big deal, then you're not voting for the president. That's hobby of dates, either raise or you or your fucking dead glad they granted it remedy for that sharp inside hunt what a fucking while mailed on background politico thanks for that, I guess that's their play right like if you think over it's a big deal. You voted for Dubai If you doubt, then, why do you think gravity is a big deal? I can jump out a window like that's. How can I make a quick catch which, the dance idea of when you like you,
if within your own, constructed universe, and you think something's a big deal when no one outside of it does. I think we should call it getting straddled right. It's when you bite on a pitch. You reported out you you and you think you just had the biggest blockbuster school. In the world about Bob bubble in gear, where the guy's name was, but you got straddled, because no one else can What's the new side or on Wall Street Journal Chemist Rascal Undercut Euro story John, like it's. So much left left changes of my little quick now before very well you out of here. I don't care about here about both. Yes, you do. I do I do I really do so was I bought Joe Biden. His message has basically been the same since the primary here is a closing. Add that
The campaign release this week. I started this campaign say we're in the battle for the soul, the nation. I believe that even more deeply today we are what we stand for, maybe most importantly who we are going to be its all stake: characters on the ballot character of the country- and this is our opportunity to lead the dark, angry policies- the past four years behind us to choose hope over fear unity over division. Science over fiction- I believe, is time United Country to come together as a nation, but I can't do without you, so I'm asking for you will we need to remember this? Is the United States of America and there's never been anything we ve been unable to do when we ve done it together, then? Why do you think that's worked for button over. The primary reason is it is it it is truly authentic to him he's not
to be anything he isn't or anything. He wasn't before and it because it's pathetic to him. It comes out that way, and I think That message could be very effective in a more normal time, but it is even more effective in the moment we weren't, where empathy and confidence and hope for some better just like stand so. Just feel so much more important than it would like any time felt more normal. Like you doesn't, city vendor seems crazy. Do now. Sixteen was normal, but compared to this anything is normal, and I the thing that is interesting. I've been trying to do a sort of ay audit of the things that I've got right and wrong in this election and we talk throughout the primary about did the best way to be Donald Trump was to have the strongest contrast with the right to be chain this status quo, and because it That is that that is our lived experience working brought about and there
a fear, because Joe Biden was also a white man into seventy who was somewhat Hildreth nearly half century them success and that he would not represent change in the way you would need to do to feature that he would be. There would be enough contrast. but ultimately, when you sort of rice, this really hit me at the during the second debate. Is Donald Joe Biden, Donald Trump may be of the same generation and the same gender in this and the same race, but they are the two potential that gmos different people. You can possibly fight right. No binding decent metropolis, indecent Joe Biden, unified, we're trumpets D. Joe Biden is serious and competent were trumpets and serious and dangerous, and I think that by campaign to their great credit, never diverged from that. Might they or did anything that put the index take a lot amongst the primary every single thing they took them away from here so by is and what he could do and I think it is
don't likely going to can happen but It is a message that has been incredibly effectiveness may have been because it is so incredibly aesthetic love, it did we We underestimate the potency of binds message in the primary or do you think the context changed, because the pandemic and the recession? I think I think yes, I think another thing happen too, which is that bind did an excellent job. The campaign did an excellent job. Dressing those concerns, I think, in the primary. We talked about this, a lot that there is this. You know pool of voters need to appeal to that are looking for normalcy. Whatever that means in there penance their moderates, suburban voters at the kind of people that gave us the mid terms, same time. There is this progressive base and this Bay pool of marginal voters or non voters, for whom normal is a crisis and are looking for genuine change, who are very skeptical of politics or skeptical of politicians and what has been said
into me is how Biden has on issues that golf on social media- that rail cable news right terms like to fund the police, questions about whether or not he be willing to denounce violence in protests he was consistent in making sure he appeal to those kind of moderates and those dependence that he needed, but on the policy front he its air Sea and John Kerry, together to figure out consensus, climate policy that doesn't Zactly embraced the green new deal but goes incredibly far and embraces some of the goals that people like J ends we had in the primary he did. He calls upon Elizabeth Warrant Help develop the economic policy he works at Bernie Sanders to get his buying on a healthcare plan. That's not Medicare ah, but as a public option and is more robust than what he offered in
primary. So there was this really. I think, smart effort to appeal to both of those big groups at once. You know one on policy, one on rhetoric and I think it was really affect. so I think it wasn't that those concerns were wrong. It was that he they did an excellent job of addressing them and threading really you know walking a really fine line over the past six months, Tom you anything look If the buyer campaign winds by one vote, I think they deserve all the credit in the world and I will celebrate them in perpetuity we suggest they knew how this campaign was gonna end when it started as a fucking liar we're in the middle of a historic pandemic. No one predicted this snow and planned for this ray. I The one thing that's probably try to the primary. Is voters weren't looking for a revolution or necessarily for inspiration. There were looking for an alternative who they thought could win may have chosen wisely will find out, but I'm
That was the driving issue during the primary was whatever elect meant they thought Joe Biden was at the polls suggested running ahead will sign up. I will just on message. Irony the primary I was drawn to Elizabeth Orange message because I you know I am a fan of economic populism, partly because I believe that inequality is in nor must challenge in this country. But I remember when we ve had we have discussions about warns message and we would say I do think, there's something a little bigger necessary like she talks about economics a lot, but the countries going through something
and right there all along it really was Joe Biden talking about this is a battle for the soul of the country, and then we have talked a lot about. Is it a referendum or is it a choice and, of course, it's easy to say that it's just a referendum, Non Donald Trump which this election has become, but that the democratic candidate should also strive to make it a choice as well in Joe Biden, naturally from the beginning laid out that it was a choice that it was a choice between the type of country. The Donald Trump represents in the where he was taking us and sort of the better angels of our nature and the better better. Angels of our history and end by talking about
battle for the soul of the nation. It actually was right now. I do think that the pandemic made that a much sharper message- and I also by the way think it made it a sharper message, because the crisis we went there is a country is a crisis where a lot of people were dying in a lot of people who are suffering and Joe Biden no suffering a nose tragedy more than most people in public life- and I think we like serve underestimate the potency of his message, because it is so rooted in his own families. Experience and there's a lot of people out there grieving right now and you know gone through a lot. A loss in, I think Joe Biden. Empathy is like Like use idea it as it stands in stark contrast to Donald Trump, but it also just sometimes the moment just works out. The man meets the moment in history, which is an eleven history. Rhymes yeah right, like like as a like, we're like Tommy, was ain't. You, like, I, don't think anyone could have predicted that, but suddenly, where the pandemic and the guy running.
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Apple language for life, I, let's like what the closing strategies from both campaigns, Joe Biden trying to win with a rather convey no strategy of persuading in turning out the most voters and states that add up to two hundred. Seventy electoral votes Don't trump is trying to win by doing everything he can to prevent people from voting in the states that out up to two hundred seventy, like twelve votes than your time, describes the Trump Playbook in Pennsylvania, which may be the most pivotal state of all. As quote, a three pronged strategy that would effectively press mail in votes in the state moving to stop the process of absentee votes before election day pushing to how late mail in balance can be accepted and intimidated? pennsylvanians trying devote early Trump campaign, a shopping, around four rightwing judges to help them suppress the votes and other states as well. On Thursday, the eight circuit court of appeal those ruled that mail in ballots in Minnesota must be received by eight p m on election day, even though
to go. The Minnesota secretary of State had extended the deadline to November tenth, so long as the ballots were postmarked by election day. The court has ordered all ballots arriving after November third to be segregated in case the ruling is appealed. First question Tommy. What do we do about this? I mean, I think the only thing we can do is do another onto your shift. Tell people to vote early in person or to take their ballots and put them in a dropouts. Do not put them in the nail it is. It is way way too late to put any ballots in the mail, but just you know we shift or messaging accordingly. I do think the thing that people just need to really get here- is how disgusting this is Trump in other Republican are lying about wanting an outcome on election. That is not their motivation here. In fact, they are taking. Steps in Pennsylvania to slow down the counting process. By refusing to let us certain boards of election like open the ballots in and prepare them
to be counted, what they want to do is lay a pretext to invalidate a bunch of vote. By now about it, that's what they think Democrats, are overwhelmingly voting by now right. It is a really dirty dirty game and I think we need to remember no matter who wins Joe Biden pulses out. We need to take a whole bunch of steps to prevent voter suppression like this from ever happening. Again, these solely discussing that, on top of that, there is slowing down the entire postal service on purpose, because you know that Why Bob? I know a thousand shop to begin with, I mean it. Just is like it's mine, bogglingly brazen in happening in the open, did what the right way to talk about this for Democrats. What's, though, its throat with a message all this in the home stretch, because you know you could unite. I've got this last pod, but there's a lot of alarm. Understandably there by you know.
Also, we don't want to sort of scare people into thinking that their votes won't count and that its mother s mean we have to talk about this from a language of, and parents had voting as an expression of political power, we control. What is going to happen. You right not bread, cabin on that Donald Trump, not some mega election official, an eerie county. There are more people in the ballot boxes in his country who support your by inspiration they turn out and vote. We will win and I think we have to do two things. We should not dismiss what is happening here, because we should use it to motivate us to work even harder. The next few days we should file it away. For. For us, could assume this election over whether you're by the winds by little islands by a giant fucking margin. We have to fix the system in this country. He said the presumption is on counting all the ballots from as many eligible voters as possible. Right is opposed the opposite. For now the burden is on you to prove him eligible voter. Before you get your vote, counted I do like. I appreciate the New York Times for reporting on this. In the way you talk about it, but talk about
normalizing anti democratic chicanery. like the day, a strategies Democrats want to u people about the Republican are doing shit that would receive aid, sternly worded statement from the state Department. If it happened in another country right that it if you're you're trying to steal intellectual, that's what you're trying to there is some once enter into win ferrets and one tried it scientist trying to steal it. They are a bunch of yeah who's, who represent a minority voter, so I dont think they're gonna be able to steal it by That's not treated as if it's a political strategy like he's trying to close on healthcare using. these headlines because we want a few cases. Edited say: victory for Democrats. A court says that balance can count like victory for Democrats, that people's votes get to count. That's a victory for Democrats. Well, it's it's um! I do not think political reporters are comfortable covering news that is actually not part, and this is in politics. There is a big group of people who are pursuing politics
borders. Are part of that group Democrats are part of that group voters, a part of that group these people are outside of politics, trying to stop politics. That's what we're talking about here and so when, whenever it is covered inside of a political argument, is another sign of how the press has been victimized by Trump, because they don't have the language or they are not willing to use the language you describe it honestly because it means admitting that there's one campaign as both inside of and for democratic politics and democracy generally and there's one that just isn't and whole campaigning strategy relies on being outside it. it's very similar to how climate change, as ever in this country, which one side? Is Forsyth and saving the planet? One side isn't, but you have to treat that as two sides of the same coin that have one side being right: one side being absolutely dangerously fucking wrong. yeah. That's it is sort of like this. You know you make the point about. We need to think about voting rights after this. I should like this is why I think, like nor lose the fact that we are so anxious. The fact that we are so nervous. The fact that from can win is a sign of just how much like you know, there's antidote
it forces set against democratic forces. We don't know how it's going to turn out our job after the selection, regardless is about, is about voter suppression, it's about figuring out how to counter misinformation and propaganda, and that's true regardless of the outcome, but it just Pennsylvania like right, that the people of Florida overwhelmingly voted to reinforce and formerly incarcerated people, but then the Republican Party in Florida put in place what is clearly a pole tax to prevent them from vote, and then made it almost impossible to figure out how much you, oh, so, that you could pay those funds These are like show brazen, so anti democratic. So on a map. Again actions by these people. That yeah I mean we just we can't what we cannot forget it is. trends and they packed to courts to do it, they packed the Florida Supreme Court and then they rigged the? U S Supreme Court to make sure that their
Tax, state employees if Joe Biden wins. I do not want to hear the fuckin pundits. An older democratic strategists talking to the pundits and talking to the poor, is being like these Democrats, pretty extreme with their court reform like we fuckin right wing, maniacs on courts right now, invalidating ballots and you're. Gonna. Tell us that, like that court reform is extreme now and look part of the challenge here too, is that a whole group of Republicans don't believe there is any polluted price for being against democracy that that no doubt computer I talk to Brian shots about this. You know that you know the buying campaign, Democrats generally, there campaigning on healthcare care they're campaigning on to you know me potatoes basic issues and they should that's the issues that they think that they can win on, but there is a real, We need to be honest after this election that that democracy as a key pain issue right is treated like a process is treated like its treated like a I'd show and we have to fix
about how to have a conversation, a political vision, in that resonates people about the importance of democratic institutions in another himself. You I just, I think the posture is important here, like I saw people be like his pencil anything, that's why we're just gonna win one of the sunbelt states and call it like you. I hope we when the sunbelt states do- and I think we have a good chance, but you know the shot through way Pennsylvania just because it could take till Friday and just because election, I you know don't from, could be up ten to fifteen points in Pennsylvania because they haven't circling the male embellished. Yet we're gonna sit and we're gonna. Wait were caught, the belts and the winner is gonna, be the winner John. We just got to be. I just disagree with you. I read a great op ed by David Gergen in the hill, who suggested that counting all the votes as divisive, and I think they
you shouldn't be toned down the rhetoric and maybe just go to the red hen with Stephen Miller and can work this out. I do have faith that most reporters guided him at this point. I also by the way, like ice thinking about our change. Research pole. How, like ninety percent of voters who want to vote in this election, are paying close attention to the news, and so I do have faith that, like people who want to vote are going to figure out how to vote to like make sure they go to their dropbox or go in person. If they can't you know August, I am worried about the people who have already put there. EL. It's in the mail with a couple days left in and male delays getting them there. But you know, a lot of everyone should know that a lot of state parties lot organisation are doing everything they can. Digital advertising tell it talking of as many people as possible to let people know that they should not be putting their balance in the mail. They should be dropping them off at a drop ox or their country election office, or
show up on election day and everyone who is listening. You should tell everyone in your life the same thing. We just got to spread the word, but fortunately people are very very engage in this election and are paying it Well, we know these idiots could disenfranchise a bunch of republican threatening. This could cut both way. It is immoral. It is terrible just count. The votes republican should get to vote to. Ok, Let's take some questions. Questions anonymous as I assume this is MILES Taylor. This earlier I said tool time. I obviously men home, improvement or time was the show within home. we have now is very matter Tommy. I knew it. I knew it. we got a real damage. Atp guy, I know you live inside the team, Alan extended University that it did Ireland's comedy for me it doesn't get any better.
This is a man you catch years been handled by. This is lads kitchen desires, a chainsaw, Dakota potato like a man anyway. Ok. So the question is, is the question for miles Taylor is? Do you. if there was any media lessons learned from twenty six, I asked did George Waller just like Santa FE message to say he got the tool time thing wrong and how to fix it like what happened there now Sacho? Do you think you think Jordan watched join with me? I know not alive wish, but then she grew. She Google, that for sure, there's no one, although it may be Are they learn lessons? I think they have. I didn't mean to give the media some credit for fur learning some lessons. If you look back at the history local media coverage at the end of twenty six. I it was way worse. That was in part, because Jim call me what helping the New York Times put on its front page totally alarm. Out the allegations that the email scandal had been reopened by the FBI, but there is also like the judge report. People
running with all the email stories like. I do think. The way that the Hunter Biden controversy has been handled by the mainstream press has been markedly different then, Last time I run Dan, I of their dance, Dan's resort to this yeah. They want some lessons here. They have either. There are certainly more effect, checking the tat you know like the presence of someone, Daniel Dale, coming on CNN and going line by line through trumps lies, is revolt Ankara's themselves or doing get more Jake. Tapir is very aggressively done this multiple occasions. Others sipping others have done it as well. There have been more really good interviews with tromp like the ones Vienna Guthrie Dead, where they were. You push back aggressively against it and you treated SIRI huge by what are the promptitude. Doesn't sixteen was Hilary was treated as if she was president throughout the entire campaign and given that level of scrutiny and trumpets reaches a psycho who can never be President's. So we didn't the meeting The Englishman did not care enough about what he did. I'd say that wasn't like a lot of bad coverage of him, but it just wasn't really
same seriousness is clear. Was I I am sceptical. This will stick around forever. There is a tendency to really just don't happen in a prison. Political coverage of just what happened a previous action: they get right back into the stupid cycle afterwards, but I'm actually es concerned in the long run about how the press handles this than how Facebook James Ryan Facebook is clearly learned, zero, fucking lessons in it and others over many years, overtime, terrible and like that, like we can feel great about the like. It's easy for us to sit. Wasn't that great Kim Strasser that stupid, fucking, totally fate thing and then the Wall Street Journal behind their pay wall came back and said it wasn't true like that's all. happening with again the universe of people who follow politics incredibly, closely, we're not paying and affection, and you still what is happening on Facebook and what that is doing to absolutely shift people's believe. You conspiracy theory spread misinformation and totally fucked up our politics, and that is,
the much bigger challenge. Then how the group of very twitter savvy, cable news, friendly media people ahead of the selection. yeah like what are you do? What do you do when they had a facebooks editorial borders? Dan bandanna? Now I'm terribly better about like not classifying the media as one group, because I think there are a handful of the usual suspects who have learned zero lessons and we all know who they are and not gonna name them all hear me Finally, I think there now a much smaller group and a much smaller portion of the larger political press? And I think by and large, the political coverage has been quite good and responsible DES lighters This election, Paul and Ria from Australia ask there's so much focus on where candidates go or don't go in the last week's the campaign. Why isn't this in
antiquated approach to a drives turnout out engagement in a digital world or is there since that it makes a difference. I don't have an answer is crushing down. What would you think if you argue you made it does make. It does so make a difference because, like any normal world, you would go. You'd have a big rally. You would sign everyone and you'd referred a bunch of volunteers. You work, but we would often due in two thousand twelve, if you would in early vote rally that is near and early vote location, and then people would leave en masse to go via other location different here, but it still matters because you're still you're getting more press coverage. When you go you're becoming more a part of the conversation there, it has more impact, and just doing as you are that we sort of saw the sort of perils of it purely zooms style of regional campaigning. Early in this Biden was doing like Florida seniors Town Hall, the issue, and he would do it, but it would get no, it would have no impact in Florida, but there is still something that it means, antiquated, obviously, about in aeroplanes,
landing in Florida. All the television networks being there to film Joe Biden give her coming here is getting off that plane, putting it on the news. People talk about a more so it It has like it's, not a big big changes. Could Germany, but it has impacts and the more you the more covered you get People who were not otherwise maybe reminded to do so in a way that ensures advocates counted so it. It is certainly worth doing get me to trunk gets to capture The data from everyone who comes to his rallies sets the upside the flip side as one out of twenty dice from Covet. Did you see that you see that cap study that showed that half of tromp rally? of where'd, you a spike in front of our citizens and our communities did I reasoned area Hap study paused there Of course, I do not know how to study them, not even as long as you say that there is any because Jesse, we also did, did you there? yeah, but you can always well send me something I retrieve it does. Email
this year that the super spread rallies may be counter productive and if we don't know that that wet regardless of the regardless of the jury, I don't have any people how many people trouble leaves on the battlefield veto they. The press coverage has always been you don't mix between. You know what he says and also the fact that they are dangerous and irresponsible event. Totally and appalling is very clear on that to the people, even if tromp supporters oppose doing these rallies and giving you do they think it's crazy. They did so Tiffany asks in the final days how much sleep or the campaign manager is getting in Amelia S, something similar. What are these? A few days look like for campaigns, staffers Tommy, someone who without NEO sleeping on an air mattress driving around a truck that you abandoned in this what what is it like in those last few days on a campaign is established I mean what a normal
and will be like. Is you it? You know your bag call time would be a white five. I am you You drive the outward you get The plane go to your first event you eat. on the ground? It was you that you back on the plane even the plane. Land somewhere else. You eat again on the grounds again on the plane. Then you fly somewhere else and then you drink with some reporters who you, mostly until one in the morning and then every another bad call around five am whenever these had allotted emails and between it sucks Tommy you just saying that, unlike I misery, so horrible kind of is the arrest of a little I'm eating. I, though, that's that's it I'm eating right now. What is this similar question. Jenny asks Where were you and what were you doing on election? Eighty thousand, eight in two thousand twelve less Dorothy. Does
I left my love it. Where are you I was watching? Is it who? I was just watching the returns, as you know, up as as Hilary right and voter just know my way around, I wasn't. No. I will tell you that my honest feeling, election night was I had. I did sincerely have conflicting feelings about it because we had been part as part of the Hilary campaign, and I Amber over the course of that night. All the ambivalent sort of went away. Like I remember feeling in real time, like oh, my god, this is happening. This is so exciting and I'm over walking from my house to the White House, because I was in DC extra. Lives and is being outside with everybody out, out of the White House, just dumb hectoring, George W Bush, the previous wars president history, about while he while he watched, returns himself and I'm always member being outside the White House on that night,
member we were in the three of us were in the Chicago headquarters in the. The campaign- and I I remember the moment that have happened because they called Ohio and when they called Ohio, that's when we really knew it, and I was sitting next to you Tommy and we just like looked over each other like Holy this just happier one fucking kidding. I don't remember, being happy, I remember being like we mean they called Ohio. What're you talking about yeah, that's nice rather confused with this didn't happen, and we got some weird tram and went on the park and then watched him, speak grandpa and then went to some club. It's like five in the morning we're like fucking, walking, pale zombies, and I remember with after that very drunk, very damp and twenty twelve wasn't his tone. I wasn't quite is celebre tory though it was pretty sell it. Now we really gonna hotel room and I was remembered, burn em you and I was burning, Benghazi documents. I what that that's right, you were burning, Benghazi documents, Dana.
A hotel, and so I mean I want both I've, no eight, twelve! I was in the corner of a boy. The rumour everyone sets for fifteen hours in a room sort of like people feel staff illegal staff. You just get data the whole time in its incredibly exhausting and it's like the ten times worse than just scrolling twitter, because you're gonna call that's it, I'm ever very famous twenty twelve. Getting this call. That said, we turn out is way down in Cairo, Hooker county we're Cleveland is Way down in the clear and precise and world that we are like very concerned, I have to call Obama and tell him he's gotta get put a suit on. In so doing, Cleveland Satellite hits. in between calling here and leaving a message away from becoming back. We find out the turnout was not down so for forty minutes we were in an absolute panic. They made we have got a little higher. We thought we would lose its automatic only.
discover thought that turnout was down equipment. Is it it was so high that they couldn't keep But the numbers- that's it weird, just getting reports allow an end. The other thing in this is having relevant to action. I in some ways for us. This time is the most that we knew we were gonna win and twenty twelve was when the Poles closed and flower, because we may have you remember- and I think we ve been reminded this. My somebody's tweets that you're with appalling averages work the Obama was down in an appalling ever just around me up until the very end, because both the Washington Post ABC Pole and the gallop tracking forward giant piece of shit, there were fucking everything up and there are so what last polling so skewing everything and we were so- we were carbon based on our data. We were gonna wind and we're like looking at model and we're trying to our borders. We had a gazillion conversations with the idiots, a gallop trying to say, you're doing this wrong. You're doing it wrongly very arrogantly told us they were not. They then abandon their entire pulling model to disrupt the election by
still bitter about it, but the latter Simum dream. I gather that I see that as a small, an old gray than to highlight none of the island. None of them go then for them in Florida came in and they dump the earlier vote. In and we saw what the margins worse, they matched our model within a point we knew we were going to win at that point. By tat. You remember, we ended because Romney would not concede that speech was so wait and we went back at the end of the night with cloth. What other people to access rights hotel room for a party is, but all wild but all, but it was so it was excellent. Tat was lying in tat way. It was so late at night, video, so tat. There was nothing on tap and eggs were correct because they stop serving booze in Chicago and somewhat. There was neither you nor I tried to convince the manager
of the hotel that, because we were friends with rom the mayor of the city, we should be able to get bears, but it did not. It did not work that smart totally, get the bar over here already has some crazy? I just trump is apparently going to watch election returns from the White House with pen but more a log out their hosting an event for four hundred people too much to watch returns. You want to pay a ton of money, gotta Marilla Of course, he's not gonna watch you tomorrow. I go because you ve gotta, be in the White House, barricading himself inside the White House in case. He would make it possible to make an appeal for this discussion. it is from Robert Pfeiffer, who I can only assume, is a relative of yours Dan. How much C B. The oil is the maximum safe amount to consume. In one night, Lovett lights are funny use assets, because that is of my relative. That's my brother, this is confirmed by confirm my check this morning I was hoping that was his question. That's thanks are a great courage is required
I know that I dont know science has an answer, but we were interested in you. Look. Twenty twenty is all about untested medical experiments on yourself. What is near, zero keepers, posted put it in the lancet seems finicky. I think a figure find there were about a final question, for you guys For years we have been out of the prediction business. We are not getting back into it. Now, don't worry, but in these final days what is worrying you? What has made me feel hopeful, let's all star with worrying. So then we can all and done a Heiner voter suppression who wants to go first time. his voter suppression. Yet it's this it's the system. It's like, I'm, not worried. The Donald Trump has some magic trick up its sleeve, or he hasn't closing message or that job
I'm going to do something customers race. My concern is that America is completely fucked up perverted political system that could collapse under this. That's that's! It then keeps happening. love it here. That's how I feel you know, I think our goal, has been to make sure that everybody does their part donates volunteers, votes. I think everyone, no one No one is taking it for granted. Everybody is pulling out all the stops, and so what stands in our way? It's not the sophisticated, message or argument for a second term by Donald Trump. It's the anti democratic forces we ve been talking about in their very strong, and at this moment we don't know if, if democracy is strong enough to overcome them- and that is what makes me nervous- it is an end it and you know, they'll be so if, if we do so there will be so much Henry so much guilt and so much shame. Because even that is easier, I think, than facing just how unfair and rigged this alike
and was, and you know, notions of legitimacy are always grounded, unlike the law and the process. But there is legitimacy inside of the kind of campaign a person chooses to run and Donald Trump is not running a legitimate campaign I'm worried about that. I still have a little bit of fear about the potential surge of you know Trump voters who did not cast a ballot in sixteen that the campaign has registered since then showing up in big numbers at the polls: I never underestimate. Trump turn out, and you know I also we have a number of voters- groups of voters who feel more comfortable voting in person and not by mail and not early voting as bashfully voters in the black community in electing a community young voters, and a lot of this is like really hoping that they all turn out on
today, and I know that the campaign and other organizations are like intensely involved in making sure that they turn out those voters and help us verse turn election day. But you can see the combination of a trump surge with his voters and a little less turn out among hours on election day causing issues, but that's just Wilson. The keeps me up at night what's make everyone feel her early about. I mean I share your concern that do you could see a big surges of trump voters on election day by a vote.
Did the vote. Banks in Warsaw also broken and burned by two thousand, and sixteen that we don't serve reflect on that fundamental point in that. If you look at the early voting numbers in places like Florida there at seventy, two or seventy five percent of their statewide totals for two thousand and sixteen all those votes like a quarter of them are people who didn't vote in Florida in twenty sixteen and the date of nerds have been able to figure out. That Biden has like a nine point advantage among those people, so Democrats are voting early because we do vote by mail and we are more motivated, but also among new voters you're seeing suggestions. That Democrats are doing well there as well. All they could change, but it is hopeful Dan. I have to admit. I don't know whether it's the anxiety or the fact that in getting up at three in the morning only to wake up to attacks from you. the state pole of middling quality, said to me:
come on. I always in a way that it appears surgeon, voluntary younger over here. Never give you a trap ogre, but make corner buzz. but I've been a bit like in the last few days. I've been getting like it's been sort of. The whole thing can sort of emotional like I just spoke to. I just was speaking to the crooked media political meeting and I got kind of you, Deb doing I spoke at a staff call for the North Carolina Field staff and Gaucho Japan. It is like you didn't, I don't like. We do not know what's gonna happen, Donald Trump, it still in this election, but do you think about where, where we were the day after the election, two thousand sixteen and what has happened since is that it did
have to be this way. There was an alternative scenario where people just checked out may say fuck this. But if politics is this broken this guy can be elected president with fewer votes that are now right in the exact opposite thing happened, we ve had this incredible privilege to see this back when we give our homes- and we were travel to deposit America stuff is that people became engage like never before re started, with the women's martian than people go in the airports and like the amount of activism that people who have put so much on the wine and given so much of their cells, to try to take this country back to try to fix what
She doesn't. Sixteen is it's like it. It's very inspiring, and it is very hopeful in the long run in the fact that people kept doing it. This is not a time when people have extra money or extra time. People working are struggling in this pandemic and they are still working their asses off. But may I talked to a voluntary of votes at American onto the other day. Who was a first generation? Immigrants cannot vote in this election and has been working is ass, often my immediate county for months now, and it's like that- is something that life for all the darkness in America and in our politics like that is really fucked. No four thousand we ve ever really seem. in a very very long time well said love it yeah. I mean I I was thinking about what we were worried about at the beginning, right in the early days of twenty seven tee
and I and I remember we had a lot of conversations about whether or not our institutions would hold up, and I think the jury is still out, and I think we had a lot of conversations about the harm the trump could do, and our fear that there would be a crisis in that crisis happened. The crisis that we feared happened at a cost us dearly, but at the same time there was especially after the the women's marched, though the protests against the muslim ban. There was this fear right that that this coalition would be exhausted and that the kind of powerlessness to disenfranchisement that comes in facing a kind of Pino Improv, authoritarian, like tromp, would exhaust people that that by that, maybe they would have protested at the beginning. But by the time we got two twenty eighteen or by the time we got two twenty twenty that people would have given up that they would have been John, that they would have run out of steam or that just the the the stakes and that the fear and anxiety and just disagreement would drive a rift inside of a democratic coalition that happens when you face an authoritarian like this. That happens when you face right wing nationalist
head into this election with an incredibly united coalition. That runs all the way from the right of a million to AOL, soon see in Bernie too, to John K. Second, Cindy Mccain and Lincoln Project, and everyone is under one big tat and everyone has behaved in extraordinary thing behaved, and you know we will have. We will decide what we the Lincoln Project come whence we like sort of like a messy silly coalition right, there's parts of it that make your role your eyes and a threat but like by and large. Everyone has behaved, unlike just sort of driven towards the same goal together people of argued at times, but in the background everyone's been like. I wanna be careful here, because this is the real threat, Donald Trump and we got
get together and focus on and that extraordinary, that's an extraordinary moment in history. That's never happened before this has never happened before we never face a threat like this before we ve never responded like this before, and so I think a lot of the uncertainty comes from that, but I think we should be incredibly hopeful in what we built in what we did together, because as dance at it, you didn't have to go this way, and I just mean better makes me hopeful too, and I want to give a special shudder to all of the votes of America, volunteers and everyone who has volunteered and and donated over the last four years. You know you guys have raised forty two million dollars passive. As of a few days ago, over forty two million dollars, almost three hundred thousand people signed up to adopt to stay. Four thousand have joined the volunteer community here, more than eight million. Calls made six million tax. Six hundred thousand unregistered voters have been contacted through our programme. To have me,
In total, unregistered boat is contracted to Oliver Essay registration efforts at twenty seven. As a pole, workers recruited seventeen hundred voter protection lawyers- I mean it's just that is a credit to all of you is a credit to our unbelievable, fantastic team at crooked media. Every single person who works at this company has been part of that. May that happen- and you know you guys are about to hear some some of the from some of these volunteers and interviews who did the other day but, like you know, I had the chance to talk to them and they you're one was thirteen and one was eighteen, and I do think you know one of the one of the many many reasons I want us to win on. Tuesday is so a lot of the young people who are involved right now. Still believe that politics is worth that that you can make a difference, that organizing work that activism works and that you can still hold onto that belief in that you know we're not cynical about the ability to change this country that to me, as you know, one of the most.
porn things about this election, because that will sustain us for a long long time and an you guys should all know that, no matter what happens on Tuesday, we will be here because Joe Biden, winds or job I'm loses we're. Gonna have a lot of work and work to do preventive. A lot more work to do if he loses we're gonna have a lot of work to do. If we went to this fight does not end with this election. Everyone should take a breath. Everyone should hopefully relax and not think about politics for a little bit, but all of the forces that gave rise to Donald Trump are still going to be here that, after the election, even if we win and we're gonna have a lot of work to do so. I hope everyone who got involved and is organizing this volunteering sticks with us and sticks with six with this article, someone cooler than we're not going back to brunch. Now, that's because they're still raging pandemic and thousands of people are dying. He had better we're all gonna have to keep working, we're not going back to brunch with plexiglas,
either too expensive. Plexiglas is too expensive, absurd, too expensive, too expensive right you're here from some of our fantastic violent Here's annual here from us right before pulse on election day on our lives stream crocodile complex election, and then we will have a full pod on Wednesday, we'll see their side holy shit pot, America is broadly based simply safe. Every twenty six seconds, there's a breakin in this country, but with simply say from security. You can protect your whole home around the clock. It serious, lasting protection and all it takes is a simple thirty minute set up you'll even get a freezing the camera, when you protect your home today, more on that in a second just talk about it, experience of love. It's experience. You talk about my experience, loved that a great experience and simple safe, he saw himself yet is so I,
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great sting, Danes, great savings, loud simple, if you have a computer honey, should be on it. If you don't have a computer, you can't have higher. That's that's just that's gotta go either it's free. It works with whatever browser. You use your safaris. Your firefox is your crumbs and the other in other browsers You know your internet explorer, you have it. you go to sergeant, see to South gotta. Put it in a chat. You can get honey for free. Today, a joint honey dotcom, such Pierre say: that's joint honey, dotcom such PS, my name's, Enrique Moselle, I'm from my, Florida from a first generation immigrant and volunteering with ballot curing with the Miami day. Dems I've been doing phone banks text banks, I've. Sabena, pole, observing in front of one of our local places. Would you didn't really really interesting? So I'm intranet it my toes,
whatever I can. You know to help out and get involved as possible, First of all, I would say you know, as a first generation immigrant things have been robbed. You know family going up, but but there's always been linked to save image that I had. You know, of America and when I grew up hoping that America, where I'm thinking that America was and knowing that America was in could be- and am, I think, like United, didn't see that in the last four years starting off. I remember twenty. Sixteen I was twenty. I had We ve been involved politically in a campaign. remember the day of election day. I was so full of I went home and I can really turn on and watch it all unfold. You know with the electoral college, so I got home late from work and instead of watching and went straight to, sleep and I remember at like three or four in the morning it with super late, my dad so my It is also he he's high risk. You mean he's he's obesity, diabetes, and the first time we were ever able to have healthcare was without the affordable character. The bombing
and I remember when Trump want, like three or four in the morning my dad came to my room and woke me up. Remember I recluse day he was like Trump. One are not gonna happen with me, Healthcare, I don't know, if we're going to be able to get my at my weight loss surgery. I don't know, what's going to happen now, and he was scared. I dont see my debts cared very often and that feeling of hopelessness you know and that feeling of like just not being able to help my family and not being able to understand what was can happen in the future was you know, really devastating and dumb? I was, we scared you not to start phone banking and stuff. Like I'm sure, a lot of people were because it scary Secondly, even prepared, you know to answer questions in my, You need to have the knowledge to help. You know, even with the tree. Sometimes it's a little bit scary. I remember the first time I know that I was bout during. I was going through not getting a lot of this most getting a lot of boys mills and I was in his car with a lot of people, and then somebody had a spanish speaker,
and nobody in this call, except for me, knew how to speak. Spanish and that's something that I really was so happy to be able to help with, because my spanish perfect either. You know I'm an immigrant here, so I live in Miami. I speak English most of the time right, so my spanish is a little choppy, sometimes but being able to use my background and use. You know my heritage and be able to help somebody you know another Hispanic pursue make sure that their vote gets counted. You know was was really really nice, so I'm hopping on the call with his voter and help him through the entire process of getting her about cured, and that's what I was I totally hooked I was. I have to keep doing this is so great, so I really believe in Joe Biden Plan and I think that Joe Biden has agreed plan compassion that he displays you not just the whither? He handles everything. I think that's what I always thought America could be going up. You know and I really want to just live in America again, where I feel proud out and happy you know wearing the american flag. I remember going up my sisters and I would be so excited further
fourth of July into wearing the american flag and to go celebrate and look at the fireworks and that sentiment she hasn't been here. You know the last four years and I think the Joe Biden has anything to do with by his plan. We can get back to that America, where I looked the flag and I'm proud of what it would mean soon, what it stands for Enrique, Mr Fight, then I saw you listen you talk with so inspiration all maybe feel just so humbled by everything. You're doing It is truly your incredibly impressive, the work you're doing so critical. I just I just wanted to say thank you now. It means I had no idea you were going to be here. I thought it was. Somebody needs Kyle. This is so great. I I mean no thank you for all Do you know, like I said I wouldn't be doing half of this? If it wasn't for four votes, America and an eye in. I listen to you guys. You know it and I love you know it is makes you feel better. You know about everything, that's going on the world and I just love what you young an end. Its really inspired me to to keep doing this. You know
I always wanted to get more politically, but if it wasn't for you park ass, I probably would never have found the avenue to to get sick. So I really appreciate your workin and everything you guys. Do I mean by that, that means the world to her, and I just I just want you and know you're going to work your ass off of these last few days, so you've been working your ass off for someone bit. Take a moment in just reflect for a little bit on what you're doing, because this like? This is one of those important moments, american history, this word like a decision I wear this country goes in the fact that you have stepped up in this moment when you're free, your family, your media, need you so much new work, your ass off the do this like this. what you're doing so inspiring I because of your work the volunteers all across the country. I believe is nervous as I am, but I know it's like we're all feel this way, we're all freaking out we're looking at it with various Nate's, tell us on Twitter about the polls, but if we keep know what we're doing up. If more people do what you ve been doing all asylum, we keep to our factually days. I figure, I think, we're going to wake up.
May I don't wanna be Wednesday morning or Thursday morning, but which I believe will be we will set this country in a much better direction in their message. I've been trying to get everyone is we have to threw up until the moment the pulse calls on Tuesday, but that's just the beginning, because if we win this election, then the real work begins affixing this democracy and undoing the damage that Europe has done, majority, there are already preparing to do that. Works out, just so grateful to you and hum by what you're doing and the idea that our party casket of The tiniest role in getting you more involved in politics is the entire reason why we started this thing. So thank you so much it was. It was a it was great talking to you seriously was. It was awesome and I can't wait to let you know, keep listening until everybody else. I say: hi, love them, they're great, be safe? Thank you so much. My name is Mallory, some back based in Portland Oregon My adopt a state is miss again for that
My primary focus, although also helping out with their battleground states wherever it can, so my sign just turned for a couple weeks ago, and that means that he was born a few weeks before the twenty. Sixteen elect a bum though I during an election, like always very much lake distracted by the fact that I was about to you have my first child and not really do any volunteering in anything. I donated, like very minor amounts of money into that campaign, and so, of course, at the time I went to New York City and could not actually stay away quickly. Election results that night I woke up the next morning. It was just like what I went to bed and it seems fine, woke up and down at the Trump won, and that was just devastating and I think she's having this new little baby. It was sort of like have. I done. I brought this trials into this world where this prison got elected, and that is haunted me literally sense, and so I think, with Everything has been going on waste. Kobe, the ends with
matter and those in the issues that the police have stuff. I was really feeling sort of doubt about the fact that your I am the single so you're stuck home with my four year old, like what can I do and then a friend like go, calling from an old job posted about adopted. And I was like a ban is perfect because you know I'm always sort of lives in place. I grew up in Texas, where it was very red when I last was able to go there and then I looked into Europe was very blue, and now I'm in Oregon also very much a blue state, and so I was like that seems like a way that I can really proactively how bout enemy in a manner that will make you no actual tangible change. How about mister that is the true battleground state, and I have a by working, is again a story in one of their catalogues that I represent is based in Michigan, and I have several friends who went to college there and still have ties there, so they sort of Mps like small ties to it by Michigan sort of jumped out at me as an option. So that's why
came to the whole bs at Graham. I actually had a taxpaying exchange with a woman, this again and here, I thought that you couldn't vote, because she was a convict and fallen. She had served her time and she had done her. Her all work and everything, and I was actually able simply upper really there Could we re enfranchise, though that was huge. I mean I feel like. I have a great at least one or two, like incredible interactions, pretty much every phone, our taxpayers I mean I've, never volunteered for a political. before anything about it. And now I am like helping people. You know in real time, with powder vote, how to check their ballot. That's that's been great. We should all be really proud of the work that we have done so far, but we can't stop yet. We have
to keep going friends. I, like I, used to run half marathons and those like this concept in distance running. It's called like having great kick like. That's what makes them when's between a really good marathon and a great marathon is somebody you can go that incredibly far distance and then turn around and like poured out right at the end. That's what you know. It helps people when races right. So I think we're in that way. Right now at least we ve been running and running and retire. Whenever they just want to be they go home and take the now is that we want to take up your raises run belay. We can't you We have to dig down deep and find that last bed of push tat cake and like really just like, given our all as we go through the tape, so to speak. So I know I know that we're gonna be in its and when it for lack of a pretty good friend, it is in these last few get at them Dave, I'm Mallory. Thank you so much. Thank you so much
on hearing so much thank you for having such a great attitude to in these bodies, as I know that I am struggling to have a good at it. right now now that I have a bad attitude, I'm? U no equal parts, fearful and hopeful, but I do think, a good reminder that we need to run through the tape you know, I've never seen tape and I ve never run toward it but I am glad that you have And I understand the metaphor- that's good. I mean don't Iraq, I'm not that I will marry Thank you for everything that you're doing for being a super volunteer were so grateful. Thanks for adopting Michigan, we gotta get carry Peter YA into the back in the Senate. Airing gang, I'm all about it. Team Gary there, the garriga gotta get the garret get it the whole Gary gangs who ugh we're gonna win. Michigan aren't so thank you up the lily. Thank you so much so nice of you to say thanks and you guys are so inspiring- is greatly you ve done. Yours is amazing,
I'm impressed by all of it. You think so. My name is autumn. I'm I'm originally from Alabama, but I got the message. You said that the living here the past couple of years and I adopted Pennsylvania so Ben during Lotto funding key. the texting in writing letters and all of that convene for both down ballot races, as well as for presidential race, though I am I'm an autistic, more men, and we especially those of us who are they. diagnosis, we tend to struggle with com or Betty's like depression and anxiety, disorders of city, contesting things like that, so access to quality mental health care is really. Important you were my well being, and I'm lucky enough now to have that access by most of my life. I do not have that access and I really had to face a gamble with tens of thousands of dollars in student.
that and move across the country, thousands of miles away from my friends and family from everyone that I know just get a damn therapist. So I know that there are so many other people who don't have that option. You don't have the option to move across the country for health care, and I know that there are so many people who don't have the privileges that I've had allowed me to get here in the first place, so many undiagnosed, autistic people or misdiagnose, such as people, particularly blacken indigenous people, end up in prison or worse effectively for lack of access to good quality mental health care. All of that said. Fixing this starts with getting Donald Trump out of office and phone banking can increase turn out. why as much as reported percentage points
so you know. That's all. I need to know just sort of like push through those anxieties and all of the things that make you reluctant to actually take that jumping getting volunteering. there's so much that rewarding about it. A lot of it is difficult to be honest. I am in on their Sunday is returning to push through, but always in those days. There is always something that, on that I can get really excited about. Whether it even just the people, the community, that revenge hearing with husbands incredible to be a part of the conversations with voters that the other big thing you know, there's I mean just and here you re even are you don't want to do it? Even though you're tired, I mean if you are able, bodied and capable of it than than do it, there's no reason aren't you because we need-
spied ends the way that we do that. We all need to push for this extra percentage points. We need to get every single one. That means texting. It means phone calls. It means talking taller. Your friends, you have to get involved during now. Go sign up for a shift. I I hygiene will good to see a thank you so much for all that you're doing and volunteering that you're doing things were telling your story days were being here, are pushing other people to volunteer thanks for adopting Pennsylvania, I feel in where's your head out We feel in good unfeeling at my head. Is, I can't think too much or too hard about anything until November? Fourth, soon after my him, our you where's your had made.
oh, what it's on I've, embracing I'm embracing the anxiety, because I'm trying to remember that this feeling does it matter right, right, dread dread is a fear of an outcome, but that at the oh come is worse right. If things go terribly, this dread is nothing and if things go well, this dread has forgotten. So it doesn't really matter exact. You know anxiety is just your body caring- No, I mean it's your stomach wanting to where its one hundred percent be being really drives me. It's just. I gotta do something. I gotta do something about this anxiety. what has it been like as someone who is Neuro a typical making calls, it was a journey just getting too, point where I wouldn't do it? It's a lot I'll be I'll, be square with its
definitely something that I have you to really really push myself to do, but it's also it's interesting because it's really a lot like sales. I did working customer service for a long time and did a lot of work. mainly discount this that a bookstore so bad, is surprisingly a lot like form banking, and that actually gave me a why of the tools that I needed to be able to do. It that I like that. Try- two alights Joe Biden and prevent America from descending into a kind of You know NEO autocratic, shambolic, failed state is a bit like getting people to buy give Carte. Yet I think that's never yet discount cards discount categories nobody's gambling vis. Yes, no, I invaders it's a big difference,
it's getting credit card out. You know tat well autumn. So close to me. You thank you so much for what you're doing. Thank you, verbal and hearing. Let's go with this that, yes, let's do it! Thank you for having me anything you for everything that you have all been doing. An for gifting us with this amazing community that we now have high drew him. His homeland in Phoenix errors are SAM here. say back. We work in the entertainment industry, which has been annihilated by the pandemic and so we are in the unique position of being fully unemployed right now, and had the mobility to commit to four volunteering and I feel degrees in a volunteer is for all of the people who actually count and would like to be volunteering,
You know we ve known, hamper in this election is even more important, a breed, and so as soon as we realized, we actually could clear out the space really go hard. We knew we had to endure, DR direct line from what we do or any one that works and entertainment or hospitality to how this administration has handled the pandemic. So you literally can say. If I do this, it is going to mean I can work sooner. I can return to a life that could possibly you know, offer me a page and also its selfish. I'm a remarkably anxious person and I dont want to wake up on November, for if you like, I could have done more. I want to wake up and say, like I'm x, amount more broke, because I spent a chunk of my savings going to a swing stay. I want to wake up and think tired and my lower lumbar is an intense pain because I walk so much I'd rather feel them. then what I fell in twenty sixteen that is for sure
we have been Phoenix for about a month bouncing between ten Mesa all around and we have been canvassing. We have been cloning folks, we begin all sorts of other things? I think the most thing for me is that humans are so hungry. You talk to other humans is how're wired and in fact I canvassing is like what we actually are made to do as humans, because we are social creatures with a social brain, and it is rewarding to talk to people who don't know where to go. Who don't know that the election is on the third and not the FIS, who are generally The undecided and highlight for me is, which is both an uphill battle for us in the future, but critical right now is everyone is getting terror information at anyone who is undecided right now. It is because they do not have clear information a lot of our work is just saying: hey, here's what we know about that and having real connection with humans. It's been so moving and worthwhile.
I would also add that, just being in Arizona, it has really think one of the more awful things that's happened in the last four years. Is that Democrat sir. How begins have become a cartoon versions of themselves and light the biased surreal like you, you you look at somebody new assume certain things and word zone, which neither of us are from Arizona we'd, never spent time in Arizona and we're premature These wrong, if we're making a gas about like some These values are how someone's gonna vote and it'll be and we're America, accounting when the biggest swing district in the country and seeing the move of Republicans for buying and seen the move up Mormons forbidden, It's just I gotta vision of friend like how democracy works and leg, how many people care about this election, that I think we serve me.
I have never seen living in New York and LOS Angeles, and it has frankly given us a lot of faith in human beings to not just be garbage wheels. who meets our common speak yesterday, luge, it's one of the key about being volunteers like sometimes the candidates around and she said, I think I've heard of raising that she said that on democracy, he is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it and feeling that with our bodies right now, like feeling that- intersecting with people from everywhere people of all ages, intersecting with people who are actually willing to unite around all thing, seeing that physically, like actually participating in that, I think, no matter what happens with the election is like. Enough to power ass to refer a little while and I
believe, unlike shaming people into bond hearing, but I do really like wish that everyone can participate in. This is an act of joy, because I really is what it. It feels like hi. How are you guys Listening to your morning, you're were giving me additional anxiety. Thank you, sir. much for all the work you are doing and thank you for all can credibly lovely Bing reasons you're doing it. I especially liked faith in you when beings to not be garbage their vat Billy Retsina it with me like? Why is I'd like not right, should not be everywhere, like yeah, you'd, think That would be. You know a good reason for us to do something with it. I just you know we just wanted to freeze all here. Your voices get people on the Pike ass itself I've done so much work and you like ours, I have no idea if job
and he's gonna win or not? Nor does anyone, as evidenced by John and Dance, just dripping anxiety on the most recent by gas, but if we do- and I think it's gonna be because a lot of people stepped up and work, their asses off- and gave like so much of themselves in their time in their money to this cause, we just want to say thank you wow my god, you. Thank you. Thanks for things, further work, you're doing and here we know so many people were volunteering because of the work they are doing. So we really in it means a lot banks are connecting. in the world to me in this world, the John John Dan and our whole team in such as thank you. Yes, sir, my solitary desirable, I am Originally from ITALY, I came when it was was fifteen, and I have many we grant to unite states, and I really care about the immigrants in Ireland, but they can contribute. the United States.
I am making phone calls in Florida today are lacking population of Florida. Not only Miami day counted, but also in central Florida and some causing northern Florida butter must concentrate on Miami agenda. The seller Soda Tampa area Lando as well. I always the things you nowadays volunteer to try to elect Democrats. and ass inside a boating flurried I desired. That was a very pivotal state and needed need reaching. Some lucky, no communities. I've spoken mostly with potter, reckons Colombians venezuelan sender and Cubans. The most rewarding part is when I asked them whether they can ask two or three more people to vote for maiden toward them.
The democratic ticket, and then I got a answer from one famous about it. May household for people voted for by and then I got another answer in Miami they county at this woman said: well, we had a family of ten people into households and we all Therefore, by them and the most rewarding. Why was was one he asked They format Miami date come here as well, when this one, told me that twenty people voted for by them in her family, so those are the most rewarding. Once I get some piggyback costs as well, You have to be very vigilant because we know our Republicans I still elections. We have seen that in the best and and its much more of an effort. Now so don't you say to make phone calls soon, if even you get one person to both forbade him. It's it's! It's a good deal, hey Mr Van.
This is a timely guitar, I'm also by a tiny nice to meet you? Imagine a Huron tv all the time, my favorite tv programmes, I just want to say thank you. So much for everything you're doing for the both if Mary, a programme for adopt a state and also fur letting GC worker thus he's. Basically single handedly propped up the company s as every other sponsor slow buyer does entering a pandemic. He was the only person on the planet that was able to bring in new sponsors and actually help us continue to build out this team that allowed us to have the Hoboes Ape America programme. So we owe you a hundred times over, listened in ice. He had not work for you and, for example, accept a job from Russia. wow, I told didn't I tell you to do whatever you want to do, but don't ever
Let me again if you did, but buddy would not accept the job that there was before you I was listening to your stories earlier and the story about calling a house where ten or twenty people tell you that their family about a forbidden is like it's music to my ears. The only thing- that's that's calming my anxiety today. Well, that's good! I make about a hundred hundred and fifty calls today, wow, that's incredible and that they are going to Florida. Yet they are going to Florida. That's amazing, That is such important work again. I got. I still have no idea by and he's gonna win, but I think if he does the difference this year, like you, people like you making that many calls images wasn't happening between sixteen there's wasn't that energy. You know right, I'm very afraid that do not I come back after the same way that I didn't sixteen, but I'm I'm I'm home
did more this time, yeah, I'm more hopeful we're all. I think, we're all scared, but I've just been amazed at how many Kepler are channeling that fear into into work and enthusiasm and done something really good. Now let you get back to our other cause, but thank you. I went in and have a great day. Yes, thank you very much thanks. Whose Mattie I'm from the middle of nowhere George? I have volunteered in mind not to Pennsylvania, but have also been volunteering, allow in my home state of Georgia, because it's very competitive state here I have been doing a lot of foam baking and tax banking in Pennsylvania spend four I'd in and four down ballot candidates, and then here in Georgia, I have been doing work for John US off in his Senate campaign. I decide to volunteer because this is my first select whenever I just turned eighteen last month- and I voted for the first time last week, which was really fighting and I decided to get involved because this election
is the most important of our lifetimes? As we can see you know, elections have consequences. We just saw any Connie Beret get put on the Supreme Court for her entire life. You know that's a forty year concern Supreme Court so far more years of Trump and the White House would be a disaster dress to my entire generation. I think for me, The most from warning part is the voters who are voting for binding the people who just became citizens, and this is the first time be able to both the people who ask hey. I want a balance here. I think my favorite conversation I ever had was with a woman in Pennsylvania. She was seventy years old. I believe, and she said that she had voted in every election since it was like the early sixties. She said, and she told me she was
How old are you nice? You seem pretty young, and I told her that this was my first election and she said that it made her so happy to see all of these people getting out there and she even asked me how to become a polar. In pencil being a because, even though she was seventy eight and at risk, she felt that this election was just two important that she was willing to go and help people cast their vote because she disbelieved that democracy is important and she's very excited to be voting for Joe Biden at all Democrats, and that call just gave me hope, because I feel there's a lot of uncertainty around the selection and this year. But women like her and all the voters and talk to their been like yes M voting, providing I'm so excited. Let's go those calls. Just one person can make the whole difference in this election.
It's so rewarding to just connect with people and to the volunteers. I just want to say thank you. I know since early cliche by one voluntary, reaches one more voter reaches five people. It's like the diffusion, those six degrees of separation or whatever it is Talk to the people immediately in your life if they voted see if they want to volunteer see if they want to adopt state and help out people in that state. Just talk to people talk to them in person. If you can, if not to avoid just social media is good, but I really think that we could all just spend a little bit of time not screaming on Twitter just up until the elections. I would like to see some just humanity. Let's all just be positive and optimistic, and go into this election that no matter what the outcome is a November. Fourth, we will know that we did
everything that we can do about it. I just wanted to say you, and I currently have five thirty eight up on the screen and then other free here. I've just been up just been scrolling twitter, so despite all that Jerusalem, to you give those answers to Eliza has been the most inspiring part of my day. and I know you talked about collars- giving you hope, but you give me help Thirdly, the fact that you are eighteen years old and and dedicating so much time to doing this- I was not doing that of eighteen years old. I wasn't efforts and really politically active and college. But you feel good about Georgia so the Senate debate was last night. I'm not sure if you saw John US also was amazing. Yes, I woke up this morning and saw him destroy David Purdue, which was amazing
absolutely amazing! I'd another John us! I've had it. Oh he hasn't in him. One of my friends actually saw him last week in Athens on the University of Georgia Campus and said that he was a phenomenal speaker, and he really is- and his ads are also really good to their everywhere. So I- I dont know what both their seats being realistic, but I think if we can flip produce seed, that would be really well today I mean I don't know either, but Georgia would be so sweet to win like us, but I mean just especially after you know in eighteen, I was so excited about Stacy, now her campaign and then ass. I talked to her since then, and just the sheer amount of work that all of you have done in Georgia to energy people register. People like turn into a purple state, may be turned to a blue state. It is very inspiring and the fact that, no matter what happens unto, Sir George is gonna, be a competitive state
yeah or fresh for the future. Forget is just is just amazing, so so excited well anyway. I just I just wanted to say thanks like I hope that you are incredibly proud of the work that you ve been doing, and I hope that whatever happens on Tuesday, that you stay engaged in active in politics, because you know the world needs you, and you should also known and feel good about what you ve done so far, because at a moment when the country was in danger and democracy was in danger, like you stepped up, and you did your part in and you'll be able to set out for the rest, your life. This is done, some pretty spy, sir. I so keep up the good work and you know, let's, let's run through the tape you know. Thank you so much for all of my name is Herschel Dolby, I'm living and volunteering in Arizona, I'm only thirteen
I can't go in this election or the next one. So why I'm making thousands of calls to voters one. I listen you John favours podcast the wilderness too. He entered me too, an amazing local candy, Christine Marsh and three how many marble movies I watch there's just no such thing as superheroes, so there's just normal people doing the right thing and right now. The right thing is to help people vote on I've talked to so many people who here discouraging messages about voting. They won't come. It doesn't matter the truth is encouraging. Your vote will count. It does matter how choose to vote today has substantially was all a better future and being able to give people that information and help them No, what they need to do. It feels really good. Should this one man a few days ago
yeah, I heard of any of the candidates. I was talking about our mouths, actually phone banking for some states, any candidates. So I stayed on the line while he looked through all of their websites and he just go I'm telling me I like these people, I think I'm going to vote for them Through all my talking points, I told him about text updates everything and afterwards it felt like. He knew everything you need to know to go. I'm thirteen, so I dont have oh for media, but if any you find yourselves freaking out or dooms growing on twitter. Just take a deep breath. And remember to focus on the important thing, and that is having one on one conversations with real people we'd, isn't gonna change someone's mind Ike isn't gonna make people low, but what will help is giving people the information and encouragement they need to make the right choice come election day
a guide in Scotland will I'm kind of tired burn I can now be like more energized honestly. Jittery all on freaking out, but still save Ized, say bye. the same way. I will save it just listening to your advice right now. That is like advice for me too. I need to just have some more one when conversations instead of doom scrolling through twitter, because I'm on a roller of emotion How are the calls to how the funds I have not had a shift? Yet today I have a forty six one. Twenty six one but found banking during the week has been so much better than that on the way and I don't know I think it's because a bunch of big organizations like the USA largest absolutely bulldozing all these states with calls but calling out like a week. Data I've had like ten fifteen percent contact right. So it's been, I feel
Arizona! feel really good. I've been calling a lot of persuasion less. Unlike for every two, die hard transporters. I get. I also got a lot of people who are like oh yeah, I'm going, program or ok. I, like Mark Kelly Colonies, an astronaut, that's good. I feel pretty good Arizona too I have ever since we did that episode in the wilderness when we did southwest- and we talked a christian marsh, I've been I've, been bullish on that state. So I'm glad you're on a team aisy I just wanted to say- and I know you know I have said this before, but I want to thank you for doing this and and not just for volunteering, I mean I know you said that there's no such thing as superheroes break your pretty close man. I have to tell you for thirteen year old to be you are. You are well beyond your years and
You have a wisdom and away to inspire people that most twenty thirty forty fifty year olds don't have, and so I really that the future is bright for you and I hope that whatever happens on Tuesday, you stay involved and engage in politics, because we need you. When I say we I mean everyone who cares about politics and the country, so please stay involved and please stay engaged because it is rare to find people as talented and hopeful and inspiring and and just as dedicated as you are. So we're really grateful for your man. Thank you. I am grateful to you for inspiring me in getting man to this ball of happy too happy to do whatever I do Five more days may bring it on five march. he's, got nobody Alex you're back to your life. Thank you. This is a lot of fun,
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