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Pod Save America launches Monday January 9th!

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Hey guys tell me before you might remember me from keeping at sixteen hundred podcast. It covers with John Federal John loved Dan favor. Started that show these. You won't have a conversation about politics. If we just couldn't find anywhere else, helped us Doktor listeners makes sense of an election. There was, unlike anything, we had seen before, twenty seventeen we gonna keep their combination going and our new podcast POD save America. Episode, start Monday. Continue every Monday and Thursday after that, until the trade wars begin, we barter microphones for gas and bananas, there's much to tell you about the path gas in our plans for this year All that in the first episode, but in the meantime please subscribe to pod, save American Itunes will ever get your podcast. Tell your friends and family subscribe tweet about it. Whatever you want. Thank you. Look for two talking more soon.
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