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Jon F. and Dan connect for a special crossover installment of the hit YouTube series "Campaign Experts React" and break down the best and worst of the Trump and Biden campaign ads. Check out youtube.com/crookedmedia for more of the show.

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The presented spots or Plaza America, zip recruiter. Well, it's quite a year, but it Thanksgiving week. So we had to think about. You're grateful for what would it be man where to begin not having covered sure. Ok, enjoying the demon souls remained on the play station, fine, you're buying. on supposedly yeah, there's an ever to unwind his wind, gum unify the election. It seems almost certainly the technical term almost certainly to fail, not certainly, but almost certainly found. So that's good. That's a may look be thankful, be thankful that the is being run by a melting, septuagenarian egomaniac. The way I could be talking about two different men as a couple of hours anyway, metal
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Well, what applies in America? I'm John, fairer ambient Pfeiffer today and the pod the crossover events of the year that none of you asked for New experts react, pod save America gather in one paragraph. Two hugely successful franchises. I I was resisted to being dragged down by this pod. Save America thing by faggot, it's fine you tube biggest star of the year from Youtube you to break out STAR Dan Pfeiffer- that I am, I am recording this from my own height house somewhere in the valley, so
You're all gonna hear a version of campaign experts react which has Dan's hit, show on Youtube. You can there you to dot com, such cricket media, then what in store for four pod listeners for this for this episode This is our election and special, where we're looking at the ads from the binding trump campaigns that best, define their messages and strategies and we look at them from the perspective of what we know now, knowing what now look how much closer the race was with appalling might have been wrong to both asked whether there are more effective than we thought less. active and what role they might have weighed and we try to take it as a opportunity to have a broader conversation that the role of advertising and messaging in very highly polarize environment in which we operate so you like to watch the Trump section is episode. We're gonna do some trump adds. First, it is already on Youtube. If you like to watch the by
section, this episode we tackled by mats. The video version will be up on Youtube on Tuesday December eighth, so that you can, of course, why the entire series in all its glory at Youtube: dot com, such cricket media, but first before we dive in just one quick housekeeping, no The crooked store is freshly starts with new holiday emerge from all your favorite cricket, pods, make sure to check it out. we can for black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals had to crooked outcome. Such store now to shop. Dna should tell That I notice a few people on Twitter have been and they have their it's, not great Dan March and their crossing. The not it's very important to deal with tape because it a few more here permanently. You wanna give yourself the opportunity to revert. Vat are generally not gonna, be great again like you want to be like you don't wanna, be, I guess, maybe it's better for business after by a second shirt, but generally for your online. If you want to be a rip that take off and get right back to pessimism, that opportunity is therefore without further ado. Here's the Youtube sensation campaign, eggs,
it's very active. I just read with written form John for Africa. Welcome campaigned experts react, the campaign is over, but like Trump can't let it go, and we are still here highlight of my life. as I told you, this is gonna, be similar in audience and influence to your instal live with Kendall Jenner sufficiently prepared for that purpose. The purpose of this episode is this. Is our campaign and review episode, we're going to look at the best adds Fromme Abiden Biden and sides that best personified their strategies, a message and reflect on how that will given what we know about how the election went but before we get to that, I want to ask you about how, all, the campaign results the much closer than expected race, in particular,
influences your view of the importance of paid advertising campaigns. I dont know because as in general, I am too two, because the poles were so shitty the and because we only have exit pulled out our, which is also shitty. I have been reluctant to offer confident takes about what happened. I do have a lot of questions which I feel like I'll be asking throughout this episode, but you on one hand in it, action where job lead in the closest no ground states was names of thousands of oats, and you know if you take the he states that made him president. It's basically like you know He won them by fifty thousand votes right. So, in that sense, everything mattered and then he'd advertising of course mattered. on the other hand in a hurry,
turn out election. Where everyone was paying incredibly his attention to the news and to political news about the election. I wonder how much adds had an impact if most people were making their decisions based on the news that there were paying such close attention to We had our old friend Obama, strategist and resident hack on TAT, David Axelrod in the series a few months ago and he made a point that in his experience- and this has come over the restructuring of someone who was a political, add Baker for Decades- that the important the political adds is inversely, for national, to the amount of press attention that a campaign get seven it, shall raise for both Kenneth of woe? Dame idea gets a press coverage. The ads are very much what may be the only way in which voters ever learn anything of substance, about the Canada thereupon any presidential race they matter, but it's much more on the margins are what matters more as the larger
conversation that is happening in the free media and in this day and age in this in social media, and I think, that's probably even more true in this race, which was the most highly engage most highly covered race can destroy me. We basically politics becoming national conversation for four years under the Trump Aramis it never had before. But, like you said, everything there and I think, if you, look at the facts, Joe Biden started actually underwater with its viability. I reckon operating with that poles, but that's our baseline, were operating within that baseline and he improved over the course of time and was able to stop the Trump campaign from demonizing him. His huge Add in research advantage probably played some significant role, and I give him the disparity in press coverage, rightwing Biden and Trot the place where I have real questions is the down ballot subject and send it raises. Were Democrats had massive resource advantage and all their money was on the champions I, which means.
They were running more ads in the Republicans because by law. Television stations have to charge campaigns that what was available right and making gouged the share super backs, and so Republicans were spending similar amounts of money be getting much fever adds. Yet seem to matter zero, I think that raises questions about where We spend our money when we have resource advantage in recognising the forces in this campaign there was very limited on the ground, organizing, but There are better ways, spend that money that would have had more impact and then the question is and this is why these are somewhat unanswerable is. Maybe it was in fact did the Tb Aids or maybe it's what the tv adds we're about, or the digital answer about was at the wrong message, because if all of the polling was off, you were good, poor guidance about what voters wanted to hear. And so I think that's a theme. We're gonna come through throughout. All of these adds is maybe our prior analysis of what we thought worked and didn't is incorrect.
It was based on incorrect so the first Edward no look at a positive spot from a Trump campaign in the race for a vaccine. The finish line is approaching safety protocols in place and the greatest economy the world has ever seen coming back to life, but Joe Biden wants to change that. I would shut it down. Why would we ever lead Biden, kill countless american businesses, jobs and our economic future when President forms great american comeback is now underway? Got OJ drop this message, George, you think of that So this is one of the ads that, in retrospect, I wonder if it was more effective than I Molly thought I will say this about this: Pretty you're Trump ad and most trump adds the gap between the crazy
shit. The Trump says on the campaign trail and tweets every day in his advertising was quite large, his adds were created. produced by your typical republican strategists too, knows that you need an actual message. Trump did not really have a message, but Looking back on that add, I wonder if it appears to a segment of people who ended up voting for Trump and who had locked down fit. egg or pandemic fatigue and big as may be, the pandemic didn't affect them directly. They cared more about call me than they did the pandemic and now again. The question is: do that sway. Anyone or did that just appeal, the people who are already going to vote for tromp because they didn't give a shit about the virus when at which, when you looked at again the Ex post his element of data we have like
If you really cared about the pandemic, you voted for by and if not, you voted for tromp. That is too simplistic, but that generally generally seems like that. It will happen. When I saw this add the first time I thought it was probably one of not the most effective. Add the Trump campaign ran, but it is active in a different way than I thought I guess I thought the with That there is a giant elephant, the room throughout the campaign that the trunk may never talked about covet. It's the single biggest issue in America, whether you are deeply afraid of it or your deeply afraid of people being too afraid of it. You can't It's on the news is only one talks about Can we just never discussed it throughout the summer and then In their sort of posts campaign, shakeup advertising shift, they started talking outcrop it's out of that was smart in talking about vaccine Smart Anders York. Rick. I think this is an ad made by an average republican arrogance, but like zoning ingenious about its pretty cookie cutter,
compared to the ads that were done, underbred Pascal, which works Sean Hannity fever dreams were insane. This one, I think, is pretty good but I was very, very dismissive, the first time around of the attack on Biden for saying, shut it down because of all this polling. I saw that said that people were much more turned about opening up too soon danced enclosed for too long, and I that holding was clearly wrong. If the pole, was over sampling college educated white voters than you oversee, employing people who care the most about cover, and the most concerned about it- and I think this probably is more effective than we thought it is a. permission structure at it is trying to get people They believe one support trump to give them a some faintly to hang onto to do it. I think the other thing about given the turn out in this election being so gigantically high on both sides that the
suasion that we talk about throughout this year. It was mostly between. Can you get these people who were sceptical of trumped about four by never trouble? I think this is What we were really working at persuasion between voting and not voting. I don't know shifted a person from binds com the trumps com, but I think it probably shifted some people who or maybe not gonna vote for tromp to do vote because it gave him site for so he gave them a reason to do that again. and also like the message of this add, was very different Ben trumps. Message on Corona virus trumps message uncovered is cove. It's not real, can't really get sick gonna go away on its own here. Some of my snake oil, your hide hydrochloric clan. In your bleach, another kind of shit. Everything will be fine like his It was extreme and crazy. Joe Biden message: sort of occupied the middle, which was you know why to take precautions now and
needs a defeat this virus and we can defeat this virus. And if we take sort of common sense steps to protect ourselves, then we can both defeat the there's an fix the economy right, but this add does is it makes Prompts message seem like the sort of man or middle message, which is like the facts. Coming. We want a vaccine were coming out of this and weak lock everything down now, because we're so closely economies coming back and Joe Biden once everything to shut down completely, which is not really Joe Biden message. So, but it's interesting that the message of this add is much more like the trump well try to occupy the middle ground on the virus. With this add which is now what trump himself occupied throughout the entire campaign and binds message was much more of the middle ground throughout the entire campaign, yeah. I think it's important not to throw too much weight behind the influence of this add because the trunk him he didn't have a ton of money right. They weren't running these as a giant volume, and it really was spitting
ocean compared to the conversation on all the other things that trumped they re like, if you saw this ad you probably saw this at the same time that you are reading a gazillion stories were seeing tweets or Facebook post whatever about Trump getting to a bit. like a lunatic not wearing a mask all of those thanks, so much as one piece of political content. I think it was probably one of more effective things. They did ineffective in ways that we did not assume. Based on the incorrect point we have, now we're gonna get as an appeal to black voters in the trunk campaign.
I was a big Obama supporter is located meal moment, a chump supported because president salt literally created the Basle job market economy for black Americans in Americans. Of all reason, Joe Biden Amerika was mass incarceration black me president. Twelve set them free president from Belize Rehabilitation, not just incarceration. He was everywhere in America. Have the opportunity towards success? Does the type of president them on Donald J Drop, and I approve this message and very curious about how you think about the sad now knowing trumps performance among non white voters in the most recent election? I still I think that this is another permission structure at This is Emily he'd literate. This is Jack Brewers, a former NFL player literally says in the ad. It's ok to be an Obama Trump supporter, and he is a black man. Saying this I think the analysis. The time was that a lot of these adds word
necessarily about winning over black voters, but about letting white voters know that their choice for tromp was in a racist choice because there are black american supporting Donald Trump, and so, if that's the case, you can't be racist for supporting Donald Trump, but it's ok, about four Donald Trump. That was the analysis that I still wonder of that I as a scraped and it may be, but some of the results give us an early indication that prompted a lot better Latinos among black vote? He didn't do any better among black women, but he did slightly better among black man than he did and twenty sixty so I do wonder if adds like this and again this as one add, but this was there. The republican convention play. They had a lot of speakers that delivered this message at the republic. Convention for afforded straight testimonials all kind of stuff? And I do you know it was It was sort of a big play for them here
I'm very torn on this one as well. I think it's very easy to override the small shift in the black vote as some gigantic seismic thing is something that the Democratic Party, s very serious, that we're gonna analyzer cannot understand why it happened. Again as real long term consequences that we have to look at in the context of this add. I still believe this is primarily about convincing. people that it's ok, if over Trump and not be a racist eyes. I admit that I think I do too. You ve, seen that we ve seen that a focus groups, you saw it and voters that you talk to in the wilderness. This is a hang up for a lot of people their summer. Settlements are transparency where he did the most probably an appalling, where the moments where he polarize thinks on racial issues after Charlottesville on the NEO Nazi people come at his behavior after the George Floyd protests throughout the summer during the summer, reckoning. Over structural racism bore some of his worst moments, and so I think this
SK going to fix that at some level. So I dont want to override into it too much by it the document had a clear baby pretty spoke about the tragedy, and I think we must, without it was bullshit. They take. It just shave a few points off of binds margin among african american motorists. The naked flip some of these Its may actually came pretty close to doing it, and certainly in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, less sell by date, games they made with not waver in most cases other than forty. In taxes were massively, over run by troops losses among suburban voters, so it didn't matter. In the end We should be very clear that the overwhelming strategy of Trouble Republican Party was to keep by people from voting rights. Voter suppression, and that was them. There is massive amounts of misinformation spent at blackened with China voters only on some of which were beginning to understand now and so on. If we want to give them a ton of credit for this, because what they are, the real strategy for winning was not
improve the margins between buying a trumpet to reduce the raw turn out among voters of color like that this one at the slight improvement here or there what happened, maybe date or the Rio Grande valets descent. somehow absolve them of a racist white the premises, political tragedy when election, if that makes sense, yet again even if we stipulate that trump may have done slightly better and it in a deadly seemed like at most it slightly slightly better a mine black men. We d No, message, move black men towards Trump. or just why, they voted for Trump are all boss. Barack Obama said in his Atlanta interview means talking about his new book that he had to an organizer who was canvassing in a much Ready Black Philadelphia neighbourhood and when he was talking to voters. They were talking about Q, non conspiracies about Joe Biden, Nothing to do with the message of that out
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The next abrogate work out as an attack on defined the police. From the trunk campaign, you have reached the nine one one police emergency line due to the funding of the police department. We're sorry, but no one is here to take your call. If you're calling to report a rape, police press, one to report, a murder press to to report a home invasion, press three for all other crimes, believe your name in number and someone will get back to you. Our estimated way. Time is currently five days goodbye, Donald Trump and are approved this message. So we back at this add I think it was. Probably effective in turning people against the idea of defending the police, I still don't believe it was effective at connecting the policy position of defending the ways to something that Joe Biden would do as president.
You know that there's images in that add of you know Joe Biden, America, and there are riots and other that kind stuff, and we said at the time like that Joe Biden, America, that's Donald, trumps, America and Joe Biden made it clear numerous times that he was definitely not for defending the police, in fact sometimes he said, Donald Trump is closer to funding the police because he's starving state, local governments of funding and their laying off police officers. So I dont know that it was effective in tying it to Joe Biden, but I do think if you did not know what the actual policy puzzles around shifting funding from police departments too, you know since abuse councillors, mental health councillors and all that, if you didn't know the actual policy- and you just heard that add anything that define the please means that if you fucking call nine one one, no one's gonna be there, then you know it could have been effective. It started turning people against that policy. We look at this ad.
The summer when it came out- and I was pretty dismissive of it and it was, you have to make believable attacks and other you convince anyone. The Joe Biden is gonna, let people get killed, arranged urges committed, may perhaps that is not a credible attack, I still to that view, I think this ad If the goal was to demonize Joe Biden as someone who would definitely sir, do those things. The ad failed at that agree a great what I think there. There are two elements of it, though, that I think now appear more success. One heights We want to be clear that I think the people were in the trunk campaign. Stubble that's according to this, and I think they really knew what they were doing. There were deftly trying to demonize Joe Biden. Trumps. Twitter account makes it very clear that that was what the strategy was here, but raising the salience of law and order issues helped Republicans It actually did. I think tromp was more successful in doing that and we gave him credit for not law
after the unrest in can or should the attempts at these pulse come out and it showed that law order in crime had risen near the top of voters. Insurance in those states, but they did I trust you Donald Trump, more than your biomedical was sitting with. Basically, a tie but I think, because the pulling was over sampling at the wrong voters at her sampling trump voters, we didn't get wait. Picture of that, and so this add was, did have real success in changing the issue environment and so therefore the other part of it. I think we need to. Splore more bite at it. You can at least credibly suggest that it is, unrelated to the sky high turnout among trumps Bay, like whenever you- and I would have reservations about these ads Protection for slacker in person actually take it back. We have not been approved Nine months, I'm not upset, but over. and whatever virtual forum that we are continuing our friendship, the You know you. It's like the sort of take away from this is. This add is terrible and West
designed to turn out all of these unrest. stirred. Why not college voters in the mail, asked that need clear, turns out that I, what turns out that's what? Whether this add that this specific abbot, this strategy did that are not we do not have precise info in, but it is certainly something worth exploring and it bodes very poorly for politics coming forward, because, if various so be racist. Appeals designed to scare villany shudder why people turn out to be incredibly effective ways to turn out republican voters, We're going to see more of that not last now that damage Opis, headed off the scene well, and I think ex question, of course, is so what a Democrats do about that and I think what happened this election is you had a group of activists, Some politicians call for defending the police. You a bunch of other Democrats. Believe I think that that is a very unpopular position and so
They did not talk about it ran away from it did not content with it, but I think in this information environment. There is someone talking about defending the police, the republic, are going to use it and adds like this. It's going to be part of the national conversation, much like with abolish eyes back and twenty eighteen. I think we said this, then you can't really ignore these controversial policy. proposals and pretend that there gonna go away since we know the Republicans going to use them, you have to find a way to take them on, like there was a poll, the data Arrested when defining the police first became a slogan where they ass. Would you support a new first responders agency that addresses issues of addiction and mental health, so that when there is an addiction or issuer mental health issue, police aren't showing up with guns right that that was that the question asked overwhelming support for that. Seventy percent of people, support of that right and again, poles,
here and there, but when you get seventy percent, that's a huge number but most people, don't know that. That's one point. See proposal around defending the police. If you just hear the words defined the police, like I dont, know how you can be blamed for thinking. It means that the police are just not gonna, be there at all are they really want to get rid of police are, even though the actual policy position that a lot of advocates are talking about are just diverting funds that police aren't doing the work of people who you know during the work of mental health counts there's a substance, abuse experts, and so I do think that Democrats have to figure out a way to re, spawned adds like these and supposed to just ignore them and hope that the issue will go away. I think That's part of it, but I think the thing that I away from this election basin the precise incorrect data that we have no other things, I'm really sort of wrestling with thinking about is one day, Republicans did very very effectively in this campaign was
they changed the conversation. into more favourable issue territory for themselves, so Yes, we need to you're like we can't you sit down edict, it says only use pull tested by which we should not try to, in any way shape or form stand the ambitions of activists who want to push the conversation fort. it would be the wrong thing to do it, but also us it's the right thing to do, but also we can't is what I'm trying to say. We don't you, even if you want to you, cannot you can't do it? We to understand that there had to be able to push back on the right way another you can ignore it, But how like? What is the democratic version of ie while in order trash improvidence why emotional issue? Can we tap into that moves the conversation into a place that is more friendly to us right? can you run a ruthlessly effective campaign that Is as emotional and taps into people's emotions on echo make your shoes, as
begins due on race in culture and law, and that is a big question. I think we have to explore began given how this election played out. We can never assume woe. Report can turn out again. We have to both persuade And mobilise and given the constraints, the Senate Map in the electoral college, we don't really a choice there the conventional strategy. If the Republicans raise an issue that is favourable to them is like you said, how do we change the conversation? So it's on territory, that's favourable to us in this election battle. Easier than most elections, because we're in the middle of a fucking pandemic, and so like, while in the law and order when the law and order, when that, when from trade to make law and order issues that the major are the conversation I thought it would different this time round, because we're in the middle of pandemic people are dying. Obviously, like people trust Joe Biden more in the pandemic. People just Democrats more and healthcare she's in general, so
The news naturally move to that topic. I thought but the salient of law and order issues would sort of recede. But maybe that didn't happen. Fit, the real huge thing is, and there are a number of theories about why the pointers wrongly off you get into here, but we work clearly operating under the wrong impression about the political salience of the pandemic. It was much more of a fifty fifty issue or one that just a followed became an issue, a political identity One day we're gonna have a vaccine. We go back to life. We could see her friends and family again so like what a Democrats do that moves it back to the things we care about, They really gets it that question of identity, I think identity is the most important signifier in politics. More important than policy, more important ideology and we have Understand it in that way, identity is not just race engender partisan identity, Emmy. We may learn from this election that
we ve always known that polarization and partisan identity or some of the strongest forces in politics in this entire country and has been for a while. Polarisation and partisan identity may have even been stronger than a global pandemic. terrible recession. It may and a greater indicator of how your voting, what partisan identity is and where you sit on Donald Trump that may have been more important than how you felt about the Bin or it may have dictated how you looked at the pandemic, which was enough right like perhaps people's views of the pandemic and how those is connected to politics, didn't actually change with the severity of the pandemic, perhaps like. If you were a person who, like Trump or voted for, try, You saw the entire pandemic unfold through different lens, and if you are someone who hated Donald Trump back that could be what we end up: finding it a pretty depressing finding when you think about
how we tackle even bigger challenges like climate change, well in suppressing in what you just said, which is how to Democrats find issues that are more related, identity. Particular economics that might help us in the future. If republicans try to Denmark, race and law and order issues The next advocate a look out as a positive step and bind campaign.
I started this campaign say we're in the battle for the soul, the nation. I believe that even more deeply today we are what we stand for, maybe most importantly who we are going to be its all its stake: characters on the ballot character of the country- and this is our opportunity to lead the dark, angry policies- the past four years behind us to choose hope over fear, unity over division sides over fiction- I believe, is time United Country coming together as a nation, but I can't do without you, so I'm asking for you will we need to remember this? Is the United States of America and there's never been anything we ve been unable to do when we ve done it together, I'm Joe Biden. I approve this message.
Here's. My question on this ad. I wonder if this and this message were the absolute right message to beat Donald Trump but perhaps the wrong message to see in a democratic majority down ballot, because we talk about adds as permission structures all the time. I wonder if this add was offering a permission structure for independence, republican leaning independence. Even some Republicans saying you know what this election is about character. It's about Donald Trump character. It's about dark, angry politics. The Donald Trump represent and you who can vote for Joe Biden to get rid of that and still maintain your own part. An identity, perhaps by voting for, Republicans, down bout.
and I don't know I do not know that I do not know the answer to that question. I bet that could be wrong, but it's one of the answers I'll be looking for in the in the months to come Maybe it is true that Joe Biden over formed his party. He did better than- panic. In most cases, that is examined its just to be sure. It's not apples, apples, because there were some third party candidates and Senate races that did better than third party candidates in. The presence, or so there were some people who probably voted Biden and then the libertarian Third Party can and other states by we're still historically low level of tickets, pudding, at least between Senate candidates and by international candidates, and by and I think there might have been more when you got here. State Senate adds that, when a set of Kenneth some of those candidates in some of the state like Texas, North Carolina without we very close, the margins were greater than the by truck margins. may this is definitely the right message forbidden when buying
his very first ad and now tat he was running for president. This was his message and people like you and I who are professional political observers, we hate Republicans with the passion of a thousand sons. I do not want this message, but it came right and Biden was ultimately right about the context change, but he was right or walk. This was he was where the country He was always enough in a country to win swear. It was authentic to him and it and I think the other part this additive is very important. To think about is at the beginning of the general election What are the biggest losers in one Democrats had was about the ability of tromp the right wing media the Republicans to paint Biden as someone who was not up to the task of being president right? There are these. Doctorate. Video circulating this had become a message. Of so people on the far left during the primary and research shows
as I understand it, the idea being that the best way to combat that was just people see Biden speaking and this was one of his closing argument as it's the of they ran at nationally and a big football games and big events at the end, and I think it was quite effective in that. So, I think, message was good message worked It served a strategic purpose. It was very important to some said about his. They clearly needs persuaded the at any white. So well, maybe you know you said, where political professionals who hate republican politicians and we do, but we have also seen focus groups, pulling data for a decade now, where people in the country- a vast majority of people in this country. What unity they want. Politics, is to come together. They want bi partisanship, and this is the conundrum that we face right now. You- and I know that that is bullshit. It's not gonna happen, because the Republican Party is not gonna. Let it happen.
they're gonna like misrule collar publicans and get ready to come up. The works prevent Joe Biden from doing anything griddle. all the way and yet that never changes vote feelings, especially the median voter swing voters from their feelings of like one. politicians talk together. Wanting unity in this country works as an ad. effectively worsens the message quite effectively from Joe Biden. They worked quite effectively for Brok Obama. For do terms. I think The challenge is you have a country, where voters want both parties work together. You have one party, that's. to do that, and you have another party, that's not willing to do that and knows that if they obstruct all the time. Then they will cause the other party to fail he's gonna, be the challenge for forbidden. Is to do two things once he assumes on. one is you can have to make it clear that healing the soul,
The country is not the same thing as Healing Washington, D C you can help when Peter. What about our people want unity? They obviously we want bi partisanship and they would like it if Washington DC it's better if they also want to be able gotta and I can describe Scruby match with her uncle, They also want to not have to go on Facebook and see that their dentist as a member of Cuban they on a more unified country, and they want to feel better rubbing American, that's not just getting niche Mcconnell to do better thanks image from China, we don't you're gonna, get you maybe he'll this all of the countries are going to heal the souls Mcconnell for one no solar so say, but the other parties is he's gonna have to make them. This is something that I think we missed the boat on in the early days about administration is by piracy, as a two way street germane should get caught. Trying yes, but ultimately is up to much and so, if he chooses not to reach to Joe Biden, outstretched hand who worked together on things like covert relief. Healthcare
other things. That's homage, Mcconnell indebted to coming upon Democrats, you make Republicans pay a political price for doing that. and that's a very, very important job I can. Make Mitchell I'll. Do the right thing for the country. Only minimal kanaka do that, but Joe Biden We can make Mitch Mcconnell pay. A political price released is incoming senators and states german one political price for not Body America is broad you by simply safe. We pray What do we have withdrawn It will give you the answer to the question that we raised in another. about where the term salad days came from love it. Here it is here's the answer I quoted by salad days when I was green and judgment cold in blood. It comes from Shakespeare. That is, That is where salad days come from. It is from Shakespeare because he was your green salad. I guess.
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you want in that mail. You had a good way. Good benefit, Grable tick. Here, your family, I work forty seven years and still drop say because to save the steel industry workers, but an April this year. My still closed. He said a like me and you see the best days and obscene is the worst businesses colony diseases brown. By now, can you keep telling gradient? We lost thirteen out of good thing. I lost my that was on his mind what american manufacturer Jump often become from a family working American Union people would mainly back and gather he's gonna, be the one thinks and back and make him he's got a plan done it before we come from a blue collar back when he is one of Us Germany's one of us did they have all you. You can't take away you care. What do you think
there is a grey add, has great message. It is your traditional, economically populist message from a democratic politicians, running process that we have seen for many years now the question I have about. This is so you know pulling that's now bad showed that Joe Biden was doing better than Hillary Clinton among Non College, educated white voters. It turns out from the result, that he did not do that much better. If at all in some places than here Clinton among White Knight, voters but certain counties, because we do have kindly level results, even though we don't have reliable exit polls. Yet in sight Counties that are made up predominantly of Non college, educated white voters, particularly in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin in Michigan, and especially the it doesn't. the job. I net lease didn't do worse, and held enough of those voters to put him up
the top in the margins of course, were very, very thin and as we were saying earlier, like politics now, us is so much about identity and that add towards the end. There was about identity when that guy said he comes from a blue collar background he's one of us that was them message of that at right. The Joe Biden is not sort of the we believe, a q and on conspiracy weather we believe the dimensions stuff, whether you believe that he's been in Washington to long whether you believe he's leading Antigua. Whatever the attack against Joe Biden is here's a guy who's just likes? a working class guy from the MID West, whose value Joe Biden as a word. in class hero he's one of us that's probably very effective. Yeah. I think that's right into doubt. Your ideas and identity add it is, but it is saying that your hearing, all these things about Democrats right there, the port,
If the elites of the party of the rich, the Party of Hollywood there, the Party of black people and brown people on the most bay, Morally offensive racist appeals that have been this really at the centre of the republican messing about Democrats going back right and before that makes its Dixon and on- and this is like This is an add that is defending Joe Biden against a vision of Democrats that easily fits within the strategy of people like we Atwater and cholera and others, and I think coolly was effective. The tiny shifts in places like cancelled mania in Michigan and was caught and show that it works and it around still the slide. As far as we know up with Democrats and white working class voters, the question over the long term for Democrats is if Joe Biden can't outperform Hillary Clinton or Brok Obama with these voters, what Democrat right here you have someone who is a old a white guy from Scranton of humble begin,
like what is that look like over the long term is a very interesting one. but this, like they had a very clear strategy they worked one thing. I'd say about all these burdens. As I have watched hours, by that's over the course of the campaign for the serious and otherwise- and there is a just straight line of message and stuff energy and really even aesthetics through all of them about who their targets were in their targets, animal of their paid. Advertising worked a lot like that guy who was testifying to Joe Biden Blue collar credentials, Again, this the arresting the slide of nano educated white voters away from the Democratic Party may not be candidate dependent like the black eye from Chicago embrace Hussein Obama, did better much better among non coast. Educated white voters been here Clinton and then go by and so like it may not be. It may not
the can it. We have to be open to that that there are larger forces at play here that are pushing. College decay, white voters away from the Democratic Party, and it may not be a simple message or candidate quality from Democrats. They get them back, and that sort of what we have to look into now, because it just maybe larger forces at play. Well, if we don't solve that problem. We are now no in the Senate in order to really struggle in electoral college for very long time. I think what happens. Is this is after two, sixteen? Why is there so much focus on Non College, educated, white voters? These are voters a lot of them have racist views Why are we spending so much time trying to get them back? It's not. because it's like out of the goodness of our hearts that we will get the maggots a math problem and Our problem is that- and we saw that very clearly in this election- is that we to turn out by a tiny, Joe by internal, more Democrats, more democratic voters, they ain't
presidential candidate and history, and that's it that's true across the democratic coalition, but Donald Trump, The same thing he paused. So in a high turnout election when you have just a tonne. Non College, white voters coming out and you have high turnout, astern weekly high turnout among the democratic side like you can't win some of these states that add up to two seventy without persuading. Some of those non caused educated white voters to vote Democrats and that the reality of the math and you can go looking for more, voters. Vat should vote Democrat, younger voters, voters of color women, but we did that in twenty twenty we registered a ton of them, they all turned out, it was still close and that, I think, is the big challenge gone for We, as this is a question of having to do both right leg, and I think you- and I have talked about this many times we made this point exerting times on the pod is the media
politicians. Everyone needs to pay as much attention to black. His asian american Non voters. As they do the comforts right. These are the people who decide elections at the end of the day. Save attention. Is there the velocity this election is Democrats have to do both. We have to mobilise more verse or to find even more voters, and we found this time. We have to turn them out have to improve our margins with Latinos and other groups were lost some ground in some states, but we also can. Continue to lose the White Non College, robots him about so broke up. one. I think thirty, four percent of the vote, according to experts the time one. Twenty nine, I can't do the math my head, but if Joe Biden, one twenty seven, we lose the selection if that number dropped by the same matter, drop from Obama, Clayton job but losing a pretty significant electoral college landside, and we have to Watch that one this goes back to my point it- everything matter in a close election right like black vote.
don't register turn out at the levels they did in this election. Joe Biden loses. if latino voters, even though there was a big swing towards Trump We still had incredibly high voting turn out for Joe Biden. Another Democrats, you don't I turn out Dubai. The election you don't have native American turn out at the level it was in Arizona. Joe Biden loses the election year have Asian American turn out to the level it wasn't twenty job I lose the I can see you're actually rate like we can sacrifice mobilizing in persuading one demographic group at the expense of another, as we think about how to broaden, democratic coalition. We cannot, we cannot afford to do that. It has to be addition and not trading one group for another. That's just that! That's also That's what you like as an attack on trumps, covered response from the bottom campaign,
now, it starting out is not used all people about the news today and dangerous day. Some a startling fact came out is not just old, older and enabled the blending of young people. Well, I think Bob really to be honest with you. I weren't you, Taiwan and I wanted to motorways played down still like laying down, because I don't want to create a panic. This, I would note, was a digital spot that came out right, after the war these of the woodwork tapes related to vibrate spoke about tromp so It was obviously a horrific thing for down I want to say to admit that was purposely playing down the pandemic for political purposes it is one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard at the time we were all shocked, maybe surprise, but certainly shocked
I wonder how much this had changed any opinions on Donald Trump. Or on the pandemic. I think if you thought the dollar tromp was mismanaging the pandemic. Before this add you continue to think he mismanaged the pandemic. If you thought that it just something that happened to him and he was doing the best he could for this add you might have continued to think that as well, I just I'm, I'm now wondering if opinions on the pandemic and dull trumps handling of the pandemic were so polarized that another. One of these adds about what Donald Trump noon when he knew it. I wonder if it moved any voters, maybe, but I just I'm a little more doubtful now than it was before the I think that's what we just. We just can't get a real handle on how important the pandemic wise to people's votes. this clearly less important than we Five, given who turned out by the result and snapped. That is very clear. Yes, because it
is very different than what the Pre Election Poland told us which, like the margins, was also different, preelection point blank: What I think about this added should be thought of not just in the way. We think that these television commercials that air during the mission in Ohio State Game and they need to be thought of as part of their communication strategy. Right, which is here you have a story that you, but Leave us in your pulling right or wrong is could hurt Trump with voters, because of the limited reach in the media and the hyperkinetic media environment. We live in a lot. The voters, are trying to persuade you are less engage followers of the news. Then we certainly are we'll miss this story. like to us by what tapes not tromp is the biggest runs on the cover, the Washington Post Cooper led his show with that right Bob Woodward sat right there on the morning Joe Round table and talked about in those waters will have no idea who that is or what it is or anything
you, probably think Bob Woodward, if they even know Louis, maybe he's a fictional character from a movie. Even our very engage universe. story was over. The windward sort was over in two or three days, maybe less like that So the smart Energy, the divine campaign I thought, did very well down. The stretch of this campaign was major stories that happening in a media circles in paid to put them in front of voters who might not otherwise be deleted. The exact same thing where the story in the Atlantic, which is the personification of elite media circles about trumps com, not the trips, they did a number, videos one with justs image. is an trumps quotes. They did some videos submitted by veterans reacting to the news and put it on Instagram Majority one. So this is, the future of how political campaigns are operate, which is european to put things happened in the news in front of voters. You think they're going to care about whether this was a thing enough voters cared about, we have no idea, but it,
it's a sign of the future and a very someday. I was very impressed by what they did dumbest again If your theory of the case is that selection, will come down to a referendum on Donald Trump Character and they You can win enough voters both. You know in your own base and swing voters, and also voters who don't panic, censures the news and our sporadic voters and don't come out that much in the way that you can build the lot. This coalition is by making people believe the Donald Trump is on. for the job and his unfitness for the job has cause death and destruction in this country. Then that add fits very. Well what that strategy, and and guess what that is the coalition, the Joe Biden built and one now and then this is that is ultimately in the end, we don't know what the tipping point. Add message: wreck, male peace, whatever it is, but Joe Biden a coalition that one a huge problem margin and one very significant electoral college, more
flipping two critical sunbelt states in so you can't say that everything worked but their view of what the electorate wanted, and who the key people were to persuade and mobilise and get out was correct. In what and how Joe Biden and his identity and his career and his experience fit within that message, it was exactly right I would say this about the entire messaging other campaign, whether it is its tweets, whether it is the speeches he gave a press conference is all the ads is they were all of a coherent peace. There was one Message never deviated the circumstances behind in that context, changed, but the mess You did not add, I think that is true. The tremendous credit document it was a remarkably discipline campaign. There were, as we now allow, of concerns among a lot of Democrats about what kind of general action candid he would be and he turned out to be a great one. right and either it may be, the only one who could have pulled any of this off
by the way, if as we were saying earlier, the pandemic wasn't as determinative in this election, because people's views were polarized before the pandemic even more impressive. What the Biden campaign pulled off right, because I like, if, if use, were that divided more divided than we sought because of the poles and they still able to drive this message up until election day and make it the same consistent message and build a coalition that one to seventy with it. That's pretty damn impressive. Yet that, like there was this way of thinking about this than by Muslim of all of these political tail wins behind, recession. A pandemic is dividing people trumpet covered at the end, and then are you thought at all. If he barely wine, then that would be sort of him kind of trouble. The finish line. That is absolutely not what happened. He turned every voter. There was a turnout at war in trumped it exactly that to be ass. If they had was a very unpopular president now still
popular enough that you know forty seven percent of the country durno form by four incumbent running for reelection. He was polarizing divisive and fairly. whatever the unpopular compared to other incumbent president's running for a second term. That's the ass if they had more than anything else, and they recognize that they had that. I said all right, that's a show for today Happy Thanksgiving, everyone hope you're enjoying the holiday, even though it's a little different this year and hope they are all staying safe. I hope you have the opportunity to rub it in your trump loving uncles face. The issue by everyone pod save America is a crooked media production, the exit producer is Michael Martinez ourselves. producer. Is Jordan Waller its mixed in by Andrew Chadwick Kyle said one is our sounded? Junior,
to tell you so mediator: Katy Long, roman puppet Dimitrios Quinn, Louis Caroline Rustin, ingesting how for production support into our digital team, illogical, now pony and yell freed, and my look him who film and up these episodes is videos every week.
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