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“The coronavirus debate.”


Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders hold a very unusual debate amid the coronavirus crisis, governments close public places across America, Trump refuses to take responsibility for testing failures, and lawmakers work to pass economic relief. Then Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) talks to Tommy about Congress’s response to the pandemic.

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to marketing executive. Try it now for free dip, recruiter, dot com such crooked. If you go to sleep recruiter, dotcom such good today tries recruited for free. We get credit for sending you. We love that once again that zip recruiter dot, com, slash cricket. I welcome the pod, save America, I'm John Fabric, I'm John Mother Intermediate or later on today's POD Tommy tax to California, congresswoman national treasure, Katy, Porter, kindness, As far as I can yea. With thirty minutes I spend talking with contemplated quarter is the best I felt like three days:
I'm really excited to us, which is nice? Don't look she's not like. Should an inventor cure, I hate to break it everybody, but she is so competent and thoughtful, and it's nice and other people like that are in government and hopefully Menuhin another to listen to our excellent. Now, that's great but before that we're gonna talk about the debate last night between Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders as well as all the. These developments around the corona virus crisis that has now brought the entire world to a standstill, but first love it. I was the show and everything sounds we're doesn't yap and her mother independently. Texted me saying how funny was a really that's. A nice great great upset We did it in studio episode with no audience where mixing up. We call people in home must ask them what they were doing to proper corona and the strangest thing they bought. We are
a polish year. Where was the strangest thing with someone bought some about cheese constitute convert their milk into soft cheese added. She said ricotta, but it's probably and we got a physiognomy. I thought that was weird. Our dinner yeah contribute policy. Came and was really good. Sport, Rachel Banana and russian affront Vampa. Then you shall hold shame or on That's when you re we're gonna, be evolve. We're gonna be adapting the format and experimenting by calling people in their homes to be show because you know the audience and love that social distancing lever, leave it, So if you want to know more about corona virus from an expert Doktor Abdul I'll say it is back to give us updates the corona virus crisis and everything you need to know could dissected corona virus its com, factual in language you can understand they will be, episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can subscribe to America dissected on Apple pie cast, but if I sticker or wherever you listen to your podcast, also quick, no from us on twenty twenty
we would have already passed the corona virus economic relief bill were it not for Mitch Mcconnell taken the taken along weekend off. He was at an event with his buddy Brett Cabin on leave just one more reason why the Democrats have to flip the Senate in November. You can help. Do by donating toward get Mitch or die trying fund, where the money to the eventual democratic nominee in ten of the most common the races here, the ten most competitive races, in our view, as of now Arizona Colorado, May North Carolina Montana, Kansas, I or George Alabama in Michigan, for example, this is how it works when North Carolina Democratic Cal Cunningham One has sent a primary the other week. We sent him a cheque for, six thousand dollars, thanks to all of you- listeners you cricket media fans, so if you can, please do outvoted America dot com slash get Mitch Funding feels a little literal. At this point I get it. I get the Spirit get Mitch.
Nature. Just get met his cabinet, ok, let's get the news we for and potentially last one on one democratic debate of twenty twenty between Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders was like nothing we ve ever seen before the corona virus, emergency foreseen and innovation, to move the debate from Phoenix to a nearly DE studio in Washington, where the two candidates in three moderators or six depart at all times, Three of us are now you around table- an exception Beginning of the debate when Biden and Sanders walked out and bombed elbows first base, but above all, the above about boys. So, let's start there before you need all the substance what'd. You guys think of the highly unusual setting in format. You know
It was a I felt for everyone involved. It was a debate that they should cancel but couldn't have it had to be about one topic, but couldn't just be about one topic: They had to be serious while at the same time they are competitors and even though the dynamics in his primary have shifted dramatically before corona virus took over the news. There still looking to draw contrast what, with each other while rising both the state of the race and say the country, so it's just an impossible situation. Is nice to see two competent empathetic, decent human beings, onstage sarcoma politics. That's been missing from my life for about three years ago. When my brain certainly oscillated between. Ok. Obviously, this has to happen. These guys have to debate. We have to end this primary at some point between that and what the fuck are. We doing their seventy plus years old, get them in a bubble yeah. Let them leave the home. I know that's a little irrational, but that's where my Brunos look no audience apply.
For me no audience ever. We ve been yet we ve been saying this for a long time now and I would do more debates without audiences because it reduce is the amount of canned applause lines you try to get off as a candidate. I thought that The moderators did a great job. Agri, for exactly will love it was hung about, is very hard to have a debate. That is all we are talking about a kind of irish rightly so, but you can have a debate for two hours only about corona virus on the economic fallout. Maybe you could it's enough to talk about, but they to cover other things, and I thought that the whole crew did it, job that yeah right it was sort of ETA. Bernie and Biden looked like I'm panel in a situation room, I just the way, the camera and because there was a skeleton through their which there should have been for everyone's health and safety. But yet there are a lot of odd, odd parts of it yet and also just forget, even just a factor
our focus on one issue were all focused on one issue that is immediate and the nature of a presidential evade is, in some sense, hypothetical we're talking to two people who may be in charge. Next year- and we have a Ices right now- and you know, Biden put out a plan and his plan is about what he do, not as not just president? What should be happening right now and good for them, but inevitably the more specific you get with these two people? the further away you are from the light the real lived experience of the country right now it s just one if it is so funny to think. Like initially debates. Her dislike candidates in a studio debating issues station yeah. Why don't we had, I think something. Nineteen sixty why we now to place where two giant auditoriums would like a stupid height videos beforehand, like warm up acts, voice of like we don't know that, show need an invasive eats corporate money making in the form of a debate. Makes it seem sillier than it should be, and it makes it seem like more of a show. Then it should be. There was out there was a gravity to last night that I think
you, you sometimes get that level of gravity at the presidential debates in general election because they usually ask the audiences during those debates to be quiet. And sometimes they are your affairs sometimes, but the primary debates both on the republican democratic site are usually rowdy bullshit. We had four while especially that South Carolina audience of a wake up call like about the the the way we ve been doing things for a long time yet so that it appropriately started with the question about what each candidate would do to respond to the current public health crisis. Let's take a listen to their answers, three pieces first of all, I have to take care of those who, in fact, arcs closed or likely to be exposed to the virus, and that means we have do testing we have to get the testing gets up ready. I would have the World Health organization I take advantage of the tests. Kids they have available to us present says a million or more coming back. Get all the tests we can done as quickly as we can't. Secondly, I would make sure that every state the union had at least ten play is where they had drive through
testing arrangements, I would also at this point deal The need to begin to plan for the need. Additional hospital beds. We have that capacity in the Department of Defense as well as in as well as with the female, and they can set up hundred bread. Five hundred bed, hospitals intense quickly, we have to lay all that up. We have to deal with the economic fall out quickly, and that means making sure that people who in fact lose job, don't get a paycheck pay, their mortgage are able to pay it and pay them now, and do it now small businesses be able to borrow interest free long are. What we have got to do is move aggressively to make sure that every person in this country finally understands that when they get sick with the colonial virus. That day will it that all pain, It will be made that they don't have to worry about coming up with money for testing. They don't have to worry about coming up with money
for treatment. This is an unprecedented moment in american history. Now I obviously believe in Medicare fool. I will fight for that. As President right now in this emergency. I want repression in this country to understand that when you get sick, you go to the doktor when you get sick, if you have a virus that will be paid Do not worry about the clause right now because we're in the middle of a national emergency. Second of all we have to. Sure that our hospitals have the ventilated, so they do have the two units that any right now we have a lack of medical personnel and I worry very much- that if there is a peak weather have the capability of dealing with hundreds of thousands, the people who may be in hospitals, so we need on, precedent that action right now the deal with the unprecedented crisis. Bottom line. From an economic point of view. What we have got us the american people you lose your job. You will be made whole you're, not gonna lose income if tromp can put
What the third can put a trillion and have into them banking system. We can protect the wages of every worker in America. What do you think those answers? I'm here I thought it. They were both good right at me. Bite in spoke to the urgency of the moment, and he wants to focus for now on the crisis at hand, so we have to stop the spread. We need to make sure that no has to pay for testing. That known goes bankrupt because of the corona virus nuggets evicted. Then we can get to the deck structural issues. Bernie is reminds me of uranium annual. I never let a crisis good ways and you saying we need to deal with. Did this urgently and stop the krona virus, but why showing is how broken our health care system is. How broken our economy is, when the average family couldn't pair four hundred dollar bill without risking going bankrupt in its. So he is making a broader argument for systemic change to our economy to our health care system because of this virus. Now
I can't really tell you, which is more compelling to the average person, be, as my bias is bleeding into how I view things right I mean I have a flexible job. I have healthcare and so? I dont know how this sound to someone who does not have those things, but my guess is that most people are scared shitless and they just want to hear someone tell them what they're gonna do to fix it and are they both I'll say that I've been incredibly critical of Joe Biden and even when there have been people saying that Joe Biden did well at a debate. I have been the very first to say: everyone is grating, Joe Biden on a curve. I honestly don't think you need to great Joe Biden on a curve. I think he was incredibly strong. That answer he gave was incredibly strong. We would fortunate of either one of these two men was president right now and the teams that they would assemble and the truth is what they are both describing is right. You know Joe Biden is right, these it. This is the emergency. This is what we have to do to Bernice credit here.
A point in that. In that respond, saying I, this went on for a long haul, but we need to basically do some of those things immediately to relieve people their worried right now. If I really appreciated, but the point that Bernie kept coming back to over and over again was these sort of The way we are addressing this crisis that's facing everybody is the kind of crisis that hits people on an individual level all the time all the time, and I do think another some. I am very sympathetic to a lot of very supporters. Really. This is what we're talking about now to address this crisis, whether it's you be, I paid sick leave. Her relieving people of their medical costs in the midst of this emerging that's the that's the broken this of our culture every single day, yeah, it's interesting in that specific clip. I think Bernie did a great job talking about the urgency of now throw most of the debate, you got the impression that he can tend to go back to Medicare for all and the structural weaknesses and Wilhelm. Do that again in the economy which I get you know, but
are so focused on corona virus in the urgent response, and then by an in burning down into a back just on corona virus and the urgent response and then by an Bernie, get into a back and forth a little. But after that were whereby and keep saying everything should be paid. Or medical wise right now everything all the economic or have to behave tinker right now. This is an immediate crisis and we worry about everything else later and Bernice. You know Bernie argument, as we have to worry about it all at once, and I think I mean, but realistically Bernie B, spreading if Bernie, somehow one and became resident in in January, but they wouldn't pass Medicare for all its limits to disgrace they wouldn't ass. It not the MRS Guises creator of the votes right, but he would take the emergency steps required to get through the crisis yet The awareness of the debate is, I think, that we are in a fundamentally different political paradigm than we have ever been before, maybe since the financial crisis or since nine eleven yet, and that that debate didn't necessarily adjust in terms of tone when we started
key about votes from the Eightys and Ninetys oppositions in views, and so what I think I wanted to hear as a scared. Human being is: where are the respirators, where the ventilator is how we can get more testing and I've seen? None of these individuals have any control over that, but hearing someone talk about it and it's urgent. Made me feel a little better. It was interesting a little bit later Biden says you know: ITALY has a single pair healthcare system and that didn't save them, and I saw a lot of burning supporters. I say that was achieved, giant, get upset about it and Biden wasn't saying like ITALY has a single pair system and therefore it was basically like either. With a single pair system, even the countries that do have Medicare for all our single pair. They are still being overwhelmed. Not do so because of the beam cup of their healthcare system, but because a crisis like this overwhelms even the best healthcare system. Part of this too, as you know, this is a disease.
Urgency and burning, is talking about the larger systemic changes. He thinks that are important to be made, and maybe there is an argument that that doesn't help Bernie Sanders become president in this moment. But pardon me thanks. That's not what brings worry about anymore. Yeah. He is there if there's a reason to have this debate at all. If it exists, it is to point out the differences that he feels with Joe Biden, and the biggest difference to me is the the commitment Bernie has made too stomach change as the core of his argument in the most the best thing may be. Bernie Sanders can do on this platform now is agree with Joe Biden on the steps we need to take right now but say: hey everybody. When this is done region you're watching this unfold. Remember some of the ghastly ways we treat each other and until I I'd like I just I appreciate the human Bernie Sanders throughout this debate, even in the moments where it got incredibly caustic because their human and their tired and they ve been campaigning as each other
you're. So, a little bit later, the candidates were asked by the economic fall out of the pandemic. Biden once again talked about the need for urgency. Will Bernie talked about our broader economic challenges years acquit so the lesson to be learned, as we have got the move aggressively right now to address. Mama crisis as a result of a boy as a result What about a bully? Gonna bowler my head here right now as a result of the virus here, the krona buyers, what we I've got to do also is understand the fragility of the economy. How unjust and unfair it is so few have so much, and so many have so little People are looking for results, not a revolution, I want to deal with the results they need right now We can do that by ensure that we make everybody whole who has so badly hurt in terms of their they lose the job terms of not having the ability to care for their children in terms of the health care costs that they have relating this crisis. We
can make them whole now now put in process a system whereby they all are made hope that has nothing to do with the legitimate concern about income inequality in America. That's real, that's real, but that does not affect the need for us to act swiftly and very thoroughly, and in concert with, all the forces that we need to bring to bear to deal with. The crisis now. I think that exchange probably crystallise the debate between. These two candidates- by more than anything else, because that was Biden bringing it back to the and see and burning talking about some of the brain economic challenge. Now Bernie, I'm sure he would agree with everything by said about now, but I mean this is almost an answer that binding could have in other debates about other topics re to meet any has right. It's people want results, not a revolution in it sort of. I don't. I thought a crystallise the debate pretty well yeah. I look up for me and I'm
best again by my financial situation and everything else in life. But Biden spoke more clearly to the urgency of the moment into the unprecedented nature of what we're dealing with, and I agree that economic inequality is it is massive issue in this country, but I think maybe the way you get to address. It is through a really successful government intervention. In the near term. Now and then he pointed that later and say: look these programmes work. We should permit, the more broadly, maybe we pelts paper with the wealth, tax, etc, etc. Yeah I was a few moments in the debate, and I was wondering where I was surprised that Joe Biden went to align like that. There really wasn't a need. There were a few moments where job I like Joe Biden would swing o swung it reproach you and it's part of why the debate turn so caustic unbar, because Bernie also through punches, do but, but that moment like we need results on a revolution. It was actually a moment to me where Joe Biden could have said. I agree with
Everything any does later. Actually that among, nor does it later, but he could. He said you know, I think Bernice Critique, as is exactly right about the larger problems in our economy, and that's it all need to work on beer is thinking about these two answers. Tommy is remember, Obama responding to Katrina back no five and so Katrina happened. And Bush completely bundles of response, and this is where the moment that Barack Obama really like jumped onto them machine and starts talking about it. A lot and he would talk about. All the immediate challenges that required a response after after Bush, bungled Katrina and then Talking about the urgency of the crisis at hand, he would say, but let's not forget that you know when the. Levies broke, not everyone in New Orleans in the lower knife. Ward could just jump in you ve had a bunch food and water, and take off because there was inequities before that which are that was a really nice waiter because you talked about the urgency and then after getting on that, he talked about sort of.
Otto challenges and I dont think either of them actually combined the urgency with the broader just in the most effective way. The other thing Obama said at the time was the private sector doesn't pay. They were fixed the levies right yeah. Now he made it a yellow married about the role of governments, are core critical government functions that protect us in times like this, you know that it's a great point because neither of them actually contrasted their view and the fundamental democratic view of the role of government with what a report can view of sort of laissez faire capitalism has given us You know Bernhard talking about it, because Bernice trying to say that the democratic status when, as part of this is well but Bernie somebody like larger structural issues, but this is what republican governance has given us. Cut government, you cut government, you cut preparedness, you damage the healthcare system. Over and over again, you cut taxes for rich people, cut regulations and then, when up a pen,
the kids and you actually need government to be ready and you need government action, widows. Conservative philosophy around government. Get you nowhere good yeah, it's it. I do think it's one of the opportunity cost of how often debates have landed in Medicare for all your work. As the you know, the contrast with Trump and and the republican Healthcare view not caught not a contrast on health care, but also to policies where people have left been left behind. And in larger ways. In the economy that is actually think we're Bernie with stronger, as they got further into the debate family I believe- the minimum wage people who don't have four hundred dollars in their bank accounts in case of an emergency. The fact that our economy runs an undocumented labor. Many of them do not have any access to care afraid to go get care, and all of these things contribute to what makes us vulnerable and All of that has been made worse by Republican. This mean these moments like they they underscore the role and the need for government and for prohibitions are willing to learn that lesson. After a terrorist attack on nine eleven would explode thee,
spending on military and intelligent capabilities, but you know like I remember, during Katrina, thinking of Grover Norquist, who used to say, I want to governments, are small. You can't round it in a back up and as a pretty fuckin gross close to juxtaposed with the current moment. At that time yeah and how many tat, how many episodes of many crises do we have to go through the tea, is this over and over again Katrina, the financial crisis? Now this I mean it's so the debate moment degenerative. The most headlines came during turbines response to it virtual audience member question about the financial and physical health of women, here's what he said as well as Bernice response number one. I commit if I am elected president, have an opportunity to appoint someone to the courts will be point the first black woman to the courts is required. They have representation now is long overdue. Secondly, if I'm alive, the president, my my cabinet, MIKE administration will look like the country, and I can With that, I will in fact appoint a. I pick, a woman to be vice president
There are a number of women who are qualified, be president tomorrow I would take want to be my vice president. Just to be clear, the vice president, committed Picking a woman, as is running me if you get the nominee and will you the likelihood I I well for me. It's not just nominating or a woman, It is making sure that we have a progressive women and they're all progressive women out there. So my very soon tendency is to move in that direction the answer was obviously planned by the binding people. You know that it was play because it was not sort of a direct response to the persons question, but it was tat of a planting than he executed, on which good for jobs the executing under debate moment good for you, Joe executed on a moment, but What is it? The rational was behind announcing that here, and what do we think of burmese answer? I'm elect always some,
go to a major event like this. With with news to make the right, I mean a normal contacts. That would be the big and maybe only headline that came out of this debate, obviously were dealing with a post pandemic. World sorts, a million everything swelled out of the debate, but Bernice Answer probably showed that he hadn't fully vetted potential vice presidents, the nominees of a hidden totally thought through- and I think that's understandable, but it did look lesser in terms of the contrast in that moment and actively look Giuseppe after a minute like Bernice fans on the internet and even some of the staff didn't help him very much by driving down expectations for Joe Biden relentlessly over the course of the last granting the worst people online we're safe that dead Biden had dementia, but others on his staff saying that you know how he can only speak for seven minutes. Why would he do a debate standing up in and made binding performance? Look that much more
They lowered the bar for him, which usually you dont lower. The bar for your opponent. Now may remember that the Bush peoples Ed before they debated John Kerry, that he was the best debater since Sisera which silly perform it it s. Funny. I'm saying good line: is everyone clouded it right? We all remember this. Many years later, on the on up on their nominating a woman, it's either Bernie was caught off guard and gain the. I think the best answer it like. I am not going to make a blanket commitment onstage and on your question, but I'm very strongly like considering it. Were leaning towards that. Whenever he said, I'm surprised, Bernie has been asked before he was ass. It at the New York Times Editorial Board meeting, and he said I can daring to you this. It won't be an old like yams right. He keep. That really would have been better answer. Does anyone have to commit, but it also didn't have to seem like you is that I think it all comes down the wash. I will say just what I like about the Joe by an answer. Is it's actually kind of runs counter to traditional political advice, which is you don't say,
thing like that. You don't run the profile and if there is any campaign that I would worry would be traditional, it would be the bank can some glad I really like it. I like it, obviously for for what it represents, but also because it's basically saying I'm gonna pick a fuckin woman. Obviously I can't possibly at this age. Not have a woman on the ticket will be increased, will be. It would be malpractice and yellow. Why not just stop playing games and to say that I'm gonna do it clearly, we were all stuff, you know, there's combo Harris their Stacy Abrams. There may be other people on that list, but it's not a very long list and we ve been talking about it for a long time. He's he's on his way to being the nominee. I liked the just cutting the shit in this moment. You have the other thing they achieved by breaking this news. Is they turned everyone's focus towards Joe Biden as the nominee and his vice presidential search, so they heard of started, pushing everyone's minds pass the primary to the general, which you know obviously they wanted unlucky also, but you know said before that he would have his first nomination. Court would be a black woman, but
reiterating that he also talked about how the cabinet would reflect the face of Amerika. Look like America and you don't mind me. All this are reminded me of what he said in Detroit at that rally with couple Harrison: Corey Booker, where he talked about himself as a bridge. The younger generation and and how he doesn't think that's how he sees himself. That's how he'll see his presidency, which I think is both self aware and reassuring to people, because you know it's been hinted at before. Like does Joe Biden if he becomes president run for two terms. Right he's gonna be quite old, and I think what Joe Biden is trying to make clear is his theory of the case is Donald Trump as an emergency, we get I'll drop out of there, and then I realized that a younger generation should step up and
and I should have administration that reflects the diversity of America in the face of America right now in twenty twenty, and my vice president will reflect that. My Supreme Court nominee will reflect that. The cabinet will reflect that, and I think that could give a lot of younger progressives. Italy's younger Democrats more reassurance. Yeah so after all, the questions about the current crisis, Bernie tried to turn the debate into a discussion of the former vice president's record when he was a senator, including aid. The exchange about binds position on social security, here's the clip amount Your question jump right here with me: have you been on before the Senate you're in the centre? for a few years. Time and time again talking about the necessity with pride about cutting social security cutting Mary. Cutting veterans programmes now you'd ever said that no, our right, I'll go to the website. Right now go to the Youtube right out.
You do know that's it's over Bernie sounded like binding and past debates. Yeah, I was that you know I think Would you be let re like each other? I do think Bernie was Jen genuinely caught off guard by how emphatic binding is being right given buttons record given the video hd video evidence of binds willingness to re, The retirement age consider cuts as part of larger by ideals. I mean that that here, that is, that is it they're both. I guess I get why Bernie was lustre, but it isn't it. For both of them, and you know it happens on campaigns you, so we believe your own story about your contrast with the other candidate. In usually neither story is a hundred percent accurate right, like so Biden hears, any saying you bragged on the floor about cutting of security in Japan thinks I never tired of all kinds of security. I talked about free.
All government spending for a year that included such security. Now, that would mean a cut right Democrat, say by way of its worth. Twenty are Democrats for a very long time have clung to this idea that if you reduce growth of a soul, program you are cutting that social programmes rights part of our fuckin. What's the what's it would do in church are liturgy I did so Joe Biden like look. What's your budget set as yet there were positions that I took back. The Seventys and Eightys and Ninetys, look at my record vice president, you know, and of course, said during vice president. Of course, there are the negotiations over the budget deal, and by did meant that debate Everything was on the table, including such security. Again, that was flung the growth of a certain part of such security, which result in about labour publicans, duly colic, which called cuts to pm
Look I mean this or kicked off the the part of the debate that you could kind of summarized as old guys who have been the Senate a long time who took a lot of votes and now we're going to go into a deep and boring history. I think what you have to remember is that in the early 80s social He was nearly insolvent, so there was an amendment that Biden, CO, sponsor that would have frozen a year of military and domestic spending, including CASA living adjustments on social security. Tat Kennedy supported. But more recently, Biden expressed open to raising resources, carry eligibility, aids as back in two thousand seven and Bernie got asked about a comment? He had made seven decades ago. I presume it all felt like a bit of a wash to me and yes, these are very important issues, but my brain. Is unable or unwilling to think about things. You said in eighteen, eighty three, when I'm one If I'm gonna catch a fuckin pandemic, yet look bind was
accurate about his record and all he had to do there when he should have done it said I have just like you Bernie. I have changed my mind, a lot of issues, this debate about, is about the future. We have a crisis right now and then we have the future talk about and look at my plan for secured right now, not only to protect it, but I expanded, but he only knew what it won't bite it, but then burdened by an always takes the bay from people any haven't got any social security round. Yet he exactly right over. There could use paper at the oh. That's right could use proper use, purport past debates, Rikers Bernard in bringing up as much other debates, and he is always you can always, and they should do this again. For the general election. You know if he's goes after Trump, so I doubt that Trump would be able to execute on that side out. The truck will be able to execute on this. Do not talk about Senate
from thirty years ago, just don't go there there's a period where Bernie was talking about Bowl Simpson and my guy, and there is ninety nine percent. The audience had no idea what they are talking about. It was, while I will say, Bernie did Bernie try to goes to minors, you can set command. Jolliest road Monaghan say that maybe at some bad votes you change your mind. Northern vine was, I never voted to cut social security and bodies like you, do vote to cut such good, but you said you had the liner than binding, lightened rejoinder- was about bad gun control votes from Bernie in the past. I just get out of it felt like politics as usual and as a bit of a law that personally, I feel the same way about burning the gunboat like Bernie had banned gunboats, I'm glad he doesn't have a position anymore. Joe Biden had bad so security proposals. Going to do I'm glad he doesn't have those anymore and its end its basically, you know it is a it
stand in argument for what kind of president these two men would be and the imposition the implication is Joe Biden may be saying these good things, but but for him, so she cut such courteous expire. People in some way. He would give it away negotiation at the attack with right, and then you know they ve. Now that the attack against Burma These somehow would become against gun control. What is in the wider sitting is a little less salient until a saleable, but Oh I don't they job. I think, after what everyone went through in the Obama White House, with the debt ceiling bullshit and only theirs, chance that at present, in Joe Biden would put so the lad already that I don't either because some of the areas has been asking me that- and I just know that, like it, I think I'm pretty. Sure that everyone involved have learned their lesson. What idea, the idea being that this sort of I felt like throughout this debate, like Joe Biden, embraces Elizabeth warrants bankruptcy
proposal Bernie Saint here even talk about that? Bernie Sanders is out here making an argument, and I do think that one of them he embraced Bernice College proposal and but that the that there's a cost to us constantly treating political media treats these men as protagonists of their produce. Innocent historian. So what's good for them, our what's bad for them is treated with good and what's bad and and everything comes down to their decisions, who they are their ideology their identity, and you look at what is happening in our policy and like there's an incredible amount of pressure that can be brought to bear on Joe Biden if you're worried that he's gonna be less protection for social security because of his past record, I have a role to play in making sure that isn't true Party America is Do you buy Indo China with energy knows all about you talk about your personal experience with energy. Now I mean when haven't I talked about that I remember that suit fondly? It was before the panic pathetic
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you dot com, promo code, crooked, for thirty dollars off your total purchase of three hundred. Ninety nine dollars and more high quality custom suits for an off the rack. So there were some flickers of unity. Last may here's your Joe Biden answering a question about how he go about appealing, to burn these voters of hands up winning the nomination and burning response a burning nominee I will not only support him. I will campaign for him. And I believe the people who support me will do the same thing, because the existential threat to denies the America is Donald Trump, its critical I would hope that burning would do the same thing. I find the nominal courage all of his followers to in fact support me as well because it's much bigger than either of us care of the nation is on the ballot? goes well beyond whether senator centres nigh both agree. We need medic help. Healthcare should be right, not a privilege We both agree. We have to give deal, was student, we both agree. We have to deal with.
Education and access to education. We both agree that we deal. We have a new green deal to deal with the existential threat, the faces humanity, we agree on the detail of how we do it, but we We disagree on the principle. We fundamentally disagree with this president on everything. This is a man who wants to cut social security, cut Medicare, not brought, not burn the president of the United States, so this is much bigger than whether or not I'm the nominal, your burning, the nominal. If I lose this thing, Joel Joe. I will be there for you, but I have my doubts about how you win a general election against tromp will be a very top opponent, a lesson, energy excitement the largest. To turn out in history. I like that alot I was really is very smart, politically forbidden to look magnanimous and also
There has been a lot of debate probably way through much debate over whether Bernie supporters would ultimately support Joe Biden and vote for him or whether they're gonna sit that out and what he did was used that magnanimous moment to get Bernie commit to essentially the same thing and look. I dont think Bernie needed to be pulled that direction. He would have gotten there anyway. Bernie Sanders Danville understands the threat from trumpeted nice moment. You're Bernie says right afterwards, I'll be there for you, Joe to if I lose this thing, which is great, but that that answer from button I think, was one of his best answers of any debate so far and that Tone was perfect and I start thinking to myself. Joe Biden had maintained that magnanimous tone through the entire debate, We wouldn't just say that he won the debate, which I think you did because he's in the lead in Bernie didn't change anything. We would say that like That's it home, run her it's it's done and in its just it was. It was a great town. I think Bernice answer was quite good as well. I mean. What do you guys think? Like you know, Bernie gave
speech after Lassiter Primaries, where he basically laid out a bunch of questions for forbidden in a way to sort of push him. Certain policies, the debate with a little more heated than those questions because he went after binds record a future invited certainly when, after him a few times too. But how do you feel about? The debate ended in terms of how to bring this sort of party together. In this and endless primer. I think the moment the moment we just played were the best moments of the debate. I you know Bernie saying I'll, be there for you, Joe, is the way he said it. I really appreciate it. I just found it It was heartfelt yeah, I mean. Maybe two drivers had left my home, for two hours, but I they genuinely move by it. But maybe you sing another person express an emotion, but it was the day was on the whole more caustic than it should have been, and I think that's both of their fault. Obviously, I d have to hand you note there was a moment earlier in the debate where Biden was basically ass. Some very specific question, like you know, when you shortly
Shut, the port of Miami level, specificity and clear they prep Timmy, said listen when I'm president, what I would do if I were president, what I would do is I would convene the smartest people and that's person me to figure out the best plan together to be prepared it and it was a. It was a response to any question raised, be saying I will put in place a more serious process in the current president, and I wish that he was had a sim a place to go when he's challenge on something when he's pushed on something that is more. Magnanimous must offensive that he knows how to like letter pitched go, buy you know but other, but those moments where there's a lot of advantages to being vice president, you have universal name. I D year, associate with Brok. Obama was very piper former president. In this instance, biting could talk about is very specific experience of managing the above crisis, the H1N1 swine flu crisis that I thought gave people com Hence my critique of the debate is: I wanted more forward looking future too
since I wanted more moments where they came together to talk about the magnitude of the moment and of beating Trump and less talk about social security votes from the eighties and our comments about fuckin, Castro. I just I have no more time for any of those things and I dont care, but in general, you now. I thought it was good from from mine, chatter and spin room, shatter the virtual spin room. Chatter, after the after the debate, my guess is that both candidates are at the stage where they both probably want to be more magnanimous than their staff, and this happens at the. The most primaries Barack Obama Clinton were the first to to make peace and our staff, and your staff at each other's throats for a lot longer and again and make value and media where the exception, but after the debate. You know, need a done whose binds in your adviser made a pretty graceless comment about how you know, Biden went in there and it was like him dealing with a lot of the protests,
those who show up at his rallies for two hours, which was completely unnecessary, also Hague, credit to protestors, who show up and fight for things like climate change they care about, they're, not diminished any of those. No, we should never diminished, but protesters make democracy work and then you know, and then some Bernie staff went from. You know insinuating that Joe Biden may not have the capabilities to be president to just that he's like an outright liar and liar liar. You knows posted. You know that the misstatements he made about his record. They and then they all went after each other on Twitter all night and unlike we gotta pick the book, this is We gonna end in a good way if the candidates, if by and Bernie themselves sort of take the responsibility and tell their staff. We're ending this day in a friendly way to bring the play. Together, because staff will go down, go at each other forever. That's how it goes. We are voting tomorrow, Tuesday, in Arizona Florida, Ohio in Illinois
I mean there's a lot of issues around now. I dont know how these states can guarantee free and fair elections when people who are sick fiber, older or people with underlined for we'll conditions want us a home because they don't get infected and also you no other people who you know, maybe not minor, symptoms are no they're. Infected can still spread the disease to two others, so I don't know what happens tomorrow? I'm heading is pretty simple. I mean these elections may go far. They may not, but we should just be honest about it. If the government is advising you do not leave your house and the only way to vote is to leave your house. The government is advise you not to vote the government is at the government is in by revising millions of people, do not vote in an election. It is not a free and fair election, and that's it. S just speaks to the patchwork nature. Sponsor, because Georgia in Louisiana have postpone their presidential primary elections, but Arizona, Florida Ellen,
in Ohio vote on Tuesday in I'd look, I dont know the right answer, but it just seemed profoundly unfair to people who care deeply about democracy in one vote, but are scared. I was asking people about this on twitter cause. I honestly don't know the answer and part of the issue? Is a lot of people have already voted in those four states? I think we know that every primary after those for tomorrow we're all gonna be postponed. So that's that's fine, but the four tomorrow the promise a lot of people voted already now Illinois, the only one of the four states that democratic. Governor Gibby, Pritzker who's been great during this response. So far said we won in the state can request a male in ballot up until Tuesday, through Tuesday, on Tuesday, Arizona Republican, Governor Florida republican governor, a higher public governor now, a high is doing drive up curbside voting, which is good, make Doin good job, but
It's it's not a triple ago. Wizened tumblr is doing this. The democratic party, it's actually the republican governors in those states to run the election, which is the problem, but you're right. You have a you: have a discrepancy between the national government, saying no the fifty and state governments who run the electorate and whirling people that afforded Governor Rhonda scientists is asking Trump to restrict domestic travel right. If you're in any having an election, some accommodation for people, Yeah look as ITALY about this isn't about like an advantage to one Canada, the other right, Joe Biden. Revolution is quite old and if don't job tomorrow, because they want to stay home. That does isn't that it doesn't help him it. Bernie is help. One of the one or the other candidates is just it's really tough for the voters not meet. Look. I see DC saying no gatherings of of more than fifty people, but there also telling people in the risk categories to remain home to self isolate, and if that's the advice, if that's your vice, it's very simple
that we should have a male in voting all over the country. I do hope Democrats make a push to make known voting available to everyone in every state, because its long past, republican should to the Middle EAST crisis like it like. I said it doesn't not an unnecessarily advantage one party or the other in the midst of a pandemic when we get to November just my usual reminder that I've seen which from brows look like they are older right and those mega hats offer no protection there. It was signed by the crisis at hand. We still don't know the extent of the corona virus outbreak in the. U s because of how little testing has been done, but the disease has left fifty dead in at least three as an infected, a number that will likely skyrocket this week, as of this morning, the governors of California, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, New York, New Jersey in Connecticut, have ordered the close schools bars dine in restaurants, gems, movie, fitters, casinos and other public facilities. Hearing Fournier, Governor Newsome, directed all Americans over sixty five in the
with underlying physical conditions to self isolate at home, and on Sunday the CDC recommended that all events throughout the entire country, including fifty or more people, be cancelled for the next eight weeks. Why are governors taking these very drastic steps in our they enough I thought a governor Cuomo and you put this while this is a national pandemic, but there are no national rules and in fact she had the CDC is doing his best, but I can't help but see the disconnect between what he said. On Sunday shows that he would do for himself that he wouldn't travel that he wouldn't go to public places. Restaurant in the lack a national closure of bars and restaurants in this all being left to states and governors in county level, municipalities to manage it and is making me lose my fucking might because when I get a twitter Instagram, Uneasy Bourbon Street pact or spring break still happening, or Saint Patties days bars with lines out the door in Chicago social distancing, does not work if we all art part of it. If we're not,
dissipating? If you are at a bar with two hundred people? It's not that you our young in your and be fine, and you won't get that sick and everything will be ok, it's it. You can give it to someone else. It is amino compromise or old and you could kill them. You can murder these people. If you do not take personal responsibility, and everyone who thinks this is not deal it's only impacting or people who we are Somebody Risa work with who is literally a specimen of a fucking human being. When was healthy people I'd known plate, football in college serving in the military has been battling, corona virus for five or six days now, and it just levelled absolutely levelled unlike you think he's ever dealt with before and if you think that's not a big deal, you're crazy, so pardon me Brow beating. I listeners we're probably doing the right thing. Since I know you people you critical, but yell at Europe. Your kids in your cousins in your friends get your shit together and more important YO at the federal government to put clear rules in place, yell at state and local governments duped
put clear rules in place that we need to shut up down now before it's too late. This is why we have a government. This is why you need a president and national leadership. This is why the conservative vision of government that everyone just volunteer to do the right thing right that you don't pay taxes, you just you know you just to charity and that battle Bell do enough, like you can always count on people doing there thing for the larger community. That's why you have regular Asians and rules and right now we don't have a president. We don't have a real president who is putting in place rules and regulations to protect them free, and that is why this response, as you said, is completely patchwork and its state dependent, but guess what like state, dependent responses, dont work in a country where there is fear
He states new can cross Borders saint and globally. I mean right, like almost others, the national pandemic, but there are no national rules. There are also no global rules and doesn't seem to be that there is a global response of leaders getting together to work on this together. Who knows what duration. We right now forget. Forget. National rules forget forget all that if Trump had just on the step of declaring a national emergency earlier, prime and have Trump had just taken a better tone earlier, would Postman we have done a show in a pact arena. Donald Trump had not been saying: it's gonna be fine, and if you're young you'll be fine, would people be packing the streets in the bars it there was a coherent? Are You meant from a national leader that everyone
Can I thank. This is real. This is serious data on a national argument, though dont from picks up the phone gets all fifty governors on the phone and says shut it fucking down by tomorrow, but also all that attempt to love is pointing NBC. While she journal that Paul and in forty seven percent of respondents express less or no concern about the impact of the current virus, that seems a track pretty System, Lee with political parties in India, when you're seeing treasure, again on Fox Business NEWS or like look this guide David. Clark who no one should have heard of, because he's an actual lunatic he's a sheriff in Milwaukee whose horrible praxis led to the death of people is one of the worst people on the planet. Speaks at sea back every year. He spoke of the Republican National Convention last night. He was tweeting that no has got into the bottom of how George Soros is contributing to the corona buyers. Right kind of madness in disinformation is gonna? Let people not to take easy steps, in their own lives to just not put themselves
there's at risk, or this due to problems here right. So if you're, the Republican Party is a party, of Rural America an Ex Urban America, and this is a pandemic that is first striking big cities right. So, if you are an average republican voter. You are sitting in some far flung suburb or in Iraq. No part of America. Will you do not see the virus affecting anyone yet, and what do you watching? Your watching fox news? You watch and Donald Trump if, all your favorite trompe republican politicians online and they're all telling you it's a hoax. It doesn't matter the governor of Oklahoma, put up a pictures in eating with my kids and all my fellow oklahomans at a local restaurant pact. Tonight, Devon Nunez as one of you pointed out earlier was saying: if you're healthy you and your family, it's a great time. You just go out and go to a local restaurant. This a fuckin congressmen deafness Lebanon is everybody, look obviously
This is very serious, but I dont that we need to give up the things we care about most. That's why I'm once again leading the annual bobbing for apples that back at the central Valley stayed fair line up with your kids and elderly parents were bobbing for apples. I mean, like Trump said at one of the press conferences over the weekend when press on this. I don't take responsibility at all, and I think that quote is going to define his presidency. He does not want to own this. He wants to play down the health risks because he thinks that might help. With the stock market in the near term an end. It is so back ass, word in approach that it's gonna make everything and then, on top of that I mean Jerry, commissioner, has now been put in charge of the corona virus response. Jared and Stephen Miller wrote the oval office address that had to be corrected three times on twitter right after this speech I mean
like an injured, also deputize Carly Clauses dad to crowd generous suggestions on Facebook was ever that I wasn't in white, I still when the Ebola crisis hit, but I was in a million and a sea meetings during my time at the way and like the health pin MC issues tended to be managed by the same people that delay counterterrorism. Things like that, and so John Brennan Susan Rice Dennis Mcnerney those people tandem on they will be leading those meetings. As well as the health related ones Times you saw those people frightened to their core worthy health related issues. It was the pandemics. It was viruses. That's why they set up this embassy office. It wasn't a thing to say, Did it was a critical urgent need because we- I do think we know how to stop and Al Qaeda Fuckin suicide bomber. We have no idea how to stop a brand new novel corona virus, that's raging across the world and again don't look. You know it's some of their conservatives? Trompe people have been saying,
now? This is some like in a liberal, hoax media hopes to take down Donald Trump, of course, which means that really is in on the hoax as well. And so is like China and South Korea and all these other places, but look at the difference between what is happening in ITALY and what has happened in South Korea. Even if you don't, I take China as an example, because people don't know exactly where all the information true at a time, South Korea, they up the testing they took social distancing very, very seriously. They shut things down in South Korea. The curve has been flattened, and now you know, I think, just raised that cases came down ITALY in the in northern ITALY. The wealthiest part of that country, great hospitals, wealthy population They are overrun and they have had to shut down the entire. A country and even still shutting down the country. The deaths are spiking every.
Google date. That is where we are headed. If we do not take this seriously, the the idea that what we are seeing is a panic is so dangerous and stupid. It is very frustrating like what what, whereas the panic is it Anthony faulty? I don't think you're suggesting he's panicking. Is it is it the airlines who are shutting down service cause no one's flying in their being told that it's not safe to find a rational, their panicking ending their responding, the event. Is it your? Are you saying that the markets are panicking? Is that where it is the markets are panicking? Okay? Well, restock sold as a stock bought right. This is what is happening. This is the the collective judgment of the entire financial system about what we are about to go through, so that the only thing I can think as we are now panicking enough when I see those lines of people at the fucking, Saint Patrick, say bar. When I see the Post Malone concert when I see the o Hare Airport, crowded, leaving aside about were, but will that the administration wasn't ready for people coming into customs? Making this whole crisis worth, I think we haven't
enough in the one thing I just want to say about that too. As you know, I do feel like we're, seeing so many of our cultural problems, sort of exploding This is obviously one of them is the virus of the mine that is, infected people like Devon Newness about how to talk about politics, but also the divide between news users and people that don't fall then. Is that that you know. People say all the time your twitter is not real like twitter is not real life. This is location where we might be looking at a bunch of people who fall than is really closely engage in it reacting appropriately and a bunch of me, who don't tuning it all out, and I think it's incumbent upon all irises real life the virus, certainly is- is in real life and not on Twitter. So the thing says. If you like, we're This is a situation where Twitter has to become real life and get take your message, to the people in your life a governess. Well, I'm sorry about I want to end by talking about the economic followed, but Michael just sent us this breaking news
MIKE Dewine of Ohio and answer. The voting will be extended until June. Second, but no in person voting will happen tomorrow in Ohio. He said quote: it is clear that tomorrow is in person. Voting does not conform and cannot conform with the CDC guidelines. We cannot conduct this election tomorrow, MIKE Dewine Republican. Governor of Ohio is such a great example of a pre Trump Republican, who is acting responsible responsibly, thoughtfully and doing the right thing, and then you have these goobers the governor of Oklahoma, was tweeting selfies with his kids in Devon Nunez. Thank you to all these Tom cotton just put up a tweet storm, we recommended all kinds of good ideas, including essentially universal basic income for people suffering right now one can usually socks here one is one of the worst. I thought you know I could count on it as it is a is a raptor testing, the fences, and he is. We should all watched on cotton which watch highly, because these are people who are like who know what Europe is doing and what we're in what won't and they're watching very, very closely ages model. I fall into the category of sort of the old school country.
Republicans Dillinger Mitt Romney hoop what we'll talk about soon and we hope in Maryland and Charlie Baker Massachusetts. Those two gunners were also doing the right thing during the summer and a unit Tommy you it, over the weekend hung about how Lloyd you were that everyone was talking about this through It's a partisan lands. You know what it's like, there's a bunch republican governors, doing the right thing along with a bunch of democratic governors, it is Trump and his fucking cult, there's gonna get us all It's not necessarily just Democratic Republic Look ISA fringe extreme example, but Donald Trump went on Alex Joneses show and enforce right now Ex Jones is selling random. Weird supplements that he said will protect you from the corona piracy can get people killed. Let's talk about the economic situation, even though the FED announced another round of emergency rate cuts the thousand free. All again down about two thousand points when we started recording in most economists predict were almost certainly headed for deep recession. If we're not already in one, though the president's top Comic adviser, Larry Cutler, said this morning this morning. That quote this: is it
great opportunity to buy stocks, and that quote the fundamentals of the economy are still strong. Everyone remember that one to play in the old hits from two thousand eight there's nothing more alarming than Larry cut low, saying by because when their color says by a lot of people say The house passed a current of irish response bill early Saturday morning after final negotiations between Nancy Policy and Treasury Secretary Steve Newton, it includes paid sick leave, freak or a virus thing: food assistance, funding and strengthened unemployment benefits. However, Clear provisions only cover about twenty percent of american workers, because it exempts both law in small businesses from some of the requirements guys does this Bilbil or enough, and why hasn't it passed? Yet? No, it doesn't go far enough it hasn't past yet because Mitch Mcconnell needed the weekend off, presumably you, I don't know sleep upside down or or, like you know, use. Hang what right have not some of that, but you know most Mcconnell only feeds every twenty rash sucrose yoga,
I want to give credit to the House Democrats into Speaker policy in particular for fighting If the czech German Yukin as hard as we possibly can to Something done border in our interview later is Crystal clear that its insufficient. I think we need to do much much much more at over the weekend, manoeuvre was the one guy at these press conferences that actually seem to get how big a deal this was and want to be proactive in by partisan and and work with the other side. Something done, but not this, isn't it yet government knows you ate some it striking. It does remind me a bit of two thousand and eight in that. In the same way, the democratic, permanent, two thousand
it was about change and that in the final days of the election it became bout who could stably take over and run the country and its crisis, and I was struck that Joe Biden in the debate went back to the financial crisis, which actually something that hasn't been central to our conversation. Yet in thinking this route, but a bowler, we talk about Sars, talk about all those other diseases, and then you realize wait. This is unprecedented. This is a financial crisis now, and it was striking to see Biden go back to that because it does seem as though suddenly a conversation about how to get rid of tromp becomes also conversation about whose best to lead during an emergency. So much of the critique of the response to the financial crisis and doesn't it has to do with you know too many bad actors were bailed out that shouldn't have been, and we could debate that for a long time. But one of the lessons that I have learned from it is there was a fear about
posing an economic stimulus package that was too big because politically it wouldn't get through Congress, and so you have people like Larry Summers and TIM Gainer, probably knowing that you needed a bigger response to such an comic shop, but thinking we're not gonna able to get it through, because we don't have the votes and I think, learning from that this time around, you already seeing, as we do said, Tom cotton of all people talking about a cash payment of direct cash payments to Americans using Mitt Romney talk about a thousand dollar cash payment to Americans row Conner the House Democratic Oconnor and TIM Ryan Cosponsor Bill last week. That would be a thousand dollars to six thousand dollars per month to Americans, and I think you know for all the good faith negotiations between Pelusium Nuke in Democrats in the House and Democrats in the Senate have to think pretty hard and propose the most ambitious package they can. Think of.
And talk about it publicly and fight for it, and if you don't get it right, if republican stand in the way of Trump stands in the way, then so be it, but go as big as you think we need to that is the line and from two thousand and eight- and do not be shy about this. Don't start counting the votes in your head now propose the biggest You can do and then work backwards from their yeah. So do think one of the lessons that thankfully, a bunch of Republicans were pretending, to believe in austerity and pretending to believe that stimulus doesn't work, because now, all of a sudden, when there's republican president, suddenly they discover that stimulus works the on the other, the other pieces of it too, and I think this is why I too amazing how quickly we go from universal bait basic income as a cookie idea from a court Canada to and embraced widely held position during a time of crisis.
Gay Yang gang Teresa. I wonder how quickly the Ariane absolutely softened the ground, for that is something people were aware of understood. But one of the lessons two of the financial crisis is people felt as though the worst people were being helped and they weren't seeing the benefit. Yes, I do think that going to a simple big, Help to everyone is the right that this is also just a cleaner example. Right, a bunch of bankers and people peddling mortgage backed securities did awful horrible things that that raveled the economy and heard all of us in this instant known, is to blame for right, endemic in so other than Trump. It helps to her were lucky is to blame for exacerbating bullock cynically. I think our best hope, as these are said, love it is Republicans not wanting to own a financial disaster with Trump having this much runway between the election, but like what what makes me apoplectic When I said unto her all day and read about, it is knowing that, like Jared has his like little teenage
Goober, AVI Berkowitz in hope, hex working on its like that the level of brains in mind share in the White House. He doesn't have a chief of staff. He way up in the morning. Any tweets about Hilary Benn, gauzy emails and judicial watch so There is no seriousness of purpose now coming out of the White House. We really need Congress in, which is why I am heartened by like a Tom cotton tweet like that to take this on and just push it through yet and look you're right that there's not bad actors. Involved in this like last time, but you know that We talk about what the bail out package for the airlines look like and again the airlines didn't cause this? It's not their fault like it was the bankers fault, but a bunch people are going to see a lot of money and owing to airlines and other big industries that probably has to go to them because they employ a lot of people who are gonna, be out of work. You know and that in that stuff, snowballs very, very quickly. It's not just to help. The ceo of these companies is to help the boughs. And millions of workers who were in you know
the restaurant industry, the entertainment industry, the hospitality industry, the airline industry, who could be out of work for quite a bit the wide so dangerous that someone so untrustworthy is Donald Trump in this job, because we also know that he's taken call calls from shale gas billionaires. Buddy. You say help me here, help me they're Donald Trump owns hotels. We know he's not as rich as he says, because we know She needs the regular income to keep this. His hopeful, you know fake operation afloat, so You know we're in this situation with completely unreliable untrustworthy human beings at the helm and it's this is it. You know three it took to get here, but man to think too few things have been as well predicted as the switch to streaming and Donald failing in a crisis. We all knew that eventually we would switch from cable boxes, the streaming they predicted for years. In that it happened. We all knew that Donald Trump was a fundamental risk and that he was completely unable to manage a crisis like
and now we are in it, and I smelled close to the election so close and we aren't, we almost made it yeah. I looked it just a bit These companies out is so awful and then your term- and it was so thoroughly demagogues and it's easy to attack these people. We all need to remember that tarp, the troubled ass, a relief I am in the auto bail out, was paid back. In fact, it yielded like billions in profit. So these things are so painful. In the short term, the headlines so awful when a bunch of assholes on Wall Street paid themselves, big bonuses and, yes, I would have loved to seeing them in jail either, but hopefully we can just focus on the big problem in this. And the answer is to take care of the people being hurt more than we have before, and if you want to beat up on some companies which everyone wants. Do you know this? This paid sickly thing policy tweeted the paid that basically, the government funding paid sick leave, and it's not a regulation on the companies to do that. But so all these very big companies got off the hook,
here and posts that what we do want to have a government, the taxpayer funding. You know what these company should: doing on their own, and I do think that there should be pressure on some of the big companies that do not offer paid sickly right. Now, the smaller ones that are struggling in this, but the very big Ones- Mcdonald's Walmart, The two biggest companies in America don't offer paid sick leave. Eight hundred thousand workers combined results. Kroger's, Subway Pizza Hut, Burger King Tackle Bell Target Public's like this, Very, very large companies that do not offer a good paid sickly thing, and if you're out there you should go, we should pressure them to do so, as it is worth noting too, that the seasonal flu kills. Tens of thousands of people and everyday people have to go to work when their sick with the flag, and so you know, as we put pressure on these companies, I do think it all of us worth remembering what this moment feels like, because a minute, your version of corona virus happy for families every single day. Do I go to work to keep my kit home? While how do I do I stay home when I need the shift? All of that happens, concept
and we ignore it at our peril into your point on which we should be pressuring those companies- and let me tell you no way in Hell I am going to a business or a restaurant? There does not offer its employees paid sick leave right now means odds. Are someone in there? Has the corona virus initial work in any way and fuck you too, the ceos who put them in that position and we as consumers, should punish. That's EU. You well, Sir, Anne and now Tom, is going to talk about all the stuff more with another crusader core consumer crusader representative Katy Porter that'll be when we come back here I'm Rachel Banana and I'm retina Frick bomb and where the host of the new crooked media, podcast called Hall of shame, it's a podcast but the craziest messy is most interesting moments in sports. Rachel here has been in the sports world for years and co host, lock it in on Fox sports and I'm from Cleveland Yours,
how many writer parks and wreck afresh on the boat Let's not did you ever read this whole resume in front That's it we're gonna, come a bunch of sports scandals from the Boston Marathon Cheater to the biggest sting operation in sports history that you ve, probably never heard of seeking by them. Last may be sought to lose and cries at the very least stories that'll make. You seem super interesting at a dinner party, new episodes, Every Monday Subscribe and Apple podcast Spotify Google play wherever to us in a back ass, I am thrilled to be joined by Congresswoman Katy Porter from the forty fifth congressional district here and California, I eyes, I told you the other day. You are way up on the crooked media power rankings, members of Congress Basin, some of your and questioning. So thank you so much for joining the show. Absolutely delighted to be here
so going to start with the basics like people are scared to death. That includes pie castors. We all assume that use like that official, probably no more than us about how the government is responding or is not responding. What's yours since Monday morning about efforts to ramp up testing and mitigate the spread of the corona buyers, actual don't feel that I must certainly know that much more than the american people. To be perfectly honest, we are getting regular briefing. I think, there's a big gulf here between what we know about the science of this disease and then what we know were doing about how to respond to it, so nor shout out to doktor empty Felt. She who waited he's been relentlessly consistent in presenting the existing science and that France has actually been pretty consistently. What has not been consistent is how the government's been responding. I think that is where the struggle continues. We have a democratic caucus telephone.
All on here this morning, and so they should all be ongoing discussions about what we do and I've gotten, probably a dozen from called in the last twenty four hours from colleagues who are few things in the district to be in conversation with me about what what do? I think we should do about what they're saying. I am pleased that my colleagues are having those conversations. With their community in a safe way, often by phone keeping your distance but trying to understand what is this believe people through a way forward it through the government response. I guess I'll start with the most recent first, which is on Sunday, the fat announce a daring to slash industries, zero they're gonna by hundreds of billions of dollars in bonds? Now, obviously, that's not a health care related respond sets a stock market response, but can you explain to listeners in kind of basic terms for dump people like me like what does that mean? How does slashing the streets in buying bonds help, you know your average person on main street the idea behind the quantitative easing what
What we call some of that by buying and slashing the interest rate, is to try to make the cost of borrowing cheaper. Which is an issue as we're gonna be asking, and we can see businesses you could take on lines of credit, was seen retailers who were drawing down the other donor lines of credit right now to be able to continue to pay workers even though they don't have revenue coming in the torch showed that the monetary policy tool it's designed. Stabilize the markets, even if you don't have. In their lives in the stock market. You you're doing about it. Just you don't get to the grocery store and pay the bill like most of us are. This is still a good day. I'm widespread market it doesnt benefit anybody. Even those of us you dont, have a direct connection to the market. At the same time, I would just say: well I'm fine with what the fuck did. They think it was probably
hope it is not a substitute excuse to misunderstand the heart of our economic defence? against a recession is american family, the american workers, and so we do need to be putting cash in the pocket today of american workers who are gonna, be used their hours Carter being told not to come. To work, though not being paid so we are not having revenue. All of those things are happening in so I support immediately: delivering cash to every american worker we can do. Right now we can use the Treasury department in the Irish to administer that and its incredibly important. I think we can have a debate about how much money whether there should be categorical restrictions for workers that we know are still getting paid, for instance, state workers or government workers. But if there is one lesson from the foreclosure crisis which I was in the thick of, is that if you try to means test programmes,
you make the paperwork complicated and you create ten million eligibility requirements. You really can kill people from people cut. The thousand paper cut death economic. These are real thing for american families, and so I urge my colleagues one to prioritize american workers they are the front line. Our economic stability and too I understand that we are all in this economically together, just we're all in this together in terms of physical out. That's a good way to think about it, so again working backwards in the house. The democratically controlled has passed a sickly bill quickly and I think they deserve credit for moving quickly, but a lot of people are our angrier confused. Why the knees with five hundred more employees were exempted in that bill. So I mean- The question is: why does a small business have to offer? days of of paid leave, but Mcdonald's or Amazon does not Are you worried that you know exam
ding. Those companies might limit the impact of social distancing efforts since your big company, these employ, I think, about half of american workers. I'm gonna do something That's probably rare, even on the passive America format and just directly ass answer the question. We, we failed he's in this happen is because of second, in my region and the top administrations are when you say. Why did this happen? Let us be clear: the House Democrat when we wanted to provide KEN the minimum of paid sick leave, we talked about fourteen days of paid sickly for all workers and after two or three, four, very intense David negotiation late night than the couple one, a m:
gee, I'm hoping we were gonna vote. This is the deal we got and it's really an example of putting the largest corporations ahead of small and medium sized businesses. There's just no rational explanation for why you give the biggest employers, those that are of the most flexibility to accommodate sick leave and the most are believed to have to pay sick leave to let them off the hook here. It simply for me, is another example of money in politics is another example of building out those the too big to fail. Those at the top even behind those in the middle and the bottom who gets squeeze. So I think any the next over house passes. We go back to that. We need to go back to our core principle here, which is that page sickly for all workers is a necessity. I think the sick leave portion of the families First ACT is actually the weakest part.
The bill, so many other portions of the bill, I actually think, were extremely well done and really credit should be given to how democratic speaker policies achieving already feeling like a different right here in our community, Yeah I mean so I don't mean to focus on the economic piece of this, because I think that the the health peace is so much more important. But honestly, like that's seemingly left laughter governors and mayors and stay pace, the authorities to deal with some just not sure wordy, but even ask you, but I a sticking on the questions about the financial impact of how we can actually is an example of where the spell decently first act is gonna make a different. Yes, please, making indifference right now. So, while I am disappointed with the thickly provision, I think they help, but they do not go far enough. We also included in it Let me first that one billion dollars in operates funding for food assistance, and this is for things like see your direction and the open wheel is to expand the school lunch program right here. In our way,
we pass that bill in the middle of the night on Saturday morning. Like one, a m twelve forty five in the morning middle the night between four- and Saturday. Today, Monday. The school district of forty five congressional District Orban Unified, is open right. If we speak, distributing school lunches on a drive up basis to any child who needs, it was amazing, any child, and so that is possible because the school district believes it knows. But there's gonna be that additional funding for the school lunch programme. So there is real help. That's been delivered here, but I think what we found is where governments willing to foot the bill and we have quite partners like our little school districts. We can make a difference. American lives when it came time to ask the largest populations in the country to step up and take care of their workers and be part of this programme.
Response. We were met with resistance from the top administration and its incredibly disappointing and frustrating, and I hope the american people will push back both on your government some of them, but also in terms of calling on american businesses to do it's right here I saw you mean you are like one of the foremost authorities on Financial issues. Are you run a textbook on Sumer laws. You are tapped by attorney General Kamel Harris at the time than attorney General Kamel hairs to be this. Independent manner of banks in it big mortgaged settlement? What lessons did you learn from those response, effort that you think we should be thinking about and getting ready to apply to the likely fall out from the corona virus training first and for
There can be no unconditional bail out of industry. Here we need to make sure that we are getting workers and families taking care of birth, their voices are more diffuse and what's a set in our current political system, at least for the lot of my colleagues, the workers that they be corporations have more of a say in more of a voice than everyday families, so we need to put workers and helpful well being first, if we stabilized the economies of each of our household, then that has the strongest possible macro economic effect that we could have. The second thing is it came thither and wastes time with me, I think we can't be spending time worrying about whether this person without person deserves help just like every he is at risk of getting sick from this pandemic, everyone it's gonna, be heard by a major, serious, prolonged economic downturn, so they go here is to get help out quickly and to go back to their forecasts. Credit
I remind people of Burma and team came up with a proposal prevention programme making homes affordable with various the call components called happen, harp there really, in my opinion, nothing wrong with those programmes the problem came and that the qualifications, the paperwork, the limitation, the who got help and what they had to do to get help meant that nobody, particularly the most vulnerable get help for literally years from the map, was enacted until when it The answer will be wrapped up in the other. Nation all in an effective way, and so it was a huge lesson here for us about the need to develop government programmes that we can implement to help families just as quickly as the FED can implement a zero percent rate cut. Their help
whilst we, both in the macro economic market, that such an important point I mean there. Are there so many moments in our history, where you can point to the cruelty of bureaucracy and how it prevented p. From literally having their lives saved. I think that's an incredibly important point to keep making A lot of people recently saw this amazing clip of you just relent. Sleep doggedly questioning the head of the CDC during a congressional hearing. You finally got to commit to making the code virus test free of charge offers of thank you for doing that. Second, have they follow up with you about implementing that promise, and why does it take A dogged member of Congress to get the CDC too agree to do something that seems so obvious. The government has quite a bit of authority here to respond. The most fascinating things about that moment. For me toward the back story of it is that that statute that we were asking
to use that war its, but I'm a books. Since early twenty seventeen government actually get its job here. This administrations and Congress and the folks who do this work eight they pay We stated that wall, but then, when it comes to time to respond, nobody wants to use the existing authority to just get it done. In particular, This case you're my colleagues Rosa, Laura and worn Underwood. We have written a letter a week before that hearing more than a week before that hearing asking the CDC director to use this authority, no response. Hearing starts on Wednesday. They may have to shut the hearings. Short I'm at the very on the second, the last person to question time at the bottom of the pecking order in Congress they can In short, they leave. They come back the next day that night before they came back, we contacted the CDC. We said we were gonna ask Director Redfield to commit to using the existing authority to make sure that testing is for you,
godless up insurance. I have never in all my years ass, a professor given a student, the answer, white about wave yeah any still fumbled that right, and so I think this is where we'll leadership of labourers and where reminding government authorities like the CDC director possibility that they have is a heavy one and they need to be using who was that they have just as commerce, has an obligation to be thinking about creating and implementing additional tools. The cars, why don't you watch the Bernie by the debate? Last night I mean it, it was weird enough for a lot of reasons, rights. We are deaf just two of them no audience such distancing happening a real time on that stage, but also like wherein of a new political contacts, and so I'm so wrapping my head around it, but the big divide was sort of
bite in saying, what's respond, narrowly to the crisis at hand and get through that and take care of families, there impacted by this immediate need verse is, I think, Bernie message which is like serve Harkin's, backed Rama Manual, saying never let a crisis go to waste. We need to reform the entire system. This is laying bare how broke in our health care system is, laying bare the vast amount of economic inequality in this country. That means you know that family can't pay a four hundred dollar bill or go bankrupt, It is really it's a philosophical change like do. We need to manage the crisis or we or do we need big structural change as Elizabeth Warren might say, do. You have a view on that debate in terms of what we should do now or how to approach this. Both we need both. So there are something
but we need to be doing right now in the immediate and hopefully one of the lessons of those things is that these are just good ideas. So one of the things, the figure of a small boy without a small level, but the pick one issue that would actually make a big impact and see how this place out paid sick leave is of benefit to both workers and employers and actually saves employers money. In the long run, we should have paid sick leave period regardless going forward, but there is an opportunity to use this moment to get people to enact it, but also one of the things I merely watching is. Are we say you have to give paid sickly for the next month or we say you have to give paid sickly. Only four
well no virus, and so you see some cooperation. They all do we'll do sickly for those who are affected by colonel virus of ambiguity or what are they just have kids are daily paid, sick leave, and so I think this is not actually of big of a contrast as it might seem. I think it's a little but other of a different sort of how to find it. But the correct answer here, in my view, is that most of these policies are good policies to have in place in and paint sickly way, thinkers We are critical example of man, but I'll offer you another wanted that civil war, may seem a little more abstract, but it's one that I thinking about. A lot is Congress, which has been three eager to put burdens and responsibilities on government local government state government and to businesses is onto Americans to deal with this pandemic, to be flexible, to implement social, distant thing
to plan for continuity of operations to facilitate, tell our work, but Congress itself does not have no, indeed, operations plans, so we don't and I'll give it that the big example here is remote voting. It is very possible that folks, like me, will not be able to travel back to Washington to take next vote our governor here in California, governor, listen just called for everybody ages, sixty five and up to home quarantine for the foreseeable future. For an unknown period are California, Our delegation has twenty one more members who are over sixty five, including speaker policy, including the really important figures committee chairs people like that so Congress needs to make sure that we are not accepting or sell from
either the need to ensure continuity of essential services. And we're not accepting ourselves from basic public health safeguards most but I think of one or more pictures of the house floor during voting right. It is a hundred thirty five members and a hundred plus staffers. Running all over your touching the same boat machines in close proximity. We should employment, a remote voting procedure, one because it's maybe less there are in this pandemic, but too, because we cannot foresee when off, we might need it parallel. The pizza creep. It's a good idea to day for this
but we also think I think it's a good idea to have a remote voting procedure in place. We may or may not be the emblematic, but we ought to be prepared, as were asking businesses and families to prepare. We should not act ourselves from those standards and, frankly, there's a long history of Congress, excepting itself from things from OSHA regulations from sexual harassment policies from all kinds of things. Countries. Members here should be to develop the flexibility in how we do our work that were asking businesses school local governments to be doing? I totally great listen. I mean I was in her watching debate last night and thinking to myself. Why earth. Are we asking these two? Seventy plus your old man, one of whom will lead the democratic ticket to together to being an you're not in their homes and I'm sure all kinds of procedures were taken to keep them safe, but the other day I keep obsessing about his people are gonna, go to the polls on Tuesday, including the seniors- and I just
Obviously like look the darkest regions of people's brains are like what of trumps, suspend the election writing you could very easily get conspiratorial, but I think in the your term, you have a lot of older voters who want to exercise their right to vote this tool day tomorrow. In their wondering, is this safe and, like I dont know what to do we might do in either the near or the long term to address it. So I think our mantra here that's coming conversation for me is things that are a good idea to day because of this the election because of colonel virus were we are one of the more good ideas yesterday and we're gonna be good ideas tomorrow, basically put the possibility from our voting. Both by me all this was a drop off ballot boxes and you can drive through. This was a good idea. Yesterday, we how many California, everybody Orange County, received a vote by male ballot. This is something we to be implementing act of we now.
And then it's funny. Peat is a good idea going forward, because it's gonna help people who on any given election day or sick or at any given election day. That. Can traffic and have trouble making to the pool. So the solution here hardly implemented. Week hardly a woman and maybe even for next week, but we have lots of states that already Do voting by male equally places like organ then have been doing it for twenty years. So there's a phone, she's here it's it's it's a male ballot process. Every reason that is actually more secure than any other method. So I think this is another example of we have had good ideas. There we have enacted album and now, when we really need them, we're gonna have to scramble to make them happen, but the Good NEWS is that there is a solution there dislike pay. Sick leave would help slow down and flattened,
a transmission on boat by mail would help make sure that everyone has the ability to participate in our democracy without coming elections, my final question for you- and those are, I agree with everything you just said by the way is just how are you doing personal? and then a lot people I think are are pretty were worried. I mean I'd a moment over the weekend, where I heard about a friend whose younger than me, who is in better shape than I will ever be in my life really having a hard time fighting off this virus. It shook me to my core and Amy worry about my mom, who is seventies and a smoker, and you know it so easy to spiral, and I'm wondering how you're dealing this anxiety and if you had advice for people listening about how they can to yeah. I think one of the most important things that I have to face this every day, because I have three children on the single mom. I came home, and, from this feels extremely tired out my mom kept
on tv and very helpfully. She kept texted me that I look terrible looked exhausted and I was like thanks. Mom took a little bit of work to do your probably the CDC director aside and stay up all night to define ass. This but when I got home, I had to talk with my children about this virus and I think the kind of thing to them look desert. This is not normal times. Here's what stays normal. I love you I mean we're gonna, be together, is a family, I'm gonna be able to take care of you. We have plenty of food, here's what you need to do to help here's what's gonna change and then he's trying to walk through undivided of mind. I mean I think we should use our fear. He whiteboard to make a list of waste that we could change. What we usually do toward us still continue to do things what we different ways of one quick example, as we usually go library as a family and a box and movies. We now signed up for the e book service. The worm
kid you're getting boxing downloaded box onto their devices. A quick example like that we in our having face time plating instead of getting together with our with our kids. Friends, though, I think the more people can try to ask themselves, What are they need, and how can I get it? Even while, following all the good public health guidance that we're getting parliament. Somehow this conversation actually made me feel a little better for the first time in a couple days. So thank you. I am so glad that you are in Congress that people had he not administration? If they choose to listen to, you have people your expertise around to help them make better decisions, because I feel it we're gonna be talking about this for a while, absolutely wash your you can stay home. Thank you. So much had a great day. Thank you, basic- Report for joining us today. Look I've enjoyed
Doing this episode for very long time because it just nice being around. Rise being around more people buckle up for some Emily gambling. I just sit and home and go and stir crazy. You know it's nice to talk to some phone appreciate. A respectful distance were occupied Moment yeah that only recently six Let's here us separately, spaced out by six feet Are you guys doing their own good? I mean look at this sucks, and I think it's gonna get a lot worse- not to be a total downer, but you know I think in a week we are going to look at the steps that are being taken today and think it was crazy that they weren't taken earlier. I think you're gonna see numbers spiking of people who have the krona virus receiving treatment I mean, I think every hunches mentally prepare themselves is gonna, get way way way worse before it gets better. Now, as it is, I think people I don't want to think that I'm sort of feeling and realizing as oh right- this is unprecedented. This is deeply strange. This
is scary. No one really knows exactly how it's gonna end, how it's gonna play out, because we are in unknown territory just giving ourselves the space to just be ok with that and give everyone at your jaw better school in your life, the space to figure it out while, following the advice I just think is important yeah, I think being patient with people and being kind and compassionate sympathetic, and at this time is important because everyone is, everyone is freaked out and, like you said, tell me it's gonna, it's going to get worse before it gets better. And you know we're just gonna be able to pull through here. It does feel like what I mean feels like going through nine eleven. It feels like what it did in the financial crisis. You know only this is even more uncertain in terms of how long is gonna last year offer big into patients and empathy and caring about people with the exception.
Of public official, oh yeah, I shall get about as I reach other derives, em like they're running your vital jump beggars for married. The plaza went to the Fuckin Jim today, a just come on everybody. You look take line it up in a difficult moment. Could Ronan I fight over the play section, four controller sure we could That's what we're gonna do right now, not one I was going on in Oregon alternate an hour plus a little buffer time to get to a safe, and you know and and and take care of other people too. If you have extra money, You can't donate you know. Food banks need help. People have had a great idea where you know if your local rest, he's in trouble by a gift certificate to Europe. Restaurant, that you can loot lose lose later. You know, people who have the means were able to reach out to some people who are really gonna, be hurting through this too so the great I we will continue to be doing these these podcast as long as we can in this thing, so we will hopefully
then I will talk to on Thursday and then that will be around later Byron pod. Save America is a product of cricket, media, the exact producer is Michael Martinez. Arson, and producer is Jordan, Waller ITS, an editor by Andrew Chadwick. Kyle segment is our sound engineer, things to turn you so many to Katy, long, roman, puppet, Dimitrios, Caroline rest in at least a good two years for production support into our dinner. Team, illogical and normal Conan YO free. In my look him who film and upload these episodes is videos every week.
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