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The first three days of the Democratic National Convention features a wide variety of locations, segments, and speakers, including major addresses from Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Barack Obama, and Kamala Harris. Then Elizabeth Warren talks to Dan about her convention speech and her efforts to save the U.S. Postal Service.

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we'll talk about some of the most memorable moments in speeches from the first three nights of the Democratic National Convention, few quick housekeeping notes before we start check out this week. I'd save the world were palestinian foreign policy expert religious, real, joins Tommy and Ben too the downside of the: U S, Israel, you a deal and they we'll cover the sand, Intel committees, blockbuster report on russian election interference. It happened there check out this week's episode of Missing America were Ben Roads takes on the rising spread of nationalism. It's a fantastic podcast check it out wherever you get yours. Also The latest campaign experts react for the pod, save America hacks and TAT Cross over you ve all been waiting for David Axelrod joins and break down some campaign ads on Youtube. Dotcom, slash, crooked media fun episode!
its Youtube darkened, the appropriate way of saying it did. We have to say that two people to go to you? Do you have to do the site? The site is size, crooked, meeting its backslash crooked media. I don't know either way superfine to talk with acts about new ad from the Biden campaign. Be relaunched Trump campaign strategy, and we look, then a very interesting add from North Carolina Governor Right Cooper about masks witches. You should check it out, ended up North Carolina as part of the votes. If America devastate programme good plugged, Unplug Finally, tonight, on the last day of the Democratic National Convention check out our pod, save America alive, pre show uncrooked dot com site, convention love it we did and I will all be there re the biggest moments of this year's convention. Looking back at some point the convention's, maybe even playing some drinking games. We prize
It will be a lot better than anything. That's on cable, though I do realise that is a very low bar fight. Join us anyway, at five p M Pacific, eight p m Eastern, it is crooked dot com. Slash convention will have the whole show it'll be fun John? Why do Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, calmly, Harris Bernie Senseless with worn and the four of us have in common? I don't know what were we all having heard all officially part of the convention programme, that's right! We are on the agenda, airy pressure so like on one hand we did get on our, which is great on the other.
And it's not streamed as part of the official convention, though it is on the official convention programme, Tamar were worthy opening act, I'm ok with that. We started this by gas for years ago. Where were you to be in four years? That's the question, probably in prime time look we are opposite, feel Murphy and the democratic governors. Who also appreciate apply to sly slot someone you feel heads. Be over on the other stream watching that. But you know, if not come Chica, We have now seen the first three nights of the only democratic national convention not to take place in an actual convention hall with a cheering crowd of delegates and supporters. Instead each day has given us two hours of primetime programming that included a mix of pre produced videos? Montages? musical acts and life speeches from locations all across the country featuring incredibly D. Array of Americans from across the political spectrum. Joe Biden has a
so we ve been nominated as the democratic parties presidential candidate, we accept that nomination in a speech from Wilmington Delaware tonight, Thursday. So then, we're gonna save our reflections on the entire week for Fridays, bonus pod with Tommy. I love it, but before we get to the big speeches we have heard so far, I have two questions for you: ok, great first general reaction to the weak so far with just as you ve been watching this unfold and second from a political standpoint. What, if anything, do you think the Democrats in the binding campaign you have accomplished so far, so general reaction is. I had no idea what to expect heading into this week. This is it mean the unprecedented how they were gonna, pull this off and was a relatively short period of time? Is it wasn't that long ago, that Biden was planning to be in Milwaukee Why are largely by himself but in Milwaukee Company Harris in
would be in Milwaukee, but they had him Change, all of that in do they put most of this together very quickly, and I think it is gone tremendously. I think one thing that is certain: if, under stated in the coverage of this- and I think this is one of the things that they have accomplished politically- is there's a allow of sort of twitter Peter criticism about how I tell it was going and why there was cringe ie. Isn't it you didn't let somebody's videos or is We are that evil on gory, our washing your choice, yells ROS or are the ones remodel moderating this, but what I think that MRS is. The medium is the message here. The abnormality of this convention is in part making Joe Biden score political argument, which is that big, Donald Trump is such a terrible president. We cannot gather in Milwaukee, so all of the weirdness buttress Is that argument about how trumpets failed to handle the krona? Viruses that is to their benefit
In addition to that- and I think the organizers did a unbelievable job in putting this together. It is the creativity the The commission under tremendous circumstances, is phenomenal, but They went into this convention with the goal of deepening knowledge of Joe Biden commonly Harris to the many voters who who know them by name but not by person, and not policy agenda, and I think they met a lot of progress on that. It's up to Joe Biden close that deal tonight in his speech. I have been so pleasantly prize and I have been happier with the convention as it has gone on each day. That there are certain things that absolutely just didn't work, partly because they tried so many unique things throughout this convention. Different kinds of peace is different locations, different kinds of people. I mean they really right ran again it. So, of course there are a few things here and there the didn't work, but I think the real
Coup here is how they basically have. Trick the media into covering a full two hours of convention material every single night, so, like you- and I know that an people have seen conventions before typically there's about three hours per night, each night of a convention, the large majority of that time is spent, you know giving every elected, we're official who holds an office a chance to give a speech? Usually most of those speeches Ninety percent of those beaches are pedestrian at best and then there are sort of highly These videos that are supposed You know illustrate something about the nominees life, their record, their plans and Those videos most of the networks cut away to bunch upon, It's on CNN or Emerson, Vizier Fox, wherever just
blabbin about whatever and they don't feel the need to show the videos are show a lot of the paper produce up at the convention and for this week None of the networks or the cable networks really pulled away for any of it, and so all of these are really moving videos and pieces that they all put together for the convention, we're just played in their entirety and its basically, every single line of this week has been a two hour infomercial for the Democratic Party and Joe Biden campaign in kudos to the organizers of the convention for pulling that off and especially pulling that off when they're all indifferent play. Says, there's five different studios million different locations, some of its live. I mean it is very difficult to know what we can get into the specifics, but, like. The roll call was maybe one of the most beautiful moments unexpectedly before moments of the whole convention and were usually in a roll call vote you're. Just why watching inside?
Convention hall, where each state has to go one by one, all fifty states and dominate the candidate, and it is very boring people go, make sacks, go to the bathroom pundits talk. Instead, they went to all fifty states and then all the territories, and they had different kinds of people- a diverse group of people at each location, nominating Joe Biden, and it was like a really wonderful moment that even broke through the cynicism on Twitter, I loved it but something I'm just large portions of the roll call man. I know they're like I had a good reason, which is Kyler too bad between seven, seven, thirty generally or the next day can be an absolute disaster and we ve been keeping first night. We kept her up because She has been watching when Michelle Obama reads books on PBS like that is a thing? Is you guys are Mama's boss, because how they work for us so. We letters I have so often Michelle Obama, but we put our debate.
During the roll out, but I d better in the roll call, but I have to say Let when, when I left the group thread was like. Oh, my god, This is gonna, be the worst thing in the world, I left in the bees teeth brushing book rating. Negotiating bed we're in Ohio. When I came and you guys were alike This is the best in the world. People are crying and others like, and what it an impressive you don't. I made it back in time to see the guy the mast, Guy Emerald, Rhode, island, holding the political, the market, which was on believable one of the reasons that worked so well as because all of us have been stuck home for six months. And like I felt the same, we want to start as, like. Oh boy, fifty states- I don't know about this, but I think what came over most people is like we for the first time in a long time get to see what America looks like and why we love it. So very simple. Just like
it was joyful at an when at a time when not much of the news, we see his joy In any way, you know for good reason. We are living in the middle of a pandemic and Trump presidency, but I thought it was great and it's interesting sort of when it's either the weakest time of the. Convention was made Glee Monday almost until Bernie, Michel spoke. There are some good parts, but a lot of it was traditional speeches from elected officials, and they were in the speeches as if they were added conventions and for some united, just felt a little slow to meet me mainly because that other speeches were out that strong, but then star, with Bernie, the rest of Monday night and then Tuesday, Wednesday. I thought even the pre primetime stuff They have very moving videos, I fight like it. It helped convey empathy.
Four struggling Americans? You know it conveys the message that we need to take care of each other credential Joe Biden character. It lay out the states stakes in the urgency so thought. It worked very, very well- and I was very emotional at times too, it's one of the first major speakers of the weakest Senator Bernie Sanders. Spoke from her mind on Monday night. In his remarks, Bernie told his supporters that quote all the progress we have made will be in jeopardy if Donald Trump is re elected. You made a strong case for buying policies on everything from the minimum wage paid family leave the climate change, and the end of the speech on this note future of our democracy is at stake, the future of our economy is at stake. Draw of our planet is at stake. We must come together the feet, Donald Trump,
and allow Joe Biden and Common Harris as our next president and vice president, my friends, the price of failure is just to grow. To. Imagine, then, would you think of any speech The context of Bernie Speech is fascinating to make, which is, if you think, act about last debate between Sanders and Bite when the last things that happen when life was this right is life was becoming abnormal claims. They were socially distance than that scene studio. I think during the debate was pretty, was relatively heated. That debate on substantive but heated. And then you flash ordering the Bernie Sanders is giving a speech to the convention and there is no drama about the unity of the parts and so I think what makes Bernie Sanders speech some interesting as everything that happened between when he now the reason now and that he and the environment done so much to unify the party so heading
the first part. The second part is whenever you look at these speeches were all hearing them, but we're not all the specific target audience of those speech in so Bernie Sanders was indirectly to it It's a small percentage, but the some number of voters Kids? Who are motive? Hidden and passion by Bernie Centres is agenda and message who may be sceptical about whether they are going to vote for Biden, and he was raising the stakes for that. And avert weight. It was very, very powerful and it's a reminder that Bernie Sanders is a great political speakers makes a strong, clear moral argument without equivocation whenever he speaks. And it works whether there is a huge audience of people on a rally in Phoenix or Iowa City or a
empty room with a lot of firewood, as happened here. Yeah we look. Bernie is one of the best messengers and the party bar none when it comes to talking about economic issues and embracing the good version of economic populism, his passionate about these issues in a way that is incredibly authentic. He did a fantastic job here, spelling Biden, progressive policies and vouch for them said that Joe Biden would make it easier for workers to join unions. Twelve weeks, a paid family leave universal Pre K, affordable childcare, a hundred percent clean electricity over the next fifteen years.
You didn't private prisons in detention centres and cash bail and the school to present pipeline. I mean just the idea that Bernie Sanders stood up there and said that Joe Biden would do all these things is incredibly valuable for the Biden campaign and incredibly good of Bernie Sanders to do. I think what struck me the most is his repeated references and warnings that Donald Trump is leading us down. The path of authoritarianism now Brace Anders has said that it many times before it was part of his party some of his major speeches during the primary. But what struck me as it is, is I've been watching this whole weaken we're gonna talk about this with Obama speeches well from the far left to the Party Bernie Sanders to the more so
this is part of the party, Barack Obama, to some of our new republican friends who are voting for Joe Biden. John K, sick, Colin Powell. There is a warning across ideological lines that democracy is at stake in this election and that something very dark could happen if Donald Trump wins a second term and the unity round that warning from a broad array of people with vast, The different ideological views should tell people something about how scary this could be, and basically can we can talk about sort of like the the unity in the party, but I think
unity is primarily around the fact that, at least from the perspective of a lot of these elected officials, whether its Bernier case or Obama it from the from their respective it's like hey, you might be. This might not be your dream candidate this. This may not be all the policies that you want, but in this election we face a very stark choice and if we do not make the right choice Then we are headed down a very bad path, and so we have to put all of our problems aside for right now and come together to defeat Donald Trump in November, and I think that message came through perhaps clearly any other message of the entire week. I think that's exactly right, but I think there is an additional piece of that that also weaves through the other It is really the which is is not justified. Donald Trump. It is it we're. Gonna have to do a series of things to fix the american political system. So we end up Donald Trump again.
And that is where there has been really in the last several months emerging there His wings and a party around a democracy reform agenda, the wrecking since that Donald Trump is the symptom not the cause, he is not an aberration. And that what we really Donald Trump is a particularly stupid, authoritarian and waiting in the wings as a whole bunch of smarter, equally race, this authoritarian and republican Party, and if we don't do things like you, bring to filibuster, pass the gentleman with Voting Rights ACT, with the court's we're gonna have broken a British may do that repeat this process in a number of years in Bernie Sinners speech, I think sort of help set the stage for that as well.
You are talking about Bernie yeah? What's yours I take on. Is the party big enough for both John K Sake and Colin Powell in a video from Cindy Mccain about John Mccain and Joe Biden, friendship and Bernie Sanders an air sea? You know who we should note spoke for a minute and nominated Bernie Sanders, witches tradition by the way that the runner up, who has amassed a lot of delegates, gets officially not made it and then releases the delegates to the official nominee afterwards, so that was part of just the process. I know there is a little confusion about that yeah. I think this is a pretty complex set of things it's all happening here so is party big enough for us Bernie Sanders and John K suck no because Turkey is not a Democrat. To win the electoral,
a wedge and become prisoners. It's you need the voters and people who are not members of the Democratic Party of our terms of independence and even some number Republicans. That is what the demographic make up and partisan split within the states get to seventy demands, which is why As much like I do not like junkies. I haven't liked him I didn't like him when he hosted a terrible MSNBC cable show I didn't like him when he was in the house. I really like him as governor, and he is ass they mediocre scene and commentator right now. I appreciate the fact that he has followed the Republican Party off the cliff of Trump, but he's the purpose he was speaking to a group of people. I am not one of those people. I would rather do almost anything then watch. John K. Sick may win men Chrissy Todd whether there are any these other people speak, who spoke in parade of mediocre Republicans They are speaking, they are trying to create the right him. It was trying to create.
A permission structure for people who either voted for Donald Trump? In two thousand, sixteen or voted for disapprobation trumpet voted for a third party Kanak, as they couldn't bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, their training for information structure of those people to vote for by now. That is not an excuse for a reason to not give more time to change our cause, your protest, most talented mess The public is, she also has a very important audience. Is that needs to see her and can be motivated by her in Yet junkies clearly doesn't want to hear ass speak with which he had kept. That send him to himself ass. He was arriving at our party under invitation, but there are voters who who are deciding between voting and not voting, who he would be. A very powerful message are what we know that Joe Biden is prior to his conventionalities underperforming with latino vote.
In particular young between voters and agency could have been very influential with that. So we are a big time party. We should be. We should welcome p. We should welcome efforts to appeal to people that do not we would ask as that's why both winning election and governing demand. But we also should not short shrift are the basic. And I thought Heather Magee are our friend in one sort of pointed out that in the speaking programme there has been an absence of progressive particularly young, progressive color, and that's the one place right would be critical of the seeking agenda. Thus far is there could be more of that and yes Agency was giving the breeze there's emanating speech, but you could have done something else, and I think that would have been good for the larger effort of electing job. Alright. Let's talk about Monday night's final speech from Michelle Obama, which was incredibly powerful and very direct to the point at both. In the case she made for Joe Biden and the case she made against Donald Trump. Here is a clip of
ladder over the past four years, a lot of people have asked me went others are going so below is going high. Still really work. I answer. Going high is the only thing that works because when we go low, when we use those same tactics of degraded and dehumanizing others. We just become part of the ugly noise That's drowning out everything else. We degree ourselves. We degrade the very causes for which we fight, but let's be clear Going high does not mean Putnam smile and say a nice things when confronted by viciousness and cruelty. Going high means taking the harder path. It means scraping far are weighted way. Mountain top. Going high means standing fierce against hatred.
While remembering that we are one nation under God, and if we want to survive. We ve got to find a way to live together and work together across our differ. This is an going high means on walking the shackles of lies. Mistrust with the only thing that can truly set us free the cold, hard truth. So let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can. Donald Trump is the wrong. President. For our country, he has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is, then, why do you think Michel speech struck a chord with so many people
because it wasn't a speech. So much of on at first night, there marks were speeches delay word in a contacts, an environment that they did not feel right for speeches, people standing empty proteins, speed and Michelle Obama, I think more than anyone else who has spoken in these first knights delivered asked or class and how you communicate in Asia world, which is she sat in front of a camera and had a conversation. She taught like a human to human, not like a politician speaking to a room of people, and it was powerful. All in raw, and it had no jargon or cliches or applause lines, which is something that one of these species likes me. You know this speechwriters build speeches around applause and they did that in a speeches even when there would be,
applause and Michelle Obama. Just spoke is a friend of mine after the speed, she said why Michel Lama, like when your friend, sits you down until it how to get out of that bad relationship. You're in it was just like how you friend talks to you in a serious time add many was absolutely riveting. The best speeches tell a simple story that you can remember after this speech is done. That was the case with the best peaches over the course of this week and the people who wrote those speeches, including the people who gave their speeches. They did not write them, like you said to get a bunch of applause, they do not write. Traditional applause These are not right, sort of the cheap. You know one off portable lines. They had a conversation with the audience and told the story right. That was, I think that was
We know what we can remember what Bernie speech was about. We can remember what Michelle Obama's speech was about. We can remember what Barack Obama speech was about what Kamala Harris his speech was about. We can remember what Joe Biden speech was about, and it's hard to remember too many of the other ones, because work collections of lines and policies, and so I do think that hurt specially rose to the moment. It a very simple message, it was I'm one of very few people who see the job of president close. It is hard. Donald Trump is not up to it. Joe Biden, this that's it. That was that was the message from Michel speech. What made it more powerful. As you said, she is not a politician in towards the end of the speech now understand at my message will be heard by some people. We live in a nation that is deeply divided and I am a black woman speaking at the democratic convention, but enough
you know me by now. You know that I tell you exactly what I'm feeling you know. I hate politics. But you also know that I care about this nation. You know how much I care about Oliver children. So if you too, one thing from my words night. It is this if you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me they can't which again or getting to the Obama speech. But Bernie Authoritarianism, Michelle Obama, you know some of the Republicans it spoke. It is the message that sort of connects throughout the convention, but she she she has more authority and is more persuasive, particularly because people see her as someone who is outside politics who doesn't really like politics, so they trust her more because people dont trust politics that much
is one of the reason that she was she was so affected. The other thing she does so well, if I think that she humanizes political issues in a way that most elected officials do not in so as she talked about Trump and criticise Trump, it was all around the value of empathy, which is something he lacks, and in that way she took on not just out but Trump ISM. She talked about how you know. People are in stores not wearing masks, and you know references to people calling the police on black Americans, and so she, she sort of talked about how Donald Trump Behaviour has bled into society, and, what's that, what that is doing to our children, which is a way to connect with other people who may not like politics very much
but dont like what's happening in the country right now. I was there when I think about her speech. You know people really focused on the. It is what it is line because it sort of through trumps words back in his face and a very effective way. I've got the line that came before it he's in over his head, dont trumpets and over his head was actually the most effective. Line of attack against Donald Trump. I think you know why we have talked about this before on Budget America, we have seen a lot of research now from a lot of different places. Democratic candidates, pollsters progressive groups, change research polls that we have conducted and it all points the same thing, which is that the most persuasive argument for
or people who may have voted for Trump, but have since soured on him. The most persuasive argument is one that says: Donald Trump is simply not effective that he just cannot do the job and the reason that that's effective is because it doesn't pass judgement on the voter forecasting that ballot for Donald Trump and the, this place. It says to them. You know what you may have thought that, even though this guy was an asshole, he was gonna shake up Washington. He just couldn't get the job done. He just didn't get it done he's in over his head. He didn't fix the system like he said he would and he has failed. You so try someone else and it's it's complicated because of course the rest of us want to say to those people. You should a fuckin known from the outset. He was a racist, sexist, authoritarian, fucking asshole. That's what we think, but again to get the votes of those people which are up
grabs now those people are saying we are disappointed with him. The best way to do so. Play this guy that you thought was going to fix. Your life was going to improve your life, improve the country he's in over his head. He can't do it, and that was the message from Michelle Obama and I think it is very effective to the not just the people who voted for Trump, but to those who are not paying super close attention to politics haven't quite made up their mind. And eighty eight are still considering voting in the first place. Pots. America is brought. You buy athletic greens, the all in one daily drink for better health and PETE performance. Lovett tonnage I would just in ASEAN with swing laughed and have you want to see a struggling interpreter. Watch them try to sign a joke about Ruth Bitter Ginsburg, turning into butterflies after the elections as well. I hope that she needed-
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comprehensive daily on one drink, you'd, be a hard pressed to find a more comprehensive nutritional window anywhere else again, but that letter greens, dotcom, Slash Cricket Party of is brought about. How many central the daily show with Trevor Noah this election season? There is more they knew that there than ever whether it's the failing New York Times the clueless Washington, post or phony fox news. But why settle for fake news when you can have the guess news. The daily show a tremor Noah's, bring you all the election covered. You can barely stomach from now until member Trevor, and his team of correspondence will break down the issues and answer twenty twenties biggest questions such as Will Donald Trump just cancel the election. Joe Biden figure out zoom in time for the convention, which Canada let down the black lives matter movement the hardest: how can Joe Biden went over Q and on voters. That's when will Donald Trump cancel the election? We my pen shock everyone with an October surprise, Rapture and howled,
aims combing screw it all up this time on his instagram continue plus. Catch drivers, exclusive interviews with artist activists and leaders in the fight for social justice for perspectives. You won't hear anywhere else November's coming back And the daily show will be there for you every step of the way from the conventions of the debates and right up El Donald Trump cancels the election so tune in to the daily show. However, no other cover the election. You cover your face: new weak nights at eleven ten central right on comedy central. Let's talk about two an eye which I thought was the most emotional knight of the of the convention so far, there is the roll call nomination that we talked about. There is an incredibly powerful video about health care, as well as a video from our friend
barking and his family, and then there was the video that introduced Doktor Joe Biden, let's play clip voice, fell over thrill to russian my teeth when they can run bone hundred dead. We think it's time we married you swear to God ass, her Mary five times it wasn't just my heart. That was on the line and I loved. With so much. I had to be sure that it had to be forever I would ask you one more time. Will you marry me? She goes like this. Ok, but together and put his birthday, how awesome was a video every one of the best biographical convention, videos of everything which is truly easily. I mean it was
just incredibly heartwarming and funny I'm just it was it was. It was wonderful, then I'd love every second of it. I mean this is over like what it actually achieved. I mean a lot of people, don't know the full story of the Biden family and the full extent of the grief that the vice president and his family live with every day. I think a lot more people are familiar with. You know the fact that both Biden
passed away several years ago by just sort of the the origin story of when buying with this very young, newly elected senator in his his wife and baby daughter were killed in a car accident. That is two boys were as well, and then I don't even know when and Joe mentioned it in her speech and the video that she met them all at twenty six. You know and it in twenty six years old. She, you know basically decides to marry this widower and his two boys, I think allowed people didn't know the chill. Not only was a teacher but remained a teacher while she was second lady,
which we knew working with her in the White House that she would then her White House Java simulated was part time and part time. She was teaching and a community college and Virginia yes, which is incredibly usual arrangement, but one that she insisted on, and you was a fantastic teacher by you know. Oliver students account, so I think it. It told a wonderful story about Joe Biden about the Biden family and about her husband and an end sort of it, the carrot, the qualities and the character that he has, which he continued to do. In her speech which she gave from her former classroom in Delaware and here's a clip of you know. Motherhood came to me in a way I never expected. I fell in with a man and too little boys standing in the wreckage of unthinkable loss. Morning, a wife and mother, a daughter and sister never imagined at the age of twenty six. I would be
asking myself, How do you make a broken family whole still, Joe always told the boys Mommy said she'll to us, and how could I argue with her? We found that love holds a family together. Makes us flexible and resilience it allows us to become more than ourselves together and though it Capron, act as from the sorrows of life. It gives us refuge a home how do you make a broken family hall. The same way, you make a nation hole with love understanding and with small acts of kindness with bravery. With unwavering faith, you show up for each other, in big ways and small ones, again. Again,
What's so many of you are doing right now for your loved ones for complete strangers. Free. Communities, lovely speech. Then what did you think the jails speech accomplished for the for the campaign in four? By I may easily, in addition, obviously to introduce in her and testifying to who Joe Biden is telling that story when I saw it in that speech, is she she judge goes the step of connecting how she, in Joe Biden and their family dealt with grief, how they, how they use love to put their wives back the other, both
where, after the initial tragedy involving both present abundance, wife and daughter, and they now after bo it, they connected that to what the country is going through, because right now we are broken country. A hundred and seventy thousand of our citizens have died in the last six months due in part to incompetence more president, not to mention the absolute tearing of moral fabric from having enough Terry and racist is present and we are going to have to heal and Joe binds. Life story makes him the moat, perhaps one of the most qualified people on the planet to appeal. The country like we sought by this before, but when Joe Biden talked about here in this old nation when he got in this race well over a year ago, I was pretty sceptical that was a message that would work now. I was wrong about that it because he won the night. He won the nomination before we may be felt. The treasure he was right now is wrong by right right. Now the context of
someone is someone with the empathy to heal a nation. That is what we need are now, because we are a nation that is hurting. I've always thought that maybe the most important question you should answer when you're running for president is. Why me why now- and I think she answered that question more succinctly and more powerfully in that speech, then we ve heard the entire campaign and, like you said the reason we have heard it like that. The entire campaign, we were in a country where a hundred seventy thousand people have died of a horrible pandemic back and it back in the primary, and now we are, but it it was, In that moment you can connect. This is like it for it has led us Here- and this is exactly why Joe Biden is the right person for this moment, and I do think sometimes like Joe Biden message, the
let's I'll be by partisan. Part of the message gets confused with let's heal the nation They need. Those are two very different things and you- and I would just Agree that there's a lot of room for Bi partisanship right now, the political system, the way it is, but do believe that a president can help he'll some of the divisions throughout the country. Totally, but can sort of set an example that helps he'll divisions probably doesn't fix. This Asshole Republicans in Washington, but you can set an example that heels the country or at least begins to heal the country, certainly more so than Donald Trump has done There is a confusion I think around these. Huge emphasis on bi partisanship at this convention within the speaking programme. In the telling abide story like in the city, Mccain Video was about Joe Biden being so it reaches out Republicans I think we need to separate it is I offer bi partisanship as character traits.
I partisanship as a strategy to accomplish progressive goals. They are treated as a threat Joe Biden is someone who, in his core, believes you should reach out to the other side and try right in here. And in that sense he is where the countries. The american people want you to get caught. Trying to work with the other set. The question will be. What do you do when Miss MC? An old turns its back on you when the nation needs you. How are you gonna responded there have hopeful signs among Joe Biden and the people around them that he will take it. Of action and the filibuster in its proposals on the table by it the right thing politically, both in the campaign and in the White House to talk about that that he wants to work the other side right now. What he's gonna have to manage is the. Vacations that come with. That right is that this is where we fell: pray in two thousand and nine just about also ran on reaching into their side, and then he did and then the the press enter
You people to summit had judged him on his failure to get much Mcconnell to do things that did not benefit and so you ever going to day of demands. Expectations and you know you say this, like I dont- think much we're- will ever do anything to help anyone other much Mcconnell I wrote a book with a second how bi partisanship is dead yet, still think Joe Biden is doing the right thing in this convention about talking about his history of trying to work their publicans and his intention to try to do so again list commentators Harris who gave the final address of the evening on Wednesday night when she for we accepted the nomination for vice president. In her speech she patron to the women, especially black women, who helped pave the way for historic candidacy, she introduced self and shared her own story, particularly the profound influence her mother had in her life. The speech was like or on directives on Trump, and she did focus on the positive case for herself and for Joe Biden. She ended her remarks with stirring call to act.
Let's hear it in years from now. This moment will have passed and our children and our grandchildren well look in our eyes and there they ask us where, were you when the stakes were so why they will ask us what was it like and we will tell them. We will tell them not just how we felt we will tell them what we did Do what you think a couple speech, I dont think any person in the house. We have not. American politics has ever been given a task as difficult as the one she had last night to give that speech in that empty room with that level of expectation. With that much pressure on her into deliver that
was a tremendous accomplishment. It is this. It is a fundamentally different task, similar issues as we talk about recorded in advance, where, if you mess up you just over again rightly you know, Brok Obama speeches will discuss This programme is one of those only a small handful of people who have ever had to deliver a high stakes speech in an empty room before in those The president's who are giving national televised address so long as a lot of rats doing what he did when it from all of the speeches he gave in the oval office or in the east room after bigger. That's. Four for any other politician, this isn't they never been able to do, and I thought for delivery was incredible. The ports about her story in the part you just played is, I think, we're commonly Harris is at our best wishes, for she is motive,
in people to action, gives it ties to the activism of her parents, her history and connects it to what is happening right now in America within a democratic party, and so I was incredibly impressed in very motivated by the speech I was fired up PAMELA Harrison's vice president. After this I was too. I think that you're exactly right, that her connecting the historic nature of her candidacy with both her life story, particularly what our mother meant to her and connecting that to all the women who came before civil rights activists and women suffrage activists who sort of who made her candidacies possible. Why,
was beautiful and stirring and certainly does the strongest part of the speech Comma Harris. There are some public figures who make every single written speech better with their delivery. There are other public figures who
speechwriters will tell you this inevitably make every written speech worse it whenever the streets, writers fault, as was bitter, I shall tell you, will not will not talk about, will not hug above those public figures now, but she is one of the public figures who makes every speech even better, even great, well written speeches better with her delivery. She is comfortable and confident she has an incredible amount of charisma. I mean it's just I am. I am continually impressed with common Harris every time she delivers a speech and, like you said, the speech to deliver last night was the highest stakes kind of speech in the most unusual environment possible, particularly for someone who was just nominated to be vice president and now has to face a national stage. Usually you get weeks of prep and prompter prep. When you get crowds and Eve trap, you learn how to ride the applause, and you have your plot, all that kind of stuff, and it wasn't like she could give so
the Michelle Obama speech, where she's just sitting on a couch and talking directly to camera like I do think it was better to have heard approach. She handed it at it and that's she had to do that, but it makes the job all the harder to to basically pretend you're speaking to an audience that you can't see- and I She absolutely, I think, actually now that so it was an look. We're talking about sort of mechanics of the speech in out went, but it was I was. I was emotional just watching it thinking about the history of that moment and what it meant that you know, especially which, with what we had seen him in there is this arc, where Brok Obama, the first black president. You know chooses Joe Biden to be his vice president, this older white guy and then years later he chooses as he's running for president the first black woman on a major ticket, and she gives that speech.
Right after Barack Obama on on the Wednesday at the convention- and I think it was it was it was- it was a moment- it was a moment. There is one part of my speech that I thought was incredibly historic and breadth and I think a little under disgust at least the monks are amazing political commentaries. Here you have a black woman, accepting the nomination to be vice. President states saying the names of Brown, a tailor in George Ford and others who were murdered by the police, which is such a powerful thing to do, and I think it brill yeah. It's spoke to the moment. More n and power, responding to anything and a very powerful y yeah prefer I left a number ikebana speech because I suspect we both have a lot to say about it,
the former president- spoke at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia in front of a display about the constitution and delivered an urgent and at times emotional plea for people to treat this election is a referendum on the future of democracy itself. Here's a clip this precedent and those in are those who benefit from keeping things the way they are. They are coming on your cynicism. They know They can't when you over, whether policies so their hoping to make it as hard as possible for you to vote. And to convince you that your vote does not matter. That is how they went. That is how they get to keep making decisions that affect your life, And the lives of the people, you love. That's how the economy will keep getting skewed to the wealthy and well connected our health systems, will let more people fall through the cracks.
That's how democracy withers until its democracy at all, and we cannot let that happen. Do not let them take away your power do not lie. Them take away your democracy. Make a plan right now for how you are going to get involved and vote. Do it as early as you can and tell your family and friends how they can vote too. Do what Americans have done for over two centuries when faced with even tougher times than this, although quite heroes who found the courage to keep Martian, keep pushing in the face of hardship and then
So I will stipulate here that you and I both ever saw draughts of of that speech before he delivered it, and there is no one to stipulate that is, has still, even though I read it many times. I was surprisingly moved by his delivery, which was, I think I have rarely seen him deliver at speech like that. With that much emotion towards the towards the end of that speech, when it almost seemed like he will is fighting back tears. That's right. I mean it like there is this really stupid Washington narrative perpetuated by the new times, as recently as a fucking yesterday that Obama some sort of
move Vulcan. I tried so hard not to tell about that. For twenty four hours I mean there's like Gimme, a platform of common, William S, nerves and I'll. Take my shot had he's like this aloof Vulcan, who feels no emotion, and now he is the embodiment of hope enjoy in a lot of ways and when he speaks and he's funny and olive added, but there only so many times in the thousands of times that you and I ask you to speak- we ve seen em actually have to, I think, fight back choking up, and it is in times of great tragedy, nor think, most notably in famously after the death of his grandmother right before the two thousand and election after sandy hook talking about his daughters. But that's it is people who know to hear him have that level of motion about what is happening to his country is just so powerful and bespeaks thee.
Credible states if a solution is that was ultimate way. His task here right here to task as one was a first person testimonial about who Joe Biden Ethnic enterprising, would be another one. Was a racist takes the election to speak to people. Deciding between Obama in Trump brought both prevail, he bore decided between voting and that voting about why it matters add like this. The line of all of about speeches over the years is that it's not about him said about Joe Biden is not about Trump. It's about you, you, the voter control. What happens next and he's telling you? It is all on the fucking line right now and you decide what is gonna happen in this country. Now that was powerful and
living and inspiring and scary. All the same time. There are two main reactions to the speech that I sort of want to talk about is a way to discuss what he was thinking, which you know, I'm not an expert on much in politics here, but I usually no abroad Burma is what's on his mind, so the first ever the most shallow reaction to the speech from many borders is he's never taken on tromp like this is finally let loose on track so I just want to read a lead from the New York Times. Former President Barack Obama re entered the national political debate with a scathing indictment of President Trump, a sailing his successor as a threat to our democracy in a dramatic. Rate from the normal deference former presidents usually show to incumbents. Robotic ended a long period of public reticence with, alas, rating assessment of Mr Trump Dinner, it was from September seventh,
twenty eighteen. We to not be able to remember just two years ago during the mid terms when he consistently called Donald Trump, a threat to our democracy, so we'll put that aside, I mean in fairness in our times right now. I would feel it where's about what happened on Tuesday. So two years does it make a long time ago. It is also very I mean he did, of course, directly mentioned Donald Trump. He set his name, do you think it was probably even more direct, then he wasn't eighteen. I will give people that, but again, even the way it it's funny that justice bribing reality, recycled, others before, but just describing reality the way Everything is right. Now is seen as some gigantic hit on the person in the world off its right like the way he coach it. I never, expected that my successor would embrace my vision or continue my policies. I did hope for the sake of
country the tramp might show. Interest in taking the job seriously, but he never did. Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't again. Sort of mirrors Michel's line that he is in over his head. Right that it is not any personal vendetta against Donald Trump Brok. Obama do not. Eve office thinking that Donald Trump would embrace all of his policies would keep all depositing expect that, but he hoped, that may be the seriousness of the job would weigh on him, and it did not if that taken as a massive frontal assault, I guess sure, of course, he went to this list, so there are certain principles that shouldn't be democratic Republican, but american not using the military against peaceful protesters like not calling the press, the enemy that are
Working government depends on the belief in facts and science and logic, and he said the trump doesn't believe in those principles. Again I haven't seen anyone argue otherwise, those are all you did. You use the military against peaceful protesters. We all saw it. So that that was sort of one set of reactions about about Obama. Taken Tromp, but there is another set of reactions from a lot more people that that I do think it. We're talking about which has allowed people said Obama, was unusually dark and have lost his optimism in Jonathan Jake, who I wrote a book about Obama and and and knows you know, knows how about methinks pretty well, also said that it's the first time, seen Obama Express fear, and I I do think it's fair to say that the speech felt different and more urgent, but I dont think
I guess I would say that Obama's message and his central belief about politics and America haven't changed since two thousand and four and it goes to precisely what you said about the fact that it's not about. He doesn't believe that democracy is about him or Donald, pump or Joe Biden or Common Harris or any one politician, but it is about us and what we can do. And in the way that we knew. That is because the whole purpose of the speech, as he set up top, was to speak to those people who are cynical and speak to the people who have lost faith in the systemic. Spit particularly said? You know, I can totally understand if you're young person and you're looking round of politics and you say what's the point, but then I think that the part he got emotional was the key to the whole speech, he gets emotional, where he tells the story about a civil rights leader once told them that the day Obama was.
And was the day he stepped into a jail cell. For the first time in Obama, said quote whatever our backgrounds we're all the children of Americans who fought the good Fight black Americans, chained and whipped and hanged spit on for trying to sit at lunch counters beaten for trying to vote. If anyone had a right to believe that this democracy did not work and could not work. It was those Americans and yet in sight, giving up they joined together and said somehow some way we are going to make this work. We are going to be those words in our founding documents to life throughout Burma's entire life, the straw, Well, for civil rights has always been central to the story. He tells about America and its not just because it made his presidency possible. It's because it illustrates to him how black Americans, who been enslaved and subjugated and excluded from democracy in every
possible- are the very same Americans who ve shown the most faith in the power of democracy to change the country for the better and if they didn't gave it to cynicism throughout all those decades, then neither should you and that's where he became emotional, because an that's where he sort of have that's where has hope. That's where his hope comes from right that, like, yes, everything is on the line. Yes, this is very scary, but all of you actually have the power to do something. But it- and that is a meeting. That is amazing, that you have agency Rain so I took that part is pretty hopeful that we can do something about this. I agree with that. I don't think this speech was darker. I think it was starker then be young industries. Four, because the context is tat, we are, the middle a pandemic were a thousand Americans are dying every single day. Most people out of work, the president is, is basically doing why Nixon pantomime
The White House, with racist tropes about suburbs alike, This is serious, fucking shit. That is happening right now, but what he is not like that yours he he continues to believe that the solution to the problems is bottom up, not top down, and he said to you the voter. This is your choice. You have the power to do it. I believe you can.
Can you well do it, but it is he your choice and I think it is a it felt like I said this last night, it felt even than any speech I've ever seen. Obama give not big not because he is different, but because he was speaking to the moment in a way that was more powerful and starker than ever before. In context is everything here, optimism or pessimism? I think of the wrong way to think about his tone and his belief, because optimism in pessimism both involve predictions about what might ultimately happened right the question Obama wants us to ask is not what might happen, but what are we going to do about it? And in that way it's not me, Look. He said that in the two thousand and four convention speech right, he was like. I'm not talking about blind optimism. Here, I'm talking about something more substantial above of slaves, sitting around camp fires of singing freedom, songs and that sounded.
And hopeful and cheery in two thousand and four at the time, but that idea of of slave singing freedom songs when they were enslaved when people enslaved and believing that they could have a better life and then fighting for that. That is hope, And that's not like you don't get so it's so funny cuz you saw so many people on Twitter being like this Obama know something that we don't. Is he worried it's like it's not about what he knows. That's going to happen, it's that he knows that You dont vote that if we set out that, if we don't do enough, then yes summit bad will happen, that is happening for its were already had it we're fine idea like. Obviously we- while the Obama so much of what we have in our lives is because Obama hired us a one point and so TAT S population we have between you have written many.
Any of the words of african out of his mouth. With you know, we have watched and participated in. Most of these big business is given over the last decade, But what I watch on the counter this, unlike do you, people, listen to what he actually fucking says. In other people, s night, her alike, I thought promised the art of the moral universe bent towards justice. Listen to the words he said, which is that we have a responsibility to bend it by that, as everyone made fun of, we are the ones we ve been waiting for, that's what he was fucking out of the bag and thousand and Amy, and I'm gonna be. He said, specifically, we ve type of civilians Democracy is not transactional, it is not about you give me your vote and I will fix everything, and I do think that You now part of the issue in a battle was elected in two thousand and eight is a lot of people thought we have. We have elected this Harris guy who's, wonderful and gives good speech inspiring wherever
and he's gonna fix everything to doesn't it's over. We can go home, bragwaine was gonna, take everything in that's it's not the system that we have set up right. We don't like to king. We don't even have a parliamentary system we have. I can Congress, we have state has everywhere. We have a very complex system of democracy, a republic that requires citizens to be active every single day. It is an end, and that is going to be true, if God forbid, Donald Trump ones. Another turn, and it's going to be true if Joe Biden wins a term as well, it's not like Joe Biden wins the it's not over. It is not that we can count on your mind to go fix everything with to keep this up, and that is about sent message. It has always been the central message. Two thousand and four, the reality has changed. These are darker times, but the central message is the same citizenship of full time. Job. That's address this point, that's, and if we don't do our job this time in this context, were in big fucking trouble. That's what this
about vote, save America, DOT, com adopts Joanna yeah ya, Arizona, final question and then we can go Jack. By informally, accepts this nomination tonight. The final, neither the convention with a keynote address to again a couple heresy, mostly empty room. What piece of business or pieces of business does by still have to get done Joe Biden's task is to use this huge. For me, has to explain the earth people why he can fix what Donald Trump has wrought people. We have said this before Joe Biden has high, nay my day, but he has not deeply nome, typically among the voters who will decide this election as we know, periodic recalcitrant voters pay less attention to politics. Really, then almost everyone and so he's got he has to even though he has shown in actual sage for more time. He has to introduce himself to the country, and that includes
is the sum of the substance of his agenda. What he will do, but it also includes in this is what was seven potent about Joe Biden Speech and what brought about the Michelle Obama. Everyone else said about your by news that the person in the policy are completely interconnected, because voters have heard politicians for decades talk about their policy plans. They need to know but they are the kind of person who execute on them, and so it is the intersection of Germans, personal story, his character, his values and then what he will do when he has elected it. Look, that's tough piece of business. I do think you know. If you ask people who didn't know much about Joe Biden before the convention, you write that they want to know who he is and what he's gonna do, who he is, I think, has been answered very effectively by his family through a lot of these videos through a lot of these testimonials from people who know him. So I do think people have a lot more knowledge right now about who'd Joe Biden. Isn't what values drive him?
that has been accomplished by this convention. What he's going to do? It hasn't been as accomplice just yet. I think Bernie Sanders did some of that work. I think, on on Wednesday night, the world you know ones initiative talked about the stakes in terms of different issues, and I think the convention did a great job of laying out those issues in talking about what I want to do, but I think binds big piece of business is talking about his vision and what he's gonna do as president and, like you said how he's going to get that done, and I will say the reason I think that's a tough job is because it is very easy for that to sound death, stranding and workmanlike in a speech and the trick of speeches to sort of list that up, but you should know that when he is talking about his agenda again, not really for us, not really for the performance judges it's for people out there who are like I'm pretty sure I want to vote for Joe Biden, but I really just want to know what specifically that he's going to do to make my life different, how we're gonna get there and end.
Doesn't need to do that tonight when this is where the absence of applause makes us so much harder, in a normal speed. You say you are going to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars and everyone shares and it seems, grew. You say that just like there's always a danger of a laundry less doing that in an empty room, so like this is a very I is a very, very challenging environment to do this in and it now As you know, this will be the biggest audience he will have for a speech, this entire campaign services by Chance to make his unfiltered case to the vote or about why he is the right person to be present in Donald Trump is not a threat. When we come back or dance interview with Elizabeth Warrant Party
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Zennor Elizabeth Warren. Thank you Coming back on positive rackets always grid to talk to you- and it's always good to me with the pod. So I want to start with your speech last night. Obviously You imagine the convention speech, you would be giving it the twenty twenty convention. It probably involved people. How did you go about preparing gave a speech under these very unusual circumstances. So actually too hard for me was not as much about the people I mean I mean like because you ve just readjusted your brain. So that's not with this. It's gonna be out working to find another way to talk to a lot of folks, only five minutes, how sure I'm just getting describe everything dead. You know, I think we ought to be working on and why I think we ought to be helpful in the places. You know why we have to get rid of Donald Trump, so it was up how to make a coherent argument to get in key pieces and be able to make a personal.
Because that is what this is about. The selection is about making the the opportunity and I really wanted to tell a story of what so many parents are going through right now. Up and have gone through all before the pandemic hit, and now that the pandemic has hit, I feel, like it- we need to have a federal government that on the side of human beings? That's on the side of folks out here who are just working so hard to keep it to gather data day. So that's what I wanted to be able to do and do all that in five minutes
Never easy, you don't obviously your audience with everyone tuning and did you have a particular segment of the electorate that you are trying to persuade our motivate when you're giving the speech or a target audience? If you will give us- and it was its two separate segments that I really cared about. One segment is Mama's Mama's, an daddy's, ok folks, with children who are struggling through this to say I hear you, I see you Joe Biden hears you incision Kamel Harris here's you and sees you and we need you in spite. Despite matters in a fairy personal way to you, but the second half is all the people who don't have kids
all the people who see their kids ground or they don't. You have kids than ever thought about white kids. The reason I wanted to reach them is that's what the argument I wanted to make was about. Child care is not like some Favour that we should be doing for Mama's in daddy's who are struggling child care is how we keep our economy going and we invite. Asked in roads and bridges and power and communications also that this economy can go forward all so that people have an opportunity to get out in and take
our job in an job, make their families financially secure, but we still build an economy as if there is one full time stay at home. Bear it, and that's just not reality in the twenty first century. So so I really feel like its both is there.
And it's a layer ended that I've heard sluice so many mom's, a dance who are so worried about their kids school age. Kid can schools open safely little babies on the campaign trail. I heard about childcare in my town halls I heard about it no selfie lines, not from the press, but I heard about it from the people who were there, and I just think that's why it's important to to speak to them directly. What's your level of optimism that a bite administration could make addressing the charter crisis country a centrepiece of their economic well notice your verb that they could do it are you kidding? I think the moment is ripe. I may I just saw many people who are at home with school age, children with little babies
and mom, trying to hold down a job to mamas are trying to hold down jobs. Both parents are trying to do this,
suddenly realized. Damn this system just doesn't work it I've been talk about. It is time to declare broke and big time. This is it, and that means people or Mormon. He actually and thought about this. Damn it did. You ever think about part of how we got to see if he be the consumers and save with President Obama enough people been shaded and are not. People had looked around and said why this anymore were wait. Wait I'll make change here. So this is a moment we get a democratic tonker. Is it's gonna? Take those democratic house, Democratic Senate and Joe Biden, Comma Harrison the White House boy. This could happen. The Eba you buy bring up the safety. You you lead into US women s question is how
like you know whether a wise in Joe Biden has talked about this, and I think imagine and inform some of the many conversations you guys are reported to have our policy. Is he once in Sdr Style presidency to respond to this crisis? The affordable care act, the Csp be Dodd Frank, was a response to the two thousand financial crisis Do you think this? The cut? The combination of crises were facing right now between the pandemic, the though the large national, maybe even having about structural racism, thee, the effects of climate change that were feeling in California. You know what's happening but in Iowa last week with direct your, how does all that, combined to created environment for big ball, progressive action with a political system,
and it to some sets a democratic Senate that has, in the past, included some incremental ism as the way in which it approach these issues. I think, like anything, it's the moment, we couldn't pass the sea F, P B the year before the two thousand and two Nine crash we're just gonna, have images there wasn't enough external, sure and there wasn't enough internal attention. Not restraint the fact that George W Bush was president someone, but I'm I'm just saying right. But worse national territory. The moment wouldn't have been there. Two years later,. It was the moment when people were feeling a very tangible way. In other words, the outside was ready, but also inside attention and pressure on this because present obama- God bless him and his team, or trying to to rescue a broken economy and
far sighted enough to say, let's put in place, the pieces dimensions doesn't happen again in three years and again, three years after that, again in a three years after that, and so it was that moment it was it you. Don't we talk about the overturn window that you shift? What is possible but this is a little different. I don't I don't know that has a name should I I don't know what I call it What are we doing here? Let's? What's? Let's get our own name going to this, but It is the moment when there's enough outside pressure and when there's enough inside attention get up, here's the other part part of when I talk about what creates the right moment, look how many young people are engaged now I am so inspired by young people.
So policy oriented. You know I honour Presley, always teaches teasing me and says a policy is your love language and further, but it has an and we ve got so many young people nail who care about the details they care about. What a police reform bill looks like they care about. What climate policy looks like these are our future? Allow that officials, our future volunteers, are future small dollar donors. They care about big change and they are creating this moment where we can make big change, enacting a policy agenda right. This judgment, how we fix what country is an intersection, of what in hell yeah right and you need Ballade centre right
read right and the what is often to a lot of you. Well, somewhat evident it's how they get tangled up to do give the thing you're talking about. We cannot depend on eight and nine of which my Connell's friends to agree. How optimistic are you that you will be able to convince your Senate colleagues to join you in the end? Dana filibuster. If we see where we expect witches republican obstruction, so we ve got a democratic majority and sent it? I think when Mitch Mcconnell starts to block our first actions, which I think we're going to be very popular actions, important things to get done. I think, as soon as that happens, we're going to have a lot of senators who are going to say when it get rid of.
Buster and notice. It's already happening having President Obama come out and say we just cannot be, but the this. Of a dozen years ago doesn't exist anymore. We we cannot have filibuster, block everything that Joe Biden and calmly Harris wanted Don having President Obama say. That was very important and I'm so glad he did that, and I think that was up It helped a lot of other senators and I know We had a a cabal boys That was really ended this, but I think it helped a lot of other senators shift Dover and say yeah. We gotta be realistic because What people are not gonna get out there and fight the next seventy five days tool like someone only have nothing change therein. This fight shore,
because they don't like Donald Trump therein, this fight because they do like Joe and comma, but there in this fight for change and that's what we ve got to do a lot. I thought that the question back to you, you ve. Vocal unfilled stir, I you and the pod guys, so that's it inside outside. That's what it's gonna take I'm meeting with folks on the inside I'll, keep talking about it publicly that you keep talking about it too, because this is like one of, key pieces to make real change and, if you're not willing to get rid of the filibuster, then you just not there on change or I promise you that are to do list is help get people to defeat Donald Trump, and then how can people to defeat the veil muster in that order? and I'm gonna. I want to pull you at some point. It's all the economic things we talk about, but is also dealing with corruption. We just got
Ah Barack Obama moved presidential candidates in the right direction, on funding ah put in some restraints on lobbyists, it but the world around. You know it's, the cod zoo has been growing and we ve really got to come in and hack. It back. I hope so. The guarding met for a guess. You they're, ok, I'm not sure I know entirely would cut zoo is but a context close to figure it out at each other. I think it seemed so bad ass. Then, if you don't attend to it, it actually will take down the house there. There are examples. This is like a very well done metaphor. Does her fate to describe lobbying and it's his? Is there anything that you are a particular looking here for Joe Biden, Missy prepares to redress the convention the night.
So my sense? It is two things. First, job will be the human being that we have missed for the last three and a half years now Joe Biden is a decent man. Who's in public service to serve the public ought not to ah flat himself in rich, his family and his friends and spend all his time worrying about his ratings in his new version of his reality. Tv show so, but I think this matter to me: it's not just I'm not just here to throw insults at dollar troubled, I'd be glad to I can do that, but I really mean it as I think about this and leadership it. It's not just on leadership, does not just getting every decision right and people look into like that decision like that, it's feeling
like people care about you and that all the decisions you don't understand, came from or coming from the right place. You have caught countries. Quick story are so diverse around this, my grandmother, but it was of transporting the later eighteen, hundreds and my mother was born as they used to collect very late in life. To her I was born we might like to my mother so my grounds really old and when she was in her nineties when I was a little girl she's to talk about the great depression and she said she loved Franklin, Roosevelt and I kind of thing, I'm sure they were very political ever before then never talked about it. Much after which he love Franklin, Roosevelt, and I can remember asking why- and she said well, she said Franklin, Roosevelt,
stay to put money in banks pause and I'm sure he did a lot of other good stuff to whom I say that I way of saying: if you do things, you want another somebody's firing on your side too. I think that's number one for turbines and a number two that it really does have plans to do things said that it's not gonna, be yes, I have a good heart, but I'm gonna just stand by now. It's yes, I have a good heart and I'm gonna use that good heart and brain and all of my Energy and Canada
in all my friends to make the changes we so desperately need to make so good at heart and a determination that concrete here or changes we're gonna make you ve been helping. We the fight to deal with the publication of the postal service. You wrote a letter calling for an investigation from the aspect of general what're. You hope to learn from that investigation. Is there any chance that we would get findings by the so you now, I'm I'm a huge fan of inspectors general. I was well actually long before Barack Obama came along and I was I was really glad of it. I had sent a letter to the to the guy. She sang whoa hold on here just a minute. This guy on stock in companies that compete with the post office he's doing business with the post office. This looks like a bunch of conflict of interest here to me, will you
an investigation and actually in a pre timely way. The idea stepped up and yes, now that it has stopped a joy he's out there speculating in on stock, evidently in all kinds of stuff, but partly It is a reminder to do joy, We're watching- and there are things you're that are illegal soap. Partly that's what I want is. I just want the guide you to stay honoured me. Will you will get an answer, but I also have questions for joy, You want to think about that. As I do. Love to hear about that says so go to ask questions because it so it's a house hearing, I look, I know thank Ms Mcdonald, not gonna. Do a hearing in the, but look We all know what Donald Trump has said he has been spreading lies in conspiracy, series about mail in voting
during this pandemic because he doesn't want people develop. He knows that if everybody votes Donald Trump lose so this is one of his vetture suppression. Techniques is to keep people the voting and he puts the joy and I believe, to try to shut down the the post office. So the question I want to ask him is: has the president or have any of his staff ever requested or suggested that to joy? Take any action based on trumps opposition to male when voting or to make it were difficult for people to vote by mail. I want I want enough what kind conspiracy we have going on here I want to know you don't joy had done what does it say hundred and seventy one male sorting machines removed by the end of September, that consort over twenty million pieces of paper an hour.
I dont want to just here. Oh I'm not gonna, take out any more I want to know: is he going to replace the male sorting machines that he ordered the? U p S, to remove all the same kind of thing on over time. I want to know, if do joy, I is going to commit to approve all the requests for over time between now and the election, so that's just a few of them, but whose but I got a lot of questions for this guy, because because I think there is a lot he needs to answer for he's not only destroying or trying to destroy. One of the, though
Central american institutions are Post office, but he's also trying to destroy the upcoming elections, and he needs to be held accountable for that. More importantly, in EAST they stopped. I'm curious about whether any of your republican colleagues have expressed concerns about this Prior to this election, Republicans in many states benefited at a great rate. The Democrats vote by mail and it's not, we don't. We cannot talk about the election in the ballots costs. That's what we focus on by. As you know, from your constituents. There are veterans not getting the prescriptions, their people not getting paychecks, not getting bills that are delayed in ever they. Obviously the tendency of your many of your. Maybe all of your vote and colleagues in the Senate has been to sort of abide, silently by Donald this seems like a pretty big bridge politically, if you know, even if we put aside the morality and legality of Oliver,
spot politically to be on the side of the weighing prescription, drugs to veterans, distilling election seems bad any any chance you, those three bipartisan pressure put on Trump here I my view on this is that the post office very non partisan right and has been for ever or rural areas at it, both in states they have urban and rural and states that our entire almost entirely rural. They came on those post offices on it. As you said, people having prescriptions deliver, pension checks getting delivered on time. This is gonna hurt, in my view, is gonna, hurt Republicans as much as Democrats, but here's the thing I appreciate your asking about today say things quietly on the floor: the senator out the hallway it to me: that's not what this is. This is about. If you will-
to stand up and say it out loud trunk told us what he is doing. He didn't say it behind closed doors, it wasn't leaked in the New York Times. This wasn't a well known secret, around Washington that was thinly source. He told his flannel that if people vote my mail, he is going to lose and the Republicans you're going to lose and where we're all republican senators and representatives who stood up and said wait. You have now gone too far. We cannot shut down the post office in order not to have ballots counted and in order to for people to feel like there's no point in casting a ballot now they stood silently giant to me
that's enabling Donald Trump and I'm on cut no slack for any of them on this, and this is why I think we need to push so hard back. Seventy. Five days. We not only have to keep up Y gotta get everybody turned out to vote, but we ve got to keep up the pressure on access to that vote, and that includes keeping up the pressure on the Post office centralism, Warren. It seems a good place to end as any? Thank you so much for being here. It is always wanted to talk to you and we would all sorts of many many times we now an election day. Thank you so much so! Let's do it thanks! So much stand, it's always good to talk to you. Seventy five! seventy five day, thanks to Elizabeth Warren for joining us today will see you tonight for the big pressure
the cricket dog slashed convention will see there and we will see you guys again tomorrow, for our Friday bonus pod with the two of us and love it. Tommy, you cannot get rid of us. We are everywhere where there were here and there, of course, there's another group threads and I to growth, rather a pot of money by next Thursday names and grew ties that you are with us people. You can't leave your house and we are coming to you. Pod? Save America is a crooked media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez, arson. See a producer is Jordan Waller its mixed in edited Andrew Chadwick Kyle, Edwin is our sounded junior italian, so Maneater, Katy Long Roman. But Dimitrios Caroline rest LISA Gutierrez for production, support into our digital team, illogical normal Conan, Yo Freed and my look him who film and upload these episodes as videos every week.
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