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Jon, Jon, and Tommy answer your questions on impeachment, 2020, politics, Thanksgiving, and more. Then Ady Barkan checks in with Jon F. about his endorsement of Elizabeth Warren and his fight to achieve Medicare for All.

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happy Thanksgiving welcomed, applied, save America, I'm John, favouring I'm John other territories, happy giving everyone today's pod is our annual thanksgiving mailbag or are some of the great questions you vast on media over the last week? And I am not a great into another great questions, what you'll know which ones are implementing just he'd on the rug and actions happening right now. You were gonna finish. What is going on with you is five years. All tat was crazy, good girl, pundit, what the fuck that's about the right level of respect for us continue and joining us later in the past.
Is our good friend in New father ADI market, so we're here for money before that, a few quick housekeeping notes, there's a brand new episode of Tommy's on the ground in Iowa Series in your feeds. Right now, you wanna tell us more about it: so do Dounia, I mean if you ve ever wondered why I will get to go. First will walk through that history. If you want to understand how the Caucasus work will explain that watch, they take you to a Cox location in twenty sixteen and talk through some very important rule changes this year. That could change the way people The results will go to in House Party than decide to voters as added the Moyne will spend more time with the field organizers. We met an episode one, and I think you will like that part. The most cause they're awesome, but then, if you hate Iowa and you think it sucks and shouldn't be first statement from the three great also the first season of America, dissected with Abdul I'll say it is now completely out and Thanksgiving Break is the perfect time to catch up on this fantastic
series if you have not had a chance to train it. Finally, we ve got some new march on cricket dot com. We got holiday march. We got gain new shirts, we got CALL Congress. Sweatshirts of it are, I'm told the softest ones we ve ever made, which I guess the call Congress softer than not soften. Gay news saw so they saw a softer than the republican response to die trumps crimes, the workshop it could lose shirts are legitimately really cool, shines, Emily gonna play. I definitely think what you do. A funny picture. Were you to her and again you shirt and I'm not an unjust fear is hurting. You underestimate Patriots Josie. I will always be a problem for ok, so make sure you're following Agrican media on Instagram, to find out all the new merged that will be dropping all season long. I think I'm just doing the markings to. I think Pandit thinks that rug is outside. I think she thinks that grass, yet knowing magical benchmarks.
Ok, let's get to the mail bag restart with a few questions about impeachment Indigo swirl on Twitter asks with my favorite part of doing this. If the house votes for impeachment, how will Senate proceedings differ from the ones we are watching that indicator city? I think that this tell us just tell us much more or less possess. There will be in the Senate. I think we can actually expect more possess in part, because this is now going to be as Trump set himself on twitter, home turf when keep checking and congratulations to all the republican senators who now are viewed by Donald Trump as the home team, home team, owned, we'll be right, probably right, but this will be a trial in which Republicans will be controlled.
Majority and will determine the rules we presided over by chief judged on Roberts. How this all plays out. We don't house when I say you killed him chief judge in a one sticking with it, and I did. What the Senate will do. The predictions are run. They gamut from conservative saying that they should dragged the trial out for six months to try to make it about everything, but you in all the way to conservative saying that it should be dismissed without ever having a trial. Those having to be both arguments made by human rights, wages reporting is their thinking about two weeks from that's reporting from Senate Republicans and people who know about and Republicans, and the White House on background, so we'll say, but it could change agent classier questions over. There is a good piece in that inured magazine about
the rules and how it works and like I think the key thing people need to know is that the constitution rights very little about the roles of impeachment its earlier deferred two thousand sentence. They had to pick a lot of things, but it is a question about how much senators are not allowed to speak about the trial during the trial. Yeah how's, your journey. You sit there silently, but there seems to be a question about whether they are allowed to discuss it after the hearings are over on the weekends or whatever which, if it, if there, if there's a gag rule on them, that is materially different for those running for president and would be a big deal. It would, I think I mean, as you said to me, but the constitution says about the Senate. Trial is only that the chief justice presides and that you need two thirds to convict. That's all it says, after that it depends on what the Senate rules are means. The Republicans controlled the Senate. There was a note and that peace that you talked of autonomy that add Kilgore wrote in Europe.
Magazine that in the Clinton impeachment there was unanimous consent, meaning everyone agreed on what the rules of the Senate trial or I find it hard to believe that they'll be unanimous consent, tougher rules this time round, but it does show you how much leeway Mitch Mcconnell has to set the rules. What has happened in the past? What should happen? Is there a house managers directly prosecutor, so a few house members Democrats will present the Democrats case for impeachment cause, presumably the house at that point we have voted to impeach the president, and so the house managers will act of prosecutors. They will present the case. Both sides will be able to call witnesses but again whether those witnesses are accepted. Everything else is all going to be set up by these rules in advance that the Senate agrees on. The only thing is
from its Mccall to set these rules. He needs, of course, fifty one votes, so if he tries to pay anything to shady you know, you could imagine a scenario where Susan Collins, Alyssum Rakowski a quarry gardener. Some of those people, Romney Mitt Romney, even people who might ultimately vote to acquit Trump may say to themselves. I dont know if I really want to do this, whatever crazy, unfair thing that Mcconnell wants to do, though, you know we'll see what what level of tolerance they have and is also having the John Roberts question. He has a conservative but he's also some one that takes a great deal of pride in representing the court faithfully. So I think, is an open question: how active role someone like John Robert would play versus someone like William Renquist during the Clinton impeachment one other thing here I just want to raise. Could I wrote this morning Josh Marshal and in talking points Mamma, I got an email from a former
US attorney, noting that you know Pelosi spoke the other day and she said so. We didn't get Bolton their mulvaney any these people to testify the Senate may be able to get that testimony, and this former yours attorney said the reason why is, and what Democrats may be thinking is they could call John Bolton Irmak Mulvaney as witnesses in the Senate trial and then, instead of going to court the person who would decide whether it was acceptable to have them, whereas witnesses or not, is John Roberts, and so instead of having suf hung up in court until the summer, John Roberts could just decide right then, and there to do it now. Roberts could say: I'm not gonna make these decisions I'll kick them to the Senate, but again I'd rather Susan Collins vote to say no none of these people should testify and have to take that point
We painful vote then to just have tied up in court. So it could be what the Democrats are thinking on us for them affair at savage smuggler men Democrat with a new feeling how smart democratic thinking strategically planning ahead, I have high hopes I gotta get out of my own and I look. I don't say that in any way to denigrate the peat campaign or anything else, just that's all. Your work and I hate it. Some on someone on Buzzfeed set the high song, to a video of the ninety six democratic convention with Hillary Clinton, dancing and people doing the margarita, and it's so funny
so Arizona there they are. There is like a theory of the internet that says it's impossible to tell the difference between extremism and the parity of extremism that it ultimately always looks the same, and I think that there's a corollary which is dorky sweet earnestness, is impossible, distinguished from the parity of it, and so my feed is filled now with two sets. Videos, people earnestly doing the peat dance and people ironically doing the peat Danny. It's all the one dance. All all look the same. I cannot tell the difference. I would just say it's. Anyone making fun of the kids and those video, when you're doing visibility and you wake up at four in the morning to go stand on the corner at five in the morning and you're there for twelve hours. You need to do some things to stay warm into occupy your mind. So if you want do stupid, danced too stupid, fucking dance like good for them yet, like all the mockery, should be in good fun only because these are people out there knocking on doors. I feel that to you now I'm sick of the funds.
Lincoln at anyway, but I'm gonna keep having fun with it. The song will break me. Jason Tundra on Twitter asks came the house's vote to impeach or the Senate vote to impeach beheld anonymously, presumably freeing some Republicans devote their conscience. Is that even possible sound crazy at first but Julian Glover, who is a republican lobbyists in DC, wrote a piece in politico about this, where she raised the fact that, because, as we just said that the Senate can basically set their own rules with fifty one votes technically, the Senate could probably said a rule that. The unanimous voting will, they seems doubtful happy. I know you think of it. Like a jury, it's not it's outlandish when you consider that, like my home on these are members representing constituencies representing states, they ought to be on the record, but then you think well. There also behaving like a jury. Endures often are able to cast their votes anonymously, so I'd too,
very, very unlikely rural girls. I honestly we're fucked by a bunch of its it's. It's interesting idea in question. I think in practice that, after the vote, the first thing that would happen is Lindsey RAM would be like teacher teacher, I voted to you, don't get you off and everyone else would follow and there would be no outlawing aliens myself funny, because you know that what people said publicly and the final vote tally would not light up emailing or something online. Somebody who voted to remove this guy Michel Bob on Twitter asks whatever happened with the making the military stop in Scotland to prop up trumps failing resort stuff. Is it still under investigation? Will it have enough steam to include as an article of impeachment do you guys think whatever happened to the still air Sylvia where there was a story and political. I think that show that their word and turn fifty thousand dollars worth of expenditures at that resort. There is the answer:
the problem of the: U S: secret service having to pay tens, if not hundreds a thousand dollars like rent golf carts and things from Donald Trump and put money in his pocket. So yeah, it's terrible its grafting, it's something that should be examined by the Oversight Committee or whatever the reproach places. I don't use any chance. It becomes part impeachment yet, and I wish I mean I, I guess the reason why there is no chance or very little chance is because we just saw two weeks of sort of painstaking hearings were witness after witness comes forward, and you know Republicans try to muddy the whole thing up and I think Adam shift in the Democrats and has until committee were near flawless
and their performance here, but you could you know it's hard now domain, another two or three weeks of hearings: were you bring in all these witnesses and start educating all every one about the emoluments clause and what it is. Regardless of that, though, because so much of impeachment is an exercise in public education, I would hope that, as the house managers make the case in the senator, even as they as the judiciary considers articles in the house, some one raises and makes a little speech on the fact that the president's foreign policy could be influenced by the fact that foreign governments are making him richer everyday and have been since the beginning of the presidency, and really it fits right in with his sword of corruption with foreign policy in the Ukraine scandal too. So I think it's not some side issue here. I think you should think it's it's good for Democrats,
sort of weave into the larger story at the least files move onto a few twenty twenty questions. This is firm. Jennifer DB on Twitter. Please opine on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates respective foreign policy experience. If you have specific advice, you'd give them Tommy this one's. For you, there experience. Ok, you can just go with the top ones. It's too much to go through. All twenty would happen to agree with. You may repeat, until see serving the military. That's relevant, exe, hence I think, Bernie Sanders has done a tunnel works and twenty sixteen on foreign policies that are really smart team, any shown a lot of interest in fluency in the issues. So far above all, there was a leadership change in Bolivia. Recently, EVA morality was forced out, some say was a popular uprisings, some say as a coup and is actually become a distinction on the left between Bernie and Elizabeth warrants. So that's one recent area where they're starting to talk
about these issues? You know, Biden has the most experienced period, but he also voted for the Iraq war so that product cuts both ways whom I missing here, Elizabeth worn. Yet look I mean she has put out a bunch of plans. She gave a major for policy speech early at you, not she smarten thoughtful on almost all these issues, Biden revision does
but I think when he is that this debate and says I've met all these foreign leaders have traveled around the world where, like he does have you know, like you said someone could make the weaknesses. Someone can make judgment arguments against him about Iraq, but his foreign policy experience even before he wrenched president, always vice president with extensive kind to say. One thing like he gets deemed a lot for voting for the Iraq WAR and he shut and everyone who have voted for that war. Should you not to own it, but he's also, I think, learned from that mistake and was light. One of the people in the situation, room into doesn't nine arguing against sending tens of thousands of more troops to Afghanistan, and I think in hindsight his position was right.
The decision. Obama was wrong so in one one piece of advice in I'm, not a foreign policy expert, but I am a world. Oh, I was anything I say this in the future. In the focus groups I did for the wilderness. I was surprised at how many voters who are sort of low information voters, don't pay a ton of attention to the news. Aren't you know familiar with all the details in every policy as we are brought up on their own when talking about Trump, how embarrassed he has made them feel to be Americans and how he is asking Baron embarrassed us on the
world stage, and we gotta get rid of the sky because he has ruined all of our alliances and were worried about than what. If that doesn't make a safe industry- and I was just like it- it is those of us who worked in politics, for I know it's hard to get voters to care about foreign policy when it's not when there's not an imminent war or terrorist attack, or something like that and to have all these people talk about America standing made me think, that's an argument that Democrat should probably make more, because you don't hear very much this is from our show chow on Twitter. What you think is the best strategy for Bernie to win the nomination. What's he doing right in what should be the focus Sometimes we note I go out Bernie enough and he's one of the front runners. I figured this to be a good question for us love it. When you think I would say I don't know how you do this, but I think the clear question
Bernie is how do you brought in your coalition beyond the incredibly enthusiastic young base that he has built since two thousand? Sixteen you know there was this question after twenty sixteen, which is what share of Bernie Support, was pro Bernie. What share of it was anti Hilary. I think what we ve seen is. There was a good chunk of people that were with Bernie and are not with him now, but that does mean that he could earn their soup but again I think you make it really exciting point, because when you look, yet some of the data Iowa like Bernice, so that I will state University, has been pulling people and then repealing portions of the respondents in the Bernie people are rock solid
they're not going anywhere in and then everyone else's Canada there distort bumping around like Warren gained abundant. She lost a bunch and you can see the fluidity of the race that, like sixty percent kind of willing to be convinced, cohort and then there's just the rock solid Bernier bust folks, are not safe, They would like not vote for the Democrat in the general, I'm just saying, they're like fervent all in for Bernie, and it's a big question whether their strategy is even to expand the base this time or whether they think like, if we're over fifteen percent hold onto precincts, we're gonna, be viable and, like vacant outlast everybody else by just getting through it like. I get the sense that that's their strategy there not really trying to grow there trying to maintain, but I dont know that so I think TAT, one path for him would be on. He said he's been like secondary, third or fourth in Iowa right. So let's say he either wins Iowa, which is within reach for him, or he comes in second or third rail and I'll write. You
see any any anywhere from one to three, and I were Bernie keeps going for Europe. Now he goes to New Hampshire. Anyone knew him from twenty succeeded. There has been a good day for members from from with a little bit of momentum now say you know like patrons Iowa and then its tougher worn to keep Goin or worn winds, and it's tough repeat to keep going, you start winnowing the field after I or you get to New Hampshire. Obviously Joe Biden will still be there now Bernie Ones, New Hampshire. Now we came first through third nigh one wins New Hampshire now he's they're both ought to South Carolina and after Joe Biden, the one candidate with the most support in the black community is burnt. Anders he has more than Warner, are certainly more than p or at or any one else at least nationally in South Carolina. You know it goes back and forth, but so then he then he's got a race against him and Joe Biden, and then he tries to make the case at that point. It is needed to make the case that he's a democratic socialist, but it needs to make their case that he is
or progressive alternative to jobs, and it starts with a lot like twenty sixteen. The one thing I would add that is: ok, that's the kind of political delegate path and how it could all play out. I do think that you know thinking about just rhetorically. If I were thing about how Bernie needed to go beyond his current basis, support or think what what is the language he could be using to reach out to people that doesn't in any way contradict his rhetoric and his left wing credentials into me. I think that there is a part of the case. I would really be interested in Bernie talking about more, so he has this critique. He has this incredibly powerful critique. That was broken in our system, the power of corporations, the need for a revolution of working people, and I think it resonates with a lot of people, and I also think one thing I know for my own family. I got you see it in the polls. You see it and how people onto Bernie? You believe him you like him. You know that he's telling you what he thinks it's, what makes him such a strong debater when he says something on that stage. He has
this incredible armor of he'd never ever seeming, as though he's being politically always telling what you think what what what he actually believes and its effective, I think that there is a positive version of his story that he doesn't often tell not just about the villains he'll take on the enemies of working people, but but a positive vision for the kind America he sees and what he sees as the opportunities he would have it has any and the the reason This fight is ultimately worth it. The good that people can do that that the positive outcomes that the good in America that he's trying to exploit- and I think if I were thinking about how to get bernie- to see beyond the current people supporting him. I would start there is a famous notable, I think, as they just announced- four million individual donations, not donors, but donations, which makes me believe that there are several million donors and if he can turn all of them on the day after I won't get ten bucks ETA people he's coasting financially into action.
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one million for fair fight, and we want to thank everyone who helped us do it. But after seeing on board their work, wasn't twenty nineteen? We want to do more. In our last Bush of twenty nineteen, we to hit two million dollars raised because protecting the votes we need is the most important thing we can do ahead of twenty twenty. So please go to vote. Save America Dotcom, Slash, fair fight to chip in whatever you can dont let Stacy Abrams down. Oh that's about idea. This is from Sonya on Twitter. What could it credit president really do on actual day one of her, his presidency and twenty one. How much can realistically get done that day and what could they do? Slash fixed by executive action on the very first day will depend on your bed time and your wake up and and the and whether or not Europe a procrastinator italian. Ninety five in a lot of egos drafted during transit executive, three walks into their way has day one and are emails didn't work with a vague gmail. We couldn't help it to do
literally get on buses after the inauguration and the buses drop you off the white and you get in there. You see your computer near like now. What how do I work, look what happens. I mean things that be The proposed are comma. Harris has talked about proposing gun, executive orders, gun control, executive orders if Congress as an act of the first one hundred days. So that's that's more of a reasonable time frame. I think that day one year war and has proposed a moratorium and drilling you could get all the candidates are mostly. Canada propose getting back into the Paris climate but one day, one the american prospect at a great, very cool project called the day. One agenda that average go check out, use Google it and laid out a whole bunch of other executive action that they looked at legally and that the president could do on drug prices, effective marijuana, legalization, labour movement, staff, corporate credibility stuff. So there's a lot you could do. I would say, from a media perspective is probably not agree,
the idea to do a ton of things on day one, even though you could pass a bunch of executive orders on day, one inside of Sinai bunch of a ticket or Sunday, when it's not great to do a bunch, because, You can only get so much media attention at one day, and I think one thing we suffered from the abandoned straighten at the beginning is like we pass. We pass the recovery act right and didn't addition to like propping up by a kind of cotton me there was about to collapse. The recovery act also made like historic investments in education in clean energy and other things never got credit really for any of it, because it all happened at once and one of things you learn when you're in the White House is like. You have to really sort of spread out the accomplishments and then, when you achieve something, really hammer home the accomplishment and the media, because when things happen too fast people forget about them and then, when it comes election time they're like well, what have you actually done form and yet not it's not just a political concern. I do think it a genuine
burning necessity because, ah proving that the ideas that we believe in Europe, not just good on policy, runs but good politics, as I think it is really important monitoring ideas. I they also just to divide them into two buckets. There's the bucket of undoing the damage trumpeted yeah, there's a bunch of an our mental rules, coal rules across up programme. Option decisions as it there's a host of things that, I would say, more urgent and I would say you do those very quickly and then you look at the kind of the new and positive changes you want it is something you meet out in the early days diminished fire. All those lobbyists like LE personal stuff is a big deal like getting a white nationalist names. Stephen Nora await us a big deal, putting some of the largest state department. That's not denigrating, unlike driving out career diplomats is a big deal there. So many every little thing is going to be such a welcome change. I would love so many more questions at the next debate and just of the candidates in general about executive
actions plans to do stuff without Congress. If Mitch, Mcconnell retains controlled the Senate, which is very possible, you do a White House breathing, yes, sweetheart and questions about what you just said: Tommy Personnel, who were you thinking about what kind of person would you put in this position and back? They think it's really important and it may end up being the primary power of the president, the next president from Mony re on Twitter. What are your thoughts on making presidential primaries all in one day to that, to that, I would say if you You enjoy what Michael Bloomberg about to do with fifty billion dollars on television. That would be the kind of campaign we would have a bad idea. I think it's a very bad idea, especially because I think GUM Denmark, you know in a I married there are flights of fancy there are moments of Mania Canada's rise and fall in the polls, and I think the
de? I isn't what I would say as if you think that's a good idea think about all the different days that back primary could happen and how many different candidates have led at different points in the primary. The good thing about our system is a. It means that everybody gets a say over time and be candidates had to kind of really be tested out: indifferent forums, overtime, small states, big states, Caucasus primaries. Anything. Ultimately, I think it right down to the benefit of democracy. In episode, four of my eye was serious. We go through some other potential ways to do them might be better, so statement will and look in you have this. You ve cover this, and I was here is too but plenty of criticisms of the homeless Navy of the Caucasus right the two older two way in other. They have all kinds of the problems with them, but the fact that we have a primary system now that forces candidates to compete in person and travel around smaller states and meet people and hold events
very important, I do not think we want democracy were the only time you see these candidates is on their television ads or in these debates. People should be able to meet. Can it so should we have more diverse states yet absolute? We can talk about that, but they should be forced to walk around these states and me people. I met a pitch. What if New York City went first welcome got a pale you're welcome hometown. Only Bellew check marks on twitter yeah. That's right! Yeah! They should run through the fuckin. Gauntlet of the blue check marks David Pizarro enough let's get to some other issues. Rachel on Twitter asks what is one issue that hasn't gotten any attention recently that you ve been dying to talk about, but there hasn't been room and the show due to the election and impeachment all of them Rachel issues around the horn, Skirt there was a story in the New York Times last week: figures about Fedex
oh yeah, that's great Fedex and their lobbyists in their ceo lobbied relentlessly for the Trump tax bill that Trump pushed for and the Republicans all voted for. And as a result of that in twenty seventeen, a Fedex paid about one point: seven billion dollars and taxes and twenty eighteen tax bill was zero. They got a rebate, bigger that's where can regulate the government, bade them government aid than sorry that technically the government pay them and die bring the lobbying for this tax cut Fedex at all. Well, if you give us this tax cuts, we will invest all this money in equipment and that will create jobs that will stimulate the economy. There was no investment, the money went back to their wealthy shareholders by backs and dividend, so that is once it is these two stories that are connected here. That is one story. On the other side of this we just had to election
in Kentucky in Louisiana, where in Kentucky Andy Bashir, part of the reason he want is because he expanded Medicaid in that state aid are defended the medicate expansion, that is, that his father actually did and the republican opponent Map and that Bevin, the governor Try to cut Medicaid in Louisiana. John Bell. Edwards is therefore second term is democrat because he fought for the states, medicate expansion and his republican want to get rid of it. Donald Trump, if he wins a second term, will got the medicate expansion in every state will
Medicate millions and millions of people will be thrown off medicate and they will tell us it's because they can't afford it fed Ex just saved a billion dollars and Donald Trump wants to cut medicate every Democrat running for office, and especially the presidential candidates should be talking about that trade off the tax bill for healthcare cuts in this election, and they should not wait to the general someone bring it up on stage next time next, somewhere in the Medicare for all called SEC, because I guarantee- and we saw this in our wisconsin- pull- it probably pulled better than anything else. That's mentioned. I have two one is so that the Montgomery Advertiser ran a story where they talked to prisoners inside of the Alabama Privies prison system in truly horrid horrible animal mystic conditions. They have just been
bandit awe and left to fend for themselves, their drugs and weapons. It is cruel and unusual punishment being meted out on a massive scale. The other story, this Summing up on my mind, generally, all the time. As you know, we talk about the importance of of infrastructure. We talk about tackling climate change. We talk about high speed, rail and traffic, and the high cost of living. Wondering that contributes to all of these problems is the fact that in the United States, building costs more by and bye, bye bye an order of magnitude in some cases than it cost to build trains and tunnel
and bridges and roads not in countries without without labour standards, are vibrant mental standards, we're talking about our costs being more than double then parts of Europe, and it means that our capacity to deal with everything from housing costs to traffic to who clean energy is hampered by the fact that every mile cost twice much or more to build and its aim is a crisis everywhere in the country and its something that there's no one cause of it. There's a bunch of different causes and a presidential candidate who can start thinking about that. Politicians who can take this issue seriously will be doing an incredibly important service, because, although the the ups and downs of politics, this one issue is hampering us constantly and will continue to do so for decades. Unless we figured
I think we should be time civility our second then roads. I talk about this on positive, rather sweet, but remember North Korea. Remember how they are building nuclear weapons, but rather a building missiles, thickened launches nuclear weapons and hit the United States. There is still doing that and trumps effort at a diplomatic play has done nothing but by them another. What? Eighteen months of time to make more weapons and more missiles, and on top of that, he is currently trying to extort the government of South Korea to pay us four hundred percent more to station. U S, troops on the korean Peninsula, something that allows us to project power, answered the Asia Pacific region and is obviously a hedge against this north korean aggression is weaken spot their missiles when they launch them. We can monitor them all these ways with the soaring them in exchange for which investigation into which oppose I do not question the healthy, and so
the combination of those two things allowing the North Korea problem to fester, which is, admittedly, our problem, but he's not this he's failing and- riving. Our allies in South Korea, away from us, has led to the South Koreans. Cutting some sort defence agreement this week with the Chinese in you just if we unravel our alliances with Japan and Korea and the Philippines. All these places in the Asia Pacific and push them into the hands of the Chinese are dumb. Fuck president thinks about this. Turns out to be a cash register and not an alliance? It is something that is Unfix able after he's got loose, yeah, maybe at age stakes. Are the presidency right, unlike that those are the stakes speaking things that we almost can't do anything about. Chris asks. What are we gonna do about judicial appointments? How do we come back from Republicans packing the courts if anything.
It's a hard one. Eyed workers, you know, look good when that's how we gonna win the Santa that's it we do when the presidency and we had to face the fact that we have been losing on this battle. We have been just getting our asses handed to us here, but I think I like big, but the judges, the put the trumpet and boys are going into where they get like them. Appointments at that unease reshaped almost a quarter of the federal judiciary. Are our trump dredges right now, which is fucking terrifying by it just goes to show how bad We need to win the Senate, and not just the presidency, because from the presidency, not the Senate, there will be no more trump judges or republican judges, but there'll be no more any judges. We. We it'll it'll it will. It will certainly mean that fewer democratic appointed judges will get confirmed. We don't know that they'll, stop it completely. Yeah well, we'll see
was a we don't know. Maybe they will maybe they won't. I mean look at that. We may actually be at the point where they simply will not confirm anymore judges, regardless winning the Senate not just means confirming judges. It also puts even the possibility of judicial reform on the table. Ah, what that would look like is up is anyone's guess. Mayor p, Buddha Judge has pretty bold proposal on that, but it does seem a bit fanciful at the moment. Get mature die, trying donate to the Senate fund. Yeah could call ok, some fun question loneliness, just fluffy on twitter ass, do any of you eat toe fergie. Follow up. If you do. Why do you hate yourself? I want to take this question. I want to think I have ever heard of that until I got somewhere that I Similarly, I personally heed to Turkey, however, for those out there who partake in Turkey. I think you deserve absolutely no judgment and if, if you want to say that
vegetarians and me moral and environmental choice there making is silly. You can take that joke back to nineteen. Eighty two, I think if you retook rookie year about person, you deserve punishment, not just. Adding vision is good for the I didn't realize that just lucky is the twitter account for Corey. Bugger I want you saw her. Turkey return sorry. I am so I am genuinely excited about the innovation happening in vegetarian food impossible, burgers beyond burger. They are delicious and I just like that this one's for you Senator Booker, did you watch the vocs explained on Netflix on this, I fantastic by the way, and they did one on the future of meat. I believe I am very excited for the day when beautiful New York Strip stakes are printed by a three printer like the size, a pizza boxes. That's what I mean
far to think about a new. No, no, don't don't it's good its good and from L B on Instagram can't cranberry sauce or no can't. I love that gelatinous garbutt no mind only gotta comers us homemade, or can I'm not a? I think the beat I dont like I am against. I am against just taking the man of cranberries us. I just got up from being adopted, late. I lot leather goods. I much prefer. I much prefer a little bit of magic, a little bit of theatre. Take that and put in a bowl mash up answer me. Some walnuts to it. That's what that's what friend love it has done in the past, then you got a beautiful cranberry sauce. Did it start in can shirted shirted, but as an end in a camp that innovative cat Erin, who is the amazing producer pineapple studios who's been doing? I was here with me, was saying she was making a mango pie, there's so much innovation happening guy
sparking innovation and cooking cross country mashed potatoes in Greece stuffing. Those are mighty. Favorite saw what a man I know about yeah well chestnut stuffing specific a little low fat rose chestnut stuffing is I've had some loaf everything's collusion earthquake it. Those are those are my two pretty simple Turkey's find to its meat. Look, let's be honest hand, is better read, tat yeah as true glacier on Sunday going dates from earning goose on Instagram pardoning the Thanksgiving Turkey. Why is this still or ever thing? Aaron, it's fun! Let me just tell you, have some fun are fit? One of favorite. What a joy house moments as speechwriters was the turkey pardoning remarks. Right. Love is often such fungi because it was just how many really corny cringe worthy jokes. Could we get Barrack Obama to make and on grants or was all
because he never read the remarks until right before setting about that, you will do is laughed ass. He would loudly ass. He was reading them which, as it when you, when you snuck a joke into a brake on the speech that he would reach the fly laugh to himself and then delivered what a treat women under any cut ones that you they didn't make a harem hauteur. No, if you haven't improve listening, I now since use their larger than proteome back through the vote, but I just remember: we spent way too much time on those remarks, because they're like five minute remarks and legs, the president, has other things to do and do not spend a lot of time on them. But there also having seen by millions of people true if they get air idea. Organ lie everywhere, also guys the mean those refund jokes, but the draft the guy was always allowed on the waiters correspondence jokes drafts. Even I contributed nothing but being a.
Being on the email chains, when the really mean we all know they're gonna get cut jokes went around was my favorite thing in the whole process. It was pretty good self on high aids on Instagram, asked D fabs have wedding advice for love it one was not highlighted. Here's what aeroplanes, he was so here's the tricky part. For me, every couple has one The couple is the more organised part of the couple I do no between the two of you who see what you can barely function and outside a United fine arrive. Who is going to put that should too Is it going to be Emily for waiting for the two zero money about Hannah's farmer? Organizing me here. The problem I had, which was what I don't an opinion on a decision. It feels painful to have to make it so I tried to defer
and then what I came to really understand was when you're constantly deferring to your partner on a decision. You're, actually just loading responsibility onto them and that's not cool either. So you have to just find ways to have an opinion, even if they get overruled, could then you won't care. I was want dominoes in an escape Is that so much now? What I, where I would say, is the think what you remember about your wedding. Are the people who were there and the times that you had with the person your marrying during that during that whole celebration, because you're both really busy there's a million things going on, and so, as you think about it, make short of the list is important spending time with the people who came as important and then obviously having time for you and run into hanged the special day as important a danger that advisers blacked out, I'm I'm half getting. I mean dead, the sober ours that just sort of like anxiety, just wiped away yeah. That is very true to have her. Having got straight,
Roma Lexus on Twitter. To John Love, it ever get PETE booted edge to play risk with him online so who want had, has not happened yet. I proposed the game. Chasin did reply, I'm hoping to have an opportunity to talk to me repeat at the very least about his strategy here: spoken negatively and I think, fairly, about the Classic Australia play while that, as a good early game strategy do get somewhat stuck in your expansion into Asia. Obviously, famously Asia, a land were in Asia, very difficult, it's very hard. It is hard to expand from Australia. Outward sounds like he's more interested in South America strategy. I respect that is well she's, interesting and talking through talking with him about some of them. Wants. As friends. If you aren't, Austria are moving up to come, shocked are moving west towards the Middle EAST right. These are the questions that I need to answer. If he's gone be someone I can see sitting behind that resolute dusk. You know either
the situation remedies not to decide. Does he go for the urals. What does he offers? I am a resource, not a territorial simply add Japan is. I was about to praise Mikey Barbs Interview, with PETE this morning on the daily. But now there is a lot of questions that were answered it up. I used to play risk Was a boardgame out align and nice like I want you back into it I'll, see what you're havin fun online with risk everyone now time. Yet is it that there is a game? Always happening in this office, a booby, forty employees, thirty eight of them are playing not me, not John F, because we have never been invited. There are invited you lost the first round of risk and found having friends last question from across the universe on Instagram? What are you thankful for? I will say the staff
media and you all have gotten to know some of them. There's many others that you don't, as we just mentioned, Whereabout forty strong now and just the incredible work ethic, they bring every day the thief, incredible spirit they bring every day. These are some of the most talented, good hearted people. I cannot believe every day we can the work that we have assembled a team like this. I cannot believe that I am very grateful that, in the midst of an irony assholes now that's racing and everyday grateful that in the midst of this sort of Trump crisis, we got the opportunity to build this company and to feel like were part of it and helping others find a way to be part of the actual fight, because do you think it has been necessary to know that there are outlets where you can do something in the in the wake of so much on fairness and lies in meat spiritedness in and that I am very grateful for. I, like some very good
for to my wife Hannah, for when the moment when I said hey, I won move to allay to start a podcast. She somehow agree is somehow thought. Maybe this will turn out to be a good idea. Sure, let's uproot our lives in San Francisco, move to LOS Angeles. So you can talk into a MIKE with your friends one aren't. You glad you don't live in San Francisco. I love my friends up there. I was there for a wedding last weekend. It was such a great visit. I just I realized it's like that. City is very into one thing into tack or the people. I knew, and I just wasn't into it, and here we are guys here. We are happy that, given everyone behind, they don't give when we come back, we will have our interview with eighty Barkin pod, save America's Roger by various shop. Who has the time, go to dozens of stores or read through hundreds of reviews when you want to treat yourself or find the perfect holiday gift. Oh I'm listening v,
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over two weeks old, when this episode airs she was born a whopping ten pounds with a full head of jet black hair was It's funny, because neither Rachel nor I, our big or have black hair, She is eating well and sleeping relatively well. Carl extremely affectionate towards willow, which is very cute and heartwarming, but as we have this three year old, is also quite jealous and desirous of attention, so he is being pretty destructive and wild in the evenings Rachel is doing really great. She is so impatient with him, but it is pretty difficult for me to watch so I am now basically completely paralysed. I'm able to old Willow, which is wonderful, but I really do any child care, and I can't help Rachel deal with Carl when he starts acting up. So the one
enjoy apparent who it is tainted for us by the tragedy of Ale S. When Carl was born, I was still healthy and for those first four months being a father was easier for me came more naturally, to me, then, being an activist, so I definitely yearn for those days I can only imagine and dumb No. I saw a picture on twitter of you. Are you holding Willow, and I think you said something about how happy you were to be able to get a time where you're actually doing childcare, thereby by holding Willow Wala every one else was busy and I'm sure those moments are really precious for you so you recently endorsed Elizabeth worn in an opposite that was published in the nation, and with a video that was one of the most moving endorsements. I've ever seen. You also praised Bernie Sanders
and said that deciding between him and Warren is cool a wonderful and difficult choice for progressive. Why was it porn to you to publicly announced your choice? the primary in November, as opposed to say you know, waiting until the California primary. That's it Question John and one that I struggled with because I certainly see a role for myself remaining neutral as between the two of them and working to ensure that the two camps treat each other with respect and stay positive and then forces when the time comes, but I did I did that it's important for progressive activists to pick aside and start campaigning we need to be. Retching and building our muscles for the general election. We need to be getting our friends and family. The NGO workers and neighbours involved, so that we have a really enormous grass roots army ready to defeat Trump, so there
is what I am going to be doing for Elizabeth Campaign trying to get as many people as invite as possible, and I am trying to in a way that models progressive movement, solidarity. I really we admire Bernie and think he would be a historically great and transformative president, just like Elizabeth. So I am trying to show both his end, her supporters that we can follow the two candidates leads and advocate for our favorite one without denigrating the other one because ultimately we're on the same side struggling with corporate democrats for this all of the party now and then in a battle with the fascists. For future of our democracy and our planet yeah. I think it so important that that kind of tone comes from both the top, and you know you see worn and Bernie are such good friends and clearly respect each other, and I think if people prominent people yourself are sort of setting the tone for both of the supporters being friendly to each other, even while they compete. I think that's
That's a really great thing: the Medicare for all option there, Elizabeth worn wants to pass in her first year is clearly much more generous and comprehensive, and the public options proposed by Canada, like people to judge or Joe Biden, but it still does represent a bit more of a glide path to single pair than birdies transition, which only requires the passage of of one bill. It strikes me, however, that warrant strategy is more politically feasible, since even a generous public option has more public support and more support. Among democratic senators than birdies bill, do you agree with this? What what are your thoughts? I guess I would say two things. John first, it's important I like just how transformative Elizabeth proposal would be. It would, in the first bill in the first year, give one hundred and thirty five
million people the opportunity to unroll in Medicare. It would be free for most of them and cheap for everyone. It would have comprehensive care including the long term home care that I and so many other disabled and elderly people need to stay in our homes. So would be a massive down payment on Medicare for all and unlike Mayor peace Plan, actually designed to attract people away from private insurance. And second, it's designed to pass with fifty one votes. The Senate, through reconciliation, which won't work for full, the care for all. So I M excited about the product proposal because it gets us half of the way to our destination and it does so quickly in a way that, its power for us to win the whole enchilada in a couple years so one thing I haven't been able to figure out myself is why Joe Biden sat still then agreed to let the vice president's it down with you for an interview about
health care. If you did have the chance to sit down with Joe Biden, what kinds of questions would you like to ask him? This is a hard question, John for those of us who watched last week's debate I do think that it is becoming increasingly clear that Biden is losing his mental acuity and everyone, talking about it in hushed tones not publicly. Folks, like you, dont, want to be too great, because you have a personal relationship with him and you like him as a human being and all of us are concerned about being able is or ages, but the truth is that he having a very hard time, stringing together a coherent sentence, let alone stipulating a powerful vision of the America he wants to create. But, as you noted on the pod last week, this disturbing fact does not seem to be moving the pole numbers very much, and that is really concerning. So I
actually be curious about your take on this topic. Should we be talking more about his mental capabilities, or should the other candidates be questioning his ability do the job of president so yeah. This is a tough one. I mean I'll. Tell you what I think and I've course I I do not have any kind of inside knowledge about this. I'm not someone who can judge his mental acuity, but knowing him as I do and have I don't think it is any kind of mental decline, at least for my experience. I think it's a couple things going on. I think the first thing that
happening is, and you know, if you haven't, you should read this really moving piece in the Atlantic last week about Joe Buttons, stutter and overcoming the stutter and which, as you know, you have sort of her life and I think in moments where he is feeling challenge defensive nervous at times it sort of comes out, and you have people saying that they see this during the debate, what you seen and they don't necessarily see some of his events, ease they think he's much better in the events. Now all that said, as you know, from us into the pod, I've been fairly critical because even if he is mentally sharp, I think he is not, as you said, articulating always a coat
current vision of the country, and I am I worried. I mean people talk about Elect Billy all the time when they talk about war and or sanders or people like that. I'm worried about elect ability in the sense that you have to be incredibly nimble to take on Donald Trump and a general election. And I worry that for whatever reason, whether he's defensive, whether it's just you know he sort of more of an old school politician, whatever it be ice. I worry very much about that with Biden, but I do I also realise that we live in a country where a lot of the electorate does not pay close attention to politics, as you or I do, and they do have of fond memories of Joe Biden as Brac Obama's vice president and that's feeling is especially strong in the black community. I think the question is as the primary moves from places like Ireland, New Hampshire to the rest
country what happens to his support. We see in Iowa and now in New Hampshire. It's not that great in areas like fall into third or fourth place, and it very well could be that once I knew him for happens if someone else wins besides button people who are just starting to patent into the race. Look up and say you know what he did when I waited when New Hampshire, maybe he's that electable against Donald Trump. Maybe I should back some other candidates, so that could happen or people they know. You know I know Isabel shaking somebody's debates, but this is the guy, I know- and I know its values and eight- and I know who he is- and I think he's got a good hardened and that's good. That's good enough for me, and so I think I think Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders in all the other countries are playing this well because, ultimately, I think articulating a coherent vision of where you want to take the country is going to be more powerful in persuading voters Van only trying to sort of draw contest contrasts with the other candidates, so I do think the other candidates her.
Are doing this right, but no, I you know, as you ve heard the pot. I have my concerns about him too. And for me to articulate those concerns as a lot, because I I do know him and I do think he's a wonderful human being and I'm still articulating those concerned so yeah, something I think about a lot. One question I have in this is sort of follows long, what we were just talking about you- and I briefly talked about this on twitter the other week, but prison Obama, who's been quoted as saying Medicare fraud was a good idea answered a question from Stacy Abrams a few weeks ago, where he said that, while all the democratic It should be even bolder than he was in two thousand and eight and push the envelope even further We should remember that a lot of voters, including democratic voters, dont, have the same views as progressive activists I saw that is fairly uncontroversial enter
It is a reminder that its on us to do the hard work of persuasion, but what? What did you think of that? John? To be honest, Your interpretation fails to recognise the context of Obama's remarks, we're in the middle of a heated primary, with two very discreet camps, the progressive Anders Warren Wing versus the Centrist Biden, Bondage Egg wing Obama has very intentionally state out of the debate until now, but last week in Atlanta, he joined the fray and that is why folks on the left got upset. He said- and I quote this still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement. The average American doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system and we make it. I think that using word revolutionary was clearly an allusion to burmese call for a political revolution and his juxta. Vision of revolution with improvement was an endorsement of the incremental ism offered by Joe Biden.
One reason this frustrates me and other activists is that Obama build his brand on the notion that we could hope for big change and that our terrorism could yield transformative results. That was them Judge of his historic New Hampshire speech that good made into the great will I a music video. He said. Yes, we can change the millions of the country. Yes, we can accomplish great things, but now in his public remarks here choosing to play the conservative realist taking public opinion as a fix rather than as something that can be moulded by organizers and politicians, obviously, gear for all is an excellent example of how politicians can shape public opinion and movie. Covered and window quite powerfully, so there is the first reason that Obama's remarks upset me, but this second reason has more to do with the question of prioritization than the specifics of his remarks. Prison
Obama has chosen to largely stay out of politics since he left office. He hasn't given speed just condemning trumps racism or corruption or attacks on the press or the civil service or almost of the other gasoline atrocities of the regime instead he's using his enormous megaphone and credibility to criticise activists, as he did a few weeks ago and to encourage Democrats to nominate a moderate for president? I think it is a shame. Even his foundation is focused on community service than civic engagement emerge and if he and Michel were spending their time and fundraising abilities to raise money to build an army of community and union organizers. Imagine just what a big change that good engender
so I will respond to that and then I will give you a chance to to respond to and look. Obviously, as you know, I am, I am biased cause. I work for the man for for quite a while. I also you know, during the wilderness of podcast that I did was quite critical of different things that Obama had done during his presidency. I'm I'm fine being critical of Obama and his presidency, but I will just tell you as someone who knows him very well: and not only knows him well, but has spent so much time in writing for him that I know not only how he talks but how he thinks I tell you, probably where he was coming from and in the best way I can explain it is Barack Obama often likes to talk, bout. The world as it is as more of a political analysts or a during
anthropologist. However, you want to describe it, he does when he's having a conversation, sort of get into a mode. Where he's not necessarily, he doesn't do like strategy. He doesn't do like I'm gonna go to the event, and this is where I'm gonna tell everyone to be a moderate and elect a moderate like that's. Just never he's been. He doesn't view politics like that. What he does is seven conversation with Stacy Abrams they get into it and he wants to describe the electorate and politics as it is, and the way that he believes politics is is there are most? If you can look at this with opinion polls, most people don't want to tear down the entire system. Most people do want them,
eyes improved most people are really upset with this system. They hover, thou art is right and an Bernie has far right and so does Warren right. People think that politics is corrupt, that no one's looking out for them. There angry about that, but and look- and I spoke to Stacy Abrams actually afterwards, because I'm interviewing her for the wilderness and she put it an interesting way. She said a lot of people have been lied to by politicians, so much that when a politician comes out and talks about really really big dreams, some people think is this going to really get done, or am I just going to be let down again by this politician. She sends a. What we really need to make sure that when we propose something we can actually achieve it. Now I can tell you: Brok, Obama is still the guy who believes in that kind of big step
General James that he was talking about back in two thousand and eight, and he wasn't talking about how hard we should push. I think he believes that progressive activists should pay really hard, and I really I really wish that that you, the two of you, could have spent some a lot of time together, because I really think you would appreciate him and like him, and it would be great to hear you guys go back and forth on this too. But I know for a fact that he does not believe that we need to choose a moderate for president. I know for a fact that he wants to let the process play out and that his comments not intentionally anyway. Now to your second point, he definitely spoke out all through the mid term campaign really hard, wasn't afraid of being critical of trump during twenty eighteen. You can look at all of the speeches that said. Do I She was out there more saying more and pushing even harder yeah. I do there's been times. Rice had got a really wish the bosses out here to say that
This is really scary right now, and this is a frightening moment and enter sort of lead, the troops. Now reason he does it? Is you now we're? sell for zone reputation. He is worried about casting aside auto over the next leaders of the Democratic Party, and he thinks that it's other people's turns to step up and take the lead, and he doesn't want to cast a shadow over those people. So I think that's why he doesn't get out as much as much as he should. But you know if it were up to me, I would like to see him out there more, because I think he is a unique talent and I know he believes in that at you believes in in the future of this country, and I think he'd be useful, but but look I totally understand what you say. So I guess the question is: why he's choosing to be an analysed rather than a participant? It seems to me, we have enough talking heads who are analyzing the situation. I think that he could be doing more. To build up the civic infrastructure in America even in the
and partisan way that Stacy and Andrew kill em are doing and as for meeting him, I would love to. There is still time Please encourage him to come to an interview with me in Santa Barbara, or maybe we could do at the DMZ in Milwaukee I will. I will simply mention it to him next time I talked to him and that isn't it, one point we should all. We should all do a lot less analyzing and a lot more organizing, including him. So I agree with that as an act of just thinking about what he said. As an activist and organise sir. What are some of the most effective strategies you ve learned and used to persuade people who may not be serve active but might be more moderate on some issues are even disengaged and politics altogether. How do you move that crowd of people from either disengaged your sort of wishy washy to activists? What what are some of the strategies of used well for people who are decent?
aged from politics. I try to ask them about their lives about there. Dreams and their obstacles and then I to show them how politics deeply affects them. I am less good. Persuading conservatives, which one reason that I prefer based turn out to persuading undecided So how do I know you ve already asked me a few questions, but since this is a tradition never you come on. Pod, save America that do you have any other questions for me. First, if you had to predict now who do, you think, will win Iowa and the nomination respectively. Second, what would Your advice to the war and end Sanders campaigns, respectively about what they should be doing differently and better gray questions right. So the first question I have studiously avoided predictions in public, but I can tell you that even privately when
Both asking me this. I tell them. I'm really not sure, look, Elizabeth, worn and p due to judge by all accounts, are winning I or not just because it would pull say. But when you talk to people in Iowa, they'll tell you they have the best organizations of anyone. People say that Booker has a pretty good organisation to, but he's obviously further down in the polls, and so I think both of those Canada have a pretty good chance to win Iowa, but again we are it's getting close, but were still a little far out, and so things can Change and Bernie or Biden. I could also see winning Iowa as well. I think it's. It is at the point where the other candidates who are in the running exists very, very, very, very, very hard for the tooth Iowa
say never, but it's it's it's increasingly difficult. So I think the big question here is, if you have a Warren, when we talk about this earlier. If you have a warrant or Buddha Judge, there desire and in New Hampshire. If you have a war and a boot, a judge or Sanders that wins New Hampshire, I think that the question looming over everything is two different. Things have happened in past primaries at this stage either the voters in South Carolina and our own throughout the rest of the country look at those winds and say those are the candidates who can be Trump. Those are the winning candidates and it's got to be one of them or- and this is also happened. People say ok that happened in Iowa New Hampshire, but I still like Joe Biden or I still like Bernie Sanders has also has pretty high name, I d or- and this is a very, very outside shot
I've been seeing nonstop advertising from Michael Buber or something like that, but I think the question is due Iowa and you know it lesser levelled New Hampshire really have the slingshot effect they have had in away or is it a campaign like we ve seen in the past, maybe in the nineties and early two, thousands where you know, because Joe Biden currently has such strong support in the black community and among Non College educated White Americans who together make up most of the party both of those groups or at least a majority? Is that enough for Biden as he continues? And I I just don't think well know that until
we see what happens after. I went after New Hampshire advice to the warring campaign. It's rare. I have so little suffice for the warrant campaign because I do think she's running an excellent campaign. I have been impressed with it just all personal beliefs and ideologies aside. Just as a former practitioner of campaigns, I have been incredibly impressed with the campaign that Elizabeth, worn is running I just organizational- which I am not an expert on, but just message wise. I think the candidates- and this goes to Bernie, to the candidates, who have a message and stick with that message and do not have that message, veer one where the other, just because the Poles go one where the other are the candidates who tend to do best, and so I think, both of them
fall into that category for war, and I was very happy to see her Medicare plan because I think it speaks to people's desire. Higher not to have something more or less liberal or more or less moderate, but, like I was saying, I think people want to understand practically. How are you gonna get this done, this policy that you are proposing and I think in almost every other policy that she had proposed. She had not just the policy in details, but a path to get that done, and I didn't think she had that is well for Medicare for all, and I think she does now so I think I think she solved what was a challenge for her with that new plan. The one thing- and I have said this before about worn, is she is so focused on economic inequality and corruption, which she should be, but I do think some
I miss her message seems like it could be a message that a politician could deliver in twenty sixteen and twenty twelve and two thousand and eight when there were similar levels of corruption and inequality, and I think tat really meet the moment you need.
In your message to talk about the moment wherein- and this doesn't mean to just talk about trump more but talk about the precariousness of what has happened to our democracy and what could happen towards democracy if Donald Trump reelected. I also think that, if she's thinking about the general election, which he should be cause, she could be the nominee and she's thinking about how to build a coalition that speaking about the corruption in Washington and talking about how she's taken on both parties at times, including her own party, is not just a way to sort of enamel yourself to progressive, but also a lot of moderates independence, who dont think in terms of partisan politics, and they might say that it was before and she's, not necessarily partisan. She just loves taking on corruption, whichever party is doing it and I think that's a powerful message for a job
election and I also think, as people wonder, is the person I nominate for president going to be able to get the job done and you know actually unstick Washington and break the gridlock they're. The answer is not well I'm going to work with Republicans, because we know the Republican Party is not going to work with us. Elizabeth Warren has an answer which is when I was in Washington. As a newcomer, I created an entire federal agency from beginning to end- and I had a wall of Republican opposition of Wall, street opposition and even opposition within my own party- and you heard her talk about the cfo- at the Iowa Liberty, justice dinner. I believe you should probably talk about that even more as she gets the home stretch, just as an example of look which he can get done and
with Bernie. I think it's always you know and burning does as well himself by think his campaign needs to be about sort. What it's a movement right and they ve has done a good job articulating its movement. Well, movements grow by addition, and I think, to the extent that his campaign can be welcoming of everyone. You may not have been with us at the beginning, but we welcome you now. I think that's really important, because some time at least some of his online supporters, it can seem like they dont actually want you in the movement. They just want to prove that their right- and I don't think that's the case with burning. I don't think that's the case with a lot of the people who actually for him? So I just think that message needs to needs to be delivered even more so that that's my views on on them. Have you heard about Bernice effort to bring in new people into the Caucasus? Do you think may be doing something that is not being captured by the poles and could deliver a big upset victory, certainly, certainly because I can member in two thousand and eight, when we
kept saying oh we're going to expand the universe of carcass goers is Barack Obama's going young people independence. Republicans people have never voted for for every person of key boy that lives in Iowa and and people would say that that's never going to happen, and the polls that Hillary would do in the pool to John Edwards would do which show Barack Obama and second or third, because they imagined Dukakis Universe. That was much smaller than we anticipated and sure enough. We, the number of people who, tell me I will caucus in two thousand and eight was even bigger than we imagined and it totally blew away the clink campaign, Edwards campaign and all the reporters who thought no way is there going to be a cock us this big and I think, according to a lasting one register Paul you did see. There was a number about enthusiasm that suggested that the caucus universe could be even bigger than anyone. Imagine so, yes that that could happen. It could happen for Bernie could happen for
it could happen for a lot of the candidates. Okay, so basically nobody has any clue what is going to happen. That is correct, That is the one thing we know for sure. I got since this will be running right around Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for? I am grateful for a whole bunch of things but this year I am particularly grateful to the five amazing caregivers who bathe and dress and feed and move me every day and keep me comes, level and safe- and I am grateful of course, to Michael Bloomberg, who is sacrifice Seeing so much to save America, God bless MIKE God bless the pod body. Is always such a pleasure talk to you. I am grateful for you and for your friendship and fur always teaching me and pushing me and inspiring me and and holding my feet to the fire when I deserve it ends please. Give Rachel and Karl and Willow miles.
And Emily's love, and I hope you guys have a really wonderful thanksgiving. Likewise John Happy there, giving our rights thing to our bargain for joining US and, thanks to all of you. Thanks a mayor, P, junior Thanksgiving Joy risk games, router Jed injurious advertise enjoy this people enjoy population, POD save America is a product of cricket, media senior producers, Michael Martinez, our city producers, Jordan, Waller its mixed in edited by
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