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Trump’s own lawyer compares him to a mob boss, McConnell helps open the door for Trump to fire Mueller, Beto O’Rourke closes in on Ted Cruz, and Mike Pompeo meets Kim Jong Un. Then activist Ady Barkan joins Jon and Dan to talk about the special election in Arizona and his new project, beaherofund.com.

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The presenting Sponsor Plaza America is progressing zipper heard our listeners like smart stuff, usually sometimes, why is it recruited Well, you know I used to be John and when you try to find somebody for a job, you were posted on a GEO cities. You might I put it up on the envelope coffee Shop City, laundromats, Geocities Craigs List are the go to. You use a ship in a bottle or not achieving of our message in a passage in while ships also global guess what move over Geocities Hoover bottles and ships does zipper hooters, powerful technology skins, thousands of residence to find people with the right experience through job, but the Tec doesn't just stop there the tenor, what they call it the technical check it even learns. What kind of candidates you like it invites mortal apply. It so effective that eighty percent of employers who post Unzip recruiter equality carried to decide in just one day, can I read a twitter. Moment that I just came crawleys sure a hurry, gonna grandes stands are losing it over her low ponytail.
Damn. We ought to ask the younger folks here: could media what stands for Diane. I knew no product ice as under delivered the wake. Twitter moments has won a fucking useless, but I think I just I don't believe you that anyone is losing it move on anyway, I will say screaming river criticism. Wait a higher it's the presented, sponsored pod, save America. Now artlessness can try it for free. We are losing it over this free promotion, Frozen prepared or I'm literally screaming zipper. We have to come from me that river herded outcomes- I've cricket- that's it repeated outcomes, live crooked once again, zip recruited Slash is come as mediator. Orient cricket welcome, replied, save America, I'm John Fabric, Andean Pfeiffer,
blood. Today we will be talking to organizer activist friend of the pod adi barkin ADI, just launched a new project could be a hero and he just came back from a few days of campaigning in Arizona where there is another close special election in a deep red House district on Tuesday so will be talking to him about all that and more, I also, or you know, announced a brand new podcast here. Crooked media on Tuesday show I'm gonna do our part about the Democratic Party and look, I think, over the last couple days. We fixed everything, this progress is called. Nothing is wrong with the Democratic party. It is perfect partner. Says. Otherwise is a traitor. No, I mean explainable. More, like the reason I wanted to do this is:
we have been all over the country in the last year why I chose marches, get out the vote events and we met all these activists and organizers and first time, voters and first time can it's who were energize and excited and their mostly young. Women and people of color, and it's so inspiring, and we also get in you ve gotten us too. We also get the same questions everywhere we go, which is what should our message be? What issue should we focus on like? How do we avoid a repeat of twenty? Sixteen in you know, we don't talk about that enough on this pod cast and the four of us don't have all the answers to those questions. So I thought why not do a fifteen episode limited Series on the Democratic party? It's about learning from our past mistakes,
and building for the future, and I talk to people about the Obama years. I talked to Hilary staffers like our friend Jen Palmary and Bernie staffers, like Becky Bond and fascist year about twenty sixteen I talked to Adam Sir we're Simone Sanders and martial chattel in about race in Amerika, I talked to Rebecca traced, her and others about that and is that women candidates phase, I talked to leftists and liberal policy people about the economy and immigration activists in foreign policy experts and to everyone the Dnc Chair Tom Pres and Keith Ellison to state Party chairs tat. First time, candidates like Danica,
Tom and Jennifer Carroll Foy about organizing and winning, and you know I did a few focus groups which is really fun, and then I figured you know what is a way to hear from even more people. I figured I'd, ask everyone to call in and give their thoughts about the party, and I phrase the question what's wrong and how do we fix it because we don't tend to learn a lot from only congratulating ourselves about what's going right, and I also think that we're confident enough as a party to engage in a little self reflection and here's the Good NEWS Dan, like ninety percent, the hundreds and of hundreds of voicemails that we're getting are positive and constructive and hopeful about the future? The party, you know, there's only a few profanity here and there a hand it's really inspiring. It's really inspiring and getting these boys most has been wonderful and it makes me want to work even harder to kick the shit out of Republicans in November so again call in and if you want to call it and say no,
things run with the party, it all we'd love to hear that too. That's totally! Ok, But you know we want to hear from everyone and help us tell a story about a party that is finding its way out of the wilderness. That's what this package is about. If you have thoughts, give us a call numbers nine for nine six, seven, four five to four and leave a message. This has a couple things about this. Please do wine. Can we to stipulate that John favor of in every one of us back ass, believes the Democrats are a much better, the party, the Republicans? They have better ideals, better candidates, better people, better integrity, all of the. So it's not like some of their criticism has been set on how you're sitting the argument, the Republicans or better. That's not it legs. A lot to do in this working party has for a year and a half now- and I get like
I understand for people who may not have as much context as like all he we ve taught. You think you ve worked on people just respond to the initial tweet, but that Democrats are tired of getting kicked around the party itself if you're someone who has worked really hard the Democratic Party for a long time I ve under assault for why I did not just from Republicans but also from in our party because there are some of the rhetoric on the bridge election was about the stated aim of and so people thereon herbs and people are upset about, but I think it's important remember that this is largely a bow hosting a conversation about what is working in the party and what hasn't worked in the past and how we fix in the future is it. We are right on the issues. There are more democratic, leaning, voters are republican voters, yet Republicans control all levels of government, and that is something that should be examined and thought about, and so I think it's a very constructive good thing. I'm really glad you're doing it, I'm glad you're the one who twitted about it. I'm a year
There are, of course, I know they're around nerves on all sides of the debate. I guess my fight is you can either let that be, and then say, because there's run nerves, no one's gonna talk about and we're just gonna be in our own little silos and be upset about it and ignore the other opinions, or you can say I we're gonna diving and have a conversation about it, and the reason that I wanted to do this because, as I hope, we can have a conversation that is constructive and interesting and where people are like yelling all the time. But they're saying like I believe that's wrong for this reason, and I realise that way too much to hope on Twitter. But I'm thinking that through this path and look, this package is not going to fix. It is not going to solve our problems and it's gonna have a lot of shortcomings and failings on this podcast. I try to talk to almost a hundred people, but that's not going to be enough there's,
points of view that it's not gonna capture and so part of what I want to do in this actually comes out is have one episode come out. You know at the beginning of the week and then sort of like field questions from people at the end of the week, so we have more costly of more voices. Talking about this and look, the segment of the criticism is for people who are, like you know, a lot of our friends in DC who are working really hard, Dnc and De L Cc, and all these committees, I think their thinking like cod, working really hard to get Democrats elected and we don't need to be doing a bunch of navel gazing right now. Absolutely we don't. We do image navel gazing, but I think as we're working to get these elected as we're out there with the organizers and the actors in the people who were fighting every day you know they need to know and they're asking for you know what is the message: what should we focus on and if people in individual races in individual states and local communities
can start sharing what they're doing right with other people and other places across the country, and we can get voters. This information and listeners to this part CAS information than that's gonna be helpful. I really believe that so anyway, I think it should be great. Like I said, I think we fix the problems? Ok, quick update on the Trump crimes indicate the present aid states is now show being compared to my boss, by his own lawyers, here's J, Goldberg new character in the story: J Goldberg, who represented Donald Trump back in the 90s and two thousand through his divorce proceedings. Who now Trump has gone back to her for advice apparently recently and here's Jake over talking to the Wall Street Journal about how he wore from that Michael Cohen, might flip on him quote the mob was broken, Sammy. The bull Gravano caving in out of the prospect of a jail sentence, here's the mooch
mess NBC Wednesday. If you said to me- and I had to flip a coin- which is not how this works, his history and I had to, Goin is Cohen, going to turn on President Trump. I would say no, then what about these statements seems amiss to you. Well. It seems like the trumpet closest supporters and friends and ten day, tenured communications tractors all believe in just assume the trumpets committed. Many many crimes and the question is it: were those crimes committed the crime she is will we won- tell the feds about those crimes and then we'll trunk face any legal jeopardy, as opposed to another approach, which is just pick up: you know back the envelope idea here would. I would encourage Michael Cohen to be fully forthcoming, because I know Donald Trump did nothing wrong
and the sooner we can wrap up this investigation, the better the easier it will be: four Donald Trump to focus all his attention on making Amerika great again, but it's not the oppressive taken. Why taken a slightly different one you and I have worked in communications for a long time. I dont think you need to be a communications expert communications prefer colonel to say that may be the best answer is no No, I mean he has nothing to flip him on. You know he's just he hasn't President nothing wrong. He has nothing to worry about, doesn't seem like a tough answer, says a lot about not just about trumps crimes by about sort of them. Media coverage, political narrative, around Trump, because it is the press. Also, I mean, is it like? This are pointed out? We would point out to members the press him it's not. This is not a monolithic thing but the question really isn't what did tromp do wrong or if trompe committed crimes? That's not the question the press, it asked the question is
will wonder under what circumstances will tromp face either political or legal repercussions for the things we already know? He did right and then a very different way in which we ve ever talked about a presidency for its because everything involves around whether it's you don't potential collusion in them our investigation or in a of, equally sketchy behaviour had criminality in the microphone. Investigation is well trumps. Polar bears. It moved once all year, so his voters, coolly, dont care or multi track and able to prove anything because the commons not gonna flip. Therefore we shouldn't care, like we should actually care about a president committing crimes and either in office in search of that office or before they decided to run for that office, whether they go to the other not whether their pull numbers drop or not like that is in actual fact
It should be the biggest scandal in America and were ever sort of scoring it like it's a midseason baseball game yeah. If the present I'd states is guilty of crimes, it is the biggest scandal in american history, certainly for the press and certainly in politics, and it is worrisome because the media by the nature of the media, always goes to what's new. What's gonna happen? What's next and like the word normalize has been over used me, you know every the end of twenty sixteen. But it is almost like. Everyone has internalized that yeah he's, probably a criminal, incur in his own people, as they go on tv and talk about him, everyone is internalized this and so should come
times be revealed. Should the president be charged with anything? Should impeachment charges ever be brought? Should the crime simply just be reported on your right that the next phase of the story is going to be? What happens and of Democrats? Don't have a majority, then? Maybe Republicans, won't peach or can a sitting president be tried in office. Will be all these questions and we're gonna sort of low pass the idea, the nun? No, he and his associates were just charged with whatever there might be charged. And it's very worrisome very worse, to say the least Yes, it is worrisome, so one action that someone is having to dissolve the attorney general
The state of New York, Urchin Lighterman, wants to change the states law so that he can bring criminal charges against AIDS to Donald Trump who get pardons from Donald Trump. He basically wants to change the states, double jeopardy law that currently protect people from being tried for the same crime twice. He wants to add an exemption for presidential pardons since, particularly since these scooter, Libby Pardon, it seems quite clear that Trump may once again abuse the presidential, pardon power to pardon Michael Cohen or Paul Manner Fort or any of these unsavory characters who were under investigation and indictment. Do we think this law will pass? And if so, you think it will influence Michael Cohen on what he does
to do next. I think I might have what is a contrary and take on this. Now I have. I am not an attorney. I have not been a law school, but I have seen on several occasions the movie double jeopardy, with Ashley Judd. Hooker was wrongly convicted of a murder within your new and goes out to yes. Frame for motor and then goes out? I believe to murder someone knowing she can't go to jail for it, but I am sceptical, like double, like double jeopardy exist for a reason: yeah and I'm not positive than empowering the state. Just because we have one president who may be selling pardons for his freedom does not mean we should change the rule because you could be in a world where Brok Obama commuted sentences or pardon people for drug offences that were well beyond the. What should have happened because mandatory minimums or sentencing guidelines or whatever else, and then you have the republican governor of a state then prosecuting those people again out of spite. In so I'm not sure this is the like in the world the best
the for the world to do to increase the power the state to put people and g all more easily spite Of course, if trumped responds everyone, it gets offer them. We prickly frustrated by that of her usual trunk, is sort of up ending Wyatt progresses. Think we should do because we have never confronted some wine as corrupt and unwilling to adhere to the basic norms of american governing as Donald Trump yeah. It's a very good point. I would encourage all of our legal friends of the pod to please let us know what they think about that, because I actually I don't know you make a very good point about future presidencies and an pardons and what you know. Agencies and state legislatures in particularly red states might do when a progressive president pardons a bunch of people and commute census that that's worrisome. Now a wall dark ass. It is a wall passed by Norway, second branch of government that felt a need to check the power
unbridled executive could pass a law that who say they d. You cannot use the pardon power in an investigation into yourself. Or something I got now that may not pass constitutional muster, but that is something you can test that as opposed to pass. A broader law that sort of erodes the idea of double jeopardy in american legal system. Will then that's a great secretary Ex topic Mitch Mcconnell, so as trumps Associate Siena open muse about his lawyer, flipping on him Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell said this week that he will not allow a vote on by partisan legislation that would protect special council. Robert Mahler Mcconnell says it's not NASA. Very because there haven't been any indications. The trump might fire mauler, except, I guess, for all of the president's public statements. Dana bills got Publican support. Why won't Mcconnell? Let it come to the floor for a vote? while in a weird display of heroism Chuck Grassy said he was going continue to move it through that the Judiciary Committee, just like throw the hot potato to Mitch Mcconnell.
Now, we'll see if you actually follow through with that. Mcconnell was a pretty good way of getting republican senators to bend the knee and do what he wants so we'll see if it actually happens, but I thought that's been actually encouraging sign that you have some number of Republicans who are breaking with recent pattern and trying to do the right thing for the country could, as I think that this is all about twenty eighteen Republican turn out. Well, is if mutual kind of allow the Senate to pass a bit That is obviously going nowhere, because Parliament's role in ituri thing, but if you were to allow their public consented to pass a bill that would see as proof. Oh law enforcement and anti tromp, which are actually two sides if they are actually opposite sides. And you can see a world where the Trump voters in states like
India and North Dakota, Misery West Virginia that the Republicans need to potentially flipped or maintain control. The Senate stay home, and so I think he is doing like Mitchell. Connell's entire wife view is party before country. He cares only about the accumulation of power, himself in the Republican Party answer. So what is best for the Republican Party here in the short term in the short term, is to help aid and abet the criminality of Donald Trump in the long term. If you would probably say like maybe doing, the right thing would work out for you, but Macao mismatch. We're gonna does not believe that doing the right thing is reason enough to do so. I think, there's a good analogy. Like you know what Paul Ryan is to passing tax cuts and cutting Medicare at all costs. Mitch Mcconnell is to confirming rightwing judges, and that seems like he wants to control the Senate to continue confirming trumps, unqualified
extremists, judges and hopefully also put another one or two Supreme court. Justice is on the bench by the end of trumps term, and he has decided that no amount of corruption, no amount of crimes from Donald Trump will stop him from doing that, and so he will do whatever it takes to cling to power and to hang onto republican majority in the Senate, and you know pretty open about that power? This is where we go back to our power. I must recall Paul Ryan lay so like pretend he's a good guy and he lay cares about poverty or whenever he cares about Measurement Connell's, just like You know he's out there saying oh putting Gorse John the bench, and you know, blood, King stealing, a Supreme Court see that's one of the proudest, it's. My life gets here
Does it really give a shit yeah he's he's really really really bad really bad. I just sometimes look. I feel bad, because we attack Paul Ryan so much and we take down from so much. We don't spend enough time on how purely evil Mitch Mcconnell us he's just not a great guy. Now some good news on the Republicans out of the Senate is you know what you said about Chuck rashly your time tell us is pretty conservative senator from North Carolina he's one of the sponsors of this legislation he's out there telling all of his conservative critics who were you know, Mark meadows, one of the congregation of runs. The freedom caucus in the House is
is one of them he's from North Carolina as well. They're all complaining about time tell us sponsoring this legislation until it is like spare me, as is quite spare me enough. Like I'm doing this, I know he's like I know it's, it's the right thing and it's not gonna be popular, but I'm gonna do it anyway, and he also said like yeah Mitch, Mcconnell controls the floor and controls which piece of legislation come up for a vote in the Senate. But if there is enough of US republican senators who vote for this bill, who say we want the spill, we think we can change his mind. You will see didn't work so well on the Fucking Dream ACT, but you no good for him good for Jack rashly. You no vote them all out still, but
The third factor there right on this issue, but I think the bigger challenge for us is the only way these things going to changes of Democrats take back the Senate and we had some good news about this goal. Yesterday. There's a canopy act, pull out on Wednesday that has better Rourke down just four points to TED crews. Forty seven to forty three, the same pole found that fifty two percent of Texans disapprove of Donald Trump job performance. Texas, and I thought maybe one of the best statistics in the pool better only has room to grow. Fifty three percent of the people polled have no opinion of better or work. They do not know him, and yet he is only down by four points: it. Then what did you think of this pole and how much do we need Texas in the journey to take back the Senate?
We certainly need, if you think that another this is a guarantee that we need to flip two seats and, if you think Arizona and Nevada are to them likely just given him the who's running the partisan spread of state, etc and Barroso. Defending All of these seats. Implicitly it's like North Dakota, Indiana Missouri, Virginia places a Trump wine. You know in some cases by almost as many as eighteen points and. So we need. We probably need a couple more other than the two flips right and so Tennessee is a very real option. Were former governor filled reticent, and Texas is another one, and there are something like. Taxes is a very hard state for a Democrat
was no doubt about that. It is headed in the right direction, but it is. This is a mid term and it's a Texas, but if there was ever a candidate who could be sort of Rhine ahead of the demographic change in Texas and flip it now, it would be better because he's running the right kind of campaign again the right opponent in TED crews, to have a real threat to do this, but he will only have that shot if people try to help them to do it, whether its give five bucks, if you have it, make calls for him, if you live in Texas Volunteer for his campaign is needed. If he is building a grassroots movement down there and that's what it's gonna take two went. So it's good to see this pole prove why you know, we saw the ground anecdotally when we were there a couple months ago and gets minimal time better when every
did forest shows in Texas. I was that we had better with us in Austin, but in the other three shows we mentioned his name, the crowd went insane and that, with the exception of Brok, Obama and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, I have not heard a crowd reactor politician like that, since we started doing this last year as a year and a half ago, and just like we saw on the ground in Virginia, it's not just the top of the ticket in Texas in twenty eighteen that is receiving all the Judith, easy as M, even though I think in a better could be one of the best and candidates we ve seen in years as long as I can remember, but see all these down ballot races, whether its house, races or even state house races like There's a lot of excitement in a lot of first time: candidates in Texas, there's people running in districts and in places in Texas were Democrats haven't run in years. Better is going to counties where Democrats haven't been to in years. We have.
Had actually Johnson on she's when we were in Dallas who she running for state. Has there because we care about down ballot races here at cricket media and look it's just. The enthusiasm is infectious. There's something is happening, the state of texas- and you know, will it be enough to carry obvious these over the finish line. It remains to be seen, but certainly that state is very interesting. It has a much higher disapproval raining for Donald Trump. And other red states, and so something is going on there. But it's all going to come down to register a new voters, because you know in Texas a lot of people don't vote. A lot of people and the people who don't vote are disproportionately young and latino and people of color and they tend to vote Democrat. And so, I think it's going be a massive organizing challenge in Texas, but yet look. We need two seats to flip, but that also means we need to hold all the
their seats- and we don't talk about that enough on this show, but that still gonna be an uphill Klein for people like Claremont Gascoyne, Heidi Height, captain Joe Mansion and Joe Donnelly and Bill Nelson now with Rick Scott. So the sad it's gonna be tough, but in a bit big wave year. We know we can do it without forget. Takers is horrible, yeah, we'd be defeating one of the worst wars p. In politics, someone who today- and this is just the most amazing, take roosting ever Donald Trump CALL take ruses wife, ugly, he take for dad of killing J F K, he attacked and crews nine maize from Sunday take crews stood before their public intervention he refused to endorse and trot and told the world to vote their conscience, We call Donald Trump Snivelling Coward pathway, vehicle wire no moral courage which is actually a pitch perfect description of Saint crews
but had so today Time magazine does their hundred most influential people and they go around and ask people to write a little essay about one of the one hundred people selected. So, for example, the parkland kids were on that. What the hundred most influential list They asked Brok above it, or rather more at a very nice. I say about their role, Ed Grass, organizing and and move at building, so Donald Trump, President States is de facto on that list and who they get to write. Who will write a law the letter to Donald Trump in the pages of America's most prominent. Yet still I use magazine TED Crews wrote a love letter Donald Trump. Today, a man who called his wife ugly and accuse it, that of killing John F Kennedy, it tells you something about where TED crews and his strategies are going for this race, though, that they believe If in look one thing in the in the queue Paul is, I think better is when
among independence in Texas by I want to say fifty one thirty six I could be wrong in TED. Crews is just thinking. It's all turn out. It's all we're gonna play to the right wing. We're gonna play to the further right elements of our base. So even though Donald Trump as a fifty two percent disapproval rating, I'm gonna going. I say about him in Time magazine because I want all the most hard courtroom people to turn. For me. That's how I think I'm gonna wanna stay, so that's TED Cruises strategy will save, will see if it prevails. It's a terrible strategy. Yeah well both in trying to make peace with the Trump supporters is one thing, but doing it in the most embarrassing way possible is not good politics. I don't care. What stated is what party or in one year it is writing a letter, as I am week in sad, is not good politics. Shamelessness has all the rage Dan. That's why Donald Trump President that is drove that is true.
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American official to make direct contact with North Korea since Madeleine Albright who Tommy had an episode of positive the world check it out. Met with Kim Jong IL in two thousand, and this is an advance of trumps potential meeting with the north korean leader day. And what did you think about this? I mean Firstly, it seems in the realm of all the awful shit go on pretty positive its. I think it's better to have done some prep work before the Trump meeting than not do any prep work at all, High level meeting like that, like in the realm of. If we were having normal politics and normal diplomacy, you would think this is good? But I don't know what you think. I think it's good you, everything you say is right. It would be better if smart people were doing. This would be better if there were. There was a president who had a
view foreign policy that was more studied than whenever he thinks he's gonna get him the most plaudits on fox and friends. It would be great if they could have a white house. We could run a real process that brought input in France. All the various parts of the government, whether its intel agencies or the dirt, the diplomats or the military like all, would be much better off. If we had smarter, better people running our government diplomacy is the right thing, general, it's the right thing here and we defended that up and down when he wanted to with with Cuba with ran when he did that in two thousand and eight that he would meet with foreign leaders preconditions all of things are we should we believe that, and we should believe now and I much rather have trump meeting with Crimson own then watching missiles at his head. Just because he's angry that day about the investigation, and so
I think this is good in it. It is a medium rare we is forest gum, foreign policy does he really just like stumbled into this by sending some tweets and if it works, great, it's not because you, some sort of foreign policy Junior, sometimes he does show up The next thing you know you're on the National tabled had a steep like Youtube, is its is pure happenstance even apply more. I he did. It makes it s, that's broken clause is lousy, white wines. For so I think it's good. Either. We have a long way to go before the meeting actually happens, whether you actually get to some sort of agreement. This does play in and this is really something that our Tommy's talked a lot about by it this really intersects in a way that I'm sure Trot was not thought about with with the around deal, because if
the United States is going to come to an agreement with IRAN and then, basically just two years later, consulate of her some sort of fake reason. Then What incentive would North Korea have to do a similar deal with United States so we'll see if they can figure out that complexity. But you know Bob Corker said other dated dad. Tromp was going to cancel the IRAN deal and so very worrisome. It's you know it. Is it that which is worrisome in and of itself in its worrisome, for what progress might make North Korea, and we should tell people, you know he cancel the around ill. The only thing that does is allows ran to go back to building nuclear weapons. That's it just make sure there is no more international inspectors in IRAN and they can just go back to secretly kicking out the rest of the world and building their nuclear arsenal. That's what it does. That's all! That's all that ripping up there
does noting the other back to North Korea. The other worrisome thing is once you have meeting between two heads of state, like Donald Trump and Kim Jong, and you go to that level. If diplomacy fails after that meeting, the next stage is often war and that's worrisome. Because, again, you know Donald Trump skills as a negotiator. Well, stuff of legend have not quite been realised since he's become preside, states and made just about zero deals. So that's an order. Now, let's talk about whether Pompey should be confirmed. I think it's great that he winced North Korea in advance of a Donald Trump meeting. I do not think he should be Secretary of state He was one of the leading, Benghazi conspiracy theories. He supports torture. He supply its regime change in IRAN and ending the IRAN deal. We just talked about that here.
Lied already, he's contradicted the entire diligence community on their assessments of whether Russia interfered in the election and then he had to have his own CIA correct him for lying about that. So I dont think you'll be a great secretary of state and when you think he's while I was pretty prepare until now. Let me with the five challenges so dive took I flipped and he seems really back. I key. I am jet have generally been of the belief that normal as an answer to serve to have the cabinet appointments of their choice with in a realm of of normalcy, us like yeah corruption, lying things like that should be disqualifying in the Senate. That's it. I went to the Santa, can use their advice, a consent but simply not liking. The policy preferences of said Domini is wrong.
Because the president should get a normal president, a normal president. We don't have a normal president. Right now should get their secretary of whatever beak is the idea that did so and so is progressive. Therefore, Obama should not be able to have temporarily. Secretary of Labour is not a good enough reason right right and the same. Should true for some people now. That does not mean that Democrats should vote for them and I think Pompey Oh- has forfeited. That sort of nor from his generalist forfeited that normal courtesy by violating every norm under the sun. And I think anything PEO has shown himself to be a problematic nominee beyond his policy opinions. Now, with all things with tromp, you worry about what comes next rates hoods list. They compare gets a veto which is possible. It is If all the Democrats were to vote now, then prepare will go down. That's right! If we
democratic vote form is executives date of zero Democrats vote for him he's not, but basically, where the vote Canada's ends with, who yet after that. This is not a reason about forms its moral, just like a thought experimental like trouble. It's like. Who is that a media promotion for John Bolton there or new vigour a tray like something crazy. I mean what most likely happens as we had some sort of acting deputy. We have assets, are Makin secretary of state through the mid terms. Probably happens. I they Democrats should defeat em. I do you have the option to do so. It is the right first off it's the right thing to do. This. Man should not be secretary of state, and I was I to like I think I talked about how he's for regime change in IRAN ending the IRAN deal, I think in a normal administration. Those should not be disqualifying for cuz. Those are policy differences right. It's like you were saying a president gets the nominee people who reflect his policies or her policies. I do think supporting torture lying about the
intelligence, community assessment, promoting Benghazi conspiracy theories? Those things go beyond just policy different, supporting, tortures on a policy difference. It is supporting something it is against the law against international. You know, so I think that sort of did it for me. Yeah she ate mean across the board the way he has responded to questions about Trump, putting them on the scale and the rush investigations in and of itself made. He should not be right, structure, state and democratic. If you know- and I know I've been in politics for a while Now- and I know there are consultants- people should do- they think is right, but do the politics for a second right. If so, if some moderate democratic senator knows my compel and truly believes he would be a qualities The terrorist state than vote, your conscience. I guess I find that hard to imagine that all, but look at the facts on the table believe that, but if you're doing the pie,
tax. The downside, just pure policy we do in the downsides of voting against Trumps Secretary of state are quite small because the political strategy of appeasement doesn't- work yeah. So if you think, if I vote for him, they're gonna they're, not gonna, SAM obstructing trumps agenda, then you're being credibly naive about politics, not just in twenty eighteen, but in politics of the last thirty years, in dealing with Republicans yet find me the voter in Zuri or Virginia our Indiana raised with whose looking at a demo, had a candidate- and it's like you know- I think you're just to partisan and you're too liberal you all these cry
the liberal ideas and Mamma and then the democratic and it says but wait but wait. I voted for my palm pair, a secretary of state and gave Donald Trump a secretary state and then that voters says: oh, my god, I'm with you go into the pulse of voting. For you find me the voter. I would like the consultants who are advice using our friends and that in the Senate to find me. Finally, those voters- and I will I will change my mind- you're either get it The senator who approved Bumpo or defeated, prepare and in an election were. Your election depends entirely on the strictly in a red state of all of these first time, voters people who are gauging and politics, because they are so upset by one by the election of Trop and have been either serve awakened from their slumber.
You need those people about in a view who look like your rubber, stamping, trumps Domini out of political expediency. People are not gonna come out of a free republic. The travellers are spoken about against you and the Democrats who you'd you need to knock on doors, may call for you, donate five dollars and sharp devout army less likely to do so because that kind of, what's the difference, them if they feel that it's just a lesser shade of with the who the republic and turn it, and so do the right thing here. But on the other to me, I understand the thinking, as I seen it for years and years and years that would lead people to think the bet, the right political dignity of his vote for Papa. I think that thinking is outdated and shows an inability to have learned lessons are the most recent elections, absolutely Ok! When we come back, we will talk to activist in front of the pod ADI Barton. The Americans price by Indo Indo Chino almost wedding season.
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further verses? Given me some good work, I saw the other so odd. He tell us about be a hero, why you launched it and what the goal is, of course, so be it here is a new campaign. There will launch this week urging American the contrary to stand up for themselves, and their Am I am their community and be here active members of our democracy? When I went to these she in December to stop the tax bill, ass, Jeff again Susan Kind, to be here as a vote in support of their constituents injurious. They refuse they voted with K. Street was
and have threatened and taken away now of care of millions of peace, in order to enrich building class and so Clearly more suasion the emotional please and power see logic their works. So now we have the word them out of office, So along with me, is progressive leaders from across the movement. Well on beer here. Visit the website b, here of fund you in the and Jackie vowed worse in people pledge Vow November we're going asked them to give five friends to pledge to vote, to give
small dollar contribution, so they weaken mobile workers and share powerful stories about why this is like as members know, although Parma Loi policy work you guys are wants, but the truth is people bears no motion and now It is road, so the other component of this effort is trying to use my story and this of people, meal being harmed, why the tax the bill and their above again agenda to tell a story: did they were again be that's why they should vote November? Why we need then show year turn out and this mid term even now, work and burning
and down the back so that the summer John, you in Arizona recently working on the special action. That's happening there on Tuesday, What are you seeing on the ground there and what should our listers know about an election? an amazing raised so this Arizona is North West Phoenix, pitting fantastic demographic named here of timber, namely the doktor emergency room, doctor and humor, grin cancer researcher. Again, standard issue above against. With Char good views about public, so I went there along with my wife for a baby learn now: son Cow and some friend.
And now I've always spent three or four days in the district. There's facile action is Tuesday for five days from now read this shirt when, for Tom by over twenty point, lots of senior citizens, there were five percent way, but the truth is there are very worried about losing thereof care. I went to a Parkinson's group meeting and spoke of the sea. Is there and hired powerful, destroys around method care and married kid answers was secured, aired, keeping them alive, allowing them tat, dignified, meaning were wives. In spite of there,
disease and their age, and I also spoke to the public and can Debbie Lascaux. I went up, Sir just like I went up to Jeff Lay still. Why are you so pointing cutting have again merited she's dead. The democratic government care and the is nine favour their eyes Paul. I then their power again, that's your damn she's! No, it's We have all this town again My twitter page and I said Debbie, it's really may re said SAM. Concerning the Euro, even now, the Sandra Legislative objective of your point. How much is the seniors district so
very now. This rise is shockingly competitive within a few days left we ve seen pause coming. Showing hero in the lead showing Debbie last November led its neck and neck, and the question is: will people turn out on Tuesday to protect their health care and therefore I have here, and there is a wide think- airs words really exciting. We find cable tv right now. The Ba fund. The only independent expenditure vendors happening Now in the rays support the doktor nanny telling my story urging people to be and stand up for health care and dignity
and here's s why we think it so important a day right now. We have midterm elections in November. It's a plus twenty district, just like Pennsylvania if we can give you even the within a close margin, wearing is obviously fantastic, but even if we a major, really close. What we is more about again retirement Andrew Leg, power, more love begins, need This spend money playing defence in red seeds. Small, though dollar, enthusiasm from the Democrat this another amazing opportunity for progressive and Democrats bill. The wave election in November, so I asking for
to go to a website that beer, you will find dark. Ops turn one thousand five hundred and fifty Those will allow us to run this add more over, we can Monday by the end of words in Sunday midnight. If you don't, we can still get them upon their union. Ever my twitter page. If you find it moving, you can contribute and this ways because it's a spur. So love outside influence coming month, ADI there's a good amount. Moving at state level on healthcare right now, Virginias has delegates has moved to expand. Medicaid finally of the state Senate is considering a bill there. Organizers have
ballot initiatives in motion in Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, to expand Medicaid. What is your sense of how important an issue health care is to the voters into the people on the ground that you're talking to and how important the issue will be in this race and twenty eighteen so the polling shows that health care is the number one issue might learn Russia more than job than the economy more than grant? Mousing affordability. Folks, a word the south here and now wonder at their pay attention the world again, Do you prefer does to build their federal level in twenty seventeen one to destroy them care system. In America we beat the bat The other
the billionaires bud. Being aware of their firm. Struggling families and destabilize the insurance market. Now, one past, because folks legs, Collins ball then to their donors so averted. See their word about it and it's a matter for them? That's why this zone a raise. Is the perfect distillation of these issues however, an amazing, brilliant doctor. Working on a progressive platform floating merit care by and for all She really understand this system their listening tower. She answered questions in front of the Chamber of commerce.
Though environment in a red district Andrew defended a very bold progressive agenda? doing with the appeals to the business, its owners and the conservatives and the senior citizens whose you was talking to so she, the purse, can and She's very and someone who are there, Then no there were parted agenda is the avengers them is to disarm, is true men, so this weighs captures everything. Perfectly oh and they said it in the district with tons of senior citizens This is the number one issue swords are crucial rays and either
by winning, there's ways or even making it tight. We can high for the whole country living up to remember. Why have cares? The winning issue for Democrats are right. Daddy. You haven't questions for us do. I do so yes, eyes had one the most amazing political experiences of my life. I went down to the Georgia district. Its role as Georgia, where Richard De Winter is running a robust agenda of including a guarantee high minimum wage tied to productivity free of charge.
Care now there and we went door to door and why Trailer Park in Georgia and a lack of public housing com. Black and I've never seen surged impressive responses at the toys and people, Didn T say Wade How are you gonna pay for the job guarantee? Can Linzer public against a boiling they just like tat. That ever wants to work should get to work and their minimum wage people deserve. Bored and raise a family with dignity and as you may know, is Jill. A brand New York has recently come out for jobs guarantee so my question to you when you think about it
and how do you think we could build political support their necks by years, so that in we in fact have lands lead. In twenty June, twenty twenty, we might be able to share in twenty one. I love the idea. I think a jobs guarantee is fantastic. I've been doing this other pie cast about the future. The Democratic Party Oddy and I'm one of the episodes is about the economy in economic policy, and I talked to whole bunch of people about you know what are some of the big ideas for Democrats to run on an eighteen and twenty, and I have a lot of people from across the spectrum. The left side of the spectrum from you know, folks. It tap folks further on the left, who all talked about a jobs guarantee it's probably one of the biggest boldest ideas that we could put out there and there's so much work. That needs to be done and especially, as you know, right, there's work that needs to be done
in growing sectors like health care and education, and you know p. A lot of you wish. I can about universal basic income, and I always in the universal basic income could work in tandem with a job the guarantee, but for a lot of people is even more important that they have work, that they have some sense of dignity. That work provides an because we have so much work that needs to be done in this country, from infrastructure to healthcare and education. This really cool make a huge difference in people's lives Dan. What do you think about the political support? Ella I'll? Let you answered Ellen, I love her I think it's over. It's a really good idea and one that should be explored as a party in a country. Frankly, we need The economy has changed, and yet our economic solutions have stayed the same for basically decades now, and we need to address the fact that so many of the sort of what used to make up the core jobs that we give you a middle class life don't exist either through globalization, automation,
Cetera. The politics are we like who knows how the politics are actually probably shouldn't care? What we need to do is talk about it and run on it, and if we do that, you have to go make a case to the country, and so you need people to who believe in it to run on it and like what would I know will not work is for Democrats to seek before a federal jobs, guarantee and then win a landslide election and then decide they will implement a federal jobs, guarantee you have to make credit political context for it and I think,
the experience it you had in that district and Georgie speaks to the possibilities for a bold populist economic agenda for the party of which this could really be a piece, but we're only gonna get it done if we make a real case for it and came in similar, can people than the right thing to do and it happens by running on it yet and I'll just add from a message in communications point of view like what I like better jobs, guarantee, is similar to what I like about Medicare for all, which is there's a simplicity and elegance to it, where so many times democratic, whether in a campaign they say I'm for jobs and is ok what your jobs plan they say Well, I have tax credits for this and I have an infrastructure plan over here, and I've got some skills training over here and you end up with a laundry list of policies, and if you go out there and say my jobs plan is to guarantee that every single person in this country who wants to work can find a job and there's going to be a jobs, guarantee more
put the federal government behind the idea that every single person is guaranteed work if they won't work in this country and that every single person is guaranteed health care. They want healthcare in this country. When democrats view other and say things like that that are simple and elegant and powerful. I actually think, like Dan said the politics sort of catch up later, because those messages are compelling not just as you found out in Georgia. Liberal Democrats, but the people in deep red states you guys made you may move, worth five away. He began to me the pass facts, of putting this on the agenda and making Rita, I mean, there's really transform. Can I take a man to make case and beyond were year. Sir John, for how this can transform Jimmy time? Yes raises. I believe
Everybody has a job because they know that the government is there to give my job raising kids or building bridges, is stalling. Public art then means the following number one. You don't have to be afraid of you boss. Where is it You are making. Sexual comment, and you can't complain and stand up for yourself, now be afraid of retaliation because there's a Twenty eight job waiting for you if you gave fire crazy gray, point number two You don't have the age reduces the impact of racial discrimination for the same reason numbers
We empowers workers to form unions and work to actively for the same weight in employment. And forgive me guys guy's. Employment, Karl Marx is the poor of surplus labour, that the employers can we than yours, unemployment. Then there working conditions because Girls know that their risk you're being unemployed there further raise. But if no unemployment, then the power shifts and workers can stand up for them, so so job to guarantee doesn't transform the lives of the people, currently employed or have the.
Would it from the work force because they cannot find work? It also transform the lives of tens of millions of Americans who my job, better afraid of losing it or can stand up for themselves and beyond that are provided us with a vehicle with which to rebuild America. You said, John, do all of their crucial work they need doing so. Tell me it is right that climate change care, their care. This policy in cash so is an unifies So much of the progressive agenda. Now of it, though I they reduces massing our situation, it targets
where's inquiry directly by hoping illuminated the under glass of long term, unemployed and distress workers in black and brown man is so. I think, we can draw near, says a National party in twenty twenty and Dan to ship. To your part of the answer, the question of the politics I think way. You said wonderful, you have to put it on the table and monetary shift. The public discussion like a merry careful, for twenty years. It was can sign. The only laughed is, Bernie Sanders on the table and now is becoming almost the consensus of opinion,
the Democratic Party and the right wing opinion among Democrats, is care, and I think, a good job again taken do the same and we have an opportunity in the next month to make huge strides man. I just want to highlight rigid: do when veal is a brilliant, professed, sir running on this agenda, is a white man whose putting rays So why the sender visit gender, I saw work the doors many meetings, and he talks about this. No the way ways primary against the conservative downward modern demographic who's running
and saying she's, the most vital because she's a religious person- and I think if we can mobilise behind him and I'll, get him too, in their primary then we're going to see an amazing experiment in November. Have a bald balls progressive then read this rig. We can t maybe in tax would Democrats. Meat is The mere above again live women red rose districts but again working way where men and women gender. That says the democratic parties here for you now, just who was street and not just for Burke, Embrowned Labour, so very easily and by a lemon gnawing ways his
combining arose and class in the one bands of matters. So the division of Boarding year. There's owner, I really urgent listeners, Gerda Ridge, dear wind, filled website throw. I am twenty five bucks use it so when the next month, and if he foot this on the agenda and then Joe a brand sanders worn, were this living up to twenty two any we give be looking at this trend form moment when we have an agenda like an hour nine, when we were there any more there now here we can really take advantage of the average. And emotional no
now April. Twenty team, by able one very years from now the almost surely impossible for me. Their gas on this five cas. If I'm still Jim was democratic party mover, guarantee jobs, gin the earth and the wine as I have a man listeners. Years of board. This movement me and for your family's while, if that happens, daddy, you will be one of the reasons it it. So. Thank you so much and keep up the work. You inspire us all. Eighty repression, well. Thank you. So much so great a year,
guys are using new year plan to advocate version, bald agenda and now brave girl, Jennifer, the Democrats and the movement, So I am honoured to be in partnership with you for deserting. Do soon take care body,
thanks again to ADI Barkan for joining us today, and we will see you guys next week again we're moving Monday night recording Tuesday morning pot will see you then.
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