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Trump’s taxes reveal that he’s heavily in debt and doesn't pay income taxes, Republicans want to make Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination about her Catholicism instead of her opposition to the Affordable Care Act, and Joe Biden prepares to face off with Donald Trump in the first of three presidential debates. Then Obama campaign manager David Plouffe talks to Jon Favreau about prepping for debates and the battleground states that Joe Biden needs to hit 270 electoral votes.

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Welcome to posit I'm John Favour on John Love. It Tommy Network, and that was vote, save America founder. Dwayne. The rock Johnson who, with doors, Joe Biden Camel hair is over the weekend and then linked to vote. Save America them before I endorse all of us, what an endorsement Cool endorsement I cared about. It was my Martinez is best day. I think crooked media are our fearless producer. Who is a big fan of the rock not just endorse? Joe Biden came off this island as a long term independent, but also is now the founder of us. If America, doesn't, is Instagram pitch and and shot out to the tensile strength of the fabric of that sweater, Nokia, my god they could hold up a suspension bridge.
Today's to Obama, campaign manager, David Bluff about the stated the race and what it's like to prep a candidate for presidential debate. Before that we'll talk about firms nomination of Judge, Amy Coney, bear it to the Supreme Court, then times investigation into trumps taxes and what you abide needs to get out of tomorrow. Night's debate, I just wonder why, when I want to say congrats to both of you, both on the Patriots victory and the fact that the charges against Bob Kraft for dropped yeah really workshop banana. You are you waiting for no, I just didn't want to say when the makes moron I thought of it. Almost a girl eyes could set a right. Then I saved it for a second paragraph B. At the Bob Grab beat his charges were drawn up.
Speaking of debates. Let's do of debates. There's no better place to watch the debate than uncrooked dot com, slash debate where a bunch of us from critic they will be doing live commentary on our group thread. Again, that's can be Tuesday. Timber twenty knife at nine p M, Eastern six, P, M Pacific and crooked dot com. Such debates are coming out with us, love it you gotta, show this weekend, I was it. We had a great lover or leave it check it out. I too hope plug every week. Some. I know that many of you are followed doing what this plug ass at this point, so why bother? You should check it. Your loss. Stealing gray. Would I like that that was a good pitch cocoa isn't going around tire brown was on, it was fantastic, is a very funny episode check it out excellent. I always get the news just thirty. Six days to go in an election is taking place in the midst of a deadly pandemic done
from has nominated Supreme Court Justice who has written that the affordable, correct as unconstitutional, if confirmed, Amy Coney Barrow be the court's youngest justice at only forty eight years old. She'd been a judge for just three years on the seventh: U S Circuit Court of Appeals before Trump appointed earn. Twenty seventeenth was a full time. Professor Notre Dame LAW School where she D. An extremely conservative judicial philosophy. Here's what she said about that in the rose garden on Saturday. I clicked Justice Scully more than twenty years ago, but the lesson I learned still resonate history. Show Philosophy- is mine to a judge must apply the law as written judges are not policymakers. And they must be resolute and setting aside any policy views they might hold her judicial It is just school, is that sort of spells out does not great I would say about buried in nomination fight. But once I quickly about the
they're serious candidate under consideration was Barbara Magala who serves on the Eleventh Circuit Court of appeals. Logo is from Florida. Just keep an American. She won a lot more democratic votes during her circuit court. Confirmation is less controversial record. She hasn't been openly hostile to universal health care during a pandemic love it. Why do you think Trump didn't choose her like what does it say, but the term campaign that they didn't actually go with? What may have been the more elect? Coralie palatable choice. I think that there is a been a dirty deal at the core of conservative intellectual support for Donald Trump from the very beginning I, including from people like Mitch, Mcconnell- and ass. You knows serious adjacent conservatives or what they call serious conservatives and they ve wanted Amy Coney Barrett from the beginning. She is an exemplar of their rightwing judicial philosophy. She is
putting someone like her on the court is what makes Donald Trump Worth it and Donald Trump knows that, because he knows it's transactional for them and its transactional for I like it, he didn't like she had time to jab Bush. I just think that right now, favorite piloting the grievance running through this, all narrative is really is just a treat for all of us. What do you think it a conversation between Donald Trump and a potential Supreme Court justice is like, like White White, superficial level of the law. Does he know to ask that? Is it just about cases about him before the court? We think well. This is what's funny about so the scene and as a great tik tok like why he didn't choose logo and why he transparent and its for its own funding. That is, for both the reasons love it mentioned and the reason Tommy mentioned, which is classic trump like there's. You know a dirty deal that he made with conservatives, there's political considerations and then there's just a very
personal o, Jab nominated, or so I dont like anymore, but it was funny to me that in the CNN Tik Tok they they mention that they basically we're trying their best to prevent Trump from eating, even meeting Magala. They didn't want me to her because they were afraid he would get too excited that she would like bring in a cuban vote. We would say something crazy to melted. They don't want him meeting with these people, have a conversation who knows what else is too stupid. So, let's talk about our both parties are approaching this nomination fight Trump and republican senators and Maghreb pundits have already concocted and alternative reality where bear. It is being persecuted by Democrats, because she's catholic religion shared by the democratic nominee for President the Democrats speaker of the house, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee and a Supreme Court justice appointed by the last democratic President Tommy Wire what doing this- and aside from the reasons I just mentioned like why such an absurd accusation. Yeah, I mean
What's on the absurdity question, so Joe Biden has Catholic, you be the second Catholic Yours President, after JFK, if bear it, has confirmed the Supreme Court left, six Catholics out of nine people thirty percent of Congress, is catholic than the suggestion that, like somehow Catholics are an aggrieved party in this country, is so completely watercress. I'd stems from this scene of moment between seventeen confirmation hearing with defy what she said, something that was kind. Of dumb, but what's clear, is they don't want to talk about the ways that she would rule? They don't want to talk about getting rid of the affordable care act. A week after the election in the middle
the pandemic, and so they do what they always do, which is try to create. These side shows you ve clowns, like Hugh Hewett, saying that all progressives hate all Catholics in making these. You know absurd blanket statements based on some tweet. They saw the defended them and its inner. It's actually kind of laughable. This time around they look, I'm I'm a self hay and Catholic, but you know not. All of us are I mean it's just. It is like completely ridiculous for them to be talking about her being persecuted because of her religion. Somehow and and and Democrats hate religion. I was up the president had states band immigration from predominant. Muslim countries, and they are all behind him- a hundred percent lower. Where do you think about the low catholic Hunter, as it does add to it that they think that there is a kind of pool of maybe moderator, credible catholic voters out? There is what sort of a tutor to for one thing right. You can
get the conversation away from the radicalism of her actual judicial philosophy and get it onto ground. They feel more comfortable, debating an. U can maybe a kind of make some kind of appeal to these people that I I just find hard to believe will work because it so ludicrous so yet they they are trying to say that the left hates Catholics, because the left doesn't want to criminalize abortion, but the right does not agree with the catholic church, and especially this pope on immigration on climate change, on health care on poverty, Donald Trump called this Pope disgraceful. So it's not actually about being offended by Anti catholic bigotry is about the fact that Joe Biden as winning over more white working class Catholics than Hilary. It is like a completely cynical way for a group of voters that they're losing well. It's it's on. There's a connection to, I think, between
the manufacture grievance around an attack on Catholicism when the court love six Catholics on it. If this person is confirmed in the same way that they claim that there has been this great, you know scorched earth campaign to prevent conservative judges from reaching the ban, when they were about to achieve a six three majority there, their homes of running these kinds of campaigns is rooted grievance and rooted in the fact that the liberals are running roughshod all over them, but it doesnt work as well when the winning doesn't work as well when they successfully been able to remake the courts. And there's no reality to the accusation, whether its around attacks on conservative judges generally or this ridiculous Catholic conspire basically conspiracy. It is very easy for Democrats too, like avoid falling into the trap, because there's no views that bear it holds the because she's catholic that are different than views, that a normal conservative would have, who isn't catholic really like there is no need to talk about a religion, she's, just a right wing if she had believes in a right wing judicial philosophy. That's all you!
you know it's. It's not! It's not a well hidden trap it's late, there's not a lot. There's not grass over the whole, just walk around it. Die. If, as I said, this twin seventeen confirmation hearing, like the dogma, lives lovely within you and she was referring to an article bear, it wrote in ninety eight that said something like the duty of judges. It's only about a duty to our judges, but their faith above the law and potentially were cues themselves. In cases around the death penalty, etc, etc. Not actually lived up to that suggestion. She has repeatedly ruled on death penalty cases, so it sort of undercuts the entire he meant all? That's at this is just a psycho. They just don't want to talk about the Asia. I didn't want to talk about her overturning references way, there's a whole bunch of really unpopular position. She will undoubtedly take if she is confirmed
I was a little surprised that it doesn't seem Republicans understand at all the political danger that their in here in having a nominee that is so openly hostile to both the affordable, correct, an row I mean sent MIKE least over the weekend. The fact that Congress chose to enact an unconstitutional law shouldn't tarnished judge bear it in this and Donald Trump himself. Tweeted Obamacare will be replaced with a much better, far cheaper alternative if it is terminated in the Supreme Court so saying that it might actually be terminated with her in the court. Why leather? Why doesn't this? Why don't they seem to think this? hurt them or they just not care about the politics? Yet this also been a few conservatives who have tried to say: don't worry, she won't. Actually this case isn't gonna. Have it's not gonna happen? Don't worry, they won't actually overturn the Asia sweating. Some do recognise the the pitfalls in this. You know it's really our does. I think they. I think that there is a their differ,
equities, Inessa. Think Senate Republicans have a different set of goals and Donald Trump. I think they believe in her philosophy. They want someone like that on the court, its feel, sometimes in the past couple of days that, watching like the Senate, Republicans in which Mcconnell is like an old gang getting together for one last heist, just one. Last time all walls close in you know they probably would have done it otherwise, but the score was so big. They couldn't walk away. So you know, I think they just what there they're putting their chips forward and want to go out his legends. You know I just like this is what they do on almost everything right emanate. They talk discrimination against white people is all about grievance ride there there's always a group is in power and they try to act aggrieved as part of their political strategy, which is just to rally the day. The base sort of invoke this. Tribal, partisan sentiment and
on the lips. You know I mean they want to make it about those things they want to make it about defeating Democrats and in part, as an advantage and not about the issues ever come before the court and that sort of, like the whole, the whole play here. I think it was for cabinet to and in many others before him I will say I'm very proud so far of the Democrats for really keeping this on the message of the affordable care act and I think that's going to be the main challenge in the hearing, because they're going to want them, like you said, tell me they're going to make it but grievance, and we just have to hammer for the next four weeks, which again the closing out the last couple weeks of this election about making it about Trump and Republicans wanting to overturn the affordable, correct in the middle of pandemic. I can't think of a topic I
their talk about for the last couple weeks of the election yeah Island enchanted go to your question to you know they know that they have a pool very dedicated voters who vote on these issues, and they are counting on the fact that enthusiasm amongst a minority that supports overturning road that support a right wing judiciary will surmount the losses that come from people worried about row, worried about the affordable care act fundamentally at odds with a court that is so far right. So we're talking about the debates in a minute, but one of the issues that will almost certainly come up is today's New York Times Report that Donald Trump only paid seven hundred and fifty dollars in federal income taxes in twenty sixteen and two thousand and seventeen? and no federal income taxes at all. In ten of the past fifteen years, the peace, the Trump has avoided all these taxes, because his businesses reported losing more money than they made, which also means that trouble have to pay back hundreds of millions of dollars in loans over there few years as the times wrote quote. Ultimately, Mr Trump has been more successful.
A business mogul than being one in real life. Tommy reactions to the story, any financial malfeasance I miss there is so much of it such a long story my reaction, is, is multi part and probably contrary. Three emulate in some ways. We knew a lot of this. We have seen previous glimpse. Isn't it is financial life that showed the entire persona eyes. The successful business man is just is made up. He inherited a ton of money from his dad. He squandered it and then, whenever you locked upon a business idea, they did make money like from tower or the apprentice he squandered, that by investing all the profits in stupid things I lost money like a dozen golf courses or whatever it shows his brazen public corruption, which is shocking, but not surprised I guess it also explains it like failing to divest his businesses too steering government business too, like his golf courses Alla time like trying to get that g seven there, for example, was born. Not
of his ego, but also desperation like he knows that the? U S government could foreclose on him if he is not able to pay these debts and so the other piece of it there, me crazy, is it- may manage F soccer all over again the apprentice, because not only That's your manufacture, his image as a great business man. It provided him a literal financial lifeline that captain afloat long enough to run for president and then my bigger take away, I think was probably that it may be nervous all over again about what this guy will do to maintain power. Peace is not just about ego and not wanting to be. You know a historic failed one term, president. It's about existential, legal and financial threats for him, and maybe even for kids. I mean there's some stuff in their about a vodka, getting these consulting fees, which is clearly not a consulted on the project that lead me to believe she could be in some trouble too. So there's a lot To this end, it sounds like the times gonna keep rolling out stories for the next couple of weeks.
Love it. What did you think of the story and in how do you think Biden should talk about this issue? There's like a hundred different targets in the story and a lot of details, but, like Howard, you sort of DR at this yeah, it's some rather it is hard to sort of drill down like what's the most valuable political piece of this guy, don't feel like. I know exactly what you look at the seven under fifty dollar taxes in Dan wrote about this in in the news that our people can stop talking about message box, but it seems pretty clear right that there are some core idea here that fits with the larger story of, complex, as this is somebody that cares about only himself who used to rig tax code tat to get money that he didn't deserve to keep himself afloat. He then became president and rigged the tax code even more to protect himself and other people like him. You know I something that I found striking is you know you look at these either. There's been a lot of
think I don't know, I think, with Trump there's, this right wing cynicism that sort of like this is what these people do and none and a hold on a second. This extraordinary and others This is unusual even for the super rich. Even for tax rates is very unusual They are well, you know what what's the problem here. You know that the crime is what's legal again, it is. The crime is, what's legal, it it is a crime trot was able to get away with legal legally, but also the I'm is what is very clearly a set of illegal acts inside of these manufacturer losses and these fake consulting fees and the kind of you stepped back and you look at it and you see Like there is stuff we don't understand here, there is a kind of you know when we, when scientists look up and try find a black hole. You can't find the black hole, but you can see that its disturbing things all around it. You look at trumps finances. You look at trumps redeem. Was borrowing and spending habits and tax cheating, and you say there piece of this missing there. Some way to make sense of this that we can't see illegal contact, illegal money
moving around the world and it is driven him from the day he became president now should Joe Biden sale that I don't think so probably should focus on the fact that trunk didn't pay taxes and he's attack. State who wants to help billion there's a billion years, just like him and rigorous system against the middle class, but I'm deciding what bothered me while I think there's a little bit about the mean we have talked before about you know in twenty sixteen, like trumps economic up It was based on he say. Other quote all my life. I've been greedy. Now I'm gonna be greedy for the United States of America, and it was somewhat believable cause you're like yet he is a greedy asshole, but maybe he'll you some of that magic to help all of us right. Well, it turns out just decided to be greedy for himself. He didn't give a shit about the rest of the country he got into office. He used the office to steer money to his businesses, to sort of like do you have like lobbyists and foreign actors and everyone else like give money to trim properties because he needed them.
And didn't do it. I didn't do anything for anyone else, and now we have eight percent unemployment. The guy couldn't even give people an extra six hundred dollars a week for unemployment benefits. He wants to take away their healthcare coverage. He doesn't want to give any more direct payments. He doesn't want to help anymore small businesses in the middle of pandemic, but me while he's workin the system as hard as we can to pay off his that's that's who he is, yes, yes, why not? I want to close out a campaign for being last year I ain't there's a bunch of peace is like there's their juice Details in the story, like I bet you, eighty percent of the country. Ultimately red knows that he paid seven hundred and fifty bucks federal. Tax is one year. I bet a similar number cares about the the seventy thousand, dollar in right offs for a hare care. Whenever was and dear point out in twenty fifteen and sixteen, he did have this populist side of him. He pretended that he was going to change the way you tax hedge funds,
ask as they were getting away with murder. This story shows that he has been explaining all the same loopholes. He is a tax cheat and you have to make a case about a corrupt system that lets rich jerks like Donald Trump Use, tax loopholes and accounting tricks to do things that we get the rest of us audited or or maybe thrown at. That so I do think this is a big delighting. Buying should play this up at the debate. It's something that people here and for all the time One nuthin impacts him. This will be remembered. This will undercut his core argument for why he ran in the first place, which is that he's a successful business guy? Who could translate that to running the country? That
it happened well again, remember are change research pulling in the six battleground states of of new and infrequent voters. The message that was most successful, actually moving. Voters towards Joe Biden was a an economic message. We rode up that contrasts. Donald transplanted Joe Biden Plan and it was populist and nature and business puts a finer point on that trump. If elected for a second term wants to give the ten richest billionaires in the country, a seventeen billion dollar tax cuts, Joe Biden would raise taxes on the one percent. Raise taxes on big corporation cut taxes for the middle class, fifteen dollar, minimum wage free college- if you make an under hundred twenty five thousand expanded rent subsidies, twelve weeks paid family leave like it. If I were the Biden campaign, I would hope in the debate that not only when you hit him for the trap, tat story, but talk about what you would do- a change the tax system, what you would do for people and what Donald Trump continued for people just like Donald Trump aisles. One thing that that you take away from this year is
there is a lot of political value. I think in talking about going after white collar crime, that we need a new and renewed focus on white collar crime. There is no public. A put this out. Few people have been talking about this that the most audited county in America is a small rural, poor black county in Mississippi, because they are the people who use the earth. Income tax credit, but they don't take care don't go after and dont look at people like Donald Trump and I think, there's a lot like. That's good populism, doing I talk about that, puts it Mary has brought by talk space. Imagine having a personalized judgment, free support system available, twenty four, something I imagine it for as little as a fucking. Kelvin Alice Thirty five dollars a week, judgement over. You have argued that with me entirely my god yeah, please, it's called love or again management. I get gets
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Joe Biden, will face off in the first three presidential debates. This will take place in Cleveland. I would be moderated by Criswell ass. A Fox news who chose the following six fifteen minute segments the records of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the Supreme Court Corona Virus, the economy race and violence in our cities is what he's calling it and the integrity of the election, Joe Biden has been preparing with a staff or Donald Trump has been preparing by demanding the Joe Biden. Take a drug test in between rounds of golf love, considering where the races and how many voters have told pollsters, they already made up their minds. How much do you think these debates matter? You know it's. Nothing has fundamentally changed the dynamic in this race, the corona by hasn't done. It nothing. We ve, in the past, like three months have been able to move the poles very dramatically. You know one p. Go and say things I go there. Tat story doesn't matter, it's like well, ok, but but for Donald Trump things up,
start mattering and had to start matter a great deal to start changing the dynamic. Do I think it's possible to make it happen and in a debate that can fundamentally change the dynamic in this race right now it doesn't seem like it, I think of it as an opportunity for Joe Biden too. You know make a case for himself while dodging bullshit and torrent of lies and misinformation and attacks and nonsense. That will come from Donald Trump to seem presidential to two to demonstrate the kind of leader he will be and give you know the the people we ve been talking about in our poles and other and another polls that our kind of looking for that are leaning towards Joe Biden and are looking for information. Looking for a reason to come on board, tell me what you think in them, if you're on the buying campaign, what do you want? Voters to take away, I meet so you do. We know about debates very, like a ton of people watch them. The first Clinton Trump debate had eighty four million viewers and then the coverage probably reached tens of millions more
We also note in twenty. Sixteen only temper Anna voters said they had made up their minds during or after the debates and I back. That number will be lower this year, given how many people are already decided, so that does suggest that is gonna be hard to move the numbers alive. I also think for Trump, like your debate. Performance is going to convince anyone that you did a good job of the corona virus that that ship has sailed I want to see Joe Biden being the the optimistic happy warrior. Who's going to fight for the middle class is that two years I love the framing of Scranton Verses Wall Street. I think that's aided enormously by this new times. Tat story- and you know its effect, because the minute Biden started down that path. Republicans were crying about class warfare right Lugo know. How do you do this right? You know that's when when it hurts, I think you need to get past delivering a message about Trump being,
a bad human being be immoral? Being unethical, it's gotta be a bigger story about republican policies that are corrupt and helping rich people. Cheat like we talked about a minute ago I also would love to hear him say something like I get. What people want to change? Twenty, sixteen inconsiderate voting, or for someone new something different, but its clear that you are not up for the job and you have failed right and so talk about who you are what you do, do it with a smile dont get down to deepen to them. But also it on the you can like. Let trumped just lie the whole time you I mean I, I keep thinking of Michel Obama's line from her convention speech, the doll trumpets and over his head, and I like, if I was Joe Biden, the frame I'd want to put Ultram pain is not he's a liar he's a scary authoritarian he's bad for all that kind of stuff. He is weak. He is ineffective. He is in over his head and he is out of touch with the problems of the country. He has no fucking idea, what's actually going on in people's lives. He is a kid because
right, a painter by an as like an old old guy right. You see now he's been trying to do that. The whole time Joe Biden, can turn that on him early and show that he is sort of like the daddy old Racist has left this good like doesn't know what the hell is doing is an uncontrollable govern chaos. All around him Ali cares about is himself, doesn't care about other people, and then I do think it is an opportunity for Joe Biden deserve lay out in broad strokes, not details like what he's going to do for the country for some of those wavering voters love what, if you're prepping by four trump. What what would you Tom to expect we're just on the watch out for I think it's almost like it. You can as I have in debate, Prep Donald Trump played by a noise maker. Somebody that does this proximity that's Windsor, ratchet and makes noise mega because doings Ella yeah. It just doesn't really like. Maybe that's, Well. Maybe that's not right, like Donald Trump is broken. All races, fool,
he's gonna make a lot of noise, is gonna, throw a lot of shit out. There is going into Rob, no puppet, no puppet, your puppet would remember. I it's gonna be the same in other rubbing. His own did not prep, so there's no Numa did not a material going into his brain. Only materials entered his brain quite some time, so it's gonna be a kind of like noisy bit of all. The kind of greatest heads can attack Joe Biden in every way possible. This is best Tommy You know eighty million people may be more, maybe more watch. This year. Is I'm just sort of reach the country and remind you gonna sit wait the race the scale of it, the stakes of it, the pain, the countries in the seriousness of the economic crisis, the seriousness of the pandemic, the seriousness in terms of the threats to our democracy and kind of use it as an opportunity simply De President, we talked about this a lot that you know many ways. Donald Trump has tried to run as a challenger right to kind of declare bankruptcy on his first four years and get a restart and Joe Biden
has been demonstrating throughout this campaign that he's showing you what a present is supposed to do that this is what a present sounds like this. What a president looks like an and I think for a lot of people, that's when we really important- and I think, there's a lot of people out there who about will resonate with quite deeply and maybe for the first time seeing it. You know on this stage. Has such history too, and by the way you don't let him slip into challenger boat trumpet, don't let him act like he's. The challenger, I think, is one of the reasons that, like with partly because he was a senator for so long, but it's good for Joe Biden to continue to call him. Mr President, Mr President, President Trump and not Donald Trump right, like I think you ever get, helps to remind people of their tongue, but all the problems and all the crises the countries facing you are the president, because doldrums gonna complain about every he's going to blame Joe Biden going to blame Barack Obama's going to blame politicians in Washington for the last forty, so he's going to do the forty seven years, you've been around forty seven years and you haven't changed anything: hey man you're the President right now. Right now,
tow trucks, obviously going to lie for most of the debate. On Sunday, the commission on presidential debates, CO chair, Frank, Fahrenkopf Junior said that he doesn't expect Chris Wallace or any of the moderators to fact check the kid. It's because quote the minute the tv is off there going to be plenty of fact, checkers every newspaper and ever vision station in the world. That's not the main role of our moderators Tommy should be up to Joe Biden to factual Donald Trump, for the entire debate should be over them. Operators when they get? No, I mean some of my advice to Joe Biden would be dont. Shake his hand, see how you never know if you'd, just like high five covert handkerchief, like dont kind of look down struck when he's lying and dont fact check him on everything. Is you don't have to? But what's the point of having a moderator. If they're, not fat, checking in some way you might as well just have them read the questions. Themselves off of cards? I just don't. I dont understand this: the? U S, media can be agreed in a lot of ways. Presumably that's why you picked Chris Wallace. Why are these
I'll be passive about this, because if you don't do any fact checking you advantage the person who is willing to lie the most you play into the trompe in Europe alternate. Ex facts. Don't matter reality I dont get I find it so infuriating, I'm not saying you need the fact check in real time every statement he made but, like some things are true in some things are false. Why is that not relevant in a political debate to see you becomes a present United States lover? Would you like yeah means are a veto terms, what the pointer rafts are right or that there are some otherwise there is no rules right it if, if misinformation and information are treated equally over the course of the debate, that is a real service to the people watching and yeah, there's going to be tons of fact checking of people going over the thing, but do you have any respect for the people that are tuning in and aren't as well versed in every policy detail, as you are any respect for them, trying to trust you to help them understand the stakes this election, any any fealty to them as opposed to down
in the two parties like any a regard for those human beings at all, thou be my baby. My question, while they're like Joe Biden can fact Jack I'm in Don Trump, but, like Joe Biden is running for President as Donald Trump, they don't have the same kind of credibility when they facts like each other, because they obviously have their own interests like the craziest thing is being like. Oh it's up to Joe Biden DE facto downtime. No, it's fucking not it doesn't make any other. That's You have a moderator, that's what you have in a neutral party right like and I get it like. It would be impossible to spend ninety minutes factoring Everything Donald Trump says: Criswell as Chris Unwelcome all these debate moderators. They cannot do that, but there's gonna be big ones. There's gonna be obvious ones, but you can jump and on a times it also. You know you gonna go back to like what is the purpose of this debate right? It's not! Actually a debate contest. It's an opportunity for these two He bought a hash it out over whose best to leave the country if its Joe Biden,
to not only tell the american people what he'll do as president, but also protect the american people from the misinformation coming from the other podium. That's a lot to ask for one for the other person to do that's a real, so steep climb to put on one side, and it really does advantage misinformation and one of the lessons of the last five years as we have a fundamental problem which we are not doing enough to disadvantage the use of misinformation. Chris Wallis has a real opportunity to help the american people face the crisis of misinformation. That is his job is nor the reason to be their otherwise print. The questions out and them on big signs and showed the signs, but also if, if them, readers job, isn't a fact check. Ok, but we also know the press doesn't view is just a job as the fact check either they often score these things on style points. Right, I mean the famous Ronald Reagan. There you go again line was his way of spinning out of called on all the things he lied about, or is very extreme position that he had taken previously in his career in the press that go what a performance,
audience laughed. He seemed genial like what's the point, What what wise anyone doing this nonsense? If we dont care about facts, in truth, I mean, if you like- this is one of them- times. Are I've really felt like We have not learned anything from twenty six in these debates. Are there not the level Gus Bonanno I'd so in these. In these last thirty six days of MECCA, we are going to take some questions from you guys in Sweden have a mail bag episode between now and the elections. We're gonna end. Every episode with the question, I think we may have some music for this. Questions may if graves be a facebook asks, I have monthly donation set up to various candidates, but still get bombarded with panic. Sounding texts about quarterly funding and deadlines, etc. What do these deadlines? actually mean. Are they important Tommy There are important. I mean they're they're moments, way campaigns have to disclose publicly how much money they raised. And if you have a good quarter
seen as a sign of momentum and success with your can see if you have, not a lot of money. It seemed as a sign that you could be in trouble. It's also something I've looked at the campaign committees in Washington, like the d c c, or the Dnc when they make determinations at the end of an election about where it up their scarce resources. So that's why people are always browbeat beating you at the end of the quarter. They want to post the best number they possibly can before it becomes public Alex Alex, go, We're Facebook asks, can a conservative majority in the Supreme Court block any possibility of an expanded court or other Supreme Court related reforms? Even if we get a democratic have Senate and President Lover, he got that's on it. So there is nothing in the constitution that requires there to be nine Supreme Court. Just says that said, anything is possible with the concern court. Trying to maintain its power by Congress has broadly wait. Add justice to the Supreme Court is
and many many times in our past and there's no reason to believe they can do it again. The I think that's the best bet is like there's precedent for the future the Congress and the President of change this Supreme court. Before we legislation it has gone through, it can happen again Grant Weaver via community asks, can you go into more death how campaign money is spent. We hear about large amounts of money being raised just curious. How many tv or digital adds that gets the campaign, how many voters etc. The numbers are so abstract. I do not know Zachary. Aren't you guys do exactly how much money every add costs it? It depends on the market. First of all, there are some media markets in the country there more expensive, some bigger cities than others, but obviously money camping money spent on digital ads on television ads on polling and data. So they know which group of voters to talk to you, how the campaigns doing how to reach different voters, voter contact staff or rises volunteers? Am I missing anything? What else is campaigns money on pieces of mail that concerning the garbage has mail?
don't worry I'll get through the garbage yeah I'll. Let you know that I'd take volunteers because they're free but The rest I mean like organizers. Unfortunately, a lot of this money is going to be spent on television Ed's, which is you know, now how you wish democracy worked, but often can be effective. That's her Alex treatment asks of guys. Why do I keep eating late night? Dominoes love it well, you know we're in a pandemic and a crisis in a democracy and a growing, as self evident climate crisis and one of the most important periods in politics in our history, surrounded by me. No chaos and anger and fear. So normally you might turn to say grabbing a drink with an old and at a bar or aura.
You know, maybe going go to the old bowling alley, knocking down a couple. A couple a pins, but Many of these things are not available, as the pandemic has basically drain joy from our lives. In the fair contain it has met. We can't go back to the things that make life worth living and so you at night decide at ten o clock to add dinner number two by ordering yourself, Hanta, spamming, You know I don't say ugh say I deserve it, that's what I say bearing Papa Johns. Then download some new yeah. I can't believe It is now six months of every day saying to myself. You know what you deserve: deserted her every day for six months, I just like a coconut cream pie last night. That's of those good, very good where it is all right. If you have other questions, you can t
anytime at three hundred and twenty three. Four hundred and five nine thousand nine hundred and forty four, we might just answer your question on an upcoming pod, save America. When we come back, we will have former. Campaign manager, David plus, posit Mercosur you buy Brooklyn. It there's that's a great way to start up your day, eating breakfast meditating walking the dog. What about starting with making up your bed when you make your bed in the morning, it starts a chain of daily successes. So what feels better than making your bed every morning? How? But the sheets to go on go with Brooklyn Home of the internet's favorite. Heat we're Brooklyn and now it is on our bed, current labour than cheats and the pillar cases. Of course, the hold the whole shipping and bear fantastic, very comfortable. They look really sharp I love Brooklyn, you guys Absolute Brooklyn, untasted sheets. Thank you. Super comfy
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a new progress made to fail, connect the dots between these government failures and pulls back the curtain on the conservative policies. The time and time again have failed the people they claim to protect made to fail, takes you state by state through the pie, as these programmes and systems that have led us down and whose damage has been amplified by this unprecedented global pandemic. You'll hear from them. Go and families have been exploited by these failed policies, and the experts have been setting these issues every step of the way as it turns out, these failures weren't by accident, at all there were by design get the full story download made to fail. Today, wherever you get your pocket, joining us today. Yet their former Obama staffer who's gonna, become a host of multiple pie, casts campaign, H Q, battleground he's. Also, the author of a citizens guide to beating Donald Trump and ripples of hope, David Plan will go back to the pod John always gonna, be with you just following your esteemed foot, prints for all
following your podcast journey. Now. Imagine it imagine if Ur Obama do that, then, when we left the white has Oliver suggests go just go. Make pack has now. That's our that's! Our thank he'd be horrified, supply gas guy. He jumped The Buddha hold out the yes, you I, I wonder what the map and the but first I want to get your reaction to this new times. Tat story by folks Rodya, with an ad about how almost everyone else in America pays more taxes than Trump. How hard wood you hammer this issue, knowing as we do that most undecided are uncertain. Voters already have a largely negative view of the president and want to know more about Biden. Well, I think I would not make it frightens. Internet Struthers just talk about the debate, so right we're going to talk about our democracy.
See him trump wanting to basically not accept election results. You can t this to that which is now. We know why he doesn't the White House. He sees it as a safe house because he fears, what's on the other, in terms of investigation in debt and recriminations. I think when you're talking about your economic plans, your tax plans how you gonna rebuild the economy post pandemic, I think putting this run centre is important to say you can't trust this guy. This is the way he said economy, so you know to me it still. Who do you trust to automatic, is out of the pandemic? but a lot of that is you know your economic plan. So to me, it's just another piece of really important weaponry weaponry in your core argue.
Guardy make it so at least over the map. As you ve known since we first are working together to designate, I am unable to step off the Polar Custer even for a brief moment. I think back then, the state that I bug you about the most was Pennsylvania, Obama, wanna twice Hilary lost it very narrowly and now Biden has a small we'd, but as a leading, not quite as largesses leads in Michigan and was concerned, even though is from Scranton was next or in Delaware. What's your sense of what's happening in Pennsylvania and what Biden needs to do there to get over the top with John Virtual, it's good. You just fully embraced her polar coaster issues and I'm gonna try. Why lie to everyone? I set myself so I do think Pennsylvania's this state, where Trump is, above all about a grounds sorted out, performing his core political stance
part of that part of that is. The state itself is changing a little bit. May any Republican may benefit from now, but I think is, as it is a very strong Pennsylvania, Canada he's gonna over perform in the areas between Pittsburgh in Philadelphia, he's gonna over perform. I think in some of the exorbitant areas outside of Pittsburgh, so that in other so many parts of of Pennsylvania, what is gonna be binds margin of South Eastern Pennsylvania, both Philadelphia City in the suburbs, What kind of margin can you walk out of Pittsburgh with? But you know Trump, as you know, one every county we wanted in two thousand twelve by eighteen point: two big blue Collar County Trump Card, He also did very well along the river, including in in spring and so to me. If Biden can walk out of South Eastern Pennsylvania with margins likely rhetoric and better, I do think you can do better in some of those big blue collar counties. I think there's a man
at the stake when we think what trouble just blew it out in rural areas and examine areas he also did quite well and from these blue color is the eastern and western parts a pensive any been the greatest apples, ionizing fronts, gonna get really good turn out. I think he's gonna drive turn out Pennsylvania, so I think someone this is U member back in two thousand and twelve John me. One Pennsylvania, but it was closer, where carbon we're gonna win. We didn't throw everything into Pennsylvania, we get other states like Ohio, but but we could see moving a little bit and so I think trumps gonna do big turn out there so to me, but if biting can take back some of the territory Trump took Unitary County in Northampton County in areas like Scranton he's Gonna win by six very points. In my view, MIKE Mike my views, Biden ceiling there, maybe four or five points at the max. But right now, I'd rather be buying the trumpet. That's that's. What makes me nervous is, I think me again looks like almost done you for by is there any other sites.
Right now, you'd say a wee defiling got that. I don't feel that way about any state. I feel pretty good about Wisconsin Arizona, but Pennsylvania me closer. That's when you know you're, encouraging, so many people to be active, adopt states. We gotta keep that up, because that's what keeps me up at night is maybe less uphold. It comes out than just I can't say: oh two, seven he's done, it's just not know Feel the same way as I feel like you just said better about was content Arizona, but I don't feel like either of those are locked down either, especially if you like, some of the pulling their zone, has been a little tighter. Why did you I'm surprised that Pennsylvania end up ended up being closer than Wisconsin? What do you think it's something about the electorate in Pennsylvania? That's different,
Their issue areas were well. I think the some of the areas outside of Pittsburger getting more conservative. They were you, know, eight to ten twelve years ago. Democrats would do better in some of those counties and some of those countries have a decent amount of population. So you know you add to your margin. Therefore, Republican goes a real vote you're putting on the board. I also think the though the James Corvo in awaited insults, people Pennsylvania, called a pencil Chuckie right between Pentagon Philadelphia, but you know Trump on some of those counties. Seventy five, twenty five, where we might have been able to keep him at fifty eight, forty, two or sixty forty, so some of that you need to drunk or just some of its the state is getting more conservative and not to look beyond this election. Listen, the electoral college is not static. It doesn't mean the end of this decade of Arizona. Beat like Nevada and North Carolina becomes like Virginia. Those beat be too big moving electoral college to our side and much less taxes, but you know some of these upper midwestern states in Pennsylvania,
get harder and harder over time. So this isn't just like working to keep them all unjust, had Texas in Georgia, Arizona on my guess is we're gonna have to replace some of those states overtime. Well, let's talk about Florida that stay at where a binding, could actually in the election on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, the races incredibly tight there. I'm still, did not only by Hitler, is narrow last, but Nelson and Guillemots losses in eighteen, especially after the poll showed both of them with a lol, but Sable led the whole time. What's your sense of of Florida and and what Biden has do there what's going on there. First of all voyage enormously frustrating I've done. This is well to say: well, if you, Florida. That means the elections over like that shouldn't matter or Russia. Now it'll, be clear, he's gonna win by a lot so then trouble finally concede like by, if Biden ones, by one vote or one state. You know he should be the hope that the present so Florida,
is the place where some of Biden's outside strengths, outside strength from the electorate really come into focus. So his strength with white senior citizens, voters his strength with suburban women, which you know what's true for us steam strolling for the parting eighteen, but we're seeing him at even higher levels in some places that in the northern part of the state in the central part of the state where the so many swing, voters really gives him. I think an advantage. The question will be just like in Pennsylvania. I think trumps gonna drive huge turn up exactly that of all the battleground states in sixteen based on the date. I've seen the place. Worthing Trump did Dr Great turn out Eden. Dr Great turn out in a lot of places. He got it in Florida, one of the reasons Hilary lost, I think he'll add to that end lily he's making a play for cuban american voters the venezuelan community. Now by he's not gonna win the hispanic bow in Florida by seven
thirty, like you might in Arizona because trumps couldn't do with cuban american voters in particular, but if biting can keep the cuban vote Club in the southern part of the state, are often do very well with the porter community colombian community well in community YO. He could probably get in there. Let's see fifty five, fifty six rain so to me I like what's happening with Florida with vitamins, strength in central and northern part of the state. What keeps me up at night is trumps, he's Trump Gonna get outsize turn out and buy and eat from a vote, turnout, standpoint, doesnt meters, I do not remember back in sixteen John, it wasn't just poles. The earlier vote. Looked exceptionally good. Fellow In the end, the election day story was much different for Trump versus Quinn, so you gotta run through the tape all the way through so, but I feel good about because bite and also you know, invited you know. Every Canada has strengths and weaknesses. Summit is weaknesses with younger voters and intensity. It's getting better and I think the debate can go a long way to closing the gap, but he
has unique strength with older voters and an I think that is why he's lead in full. By the way she has better numbers and Lord than we had a either of our two races right Two thousand twelve news organization said they work in a pull floored anymore cause Romney had wanted, Do you remember that? So you know I I feel this is where like we shouldn't, be dishonest people bindings in really good place in the race, if Lord, it included, but poles aren't votes, and so, when you look at how many boats are actually become, in Florida you don't millions and millions of votes, maybe ten million votes. You know tat It's gonna bring his turn out. I think- and so that's Biden challenge. I think, which is the normal turnout election I'd, feel exceedingly conflict about Florida. There's a lot of work to do to make sure that he reaches its turn out an theirs. Like Florida is like running a campaign on the planet is frightened per complicated, its large and so prompts out an advantage cohesion incumbent, his plans for it,
campaign for four years and nine you're really starting to see by nothing pick up the pace with some really great spanish language media. I think you're doing good, organizing work, though virtually on the ground, so to me It is a checkmate state not because that means Trump will concede. It just means it doesn't mean Biden's at the presidency, but he's at two hundred and fifty nine. If you are two hundred and sixty one he carries all the Hilary states him out one. So then he just have one state of some significance. Echo, Wisconsin or Michigan. That point floored in Michigan is probably your straight. His way to the presidency, if you're the buying campaign, how much time and money are you spending in places like Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, even Texas, where the races closer than we might have expected, but they aren't likely to be the tipping point states that get you to seventy, well one of the surprising things is from a financial standpoint. They probably have the resources to do it all. We did right at that.
The case of his rights, it is there a scenario where Joe Biden loses: Arizona loses narrowed, North Carolina loses Florida and winds, Texas, I don't think that's likely so same thing is he can lose Pennsylvania and Michigan in Wisconsin and when Ohio no these are likely- is three hundred thirty three and fiftieth electoral them. So I will spend a dollar announce a brain power, or staff time on those states into your comfortable, you're doing everything you need to do in the core backgrounds, and I think they probably to finances to do that. The question is as long as you're, not straining you know their staff too much or their creative teams too much yeah. They ve got the money to go put spots on the ground and do some organizing in Georgia's in the I was in your house in the Texas. Do you can't do that in a way that would sacrifice anything in the core about
grounds, but you see, Trump has taken, the beta mean he's also spend money in those states he starting to restrain out a little bit to me. That's malpractice, I mean Donald Trump. Now getting outspent by Joe Biden he's losing so their campaign is the one they can't waste a single dollar. A single second of thought on a state there's not a tipping point, Tor College state. Are there any groups of voters that sort of keeping you up at night, like I've, been looking? Looking through some of these poles in the data- and it's like young voters, particularly young voters of color, particularly young voters of color, who were men not nests in our trump- has won over some of them. You believe the Poles, but there also sort of ensuring up an undecided column in the third party column like I'm, just not sure what to think about that. But it does seem to be something that's fairly consistent and all of the data right and again we should. We should talk about this through the prism of Joe Biden is in as a stable and significant lead
right now in the states, he needs to win so you're. Looking, probably more for things that could slip, then there is your disappointment, but listen. I think we oughta take the Michael Jordan went out of politics, which is to get hit in the halftime winning by eight you like pissed and kicking chairs, cuz you're, not up on sixteen okay, that's so rare! Where could we see slippage? Yes, you're right, young hispanic and young black men, both in terms of turn out but also go chair is clearly, if I recall he got maybe ten or twelve percent of the male african american boat back in sixteen. Actually didn't get much attention, but you like to get that now, south of town again, so that's an issue and it certainly on turnout, does Biden either keep or get his clothes to possible, maintaining his current sport senior. So you got to watch that carefully. Is there any movement there? College educated white men
you know, have definitely been a source of strength for Biden right now, there's not a massive share of this wing electorate. But you know: do you see any slippage there as we get closer to election day and then listen suburban college educated women may end up voting for Biden, democratic Santa candidates, almost to the same level that hispanic motors towards becoming a core democratic base, Oh, I think you're watching. That's where we are in the race, which is on the, I think, on the persuasion side of things widens basically to ceiling so which are watching, for there is or is there any slippage with the binding campaigns trying to do is just keep those voters where they are. I don't think, there's much more to begin then. I think on the turn outside you know, John, that's, you know one Europe looking oppose it three, a M Pacific time, that's what's got me up at three p m is just it's not on hard. I don't think it's likely to happen, but it's not hard to construct a scenario where Trump gets Bush O four Ohio, like turn out in five or six states might in just doesn't.
That mark and then does mean by no lose. But then I think it's gonna be exceedingly close. So to me, and that's where I think the debate can go a long way too exciting democrats. People have waited for years for this fraudulent grafting criminal to be held to account other than cresswells for a few minutes. They haven't had it and if Joe Biden can do that, I really think that's gonna help. Him was when voters, but also help with the intensity. So those are the groups that worry me I think my Dade County of there was a pull that came out from been Dixon. I got a lot of attention, rightly so the showed Biden not doing quite as well as you like him to do he's offsetting some of that with his strength up into central and them the state, but also of patents there? Now there it is the cuban community young Hispanics young black voters. Are you basically it's a window into all that in a place, TAT really hard to read
voters. So yet, though, those are all the voting cards, I think we need to pay really really. I am then listen in early vote where we we, we don't know how you voted, but we know that you have requested a ballot or that you return Are you seeing a lot of first time republican voters? Are you seeing a lot of infrequent republican voters? That would be a signal that trumps gonna eat a really really juice his turn out. Ok. What what's your level of concern or do you have any concern about the fact that Democrats on their knocking on doors? But the Republicans are because they don't give a shit that we're in the middle of a pandemic Well, you might be wondering how can I think most people who would be targets for door knocking dont want someone at their door. It's the same thing with the rallies like trumps, rallies kind of reinforced the core bide message that disguise or reckless narcissist. You know he's gonna do to events in Wisconsin into the five highest covered test areas in the country this.
So that being said, there is no doubt that it's a missing part of the arsenal, there's some people. May be the only way you get them to register, or maybe the best way to condemn the turn out. So I, If I were the Biden campaign in and there's a lot of other democratic groups, obviously there are also taken this point, which I think is the right approach, which is put safety first. But if you get to the point where there's a decent chunk of voters in estate, He might be open to receiving adore knock and you ve got plenty people willing to do it. You can do that in a safe way. So you know I like I'd. Let the health experts and in science guide that I dont think Troms gaining much from from this activity. But he did. It does worry me a little bit because you know we don't leave a hundred percent virtual world and the binding campaign and John you guys have been so amazing. Without Save America, getting people activated people doing great texting and phone call me. No phone answering rates are postcards of sharing content, so you know that's a lot of the
but the missing piece, the pies that human contact and again my senses right now, there's not a lot of people who are interested in having that. But it makes me nervous because, as we know from the Obama campaigns, you know it was granted to be the best voter contact. There was right. So what is to you- and I have been part of summer successful debate, processions, few memorable unsuccessful. The paper obsessions you, be telling Joe Biden that he needs to get out of this debate like what is the list of top things he absolutely has to do. Knowing that you can't haven't, do everything that you need like two or three things like don't leave the stage without doing Yeah, well, you know, John. I think that in general elections we like five well, I'm not. The preparations were good. We had five good debates, we had some bombs and yet armoury for sure, but I think that, on my view, is the most important thing for natural attributes. Standpoint is for him to be tough in command.
Toughening command. Is that like like? How much does he need to? Have you not? I think, there's like a difference in how the judges score the things like debates and maybe what he needs to do from electoral voter standpoint right, which is like we know from the data that that by needs to let people want to know who by Miss what he stands for. What he's going to right. That's like really important. On the other hand, trumps going to be a maniac Adam the whole time and like how much does by me to Perry that attack back defend himself like what's the balance? Well, it's it's such a high point, no first more successful candidates. In debates you don't remember who they are, so you don't, he has to be who Joe Biden has so here's the thing, his empathy for those that no it his experience, people's confidence that he would have put together a good administration. All those- things, he should remind people of, but right now in the race, to the extent that there are
awesome swing. Voters in the nurse himself binds voters and maybe a few sought from voters- and you know so who were like they ve heard the comments they ve seen. The ads is by up to this. Looking at his interviews, so I think he's got to answer the mail there and then you know we could. We could use a little bit more excitement among the younger voters on the democratic side, so to me, it's not chasing down every tromp attack its not being defensive being angry on your own account, it's being angry. You know in a controlled way on behalf the american people right, so you know the trunk- is not a normal incumbent president. He has failed. The country he's suggesting he's gonna, basically end our democracy and turn it into an autocracy. Hundreds of thousands of people have died. Many them didn't have to repeat handled this differently. We now see that he is may be the best example of a corrupt, cheap and fraud from attacks in business standpoint. I think, by the need to channel the anger. People have
and really be tough with him, not in a yelling way, not in a screening way. Just in an intense way- and he needs to do that- basically, the american people- his client. So, as you know, you- and I have never believed that it is successful. Debate is determine by who had the best line, it's good to have one or two of those particular threat. Mediaworld dividing just needs to be a consistent performance where it's he basically put trump on trial. I think he can become somewhat. I think he should interrupt Trump win from sliding somewhat and then obviously feeling but what's important is the next four years and here's what I'm going to do? What bident aunt do we spend time defending his vote for one thousand nine hundred and ninety four state route, four hundred and nineteen seven. We know trumps gonna come after hunter. Now I think the come back as even easier with this tax story. That is a place where I wouldn't know. No one wants to hear about our children. You know I would have ten or fifteen seconds where you go right at Trump and his family and say, but let me focus on the rest of the american people, so
this is a hard debate to prepare for you know you want to win the Pandemic exchange the exchange on tax rates. The extra on democracy, and you could prepare for that. But we're Trump takes this debate no one. So I think with Biden you ve got to embrace his unpredictability and say you know what You're gonna go out. There was some core things you gotta get done, but you need to be added. And that means by may color out the ones you know two or three times as well, but that's ok, but I want. I want swing. Voters to watch that debate tomorrow. Night and say this guy's up to the job, I think he can dig us out. Whole, and I want younger voters in particular to say that we want, also be I locked how we just basically push trump all over the stage. Metaphorically. I real. I know, that's a big standard, but I think that's what we need, because I think a good first debate can help not put this race away.
But really freeze a lot of the great things were seeing right now with different demographics. Is you asked earlier, and it's gonna make it really hard for trumped on wine that fully brightness, who played Donald Trump and mocked debates with Hillary Clinton back and twenty sixteen write a piece in the post couple days ago, and he said Donald Trump is a bad debater, but his heart to debate like what. What do you think like buying should be prepared for in terms of trump and like surprises from tromp, or do you just have to just go in there and think he's gonna be fucking nuts he's gonna be just like twitter and I just have to play my game and not worry about him. Well, I think, yeah, you see, you can't prepare for every wild punches gonna throw, but I think you can have a sense of how you deal with stuff it. Maybe you weren't anticipate one is you know you once again or just flat out lying to the american people? You once again are distorting reality because you're worried about
self? Not the american people- and you know it's time of year- an american president who spent every waking moment thinking about them not about you know the latest political attack or twitter and what whatever it is, you need them. Home base to get back to, and so what ever wild punch Trump throws the key thing is behind, in my view, no matter what it is not really address it. You don't just Physically, to put it in a corner of lying or narcissism or cheap political attacks, you know if he does have to respond to a do it in like five seconds and then get your core argument. I mean, is you know your answer? Segments are so short, they are so sure so he's gotta be prepared. I think for whatever's report is to get that done in five or ten seconds ago the meat of his answer, but and we know what a boat Joe Biden strength. Yes, his empathy and his goodness and he's one of the most apathetic good people on the planet, not just in politics
What do you know he's got some rottenness he's got some toughness he's got Scranton on his sleeve, I think it needs to bring that. I don't want this to be, Geriatric W w e match. I dont think that works footnote. Here's the thing trumps, the bully. There can be a single moment that debate were looks like trumps, getting the best of binding, and I think wide and is in Troms head it's why he got impeached and, I think, biting really utilised that I think trumps gonna. Be you know adding his depends. Tomorrow night, I really do a pre debate now, the thing about tromp is here look like there's no, where he'd rather be than that. That debate- and I think it's important Why nothing? By will like you,
be the happy warrior like there's no place I'd rather be them right here. Talking about, I record your record american people, so you this can't look like a route canal. Now. Let me look, I think Trump wants to play authoritarian, strong man who looks really tough. He says the word strongly were, doesn't make sense, a million times every couple sentences and I do think this sort of an opportunity for binding too ain't trump as an ineffective, weak, yes presidents, whose also confused like I think to turn a lot of the lies into confusion like trumpeters. I protect people of processing, visions, baby like You even know that you're in court right now trying to take away pre existing conditions. Are you confused about what your own governments doing like he cause because Trump will try to make Biden? Look like you know, he's having senior moments in as in all areas. He can do that to trumped up Magri week. We
big mark him in an appropriate way. That's what I'm saying on nothing like a screaming match right right, those moments of strength through your confused. You know the the mocking try Never faced that I mean he's a literally had two or three top interviews and in this tire first term, and those are some of the worst interviews, any political figures, give him so imagine having an opponent who clearly been in your head, your entire first term, the person you feared facing on challenging you mocking you, you don't undercutting your arguments. I think it could be a really powerful. Like I didn't listen Trump is I love. It fully upset him and he's not a classic debater, but he's hearted prepare for he's just throws haymakers, but I think there's a chance. You could get half way in this debate in its clear trumpery. I think enter the arena. As I am so happy to be here, I finally have my chance to take on the addled. You know drug infused, Joe Biden
You get the sense that he's not having a good time and that there could be really devastating for Well, we know I mean from experience that incumbent president's. Don't usually do quite well in the first debate, partly because they don't like being challenged, could they haven't been used to being challenge for many years and trump? Is you no more in that category than almost any other income the present? Yet? I also think to your point about confusing, also say: listen. I e maybe even think that, Mr President, could you live in this like weird world wearing your own head and fox and bright bark? As we know anybody that were cared about this election, you know doesn't like those entities right right this whole like you, live in your own little reality distort you're, successful business men. You tell yourself when clearly your billion dollars in that, whatever the
issue is, I think, you're right about that which is not. You know, policy distillation. This is very much a performance event more so than even the one we are involved in the only drove our boss, crazy that they were performance event for policy, a seminars, but this in particular I think he's gonna, be nobody is going to vote against your by because they don't think he understands health care or taxes or foreign policy like he's got that he can reinforce. That part of that is just less what he says. Then the energy and kind of the advocacy brings to that. But I think a lot of this is the performance piece of this which you know again. Maybe that shouldn't be the where debates are, but I think they are in this one even more so we will see David Bluff. Thank you so much for joining us. Every single, listen to our campaign, H, Q and Battleground with Steve Schmidt, excellent podcast, and thanks for coming on- and I don't know-
come. My name is very and well, let's hope. So imagine if we're counting glass through Thanksgiving, I mean we're going need round the clock, support for you, Ethiopia only offered ceiling somewhere. There are other things too for joining us today, thanks to all of you who sent in some questions- and we will have the debate tonight- we'll be on group threat- Tuesday night check- now and then on Wednesday we will have a special. If America, with all four of us doing a debate, recap for all for US breathing and got it. We got you here. We got the the crater message box for that when we do there. Yes message: box, Guru, Dan Pfeiffer will be in attendance on Wednesday and then down, and I will do our usual Thursday pot on Friday. So three pods this week, lots of cod,
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