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“Taliban sleepovers and midnight cat videos.”


The President cancels secret negotiations with the Taliban in between tweeting cat videos, the House investigates whether the Defense Department has been propping up Trump’s businesses, and Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders start to pull away from the pack. Then Ady Barkan talks to Jon F. about his new video series on health care and his new memoir, Eyes to the Wind, which you can get at beaherofund.com.

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smartest wait, a higher post jobs for free it dip, recruiter, dot, com, slash crooked and give us the credit for referring you at sip, recruiter, dot, com, slash cricket, welcome to pod, save America, I'm Jon Favreau, I'm Jon Lovett, I'm Tommy or later in the pod. My interview with our friend ADDIE Barkhan, just launched a video series on health care, featuring interviews with the democratic presidential candidates and who's new look eyes to the wind comes out Tuesday. First, we get a lot of news to cover from all of Trump's latest corruption to his cancelled Taliban, get together to new two thousand and twenty polling that shows the top three democratic candidates pulling away from the pack ahead of this week's debate.
Also, we have a new cricket minis for the month of September, and it's called state of conspiracy hosted by Professor Catherine Olmstead, an expert in conspiracy theories. This series will look at the rising popularity of political and anti government conspiracies and how the Trump Administration has contributed to their rise check it out. Finally, our schedule this week is a little diff with the big debate on Thursday night, so are regular Thursday pod will move to Friday for a post debate. Super pod with me and Tommy and Dan on Wednesday will be doing a QA live stream on our Youtube Channel and on Thursday night, while be doing another live group thread. All of us that you can catch on our Youtube Channel, make sure you're subscribed there at Youtube, dot com, slash cricket media and get the live stream. You can get the group thread all kinds of good stuff. I didn't agree to do any of this. Tommy did not agree that we're still in negotiations with coffee in loving hearing off the meeting you can't and love it you're joining us today from New York you're. Not even here.
No I'm in I'm in New York City happening there. Why are you there? You have a show, have radio city on Friday there are a precious few tickets left. At this point we have Stacey Abrams, Desus and Mero a bunch of really great guests, the master Monaco. Why it's an act dole, say Sloan Jampacked jam packed. I can't wait, go okay! So there's a lot of important news we're gonna get to, but before we do, we just. We need to point out that the President, the United States has now spent more than a full week, complain that the media correctly reported that he spread false information when he said that the state of Alabama might be hit quote much harder than anticipated by Hurricane Dorian in response Trump attacked, multiple media outlets and journalists, by name including a bizarre video.
So he posted on Twitter just after midnight on Saturday that involve the weather map. He doctored with a sharpie a cat, a laser pointer in the CNN logo, so dan- and I almost forgot to mention this stupid story on Thursdays pod. But when I saw the Washington Post story about how the National oceanic and atmospheric administration or Noah, which is the parent agency of the National Weather Service, warned their staff put into public, put him in warn their staff not to contradict the presidents. False information in publicly disavowed be completely accurate information released by their own Birmingham office. I started thing that maybe this story does matter. What tell me, what do you think? I think it matters when a government agency is browbeaten by the President of the United States and his political hacks not to put out information about a potential natural disaster than May or may not impact their life, safety and health yeah. That's kind of the nightmare scenario, where
George Orwell, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. We have a president knighted states whose ego is so fragile that he can't be corrected when he tweets the wrong thing. It's insane and like it's, it's kind of funny that this is all coming on the heels of his rage about the whole last summer. Narative I mean he pissed away another week talking about whether or not a storm would hit Alabama. He just can't let it go. Yeah love it. What do you think yeah? I mean I think, with with moments like this you're reminded that with Trump you're, either honest or you're implicated. You know when the press and said something false, demonstrably obvious false and then you are asked, did the president say something false or if your car goodbye worried citizens in Alabama about whether the President said something false you to decide what's more important, telling the truth, staying the there's, no way to choose between the two you're, either complicit or you're, honest, and
you know, we've seen countless politicians choose to not pick that fight, because it's easier and now we're seeing Noah do the same, and you know it's it's this, this constant threat. Is it it's this constant reality with Trump that things are both silly and very dangerous. You know and we meet we struggle because both of those things can be true. It's he can. He can kind of it's like author authoritarian improv. You know we kind of accidentally stirs up these incredibly dangerous forces. This idea of anything I say is true, and if you go against me, you're not telling the truth, you are part of the problem, you the enemy, and that the scariest thing we have learned over the last few years is how easy it was for someone who is disorganized and undisciplined and ultimate and craven, and not out for any particular ideological purpose. How so many people, by sheer force
personality by sheer force of his willingness to pick every single fight to not let any pitch go by yeah, I mean reported it with the washing oppose reported that you know Trump was the one who doctored the map himself big surprise. He was the one he hit that this. He was the one who held the sharpie, and you know a lot of people have noted that that's illegal, that it's legal to falsify a weather map and the reason the reason it's a legal. The reason there's that line in the first place is because you can put people's lives at risk right like big. We this actually matters to people like we have to be able to trust the information that our government provides, especially in times of crisis, especially in in the midst of a natural disaster. And now we can't trust that information, because we are at the whims of
a narcissistic sociopath, who not only lies to us himself but now tries to pressure and force and banned the rest of the government. To his will I mean like these, the the the forecasters in the Birmingham office. They said, there's just a story out today, because the net, the head of the National Weather Service, said that the Birmingham forecasters who basically put out a tweet that said Trump is wrong, were absolutely correct in doing so, and the reason that they put out a tweet, they actually didn't mention Trump in the tweet. They just said, oh by the way, there's no forecast that's going to hit Alabama at all 'cause all these worried people in Alabama or calling or calling up the web service there and they're all worried in time. You- and I were talking about this but like there's like local weather forecasters in Birmingham quoted as being like. I had to stand up here and say that this is wrong with this is to your point: love it like you're, making like local weatherman in Birmingham choose side.
He he's literally asking us to concede that the sky is not blue and that is in fact filled with storm clouds and her came right right needs. It is it's it's insane I mean well, there's also the fact that he canceled his visit to Europe to commemorate world war. Two, because you had to stay behind to monitor the storm right and what we know he did instead was play golf. So maybe he tweeted factually inaccurate information release dated information that suggested Alabama might get hit with high winds, because he just forgot the updated information he learned, or maybe it's because he was dicking around on the golf course and he just tweets with reckless abandon and put out something that was wrong either way like the fact that he is now engaged the media in Washington and the weather service in a six day. Debate over this issue infuriating and there's there's an element of this that is so small and it's so petty that it's like you can't believe we're still talking about it, but there is a far more fundamental principle at stake here, which is that we can't trust
literally anything that comes out of his mouth and God forbid. There is a terrorist attack or something truly truly awful. That happens. No one will believe what he says in meanwhile, he's utterly distracted from the actual effort to help people who were just hammered by this storm in the Bahamas, and you know the things come up the eastern seaboard so like it's, it's it's just so frustrating yeah. It does it's funny that you know he was staying. He stayed home from Europe to work on the hurricane which he didn't do because he has no work ethic. He has no discipline, no attention span, but if you introduce a personal grievance like a little slight or an insult, he is get them going dedicated he's like a dog. He is a dog who latches onto this. He runs this mean he is. He is the like for a guy that there's about nothing. He, the mother, Teresa of Nursing, his ego. He is bedside
twenty four hours a day he's got cold. Compresses he's bringing soup like he is, is so attentive to his own psychological needs, but has no aptitude for anything else, and his team treats at all like a joke right now, selling sharpies from the campaign, because they think it's funny that our presence, pathological liar. You know this all flows from the people who are on the two thousand and sixteen campaign say the day of the access Hollywood. Video was this big inflection point: you were there with Trump and the lies and all the awful things he did or you weren't, and it's clear that, like they just pledge absolute fealty to him, and that's all that matters and and again the Dane here is here: it's not just that, like I thought Tom Perez over the
and was telling you know Dnc delegates and people like that, like they don't we they. The Democrats don't want to just focus on Trump's off unless they want to focus on how he's done a bad job and how his often this is actually affected people, and I think, that's smart, and in this instance we can I'll laugh about how it's like day, eight we're still talking about sharpie gate, but like the president's undiagnosed personality disorder. Here, like has a real impact like there was a story out this morning on CNN that the United States extracted one of its top spies from Russia in two thousand and seventeen, because they were worried that Trump would expose the identity to Putin right like he is pudding all kinds of people in danger. Every time he pulls one of these, he has one episodes. He lies like this. He tries to cover up. He goes down the road of being a narcissistic sociopath like it is a danger to the country. It is not just him being a goofy ass hole that we should all laugh at. You know
I think it's time for a conservative weather channel. I just think I'm sick of this story. I mean it's not literally weather. He also like, just as I'm like working on this outline last night, we're all researching this for today, like he go going a tear late last night, EAST Coast time, because he watched MSNBC he and saw like John Legend talking about criminal justice, reform and John Legend didn't sufficiently praise Donald Trump, so not only did attack John Legend, he attacked Chrissy Teigen calling Falmouth. She didn't even have anything to do with the special. She wasn't at fault, so he just basically had a series of tweets or he was attacking black celebrities and journalists for not praising him enough for it'll. Just as reform I mean I love you, you you joke about a conservative weather channel, but there was a clip going around the internet from away and and which is the the news organization. That's to the right of Fox NEWS. It's even wore
and there was a clip where someone was referring to know as a notorious limply liberal agency. I suppose, because they got on it or the fact that the climate is changing so yeah, that's that's absolute or gone. That is terrifying all! So, let's, let's talk about a brand new scandal from the Trump administration that offers yet another exam all of the president, using his public office as a way to get richer. All of the expensive US people who pay taxes on Friday, political broke, the story that the house, government oversight and Reform Committee has launched an investigation into whether the Department of Defense is helping Trump's struggling scottish golf resort stay afloat by having cruise stay there when air force planes refuel at a nearby airport. Even though it's more expensive on Sunday night, the AIR force announced it will be conducting an internal investigation into the matter after reporters uncovered additional instances of military personnel staying at Trump properties, political reports,
but at least one service member was frustrated that the food and drink at the Trump resort was over. His government allowance in this morning, of course, Trump tweeted that none of this has anything to do with him and that the air force me has good taste. Tell me how unusual is what the air force did here and how big of a deal should this? Be it it's so hard to tell like. I will never lay in the investigation I'll, never pretend to understand things like the way the military, procures fuel or or now they have peoples. You know, spend time different place. It does seem pretty weird that they spend eleven million dollars, the military at Prestwick Airport, which is the closest airport to Trump Turnberry. I would assume that there are cheaper places to buy fuel for these planes based on our militaries ability to procure like billions of dollars of it at a time. But who knows? There's also reports that the military members are getting discounted rates in
golf at the club, so nicer than plenty of time to do, but the club last four and a half million in two thousand and seventeen, but revenue went up three million in two thousand and eighteen, so you know it seems, like things are on the up and up, but like the key point I think is. This is a great example of the fact that Trump is making millions of dollars every single week, steering visitors to his DC hotel or to rent out spaces. For events I mean Trump apparently, according to New York Times, they tracked. This he's visited a Trump property on two one hundred and ninety three days of his presidency. So basically one slash three of his presidency. He is spent time at one of his resorts and we and he goes and spends time in Morrow, Lago or Bedford. That means the secret service is renting dozens of rooms and golf carts and just pouring money into his pocket, there's all kinds of reporting about the Saudis spending if a million dollars to run out half of the hotel in D c or various grifter going in there. So it's a constant, ongoing grift and there are members of Congress who had this little process called in P,
meant that they could use to really dig deep and they just been sitting on their hands for weeks and weeks and weeks- and you know, is a great interview with David Farenholt. Is it a report of the Washington post? He was on fresh air and it aired over the weekend and he talked about you know all the things he's been doing to uncover this grift, and it's just like, thank God for people like that, because Congress isn't doing shit to figure this out love. What do you think of this story? It's really good great sort of an administration. Put that one up on the frederator. I think it's good. I I too thought one love. It love golfing, let's go go I want to that's. One trump has no ever behaved like has cash yeah. He is constantly behaving like he's about to run out of money. That was true when he was like even back in two thousand and sixteen when he was debating whether it alone, rather than give his campaign. I think it was ten dollars million at the time you never get this. This is a man sitting on a lot of reserves,
so it seems as though every time he makes his decision to go golfing. It is because they are going to view they. They view the presidency as a way to make money and and what I've said you know I've said this before, but I still think it's true. We will know that Donald Trump, because he is no longer going to be president soon when he starts admitting to the fact that he made on the deal that he will at some point start to say what I was present for four years now, never supposed to happen and look how much money I made on this yeah. So that is coming. That is coming yeah in what I think a New York Times story about the Trump hotel that ran over the weekend. They said that in private trump pumps up his properties to people a lot more, he does in public surprise, surprise and raises it all the time and as concerns about it yeah I mean, but, like ok, think about two thousand and sixteen what we were talking about both in the prime
in the general election, Hillary Clinton after she left public office. Giving speeches in like not releasing the transcript of the speech is even though she was giving speeches on Wall Street in making money as a private citizen, citizen outside of politics, and we still all talked about the optics, and there are legitimate concerns around that right. But Donald Trump is in office in the way he's making money while in office public office is not just a bunch of private citizens. Given money, it's the United States government, it's our tax dollars are making him richer, like if Democrats can't make a fucking you out of this, I like the let's go home and here's the Motors and Avenue John, the the Trump International hotel they leased the old post office building in Washington, and that's that's the Trump hotel. The house transportation Infrastructure Committee has oversight over that property, so Peter Defazio, congressman out of Oregon, could request a whole bunch of documents for some reason he has not seen people seem to think it's because he thinks there may
be some big infrastructure deal that gets cut with Trump down. What are we waiting infrastructure weeks right around the corner as soon as he starts? Talking about the fucking weather, it's a national joke, get the documents to Fauzi, oh well! So get the documents Defazio, you son of a bitch. You get those fucking documents, so I'm sure he's a great congress, and what are we doing? I mean the Good NEWS on the house. Democratic front. Is the New York Times reported over the weekend that the House Democrats are widening their impeachment inquiry to include accusations of corruption against Trump, just not the time, and they will be voting on formalized procedures to guide the impeachment inquiry this week, which is good? Could you know Congressman Jamie Raskin said the focus needs to be on corruption quote central? Send the original scent of the Trump Administration is the decision to convert the presidency into a money making operation for the president and his business and his family? Yes, correct. That is the message
person to Jamie Raskin. That's great lean into that yeah I mean I think, but though so I'm reading the story, since I'm sure you guys did about how like House Democrats are widening the inquiry to include corruption is like yes, this is what we've been talking about. Great, wonderful and then the last paragraph of the story says this: with the Republican: can old Senate highly likely to acquit Mr Trump, even if the house is case were put to trial? Some Democrat have begun, raising another possibility that the Judiciary Committee could draft articles of impeachment vote them out of the panel, but never bring them to the floor of the house, offering the public an election indictment of sorts without we're bringing the president to trial. I think it great yeah. I think it's a really cool. Sorry, I would one other thing that I would suggest is actually like printed really really small, so that, like like a magnifying glass to see it or maybe you could like release it as an audio book, but only on a whisper just out a whisper like do not bother. Please do not bother
if that's the path you're going to go down like wait, a way to get all of political risk for impeachment, because everyone will say the Democrats impeach Donald Trump, but none of the upside, which is months of hearings where you tell the american public. Why he's a fucking criminal people say it's a believeable people say this all the time right they say imagine what Republicans would do if Obama did something like this, where Matt imagine and we're going to talk about when we talk about Trump, inviting the Taliban for a jamboree at Camp David, but but it's worth like stopping for a second and thinking like what does it mean when people say that imagine what Democrat Republicans can do, and sometimes it means imagine of demo, let's use the same kind of reckless, intellectually dishonest scorcher scorched earth scorched earth politics of Republicans. I don't think that's a good idea, but sometimes it just imagine if Democrats fought as hard for what they believe in,
as we often see Republicans fighting as we often see how hard Republicans fight for what able even to me like this, is an example of that there's. Just this. You just feel this lack of fire. The belly, which is what I think so many democrats have been, have been hung four and that's why they knocked on doors in twenty eighteen, and then you, you see an argument like that, and it's like it's really dispiriting yeah, and this is a look. This is that the corruption part of this right, like I get how tough it is to like you, know, walk people through the whole Muller Report and why Trump is a current. What obstruction of justice means why it matters to your life, all this kind of stuff? I get all that this corruption angle like put on going put up a big fucking calculator on a website and say like how much is Donald Trump costing you how many of your tax dollars did he spend on this add up all the money he's made in the Trump organization like this is not a hard thing to do right, like journalists,
good media outlets are doing this all over the place. I have all kinds of charts about this they're. Adding this up. Like you know, House Democrats do something be creative about. We've learn so much about Donald Trump and his finances. Despite all efforts he's make to to prevent that kind of disclosure over the last couple of years, and if you think back to say the Benghazi hearings, because Republicans were relentlessly focused on a non scandal and doing everything they can to get documents and subpoena witnesses, they figured out that Hillary at this private email address yeah and if not for that job did unfair on ethical. At times, effort they'd ever would have had their number one campaign issue. So why don't we get caught trying? I know I maybe I'm back to being opposed impeachment. We obviously don't ever get it together. Do literally anything anything. This is who is my my my office
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don't much care for national Life insurance awareness month. Maybe you wish there was a snazzy acronym or a bigger fireworks display, but a lot of people who need life insurance still don't have it. Would you say that policy of this one's for them? Would you say that policy d piece is I had to read? It was all in bold, oh my god. Would you that policy geniuses cartesian, I don't know, do you think you think. Therefore, you need life. Insurance is the only thing you all right going to stamps go to stay. Okay. Let's talk about the biggest news of the weekend, which was the canceled Taliban Slumber Party at Camp David, the Prez announced via Twitter in between cat videos that he was calling off peace negotiations with the Taliban, whose leaders he secretly invited to Camp David along with the president of Afghanistan the same week as nine eleven. The New York Times for the cancellation came after a long running dispute within the administration about negotiating with the Taliban to end the two decade: war in Afghanistan
agreement over the deal that was emerging from those negotiations Tommy. I want to get your reaction to the story, but first can you give us a primer on what we know about these negotiations with the goals have been and what kind of issues need to be sure? So we currently have about fourteen thousand troops in Afghanistan. Remember that Trump actually had promised in the campaign to end the war in Afghanistan, but actually sent more guys there. So it's important contacts I think it sounds like there was an ideal in principle that have been made between eggs on the Khalil's Odd and the Taliban, the negotiator of the course of maybe ten months or longer that agreed to pull out fifty four hundred US troops in close five bases over the course of say five months after the deal was agreed to the goal then, was to get the rest of our guy as out over the course of a year, maybe a year and a half, but you know it's notable that this whole time lame is built around Trump's reelect. The deal was basically we pull out troops. The Taliban cut ties with Al Qaeda.
You help us deal with ISIS. I am maybe long long long term and it bleeds some power sharing agreement with the Taliban over the future. Get a stand. It's important to note that there was no requirement for the Taliban to stop attacking afghan civilians or the government, their troops during that period in a deal in any of the deals that none of this. So it's weird for the Trump to act like that. What blew up the talks is that latter question that letter issue of negotiating with the Afghans themselves is the hard part. Is it's very easy for the? U S to make a deal with the Taliban, it's hard for the afghan government, because the taliban- they don't recognize that they exist. They won't engage them. So that's part of why this camp David Business is so screwed up. Trump is essentially forcing Ashraf Ghani, the president of Afghanistan, to show up at this made for tv spectacle at Camp David, so that Trump can try simply pretend that he just glued this peace deal together. Meanwhile, Ghani has an election coming up on on the 28th of this month, and
the Taliban is like blowing up the capital, killing civilians and gone he's. Getting briefed on this deal he's not all happy with it, but his choices skip this event and be called anti peace and risk four hundred trump tweets at you or or don't go. So you know here we are like it doesn't make any sense to me that Trump actually believes that this suicide attack is what led him to off negotiations. Everyone knows that the Taliban they increase their level of attacks while they're negotiating to credit create leverage by the way. So do we Pompeo was on the Sunday shows bragging that we'd killed one thousand Taliban in ten days so, like, unfortunately, that's the way the war is, but I'll pause there, but, like none of this speaks to the need to have a conversation at Camp David.
Well, so yeah I was gonna say like it. I I I can only imagine how difficult these issues are to negotiate with the Taliban. The afghan government, the US government, we've been probably doing it, trying to do it for years, yeah right, but it does seem like deal emerging, which was we pull all of our troops out and we get a sort of vague promise from the Taliban. Not to you know allow Al Qaeda to attack us doesn't seem like. The like. I don't know is that it was that it okay deal if they were able to strike that deal, because it seems like the killing in Afghanistan. Continue, I mean it depends on who you are right. The US government in your concern is an ISIS or Al Qaeda, Safe Haven, Afghanistan. Maybe that's the best you're going to get if you're an afghan citizen who doesn't want to live. There are Taliban rule in some parts of the country, it's a horrible deal, but for Trump he wants the press. He got from the Singapore summit and that diplomacy is a total disaster by the way with N Korea. We should
but some other time but like I think we all should be happy that he likes the press. He got out of diplomatic, no events more than like, say blowing up osteria, but you know like this. Was this made? No sense, I mean the the Taliban, as of I think, a couple weeks ago put out a video saying they still supported the nine slash eleven attacks. You know like there's no need for them to come and like be at this amazed. You know piece of the crown jewel of like where the president actually ends up living by the way like we can negotiate the Taliban in a million places, we've been negotiating with him in cutter with some of the individuals who were swapped as part of the Bo Bergdahl prisoner, swap remember when Mccain and Graham told us that was the worst thing, that's going to ever happen. So, like I support peace talks, the MSN war has gone on longer than world war. One world war, two in the korean WAR combined, but have-
and these guys come to Camp David for a made for tv event for Trump for his re Elect, is craven bullshit. But what did you think of the wisdom of the stage crew of having a camp David meeting with the Taliban the week of nine eleven? I thought it was politically risky at best John uh, so to two quick points about this, because you know Tommy he's got it covered is ah one it's a reminder of how often trump just says. I think this is a case where we learn something via Trump tweet that was fascinating and important and new, and concerning and didn't make sense, and then you spend the next week trying to figure out what the actual truth is, because everything he says is fabricated in some way or or self aggrandizing in some way or just flat out wrong. That's the first thing. The second thing is this is what
with North Korea, this was what what he's seeking to do with the Taliban. He doesn't care about exposing the prez and or lowering the presidency to meeting with, like Kim Jong Moon without I'm done the kind of preliminary work or by inviting the Taliban to Camp David, because he doesn't value these institutions. He has no respect for them. He doesn't care about them. He doesn't view the presidency as anything other than a kind of toy for him to play with so, of course, he's going to just want to grab on to something and bring bring people to the United States, even though that that sends a terrible message, even though that elevates people, even though that it it it's something you have to that, that there should be. You know diplomatic work in other work that happens long before anything like that takes place, because he just doesn't care about these institutions. It doesn't occur to him to value or protect him. It doesn't occur to him to value or protect anything other than his own personal stake. I mean, like we hope
in the G seven at Camp David. This is these- are a bunch of fucking Taliban goons, like they're, not foreign heads of state there, a terrorist group. They were killing us service members this week and now Trump has blown up this process. Who knows when we'll get back into it and the Afghans are scared shitless, that this is gonna lead to a huge surge in by points, especially with the election coming up on the 28th. So you can say what if this was Obama to so many different things. This is like one of the ultimate. What up this is a bit like, of course, Trump attacked Obama in two thousand and twelve for having talks with the Taliban. So there's always a tweet like Viber was texting us this over the weekend. He was like if Barack Obama brought the Taliban to Camp Fox would need to start immediate
Lee. Another Fox news station just to contain all of the attacks on broker, but why not the Lincoln Bedroom? Why not have met the fucking White House? Why go halfway so the New York Times that it really great tech talk on what you were saying: love it trying to like backtrack from his tweet on everything that actually happened, and they uh stated it. You pointed out Tommy late last night with the paragraph that really says it all, because they were saying a fun dividing point that was contributing to the collapse of the talks. Was this. Mr Trump did not want the camp David meeting be a celebration of the deal after staying out of the details of there's been a delicate effort in a complicated region. Trump wanted to be the dealmaker who had put the final parts together himself, or at least perceived to be so one of the things that collapsed. This whole fucking deal was the fact that Trump wasn't going to didn't think he was going, get enough credit for it, even though he didn't deserve the credit for it. He he doesn't he it's. He wants lick the spoon with the batter on it and then say he made a cake. He wants
the Jimmy Carter, likes it between Sadat and and be again and like bringing these. You know the sides together, it's just the I'm blown away by how crazy this is never in a million years that I think Donald Trump would want to bring the Taliban to Camp David. But he is a you know, he's a reality. Fucking tv star in the thing is just the whole thing is a show the whole now the asset for the next person who hates and he's trying to get to Camp David is Malani Trump everybody, but Sirius, but seriously is terrible. There you go. The kind of analysis would create tip to our servers. Look look. You can see more of this radio set Radio City Music hall. Can you believe it? Let's talk about it? Let's talk about 2020's, ten.
Let's get ready to meet in Houston for a third round of debates on Thursday evening CBS Release a set of early state polls, which we cannot say for a lot more useful than national polls that show three front better and everyone else. You know a little far find in Iowa it's Joe Biden at twenty nine percent sanders at twenty six percent and Elizabeth Warren at seventeen percent. New Hampshire is Warren. Twenty seven Biden, twenty six sanders. Twenty five South Carolina is Biden, forty three Sanders; eighteen Warren four mean and in Nevada it's sanders. Twenty nine Biden, twenty seven war in eighteen, no one else pulled in double digits in any of the four states, so guys the lead of the CBS story about these numbers is quote. This poll tells a story about Elizabeth Warren rising, but not Joe Biden falling. Tell me: do you agree with that and what is what is a race look like where those two things are happening to
question I mean I, I do think it speaks to something I heard over and over again in Iowa, when I was there for a few days was just how hard it is to break through if you're, not a top tier candidate. They are not seen as part of the national conversation about electability in beating trump and and everything else, and I think it also speaks to the fact that Elizabeth Warren is running a good campaign. The conversation about Elizabeth Warren is how she has plans and she's running a good campaign, and that's that's helping over time. Other people are just not getting a look. I mean these debates might be. You know their last chances, Chile, you have to really do something exciting and break through. Ultimately, I do think the results in Iowa will be the biggest springboard for whomever does the best to get that last media bounce and do well in New Hampshire's are racking up delegates, but I think it ultimately speaks to you
a relatively stable race, except for this rise of worn out love. It would you would you take from it yeah? I think that's true. I I I I think it's worth remembering to that. We've we've have seen. Candidates are break. This kind of we'll hold that Biden were Sanders have in the field. Kamala Harris did it at the last debate. There still opportunities for candidates to do that. To me, I mean I think that one of the stories of what happened is Camilla surged and then wasn't able to maintain that lead, and I think it's worth asking why, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that men, these stories about Camel Kamala Harris is campaign to be about what Kamala Harris is campaign is doing to fix. Kamala Harris is campaign and that's been sort of a trap that her campaign has been in for a long time in part, because I think she struggled to find an argument, a message that stands out from the three being offered, which are pretty cogent at this point from Biden, Warren and Sanders. I also think
it says something about Elizabeth Warren's challenge going forward. So there's been a lot of there's a lot of talk about lanes in the primary and a lot of people when they talk about lanes, they think of ideological lanes, and so they think there's a progressive lane in a moderate lane. But the truth is Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Um draw their support disproportionately from Non College: educated white voters, um younger Non College, educated white voters and also Non College, educated, black voters and latino vote and and Joe Biden's case, black voters in total, and it does seem at times like when you look into doing this. Let some of these numbers, Elizabeth, Warren and Kamel Harris and people to judge and even Cory, Booker and better or work in some of the other- can
are all fighting over a lot of college, educated white progressives and these polls sort of show that Elizabeth Warren is winning that fight. She sort of consult a lot of these people. You know it shows that these polls show that people who are supporting Harris before have moved to Warren. She getting support from some of the other lower tier candidates who were losing support, they're all going to warrant now so she's consolidating a lot of the college. Educated white liberals vote. But the question is: if she wants to you, beat Biden, beat Sanders she's gotta break into she's, going to start doing better with Non College, educated white voters and black voters and latino voters better than she's doing in the question there is: are these voters just into her yet or are they not closely engaged in the race yet because we know that the most eight voters right now are these college educated, white liberals, and so that's the question that we can't answer. I also that like do you, do you have one of these polls and think that maybe p
have been underestimating Bernie Sanders strength is he's hanging in there and all these polls first or second, most of the states. It's a good question. I mean I to me: Bernice sort of ability to stick it out prop only speaks a lot to name identification, comfort level with him I mean by for all of the criticisms you see of him an Paula season previously held positions and Gaston all this crap that sort of swirls on twitter every day. Most people just know that he's a popular vice president for a popular two term president who they've seen on the national stage for eight years and think like that guy looks like a president. They saw him in the White House for eight years. Bernie Sanders is someone that was pretty well introduced to the country in two thousand and sixteen, I think, unless you are ah hard core Hillary Clinton supporter, you probably have a relatively favorable impression of Bernie Sanders um. I think that he needs to doom or to make it
roads with the folks who were a ride or die for Hillary and I'm not sure that they have achieved that quite yet. But you know, Bernie comes off as likable and charming and consistent so, but you know, I think, that's probably one of them yeah and they're. Also there is a progressive, I mean I. I just said that there was a sort of a lane of college educated versus Non college. Educated voters there's also a he's fighting Elizabeth Warren for progressive voters. You know they they both are fighting each other for that for them the most progressive voters. But what do you think yeah? I had the thing I would add, as you know, Bernie in part, be you know, Bernie was a larger share of the electorate when he was facing just Hillary Clinton. So one question I have is: where are the people who supported Bernie before? Where did they go, and I would imagine many of them went to Elizabeth Warren and some two other candidates, but there is a kind of yeah and ideological alignment between Warren and ah Bernie. That, I think, is a challenge for both of those campaigns yeah. I also think it shows that,
like none of the candidates have really figured out how to peel away some of Joe Biden support the that the focus on it's not it's not really just a candidate focus, because it's really sort of a media focus and sort of some of the surrogates and the campaign staff and all that kind of stuff. But lot of focus on his gaffes lot of focus on. Is he losing a step? A lot of focus on you know? Is he sufficiently progressive enough- and I think at some point it's time for some of these kids to realize that the his lines of attack on Biden are not really having an effect and that if you want to start peeling away by the support you're going to have to find another are yeah, I mean certainly was true that Comma Harris was able to. I think, do a number on Biden at that first debate. I think that some of the attacks on by that second debate back fire yeah and that it might of I mean I heard this anecdotally, but that a lot of the criticism people heard came off as NIT picking or two negative or unfair in some way. I'm not saying I agree
those descriptions, but those are just some of the things I heard from various people so yeah I mean I do think they're going to need a more effective way to go after him. Maybe, as folks pay attention ah more closely in the fall, like people will just think harder about what they wanted, the next president who they think can win. I still think this electability question is all consuming for most voters in early states yeah, and I think that the other candidates I have to make a case for their own electability, and I think that they can. I think each one of them has a good argument or about why they're the most electable candidate and some of them are different um. I also think, like you know this debate, that's coming up this week like Camel Harris and people to judge, and some of the others do sort of half figure out a way to differentiate themselves. From these three front, runners judge sort of gave a hint of that over the weekend in New Hampshire. He said we need ideas big enough to
at this moment, but it's not enough to think up good policy. We've got to unify Americans around these solutions, or nothing will actually get done. It's why? I'm not making some of the promises that some of the candidates to my left Ri I, where are the goals and believe that we can do it in a way that will bring Americans together? What do you guys? Think of that? That's interesting, 'cause, that's not PETE booty judges! Thinking I need to take down Biden. That's him thinking. I need to differentiate myself from Sanders and Warren. Yeah it's interesting. It's saying we need an alternative to button right which I think actually been motivating a number of candidates. I think it's actually why a number of candidates have been staying in the race, from Michael Bennett to Buddha, judge and others. There's a there's. A kind of you know under and unspoken aspect to all of this, which is we don't really know if Titan is the trump of this race, the person who may not have a majority but will have strong plurality that
carries them to the nomination and because everyone else is kind of divided. No one becomes an alternative and Biden gets the nomination, or is he more like a JEB? Who is someone who has garnered a lot of establishment, support and uh some money and some some talent but ultimately doesn't have what it takes to win the nomination? And I think there are a bunch of candidates who are looking at Joe Biden and saying I'm gonna bet on this candidacy being softer than it looks and that that thirty percent at some point becomes twenty five becomes twenty becomes fifteen and all of a sudden well are deciding between Warren and an alternative. Whoever that may be yeah it was. It was a subtle contrast and it was interesting departure from a purely generational contrast, although that was probably infused in the speech and frankly, just seeing PETE on stage with some of these candidates makes the generational contrast more than anything he could actually stay. The thing to wash
PETE is he's, got money and he's investing it in early states and when I saw him at the state fair, he had a big ass crowd on a Tuesday and how he's open, like a dozen more offices and he's up on tv early and so look at thing can happen in these races. I mean we all remember two thousand and four when Howard Dean was to be the nominee and it was a runaway effort and then there was essentially this just negative. You know murder suicide between him and Dick Gephardt in the closing days before Iowa and then John Kerry and John Edwards emerged like there's a mill different ways it could play out, but I would feel pretty good if I were PETE and I had resource is. I wouldn't feel great about the fact that my the surge I'd seen in the polls, relative surge, has dipped a little bit yeah and I think for him, if you're gonna make this case that it's it's fair to make it. But you
hi to go all the way you have to like whack everyone else on stage yeah. You got to get into the details you because, because L it out really what he's talking about is, you know he's for Medicare for all who want it, as it has posed a matter here for all. So that is a real difference that he has with Warren and Sanders that he could talk about a lot of this debate. Um on some of the other issues. It's not as clear. You know he's pretty much taken a lot of the progressive positions he has sort of talked about how he cares more about the deficit than some other Democrats too. So maybe he makes that case um, but I think the last two debates he had he's had some pretty good debates and he's been pretty solid, but he has been reluctant to draw differences between him and the other candidates on stage, and he probably has to do that on Thursday and still do it in a way that is respectful and true to himself right, because that's the kind of campaign he's running so that should be interesting to watch and it should be interesting to watch what Kamala Harris does to be.
You know her. She said her message over the weekend. Was you know, there's so much more that unites us than divides us, which is not really a message about differentiating yourself too much from everyone else, but is trying to be the person who says ok enough of all this, like in fighting, we should all sort of take on Donald Trump together because more unifies us, which is an interesting message, but also different from how she was with Biden in previous debates. So that's sort of interesting to watch too yeah. It's also like that. It's it's like partially rhetorical. I mean it's a it's a it's a rhetorical argument which I don't think she has much value and I don't you know do in in p, daddy talks about how we need solutions and again it's like I don't know whenever now. Maybe it's because I still carry some emotional baggage from two thousand and eight. But whenever someone says like we need solutions, I just see full document that makes me think somebody solutions. They don't want partisanship, and so I'm going to start saying that, oh comma, you know, I think that there is opening right which, which it seems sort of like half willing to take, which is
right, so you like Warren and you like Bernie, cause they're further to the left and there they have a big argument for structural change that we need in this country, and you agree with that. But then you look at some like Joe Biden and you see polls that show that he he is doing better against Trump in some key swing, states and you're, terrified of losing your terrified of what's going to happen to the country if we don't put up the right candidate and so so you're torn ' 'cause. You want big, liberal ideas, but you want to win more than anything and you don't know how to sort through this. Well here I am someone who's going to kind of split the difference, and maybe there's maybe there's a compelling way to make that argument. I don't know, but I'm still all it just so it just feels like we're. Still. You know I don't know dancing around that specific case. I just think that the the the message it's gonna resonate in I was especially is gonna, be about how you're the person you can beat Donald Trump, and I think, and why, to the extent that folks are are, are making cases where they're sort of politically criticizing
policy ideas as too big or too small or too distant. I just kind of think you're missing the boat like, of course, people care about policy like the health care debate, is fundamental and existential for a lot of people, but a lot. All of them are resigned to the fact that it is a relevant. What your plan says, if you don't win yeah. I agree that. Okay, when we come back my interview with ADI Barkan, there is broad you buy stamps dot com. No one really has time to go to the post office you're busy. You don't have time for all that traffic parking log, MEL, your mail and packages, it's a hassle, that's why you need stamps dot, com and the most popular time, saving tools for small businesses, a lot of tools. A lot of tools today, but there always is, isn't it always is. I would say Trump Scheduler- is that I'm saving
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heard, Spencer, isn't really you're telling them you get five dollars. Five dollars goes to donors choose which is helping supply classrooms all over the country. So you know what we say about that. Don't you. It's a win, win win. Marianne Williamson is D M in people's moms. What she apparently did and somebody's mom to complain about her. Oh, that's, awesome! Everything! Stop stop asking to see the content manager. You know. I I've seen your content and I'd like to go to the manager. Please leave this all in cash cash on the pod today we are very happy to welcome back our good friend ADI bargain Audie. How are you feeling I know you were? You would have to go to the hospital few times last over the last week and you're back home now. So how are you feeling you for having me and for asking I'm feeling better, but my body is continually declining. I'm going to need a pretty big surgery soon to keep breathing and around the clock here
times in our household. Well, it's it's good that you will, ah we'll have to we'll go, get that if, if that's what's needed, but I know I know that can't be fun um, but we are ah we're very glad that you're that you're with us today, especially this week, um you know recently, you just launch uncovered a video series where you sat down with democratic candidates for president to talk about health care. There's been a lot of discussion about health care in Bates in town halls. There's going to be a lot more. What did you want to highlight in uncovered that you feel people aren't getting from all the other discussions of health care that we've been having in the primary? Well, there definitely has been discussion health care. This is one of the most important issues on the minds of Democrats and Americans generally, which makes sense because it's a life and issue for the tens of millions without any insurance in this country and for the people who are cutting their pills in half, because the cost of
scription drugs is spiraling out of control. But, let's be honest, the discussion kind of sucks you've got these massive debates filled with centrist white dudes running vanity campaigns. You've got there from the corporate media, asking questions fed to them by republican strategists and insurance lobbyists and the actual top tier candidates are getting t or sixty seconds to answer big hard questions about rebuilding our nation's healthcare system, so I figured we could do better than that. Have some wonky conversations grounded in real human experience. I wanted to ask about their perspective, is on health insurance and also on gold strategy and tactics. How going to actually affect change? I wanted to push them from the left, which never happens in the televised debates, because it is not they're letting Amy Goodman moderate. I figured that I would be
all to drill down over a sixty minute interview in a way that simply cannot be done on live tv. I also wanted to tell talk about other elements of the system funding for like medical research, the epidemic in the war on drugs, but you know John, I'm an egomaniac and total media whore. The main reason I wanted to do this was for the attention and book promotion, let's be frank, but that is exactly how I've always known you Audi is in maniac. Starved for attention also interviewed several candidates who do not support Bernie's Medicare for all bill. Did you find
any of their arguments, persuasive and, and why do you? What what sense did you get of? Why they're resistant to Medicare for all? Do you think it's a a genuine concern for pragmatism? Do you think it's politics that they're worried about? Do you think it's polish see where, where do you think it comes from come, was more persuasive than I expected honestly that episode drops tomorrow, but that was part really because I'm fucking paralyzed and it takes me forever to write responses. So I some times had trouble drilling down on how her plan will actually work, but she is obviously a brilliant politician and is right that people, like being told they have options. But let me tell you a story about the absurdity of this debate. My wife is seven months pregnant with our second baby due in MID November. A few days ago, she got a letter
from our private health insurance company saying that she needs to find a new o b g Y N, because hers will be out of network starting November. Third, you couldn't script, it more evil and people are that Medicare for all is going to make us lose our doctors. You will be shocked to hear. No one convinced me Medicare for all is not the right approach. The thing I kept hearing from those who disagreed with me was that the american people wouldn't be okay with me gear for all in one fell swoop, because it's too much of a radical depart sure from the status quo, without the intermediate step of a public option that some people actually do like their health insurance policies. True to me, because I believe people like their doctors, not Aetna or Blue Cross, and I have to hear a convincing argument to dissuade me. I really hope they spend their sense of what's possible, because Americans have imp, big changes to the status quo before, like the create
in of social Security and Medicare regardless. I will say this John. I really a created that so many candidates had the courage to agree to sit down with me, even when they knew we disagree about the policy it's disappointing and deeply troubling that vice President Biden joins hasn't agreed when we know he has such a powerful personal story to tell about his own family's experience with the healthcare system. If he can't handle questions from a paralyzed father, is he going to stand up to the slaps and attacks from Donald Trump he's going to get his ass whooped and american democracy will go down the drain and less he steps up fest you and me both man we from trying to get him on the pod too, and he won't. He won't come to to us either, but you're right he does have. He does have a powerful personal story to tell about this. He's been, he talked about it and ads and look, I think. First of all, I also have to say,
because you just slipped it in their congratulations to you and Rachel, that all is going to have a sibling. How, by the way, how does Carl feel about this is he does he does he under what's going on? Is he is he said anything about, ah Rachel being pregnant, he is excited, wants to name her table was giving um precious belly cuddles yesterday, but I don't think that he has any clue what he is in for. Well, I'm excited for him and excited for you guys, um, so less question on on healthcare. In these interviews and Medicare. For all I mean what, obviously there is a you know. One of the things that advocates for Medicare for all in activists are dealing with is that voters and people that we have to persuade sort of have set
opinions about health care, ah lot of it based on you know, some misinformation, that's out there, whether it's an accurate reporting in the media, whether it's republican talking points insurance industry talking points like what do you? What do you say to someone who looks at Medicare Crawl and says? Okay, I love the idea that everything is covered, that I don't have to worry about. Private insurance screwing me over anymore that my health care is finally before, but I like all that, but I'm sort of worried you know what happens when it's the government, who I don't trust that much especially now that Donald Trump's in charge. What? If what? If there's another Republican, isn't it crazy like Donald Trump and the government is the only entity that deciding what the insurance they offer covers and and and what it doesn't? You know it should we have that? Should we give up that much control to the government, especially if it's a guy
like Trump's, that I don't agree with and then the other thing is ok to save all this money, which is wonderful, but are my taxes going to go up and what? If what? If my taxes go up by more than I pay for health care? What happens that? So? Those are the only two concerns that I could imagine like real people having not sort of scared politicians but actual people who are thinking about whether this is the right move for the country. That's a good question, I think, on the first we already see how much damage trump can do to the private system. Tens of millions impact would buy his bullshit, but here and social security have actually been pretty safe because of their popularity. So the key is to have a great program that is politically untouchable. I think we can get there on number two think we just need progressive taxation to replace the absurdly regressive cost of our current model.
We need a nominee who can lay that out persuasively about your uncovered series. Did anyone or anything surprise you did you learn anything new from these interviews? I learned that core Booker is a world class politician so ridiculously and smart able to shift gears in donations registers. I left interview feeling like he had run circles around me furious at my a l s for depriving me of the ability to go toe to toe resigned to pecking out letter by letter. In my youth John three years ago, I could have been a contender. It was fun to talk sports with Bernie, although Homeboy still refuses to open up about his family and illness. It's very weird: Elizabeth Warren has magnificent your personal skills. I have witnessed it before when we met, but she did
one of those selfie lines in my living room for all my friends and neighbors. She has level charm up close without the pension for sexual harassment, she's got Obama's management, an intellectual firepower, and she these are a slash class analysis and policy agenda is straight out of Jesse Jackson's, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Rainbow coalition campaign. But I voting for John Delaney in the primary he's, the most electable you know I I would have thought that you were a Steve Bullock, but but you know Delaney Delaney works too. I have to say howdy to like you know when, when Warren came here early on in the primary for interview, it was the same way she was so unbelievably charismatic. So much and
g bouncing around the office talking everyone shaking every hand. Just I think she probably people underestimate the you know they talk about it as a policy wonk who can run circles around anyone, but I think they underestimate her charisma. When you, when you meet her in in person, because it's a it's something: ok, okay, so your memoir eyes to the wind is being released this week, Tuesday September tenth um. I am a enormous fan of this book. Read it a couple months ago, laughed cried was incredibly inspired. I want every single person to read it um. Why did you decide to write this book? Thank you means a lot coming from you. I wrote it as a node to collective action and civic engagement and as a call to action. I people to know how much our country needs them to get involved right now and all
so how much people have to gain personally from getting involved in the struggle for justice. I wanted to put together record of my life for friends and family, but mostly I wanted to leave find a letter of sorts for Carl and his sister. I really want them to be proud of me and and what lessons do you hope people take away from? It are times, especially these days when the state of things in country seem impossibly bleak, whether it's the climate crisis for voting rights or police violence or corporate capture of our courts. We have immense structural problems that often feel beyond the pale, but the truth is that the spear is not the answer and we have never needed people to get involved more, not only because it is the only way out of our current national nightmare, but because I deeply believe people have a lot to gain from becoming politically engaged joy.
The movement has given me such a strong sense of purpose and such community of caring people that it even lessen the burden of this terrible disease. I know a lot of people across the country would come to benefit from activism as they serve twin purpose of making our nation more fair, and just so you know what things you've written is that which I really loved is um, that the wisdom to know the difference between what we can and cannot change can only be earned through struggle. Can you talk about how you came to that conclusion through a lot of tears, conversations with friends and family some reading and late late? It's still in my recliner trying to figure out what the hell to do with myself in the face of a l S and Donald Trump. This is one of
the central themes that I explore in the memoir, and I don't want to scoop myself all you friends of the pod out there go ahead press pause by the right now and get me up that best selling list. Jon Favreau will personally your purchase. If you don't love the book and if you prefer audiobooks, which you probably do guess who is reading it. Josh Fucking Lyman himself, the mellifluous Bradley went for no joke. I I have made that promise. Just let me know just send me back the book if you're not happy and within a few days I'll turn around the refund. That is, that is a promise that I have made um. So you know you were just talking about sort of how you came to this wisdom through sort of ah lot of conversation with friends through
sitting in your recliner. I mean so much of what you write about in the in the memoir sort of explores the tension between the the acceptance of a terminal, illness and the push of activists to never accept the world as it is. So it is this sort of tension. How have you learned to deal with that tension which- and I imagine it's a process that is ongoing, definite the ongoing and difficult? I have come to understand the difference. This way I can do nothing to change the fact of my terminal illness. There is no cure for a ls right now, and there is nothing I can do to stop my rapid neurological decay flail against it. Helplessly would cause me additional grief and suffering, so the only thing I can do is accept it that isn't true about the healthcare crisis in this country or systemic racism or the climate emerge
barreling towards our towards our shorelines everyday. Those challenges, whether by marching or voting or petitioning. It's the only way to solve the most pressing problems facing our society, and that is like I'm doing everything I can even paralysis. Scripts, more of my body every day struggling for justice is a fruitful endeavor even makes my a l s more tolerable um. My last question ADDIE. What piece of advice would you give to someone who's newly active in politics and social justice work who sort of facing a world that seems very funny
up, Donald Trump's president? Maybe there they want to help and they're eager, but they're a little worried that they'll. Maybe they won't be able to make a difference. Maybe this work is too hard. Maybe they're going to face all these setbacks and disappointments. What what advice do you have for that for that person? As someone who has been through so much and and fought so hard. I think two things: first, we have no idea what the future holds. That's the of Trump, the less of my a l s, so don't despair or give up prematurely. We really cannot predict next year, let alone next decade. Second, I think Sarah Palin or another feminist icon put it best, miss
to estimate how much difference a small group of dedicated people can make. It really is our Congress, our democracy, our future for the making Audie wise words, as always um- and I do I do believe that was a direct quote from Sarah Palin um. Thank you. Thank you. So much as always for joining us, everyone go watch uncovered covered Audi's video series, which you can get it. You can see it our site to cricket dot com, slash, be here, go and, most importantly, please go by the book eyes to the wind. You can go to be a hero fund, dot, com, Audi's website, they're selling it there go to Audi's twitter at Audie, bark and there's a link there as well, and
we we love, you very much, give Rachel our love and give give Carl a hug for us too and ah and take care and we'll talk to you soon. Thanks for your friendship and your work, John you're in american patriot- God bless you, God bless America and God save the pod thanks. We will talk to you soon. Take care, bye, bye, thanks for joining us, and we will see you at our post paid show on Friday and ah and then you know you can you can see, love it Friday, night, radio city, damn right, you can't it thanks to the Dnc for making this thing one night watching two guys in a week was. It was annoying. Well, we'll go back to an October. We gotta say the Fucking Tom Steyer made the debate in October so time you did it two debates. You got yourself a second debate, what a system good for you
I'm excited to see it same same. Alright, everyone see you late, pod, save America is a product of Krooked. Media senior producer is Michael Martinez. Our assistant produce is Jordan Waller. It's mixed in, I did by Andrew Chadwick. Kyle segment is our sound engineer, thanks to Caroline tiny seminatore in and long for, production support into our digital team, Elijah Cone, Melkonian Yell Freed in Milo Kim, who film and upload these episodes as a video every week.
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