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Trump’s press conference goes off the rails as he defends the ‘fine people’ who were chanting Nazi slogans in Charlottesville, and the world reacts to the madness. Then Jon and Dan talk to VICE News Tonight correspondent Elle Reeve about her Charlottesville reporting, as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Lecia Brooks about the rise of white supremacist extremism. 

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The present sponsor of POD save America is blueprint for less than ten dollars per person per Neil boyfriend delivers seasonal recipes, along with proportion ingredients to make delicious home cooked meals gayer first, through mills, free free shipping are going to blue apron dot com, slash crooked blue apron, a better way there, all too cowards for not resigning. Welcome to POD save America, I'm John fairer, I'm dyin Pfeiffer on today show we will be joined by vice news tonight. Correspondent Ellie Reeve. She is still in Charlottesville she's, been there since Friday, covering the event. She's an outstanding VI special on what's been going on in Charlottesville that everyone should watch? That's been viewed more than twenty three million times on Facebook ring ass. Everyone go check it out. If you haven't seen, it were also
we'll be talking about the rise of extremism and white supremacy with LISA broke of the Southern Poverty LAW centre, so big show. Today, before we begin? Org on toward an pod towards America. I'm excited Can we very exciting if you guys go to wicked dot com slash tor and enter the code crooked for the pre sale. We have. Tickets on sale now for all the events will be doing in October. November and December, Events in Madison and Arbor Cleveland Chicago Philly Dc Richmond, Santa Barbara Sacramento and Oakland the his response from a lot of people like why and you go to the city weren't you go to the city or going to a lot of cities and twenty eight teen. If you're cities analyse this time round for the next three months, probably be analysed and twenty eighteen. Should you just apologize to Boston now, had you know it by ending the original draft, the schedule it was
in December, but we had to change it up a little bit just for because because it was Boston in December, that might have been one of her. Oh, yes, I will travel and for the holidays, and it was just a lot, but we are getting to Boston so just for them boss and people, so everyone a crooked dot com, slash, tore again, quotas, crooked and then I think general sales go on sale, Friday, general ticket sales or Friday, so also check out Tommy's plug save the world. This week he talks to former secretary of Homeland Security, JANET Nepal, about her efforts to combat right wing extremists. When she was the Homeland Security Secretary, the Obama administration is all Joined by deputy, Say Director David Cohen, honorary com, is talking to Jane Coastline Anti. Nicholls on with friends like these, which tomorrow. So big weak for commedia pots also happy birthday to John Love. It today.
Yeah he's not even come into the office. His aren't coming into the studio to take the ads. We already did them How products sleeping like it's his birthday and he deserves it. So full of its birthday today, right now a blast. He's always are: let's go in front of his ears. He said: do you too, and how we really had some fun? We what we the Mexican afterward, while I get it, try delicious barbecue from some friends of the pot itself. Paul barbecue made a maybe like We benefit greatly from trunk conquest. Baling at the last minute summit really heard about their the number one act at that time will good job good job there now enough talking about funds to have now we have to about daily reality. That is politics, So this morning, Trump is treating about how we can never replace the beauty of confederate monuments, which you know it we're just week up after you might say, how did we get here? What what so? Let's begin, Let's begin with. True,
infrastructure press conference on Tuesday, which went slightly off the rails and lead glens. Russian, Maggie, hey vraiment of the New York Times depend the following, led president Trump boy The white nationalist movements on Tuesday, as no president has done in generations equating activists protesting racism with the NEO Nazis and white supremacist, who a page in Charlottesville Virginia over the weekend. Dan. Did you watch this press conference live And what was your reaction idea? first? I want to say we criticise me, don't boats I'd journalism or people. Sort of soft pedal things Yan kudos to their times for colonists, exactly what it is in making the point that there is no other side to the White supremacy argument and not treating it as if it's a debate over infrastructure policy, it's a moral issue of like that was a powerful lead.
And there's there is over their weight many ways, a soft pedal that try to treat it as a decide first outsider. He said she said, and they did that right. They perfectly met awful moment. I thought in because story I did watch it adds up let's just here, is, there is in trouble our lobby, he surrounded by the wife of it arch enemy, Mitch, Mcconnell notice, globalist cock Gary Cone Stephen Globalists Cox, need maneuvered in and you just start what infrastructure, which is something presents, do a lot and there every word once he started talking about this issue, a got crazier like you thought I was like. Oh that's, it here thing, he didn't really want to say what he said on Monday. So he went back to her Saturday statement, which is offensive and horrendous, but not surprising, and then he went so much further. Yeah dad
I didn't, I couldn't believe it ass. It was happening. I mean I expected as the Prescott began at the more questions he took, the anger, he'd get and the greater the chanted says something really stupid and repugnant- I did not exe to be quite so stupid and repugnant? First he's like I'm just going to re, read the Saturday state men in any seems to get all angrier than the reporters keep pressing him and then at one point you see him just sort of lose it and think fuck this I'm going to say whatever I want to say, and to start by pointing out that very little of or Trump said about Charles was true. He said that bed, not all the protesters there were NEO Nazis and white supremacist and some were very fine people who were put into we protesting and is he mentioned the torch. Rarely on Friday night is evidence of this, but like Anyone can see from the video footage if you watch the vice video footage that this isn't true you can see.
Confederate flags in the Hitler salutes, you can hear hundreds of them chanting. The Nazi saying blood in soil, Jews will not replace us, you can hear them screaming, gain racial epithets. There was no other group of protesters and just an ordinary citizen who came to peacefully protests. The removal of a statue and yours, by a bunch of animals with guns, doing Hitler salutes and screaming juice, not replace us. You either leave or you're, not that innocent and is, in last night, if you saw the red their gathering last night and childs, fills a vigil and a mark when the Nazis and white supremacist didn't show up to that. There was no violence, it was completely peaceful. It's very obvious who three, obviously, this. Would they were not innocent people in this protest. In these confederate statutes. It was a great with a gathering for nazis and white supremacist and also important The confederate statue is the excuse is not the reason they were there. It was an opportunity, all show up and be. Racist like a horse
This is not some long held belief of theirs and it just mind, boggling that we're having it presently nice AIDS is having a debate about a culpable between two groups when one of them is Nazis the hits so fucking crazy, it's hard to, possibly fathom there is no. There are no two sides it s like we. Then a very polarized country, but if you think the one thing that the overall image people who the presidencies can agree on. Nazis are wrong and the other people are probably right. Full stop full stop. I mean you have to she's a wonder like he gets all these facts wrong. He just you know, comes up with this alternative story. These out, of what happened and Charles Village where's. The present AIDS is getting his information from and then you realise As- actually find work of Wired wrote a story about this noted that, everything he said Miss Press conference can directly from Fox NEWS all. I am
shocked, but it's Orton, because the way that Fox talks this, which is not you know so overt that they're saying that in a week we agree with the white supremacist in the are nazis, its dammit, through using race and identity politics as a wedge issue. This though, the leftist mobs were just as violence. There were some innocent people there on the right, talking- you know that high minded debates about confederate statues right. That's how the filtered through Fox at night. He's getting to the president and have an where he speaks about it in front of the whole country. Huge is shocking and awful enough, It's also that's what millions and millions of people the country who watch fox and other or get their news from other right wing. That's how there assessing what's happened. So no wonder they have a distorted view of what happened This is not something that happened when Donald Trump decide to get off the seller. Slavery print
and run for office right this. Is the strategy of the Republican Party going back back to the next stage of Richard Nixon and Roger Ales, who assent. We started Fox NEWS ran George HIV Bush campaigning its mackerel carcass interchange, W Bush is a truly decent human being, but he did he Rennie. Campaign, add called the woolly hurt bad, which is one of the most race as never be on television until Donald Trump showed up and Roger Ales and that is the whole point of it- is white people should be scared of non white people, and then he said Fox NEWS. In that has been the argument of the working Party and Fox. Is a factor in the charge for a decade Now the idea that non white people are getting your tax dollars and not working. Yet the Reagan idea of welfare queen, very idea that there are these
undocumented people stormy across the border to cook, to commit crimes to be rapists is Donald, Trump called them to take job jobs that that hardworking white people wine, the idea, if there are Muslims in our communities who want to move ahead- as this is The arguments are making, so it's no not only rise that this is where we end ended up and they have been sort of writing a tiger for decades now, and this is the the inevitable and result of their strategy. It is surprising at all, what surprising is that the present I had states is now part in part. All of that strategy in the most overt way possible in I would say, a sloppy way right. It's not even like there's a wink in an odd any words. Just it's out there, since this is not a dog. Was all this in the full heart, visible horn, Khitai. What the statute though, because, like some conservatives await and saying while they should be taken down its erasing. History is a complicated debate on that kind of stuff. Here's the thing I want to talk,
about which is statues. Don't just ask us to remember people. They ask us to celebrate people. That's why you build a statue, we don't. We dont build people pointed this out alive, but we don't build statues of Hitler, two memorialize the holocaust. We dont build statues of Osama Bin Laden to memorialize nine eleven. We ve three hundred years of history in this country and we really want statues in our cities that forever memorialize for years, when a group of one Americans fought against the United States in order to keep blackened Dickens, enslaved. That's that's what we want to put nor public parks. We and think of any other cities like you could take you, Is there not about a racing history? You can take us I choose, and you can put them in a museum along the confederate flag, which is where that all belongs, and then people can learn about that when they go to a museum, they can learn about their history. Policemen, statue in a public Square in our cities and our parks there says that were celebrating something in it
inveteracy is literally nothing to celebrate. It was rebellion against its America. For the purpose of defence. The institution of slavery, that's what and it would be one thing. This would be a more nuanced debate. If these were statues that were built in the eighteen sixties, they were not. There were not. Were built in the nineteen sixties. Where are they built in eighteen? Sixty is because that's report. When the civil rights we ve happened and they wanted and that so there, responses to go back and celebrate the days of slavery is actually there, a big search that was before that it was during arm is during reconstruction and the the biggest surge of confederate mine rebuilding coincide with the biggest surge of lynchings and the rest it is of the K K, K after reconstruction once the Jim Crow era started and then there was another sounds like you said, went right before the so mean you can
the charts and those surges of building coincide with some of the most. You know. Hateful periods in our history guess the more pissed off that people got about, African Americans or other groups getting more rights, the more statues that were built. It seems like something we should not celebrate now so. This theory of mine, which that one of the reasons that Trump cares about the so much he's he's very worried about his statue. Being, torn down one day, guess what There will be no Donald Trump stature, but that is not a thing that will happen Do not worry, sir, is this that problems can affect. You certainly hope not so let's talk about and then ever out, then there's the there's, the slippery slope argument which Trump is making to I go, we tear down all the confederate, sir. She's, and when do we stop? Why don't we turn on a George Washington statue were Thomas Jefferson statues since they were slaveholders like my response to that. As you know it, let's start
the confederate statues us take them to men. You can have some other debate like Georgia Thomas Jefferson obviously slaveowners, but, like we're come up with redeeming qualities with things that we can all with with qualities and achievements that we can also celebrate, even as they have caused It is that we can criticise. There is no redeeming quality. There's nothing to celebrate about Robert E Lee. He let a rebellion against, States of America for the purpose of defending the institution of slavery. It's just it have you seen the polling that shows that majorities Americans of yours, the point out of this entire? that. Is I don't care I may do not care it while at the point. This is also coupling like a lot of the lot of people's credit, then really thought about it for a long time and they probably haven't thought about. I bet opinions in a couple. We. After this? Will we
more sharply die, but not as many people will be opposed, because now people going to us because of what we ve seen overlaps couple weeks, people going to associate this with what they the hate behaviour basin Charlottesville. So this is love to like dig into more pulling on this, because I think a lot of people probably like. Why haven't given much thought to this? You know and again, as I tweet about the other day, you should take get red Mitch. Lander the mayor of New Orleans speech after New Orleans took down their confederate monuments, which only happened a couple months ago, so very, very poor. Speech, one of the best beaches are red in years and he makes a very good case for why these monument should be taken down. You know, even in he makes that case as a southerner So it is it's a good. It's a good red, yet a great speech So what were the reaction to trumps press conference? which has unfolded over the last couple days again I'll go at the New York Times. Thirdly, last night President
prompt, found himself increasingly isolated anymore. We'll crisis of his own, making on Wednesday abandoned by the nations TAT business executives country, did by military leaders and shut Republicans, outraged by his defence of white nationalist protesters in Charlottesville Quaid. We saw you think he was shunned by Republicans yeah, we get to that. What I want break out all the different groups. Here. Listen but the seniors play about the loss of the military was it was a pretty extraordinary day where the heads of the army, the air force, the Navy, the Marines and the National Guard all five armed services, cheese posted men on social media, condemning NEO Nazis and racism. I visited in called their commander in chief by name, but the fact that posted those statements is unprecedented. You know something that has never happened before. So that was something see egos dozens Ios from countries country's biggest companies resigned and mass from trim,
economic councils, after quite a bit of pressure, should thank organization, the color of change, lead that fight of course we that he dissolved the council's first, she's alive you can't tell me I'm thumping, you exactly know in that That is a good that should teach us a lesson the ceos about the power of public pressure and activism. Why they see years would not have quit those councils had it not been for the pressure they received online and people should know like a lot of these ideas. Are these companies they get They monitor social media. When there's mentions of their seals and dimensions of their companies, it matters it makes a difference to them, specially the biggest consumer facing companies, you know may hear from people who were opposed. Used to a Donald Trump dead end. Voices are louder than the people supporting him. They're gonna make they're gonna make the right decision today. It matters
I think all the stuff matters? I think The degree that you know you can argue about how much it matters. I don't think that a bunch of ceos jumping off a console which is largely symbolic. Six has a problem I think it sends a signal that you know We don't stand. You know that we can state. We don't stand for this, that this is that we have a line in the sand and he is key that line, and we are going to dissociate our companies with this man I agree with that. I want to be clear. I do think it matters and I, like it, matters for long lines. What you said, which is we are living in this is, and this is abnormal this is extraordinary. What Trump is doing and sang in the views that he clearly holds an for main stream consumer brands like Pepsi Campbell Soup to grant him this patina of normalcy rice, showing up to a meeting with him aids. A bets aid.
Deeply disturb ideology that is now in. Higher cedar power looks very, and yet I totally agree that we were calling were saying that the present AIDS is a racist which he has. I believe he has. Proved over and over again the last couple in the last week, or so it's hard people in their minds to see to hear them it being called the race, is to believe that what he said was racist at least an to see a trick, and all these company whirlpool and Johnson and Johnson all these companies. You know the pictures of them sitting with him in the way. Pictures of them sitting with him in the White House, because then you this cognitive dissonance. Will you say well yeah? Maybe it was racist what he said, but all these companies that we know that we buy stuff from their sitting with him. So maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's not racist! That's why it's important for them to step down aggravate that observer It is not surprising that it took so long by when you really
they had no other option, because I think their employees would have revolted over the savages, certainly is what drove a lot of what happened with some of the Silicon Valley, companies and some the earlier is this: is this, but the arguments for staying were so stupid that it's amazing it took them days to fix up these folks, the two days to figure out a happy with the outcome, but it was some of them waited a little too long. But Republicans. So One really not one Republican would go on television yesterday to defend Donald Trump. I think charted said they invited all fifty two republican senators to come on and defend our trump and not one would do it and yet As think progress noted
only seventeen of the two hundred and ninety two congressional Republicans have criticized Trump by name over the last week. So what do you think? I think that we have lower. The bar, the idea that you just did a Republican, can put out a statement like Mitch Mcconnell, for instance, who leaked to importers it. He was so upset about this and then put out a. Version of verbal applesauce. They just scented Nazis in white supremacy were bad without machine trumps. Now boy, no fucking shit, but I doubt is obvious: all of suffer trump and some of his minions look was. It was at least accepted part of political discourse that white supremacy Was wrong in something that should be just eyes now is like how courageous what the moral Authority of Paul Fucking Ryan that he said nazis bad with? Why like sub tweeting tromp will have the fucking courage,
to say something about it. As you know, what they are worse as responsible for this is Donald Trump Paul Ryan, they offered by John D, I'm they hot old, this anger they knew. Was there and they may not be white supremacist or Nazis or racist themselves they sure, as block wanted, the votes of racists. They were willing to tolerate birth tourism in the Hopes help them win elections. There have while people like Steve King one of the most racist people in America to be in their caucus seek their votes, Pat on the back eat, fucking lunch with him once a week and this is where we went out. None of them with brief exception of John Mccain during the two thousand eight election, the fucking courage anything all of these people, Mitt Romney Self, who has shown a lot of trump courage about tromp in recent years, all of those republic. As the two thousand and twelve went
in hand a trump tower to kiss the ring after trouble, been a birth or for years they seek his endorsement rains private. Sought his support in money all of these people have they We have known this was happening in their party in nothing about. I guess they thought it help them politically. So spare me your fucking statements I worked up about this moment. I really love it. Said the other day he treated as that somebody statements, reek of bad conference calls here, the conference call with all the advisers right like we have to say: something the boss has to say something about this, should we put my name in it. Don't I don't think they should do that if they put troms name in it, then they're going to a target he's gonna go after them. I don't think we want to go. Far, based on the other side of this wine. I think the base probably likes what he did so maybe but You know what the media's hounding us we're gonna get in trouble. If we don't put any statement at all, let
do a general condemnation of way supremacy time. Is it leave that we won't mention tromp. No one will notice. We won't get any calls about it, Riah its low its lowest common denominator. Morality is the most important story. The country right now is that the present I'd say is defending Nazis and white supremacist. If, if your politician, your statement does an offer a specific view on that, don't bother raising the statement you know and so do you notice that some data sharing Adler democratic representative from New York, introduced a resolution of censure against the president, censure is basically a formal disapproval. The Congress can pass can censure you can taken centre a president. They can censure a fellow member. Of Congress, a centre representative. They're, very rare. It's basically like step below impeachment right. You don't remove the person from office if you censure another
member of the House of the Senate, they can be removed from various committees, chairmanships only Andrew Jackson has been censured. They I D, Censure Bill Clinton around the monarch, Linsky scandal, so anyway never has introduced a censure resolutions back my couple Democrats. What do you think about this, because that mining is like if Europe Publican, If a reuben, who is a conservative columnist, Washington, Post registration, goes view republican. The only thing that matters, if you sign on to this censure if you devote to censure the president, otherwise you statements dont, really matter that much. I supported, I think, let's put people on record if you are so morally outraged by the president's support of nazis, its amanthis such crazy thing to say, but if you are so outraged by it do something about it and put your put yourself on record that you disapprove of what Don
from that not the general concept of racism, but of the racist in chief and, if you're willing to do that. That's right and I think voter should know if you are unwilling to do it, so I This is the right thing to do. It's a good idea and let's, let's see how Watch how outrages Republicans really are right. Yeah, I mean to put up her shut up notice that no no and that we with the ceos resigning notice. No one from the evangelical Council has resigned religious group of people there Why is it is? I want to know why there is not more pressure on these people, Is it just assume FED that these, faith, leaders are gonna, be totally okay with racism and white supremacy and everything else it has come from tromp powder. Like. I understand why all the pressure was put on the ceos, but why, by what is is the argument from some these ganja local leaders why they would rather would stay and it really goes to some
Real this Attention with in me trumpets is a truly immoral human being, Yet he got tremendous support from evangelist community in it, the Egypt revenge leadership for sure in it just raises a lot of questions about what is driving their political support and if you can't, if one person, I think I think I may have some answers to those questions. I'm suffocating them. I don't, I don't believe it is there. I don't believe it is their faith. It's pretty sad, pretty sad state of affairs. Today, with the staff we have been told, by many media outlets. Many anonymous sources in many media outlets that guy Harry Cone was outraged and very angry he was so outraged and angry. He went right back to his desk and got to work. So Gary's up said Diana pals up said Sheridan Vodka. They would been trying to moderate their, therefore
her father in law. You know on this issue, but that they run vacations. They really couldn't be bothered. I'm just that This makes me so angry, because you know it now this matters. These people have no influence over their boss. They can't control they can persuade and they can't convince him. He doesn't take their advice, they are useless to talk about anymore. They are useless. I find these Would it be morally bankrupt if you If you are so upset that you all dispatch your friends or your personal pr from whatever the fuck it is to cover cumbersome you're upset. You are, then fucking quit or shut the fuck up yellow and at least At least you ve been and is out there just admitting that he's happy about this. On the record, you know, like you Yes, I guess this is. This is what I wanted to killed it in a press conference good for him, the rest of them they, we have the courage to talk on the record about how they feel they just have go, they have to go call. John
swan and actually is you know. Let them know that people are upset in the rear of or call the New York Times called washing opposed and go on background anonymously. Talk about hopes at their one of the things has been bothering me recently is: do you ever remember, reading about wait, Obama any see chair genes, but and felt what his emotional who is, emotions run any given day german operating a story about how you feel LT about some strategic decision or whether I a good mood or I ain't goin to an office somewhere in the feeling isolated, no, a dance like we're living in this, so weird reality show with ease and competent people. Argument for the amount of coverage on the staff from reporters has been its in. Orton because who's up whose down, who feels happy, who feel sad, gives you some clue to what the Trump going to do, and it doesn't, I think, we'd, does not.
These people are relevant, there's only one person that matters and that person is Donald, J Tromp Weathers, you ve been, is in a good mood or he is on the rise. Kelly is, is monitoring phone calls? None of it matters all that matters is tromp, so let spend less time trying brush Steve and mood ring and more times trying to find out of corruption, the rush investigate and all the others that there is a massive waste of resources in american time? I to tell whether Steve ban it without the Miller is friends with Gervasio or ban, and it's like it is If the entire media was covering a seventh grade class somewhere, that's right and look they that often they did that they do that with every administration right, there's more focus on the personalities in the drama in the House school nature of at all. It matter, even less in this restoration, because No one has any influence over Donald Trump at all,
his does whatever he wants to do so we should just stop talking about all them, or at least, you wanna, go read all that stuff, because its funds barber reality, tv garbage and you just interested in that go for it, but don't think what you're reading tells you Anything about what Donald Trump is gonna do is like a real housewives during your government so let's talk about. Is this a break in point what has happened over this week. Has something fundamentally changed here. Talk about public opinion, and because would inevitably happens after an event like this is there's a couple days of outrage. Where are you? said: you know, I think the media's done an outstanding job, not both by doing this, you know meeting the moment of how awful this is in light of their coverage. Think CM and has done a great job in your times. Applause, but now the pole star, coming right- and this morning we saw CBS poets, had sixty seven percent of reply weekends agrees Port Donald trumps, research
two Charlottesville economically see now, and you start to see now a few more stories Norton that some of these with interviews with the Trump supporters who are saying, I think he did the right thing- This is why I agree with him, and you can start to see. Now, where, coverage could go in the next week, which is eventually we're? We were gonna get to the have Democrats. Overplayed their hand, because all this time about racism only helps trump with his base. You know, could just see that coming. And I don't really know what to do about now. As some thought, one. If you read a pole, which sets more first decide whether porters, if you enter, People who identify themselves is trump supporters. They are going to support trump. Yes, selection, bias in how you do it. If you were to randomly call people who you had on file for having whose ported tromp in a pole six months ago, and then you asked a bunch of those people were how they felt about it. That's what to do but
Turkey into a coffee shop in the red as part of the country and saying hey support trample you talk to the New York Times and then being shocked when they tell you that they support tromp is pretty asinine. Like if you read like it is. If I was republican, and I saw that two thirds of my fellow Republicans supported the Donald Trump has handled this insult in. Bolstering Nazis white supremacist. I would go looking for another party by, if you here. The politics of this- if you can say oh two thirds of Bee of republican support, tromp or the elevated lucky at it is. He lost twenty percent more than twenty points. If support over this right and if sixty seven percent had never seen Trump pole so low. With Republicans over something third point I don't care of Democrats ever play their hand here. That's fucking point I this is actually a potent like it the ban and arguments Democrats talk about race will win well,
If the present aid states is endorsing and supporting two premises and nazis. Someone better say I've been fuckin, say something, and I don't really care with the pole say about this is actually a more issue, not a political issue? We can worry about it. Politics later, but we have to do the right thing here: let's not pull tasks. Response to what Trumpets Agnes neither went up and look when a dumb. Here we Look. I am fully aware. We all lived through twenty sixteen now we saw every time you know Donald Trump would say something: racist or sexist it with learn Hillary Clinton then to responding in, and that was the news of the day and then maybe she wasn't talking about the economy and so didn't help the campaign like I get that get that sometimes he he was to drive a wedge through the park. And through the country weep using racially divisive rhetoric and what he did this week has been set at bended admitted that, but what you're hoping for is to do
use this as a wedge issue. We all get that but there are sometimes you just have to stand up and say it's fucking wrong and it doesn't matter or about the politics, that's right, it's just ok! When we come back, we will talk to vice nooses, Ellie reef, plus America is bread by Palatine Palatine. Woe is the first time it had this add. Do you want to convey of joining a group cycling class. Whenever you want right in your own living room dont, let a busy schedule keep you from getting a great work out in John, so John, is bike in my office and as you guys, all about his yacht was empty room where there used to be writing I had this back in there I mean really it's the second bedroom, but aren't I guess
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business can puts jobs, unzip recruiter for free, that's right, free, just go to procure dotcom such crooked. That superconductor come such crooked one more time. What is it you means opportunity, That's the one on the planned with us today, from vice news tonight, corresponded Ellie Reeve, We thank you for joining us thank for having so we just played a quick clip from the episode of ICE News, you did on Charlottesville, I believe, aired on on Monday, so you ve, been in Well, since Friday morning, what made you go down there?
and how did you end up interviewing Chris Cantwell, the White supremacist speaker with Unite the right that you spend some time with Ireland, having the outright for about a year and a half and looking at the foot of the promotional material about the event. I knew that it was gonna, be together, a lot of groups that had been fighting amongst each other Oh, I thought it would be back. Then I did some reporting and realise the turnout was pre back, so I decided to come down a precedent that could be violent like that, Can you compare what you ve seen in trials fell to president trumps description of the scene, where their lot of do you see any fight? people who were innocently protesting with unite the ride with her, but the leftist mobs there were they equally violent or what it ass, an sucking me that he said when it finally right either
my people about was the night where it was so clearly organise. Everyone had cheeky torches, those who didn't show up with Tiki Georgia's were given dickie. Georgia has made very clear, organizing the insulin, unannounced event where they all showed up on this Well, they give me a campus like there, with security being run by army, better n there there were people doing crowd, control like there was no one. There was like just really enter Robert E Lee did you, when you were in the van with these sir inserted in better with them, did you feel for your safety, or did you sort of good relations with people prior to this? I'd never talk to come over for this, but they are familiar with my reporting, but they don't like the press and they don't like women. Oh yeah. They were a moment that I thought it was a wet all carry, but I knew that then that Van, I knew that I forgot
a guy renting about Jews. They wouldn't take us out, though you know I let him go now. One of the people filming bad. My producer, just Davis, ensures that there were some tough com were you surprised by how openly while in others were advocating violence, into a clip of him in the hotel with you when you This means for the next alright protest. I say it's gotta, be really tough. To top up were up to the challenge we why, I have to type, I mean someone dies, I think that a lot more people die before with audio frankly. Why? Why? Because people die every day, right do you like a high tech environment while people die violent deaths all the time right like this is part of the reason that we want and ass no stay right so, like the blacks account each other and staggering numbers from coastal cause. We don't really want to have a part of that anymore, and so the
did they resist us when we say we want? Our homeland is not shocking. To me right these days. People want violence, and the right is just meeting market demand today prize, you then he was so open about that. That was what was most surprising me. I thought that even that publicly, even if the were advocating violence that they would try to be quiet about it with the media, but it seemed like that was just the EU was fine with it. I think there might be some disagreements over pr strategy amongst some of them, but I had heard men like that that there needs to be violence before there kind of revolution and enforce Asher them I wasn't expecting him to have quite so many gun. I wasn't expecting him to say is that killing Heather higher was justified and righteous thing to do so that the chocolate can't well when the guy, in the van with you, are figures it familiar to
because you know we sometimes see these cover members are like very cleared, no obvious NEO nazis. What is the relationship between folks like them and like Jane Kessler, who I guess, organise this and Richard Spencer, who have tried to you know, put you know why the losers in Turkey's on the Nazi movement. Yes or theirs, is hall Ecosystem of the outright and I can get into. I call it that this whole ecosystem of these guys it's kind of under our noses, because the internet means that everyone has to read the New York Times. I've got podcast hundred thousand within a week for some of them they ve got sort of think tanks, I'm so these guys all know each other, and there are connected Kessler. It's kind of a newcomer, then Sir, is known for being a publicity hound, but he does have a pretty strong organizational role here.
With his own think tank, but also this thing that functions is kind of like a fraternity for a white nationalist. It's got identity, Europa Jaska not have a criminal record, not do drugs, and I do not have any racial admixture to get em right, though, as in those of the guys that show up on the scene, so yeah they're all connected something, far more powerful than other so Why do you call them the outbreak, as some people have said? No, we should just called the more national issued supremacists. They are white, but out life is a friend in that it signifies the demographics and the tactics like you have a hard time talking about class in America, but when people say Richard splinters dapper articulate whether saying is, he sounds upper middle class. You sound like you, went to an elite universities. You sound like me right, though we we associate the clan
with redneck right of the outright is going for the college, educated guy and they're, using social media tactics very sophisticated one set of earning crosses in people's yard. They have taught me about how the neck, Jason. They wanna have stronger control of esthetics, which means no swastikas cuz a dead political movement and no to quote them white trash because they want to work success when you went to the memorial service for higher last night and the vigil What was that like? How? How are the people and childs while doing right now bearing sock hired memorial, with very moving. Her family talked about her as a really passionate person who hated unfairness and injustice and would be very welcome- about that? Even if God had to travel I bought it was really poignant that they weren't afraid to make a political. You didn't have about Trumpery something, but they said Blake
Don't let her death inveighing go out and take action. People come up to me on this. Treat and silent and the bay this all so shocked, area emotional. This thing that happened to their town, they didn't know, was coming. I talked to a man today. He said you can tell it was a terrorist attack because we are all terrorize. I mean the town is to sort of torn apart. But let the video last night was really doing moment. I think how close review to wear that terrorist attack happened when it happened? I trusted you,
I was getting around the corner in the doorway trying to get some shade, and we heard this like a whore, warlike loud crunching sounded in all these people. Screaming, though I backed against the law of a gun, though didn't come again and without it, and then I realized that that sound was people body with the car people keep asking me: how did you get their conversion, but not nazis, like whatever of other, what the trying to hold it together when that happened. That was actually really hard you. I thought what we I commend. My heart was for you to interview. Can't well- and No you're trying to be. You are very good at asking him tough questions without
pushing so much that he would get really angry with you. I thought that was a very that them has been a hard balance to strike great yeah and you don't want to get in the way put them with their like quack quack, very right. We also wanted to make this story about the event and not just the profile of tat. While he did, get quite mad at me. He's a emotional man could tell them since you ve been covering the all for a while you know what What have you noticed about the success of their recruiting efforts? I mean, have you seen it? You know how short of it, how short of it distance. Is it between you know. People the troll around on some of these right wing outright, websites- and you know, people march
with torches and Charlottesville it's hard to keep track of, because there are so many different social platforms, but they start really really young and what start comes first. Is the message me right, but like these frustrated young men can't get date and then slowly moved to more and more as they call it a g that racism, something that I think is really telling is a term of art in their world artist. A? U t I esteem as then, someone who think artistic like they use it, both as an insult and as a badge of honor, and then when base warm on something like the Clinton emails like pizza gate like style above protest art, they call about weapon. I thought the idea.
Is that, like a bunch of no guys, you don't have social lives? Who have an obsession who won't get off the internet are able to warm and of no basically cause news events that happen. How has Trump being president affected this movement and the people in it I think I love him. Of him. I mean they like he is they always help me. They always acts the prize but happy when Trump rose them about light like like the Holocaust statement, where he didn't actually mention Jews right. They thought that was like the couldn't believe it like. It was incredible right thinking with Tuesday one context a day like my god, I love this man. You really does have our backs. They don't actually believe he's one of them that he believes in all of the recent violence that, unlike you, know all the other quackery flight
they think you basically on their side. Only thank you so much for joining us and thank you for all the reporting that doing from Charlottesville, it's meant a lot to. Let people also appreciate that I saved. And everyone, if you haven't watched already which I know millions and millions of people have go check out Boarding and childs, fill vacancies tonight standing show good friends Reed, Shirley the head writer there go tell the whole crew is at a low and stay saved on there are well. Do you think the right thing so that party? America is brought you up like we ve been telling you for a while. If you travel for business, stop wasting time as in your flights in hotels at same old sites, you used to go to guys. Tommy does not have a micro down to two MIKE's here. The studio the moon was shouting guys, we're doing this from the studio
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shut up uppity Taiwan all to know how much I appreciated the fact that my cancelling his dumb motion, deregulation and dumb backslide settings helped his life, despite the fact that I as the subject of ridicule and scorn drinkers, anyway, I those rights, Gregoire against hunted, always free delivery. I cannot, but also by their own, my lot in with a couple abroad, but both I can get some food at my house replacement passwords on the pod today, we also have from this in poverty law center. We should Brooks. We should thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me so we're very familiar with the tracks monitors Dayton. America, For those who aren't what does the southern poverty less entered? Do give keeping
primarily were civil rights, one firm, but we also have a project called the intelligence project, the tracks and monitors hate and extremist groups. We identify hate extremist groups and in its or wish to push them back into the margins, and we also have a project called teaching. Tolerance that provide free resources to educators on anti biased topics. Has there been a rise in the number of white supremacist NEO Nazi groups during the Trump era?
we published a map, a hate map every year and it comes out in February. I can tell you that that, without any surprise at all that the numbers will increase all. I have the signal, the figures that we have currently over twenty. Sixteen there were nine hundred seventeen active, hey groups last year, ninety nine of them being NEO Nazi, an hundred thirty clan groups. We do accept that number to increase. We did see and noted an increase in the number of hate buys incidents, as happened in the immediate aftermath of the election, and people have talked about that allowed tying troms campaign in his successful election to the kind of in the way, the right got so excited and embolden and animated they're on their cause, and we saw that I think very clearly. Charlottesville have you seen a change not just in the aggregate numbers?
These individuals, these groups, but in their behaviour sense, has our yeah. That's not what I mean when I refer to the involvement of them, then it is debate last year in a kind of before before the presidential election. So, let's go two years back where you know they. There were some shame around it. You didn't see. White nationals are white, supremacist, just out in public, probably proclaimed proclaiming who they were intranet gonna take over, as we saw in Charlottesville out. This began with the tramp campaign. Ass? He entered the election on this kind of anti immigrant Anti Muslim, with all that, this rhetoric that really enlivened the movement in it and they made them feel that they had some one on their side. It goes back even further than that. If you go back to the election of President Obama, David Duco said has has said that the election of a farmer was really a
Wake up call and they used it as a kind of a recruitment also, so they were laying low during the Obama years very upset that that that he was re elected, but then in tromp they saw gonna be note. The last best hope the nation has been experiencing can a tremendous demographic shifts and white nationals and white supremacist will tell you that you know it's it's with white genocide there they coyness term white genocide, which is a false narrative that you know, whites or or or losing all types of political power and trying to be pushed aside because of multiculturalism and an emphasis on diversity, inclusion, so ii on the election of tromp. In these kind of code, words around make
Amerika great again. His focus on on nationalism really really inspired them. So when he won the election, they were just delighted does delighted and came out on the streets, and that's when we saw the the uptake and the number of pain by his crime to meet the new probably saw the images. All the images are without the swastika was back. You know they changed or make Amerika great again to make America white again on these were all over the country and places in the south and the west. Just everywhere, we looked dig into the data little bed and notice that the primary motivation for these these bias incidents were based on anti immigrant sentiment, which is no surprise because out of the number one issue and trumps campaign closely followed by anti black racism, which he didn't really
big too in his campaign much, but it reflects the ongoing anti black racism in in this country, so they felt like you know that now that he has been in his in his some petty circle and Gorka, they have just beside themselves until this is really their time. So that's when you that's? U fine! You know what happened and Charlottesville we ve never seen before. All of these groups gonna come together in the way that they came together and Charlottesville before they were They are doing their own thing and really not getting along well at all, but now they came together. Twelve different groups came together in Charlottesville too. You know proclaim proudly in mildly by supremacy, have you got in a sense of what their plans are pushed Charlottesville other other rallies organizing and other cities across the country, all Richard Spencer's
announce his stop. It return to Texas AM, and, as I understand it, Texas AM is, is is denying and the right to come, but I don't we don't. I don't think that'll stand. He's also announced that he's coming to the University of Florida and gains. There are a couple of rally scheduled for San Francisco at the end of this month and there's something in Boston on Sunday. This weekend, what are some of the legal strategies that you guys use to fight some of these groups, while until it difficult because we also support we do a kind of we support the first amendment every speech so day. They are wrapping themselves in this free speech,
the trying to position himself as free speech martyr. So we don't want to fall into that trap. They do have a right to express their their belief, no matter how important they are. We we protect free speech, so we can't through them on now on those grounds are most recent lawsuit against a group. We just file the suit against Andrew Angling, who is the publisher of the daily storm or does the largest NEO Nazi night in the country, and we did that because he called a troll storm honour on our client, whereby shoes harassed and continues to be harassed by all of his followers. So when we can find a legal way to sue them for what they are, we will do that we can't sue on. We can bridge their first, a member rights to talk to you don't speak out. How can our listeners, who are disturbed by
this general trend of what happened in Charlottesville help do something about this problem in America. Well, I think that I'm encourage aid. I think you know it's very much like gum, Heather, hires mother said yesterday. You know this is an opportunity to amplify watch what Heather is doing and what what people have been doing on the ground in terms of standing up against white supremacy, it's out it's out they're out of the closet we can be out of the closet to, and we should be. We should continue to take a stand against. It. Speak out, speak out loudly make demands of our local state in federal officials and tell them that we will not allow this. Regardless of what the President says, we have to come together as a people in and say in a loud voice.
We stand against white supremacy and white nationalism in at all reforms. We have to push them back into the margins and not normalizes behaviour. Mister Brooks thank you so much for joining us and thank you for the work of your doing it s PLC. We appreciate it thanks for help me out by ticker Thank you again to vice news, Ellie Reeve, and we should books from the southern Poverty LAW centre for joining us today. We'll see you again on Monday by guys.
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