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Democrats try to break out of the pack in the last debate before the New Hampshire primary, Joe Biden hits Pete Buttigieg on his experience, Bernie Sanders coasts, Mike Bloomberg rises, and Donald Trump hands Democrats a gift with his budget. Then Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir talks to Jon F. about their strategy for the rest of the primary.

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I welcome the pod, save America, I'm John Fabric, I'm John love. It and Tommy thought until eight part. I talked to Bernie Sanders campaign manager fabric here, but first or recap, the democratic debate that took place on Friday, the state of play one day before the new, Hampshire primary and would Donald Trump steam sees as their biggest vulnerabilities in this campaign, but first love it. How was the show this weekend here, a fantastic love it or leave it Emily. Came by to run through the debates we quiz Lou foretell on his Oscars trivia and he is a real servants and bring them They came by to talk about how Hollywood has been changing and it was.
Was a great show after shit week, he fantastic and as we are way through it, oh wow out good, well, good, monologue, glass, Atlantica! I got to the amended commute. What can I say one last scheduling? No, all four of us will be doing a post primary pod on Wednesday, which will take the place of our usual Thursday pod this week, I'll be on the lookout for that on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully, this time we have cells to talk about. I literally can't believe miniatures tomorrow, I was talk about some news on Friday night ABC News hosted the eighth debate in the democratic presidential primary it Sansom College in Manchester, New Hampshire, seven. It took the stage Bernie Joe Biden, Elizabeth warn people to judge Amy Closure, Tom's Dire and Andrew Yang is the This time we had a debate just a few days away from actual voting and with some
Any undecided were uncertain voters in New Hampshire. This will have a real impact. Bernie Sanders entered this debate as the New Hampshire front runner. He questioning and criticism over his identification is a democratic socialist. The cost of his plans and his ability to get things done. Here's a clip of Bernie defending his political up.
Ouch studiousness. I dont get really newspaper editorial support. Both Conway endorse marriage are very proud of that. May I go, but let me just say that I think the question started off with Secretary Clinton Screw take, I think, quite honestly, as we face one of the great political crises facing America, our job is to look forward and not back to cite two thousand and sixteen, and I hope that Secretary Clinton and all of us can come together and move in that direction. Now, second of all, in terms of Republicans, let me say that in my own great state of Vermont, my memory is correct. Amy, I got twenty five percent of the republican vote and in fact there were periods when I was in the House of Representatives a number of years where
past, more amendments on the floor of the house in a bipartisan way than any other member of this house, and that is when you, when you bring people together on an issue. There are many conservative republicans, for example. What concerned about civil liberties least, they used to be concerned about civil liberties there Republicans, as you know, our concerns about the high cost of prescription drugs. There are ways that we can work with Republicans on issues where we have a common basis. Guess how would you describe Bernie overall strategy at the debate and how well do you think he executed on them. I thought he came in hiding he was going to be bigger. He was just gonna. Whatever came his way. He was gonna, go go bigger. Hillary Clinton attack me. Let's look forward, you think I can't win well
here's the issues I believe will went on and you know you had peat and you had Bernie and you had been all of whom had this. I think legation to behave the front runner on the stage to damage. Great there there bigness in their leadership and their ability to bring party together and I thought on asylum. Really just really didn't optional job of actually doing. I think it important thing to know when you're evaluating how these guys operate in Iowa versus New Hampshire is that I work is a cock assets, post to run, If only Democrats in a very active small selection Democrats it that in New Hampshire, if you're, undeclared or you're an independent, you can vote in Hampshire, Reimer so in twenty. Sixteen burn, romped with infinite voters. Yet seventy three percent of independent voters, I think what you just heard from him- was a much bigger. Like love, it sad attempt to talk about
a political philosophy that was more inclusive in an effort to potentially reaches people yeah, I If you spend a lot of time online, which unfortunately we do up, you will see some Bernie supporters, seem like their chief goal is to defeat the democratic establishment and Bernie does acting like that at all, did not seem like that in that debate stage at all did not seem like that when we saw him speak in Iowa, we went to cut by his event. He looks like more important to him to defeat Donald Trump in that he wants to bring the part together. I also think this is out of necessity, not just from What time said about New Hampshire and where they vote, but each one these candidates in order to be the nominee it is clear, has to expand. Their current coalition None of them have captured sort of the wide array, democratic voters or even independence, Republicans that are going to be necessary to both when the nominee
an defeat Donald Trump in November, and so, if you hope to lead the party and you hope to beat Donald Trump. You necessarily have to start appealing to people who and been with you in the past people who have Watch Bernie Sanders in Congress for time know that he is far more pragmatic than you might perceive from the coverage of his Anders the revolutionary and part of that by Bernie Zone. Designing talks about political revolution, but what was the hard part about getting the affordable correct pass it. Fuckin Bernie Sanders vote, even though his four Medicare for all he Tobruk Obama, I'm on board with the asiatic. You can count on my vote. It was I can show Liebermann of conservative Democrats, you know so he does. This pragmatic stricken from being in Congress all this time, and I wonder if he emphasised that more as we go on. He also did it later in the debate where he talked about how he'd gotten the most amendments passed of anybody, rightly at age, which is the key
The thing you would normally mark a? U S, senator for saying at a presidential debate, because it is so Senate ease and it is so in the weeds, but I think he's just trying to speak to an ability to work with people who are not necessarily his natural political allies and get things done as it just think, because much of the primary The debate is around ideal. Ethical maneuvering, one of the things and the fact that I think the focus on Bernie in twenty sixteen was departed. President. He didn't talk about as much whether was foreign policy Nor does the former the parts that he kind of has fleshed out more in the for years. What things out I just watching one at debate stages. Good? He has now as a candidate just how strong and an effective he is at responding questions putting in a little bit of humor he's just a really really good debater, I think he's good, but everyone else sucks at attacking him. No one has come close to figuring out there all pounding mayor peed, but they're, not touching very yet. You know
its ever been tried a little bit, but what I was going to say in that it was deaf debate or so far, and now one moment I thought Biden do his best job at attacking care for all that done, any these debates and really hit the cost. But Bernie is very good. Debt, pivoting away from or you're gonna raise tax on middle class families and just saying well. This is what we spend on healthcare right now. Other countries can figure this out Why can't we? Why are we spending three times more than all the other countries and there's just no followed from the other candidates and after Bernie did you know he. He basically dodges the question and No one follows up and says: well what are you gonna do about middle class tax increases and they just let him go yeah so which, as you know, which is there. We are there that their issue and only a club which are was willing to immediately raise her hand when asked if people thought that being democratic, socialist radio, political bra that's right, hey guys, you're all run it against him. Yeah he's kicking your ass at the moment like I'm not. Take him aside here, but if you want to win this thing, you should consider going after the guy who's when it right and we
this rather Canada, but five. Thirty, eight and Ipsos pulled one thousand eight hundred fifty likely democratic primary voters. Before and after the debate, the same voters Bernie receive the highest marks of any candidate for his debate. Performance is favourable. Iterating went up and the share of people can during voting for him went up to and have points to. Forty five point: five percent less like Wapoota Judge, who probably took most of the criticism at the debate from fellow candidates on his lack of experience on its like us Port among voters of color and on his way, as mayor of South Band, particular policing criminal justice. Here's an extreme between Peat and Joe Biden over what kind of experience is relevant in this race. And asked to experience. I just bring a different perspective. Look, I freely admit that if you're looking for the person with the most years of Washington establishment experienced under their belt, you got your candidate and of course it's not me the effective, I'm bringing is that of somebody. Who's life has been shaped.
But the decisions that are made in those big white buildings in Washington DC somebody who has guided a community written off as dying just a decade ago through historic transformation. Somebody who knows what it means to be sent to war on orders that come out of this situation room. We need a perspective right now that will finally allow us to leave the politics of the past in the past turned the pay. And bring change to Washington before it's too late programme by nurses answer characters in the past. I think we're not all bad. I wrote the violence against women act. I manage the nine hundred billion dollar recovery act, which in fact put millions and millions of dollars into his city before a game and help save his city. I was able to do it. Does it will pass the chemical weapons ban, arms control and I was the first major leader holding public office to call for same sex marriage. So I don't know what about the past abroad Obama and Joe Biden was so bad. What happened
is it that he wants to do away with. We were just beginning. It was just the beginning of what will be the future. A moving this country beyond word is now insignificant ways in those ways to do that, and one of the ways to do that is to make sure you have someone who knows how to get things done and can lead. The free world does the same tire, but a generous finance understand those achievements were phenomenally important because they met the moment, but now we have to meet this moment in this moment is different, so I thought that The way that Peat handled Binds rejoinder- and you know by probably ended in a stronger place than he began, because think saying I don't know what's so bad about the politics of the pact's might not be the most effective line, but I thought that the way PETE handled the Obama years, meaning those things you know The Germans were important then, but now is a different moment was probably the best way.
He or anyone has handled the Obama years in that I've. Seen in this primarily or even twenty sixteen, but what? What did you guys think about sort of peace performance and how he had a lot of criticism. Pizza, very good debater, consistently did. I rarely feel like there's a question that he's not prepare for the one exception in this too I think, was the question about his record on policing and race. And yes, then I thought he had our time with that, but, like binding is trying to make peace critique, an attack on Iraq Obama, and I think that could he effective strategy but it's also sort of laden with this frustration. That Biden has about his full through plus your record and feeling like being criticized by PETE, without any appreciation for how hard it was to do things in a different era, with a lack of political support. That said, the quote the pa- six of the past were not all that bad really made me cringe, because for a lot of people they were pretty bad
and I think you can say the Obama administration- was pretty good with a lot of important things you know with they're, with the difficult Congress to work with firm most of that time, but I don't know and I'm not sure that Biden, one that exchange personally you. I just don't I've never seen anyone be defensive on behalf the past. Like of the past, like I had the whole thee. I believe, as the two thousand eight primary yeah there's, one can render that little ETA languages are better meadows. Those are the vibes that I get every time. I see It's on the Buddha judge experienced FR. It is that we we saw and he doesn't eight as like a gear. Every time Hillary Clinton when asked, Brok Obama's. You know fin record at that point: didn't have a lot of experience in Washington or even in legislative experience, but
every time we turn that we turn that around on Hillary Clinton and said what people are sick of politics. Unusual is Washington. The only differences We now have an incredibly inexperience president in the White House who were trying to be, I do wonder if I I don't know if this is drawn up. I wonder how much experience is valued or not valued now versus back into? Doesn't it. Moment. I been captured from adding what makes these debates so like an array what do you at the end of a year to sort of a little bit sad and a little bit tired, because I dont know which argument is more successful, ready on day one to be the leader of the free world, or I have experienced side of Washington but they're both fake arguments right they're. Not real arguments for these candidates. Like it We actually have when, when Republicans would say above if Sarah, I'm, not ready, wise Barack Obama ready. You know she was a stately wide leader for two years. He was a state my leader for two years. Well, because he's the temperament, the into
actual curiosity, the willingness to learn the judgment. The sense of leadership he's really fucking smart, he is a set of affable qualities that matter a great deal that are hard to describe and hard to be objective about mayor Peat is a very, very smart person. He does experience in the heartland but the cabin he's building does not look to similar to the one. Hillary Clinton could have built that any mainstream democratic politician who spent thirty years in Washington could have built it's a route work argument I might generates outside of washing and you have it inside of washing, I dont know I dont know that that's entirely true, at least when I think I think back to the Obama campaign rightly brought Mama emphasise not just his experience in the type of experience he had, but his judgment right and I think that's where he had a leg up on most other people as he was correct on the Iraq war right and so that that people's eyes judgment as a substitute for maybe one Germany in Washington, but there were two, times were. Brok. Obama did things as president, where I thought to myself. If
had been in Washington for thirty years. He would not have made that decision, because he has more political courage from being in Washington for that like when, when it looked like affordable will correct, would fail in a lot of his advisors, who had been in Washington for years and years and years told him to pull the bill and just do nothing because he wouldn't get reelected. He said I don't care from reelected, I'm just gonna path pushes that comes from not so in your whole life from Washington. That kind of political courage, yes, sure There's a place where his his instinct, they politician and person align with having been out out of this- is that very truly look at someone like Bernie Sanders, who has been in Washington for a very very long time and he has the same show that same pleasant little hand so and at all that's a way of saying like I, I think this too
it is very frustrating because it's a bunch of rhetorical back and forth while the actual real question, if it would be a better president who would do a better job in the situation, room is basically unexamined. I think that the rhetorical debates or visit of Arabia since day one Joe Biden even saying on the restore the soul, this nation pizza time turn the page and in time for generational change, who decides when you're ready to be president? Well like enough voters vote for and that's the only way, to decide known to really ready, even if your vice president, that that is clearly the best preparation to be present. I'd say it's because you seen the Java close, but who knows it the voters. I did think that there was. I was content but there was a very powerful moment. I thought when the moderation Debate Mayor PETE, it attacking Biden in saying that he was somehow hamstrung because of the investigation into him and Hunter Biden and PETE powerfully defended him from trumps attacks on his son
and what the most angry I've ever seen him real emotion, because he liked viscerally angry at the idea of Trump trying to divide a father and son, and I I appreciated that moment as it felt real going The point you made Tommy like its interest again with PETE, just like it was with Bernie, none of the other candidates that they hit the other candidates levelled at PETE, were not I thought as effective as that moderator question about Rachel this parities and self ban that he had the most trouble answering an. I actually think. I think that the bigger trouble peat is not so much. This experience question because I think he can Perry that well, it's for the Democratic Party of which you Black voters are the core constituency of the party and also everyone's worried about Elect ability like thinking? Can he be any support whatsoever within the black community and he hasn't been able to yet and then he has things in his record that give people concern about that, and I don't and and
you know the moderator point that out in a couple people on stage pointed that out they have since in New Hampshire, and I wonder if that's gonna be one of the biggest challenges for him, even more so than his experience challenge. Yeah me too, the story, this debate might be the the attacks not made right because Bernie also pressed on his past support, of of gone laws, and he I thought answered it very well said the world is changing my views of change, but known really dug in on that and you'd think thou be. Why an area where you might be able to make up, ground and similarly warrant. Glancing shot at Bernie, really everyone on the stage but enclosure by sanction of a pack or an outside group supporting her, but she didn't say Bernie you're, saying you're in Europe more pure than us, but you have this our revolution group that's running out for you, nobody Doug into that, so just Vienna, it surprise that there were some whiffs and also so in that five hundred and thirty eight poll voter said PETE tied for second with Klobuchar and have a performance. He picked up nearly six points and potential support, which is more than any other candidate,
nobody, Michelob HR who had a fantastic debate. She once again made a very strong case for her brand of pragmatic politics and the kind of experience she brings to the race which he talks, out in this clip in response to that answer that we just heard. I am listening to this about meeting the moment and my first thought is: I'm a fresh face up here for a presidential debate and I figure PETE that fifty nine, my age is the new thirty eight up here. The second thing I think about is this and then Isn T very eager meeting the moment meeting the moment we had a moment the last few weeks mare and that mom
What these impeachment hearings- and there was a lot of courage that you saw from only a few people. There was courage from Doug challenge our friend of Alabama, who took that tough. There was courage from Mitt Romney, who took a very, very therewith courage. As I read today about Lieutenant Colonel Lindemann being escorted out of the White House. What he did to current, but why you said Peat, as you are campaigning through Iowa at three of us, were jurors in that impeachment hearing you said it was exhausting to watch and that you wanted to turn the channel and watch cartoons. It is easy to go after Washington. Had that's a popular thing to do. It is much harder, as I see centre should gain in the front row such a leader. It is much harder to lead and much harder to take those difficult position, because I think this going after every single thing that people do has its popular to say and makes you look like a cool
cumber, I just I think that's what people want right now we have a newcomer in the White House and look where it got us. I think, having some experience is a good thing I have to say, is very few political consultants. That would tell you that the way to go is to defend Washington experience, but I thought it is it maybe this is just we serve. We ve been in Washington, staffers road, but, like I found it, persuasive. I found real and often take like she is. She was genuinely upset about this. Let's NEO shut, let we're we're Neil of shells of neoliberal out here was no, but where I agree completely with the political strategies to me was like a she crazy, she's differently, washing spirits. But then I listen to what am I I get it. It actually reminded me there was that I worked for Hilary in two thousand eight, as you know, and there was a critique that always really stuck with me that really that that, if there were things that you know you're inside of a campaign in Europe, you're you're in it, and what what what really frustrated me, the most and the G8.
Primary is for me, I Brok Obama take on Washington as the problem, and I just and it was a totally value cheek and can I see white popular, but I always think the problem in Washington. The problem is republicanism. Yeah Democrats are terrible on a whole bunch of things, but we, crisis in this country. It's about republicanism and It's only grown more true in your sentiment that moody and further right and become toxic drag the country, another planet. But Amy Closures, they're, saying hey, you know, going to Washington, because it's easy because its popular we have a crisis in our institutions. People, don't trust our institutions, they don't trust our political system, they don't trust anything really except the military, maybe a few other. You know bastions of trust and it I think, a little bit refreshing to see someone, despite the obvious political implications, say hold on a second. This is more new ones and that their people and wash and really really trying and doing hard things and to ignore that,
because it's a quick, sound bite and as part of the message of your campaign about the Heartland Amy it seems so authentic. I just really appreciate it. Very clear that emu club- which our has no time for mayor pits, and like genuinely dislikes him sheet, she seems to drill, is lack of experience at every pass. I too was surprised to hear such Defence of Washington, but the line we have a newcomer in the White House and look what I got us. You could see that working with some people now you'll love. I think, like the Bernie Critique of the defence of Washington would be yes mostly republican problem, but this crop Democrats have been problem to right. They voted for the Iraq war, you but Orgy Afghanistan, where we go way back to Vietnam. When you know Democrats escalated that war and being a dork on foreign policies. Renewable connection, but that's all we are but mean a kilometer in this debate. You know people online like like to make one upon it thankfully it well, but there was a moment where she got asked question about some of her tough on crime policies and sheep.
They did to an answer where she gave specific ways that she would pay for opium treatments, including by ringing money out of these horrible organizations that pedal them to people, and then she folded that into a broader narrative of like common sense policies and honesty and telling that listeners like how should actually do things in it was a very very pressing debate warm she's, just sort of captured this A break, moderate middle ground, common sense vibe that often hear it it at their debates better than I think anybody else well, and so so question about closure long term. So in in their pole, in the in the five thirty a policy, the second best four, tied with PETE her favourably Those are potential support, goes up three points, but it goes from thirteen into sixteen percent of voters, were now considering voting for her in this to me is sort of indicative of her larger challenge right, she's gaining in the polls, especially New Hampshire,
she raised two million dollars right after the debate I getting big crowds in New Hampshire. Now, if it gets her from a fifth place finish in Iowa, fourth or even to third in New Hampshire, which is possible, then I guess what is her, what is her path from their right like she does, She then, is bunched up with, and what talk about this? So I guess more. We get to New Hampshire, but closer. Biden Buddha, Judge Blue. Bergs or to work it out there all the moderates not going to really. You know moderate progressive center left candidates, who are just heard of bunched up there in like how does one of them break out? How does Klobuchar break up does the dynamic change fast enough right, indeed, this process changing over the next few weeks, but the vote here. It's happening Julia and so ok, enclosure, slowly climbed to the front of the pack. While at what? What, if that happens, you know in process on Super Tuesday, it's happening after. What have you like? Everyone is, so
Pakistan narratives, you know Biden's dropped and easily could be in fist in New Hampshire and, like obviously, it is not good for Joe Budden to be in v a new Hampshire. No, but that's not good for your campaign, but the paper that analysis like a narrative problem, but it's a coverage of of the primary treat it like a narrative problem, but it's a math problem and and the question is what happens if Joe Biden finishes amid the question is: will his supports with him and a state like South Carolina. Even if that happens- and nobody knows the answer that right- nobody so I look at this sitting. I dont know how it's possible for someone like Amy closer to pass to candidates in time and do So why not dividing all those delegates enroll very heart, we ve talked for many months and the race about people to judge not having adequate support among voters of Color Amy Clover, jars right down there with him. She did not have any more I'm introduce. I would dinner defence. I bet voters donor who she had at the early September, southern PETE all of these candidates that our name, Bernie Sanders have a game. Theory problem who are Bernie has a very hard core base.
That is not left him and doesn't seem like it's going to you and all of them are splitting the left over voters in various percentages like I think that, which are few surprise second or third in New Hampshire then needs to two Nevada and South Carolina formulate a message. It's basically Biden has his chance. We moving from certain he yeah, because you know. Look to your point, love it like super, Tuesday is coming up a marsh third, its fifteen jurisdictions. If you count like Americans, broaden everything, that's a third of the pledge delegates. They need to make huge progress that day to actually make progress towards weighing the nomination of the Good NEWS for all these folks, is that, like only four percent of total put delegates are up for good? jobs in the first four states so like that part of the races not even really started. This is all momentum thing inches. You know people gaining momentum at exactly the right time, so Let's say what it was with warrant. It was very on message. Wasn't allowed as much speaking time by the moderators
I didn't really go after her rivals accept somewhat obliquely during
exchange about money in politics that Tommy reference to earlier. Look, I don't think anyone ought to be able to buy their way into a nomination. I dont think any billion here ought to be able to do it, and I don't think people who sought to up to billion years in order to fund their campaigns order. Do everyone here talking about as Democrats, we all want to overturn citizens United, because we want to end this unlimited spending except everyone on this stage except Amy and Me- is either a billion a year or is receiving help from tax that can do on limited spending. So if you really want to do is to live where you say then put your money where your mouth is and say no to the pact's look. I think the way we build democracy going forward is not billion years reaching in their own pockets. People's sucking up two billion is the way we build it going forward. Is we have a grass roots movement funded from the grass roots up? That's the way, I'm running this campaign, if you think it's the right way to run a campaign, Gunnar Elizabeth warring DOT com and pitch in five bucks understand our democracy hangs in the balance if we have to and through billion errors that we're just gonna be in America during in better than any one else. So you know
I'm sires like I did not spend forty million dollars to be insulted that I am a customer. But is it experience, has got my my Disney. This was not Disney VIP experience it. I was promised, so you know it was. It was a hint of a shot at Bernie there because of our resolution, which is an outside group that functions you no effective as it is a pact for him, though they would say it's not about spending a lot and add their doing voter registration stuff, but still that's the structure of it. What wouldn't you guys think that, because I think it is also negative of her larger strategy in the debate, which was she just she did wanna, take sort of direct not at any of her rivals. She wanted to stick with the message that she is the unity candidate. She stuck with her. Corruption, message like she was. She is the most message disk one candidate of all but
nor was there is that enough. Now, probably not I mean look first of all, I get all these people criticising warrant for not getting very many cos, and from the moderators I found that so we might even see that whose Chris, I think that's a lot of people in the post of coverage. May yes, your job is to jump in, but also their job is to spread the questions even Leah. I dont think I was a very well moderated debate and allotted for ways, but that's it for conversation me, I think This answer speaks to the challenge Warner. For a while right, because she try the wine cave had until now, she's drill, M. For raising money from millionaires and that backfired and frankly, at the time I thought it was probably a pretty strong it, but it didn't seem to work so she walked back there and she obliquely mentions Bernie Sanders a group helping him and outside group, but didn't really. After him, their abuse, its not entirely clear to me that the voters that they, both targeting care that much about outside spending or money, and so
It's just sort of an answer: that's kinda for no one legged! It speaks to her core and corrupt. Message. I thought she did I, while a number of times like her her, arguments she made about the array and the lack of gun legislation how bats b The internet has bought off a lot of candidates, etc. Was like a very compelling point, but I dont know that any of it like distinguished her or lead me to believe that she was going to break out yet I mean, I think, the challenge with the euro Can message is that the flip side is she's getting squeezed by both sides right? So there are. A lot of Warren voters or people who met. We met a lot of an iota people who were deciding between Warren and a people to judge or worn and enable clover char. Even though we have these ideological lanes right, people actual voters, donors. So we see it that way and then, on the other side, she has lost a lot of her support of less several months to Bernie Sanders and in order to be their unity candidate. You have to make a case that the can
to your left and the candidates to your right cannot win and that's why you must be the unity candidate. You can't just do it by like hey I'm here, we'll cancer disaster, because other candidates have tried this come Harris tried to sort of b a unity candidate, Korea Booker tried to be a unity candidate. And unless you make the case that what the party needs is a unity, can it be if we go with Bernie, we're gonna lose we go with Amy a clever we're gonna lose. Then you know than people I understand that message yet I dont believe anybody watching this debate would know they were watching. Someone make a case for unity. Candid and that's all I know you have here. If we really in the weather has addressed her debated performance was very good and it looks a lot like her previous way. Performances it looked like every single lunch is incredible best and she has her messages she's delivering at. But if she's going to become the damn Craig nominee. She has to change something and she has to deliver something different in these. In these debates
I dont know if that involves being really explicit, like just really coming out in saying it, which is that I don't know we can bring this party together, he's alienated too much of the centre left and I don't believe it micawbers. Our can bring This party gather, because, as a core of young people who really when something more progressive on the only one that can bring this whole party together there I said it: does she explode if she says that I don't know, I don't know what I mean by it you know the wine cave thing was the last time she really when an office in the debates- and I did at the time thinking worked, although my memory working in in a hurting PETE a little bit. I don't know if it helped her right. What would the thing I remember? Most of that is that they went back and forth a couple times there were that use. They were really smart interlocutors really going at each other, and then Amy Closure came in and and seen bigger than the both of them. And then you know she of sea directed her fuckin death. Star Pete. Has that similar planet you want to blow up button I did not realise I don't they get older older. We made her look a little bit small that himself. It's I don't know what I don't know. If I have to say it does,
its credit. He does not get enough credit for being the only one on the stage whose consistently shot up Alec, four or five candidates, like style, tries to belittle him at every pass club, which argues after unwarranted Amir burn, Can I just like grunts at from time to time it's there's very yet there is very little downside to hitting the Canada the internet doesn't like answer is people expect you sort of realising these in these debates, I also avogadro what actual voters thank, but the people, if you're not popular with people on the internet, you can get shots taken out. You in a debate like this, and you are J. Fine. It's also that's also jacket. I also do think that, like there's the internet than theirs Democratic voters and then there's the candidates- I don't think there's any, how much the internet and these seven people on a stage agree on more than on, not liking. Pete written off grub demean, Amy closure. There's somebody like peat in her life at some point, but she remembers and she does not like Archie of your great pot.
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politicians setting let's play a clip this along the long race I took it now- probably take it here traditionally, Bernie one by twenty points. Last time, usually, is in every sense, do well, I'm I'm no matter what I'm stones this. For the same reason, we have to restore the soul. This country bring back the middle class and make sure we bring people together, and so it's a simple proposition. It doesn't matter whether this next I've always you'd first for encounters to primaries into carcasses as the starting point and then later in the night by Anne had a nice moment when he praised Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Benjamin. Let's play that one of the things that I think is really important is we have to be sent back with the american people about what we're gonna do and how we're going to do it and, by the way, colonel limiting got thrown out of the White House they walked out. I think we should at the same time he should be taking a metal on women and not on russian involved, and I think we should ask women are nice, show how much we supported it stand up and clap prevented, so
see a few stories that sum of binds New Hampshire supporters were disappoint that sort of acknowledge that he might lose tomorrow? What did you say he needed to set expectations like that? I would say: leave it to your staff to do the margin of victory expectation setting for the other candidates. That's to me is a little inside baseball and probably not where I would have gone. It's all so proud pretty demoralising for years to have you first thing, you're gonna say right. I mean there is that would be my opening sailor into midway. Through his second answer, something and he remember he was supposed to be high energy and his energy changed Vivre awhile, but men too, MT there and say it's great to be here. I lost in Iowa, I'm gonna lose your two and I think that's fine. Let's call it at a moment when I should think PETE. Do that greater job in its first answer, but burning at a really strong, big emotion, all answer that set the stakes of the election and then you go to Joe Biden and it's like how it
this the first thing you're gonna say again I will you can tell it like it is there to things than in the deciding these primaries. There's momentum and then there's demographics and clearly Biden's team is looking at New Hampshire in there like. I know that we just lost badly in Iowa, but there's no fucking way we're going to win the state so, and so we can't, if we make it this big comeback. Kid narrative and We fall short. It's gonna look worse than if we just tell everyone really We clearly that we don't think we're gonna win this and then we're gonna look towards an avowed in South Carolina where there's more voters of color, both routine as an african Americans, South Carolina and the Like people think that the demographics will save them there. That's also in question, but that may be true. I just think it's very hard to make when you're the former vice president with yeah rescinding. I agree. I also think, like the vineyard thing, I think, was a smart have to manufacture a moment, but I dont know that many people knew what he was talking even in the room now like there, your point loved about binds energy. There is a kind of this. Are low energy bind these? Sometimes you there's also like kind of yes.
Angry defending my record Biden and then the burden we all love was. When you know there is a quest, I think the EMU club char about Heller couldn't saying no and liked Bernie, you know he eats smell bad used, afforded his desk oath. I, like whatever the court was invited, walked over any put his arm around I'm game hog and like flash. That smile is oh, they have you tried, and that rate people love that. Meanwhile, though, hurrying by work that out, because while Bernie was distracted, she's lashes tyres but the but the other, the other bees about this too, as you know, should acknowledge these can do all New Hampshire, not a Canada. With more felicity in these debates could do it. I say you know as asked a question about why underperformed and I were could say something like yeah, you know did worse than I wanted, and I may not do so great here, but I'm not in this I'm in this for the long haul, I'm in for the long haul, for reasons X, Y and Z, right, there's a there's. A way to there's a way to take on that attack and acknowledge that you're about to come in fourth to They a mayor from
South in Indiana Virtue, which is not a neighbouring state of New Hampshire, rightly says that there is greater involvement. Is that while the neighbouring states, Canada, always when it's gonna, be harder? If people to judge does well and get that comes in second place, our first or if Amy College our passes him. I'm in love, and I'm not sure why you mentioned a ninety ninety drama from the W B, but looked point taken. That's it like here you'd, like maybe you can do your expectations, setting a new Hampshire in an inner. With John D States, our like some era, nerdy journalist, do it is the first thing you stay on the biggest debate stage. Then let your core most important, but I would say to the most important debate of the campaign gap- I thought he was better at this debate, then he's been, but I think at this point better is now good enough because he is in Serious trouble needs again it similar to what we are talking about with closure, which is at this point clover jar. PETE or Amy and right now, PETE sort of in the lead on this needs. To break out in such a big way in the centre, left pardon,
its primary or Warren. I guess that to be clear that everyone coalescence behind them and to do that. You need a big change, Anita make that happen, and I don't think so have done anything yet to make that happen. I'm so sorry about where the race went after the debate we had an avalanche of polling. Five. Thirty eight has the averages at twenty six point, one percent for Bernie Sanders. Twenty point one percent for PETE twelve point, eight, percent for Warren twelve point two and four Biden and nine point six percent for closer. More importantly than the actual numbers are. The trends burnt has been holding steady or right, slightly depending on the pole. Buddha judge got a big boy, after Iowa. That has now looks like it receded a bit in a couple days after the debate. Worn is holding steady and overture, is gaining clearly and Biden has fallen so but despite Sanders led the back in
Fourth over the weekend was mostly between Biden and Peat, which started with this brutal, video released by his presence campaign,
Morocco Bomber called Joe Biden. That's my browser, but keep outta judge, doesn't think much of the vice presidents record. Let's compare when President Obama called Joe Biden Help lead the passage of the affordable care which give healthcare to twenty million people and one part goers called on PETE Buddha judge. He installed decorative lights under bridges, giving citizens of south bent colorful illuminated rivers, proof. Vice President Biden and former Mayor Buddha Judge has taken on tough fights under threat of nuclear IRAN. Joe Biden help to negotiate the IRAN view and under threat of disappearing pets. Buddha judge negotiated later licensing regulations on patch him scanners, both Vice President Biden and former Mayor PETE, have helped shape our economy July and help save the auto industry which revitalize the economy at the MID West and lead the passage and implementation of the recovery of saving our economy from a depression. Pete Buddha judge revitalize the sidewalks downtown South Ban by laying out decorative brick, and both Biden Andrew to judge, have made hard decisions. Despite pressure from the array, Joe Biden pass the assault weapons Panther Congress, then he passed the violence against women at an even when public pressure mounted against a former mayor peat and fired the first african american police chief of South Bend, and then he forced out the african American Fire chief too, were electing the president. What you ve done matters so that
what you call in politics, taken the dump trucks of opposition research back it up and just open out all think tough, tough, hit on decorative brick, decorative lights, didn't get the only have their decorative brick took due to fire downtowns people so That video now has almost five million views. What did you know that any lavish what is it? What are you guys that guarantees are? I think I think that's a video that comes from a very angry campaign staff, the end that normally you would want that kind of thing to come out from a super pack and not your campaign, because It's gonna, really anger, alot of peat supporters and maybe turn us. Whether Democrats is also a little bit discordant because the first three issues were kind of care.
Be in belittling and silly like decorative lights and then the end was a very serious issues about fiery. They try to get to our different arguments and air yeah in, but you have the biggest problem. With this add new five million. This is nothing to sneeze up, but they have no money to put it on tv, and I guarantee you that the vast vast majority, those five million viewers, are not in New Hampshire, so I just you eliminate effectiveness with the now, but I guess they see I've read. They spent some money to targeted on Facebook, in New Hampshire, for New Hampshire voters and but you're right that you know nothing nothing more than that. You know. I think it's it's. It's one of these adds that it could end up, burning peat and you. We have seen PETE decline a little but after the debate in some of these poles and is that what happened at the debate? is that this add is that whatever the back and forth has been over the weekend between somebody's carrots and PETE. We don't know, but it may succeed in sort of bringing people the earth a bit, but I dont know that it helps Joe Biden at all. Yeah. I may add two thoughts when I saw one this is it
made about PETE that was coming and it hasn't happened or its he's been really strong into it's about brushing off these lines of attacks and Joe Biden has not been able to land punch like this, I mean I think it's the most effective thing Joe Biden has done. Cut to contrast himself with people to judge, and it is remarkable that in another planning to release right after the debate? It was a hit didn't really land in the debate, because I dont think they believe that Joe Biden can successfully land a hit like that and responded actively during debate, which I think is a very bad thing. That's ed! I'm surprised how long it took to get to the point where somebody was taken this harder shot. It may be because the fact that he was them small town and didn't get them any votes, is an x. Is a very big I ability from yet that you know he's got to deal with it now that someone's making him deal with another, because if he wins the nomination, certainly doll trouble making do with. Yes, everyone decries negative politics, but I want these guys to brutalize each other in the primary, because Donald Trump Good do ten times worse and, let's not kid ourselves,
the interesting thing I think generally agree This add is more likely to help someone not named Joe Biden than Joe Biden. The beneficiary might be Bernie Sanders right now. It's an income contribution to this Anders give it yeah. I think of it, is notable that CNN last tracking Paul half of the voters a deafening, decided twenty one percent said their leaning towards someone. Twenty eight percent said they're still trying to do I said, there's a lot of rooms and medium round here there are huge numbers of undecided or uncertain voters, so there I guess it's brings me to the question like. Why is no one seriously challenging Bernie who's the front runner for not just then your primary, but the front runner for the nomination right now by far and in could end up. Using to the nomination at at this rate- and you know, if you look at this, Look at the vote totals right, if you add up closer and Biden and PETE. And maybe some of worn supporters who don't wanna back Bernie
in New Hampshire at this point. It is far more than Bernie Sanders and yet no one's really gone after yeah. Well, I think it's it's. What we ve been talking about, Biden, closure, PETE, Burke all believe they're competing for the same pool of people and to the fighting. Months and for a number everything valid reasons. As part of a broader strategy, Elizabeth Worn has not picked fights with Bernie Sanders. She is the pure ideological grounds. She is the natural person to go after him, as you know there was There- there was- a look at how people voted, and I won its very clear that people thousand and sixteen voted for Bernie Alot and went to Warren. That's true that Warren seems losing support to Bernie Sanders. So that is the simple voters and She doesn't seem to want to pick that fight in part because do you think one of things? in very hard in sexually PETE's bitterly deft at. It is hard
You punch, left without seeming like a school without young men like you, are a wet blanket raining on the parade took him, two: under used analogies now looking through sort of that NEWS stories from the weekend. You know Biden, said about Bernie I'll. Tell you what it's a bigger uphill climb running as a senator or congressperson, or the governor on a ticket that calls itself a democratic socialist ticket. He said that either in an event or to a reporter booted it said I think, it'll- be lot harder to defend socialism. But the bigger concern I have is further debate the country when the campaigns that either your for revolution or you must be for the status quo. Most of us don't see where we fit in that picture. I think those are both fair arguments, but there's no money behind them. There is money behind sort of Anti Sanders ads in Iowa. There is zero behind any adds that are contracting or anything but Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. I don't get it I'll, just the one of that where the reasoning has been hard is Bernie Sanders when you get a head,
in places like with content, he may not do as well as Joe Biden. Although now it's about even here he does perform well against Trump. Also is looking at that stage: these centres has an incredible confidence, as do the people who support them. There is a sense that this is that they believe they can win wholeheartedly in their very confident and what their putting forward. The only other people say that have the same confidence. I believe I earlier with Warren and Amy closure who all seem to know who they are Joe Biden, Joe Biden, lurching, elect ability, attacks or anti democratic socialist attacks or Anti PETE attacks. Pizza taxes on Bernie. They all. They all feel. Like politics as they are, but you look at some unlike Bernie Sanders and he's response to those who are attacking the flexibility, which is running a really good campaign, I will say the other person that is running a general election message. That seems confident is PETE. Buddha judge right like it's a different message than Bernie Sanders, but he's out there talking about sort of how to unite the different since in the party.
In and why are we to expand the coalition to win in November? But again, it is you know when seen. Bernie Sanders messages very different yeah. I'm just surprised that people are running a hard elect ability message against Bernie Irena now I could make it against every candidate running right now about why they not particularly electable, and it literally using up a night I think the easiest want to make is probably against Bernie Sanders. Is you can point to concern among the you know: Trump Obama, Trump voters of the moderates, who think his view. These are too far to the left and in you, could see in research, and we have all seen the SAM research out. There they are the most produced We do not vote for him down, would worry me a lot like I think Bernie can overcome it with messaging by running a good campaign, I'm not trying to write em off now, but it's an argument. You could easily and I think the other thing, You'll probably see as after. I think
to write off the IRA results a little bit as kind of inconclusive is of such a fucking mess, but after New Hampshire. We will be able to see if the argument that Bernie can bring out all these new people and young people and really start a revolution and thus enact a sweet political agenda that way is true or not, and that might be an area. You start yet little gone after brazen has two options to win: he either for juices, turn out and brings in new voters and young people more than ever before and so forget all those moderates- the Obama, Trump voters, the Romany Clint voters forget all. Then we don't need them all, replace them with new voters, or He has a message and he can prove that his message campaign can appeal. Those Obama Trump borders around Nicklin voters, but you gotta do one of the other right. And then you have to at least part this primary will all the candidates to do this, but part of its primary is proving that you can put together this coalition, because if you can, then
that's what we're in trouble so less out from it it about my Bloomberg, who started lurking out there has begun to climb in the polls because he spent. A hundred million dollars on ads and as the democratic primary after Iowa looks more unsettled than ever. He's now, fourth place a national pulling averages right behind Elizabeth, worn and he's beginning. Pick up some endorsements from Moderate House Democrats who flipped red seats and twenty teen, who Stevens and MIKE Cheryl, along with his first democratic Governor Rhode Island Gina reminder, and he may make the next debate if you can hit double digits in a few more poles. How are you this guy's? What is it what's? What's Bloomberg path here I mean so far. It has two thousand staffers two thousand he is campaign- announced- I think last week that there double their add spending which will put it around. I think so, hundred million for tv index that alone so he needs you have done, is juice
his numbers in Super Tuesday states and in specific congressional districts to above mostly at fifteen percent level, because that's the only way you can actually get delegates of these super Tuesday states- and he s a rack up enough delegates through Super- you say and then March seventeenth to be able to Bernie or whoever is in the lead at that point, because by March Seventeenth, we will have allotted sixty one percent of pledged targets, so he's a win in a lot of people. It is unthinkable that is our gets into tangible Tuesday. I think be able to make an argument not come, and second like win win is to keep growing any as to grow faster than he has been growing. Is it keeps going at this rate? I can't do it Think truly, nobody knows you know. I think we'd like to believe that organic politics of persuasion and convincing people to support you and work for you and volunteer for you, because you ve put the time on the ground and met people and built a campaign, naturally, by dint of
ideas and talent is something that would die win the day, but who knows, I do think it probably mistake for him to have given all two thousand people identical white helmet than white armoured suits, and this taser. I think that probably creates the wrong I can, but I am generally surprise at this point how effective blanket in their ways with ads can be. I will it was hard for me to read my head around an effective strategy that, while skipping all for early primary states wrapping my head around. That strategy gets a lot easier when the irish results were so inconclusive in so disastrous and so just So I think, obviously, the ads in the money that's is spent on the AIDS is the biggest factor for sure Even though Tom's diary is not as big of a billion here as my Bloomberg is: he has completely saturated, airwaves, so less effect I would than MIKE Bloomberg buttons.
Of Carolina entails girl I've actually to organise an early numbers. I were, I guess, what I'm saying is the additional thing that Bloomberg has gone for him that I think we might dressed to aside from all the money is his name ideas very high in the country for a lot of people. They think of my Bloomberg Yes, he's a billionaire bodies, also and Trump sort of this in twenty. Sixteen it was sort of under the radar too he's just a which successful, guy and business right p and a lot of people in this country. They see a rich, successful guy business, they think oh well, he read, so maybe he can make sure that America's economy is ok and Beijing. The three term mare of New York City, our biggest city right, and so he does have some credentials going for him, aside from just the billions that I would give some people look at him up the challenge you his biggest benches. Are he used to be public any endorse strippers, W Bush in two thousand and four his stoppin frisk policy fucking disaster, you know, and so he had you know, but I guess
What have we have to set up for Bloomberg is if this thing is a complete mess heading into Super Tuesday, like if you know Bernie does well in New Hampshire in PETE, doesn't do as well. If someone else when's Nevada if someone else when South Carolina, if there is no clear now, Bernie leader at all by the talent and into Super Tuesday in Bloomberg as in all these super Tuesday states doing really. Well, then, that's! I guess that. His play but, as you said, dummy it's one play because, if one Evans, on Super Tuesdays, then Bernie dominates all those states and Bloomberg and second now. Finally, we have the entire Bernie in its Bloomberg. It's not can be enough. That point is forty percent of the delegates, we're just given look. I mean the t, shirts, Ed Bloomberg Rally say I like MIKE, which I get it that rhymes, but I think it also probably tell you a story about enthusiasm. Thinking of people are like dying to get out there and some were willing it into existence to a tube limbers credit he's not attacking other candidates. Yet by
I mean I've been talking to some people who run on the ground and to produce eight states who say he's Ami Present there and as such is tv adds its the you know. Sixty day had start on site. Thing in organizing and getting door since in the right politician. So he's also appears to be a safe place for Moderate Democrats a kind of park and endorsement- and I worry that they're gonna get attack for it just at some point, I have to get in the dirt, with the rest of us into some politics well, which show utter debate I'll, be gardeners, but I'll, be all the outrage about him. Coming to the debates age, I dont quite get because I mean I I get like it's. It's you know repugnant than anyone gets to buy debate stage slot, but here times dire, been for our desire for a while, but I went his seat lies. What do I? If I were a nice things about the city by our Bernier Warren or any these, can it, I want Bloomberg on stage to be able to sort of take a shot at him and force them to answer some questions, as opposed to just be on television,
not having to answer anything, be candidates on that stage on the debates h having put through their paces- and they have all gotten stronger as candidates for assure for having been expenses, devote all I'll I'll just about, but my Bloomberg, my wounds, and how that, when you see clips of my Bloomberg, some of them are pretty fucking rough. He is not perfect as he is a billionaire who's, been surrounded by people that work for him for very long time, and you know look, I don't think it's like But where is the nominee if in a chance, he's gotta be put this places, you gotta talk to real people. We have to see him on that stage. You gotta be he's, gotta, be in it and I have to say that will be a tough debate for MIKE Number and yet, as you tell that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, and maybe some others loaded, don't have a lot of time for someone who buys a nomination again like if it Limburg is our nominee. I will do literally everything in my power to ensure that he wins, but I have a very hard time living in.
Country where you can drop a billion dollars to get the nomination that feels like some banana republic shit down whilst However, there are public, she does all around us right now I do I do. I would like to see warning they just treat my glimmer the rapporteur has four to Vienna. There's one last story about trumps campaign that I want to cover before we go on Saturday, the New York Times published a wide ranging peace on the president's campaign strategy. According to the Article team trump is quote turning to address his re election bids, greatest weaknesses, with an aggressive well funded but uncertain effort to win back suburban voters turned off by his policies and behaviour, specifically mentions an effort to win back suburban women upper income. Voters and black men and it uses Trump super bowl add on criminal justice reform is an example I think with interesting here is the part of the story, the talks about how he's trying to do.
Turn out among his base with all kinds of crazy immigration ads on Facebook that we talked about before, but that the Trump folks, the Trump folks realize that- More turn out is not enough that the only you can win, is to win back some suburban voters, they lost and twenty eighteen in the mid terms, what, if anything, either it says about are democratic, nomination fight. What trumps team thinks their weaknesses. I think it's as less about who are, can it will be and more about the kind of basic swayed to get back to whoever that nominee turns out to be. You know I feel like, I believe this reminded me to think about this. Three Branches. One is what they'll do to excite, thereby and get them out. The other is what they're going to do to demoralized and demobilized Democrats. But there is this third piece of a year, which is those though swing, voters that they know it today, and they all this whole thing out there again that there's like no swing voters, but it's just.
Try side, you can go listener. The wilderness visit I looked into this. I've met them in person. There are fucking swing, voters that changed between elections it why we one in twenty eighteen, because people's which parties right and just that that it isn't just enough for them to make my core Democrat stay home or have their core people him out or even just demobilized, the middle. They need those people to win, and those are the people we persuaded. In twenty eighteen on a health care message just about what we would do, but just about how dangerous trumpets think they're running a really smart campaign, and it should make all of us very worried that the other that articles they have twenty dollars in the bank they weigh out spent else during impeachment, which seems to have was entirely pointed. The impact of all the messaging Democrats tried to do. I think having a tailored appeal to african american voters to try to just chip away the democratic advantage on them. Origins is probably pretty smart. I think you know
part of. That is a is appeal to white people. To write a mean by trying to tell a bunch of white men and women, who are, you, know, educated upper income that voting for doesn't mean they support a racist they're? Trying to saw that point, even though he is now he has great economy that he's taken credit for, and I think we I'll just be clear, eyed about what an advantage that is and so right now we are in them to the primary we're fighting each other, and we are looking incompetent and look. This is always gonna, be a rough patch for the Democratic Party cause. You always look like a joke during your primary. The Republicans did. When he sixteen this Europe was rising, but we have a the its sixty forty at best that he's gonna get real I did, and I think everyone needs to understand that and you know, focus our efforts. Be clear eyed about the challenge. But incumbency is incredibly powerful advantage and they're running a pretty simple but seemingly smart campaign. So far.
Yeah me love it. You talked about getting back to basics, I think all of US Want to come out of the White House were handed an incredible gift today: Trump Release His budget it increases spending on only them. Terry NASA and his border wall while it cuts CARE, Medicaid, Social Security, environmental protection, food stamps. The children's health Insurance programme, education and housing we have seen through all of the research, all the pulling the biggest the damaging had on Trump is? about him. Cutting Medicare Social Security, Medicaid things that really, matter to people's lives across the throne, education, housing and their right and upholsterer to John Bell Edwards through the democratic governor in Louisiana, who, just one that race told sergeant at the Washington Post this morning that Medicatrix, mentioned itself. They found in Louisiana was a huge, huge win among suburban, moderate voters in this deep a state of Louisiana, and so, when we think about
Sometimes we think about how to get the suburban voters back. You immediately think out there all these like mushy moderates and will never get them, and we should be true to our values, none of these People in the Suburbs Bay, Kara about cuts to education, cuts to Medicaid cuts to health care, and every single Democrat from Bernie Sanders too. You know MIKE Bloomberg, can all talk about these issues and talk about how trumps going to make these cuts and ain't. No, then I see some of it today, but I think getting to a message that is in line with our values, as Democrats and progressives, but also can be a bridge to some of these suburban voters that we successfully did and twenty eighteen is paramount and we have to get back to that as soon as possible. I also think we have the wrapper had thrown the fact. We might only be able to reach them with that message through paid media yeah, because one thing that we Democrats in the press corps generally have been Annette
to do is detached ourselves from the daily Trump show about ridges and slights in tweets in bullshit, and but we right when he says like you wanted just in the channel from impeachment to watch cartoons. It felt bloody lying to a senator. Writing he's right that people are exhausted what's happening in the country and we need to recent what these chorus use that matter are ass, theirs, It aside that nothing can change my life, you. And an end. Take that exhaustion and say your exertion is because of the guy in the White House whose tweeting non stop getting and fight with everyone, and wouldn't you like, country were instead of that bullshit. You have a responsible, democratic president Workin to solve these problems. Ok, when we come back,
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one of the changes on one day, small steps make big progress, sent up your trial today at noon in o o m dotcom slush crooked, what do you have to lose visit? Newman complicated to start trial. Today, that's n, o o m dotcom, slash crooked on the phone we have Bernie Sanders campaign manager fashion here fast. Welcome with applaud, thank you. I appreciate you have, of course congrats on the on the strong showing in Iowa. That's pretty exciting, for you guys so wish. I we can leave. I won the past, but you know you guys said, and on Sunday that year requesting a partial Roy Canvas of our results about thirty, forty precincts that could move the state delegate equivalent total and burns favour. How much will you guys have in the final outcome here, once three canvas is done, and considering all the inaccuracy we ve seen so far. Do you
the state delegate equivalent should be used to allocate the pledge delegates to the convention. From my perspective now it's been. A shoddy process has been handled and competently by the IRA Democratic Party and who knows how long has been handled out slowly this time, the manner in which, both were counted, were pretty poor, that they had one job to do and they couldn't seemed executed and put him proper amount of time and thought into it in so. From my perspective, we are gonna fight for every vote that we got I will get a pipe railway dope, every delegate we were owed, and I think at the end of this process, likely You know they do the out there. We canvas of the worksheets that were turned in by carcass precinct chairs that I think what you end up binding. As that we gain some delegates there. Man, who knows if there's others whose accounts were wrong,
well, you're, a question John. Whether the whole calculus of the state only good equivalents is worth anything, and, from my perspective that much though I may again the day, probably we have you no brain under the care to one by sixty one hundred boats in most other primaries or carcasses. That's enough. The clear you, the winter, but by some mathematical equation, that no one understands we're. Not we have not been too the winner, and I were yet. The day. I think when this process is all over John. Probably what can happen is us, in the Buddha Judge campaign, end up with the same number of national delegates to the convention. And so would you suggest that if they dont use sd ease to calculate pledged Alex the convention that maybe they should use the final alignment on popular vote. Yes, I think that away a good way to go, call democracy generally when people show up in a boat- and you count about anything,
there were no more than the other one. Look the word that person the winter, seemed like a good approach, to me about certainly what we expect to be the outcome of the New Hampshire primary that people will show up, they will vote. We got more both on the other, but that we should be openly declared the winter. So that seem to me like, like abroad, but I will be. I would democratic party reassessing, given all of the challenges that they have experienced in them. Captain way about it. I've been handled that we assess from a popular row perspective, but how to dole out now delegates so looking at our you guys were able to increase you ve turn out over even two dozen eight levels you Domini in communities of color and working class areas of bigger cities. I saw two areas potential concern for your campaign. You know first over I'll turn out was low. The percentage of four I am cautious, galleries was even lower than in twenty sixteen, and only about thirty percent of those first timers caucus for Bernie, second he struggled against peat and by
in some of the suburbs and a lot of these o bomber trump counties. How do you think about those two challenges, as the race moves on long glad? I'm having this conversation with you, John, because you know you went through two thousand seven through the as an aid with the bomber young. You know my perspective on this is accomplished a couple fold right. One is that that entails, Don't you have any when you have a very low to turn up and the ILO caucus. It wasn't just that Barack Obama was inspiring a bunch of people and the they all turned out and that's why we had a giant caucus rain. What would also happening in fact were a number of other dynamics, one Hilary without organizing her, but her both in DOT Edwards without their organizing has people in all three of you actually brought a lot of people in there Am I wrong about that? No, that's very true right, so I was basically
the cumulative efforts of a lot of people inspiring and motivating a bunch of people to come out and the overall turnout at being high. Of course, it was in the wake of the end of the Bush presidency, so I think I do the oven to move on and to aid worth strong. Now I have a couple of thoughts on that turn out, I will one is it felt to me personally being but there's a lot of people who feel pretty happy with the choices that they ve got? This twin them and the primary, and it fell to me a bit that there is people who are saying in upwards gotta we're dead, let us know when you got a primary winner and we're going to get behind that winter and then we're going to go beat Donald Trump. So I think there were a large number of people who were just kind of like let's split Lyft the sort itself out. I don't have a particularly strong, favorite. The other thing I would say is from our perspective you want. Turn out to be higher. It was a nice higher. It was a little bit higher. I guess spend two thousand and sixteen
I view. As you know, it should be a warning sign the Democrats in general that we are made to be doing a better job of trying to motivate across the entire part of white on a lot of people tried to find this just a Bernie Sanders. I think this is a joint and doesn't it wasn't? You have pointed out that all of us, they d, be pushing the tires. Hard on ourselves about what are we all doing collectively to drive turn out up so that needs be done and will hopefully, if we get through this primary counter, we're gonna be continually and gazing at every ever became a laughing at say here, John about it is we got a bunch of young people to turn out and now with good Army, when you had adding an if I remember the numbers correctly per some polls that I've seen
You don't get a wooden when Obama with a winning the carcass, and I were back in two thousand a year about twenty percent or serve people under the age of twenty nine who composed that electorate, and here we have roughly twenty four percent- the higher number them banned or even a higher number by last time and twenty sixteen. So we did see a lot of youth turn out, which was great and that is the future of this party. Of course, there's one shining kind of glimmer of hope in an otherwise middling hormones, by the hour by hour, I'll electorate, standards so I'll. Let you know they turn out and increase. Turnout is is one side of the equation. The Democrats absolutely need to win. The other side is persuasion. And in a lot of persuasion, elites and twenty eighteen, and in a way these suburbs, some which had gone for tromp or her gone for Romney and then came back home. So the Democrats, do you think they'll around two Bernie, if he's the nominee or how do you think about reaching,
to some of those voters, because you know I did a lot of these focus groups recently I sat and outside of it Next with a bunch of Rami Clinton voters there ready to vote, I'm a crap. They were worried about, you know, Bernie, being too far the left. They say they deftly wooden vote form, but their worried about it. You know I sat with voters outside of Miami who didn't vote and twenty sixteen. These are non. Voters are third party voters. They expect Some concern about the socialist label like how do you You guys sea going forward the challenge of sort of persuading some vote, who may have been for Democrats and eighteen, but might be a little worried about you know. Bernie is an ominous driver, I have always felt strongly that one of burning is great appeals within you. General election perspective- is that he can bring independence, no party preference voters, a young boys first time, voters through the political process, and certainly if you track the twenty sixteen per. Mary. That is in fact what he was doing out the course
our primary went on? I bet you with winning and your Michigan Wisconsin places not in the major urban ever used to EC strong in urban areas, though you get around that state me without performing by large numbers in those areas, and I think we We continue to see that it has an appeal to working class. Folks, all over ruined suburban areas, and I think what you know, what what will end up happening. If we will have this debate over socialism, as you say, and I am eager have it I'm ready to take on Donald Trump as a corporate socialist? That will be in fact what you hear from you. Campaign all the time that if you want to have a debate about socialism, it's about who does the government serve and work on behalf of who does a door money out to right now we have a government that those out billions in federal contracts, billions and politics
subsidies. Deregulation. All of it goes to benefit large corporations and the top one percent and the question of right. Now we have a society that a social them for the riches. Do you want to change that? You want to finally take that on and deliver for working class, democratic socialism or working class programme that will help and if it you, whether you need healthcare education, housing on down the line of, can we finally reorient this garment work for the working class? That's where I think it ends up being a a label that we lean into to help, explain, understand, and while I know that there is concern about a socialism label, I know that there's one thing: what more popular than that label- and that is but Bernie Sanders younger people know who he is and what he's about you ask everybody go around saying: what's one thing you know about Bernie Sanders, it's either Medicare for all or he takes on. You know the billionaire class, something
Why bother daughter what they know about him and he looked the head to head Boldwood, Donald Trump and he stacks of quite well. I know they're gonna come after us with a bunch of negative advertising. The were prepared for it because we built this kid case on us on a backbone of spying. You know this is a strong spine. People know who he is, is about. Do you think that the Michigan Pennsylvania was constant path to two? Seventy is easier for you, guys, then Arizona, Florida or even a Georgian, a North Carolina just because of the demographics and the appeal you just talked about the Bernie has for a lot of these working class voters, but I think he has a unique appeal all the candidates and appeal to windows but earth because of his position on trade in particular, rabies fought every trade agreement that I have heard and cost those communities greatly. I even consistently the course of his life.
And then, when you look at his pro union labour record in an end, this field alone that he stands out by far, and I do think that he's got an appeal to the working class blue collar background that have historically been associated with our Michigan and Pennsylvania, Ohio, and I love soda yet with confidence in those days, of course, by as the nature of the workforce in America has changed? John, you ve also noted then we all appreciate that lets and people of color comprise the Workforce of America That is one of the reasons you see him performing quite well in among the latino popular listen to when we get into the bad. I think I can be very strong. We you get into California places in Texas Places in Florida, so I would not for a moment discount the strengthened Arizona. Would you get into places that argument
in a general election by his ability to win over working class voters from all colors all genders. All types is the appeal, and I think it works in a lot of ways at the Pandit classed as at all, the boy pressure. So when I speak out upon a class when I, when I saw Bernie Speakin Iowa and then why debate on Friday. You know, I heard a general election message from someone who is more interested in fighting trump than fighting the democratic establishment. I do want to get you in trouble here, but you know you obviously have some establishment ties in your past public. How much? How much time do you spend thinking the role you guys would play in leading the party and bringing the party together, if Bernie is the nominee and just how much work. That's gonna be from your campaign and the people your campaign that are gonna, be charge without effort yeah, I will first of all people
that there's a hunger in the desire on the part of the entire democratic primary and seemed like the electric tube to unify, to get to a place where we start taken. Robin as we have started, to perform better and poles We did well, and I would hope to do well here. New Hampshire is that I think, is incumbent upon us, and really the whole field to start thinking about what is the proper messaging that takes on Donald Trump and brings us all together and start to expand our base cuz. I was as much as I've heard this unify the party our rhetoric from a lot of candidates that we all agree with it, it is insufficient to just be a unity, Canada, MAC, RO, Euro, the Democratic Party, and then we are thinking about our growing and we are doing our job right, though, in youth. Yes, you ve heard us make those efforts. We are constantly trying to solicit ideas from people all across item were wondering what I'm sure that unites all of us. If we want to get this lunatic out of the White House, even if anyone got an idea about what are they
F ways to do that way. Do you know what kind of risk, what kind of messaging works best we're always gonna work. That and entertain it. We may different ideas about what the proactive agenda is. What are the solutions we want to put before the american public and have them support and join that of what this primary, about, but I don't think there's gonna be much of a challenge on unifying our party to criticise in credit Donald Trump, so looking ahead to Nevada, which you mentioned, were you surprised that the Country Workers Union, which you know it is but the biggest union there is sending out flyers attacking Medicare for all your will, I mean I think that at a point in time, when Medicare for all is growing popularity among the democratic electorate abuse, particularly when you start with they start the clock and early twenty six, ten or twelve. Twenty. Fifty and one brief answer start to run for president and you lie
to where we have come over the past four years and the amount of popular support that has grown just within the democratic party rags and, I think, also existed, independent ranks out there and the amount of debt function in the health care system that we have all witnessed. Them continues to remain, despite our best efforts to try to improve upon the healthcare system. Still too many Americans going into bankruptcy still too many people struggling with not going to the doctor, They can't afford it and feeling like we made all the progress over hundreds of years and talking about Medicare, brawler versions of it universal health care for hundreds of years, a hundred years and the Democratic Party, and if you like, you know we're star, finally make progress were building a coalition that we could finally deliver. The solution that we have all long wanted and needed, but felt like the political. All will, or both quite frankly, weren't there, and now we have this opportunity to fully deliver on.
The solution that american ease with we need all of the political momentum behind it I would hope and call on all of our you know, allies across the what I mean? I repeat: if you have your concerns every confirmed, but let's not worked undermined, something that is, I think, going to end. Briefing and popularity of funding. American public deserves and needs I mean: do you think that these workers, have survived, concern they say you know we worked really hard to negotiate these plans and were worried about changing them. I mean what would you say to like an average worker whose I hate this one up, Medicare vile sounds like a nice idea, I'm sort of worried about this. Well, you know what can I expect you gotta start this clarification, by saying, let me talk to you about work, the workforce in America. Lower wages have just not gone up, but for forty five years it's basically stayed stagnant and as much as you might be and be proud of a health care that you gain there's a problem when wages and benefit what would do
401k where the heck, the back. There was talk about you. What used to be a defined pension program? Where did that go? You know where that got swallowed up by health care every labour negotiator in America will tell you when they go into a negotiation? The first thing upon the table of healthcare. It dominates the conversation and any time they asked for wage growth of pensions or anything else it so that the trade off is well now you're gonna get it in their health care. If you want healthcare covers when you give up everything else, and that have been the course of last forty five years, so you could, even when you get fight, pay, increases swallowed up by healthcare inflation, and so I think we have to have this myself, the fact the working class and the working classes. Just so it's a struggling very, very hard out there, and if we could take health care off the table for them, we open up the grape great possibilities of greater wage growth, better retirement security, child care, other things that they need for their lives they caught. They cannot get right now because
current looming like a dark, stormy cloud over their heads. All the time last question Michael Bloomberg obviously you know, I can understand why it is distaste over a billion are to be able to buy a spot in the debate stage, but I sort of wondered from a political standpoint. I would have thought you Guys and Elizabeth Worn- and maybe some of the other candidates would actually want a chance with Bloomberg on stage to be well to ask him some tough questions about her behold, his record as opposed to re. Now, where he's just you know on the air and doesn't have to really respond to anything. Well, let me let me respond to that cover ways. One is for thought, no, not afraid of turn. My bluebird love to take them on house. Put them on at the daydream. Well,
will have it out with a mere we, you know our differences pretty plainly and clearly with the billionaire restrained by his way into office, but I will say that it is the Bloom Burg effort to get all the debate. They did everything that's wrong with a blog led, the functional of pride that's what we ve got right now, so we got to an entire year in which you have Corey Booker in their lives. They told gabert are we on Castro, are a bunch of other kind of trying to compete, to get grass roots donations up to a certain point and meet pulling threshold for that they could be on a debate stage and at some point, in the emphasis the anti set up your cut out because you didn't beat it now. Along comes the billionaire at the very end of the process. He skips everything and so a jump to the follow the line now changed the rules for me, because I want to be on the debates days and from our perspective, what the hell was that all about. Why are you changing the rules for a billionaire? What why don't you just impose the same rules? So why can bloomer with a billion dollars that he's got to spend
why doesn't he go would acquire some grassroots donations and meet a threshold just like everybody else how much pain with that cost him? It's a ludicrous to me. Why would you have to change ruffled we're all trying to can be when all competing for lunch time, and now you get rid of the Wolf back. I don't make any five, but it tells you quite rightly John. The problem with the whole damn system is, if you got a lot of money and he a lot of money is putting it into the DMZ, putting it into state parties, putting it into hiring a bunch of staff. Although it invests twenty literally trying to buy his way into the presidency, and we changed the rules to accommodate them, we fail. You know why develop money, so we got it. We can find a way to the figure is a path for him to be on the basis that what happened unit you and but no right. That is exactly what happened. We gotta go away to allow him to be, and it's a disgrace ivy all you could have kept the same rules that quarry Booker had to abide by and he wouldn't have had.
But the money to meet your buyer donors fair and square, like Tom Sire did when they talk about how far you as I have another billion, are trying to buy of weight. But what time did that bet that boomerang have not done he went on, I won T campaigned on the ground, he's gone, South kind, he's got a new Hampshire, he is had held Town Hall Meeting and, as you mentioned, you spend money to acquire and build grassroots support. Solidity could be under way staid and he has done, but I might have my critiques about billionaire trying to work there will, but at least he play by a mole that everybody else, and for that we should applaud that and now here we're going to kind of just because Michael Bloomberg is express inside of a station by the way when he gets off at the base days, and you probably feel the same way it gives you some, credibility and probably some amount of you no more, handsome, because now you believe yourself onto the debate stayed with I'm happy to have the debate with them You're probably earn it anyway with the following threshold old, but we should obtain the rules just to accommodate says,
Thank you so much for four colony, and I know you're really busy best of luck and in New Hampshire tomorrow and you know, come back again soon. It is great to chat with you here. Thank you. I am persuaded and that from the success of the parts thanks too fast for joining us today and that we will see you Wednesday, The results of the New Hampshire primary Early- hopefully not
like our chickens before they on every accounted, send your calculators to Manchester Bugs any Abacus advocates by pod. Save America is a product of cricket media, the senior producers, Michael Martinez, our system, producers, Jordan, Waller its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick Kyle segment as our sounded junior thanks to Caroline rest in tiny, so mediator and came off production support into our digital team. Eliza Cone, normal Conan yell freed in my will camp who film and upload these episodes is a video. Every week
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