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Alyssa Mastromonaco joins Dan to talk about Trump's promotion of more conspiracy theories, jealousy of Dr. Anthony Fauci, inability to help himself politically, and failure to confront Vladimir Putin, even when American lives are at risk. Then, they take your most pressing questions on the VP selection process, the 2020 election, and whether karaoke is actually fun.

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Thing to worry about in the zipper good or take care of your recruiting, see a zebra router can help you just go to zip recruiter, dotcom, slash crooked right now to try zip recruiter for free, that's zip, recruiter, dotcom slashed. We're gonna, pod, save America, Andean Pfeiffer and analyse them astronomical. Alyssa is filling in for John Pharaoh who, as many of you, probably know in perfect this day, podcast form John Emily? Fellow
had their baby immediately after Tommy. I finish according Thursday, five Charlie five row is happy healthy and adorable and John does. I was taking a little time to adjust to his newly As it add those effects are filling in arms. Adding I'm never leaving you're, always always welcome marine life, thanks Later in the pod, Ellison Argotic somebody or most pressing questions about the pressing questions about upcoming VP announcement in so much more but first we're gonna talk about why Trump is having a self involved knelt down as they can surpasses a hundred. Fifty thousand cover debts, as we bid fine farewell to the bright, but brief newtonian american politics. Before we get to that some housekeeping note I was out of your agenda. Listen to parts of the world this week by Tommy and ban did a little while the kindest stepped honor, that's the ticket corner. I dared lesson and you now we're so good. They had to get up and our J Ai
You stand the we appreciate all VP talk, so Tommy and Ban got a little pissed at the way planets we're talking about Susan Races, VP prospects, so they made it these four- why she would be a great pick. Then they discuss I'll, try, donors. Turn investors are acting crazy on us messrs abroad and been interviewed is really news: Agar unique levy about the ongoing anti Netanyahu Prodi. It was a did. You know that we are officially wasn't a hundred days away from the election. I did. Did you know because you were looking to calendar because everyone with any associate our committee has been treating about it incessantly since Sunday. I check and check it out Do you think a hundred days is a long time for a short time in our quarantine life, so I've been quarantined, upstate state hundred and thirty one days. So it's a month less than that, but still hard to say. I feel like a lot can happen. A lot has happened since I got up here a lock and happened before election day. Use time host has no meaning, but has no meaning.
Browsing up against a lot in this election, which we'd, better suppression the pandemic, absolutely crazy, president but right now we're in the middle of the every last vote week of action to fight that can make sure that every last vote is counted. We're gonna need every single one to win this election over this we will be asking you to volunteered Donnay what you can and services, We request your valid by male earlier this week a totally real and not made up holiday, called national vote by Male Day view you head save America dotcom such every last vote. You can request your ballot now and get it done early while you, You can sign up to call her taxi young voters in swing states and tell them to do the same. This election will on every last voting. We can't afford to lose a single one head devotes. If America Dotcom Slash every last vote, every thing you can do to help I also want to find something that our friend in the the new book she proclaims. Jennifer Palmary texted me yesterday, because I think this was her son for the mail bag, but because she's a friend- and this is very important to move it to the very end for in housekeeping section
She sent me a tweet from democratic lawyer and our friend Mark Elias that accord into the civic centre. Voter registration rates in April and may have twenty twenty four plummeted in relation to the rates in the same month into doesn't sixteen declines in voter registration rates, have been exceeded. In a seventy five percent in some states this is obviously a result in some ways of the pandemic, but is very distressing. Please go to give you register and help your friends and family register adverts in America. Com or adapt to stay programme. Also. Has some voter registration calls to action, so you can help get voters registered in six key bout around. States. This is obviously some very concerning news, but is something that we have time to do something about so go to votes if America dot com and figure out how to do that, aren't Eliza. That was exhausting and its reminder. Ever at that juncture, his job every week as much harder than mine, but we will persevere as we discuss this week, don't jump much lauded third new air came to an unsurprising clause.
In ten days after he revived krona virus briefings and as United States surpass, a hundred fifty thousand krona virus deaths on Wednesday, On Monday, the President and Donald Trump Senior both retreated a video or a doctor promoted a completely disproven conspiracy theory. The people do need where mass, because Hydroxyl clerk Queen curious brunt of ours Doktor featured in this video hasn't pretty extreme views beyond her thoughts uncovered, for example, and this is real He has said they gonna logical problems are caused by people having sex with demons in their dreams, and an alien dna is being used and medical treatments. That is the real thing and is Tuesday briefing CNN reporter challenge companies decision to retreat this video? This is how I responded. The woman that you said with a great doctor and a video that you retweeted last night said that masks don't work and there is a cure for Covid nineteen, both of which help For us it is not true. She's also, maybe he's saying that doctors
medicine using dna from hands and that their trying to create a vaccine to make you a meal from becoming religiosa. So maybe, if I could You tell you this. She was honour along many other doctors. There were big fans of drugs, eat or requests, and I thought she was very impressive in the sense that from where she came, I dont know which countries she comes from, but she said that she had tremendous success with hundreds of different patients. And I thought her voice was an important voice, but I know nothing about her regular phone, but thank you very much everybody. Thank you. I'd be hard to tell, since this is an audio medium by that, shrub walking out the briefing immediately after being pressed on the topic Melissa,
does your reaction to our president spreading conspiracy theories from doctors who are concerned about demon sex, I had to watch the clip twice to understand how the demons burn gives you fibroids, insist during trees. Demons MAX. I me think about that for just a minute, just a minute, I'm smart person, you Know- and I like how does it happen now? Imagine the president of the United States does it take the beat that used to be. Red something so utterly fucking insane, but my favorite is after he did it multiple times. He says I know nothing about her. I know nothing about her like, like you doesn't understand the string of words he puts together. Sentences are just there to their more Disturbing than the demons Irene it like we are laughing and, as we point out all the time around here,
it's not run eight and because it has reared its laughing and sometimes easier than crying release preferable to cry I mean it is embarrassing how irresponsible and stability as when Tom Zalm last week he and I talked about the return of these briefings and how Trump got up there and told people at the briefing that kids could not catch krona virus, which is why do you wish to irresponsible open schools? Are that If he's a very dangerous man information, there is very limited research on this. There are some studies that show the exact opposite. The fact is, we don't know one when the present I'd stay. It stands before the nation. And passes along false information. They could get people killed inessa. This is doing this many many more people will see this video because the present tweeted it because of the all the traffic had got on such media platforms They will not see the fact checks for will not see even the president, not really walking away from it, but sort of distancing aims.
Of it as he slowly on national television realise the shame of his own stupidity. And will believe that they will have to wear a mask right. You are doing something deeply interest. And frankly, it still just points out what an absolute moron trump is because, as we have discussed before the best way for him to get real activities to get the virus and our control the best way to get them. Arsenic controls, even every single person in America, where a mask. Yet he spends his time committing people not to wear masks, therefore, making the krona virus worse. Therefore, making it less likely hits reelected mean it is just another reminder, the trumpets painfully stupid and America's ass of suffering. For this yeah I mean yes, they are like, I mean think about it. The man can't get a convention because he lit. If he had just told people's, where I'm asking just like, admitted that this virus was bad and that we, all going to have to work together to combat it. I mean it was
the jaws of life, to get him to admit that he couldn't quota Jacksonville, which is like one of the top five states. Far as one of the top five states that spiking that has ice, you beds ice like ice, you better overcapacity, and he just despite the fact that life and science and doctors tell him a is happening. He continues to tractors, Z, yeah. It's a really really it's my by why you know we mentioned that this video got twenty million views on Facebook and elsewhere and took off the long and eventually was taken down by all major social media platforms bite way later than it should have been judged. Leggum, who writes the newsletter purple information pointed out that these videos, originally a bright bird video and bring barred, is considered a news partner by Facebook like these, whereas previously identified the promoter of this video as a trusted news partner, meaning that they feel like information can and should be spread across Facebook to their audience. I guess it was you
people who refers book set for probably misinformed who but a lot of things, but you got so much traffic even before Donald Trump and his idiot son got involved, What what do you think of these are the social platform for still so that a deal with misinformation, I'm and I think that it got so many views for like voyeurism rights like a fucking accident, you can't look away you're like what. What is this? Let me just back, and I mean I only watch the first three minutes, because I was afraid I was gonna get demons. So my love backing? from it, but you know. I think that All the things that he retreats are so fantastic all their so extraordinarily dumb. It's like he almost can't believe the press and still do, and this let's see what he got up to today, and so you know even before he retreated it. I think that it's just people are just
Why do people read the Enquirer still now having areas? That's the big question right is this people who our reading this, because the arable watching this and consuming it, because it is we absurd and they're just sort of way. We in the absurdity. You, as you say, much like the Enquirer right, where it's like you know, then Afflux alien baby sort of story right. Or are there people who are watching this because they trust bright Bart. They do not. They are not serried, have news consumers to be concerned to or are sceptical and videos they see on Facebook? Are they people who are looking for a good news about this terrible situation? Were right. Words, like everything, seems so bleak vaccine. While work has been done, a vaccine that I was gonna come anytime soon, things are getting worse, not better in large parts of the country, much like tromp right, Trumpery, three, this video, because he wants to convince people. There is a quick fix where I think the people who
watching it who aren't laughing at it will watch anything that think is telling them what they want like somehow let people are so there is a pocket of people who are so resistant. Two wearing a mask because they think they're like being owned by the lives and bill watch anything or look like for any glimmer of hope or like information in quotes. That they don't have to wear masks that some one is telling them what they want to hear. I think that's a lot of it that they're like see. Also we can't be sisters she's a black lady, so fuck you, I guess who's there. Really it is leg like part of this is obviously tromp made its everyone's gonna go suggest how simple mine, he is, which is, he went way out on a limb, Hydroxyl clerk when he was proven wrong over and over again and if he was capable of shame, but a bit embarrassed about this. So every time he see someone anyone right right
fake demons, firm believer, otherwise, Pooh agrees with him. He will reach with them without any scheme. Right and he has got itself in trouble so many times since he got in this race for does retreating, random people right he's a conspiracy theories he's done nazis. You know he's breach the people who are you and I and promote a pizza, get over an everyday makes us and he is incapable of learning from it right he once again, and has spent another day in many more new cycles demonstrating to the country why he is doing a terrible job of managing the biggest issue to care about the greatest crisis. I think in american history and nearly a century, and he just like the thing he needs a do to fix it, but also problems is just do its job and he is utterly incapable of doing its job because he has never been interests.
The actual job of president and that sort of being laid bare by all of this. Can you just imagine the conversations where there like a UK, Do your job he's like what's option b? Look like he won't do anything it's and the funny thing is like when you think about what it would have taken to really attack discovered crisis. It's not super complicate like you didn't have to be. The brightest bulb to be like America, where mask don't touch each other states, when you can and like stay six feet apart, dont like each other homepage: let's like it's, not the proper puckered and it's like you know, times. I was thinking here for the past couple of years that, like the world, the cosmos Karma was giving the american people break, because our president was, those stupid. They knew we couldn't answer the call if something truly terrible were to happen. And then there like, we ve had movies about this.
I ve been line order. Episodes of ballot Kirk onto the tiger is, let's give pen something that he can handle, and he was. I try again here that he's incapable of doing the bare minimum. There would be required to at least improve the situation where there's lots of hard logistical challenges about dealing with charges and ppp and those that are really a massive problem attesting backlogs critically and my set of California, where people are waiting seven to ten days. He get a task which basically makes them useless. You know, like I, have a friend with a child in pre school and one of the parents of the kids in his class Tessa passive kroner virus, so they shut the school down until the kid could get attacks and attacks seven days for that kid to get it has backs and none of those kids who go to school for those seven days right in every time. That happens, schools like
are hard problems, but it's also notable the trumpets not trying to solve them right like not even a little like not even making an effort like yeah. It's funny what you said about you know. You demons variously will any said who will that is always funny, but you know like the scene in the departed. That was our great sometimes, where Bark Aubert says, on the guy doing my job and then this here and say on the other guy, like with no shame, don't like outlay right he's like I got this far without doing an ounce of fuckin work, so you you do you Positive Amerika is: Aren't you buy carry home, I love, it would happen. Jonathan very mad that we're doing a carry you may add without him, because he has literally for pairs of this is all of these things, whereas in all the time he's a data victim to these issues,
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America a check out to take twenty seven percent off all movement products before anyone else. Could a movement dot com now and use the code America to enjoy twenty seven percent off on us join the movement ok, that if that was not all that this briefing the other day, in addition to trying to defend his conspiracy, tweets Trump also uses briefing to engage in some public, wallowing. Not over their health and economic rights of countries undergoing, but over a zone popularity. Let's take a listener what he had to say. Why don't? I have a high approval writing with respect and the administration with respect to the. Iris. We should have a very high, because what we ve done in terms of our I would just about off about the masks and the event the leaders in numbers nobody's seen and the testing fifty five million tests we tested more than anybody in the world have a graph that I'd love to show you. Perhaps you ve seen it we're we're appear and the rest of the world is down at a level. That's it just a tiny fraction of
We ve done in terms of testing, so it should This curious, a man works for us with, It's very closely: doktor factually and doktor virtuoso highly thought of, and yet they have but nobody likes me. It can only be my personality. That's all I was according to Youtube. Your officially a campaign expert do, you think, a good idea to make yourself the victim in a week that two hundred fifty thousand american dies in front of us. No, no! It's not like. I do consider that a leading questioned I It's a question. My cat could have answered because eyes fairly alert and attitudes what's happening in the world. I mean body. Can you Even a match, if Barack Obama had gone out and been like me, It's almost the election and we have a hurricane mad at me like like, like we would have what we would have liked oh you should stay inside for the day. Use usually just like. Take it down trump can't it's like it's,
narcissism, right, it's the most pathological form of his narcissism that he literally and we know that instead of sitting around with the very experts he's jealous of and saying how do we kill this virus? He sits alone in the oval office and draws like doodles of like doktor, voucher with devil. And because he like, I get believe no one likes me. Why doesn't it people like me here, literally garden. Well from the Smurfs with its citizens, tree any like. I can't believe it when like thoroughly actual problems. Like not equipped to handle, so he focuses on why nobody likes him but linked nobody likes him because, like one people are dying and it's kind of his fall either the core of the argument that a lot of us have been arguing, the democratic debate
hence Trump for a long time is that it's always about tromp. That is his Montreal Trump First America Last- and this is the perfect example of it, which is given everything that's happening over the a massive amounts of tragedy happening raise in its not just its quota viruses, millions of for without jobs the we learn today that the gross domestic product drop by more than thirty percent in the second quarter. To give you an example, the worst quarter of the great recession was a drop of, I think, eight and a half per cent, and in amidst all of that misery and anxiety and concern. He immediately This is on his own pull numbers relative to his own advisers, not even his own pull numbers relative to Joe guidance right, which at least you could have are you would be about an election where we know he could pretend to think that you know substantive policy issues in the direction that country were at stake. He is concerned that a doctor who works for him is more popular than him.
Or trusted him, and that level of narcissism is simply incompatible with being presented. States is does not work, and it means is truly stunning that he woke continually do that right end as we get closer election as his book religion gets worse. He is spiraling more out of control. Do you know as you're watching this, what to do? If there's anything from could even possibly do to fix his political problems, legally no, but either no, I mean we'll get you some extra legal options at him, and no I mean like yours. The funny thing to you know that when they were trying to spoon feed him this economic data this morning that he was like what do you mean we're winning not as bad as the depression, and they are like me- didn't collect that data back then, so you can't really make that comparison. A hum too there's! You know. The thing is because
A hundred days is still a lot of time, for all intents and purposes, and because everybody, memory is so short. If he started crushing the pandemic, he could probably make up. Some ground. You know I mean it's like it. It wouldn't be people. This is the problem, not problem. I think it's just at its truth. People want him to succeed because they don't want people to keep getting sick and so I think that if he actually could puts at least the american people on par with his political ambition that he I do think that he could help himself. I don't think that he could. You know, get himself necessarily over finish line, I hope, but I think, if he actually conquer down, sat down, fuckin read a couple books, maybe talk to some scientists that he would actually listen to. He could make up ground actually came out with a knife, general strategy to crush the corona virus.
I mean I M not saying Trump cannot work as you are right, I would never say that, as you know, I tend to wallow in the dark side of things. Often when it comes to political actions. Other, not amatory sunny person totally behind posed Kyle I've been a sunny or press, and I thank you. If not on the Pike ass, it might happen you know because, like hundreds is, as you said, a long time, tromp could get lucky right. Things could get the American, because people could listen to trump less governors who was in sharp less and you could. The krona virus could get better. The economy could improve, and I would certainly help drop in job only needs to get Within you know three and a half to four and a half points of Biden in the polls. The national policy have a chance to have a very close narrow electoral college victory. Having said that right, and then we have, I was a massive amounts of uncertainty about and we'll talk about some of this and we get to the mailbox
but mass and also uncertainty about the county of how at elections can take place in the pandemic. Oregano enough pull workers to have an appalling places are male. Balance can be counted. We have a postal system that is classing for arise at the same time that we are depending on said, postal service deliver ballots on time. Like lots of big questions here, I don't think, there's anything that tromp himself can do to improve its work. Was it I do he cannot change. This is who gas, like the circumstances around Trump, can change because of the actions of other or just the world changing, but he himself has proven time and again that he is just an absolutely miserable politician. He is too self absorbed everything the thing that is so particular about this? Whether he Windsor loses is not going to depend mostly on mother
he gets the right slogan. He comes up with a cool nickname for Joe Biden. He comes up with a good message. What is ultimately depend on his him doing his job, and that is the one thing he isn't candlelight. He simply it does not have the temperament, the intellectual capacity, the curiosity, the empathy to be President states at this moment you can fake it somewhat in times of peace and prosperity, but this is when real shit is happening. People care and you have to do your job. You bring a judge you on that, and he cannot do his job. He simply cannot. He could not go two weeks. He can't go two weeks with being serious about this right, renounce it. Everything you say is indifferent doing his job to think he could. He can really do is shut up. Stop talking, don't got a briefing ran through interviews. Stop treating crazy shit just disappear into the back;
What people do the work right, don't be jealous of actually put him out every single day right have a forward facing confidence inspiring spokesperson for this, but he can't do it because it's tummy about us, we tribe, always thinks that more tromp is the solution when it's almost always the problem, as if all This was not enough trump, also, disregarding the advice I just gave to shut up did an interview with accesses Joe the swan on Tuesday, the full episode want air our next week that access released a pretty astonishing clip on Wednesday morning last Monseigneur Chancellorship groundbreaking investigative article that asserted that russian government entities were paying bounties for members of the Taliban to kill American, Afghanistan. Job administration did basically did squat about it trumpeted staff, has since tried to deflect blame claiming the president does not briefed on intelligence contradicting multiple govern officials who have said it was absolute included in the presidential daily briefings, which maybe he reads, maybe doesn't but
and she doesn't mean anything he probably won't in the last month- a sorry state from headlines, but Swan S trump about it on Tuesday, when the present had raised the issue of thought of uprooted when they spoke in July. Twenty third here some highlights that it It's been widely reported that U S has intelligence indicating that Russia paid bounties or offered to pay bounties Taliban fighters to kill american soldiers. You had a phone call with Vladimir Putin on July. Twenty third, did you bring up decision? That was a phone call to discuss other things and, frankly, that's an issue that, many people said was fake? Knows it never reached my desk, you know why, because they didn't think intelligence, they didn't think it was real. It was a young region, they didn't think I was worthy of I would if it reach my desk. I would have done something about it. It never reached my desk because do radio station breathe. I do I read a lot. I realize they like to set our red. I read aloud former Jim Nicholson, former pitiful
is enough. Ghana stands said: sweaty was working for you that Russia is supplying weapons to the Taliban, Isn't that enough to challenge Persian over the killings of where we shall live weapons when they were voting? Russia to Vienna when we were when they were fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan is a different era. Well to do I'm just saying yes, but does not allow me to say we did that to us a three that answer obviously deeply absurd in letting, frankly quite offensive to a lot of people that he did not bring it up. Is embassy lied about it? I think in our pro impressive Athos and Swan pushed them on the point that he It was in his briefing backwards, trumpets basely, admitting you can bring this horse to water, but you can make him drink right. It's not it's.
They're like you may be to bring about, but he certainly did not read. It's maybe sound the truth about that. That's speaks to a bigger problem. You know it's in its good. That's what I think it's gotta. This came up his interview because it hasn't come up and on a number of either of these trumpets done recently. Did I come come up in is much lauded Fox NEWS, Sunday grilling from Criswell ass. You don't you think this is an issue democratic, continue to push L fresh air like abject, like failure tale to even do the bare minimum to even like he approaches is job with less curiosity then, like I can't even come up with what lesson has no curiosity whatsoever when he talks about Russia. It's like he's Jan Brady thing, Marcia Marshall, Marcia, he's so stupid. I mean he's just so stupid and I think that it's important that people keep making the point to. Maybe people who don't follow this news every day
that he's he's literally just like opening the door he's like Putin. Here you go. Don't care look as long as we're good I don't care what you do it everybody who's on the ground and he he has talked to Putin eight times since this intelligence was in the report, he did or did not read and never raised it like that. Wild like it's really wild need not even to be like hey, stop doing our until after November, but he doesn't even he's not even like slick enough to do that. Yeah I mean it ties in two I think it should be brought up, and I have some it matters how you do it because, like people were voting on raw on trumps ties to Russia and what happened the tracing seen election and elsewhere, we have those voters, they decided there against our will on time ago, when crooked media and change research should poles of sweet
states, earlier this year and last year, the Russia attack always tested relatively weak, because the people like us are the people who care about it have already moved by there's a way to do this specific version that is different from Tromp is Putin's Buddy trumpets, Britain's Lapdog, Alatas rippling at your door on twitter and more about Tromp being in copyright and too afraid to do his job, because I think one of the things it's important to remember about messaging is that you do not want to reinforce the notion that Europe has a strong man, because the his pursuers destroy management helps pull some voters into his category in two thousand and sixteen it doesn't mean we should not talk about his authority and impulses. We cannot talk about the secret militias, the traumas dispatching a portal in other cities, but we need to do in the context of the larger weakness in which he is operating. The larger and competence of right is not that he is a strong man is that he is incompetent and therefore resorting to these extra legal tactics. I think that's the
way to talk about this, or why is not just to do Russia, Russia, Russia, but which are put in the context of him being an incompetent a week presidencies to a flurry to bring this up to put to undermine that notions. Skagway at that we got all prepare for this part at its work. Last night, guinea ready for and then of course, Trump had quite a morning on twitter radio lots of things, including promoting a pizza, place, cod patio pizza because he saw the owner on. I think CNBC this morning and much like they had Roxy clerk wean video Trump promoted pizza that he has never eaten because the person says something nice about him which think about that for a second. But he did have do something that was particularly concerning to a lot of people. Trump tweeted- and I quote, with universal mail in voting, not absentee voting, which is good, One twenty would be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election at history. It will be a great embarrassment to the
say delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. Question mark question our question mark first. We do not affect shocking here. Mail and voting in absentee voting are the same thing and it voter fraud is extremely rare. People. We ve got a lot of questions on Twitter and elsewhere about Europe's ability to delay the election. To be clear, he absolutely cannot do this to date of the election is set by Congress According to historians, there has never been a successful attempt him election day. Do you wanna do a deep diamond? although legal reasons, the trump can't do this and how the data collection get set, vocs as a great Spain or on it as they often do. Are you concern trumps goes way the election now now now, I'm somebody's gonna keep talking about it, but he now I'm. He can't move the auction fuck him.
You'd like those many many things here, he is going to do to try to steal the selection of where we ve talked about them. We wall could hear about the brothers because people need to stay vigilant, but this is. This is a attempt to distract from them one embarrassment over him. Video? I think these these sad news this morning that godfathers pizza seo and former Republic presidential candidate Herman Kane died of kroner virus potentially having contracted it at trumps, mask free rally in Oklahoma last month. So I think that we need to treat this with the absurdity as evidence that trumpet stupid, not as evidence that he is going to use steal the election. This way right, he has other ways of elections, we're gonna fight really hard against Nazi America has brought you bite me John, as the most revolutionary underwear and apparel brand on the planet. Tommy John is always working toward there.
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With ourselves and with our health, listen for free at spot. Dot com slashed Michelle Obama that Spotify dot com Slash Michelle Obama. I promise you you read from overseas book? It's funny, it's human! It's it's kind! It's vulnerable! This will be an amazing, here- check it out election day is November. Third, between a global pandemic and voter suppression effort, it's a critical to help every American registered a vote and ensure that every last vote counts which includes incurred as many Americans as possible to request a vote by male votes in America, com is a one stop shop for voter registration and engagement? created an amazing hub, compiles tools. You need to request your vote Male about early to volunteer, to call voters or to be a pull worker and much more. Please visit vote, save America dot com right now to get involved with every last vote. Aren't you radio, this mailbag, let's hit airbag? Ok, the first question
it is for you is found, came sailor community dear Alice. I think you're, fantastic, three part series. Looking at the vice presidential search, I love your enemy, and as someone who grew up and ran back, I also lumps hearing your story. You mentioned in the part that you were disappointed that Vice President Biden announced he would pick a woman without actually selecting one and wonder if you have seen some benefit to this process, I have watched a good number of excellent potential candidates getting national tension, knowing never would have without this public attention? I also noted from your part in several cancelling centre, carry who were in consideration for the viceroy social nomination. What onto under present themselves? I wonder if we may consider this is a great opportunity for publicizing a number of qualified women. Definitely absolutely. I think that it is great that people across country know about what an amazing leader Karen basses. They know about common Harris. You know they they, of course they trouble
new more about Camilla and Elizabeth Warrant by people like Governor Whittemore and get all the Ladys. I think it's great and I hope that they all use this platform to do good things in their districts and states. You having gets an interesting point about impact of making that declaration at the beginning of the process, which is let's say he had not done that right, even lake, because you and I talked about on that's the ticket in our belief- is that your by insincerely decided the right thing to do for a whole host of reasons. Was it he was going to pick a woman's right, and then he made the decision to announce that fact in advance, but he had he not made that declarations beginning the shortlist discussion right now and include a whole bunch of men right right in a positive light, would Bernie Sanders be undertaken with Corey Poker,
on the ticket. What about you know people as yet you know all kinds of different people said it's been. It would probably not be having conversation about Karen Bass or of our demands are key. Shall we not homes if it was not a list that was all women? So I think that that has been one of the the upsides of that situation. Sarah PLUTO plans via community. Ok, but like for real, when does Biden Gonna announces Vps, I know, will never find out who, until the day off but I'm dying to know a ballpark estimate. He said next week, right dear, he said the first week of August is the when this is likely to happen. Now here is my question: the words is it that he will make the decision the first week or he will announce the decision the first week. I don't know I don't know Yeah, we don't know, I know that we don't know. I think I think that question was left vague. He has talked about the beginning of August being the timeline in me
the Wall context over the last few months has talked about being at the point make a decision at that time he talked about having a decision at that time, been some discussion of whether that was when all of the vetting stuff would be done, the opposition to interview the last few people. We are we just don't now, but if you look at the college metaphors August, seventeenth and step if he must speak there and have her name put into nomination there, so we're running out of time. So you at his analysed play. This pic is normally happened, seven to ten days before the convention. Many cases, so I think we are sir. I think we're getting close to this. Also, but the amount of leaks happening like this are the better. My friends. Yeah, I mean it's, you never know when we talked about on that's the ticket, the three the part that many Sarah, other VP selection featuring the two of us that
you never know. What's a really can wants effectually cry like that our stories that in others is terribly the terrible offensive story that wasn't CNBC last night about. Some Biden allies who are pushing against come what Harris in our very obviously sexist description of her as being Quantico, too ambitious for the job of vice president, as if that ambition was negative. Ah you know it's wanted laudable very rightly upset about. In fact, the inner Germans can pay major actually put between going to try to knock down the idea that something that Chris. That Biden was considering, but that's a bunch of random donor, saying right. Right was a story about Karen Bass and Comma Harris that was being pushed, I think, by a lot of anti calmly Harris people in California. That was, you know. That's all people who are not in the room. Making decision sounds like what's in actual week in what is people who don't know anything just talking is one of the good
a sort of parlor games. If the VP process right, which, if you want to learn more about check out, that's gotta, get exactly in the pot. I America feed exactly anywhere. You get your broadcasts, her something more of a few questions This is what we got a lot from life but here it is from Ali Sate and also the community. Last night political report of the common was VP included, a quote from the bicycle. Does this mean that causes the Vp Hauser recalled from bind about common being the VP, if not weeks, question Mark well, as we talked about I'm that's the ticket, The night before John Kerry announced that John Edwards was his vice presidential pick. The New York Post ran dick gap. Part was the pic on the cover of the newspaper,
oh. We have no idea how or why these things happen a lot of times. We know that there may be four or five finalists that the campaign is working on and they have sort of like packages ready to go depending on who it's gonna be. So you know, I think, that's how it happens, but I don't feel like we should really read anything into it. Do you? yeah, like about this with other forms of witches question came in wise. We know, did the binding camping, give this to political on an embargo and put a mess it up and therefore quickly deleted? The tweet, Now, as you point out all of these media outlets or want to be first and when the first ones out a gate when the news comes, there have pre prepared all of their social media assets, for they probably have written shells of stories with biographical information about all these peoples have they can move very quickly and, every once in a while, someone hits the wrong button and it goes like this happens.
It happens with election results, alot, where you like. The eighty will accidentally sent across the wire substances. Donald Trump reelect data problem was re elected and all that it is just that. Which, so don't worry. I can read too much into that now, but I would say, if that's actually the quote they have in the harbor to use in case it's her. I might just refresh the quoted a little bit is low financing the idle think. If the buying I've heard a dummy quote, I don't know one detail normally the you just put in way latin I'll be. So I don't. I don't know what that that was weird cigar. Maybe maybe maybe the conspiracy there is a right and Biden has picked calmly Harrison. He told politico and no one else in summer. An issue twitter finger at political, put it off eyes, movement, You can't really thing out these days someone name Rex CAT earlier Twitter you never talk about incumbents, switching Vps do think, there's any chance of that happening with pets.
Never say never. I have been of the mind for a long time that I thought aid tromp were ditch pants and be will be the right thing for trying to do. In fact, I may even have written something to that effect. That is just sitting in draft form or computer somewhere. What are you waiting for Well, listen I'm going to let things my play these days and I really right a lot of things they get to be about forty five percent done and then they d sit on my computer. That way with friendship, bracelets. I think now we're getting so closer up convention that seems less likely. He will ditch pen spite pence adds nothing Tromp now I know he has no value. He is a waste space into thousands. Sixteen he served
As a valid eight or for some evangelical conservative voters, because pants was seen as one of them and it was sort of buttressing this idea- the trumpet get into office and then act like a moderate Manhattan millionaire and not like in even stupid or version of Paul Ryan, which is what he ended up governing as, but if you are tromp and you think about things in terms of tv, because you were once briefly on a very bad show, with mediocre ratings and it's not unusual when chose, get bad ratings to try to bring a new character into the into the men, like I'm sure, you're over this less advocacy, we are of the same general Jane when Leonardo Dicaprio briefly joining the cat. Rolling pains me up. Brightens the home kid that requires makes ever found. Yes, we're, Mr Seeber, one,
receivers found and he came to live with them, but you could see drops in this world that he needs a new narrative, new assignment, to add something new to the next and could you know like there would be some political logic of thinking that you Hayley or teams or something that would create some proof action for some set of voters who are sceptical of Trump as I'm sergeant s or shots from the racists like? I don't know what a difference if it make, but right now my fancy that nothing, the other advantages ditching pence would be that you can blame patents is in charge of the quota virus task. He has added. I why he isn't thrown him under the bus earlier, like like that's, what a very strange dynamic that I guess, Trump views, any credit just like he views any person being accused of racism as an attack on him or any man anywhere in America, makes use of sexual harassment or sexual assault. As a reflection on him, he views any criticism of the corona virus response. As a criticism of him when he could have easily just
throw my concern under the bus and but but I mean think about it. If one had asked my pants to throw out a first pitch, MIKE Pence would be fired. Yeah they're not only up. Luckily He's the least dynamic person on the planet. So no one even fuckin talks about him, but I mean you have to assume that since March since Biden said he'd be picking a woman that my pants is kept a close eye on Nicky Hayley in her tweets. Nicky Heavy, is not providing for this job. Yes, she is very much wants it. That is why is continually twinning absolutely absurd things get that is the fastest waited to trumps heart. You mean like what I hear. Oh he wore a mask. Fuck you yeah, congratulations on during the bare fucking minimum three months too late, I Sheila Mahatma Gandhi, said correctly: the community
foot by mail. Is it better to vote by mail or in person? Is there any risk, my mail balance not being counted even if I send it in time, I was already think why wonder the same question and I think that's in the era of covert. I think I'm going to try ends vote by me oh, but we saw the Tony decouple special on CBS that it takes longer than we would assume sometimes for the mail to get to where it supposed to go so would see their equal as long as you like may, like vote a couple days, early men male your ballot. In a couple days early here, I would merely your ballot in as if you decide to vote by mail. I wouldn't but in on the first day you can do it right. Yes, indeed, Florida primary eighteen thousand, five hundred thirty thirteen's ballots were not counted B. As there are many of them arrived by male after the deadline, the postal service,
is swamped anyway, there's a huge, obviously, because people are going there doing more ordering things are going to Margo and stores doing things in person. The Post office being under funded, its being process is being managed by a Trump wacky who was totally and qualified for the job and doing very dangerous and stupid and potentially legal things and so if you feel like the safest way for you to vote, is not by mail, you should vote by mail if live in a state that offers easily accessible early voting. They can be safe. We do need people to vote early because we want to get as many here but of early to reduce the pressure on the on the postal service and to reduce the amount of people who have to vote election day right like basically, the goal is to get at bank, as many votes is passed
not for political reasons, although it does have the helpful but to reduce the dangers for people on election day, because we know we are going to have fewer pull workers and we need an end cricket media is working, help, encourage people to become poor workers ends and we'll talk more that as time goes on, but lake, and I want to tell me what to do one or the other, but I would you say if you choose to vote by male, get it and as soon as possible, do not trust the postal service to get it there on time, because male balance get tossed out way more than you would think because of things get in there to life in the mail and because of in many cases very arduous and unfair and discriminatory signature match laws in our innovation in this primary six thousand seven hundred ballots rejected, because it officials can verify voter signatures and that's been very problematic to people. I would encourage you to pay attention to and follow to
more about all. These issues is, of course, Easy Abrams, our friends over there at fair fight to us experienced first hand the worst elements of republican repression and Mark Elias. The democratic election trinity does not already something called Democracy docket. I would call him on twitter because he has been raising a lot of the warning flags about what could happen in with some real importance. My information, but you can do about it. Alyssa discouraging comes from CAN Thompson via Facebook do think I should be doing more interviews right now to counter the sheer amount of time tramples on the air Where is having the focused solely on the shit, that is the Trump Administration beneficial to the biking, camping. Nobody, you think, I think, He does not need to match Trump Interview for interview or news
only by new story like that somebody has to do, I think he has been getting out there and doing things he needs to continue to do that, like I think it's important to not just try to focus only on the National NEWS but doing local stuff doing stuff that speaks to We too audiences of target voters. You know that could be local tv. That could be things that have large audiences of young pike, castles nerves. To pick one thing out of a hat war in a black voters. Latina voters like there was a way to do smart targeted communications. That does not depend on trying to win the national new cycle of tromp because play that game. I think to bind the bank. It means great credit. They have not play that game. They have been in a pretty disciplined about how they use their candidate, picking big moments and trying to match Trump blow for blow, but, as time goes on, I think it's too new to become more of an imperative. You did not just for like persuading people but informing them
voter registration deadlines for object, but earlier had a vote by now. All of those things there's a communications elemental, organizing an that's an require some targeted vacations, very smart. Aren't you gonna take some fun questions. Yeah, seek fun, questions, ok Sylvia Twitter. I always of hearing about what you would you are reading and writing. So what are some of the good books novel Russia even reading, but sausage tv shows a what have you been watching and reading you'd recommended people. I'm gonna, be really honest. I have not been reading that much lately because it makes me fall asleep. Sorry, but I want to lie to the policy of America fans. So I'm watching ok watched documentary there was really enjoy all called every little step about a chorus line and its on Amazon, Prime and I loved it, be
has it's like you know, you're feeling like down in the dumps and everything seems like a dumpster fire, unlike sometimes you just keep persevering in it pays off, so I watch that kind of it and I watch law and order all the time which everybody Now, to see you mostly to worry on criminal intent, so I have to be here? I should do this. Can you rank the lawn orders for me? Yeah so interesting. A kind of goes like there's, Elvis and FAT Albert S beautiful, so I would say, I like early law and order, number one, I like later SB, you number two. I'm really excited to see the Elliot Stabler spin off. One of my favorite things to do is scream at the television when decay- and I are watching when I spies someone who would like was a baby baby actor back then, and now famous I'll, be like oh, my god, that's help from scandal and then its crew
Milon Ten, I dont know why. Those just keep me out more. You do who'd Vincent offer, you I don't hate mentioned in Austria. I thought he was very funny in the break up my feet. One of my favorite Jennifer animated movies possessing evidence, walnuts pretty yeah. That's it takes place in Chicago. I wrote about an old chapter of my book. I remember, but no, I think that's I just. I think that my theme for the past couple of months has been that I need shows that show justice because we're not getting any in America. So I really leave that to Marisa targeted should we risk a hundredweight beyond the VP short list. The bp was honestly you with more risk a heart attack. Oh, I forgot not about that its and also just really love that they forecasts everything like if any one wanted to know how corona virus spreads. You should watch like season. Seventeen of s worker
what are you watching? What are you ready to address the house? we hear or washing in our house This is my way. I think the show was good enough that you can't call it a guilty pleasure by we Holly and I love Yellowstone That's a good question is why Yellow Yellowstone is all right, I mean, Kevin cast our story about a ten, a ranch. It is its great we excited the middle season. Three right now we also we're watching at eight a story you and HBO, which is amazing. And obviously we are midway through below deck, med and very concerned. Well, what's going on about how you film future seasons, are below deck in a corner virus era so because below deck, if you like, but I can never ends it's like, bloody happens and blood sailing out and boys and men and the boy deck comes back out Do you like a like t Elsie.
But I say is nine. Ninety Dave Beyond say the other way. Ninety they fiance, happily ever after ninety day, fiance beyond the ninety days and then pillow talk, which is where old couples talk at the camera, while other people like while the seasons unfolding. I laugh my ass off. I can't believe how uptight I got that they kicked off him in Veronica, I love them and minute what I'm reading I have recently people the questions. I answer I'm really want me to do. I just read a book called the burning, which is a book about sort of about politics and India, which makes a somewhat more serious and it s it's like a very interesting
if I find out the right word, but it is like a divergence, is a very well written, but from my first time novelists then I read a book called whether by Jenny, awful, which is very, it's very short, serve amazingly written about people dealing with the essential threat of climate change, would also is less dark. Then it seems I promise you wish is really really well done. And now I'm reading this value and make fun of me by God, I'm doing this in primarily to keep up with Tommy and Ben and with the world. Those is an apple bombs, buck the twilight of democracy, which is about some of the war of authoritarianism and is I was I felt like this- is a book I have to read like it. I should do it I think you do like by should be serious and other things that it actually my it's a much more sort of engaging red than I imagined it's. It's actually wicked yeah. You know. I really. I started the fountainhead awhile ago just kidding, though,
You should have just said you should. We should always say that were reading infinite, jest right, isn't that we just wasn't. I know what I was going to say is as soon as it arrives. I will read she proclaims by our french and palmary, but male appears very, very slow. They said it will be here in seven to ten dates, for that's another warning about your milk. People yeah exerting, I'm not I'm not george you with Turkey with this question, because I know you- I buy it big, but thou art Brown Viet Twitter says what has been Evans is new, three point: shot mean for the semi sectors, bubble, championship chances and then here's the note from Jordan Waller are producer extraordinary Dan. You so many basketball questions so- I mention these only by requesting just because it feels like a huge, missed opportunity that I have somehow not figured out how to have some sort of basketball,
podcast length where it? Where is it's a failure to throw your laziness sleigh, I'm not a gets off, I'm not a gazelle starter. Do I have to drive to write a memo? Probably I am a. I will say this to Christopher Brown: I'm reserving judgment on Ben Simmons. Three point shot until he shoots minimum for three pointers: the game when the season starts sending Sixers First game this Saturday. This is from Ross Bennet, Viet Community with me late nights working the White House. What was the food situation like? Is the cafeteria always open or delay drivers coming and going in the White House in the. Why not just you know that you and I often had our meals together, Britain never late at night, because it's a food desert. It's a food desert, there's no food near the White House, really that stays open and the cafeteria, which is called the Navy mess closes.
Eight p m as our right to remember that right, I think that's right a pm and if we were there that late chance, are. We were not eating the Pfeiffer special, which was chicken Brown, rice and broccoli. If we were early? That's a true story: Pfeifer's laughing cause, it's a true story was called the Pfeiffer special and I know because the Navy mess reported to me, that's in part, because I organised a campaign among my staff to suggest brown rice on the suggestion, cars which now we got progress- the messages biogas. Washington match me when you combine this with the apple bomb famous. We seem like an even bigger, looser than actually I'm right, because truth is, though, if we were there eating tenor. Well, are we having chicken figures chicken fingers and sometimes a girl cheese. Some to where I would never to grow, I would always have shaken fingers every single time. I actually at the White House- and I was the deck that
order, Caesar salad with chicken, but would ask for the chicken to be hot, because that's how I like it and I walked down to the Navy mess once they were like? Is that hot? She can't ready for this. And I was like I'm right here- it's very possible of change in DC, since we left by when we were there, as you point out, there's no food or on the White House, and I guess it's all business, public service land re. It's a bit like the rest. Claude the restaurant open for dinner, because most Russians on Madeira because they closed when people go home because people don't live around the White House per SE and getting out of the White House is a pain in the ass and takes time, and so I urge you to go outside, get your food and bring it back was annoying, so just like be hungry and then go home and see. What's in your fridge was the often choice when we work late. So that's a long answer to that. But I bet it was enjoyable. Ok, this one comes from your friend, Mama Lewinsky,
the Atlantic Monica Louis Ass. Yet always, please describe in detail the birthday cake you are going to make me word Africa, and also if you two were to do a karaoke, do at what would it be? Ok, so first Monica knows her cake was gonna, be a yellow cake with, huh, stirred filling and strawberries was gonna, be butter cream on the outside, with hot, pink and yellow roses, which I have taught myself how to make with green leaves and pink sprinkles. That was going to be her birthday cake because we, both love buttercup, roses and I've known this for a while. So I taught myself how to make them so that I could celebrate her birthday properly, which was like last week, but when did you get the cake Do we have to wait for trying to solve krona virus were to get the same. She gets the cake after her forty seventh year around the sun.
Ok you to carry part of this year's. What do you say? What's your care, what would you do at? What would you do? Can I admit something here: you ve never done ok, one time I've got strike into a, but I've spent my entire life, my entire life avoiding doing karaoke, and can I tell you, I tell me well because, when I was in high school I'll buy, you had to take a some sort of music class and I didn't like nigh I am to music. What Donald Trump is too, being President Justice work like I give you let me in order to get reelected, you have to play the flute. I would just knock it reelected like that's. How would they and so the so? took horoscope, seen better than some sort of banned, related activity and midway through the semester. My the coral teacher asked me if I'd be willing to lip sink
Okay, I know what a horrible is that, yes, I know I was in high school. I was like. I was like sixteen and I was like as long as long as long as I get my password, and I will lip sync, the F out of the song: that's what I'm supposed to do. I did and where there was traumatic and that's why? I don't? U karaoke it's that. That is my answer. This is what makes us amazing, because I was in eighth grade. Mr Le swan our courts teacher. He had been an attack the killer, to make everybody does docks your course teacher. I did because we were singing still haven't found what I'm looking for by you too, and he straight up was like. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but maybe you should lipstick but see you. I am too I am too singing as Donald Trump is to self awareness. I was like dope ongoing, I'm gonna, do it fuck em
So anyway, thing all the time and I've done carry Oki several times. So are you saying that you have no carry Oki song? I don't. I don't owe over seriously avoided at my whole life. Ok, well, if you here's the thing, if you, this is now seriously take. It is like a sociable, younger and we like, you would go out a lot more Amr by Cherokee Birthday parties like if you drink a little What's that, like all slower than everyone else, you can position yourselves that you never and obscene karaoke by the time, may get surrounded people think you should do it. They ve done too drunk to remember you not to do it We want you, people who are friends of our Soulis unless you're gonna be like you know, I did go a lot a karaoke birthday authorities or karaoke bars with Dan, and I have never seen him say that somehow I've avoided at all these years- ok cell, if it was like my fiftieth birthday, and my only birthday present that I wanted in the whole world was that you think
Are you ok with me? We would sing losing my religion as a shout out to Dylan and Brenda nine, or do you want I'm just gonna, pretend like you did not say that again,. Could I have no obligation and in unsaid number of years. Until said, birthday Party was gonna come by the time we turn fifty. I feel confident we may be able to fly again I'll come to you. Ok fact with put that in the books I didn't get a good place for us to end because we have now devolved into and we're sorry than usual when we do this by gas together, I thank you for joining us on short notice to fill in for Genzaburo, add and our best to John and Emily and Charlie Embryo, of course, whose adjusting to I knew occupant at his home, we're so happy for them and are going to be great parents
Thank you, everyone- and we will see you next week by everyone pod. Save America is a crooked media production. The executive power. There is Michael Martinez, arson in producers. Jordan, Waller its mixed in. By Andrew Chadwick Kyle so what is our sounded junior placed a tiny, so mediator, Katy Long, roman puppet Dimitrios, Caroline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support and towards We'll team Eliza, CO, normal Conan yell freed in my look him? Who film and upload these episodes is videos every week.
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