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Michael Flynn’s cooperation is rewarded, Republicans subvert democracy in Wisconsin, Trump’s tweets tank the markets, and Democrats begin the battle for the 2020 nomination. Then Senator Sherrod Brown joins Jon and Dan to discuss his conversation with Trump about GM, the Green New Deal, how he won Ohio, and his plans for 2020.

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talk about Michael for sentencing, memo Donald Trump, the tariff man and the early phases of the fight for the twenty twenty democratic presidential, nomination, fun, stuff, on this week's episode of pod. Save the world. Tommy Ben talked about George W Bush is foreign policy legacy and they'll start with care. Management of the centre for american progress about was with horns foreign policy speech. Great episode check that out. If you haven't heard, we ve been trying to tell you, because the but ministration. Certainly in talking about it, the deadline to unroll and healthcare programmes under the affordable care act or to change your coverage is December, fifteenth, don't miss it go to health care, DOT Gov. Let's get to the latest news about the trumpet instigation Special Council, Robert Mauler has recommended that former national security adviser Michael Flynn serve little to no prison time for lying to the FBI, because he's been such a good cooperate, her
in not one not to but three federal investigations. The first appears to be a criminal investigation that is not being conducted by the special councils office about what all details are adapted and the memo. The second is mowers investigation into quote any links or coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Doll, J Trump, Third, as an additional investigation, that's also entirely reject it. Altogether, Flynn has sat with mothers team for nineteen interviews, nineteen interviews, Dan I said to deliver another memo on Friday about parliamentary work, who prosecutors say here lying to them. Since reaching a plea deal earlier in the fall and sentencing from Mahler about Michael Cohen, is also due on Friday. So coming attractions
Dan. What, if anything, does this heavily rejected memo tell us about the overall direction of the more investigation? I think it tells us two things. The first is that, unlike man afford, or a pop up less or some of the other characters in this overly long drama, Michael Flint has been very very helpful to bomb mauler and not just by Mahler, but other investigations into the purview of the Justice Department, for very serious crimes. He has been record no set. No jail sentence has been recommended for Flynn, which
that usually, as I understand it, only happens when people been very helpful, and so that's one too, I think the rejected parts are just service of the thing we should try to remember every single day, which is Bob Mother, knows exponentially more about what happened in twenty sixteen incense than any of the rest of us do, and he has no in he knows things when we find things out bomber is known them for months, if not years, and so far we ve just once again to remember that there is a lot of other shoes to drop. If you oh yeah, the other thing to us. The memo did say that Flint helped Mahler cooperate in several ongoing investigations. You know, there's been some reporting that this thing's, almost wrapped up, but it does seem like from other addictions and affected, the multiple investigations are ongoing. That there is much more to combat. This thing is not we maybe towards the end game or in the end game, but it is not.
Not by any means. It also makes clear that Flynn reported false information to the FBI. About his conversation with the russian ambassador during the transition and that his lies. Israel to the FBI's investigation into the nature of any links or coordination between them, government and visible individuals associated with the term campaign, means that whatever he lied about, it had to do with potential collusion and we know that flight and the russian ambassador probably talked about sanctions reliefs again, it does seem as if we are getting closer to evidence that we smaller having evidence, uncovering that there may have been some sort of quid pro quo I hope you one of election, you if sanctions from my country does seem like the most simple explanation,
It still might not be that, but it is pointing towards and both through Anna Real, let lax rules out the again we're still not a hundred percent sure and all these things, but it certainly looking like that. So you know should engage in and just pure speculation here. What are we think? They're adapted investigations are outrageous to be as recklessness evenly myspace. My by reckless speculation on P, regulation on people who know a lot more than me like mercy, Wheeler and met Miller and others have club follow these investigations very closely. You have a couple options here. Wine is a counter intelligence investigation into the Russians right right, so that would be ridicule.
They never know anything about that. Other options could include. You know these are the very weird story. It sort of a check off the gun of this whole thing. This story about Peter Smith, who is a republican fundraiser, who sought aggressively to get Hillary Clinton emails and have them hacked and then passed away, not long after the Wall Street Journal contact him about these things. He is a very odd I'd figure and republican politics is also the governess from above
fair document, your nay nay. He was also the person who raised money to fund the troopers who testified against Bill Clinton back in the early nineties, and so there is a lot if there's a lot of infused with also had some outreach connections- Michael Flint. So that's it so there it. There is a nexus here. That is one possibility for what this could be, but, like, like said, mother knows a lot that we do now answer could be anything yeah and mercy and the New York Times have both floated in the last twenty four forty hours that the first investigation that seems like it is outside the purview of the special council office could have to do with a secret turkish lobbying effort where Flint in his or business partners and clients fine hits to campaign against a turkish cleric living in Pennsylvania. The turkey wanted extradited and potentially kidnapped, which you know when you, national security adviser, just those are the things that you do so there could be. That could be one
investigations. So, looking at this memo, what it says what it doesn't say, who do we should be worried about this Flynn memo, so a lot of people should be nervous, most notably Donald Trump yeah. I this is its nationals, Curate Visor, someone who is in the inner circle, thus campaign who been spending a voluminous number of hours with law enforcement officials of all sorts telling them clearly everything you know so much so that they are willing to reward him for his fairly serious crimes without jail time and we know Donald Trump, isn't it speak eyes. His tweets of the last few days have basically been flopped, sweat in digital forms.
He's only nervous? I think I think the other person who we have sort of his drifted to the back of this conversation, but should be very nervous, Jarred Kirshner, because it is important to remember that he was intimately involved in the discussions during the transition with Michael Flynn and the russian ambassador. The time Sergei Kisyak about saying about potential sanctions a leaf and let us not yet this very important point, the german cushion propose setting up a back chin all by himself. And the Russians, so that, commissioner, in the trump in the trumpeters oral, could talk to the Russians without being by the intelligence agencies of the government. The trumpets about to be in charge of sir There is something fishy there.
We know it's fishy, because commissioner lied about those contacts with the Russians on multiple occasions on his security clearance forms. They are legal documents where lying is equivalent to perjury in you put yourself at risk. Of criminal penalties, fines and maybe jail time. So there is more about jeered, Kirshner that Flynn as potential. I know a lot about, and so I think he should be going to listen and frankly, if you're, a republican elected official, you should be fucking nervous because you ve spent the last two years covering not a wide set of crimes, from collusion to corruption, to grist to attraction of justice without knowing Zach Grimes. You were covering up and we're about to find out what those are, so, whether you were Paul Ryan or Devin, Nunez or Mitch, Mcconnell there, anyone else who have been accessories in this political obstruction of justice. You should also be nervous and one more thing on Jared. There were core documents about a year ago that said,
A very senior member of the presidential transition, teen quote Unquote directed Flynn to make an overture to the russian ambassador about the sanctions vote. Reporting has suggested. That was Jared. That did that, and so clearly he is very tied up in this potential quid pro quo. Specially around the sanctions. Remember like I do think one of the biggest Revelations and this investigation order, the biggest areas of focus is gonna end up being big. They changed the Fuckin Republican Party platform before the convention. Only the only real difference. The only change. The trumpet made was to rush to be nicer to Russia the easier on Russia, and then you know they did this otherwise inexplicable move after the election to try to do let Russia, no don't worry about the sanctions that Obama just imposed on you. Interfering in our elections will take
that we get into power like there are very few other explanation. Or why they would do this other than they somehow felt indebted to Vladimir Putin. For something yes- and it's not forget that the person who was running the republican convention at that time was Paul manner for it with close ties to Putin. Cronies, who was deeply Debt to russian oligarchs and rises. Mysteriously showed up at trumps doorstep. One day, volunteering to take over his campaign for free, despite being billions of dollars in debt, to people who take their debts very seriously with russian mob so mean they're like mother, will make his case will look at evidence, but just like, if you take the outcomes razor view of this. The simplest explanation is, there is a lot of fucking crime happening here, that's fucking grid
What do we think as next an investigation paragraph just write a piece for wired on Wednesday, with thirteen questions that Mahler have the answer? To that we don't know, you never got rid the peace to good peace. What what questions do you have that you think more his answer to what I want to know. I think one big one is around Don Junior, who seems to have a wide horizon vulnerability, hair Fraga, very clearly. It appears line
Congress about conversations around the truck tower deal in Russia too, who he may have told about the in advance and afterwards about the meeting with the Russians and from tower, and there is this grand mystery that mother, I believe, should be under the answer to with a subpoena, which is what was the unknown number that I was in contact with Donald Trump Junior more right after that meeting, and so there's a lot involving the president's son that I would like the bottom of, and just want to know like mother is known this for a long time, and I want to know what mother does. I just want to know how closely the russian conspiracy investigation is tied up in the Trump Organization's financial scandals. Obviously, it seems like there are links there, but I'd love to know what they exactly the
I love to know what parliament a fort lied about in. Why which we may find out some of that on Friday. What else Cohen told them since he also For many many many many interviews. I think he was like seventy hours worth and Let us all to no like whether Mahler believes that Trump obstructed justice very interested in that investigation, because it seems so obvious to so many of us and Trump like obstructs justice everyday out in the open, but will be interesting to see it sort of life. Out in in a Mahler memo exactly whether he thinks that Trump obstructed justice and when and why they have. I'm just a thing is so fascinating because he has shocked to justice. Fired the FBI director to end the rush investigation into himself. He has just done it publicly and incompetent, and so it's theirs is open questionable. There is either a criminal case for the people around Tromp or an and case state from those
but, like we know you know he told us he was gonna, rob a bank. He then showed up at the bank. He treated about the bank and he just left without money. Zeppa hits like You know what happened as is like. We know that obstruction of justice was attempted in means a serious party of tropical. To this day we do not know who will others. The other question I want to know who is in charge of the mother investigation the privileges It s all right, Rosen's Nigeria is it met, Whittaker, no one in Congress or the media can get an answer to that question. While this, just this unqualified fragile, had political hackney met, Whittaker is Inter isn't. Currently the chief offers enough in a head states, and we don't know what is responsibilities are in Trump seems to have no desire to appoint a new attorney general, and so there is a lot little a lot. We want to know just tell us by Mahler. We don't have we have for ever. We don't patients anymore, tha, twitter age is due.
Lee, corrupt ex toilet, salesmen, Matt Whittaker running the Miller investigation. While we want to never had had enough about the russian does, nation. Let's talk about another subversion of american democracy that actually coming from within the country on Wednesday, the republican legislature in Wisconsin. Pass legislation to strip power from the Democrats will be replacing them all Is the New York Times put it in a headline? Wisconsin Republicans defiantly stand like bedrock in face of democratic, wins. Fuckin, someone, someone talk to the headline writers, the New York Times. Man be pissed about this. Are the journalist, the narratives? Yes, who, for the most part right stories that we are debating, are good they're like like the story itself, is an accurate, fair representation of what happened and then some fucking former no labels heard headline writer just crabs all over then the
The writer has to take all the shit on Twitter for because people only read the headlines and I'm just going to rent for one. Second, this is where mainstream american journalism institutions are so ass backwards, which is in this day and age. The headline you put on Twitter is sadly more important than the story itself, and you have. You have like reams of experienced people spending all this time, editing the fifth paragraph in the story and then some Fuckin Yahoo, and, as there are some dumb ass headline on and in Causa Twitter riot against you just it's in fury and looks I dont like that. That's how it is. I read the stories. I hope everyone reads the stories and fall by like you know to be country, lotta people folks are busy there like walking through the airport, see a headline on tv, they looked out their phones and see a headline pop up like sometime. People that know the whole new? So don't don't yell at all the critics about it. Go to your
Can social media departments in Europe, in your media organisations and to the headline writers and have them fuckin fix it. You get your stories are too Good you're journalism is too important for this crap anyway. Ok, that's a rant on that factory, with constant. There was a handsome legislature, the Republican held legislature, past bill, that will limit early voting require the governor to get mission from legislators to adjust programs like Medicaid that are run by both the federal and state government allow the state Senate to veto the governors political appointees required the attorney general to seek the approval of the legislature before making important legal decision allow legislators to intervene and litigation and even prevent the gun. From banning guns in the state capital, without the approval of the legislature that his fucking bonkers the reason why all this is happening. Here's the Republican State Assembly speaker this week
We are going to have a very liberal governor who is going to enact policies that are in direct contrast to what many of us believe in yeah no shit asshole. That's what democracy is outgoing GNP, Governor Scott Walker could still veto the bills in Wisconsin and, of course the Republican Party in Michigan is up to similarly sketchy stuff right now, what? If anything, can Democrats in Wisconsin do to fix this legislation and in general. What can Democrats everywhere due to prevent this from happening in the future? Well, first thing we should do is wait around first Scott Fucking Walker Divinity spells because I have a suspicion. That is,
not to be outdone. That's gave her how awkward toady verse calling him by this is Walker, like the Scott Walker brought this type of of politics to not just with consummate the country and the Republican Party, he is the poster child for the coke funded Anti democratic, corporatist policies that define the Republican Party long before the arab job. So a couple of things that I think we need to do here. Which is one Republicans, don't respond to norms that don't respond to shame. They respond to brute political force and so legislators who pass these bills need to pay a price ad. Someone with an equally well funded, but not imaginary, super pact should be running, adds now making sure that their participation in these efforts is forever ingrained in the memory of the voters and that's important
because every two years the entire Wisconsin Assembly is up for election. So we can have a chance in twenty twenty to address this yeah. Second through their obviously will be legal action here right like some of these things test. The bounds of constitutionality and separation of powers within, but federal and state constitutions, and now obviously, one of the main challenges here is that the deciding vote on the? U S, Supreme Court is held by a angry partisan hack with an axe to grind so problem but, like you can still there injunctions it can be put in here. Some things are done. A North Carolina were struck down, not enough of them, but somewhere. The other thing that I think is important members Wisconsin has recall loss. If you remember Governor Walker was there is an attempt to recall Governor Walker after he passed these very anti labour. Anything.
De bargaining laws back in two thousand and eleven by simply getting enough signatures on a petition. You can recall, try and make an attempt to recall some of these legislators and even though you have some people up in twenty one, I do you get signal by running recall campaigns against the most vulnerable republican legislators who voted this way, and I think that some they consider in the last thing that I think important it is often times when states pass he's regressive laws that outside entities put pressure on them in force, change weather it is company saying they won't have their businesses there. We saw that in Indiana, after they possibly homophobic law, whether it is Its leagues who said they won't hold, are also game to their championship. Games in these
you saw that North Carolina after an anti trans bill, there isn't a. There is a law on that. The path to Georgia, legislature that was eventually vetoed by their public governor because a lot of employers, including sales force, said they would not locate. There are companies there. Ah, if such laws passed So there I didn't Democrats should think about how we organise grass roots around business. Is and other entities to put pressure on Wisconsin politicians answer, for example, I know the Milwaukee bucks are desperately trying to get the NBA all star game and I think two thousand and twenty two or two thousand and twenty three, and I think there could be a grassroots campaign to put pressure on the NBA to not do that. Under this set of laws which are anti demo,
in creating Franklin, uncertain business climate for these entity? So those are the sort of things that I think are in our real house. To do ultimately, being control of legislators is the key to this right, while I was gonna salmon Democrats should understand, like twenty years, is not going to be able to accomplish all that much in the next two years with this legislature, and they have made that very clear from the outset zone anything specific about Tony avers at their upset about they urban, physically openly saying he's a liberal and that's bad, and so not only are we not going to cooperate with him over the next two years, we're going to make his life a living? we're gonna make sure that he doesn't get anything down whatsoever. It's like Ms Mckenna, saying you know, my main goal is to make Brok Obama one term president on steroids that basically what they ve done here. So I think an opportunity here for Democrats to continue the organizing efforts in Wisconsin that we began in the up to twenty eighteen, which were successful in the sense that Tony
elected governor but look Wisconsin's going to be, you know one of the tighter swing states of the three states that trump one in twenty. Sixteen, the blue saves the Trump one was content. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin's, probably gonna, be the toughest for us in twenty twenty so it will be good to be on the ground, organizing protesting fighting. Now from now, until twenty twenty, Not only will that help sort of elected, more democratic legislature and twenty twenty but help wherever the nominees. When was continent, twenty twenty, so I think you know outside organism genes, the Dnc every one else should continue. So do the organizing effort on the ground in Wisconsin to fight this republican legislature and then also lay the groundwork for twenty twenty. So on Monday. The a little bit about how the North Carolina State Board of elections has refused to certify a congressional election in the states? Ninth district, where there is pretty clearing compelling evidence that a paid republican consultant committed election fraud by going door to door in neighborhoods,
collecting, absentee ballots and literally stealing votes from people. Now there are calls for house Democrats to refuse to see republican Mark Harris who, to win the race last month by only around nine hundred votes. One house Democrat is also calling for an emergency hearing into the matter Dan. What do you think should happen here? I think that there should be an election and there should be criminal charges brought against the people who did this add if there are not enough, there is not a new electronic. The Democrats should refuse to seat the republic it Harris who won the election under these pretty blatantly obvious illegal circumstances. I mean that the guy who did this this consultant has been convicted before and may have been doing this for up to eight years he's been doing this shit there is evidence that he did it during the primary that Mark Harris. One, an unusually number high number, a high percentage of absentee ballots in this county in the primary, and that
in this country over the last several years, v absentee ballot, counts have been way off in comparison to the the states you clearly have overwhelming evidence at this point of a republican consultant has been stealing people's votes, but that is still in their boats. And you know the Charlotte observer had an editorial this week's that there should be a new election. It is clear that The only way to you know make sure that this is a fair election is to hold it over I just I don't see any other way around it, and you know some people so Republicans going well. You know nine hundred votes in there weren't that many absentee veils, but, like we don't know, we don't know how many ballots were thrown away. Why there is some evidence that in the neighbouring county, this has also been happening. So it could be thousands of balance. We just don't know because this fucking guys been stealing so yeah. It's it's pretty crazy and it's interesting
I haven't heard much from all the republican voter fraud police on this mark Margo Rubio sixty tweets about Macao lawyers stealing, Action in Florida haven't heard too much from marker Rubio Fuckin, twitter feed. Have you. I saw our friends Einstein from the daily beast we like, I said. I think there was full sincerity, this body to be really nice to hear from marker Rubio about this is like really, you think are you unfamiliar with marker, reveals work, these old shit? That's his deal, it is it so bad You say that a couple things not ass, I was I did it- is you're feeling when I saw the steady horror and saw impressive veil said that if there was not some resolution here, the Democrats will consider knots. Eating mercurous whose like oh, we have power, does not authorize a lever, a power that we could pull were in charge of something. Take that republicans
yeah one member of congregate like this is a huge deal by this is not my passing care for all or something else, but it's like. Oh, they can't just an roughshod over us with a bunch of illegal bullshit. We can actually stopped them in some way, shape or form. So that was very good. I also think that there is thing that ties together. What happened in North Carolina and what's happening was content in Michigan, and that is the fact that the will of the voters is simply an annoyance to Republicans like they understand like this. Has nothing to do with tromp patrol is just a buffoon phenomena ticket at the core of the Republican Party, the people who fund the part of the people who make the decisions they have known for a long time that they represent a dwindling coalition in this country and that with every
passing gear, their agenda gets less popular in their base, get smaller, and so they are employing a aggressive set of anti democratic, small de tools to ensure that the waste If minority naughty in this country, you know, even in Wisconsin, it was done that's got a lot more votes in a lot less. It's because is one of those gerrymandered seats in this country was, and also like North Carolina, has won the republican leadership. The sum of the owner is voter suppression laws in this country. All of this is about making sure that your vote doesn't count at all, so that you know that your vote doesn't count so that your Leslie vote the next time and it is to breed cynicism and a sense of submission and the voting public too, sure that we will continue to pass this deeply unpopular, deeply damaging corporatist environment. Its answer, corporatist agenda that is funded by billion
apparently the North Carolina republican leader just said: he'd be open to a new election. If fraud is proven now we don't know a kind of standards, he's gonna have for proving fraud here, but that is at least a good sign. But now you're totally right, and I would say to where I thought the same thing when I heard anywhere say that they might not see Mark Harris because either. First reaction of every one which has been our reaction for last two years is not enough. People are talking about this. We got, put pressure on them. We gotta make a big stick about this and, like that's all true, but like you know, it's gonna get a lot of people to cover this and talk about this when fuck, Nancy, posing Stani horror like no, not gettin, seated that'll make it a big story. When people are we talking about so that's exact mean that's! That's what power gets you? That's. What organizing gets you pots of America's
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in billions in tariffs, make America Rich again and then, shortly after his tweet, the stock market, plunged two hundred points on Wednesday. Trump went back the thing that China was sending strong signals about making a deal following the statement from China's government Sudan. What what the hell is going on here, was he lying originally or was he too stupid to tell the truth has evolved, know the details of his own trade policy, or was it both having its both? Amidst all the answer is always both with EU these days whenever you tweet- something like I don't know, what's wrong, Whether Trump believes this relies about it. They were like both. I don't know what's worse, where there is a library, stupid riverlike gives both goddamn it s like what this exposes is that basically, we ve known for two years that we have a dangerously unfit We swim ignorant more honest president assets and yet somehow
we have made it through without the bottom falling out of the american economy. In that case, and what we know is from having worked in the White House is your words matter when your president, unlike anything else in the world in life, you can make the market move, you can cause a crash. You can cause no someone a move, aircraft carriers into a gulf like it just by saying the wrong thing, and so that is a they responsive.
Of that role is a bad match for someone who is a pathological wire with verbal diarrhea, and you certainly today the legal consequences of that here I mean I reading about the story you just like yeah. If Donald Trump was president during the cuban missile crisis, there would have been nuclear war luggage at their just would have like you. You watch him in a high stakes, negotiation on the global stage, and you watch him just not just fumble through it. I mean he didn't know what he doesn't know: trade policy. He doesn't know what the fuck is talking about an trade policy and by the way, this is supposedly the issue that he genuinely believes right like, and it is truly. If you look at down trumps record on trade over the last twenty thirty years, it has been it's one of the few policy areas where he's been pretty consistent, he's been protectionist for long time. He has been a racist protectionist since birth. Everything else is fake, but those two things are right. Yes,
that's right there, the racism in the protectionism, those are both genuine genuine beliefs on his part and in the protectionist like for someone has been protections for so long, like you'd. Think that he thought about that. He'd have heavy a new In view of the issue, or at least some view on the issue that is, I don't know within the ball park of accurate. He clearly doesn't always and about on trade policy he's out there who God knows what he said to the President of China, whose no dummy and then he's like tweet now shit. The White House is asked about. You know trumps tweets vacant them up there? They admitted they don't know what he was talking about. They had no idea. He starts like naming details about the deal. Warehouses like we don't know what he's talking about. I mean This is a meanwhile. The stock markets plunging the countries in a trade with China, which is all right,
hurting farmers hurting consumers like it's crazy. The question is: can Democrats make this case against Trump in twenty? Twenty? Should Democrats make this case against Trump in twenty twenty and on this trade policy? Is it more of an economic case? Is it- and you said this many times before you know it- two chaotic to being the oval office. It's about his chaos and corruption like what it. What is the case you make here, or it is this point- we're just sort of use to him. You know eating, crazy shit and people are sort of immune to heavy goods. It is interesting that the only people who have not figured out the incredibly dumb and age or question about whether you from seriously are literally as the market who, just like two and a half It is like. Oh fuck as a Yahoo like what what are they doing other counting money for two years to go to your requested. I
I think that we have two. Yes, we can make a case. Miss yes, we have to make a case around. I wanted to ensure that here wide shared brown has to say about this, but there is an argument that the chaos that comes from tromp, whether it's the tweets weather, the fact that he is always wrapped around the axle of some criminal investigations or another. The you know what all of the drama comes at a cost, and you have to show. If you could you ask me what that cost is it can't be? Anesthetic discussion has to be there as impacts in their lives and certainly in a lot of states that are gonna, make make up the the net, the winning coalition for a democratic presidential candidate. You should be able to, You that around these terrorist, but also, if he's tweets, are moving the market in ways that affect people's for a one case.
Yeah. It is a very strong argument for not having a president who sends crazy, tweets right and an and the point is it's not about trumps tweeds, it's not about trumps, crazy, tweets. It's about you know, policies and real life consequences that result from the statements that the president it states is making publicly right America's. Sometimes, I think just saying, or you get crazy tweets, minimizes the real consequences and the damage that come from his presidency to people's lives. It's not great. Ok, Let's talk about the twenty twenty election since there has been some news this week, if its December of twenty eighteen, let's get to it with die. When you talk about tread, talked about continent in Michigan. Now we get to talk about twenty, so former Massachusetts, governor friend of the pod develop Europe has decided against running Orange County lawyer, Michael Oven, Oddy has also decided against running. There were reports,
that better work and Andrew Gill M, have both met with our old boss, Barack Obama, to talk about potential twenty twenty bids, Joe Biden this week, so that he'd be the most qualified candidates in the field, but is thinking about his family and will decide soon. Elizabeth Warren delivered a major foreign policy speech. Kamel Harris has got a new book coming out soon, which is what you do when you thinkin about running for president and there's about you, know four five hundred other people concerning running so before we get into it Dan. How much should people be talking about and focused on twenty twenty? At this point, I as much as you want to be right. It's it is now at this point, it's like you. Medical sport right. It s like if you're interested in this is a great need to focus on the elect. Itself is obviously what the country for the future of the night, is America and democracy more generally, but none of its gonna be decided for a very long time, and so do you know about.
Getting. People should be interested. Other candidates are interested in follow closely if they decide to run. If they decide to run, watch them early on and see if they are saying things in doing things and proposing things that are interesting view, and if someone inspires you, you can start working for them either work on their campaign or just volunteer for them and innumerable ways and so like it is, staying. If you also one hour after a very exhausting two years when I the holidays often watched Nano Christmas movies, around eighty. There, an amazing embassies- and you can do that here- it's like this option or political viewing right now, you're like just to compare it to pass the elections because always feels like you know was headed to New Hampshire, to give a speech and where that sort of raise the speculation about whether he was gonna run. I believe you had walked into our Senate office to interview for job by December. Speculation about whether he was gonna run. I believe you had walked in
who are Senate Office to interview for a job by December, maybe in December yeah. Pretty close to that, pretty close that I think- and I think it was first we could anywhere. It gives told me I was moving to Chicago and that I think in saying that in February Obama announced. So this is the time that you know people start announced candidates, announce they staff up this when it happens. Oh, it is early, but it is not. It is not only are then than previous cycles in people's people should get started early because, as our old friend and boss, David Fluffy, to say the only nine replenishable resource and a campaign is time you can raise more money, you can hire more staff, you can run were tv adds, but every time the clock text. That is a minute here. You don't get back, and so there is urgency because organizing Laurie
Passing well takes time, the building, a campaign and building a right takes time and you can either put the starting line January February of you basely year out of the first primary dates, or you can do it. Six months, and so the either do a year's work in a year. A year's work in six months. Yeah, so Obviously one of these candidates, whose trying to figure out where they will run, is better Rourke. We haven't talked about the peace you wrote for crooked doc. Arguing the better should run and that if he does he'd be one of the strongest candidates? Why do you think that I would say that I really felt some sympathy for journalists after ready that pay speaker you always he'll journalist Lake scream out the fact that no one reads the whole thing before they react to it, and I definitely felt that because it like the fifth paragraph or something I made the point that I like that I am his offer, the pied. I am very impressed by him. I also like a lot of other people who are running and I
in arguing that he would win or he should win and was thus quote most electable Canada, which I think is one of the most bullshit arguments ever or eat, and that when the California primary roles around early twenty twenty that he's necessary, the first I would vote for. I was mainly making the case for his political strength and I doing that from the perspective of someone who, like you, worked for a candidate with a short non traditional presidential resume who had found a way to inspire people prior to run for president and so all the sort of weathered critiques from some of the old sort of washing the political observers about why he should run or didn't have a shot seem very familiar to us because they're the same, what we will set about Obama, but does it mean, like we don't know whether better work will be a great presence or Canada or not he's gotta, get it and say I hope he runs, because there is a
formula for winning this critical promises. You have to run as a progressive who can inspire the base yet also win over independent voters, because there are more Democrats and Republicans in the country, but when you start allocating those voters in two states that make up to him some electoral votes, you're gonna have to win some people who voted for Gary Johnson's people voted for Trump people voted for Romney. What better work did in Texas Show showed the Billy do that on that stage there are other candidates who I think, we have that ability, but we needed there very few people who can do do the an both thing of excite the base and win over swing. Yours and better wish on the potential there. Others who do as well, but I want as many candidates to get in there, who have that ability is as can, because the more the more the merrier. In my view, yeah yeah, we're we're surprised when we saw axioms report, remedial endorse better because european thank
then he should run and works within the peace that you're, not even sure supporting him yet not me we should they did nice where they did after they did right. That's a nice emails corrected very nice. We should say just because I'm talking about twenty twenty stuff look like we, it's obvious evolved talked about how we like liked better here. You know it's been reported you should know that we are on were co, producing archimedes, co, producing a documentary that was filmed about better campaign. There's a documentary film crew falling around the whole time, so that should be exciting, will see that March, but at it in terms of twenty twenty in the primary here at pod, save America and credibility in general, like we are not making any endorsement here, we want pod Xaver Mayer we want cricket media to be a place where every twenty twenty candidate feel comfortable. Coming talking about the future party why they're running for president? You know we have shared Brown on in a couple minutes where hope to talk to all the candidates like an,
The reason we're doing this is because it's not just for like company reasons it's like as activist I actually believe it's incredibly important that who are we support in the primary and can be a tough primary, can do a lot of candidates that we all come together in the general to support whoever. How many years- and I, like all the candidates, potentially running right now, I'll be happy to support all of them. Whoever wins in the. The general election, because there is literally nothing in the world more important than fucking beating Donald Trump and twenty twenty nothing and the thing I worry most about in his primary is like we should have a great debate over the different candidates, their positions on issues, how they're going to govern what their experience is. All of that, let's have that But I really hope people don't get into
I'm never going to vote for that candidate if he wins, are never going to vote for that candidate if she wins or I have a litmus test on this issue, and if this candidate doesn't meet this litmus test, then I won't vote for that cat or I'll vote for Trump or I'll go for a third, I want to try to avoid that, because these are all real. We have an excellent field of candidates in twenty twenty. All of them have something you need to offer. All of them are exciting, all of them we should be able to get behind, and that does I mean we shouldn't. Have it like a contentious debate even at times where we really argue about the policy in the positions that need to be scanned it take like, let's have at it, but let's just end of the day, not get so far down the road with our own candidate that if another Kennedy wins we throw up our hands about, like you know,
and were but that's going. We're gonna try to practice that here and because we're not just like your your typical pundits, we're not going to pretend to not have feelings about each of these candidates like we're gonna talk about when they do something great when they do something inspiring. You, like you, know, we'd, we do like better. We said that here too also bloodshed, brown, organ be talking too soon. Also, love a bunch of other candidates will be saying that I don't expect us to trash candidates here. I would just be honest about how we feel about candidates, but you know in general. We want this to be a place. We want the sort of neutral ground for candidates yet, and I think the other context this is not just are, you know, attempt to add neutrality of sorts, because it's not only Neutrality is the right word, because we need more transparency, because Loggia Joe Biden was Rama Myspace radio. She was also my senator. My entire life be from Delaware. If someone I have known
had been around much of my life. You can't live in Delaware, not be around Joe Biden, small state. These omnipresent and I have a lot of very, very warm feeling. Madam, I have I have been a huge fan of calm lovers since she was knocking doors, and I were rock Obama and two thousand and eight, and it was with war and has been on the pod a million times there. You know there are we we know like this is the first election in my lifetime? Were I sort of have relationships or have worked with our colleagues with a lot of people who are running and when it want to see it play itself out, because you just don't know by looking at some ones how they performed in the Senate, race or governors race and trying to the project that onto a presidential race with pride area in a general is like watching someone playing in a beer league, soft law game and then trying to imagine them pitching games ever the world series rate is just
the different either you just the stages, so big the scrutiny is so high Stakes are so great that you dont know why and how people on that stage, may so much in it before and you have no, idea sitting here today in December of two thousand and eighteen, what voters are gonna want in the late winter spring of twenty twenty one democratic, first make decision or November of twenty twenty when voters make their decisions, like the word going to change a thousand times. It will change three times between when we finish recording today when the pod comes out. So imagine what can happen to right candidate stumble. It shine who you wouldn't expect to shine in all kinds of stuff happens and also like none of these candidates is gonna, be pure or is gonna, be perfect.
And we're gonna know that there's something wrong with all of these candidates, because their opponents in the primary are going to point out the things that are wrong with their record or wrong with their policies. Right so, like everyone is gonna get rough up here, and I think you know his voters. That doesn't mean shouldn't like settle for last right, we should. We should support, should support the Canada inspires me most to me. You wanna go out knock on doors for that person who you think's, going to be a great president. No, that every single one of these candidates has faults and has taken positions on things that you don't necessarily support. None of them are perfect on every issue. Some of them were great on some issues: bad on other issues, like that's going to be the case all across the board suggest you know this is for folks who spend a lot of their home on Twitter like us, unfortunately, and watch cable news and all the rest, but like you're gonna, see bad should about all the candidates and just take a minute during this primary to listen to each of these Canada
yourself to really do your own research on them to go to some events. If you can, you know, like the said that, because of the primary Keller moved up, they're gonna be all over the country and they're gonna be competing. All kinds of states cause. There's somebody can and really just take a minute for yourself forget about what everyone else's forget about fuck, intellect ability and ask yourself what you believe, how you feel when you watch some of these candidates speak and when you watch some of these candid answer, questions and do interviews and that for me as a sort of the just for whoever deciding whoever you may support? That's usually the best way to do it. I think so We also want to push through this week about the Dnc is trying to avoid the kind of debate clusterfuck, the Republicans winter and twenty six, instead of having an undercard debate, which they did back two thousand and sixteen in the republican side. Dnc wants to mix it up so that some top to your candidates appear with some lesser known candidates. So one way to do this is
Maybe there's one debate Tuesday night one debate Wednesday night and they all pick from a hat to figure out who is in the Tuesday night debate and whose, in the ones in debate, what do you think of that why and in an hour all worried overall about too many candidates cluttering the field and the message I am not worried about to any candidate country the field. I don't dance People who say was the eighteen republican candidates that allow trumped when our idiots s now. I would allow from too it was the he appetite for racist populism and the republican base that allowed from the wind and the general incompetence of marker, Ruby, Umegae Bush. That's why It's not worried about that. I did. I think the Dnc debate idea, at least for the first. I do know, however, many months of whenever they start is the right
it's because pulling is a snapshot in time. It doesn't tell you touch your voters feel today. It doesn't tell you how they're going to feel in January, and so, if you were to just do the, if you were to do this by the rules applied in their public and primary you, there was a time of this kind. Equally it doesnt. Sixteen there was a threshold was like that. Top eight candidates were onstage wine in the bottom, eight we're on stage two were ten in six or whatever. The number of yahoos was that's. What it was and the problem with that is, is it grants immediate advice? Edge to the cap to the candidates, who have been around longer with a higher name. I d YE, I suppose some of the younger fresh faces who may have something to offer, and so I think, I think missing it up Here- good, let's eat. Let's see what happens, the question will be when you get closer to the Iowa Cox's or the New Hampshire, primarily California, primary at that point, will it make the most sense if he resumed, the field is still very low, that point to have you know will like once Della or maybe
once delegates have been asserted being allocated to allow actual delegates to determine who gets on the stage. So, as you do, I think in the end voters We have an opportunity to see the six people who have an actual reasonable chance of winning would upset the sex of the rapporteur at that, but whatever that numbers of people with a reasonable chance of winning be unsafe, debating each other. Instead of you know the levers winning at that point, the prisoners and third, the interpreters and seventeenth and eighteenth place all being unsafe same time doesn't seem like that is good for anyone other than the future. The career of the person. Seventy three teeth place yet now I like the idea for the beginning a too, because it is also about incentives right like if you know
the only way to get into the main stage debate is too, you know be at six or seven percent. The poles are no pick a random number. It's gonna give you an incentive to just make yourself known by saying something: crazy, perhaps write like it's. It's sort of perverse incentives. If it's based on polling to try to get into that topped here- and I like the fact- and it's not enough just the lesser known candidates that this helps. It's also the candidates who are maybe a little quieter, maybe not celebrity status. Right leg is just it. It is good to have a level playing field. At the outset, we
your name, I D, the money you raised, you knows, you're celebrity status, doesn't directly affect how people can hear how voters can hear from you on the stage, I think, is a good move by the Dnc and of course you know, the DMZ has, under new leadership by Tom Prize, has learned from sort of the DMZ of twenty. Sixteen which people were worried. You know put its thumb on the scale for the Clinton campaign. People can argue whether that's true or not, but that was one of the concerns back and twenty sixteen. So I think in twenty twenty, the dance he's probably gonna take be extra, cautious and trying to make sure that those that, though the field is the playing field, is level here either. You kid pretty easily argue that at least the debate strategy.
And plan the Dnc put out twice a scene was done explicitly to limit damage to Hillary Clinton. Right like they have. I guess he's pretty clear, pretty the debates like right. I was the Tuesday night. Now it's like, what's legless, how do we get this debate opposite? The Superbowl wits publicly have dad idea. Debates are good and they actually help the Republican Party in the long run, because they created massive interest to make your pain. Now that had a lot to do with trumpet Becky will see very good interest in the democratic debates. The one thing I want to say that the debates that I think is important- and I hope the Dnc takes into consideration is- How do we structure of these debates so that they are about the things voters care about the things that political media likes to ask about a trump likes, a tweet about right like like. We should have a debate. A bat like it should be a health care debate, and it should be about
It doesn't necessarily have to be hosted by your stuff. Monopolized really could be hosted by someone who is an expert in health care policy, railway area they could be like an as reclining Sarah Cliff right, just like you'd like we should set this up so well. Tromp, is going to be that I shall try to make this point on it. It about care swish or the other day, which was This can be the first president who commentator on the democratic primary on a daily basis, and we have to think about that. There was a link that was important to keep our minds. We think about how we structure this because If, if the debates set up where we get our Canada on stage, however ass it is and Chuck Todd gets out there now summons, like Bernie Sanders? Why did you take an array money in the early two, thousands and Elizabeth Warren, defend your decision taken dna test and like if it is all organized around the
trivial margin area that political journalist, care about and democratic voters. Don't care about that. We are doing a disservice to the process like this. Is that it should be a debate about issues and policies, not a debate about your ability to withstand trumps tweets. If and when they com is a general economic, and I worry that absence, some very strong guidance from the Democrat Democrat Dnc Room and up- and I had a bad repeat of previous mistakes. Yet Donald Trump, not dictate the terms of the debate and the questions that are ass in the debate like he dictates cable news coverage right now, which is why yeah? I am worried when a lot of a lot of the usual suspects are asking questions, because they tend to focus on the latest trump tweets. You know- and- and we do need a very, very nuanced, substantive discussion about policy here. So ok We will be talking to potentially one of these presidential candidates when we return
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me to say it, but I too great product, on the Plaza day, Senator shared Brown of Ohio, Senator welcome back to the plan to be back and joy, particularly being with you live in Cleveland that day with my wife- and there was great till thank you that was a fund show. That was a very popular show you should now. I don't I'm sure it was you, but I'm sure was also Conny. Two people were big fence so I want to start with some with GM. Ohio is obviously can be directly affected by the recent decision by General motors to shut down plants and lay off thousands of workers. You pointed out that the GEO P Trump tax plan gives companies like GM tax incentives to do exactly what their due You said this before the tax plan passed. What did you and Donald Trump talk about when you get on the phone with him last week about this bit of an interest conversation arm. He first of all didn't really understand his own tax As I said to him, we need your help. General motors, this is potentially too
one thousand jobs in a community of Mahoning Valley, is about five hundred thousand people, so this is just devastated, mean it's beyond devastating people. Use that word it's worse than that in this community. That's just recovering and coming back from a couple of aids of real hardship, and so the president, I said, I said, wait. We need your help on our cars in orange. American jobs I can cars act. The bill does something so, It takes away the tax break that the Trump tax law gave. These companies have you shut down production in Cleveland and move to Mexico. You get. If you go on your task, You should get a fifty percent off coupon and he said well how that happen. I sit present was in your tax bill and He didn't seem aware of that which was amazing, but I swear grant money, and we put it to and to give incentives to american car buyers to buy cars made in the United States by american workers? That's a hundred different model, so people have plenty of choice, but why should I
If tax breaks to move jobs overseas instead of encouraging people to buy products made in this country and give people that opportunity, it certainly seems, like you know, better tax incentives will help keep jobs. In States like Ohio, but knowing that you know labour will always be cheaper in other countries. Knowing that observation is making more jobs obsolete, what is in it view the long term solution? Here too, you know keeping jobs Ohio, keeping a man you american Manufacturing, strong, thank you for asking that made the first one this is a president who has a history of saying that thing to working people and selling them out to corporate interests. We know that we know the White House looks like a retreat for Wall Street executives, but here here so straight with a short story after NAFTA ass, I am. I flew to Us South South Texas, in in a car and went across the border, and I went to an auto plan or american auto plan in Mexico. In a look just like a: U S play
in Cleveland, neuron or in Toledo it had new equipment? Clean wars, high tech, everything you expect more modern and newer than some of the plants in Ohio that are older, and there was one day, between the american auto plant, the mexican auto plan in that different. Was there was no parking lot at the mexican auto plant? Is the workers can afford to buy the cars they make in that have fundamentally is is the DES down and looking a trade policy you want, you wanna, have a trade policy were workers in developed countries in countries that are better poorer than we are that workers make good enough way they bring their stare of living up and then they can buy american products. So, if Thou, were the case if we had the kind of labour standards and NAFTA to point out that the trumps negotiating and hasn't done nearly gone, we far enough. Yet if labour standards are higher in weight go up in they can begin to make.
Middle class wages middle class in their countries. They'll be here the buy american products in then trade war, then it becomes trade like we have this country, between among different states, in that for you want to end up in that's that's where we fallen short on this trade policy. Senator in the discussions around replacing NAFTA are their particular things that you are looking for. That might be able to get your support for such an agreement. Yes. Yes, I had a meeting today with Senator humor and cinder widened widened as the senior democratically its committees, you know down, and in this we have talked about. We talk about how we need to upgrade this NAFTA to point out with. President of courses declared victory, saying this is a good agreement. This won't jobs from moving off shore. This will not do anything to raise wages in Mexico. Anything in so we need. First of all, we need not just strong labour standards there, some good language in this bill, but their leaders. We need strong and
first of standards, so income when price sir sent to unite. Europe products are made in Mexico in their made with China labour there made with Burma. Workers that are making below the minimum wage. They to certify the border that this these these products were made by by India. Under conditions that are dead are dead, that we support under the values we have about about rewarding the dignity of work. So we wish, as he has, we reward the dingey work in this country. We should be rewarding the dignity of work and are in recognising it in our trade policy, and inward were surely not doing that so in winter Second workers or pay, to a little american workers can compete me. We. We can compete with lower wages in Mexico. We can compete with. Even weaker environmental laws, although we try to raise them, but we can't compete when, when they're not even close, I mean I are. Workers are very productive. We know
prison Mexico be paid less, but they shouldn't be paid one fifth or one tenth. What they're making the United States, then? Then we just simply can't when you look on top of that give it a tax break that whole idea in the presidency? ex law, new tax law, that, if you move actually call you get fifty percent, often your taxes, what kind of stupid power she's that centre some of the House Democrats. The progressive has democratic, especially some of the ones who just got elected. Are supporting a green new deal. Some of the version the Green new deal in their different versions out. There have a green job guarantee. What do you think about the green new deal? Do you think about our job? Guarantee is one way to sort of guarantee employee yeah. I've heard about that. I don't I don't know details yet, but I I I think it Yes, I look at it this way. I have her for years: corporate interests, country and right, wingers trying to play off corporation.
Against the environment. We have to raise if you raise fuel standards on so car get better mileage you're putting on workers out of business. If you, if you regulate the emissions coming out of a steel mill out of the or the stuff they dump in the water, the stuff they put into the air if he tried it, without environmental, the right environment away and puts the orchestra business. I've never bought that you play off workers, against the environment, because what I've seen as good environmental policy me more good jobs in the job may be manufacturing they baby distribution. They may be a whole host of poor or who are a bunch of different kinds of jobs. In for instance, some to lead. I has, is number or two or three, depending on how measure it and in solar energy jobs when people don't know that around the country, but we ve, we really withdraw some things that that's happened in Toledo. We know that cleaning up
great lakes- are greatest natural resource in our country. Next to the people in this country. Cleaning up great lakes is in embargo is obviously very important for the environment, but is also very important for economic development in jobs and and We passed work on the verge of passing a farm bill. That's gonna mean a cleaner lake, Erie gonna mean better Waller water quality. It's gonna mean fewer algae blooms. It's gonna be me, good agriculture jobs, because we're doing or being stewards of the land that we ought to be center, a lot of those progressives who are pushing a green new deal addresses around the country are very concerned about senator match in becoming the ranking them on the energy, not resources committee, and I was If you had it up in including in a gun gently of washing and actually called Democrats to oppose that appointment. Opinion on natural on that appointment, guy- I don't- have an opinion on the appointment per se, but I've talked to Senator Sumer about all this and
to some others, and we this this caucus, has a full commitment environmental policy. We will. We will not copy eyes on the environment. We know that that we know good environmental policies. I was saying earlier is also a good jobs policy and that's gonna continue to be our focus that that we that we stand strong the environment. It means opposing a lot of stuff trump is doing. It means supporting what President Obama did on clean air that goes back even before present Obama. He updated it renewed it, but it yet me. It means no real compromise on safe drinking water and clean air, and I from a state that that where people have council, may you know you can't really be a progressive. You can he can't get a good rating from illegal innovation voters, you ve got a compromise on the environment. I never because I know that good environmental policies, good economic policy- and I want my kids too
breathe clean air and drink clean water, and I don't think, there's the Democrats her as we stuck together in the tax bill and stuck together in the affordable care act, will stick together. Environmental policy are you just comfortably one reelection by about seven points and a state? The trump worn by about eight points Not only did you oh perform Hillary Clinton by a double digit margin. You also pro performed the twenty eighteen. Gubernatorial came Richard Courtrai, who lost his race for governor by four points. How do you for that. What what was different about your candidacy in your campaign it's about where we must start with this. If you love your, will you love your country, a fight for the people who make it work and and that really is all workers, whether you bunch o clock or swipe a badge whether you work on salary, whether you workin for tips or whether you're you're home in kids are taken care of an aging parent, and I think that when you start with dignity of work. When you every flows from that good health care policy, good retirement policy better way,
just so you can have a decent kind of standard of living, and I think that we often forget in Washington, politicians in washing and forget about honouring unreal directing the dignity of work, and I, I kind of all of my Oliver career comes out of that and all of my campaign messaging. It comes out of that and I think that when you talk bud. Dignity work, it's not just its, not just a steelworker in Ohio, it's also physical a sin in in Berkeley. It's also, I am you know, and I t worker and Tampa it's also a real tool some somebody sown real estate, suburban Boston. I mean it's people because we ve seen we seen corporate profits go up. We ve seen executive compensation explode. Seen workers are more productive and working harder, yet their wages are flat in people, don't feel like it. When you work, are, you should be able to have you play by the rules you oughta be able have a decent standard of living, and I I think that that my career
voted to that. In my campaign about that, I'm really accounts for the fact that we probably got fifteen percent, maybe twenty percent, I can quite been able to figure out of the Trump boat people that voted. Tromp, voted for me. As I know they know I other backs in on their side on these issues. So you have that you thinkin about running for president in the past. I know you ve been less enthusiastic about this idea. What what changed your mind and what factors. Will you in Connie and your family, be talking about over holidays. When you think about making this decision on its hard core, thank you for it. For that question, I A lot of my colleagues have planned to run for president for a long long time- and I I you know, we always everybody talks any senator running for president, but I, since election for after election calling I started hearing from Europe overwhelmed by the number of people kind of across the country and activists and people that were party leaders and people that we have been
energize to wake up and fight back against Trump and people. Have they bade like my message, staved like the career of fighting for workers, I think dignity of work, works not just through the industrial Midwest which, where we need to win the Heartland, Michigan Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, but it appears too, and I to somebody working in a diner in Baltimore or somebody I'm working construction in Seattle, so I you make the decision not just a question of thinking about it and talking to family and but I have my eye. I got a call from What are you guys both know? Who was very involved with present Obama any he he said to me, said earlier you thinking of this, because you would you be thinking of this if tromp warrant president and danced I don't know I mean I, I just think it so weren't we nominate the person that can beat Donald Trump and not just with a message at winds and the heartland, but a message that wins everywhere and
I, if I run or if I don't run, I want this message of the dignity of work to be part of the narrative for every democratic candidate, because I think it's the way to appeal to the. Country Senator when you were on which a tapir recent, he asked you if you believe you're the best person take on Trop anew transparently, not as they said you didn't know. Do you he too. Come to the conclusion that you are the best person before you. That decision or is that of the EU get in the race and then let the voters figure that out. But I guess you second part your question, a sort of self. Evidently, yet in the race you let the voters figured out, but you try to help come to the right conclusion. I don't know I mean I think that that I in this race. If one, if it worked for my family and that's that's a pretty scary thought in a difficult, a difficult places during two,
at a difficult bar to get over for all of us and how we work. This out in Conny has been very much a part of this decision that will be and will be, our for children. Their spouses are grandkids, most of whom don't really know what any of this means cause. There there are five and under, but I am, I think the most important thing is that I really want to that. I really want this job. I knowed it. I think president tromp should be replaced. I start with that. I want to be convinced that I will be the best candidate in this for this in it's my job if I'm a candidate to go out and convince others it, but in a minimum of as I've said now, we re emphasise this. I want this narrative of the dignity of work to be the narrative For all any of us, everybody does things her own way or his own way, but I think that's really important that that our narrative be about respecting work, because that message just works everyone's gonna be on authentic message. You ve gotta live it. You got understanding, you gotta, believe and organise labour. You gotta believe in in workers
say whether the ready union or not you ve, gotta, believe about it that strives economy and you'll. Never hear me talk white workers or brown workers or black workers. You'll hear me talk about workers and that that that definition is pretty expansive about people who have been left behind far too many cases, because the system is too often rigging, the senator. Thank you so much for joining us. Good luck, making your decision- and you know if you have any announcements to make, feel free to come
doesn't replace our railway school thanks. Dad thanks Jack, take air bags to shared round for joining us today, and we will talk to you next week by everyone.
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